The ‘stars’ of the Conservative Party

white dwarf stars

I am delighted to announce my candidacy for the Great Conservative Ghoul Off. I will be standing on a common sense platform of kicking away the crutches of disabled people so that they learn to stand on their own two feet, ending free school meals to teach the poors that they must not expect something for nothing, giving tax breaks to the top earners and big corporations because getting something for nothing is a reward for donations to the Conservative party, I will put the Great back into Britain by bringing back National Service, hanging, the birch, imperial measurements, and good old pounds shillings and pence. I will introduce a law to make it compulsory that every mention of senior members of the royal family in the broadcast media is immediately followed by the rhetorical question, “Aren’t they maaarvelous.” Yes I do appreciate that this is already standard practice on the BBC but putting it on a legal footing will give us all the assurance that we need that republican nonsense will not be tolerated.

I will maintain the cohesion of this Precious Union by telling those uppity Jocks to suck it up. This wonderful partnership of nations, the most perfect in the history of the world is indeed a voluntary union but it is long past time that the Sweaties learned that when we said that the union is voluntary, it was our will we were talking about, not theirs. There is a lawful and democratic route to another referendum, but my Conservative party will make it illegal to tell the Scotch what it is. They can have their referendum when we tell them they can have it, which will be at some indeterminate date in the distant future when we can be absolutely certain that Yes will poll less than 5%.

This Tory leadership contest is like being shown a list of the more disgusting and disfiguring conditions that have featured in episodes of Embarrassing Bodies and being told that Kevin the far right incel with the bad case of scabies and mange from episode three is going to pick out a suppurating skin disease to inflict upon you. The candidates are competing with one another to see which can be more hideous in their callous cruelty and more out of touch with how ordinary people actually live their lives. And this is before Priti Patel and Jacob Rees Mogg have officially launched their campaigns. Meanwhile the candidates are vying to put integrity back into the heart of British politics by leaking dossiers listing the alleged involvement of their rivals in drug abuse, the use of prostitutes, tax dodges, illegal loans, and secret illegitimate children. A dozen candidates have now put their names forward, and that’s if we only count Grant Shapps once, even though he has at least three names and personas.

It’s only going to get worse as the candidates who get through the early rounds race to the bottom to appeal to the frothing moon howlers who lap up GBeebies News and the Daily Mail who make up the bulk of Conservative party membership, the Scottish representatives of which infest the comments section of the Herald fulminating about the Berneray ferry while the Conservatives at Westminster break international law and trash the few remaining democratic safeguards that are afforded by what passes for a constitution in the UK. They are a strange bunch, absolutely adoring another country that doesn’t give one single toss about you while despising your own.

The candidates are also engaged in a contest to make out that the last couple of years of the Johnson government in which they all had prominent positions were nothing to do with them. It’s scarcely surprising then that in a recent opinion poll, Rishi Sunak, the current favourite with MPs, was rated by the public behind Don’t Know, None of the Above, Jesus Wept, and For God’s Sake Please Just Make Them All Go Away. That would be the Rishi Sunak who is campaigning in the belief that a UK which wanted to get rid of the entitled man who was fined for illegally partying, would prefer to vote for the other entitled man who was fined for illegally partying. Sunak has the largest number of MPs who back him, he also has the largest number of MPs who are determined to stop him at any cost, one of whom characterised Sunak as a “treacherous bastard”, and that was one of the more polite descriptions.

This sorry roll call of incompetents and fools are supposedly the stars of the Conservative party. They are stars, but only if they are white dwarfs, incredibly dense, composed of degenerate matter, no longer generating anything new, and lingering on unproductively until their inevitable self-destruction. This party of economic geniuses have given the UK the slowest recovery from recession in history, the highest debt for 200 years, the highest tax since 1947, highest inflation for 50 years, most expensive housing in Europe, and the worst performing economy in the G8. They have stripped British citizens of freedom of movement in Europe, erected trade barriers with our closest neighbours, trashed the devolution settlement and not one of the much vaunted Brexit benefits have materialised.

Jeremy Hunt for our sins one of the front runners, says that one of his top priorities will be to slash Corporation tax, because all those companies who have made massive profits during the pandemic have already suffered enough. At 15% Corporation Tax in the UK is already amongst the lowest in the OECD, so Hunt is proposing that what is really needed is to give the UK a competitive edge that it already possesses, an edge which has had bugger all effect on improving the UK’s dire economic prospects.

No matter who wins, the rest of us will lose. All of them are equally vile, were equally happy to enable the shit show of the Johnson regime, and equally keen to trample over Scottish democracy. Even the Mafia had a code of honour, this bunch of right wing Z -listers care about no one but themselves.

