Scottish democracy will be the big loser of the Tory leadership contest

scottish democracyIt ought to be unnecessary in a country with a long and well established democratic tradition that the basic principles of democracy and parliamentary mandates should have to be explained and reiterated. Sadly however that is where we are in Scotland in 2022 where in their panicked desperation the opponents of Scottish independence, who are very much Anglo-British nationalists despite their strident protestations that they are against ‘nationalism’ are resorting to all sorts of implausible contortions in order to reconcile their mutually contradictory assertions.

In order to escape the charge that they are denying the democratic will of the people of Scotland, and caught between their claim that its up to the Scottish people to decide whether Scotland remains in the UK or not while insisting that they will not ‘allow’ another referendum, the anti-democratic British nationalists must find some formula for denying that the Scottish Parliament was indeed given a mandate by the people of Scotland for a second independence referendum.

As anyone who was paying even passing attention is aware, the issue of a second independence referendum dominated the Scottish Parliament election of 2021. The SNP and the other pro-independence parties made it clear that a vote for them would result in a Scottish Parliament which would bring about another vote on independence. For their part the anti-independence parties made it clear that if elected to Holyrood they would vote against any bill or proposal for another vote on independence.

As we all know,of the pro-independence parties, the SNP won 64 seats and the Scottish Greens won 8, thus ending up with 72 pro-independence and pro-referendum seats between them in Holyrood and giving them a comfortable majority over the anti-independence parties who between them won just 57 seats . (Conservatives 31, Labour 22, and Lib Dems 4) 72 is a much bigger number than 57, it is in fact by some margin the largest pro-independence majority that there has ever been in the Scottish Parliament, so you might think it was unarguable that the electorate had given Holyrood an unequivocal mandate for another independence referendum.

You would of course be wrong. Before the new MSPs had even got their bums on their seats the anti-independence parties, their supporters in the media, and the moon howling red white and blue contingent on social media were falling over themselves to brit-splain the outcome of the election to us and tell us why this resounding mandate for another independence referendum was in fact no such thing.

Right away we had assorted Tories telling us that because the SNP had not won an absolute majority in its own right there was no mandate for another independence referendum. The 64 SNP MSPs were outnumbered by the 65 MSPs from all the other parties, apparently the 8 Green MSPs are so much chopped meat and the fact that they too support another referendum seemingly doesn’t count, so if you voted Green and got a Green MSP elected it seemingly doesn’t matter. There was a concerted effort amongst opponents of independence to vote tactically in order to deprive the new Parliament of a pro-independence majority because the opponents of independence were well aware of what a majority pro-independence Scottish Parliament would mean. They failed, but having failed tried to shift the goal posts so that Green MSPs didn’t count, only SNP MSPs mattered where a mandate for another referendum was concerned. They would have done exactly the same had any of the other pro-independence party succeeded in winning seats.

However the new Presiding Officer Alison Johnson, was chosen from amongst the ranks of Green MSPs. The Presiding Officer renounces affiliation with their party and does not generally cast a vote except to break a tie. Even then, the convention is that when the presiding officer does use their tie-breaking vote, they do so in favour of advancing debate, but on final ballots, they vote to retain the status quo. This means effectively the SNP does have a majority in its own right as all the other MSPs combined cannot outvote it.

More to the point, the SNP cannot be outvoted on any vote concerned with advancing another independence referendum, since this is also Green policy. The majority status of the SNP led Scottish Government was later cemented when the SNP agreed a deal with the Greens.

Even though they are faced with a pro-independence Scottish Government whose majority is unassailable, this has not stopped the British nationalists and their enablers from trying to come up with arguments which they hope might persuade the public that the mandate held by Holyrood isn’t “really” a mandate, and therefore they are not authoritarian democracy deniers by appealing to forces beyond Holyrood such as the UK Supreme Court or Downing Street in order to block the second independence referendum and undermine Scottish democracy.

Thus we hear a lot of selective appeals to opinion polling from the parties which seek to traduce the outcome of the 2021 Holyrood election because they cannot, in Trumpian fashion, accept that they lost. We do not have government by opinion poll in this or any other country. But if we did then the anti-independence parties would have to respect all polling, not just the polls that suited them. If that were the case the Tories and Labour would have to concede that most people think Brexit was a disaster that needs to be undone, yet both of them are committed to a hard Brexit and keeping the UK out of the Single Market and Customs Union. We don’t hear much from them about opinion polls on that topic, funny that.

The other desperately pathetic attempt to deny democracy is commonplace on social media, especially amongst the staunch brigade. These types love to point out that the pro-independence parties combined received 48.98% of the share of the votes in the constituency vote, which of course is not an absolute majority. Usually they just fixate on the SNP vote share alone, which was 47.70% in the constituency vote and 40.34% in the regional list vote.

They are less keen to highlight that between them the SNP, Greens, Alba, and other minor pro-independence parties obtained 50.18% of votes in the regional list vote.

While percentage vote share might be of interest to political anoraks, this was a parliamentary election, not a referendum. The fact that the SNP got ‘only’ 47.70% vote share in the constituency vote in no way undermines or invalidates its mandate for another independence referendum. No British Government has achieved over 50% of the popular vote since 1935 when the National Government headed by Stanley Baldwin won 51.8% of the votes cast. Even Thatcher’s landslide in 1979 was won with a mere 43.9% of the popular vote. Tony Blair won his landslide in 1997 with 43.2% of votes cast. The current Conservative government won its 80 seat Commons majority on just 43.6% of the vote. If you want to argue that the Scottish Government doesn’t have a mandate for a second independence referendum because it failed to win a majority of votes cast, then you are conceding that no British government for almost 90 years has had a mandate to implement its manifesto.

Yet this is where we are now, forced to defend the fundamentals of democracy. All by itself this should make you realise the very real danger that democracy in Scotland faces from British nationalists who deny that they are a threat to Scottish democracy as vehemently as they deny that they are nationalists. It’s only going to get worse.  Both Sunak and Truss are fully invested in these attempts to deny Scottish democracy and won’t only refuse to acknowledge the democratic choice Scotland made at the last Scottish Parliament election, they will take a wrecking ball to the devolution settlement.

No matter which of the two candidates for Prime Minister who are currently trying to appeal to the basest instincts of the Conservative party ends up as the winner, democracy in Scotland will end up the loser.


