The charm of a breeze block

talent poolWhile Nicola Sturgeon demonstrated that the Scottish Government is doing is bit to help out struggling households in a cost of living crisis that is not the fault of Scotland, by introducing a rent freeze, a moratorium on evictions, and a rise in the Scottish Child Payment, the new Prime Minister, with all the charm of a breeze block, mouthed some vacuous platitudes outside Downing Street which left us none the wiser about the help her government was going to give and which utterly failed to acknowledge that much of the responsibility for the current crisis falls on Truss’s own party, which has been in power for over a decade. We wanted reassurance, we got the energy of an aunt giving a perfunctory speech at the wedding of a nephew that she can’t stand.

The BBC and Sky gave us live coverage of Truss’s plane landing at RAF Northolt in West London, then a live broadcast from a helicopter of her motorcade making its way through the London traffic until it reached Downing Street as though it was heralding the delivery of some momentous and game changing news, and not the few bland words of manager speak that we actually got. This is the unadulterated bollocks that we get from a British media which has ceased any attempt at holding power to account unless it’s a devolved power.

Shortly before the convoy arrived at Downing Street the skies opened in a torrential downpour and the Prime Ministerial podium was covered with a bin bag. Now there’s a metaphor for the state of British politics. Insert your own line about a nasty shower in Downing Street here. In the event the bin bag would probably have given a more interesting and informative speech. It certainly had more presence and charisma.

But back in Scotland there was real politics and not the performative charade that was taking place in London. Sadiq Khan, the Labour Mayor of London, praised the Scottish Government for its rent freeze and moratorium on evictions, which will assure many thousands of families that even though there is a cost of living crisis and the threat of unaffordable rises in energy bills which the devolved Scottish Government lacks the powers to tackle, at least they will not have to worry about keeping a roof over their heads this winter and fret about homelessness as well as about freezing and starving.

Khan said: “This bold action from the Scottish Government will support thousands of households during this time of national crisis. I’ll continue to call on the UK Govt to grant me the power to freeze rents in our capital. Londoners are facing record rents at the worst possible time.”

Not everyone was happy about taking steps to protect thousands of families in Scotland from the threat of homelessness. Tom Gordon at the Herald still managed to frame it negatively with a report titled “Warning as Sturgeon confirms rent freeze to help with cost of living crisis.” And of course BBC Scotland gave us its usual ‘But critics say’ performance. Because the real issue here is the threat to the incomes of landlords. This, Scotland, is why we can’t have nice things. The screw the many what about the few theme was continued by the moon howling British nationalist frothers who infest the comments section of the Herald, some of whom are alarmingly extremist in their right wing views and who make that newspaper’s comments section, once entertaining and occasionally informative, completely unreadable.

One of the “don’t you dare call me a nationalist I’m British types” was sneeringly dismissive of the £5 rise in Scottish Child payment. These are the same people who howl in rage about the £20 million which the Scottish Government is spending on preparations for an independence referendum and demand that it be spent on reducing energy bills instead. There are 2.5 million households in Scotland. £20 million works out at £8 per household, which would not even touch the sides of the energy bill rises which are forecast.

With the Conservative leadership contest safely out of the way Douglas Ross has come out of the fridge he’s been hiding in and, surprise surprise is fully in support of Liz Truss. He’s the only man in politics who can execute a U-turn while coasting. He did however repeat his demand that the Scottish Government give up on bringing about the referendum which they were elected to deliver, insisting that the cost of living crisis “demands we put country over party, put politics to one side and make hard choices. Ross forgets, or more accurately hopes that the rest of us forget, that we have had nine weeks of a leadership contest during which the public panicked whilst Tory ministers ignored the looming catastrophe and Douglas Ross did his level best to stay as invisible as possible in case he was asked to make a choice between Truss or Sunak.

Ross must be relieved that it’s not up to Downing Street to pick the leader of the Scottish Tories otherwise he’d be going the same way as Rishi Sunak, Dominic Raab, Grant Shapps, and all the other Conservatives who had failed to show sufficient loyalty to Liz Truss. As it is all is not well in the ranks of the Scottish Tories with the resignation of Oliver Mundell from the front bench this week. Admittedly it won’t be much noticed as he’s as spineless and ineffectual as his dad. Had you even noticed that he was the Scottish Tory education spokesman? No, neither had I. The resignation comes a couple of days after the resignation of Dean Lockhart, who has left Holyrood and stood down as an MSP. As a list MSP he will be replaced by the next on the Conservative list and there will be no by-election, the usual procedure when a list MSP leaves Holyrood. Clearly there is much unhappiness amongst The Scottish Tories’ Holyrood contingent. It provides at least a tiny modicum of comfort that the Scottish Tories are as miserable as they are making the rest of us.

Ross will be worried that he will end the same way as his predecessor Jackson Carlaw, the victim of a putsch orchestrated by senior Tories.

Truss has started to announce her cabinet, drawing from the dregs of the tea mug used as an ashtray which is what passes for a talent pool amongst Westminster Tories.

As expected the new cabinet is composed of right wing ideologues with the backing of the ERG with little attempt to get other factions of the Conservatives on board. We have as expected Suella Braverman as Home Secretary – and you thought Priti Patel was terrifying – James Cleverly as Foreign Secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng as Chancellor, the appointment of Kwarteng was praised in some quarters for bringing diversity to a cabinet which otherwise wouldn’t have had many old Etonians in senior roles.

Therese Coffey (dear god) is Health Minister and deputy PM, Coffey was criticised on social media for her looks, her weight, and the fact that she smokes. There is no need for that, her politics are perfectly hideous without giving her the chance to play the victim of sexism. As Secretary of state at the Department of Work and Pensions Coffey was responsible for the cruel and inhumane farce that is Personal Independence Payment for people with disabilities. Coffey covered up a report detailing the outcome of an internal review of investigation processes relating to the suicides of 69 benefit claimants. A high court judge has accused Coffey of “wholly unsatisfactory” behaviour and lacking respect for the mother of a benefit claimant whose death was linked to failures by her department. Coffey repeatedly refused to express sympathy for a tragic mother who was found dead next to her crying baby. Coffey was repeatedly given the chance to show some compassion for 34-year-old Mercy Baguma – a refugee mother who died next to her malnourished baby in Glasgow – but she would not.

Suella Braverman has already promised to take an even harder line on immigration – how exactly? By sending gunboats to sink the dinghies trying to cross the Channel? Jacob Rees-Mogg is has been given the Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy brief. He is responsible for getting us through the energy crisis and for all our employment rights and protections. He favours fracking over wind farms. The new lows keep coming thick and fast. And yet, it’s all downhill from here.

I am sorry but this bout of post-stroke fatigue is proving very difficult to shift. New blog posts may be rather intermittent this week and as of Thursday I will be taking a week off as my 60th birthday is coming up and we have visitors coming up from England.


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563 comments on “The charm of a breeze block

  1. Capella says:

    What can one say? You have summarised the slough of despond very well. As this parade of clowns lines up we can make sure that a very wide distance is placed between Westminster and Holyrood. We can do so much better than this.

  2. bringiton says:

    Interesting that the anti EU Brexiteers presently in charge of the UK who,as a result of their political ideology,have done away with UK gas storage facilities are now pumping UK gas into EU ones.
    Whatever they decide to do to support energy bills in the UK,they are going to be reliant on the EU to supply gas this winter both for electricity generation and heating.
    Without that,no amount of subsidies would prevent energy shortages affecting the UK.
    Great British hypocrisy.

  3. deelsdugs says:

    And now she’s threatening nuclear power plants for Scotland…

  4. Bruce MacDougall says:

    Country before party indeed, I agree, as it’s high time ALL the MSP’s at Holyrood did just that for the sake of Scotland, not a foreign Westminster Parliament. I wonder if the Tory and Labour members there understand what the word Quisling means.

  5. davetewart says:

    Planning permission already granted for Hunterston C.

    How about Torness B?

    Or a new build at Longannet?

    We already export 1 GW every day through the HVDC link from Hunterston to Algelsey that the wind blows.

  6. Hamish100 says:

    So the SNP or is it the Scottish Government can put their tuppence worth in.

  7. jfngw says:

    Surely giving people a choice is putting the country before a party, after all that’s what a majority in the list vote chose. What D.Ross really means is putting unionism before the country, democracy is only democracy if it puts the union first.

    Truss not only wants to overturn devolution but wipe out the Scotland’s control of any systems, education, planning, NHS, soon it will only be the law and church left, although I suspect the law will be in their sights.

    They intend to try and repeat the eradication of Scottishness in the same way they tried in the 18th century, they want us to be Anglo-Scots and acknowledge their superior culture and abilities (they are that arrogant I’m afraid).

  8. Bob Lamont says:

    My apologies for the lengthy response –
    I was actually quite surprised to see an article on the BBC Scotland web-page this morning at about 15 hours old entitled “Rent freeze plan to tackle cost-of-living crisis in Scotland” but soon realised it was only HMS James Cook/Elizabeth House going on the SNP/SG attack yet again with Comments open, now closed after 2,243 of their dial-a-riot frothing contributions from the “Nicola ate my hamster” brigade, presumably an ongoing contractual arrangement.
    The equally usual “Analysis by Glenn Campbell”, totally ignores the energy crisis created by the Tories in preference to ” “hard choices” lie ahead and the Scottish government won’t be able to do everything it would like”. Oh how Glenn must have chortled, getting paid handsomely for stating the bleeding obvious,
    Thought to archive it on return from the city, but couldn’t see it, so went hunting, demoted to page 2,, comments included.

    It becomes all the more obvious why, when you see HMS James Cook’s latest gambit, “Rent freeze plan is headline-grabbing ploy, says letting boss”
    – Now just think how moronic James Cook/Elizabeth House must be to play this propaganda game with people who are really struggling and terrified over what winter brings, yet encourage concerns for the middleman who gets a percentage on their misery for sympathy. The FO springs to mind.

    Brian Gilmour of “Indigo Square Property Ltd., proud announces on his Linkedin page – “Experienced Managing Director with over 25 years experience in property and finance. You might hear me every fortnight on the BBC Radio Scotland Kaye Adams programme”
    And yet the BBC in Scotland featured this in preference to praise for the initiative by the Mayor of London, and not a peep from HMS James Cook.
    Perhaps BBC Scotland’s weather forecast might begin including forecasts for “Hope” where it’s been pissing down there for several decades now, at he and his predessor Smith’s insistence…

  9. Hamish100 says:

    BBC radio scotchland struggling with not proven / not guilty/ guilty

    They seem to peddle that someone found not proven would be found guilty.

    Confused? BBC is.

  10. Dr Jim says:

    There’s worse, Lorraine Kelly has incensed the English nation by interviewing Nicola Sturgeon in a civilised manner, and to make matters even more divisive they shared a joke together and both laughed, so apparently *racist* Lorraine must get back to Scotland where she came from if she’s going to be nice to that Jock Krankie is the cry from England (without the slightest hint of irony) and in Scotland we have the British nationalists demanding poor Lorraine be consigned to live in England forever and banned from ever coming to Scotland because she’s a racist

    If someone wants to post the FMs joke at the end of the interview it is funny, but it has also made the Britnats faux crazy

    Lorraine implied the meeting between Truss and the FM would be *icy* because of the previous insults Truss has hurled in the direction of the FM, the FM replied “you’re invited Lorraine, you can hold the jackets” they both laughed and England went crazy nuts with anger at the presenter, the Twitter comments border on insanity

    • Eilidh says:

      Personally I always thought Lorrraine Kelly was a rampant unionist if she has begun to develop common sense I will be impressed. It is clear it will be possible to cut the atmosphere in the first meeting between NS and the Trussbot with a lightsabre. Mutually acquired hatred is likely but NS will not show that
      I just saw a couple minutes of PMQ on the news and not only is her dress sense gone full Thatcher so has Truss’s voice it was a fine vocal impression of the despicable Thatcher. Truss’s wee shouty voice irritated me so much I had to turn sound off after couple minutes. As for all the talk of the diversity between the new UK cabinet members personally I could give a damn if these people are Black White, Brown, Male, Female,Trans, Animal Vegetable or Mineral it is their ideology and policies that matter and so far from what I have heard they are just downright evil.

      • Ah ken whit ye mean, but…

        TBH, I doubt Sturgeon spends any time hating Truss. Hate is an insidious emotion that badly affects / clouds the judgement of nasty folks like the latter. It drives right-wingers, consumes them even, but not decent people.

        From what I can see, if someone gets in the way of Truss, she’ll react with vicious, spiteful hatred. A ‘nasty piece of work’ like her predecessor.

        Sturgeon by contrast, will sigh, focus on the decency in most folks, and look for a logical way round the barrier the likes of Truss might immediately present. There’s no way she could have her record in government if she didn’t do this.

        • Eilidh says:

          NS is human like the rest of us she will not show hatred of Truss etc but I am sure under the surface she is raging re the way Truss has spoken about her. It was an insult to the post of FM, the Scottish parliament and most importantly the people of Scotland

        • Sorry, I was being a bit too philosophical!

          I think Truss, like Johnson, is a nasty piece of work. I don’t hate them though. If I did, I’d have become them. It’s an enormously destructive, poisonous emotion, and one that consumes right-wingers. Anyone or group getting in their way will feel the visceral force of it. Hence Tory leadership contests are a bloodbath of back and front-stabbing.

          I’m sure Sturgeon rages in frustration like us all at the actions of such people. But I don’t get the impression she hates anyone. My impression is that, like me, people like Truss just make her more determined to do the right thing to defeat them and their agenda.

          That’s all I was getting at, but wasn’t clear. I knew you were not saying otherwise, but just wanted to waffle a bit. It is important to understand the completely opposing mindsets of the two people now facing each other.

      • Dr Jim says:

        In a way I think having more people of colour and different ethnicity in the cabinet makes things even worse, in that of all people those are the people in the position who should understand what oppression and racism is, do they think oppression and racism can only be employed against non white people by white people? the Independent Republic of Ireland could testify very much differently to the notion that racist exceptionalism has anything to do with colour

        In America the exceptionalists used to blame everything on poor white trash, then they got black slaves and blamed everything on them, since then it was folk of Latin origin, then Mexicans, it’s a certain kind of human being that scapegoats every other kind to garner support from folk who don’t think before they act, the modern word is *populism*, in the 1930s there was another word for these people, but their ends are always the same

        • Capella says:

          I think most of them were educated in public schools i.e. private schools so they are not diverse and representative at all.

  11. TBH, I am a happy with the title of this new series. It’s not as if our friends and allies know that it’s England that’s lost it’s mind, and not the Scots, Welsh and (N) Irish.

    Certainly confirms what we Scots thought about Sky and its definition of ‘British’.

    Will be good to ask our ‘British’ politicians if they are fans and what they think.

    • James says:

      The title shows that the programe shows that its going to be less than favourable to Johnson.

      Its taken from Richard II were John of Gaunt laments Richards II rule over England which has lead to corruption missrule and poor Goverment with Richards friends and the ‘elite’ of the time using there influence to gain wealth and stature at the expense of the country. Sound familiar?

      Its working title was ‘This Sceptred Isle’ which is a more well known quote from the play, but this was changed as did not do well in focus groups as to what the programe was about.

      Knowing how pasionate Johnson is about Sharkespare i’m pretty sure hes not very happy about not being very subtitaly compaired to Richard II, although Shakespear does less of a hatchet job on him that he does on Ricahrd III, its still not someone you would want to be compaired to.

  12. The Truss effect.

    Pound falls to lowest level against dollar since 1985

    The pound has plummeted to its lowest level against the US dollar since 1985.

    Sterling fell 0.64% to $1.145 on Wednesday afternoon – a level not seen in 37 years.

  13. yesindyref2 says:

    My take FWIW on the UKSC decision about the SNP intervention is that “politically” they had no choice but to accept the intervention in a high profile “constitutional crisis” case, but to be even-handed made it written only, to avoid the UK Gov being beaten yet again (ha), and with both UK Gov and LA allowed to address the SNP written case.

    It also keeps it a bit simpler in the hearing itself, and perhaps makes it more likely both LA and UK Gov will be given oral hearings, and not just written ones. Frankly it really is too high profile not to give the oral hearing it deserves – televised to boot of course.

    For its own sakes the UKSC can not be seen to be shirking in any way, its bounden impartial duty to the Rule of Law.

  14. Bob Lamont says:

    Slightly OT, but HMS James Cook appears to have increased the gaslighting for Scots over the energy “crisis”, pushing the London narrative over nuclear and new drilling licences as being the only way out of the mess HMG have created through energy policy and Tory dogma.

    Not once has there been an article detailing the extent to which Scotland is awash with gas and electricity Scotland, not once has there been an exposee of the scandal of grid charges, or the disproportionate billing of Scottish consumers, instead we get this, promoting yet more extraction to be fast-tracked to deal with the “crisis” despite admitting it would take the best part of a decade to deliver.

    Whilst details of what the “breeze-block” has announced are yet to emerge beyond the “big-number” headline, it is a racing certainty none of it will be thrown at energy conservation.

    • barpe says:

      Indeed, Bob, it’s going to be a sair fecht to overcome the MSM messaging over energy and Scotland.
      Nae wonder Westminster are fighting so hard to keep us tethered to this rancid union, they will be as nothing when we leave.

    • Eilidh says:

      BBC News reporting a little while ago that new Oil and Gas licences for extraction from the North Sea will help supplies over this winter. How exactly will that happen do they actually think oil rigs are beamed in and immediately start production. Even I know that is garbage

  15. Ken says:

    Nuclear is too expensive, dangerous and harmful. Flying nuclear around the world and under the sea contamination. Endangering Scotland. Totally wasteful.

    Water, wave, tidal, wind and solar are much cheaper and safer. Scotland are in surplus in fuel and energy, nearer the source but pay more. The Oil and Gas sector are totally mismanaged by Westminster. The tax should be high when price and profits are higher. Lower when prices and profits are lower.

    There is no onshore gas to frack in Scotland. US fracked Gas is imported into Grangemouth. Scotland is covered in coal. Westminster reneged on CCS projects Gas (Peterhead) and Coal (Longannet). Hickley Point is over budget and time. It will always be subsides and unsafe.

    Decommissioning Nuclear is still costing a fortune. £Billions a year. A ten year cost of £Billions. Yet they are planning more. The Japan nuclear plant disaster is still spewing contamination into the sea ten years later and has cost Billions. Chernobyl has a cover meant to last 100 years but will it.

    The European countries are going ahead with CCS. Scotland are losing out. Having the technology and North Sea expertises. Once again Scotland loses out.

  16. Ken says:

    Whole UK Gov Accounts. 2019/20. Published June 2022. Internet. Page 54

    £157Billion. Provision for nuclear decommissioning. DNA. £137Billion over ten years. 2021 to 2031. (Average £13Billion a year).

    Managing decommission waste at Sellafield and elsewhere.

    Yet the Tories are planning to build more.

  17. davetewart says:

    The last of the AGRs will be added to your list by 2028 or 2030 if the youngest agr hasits license extended.
    That will leave the 2 pressurised water reactors if the latest one is commissioned by then.

    Will we see the new RR small reactors in service?

  18. stewartb says:

    On the matter of nuclear energy and Westminster’s renewed attempts to foist this on Scotland, I posted this btl here on 3 April, 2022. Forgive the repetition – and the length:

    The processing and storage of nuclear waste are crucial legacy issues that can too often be underplayed. The industrial scale of activity at the Sellafield site in Cumbria has been an eye opener for me. The following description is from an official UK Government web page and written by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (see

    – ‘home to 4 of the BIGGEST RISKS AND HAZARDS IN EUROPE’ (my emphasis)
    – spends £2 BILLION EVERY YEAR
    – ‘encircled by MILES OF FENCING’
    – ‘ARMED GUARDS at its gates’
    – ‘a footprint of 2 square miles’
    – consisting of ‘hundreds of buildings’
    – requiring ‘thousands of people’
    – ‘needs some of the same infrastructures as a small town’
    – requires an ARMED POLICE FORCE
    – requires a CIVILIAN GUARD FORCE.

    Earlier this year, UK nuclear waste management was reorganised with the formation of ‘Nuclear Waste Services’, bringing together ‘the UK’s leading nuclear waste management capabilities’. What follows comes from the new organisation’s launch brochure: ’The UK has been producing and managing radioactive waste on an industrial scale since the 1940s.’ And then we learn these nuggets of information:
    – more than 4 million cubic metres of waste is still to be recovered and treated to complete the UK’s decommissioning programme
    – the equivalent of 1,070 double decker buses of radioactive waste is currently in storage.

    For the most radioactive of waste material, all present storage in the UK is ‘temporary’. The same brochure explains: ’Developing a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) for the permanent disposal of higher activity radioactive wastes is A STRATEGIC IMPERATIVE, and represents ONE OF UK’S LARGEST environmental and infrastructure programmes.

    And on GDF (from ): ‘A GDF will be a highly engineered structure consisting of multiple barriers that will provide PROTECTION OVER HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF YEARS.’ In other words, this protection is NEEDED for hundreds of thousands of years!

    ‘Radioactive wastes that will be disposed of in a GDF are currently being packaged in specially engineered containers and STORED AT OVER 20 NUCLEAR SITES around the country.’ It looks as if a functioning GDF remains decades away. Why would Scotland wish to be beholden to Sellafield (and to Westminster governments) to process/store nuclear waste arising from further nuclear generation in Scotland or be faced, upon independence, with replicating Sellafield (and then a GDF) in Scotland, albeit on a smaller scale?

    Specifically, why would we opt for this when alternative energy sources are already maturing – when even more of present sources and other, less mature sources can be available in a reasonable time frame – and with much less negative legacy impact?

    At around the same time I also posted this with more eye-watering numbers. The NDA’s ( Nuclear Decommissioning Authority) 2019 report on nuclear provision looks at the cost of cleaning up Britain’s 17 historical nuclear sites. It foresees a programme LASTING AROUND 120 YEARS, worth an estimated £124 BILLION IN PROCUREMENT, based on a series of economic assumptions.’ Now that is some’ legacy’ – 120 years’ and COSTING (someone!) c.£124 billion.

    But it could be even more: ’Given the timeframes and scale of work, the NDA says this COST COULD FLEX between from £99 billion to £232 billion.’ Some ‘flex’!

    Source: Nuclear Engineering International (28 February 2022) ‘Decades of opportunity for nuclear decommissioning in the UK’

    And finally, on the Dounreay Nuclear Power Development Establishment in the north of Scotland formed in 1955. A BBC News website article dated 18 May 2018 reported on newly planned decommissioning projects: ‘The projects would help to bring about what is called an INTERIM END STATE, when the decommissioning work has been completed. This is expected to be reached between 2030 and 2033.

    ‘The projects would also ASSIST IN REACHING A POINT 300 YEARS FROM NOW WHEN THE LAND IS DEEMED TO BE SAFE of any potential radioactive contamination for “unrestricted use”, according to the site’s operators.’ (my emphasis) The use of ‘completed’ in the quote in the previous paragraph was clearly not giving the full picture!


    How much investment and time is required to get tidal energy at scale in Scotland? And wave, and hydrogen with CCS, and more pumped hydro storage allied to more wind generation? And amazingly, we in Scotland (as if by magic) have ‘once again’ more than enough oil & gas on our continental shelf not only to meet Scotland’s own national needs during our just transition to net zero but also more than enough to export (along with our electricity) to our neighbour, England, to assist its governments in Westminster sustain England’s economy into the future.

    Was a country of 5.5 million people ever so blessed?