Our future is being decided by a contest amongst selfish sociopathic careerists, the winner to be chosen by selfish sociopaths who haven’t managed to make a career out of it who vent their rage on social media, blaming, Europe, immigrants, asylums seekers, minorities, the poor, the ‘woke’ and the marginalised for making them feel victimised. Being asked which of this line up of scary clowns is the least bad option is like having to choose which stick covered in dog mess you want to brush your teeth with.


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60 comments on “The ‘stars’ of the Conservative Party

  1. bringiton says:

    These odious people are playing to an audience of MPs elected by an English electorate so can claim they are simply following a democratic mandate.
    Democratic mandates to Westminster governance only apply to England in the UK,everywhere else just has to suck it up.
    I think that even the most ardent of unionists must now be realising that Scots have np say in the running of the union and are completely subject to mandates given by England’s electorate to their MPs.
    Interesting times ahead.

  2. James Mills says:

    ”The Conservatives are the natural party of Government in the UK !”

    The Conservatives have ruled ( for that is what they do – not Govern ! ) for the majority of my life . I have never voted Conservative – nor ever would !
    They have not gained a majority in Scotland since 1955 , so I was not alone in eschewing the opportunity to vote for ”the natural party of Government ”.

    They have ruled the UK for 50 years during my lifetime – the Labour Party had the other 22 years.
    So ”the natural party of Government ” have to accept the responsibility for the state of the UK finds itself in today .

    Sadly , given that the ”Labour Party” today is a dim reflection of the Tories , it would not matter much to Scotland if they won an election in the near future – though with the ‘charismatic’ Keir Starmer in charge who knows ?

    What have the Tories achieved in their time as the Government of the UK ?

    The most unequal society in Europe .
    The highest inflation in Europe .
    The fastest growing Food Bank industry in Europe – the Tories will even send round a Government Minister to mark the opening of any new franchise !
    The highest number of millionaires in our history – some of whom don’t even contribute to the Tories ! .
    The highest number of Billionaires in our history – some of whom are not even Russian or Saudi !
    The largest undemocratic , unelected chamber of Government in the known universe – open to all for a miserly contribution to the Tory Party coffers – or a clandestine dinner party with Boris Johnson !
    Abolished the need for democratic elections by passing the ”Now isn’t the time ! ” legislation .
    Abolished the over-rated practise of abiding by International Treaties .
    Abolished the need for a functioning Government – just give the reins of power to Nadine !
    Abolished the need for Asylum by sending ”guilty” persons ( i.e. not a Russian Oligarch ) to Rwanda or USA ( if name is Assange ).
    Abolished the need for Universal Suffrage by assigning all future election issues to the Tory Party electorate and The Daily Mail !

  3. Your grey cells are still fighting fit, Paul.
    What a sham this beauty pageant is turning out to be.

    As Warren Buffett famously said about financial markets during crises, “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.”

    The same applies to Johnson’s Term in office.
    The tide has gone out.

    There are now, at the time of writing, but the day is young, 11 Flim-Flam merchants who have thrown their hat into the Ring of Thror to fight over who will become the next king of Middle Earth.

    Tax cuts, firstly cuts in Corporation Tax, to fuel ‘growth’, seems to be a recurring theme, while the alarming Suella Braverman, hits at yet another ‘austerity’ programme, cuts to working age payments, as a disincentive to those who stubbornly remain on welfare rather than taking a job.
    The deserving and the undeserving poor?

    Sunak under Johnson had already announced cuts..91,000 civil servants jobs to go.

    WE are about to enter a Summer of Discontent during which 5 million public servants in England and Wales will have run out of patience, their pay frozen for the past 12 years, since Osborne’s first Tory/Lib Dem £40 billion austerity package, a political choice, rob the poor, to pay the rich, then; whoever ascends the throne in September (?) will appoint a Slash and Burn Chancellor, and continue the cuts in public spending, cuts on welfare, Pensions, Hospitals, schools, Police, and Emergency services, passport offices, DVLA, Local authority grants…the list in endless.

    It may be noted that Gordon Brown’s Chancellor, Alistair, now Lord, Darling of Flipper, had begun the Austerity con in 2008, and also pledged cuts to public spending, should Brown have won the 2010 (stop laughing at the back there !) election.

    All but a handful of Labour MPs voted in favour of Osborne’s £32 billion cuts to benefits, pensions, and sickness payments.

    It was a political choice. The nonsense that ‘the country, (England) had to reduce its debt, and cut the deficit, were mere excuses masking the true Red Blue and Yellow Tory agenda…putting the final nail in the Social Democratic coffin, fashioned by Margaret Thatcher last century, and so lovingly preserved by Major, Blair, and Brown into the first 10 years of this century.