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57 comments on “Scottish democracy will be the big loser of the Tory leadership contest

  1. Capella says:

    The British state is in meltdown. The Tory Government has collapsed. The cost of living crisis requires urgent action but the Prime Minister and the Chancellor are on holiday. BREXIT is causing chaos at ports and in the economy and endangering the NI protocol. Energy prices are soaring out of hand. Could the Tories have made a bigger mess?

    Yet they feel entitled to suspend Scottish democracy. They are world beating incompetent fools and we need to be rid of them and this hopeless union.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      The fact they have totally, utterly messed up the UK with their Brexit, and are dragging Scotland down with them, will be their excuse to close down Holyrood, until they can install a BritNat party that is. Of course they will use national security or something, as a faux reason. London will survive and thrive.

      Excellent article Paul, thanks.

  2. P Harvey says:

    Excellent post Paul!In the absence of any positive evidence or argument for the union – they expose themselves by trying to find any means to avoid an independence referendum, as they know they will loose
    Free in 23 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  3. Welsh_Siôn says:

    From the Telegraph:

    Ruth Davidson: I will return to front-line politics in the event of indyref2

    Daniel Sanderson

    Sun, 7 August 2022 at 9:33 pm·4-min read

    On Sunday, the former Scottish Tory leader said that while she believed she would never again stand in a parliamentary election, she was ready to serve “in any way I can” should the SNP succeed in securing another vote on breaking up the UK.

    Once touted as a potential prime minister, Ms Davidson, 43, transformed the fortunes of the Scottish Conservatives during her eight-year stint as leader, before standing down in 2019.

    She insisted that she did not believe there would be a referendum for at least another decade, and denounced Nicola Sturgeon’s latest plan for securing a new vote as a “sign of weakness” on the part of the SNP.

    However, asked by an audience member at an Edinburgh Fringe show whether she would be prepared to front a No campaign as she was “the only one who could stand up to Sturgeon”, she signalled that she would be prepared to do so.

    “Were there to be one, I will always get involved in whatever way I can, because I believe in it, and I believe in fighting for what you believe in,” she said, at an event hosted by Iain Dale, the LBC presenter.

    Discussing whether she would become the “face” of a pro-Union campaign if asked by the Prime Minister, she said: “They wouldn’t have to ask, this is my country and I will fight for it.”

    She added: “I don’t expect there to be a referendum any time in the next 10 to 15 years, I’ll help out in whatever capacity I can if that ever happens.”

    The Lord Advocate, Ms Sturgeon’s senior law officer, has asked the Supreme Court to rule on whether Holyrood could run its own independence referendum in October next year.

    The UK Government has already refused to transfer the necessary powers to Holyrood to legislate for a new referendum.

    The First Minister has said that should her plan for a Holyrood-run referendum be ruled unconstitutional, as is widely expected, she would attempt to turn the next general election into a “de facto referendum” on independence.

    Ms Davidson, who also played a leading role in the No campaign in 2014, rejected the SNP’s claim that it has a cast-iron mandate to stage a second referendum, after pro-independence parties won a majority of seats at the last Holyrood election.

    “They signed an agreement saying they would respect the result of the last referendum, and that respect lasted all of 32 seconds before they decided to campaign for another one, so no, I don’t accept [they have a mandate],” Ms Davidson, who is now a member of the House of Lords, said.

    “I don’t think you get to keep running a question because you didn’t like the answer. You can bet your bottom dollar that if they had won 55-45 they wouldn’t let us rerun it.”

    She added: “I do think they [the SNP] are in a bit of a bind and I’m not sure this plan to go to the Supreme Court, then run a general election campaign for who becomes the prime minister of the United Kingdom … as a de facto referendum when it’s not, works.

    “I think that is a sign of weakness that they don’t know what their next move is, but they needed to do something. I’m not sure that plan is one that is wholly effective – I’m picking my words really carefully.”

    The cross-party Better Together campaign was fronted in 2014 by Alistair Darling, the former Labour chancellor. However, there is uncertainty over whether a formal alliance between the Conservatives, Labour and LibDems would be repeated.

    Jackie Baillie, the Scottish Labour deputy leader, has said her party was “wrong” to have worked with the Tories during the campaign and suggested pro-UK parties would run “distinctive” campaigns in any future referendum.

    Ms Davidson also revealed that she had been asked by aides to Theresa May to stand for the UK Parliament in the 2017 election in an English seat, but rejected the offer.

    She said she would never accept being “parachuted” into an English constituency, but left the door ajar to standing in a Scottish seat at a future election.

    “I think my time in elected politics is over, but I’ve been wrong before,” she said.

    ‘The Scottish people will decide’

    Responding to Ms Davidson, a spokesman for the SNP said: “The Scottish Government has been given a cast-iron democratic mandate by the people to hold an independence referendum – and that is what we intend to do on October 19 2023.

    “Ruth Davidson said that if there was a majority of parties in the Scottish Parliament who supported independence then it is right that an independence referendum be held, and clearly that is the case.

    “In any case, it is the Scottish people who will decide upon the future of Scotland – not a Tory Government at Westminster, or unelected Lords with no democratic mandate.”

    • JoMax says:

      “Discussing whether she would become the “face” of a pro-Union campaign if asked by the Prime Minister, she said: “They wouldn’t have to ask, this is my country and I will fight for it.”

      Eh? What ‘country’ and who and what is she fighting for exactly? Is she polishing up her tank even as she speaks?

      What a pathetic wee attention-seeker.

      Anyway, isn’t the Edinburgh Fringe supposed to be an Arts Festival with comedy and stuff like that? She and Gordy Broon should get thegither and do a double act.

      • ArtyHetty says:

        Yep, exactly Jo. Isn’t tank commander untRuth living in London now after all she has to sign in to the HOL’s five days a week to get her £1500 a week for the rest of her life, an unelected jumped up nobody, takes masses of £’s from the public purse. She’ a lying scheming selfish British Nationalist trougher if ever there was.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        The Baroness is a busted flush….her puss was on many of the Tory election campaign leaflets in the Scottish council elections…she was also filmed and pictured campaigning with Dross in that election…..and the Tories came THIRD in the Scottish council elections……she abandoned FRONT LINE politics to take a back seat in the HOL’s to make her fortune via many OTHER jobs she is now ALLOWED to acquire which previously as opposition leader at Holyrood she was denied form doing ….the MSM can promote her as popular and a political force to be reckoned with…..but the Scottish public know who she is……NOT a political force, NOT worth reckoning with and NOT as asset to the NO side but just another TORY who constantly speaks with forked tongue to ensure HER party remains the UK government and that Scotland is (over) ruled by them…..

