Liz Truss’s Conservative chip pan fire

unlit slumplands

Having had the political equivalent of a major piss up in the pub with Boris Johnson,trashing the venue in the inimitable Bullingdon style and expecting the little people to clean the mess up, the Tories have now staggered home, still not ready to face the aftermath or deal with the consequences of their bad behaviour. With the likely election of Liz Truss by party members, a woman who was memorably described by former Conservative MP Matthew Parris as a balloon of vast ambition perched on a pin head, what the Conservatives are now doing is deciding that they fancy something to eat after their almighty bender, so still drunk, they’ve put the chip pan on, and now they are passed out on the sofa. Truss has no principles or ideology. For her it is whatever gives her power or gets her noticed. Every day is a new day for Truss What she said yesterday has no bearing on today, the whole of Scotland on the other hand, is to be held to the eight year old campaign rhetoric of Alex Salmond.

The Truss campaign is far ahead of Sunak in all the polls of Conservative party members that have been published, most polls have given Truss a lead in excess of 30%. There are only two weeks remaining in a contest that seems to have dragged on forever. Most of those eligible to vote will have already done so, and at this point it is vanishingly unlikely that Sunak could catch up, even in the implausible event that all those who are still to vote cast their vote for him.

Truss is so confident that the campaign is as good as over that her team have released details of who she is likely to appoint to her cabinet, so we have some idea of the chip pan fire that awaits us. An awful lot of barrels had to be scraped through to get to this lot. Kwasi Kwarteng, Suella Braverman, James Cleverly, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Kemi Badenoch will take key roles in the new cabinet under Liz Truss, according to a report in the Times. All of them are on the far right of a Conservative party that has moved increasingly to the right over the past decade. The far right John Redwood is tipped for a senior post under Kwarteng the likely new Chancellor of the Exchequer. Kwarteng was one of the authors of the infamous Britannia UnchainedRedwood is currently demanding that state regulation of water and energy companies be scrapped. Just imagine what these companies will do if they don’t face even minimal constraints. The privatised water companies in England are already pumping untreated sewage into the sea, Britain is literally sitting in a sea of shit. Meanwhile the energy companies are enjoying soaring profits as domestic energy bills go through the roof.

To a man and woman this lot are demented pseudo-libertarian lunatics who believe that the problems of the British economy are largely due to working class people on working hard enough. It’s kind of surprising that they are all so viscerally opposed to socialism considering how frequently they have been publicly owned. Their answer to the cost of living crisis is tax cuts. How can tax cuts for people who don’t pay tax help people who don’t earn enough to pay tax, they can’t, it’s a nonsense. Tax cuts put money in the pockets of the better off. Hundreds of thousands won’t be able to afford their energy bills and we are in addition facing a real threat of black outs during the coming winter. The Conservatives promised that their Brexit would deliver sunlit uplands, what they are delivering is unlit slumplands.

Like May and Johnson before her, Truss has no intention of governing in the interests of the UK as a whole,and most certainly is not interested in any idea of reconciliation with that half of the UK that voted remain, or the half of Scotland that wants independence. Truss intends to bludgeon the opposition into obedience. The European Reasearch Group is now in charge. With Braverman as Home Secretary and Rees-Mogg as Levelling-up Secretary, it can indeed be even worse than Johnson, Patel and Gove. We are about to experience an even deeper dive into the stinkpit of unthinking Tory bigotry. Truss promises a disunited Kingdom weighed down by the hateful uselessness and vindictiveness of what it pleases itself to call a government.

Suella Braverman is tipped as the next Home Secretary, a woman who makes the current incumbent seem reasonable and empathetic by comparison. And you thought Priti Patel was terrifying. Braverman wants to dump the ECHR, she is heavily involved with Freeports and Charter Cities that will be sold off to private firms who will be able make up their own rules and will not be bound by rules on holiday or sick pay, minimum wages, or the right to unionisation.

Jacob Rees Mogg is likely to be appointed Minister for Levelling Up. That sounds like a joke, and indeed it is, although Truss is apparently deadly serious about it. That’s the Rees Mogg who said that he would not serve in any government except Boris Johnson’s. He has also changed his mind about there having to be a General Election if Johnson was deposed as leader and replaced with someone else. See, you ARE allowed to change your mind from a previously espoused political position. But not you Scotland, not you.