    It is reported that 30,000 citizens lost their lives in the first year of the Cameron/Clegg coalition, as a direct result of cuts.120,000 perished from poverty in the 5 years of the Coalition.
    I could go on.

    Here we are again.
    Big Business will get tax cuts.

    ‘Reform’ of the NHS Care Homes and public services will be sold as ‘efficiencies’ and ‘savings’, oh and of course improvements in service due to as yet not developed new tech processes and equipment. Less money, but more effective, economic and efficient. That’s how the government ‘consultants’ sold it the, and will again, for the right money

    Remember Cameron’s ‘Big Society? Or rather ‘Beg Society’?
    Food Banks, Charity Shops, Red Nose Day.

    We now have a list of runners and riders. All are hard right wing small government ultras.

    Their pitches on TV and in print are a hotch-potch of soundbites clumsily designed to appeal to the 11,000 elderly mainly male Scots Tory members who appear on QT when the road show ventures North, florid faced and angry. Vote for me, I’ll bash the scroungers and Nats.

    Johnson, the Emperor with no clothes, must be laughing his head off as these nasty little chancers, who swam naked in his slip stream, as they scratch each other’s eyes out to get the keys to No 10.

    Look out for ‘efficiencies’, and savings’, oh, and ‘difficult decisions’ as you mark your Leadership Bingo card.
    There is no end of Brit Nats who would act as ‘recruiting sergeants’ for Scottish self Determination, sex scandals notwithstanding..

  4. Hamish100 says:

    I watched Phillips Whitfords treatment on Bbc Politics Live was disgraceful. Talked over by the the presenter and Tory in the white suite- complete ignoramus, Labour representative pleased that Sarwar has suspended Labour councillors for NOT wanting to work with tories. The English commentators absence of knowledge about Scotland was for all to see. Arrogant, disrespectful, lying and undemocratic.

    I hope undecideds watching this will recognise this union does not exist.

    Scotland Independent 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    • Jo Coburn actually lied about Scotland’s NHS and education being worse tha Englandd, as she shouted dwon Philippa Whitford..Our Philippa reminded Coburn that Scotland’s A&E figures have been 10% above England’s in the past seven years, and in addition to exposing her lies, our Dr Whitford reminded thiis bitter wee Brit that England no longer keep A&E stats, they’re eo bad.
      The Fat Tory guy in the white suit repeated verbatim the ‘line to take’ they were all required to learn by heart and churn out mindlessly at ever opportunity.
      Once in a life time, ‘best of three’ snort, and the vast majority of the Scottish people don’t want another referendum trailing away to a mumble ‘at this time’.
      THe BBC is the mouthpiece of the Far Right Establishment.
      Coburn demonstrates her contempt for Scotland and its people every chance she gets.
      Why would I listen to a foreigner telling me what they will allow me and mine.
      We’re not yopur fecking colony, Coburn. they cut off Dr Whiteford then discussed Keir Starmer ruling out a deal with the SNP….The arrogant English….talk about the rebellious Scots, as their colony.
      Not long now…BBC’s days in Scotland are numbered.

      • John Boyd says:

        I don’t usually shout at the tv any more, Jack – but the pie faced Tory poseur in the white suit on BBC ‘Politics’ pushed my gentle self too far today.
        And it felt good.
        However, I must regain my poker faced composure for the slings and arrows ahead. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

        • Keep your powder dry, John.
          Not until we see the whites of their eyes.
          There won’t be any loaded TV ‘debates’ this time.
          They can keep their pound; there shall be a border between Scotland and England, a land border, with no stretch of water ‘muddying’ the argument; We shall return to some for of free trade, freedom of movement trading arrangment with Europe, either a ‘Norway’ style arrangement, or membership of the EU; the people of Free Scotland will decide.
          It’s our gas, oil, fish, cattle, forests, wind wave and hydro power. It is our vast strategic coastline.
          WE are a fabulously wealthy country of 5.4 million freeborn citizens. England has 57 million and change, suffocating each other.

          Jo Coburn should be the subject of a complaint to Ofcom.

  5. Dr Jim says:

    Today the UK government lodged papers with the Supreme Court to challenge Scotlands right to an Independence referendum on the grounds that the constituted Scottish parliament does not have the legal authority to proceed with such a referendum
    Part of the UKs legal challenge is based on their assertion that Scotland is in fact not a country in a voluntary union but was an acquisition by the English Crown and therefore a territory of England to be administrated over by England in the same way as every other colony of England later renamed as the UK for the preservation of the peace within the lands of England

    It’s what we’ve all been waiting for and they’ve finally done it

    Now let’s see what Scotland thinks of that

    • Bob Lamont says:


    • Golfnut says:

      Dearie me, did the Advocate General of ‘ Scotland ‘ actually put that in his submission to the Supreme Court.
      The National forgot to add that rather minor detail.