        A media construct does not maketh it a success and in her case it merely exposes her many failures to rise above being a constant opposition leader at Holyrood……..she only fights for her own self interest and that relies upon the UK being sustained……her involvement in politics is partisan and as an unelected politician she is not entitled (pun) to dictate who and what we in Scotland seek to do as a population………her interference in our politics is just another example of how ridiculous politics in the UK has become…..the media (pretend) to view her through rose tinted glasses but in reality she is a thorn in the side to everything that should be decent in politics but sadly currently is not…… like her party she is toxic.

        Tories THIRD in council elections…and with her prominent participation in that election…..the media then FAILED to HIGHLIGHT that very pertinent fact……the myth was exposed and no amount of propaganda by the media could cover that up……the Baroness is now just another unelected bureaucrat with NO credibility as far as the voters are concerned ….simples.

  4. Dr Jim says:

    Our problem is and always has been, asking, and we’re asking people who will always say no
    If we have to keep asking then we will never succeed, I believe our politicians must know that, I believe the FM must know it and that’s why I believe asking is only the opening gambit

    The rules of conflict dictate that you don’t ask for what you can’t take because that answer is always a negative, so the next move is to take something from them that they at present control to force them to strike out against us, if our politicians don’t do that then it’s over and it’ll be left to the people who will act in another way towards the English nationalists and their leaders

    My brother was in the British army when he was informed his regiment was being sent to Northern Ireland to give the Paddies and the Micks a good British army Arse kicking to teach these bog trotting Micks a lesson in who runs *this country* apparently it was all a good laugh at the time

    My brother went to the CO and handed in his papers to leave the British army, his reason?

    My wife is a bog trotting Paddy Mick sir

    • deelsdugs says:

      Well done your brother Dr. Jim. Wish my wee brother had not been so blinkered with the whole brainwashing, soldier theme, that eventually mucked him around once too often, then off he trotted to private security thinking £££’s and compensation should he meet his demise. He did. No £££’s, no compensation.

  5. Bob Lamont says:

    The irony of this bizarre PR campaign in place of the normally quiet affair to decide Tory leader is that has showcased the best the Tories have offer, and what a colossal blunder that has been.

    In appealing to their ca160,000 members with dogma, Truss and Sunak have both demonstrated a level of economic illiteracy bordering on barking-mad, the “Iron-Oxide Lady” particularly frightening as the clear favourite.
    Johnson wanted to erase his reputation as the worst PM in UK history, it’s coming…

    Despite HMS James Cook desperate promotion of this circus, I’d lay odds every Unionist in Scotland winced at each and every pronouncement, “Better Together” slowly but surely evaporating before their eyes.

    Scotland’s democracy is certainly threatened under PM Truss and her mafia’s bombast and bullshit, but crucially she’s given the undecideds a reason to get off the fence, and traditional Unionists to reconsider their position.

    It doesn’t matter a damn what DRoss or Sarwar or the Tailor’s dummy have to say now, the end of the Union is nigh and despite the bravado, they know it….

    • JP58 says:

      The candidates have to appeal to the Tory Party members therefore we are exposed to what Tories really think and want.
      Even though the winner (Liz Truss all probability) will have to change the narrative with reality of power and come election time what has been said cannot be unsaid and is there for future reference and will be used against her. It is the only thought to console ourselves while this farce of a contest appears to go on forever.

  6. yesindyref2 says:

    Interesting pair of articles, first this one:

    and then a reply to it a week later:

    I’m with McCorkindale – for me that separates the political from the legal in a more satisfactory fashion than with the Lord Advocate, a non-elected individual, having the right and indeed duty to veto the introduction of a parliamentary Bill if they are unsure about its “legality”, and to be blunt, without a court judgement NOBODY can be sure about the legaility or otherwise of any proposed piece of legislation. Same goes for the UK Parliament of course.

    Apart from that, I’d still like to see a Greens complementary intervention perhaps based on human rights, but maybe that would be too many interventions!

  7. Hamish100 says:

    A lady Lord has no mandate.
    They are appointees. Not elected.
    Mere fawning acolytes of Unionism, Brit nationalist,brexiters, little englander, anti European/ foreigners ( take your pick}.

  8. James Mills says:

    We , the UK , are all losers in this mud-slinging farrago which passes for a ”Leadership” contest . At least we in Scotland have the lifeboat of Independence to comfort us as the lunatics emerge from the asylum and run amok in society .
    Even Orwell could not have predicted this descent into madness which masquerades as The British Government .
    Faced with the worst ‘cost of living crisis ‘ in living memory , we have an absent PM , a Chancellor who takes the money but won’t do his job , two leadership clones/clowns who appeal to white , male , geriatric c*nts and a media which is so right wing that Mussolini wouldn’t get a job writing for The Daily Mail .

    So incompetent are this mob that this morning we have Gordon Brown emerging from hibernation to castigate Boris Johnson and his Clown Circus wannabes for doing the square root of f*ck all in the face of this crisis and sounding like someone with a modicum of sense .
    ( Let’s forget , for the moment , that he is as responsible as anyone for dropping us in the sh*t by his actions in 2014 and thereby shackling Scotland to this Tory/Westminster monstrosity !)

    However , what Brown will not be advocating is for Scotland to become Independent and eschew this Tsunami of fascist incompetence which is washing away democratic accountability . He is too concerned with history blaming him for not doing the ‘right thing’ in 2014 – he perhaps knows that we would have been Better NOT Together but has to double down on unionism or be exposed as a villain . Tough , Gordon ! You ARE a villain in this fiasco that passes as a democratic UK !

  9. Statgeek says:

    In 2015, Scotland elected 56 of 59 MPs to Westminster.

    94.9% of its MPs came from an Indy party, in the system that Westminster refuses to give up. Each of the Unionist parties managed a single MP. The Tory one was the Scottish secretary, the Labour one the shadow secretary, and the Lib Dem one was the former secretary. That highlighted how easy it is for a unionist MP to get a cabinet job in Scotland now.