    • Golfnut says:

      There is radioactive waste dumped in the Beaufort dyke along with about a million tons of munitions, I think that might be a bit of problem 1) identify the area it’s dumped, though you would hope someone recorded the coordinates and 2) remove it without the whole dyke being blown.
      Was the dyke identified as one of the ‘ temporary storage areas ‘ ?

    • grizebard says:

      Not only is the safe disposal of nuclear fission waste an essentially unsolved problem, the ongoing attempts to deal with it are yet another hidden subsidy that has to be paid for by everyone, and will be for unborn generations yet to come. Gordo Brood’s PFI was bad enough, but this is in another league entirely.

      With renewables (the clue is in the word) right on our doorstep, the gain is not just in the energy directly harvested but also in the employment opportunities and worldwide returns accruing from the technology expertise gained by whoever claims the early lead. So to throw such a rare opportunity away for a state-subsidised white elephant without a future (except a dodgy storage one) is economic illiteracy on a stratospheric scale.

      Which is just one – but one critical – reason for managing our own affairs. And the sooner the better.

  19. davetewart says:

    As in that old joke, on our country.

    Just wait to see the neighbours we got.

  20. Capella says:

    Looks like the taxpayer i.e. ordinary working people will be paying the cost of the idiotic Tory energy policy while the oligarchs rake in the profits as usual.

    Fury over ‘Truss Tax’ as planned energy bill freeze to let big firms off the hook

    Kirsten Oswald, the party’s deputy Westminster leader, said: “There may have been a shuffling of the deckchairs at Downing Street, but the practice remains the same – with Truss taking a leaf from Boris Johnson’s playbook on ducking leadership interviews and now parliamentary scrutiny.

    “The fact is the Truss Tax will saddle households for debt for years to come, while letting major companies off the hook as they rake in excess profits during this cost of living crisis. The UK Government should be looking to bring forward targeted measures to tackle poverty and support low and middle-income households.

    “If the Prime Minister refuses to heed the warnings and U-turn immediately, then she is making clear once again that only with independence will energy-rich Scotland be able to build a fairer and more prosperous future.”

    • Bob Lamont says:

      What if I was to tell you that ALL contracts for energy in the United Queendom are with a wholly own government agency, and HMG has been pocketing the difference between the contracted rate and the commercial market rate with quite staggering sums accruing since the “crisis” began, would you be surprised ?

      The ultimate scam is HMG claiming it can do nothing but implore consumers to sign up to a loan which might take a “generation” to pay off. Really ?

      The original arrangement was intended to give the energy producers a guarantee of cost plus reasonable profit whatever happened, viz HMG stood as guarantor for the producer’s contracted rate.

      When this “global energy crisis” was ‘created’, the arrangement was flipped on it’s head, HMG were in no danger of subsidising the sector, they were not just licking the cream of good luck, they were drowning in it and still are.
      The media spiel has been and remains “profiteering producers”, the government in hock to brazilians (to recycle a Bush joke) being more worthy of Scott Joplin’s “the Entertainer” interpretation as the theme to “The Sting”.

      Scotland is replete with energy before the latest enlargement of wind energy lands ashore, and that before tidal energy escapes London’s suppression.

      HMG are that millionaire dishevelled tramp with the latest Rolls parked around the corner, (C)con-artists and grifters all…

  21. The ‘special relationship’ with Ireland and the EU takes precedent for the USA.

    White House warns Truss over efforts to ‘undo’ Northern Ireland protocol

    Biden administration says undoing the protocol would not be ‘conducive’ to a trade deal between the UK and US

  22. The honeymoon begins.

    Scots subsample:
    50% SNP
    19% Lab
    14% Con
    7% Lib
    3% Grn
    3% Oth
    0% RUK

  23. Skintybroko says:

    53% for Indy parties, has to be a good omen

  24. Aye, I couldnae help feeling something was up.

    Queen under ‘medical supervision’ at Balmoral as doctors fear for her health

    THE Queen is under medical supervision at Balmoral after doctors became concerned for her health, Buckingham Palace has said.

    A Palace spokesperson said: “Following further evaluation this morning, the Queen’s doctors are concerned for Her Majesty’s health and have recommended she remain under medical supervision. The Queen remains comfortable and at Balmoral.”

    The Queen’s immediate family members have been informed, with the latest announcement escalating fears for the monarch’s health.

    I’ve been feeling for some time that she won’t be on the throne when we vote for independence. The planets are aligning to mark the end of an era in many symbolic ways.

  25. Hamish100 says:

    BBC Arch 0f Canterbury— The Church of England and the Nation……
    C’mon moderator of Church of Scotland, ….. and the nation …..

  26. Skintybroko says:

    Always sad for a family to someone, and it does appear the Queen is nearing the end. Unfortunately this gives her Trusstness the opportunity to revel in organising a state funeral and we will have wall to wall Britishness for the rest of the year.

  27. Alex Clark says:

    Liz Truss hits the ground running. Her big job was to sort out the energy crisis and she has totally screwed it up.

    She will be borrowing £150 billion over two years which will go straight into the pockets of shareholders as the obscene excess profits the energy producers are making have now been guaranteed by the government for at least the next two years, the bill for the borrowing will, of course, fall on the consumer in the form of elevated gas and electric bills for the next 10 to 20 years.

    Her big plans for energy security do absolutely nothing to bring down the price of gas, in fact, they will simply enrich the energy producers further by giving them access to even more gas which will be sold to the highest bidder just exactly as it is right now.

    There has been NO additional help whatsoever for the poorest who still will not be able to afford tp pay £2500/year if they are an average of energy.

    She gets a 1/10 for this her first effort at governing the UK for all the population, this policy will prove to be a flop, it will be derided in the coming days and the shit will still hit the fan as we get further into winter.

    Liz Truss proves to be a failure as we fully expected.

  28. bringiton says:

    Ask any sovereign state in Europe whether they would like to generate their electricity supply from renewables or nuclear/fossil fuels and the reply will be instantaneous.
    Renewables every time.
    Not because they have concern for the global climate but because it is secure and cheap.
    Wake up Scots,we are being taken for a ride by England’s Tories…. again.

    • Very much so. However, oil and gas are still a strategic backup, and key to so much of our lives through petrochemicals. We literally eat natural gas (fertilizer).

      And no petrol / diesel vehicles is a complete disaster in an emergency such as a natural disaster. Massive power outages would be very problematic.

  29. James Mills says:

    And so it begins ! The Queen is ”under medical supervision ” ( when was was she Never under medical supervision ? ) we are told and immediately the BBC goes into hysterical Royal mode .
    Schedules suspended until this evening on BBC 1 – wall to wall reports of …nothing happening …constant video of the gates of ( Balmoral ? ) filling the screens .

    I really dread the next few days/weeks when the monarch actually dies – we will be exposed to overwhelming , State-sponsored , official mourming when it will probably be compulsory to wear ashes in public and rent our clothing .
    Flegs will be issued to all ‘subjects’ and ordered to be flown at half mast from every vantage point .
    Sporting events will be cancelled ( except Horse Racing ! ) , all entertainment will be curtailed except endless documentaries on Her Maj , extolling her virtues as the greatest monarch called Elizabeth who ever lived ( except for the one before ), ……

    God Save US !

    • grizebard says:

      Worth keeping in mind that they are a family just like any other, put under scrutiny like no other, and they will feel the same as any of the rest of us do in similar trying circumstances. Let’s also be fair, public recognition will be due, but it’s like English football, it will no doubt (as you say) get blown out of all proportion by an imperial-nostalgic media which has little else of substance to offer.

      Taking a hard-headed analytical view, OTOH, a time will have to come for this, and there could be far worse for a pending referendum. And somehow I have the feeling that after the (possibly overdone) media ballyhoo has faded, it will leave everyone with the useful impression that a new page in our history has been turned. One that can have our own country’s name writ large upon it once again.

    • I have the feeling that after the (possibly overdone) media ballyhoo has faded, it will leave everyone with the useful impression that a new page in our history has been turned.


      I don’t know the woman, nor any of the family, so I won’t feel any sadness when the time comes, whenever that might be. She might as well be the president of Paraguay to me. She is however, someone’s mum / gran etc too, and wouldn’t wish harm on anyone, but I have been unable watch things developing since her husband passed, and not help feel the end of her reign was approaching / that there is something of an ‘end of an era’ planetary alignment occurring. The rise of English nationalism Brexit… the collapse of UK government into a farce etc… then the end of the reign of Elizabeth. Some in Scotland, notably the older generations, do feel an attachment to her, or rather what the Royal family stands for; the union.

      I don’t think her passing would have any immediate impact on Scottish indy. But as you say, the Britain that would emerge from that would be very changed. I think she will be the last Queen / monarch of the UK as we know it.

  30. Alex Clark says:

    I’ve no idea if this is true but if it is then it is significant.

  31. Hamish100 says:

    BBC in difficulty. All their royal experts are in Londonium and the focus is Balmoral with a picture of a gate. I suppose to have a reporter from Aberdeen speaking in Doric is too much to contemplate?

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Not following this overmuch, but I did hear from the BBC’s Lorna Gordon that apparently HM conversed once with ‘a local’ in the ‘local dialect’.

      Apparently, nothing is outside the powers of HM – hence the reason for me to retire to my darkened room and translation work.

    • On the BBC on the way home, they used all the English titles for family members arriving at Balmoral, not Scottish.

      Scotland has no Duke of Cambridge, just an Earl of Strathearn, who should be referred to as such when in his mum’s Scottish kingdom.

      I also note that they explained to listeners that Balmoral was the Queen’s ‘Scottish’ residence, yet not feel the need to explain – even to Scots listeners such as myself – that Windsor was her ‘English’ one.

  32. Capella says:

    Rain still hammering down at Balmoral

  33. Alex Clark says:

    Outwith those at Balmoral the first person to be informed if the Queen passes away will be the Prime Minister, apparently, this news will then be passed to the 15 heads of governments in which the Queen is still head of state followed by the heads of the 36 other nations in the Commonwealth.

    After this, the world’s press will be informed via the Press Association, This is all part of the plan known as “London Bridge” dealing with the passing of the monarch. The Irish Independent has an informative article that I’ve just read.

    There will be 12 official days of mourning and 2 days of public holiday for the funeral of the Queen and the coronation of Prince Charles, BBC male presenters will all wear black ties during the period of mourning, no comedy programs will be broadcast and most sporting events will be canceled among other things,

  34. Alex Clark says:

    Liz Truss’s first job as Prime Minister was to impose an energy tax of £150 billion on every family in the UK so that she could give it all to the energy companies and increase their excess profits.

    Remember that when you think about putting a cross in the YES or NO box at the referendum.

  35. Alex Clark says:

    The queen has passed away.

    • Ever since her husband passed I have been unable not to think she’d follow him soon. With each little story of her having some mobility problems… missing events… Charles etc taking over… you could see this coming.

      Personal opinions on the monarchy aside, she clearly did love Philip, and with him gone, she probably had a few things on the list to get done before just letting go and joining him, especially at such an old age.

      I saw this with my own gran once the true love of her life died.

      End of an era for the UK.

      • Legerwood says:

        Her bout of Covid may have hastened the end. Lingering after effects of that infection are not pleasant and no respecter of position of the person.

  36. Legerwood says:

    Change of subject but I see the Herald has suspended Iain McWhirter over a tweet he made about the make-up of Liz Truss’ cabinet.

  37. bringiton says:

    Will Charlie be sneaked into Edinburgh to be secretly crowned King of Scots,as happened with his Mother (Queen of Scots)?

  38. Izzie says:

    Will the Stone of Destiny be taken back for the Coronation?

    • raineach says:

      That was the agreement when the Stone was returned. Am I being cynical in thinking the date of the coronation will be October next year?

      • JoMax says:

        My thoughts exactly. Perfidious Albion in full flow. These events usually take place just over a year after the death of the previous monarch.

  39. Alex Clark says:

    Just got an email on the new tariffs for gas and electricity.

    NEW PRICE FREEZE ELECTRICITY starts 1st Oct 33p per kWh
    CURRENT PRICE CAP ELECTRICITY Ends 31st Sept 27p per kWh

    NEW PRICE FREEZE GAS starts 1st Oct starts 9p per kWh
    CURRENT PRICE CAP FOR GAS end 31st Sept 7p per kWh

    These rates will differ depending on where you live so expect some variation with what your own supplier will tell you is the new rate.

  40. andyfromdunning says:

    Who knew? or suspected this.

    English NHS data shows massive decline in the service under Tory rule.

  41. Capella says:

    Well life as we know it will be suspended for 12 days of mourning followed by the state funeral followed by the coronation. This is decidedly the end of an era and I don’t believe Charles and Camilla will fill the gap. Time for democracy and freedom from the Westminster vice like grip.

  42. One_Scot says:

    No matter what your views are on the Royal family, no one can deny today is a significant day for the future of Scotland.

    • stewartb says:

      The political editor (?) of C4 News certainly seemed to agree. In terms, during this evening’s programme he was implying that the monarch’s death having occurred in Scotland and the “respect” that was now being shown to Scotland may have an effect – a negative effect, again by implication – on support for independence.

      It was if he had embarked on something which followed a train of thought. But then he became aware that he wasn’t quite sure what he had got himself into, where this was leading or how to get out of it. It came across as a bit awkward – as of course was deserved!

      • Alex Clark says:

        Just more wishful thinking , there are many falling into the same trap.

        I can only guess but I believe that for many, an attachment to the Union based on a belief in allegiance to the monarchy will likely have been weakened by the Queen’s passing. Such supporters may not feel the same way about a new King.

      • Tam the Bam says:

        Yes … Scots unionists will undoubtedly play on this.

  43. dakk says:

    The Queen is dead.

    Long live tiny King Charles they cried.

  44. Tam the Bam says:

    Does anyone own a holiday home on Rockall I could possibly rent for a month?

    • ArtyHetty says:

      No but if I did I could benefit from the EngGovs’ ‘energy support payment’ of £400, for a second home. If I had ten more ‘homes’ I presume would get the payment for each one, nice eh.

  45. James Mills says:

    The Queen is dead …that’s the end of life as we know it for the next wee while in Ruritanian UK .
    Just heard the commentator in the Man U. Europa League game blame the passing of Her Maj for their defeat tonight . Jeez !!!

  46. dakk says:

    I suspect the queen was already pan breid before the PM handover took place.

    The still, blurry photos were amateurishly fake looking.

    Why not a short video of the handshake?

    They do like their appearance of seamless continuity, the british.

    • Alex Clark says:

      There are plenty of sites out there that relish in this stuff, I like to think that this isn’t one of them.

    • Capella says:

      What would be the point? The queen is dead. Long live the king. That’s the deal.

      • dakk says:

        The photo struck me as fake at the time it was aired before her death.

        The fact the queen was dragged out of her deathbed for that now looks off to me.

        Just my thoughts.

        • Capella says:

          Well you’re quite right. The Trade Unions used to have education programmes which examined the relative merits of a hereditary monarchy versus an elected president.

          On the plus side, the hereditary monarchy had stability, continuity, predictability and tradition on its side. Compare the monarchies of Europe with the presidential systems around the world.

      • dakk says:

        The point might be they like everything in order.Would’nt look right some wee nyaff handing over power when he hasn’t been seen to be crowned.

  47. dakk says:

    Heard on France 24 the queen will be taken to Holyrood Palace then taken up the Royal Mile to St.Giles.

    This will be orchestrated and played for all it’s worth to bind Scotland tight.

    • Alex Clark says:

      That is what the media are saying right enough.

      …That last part is more complicated since the Queen died in Scotland, a scenario that activated so-called “Operation Unicorn.” The Queen’s body will need to be moved from Balmoral to Holyroodhouse, her residence in the Scottish capital of Edinburgh, to lie in rest for a short time. The body will then be carried in a procession up the Royal Mile, a central avenue, to St. Giles Cathedral for a reception service.

      Afterwards, Queen Elizabeth II’s body will be taken to London on a royal train from Edinburgh’s Waverley Station. Crowds are expected to meet the coffin at several points along the journey to throw flowers, according to The Guardian, with another locomotive following behind to collect debris. If a train journey is not possible, the coffin will be taken to London via plane (“Operation Overstudy”).

      The coffin will be welcomed in the capital by the prime minister, and taken to Buckingham Palace. The Queen will receive a state funeral at London’s Westminster Abbey ten days after her death (business in parliament will be suspended after confirmation of her death for the preparations.) She will then be buried at Windsor Castle.

  48. Golfnut says:

    I feel a little sad that Elizabeth Queen of Scots didn’t live long enough to see this union ended. She at least made it known that she would accept Yes vote, it remains to be seen whether Charles 111 will take the side of democracy.

  49. Capella says:

  50. dakk says:

    Might just go with queen couldn’t manage the photoshoot so they faked it.

    Doesn’t really matter that much, it’s what happens next that matters for Scotland.

  51. Alex Clark says:

    It will only get worse, state of this.

    • Golfnut says:

      That lass just educated tens of millions of people, interesting that Charles has gone for Charles the Third rather than what was described as his preferred choice of George.

  52. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Both the BBC and Channel Four News equating Queens’s death in Scotland with…. guess what :

    a) “The Queen dying at Balmoral might save the union”….Matt Frei Channel Four News.

    b) “Important to her that the UK remained UK /She had a great affinity with Scotland/Her mother was Scottish/the constitutional position of Scotland was a concern for her”…BBC News

    See that is the tasteless depths to which they will descend to SAVE their UK…..I would have thought that “Now Is Not The Time” to equate the death of their monarch with the constitution but alas it seems any time is the right time if it , seems to them, to perhaps benefit and serve their Pro UK argument…..

    Obviously propaganda TV cannot take a day off from trying to politicise EVERYTHING to their advantage on behalf of their (non) Union….cheap shots and yet I am neither surprised nor shocked……I am sure even the alternate NEW televised media will also have had their wee pot shots at this too….as will many of the gutter press…..I sincerely hope many Scots WILL be offended at this obvious , tactless and extremely tasteless and inappropriate politicisation at this moment on behalf of their (NON) Union………’s relentless and ruthless it seems…..

    See even the death of a monarch is weaponised for their (non) Union…..nothing now is or will be off the table as far as their campaign to save their UK is concerned …………

    The saying ” when they go low we go high”…well easy to go higher than them when they go so very very very LOW.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Hit the nail on the head NMRN.

      Independence supporters wolud be attacked for “politicising” the death of the Queen. The media? Well, they do the attacking and are unlikely to attack themselves are they.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Yes indeed Alex…. I am 100% certain that should any individual supportive of independence utter anything similar re a constitution connection … in a connection not considered appropriate or respectful at this particular time …well they will surely be condemned indeed not just as an individual but the WHOLE YES movement will be tarred with the same brush……

        As apparently one person who is supportive of independence having a opinion that some Pro UK supporters or media regard as toxic or inappropriate on anything related to the establishments/institutions of so called, but NOT , Great Britain is then translated as a characteristic identified with ALL independence supporters thus unique only to us… order that they can then promote our progressive and justified movement as one that is neither legitimate nor worthy of support.

        Yet somehow simultanously we are told that freedom of speech is at risk and cancel C*lture is prevalent……..something they say is rampant in their UK (according to THEM)…..seems only those with a CURRENT very public platform via the media are victims of this…..the irony of it all is not lost on us in Scotland…that’s for sure…

        As those who complain of this are the very ones seeking to suppress OUR freedom of speech and are more than open to us being cancelled as a movement…and indeed also the political parties we support…..

        Personally I have never seen such a time when so many of them supportive of right wing views had so many avenues open to them to voice their opinions and politics yet all the while complaining they are the ones who are cancelled…..what is even MORE puzzling is their viewers and listeners on both TV and radio via GB News/Radio and Talk TV/Radio….believe them…..( they even get invited onto mainstream TV and radio programmes like BBC Politics Live and Question Time)…..

        I might not be an intellectual but even I can see there is no logic in THAT argument….LOL

        Anyhoo onwards and upwards…..

    • Golfnut says:

      I think probably what was a constitutional problem for the Queen was that successive westminster governments had and still do, Lord Frost, claimed that her most ancient Kingdom of Scotland had been extinguished, which is of course treason.

  53. dakk says:

    Odds on a red arrows tartan flyover at state funeral over the Thames

  54. Eilidh says:

    The Queen passing away is a sad situation for her family. She never did me any harm but I am no monarchist so have avoided practically all the TV coverage about it. She had a long affluent life. My aunt was born the same year as her and did not live beyond 60 my mother was 2 years younger than the Queen and died in her early 50’s. It seems so unfair that many ordinary people do not get the long life and pleasures of life that many affluent people do. For the TV to equate the fact the Queen died in Scotland as a means to lessen the desire for Scottish Independence really is pathetic and pretty distasteful

    • Golfnut says:

      Comes across as desperate, which it is, the monarchy was in decline and they know it.

      • Azel says:

        I can’t help but think that the late Elizabeth’s desire to not be seen shirking her duty by abdicating — no doubt influenced by her uncle’s example — played a part in the decline of the monarchy as an institution. I mean, most of the support was vested in the person of the late Queen herself, whereas normalising abdicating and handing over the responsibilities’ before death may cemented that she was the current head and have helped said support to shift to the institution.

  55. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Nelson Mandela

    “A Nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but it’s lowest ones”….

  56. Alex Montrose says:

    it’s at times like this that an unscrupulous government would release reports and studies critical of them, I hope the Government watchers are watching closely.

  57. Hamish100 says:

    At a family and personal level I am sorry for anyones loss.

    But, Can anyone tell me why folk are wandering around aimlessly at Bucky Palace and Windsor with full tv crews and interviewers asking banal questions?

    Still I see the bbc has sent one of their high quality journalist to Balmoral to stand in the rain. Local bbc staff aren’t up to the task it seems. London tightens it’s news broadcast grip. Called toe the line.

    It will be a long few weeks.

  58. Capella says:

    The National covers the nuts and bolts of Charles’ Accession.
    When does Prince Charles become King?

    The new King will be formally proclaimed monarch at a historic Accession Council on Saturday.

    Charles has automatically become King on the death of his mother, but an Accession Council is usually convened at St James’s Palace in London within 24 hours of the death of a sovereign.

    It will be later following the death of the Queen, because the announcement of her death did not come until early evening on Thursday meaning there was not enough time to set the plans in motion for Friday morning.

    Traditionally, the entire Privy Council is summoned to the Accession Council to oversee the formal proclamation of a new monarch.

  59. James Mills says:

    Something miraculous happened yesterday – no news happened !
    No Energy Crisis , no war in Ukraine , no flooding in Pakistan , ……only an old rich woman died in peace after a long privileged life .

    Stop all the clocks , cut off the telephone , prevent the dog from barking ….stop all entertainment , stop all sporting events , stop all signs of ordinary people going about their ordinary lives , erase all critical comment on a wee women’s life , avoid mention of the fact that she had faults , let every person in the media pretend that she meant SO MUCH to EVERYONE in THE NATION , ….

    • stewartb says:

      ‘SO MUCH to EVERYONE in THE NATION , ….’

      I’ve been reflecting on the coverage of the monarch’s death by the corporate media and the BBC – on its repetitive nature and on the endless stream of interviews with the ‘great and the good’ – and the use of this singular term, ‘the nation’.

      Notwithstanding references to ‘respect’ being shown to Scotland, to ‘love’ for Scotland and the general focus on Scotland because of the place of the queen’s death, I have yet to hear ANY reference either to ‘the nation of Scotland’ or to ‘the nations of the UK’.

      There has been a complete failure to acknowledge – even by the simple use of the plural noun – that the state that is the UK consists of multiple nations. But then it happened! And with no little (unintended) irony!