Rees-Mogg, who questioned the common sense of those who were killed in Grenfell, is now to be put in charge of the department managing the Grenfell Tower Memorial Commission. It is difficult to imagine a more perfect image of this entire chip pan fire of a government than a performative fake aristocrat in a cosplay Victorian frock coat being given the job of improving regional inequality. The idea of Rees-Mogg being in charge of levelling up is as bizarre as putting George Michael in charge of driving lessons. Still, as far as Truss is concerned Rees-Mogg will be ideal for the job since we all know that to this Conservative party ‘levelling up’ means withdrawing much needed funding from deprived inner city areas and giving it to leafy Tory districts like Tonbridge Wells.

It’s only going to get worse in Liz Truss’s Great British chip pan fire. Buckle up. We are in for a bumpy ride.



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70 comments on “Liz Truss’s Conservative chip pan fire

  1. James Mills says:

    Braverman , Rees Mogg , Badenoch and Kwarteng – The Four Horsemen in charge of a dying UK – how appropriate !

  2. Luigi says:

    That oil in the Brexit chip pan is heating up steadily. It will be bad enough when it soon starts to blaze, but wait until the drunk tories wake up in a blind panic and throw a bucket of water over it. Unfortunately many innocent people in the building are going to get badly burned.

  3. deelsdugs says:

    Cruella and Priti awful meet on a dark, dreich winter’s day…

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Cruella Braverman
      When shall we two meet again?
      In thunder, lightning, or in rain?

      Priti Awful
      When the hurly-burly’s done,
      When the battle’s lost and won.

      [With acknowledgements – and apologies – to the shade of William Shakespeare]

  4. Ken says:

    Vacant ambition. Another 1+ year of this stuff. Another total muck up. Deja vu the Tory total incompetents
    They do not have a clue.

    People can’t get rid of them quick enough. Something has to give before they go.

  5. Dr Jim says:

    With the best will and all the good wishes in the world, I fear it’ll take more than a referendum or general election result to rid Scotland of these insane parasites

    • andyfromdunning says:

      I agree Jim that we may indeed need civil action to get our freedom which will need to be carried out in London. Hopefully a clear majority for Yes will suffice.
      As a person who likes to read history I worry we are in the early stages of the U.K. becoming a fascist state based on comments and actions at Westminster over the last few years.

  6. Capella says:

    This interminable leadership contest has lasted longer than an actual election campaign. Meanwhile, the present PM is on a long series of vacations while the UK sinks into the worst cost of living crisis since records began. Who is gong to sort out this mess? A bunch of swivel-eyed idealogues?

    How long are people going to tolerate these blundering fools pretending to be real representatives of the people? They certainly don’t represent the people of Scotland.

  7. yesindyref2 says:

    You could just see the scene. Truss at Govan as the Glasgow is launched, and the workers are cheering “Glasgow, Glasgow, HMS Glasgow, and she complains about the Jockish city name:

    You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things!
    O You hard hats, you feudal men and gnomes. Knew you not Pompey?

    Come to think of it though, that’s giving her far too much credit for having a clue about UK geography – or the RN.

  8. Alex Clark says:

    The truth is that if the planned price cap rise in energy costs go ahead then millions will not be able to afford the increase, if Russia plays hard ball with the EU over gas deliveries when winter starts then it is very very likely that energy will be rationed right across Europe including the UK.

    The UK may use next to no Russian gas but we do import a large amount of electricity from Norway, France, the Netherlands and Belgium. In 2020 17% of the electricity used in England was imported from these countries, the vast majority of it in winter. Scotland however exported just over 37% of electricity generated here to England and NI.

    If energy is rationed this winter such as the 4 hour shutdowns we saw in the 70’s then Scotland won’t escape this as the energy will be rationed on a UK wide basis and energy produced here will contineu to be exported to England. This is not the case of course for the EU exporters who will be likely to take care of their customers first before exporting any energy to the UK.

    The UK government knows all this of course and are no doubt making up plans for what they will have to do in the worst case, they are doing this just as all EU countries are, just that here in the UK and unlike other countries, they are not going to tell you anything about it, at least not yet.

    Instead, they are continuing to insist that the UK energy supply is “robust” and that they are fully prepared for any scenario this winter may bring. I think they don’t have a clue and are doing what they always do and that’s lie about what may prove to be a difficult issue in case they scare the horses.

  9. bringiton says:

    Ms Truss.
    I don’t believe a word that she says.

  10. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Tory leadership candidates undermining union with attacks on devolution warns Times newspaper

    22 Aug 2022 3 minute read

    The Times newspaper has warned that the two candidates to become the leader of the Conservative party and Prime Minister are making a break up of the UK more likely due to their attacks on devolution.