    The result? “Scotland is a one party state.” (note the intentional use of the word ‘state’ and not ‘nation’). In the same breath, they would say that the Indyref was divisive, and Scotland is a divided nation. One party state; divided nation.

    They Tories’ aim is to have the UK as a one-party nation, and are prepared to make it a divided state to achieve it. We’ve seen it before with class wars, The Troubles, the strikes, and the tax laws (or lack of them).

    They always have moved the goalposts, and the they always will. Stop playing to their targets. Ignore them. They only thing that matters is the target that Scots set for themselves. We should leave rUK to their fantasies and join the rest of the world.

    It’s getting on for ten years since the Indyref was becoming a big, regular story. Ten years. And there’s still not been a positive case for the Union made. It all revolves around keeping Westminster and their pals propped up financially, and the whims of the next Tory wannabee wanting a mention in the list of PMs in Wikipedia.

    Not something to be very proud of, if a Unionist.

    • Dr Jim says:

      So far the British nationalist response to Scottish independence has really only ever been “We’re bigger than you”

  10. This is what you get when you let Brenglish party politicians run the economy.

    Record £300bn wiped off UK bonds and gilts as investors flee in biggest market collapse in decades

    Just under £300bn has been wiped off the value of UK corporate bonds since the start of this year following a major sell-off in the bond market in what is considered the biggest collapse in two decades.

    In the first six months of this year, the total outstanding value of UK corporate bonds has fallen by 13.3% from £2.237 trillion to £1.940 trillion, a fall of £297.5 billion.

    This compares to a fall of 3% for the FTSE100 over the same period, digital asset manager Collidr told City A.M. this morning.

    Bond prices have been hit by rising interest rates and rising inflation since the start of the year, in response to central banks tightening monetary policy to control inflation.

    Collidr’s research shows that £283.8bn has also been wiped off the value of Gilts (UK government bonds) since the start of the year.

    Gilts have fallen by 14.8%, the biggest drop since the 1980s.

  11. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    A Lib Dem councillor was apparently assaulted by someone while he was delivering leaflets door to door.

    Much outrage has been instigated via this incident and Alex ‘F*ck You Maree’ Cole-Hamilton is yet again trying to make political capital from this by inciting the usual suspects on Twitter to proclaim this is thanks to the SNP polluting Scottish politics.

    Indignant and outrage via the SAME Alex ‘F*ck You Maree’ Cole-Hamilton who was seen to snarl “F*ck You Maree” at a female SNP MSP in a Zoom session …………….such decorum and such tolerance….NOT….Thug like….YES.

    Alex ‘F*ck You Maree’ Cole-Hamilton is in the SAME political party that signed off on LORD David Steel covering up for Cyril Smith’s being a paedophile where he, Steel, “assumed” that Smith was guilty of paedophilia but no further action was taken by Steel as police had not taken any action on Smith……initially Steel was suspended from the Lib Dems during an ‘investigation’ by Scottish (INO) Lib Dems but post that ‘investigation’ his suspension was lifted…..indeed according to a newspaper “Former Liberal leader LORD David Steel has admitted he nominated depraved Cyril Smith for a knighthood eight years after he apparently confessed”….Willie Rennie refused to condemn Steel… very Lib Dem of him….Rennie a serial demander that others should resign but who fails to adhere to this supposed principle not a principle himself when it’s one of his own….colour me surprised…………

    Alex ‘F*ck You Maree’ Cole-Hamilton is in the SAME political party as Alistair Carmichael who LIED about the FM and tried to cover it up….#FrenchGate

    Alex ‘F*ck You Maree’ Cole-Hamilton is in the SAME political party as a senior Scottish (INO) Lib Dem who it was alleged by a former Lib Dem member and now whistleblower Emma Walker that he, the senor Lib Dem, “assaulted her and who was then allowed to run for Holyrood 2021 because Rennie and ACH were too scared to stop him, along with a ton of other stuff which led to a diagnosis of PTSD for Emma which Ed Davy, Rennie, Chamberlain and ACH ignored”. She also alleged that Alex ‘F*ck You Maree’ Cole-Hamilton “blocked her as soon as she sought justice”….

    So as much as I do NOT condone anyone resorting to violence to show their displeasure at a politician I hate even MORE those who resort to hypocrisy to score an undeserved and so very obvious political point using cheap and transparent tactics…… before Alex ‘F*ck You Maree’ Cole-Hamilton steps up onto his high moral Horse perhaps he should get his own house in order via his own political party…..of which there are many many serious issues with….unresolved issues and swept under the Lib Dem carpet issues…..issues being political SCANDALS actually.

    I think NOW IS THE TIME when a hell of a lot of the public are crying out for honesty, decency and good politics……the Lib Dems have proven time and time again that they are clearly NOT able to fulfil that criteria which currently is very much sadly lacking in politics via all UK pro Union politicians…..dirty tricks and cheap shots do not maketh a political party that inspires confidence and hope or indeed a wish to see them elected to represent you….indeed with everything that is currently going down down down in their UK it is a style of politics that repels a majority……

    Also 4 Lib Dem MSP’s does not maketh a political party in the Scottish parliament however no lessons will be learned by the Lib Dems ….like scavengers they only seek to steal votes from those disinclined to give their votes to other parties for ‘reasons’ which never sees them, as a political party, as a force to be reckoned with but more a non force best ignored and repelled …..

    We know what the Tories stand for hence why we do not vote them in via a majority in Scotland…..Labour too fall into same category as the Tories….but the Lib Dems are true political chameleons who will jump onto any popular bandwagon to seek attention , based on how they assume the public are currently feeling, and based solely on what is the best stance for them to take in order for them , as a party, to gain undeserved votes either from those easily swayed or those who find they cannot vote for either of the other mainstream political parties ……and yes I do have a particular dislike for the Lib Dems as they pollute politics with their double standards……they serve NO purpose in politics other than shaming the name that they call their party…as truly they are neither liberal nor democrats….

