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attention seeker

Anyone who has been paying even passing attention to the Scottish independence debate has known for some time that the only strategy that the Conservatives have in order to fend off independence is to ignore all demands for another referendum in the hope that this entire independence thing will just give up and go away. That’s it. That’s the strategy, that’s the ‘positive case for the union’. They have nothing else. However this creates an essential contradiction as it is balanced by the political imperative to maintain the traditional foundation stone of Scottish unionism that the United Kingdom is a voluntary partnership of nations and that the people of Scotland have the sovereign right to choose the form of government best suited to their needs and to end the union if they see that as being in Scotland’s best interests. This is what permits opponents of independence to scoff at any suggestion that Scotland is treated like a colony and to insist that Scottish democracy is fully respected within the UK.

Negotiating this contradiction requires that Conservative politicians must pay lip service to Scottish democracy in order to maintain the political viability of two mutually exclusive political positions. At the Conservative hustings in Devon last night, Truss with her attention seeking comments, aimed at playing to the gallery of an audience of Conservative party members who hold the key to the next stage of her advancement, the would-be Prime Minister blew this carefully maintained contrivance out of the water by insisting that the best thing to do about Nicola Sturgeon is to ignore her, and then doubled down when it was put to her that Nicola Sturgeon is the Scottish First Minister who commands a democratic mandate in the Scottish Parliament by dismissing the First Minister as an “attention seeker”.

Even former Scottish Conservative MSP Mary Scanlon was appalled by Truss’s comments, saying that as far as she was concerned Truss is completely finished because she had “crossed the line” explaining that even if you don’t respect an individual you have to respect the office they hold due to the operation of the democratic process. That is what Truss failed to do.

Before Truss began answering the question about a Scottish independence referendum, another audience member called out, “build a wall,” to laughter from the audience. The Tories accuse the SNP of “ripping” the UK apart, of “destroying” the Union of “separatism”. but it’s English Conservatives who call for a wall to be built. The hypocrisy is off the charts.

Being called an attention seeker is pretty rich coming from Liz Truss, who wasted over £500,000 of taxpayers’ money by chartering a private jet to take her to Australia in January on an official visit and spent more public money on a photographer to take a series of carefully staged photos to burnish her public image. With that one unguarded phrase she reduced the entire Scottish constitutional debate to the vanity project of a single individual and to make matters worse made it clear that the outcome of Holyrood elections mean nothing to the Westminster Conservatives. The cheering reception given by Devon Tories to Truss’s destruction of traditional Scottish Unionism means that she will double down on her comments in future hustings. All that matters is that what she says plays well with the middle class golf club bores and the Daily Mail reading angry old men of the Conservative party membership, it is irrelevant to Truss that it further undermines an already fragile so-called union. It is gob smackingly stupid for Truss to dismiss the leader of the party which has crushed the other parties – including Truss’s – in every Scottish election since 2014 as an “attention seeker”.

Whatever you think of Nicola Sturgeon she has more democratic legitimacy in her little finger than Truss possesses in her entirety. If as seems likely she does win this leadership contest it will be on the back of a few thousand Conservative party members in Scotland. For The potential future Prime Minister stating that she will ‘just ignore’ the First Minister of Scotland, a devolved nation within what they keep telling us is democratic partnership of nations, is absolutely terrifying and disgusting. We no longer need to worry that with Johnson no longer the Prime Minister the independence movement has lost one of its biggest assets.

This highlights the reason why this undemocratic farce is guaranteed to produce a winner who is unsuited to be Prime Minister. In order to win the Tory leadership contest the candidates have to say things and adopt positions that make it impossible for the eventual victor to be a successful Prime Minister.

Truss’s comment operated under the assumption that there’s this big horrible hateful divide between non-nationalist unionists and vile spittle flecked nationalists in Scotland . But the reality is that a lot of people in Scotland are on the fence, or simply don’t engage much with the constitutional issue. Things like this don’t help the anti-independence cause. I’d imagine that the number of those on the fence is somewhat smaller today. Even BBC Scotland, which normally assiduously avoids any issue which might boost support for independence, was forced to cover Truss’s insult to Scottish democracy. You know it’s bad when that happens, even though the Conservative state broadcaster desperately tried to limit the damage by suggesting on its Tuesday lunchtime news that only “independence supporters” were angered by Truss’s comments. By the evening the BBC had shifted to wondering if it was ever going to be possible for the Scottish and British Governments just to get along, in effect positing a moral equivalence between the ignored and the ignorant.