      The BBC Radio 4 Today programme this morning interviewed Jack McConnell. He was asked about the late and the new monarchs’ relationships and understanding of Scotland. The political and constitutional context of support for Scotland’s independence was clear. McConnell reassured the BBC interviewer and audience (in terms) that the king would be fully aware of the different ‘nations’ that make up the UK!

      Of course the BBC interviewer, who along with colleagues airbrush out such distinctions on a daily basis and had being doing so repeatedly throughout the previous hours, accepted Mr McConnell’s assurance – and his non-conforming terminology – without further comment!

  60. As previously alluded to, as someone who didn’t know the Queen, nor any members of her family, I won’t be mourning her passing in the same way I don’t for other people I don’t know, as a general rule (of course there are exceptions, and my heart often does go out to the families of those who have lost loved ones, particularly in harrowing circumstances).

    However, I shall of course politely leave those who wish mourn to get on with it. I’d just ask the same in return, i.e. they let those who didn’t know Elizabeth and family, nor who have any personal affection for them, to just go about their lives as normal.

    Some fairly recent (May of this year) dispassionate polling on the matter:

    FEWER than half of Scots support keeping the monarchy, according to a new poll.

    Almost six in 10 people across Britain want to hang on to the Royal Family for the foreseeable future, with just a quarter saying the end of the Queen’s reign would be an appropriate time to start a republic.

    A whopping 85% still believe the monarchy will be around in a decade’s time.

    But the poll – carried out by the British Future think tank – also found only 45% in Scotland said they wanted to keep the monarchy, with well over a third [36%] saying the end of the Queen’s reign would be the right moment for Britain to become a republic.

    Some 19% either rejected the choice, or said they didn’t know.

    Excluding DKs, that would be 44% of Scots for ending the monarchy for the whole UK now that she has passed on. Makes you wonder what the answer would be for just Scotland, i.e. post indy.

  61. jfngw says:

    Labour/LibDem’s take control of South Lanarkshire, the bin collections are now a shambles, it will be six weeks between the waste food recycling collection (six weeks of rotting food siting in a bin). The other recycling bins are full to the brim but these have also stopped (six weeks since one collection, eight for the other). They blame the strike, but it was in effect only one week.

    I know it’s off topic but just an example of how Scotland would be if these unionists were in charge at Holyrood.

  62. yesindyref2 says:

    Sad news yesterday for many, even including Republicans who nevertheless, had great respect for the Queen.

    In Scotland, just 39% wanted the end of the Monarchy of those who expressed an opinion, and only 36% would want the end straight after the Queen’s death. Something which can’t happen within the Union anyway.

    It’s not just staunch Monarchists will be mourning the Queen, a lot of others will too. So it’s not just the Queen’s family who are sad, it’s a large chunk of Scotland, including those who are sad for people they know who are in bits about it. Hopefully they will continue to haud their wheesht in respect for those ordinary people, even if not for the Royal family they want to abolish.

    And it looks like it has got some of us thinking about our own parents. A few years ago my mother passed on just a few months after my father, even though she was in a home with Altzheimers. They are reunited in whatever afterlife exists.

    Some may feel happy for the Queen who, after a year of Harry Meghan and Andrew, has gone to rejoin Philip, her husband.


    • Some data here:

      Does seem that support for an elected head of state has been rising in recent years.

      • jfngw says:

        The support for the royals has always taxed my brain, my wife’s parents who were Irish Catholics were avid supporters (that one really hurt my brain), my mother whose grandparents moved from Ireland during the famine was also pro royal. My father from Staffordshire detested them, in fact I think he would have been happy with a Romanov solution.

        I was ambivalent towards them but I’ve become more republican as time moves on, the country cannot advance whilst stuck to a medieval system of patronage.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          My wife who is Irish (the republic) loves the pomp and circumstance, and indeed in that respect nobody does it like Britain. She was in tears yesterday (I was away working out of communications), but says the monarchy won’t be the same ever again. And it won’t. And yes of course she voted YES and will do again. Her country is already free, and don’t call her British if you value your eardrums.

    • jfngw says:

      Yes, time for a few stories of reflection. I remember when she visited the Thistle Foundation in Edinburgh, we were all handed out flags to wave.

      These flag were taken back after HM and the DoE left, which was a pity as I could have used it to cover the hole in the sole of my shoe, but just to receive that wave was worth the wet foot.

    • Hamish100 says:

      I don’t think Harry and Meghan should be equated with Andrew although some of the OBN’s think H&M should be kicked out of the firm.

  63. Hamish100 says:

    The price of King Charles spaniel’s has just gone up!

    Just made it up but likely to be repeated in the Mail, torygraph for the usual royal pap.

  64. Legerwood says:

    Interesting interview on CH4 News last night. From 4 mins into the interview. The person being interviewed seemed quite enthusiastic about the Scottish connections the interviewer less so hence a quick end to the interview

  65. Dr Jim says:

    The politicization of events by the media is now vomit inducingly off the Effin scale, that will have the complete opposite affect to that which they desire

    The beloved mother and grandmother of a world renowned family has sadly passed away but they can’t leave it alone and just address the importance of that in their *reports*, they switch it up to full volume to what have now become phone in political save the union chat shows

    I’ve used many pejorative adjectives in my descriptions of the media but every one of them is not enough to describe the depth of the loathing I have for them

  66. Alex Clark says:

    Jacob Rees Mogg announces that “we will extract every ounce of oil and gas from the North Sea”

    Not if we’re Independent he won’t.

  67. weegingerdug says:

    Just to let everyone know, I will be taking the week off as it’s my 60th birthday this weekend, the celebration of which will not be cancelled. There’s not much to say just now anyway, except to note that the entire British media has gone collectively insane.

  68. Hard to disagree with this conclusion.

    The loss of the Queen will test a divided Britain

    …Do not underestimate the upheaval in British life that this dynastic moment will trigger. Elizabeth II spent 70 years as a low-key but extremely effective unifying force in a nation that is visibly pulling itself apart. Her passing will remove that force, which her heirs cannot assume they will be able to replicate. In its way, this succession will be one of the biggest tests to face modern Britain. Politics needs to be involved.

    • Azel says:

      Yeah, even if some of the premises are a bit iffy, the conclusion is spot on: the UK will have to grapple with how to conceive itself now that the late Elizabeth isn’t anymore in the picture and politicians will have to take part, or even take charge, of that discussion.

  69. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Invitation to our friends in Scotland to sign the petition:

    End “Prince of Wales” title out of respect for Wales


  70. Welsh_Siôn says:

    And some ammo for you:

    Record 6.8m people waiting for hospital treatment in England

  71. jfngw says:

    Trussolini’s (stole that one from twitter) slight of hand regarding energy is possibly worse than the Sunak scheme. With Sunak you were just being put in debt to the fixed amount, whereas the Truss proposals it becomes national debt with interest attached. You will be paying it back for years, unless you are old enough to snuff it quickly, then you’ve possibly gained on one hand but lost on the other. The energy companies are still raking it in.

  72. jfngw says:

    Was everyone given a day off today as there was no traffic reports, and the weather is in a state of mourning or must be as the Met Office is reducing its output in respect.

    The funeral will no doubt look like one of those Red Square events, just without the display of missiles, the rest of the military stuff will be there. We’ve already had the military guns being fired in Edinburgh. Are the media oblivious to their own hypocrisy when they mock other countries mourning but wallow in the ‘spectacle’ of the British Nationalist version.

  73. davetewart says:

    Enjoy your birthday party, Paul.

    Think of the ‘Red Arrows’ display, reduced from 9 aircraft to 7, due to some internal conflict.
    All the lockdown of media and still the big military exercise continues.
    The war in Ukraine has stopped as there is no media coverage, why didn’t they think of that solution before?

    Read the O’Brien take on the cabinet members, his question on where do they come from in their support for english nationalism?

    Well 10 days of no need to look at the news on tv or in the toilet paper comics.
    Just like the tory leadership raffle they will repeat the output for two weeks at least.

  74. James Mills says:

    Ruritania UK enters a period of mourning . A universally loved sovereign has passed away .
    By decree there will be no entertainment of any kind to be enjoyed by the masses – no football , no rugby , no concerts , no music festivals , no recitals , no bear baiting ( a mute point as the Rangers’ game has been postponed ) …

    All media outlets and GBNews will show sycophantic dedication to the monarchy by ignoring the large percentage of the population who do not support the idea of a dysfunctional family monopolising the best sinecure in the land .

    No ribbon cutting of new hospitals , public buildings or Food Banks will be possible until the new sovereign is officially installed by Nicholas Witchell and the ceremonial scissors for ribbon cutting are ceremoniously transferred to the new King by the Master of the King’s Scissors at Buckingham Palace .

    Subjects are encouraged to spend their upcoming Energy assistance monies on floral tributes to the dead Queen at the gates of various Royal Palaces ( far too many to itemise ) from whence they will be taken by His Majesty’s Royal Botanist and Chief Turf Turner to be used as cheap fertiliser for the King’s roses .

    Books of condolence will be encouraged and accepted by the new King as well as Waitrose bags full of cash . ( Coronations don’t come cheap , don’t you know – even if the Plebs are paying for it !)

    • ArtyHetty says:

      To which ‘new hospitals’ or ‘public buildings’ do you refer James? There are none, in England.
      In Scotland far as I know the people are not ‘subjects’ as is the case in England. In Scotland the people are sovereign citizens.

      The outdated monarchy of the UK/England has to be revised, it keeps the terrible immoral and unethical class system going. It’s 2022, I think it is anyway though it doesn’t seem like it!

  75. Bob Lamont says:

    I was never a fan of the monarchy, what respect I had for the Queen was for the manner in which she conducted herself in public, her recent excursions into comedy betraying a mischievous nature of the woman who was never allowed to express it because of “duty”.

    I do not believe I’m understating the point that the prospect of her passing will have given the willies to the political classes, within which I include the media – Now that is has come to pass they are desperately attempting to shore up the continuation theme with King Charles III, because without that barrier the rotten an corrupt United Queendom is exposed for what it is, a political cabal.

    It is doomed to fail, not least in Scotland and Wales where Cherlie is “tolerated” – Even in NI’s vexed politics how do they sell loyalty to man who talks to plants, and is now is obliged to, Truss instead if Cress, Sammy Wilson instead of frankly anybody sane.

    It is indeed a time of mourning for some, the game is up for others…

    • ArtyHetty says:

      I might have had a smidgen of respect for her if she’d have spent at a least a wee bit of the £billions++ she and her family have in the bank, in helping those who are living in poverty and had she not interferred in Scotland’s independence referendum. It’s 2022, and people in the UK including little children, are going hungry, the people are being robbed to pay the massive energy companies and profiteers. It’s truly sickening, I find the whole saga very depressing right now, with the class system still in place, the horrendous inequality is deliberate. The £billions about to be spent on the funeral and the annointing of her son is truly sickening.

      We can be sure the coronation will be designed to coincide with Scotland’s independence referendum. Brexit, Covid and now this, on top of an extremely right wing cabal at the helm at the EngGov, it feels like a very dark time and I fear for Scotland I really do.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Whatever she did with her enormous wealth and advantage, it is as nothing compared to the abuse meted out by Parliament over the last 40 years who were in principle elected, yet parade themselves as representing the people despite doing all they can to heap misery on a public who strangely believe they serve their best interests.

        Queen Elizabeth was not the problem, that’s why HMG are so upset, the “Royalty” fall guy can no longer be blamed for decades of brutal governance by the Tories.

      • James says:

        Corination won’t be in October (when the Referendum is planned) when there is a higher chance of bad weather and the days are shorter. Will be sometime between late May to Mid July.

    • I might have had a smidgen of respect for her if she’d have spent at a least a wee bit of the £billions++ she and her family have in the bank, in helping those who are living in poverty and had she not interferred in Scotland’s independence referendum

      Just think how many lives she could have saved… how many homeless people she could have given shelter too… how many refugees could have been housed in her palaces…

      How many more people would be monarchists if she’d done exactly that…

      I actually was kinda ambivalent before for an indy Scotland; a monarchy like the Scandinavian social democratic countries was fine with me. I just don’t see how that’s possible with England’s monarchy and it’s excessive opulence, class system, and hangers on. So I’d back ending the monarchy. I don’t actually think that needs an elected head of state though. At least not a president with executive powers. I am not super comfortable with a lot of power in the hands of one person. Under PR, it’s not needed, as Scandinavian countries show. I still like the idea of a Guardian of Scotland, elected say by the parliament based on consultation, to carry out duties similar to a monarch for a fixed term, but without any powers.

  76. Jeez. Should the wife take down her facebook advert for tutoring services?

    Media firms introduce advertising blackouts to respect late Queen

    Are we ok to watch the US open semi-final the nicht? Maybe if we just do so somberly?

    Lukashenko will be watching on jealously at all this.

    It’s creepy. Fair enough for monarchists to be left alone to ‘mourn’ in their own way without people being disrespectful, but why should someone who is ambivalent not be able to go out to a concert or a footie game if they like? The Queen is a political figure as much as Liz Truss is. She’s not everyone’s gran or something. In fact, she’s being going through my pocket every month against my will, helping herself, since I started paying taxes.

    Certainly, I think it’s wise that the SNP advise members to not go out doorstepping, posting campaign stuff on social media etc right now as, well, there are pro-indy monarchists / DKs, and why foot shoot? Media would be all over such stuff in an instant too. However, the British nationalists shutting down life like this is getting into the realms of ‘dear leader’ proto-fascism.

    It won’t have the effect desired, but will tend to have the opposite. Only those that felt affection for her will mourn Elizabeth. Trying to force the ambivalent to do so too, and taking them to task if they don’t, will only be counter productive.

    • Eilidh says:

      I went to a fitness class this morning on way there and coming home I saw three massive LED advertising screens including one next to Clydeside Expressway with huge pictures of the Queen on them and dates of her birth and death also saw smaller one outside Asda Bearsden. I am not sure if that type thing is respectful or not but something about reminds me of the USSR days when one of their leaders died only then they had big pictures of the person but no LED screens. One of the women I was talking to this morning told me there was hardly anyone at aquafit class she had just been at as a lot of folks had cancelled their bookings as the Queen had died. I kid you not. Only way I can stomach watching the news is with the sound off and subtitles on. The syncophacy of the media is vomit inducing

    • James says:

      I cant see any example of ‘Bitish Nationalists’ shutting down anything? The offical UK Goverment advice is for individual orgianistations to decide to cancel anything.

      Of course what private companies decide to do, is quite correctly, up to them.

      • Och come on, you are not seriously trying to argue that all private companies are deciding to cancel events simply because they love the Queen and think the Scottish public would want that? Maybe in England, but not in Scotland or N. Ireland.

        The British (nationalist) government should not be advising any business that they ‘may wish to consider closing or postponing events’. Why might they? What will happen if they don’t? Implicit in such advice is that they may suffer negative consequences for not doing so. It is a veiled threat.

        The correct advice in a free democracy should be that ‘there is no need to close at all, it is entirely up to individual businesses whether they wish to’.

        If I was an event organiser and went ahead and held a big fun / happy concert right now in the people’s republic of Glasgow or Dundee (2014), say in support of the campaign for a Scottish republic, how would the British media react? Would they be fine with my company making that choice freely? No negative attack stories?

        It would not be disrespectful in any way. A private event people attended by free choice by people wishing to achieve a legitimate political goal that harms nobody. A normal part of life in a free democracy. Yet it would be on every British front page as the opposite.

        Ok, so a political figure many people strongly oppose / an old super rich lady most don’t know has died. Why should life not continue as normal for those that oppose the monarchy or simply don’t care about it? But that’s not how it would be portrayed right?

        The idea that organisers in Scotland (where less than half support the continuing the monarchy) are all stopping events out of respect for a monarch they loved and/or they think customers will be angry / offended is plain silly. Many are doing it because they know the British media will turn on them, giving them very bad press.

        Jeez, I don’t know anyone that’s upset at Elizabeth dying because nobody knew her personally. Everyone is just going about life as normal, apart from they are finding things they had planned cancelled.

        I’m personally neither happy nor sad. Same as when that old lady in Glasgow that I didn’t know died 10 mins ago. Why are we not shutting down the country for her? Is she less of a person? Is her life worth less?

        The ‘nation’ is not in mourning. A small group certainly are and should be left alone to do so out of respect for their feelings as is the case for anyone passing. But the UK media and government are in full Belarusian mode right now as Paul notes. Little doubt there.

    • What s_s said.
      We do not live in a totalitarian state…oh, wait.
      Tens of millions of hard working people are being denied their god given right to rest and relax this week-end by political diktat.
      It will cost sport and recreation billions in lost revenue, but then, the fifth largest economy in the world (stop laughing at the back) can afford it.
      I suggest that the SNP MPs and real socialists in the Labour Party/Greens refuse to swear allegiance to the new front man of the House of Grand Fenwick.
      2022 and we still are expected to bow and scrape to this tired old Oligarchy.
      WE are being forced to grieve whether we like it or not.
      Afarce, and evil at its most pernicious.
      They are not getting inside this free citizen of Scotland’s head.
      I doff my cap to no one.

      • I understand that MPs are forced to swear allegiance even if republican. Likewise, Scottish MPs are not allowed to use Scots when doing so, even though it is spoken by 1.5 m people / ~30% of the electorate (2011) in Scotland.

        They are, as a token gesture, permitted to use Scots Gaelic because so few people speak it after Britain successfully all but wiped it out.

        Of course the UK government actively promotes Scots if it is British nationalists speaking it, such as in N. Ireland…

  77. Dr Jim says:

    Kings and Queens fight for and defend what they believe they own, heroes and heroines fight for and defend everybody

    The British Royals are not in the second category

  78. Just had a look and the BBC is still publishing stories. Seems disrespectful surely? Shouldn’t staff be at least given time to mourn?

  79. jfngw says:

    I noted online that QC’s will become KC’s, does that infer barristers will now become SB’s (Sunshine Band members).

    • Bob Lamont says:

      “QC and the where’s the cash Band” have been going for decades now – Amongst their best-known songs are hits “That’s the Way (I Like It)” (Antoinette Sandbach), “(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty” (Laura Farris), “I’m Your Boogie Man”(Geoffrey Cox)), “Keep It Comin’ Love”(Rehman Chisti), “Get Down Tonight”(Alan Hopkins), “Boogie Shoes” (Michael Ellis), “Please Don’t Go”(Jeremy Wright) and “Give It Up” (Suella Braverman).

  80. Dr Jim says:

    Football supporters are being forced to mourn whether they like it or not, did anyone think they might just be a tad *disrespectful* and turn up to watch their favourite teams? they weren’t taking the chance were they, you will damn well mourn and lump it in this democracy, of course they will say it was the decision of the bosses of the Footy organisations, is this that soft power they speak of?

    Everyone *must* be seen and heard to be doing *the right thing* or righteous condemnation may or may not be heaped upon you, that’s not a threat of course because we live in a *democracy* don’t we, until it’s time to be told we live *under* a monarchy that’s nonpolitical until the new guy makes clumsy barely veiled references in his speech directly to political matters, that did it for me, the game’s a bogey now

    • Golfnut says:

      Kevin Bridges went ahead with his show last night. His comment ‘there will be more than one old woman died tonight’
      Bit of perspective

      • davetewart says:

        The TV telesales were on as well, that’s business for you.

        Reminds me of a Wee Free who did ‘Nothing’ on a Sunday, well he did drive 3 times to church, but that was necessary.

      • Golfnut says:

        Hells teeth, I’m getting worse.
        Should read
        ” the Queen won’t be the only woman to die this winter “

    • Hamish100 says:

      One council- snp incidentally, has sent out emails to staff to watch what they say or write on Facebook, Twitter or face the wrath of HR. Censorship is here.

      If working out the office you must wear a black tie, to show respect. I am assuming other clothes must be worn too? Can staff claim clothing allowances?

      All to uphold the principles of openness and democracy for an unelected person who has just died.

      Am I the only sane person left I said to myself in the mirror?

      Surely you respect someone in a way that is comfortable to you I said? Not if you want to promoted my reflection said? Shysters, I said. Amen to that said my reflection. Nice “ Glasgowsmiles better” tie!🥸

  81. dakk says:

    Kim Jong un wouldn’t receive this amount of forced reverence.

    Bread and circus little britain has never felt so backward.

    Can’t imagine all this will go down well with most, especially the young.

  82. dakk says:

    Actually scratch that.Was meant as a joke. Bad one

  83. dakk says:

    The arrogance of it all ans it hasn’t even started in earnest yet.

    • davetewart says:

      I can see the point of telling us what name he will like to be known as now.
      What I can’t understand in light of the mourning is why the rush to hand out the titles, why not wait until after the funeral.

  84. Ken says:

    Old women die. Often in poverty. One of the wealthiest families in the world. The UK the most unequal place in the world. A wealthy, interfering family at the figure head. Breaking all the rules. Some people never learn. The misogynistic, racist masonic bigots.

    Slim it down. Or bow out.

  85. Capella says:

    Mike Russell on the death of the Queen and independence.
    Liz Truss clashes glaringly with Queen Elizabeth’s sense of duty and purpose

    THE 20th-century Chinese premier Zhou Enlai, when he was once asked about the effect of the 18th-century French Revolution, replied that it was “too early to tell”.
    Nonetheless, as battles start to rage about the likely effect of the Queen’s death on Scotland, we are already deluged with instant opinions. Andrew Neil, for example, had a lengthy piece online within hours warning of terrible danger to the Union.
    I am not so rash. I have never been an avid monarchist but I have also never thought that asserting strident republicanism would bring independence a day nearer. Despite her occasional forays into the constitutional debate, the truth is that most people saw the Queen as outwith and above the political fray, though in fact she made and dictated, in an absolutely unique way, the UK’s national narrative over 70 years, and with an influence that no politician could match.
    That, however, is now in the past. Her death is, of course, a very personal loss for her family. The rigid formality of state ritual – a plodding costumed Victorian relic which sits awkwardly in a digital rolling news age – may help them to cope but they will, like every other family, eventually require time and space to grieve and must be given it.
    Yet the Queen was also a central figure in, and for, all of our lives and that is perhaps why many of us felt so strangely discomfited on Thursday afternoon and evening. I talked to a number of friends, my age and younger, who used the words “weird” and “sad” to describe their emotions.
    Standing in my kitchen when the announcement came over the radio, I felt a personal sense of bereavement and a need for consolation, something I would never have predicted.

  86. Capella says:

    Pat Kane reflects on how an older generation identified with the Queen.
    My mum supported Scottish independence and the Queen – this is why

    STRUGGLING to feel anything about the death of the Queen, amidst my general antipathy to monarchy, I am driven to family and professional memories. Maybe that will access something other than, at best, my indifference.

    My late Mum, Mary Kane, was a joyous Yesser in the last several years of her life, struggling on sticks to the voting booth in 2014. But what a royalist she was!
    To her sons’ eternal consternation, there were Charles and Di tea-trays, Jubilee mugs and clippings of significant royal articles all over the house. Any visit to her would begin with a careful mapping of Windsor family manoeuvres across the media. Her invitation to a Holyroodhouse Palace event, as part of some carers’ celebration, was often fondly recalled. OK, Mum …

    • Which is one of the reasons why people should be (and are being) respectful, and the SNP have asked members to be so on public platforms*.

      While I imagine support for the monarchy would be stronger for more conservative ‘British’ voters, it’s not black and white at all. As I mentioned in an earlier post, there are many Yes voters who are monarchists to varying degrees.

      *Incidentally, blogs are not public platforms, but a private space as readers must actively seek them out. Different from say twitter where people are sending a message out to the public rather than the public coming to them.