    Alex ‘F*ck You Maree’ Cole-Hamilton has now, as branch manager, taken them down to a new low…..and there was us thinking they could surely sink no lower. with Willie Rennie….then, via their smarmy new leader, there was a huge ‘Haud My Beer’ …………..quelle surprised……..NOT

    I await the autumn when Emma walker emerges from the shadows that she has stated that currently she has been forced to remain in…..all will perhaps be then revealed on the party but not a recognised party in Holyrood #LibDemPretendyPoliticalParty….

    Alex ‘F*ck You Maree’ Cole-Hamilton tweeted this yesterday on the incident :

    “Completely unacceptable. I’ve spoken with Kevin and this was a politically motivated assault by an SNP supporter.

    The guy in question can now explain his particular brand of civic and joyous nationalism to


    See what I mean he cannot help but bring in a toxic element…. as an individual did a very bad thing in HIM assaulting a Lib Dem councillor…….suddenly for Alex that equates to “explain his particular brand of civic and joyous nationalism to”…and…”politically motivated”…..thus the whole YES movement and the SNP is to be incriminated by Alex ‘F*ck You Maree’ Cole-Hamilton……thus inciting MORE rage from those who hate independence and the SNP and perhaps a backlash via a retaliation from some OTHER individuals towards an SNP Politician……..honesty, decency, good judgement and good politics are beyond the Lib Dems…..they thrive on promoting hate and division hence why they are always to the MAJORITY of clued up voters the political nobodies of politics.

    • Dr Jim says:

      The *culprit* a 65 years old man accused of this heinous crime was released without charge with no further investigations to be undertaken said a Police Scotland spokesperson

      BBC Reporting Scotland maliciously mischaracterized their reporting of this event and I am in no doubt whatsoever they deliberately omitted the report from Police Scotland in this case

      Earlier today Sky news smirked its way through the FMs letter to Boris Johnson by bringing in Liz Truss’s comments about ignoring Nicola Sturgeon and implying her letter was a political stunt to attract attention to herself

      Dominic Raab is progressing yet another power stripping law through Westminster to override decisions made by Judges and the courts and giving that power to Ministers of their own choosing

      This is a 1930s Germany minute by minute copy of how the Nazi party invaded their own country and trod all over the rights of decent Germans so severely that it became too late to do anything about it, as people were so fearful of what would happen to them if they objected, and the supporters of that regime were so vocally loud and arrogantly imposing, they have the print media, they have the TV and radio media, they already infest the internet with misinformation until such times as they will *regulate* it

      It’s happening now, and we’re all watching and waiting hoping in disbelief for something to change

      It won’t, these people are English nationalist fascists on a mission to rid themselves of all scrutiny, the rule of law, then they’ll proceed to total authoritarianism

    • I understand Cole-Hamilton backs removing the right to vote for the government of their choice from people of Scottish nationality (= the Scottish nation).

      Secondly, there is no section 30 order coming – it is one of the few things I [CH] actually agree with the UK Government on.

      This means he supports violence; as the basic human right to self-determination is what separates peace and war. If you don’t support the UN right of a people to freely self-determine, it means you support violence. We all freely vote and respect the outcome, or we fight each other for the rule we want. It is black and white. War vs peace. Democracy is what keeps the world civilised. It’s why Hitler et al. dispense(d) with it; annoyingly for him, the German people never gave his party a majority.

      If you make something illegal, you must support the enforcement of that by violence. That ranges from the use of violent force for detention / incarceration (arresting and jailing someone against their will is an act of violence), to military boots on the ground, with guns and bombs. If a UK government is prepared to prevent Scots from voting in a referendum they voted to hold in an election, then it means said UK government advocates violence over peace.

      I am in favour of peaceful protest, and nobody should be using force to achieve indy right now as it’s really a last resort, such as what is happening in Ukraine. We have lots of options open to us to get this done peacefully at the ballot box. However, it seems Cole-Hamilton supports stripping a whole minority people (in the UK) of their basic human right, and that means he backs violence. And some will start meeting that with the same if he keeps it up. I don’t know about this case, but if you go around mugging people, most will just tell the police, but eventually you’ll steal from someone who will beat the crap out you for that. Cole-Hamilton is now stealing basic human rights from Scots. He’s basically going to N Ireland, knocking doors and telling people there they can’t vote for reunification. He’s ending the ‘Scottish GFA’, which is long held UK acceptance of our national sovereignty. It is that which has meant our movement has always been peaceful and no SRA has ever developed.

      The more the Brenglish repress Scottish human rights, the worse it will get, and the more inevitable independence becomes. See Ireland and all the other colonies where Britain tried anti-democratic means to stop independence. The troubles in N. Ireland were because basic human rights were stripped / stolen from people of Irish origin. When they were given these in the GFA, the violence basically stopped. How could it be justified if people could freely vote for it and NI’s future was in NI’s hands?

      Which is why everyone should just let the population freely vote. It is actually what saved the union in 2014. Only an idiot could not understand that.

      If Scots cannot freely vote on indy, the union is totally finished.

      The Brenglish parties need to step back from the brink here. They are now backing violence and that’s not going to go well if they pursue it.

      Let peaceful democracy prevail. I still believe it will, even in the face of little dictators like Johnson / Truss / Sunak … Cole-Hamilton.

      • Dr Jim says:

        The hope I think is that the very angry in Scotland will be first to use violence against them so they can then do their fake democratic dance of condemning such terrorist violence and the old Northern Ireland becomes the new Scotland for the next umpteen years

        What the UK government fail to understand is this is not the 1970s and Scotland is not Northern Ireland

        In this modern age when everything that moves is dependent upon digital *We have computers* and if someone wanted to they could QR code the shit out of the entirety of England in an afternoon if they felt like it, Scotland builds and send more satellites into space than any country in Europe, we’re apparently pretty good at that sort of thing, inventing and the like

      • ‘The hope I think is that the very angry in Scotland will be first to use violence against them so they can then do their fake democratic dance of condemning such terrorist violence’

        Aye. This is dictatorship 101. And Scots won’t, not unless, like in Ireland, the guns are turned on them, so if they want to go down that route, this kindae thing will be needed…

        We are not dealing with nice people. Empires are by nature not nice. For example…

        Revealed: UK ran cold war dirty tricks campaign to smear Kenya’s first vice-president

        British cold war propagandists smeared Kenyan vice-president Oginga Odinga in the 1960s in “black” propaganda operations, newly declassified files reveal.