On Tuesday morning the Tories added fuel to the fire by sending out Jacob Rees-Mogg, who’s what you’d get if you mashed up Pinhead from the Hellraiser movies with a Bertie Wooster novel, to insist that his Conservative colleagues in Westminster would “hold Nicola Sturgeon to account”. Holding the Scottish Government to account is the job of the Scottish electorate, not a political party which has not won an election in Scotland since the 1950s, more than twenty years before Liz Truss was even born. It is now commonplace in Scottish political discourse that the principles of basic democracy need to be explained. That’s how low the Tories have gone.  Rees-Mogg repeated a series of clichéd tropes about Scottish people which are widespread in England, the First Minister is angry, always moaning, and in perpetual search of a grievance. If an SNP minister had made equivalent observations, the Conservatives would be screaming “racist!” to the rooftops.

An appreciation of tone and presentation are vital skills for a successful politician as is an understanding of how your comments will play with the wider public outwith your core support base. Truss has no understanding of this, she is blind to the bigger picture and is politically tone-deaf, a failing that she combines with a robotic delivery and a willingness to alter her position in order to appeal to whichever group she believes can advance her ambitions in the short term. She’s not even Prime Minister yet but has already been forced into a screeching U-turn after making up an insane policy to cut public sector pay outside London which went down like explosive diarrhoea the second it was exposed to an audience other than paid up members of the Tory party. Then of course she lied about it, claiming it had been misrepresented. Johnson may be gone but the Conservatives are very much in his image, giving us ill-considered right wing populist policies followed by lies and U-turns.

This is why Truss will become the next worst Prime Minister in living memory, and thankfully the last Conservative British Prime Minister that Scotland has to endure.



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74 comments on “Attention seeking Truss

  1. yesindyref2 says:

    I don’t think she’s the full shilling.

    • weegingerdug says:

      A poll of Conservative members for The Times tomorrow has Truss on 60% and Sunak on 26%. I don’t think Tory party members are the full shilling either, the more unhinged she gets the more they like it.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Aside from the Independence perspective, the whole shebang with Truss and Sunak baring their nasty ugly personalities in public and hanging out their dirty washing is an incredibly nauseating experience. It really should have been done with more dignity and statespersonship.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      But she IS the full shrilling.

  2. Hamish100 says:

    The core group of tories in the shires are basically racist bigots.

    Independence is the only way out of their bitter hatred of the Celtic nations. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇮🇪

    More respect is shown to us by other European nations than by our angry and greedy neighbour.

  3. Hamish100 says:

    Another disgrace

    The mother of parliaments will say “who us?” “Never, never, never”.

  4. I’m deliberately taking a back seat at the moment; things to do.
    We must pray that Truss gets the gig, Duggers.
    You’re on fire, Paul.
    Plantation Quay gave the most abject failure in Scottish political history, and it is a low bar, Murdo The Queen’s Eleven Fraser , airtime tonight talking rubbish about the two Governments needing to work together..blah blah an attempt to cover up this incredibly stupid woman’s really bad day.
    They showed a wee clip of Dumbarton High Street , apparently in the process of being tarted up with more plant pots and concrete benches as an example of levelling up working in the Northern Colony.
    No sign of Jackie Baillie, or indeed Sarwar, or Dross or Union Jack..they’re off on10 weeks’ holiday presumably.
    The Queen’s Eleven Fraser has tried and failed 8 times over two decades to actually get elected, but has never been the people’s choice, to our Scottish parliament, only to get his Free Ticket on the Old Boys’ Network Line gravy train.
    If there is a Higher Intelligence Up There in the stratosphere, please make it be so. Put this woman in charge of England.
    Regional Pay for Nurses Doctors civil servants…I think that the Blue Tories would quite like a decade in opposition, now that they and their rich pals have siphoned off hundreds of billions of public money into their offshore accounts.
    Later, Duggers.

  5. James Mills says:

    Boris Johnson was seen as a GIFT to the Independence cause in Scotland and some predicted that ending his tenure as PM would be a hit to that cause .

    Well , step forward Madame Truss !
    She hasn’t even made it to No.10 yet but already she is surpassing Johnson in the ”how to turn Scots against Tory Westminster ” stakes .
    Well done , Liz !
    With another 5 weeks of campaigning to go Liz Truss could put the YES camp so far ahead in the polls that the bookies will be refusing to take any more bets on the Independence Referendum .

    We may have to raise a statue to her if she continues in this vein !
    We could mount it on top of The Wall that Exeter Tories wish to construct between Scotland and England !
    I’m not sure if it was to stop us from entering England or to protect US from THEM !

  6. Alex Clark says:

    What did the man/woman on the street in Scotland think of that gaff by Truss?

    This is obviously NOT a BBC vox pop lol.

    • Statgeek says:

      “This is obviously NOT a BBC vox pop”

      Indeed. A quick glance at the Scottish and Welsh politics pages on the Beeb’s site shows no articles open for comments. One in NI, and it’s Brexity. Several in the UK politics. Most relating to the Tory leadership.