  87. Eilidh says:

    Happy 60th Birthday Paul enjoy your day

  88. Why do republicans have to pay for the BBC? Or anyone not interested in the monarchy for that matter?

    On BBC Scotland, you have to scroll down down to find important news, such as on the cost of living crisis, all of which are days to weeks old now.

    Most Scots are not interested in the Queen. Why not just have link to the specific section on that?

    I don’t think all this is going to increase support for the monarchy, just turn people off the whole thing.

    • Alec Lomax says:

      Exactly. The Beeb can now change its title to the Royal British Broadcasting Corporation

    • Bob Lamont says:

      “On BBC Scotland…….. Most Scots are not interested in the Queen…”
      – Most Scots had little interest in the “Blue Rinse Club” ‘s private election of party leader either, but it was wall to wall on HMS James Cook each and every day.
      The BBC in Scotland’s desperation to dictate the news rather than report it extends to creating articles which crowds other items of news off the page, the death of the Queen saves them the effort.

      Many in Scotland including staunch republicans will have been saddened by the death of the Queen, the powers that be are desperate to portray respect for her passing as “a nation in mourning”.
      What will deeply concern them and the BBC is that in Scotland it will not be just a queen’s funeral but that of soft unionism.

  89. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    As William is passed the title of Prince of Wales….does that mean he no longer will be seen at England international football events supporting them…..I doubt it.

    And as the media and specific idiots target, yet again, Prince Harry’s wife as the source of much pain for the Queen when she was alive…..they collectively adopt amnesia on her ‘favourite’ son Prince Andrew and the shame he brought upon the Royal family and indeed the pain he inflicted upon his victim……and I suspect his mother too.

    This is where we are always at with the media….selective memories that rewrite history or frame it to demonise those that they decide are enemies of the state and thus in doing so hope to incite the same specific people to unite in their hate fest against that individual or movement in order to try and destroy them/it and all support for them/it .

    Strange how we are now witnessing them, the media, all mourn so publicly and excessively for their Queen yet in the past and even now they care not what they say and indeed have said in relation to her grandson and his chosen wife……where headlines and opinion pieces in their so called newspapers have vilified a young woman who failed to meet THEIR expectation of a Prince’s expected wife…….like say Kate Middleton whose nationality and pedigree was to them impeccable and more appropriate for a chosen Royal Prince’s wife.

    The hypocrisy is a constant …….we have no media here we only have a relentless cruel machine that seeks to sway the gullible into either slavish acceptance of the status quo or to oppose others with such hatred and anger that there is no room for honest debate, fairness, respect or options other than crushing those who fail to adhere to the rules of their versions of democracy and truth……..under their chosen political party to (over)rule us all.

    The events unfolding on their media just now were always the predicted events that would unfold……the fact that is seems excessive to some while others seek even MORE from their media is basically a testimony to how desperate they are to try and unite us all , for NOW that is, as ONE nation…..yet as they sought to persuade us at this moment that we are but ONE nation and indeed ONE nation in grief….the one nation mask slipped in that they went to great pains to make the distinction that Scotland was a favoured ‘country’ of the Queen and she had historical links via her family with Scotland…..thus giving Scotland the status of a nation APART from their supposed ONE nation UK….and we all know why they did this and what their true intention was in doing this particular stunt……crassly embarrassing, predictable and so opportunistic of them… weaponise the death of the Queen to try and SAVE their so called beloved (non) Union……

    What an absolute shower the media are in this not so great Brexit Britain……doing their duty in competing as to who is THE most patriotic and most royalist within the media to garner positive favour from SOME of the public who too see themselves as patriotic Brits and royalists……if one does not comply then one is deemed a tra*tor or worse……a dreaded Separatist…….it can only get worse ….as they will indeed get worse…’s their JOB.

    Have a nice day everyone


  90. Jeez. I even see headlines on the BBC about how ‘the world’ is mourning her death.

    It really is like living in North Korea. Nuts.

  91. Hamish100 says:

    Maybe all the hi Heid yins in the bbc are self medicating?

    Back to terra firma. Was in my local library and saw a condolence book. Had a nosey. 2 days in and 2 names.
    One a Tory councillor. I was shocked.
    He could write his name.

  92. James Mills says:

    Sycophancy Rules , OK !!!

    Unable to listen to any radio station without the obligatory 100% sycophantic comments between ‘ suitable ‘ music for such a sad occasion .

    The Queen , we are told by various whispered/solemn voices , was – in no particular order ;
    the life and soul of the party ( ?) ,
    a light that lit up a room when she entered ,
    a very funny lady ( comically one assumes !),
    a tenacious worker for ‘the nation’ ,
    incredibly hard working ,
    a shining light for The World ,
    a reassuring figure in difficult times ,
    a figurehead that we ( in the UK ? ) were fortunate to have for so long ,
    a leader who sacrificed ( ? ) herself for us , …..

    R.E.S.P.E.C.T. as Aretha would put it is earned not something that can be engendered by decree or imposed by faceless bureaucrats or the Media .

    The Queen may have been ‘a nice wee wummin ‘ , as my granny put it , but the ludicrously over the top ”respect” being forced down our throats by the Media and the sycophantic ( or cowardly ? ) sporting associations who have given in to pressure to cancel fixtures may have the opposite effect .

    Why have some events been cancelled yet others remain on schedule ?
    didn’t the shops close , why did the trains still run , why were the schools open …

    This ”respect” thing is very selective .

  93. Some news of importance. He’s absolutely right it will.

    If the DUP continue to block democracy, it will only result in an election where pro-partition / wall parties take a further hit at the expense of pro-unity / neutral / pro-protocol parties. The clock is ticking here.

    Julian Smith warns Tory colleagues that ‘relentless and complete focus on Brexit purity’ will boost united Ireland support

    JULIAN Smith has warned Liz Truss that continuing to take a hardline with Brussels over the protocol will increase support for a united Ireland.

    The former secretary of state’s warning came as he urged the new Tory administration to find a “pragmatic” solution to the protocol impasse or risk “months of instability” and a trade war with its biggest external market.

    The MP for Skipton and Ripon, who served as secretary of state for seven months up to February 2020 before being sacked by Boris Johnson, said the British government’s “relentless and complete focus on Brexit purity” would lead to an increasing number of voters “deciding that the UK is no longer acting in their best interests”.

  94. davetewart says:

    The water companies are still letting sewage into the rivers, the energy traders are still ripping us off.
    The buses and trains still run, the street lights operate and the speeding cameras are still pumping out fines.

    Thankfully our NHS is still operating but with very little funding.

    How much inheritance tax will king chas the turd pay, yep, not a penny, we will never see the will.

  95. davetewart says:

    Apologies to all,
    I’ve just been sent a photograph of a homeless soldier sitting with a begging cup next to a picture of a well off benefits claimant with a crown on.

  96. Dr Jim says:

    I particularly like how the *mood of the country* is gauged these days, not by any parliamentary procedure, not by popular vote, not a hint of any democratic processes whatsoever are used to discern the *mood of the country*
    In the United Kingdom of Great Britain in the year of our lord 2022 the governing body of 4 countries, but elected only by one uses paid for commissioned newspaper polling of around 1000 people to represent the *mood of the country* then quote the results as being representative of a democratic certainty if democratic wide processes were carried out

    Elections? Referendums? Democratic processes? like the bandits in the Treasure of the Sierra Madre “we don need no steenkin democracy*

  97. Yes, notice how we just got a new unelected head of state. No consultation with the people whatsoever. He’s also the supreme leader of a church, just like the supreme leader of Iran is.

    Republic: Proclamation of monarch an ‘affront to democracy’

    We should be discussing this. It’s not remotely disrespectful to point it out; Charles is alive and kicking.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Indeed, and if Scotland chose post independence not to proceed with the monarchial system in line with England, according to the current system based in the defence of the *one true religion* Scotland would be regarded by the English system to then be a Godless society

      How then can the system of government/monarchy in England pretend to be a democracy when the phrase *by the grace of God* given that the claim is that *one true religion* is their guiding and most important principle

      Nations and peoples have been at war for thousands of years and are still divided in animosity by others who claim their religion is the *one true religion*
      To claim a country or nation is a democracy is a nonsense if the basis is the imposition of a style of worship of a mythical superbeing in the sky, it’s even more stupid than America inscribing *in God we trust* on their currency, when it should read *in God we trust but poor people must pay upfront in cash*

      I don’t like religion, I never have, but I see faith in God as personal to the individual if it gives them comfort, I have and will always question those who demand or impose a styled approach and the insistence of attendance

  98. Capella says:

    I see King Charles has made his son Prince of Wales after all. So here’s Michael Sheen giving a fantastic speech, I have no idea what this TV show is but it’s worth the listen:

  99. Tam the Bam says:

    It came as no great surprise to me when the SPFL (Scottish Professional Football League) announced all games across the country were to be postponed.
    What I dont get is why :- 1)Rugby Union 2)Rugby League 3)Cricket 4) Golf competitions today/tomorrow are going ahead as advertised?

  100. Hamish100 says:

    They are middle class and above.

    Football supporters are the plebs and might not be willing to toe the party/bbc line of due deference or is it indifference?

  101. So we have an unlected head of state and unelected PM. Putin eat your heart out.

    • James Mills says:

      …and as soon as the Boundary Gerrymandering Bill goes through and the need for photo ID for all voters ( photo MUST be of you + arm round local Tory MP ) and 99% of Scottish electors MUST vote in any Scottish election to be valid …then we will have true democracy in these islands .

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      … and a titular Prince appointed by his Da, coz his Da can (and does).

      It’s called ‘continuity’.

      Electorate: 1
      Turnout: 100%

    • TBH, I think the British powers that be are very concerned about the impact of Elizabeth’s death on the constitutional future of the UK. She was one of the last ‘British’ institutions that still had a degree of popularity here for example, acting as a ‘glue’ to bind the nations.

      It’s the older vote that most admired her in Scotland, and well, they are the least pro-Yes. They come from a time when her visits were genuinely welcomed with crowds of flag wavers. Even I remember everyone being excited about her visiting Aviemore Centre when I was a young whippersnapper. The length of her reign means she literally was the monarchy. You’d have to be getting on a bit to remember her father on the throne.

      King Charles does not have the same appeal at all, with baggage around the Diana story. The guy is way past retirement age himself too, he’s not the young monarch cast into the limelight mum was. Wills and Kate are so very English and more appealing to the Instagram influencer generation.

      So they are going all out to try and maximise Elizabeth’s death in terms of trying to unite people. But they are way overplaying their hand, and shoving it all in people’s faces just doesn’t work. It will have the opposite effect. Unless you actually had a soft spot for the Royals, all this idolatry sycophancy just comes across as really weird and like you’re suddenly in some sort of ‘dear leader’ Ruritanian state.

      I used to be pretty ambivalent about the monarchy; whatever folks want. Indy the priority. I’ve gone from that to thinking I’d firmly back an end to it in an independent Scotland in recent years. Elizabeth paying off Andrew’s sexual assault accusers was instrumental in this. Right now, each hour of all this s**t sees my stance hardening. I really feel I’m in North Korea with all the dear leader crap. By the time she’s entombed, I’m going to be a radical, die hard republican the way things are going. I doubt I’m alone amongst the Scots population in feeling this.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        I swear if I hear one more sweeping generalisation about “the older vote” I’ll blow a gasket…
        I’d made the point earlier that the burial of the queen takes with it ‘soft unionism” – There is not a hope in hell of Cherlie boy replacing that “personal” connection because it was never about “royalty”, it was about that one person, the “glue”, and that is no more.

        Otherwise I agree, “they are way overplaying their hand”, and it will backfire spectacularly.

      • Och lol, sorry. It is of course a generalisation. But then there’s little option when it comes to politics as nothing is black and white, but so many shades of grey. Ardent indy supporting monarchists… SNP voting scexiters… Tory voting Yessers…

        The ‘general’ correlation is not actually age based, but is generational, as I’ve waffled about too many times! The Britain of today is so different to the one when the late queen took the throne.

  102. Golfnut says:

    Excellent article by Jonathan Cook.
    ‘ Britain has never looked so medieval’

    Sorry I tried to get a direct link, fb will have to do.
    10 minute read.

  103. Supposedly apolitical figure with no powers decrees significant economic policy to gain favour for himself.

    Bank holiday approved for day of Queen’s funeral

    A bank holiday across the UK has been approved by King Charles III for the day of the funeral of his mother Queen Elizabeth II.

    The new king confirmed the order at a ceremony in London proclaiming him as monarch.

  104. Alex Clark says:

    Only just saw this and it’s a beezer LOL

  105. yesindyref2 says:

    For those people who want to sign a book of condolence, you don’t have to travel to Glasgow or Edinburgh, your local library is most likely to have one, and even mobile libraries.

    You can even leave a floral tribute.

    • Hamish100 says:

      Why would you?
      Who will read it?
      Who really cares.
      Waste of paper really or do the books go to the big condolence book in the sky?

      If I sign it do I get an OBE or CBE or OBN?

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Perhaps some of your family, friends or neighbours, or people in your community mention it when you’re in a shop or on a bus, or you know they have been upset by the Queen’s death and being an inclusive and community minded nice friendly helpful person, you are pleased to be able to help them out.

        “But but but … you are an Independence supporter and a Republican as well. You hated the Queen.”.

        “Yes, but you’re not, so I’m just pleased to be able to help you”.

        Be an Ambassador for YES, it never stops till we’re Independent.

        • Hamish100 says:

          I don’t hate anyone so get that straight.
          Please don’t patronise. It doesn’t suit you.
          Why would some person at the bus stop be so emotionally upset that they needed counselling. Let’s not pamper to the news media manipulation.

          I suspect you have given an oath to the queen at some point. Military, Police, Boys brigade? You may have some affinity with the foreign royals. So be it. I don’t.

          As I said in my previous comment which you failed to answer re condolence books. Why?

          • Dr Jim says:

            Some of the books of condolence have already been closed due to low and in some cases nonexistent turnout around Scotland, even the staunch and loyal unionists are too lazy to acknowledge their own defenders of their “one true religion”
            I guess you have to actually have played in the team to qualify

          • yesindyref2 says:

            Jings, I completely answered your question. Because it might help YES and help us get Independence, And no, I didn’t patronise you, my posting was genuine.

            No, I’m not ex-military, ex-police or ex-Boys Brigade, nor am I ex MP, MSP and haven’t given any oath to any Queen or King. I have signed commercial confidentiality agreements for companies I worked for or gigged at. Which indeed I keep to this day if still extant.

            I care about Independence; I don’t particularly care either way about monarchy, nuclear weapons, GRA, Sturgeon, Salmond, identity politics, agendas, personal aggrandisement, colonic irrigation, Indy my way or the highway, introverted introspection, bitterness, chips on shoulders, envy, or any of the total distractions which some of the previously successful, joyful, humourous and positive Indy movement have become totally obsessed by to the detriment of YES.

            I want Independence for Scotland.

            And that is fucking that.

            • Hamish100 says:

              Oh dear. Insults. Very convincing argument. Last week you went off in the struts over nuclear powered submarines.

              We all want independence but if their is any bitterness in tone please look at your recent posts.

              Independence 2 will ratchet up once the rigmarole of a new U.K. pm is over.

              King Charles 3 touring the nations and province of these islands with Truss is his first mistake.

  106. Ken says:

    Thank goodness the Tennis is still on and the rail strike is off. Every cloud has a silver lining.

  107. Dr Jim says:

    Englands King Charles 111 and Prime Minister Liz Truss to travel together throughout his four nation realm visiting Edinburgh Cardiff and Belfast to unite his Kingdom

    Doesn’t sound political at all does it

    They’ll get what they deserve I think

  108. yesindyref2 says:

    As I posted elsewhere; the reason support for YES is at 50% not 60% or 70%, isn’t Sturgeon or the SNP, it’s not Salmond or Alba, it IS the aggressive 200 or so prolific posters, bloggers, twits, even journalists, who get angry if people don’t have the same obsessions that they do to an excessive extent. From talking to normal people, face to face, they find it incredibly unappealing.

    That’s some of you, people, you’re the problem, not the solution.

    • While I understand your desire for Yes supporters to ‘be on their best behaviour’ so to speak…

      No, the reason Yes isn’t at 70% is nothing to do with some people posting comments on the interweb. I think you are being a wee bit insulting to Scots here Yes2. Folk don’t vote based on such things, particularly considering unionist trolls on the other side far outweigh more outspoken Yessers / the fact that most media outlets are rabidly British nationalist.

      National identity, democracy, the economy, Brexit, government policy, jobs, welfare, the NHS… The monarchy…history, generational changes… the fall of the empire… the rise of European unionism… That is what’s driving things.

      Someone is not going to have long chats with yesser friends and family, start to feel persuaded, then be put off by some idiot comment from a random on the Scotsman. That’s just silly.

      The main reason Scotland is still British is, ultimately, because quite a lot of people in Scotland are, either partly or wholly:

      While the Moreno question has it’s failings due to putting negative slants on Scottish people who don’t identify as British (use of the word ‘not’*), it does highlight the duality of identities in Scotland, and this is the ultimate basis of Scots unionism. Those who don’t identify as Scottish at all (‘British nationalists’) are a quite small grouping.

      While if course it is a generalization as usual, as discussed in the past, it is the single strongest factor by a country mile in predicting how someone leans on the matter.

      *An English/British person can happily answer ‘British not Scottish’ without that feeling negative. It’s a factual statement. However, the same doesn’t apply for ‘Scottish not British’ as that requires a rejection of ‘British’ where the public has been pressured to see this as a secondary identity or at least a citizenship. So the numbers here a likely suppressed, and hence SnB and mStB don’t quite add up to the 62% that ticked only ‘Scottish’ in the 2011 census.

      • iusedtobeenglish says:

        “*An English/British person can happily answer ‘British not Scottish’ without that feeling negative. It’s a factual statement. However, the same doesn’t apply for ‘Scottish not British’ as that requires a rejection of ‘British’ where the public has been pressured to see this as a secondary identity or at least a citizenship. So the numbers here a likely suppressed, and hence SnB and mStB don’t quite add up to the 62% that ticked only ‘Scottish’ in the 2011 census.

        That’s my position S_S.
        I identify as British because I was born on the British Isles, in England with (predominantly) English/(veriest smidgen of) Welsh ancestry. Ethnically and by place of birth I’m not Scottish.

        However, when the Census asked how I identified I answered Scottish.

        You’re right about the SnB requiring rejection too. We’re all on the British Isles so, to me, Scottish not British is the same as French not European…

    • Statgeek says:

      Other political groups have far, far worse behaviour, and it does them little harm. It seems Indy supporters alone are to have a perfect record.

      Another part of the democratic deficit? Another little slice of the pie of media bias?

      We are the symptom. The status quo is the disease. Indy is the cure.

  109. yesindyref2 says:

    “This is your reminder that the purpose of this blog is to promote Scottish independence. If the comment you want to make will not assist with that goal then don’t post it.”

  110. Golfnut says:

    Alex Salmond on Twitter unfortunately through fb again.
    Attending the acclamation of the new King by PC and the Claim of Right.

  111. Ken says:

    Historical fact.

    Give a donation to a food bank. Or the old women who will die in poverty. Everyone’s mother. Pension 1/4 of average income. The lowest in Europe. The administration is nearly the cost of the benefits.

    £240Billion Benefits. (42% state pension) Administration costs £235Billion

    Page 7, 71. Whole UK Gov Accounts. 2019/20. Published June 2022, internet.

  112. One for Bob Lamont. 😉

    Experts believe Union is now on ‘a shoogly peg’ as King Charles replaces Queen

    THE rule of Charles III may weaken Scots’ commitment to the Union, according to the royal biographer Clive Irving.

    “The Queen held everything ­together,” he said. “Having been on the throne for so long, she ­represented a degree and continuity that can’t be replicated.”…

    …Constitutional expert W Elliot ­Bulmer told the Sunday National that Charles was in a difficult position as the Union is “pretty much dead in the water”.

    He said the death of Queen ­Elizabeth I and II, had removed any remaining certainty about the ­constitution of the UK.

    “Now in a sense everything is up for grabs and I think what it does in terms of the Union is that it breaks the emotional link between the Britain as it is today – which quite frankly is a mess – and the Britain that was, which may have had its problems but there were also quite a lot of redeeming virtues about it,” said Bulmer.

    “I think there is an older class or generation who identified with the Queen and her values. It connected them to a Britain they grew up in that they had respect for and they felt was respected in the world. That is on a shoogly peg now. That is really falling apart.”

    With the link gone, the ­“weakness” of the UK’s so-called unwritten ­constitution is exposed and although Charles may have a wealth of experience in other roles he has become king at an “incredibly difficult” time with a Prime Minister who is also in a “difficult” position.

    It is, as I’ve said a good few times, like the planets are aligning, and not in a way favourable to the survival of the union.

    • Legerwood says:

      Charles doing a grand tour this coming week with Truss in tow should put the tin lid on it, the Union that is.

      • jfngw says:

        An unelected King accompanied by an unelected PM from an unelected party in Scotland (technically the Conservatives have never won an election in Scotland) doing a tour of Scotland, poo-bah to democracy.

        As for the PM being just a continuation, either Johnson was sacked for not following the manifesto or for other reasons, but their plaudits state he was an great leader (strange to sack a great leader). Now they want to pursue policies not in their manifesto without an election, that makes Truss an illegitimate (unelected) PM in my estimation.

    • That would really be the most stupid thing in the world for him to do, as the article discusses. Not unless he wants to be the last King of Scots. He might as well stick his fingers up at Scots and call us all ‘haggis munchers’ or something.

      By contrast, to make himself popular here, he could actually intervene to simply state on behalf of his Scots people, that they should be free to self-determine.

      After all, that is an apolitical position. It takes no side. It simply seeks for democracy to be respected. People can equally use a constitutional referendum to vote for independence or the union. Iref1 was actually used by Scots to endorse remaining in the UK, and secured this for close to another decade at least.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Aye, a good article.

    • Golfnut says:

      Truss will bang the anti independence drum and because of that Charles will be tarred with the same brush.

  113. Will the British government tell them they need England’s permission here?

    Antigua and Barbuda PM says he wants to hold republic referendum

    Will Charles intervene to say he respects their democratic choice?

    Charles holds the future of the UK and what’s left of the commonwealth in his hands. I predict he’s going to mess this up big style, and so do many in the establishment, hence the blind panic we are witnessing.

  114. davetewart says:

    Doesn’t it warm your heart that during the parliamentary holiday and world tour,
    The DWP says there will NOT be any change to the procedures on benefits.
    You will have to wait until April to see any rise in benefits or pensions.

    In the meantime the stock market will work normally during the mourning period.

  115. Capella says:

    …and they opened up the coffin lid 😱😱😱

    Who’s in Liz Truss’s Cabinet? Here’s what you should know about Prime Minister’s top table

    ONE of the first actions by Liz Truss was to sweep out senior ministers loyal to her rival Rishi Sunak and install a Cabinet featuring more hardline Brexiteers.

    Behind the scenes, the new Prime Minister has also appointed a raft of advisers in her Downing Street team who have a background in right wing think tanks and lobby firms.

    The SNP described the appointment of her new chief economic guru Matthew Sinclair, known for his previous involvement in the Taxpayers’ Alliance, as being like “putting a python in charge of the family’s pet hamster”.

  116. Capella says:

    Not everyone in UK is a monarchist, believe it or not.