        The Foreign Office’s propaganda arm, the Information Research Department (IRD), targeted the Kenyan nationalist in a three-year campaign run by its dirty tricks section, the Special Editorial Unit (SEU).

        Odinga’s son, Raila Odinga, may be elected president on Tuesday when Kenyans go to the polls.
        Oginga Odinga was a major figure in the struggle against British colonialism…

        Nothing has changed.

        ‘Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose’.

    • Fable says:

      There what you call prostitutes

  12. dakk says:

    Caught bit of sky news this morning.

    They were boosterizing and patronising ol’ brordon gown like starstruck groupies.

    He wasn’t even on to betray Scotland this time.Wants an emergency budget apparently.

    Broon was the shortlived PM and longtime Chancellor whose chief sec felt moved to leave a note on his successor’s desk saying “I’m afraid there’s no money left. Good luck!”

    Things must be really bad in England if their compliant media are seeking out input from that old maggot.

    Things must be really bad in England if they are looking for input from that old tosser.

  13. dakk says:

    Sorry for the near duplication at the end. Two insults for the price of one lol

  14. Dr Jim says:

    Check out Labours Angela Raynor’s comments on Scotlands independence in the National

    The most selfish arrogant undemocratic bilge water of the week so far, these English Nationalists are the most horrendous bunch of people to ever draw breath

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Blood Pressure Warning.


      Here you go:

      Angela Rayner: Scottish independence ‘not very nice’ and means ‘perpetual’ Tory rule
      2 hrs ago

      THE idea of Scottish independence is “not very nice” as it would mean “perpetual Conservatism at Westminster”, Labour’s deputy leader has said.

      Angela Rayner was speaking to broadcaster Iain Dale during a show at the Edinburgh Fringe when she made the comments.

      The UK Labour deputy leader further claimed that she did not want to be “anywhere near” a second independence referendum because the Brexit vote had been “enough” for her.

      Rayner, who represents Ashton-under-Lyne at Westminster, suggested independence would see Scotland “leave behind” people in her constituency in Greater Manchester.


  15. Hamish100 says:

    The ignorance shown by Raynor is not surprising but to equate the nation of Scotland with the city of Manchester is just insulting.
    Labour pro Brexit, pro England, sums it up.

  16. James Mills says:

    Iain Dale ( of LBC radio ) is interviewing a host of names from Labour ( Dianne Abbott , Jeremy Corbyn , Angela Raynor …) and Tory ( Truthless Davidson , Nadine Dorries , Rory Stewart … ) but I can see no mention on his program ( to date ) of anyone from the SNP .

    As the show is in Edinburgh perhaps it was too difficult for him to contact anyone from Scotland’s main political party ?

  17. Dr Jim says:

    The arrogance of the Labour party is exceptional in its delusion that somehow they are more popular in Scotland than the Tories, which they clearly are not with only one MP to their name and a bunch of no hoper list MSPs who if it weren’t for proportional representation in the Scottish parliament nearly all of them wouldn’t even be there

    They are the third party in Scotland more by weight of numbers than electoral victories

    In Scotland we all know we don’t and haven’t voted Tory since the stone age but they still have more supporters in Scotland than the Labour party does, so what does that actually tell us? well it says in letters writ big that we don’t like Labour much worse than we don’t like Tories, and that’s saying something, but it’s something the arrogance of the Labour party have refused to notice that they are less popular than Tories, so how very dare a party from England who have been almost totally wiped out in Scotland lecture anybody on what they want, indeed demand if ever they’re elected by England again, which looks decidedly impossible, even if the Tories threw red meat from the bones of starved humans at each other at PMQs and scoffed it greedily down England would still vote Tory in aspirational hope of getting a share of some fresh meat themselves

    It’s England that’s not nice, it’s England that causes the problems for the rest of us here in Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland, it’s Englands greed and exceptionalism that separated them from the EU by being told they could rid themselves of foreign folk they didn’t like, or make rules that would make them a superior trading block to everyone else, or overturn decisions and rules made by the co-operation of 27 other countries, it’s England who wanted what they called their independence, the difference with England is the hypocrisy of the nature of the country and what it votes for

    They demand what they want but no way for damn sure is any other country to be allowed the same opportunities, or even a choice of different ones without threats and abuse being hurled at them

    To England Scotland is not a country, they believe we just gave that right up so are never entitled to any rights whatsoever, so get down jump around and pick a bale of cotton you verminous Scots, how dare you raise your voices to the superior race and country that is England, our green and pleasant land where we decide the fate of all we survey and wherever an Englishman sets his foot is forever England

    Obnoxious Bastirts

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Indeed Dr Jim…it seems EVERYONE gets to have a say on independence EXCEPT the Scottish people…as in the people who MATTER… this #PretendyUnion

  18. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    MSM Monitor Twitter account tweeted this :

    “Unionist parties are swamping Scotland’s NHS with Freedom of Information requests then passing the results to BBC Scotland & STV News who are both headlining them as ‘news’. This is the Scottish LDs. How much is this SNPBad exercise costing the NHS in time & resource”?

    The headline in question was that “There are patients in Scottish Health Boards waiting more than a 1000 days for Mental Health treatment , new figures indicate”

    Sourced via the LIB DEMS….hypocrisy on stilts….if anyone read my comment on Emma Walker yesterday….who alleged she was attacked by a Senior Lib Dem, Nowt done, he was allowed to run for office in 2021, she suffered PTSD after attack…AND…..Alex ‘F*ck You Maree’ Cole-Hamilton then blocked her after saying he was ‘SORRY’ (Not Sorry) this had happened to her ……..based on THAT story (also David Steel/Cyril Smith scandal)… there anyone who thinks this FOI by the Lib Dems was sought because they truly care …OR….sought to get political capital via bad headlines from the media…..against the Scottish government and ultimately to prove they, as a government, are incompetent to run an independent country…….

    They, Lib Dems, may be considered a NON party at Holyrood but they do their best to cause as much political damage to the Scottish government as they can……meanwhile in their own house they are not so diligent……Mental Health and the welfare of some within their own party tis alleged to be something they do not seem to want to give any time or resources to……how many days has Emma Walker been waiting to get justice, recognition and indeed HELP from the Lib Dems for what she alleged happened to her ?…OR those victims of Cyril Smith where two of them stated this when it was revealed he knew about Smith but did nothing “Victims of Paedophile Cyril Smith have demanded an apology from Lord David Steel and say he is” just as bad” as the predatory MP”…..the impact on THEIR Mental Health will be great…..but Willie Rennie FAILED or rather REFUSED to condemn LORD David Steel …speaks volumes on their , Lib Dems, faux concern on Mental Health issues does it NOT.