      The agenda being led by the party faithful in the Beeb.

    • Golfnut says:

      Final comment was telling.

  7. yesindyref2 says:

    Regards the SNP request for intervention, the SNP is of course a separate legal entity from both the Lord Advocate and the ScotGov. This means that it can make arguments which can be different, but not compromise the arguments of the other two. So for instance the SNP could argue the sky is grey and the ScotGov that it is blue, whereas the ScotGov could not argue easily that it is grey AND blue. Or something like that.

    Righty, seems to me some points have been left in previous determinations relatively unchallenged so that they can be in fact challenged at a more appropriate and gainful time. As an aside example, Sewell wasn’t important at the last time, so Wolffe let it slide, but might be the next time.

    What stands out for me is this:

    … is borne of a reading of Dicey which plays no part in Scots law.

    Indeed. It is time that Dicey was no more in terms of Scotland, and a proper Scottish definition of the “Rule of Law” is determined amd acted upon. And, of course, the Scotland Act must also be seen in the light of other Laws, including those of International Law. Mmm, and here’s another head off at the Pass:

    It is a constitutional statute, meaning its provisions are not subject to implied repeal by later non-constitutional Acts of Parliament:

    Indeed. But as always, IANAL.

    • Golfnut says:

      Not at all YR2, I haven’t managed to access past the 4 th page, I’ll need to try downloading again.

    • Golfnut says:

      Good stuff, just finished reading the application. ‘seeking permission of the Scottish people ‘ implied ultimate authority. Dicey put back in his box and the Lord Cooper 1953 opinion in full which effectively makes Crawford and Boyle look like the couple shills they are.
      Worth a read folks, the can of worms that the UK constitution is, being slowly but surely prized open.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        It did occur to me when reading it that there was room for another intervention, perhaps from the Greens, to highlight another angle. Sadly I’ve totally forgotten what that was!

        For those that missed it, download available from this page:

        • yesindyref2 says:

          No sooner posted than remembered.

          Human rights for the Greens – that could lead to the ECHR. The SNP one to the ICJ over the UN article 1 charter breach by the UK.

          Both highly embarrassing, even for the defunct UK.

          • Golfnut says:

            That, right there, sounds like it should be part of a plan, the kind of plan that applies pressure incrementally and from different angles. It would certainly raise the Green profile both in the UK and abroad and very difficult to discount the Green vote.

            • grizebard says:

              Yes, almost an essential additional constitutional contribution from them, I would have thought. Both for the sake of their own visibility and also to widen the indy front for everyone else, to counteract the usual “SNP tunnel vision” of the anti-indy usual suspects. (Maybe finance is the main obstacle, but they could always do a crowdfunder.)

  8. Bob Lamont says:

    Aye, well said.

    As observed elsewhere, the original question from a Mr Rossi (with distinct Scottish accent) from Somerset made no attempt to hide contempt for the FM, met cheers from the Tory audience in Exeter, but it was quite obvious the question was a set up.
    It is in that context we should view her response, Truss would equally have rehearsed her lines.
    This was no airhead Truss banana-skin moment, but a carefully choreographed dance to appeal to the assembled Tory faithful present, and clearly well judged.

    For all the condemnation of Truss’s comments, it was the audience response which was the more revealing, proudly displaying a profound ignorance over Scotland or Scottish affairs, but crucially not giving a damn over what Scots think.

    The Scottish Tories worst nightmare has arrived – All pretence of “better together” or “family of nations” is shattered forever in the cause of electing a Tory leader in England.

    • JP58 says:

      Having worked and lived in England & Wales there is a lack of knowledge in both countries about Scotland. Very few people appreciated that Scotland had a separate legal and education system. Welsh people were more aware of role of Scottish Parliament as they have a devolved administration. Sadly most peoples view of Scotland was that we were mean, had funny money, spoke oddly and we’re aggressive and drunk too much. This is not surprising as this is what they get fed via media and we are also guilty of stereotyping ourselves.
      Many Welsh and English people I knew had never been to Scotland.
      The Welsh, like ourselves knew more about England than my English friends knew about Scotland. I must confess I was also pretty ignorant of Wales before O moved there.
      The big difference I noticed was that there was more arrogance and general feeling of superiority with regards to Scotland from people in England rather than in Wales. Again I would suggest this is the media narrative that has seeped into public conscience.
      Lastly another big difference from England & Wales to Scotland was the enthusiasm about Royal Family shown by ordinary people – though they were aware the Scots attitude was different to Royals.