    In an editorial, the newspaper referred to new polls showing that the election of either Rishi Sunak or Liz Truss would take support for independence over the 50% threshold and that a Liz Truss premiership would boost support for independence in Wales from 25% to 30%.


  11. jfngw says:

    The Tories have a never ending of excuses for their failures and the state the UK is in. First it was Labour (they may have had a point there with sell low, buy high Brown in charge of the cash), then it was the EU pre Brexit, then it was the EU post Brexit (they still refuse the have it, eat it cake recipe), now it’s Russia/Ukraine. Pretty sure they also claimed it was the SNP at some point also.

    They like to line their pockets but don’t like to take any responsibility, just party through it. Now we have a couple of Gerry Anderson like marionettes vying to run the country, are we doomed to live in supermarionation.

  12. Capella says:

    The UK and EU could reverse the energy price costs immediately with two simple measures.
    1 Drop the suicidal and illegal sanctions on Russian energy and banking.
    2 Open Nord Stream 2.

    Whilst they’re at it, admit energy is a vital commodity and natural monopoly and nationalise energy producers and distributors so that the price is controlled by the representatives of the people.

    But they won’t. Instead, they demand we, the people, have to suffer and pay for the monumental stupidity of the European and British political class. How much longer will people tolerate this clown show?

    • grizebard says:

      You have to be joking. The problems of energy supply are to do with marketisation, and the solution isn’t anywhere near foolishly pandering to a vile fascist neo-imperialist dictator. I cannot believe that anyone who genuinely believes in self-determination could come out with anything so fundamentally antagonistic to that principle.

    • weegingerdug says:

      Price rises in France are just 5% because they nationalised the energy companies. Caving in to Putin is not the answer, nationalisation and reining in the profiteering of the energy giants is.

      The sanctions on Russian energy and banking are not illegal in the eyes of the vast majority of the international community. Putin’s invasion of a sovereign country most certainly IS illegal and other countries have a right to take measures in response. But this is way off topic and I do not think that posting comments which paint the Kremlin as a victim are remotely helpful in persuading people of the need for Scottish independence.

    • UndeadShaun says:

      “Drop the suicidal and illegal sanctions on Russian energy and banking.
      2 Open Nord Stream 2.”

      I cant believe you just said that.

      Why are sanctions illegal????

      You would rather appease a dictator?

      We know from history that never works and they come back again and again, until we end up with a massive war.

      And the issues with UK energy market are of their own desgn.

      Scrapping the gas storage facilities
      Not building enough windfarms in England
      Not looking at have an alternative to gas.

      Your working for the FSB and i claim my £5

      • Capella says:

        Aplogies – I should explain – I said “suicidal” because they are destroying the economies of European nations, notably Germany, and not destroying the Russian economy which has enjoyed record profits from the soaring prices.

        By “illegal” I mean not mandated by the UN. (I believe that attempting to destroy a countries economy is a war crime.) Most governments around the world are not joining the sanctions war which renders it ineffective.
        I’ll be surprised if the EU survives this debacle.

        • Eilidh says:

          The UN are as much use as a chocolate teapot in regard to the Ukraine war as Russia is a permanent member of the Security Council so have a veto there is no way you will ever get the most important part of the UN voting for sanctions against Russia. Whilst having permanent members of the Security Council made sense in the years following the Second World War it is high time the Security Council was reformed to allow the removal of the veto if a Security Council member country carries out acts of aggression against another sovereign nation. Ultimately having permanent members of the Security Council should be ended completely

        • Ultimately having permanent members of the Security Council should be ended completely

          I could not agree more with your post Eilidh, notably this point.

          There is no excuse whatsoever for the death and destruction Russia has wrought on Ukraine for people there not voting in the way it wants. I said from the beginning that if Ukrainian’s didn’t want Russian rule (and TBH, I didn’t whether they actually did or not), it would be another Afghanistan; the natives would fight bitterly on and on and on until they expelled the foreign invaders from their land. And that is exactly what’s happening.

          The sad irony is that Russia has reduced to rubble the areas that were most pro-Russian. It has blown up the homes and schools of ethnic Russians in the east, while Ukrainian areas have suffered little. A natural consequence of using the bomb rather than the ballot box.

          It is Putin’s demise, just as Brexit it Britain’s.

  13. Capella says:

    The price of being in the Union skyrockets.