    This is why we NEED independence because #PretendyPoliticalParties are ALLOWED to constantly provide the #PretendyMedia with headlines/stories yet they themselves as political parties fall way way short in the morality stakes and indeed competence stakes also…..but the #PretendyMedia thrive on these stories…..with no FULL explanation, no REAL challenge, no FORENSIC investigations to determine the Why, When. How, What and Where of the story……just print and damn everyone that it impacts…..

    As Dr Jim above says in his apt description they are “Obnoxious Bastirts”……all of them.

    • JoMax says:

      I received a ‘Newsletter’ yesterday from our LibDem MP. Did you know there was a prices crisis in the Highlands and guess who is spending all our money on a referendum instead of dealing with the prices crisis? I didn’t get beyond the headline before consigning it to the recycle bin, but I daresay there was no word about the lack of proper Govt south of the border or the fact the ‘Scottish’ LibDems are more than happy to support whoever is in power down there no matter how appallingly useless they might be and how dismissive of Scotland they actually are. Whatever, it’s all Nicola Sturgeon’s fault.

      Just out of interest, I placed an online order for groceries this week with one of our nearest major supermarkets 20 miles away and have been advised that unfortunately they cannot meet my order for bananas, butter, potatoes or eggs. These are basic items. Does our one time pro-EU but now pro-AngloBrexit ‘Scottish’ LibDem MP have anything to say? Unlikely.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Indeed JoMax…..always at it they are…

        Brexit omerta applied by Lib Dems … they cannot have a Unionist party being blamed for the disaster that is unfolding in THEIR UK…..and the SNP always their nominated scapegoat ….as in THE party voted for by a majority of Scots…..same Scots the Lib Dems choose to always ignore… HQ rules the roost on their #PretendyPoliticalParty…..

        Their style of politics will hopefully be extinct in an independent Scotland….currently they almost are extinct… political savvy as to why they have ONLY 4 MSP’s …..however even if they had NONE they would still continue on their same self destruct path to save their Union (INO) ……

        You should see Alex ‘F*ck You Maree’ Cole-Hamilton’s (un)popularity ratings with Scots……those figures reflect how little his politics and him resonate with the people….as in the majority of Scots do not like what they see or hear from him…..his power stance as a tribute to the Tories has the opposite effect for voters as they see him as one who is considered more of a weak hypocrite in that he needs to resort to smarmy and snide comments to draw attention to himself as opposed to behaving like a credible opposition politician with honest values and principles……….Scots, via the independent minded side, don’t like smarmy, snide and hypocritical #PretendyPoliticians….we prefer REAL ones who are on OUR side and not beholden to an HQ based in another country ……the Proud Scot BritNat supporters are less choosy in those politicians (INO) they support……they also do not recognise Scotland as THEIR country….they prefer the fantasy one that cares not a jot for them….for….reasons

        Have a nice day JoMax


  19. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    *when it was revealed he knew about Smith

    when it was revealed he, David Steel, knew about Smith

  20. Capella says:

    Looks like our imperial masters are too busy holidaying to attend to the cost of living crisis.
    “Crisis? What crisis?”

    Nicola Sturgeon calls for emergency meeting over cost of living

    FIRST Minister Nicola Sturgeon has written to Boris Johnson demanding an emergency meeting of the Heads of Government Council over the cost of living crisis.

    Johnson is currently on a honeymoon break to a plush eco-friendly hotel in Slovenia, and has not made any public appearances since the Bank of England (BoE) announced last week that the UK is set to descend into a lengthy recession, and will see a hike in interest rates and inflation is predicted to peak at 13%.

    And now, the Scottish FM has written to the “caretaker” Prime Minister demanding a planned meeting of the intergovernmental council for September to be brought forward to deal with the “fast deteriorating” situation…

    Number 10 confirmed they had received the letter and would respond “in due course”, claiming that senior officials were already in the process of setting up a four-nation meeting at Johnson’s behest. A spokesperson said this was in line with previous requests from devolved administrations that “these meetings are meaningfully planned for in advance”.

  21. Capella says:

    So the BBC executives dismiss a complaint about the Chair of QT attacking Mick Lynch on behalf of the Tories but accept that criticising Tory plans to sell off Channel 4 is biased and was broadcast by mistake. Shock!

    BBC dismisses Question Time ‘pro-Conservative bias’ complaint

    THE BBC has dismissed a formal complaint about the host of Question Time intervening on behalf of a Conservative MP to criticise trade unionist Mick Lynch.

    The BBC has upheld just one criticism of its reporting out of a total of 14 stage two complaints in its latest fortnightly complaints report.

    Fiona Bruce received criticism for her chairing of a Question Time debate including Lynch, the general secretary of the RMT, after she allegedly showed “pro-Conservative” bias.

    She challenged Lynch on behalf of a Conservative panellist saying she had been “quiet as a mouse” on a debate about pay rises for rail workers.

    The BBC said it was a “long-established convention that the role of chairing Question Time goes beyond holding the ring between the panellists and the audience”.

    The broadcaster’s executive complaints unit [ECU] added: “[Bruce] believed there was an issue which needed addressing but had not been picked up by a panellist, the ECU took the view that she was entitled to ask that question herself.”…

    Only one complaint at stage two was upheld, which focused on an interview with It’s A Sin creator and Doctor Who head writer Russell T Davies, who laid into the Government’s plans to sell off Channel 4.

    Calling the issue “politically controversial” the BBC said it had failed in its duty to show “impartiality” in reporting on the matter but said the interview clip, included in a TV news report, had been used “by mistake”.