      • JP58 says:

        In neither England or Wales was there any knowledge or understanding of why Scots would vote for independence in 2014. ( I write this as someone who was undecided and living outside Scotland in 2014.) What shocked me was bias and at times outright hostility of media coverage as well as lack of willingness to try and understand the views of independence supporters. It was a real eye opener to me and I was firmly on fence at time.
        I did inform many of my colleagues the morning after result that Labour would pay for teaming up wit Tories in Scotland. What I did not appreciate was how Labour once in a hole in Scotland would keep digging the hole deeper (again I speak as a former Labour voter in Scotland).

        • Welsh_Siôn says:

          You would certainly find support and knowledge of Scottish independence amongst the majority of Welsh speakers in my country – and that would also go for the majority of us who are anti-Royalist.

          However, we suffer in a different way with regards to lack of knowledge as to Scottish affairs in that not only are we fed mostly the same news in the Anglosphere as anyone else on these islands, we also do not have (outside a, by definition smaller pool of Welsh language magazines but no newspapers) as strong a media as you do in Scotland.

          Yes, I know, I’ve been around long enough to read and witness the cries of disgust of fellow Duggers against the Hootsman, the Herald, the Daily Ratchet as well as those ex-Fleet Street titles which have Scottish editions. Yes, the National is seemingly the only real newspaper of quality that supports independence – a dreadful situation when you consider that anything North of the electorate do want independence. And don’t get me started on the other MSM players such as the BBC and STV.

          What I would say though is that despite all this negative anti-independence, SNP-bashing media, you at least do have it Scotland. We have NONE of these things: no home-grown newspapers, no Welsh editions of the Daily Mail, Telegraph or Express or Times. Good you might say – and you would have a point when we consider what absolute lies and other cr*p they come up with in Caledonia.

          But at least having some sort of recognition outwith Cymru is often impossible. How many people know the largest peripatetic cultural festival in Europe is taking place this week in Cymru? Do the Scottish papers feature it? Does the MSM? Do the London-based newspapers? Do they Fanny Adams!

          It suits England, the Anglo (and London centric) commentariat to divide and rule us so that Cymru knows precious little about Scotland and Scotland is often ignorant of Wales. I’ve been a driving force in my SNP Branch educating fellow Members about Wales, Welsh and Plaid Cymru.

          Long may our newly- (re)-discovered unity of purpose be maintained. We have the same goals and we are far stronger when we do unite against common enemies like Westminster.

          A good starting off point is to join BOTH the SNP and Plaid Cymru. We can only be stronger by learning from each other and knowing (this is another good educational point) that you CAN be a Member (like me) of both these national parties which will always put the peoples’ of their respective nations first.

          Tros Gymru / For Scotland,

          • Welsh_Siôn says:

            PS I have attended marches for Indy in Scotland and attended SNP Conferences since 2014. Many of my compatriots have done likewise I’d hate you to get the impression that all of us Taffies live in contented ignorance of the Scottish Experience and why it is independence is so essential for both our countries.

            Yours ever,


          • Bob Lamont says:

            I’d missed this branch WS, but just stumbled on it and agree with your observations.

            Truss’s pop at the Senedd and Mark Drakeford in particular was atrocious misrepresentation – Labour though Drakeford is, he has stuck to his principles of the collective guiding decisions, something the HQ of Labour appear to have dumped in favour of opinion polling dictating what this week’s approach will be… Yet having stuck to his socialist principles Drakeford is thereby not “patriotic” ?

            I doubt Truss’s bombast went down well amongst the Welsh public beyond the select audience, the nonsense over the M4 Relief Road being a prize case in point.
            The Welsh know damned well what the arguments were and are since John Major shelved it 1999, but to have an airhead such as Truss explain 23 years later that the Senedd were mind-boggingly stupid could only have been conveyed in a maximum security setting with a journalist ambivalent to the truth.

  9. Alastair says:

    I’ve just returned from a cruise starting and finishing at Southampton. The ports of call included two in Ireland, five in Scotland and one in Wales. While I as a Scot, never encountered any antipathy at all from my English ‘shipmates’ on a ‘face to face’ basis, an incident in the theatre was disturbing. A pretty average comic was the ‘turn’ one night. He didn’t manage to get much in the way of reaction from the, mostly English, audience until he mentioned Nicola, or as he put it, ‘that Sturgeon woman’. The response? A loud growl! Like a threatened dog. Frightening that the ordinary people of England have been conditioned to regard Nicola as some kind danger to their well-being.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Frightening that the ordinary people of England have been conditioned to regard Nicola as some kind danger to their well-being.



      Do you not remember this from 4 April 2015?×900

      • Alastair says:

        Yes Welsh Sion, there were plenty of Daily Mail readers aboard. Any I met were perfectly pleasant to me I must say.
        By the way, I mentioned a Welsh destination as a port of call. Unfortunately the wind and sea conditions (at Holyhead) on Sunday prevented any of us ‘tendering’ ashore. So I have yet to set foot on that particular part of Cymru.