    Republic vows to up campaigning efforts ahead of King Charles coronation day

    REPUBLICANS have vowed to intensify their campaign against the monarchy in the run up to the coronation of Charles III and on the day itself.
    Protest group Republic has temporarily suspended activities as a mark of respect following the Queen’s death but has pledged that the campaign will continue.
    In a letter to supporters, chief executive Graham Smith (pictured) said: “I’m conscious that we must continue to represent your views and speak for the large number of people in the UK who want there to be a democratic succession to an elected head of state.
    “Today we need to avoid causing unnecessary offence and prepare ourselves for the debate to come. King Charles is already on the throne, and that’s where the debate must begin.

  117. Dr Jim says:

    BBC Scotlands Martin Geissler travelled to England to commentate on live events in Scotland and give his expert journalistic opinions on the character of Scots in regard to HM the Queen and the Royal family in general as HMs funeral cortege makes its way to Edinburgh

    In his commentary Martin Geissler has so far described Scots as only 10% less enthusiastic about the continuation of the Royal family in Scotland and that Scotland is not a *hotbed* of republicanism as some would have you believe, apparently we (Scots) are more reserved in our demonstrations of depth of feeling but nevertheless no less supportive in our attitudes to HM, Mr Geissler will be on the BBC 1 channel for quite some time today giving us his insight into who we (Scots) are

    I’m so grateful to the BBC, I bet we (Scots) all are for their journalists valuable contribution to the ongoing spreading of propaganda pish for which they are so renowned

    For any budding young Scottish journalists out there hoping to make their way in the world, do try to uphold at least a shred of principled dignity as you go forward in life, for if you join the BBC that organisation will suck all natural human character from your soul and replace it with the dead hand of their will and you will be a drone my son/daughter

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      There is a feature in today’s Observer:

      Charles III: what people in Scotland, Wales and NI think of their new king

      What do you get from reading it? (Get the article yourselves if you want it that badly.)

      Scotland – 2 vox pops from outside Balmoral (non-locals) + 1 academic

      Cymru – 1 vox pop in Cardiff + 2 academics

      Northern Ireland – A few vox pops from the Shankill and from outside Hillsborough Castle + the indifference of the residents of the Falls Road

      That’s the sum of parts of this ‘United Kingdom’ that Charles is now supposed to be Monarch of. And what passes “scientifically” by the Anglo-press as, “What people in Scotland, Wales and NI think of their new king.”

      Aye, right.

    • Golfnut says:

      The bbc are well aware of the antipathy towards the Windsor’s in Scotland, the lack of street and garden parties celebrating the Queens Jubilee confirmed that. Saying that I’ll be surprised if the Queen doesn’t get a half decent send off.

  118. Hamish100 says:

    Dr Jim
    Noticed that.

    The regular on Shereen bbc scotchland, didn’t know about the Lion Rampant of Scotland nor the area of Aberdeenshire she was been taken through. Mistaking Banchory by calling it Ballater.
    Totally sums up the britnat scotch knowledge on Scotland. QE2 also mentioned many times. Their ignorance is not surprising.

    Still the helicopter shots looked good.

  119. Hammer of the Scots taking our stone again. Fools. It’s not the real one. Just a bit of old local sandstone swapped at the last minute. 😉

    Stone of Destiny to be moved to London for King Charles’s coronation

    THE Stone of Destiny is set to be moved from Edinburgh Castle to London for the coronation of the new King, it has been confirmed.

    • Eilidh says:

      Or if you believe the story Dougie MacLean often told at his concerts it wasn’t the Stone of Destiny the English stole but the lid of the Scottish Kings cludgy aka toilet

      • raineach says:

        Indeed. We know the Stone historically was in Argyll for centuries. We now this stane is made form Perthshire sandstone. Go figure

  120. Tatu3 says:

    Why is it so taboo to support a republic? Dare to mention it on social media and are then inundated with vitriol.

    • Dr Jim says:

      The minority in Scotland make as much noise as they can trying valiantly to prove to themselves they are the majority, if they were confident they were in the majority they wouldn’t feel the need to worry about it

  121. Hamish100 says:

    Sarah Smith of the bbc flown from her job in the USA to little auld scotchland to report.

    Seems that there is manoeuvring by the bbc plebs to get into key positions during this time.

    See and be seen is their motto. It’s how you move up.

    Any bets on the Magnussons appearing?

    • Dr Jim says:

      Her Mammy’s a Baroness, so y’know feathery stuff oan the heid, connections an aw that, an mibbees a wee place 900th in the queue behind the mourners in that big Lundin

  122. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Petition approaching 15 000:

    The “Prince of Wales” title (Welsh: Tywysog Cymru) is a title historically used by native, Welsh princes since the 14th century. The last native Prince of Wales was Llywelyn the Last, killed by English soldiers in 1282 and his head was then paraded through the streets of London and placed on a Tower of London spike. Llywelyn’s brother Dafydd was the first person of note to be hung, drawn and quartered and his head was placed next to Llywelyn’s. Both their daughters were taken as infants and children and imprisoned.

  123. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    I think the distinction between social media and MSM is that today we see via social media certain chancers rewriting their own history in respect to the royal family namely the new King Charles when he was but a mere Prince ….(indeed they rewrite all of their previous history with all subjects that they have supposedly formed a fake opinion upon and replace it as they see best in order to gain a positive advantage for them with their ‘followers’)……

    Culprits being Grimes and Farage.

    We currently see from both of them offer acquiescence , patriotic overload and grovelling subservience to promote they are defenders of the monarchy post the Queen’s death…..and now both loyal subjects of King Charles…via Twitter.

    Yet both Farage and Grimes have been exposed on twitter via previous tweets they had written condemning Charles for HIS opinion being voiced on both the Climate crisis and the Tory Rwanda policy……which amounted to telling Charles to SHUT UP….indeed Farage did state, when Charles was but a mere Prince, SHUT UP Charles.

    WE also have Jeremy Clarkson bemoaning on twitter “Twitter is a handy and constant reminder that socialists are disgusting people”…..conveniently forgetting that in REAL LIFE he lost his rag at someone and allegedly punched them for not providing him with a HOT meal… REAL LIFE events also are a “constant reminder” that Tw*ts like him are ALSO ” disgusting people”

    We also saw Farage and Dan Wooten allegedly ‘paying their respects’ by laying flowers down at the gates of Buckingham palace in order to ‘quietly reflect’ (said Wooten on his Twitter a/c) on the Queen’s passing ….we saw it because it was FILMED by someone they had taken along in order for them to add it ONTO their respective Twitter accounts……

    See as the MSM continues with the whitewashing of all within their UK… media once again exposes how two faced, hypocritical and opportunistic certain individuals are dependent on circumstances…..which clearly exposes they have no defined or firm opinions….indeed their opinions are voiced dependent on how it can advantage THEIR position and their special kind of politics……with the gullible.

    I did enjoy Angus McNeil owning Farage this week on how Scotland would pay the bills if independent……Farage I am sure expected Angus to talk about reliance on Oil in a independent Scotland….thus Farage was probably anticipating THAT response and would have highlighted the fact that the FM was not wanting to rely on fossil fuels …..but instead Angus pointed out to Farage that the UK had NOT paid it’s bills since 1945 (he also highlighted and named OTHER countries who also had not paid ‘their bills’ thus showing it was not a necessity or indeed a requirement in order to be a successful independent country)….Farage looked perplexed and had no response to that…thus he ended the interview….LOL

    The BBC like other TV channels does not highlight the failing of people like Farage etc instead they offer people like him a platform hence why their preferred status quo aka the UK is in such a mess……but their job is not to labour on that fact but to promote the NON fact that an independent country like Scotland would fail without THEIR UK and the steady hand that a monarch provides to the people within the UK….fortunately THEIR influence is diminishing and their lack of impartial reporting is being noticed by more people….as is their choice of guests on debate programmes etc…..all to sway public opinion and manipulate people into ONE way of thinking…..alas they cannot compete with social media and fall way behind in reporting news…..indeed information online is supplied long before MSM decides it too has to report on certain subjects though the MSM’s presentation is one that ensures that information/news is sanitised and has necessary omissions before public consumption……which is also something that does not go unnoticed…..

    As we are saturated with the news on the death of the Queen via the media……where inappropriate but tactical links are being made on the Scottish connection….and where great pains are being made to highlight the non partisan role of the monarchy in politics…..while simultanously we are being told that a Tory newly elected leader will accompany the new King on his tour of the UK …to include Scotland, Wales and NI …what message this is anticipated to promote I do not know (I do)….but I would say it is not one that will be embraced or welcomed…..and I think an unwise decision that will do little to UNITE people who choose instead not to forced into slavishly accepting either a monarchy or a UK government NOT chosen or elected by them the people but instead forced upon them while being forced to remain a part of the UK…….

    In Scotland the claim of right is denied by the UK government but highlighted by the new King who has sworn an oath to uphold it in his proclamation……….which I read on social media was the part OMITTED by both Channel Four and the BBC in their news coverage of it……how convenient and tactical…..and how remiss of them both when one considers the great pains they have both went to …to emphasise the ‘Scottish’ connection with the Queen in their reporting…..

    Switch off the TV news….if you want to mourn the queen’s passing then do…as no one should tell you what you can or cannot do…..but do not presume to also tell others what they should feel or respect…..the establishment and their various institutions will I am sure in the coming months conspire to keep Scotland in their Union….then the words you speak now to condemn others for being less respectful will seem wasted and will be a source of regret for you at how easy it was to play THEIR game while they , as per, were simply paving the way to manipulate and con us all over again a La 2014…..

    I am not part of the sheeple….I am just thankful I have independent thoughts that lead me to believe as an independent thinker tis best too that my country is independent.

    Indy Ref 2 …….2023…long overdue.

    • jfngw says:

      If you wanted to distil the obnoxious side of UK TV you could do it in two words, Jeremy Clarkson, a modern day Alf Garnett, except this one actually exists. A self opinionated rich man with when you boil it down very little actual talent (the TV is filled with many of them, have you ever watched ‘The One Show’).

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Indeed jfngw well said… others similar to him his only claim to fame is ,as you say, his carefully constructed personality of constantly being obnoxious (inherent I think with him) …..and also tediously controversial and disagreeable to those HE deems are beneath him…..

        Funny how many of those similar to him like Neil Oliver, Andrew Neil and t’others were first welcomed into the BBC family….and now look at them…’s not that they have changed since leaving the BBC …..they obviously always held the opinions they now promote……a natural progression in their media journey…how many currently at the BBC are of a similar opinion……and too those in OTHER TV channels…

        Have a nice day


  124. yesindyref2 says:

    It isn’t taboo to support a Republic, of course it isn’t, but at this time it is very much like The Naked Rambler appearing at a funeral protesting his right to be naked and shaking his wotsits in the mourners’ faces. “Me me me”, he cries.

    Luckily Sturgeon, who was a Republican as an ordinary member, has the intelligence that some, including a few columnists and bloggers, completely lack, and has expressed her sympathy on behalf of the vast majority who have more sense of decorum and empathy, including by far the majority of fellow Republicans.

    Now is not the time, and these me me me people are like the Naked Rambler Party insisting on their right to demonstrate in the nude at that funeral, and wave their bits about.

    I despair at their stupidity and lack of empathy, and that seems to include Tickell who sees things only through his own prism as a Republican. Most Republicans luckily, have more cop-on.

    NOW, are any of you able to understand that at all, or are you all “Me me me”?

    • jfngw says:

      You’re not coming across well here, doing what you are accusing others of, trying to force your opinion on them. I’m not advocating anyone demonstrating at a funeral but making you position clear regarding the new monarch seems quite legitimate to me.

      The unionists are currently using the situation to try to entrench ‘Britishness’ on us through almost all their media outlets, are we once again just to shut up and doff our caps.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:


        My Comments above stated :

        “if you want to mourn the queen’s passing then do…as no one should tell you what you can or cannot do…..but do not presume to also tell others what they should feel or respect….”

        It is also something which as you say jfngw is being weaponised to ” try to entrench ‘Britishness’ on us” and is blatant…..and as it is blatant….we must also assume it is a tactical move by Truss to accompany the new King on his tour of the UK….which has a Me Me Me ring about it……as Tories are if nothing else opportunistic and absolutely NOTHING if off the table in their determination to keep THEIR UK together…..and even using (abusing) the ascension of a NEW King is not beneath them in their quest to unite us all into thinking or rather being converted into the mindset that we are but ONE country aka the UK.

        • jfngw says:

          I suspect the word ‘tour’ is doing a lot of heavy lifting, they will visit a few loyal venues with invited guests to be parade on TV as the nation supporting them. Maybe a few lodges, the west side of Glasgow and Edinburgh (not so many Scots there) seems a safe bet. And of course that area around their Scottish estates.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Be better than them, not worse.

        And unionist posters on the Herald were straight away on Thursday using it to try to attack Sturgeon.

        Be better than them, not worse.

        As for me “not coming across well here”, who gives a fuck? I’m not me me me, nor am I here to make friends. But if my postings make people think for a minute or two before vomiting the bile from their stomachs all over their keyboard and screen, it’s worth the sacrifice I’m not really making.

        Be better than them, not worse.

        • jfngw says:

          ‘If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.’

        • I honestly don’t see any bile on here. People being forthright in opinions / firmly arguing for what they believe in is not bile / abuse. The latter requires them to have sought out folk in an unsolicited manner. Nobody posting here counts as that; they are stepping into a ‘private’ discussion / debate. We are not standing on the street yelling at passers-by here. Nor are folks piling onto ‘Royal Weekly’ to haughtily tell readers there what they should think about Charles. We are in a room at Paul’s place. He’s just left the front door open in case people fancy joining in. If they do, they can step out any time they please. He’s left some folk on guard to make sure nobody gets out of hand / there’s no serious blogheid rammies.

          The mods make sure people don’t overstep the mark. You don’t need to try and police what folk say; that is for mods, and they do a good job. If folks try it themselves, it will just wind people up. And rightly so. 🙂

        • Tatu3 says:

          I am more than happy to respect the views of royalists, but they should be equally respective of my republican views surely?
          I am not rude or discourteous but some royalists are definitely rude when they realise you are not as upset as they are at the passing of the queen. They are the ones who are me, me, me

    • Supporting a move to Scotland and / or the UK becoming a republic doesn’t harm the Royal Family or its members in any way, nor would actually going ahead and becoming a republic. Nobody is proposing rolling out the guillotines! Charles and family would survive such an event without the slightest harm coming to them, and enjoy a very comfortable retirement without worrying about heating the house.

      As politically impartial figures, the Royals should actively support such debates. They are, after all, simply ‘carrying out their duties’ are they not? That is what we are supposed to respect them for; i.e. ‘their hard work in doing a task they never chose’?

      Of course turning up to protest at the funeral would be wrong; it is someone’s funeral, no matter how wealthy and privileged they were. As would be seeking out family, friends and followers of the Royals to campaign for a republic without solicitation / bad mouth the recently deceased and relatives.

      However, as we get a new unelected head of state foisted upon us, one which is the supreme leader of a Church of another country, and one which is planning to tour the country with its newly unelected PM, I think it is exactly the right time to ramp up calls for a republic. That can be done while leaving people alone to grieve the death of someone. Charles is not dead; people are merely discussing whether they want to coronation him in due course, or opt for a president maybe. It’s not about Elizabeth. In fact people waiting until she had seen our her reign before seeking a move to a republic is a mark of respect for her.

      Of course those in office should follow certain protocols, particularly in the case of Sturgeon, whose role is to best represent all Scots as much as she can. That includes monarchists and republicans. No such constraints are placed on ordinary voters.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      And by the way, those on the BBC who are trying to use the death, the cortege, the lying in state, and the funeral, as a means to push the Union are even more of a disgrace.

      They are supposed to be the professionals. Some of them are anything but. They’re also thick as two short planks; they’re waffling this at the moment as the cortege passes through Dundee, that’s 57% YES City Dundee, with the roads lined all the way through with thousands and thousands, tens of thousands of people.

  125. Hamish100 says:


    When you point a finger at folk, 3 are straight back at you.

    As for FM Sturgeon once being a republican (once) we understand the broken glass she has to tread on as the FM. I am sure she is intelligent. Does not make others less intelligent. Patronising comment.

    Also, it doesn’t prevent others to highlight the british scotch hypocrisy over Elizabeth 1 of Scots- of course wasn’t crowned as such. It might just create a spark in some to question Scotlands role in the so called union of equals. Is so, well and good.

    None of us are the font of all knowledge or of independence.

  126. Dr Jim says:

    Any respect or warmth felt towards the HM the Queen has absolutely nothing to do with the desire for democracy or ridding Scotland of the Nuevo National Socialist British political parties, by other names Tory Labour and Liberal Democrat controlling these islands, the conflation of these two things by the BBC and other British commentators is done through their fear of losing that control so invoke as much faux Nationalist patriotism as they can muster, just as they did with their own version of *their struggle* to *get Brexit done* to *take back control* from 27 countries with whom Britain had peaceful warm relations and a joint moral commitment to never see war again in Europe

    Well Brexit got done and five minutes later bingo we have a war, and who does the blame fall upon for all the woes of Britain now ? anybody else but them

    They harp on incessantly about the bad SNP in Scotland but nobody in that political organisation ever dressed up in military uniforms surrounding themselves with soldiers, nobody in the SNP ever stood on balconies wearing swords in peacetime waving at bombers and fighter planes displaying their power or desire to attain it by those means, nobody in the SNP has ever advocated turning away or relocating foreigners or immigrants, nobody in the SNP ever invented elevated positions of authority and personage over the people and awarded them as honours for services rendered to them

    The government of Scotland is elected by the people of Scotland democratically, not so the government of the UK who is elected only by majority of the people of England
    So just who are the actual democrats in Britain? because if folk haven’t figured that out by now perhaps they’re reading and watching far too much of the BBC, who by the way are controlled by the government of the UK

    Brexit? I read another document once that looks a lot like this

    *Take back control* though, sounds great doesn’t it, as long as it’s them and not Scotland, did we just become Austria there ?

  127. I think the people of Wales have every right to openly question / even protest against this. They have not been consulted and it’s all being rushed through, with Charles put on the throne before anyone can do anything about it. If people try to speak out, they are shouted down and told to ‘Show some respect for the dead!’. What next, arresting them for protesting?

    Prince of Wales: William speaks of honour after getting title

    The debate about the future of an unelected head of state / monarchy is nothing to do with Elizabeth, obviously. She’s dead.

  128. JoMax says:

    scottish_skier @ 10.51 today

    “Will the British government tell them they need England’s permission here?

    Antigua and Barbuda PM says he wants to hold republic referendum”

    I spent just a few minutes watching ITV News this morning and this happened to be the subject being touched upon with some member of the British Establishment (don’t know who it was). A democrat in a democratic country would have responded with, well, it’s a decision for the people and would be respected. But, no, no, no. According to this person with the usual smirk, the PM of Antigua and Barbuda is a very dodgy person! It seems that anyone suggesting a referendum on anything which would upset the Establishment is a dodgy person with a hidden agenda. The News Anchor came in with a slightly embarrassed, “Well … eh … you know …” to the response, “I’ve met him.” So there you are.

  129. Jeez. It’s quite incredible how watching this all unfold is turning me from relatively ambivalent on the monarchy (‘whatever Scots want post indy’) to an increasingly outspoken republican. The union establishment are going way, way over the top right now. It’s gonnae backfire big time.

    Yer aff tae a flying start Charles & family / Truss & co. Well done.

  130. Dr Jim says:

    They’ve convinced millions of people that their invading slaughtering regime changing anti democracy in the name of their monarchy is quite lovely and an achievement to be lauded and patriotically proud as they launch attacks on those of us in Scotland who voted for our desire to vote

  131. Hamish100 says:

    I see the coffin will be put on a plane and flown to RAF Northolt on Tuesday.

    So northern and eastern England have been missed out entirely.

    I thought the “ royal” train would have been used to pass through England such as Newcastle, Durham , York Leeds and suchlike.

    If the Queen hadn’t died in Scotland I’m sure she would not be resting in Edinburgh tonight.

  132. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    The Stone of destiny being moved from Edinburgh to London for Charles’s coronation.

    Symbolism…..not the real stone….but the message is clear.

  133. yesindyref2 says:

    Last word, or did I already say that? From elsewhere, below the line, unchallenged as yet:

    10th September 2022 at 10:10 pm

    I have been an independence supporter my whole life, however, if I was given the choice of an independent Scotland with a Royal family, any royal family, or a republican Britain I would choose the republican Britain in a heartbeat.

    Substitute “nuclear-free Britain”, “Tory-free Britain”, “GRA-free Britain”, “Sturgeon / Salmond-free Britain”, and what genuine support for Independence is left amongst the most vocal activists?

    How many people put other issues before Scotland becoming Independent rather than AFTER we do?

    And how many people do that, regardless of losing YES support?

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    And another stupid myth going around, doubtless actually started by some Unionist Agent Provocateur preying on the gullibility of indignant easily led Indy Supporters, and not surprisingly picked up by Sky News:

    Number 10 clarifies that Truss not going on ‘tour’ with King Charles across UK

    Jeez, gullible people, stop believing what you WANT to believe, and can you really trust Sky News any more than the BBC? Well, can you? Will it be the Daily Mail next as the paragon of truthfulness?

    Was it likely Truss was going to accompany the King on his tour, rather than just the 3 national services of reflection which the FMs will be at too? I knew it was mince the moment I read it – all you have to do is think – is this likely? Well, it very clearly was not.

    You’re going to have to demyth incredible myths yourself in future, unwack the conspiracy theories ‘r us wackos. I’ll not be bothered doing it any more, I’ve had enough. It’s the easy life for me 🙂

    • jfngw says:

      Considering what has gone on at Downing Street in the last three years then almost anything is possible. I don’t believe it was anyone on here that reported the Liz Truss story, it was the media.

      Anyway my comment a still stands, an unelected monarch, an unelected PM of an unelected party in Scotland, whether it is a tour or just an event. The issue will be who will the boos be for, Charles, Truss or both.

      • Yes, it was reported by multiple media outlets. It certainly was not a ‘Yesser myth’ but a unionist one. Presumably some unionists got a little ahead of themselves with excitement at the prospect.

        My own comment was simply that it would be a really stupid thing for him to do if that was the plan.

    • I have been an independence supporter my whole life, however, if I was given the choice of an independent Scotland with a Royal family, any royal family, or a republican Britain I would choose the republican Britain in a heartbeat.”

      You always get some people with odd beliefs such as this. The person concerned can only be a very weak independence supporter, if one at all. For them to give up ‘life-long’ support for the very existence of the Scottish nation as people equal among others for firm British unionism, simply because other Scots might not deliver exactly their vision of indy, is either because they are just making up their support for Yes, or have such inflexible views as be impossible to reason with.

      It would be a huge waste of campaigning time to try and work on such people, as you can neither guarantee them a monarch free indy Scotland, nor a republican Britain. The SNP can’t promise them anything either; they might not be in government following the first election under indy.

      But they are a minority so matter little. That person, like me, or anyone of us here, is are just one vote. It is the views of the majority that matter. And the main reason given by these for independence is so that ‘Scotland gets the government it voted for’. That also includes ‘getting the head of state if voted for’, which might be Charlie. In an independent Scotland, we get to choose; that’s the difference.

      Campaign should not be about making promises that can’t be kept. Look at the mess that’s created with Brexit. Nope, it is just about persuading Scots that we are better governing ourselves as only our own parliament can act in the country’s interests. That and we are in a much better position resources-wise to be a prosperous country than many other nations are, so should not fear standing on our own two feet.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Indeed, it’s ludicrous in the extreme that weight of numbers in one country overturns the weight of numbers in another simply because the first country has a higher density of population, this preposterous framing of four nations are one by the UK government while simultaneously boasting four nations as a union of nations must not stand any longer

      • grizebard says:

        Oh, the “fair weather friends”. Or carpetbaggers, if you like. Using independence for their own ends, but anything else handy that’s around will do instead. As we saw eg. when Corbyn was on offer – suddenly indy was no longer “relevant”.