  22. Dr Jim says:

    Most of you will remember the poll tax introduced into Scotland first by the Tories to see if we’d put up with it, well we didn’t but that didn’t stop them did it, no matter the protests no matter the outrage in Scotland, no matter the thousands of people on the streets of Scotland complaining the Tories weren’t for turning, well oh but wait, they did turn didn’t they, and when was that you ask? well as soon as it was introduced into England and there was a protest in Trafalgar Square the Tories scrapped the poll tax policy, and again why so quickly you ask? the political parties in these islands of Britain need the votes of England to get them into office whereas no English political party needs the votes in Scotland to get them elected in England, and certainly not ever the Tories because Scotland hasn’t voted for them since almost time began

    So there’s your answer as to why no matter if the people of Scotland put a million people on the streets marching for independence no English political party gives two monkeys or even cares one jot because they don’t need Scottish votes to be elected to government in England where they can have absolute power over Scotland without any consultation whatsoever

    Scotland doesn’t count in terms of the invented pretend British UK democracy, if what’s happening now were happening 100 years ago the British English army would be marched into Scotland Nicola Sturgeon would be arrested along with the entire rebellious Scottish government under some trumped up charge of treasonous behaviour and just like the early 1900s English tanks would be rolling into George Square to make certain any uprising by us sweaty socks would be put down hard

    Those who support the pretend union with England need to read a history book on Englands dealings with Scotland and think clearly that when Boris Johnson called us all Verminous he knew he could get away with it and call it banter, but if he said the same thing to Englands population he’d be gone in a heartbeat and his party with him

    Think on Scottish unionists *Vermin* means you too, the English don’t distinguish between us because you support any particular football club, just like Jewish people were once all the same *Vermin*, Scottish people are all the same to them too

    Being a unionist doesn’t make you special it makes you tame and easy to control

  23. Ken says:

    FPTP the SNP would have an absolute outright victory. The third rate losers would not be there.

    D’Hondt imposed by unionists. For advantage. 1 million votes go in the bin to let third losers in. A quota. Most of the electorate do not know how the system works.

    The unionists lie and cheat and do not follow a manifesto or a mandate. Collude with a system from which they have most to gain. The unionist ruin the economy and society. Electoral fraud. Polling and Facebook. Gerrymandering. Brexit result. Gerrymandering and lies. Illegal funding from outside sources which should have not been allowed.

    The SNP result would be much higher FPTP.

    The Tory/unionists will be gone. An IndyRef planned soon which cannot be stopped by the gullible.

    • FPTP would only increase SNP seats, but not support for independence. In fact it could reduce support for indy by disenfranchising supporters of other, smaller parties.

      It’s a very British way of doing things.

    • grizebard says:

      The purpose is not to “do better” in WM elections, or indeed in Holyrood elections either. Something you have never realised, and apparently still don’t.

      The purpose is to win an independence referendum. (Which in a sense is FPTP, but not in the way you pine for.)

      So at some risk of stating the obvious to almost everyone else, we need to convince a genuine majority of fellow electors that independence is in their own best interests. That’s it. Not electoral jiggery-pokery. Not self-indulging in useless retro wishful thinking. FGS, give it up.

  24. Ken says:

    Illegal Irish Partition. 1923

    Universal Suffrage 1928.

    The Irish could have voted for Independence. They did not have the vote. A Home Rule Bill was to pass through Westminster 1914. Delayed because of WW1. The Irish unionists armed throughout WW1. The opposition retaliated. The Easter Uprising.

    Ireland could vote to reunite. Especially because of Brexit. Unionists in Westminster still agitating for futile support. Breaking International Law.

    Scotland can and has gone through the Ballot Box. The Irish now can too.

  25. Capella says:

    Bonus article: Prof Gregory Gall on James Connolly, the Scottish leader of the Irish independence movement.
    James Connolly: Scot admired by Martin Compston and Mick Lynch has a message for Yes

    Although no one is envisaging any armed struggle to bring about independence for Scotland, there is a core of truth in what Connolly said. It is that while political activists have at certain points in time the same goals but for different reasons, come a change in the context, they then diverge.

    England would still rule you. She would rule you through her capitalists, through her landlords, through her financiers

    Applied to Scotland, this means that while there any many campaigning for independence, they do not all do so for the same reasons. And then when that staging post is achieved, they will become more opponents than allies. In other words, alliances are temporary, based upon particular conjunctures, and radicals should never forget or give up on what the key goal is, namely, the creation of a socialist society.

    • Capella says:

      Apos – Professor Gregor Gall

      • Dr Jim says:

        Lord save us from Socialists the flip side of the same coin as Capitalists, for what it’s worth Lord save us from ideologues of any description, dump the big blue book in the same deep sea as the big red book and just do what works

        • davetewart says:

          Why do we have to wait until April before benefits and pensions are raised?
          As you point out , why are dates and wee rules stuck to when we are in a crisis right now?

          My house energy costs have quadrupled since the start of the year, but my income hasn’t.
          Why did we bail the bankers out with magic money, then the economy with magic money BUTT we have to wait until May of next year to get an income rise.

          See raynor can’t count, she needs the Slab mps in westmonster to stop a tory majority, what One.

          • Dr Jim says:

            The Tories have an 80 seat majority so even if Labour could win every seat in Scotland they still can’t win in England, all three English parties lie to Scotland about needing our votes to win general elections, they do it to con Scotland into thinking we’re included and that we contribute

            If Scotland had had control of immigration and we had grown our population let’s suppose we hadn’t had proportional representation and we had FPTP, if Scotlands voting habits were as they are now Scotland would more than likely elect more SNP MPs than either Tory or Labour but do you think England would ever accept a Scottish political party as the duly elected government of the equal UK? damn right they wouldn’t, but they expect and demand that they have that right and no other *equal partner* does

            Immigration policy is reserved to England for a very good reason, they can’t have themselves overruled as the rulers now can they

        • grizebard says:

          Amen to that, Dr. J. The aim is not to impose some weary old political ideology on everyone, it’s to give the people of Scotland a government of their own choosing. Whatever that might be, from time to time. That’s all. And that’s something which can unite all genuine democrats, whatever their political differences.

  26. Ken says:

    Scottish Democracy will win. The Tories will be gone within a year. A farce. The total corruption and chaos of Westminster will not last.

    Computers and internet. 1980/90s. Devolution 2000. Any politician who does not support Independence for Scotland does not last very long.

    James Connelly 1868 – 1916

    An Irish Home Rule Bill at Westminster delayed because of WW1. 1914-1918.

    Universal Suffrage 1928

  27. Dr Jim says:

    Liz Truss interviewed on Sky news moments ago in front of a backdrop of a red white and black union style flag

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