        • Welsh_Siôn says:

          You’d always be welcome in my homeland.

          Feel free to call me by my nickname on here – WS – if it’s easier/quicker to type!

    • ArtyHetty says:

      That is a huge concern…the hatred being drummed up against Scotland’s democratically elected First Minister and the othering of the people of Scotland is deliberate and very sinister indeed.
      It’s a follow on from 2014, they did the same re A.Salmond. Imagine outwardly laughing, en masse at an event, at another country, one which you take much of their electricity from to boot.
      I really hope that the FM and Scotland has the last laugh, soon.

      I had family from NE Eng visited us just before the 2014 indy ref and who said, out of the blue, ‘I don’t like that Alic Salmon’ mind’. Asked why? Nope, no reason given, but the message by the Brit state that he was a threat to them personally was obvious.

      The rhetoric being used now against Scotland is a possible preamble to somehow unseating Nicola Sturgeon and installing a British Nationalist in her place at Holyrood, put nothing past the Brit state, they will pretend it’s about security or similar.

  10. James Mills says:

    Watching ITV News last night was surprised at their take on the Truss attack on Nicola Sturgeon – definitely NOT supportive of Truss !
    They often leave me seething at their cursory and slanted coverage of Scottish politics , the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon but on this issue they were clearly putting the boot into the Tory equivalent of a Dalek .

  11. deelsdugs says:

    ‘With that one unguarded phrase she reduced the entire Scottish constitutional debate to the vanity project of a single individual and to make matters worse made it clear that the outcome of Holyrood elections mean nothing to the Westminster Conservatives’

    Brilliant Paul. The unguarded as contrived to appear as glib feeding the audience for her smug satisfaction of notching up ‘popularity’. What a pathetic excuse for a woman.

    WordPress email subscription coming through encrypted again. Most likely my dodgy technology.

    • weegingerdug says:

      Sorry. I have no idea why that happens. It seems to be an intermittent issue only affecting some people.

      • deelsdugs says:

        It was visible earlier, then it went crazy. No worries. Won’t trouble you with it. You have enough worries and troubles of your own.

        It was a fabulous piece of writing Paul. Your good work is very much appreciated. Thanks

  12. I find it interesting that LT will become the leader of a political party at Westminster whose MPs have decided, in a democratic vote, that they don’t actually want her as leader.

  13. Welsh_Siôn says:

    It gets worse:

    Rishi Sunak wants to add people who oppose UK’s ‘very existence’ to list of extremists

    03 Aug 2022 3 minute read

    Rishi Sunak wants to add people who oppose the country’s “very existence” to a list of extremists where he to become Prime Minister, sources in his camp have briefed the press.

    But a former senior police chief has warned that the proposals made by the former Chancellor as part of a bid to toughen the UK’s anti-terrorism Prevent strategy risked “straying into thought crimes”.

    According to the Telegraph newspaper, “sources in the Sunak camp said he believed extremists did not just want to attack the UK’s values but also the country’s very existence”.

    The plans included widening the “definition of extremism to include people who vilify the country”. Rishi Sunak pledged to focus on “rooting out those who are vocal in their hatred of our country”.


    • ArtyHetty says:

      He might have a problem in defining what he means by ‘country’? Is it not the case that the ‘UK’, Britain and great Britain are not actually a ‘country’. However it’s pretty scary that he is even thinking along those lines. At least half of the population of Scotland could be named as extremists in his dystopian UKok world…blimey, ‘rooting out’ sounds extremely fascist indeed.

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        ‘rooting out’ sounds extremely fascist indeed.



        or Henry VIII-ian.

        This comes from the ‘Act of Union 1535’ between England and Wales,

        (4) some rude and ignorant People have made Distinction and Diversity between the King’s Subjects of this Realm, and his Subjects of the said Dominion and Principality of Wales, whereby great Discord, Variance, Debate, Division, Murmur and Sedition hath grown between his said Subjects; (5) His Highness therefore of a singular Zeal, Love and Favour that he beareth towards his Subjects of his said Dominion of Wales, minding and intending to reduce them to the perfect Order, Notice and Knowledge of his Laws of this Realm, and utterly to extirp all and singular the sinister Usages and Customs differing from the same, and to bring the said Subjects of this his Realm, and of his said Dominion of Wales, to an amicable Concord and Unity…

        and therefore,

        That his said Country or Dominion of Wales shall be, stand and continue for ever from henceforth incorporated, united and annexed to and with this his Realm of England;