        Thankfully they don’t matter. Which is why they’re always trying to latch on to something or another.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Damn. One last last one.

      I’ve got to say in fairness though, that under deliberate provocation hoping to get a message home, people have been quite polite. Unlike this one from elsewhere:

      Just heading back before sniper yir2 spots me and trains his water-pistol loaded with tears on me.” which isn’t actually too bad anyway. It would of course have been Tears of Christ.

      • That’s a pretty funny riposte!

        TBH, I think the British media / establishment have been grossly offensive and disrespectful to Elizabeth and family.

        Helicopters circling like vultures… cameras flashing incessantly… wall to wall 24/7 TV coverage and analysis…headline after headline…photo after photo…

        FHS, someone’s mother / gran has died. Can they not leave the poor family alone until she’s at least laid to rest? His mum is barely cold and Charles is being thrust into the limelight / forced to take her job.

        As for people hanging around outside the family’s houses hoping for a photo-op…

        By contrast, republicans have broadly been very respectful in staying away and letting the Windsors grieve in peace.

        • Eilidh says:

          I think the Queen knew she was dying and that is why she insisted she went to Balmoral so that she could have privacy, peace and escape media speculation and media vultures

        • Pogmothon says:

          I must agree with most of your comment however……. “Charles is being thrust into the limelight / forced to take her job.” application of the same rules that the Windsors and Westminster used to eventually place him on the throne, being applied to him would require an immediate abdication in favour of william.
          Sorry but ‘forced into the job’ no he has waited all his life for his mother to relinquish the crown.

          If the late Queens cortege is not conducted in a similar manner between Edinburgh and London as it was between Balmoral and Edinburgh there will be hell to pay down the road.
          The blatant politicisation of her death and funeral is indeed the most offensive thing here.

          • Bob Lamont says:

            “The blatant politicisation of her death and funeral is indeed the most offensive thing here”

          • I must agree with most of your comment however

            I think the intentional irony in my post was maybe not fully clear.

            This was that republicans are not the ones hounding the royals at the time of a family loss.

            Is Charles happy to be rushed onto to the throne while his mother is barely cold? You’d really hope not. You’d hope he’d be immensely sad and struggling to keep himself composed. Yet, as we are always given as the reason to respect them, would be ‘steadfast in trying to carry out his duties, hiding the sorrow in his heart’.

            It’s not republicans putting any pressure on the royals right now, nor contradicting themselves when shouting about who is.

            ‘Leave the royals alone to grieve! Have some respect!’ the royalists say from behind their cameras flashing incessantly from helicopters circling like vultures around the mourning family…

    • Golfnut says:

      We’ll that’s Richard Murphy dumped, he’s got an article up on it, stupid man.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        I disagree – Having read Richard’s article and BTL comment, the crux of it is a crass Tory PR exercise to promote Truss.
        The hurried “clarifications” after the #10 announcement probably followed of a call from a furious official at Buck House.

        Truss is deeply unpopular after only a week in power, but I confess to being torn between these blunders by the Tory publicity machine of late being down to changed PR management, or a coordinated campaign to scupper whoever succeeded Johnson.
        I’m leaning to the latter.

        • Golfnut says:

          Bob, that was very much tongue in cheek in response to YIR2 ‘s opinion that we are all gullible.
          By the way the notification of your response came by email, was that intentional.

          • Bob Lamont says:

            Duh, ok, I was a bit surprised…
            Notification by email ? Not my doing, it is WordPress function if you have selected it, but have heard of some strange things happening with it lately…

  134. Welsh_Siôn says:

    You’ve got to smile …


    During the first proclamation of Charles, the Lord Lyon King of Arms gave a speech before declaring “God save the King”, which the crowd repeated.

    One man was heard booing throughout the cheers.

    The national anthem was then sung but, afterwards, people could be heard calling for a republic.

    After Lord Lyon King led three cheers, saying “hip hip” to replies of “hooray”, booing was heard for a second time.



    Lord Lyon King? This one?

  135. Look at all the people taking photos and filming.

    Who does that for a funeral procession?

    What happened eyes down and a respectful silence as a procession passes, even if you don’t know the person?*

    It is not republicans turning the death of a family’s loved one into an extended 24/7 media frenzy that’s for sure.

    *I note some are, and credit to them. I would have too if I’d been out and about when the procession passed.

    • jfngw says:

      I saw Charles arriving at Buck Palace this afternoon (Sunday), nearly everyone was holding their phones up above the person in fronts head with their right hands. It looked like they were all giving a particular 1930’s salute as he passed in his car.

      I assumed they all had phones, I could be wrong, maybe it was in tribute to his late mum who practised this in the 1930’s.

      • jfngw says:

        Here they are:

        • Dr Jim says:

          They proclaim their undying love and affection for *their* royal family yet treat them as though they own them, bought the tickets to their personal zoo, and if they don’t perform all the right tricks demand they be whipped into line and retrained or done away with, but they love and respect them, sort of in the same way as they love their dogs until they shit on their lawn.

          The minute King Charles 111 opens his mouth and slips over the line of what they think are the boundaries they set he’s toast, and toast on every front page of every one of their favourite newspapers that called him all kinds of nut jobs just a few years back, and the people’s Princess Diana will be spewed up and vomited all over those same pages once again.

          The Queen could do no wrong and the next couple of weeks will be what they are, after that good old King Charlie’s on the probation of his life with every slimy journalist who works for every slimy newspaper slithering and crawling around looking or creating the first available gaffe by which to crush him and get their campaign to get rid of Charles and crown Wills and Kate ramped up, all for the good of the nation of course, well they do love their royals don’t they?

    • grizebard says:

      The funeral procession that truly moved me was a recent one for some ordinary Ukrainian soldier, KIA. The locals weren’t busily taking selfies, they were all (voluntarily) on their knees.

  136. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Good news.

    You’re not to be ‘crushed’, after all!

    (Aye, right).

    No rebellious Scots in new official version of God Save the King sung by Katherine Jenkins

    Any reference to ‘rebellious Scots to crush’ has been removed in the official version of the new UK national anthem ‘God Save the King’, first sung by Welsh mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins.

    The new version of the anthem, the words of which have been posted on the website of the Royal Family under the heading “The words of the National Anthem are as follows” only includes two verses and removes any controversial sections.


    • Dr Jim says:

      Didn’t take them long to notice we’d noticed that eh, the UK can travels notoriously far and slowly when kicked into their long grass, by the time they’ve noticed they have to do something about being obnoxious prats they proudly announce that they’re doing us a favour by stopping

    • Legerwood says:

      I thought that particular verse about the Scots had been removed a number of years ago? I seem to remember some sort of directive/edict that it was to be omitted when the National Anthem was sung.

      • Dr Jim says:

        It was only a couple of years ago one Tory female MP made a speech where she laughingly included the great days when England could just deport troublesome Scots to the further away colonies than we’re already in, and wished she could bring those days back, oh how the Tories laughed, but I bet every one of them wished it could be so

        Of course it would be Rwanda now

  137. Ken says:

    Reported £157Billion of Oil sector profits. UK Treasury should be getting over 1/3 of that. 20% Corporation tax 10% supplementary tax. Half the production.

    When the price and profits are higher the tax should be increased. When the price and profits are lower the tax should be lower. The Tory total mismanagement of the Oil & Gas sector.

    It has been taxed to up to 80%. When the price was higher. $120 dollars a barrel. 2010 the price dropped 75%. The tax was not lowered sufficiently. 120,000 jobs were lost. Scotland could have had full employment. 120,000 were unemployed.

  138. BBC Scotland website this morning…

    22 headline stories about the Queen / Royals. Then one about Rangers. Then one about Darius Danesh. Then one about someone being hit by a lorry. Then finally something on the cost of living crisis.

    Britain has lost its mind.

  139. Capella says:

    If the UK government won’t raise taxes then they must fund policies through borrowing. Tax the rich or load the poor with debt. The Tory dilemma.

    Kirsty Strickland: The Tories are happier to rack up debt than tax energy firms

    This isn’t a cap on bills – if you use more that the average, you’ll pay more. The UK Government will borrow money to fund the energy price guarantee, which limits the amount households can be charged per unit of energy.
    Around £150 billion of taxpayers’ money will be transferred to energy companies to compensate them for the difference between what they pay for wholesale energy and what they then charge consumers.

    It seems the UK Government is relaxed about amassing debt when the alternative involves taxing the profits of energy giants.

  140. Capella says:

    Meanwhile, the UK sinks into inevitable recession.

    UK economy growth falls short of analysts’ expectations

    GDP – which measures all the goods and services produced in the UK – fell by 0.6% in June because of there being two fewer working days.
    Analysts have also said that the bank holiday for Queen Elizabeth’s state funeral on September 19, as well as the 10 days of national mourning, could have an impact on economic growth and push the UK into recession sooner than expected.
    Last month, the Bank of England said it expected the UK to fall into recession at the end of this year.
    This occurs when there are two consecutive quarters of shrinking output.

  141. Izzie says:

    Can’t get Burns ‘Is there for Honest Poverty ‘ out of my head.

  142. Whit a surprise.

    Prince of Wales: Drakeford was not told of title beforehand

    Mark Drakeford said he was not given advance notice that Prince William would be the new Prince of Wales.

    Prince William and his wife Catherine were named the new Prince and Princess of Wales by King Charles III on Saturday.

    The first minister said he had heard of the decision at the same time as the public.

    When asked on BBC Radio Wales if he had been consulted on King Charles III’s decision, he said “no, not at all”.

  143. Statgeek says:

  144. Charles visiting us by private jet. Good to know carbon emissions are not important any more!

  145. Statgeek says:

    Also spotted one Effie Dean on Twitter, testing the idea that all republicans are nats and all nats are republicans.

    “You can’t be a monarchist and want to see her kingdom broken up. She was Queen of the United Kingdom. It is simply disrespectful to want to destroy that a year from now. She would be most disappointed by you & others like you”

    Canadians Australians, and all the others can’t be monarchists either then.

    I anticipate a repeated attempt to solidify such a mindset across unionists in the not too distant future, forcing people to choose between the monarchy and Indy.

    Definitely need to pop out and get some popcorn now.

    • raineach says:

      I think legally she was Queen of England and at the same time Queen of Scots. That is why the flag draped over the coffin in Scotland will be different from the one used in England as there are 2 kingdoms involved, not one

    • Dr Jim says:

      Effie must be disappointed in most of the world then, does that not mean she’s in the minority

    • Alec Lomax says:

      ‘Effie’ is a demented ex-tutor at Edinburgh University. Her grasp of Scottish history is more than a lttle shakey.

  146. From the US magazine Time.

    What King Charles III Means for Scotland’s Future in the U.K.

    The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II will soon arrive in Edinburgh, where she will be taken to Holyrood Palace—her official residence in the Scottish capital—and later St. Giles Cathedral on the city’s cobbled Royal Mile, replete with tourist shops festooned in the nation’s iconic checked tartan cloth.

    In truth, however, the widespread adoption of tartan—the distinctive woolen pattern most commonly associated with Scottish kilts—is owed to a royal public relations stunt designed to win local approval for the British crown. Traditionally, tartan had been the sole custom of arcane highland tribes but shunned by the lowland “elites.”…

    …Still, there are steep challenges for Charles. Elizabeth II’s fondness for Scotland was genuine. Her mother was from Glamis—a small village in Angus—and part of Scottish aristocracy going back many generations. Any spare time the Queen had was spent at her Scottish estate of Balmoral, where indeed she passed on Thursday afternoon. Charles, by contrast, has by choice established his own residence at Restormel Manor in the far south of England.

    “Charles is a fake Scotsman,” says Clive Irving, author of Elizabeth II’s unofficial biography The Last Queen. “He puts on a kilt but never looks really at home in Scotland because he’s not basically inclined that way.”…

    We not short of fake Scotsmen. They’re the ones that are adamant they are ‘proud Scots’ when they ticked ‘British’ (only) in the census.

    A google search does not return any pics of Prince William in a kilt.

  147. James Mills says:

    According to BBC commentators , the funeral cortege has reached Edinburgh and will be soon at St Giles where the Protestant Reformer , John Knox, is buried .

    ”John Knox , the old great Protestant Reformer , who cleared the Catholics out of Scotland ”- quips one commentator , followed by laughter from the others .

    Trust the BBC ! Always so respectful and knowledgeable about the colonies .

    • Dr Jim says:

      The royals sign up to defend *the one true religion* yet call it defender of the faith
      The redefining of the meanings and intent of words is something England has been very successful in doing

      The only English spoken in the world where the words *ask* and *demand* can mean the same thing

    • Alec Lomax says:

      Knox is buried in the car park in Parliament Square.

  148. Why is the Queen’s ceremony not being held in an Anglican (Episcopal) Church in Edinburgh?

    She’s and family are not CoS right?

    • Legerwood says:

      It is the Scottish Episcopal Church. It is part of the Anglican Communion but the Archbishop of Canterbury does not have any jurisdiction over it. Furthermore the Scottish Episcopal Church elects its bishops so no role for Queen or King there.

      Since Church of Scotland is the national church in Scotland then service is held there.

    • Alec Lomax says:

      They are CoS as soon as they come into Scotland.

    • Dennis Smith says:

      Wrong. One of the odder oddities of the UK constitution is that the monarch is episcopalian when in England, presbyterian when in Scotland. (I’m not sure what happens in Wales and NI.) And this is legally mandated under the 1707 Union legislation. The monarch has to swear an oath to preserve the presbyterian constitution of the Church of Scotland.

      • Thanks all. I honestly don’t know my churches that well. Bit of an odd arrangement!

        I’d have thought an Anglican might go for Episcopalian as its part of the Anglican communion, even if not CoE. Hence me asking.

        I’m a protolic / cathestant by parentage. Jedi in the census.

        • Dennis Smith says:

          I don’t blame you for steering clear of all this stuff. If you ever want your mind well and truly bent, try reading up on Erastianism (crudely, the separation of church and state). The C of E is (allegedly) Erastian; the C of S is fiercely anti-Erastian.

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        You will recall that the Established Church’ is actually Dissestablished in Wales as of 1920. I’m sure HM didn’t go to any Calvinistic Methodist chapel (aka Welsh Presbyterians) when she hopped across the border or any other ‘Nonconformist’ Church.

        She may well have attended an Anglican Church or a CinW Church when she did so – but she has no authority (ditto for Archbishop of Canterbury) in the CinW. And obviously none at all either in the ‘Chapel communities’.

        Me? I’m a born-again agnostic.

    • Capella says:

      The Queen does attend the CoS while in Scotland and never a CoE. This has been the case since Queen Victoria’s time.

    • Hamish100 says:

      I understand the Queen was a member of the Cof Scotland.

  149. Capella says:

    For those claiming that the tartan was invented as a PR exercise during the visit of George !V to Scotland in 1822, see this picture of John Campbell of Breadalbane as a child. It was painted in by Charles Jervas and is in the National Portrait Gallery,
    John Campbell, 3rd Earl of Breadalbane [Iain Caimbeul, treas Iarla Bhraghaid Albann], 1696 – 1782. (as a child in highland costume)

  150. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    It seems for the media that the symbolism of where she died is taking precedence over the fact that she has DIED !

    The unsubtle manipulation, propaganda and Pro UK media once again show their biased hand……forgetting that many scots are not as susceptible to their slavish, insincere and offensive inopportune BritNat uber alles rallying calls… those who still think Brexit has enabled them to Take Back Control….

    The passing of the Queen in Scotland has been embellished to present a contrived significance as dictated by THEM …..however this event will, in the future , subside and be forgotten when the REAL truth and reality of their (non) Union has us all struggling to survive in a post Brexit Britain with a Tory government we did not elect…..lead by an offensive puppet (another one) who I am sure will seek out rebellious Scots to crush…..via words, bills, policies and actions……and no media will be able to save their (non) Union then…no matter how hard they try.

    There is for many of us ONE thing this media coverage has done…it has confirmed how low they will descend to try and save that which is long past saving and it has also ensured that, as far as we are concerned, THEY as a media truly are not fit for purpose other than to spin on behalf of Pro UK political parties… use the death of a monarch to try and shore up support for their (non) Union is I would say a depth that only the lowest of the low would go…..and surely tells MORE Scots that it is being done NOT for our benefit but solely for theirs alone……they really do NEED us more than we NEED them…..

    Cue BBC QT … audience member Q ” Will the death of the Queen in Scotland strengthen support for the Union” ?

    Cue Pro UK panellists words of NON wisdom and NON impartial opinions…..

    I even heard the Jeremy Swine show asked this question….quelle surprise…..NOT

    Hopefully it will stop once the media circus descends on London…..

  151. Will Charles and family pay inheritance tax on the estates they get etc?

  152. Dr Jim says:

    They’re all pinning their hopes on something that might never happen, there’s a long time between now and when the coronation’s scheduled, this is a guy who gets snippy if someone doesn’t move a pen out of his way, he could well crack up with anger and boredom before he gets near being crowned then the press will do their worst on him because they know he’s known for chucking a mental every now and then and Camilla might not be able to control his wee tantrums

    We want Wills and Kate, We want Wills and Kate, you know the press will do it, they can’t help themselves, and they’ll have a survey to back it up with lots of percents %%

  153. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Ruth Davidson yet again being platformed on Channel Four via a ‘special’ Andrew Neil programme which is yet another charade into the Queen, Scotland and the (non) Union…

    As they, as a media, are going to such great pains to promote royalty as the (super) glue that will keep the (non) Union together….the elephant in the room that is Ruth’s party aka the Tories is the ONE part(y), as THE current UK government , that will ensure it, the Union, comes unstuck…….and no royalty can save it….via past or present monarchs….

    ps. word in media circles is focus only on royalty at this moment ONLY and don’t mention the Tories…..the missing link in all media coverage just now…..fortunately that cannot last….and will not last.

  154. stewartb says:

    I watched quite a lot of the BBC’s streaming of proceedings in Edinburgh today and later, watched ITV news coverage of same. Whilst I would wish to have the monarchy replaced by something akin to an Ireland-style presidency in an independent Scotland, some aspects of today’s events were notable.

    The references to Scotland as a ‘country’ and a ‘nation’ by the corporate media and the BBC were frequent. The pre-Union historic traditions (pre both Unions) of Scotland were evident: for those that value such traditions, we don’t need or rely upon England or the UK. We had evidence of the roots of our very own on (impressive?) display. There could be no doubt today that Scotland is NOT just like Lincolnshire (recalling the words of a Tory MP?) and NOT just like any region of England.

    And while the carefully choreographed display of aspects of a distinctive Scottish nation were being shown in Edinburgh – and indeed effectively ‘accepted’ by the Windsors – the BBC and ITV would report in one sentence on the nation/country of Scotland and/or on the UK consisting of different nations but then, sometimes in the very next sentence, revert back to the UK as ‘one nation’ – which is of course also a Tory, political concept.

    I suspect we will never hear phrases uttered such as: ‘the king will address the nationS of the UK’ or the ‘PM will address the nationS of the UK’ or the BBC consistently refer to the nationS, or specify which nation (e.g. England) when it uses the singular. Without a mindset which can even accept such basics, there is zero chance of substantial constitutional reform in the UK short of dissolving the Union.

    Whether a constitutional monarchy or not in an independent Scotland is for my children’s generation to sort out. For now it’s enough to settle – on this and other matters – who decides!

    • grizebard says:

      Interesting point you make about the plural. Something about which the (now defunct) family branch out east always took care to get correct: “Czar of all the Russias” (plural), ie. formally recognising Belarus and Ukraine as distinct entities in their own right.

      But I suspect you’re right, we’ll not likely see the same from the new monarch here, once the constitutional proprieties have been observed. They’ll be rapidly stowed away in some dank cupboard again.

      Though Charles at least has a convenient headstart over his mum, since he is “III” both in Scotland and in England, so at least we won’t have another bout of hammers taken to misbegotten pillar box inscriptions like the previous time. Or equivalent media nonsense about a “new Caroline age” either, since both namesake predecessors were rather {ahem} unfortunate in their times in office. (Though monarchs of two separate countries both, so there’s useful precedence to dust off when needs demand.)

      But still, the Tories in London must be silently fuming about all this formal recognition of the nationhood of Scotland, even attenuated as it is within the Union, since it puts a very visible hole in their increasingly desperate backstop that Scotland is essentially no different from (say) Yorkshire. And in that sense Charles has a handy “escape clause” not available to the rest of the English Establishment.

      One that “we the people” have too. We just have to have the confidence and good timing to use it.

    • grizebard says:

      One can be fairly sure that had the late monarch died at (say) Windsor, we would have had none of this Establishment genuflecting to Scottish interests. So this was not by design. They just had to make the best of the circumstances.

      Perhaps our most sincere tributes are those made when our time is up. Not least by choosing where to expire, when there is a choice. And the Queen very evidently chose to die in Scotland, nowhere else. By doing so she may have – whether incidentally or otherwise – done us a favour. A true recognition of worth beyond measure. It will never make a great holiday slogan, but nevertheless a valuation of what we are fortunate to possess that the fainthearts among us might usefully ponder and accept.

    • If I was Elizabeth, on my deathbed I’ve had told Charles not to lose his Scottish kingdom by antagonising the Scots.

      With 50% at least and growing for independence, it’s only a matter of time. So many former commonwealth countries are now republics, with a good few more in line now Elizabeth has died.

      The choice is respect the Scots and their ancient country and have a hope of staying King of Scots as well as Kind of England & Wales even if no longer King of a UK.

  155. jfngw says:

    The effort by the media and establishment to turn this death into a pro-union propaganda show is almost comical, it’s starting to remind me of the Monty Python dead parrot sketch (where the union is now the parrot).

    The presentation is so blatant only a fool or an ultra BritNat will fall for it, I fear it is destined to fail for them or even turn even more to Yes as the boak level rises.

    • grizebard says:

      There is indeed more to this than the immediately obvious. This situation is something of a two-edged sword for Unionism. The implicit recognition these obsequies confer on the distinct status of Scotland provides a very tangible rebuttal of current Unionism’s increasingly-strident attempts to conjure-up a monolithic England-as-UK. A stark contrast which is a metaphorical large crack in the wall of the House of State, and moreover one which dead-end Unionism has neither the ability nor the will to repair.

  156. Bob Lamont says:

    The place of the Queen’s death has indeed become quite the media and Tory nightmare, interrupting as it did the escalating propaganda war that Scotland did not exist as a distinct nation.

    No doubt Elizabeth’s choice for her final days were borne out of sentiment and ensuring privacy, but the ramifications of her death in Scotland and the protocols which must be followed would not have escaped her either – She would have been mischievously amused.

  157. Are Charles and Camilla going to spend every August, September and early October holidaying in Scotland?

    Would William and Kate do the same if on the throne?

    • Golfnut says:

      I doubt strongly William will ever be King of Scots, Charles already spends a lot more time in Scotland than peop!e think.
      Witchell’s, no apologies for the spelling, 4 minute bout of verbal slurry on the Queens thoughts on Scottish independence , courtesy of the National.
      Witchel was not a confident of the late Queen Elizabeth, her biographer was. Whatever her thoughts were on Scottish Independence she wanted it known she would accept a Yes vote.
      I was quite pleased to hear Charles speak of the ‘ most ancient Kingdom of Scotland ‘ at Holyrood. The bbc are going to have to work very hard trying to bury that.