    Scots face prospect of ‘freezing or starving’ this winter, Citizens Advice warns

    Citizens Advice Scotland (CAS) said soaring energy bills are driving “frightening” demand for advice around food insecurity. It warned it is already seeing an increase in the numbers seeking help ahead of a “toxic cocktail” of soaring energy bills, rising inflation and higher interest rates – and raised concerns about how people will manage later in the year.

    The latest CAS quarterly cost of living analysis, which looks at the demand for advice, noted “significant growth” for demand for cost of living related advice within areas such as utilities and food insecurity. Comparing the first quarter of this year to the financial year of 2021/22, demand for cost of living utility advice was up from 26% to 35%, while demand for food insecurity advice was up from 36% to 45%.

    Meanwhile views of the online advice page “struggling to pay your energy bills” were up 120% and views of the online advice page “Get help with bills” increased 119%.

  14. rongorongo says:

    Not directly political – but thought people might like Ambient Scotrail Beats – the one upshot of Scotrail’s release of all its announcements as a audio file – following an FOI request made last week:

  15. James says:

    Drop the suicidal and illegal sanctions on Russian energy and banking

    Russia is not going to give up its trump card of its hold over gas just for sanctions being lifted. Putin needs a victory. At the very least he will want The US/ UK/ EU to stop sending money and weapons to Ukraine.

    What sort of message does that send? What happens next time? Maybe Saudi Arabia gets fed up with the west critising its human rights record and treatens to cut oil production (thus pushing oil and energy prices) unless the west says or does what it wants. Or China invades Taiwan and says to the west if you try and do anything about it we will just cut exports to your countries pushing up prices (therfore inflation) as there will be less of the cheap goods that the west relies on. Or maybe Putin turns his eye to another former part of the USSR knowing that the west cant do anything becasue of fears of its gas supplies.

    I’m sure through back channels there are discussions about what compromises both Russia and Ukraine will make, but these will have to be sold as a way to stop the bloodshed, not reduce energy prices in rich western countries.

  16. Golfnut says:

    Excellent chart UK wide usage.

  17. And from ‘Western Englandshire over the water’.

    Majority in North back Irish unity within next 20 years

    A majority of voters in Northern Ireland support joining a united Ireland either now or within the next 15 to 20 years, according to the latest opinion poll by LucidTalk.

    In a series of questions for The Sunday Times the Belfast polling company asked voters if they would support a united Ireland today or at some point in the future: 41 per cent said if there was a poll now they would vote “yes”, but a further 10 per cent said they “would or may” vote yes if a poll was held in 15 to 20 years’ time.

    Some 48 per cent of those surveyed in the LucidTalk online poll said they would vote for Northern Ireland to remain part of the United Kingdom if a referendum were held today, and 11 per cent did not know or were not sure.

    That’s 46% Yes for plan free, immediate reunification tomorrow.

    I suspect if England overturns the election result and removes the protocol against the will of the people of NI, that will shoot up sharply.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Once again though we see polling companies offer the *now is not the time* option
      to encourage the split in timing vote when in the real world that option doesn’t exist
      When a date to vote on a proposition is called, that’s the date

      So many times we’ve seen this done in Scotland where the polling companies come up with three different time options for referendums then quote the lowest result which is invariably the soonest date, the media then reports that result in the usual negative terms and the can gets lumped into the furthest away long grass again, job done

      Tempt people into delaying any decision they think they don’t have to make and human nature takes over

      Polling companies could ask the question *would you prefer to procrastinate on every life decision until* then offer the same silly time options, and I’d put money on folk still picking the furthest away time slot to delay their procrastination decision date

      The real world demands you walk the dog when the dog needs to go or it pees on your carpet, unless you’re lucky enough to have some new breed of procrastinating Pomeranian with ten year bladder control

    • William Davison says:

      The thing about the Northern Ireland Protocol is that it hasn’t been applied yet. There was a “grace period” for the whole of 2021, which was then renewed to the end of this year. Polls on whether people here approve or disapprove of it are utterly meaningless as its full effects haven’t been felt. Despite that, people in farming, the veterinary sector, haulage and fishing are complaining about it. The E.U is naturally furious that it hasn’t been stringently applied and has taken legal action on that basis. The Protocol was designed by the EU and the Irish government to substantially weaken the links between NI and the rest of the UK, by allowing the EU to semi-annex part of the UK, to semi-partition the UK and put barriers in the way of the UK’s internal single market. The UK government obligingly suspended (i.e. effectively repealed) Article 6 of the Act of Union to facilitate the Protocol. Article 6 guarantees free trade between the constituent parts of the UK.
      The Protocol is, of course, every NI Nationalist’s dream come true and every NI Unionist’s worst nightmare. Having voted for the Good Friday Agreement in 1998 and re-read it many times since 2016, I am in no doubt that the Protocol breaks not only the terms of that Agreement, but its entire foundational ethos, which was that there should be complete equilibrium and equality between the Nationalist and Unionist traditions in NI. The Protocol is completely skewed in favour of nationalism and breaks the GFA’S guarantee that “it would be wrong to make any change in the status of NI save with the consent of a majority of its people.” So, effectively, it has demolished the GFA and the entire post-1998 settlement, while breaking international law in the process. I think the Irish government would have been better advised to prioritize north-south relations, east -west relations and, above all, internal relations in NI, rather than sucking up to the EU by supporting a “solution” designed to punish the UK for voting for Brexit. But I forget that the Irish government is in no sense independent, since the bailout of 2010 it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the EU, led by people who are, essentially, Branch Managers. But I wouldn’t imagine anyone on this site will agree with me.

    • I believe we’ve been over some of this before. You seem to be coming from a unionist perspective, which of course is the minority (4/10 based on the most recent election) view; the majority must be respected. The voted massively for the protocol in May’s election and so it must be kept in place until such time as they change their minds. People can’t argue that NI is part of the UK ‘because people there want it to be / vote that way’ while at the same time ignoring what they want / the way they vote.

      The GFA is full of references to EU membership and the need for free movement between Ireland and the part still partitioned by imperial Britain. The GFA was brokered by the USA not to ‘stop the troubles’, but to address the route cause of these; the continued partitioning / occupation of a party of a modern European country and the discrimination against its native [Irish] inhabitants. You are correct in that the goal was to emancipate Irish N. Irish from being second class citizens, to equals with the British. Hence the DUP etc opposed it as the now oppose the protocol. They do not believe Irish people are equal to them in the same way the ruling Brenglish consider Scottish / Welsh people as lesser humans.

      Certainly, while it may have been truer back in 1920, N. Ireland remaining part of the UK today is not based on the ‘popular support of people there’. Unionist parties command only minority support, with the arbitrary border with Ireland completely unrepresentative of reality. It does not separate majority British unionists from Irish people, but Irish from Irish. All the border constituencies back reunification, some to epic levels (70%+). Democratically, there can be no hardening of that border. If you wanted to reflect the views of N. Irish residents, you’d need to move it border to just surround pro-union areas. But we are where we are and have the GFA and both sides need to respect it. British unionists are to blame for the current problems Brexit creates for it as they voted for brexit; something the people of N. Ireland overwhelmingl / en masse rejected.

      It was of course the Conservative & Unionist Party of Great Britain – previous coalition partners of the DUP – that co-wrote the protocol and signed it off. So unionists are now making themselves look even more stupid by arguing against the very thing they and their fellow Brits actually devised.

      It’s sort of comical for NI unionists to suggest Irish people are the puppets of the EU while the likes of the DUP want to be in union with people that had done nothing but betray them for the benefit of England. It’s pretty clear that England is no friend of N. Irish unionists, but is happy to sell them out just like it sells out Scottish unionists when it suits. I might suggest British unionists have some pride and stop looking so pathetic chasing the affections of those that care not for them one jot.

      Northern Irish unionists need to accept the will of the people. That is what nationalists accepted when the signed up to the GFA. That the future of N. Ireland, however arbitrarily partitioned and reflective of reality it was, would be decided by the people there. The people have now firmly decided against ‘hard’ unionism. They have not decided for reunification yet though, and now the neutrals hold the balance. Just as in Scotland, N. Ireland’s position in the UK cannot be strengthened by England forcing policy on the people there against their will. If England overturns the May 2022 election result and starts dismantling the protocol, that will only increase support for reunification and hasten the demise the UK. The same applies in Scotland; the more England tries to remove the right of Scots to self-determine, so their support for self-determination will increase.

      If you are dead against the protocol, then you need to get out chapping doors and persuading voters in NI to oppose it. That’s the only way to win.

  18. May the gods help us all. We shall surely need it!

  19. Panelbase tables up. Some questions not there.

    Who do you think should make the decision about whether there is a referendum on Scottish independence?
    52% The Scottish Government
    37% The UK government

    = 58.4% the Scottish Government ex DK.