        … because that the People of the same Dominion have and do daily use a speche nothing like, ne consonant to the natural Mother Tongue used within this Realm, some rude and ignorant People have made Distinction and Diversity between the King’s Subjects of this Realm, and his Subjects of the said Dominion and Principality of Wales, whereby great Discord Variance Debate Division Murmur and Sedition hath grown between his said Subjects;…

        and therefore,

        Also be it enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That all Justices, Commissioners, Sheriffs, Coroners, Escheators, Stewards, and their Lieutenants, and all other Officers and Ministers of the Law, shall proclaim and keep the Sessions Courts Hundreds Leets Sheriffs Courts, and all other Courts in the English Tongue; and all Oaths of Officers, Juries and Inquests, and all other Affidavits, Verdicts and Wager of Law, to be given and done in the English Tongue; and also that from henceforth no Person or Persons that use the Welch Speech or Language, shall have or enjoy any manner Office or Fees within this Realm of England, Wales, or other the King’s Dominion, upon Pain of forfeiting the same Offices or Fees, unless he or they use and exercise the English Speech or Language.

        – Laws in Wales Act 1535, aka 1st Act of Union between England and Wales.

        And the Scots think they have valid complaints (they do!) about THEIR ‘Act of Union’ … 🙂

  14. Gwynneth Rixon says:

    It is as if the party members are being offered a female BJ as as replacement.
    Interesting comment from a fellow blogger

  15. Dr Jim says:

    The Conservatives and Labour parties misuse of the English language has now been completely returned to the distant past when diplomacy was done either by Ostrich feathered helmets or Khaki shirts and Pith helmets, when shouting and gesticulating at the natives was the order of the day, it’s how one gets things done don’t you know, they must be brought into line these colonials by Jove

    The right wing newspapers who support all this kind of thing are delighted that their English political parties are doubling down on their aggressive language towards Scotland, even though they know and admit it’s not the way politics should be done still they are joyously happy that Scotland be assaulted and insulted by what they call *tough talking*

    England has always been known as a country that can’t speak their own language, hence the need for multiple dictionaries ( why multiple ?) constantly updating and redefining the same words over and over again as English opinion of how they should be used is redefined, why?

    One thing throughout my entire life has been constant regarding England, and it’s because my own mother was from the midlands and I have a very large family there most of whom have never set foot or ever intend to set foot in Scotland, and it’s this: If you want popular support in England you must attack all foreigners, white black brown, the colour matters naught as long as you denigrate those who are not you then you’re onto a winner

    We are inferior, and make no mistake I mean all of us, Irish Welsh Scottish every nation on earth that is not English and therefore not them, I know, I grew up with it, they make diplomatic pretences of reasonability until their discourse or argument is flattened or disproved then they resort to the language we are hearing now naming us as permanently angry or as having unsupported grievances, think I’m biased? then think of a time when English politicians or indeed anybody didn’t use derogatory language or unpleasant nicknames (they call that banter when they’re caught) when referring to anything not English (They’ve substituted the word *British* for that as well now)

    Y’see if you refuse to agree with England then you will be named as something unpleasant, something less, something that causes laughter to break out amongst the English population, it’s how you endear yourself to your fellows in that country, and how to slot in nicely to the *culture*
    Do it not and you will be forever an oddity in a land that would rather you went away “back to your own country* which they’ll believe is owned by them, so you’re right back to square one

    You don’t have to have a regional English accent (although that helps) or even speak whatever current form of English spoken at any given time, as long as you embrace the culture of the denigration of others then you’re in, and you ……..”Will be an Englishman my son”

    I’ve travelled the earth in my 73 years and every culture I’ve come across from any country in the world shows interest in Scotland, our culture and our languages, not once ever in my life have I ever had a conversation with those people did they ever even think about denigrating insulting or nicknaming anything I ever said to them

    Perfidious Albion! all of the English dictionaries agree with the definition of that

    That is the sum total of English culture, although I must add, it’s not their fault, it’s taken hundreds and hundreds of years for successive English governments and Monarchy to cultivate moronic behaviour and redefine it to be a way of life

  16. bringiton says:

    STV news were doing a street pole of people’s attitude to independence the other night.
    One elderly chap said that he didn’t want to be broken up.
    While that is understandable what the f*** has it got to do with Scottish democracy.
    Some people are just beyond the reach of any sort of rational reasoning.

    • Dr Jim says:

      The people who use the *broken up* rhetoric are people who refuse to accept that Scotland is a country because the union to them has been redefined for them to mean England Scotland and Wales are one country, which they never were and never will be but they flatly refuse to listen to that using all sorts of ridiculous excuses to back up their lie that they themselves know very well to be untrue

      Scotland and Wales have National football teams, rugby teams, right now we’re competing as a Nation country in the Commonwealth games all as separate countries, if we were all one country we wouldn’t be doing that or Birmingham Nottingham or any other city or town who aren’t countries would be called countries

      The day England would accept Rangers football club into the English league would be the same day every Rangers supporter would be screaming for Scottish independence on the realisation that the holy grail they’d been worshiping all their lives cared not a jot for their sectarian lifestyles and that English money was far more attractive to them than pretending to hate Celtic

      Unfortunately that’s the bad part of the imported from Northern Ireland culture Scotland got stuck with as yet another tool in the unions box of divide and rule levers

      • JP58 says:

        Dr Jim – I am a football supporter and certainly not a Rangers one. From what I have read there are a large number of Rangers fans who support independence. The Tories are desperately trying to make the independence issue political amongst football supporters. It is not – majority (the few Twitter nutters apart) are individuals who will make up their own mind. Do not fall into trap of criticising Rangers fans en masse as part of independence debate. You will only drive some potential Yes supporters into No camp which is what Tories are trying to do.