    • Yes, Charles has put the kilted hours in and does genuinely seem fond of his trips to Scotland. I guess that comes from his mum’s unquestionable affection for Deeside. Whatever folks opinions on the Elizabeth, there’s not doubt she loved her annual late summer trip here. It was not just to garner favour with Scots, although it definitely did.

      I was wondering more whether Charles would maintain such commitment and whether Camilla would be up for it too. I don’t see it, with this causing a yet further weakening of the Royal family’s standing in Scotland, in addition to Charles not being his mother at all in so many respects, even if simply due to circumstance (coming to the throne at such an early age was the making of Elizabeth).

      English Wills & Katestagram will never be King / Queen Consort of Scots. Of that there’s really little doubt.

      • Dennis Smith says:

        I’ve no insight into Camilla’s mind, but maybe worth remembering that she somehow ended up in the role of Chancellor of Aberdeen University.

        • Hamish100 says:

          Chancellors have been Tory place men as I understand Ex rugger. NTS types who vote their own kind onto such positions.

  158. Lol. Truss must be so jealous of Sturgeon. Sturgeon is a democratically elected, competent and popular leader of her nation; everything Truss is not.

    Liz Truss’ ‘icy’ signal to Nicola Sturgeon during service for Queen in Edinburgh

    The Prime Minister was spotted giving First Minister Nicola Sturgeon a ‘cold’ stare during a service of prayer and reflection at St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh.

    • James Mills says:

      Well , no wonder !
      That Sturgeon was ”attention seeking” again doing a reading at the Queen’s memorial service , while Truss was not even given a moment to mention cheese !

    • Bob Lamont says:

      She’ll be hacked off royal protocol requires it is not she in the limelight on this occasion…

  159. stewartb says:

    It seems only fitting given all the respect and the profile given to the distinctiveness of Scotland as a nation over recent days, including by the monarchy, that we recall this from Alister Jack MP, the Secretary of State for Scotland – the individual who supposedly represents Scotland’s best interests within the Westminster government:

    “I am no fan of the ‘four nations’ expression, for the Union gives us one great nation. Yes, we can still celebrate the differences within our borders.

    “Of course, it is possible to be, say, a proud Scot and at the same time be a proud Briton. We can all take pleasure in the regional variations that make us different.

    “Across the land there is a rich tapestry of dialects and the vernacular of our cities, towns and villages is as diverse as our glorious countryside.

    “We can enjoy local delicacies – Scotch beef is something I am proud to have been a producer of – and specialities. Melton Mowbray pork pies, Northern Irish soda farls, Glamorgan sausages – this land offers a larder of delights for all to savour.’

    Source: ‘Tory minister is ‘no fan of four nations expression’ for the union’ (12 October, 2021) See

    How did he comfort himself whilst watching and listening to proceedings in St Giles’ and Holyrood in recent days? “What’s all this Scottish nonsense, all this triviality – why is no one talking about shared love of distinctive pies and sausages?’

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Or CHEEESE as James mentioned above…

    • Golfnut says:

      Not only watch but forced presumably to take part in a ritual he so obviously doesn’t think should exist. Do you think Truss, Jack or Frost thought to mention that all this was unnecessary as Scotland didn’t exist.

      • jfngw says:

        I hope someone is storing all these speeches in full as the official recordings presented by the media will omit these references in the future, actually the present as they have already been removed.

        I think we all understand what Governor Jack is saying, he’s of the opinion Scotland was extinguished as his predecessor did, we are a part of Lesser England in his mind. We exist to provide the resources and playground to keep his master living in the lifestyle they have come to expect.

        After all that was the purpose of the Empire, to exploit the resources of other countries when your own contained little of any value.

  160. Dr Jim says:

    Every time anyone speaks of Nicola Sturgeon trying to break up their country what they’re doing is inventing language to justify their attempts to deny democracy to the population of Scotland, one person cannot, not matter how powerful they say she is one minute then insignificant the next, on her own *break up* any country, it’s the people who decide these things, but what’s happening here in Scotland and in Northern Ireland is that people are being denied democracy by forces who do not support democracy

    Every time we hear politicians or commentators say “I’ve no time for Nicola Sturgeon* or similar words, what they’re saying is “I don’t want to allow a democrat to promote democracy*

    Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t fly around backwards and forwards in jets with hordes of police and armed guards flanking her, a press pack of photographers and scribblers and film makers and assistants standing by recording and reporting on her every movement in the making of her case for democracy, the so called British people do all of that in Scotland and all the while insisting, even though Scotland does not vote for any of them, that they and only they speak for and decide what the people of Scotland want

    Just because these people speak the English language as do most of Scots does not make them any less a bunch of people from a foreign country who have invaded Scotland and are imposing their will upon it, it’s no different to Germany marching into Austria and insisting it’s all Germany now because the language spoken is the same

    When we joined the EU none of us became French, nor did the French become part of our one nation UK and no one in France insisted we speak French, those folk were nice enough to learn and speak English just to accommodate us

    Think of Scotland having a night out at a party in someone’s house, then the party turns sour and the folk in that house get all rowdy and aggressive, Scotland tries to leave their rotten party but the bastirts locked the door and won’t let us leave and even threaten us if we try, they even tied us up and snatched our mobile phones so we couldn’t contact anyone to tell them what’s happening while they’re shouting out the window that Scotland loves this party and we’re having a great time

    If just one person does that to another person it’s a crime punishable by jail

    Remember these are the people who told Nicola Sturgeon they wouldn’t allow her to talk to foreign folk in the EU and refused her the right to access consular assistance that we Scots actually pay for

    Denying democracy to people is fascism

    • barpe says:

      Another cracking piece, there, Dr Jim.
      Well said.

    • Chapeau, Dr Jim, as the French cyclists, cry. The only occasion which I envisage doffing my cap to anyone.
      We are a militarily occupied colony of England. We are held fast by England’s Army Navy and Air Force.
      If we rose up, and attempted to take our country back by force of arms, in doing so,de facto, declare war on the insurgents, we would be crushed.
      Oh how Alister Jack and Douglas Ross would cheer.
      Rees Mogg blithely announces that England will extract every ounce of gas and oil from their Northern Colony’s waters, unblinkingly, as a matter of course, because he can.
      They raped the world, by force; Scotland’s no different.
      COP 26, aye, right.
      Our only route back to self-determination is through democratic means, recognised by the international community. Fact.
      We have a democratic mandate now, but the Proudscotsbut Fifth Column are hanging on like grim death, backed up by the Beeb, Murdoch’s tv and Dead Tree Scrolls, and the Established religions in Scotland, which are all, right wing authoritarian institutions, who treat their congregations in the same manner as they did in the eighteenth century; as sheep, their flocks, to be herded, corralled, and culled into submission.
      There is a mighty storm brewing.
      I have deliberately not engaged in any of this Royalty guff.
      They are an obscenity.
      There is going to be a mighty clash between the Haves and the Downtrodden in England this autumn.
      WE are well out of it.
      England, The Tribe That Lost its Head.

  161. We are seeing the same type of campaign against the Scottish civil rights movement. Irish civil rights movement went through it too, both ahead of Independence, and in the North, with the latter case ultimately leading to the troubles.

    Britain is not a nice state at all.

    Revealed: how UK targeted American civil rights leader in covert campaign

    Secret Foreign Office unit distributed literature from fake sources to discredit Stokely Carmichael

  162. Golfnut says:

    Maybe this would shut Witchel up.

    • keaton says:

      Going to go out on a limb and say that clearly isn’t Thomas Hamilton

    • Tatu3 says:

      I believe that it is in fact not Thomas Hamilton. However it most certainly is Jimmy Saville that the English Prince (now king) is looking very chummy with

    • Golfnut says:

      Correct it’s not Hamilton, I should have read the comments, he’s named as Iain Thorber, Deputy Lord Lieutenant.
      Apologies, especially to Mr Thorber.

  163. Bob Lamont says:

    An interesting couple of letters published in the National
    John Jamieson echoes Mike Small’s point that the “royalmania” being promoted in the media becomes ever more obviously a “look, a squirrel” device by HMG to deflect from the fist they’re making over this energy crisis in the UK which HMG could end with the stroke of a pan.
    Winifred McCartney further echoes the point, but highlights quite rightly the BBC’s (and Sky ?) “deliberately leaving out the words in Charles III’s speech relating to the Claim of Right. Only a few seconds but very important”.

    There are further examples of deft editing being broadcast by the BBC including omission of the “ancient kingdom of Scotland” from the “King’s speech”, Sarah Smith’s presentation of the proclamation in Edinburgh with the loud booing from the crowd edited out digitally particularly ominous – the comparative is on the internet.
    Even those arrested for breach of the peace, including a lad in London who had a blank placard, nothing on the BBC and yet – Interviews with and footage of the arrested protesters were broadcast by foreign correspondents, it’s not going well internationally…

  164. James Mills says:

    I noticed that that nice Mr Brown , a resident of North Britain , was in the congregation at St Giles yesterday .
    Wonder what he thought of the regular mentions of ”Scotland” by various speakers and the late Queen’s ”legendary love ” for Scotland – and then they placed the Crown of Scotland on her coffin !
    Dear me ! The poor man must have wondered how he got to this foreign place .

  165. jfngw says:

    Spot the difference! You need to wait for the mourning scenes.

  166. If folks want a video just of the Charles speech section. Youtube.

  167. yesindyref2 says:

    With the eyes of the world on us in Scotland, we did ourselves proud. The sun even shone right up to the last minute.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Thousands of dedicated public servants worked to develop the plans known as ‘Operation Unicorn’ and when the time sadly came, ensure these plans were well implemented, so that Scotland could pay a fitting tribute to The Queen. My thanks to all of them – they did Her Majesty proud

  168. jfngw says:

    BBC reporter (Allan Little) quite openly stating Charles tour of Scotland, Wales and NI is nothing to do with the monarchy but a tour to maintain the union, which makes it political. I don’t think they really needed to tell us that but it’s nice they confirmed it.

    I suspect they are calculating at this minute if they can call an election between now and the coronation and will it divert enough votes to defeat any independence vote. It could end up with the Tories losing but would they go into opposition to save the union, I think so. After all Starmer is no socialist and they would probably be back in power at the following election, they always play the long game.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Allan Little hasn’t worked for the BBC since 2014…. Presumably the BBC have realised everybody smells “Shite” from the current crop so drafted in a sub-contractor…

  169. All in all, I think Elizabeth did us a favour coming here to spend her last days, intended or not.

    If she really knew the Scottish people, the UK constitution and the arts of PR, then looking to pass away here can only have been done in support of the Scottish peoples’ right to self-determine. After all, her death here caused protocols she understood (I imagine) to be put into action that could only cause the world to look at Scotland and see an ancient Kingdom in its own right / ancient nation (people) in their own right. One that she and her successor reaffirmed.

    Or maybe it was all just coincidence. We’ll never know.

    However, Elizabeth passing away was not good news at all for British nationalists. Her doing so in Scotland was salt in the wound, intentional or not.

    Maybe they initially thought it a boon for them. Something to milk in support of the union. The wall to wall coverage suggests so. However, my feeling now the circus has moved is that it didn’t work out this way.

    Certainly, for Charles, the Supreme Court ruling his English Kingdom has dominion over Scots could only mean unpopularity. Would he want to visit to encounter protests for Scottish civil rights? With baseline support for indy at 50%, he either has to back Scots right to self-determine, taking a neutral position on their decision, or he will be the last King of Scots for sure.

    • And I note that backing the right to self-determine is a politically neutral stance. Iref2 will, as iref1, favour neither side as it will be a free and fair vote. Scots used it to endorsed the union last time.

      Charles backing the right of Scots to it would be the same has him backing the right of people across the UK to vote in a general election.

      Going to be interesting watching what happens here. But the UK we know is over one way or another. End of an era stuff. That and things could not really be worse for British nationalists right now.

  170. stewartb says:

    Up thread I recalled Alister Jack MP, the Secretary of State for Scotland stating: “I am no fan of the ‘four nations’ expression, for the Union gives us one great nation.’

    Today BBC Scotland seems to have gone off message – albeit perhaps trying to hide this away! The BBC News website had this headline above an article written by James Cook, the Scotland Editor: ‘The monarchy’s delicate Scottish balancing act’.

    ( )

    The following extracts from Mr Cook’s article reveal marked differences in tone and content from the Secretary of State for Scotland’s view (with my emphasis):

    ‘In the heart of Edinburgh this week we witnessed an ancient ritual in the modern age. As the Queen’s cortege made its way up the Royal Mile from the Palace of Holyroodhouse to St Giles’ Cathedral, the streets were a sea of smartphones. It was a vivid reminder that THIS NATION changed beyond measure in the time of Elizabeth, a monarch whose affection for Scotland was, in her own words, deep and abiding. Descended from Stewart kings and Scottish aristocracy, Elizabeth’s ROOTS HERE RAN DEEP.’

    Cook adds: ‘Historian Prof Sir Tom Devine says the late monarch showed RESPECT FOR SCOTLAND AS A NATION and many Scots, in return, showed respect for the Crown.’

    (If Prof Devine is reflecting truthfully then the Secretary of State’s view of Scotland as a region within one nation is clearly at variance with the view held by the late queen.)

    Cook notes: ‘Sir Tom says the late Queen’s clear “love of the land” – a blood relationship running all the way back to the 14th century King Robert the Bruce – and her EVIDENT PRIDE IN BEING “QUEEN OF SCOTS as well as Queen of the UK”, helped to sustain support for Elizabeth in her lifetime.’

    Cook adds: ‘By the end of the century the devolved Scottish Parliament which Labour had failed to secure in the late 1970s had become a reality and this time the monarch ENTHUSIASTICALLY EMBRACED IT. As she (the queen) inaugurated the new institution in 1999 she spoke with warmth and affection in praise of THE NATIONAL CHARACTER OF THE SCOTS, a people WITH WHOM SHE MADE CLEAR SHE STRONGLY IDENTIFIED. By now it was obvious that THE REVIVAL OF SEPARATE NATIONAL IDENTITIES WHICH THE QUEEN HAD DISCERNED IN HER REALM TWO DECADES EARLIER was transforming politics.

    Interestingly, at 1900 hours today 13 September, this article was profiled (listed) on the main Scotland page but ONLY four rows down (12th in order of prominence) and under a sub-heading termed ‘Features & Analysis’. It was NOT on the Scotland politics page, which is odd given that it is certainly a political piece!

    • Golfnut says:

      ” the revival of separate Scottish identities ‘
      A north britain speaking with form tongue. He is implying of course that somehow we Scots had abandoned our nationality, our heritage, our pride and only found it again at the beginning of the 21st century.

      • Yup. It’s rubbish. British as an identity in Scotland developed primarily as a second one on top of Scottish in the post-war consensus period. Those born in 1944 are the most British, with those before and after increasingly less so. However the baby boomers are not less Scottish, they are just much more likely to be British to some extent on top of that. Children of devolution are the least British of all.

        If you watch older war movies from the UK, you see this. ‘British’ is never used. They talk about ‘English’ and the ‘Scots’ if we get a mention, which we do when our regiments in kilts were involved.

  171. Dr Jim says:

    During a signing ceremony in Northern Ireland the new King Charles lost his temper *again* over a faulty pen after forgetting what today’s date is

    With every minute that passes this guy is just sacking himself by showing he really is a nasty little spoiled brat, new Mummy Camilla will be fire fighting on all fronts for this wee boy

  172. Bob Lamont says:

    Oooft, an absolute belter of an article by Kevin McKenna

  173. Capella says:

    A good week or two to bury bad news.
    UK Government using Queen’s death to obscure failed response to energy crisis

    With multi-millionaire Jacob Rees-Mogg now taking on the energy crisis as the Business Secretary, and after months of silence over the summer as the Tory leadership contest rumbled on, the public and media were eagerly demanding action just days ago.

    Yet, when the policy was finally announced, it fell flat – it was wall-to-wall coverage of the royal family, and it still hasn’t relented.

    In a 51-second clip uploaded to Twitter just after 4pm on Thursday, September 8, when the UK was awaiting news on the health status of the Queen (her death would not be announced until 6.30pm), Rees-Mogg proclaimed that the UK Government “will extract every ounce of oil and gas from the North Sea” and bring back fracking.

    This statement was accompanied by calming background music, as Rees-Mogg touted an energy price guarantee for consumers – which is still double what they would be paying at the same time last year.

    And the “green schemes” mentioned in Rees-Mogg’s clip don’t get any detail, there is little mention of renewables and instead, stock footage of an offshore windfarm has been used.

    • Golfnut says:

      Not sure people are picking up on the duplicity going on with these announcements.
      Marketing wise, they’ve sold the doubling of energy prices as helping with the cost of living crisis by forecasting repeatedly that they would almost double again by January without government intervention. Let’s remind ourselves that the current price levels have generated around £170 billion in additional profit and will continue to do so, at the same handing £100 billion to these same companies as compensation for not making even more profit by further price increases but we still have to pay this back over the next 10yrs making even more profit for these same companies.

  174. Capella says:

    Angus Robertson insists the that the SNP still favours retaining the monarchy in an independent Scotland.
    Future of monarchy in Scotland after independence ‘not a huge question’, says minister

    THE Constitution Secretary has argued that the future of the monarchy in Scotland isn’t a “huge question” as he set out the SNP’s position on the institution.

    It came amid commentary over Scotland’s relationship with the royals in the wake of the Queen’s death age 96.

    For decades, the party has been in favour of maintaining the monarchy after independence – with that position being made clear in its 2014 white paper.

    That document argued that an independent Scotland would be a “constitutional monarchy, continuing the Union of the Crowns that dates back to 1603, pre-dating the Union of the Parliaments by over 100 years”.

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, that makes sense. Make the prospect of transition as smooth and trouble-free as possible, so as not to “scare the horses” before the necessary plebiscite.

      But that’s not to say that the modus operandi of a newly restored Scottish monarchy need transition unaltered. There’s a lot of obvious improvement that can be made there without troubling anyone. (Au contraire, one might say.)

      And in the longer term, who knows? What matter? A counsel of perfection would never see independence happen at all.

  175. James Mills says:

    God Save the King – but who will save the jobs of his staff at Clarence House who have just been handed their jotters ?

    Some 100 members of staff are said to have been told that their services are no longer required – just as King Charles was giving thanks for his mother’s in St Giles !
    The Divine Right of Kings ?

  176. James Mills says:

    ”mother’s life ”

  177. Interesting talking to some foreign work colleagues today who’ve been getting messages from friends and family overseas. The Queen passing away here has really put our ‘ancient kingdom’ on the map. People impressed by the beauty of Scotland and the dignity of her people. Lots saying they want to visit!

    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      SS: Yes, it did look it’s best in the sunshine, from the helicopter shots of the countryside on the way from Balmoral to the streets of Edinburgh and then the Mercat Cross and St. Giles’.

      Plus, as you have highlighted the references to the “ancient Kingdom”, and goodness, even its own Scottish Royal Regalia that is amongst the oldest in Europe.

  178. Tatu3 says:

    I wonder if Charles was to show some kind of support for Scotland to have a choice on independence, it might actually help keep him as the monarch in an independent Scotland.
    Whereas if he shows he is against it, then there would be more chance of an independent Scotland being a republic and reducing his monarchy

    • Azel says:

      I think it would help him out on that front: pace the Effies Deans of this world, Charles III has many more crowns to lose than the UK one. Showing his independance with the establishment in London may well help him keep his posts as a non-partisan head of state.

    • Charles for King of Scots!

      King Charles backed SNP and home rule for Scotland in ‘election’

      THE monarch is expected to stay strictly neutral on political matters – but the Jouker can reveal reports of how King Charles III once represented the SNP.

      A delve into the archives finds in-depth profile of then Prince Charles in The Tatler in November 1966 to mark his 18th birthday.

      The King backed the SNP when he took part in a mock election held at Gordonstoun – even running through the school shouting “Scotland for Home Rule”, according to the high society magazine, which was published at that time under the title London Life.


      • To be fair he was off his tree on ‘cherry brandy’ at the time.
        That was considered a ‘scandal’ at the time…o mores, o tempora.

        • Bob Lamont says:

          And out of his tree ever since..
          Who knew the powers of kirsch, certainly not the current Prime Charlatan believing it precedes “ quick” on a hat, nor her Deputy who has been on a starvation diet for at least a minute for first go at the quiche…

  179. jfngw says:

    Independence and the monarchy are separate issues, the unionist want to conflate them, don’t fall into their trap. Independence then it is up to the people of Scotland who their head of state is and how they are chosen.

    • barpe says:

      Completely agree, jfngw, Indy is the main battle and only when that’s done do we decide what to do about monarchs (when it’s just us doing the voting!!).

    • Alex Clark says:

      Agreed, in fact, I’d go further and say that Independence should not be conflated with any other issue at all.

      To do so is a gift to the opponents of Independence and they will use it to drive a wedge between those supporters of Independence who may have disagreements on a multitude of other issues.

      Such conflation of issues with Independence has been going on since before 2014 but more and more are wising up to this crude attempt to sow division.

  180. Dr Jim says:

    The madness of King Charles 111 will see himself gone, if he refuses to go, the mafia that runs the royals will make sure he goes, one way or another

    It’s not as though they have no experience in making folk disappear

  181. jfngw says:

    Pictures smuggled out of Center Parcs as residents plan events for Monday. Sorry it’s nothing to do with independence but the nonsense around virtual signal mourning is just so amusing.

    • jfngw says:

      Just to add, anyone who thought these media ‘journalists’ were anything more than courtiers to the establishment must surely have had their eyes open,none of them have a shred of integrity. Never has so much bull been spoken by so few to so many, who with any critical abilities would take anything they say in the future with any seriousness.

  182. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Just caught a brief moment in TV coverage showing Royal family following coffin to Westminster Hall with all of them wearing military uniform , with the exception of Andrew and Harry…..both now apparently equal in status as unfit to adorn military uniform by royalty.

    It stands out like a SORE royal thumb for Harry… Harry stands next to William who himself is in full uniform…..that is does stand out is quite cruel and ruthless… be tarred with the same brush as Andrew by the Royal family is even worse…..

    Harry publicly delegated to one of the black sheep of the royal family…..thus giving carte blanch to certain media and usual suspects to continue to openly criticise both him and his wife… between their, media and usual suspects, intermittent mourning at the passing of the Queen of course……where they STILL find ample time to comment negatively upon Harry, Meghan and t’others with their tittle tattle to try and justify their constant onslaught and demonising of those THEY say MOST upset the Queen when alive……

    Harry the new Kings’s son …….but NOT the favoured one who will be the next King…..and too he is one of the Queen’s grandsons……royal protocol….no exception made on this day for Harry who too has lost a grandparent but there is no compassion to be had for him it appears……he is allowed to be seen but must adhere to the rules as set by the institution who must be both obeyed and ruled by tradition….. I think that is what makes the real distinction between us and them does it not…

    • Tatu3 says:

      Harry did two tours, over 10 years in the Army, in Afghanistan and became a Captain.
      Probably more deserving of wearing a uniform than any of the others.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Prince Andrew disgraced his uniform in the eyes of the royal mafia so he was stripped of the right to wear it, and you’d think well that’s OK, except Andrew still retains his royal role as counsellor of state in Scotland, so the question here should be is Scotland not disgraced by him or as usual does Scotland not count as prominent or important enough a place to disgrace

      As for the Price Harry, how typical of the royal mafia to strip him of his entitlement to wear his earned military uniform purely on the basis of his disliked wife and chosen circumstances to elbow the royal circus, he never disgraced his regiment or anybody else as far as I’m aware, and certainly wasn’t ever as badly behaved as his uncle Andy, so he got punished for what now?