    How pleased or upset would you be if…Scotland left the UK and became an independent country?
    46% Pleased
    7% It wouldn’t bother me either way
    42% Upset
    4% DK

    = 56% Pleased or not bothered either way ex DK

    38% Would be very pleased
    34% Would be very upset

    • Weirdly, they weight by another country’s election, namely the 2019 English/British one, rather than the latest Scottish national election from last year. Ahead of 2014, weighting by a different country’s election was found to be very inaccurate in Scotland, unsurprisingly. They are also weighting to a vote held 8 years ago which a large chunk of the electorate didn’t vote in. The electorate remembers voting Yes notably more than was the case, as usual, causing down-weighting.

      So all in all, a Yes unfriendly poll, but with nice outcomes for Yes.

      • Dr Jim says:

        I don’t remember any poll that posed all these questions and answers when England decided we were all to have Brexit
        Were we upset, very upset, totally pissed off? it didn’t seem to bother them much at all over that referendum, it was done, the *British* people had *spoken* and get it right up ye Scotland

      • To be honest, just 34% of people in Scotland saying they’d be ‘very upset’ by Scottish indy is excellent news as it highlights how unlikely it is that a yes vote would be reversed by the electorate. Even a good fraction of no voters will just accept it and move on.

        I personally was very upset that Scots voted no in 2014. I was also very upset by the brexit referendum outcome. Same for the Tories winning a majority. But hey, that’s politics.

        • JP58 says:

          I think reversing a Yes vote would be very difficult as I imagine there would need to be a new settlement and remainder of UK would (rightly in my opinion) want a say and to vote on issue. Highly unlikely RUK voters would welcome Scotland back in with open arms in first few years after we became independent. The same would also stand for UK (& Scotland) rejoining EU. The difference being the goodwill towards Scotland being dragged out against will and EU would enjoy seeing UK fall apart and EU expand will enhance chance of EU supporting Scotland’s application to join.

        • I agree. People tend to respect outcomes unless they really do change minds. It is why I’ve always said we can’t bounce Scots into independence. It isn’t an election / indy isn’t for Christmas. You want it to literally be the will of the people, not a knee jerk reaction they later regret and could undo at an election. That was my concern about going to early for a vote; scraping 50.1% only for unionist parties to stand on an end indy ticket and get 50.1%… = Mess.

          This is the problem with brexit. It was a knee jerk reaction that people now regret. They’ve not undone it / started rolling it back a bit to soft, but that’s primarily because no party is giving them the choice. It will be the undoing of the UK though. Brexit is a mess because it’s not the settled will of the peoples of the UK. They were bounced into it.

          These data show little love for the union in Scotland; 34% is the number that have some quote strong emotional attachment (British and Scottish + British identifiers) here, and that’s pretty low. It’s outnumbered by those that would be kicking their heals together at the prospect. A majority would be happy or not bothered at all. This is for what is a more pro-UK pollster of late.

          It’s very bad reading for British nationalists.

  20. UndeadShaun says:

    I might be wrong, but im sure we produce electricity enough in Scotland to have excess of what the interconnector to England can take and still have enough for Scotlands requirements.

    So westminster may see lights out in England and on in Scotland even if the interconectors are running at capacity.

    There are plans to add another 4gw capacity, but not started yet.

    Its hard tryong to find interconnector data, but this uk gov spreadsheet has info on it for all interconnectors..

  21. UndeadShaun says:

    There is another 6.7 GW of offshore wind turbines planned by SSE in Scotland by 2030, so extra interconnector capacity may be to handle that along with the planned large hydro pumped storage project at Coire Glas near inverness.

  22. Dr Jim says:

    Ex BBC journalist Emily Maitlis said the BBC practices censorship not impartiality, and that is the reason she left the organisation
    Journalist John Sopel said the BBC deliberately ducked questioning and reporting on the downside of Brexit

  23. dakk says:

    Wonder if she is alluding to her already damning Prince Andrew interview there.

  24. dakk says:

    With US bank Citibank forecasting 18.6 % UK inflation rate by Jan 23 (round up to 19%)and the Felixstowe dockers about to go on strike hyperinflation might even be on the cards.

    We’ve had nearly £2 trillion QE since 2008 which is nearly the entire national debt.

    Decades long corrupt UK governance from all 3 britnat parties coming home to roost alas.

  25. Bob Lamont says:

    Ooft, they nailed it… Caution advised on the sweary stuff which may offend…

  26. Ken says:

    Huge Offshore turbine scheme off Peterhead. Large office complex in place.