    • Eilidh says:

      I saw that report with that guy and he also said he wants to be part of a nation. He clearly doesn’t understand that Scotland is a nation

      • Dr Jim says:

        That particular bloke made a point of saying he didn’t support Truss so it’s likely he was Labour or just a political football worshiper but If the UK government decided to remove or override something these people thought was their rights you’d be hearing them shout loud and clear for the Scottish government to do something about it, Oh we’d be a country then all right and the Saltire would become his as well

  17. Tatu3 says:

    If Truss had said the same about the leader of France, Germany, Norway, Switzerland or wherever, there would have been a massive international backlash, but because it’s Nicola Sturgeon and Scotland….disgusting behaviour from Truss and the Tory members

  18. yesindyref2 says:

    Truss, speaking on a Conservative Party leadership campaign visit in Ludlow, Shropshire, said: “I do not support China’s inflammatory language on this issue. [about Taiwan]”

    Who could take her seriously after inflammatory language about Sturgeon?

    China: “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most inflammatory of them all?”.

  19. Dr Jim says:

    Even Liz Truss doesn’t support her own inflammatory language on Nicola Sturgeon as she’s backtracked on that to say that *she didnae mean it like that honest she didnae* it appears that her party reckoned she might lose a few votes in Scotland so better to just keep quiet the noo, apparently Tory MSP Murdo Fraser said “We aw agree wae whit ye say Liz but jist dinnae say it out loud”

  20. Hamish100 says:

    Yet it seems elsewhere the most important issue is whether the Greens will take more votes from ALBA (are there any there?) at the next U.K. GE. Priority right enough!

    • grizebard says:

      Such lack of faith. So far behind the curve. Are we not aiming to get out before having to endure another such? And even if not, petty party politics will hardly feature in a full-blown plebiscite election.

  21. yesindyref2 says:

    Sunak would perhaps be advised to look at Irish history, where interning ordinary people for the Easter Risings, regardless of whether they took part or not, so angered a largely indifferent public that when they returned the formation of the Irish Free State and Independence from the UK was inevitable. This is a starter only, there is a better documentary somewhere:

    Extremism in Government leads to extremism in the populace.

    • jfngw says:

      He’s going to use the Ludovico Technique I believe.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Suggested further reading:

      By a good (!) Welsh journalist.

    • Yup. This has been the point of many of my posts. The moment you stop people freely voting is the moment you end peace and resort to violence. The ballot box is what separates peace from violence / war. The latter begins with the police detaining protesters / dissidents and ends with boots on the ground.

      The UK stands at a crossroads. It seems to be going down the route of violent repression by trying to legally overturn the 2021 election and remove the right of the Scottish minority (in the UK) the right to self-determination. This is very, very dangerous and I hope to god Brengland steps back from the brink.

      As do university profs in coventry.

      Rishi Sunak’s extremism plans ‘attack Scottish independence campaigners’

      …Dr Maria Norris, assistant professor in international relations at Coventry University, told The National this was an attack on independence campaigners.

      “That is very, very telling as those who are arguing for and campaigning for Scottish independence or Welsh independence or Irish reunification, they do want the United Kingdom to stop existing as it currently is,” she said.

      “So is this going to be a form of extremism as well?”

      She added: “I think it is not a coincidence this is the language that is being used – they talk about extremists attacking the UK as a country, of its very existence as a country.

      “I have been researching UK counter-terrorism for decades, I am an expert on terrorism and extremism and this is not something you see from Islamic terrorism.

      “They are not attacking the UK’s right to exist or anything like that, the whole thing about attacking the country’s very existence – that is about separatism and independence, so it is a very deliberate inclusion.

      “It is an attack, really, on those that are campaigning for independence.”

      The government of England/Britain is not Scotland’s friend, but is clearly a serious and very unpleasant enemy.

      Scottish unionist voters are starting to see that now. They have always known the Scottish government is not their enemy; they voted 3/4 for it in 1997 and support devo max. Now they are seeing the truth about Brenglish imperial rule as so many countries have before them when they started questioning this, including Ireland.