      Other than that, royals? ach who cares, well except for the fact they are a nasty bunch of sponging wasters sucking the life and money out of practically everything they touch

  183. Hamish100 says:

    British Beattie on bbc to discuss the issue of runny pens. Charlie the third got upset over one, as mentioned in a post above by Dr Jim

    Bbc radio Scotland has even beaten its usual drivel.

    The world has gone mad

  184. Alex Clark says:

    An alternative view of the UK media’s coverage of the Queen’s death and the days since is well worth a read.

  185. Alex Clark says:

    Prince Charles really does have his shoelaces ironed and his toothpaste squeezed from the tube every morning by his servants. Now you know what the clenched teeth were all about.

  186. Alex Clark says:

    They’re just warming up as well.

    • Dr Jim says:

      During the game the commentator said that Ryan Jack had been called up to the Scotland squad, the other commentator a former Rangers player said “let’s hope he gives that a miss so he can stay fit for Rangers” That’s how disgusting the British nationalists are in Scotland, they don’t consider it an honour to play for Scotland
      Ryan Jack may consider it an honour so no slight intended towards him

      In England or Wales had anyone said such a thing they might have been commentating on their last match, those folk consider playing for their country an honour

    • Very tasteful and respectful. Clearly very erm, ‘Scottish’ too. Hence the choice of flag.

      • Has this little 8 times electoral failure who still gets the Golden unelected Listory Ticket every time, updated his soubriquet to ‘The King’s Eleven’ yet?
        This terrible little Nobody who has consistently been rejected by his own folk at the ballot box is typical of the third rate bottom of the barrel Brit Yoon chancers who are pocketing money for nothing, safe in the certainty that they’ll never actually have to do any work, like govern Scotland for instance, and who can skive off to football matches or TV Reality shows, and nobody even notices that they have dogged off work.

        Were Fraser’s blackshirts chanting that the Famine is over, why don’t the Irish go home tonight?
        And here’s me thinking that John Knox drove all the Kaffliks out of Scotland…or so the BBC tells us.
        I thought that I’d experienced the evil might of the Iron Heel Oligarchy when the Fat Owl was handed the keys to the Kingdom, but no. The past week has scared be out of my wits.
        We will never be a free nation again, unless we take control of our own destiny;
        it is inevitable that England will refuse to even discuss the matter now that they have Charlie at the helm, and a Tory party consisting of radical men and women who are all to the merciless right of Genghis Khan.
        It is going to get very stormy indeed. London will fall first, as mobs converge on the English capital demanding food and shelter.
        Just watch…
        I’ve just looked it up as I type this…Murdo’s King’s eleven got humped 3-0 by a bunch of use this sinister little man’s language.
        England has gone completely stark staring bonkers now.
        We have an escape pod.

    • Capella says:

      They should have cancelled the match as a mark of respect. Murdo Fraser is two-faced. He disrespects the queen he pretends to admire and weaponises her death to score cheap political points. Despicable creature.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Murdo Fraser isn’t a politician, he’s just a wee racist sectarian Ned who uses the Rangers brand to wind folk up to promote hatred, my guess is the Queen nor any of the royal family means anything to him other than for his use as a tool of hate like many of the rest of that type, if they really meant their devotion seriously the churches would be full on Sunday mornings praying for a better world not containing the garbage they spew out while hiding behind gang at a football club and not about their own inadequate character

    • I have to say I’m not surprised that, as far as I can ascertain, the Queen has never visited Ibrox.

      Not as queen anyway; just as a princess in 1947.

      I guess she did not reciprocate the admiration Rangers fans had for her.

  187. Hamish100 says:

    Why is it the unionists cannot count? Who was the QE1 of GB & Ireland? Can’t find them. I note a QE1 of England who was unmarried but murdered Mary Queen of Scots. She has a son who was James VI. Qe2 ?

  188. Pogmothon says:

    Personally for me anything from Paul Burrell needs to come with a shovel full of salt.
    Yeh right I trust that man’s attention grabbing drivel implicitly.

  189. Skintybroko says:

    So the Chancellor is likely to scrap Bankers bonuses and he doesn’t believe in windfall taxes so to be clear he wants the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer – shouldn’t we just call it for what it is – class racism

    • Capella says:

      It’s the CAP on bankers’ bonuses he wants to scrap. Why should bankers be limited in how much graft they can accumulate? They donate to the Tory party after all.

  190. Capella says:

    Professor Iain McLean spells out a few home truths.

    Liz Truss’s ‘muscular Unionism’ is imperialism, Professor Iain McLean says

    THE “muscular Unionism” exhibited by Liz Truss in the Tory leadership race is equal to “imperialism”, a constitutional expert has said.

    Iain McLean, a professor of politics at Oxford University and a fellow of Nuffield College, pointed specifically to the now Prime Minister’s claim that the “best” thing was to simply “ignore” Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

    He also highlighted comments from David Frost – the former Brexit lead negotiator who was handed a life peerage by Boris Johnson – in which the top Tory said: “The Scottish ‘Government’ is not the government of a state in confederation with England. It is a subordinate entity within the UK.”

    McLean remarked that such statements tend to benefit the pro-independence side more than the Unionist.

  191. Capella says:

    Never miss an opportunity to cash in on a crisis, say the Tories.

    Bankers’ bonus caps could be scrapped by Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng

    CAPS on bonuses for fat cat City bankers are reportedly set to be scrapped and sold to the world as a “Brexit dividend”.

    The new Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng has argued the move would attract more financial firms to London and give the city a competitive edge against New York and Hong Kong, the Financial Times reports.

    Bonuses were initially capped in the aftermath of the 2008 crash when public anger over the take-home pay of wealthy City workers reached boiling point.

    EU legislation later limited bonuses to twice a bankers’ annual salary and this is the limit Kwarteng reportedly believes is hampering the UK’s global competitiveness against other financial centres.

  192. Dr Jim says:

    Trickle down economics strikes again, it’s just a shame us ordinary folk don’t understand the word *trickle*, but we do, we do, we know it means trickle up, never down

  193. Dr Jim says:

    Very pleased to see MSP John Mason being put on what will be his very last warning, this time he’s been talking misinformation and nonsense on womens rights to abortion

    • Yes, the place for protesting against abortion laws is outside parliament. Or even a peaceful march through the streets.

      Doing that outside of medical practices is just sick.

      If you want to get the law on abortions changed, you do that by persuading the public to vote that way. You knock doors, hand out leaflets, stand for parliament on that ticket etc. Just as the SNP do for independence.

      As it is impossible to change the law by targeting those who cannot change it, i.e. doctors and patients, then clearly your intent is purely malicious and not well intended at all.

  194. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    It has been reported that Starmer has warned Labour MP’s not to make any statements or media appearances that don’t relate to the death of the Queen at this time.

    Purely for optics.

    Meanwhile the Tories , as someone stated above , intend to scrap bankers bonus caps.

    An opposition who ALLOW or rather stand down to ALLOW the Tories to dictate and implement policies and decisions that enrich those already in an advantaged position while many ‘ordinary’ people and workers are once again left without any political party to uphold , support and champion their rights and opportunity to earn a decent living via wage rises to offset the increasing cost of living TORY crisis……

    THAT is why Labour are unelectable…..because they elect as preferred leader (preferred that is via their own MP’s, the squatters in the HOL’s and a select few of their previous leaders like Blair and Brown) who seeks to emulate the policies of those they supposedly oppose politically……….which leaves voters confused and unsure as to what they, Labour, as a political party actually stand for. Indeed it seems there is no real distinction in direction between them and the Tory party….which then benefits the Tory party as it confirms to many a gullible voter that perhaps they, the Tories, indeed are the best party to elect as government.

    Where Tories lead on policies Labour seem to follow…..a (foolish) tactical ploy from Labour to reassure those voters who vote Tory that they too, as in labour, uphold and support the SAME policies that the Tories have implemented…..however in doing this they, Labour, fail to recognise that with having NO seemingly separate vision, plan or alternate politics from the Tories why then should voters VOTE for them… anyone who says ‘ they, Labour , are the lesser of two evils (or EVEL’s) ‘ well the lesser of two evil is STILL evil is it not……

    Any gains Labour make in elections are not because their message and their policies or supposed (non) ‘new’ direction for their UK is best….nope…any gains they make will solely be down to the incompetence, cruelty and overall rubbish governance we are all witnessing via the Tories and which some voters, who previously voted Tory, now recognise also ….yet still Starmer is in constant subservient mode to Tory policy. ((not forgetting SOME voters may also welcome the Toryisation (made up word obvs) of the Labour party thus this too could gain them some new or previously held votes).

    We also witnessed and read that Starmer forbid frontbench Labour MP’s to stand with striking workers….thus yet another shift from labour to give a clear impression that they are no longer the party for workers but like the Tories they stand firm and against strikes as a solution to gain a living wage in times when the spiralling increase in the cost of living outpaces the earnings of workers….once again the optics win….as Labour under Starmer seeks to break the chains that they should ever be considered merely a party for ordinary people aka workers…… they distance themselves from the working man they venture further down the road into the same party as the Tories who seek to appease the corporations and business’s who it appears rule the roost in government policies and decisions……hence why many of these companies and their bosses currently fund the Tory party….Starmer hopes to get his party some of that money and support too……Up the Bosses down with the workers….

    That is why they, pro UK parties, fight united against the SNP because with the SNP there is a real alternative to both Tory and Labour policies and fake British patriotism … in a real alternate future for the Scottish people….a way to break free from the toxic greedy selfish politics endorsed by pro UK politicians… that REAL alternative , they the pro UK parties, have no real argument other than telling people in Scotland that there is no permission given to have any opportunity to choose a new future via another justified independence referendum…..and the so called British media will back up this message and present it via news programmes, debate shows, alternate propaganda ‘new’ media TV channels, newspaper headlines, opinion pieces in Pro UK newspapers via dubious sources (Pro Tory , and occasionally Labour too, columnists) whose hatred of both the SNP and independence drives their flawed and biased opinions and non argument whose sole purpose in writing their skewed pieces is nowt but yet another example of upholding a dysfunctional non Union together……by directing hate and ridicule at those they say seek to break up THEIR country…..whatever THAT may be…..but we know do we not the REAL country they refer to… in the one who will suffer without us…..

    Tis not ,as they declare , merely the Waving of a flag, or the ridiculous suggestion that we think that we will be better than other countries when independent, or that we are driven by hatred of another nationality that spurs on our desire for independence… is the years of abuse, neglect and disregard we have suffered in Scotland via those pro UK politicians who have in their behaviour and attitude implemented policies that now has unleashed a Tory party recognised more as an English nationalist party with an opposition seeking to imitate the worst parts of that Tory party in order themselves to gain power……so where, for Scotland, is the alternate vision there ?

    Nope they had their time…they blew it…as only they can do….now is the time for us to have our say and I hope MORE Scots finally like us see that enough is enough… there is so much evidence via the past and now… there not.

    Hope over hate….achieved only by a new beginning for Scotland….as in independence.

    Once again apologies for length of comment…..

    • Dr Jim says:

      It’s what makes Labour actually worse than the Tories, because they stand for nothing and nobody except getting elected on vague promises of being different or better, the question is, different or better than which part of the bad bits is that going to be ? because they don’t want to discuss anything except the vague nothingness of *vote for us we’re not as bad as them honest* but then again if they were honest in the first place they’d tell us, wouldn’t they?

      Sir Keir Starmer, the invisible leader of the nothing wait and see party

    • What NMRN says…ace.
      Remember the 41 ‘f@cking useless’ New Labour toadies we kicked out in 2015?
      Labour is dead.
      Sarwar and Murray are Tories…I am at a loss to understand who votes ‘labour’ in Scotland these days.

  195. Dr Jim says:

    Englands British nationalist government are about to bring down the wrath of the EU and the US upon all four countries of the United Kingdom by suspending the Northern Ireland protocols thus breaking the Brexit agreement and international law into the bargain

    • William Davison says:

      Of course, you forget that the Protocol itself breaks the Good Friday Agreement, both its terms and entire foundational ethos. So international law was broken to put the Protocol in place in the first instance. The moral of the story is : when international law is broken in favour of your political ethos, you ignore it. When you believe the reverse has happened, you jump up and down and cite international law.

  196. stewartb says:

    Another, all too rare article providing a suitable counter to what is going on just now in the corporate media and the BBC. It’s by Andrew O’Hagan and published in the London Review of Books.


    As a taster, O’Hagan writes: ‘Then came Tony Blair, just in case the oleaginous delights weren’t yet up to snuff. He spoke of the ‘matriarch of the nation’. Blair’s always ready with these lines, and I wonder if he rehearses them in his sleep, perhaps waking up to look in the mirror, to see if he can still do the face. Meanwhile, the ‘show us you care’ merchants gathered outside the palace. The scene was set for the ripest show of journalistic knee-bending in a generation.’

    Asking later: ‘ When did British reporters begin emoting for a living, broadcasting as if the words themselves were the news?’

    • Maybe she had some redeeming features.

      Queen Elizabeth ‘loathed’ Boris Johnson, report suggests

      THE late Queen “loathed” Boris Johnson, it has been claimed.

      Writing in the Sunday Times, the paper’s chief political commentator, Tim Shipman, quoted sources suggesting the former Tory leader had overtaken Tony Blair as the monarch’s “least favourite” prime minister.

    • Golfnut says:

      Just watched, for a few brief seconds an interview of a Tory mp by Peirs Morgan. Starts off with the MP stating that the Queen knew what she was doing by dying in Scotland, the MP didn’t get much further than that as Peirs immediately opined that Nicola Sturgeon must have known at that moment her plans for independence had been set back for years.
      I switched off at that point.
      I’ve no idea how they get to that conclusion other than just wishful thinking.
      Best comment on your article.
      Who the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        “Just watched, for a few brief seconds an interview of a Tory MP by Piers Morgan. Starts off with the MP stating that the Queen knew what she was doing by dying in Scotland”

        That is not as ‘canny’ as they like to present it…..indeed it makes her sound like she was someone who only chose to die in Scotland for reasons that some would see as quite crass and crude…hardly a fitting tribute to her to present her as someone who would stoop to such a depth to con Scots into uniting behind her UK after her death……

        Indeed if it WERE true…that then presents the Queen as someone who was very much one who was tactical and manipulative in her choice to come and die in Scotland …..not really the BEST tribute to her as a person or a memory for Scots to cherish…..surely….and also makes a mockery of what we are told is her real love of Scotland as a country ….. thus their version presents it only as a place she enjoyed as one who was privileged to benefit from it…..and when near death she chose to die here in order to somehow strengthen the bond between Scotland and the rest of the UK…….so not actually coming here because she respected Scotland as a nation within her UK…..but instead some independent minded rebellious Scots to crush in spirit more like if we are to believe those Unionists now in the media and via social media…..that she died intentionally in Scotland to reinforce and strengthen the Union…..though not sure how this works in practice since they are exposing this as what THEY see as the REAL reason she came to die in Scotland…..Duh ….Doh…etc etc

        I suspect , like others, she chose to come here to get peace and more freedom in a place that I am sure she was indeed fond of….not because it was Scottish…but because of it’s beautiful location and also the fact that it was less populated which then gave her more freedom than she would have in other places…..

        They truly are NOT doing any service to either their so called (non) Union or to royalty in making these (tasteless) presumptions indeed it is quite offensive and disrespectful…..and blatant. …..I also find it strange that they are also going to great lengths to equate a connection between Mary Queen of Scots and Queen Elizabeth (2nd) but omit the fact that her head was chopped off (as in Mary Queen of Scots head)…a mere incidental fact they choose not to highlight or rather focus on which in itself as a FACT should have made it something inappropriate to mention in reference to the so called Scottish connection…..but then sensitivity is not their greatest trait when it comes to all things related to Scotland…..also if memory serves me well I believe another Queen called Elizabeth was involved in THAT particular unsavoury episode….funnily enough however that other Queen is not mentioned either in relation to Mary Queen of Scots and THE Scottish connection with the recently deceased Queen……….how very convenient…for THEM.

        The more they continue with this the more obvious and offensive it appears… let them fill their boots…..they are actually not being respectful to her in the least…..but as I have said before there is NO depth TOO low which they will NOT descend to try and SAVE their UK…….even the memory of a deceased monarch…..absolutely shocking.

  197. Tam the Bam says:

    Greetings from my wee gaff on Rockall.
    Sorry for the delay in posting sole remaining carrier-pigeon was intercepted by a marauding sea-eagle and so my post ended up as his lunch (along with the unfortunate doo).
    Catch you all when normal service has been resumed …… Cheery!



    Bahamas PM signals referendum to remove Charles III as head of state

    Phillip Davis said the decision on the country’s involvement with the British monarchy is a matter for the Bahamian public to decide upon

    Going to be losing a lot more Kingdoms in years ahead Charles. Not many left. If you don’t support the right of Scots to decide their future, you’ll lose that one in short order too.

    • Legerwood says:

      Well he wanted a slimmed down monarchy but I doubt he realised it would be countries to rule over that he would be losing.

  199. jfngw says:

    Anybody still watching the BBC mourning top trumps competition.

  200. thadochasann says:

    I hope the Labour Party in Scotland are finished but there are many young people taking more of an interest in politics now because of the rising cost of electricity , gas , food , petrol and diesel in fact just about everything has risen steeply in the last year.
    I think we have to be wary of this and ensure that as many of them vote for SNP and not Labour.

  201. Scots the least interested in the Royal Funeral.

  202. Britain has gone mad.

    Queen’s funeral: Heathrow cancels flights on Monday

    Heathrow Airport has said about 15% of its schedule will be altered on Monday during Queen Elizabeth’s state funeral.

    This is to ensure the skies over London fall quiet during the events, it said.

    There will be flight cancellations as a result, including 100 British Airways flights and four Virgin Atlantic flights.

    Things won’t get back to normal once she’s been laid to rest. If you step back and look at how mad things are, then you should understand this. It’s only gonnae get more crazy as the collapse gathers pace.

  203. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    I just watched a video on Twitter via a/c James Dewar @indigofast.

    Now he highlights in his tweet that Cole Hamilton and Sarwar (and wrongly also Stephen Kerr) laughing as they stand behind Nicola Sturgeon.

    However what he fails to note is that at the very start of video…standing behind Sarwar is , who I think is, Jackie Baillie….and you see her say something from the corner of her mouth and Sarwar smiles and looks at Cole Hamilton and Cole Hamilton starts laughing. You also see the expression on Nicola Sturgeon’s face changing as perhaps she has heard what has been said.

    At the end of the video Sarwar turns round to Baillie…..

    I wonder what is was that she said that prompted them to laugh…..and how inappropriate and disrespectful of them…but hardly surprising and sure they all know will not be widely publicised by THEIR media… wrong parties.

    I am not tech savvy so unable to link it onto here BUT 100% sure I am right….

    Watch it and see….you will see Baillie behind Sarwar and her mouth moves as she says something and then Cole Hamilton reacts with a smile/laugh (badly suppressed laugh)……

    • Capella says:

      This the tweet NMRN?

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        It is indeed Capella…however in the above video Baillie’s comment via side of her mouth is blurred…in original video via Twitter you do see her say something from the side of her mouth….in the video above you only see the movement of her behind Sarwar….

        I only noticed it after watching video one or two times….as I could not understand what prompted Cole Hamilton to start laughing….mind you he stopped when he noticed Camera was on him (or rather on others as he just happened to be in the frame).

        So what did Baillie say that prompted amusement….

        Have a nice day Capella


  204. IMO, the height of disrespect is pretending to mourn someone you are not actually grieving for. There could be nothing more shallow and self-serving than doing that.

    So those just being honest and saying they didn’t know the Queen personally, ergo are suffering no loss, are showing far more honesty, integrity and respect than those shedding crocodile tears for the cameras. And lets be honest, this is happening. The same people wear poppies at every opportunity.

    There are those genuinely upset at the Queen’s death for real reasons, even if republicans might scratch their heads at these trying to fathom why. However, plenty of self-serving, manipulative people are attempting to milk this event with pretend sorrow for all they can; and they’re not Scottish indy supporters, that’s for sure.

  205. iusedtobeenglish says:

    I noticed those 2 clowns laughing, but missed the Baillie moment…

    Any lipreaders out there?

  206. Capella says:

    JC makes the point that union of the crowns and union of parliaments are two separate issues. One step at a time.
    Joanna Cherry: Potential to upset should not affect people’s right to protest

    Whatever your views – monarchist or republican – it would be a cold heart that would not be moved by the pageantry and dignity of the occasion. All nations need symbols and ceremonial, what de Gaulle used to call the politics of grandeur.

    When I spoke in the House of Commons during the tributes to the Queen, I sought to remind people that the current royal family is a direct descendant of Scotland’s Stuart kings and queens.

    One of the most poignant moments of the last week was when the ancient crown worn by Mary Queen of Scots was placed on the late Queen Elizabeth’s coffin. These events over the past few days have shown just how important our history and culture is to many Scots.

    • Dr Jim says:

      I’m sure Joanna Cherry means well but what’s probably more important for Scots is to learn is that since that time England has worked overtime to erase Scotlands history and culture and strained every sinew to reinvent it as something completely different portraying Scotland as barely existing as a nation until England civilized it

      Not since the ancient Greeks has a country given so much to the world as Scotland and those Scots who despise the trappings and position of monarchy are 100% correct to do so for they were at the heart of the diminishing of the soul spirit and inventiveness of our great nation of Scotland, to the extent now that many Scots have no sense of themselves, no confidence in themselves and have lost the will to realize their own potential

      Scotland did not prosper within this English controlled union, England was allowed to subdue oppress and crush the advancement of our country and turn the use of it to their will, a country where sheep were of more importance than people, it began there and has never ceased

      England is a parasite country, it invades, takes, then uses propaganda to make people believe it was for their own benefit, England cannot be trusted to keep its word on a single sentence uttered by them ever in its history, and a bloody and violent history of theft and corruption it has

      The monarchy of England did this, then watched it done in their name and are today one of the richest families in the world to benefit from it

      I can respect a mother and grandmother dying and the loss to her children, but for the English monarchy itself that is something for which I will never have the least bit of consideration, my country is a mess as a direct consequence of Englands monarchy, they are 100% to blame for the last 300 years

      Scotland once traded with the world, now we have food banks

      • Capella says:

        I think JC would agree about recovering our history and culture. She is a republican and goes on to support the right to protest and to criticise the heavy-handed policing of protesters.

  207. Keeps on falling.

    Why would Scotland want to tie its currency to this s**tshow?

    Pound hits new 37-year low as retail sales slide

  208. Capella says:

    Prof Richard Murphy analyses who will benefit from the Tory tax cuts – the Tories. Shock.

    Liz Truss’s tax breaks for Tory faithful may prove pivotal

    A £30bn tax cut at a time of national economic meltdown, when the government’s finances are already stretched by massive new commitments arising from the energy crisis, seems remarkably generous, to the point of being foolhardy. Though that is too kind an interpretation when you consider who benefits from the cuts.
    In pure cash terms, most National Insurance is paid by the best-off employees, simply because they earn the most. Overall the tax as a whole is regressive, but the way this cut will work will deliver by far the biggest gains to those on high earnings.

    The cuts to corporation tax will do exactly the same thing. It’s an accepted economic fact that not all the benefits of corporation tax cuts go to shareholders, but the evidence that the vast majority do is fairly compelling. In that case the wealthy, and those who own their wealth via pension funds, get most of the benefit of these cuts too.
    Put this together and it’s clear that Truss is giving her Tory party electorate the most massive bung, at cost to us all.

  209. keaton says:

    omg quick turn on the TV, the queen came back to life

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