    The Oil sector should be taxed higher when the price and profits are high. Lower when the price and profits are lower. That is how it was supposed to be.

    The tax has been as high as 80% Oil price $120. Oil price fell 75%. The tax fall was not adequate. 120,000 lost their jobs. Now made up in renewables. Scotland’s revenues increased £3Billion from renewables in a year. That is enough to offset fuel and energy prices. If Scotland had the powers.

    Scotland in surplus, in fuel and energy, and nearer the source pays more. An extra burden on the whole economy. Scotland should pay 10++ less for parity.

    Fracked US Gas is imported through Grangemouth. The Russsian gas cuts are being offset by US Gas and energy. The Ukraine War? NATO. Funded and supported by US manipulation causing trouble in Europe. US tax evading monopolies. Creating a monopoly, charging what they like and tax evading worldwide. Destroying economies.

    The Tories do not have a clue. Total mismanagement. The UK Gov in control of the energy licensing in Scotland.

  27. Capella says:

    Nicola Sturgeon points out that power to fix the energy crisis is reserved to Westminster.
    Nicola Sturgeon: Scotland would still be facing energy crisis with nationalised supplier

    Future plans for Scotland’s energy are set to become clearer as the Government is looking to publish an energy paper as part of its series outlining the case for independence.

    However, Sturgeon has said that the exact date for the paper’s publication is “not yet determined”.

    During her Aberdeen visit, she also said that new offshore wind power developments will be “crucial” as Scotland looks to become “one of the net-zero capitals of Europe”.

    • Golfnut says:

      Nationalizing the energy suppliers is completely different to setting up a government owned agency.

      • Capella says:

        Do you mean producers? I would certainly agree that a vertically integrated production and supply infrastructure would solve the profiteering problem, regulated by a democratically elected Scottish government of course.

        • Golfnut says:

          I do mean producers, thanks.

          “vertically integrated production and supply infrastructure would solve the profiteering problem, regulated by a democratically elected Scottish government of course.”

          certainly floats my boat Capella.
          I don’t know what function the agency would serve in a dependent Scotland or indeed how it will function in a independent Scotland. Nationalising the grid and the producers may not be or have been a priority for the SG, that may have changed and could be the reason for the delay in publishing the energy prospectus.

          • Capella says:

            Something like EDF perhaps which is 84% owned by the French state and they are currently nationalising the remaining 16%. It would be able to commission alternative sources of energy as they come on stream and, at last, make it easy to connect to the grid. For base load we already have hydro and wave power.
            Look forward to the plans when they emerge.

  28. Capella says:

    So all those inflation spiralling pay increases will sink beneath the waves by January.

    Investment bank Citi predicts UK inflation will hit 18.6 per cent in January

    INVESTMENT bank Citi has predicted that UK inflation is on course to rise to 18.6% in January – the highest peak in almost half a century.

    Last month, the increase in prices of food and household staples saw inflation reach its highest level in over 40 years as it soared to 10.1%.

    Citi said its latest prediction could be attributed to rising wholesale gas prices.

    The investment bank predicted that the retail energy price cap would be raised to £4657 in January and then £5816 in April, compared with the current level of £1971 a year.

  29. jfngw says:

    I see the Tories and Labour are back at removing power from Holyrood and giving it to local councils. I think we can see why that is, council elections have a poor turnout hence you end up with unionist run councils.

    Of course in theory there is nothing wrong with more local power but that’s only valid if the turnout is better than currently. They can’t win at Holyrood so they want to grab the power in the least democratic vote we have in Scotland regarding turnout.

    Also we have seen what poor quality the unionist MSP’s are, I can’t image how worse they must be at local level. We will all be run as Edinburgh and North Lanarkshire if they have their way.

  30. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    ITV Headline :

    “Sturgeon urged to end ‘international embarrassment’ as Edinburgh bins overflow”

    NO mention that it in Edinburgh tis a Labour/Tory coalition led council.

    NO Anas Sarwar pictured next to an overflowing rubbish bin a La COP26 in Glasgow……

    Scottish government offer 5% which the Labour/Tory council did NOT action but instead offered 3.5% ……in the hope that it would prompt industrial action …which THEN would prompt headlines such as those above via condemnation from both Labour and Tory politicians BLAMING the FM and her government….

    A formula guaranteed to play out in Scottish politics……the ITV story under the headlines FAILS to mention the Labour/Tory led council…of course it does….omission works just as well as disinformation in an agenda…..blame the FM…of course they do…….disinformation works on those uninformed by the reality of a situation….but how many in Scotland are REALLY uninformed and unaware of the reality in the UK now and who is REALLY to blame ?