  22. Dr Jim says:

    Liz Truss attacks and insults Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford calling him a “lower energy Jeremy Corbyn” and coincidentally Wales can’t run their health and education either according to Truss

    There’s something of a repetitive nature to these insults of the FMs of the other countries of this eh so called union from Liz Truss is there not

  23. Alex Clark says:

    This is great, well done Eilish.

  24. yesindyref2 says:

    OK, at the risk of being controversial (how unusual for me), I was checking out Aileen McHarg’s twitter to see if she had any comment on the SNP’s written case for intervention, but found this instead:

    Without commenting on the actual Labour paper itself, linked to in that tweet, and taking for granted that it is in some ways at least an attempt to head off Independence, it seems to me that ANY interest in our Parliament that doesn’t want to reduce its powers or ignore its First Minister as Truss and her contemptuous and contemptible cronies would like to do, is a positive step, even if part of its purpose is to try to provide an alternative to Independence.

    I have to say that I’m in favour of strengthening committees, but against increasing their powers to “compel” witnesses to appear. As far as I’m concerned, Parliament is meant to serve us, and not the other way around.

    Jings, reading on, I’m also not in favour of preventing MSPs from having second jobs. That would mean they have to be totally and permanently professional politicians, rather than being able say to have their own businesses while still being representaives perhps only for 5 (or 4) years. . It limits the gene pool! While also perhaps preventing those who don’t have “independent means” from going for election. It might mean well, but could be a return to the Victorian UK Parlieament way where rich dudes were expected to become MPs at that time, for no salary. Imagine Holyrod full of Rees-Moggs lounging about on the benches.

    Oh, I just did comment on the Labour paper, and at least partly disagree.

  25. James Mills says:

    Sarwar producing papers to ”Reform” Holyrood is a bit of fluff . He is simply doing what Truss accuses the FM of doing – seeking attention !
    Hoyrood is in recess so he is missing his weekly fix of trying to appear relevant at FM’s
    questions .
    This is the ‘Scottish’ Labour leader who disciplines his own councillors for NOT supporting Tories!
    I wonder who he is voting for – Sunak or Truss ?

  26. Capella says:

    liz Truss wades deeper into the mire:

    Liz Truss defends ‘ignore’ Nicola Sturgeon remark in Cardiff as she insults Mark Drakeford

    Truss said the situation was different in Wales compared to Scotland.

    She said: “I think it’s a very different situation in Scotland and Wales because what’s happening in Scotland is that the entire resources of the Scottish Government are being used to run essentially an independence campaign and I think that is grossly irresponsible.

    “The Scottish Government are not delivering for the people of Scotland. They are simply spending their time, and Nicola Sturgeon is spending her time, agitating for independence.

    “And the time I was making the point that the UK should be doing what we are doing which is delivering for the people of Scotland, whether that’s driving jobs and investment in Scotland, whether it’s delivering a strong foreign policy and defence policy that protects the entire United Kingdom, that’s what we should be doing in Scotland.

    “The problem we’ve got in Wales, and I mentioned Mark Drakeford earlier, is that the opportunities that are being brought forward by the UK Government are not being taken up.”

  27. Capella says:

    Labour once more demonstrates how to “face aw roon”.

    Anas Sarwar accused of trying to ‘hoodwink’ voters by SNP over sovereignty pledge

    The Scottish Labour leader is facing awkward questions after he claimed the party’s “number one principle” for reforming Holyrood was: “The Scottish people are sovereign and have the right to determine the best form of government for our needs.”

    But the SNP have said Scottish Labour’s continued opposition to holding a second referendum on the question of Scottish independence exposes this pledge as a “con-trick”.

    Paul McLennan, SNP MSP for East Lothian, has called on Sarwar to “apologise for trying to hoodwink” people.

    It comes after Sarwar on Wednesday revealed his plans to reform the Scottish Parliament, which he argued was not fulfilling its duties in holding the Government to account, claiming the SNP had installed a culture of “secrecy” in the corridors of power.

    McLennan added: “If Labour had a shred of honesty or integrity, their top pledge – that the ‘Scottish people are sovereign and have the right to determine the best form of government suited to our needs’ – would mean that they support the democratic mandate for an independence referendum.

    “Instead they stand shoulder to shoulder with the Tories in trying to block the democratic will of the people.

    “Their paper is one of the most dishonest documents published by a political party in recent times, but the people of Scotland can see right through it. And the longer Labour side with the Tories the more irrelevant they become.”

    A senior Government source told The National: “Clearly Scottish Labour don’t believe a word of this because otherwise they’d be backing a referendum.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Vote British and we’ll tell you you’re sovereign in your own country, vote Scottish and we’ll tell you you’re a vile divisive nasty separatist that can’t be sovereign because you’re British

      Vladimir Putin talks like that too

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