    THIS IS the REALITY of OUR press and opposition politicians….to TRY to gaslight the public in Scotland……meanwhile down south everything is just ROSY….but don’t look THERE look HERE…..

    Tell me what ARE the politicians doing down south to improve the total mess that is….

    A mess impacting us in Scotland due to the UK government’s lack of action, solutions, organisation, in recess from decisions until a new King or Queen of the Tories is elected by ONLY their members, excuses, inadequate and foolish political pledges by candidates for THE crown to become the NEW leader same as the OLD leader….which when challenged on feasibility of said pledges THEY as pledges are then rescinded aka another U turn applied, off on holiday to party party party, overall they, as a current government, are static and zombified and basically doing VERY LITTLE aka NOTHING to offset current various crisis’s that are making life in THEIR UK for ALL workers (in and not in Trade Unions) a life of hardship, stress, desperation and HELL.

    So spare us in Scotland the contrived faux Labour/Tory/Lib Dem/Media generated anti Scottish government and anti FM headlines and stories… we know EXACTLY where the buck stops on ALL of the sh*t that now unfolds and it is most certainly NOT with the Scottish government or the FM… matter how hard they all try…..all to save their (non) Union that currently they ALL SAY is not at risk….Confucius says that is what is called Double Speak……apparently as no one in Scotland, via majority WANTS independence BUT we have Pro Union politicians speak of nothing else in relation to Scotland AND we also have an announcement of a tour to SAVE the UNION (same one that is not at risk apparently) from a GB News presenter with a peerage and another Peer who abandoned politics in Scotland to seek her fortune which was formerly restricted in her previous unsuccessful position as failed Tory leader at Holyrood (BOTH nominated for peerages via Boris Johnson failed PM and person).

    The media will promote them and their TOUR which is basically the whole basis FOR the tour as in to promote the message that they will SAVE that which currently they and others say is not needing SAVED as Union is best and according to them the majority of Scots do not want anything but the Union (hence the NEED for the tour by THEM #ConfusedDotCom)…..but to BELIEVE the UK is BEST then we all need to turn a blind eye to the here and now we are ALL currently LIVING…..well that sounds like it will go down like a bucket of sick……cue Tory members queuing up for TICKETS and also their respective elected MP’s and unelected MSP’s ……STOP PRESS…BREAKING NEWS every day of the Tour…..a circus, a pantomime but not a serious or honest political message ……….GB NEWS will obvs be front and centre of this charade……you NEED to be a fool to be taken in by THIS Pro Union political stunt…a painful and prolonged one.

    Reality will HIT home on the media construct that is Baroness Davidson ( after all she did NOT help the Tories in Scottish Council election where she campaigned, delivered leaflets AND fronted many an election pamphlet for them….they came third in THAT election)…..when for many Scots THE TOUR via her and the GB NEWS presenter NOSE DIVE via lack of interest and positive response with those who they target as in Scots and t’others living in Scotland…..BOTH unelected and unwanted in Scotland….pretty useless elsewhere too IMO……meanwhile their fan base will lap it up……as in the MINORITY.

    God save me from all of this constant Hell…..breaking point ….and all the rest.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Now hearing there may be NO tour by the unelected duo… the media construct that is the Baroness has dismissed it as ” utter b*llocks” in her usual eloquent fashion….she does have an aggressive way in speaking does she not… between the switched on BIG smiles…..mind you she is renowned for flip flopping like the failed current branch office manager…….

      I can’t keep up with the gutter press…..they are just so contradicTORY …..flip flop like the political party they support… minute this and then the next minute the OPPOSITE…..helps to read between the lines with gutter press to seek REAL truth…also helps with unelected peeps like the Baroness too…..

      I can’t keep up…..mind you she WILL do a TOUR at some point….guaranteed.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Labour and unions eh

      Of course they deserve a decent standard of living, but but but…..

      The problem they both have is that eventually their overall plan becomes obvious to everybody when somebody opens their mouth and goes too far and admits they want rid of the SNP in Scotland and the Tories in England but don’t mention the Labour party at all

      And that’s exactly what a Unite union official did this morning on BBC radio Scotland
      He opened his mouth and the plan spewed out

      So yes, money’s important, but apparently politics is more important, especially to the Labour cabal just the same as the Tory cabal, and they’ll do anything to regain that power at everybody and anybody’s expence

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