      • Dr Jim says:

        England is demanding that the Scottish parliament pass the legislation for a referendum so they can then strike it down over lack of legal competence devolved to Scotland by England, but because the Scottish government have proceeded in this way England must make the case that Scotland is not in a voluntary union so has no authority whatsoever proving devolution is a fabrication

        The Scottish government has quite deftly avoided the first part of the legal argument they knew they couldn’t win on so are forcing the English governments legal hand if you will

        • Stephen Mullan says:

          Is that wording in the court papers lodged by them? How did you access them?

        • grizebard says:

          Ironic really, this is the constitutional showdown that every previous UKGov has assiduously worked to avoid since the start of the Union by not pushing its luck too far with Scottish rights and just making up the rest. Now the English Nationalist Tories have pushed it till it broke, and they won’t be able to make it up any more. Soon we’ll all know, one way or the other. The likes of Glenn Campbell will be shown up as either brazen propagandists for, or craven flunkeys of, England. (What a choice. A lose-lose if there ever was one.)

          The SC can’t be very happy either, because now the jurists will have to live up to their constitutional duty or be shown to be establishment shills at the bidding of a faded colonial power desperate to cling on to the little it still retains.

    • Robert Oliphant says:

      The BBC online report makes no mention of your second paragraph contents, funny that, I’ve no idea why they would omit that bit?!

      • Dr Jim says:

        Because they’re the British broadcasting corporation, not the Scottish broadcasting corporation, we’re not *allowed* to have one of those

    • You can hear the yes vote printing machine starting to build up speed.

      British nationalists are f’n idiots if they think they can save the union by stopping Scots from voting. Cameron knew the only way to win that fight was let Scots vote freely. If he’d not, we’d already be independent.

  6. I have to disagree with you that they are all equally vile. Priti Patel is the very essence of evil, so surely she is more vile than the rest, although I will concede that it’s a close run thing.

    • Eilidh says:

      Suela Braverman with her tweet yesterday re too many people are claiming benefits is verging on being just as evil as not so Pritti Patel. This bunch of chancers standing to be PM are so bad Margaret Thatcher looks like Snow White in comparison. Tory scumbags the lot of them

  7. Bob Lamont says:

    It is indeed a gob-smacking list of candidates, each vying to out promise the other on what they’ll do when made capomandamento, yet the financial carrots they proffer their fellow Tory MPs as inducement are based on dogma not cold hard facts, see here and here for how far off the beam each of them are.

    It was on Richard’s post that I learned of Tim Rideout’s heart attack, I’m sure Tim’s observations on his treatment under Scotland’s NHS would accord with those of Paul’s, yet the Tories seek to destroy it, again because of dogma. It is not just JRM who is the Minister for the 18th century, all of them are.

    Another cold hard fact is that Tory members do NOT get a say until it is whittled down to two by the Parliamentary Tories, the blue-rinse brigade get a choice between two smiling assassins, that’s democracy Tory fashion.

    Excellent post Paul, we are indeed at a parting of the ways, and if what Dr Jim posted upthread is correct, a large volume of shit is about to hit what must be a very large fan.

  8. Jane Russell says:

    This is the best rant I’ve read from this author for ages.

  9. James Mills says:

    2014 : ”We love you , Scotland . Don’t leave !”

    2017 ”Now is not the time ! ”

    2022: ” F*ck off , Scotland !”

    • grizebard says:

      We’re not there quite yet, I think, but if we keep persisting in full public view as the SG is gamely doing, there must surely come a time when attitudes down south – whether of the type you exemplify or those who say “sorry you want to go, but we understand” – swing over into some kind of acceptance of the inevitable, so that it becomes politically (if never economically) expedient for even the most self-important UKGov EngGov in London to see the way the wind is blowing and quit while they’re still ahead.

      There do seem to be signs that some people, if not Tory politicians yet, are beginning to plan for an endgame.

  10. yesindyref2 says:

    So the UK Government have made their initial submission to the UKSC asking it to throw out the reference as being “premature” as the Bill hasn’t been passed through Parliament.

    They are thereby trying to force the Catch 22 situation where the Bill can not be introduced to Holyrood as there are doubts about it being within competence, so that they can’t debate and pass the BIll – to test wihether it’s within competence.

    Now is the test of the rule of law by the UKSC, in regards to a self-evidently undemocratic but theoretically unenforceable provision of the Scotland Act.

    • grizebard says:

      It’s a cheap ploy, a predictable legalistic game-play that any court worth its salt would see through in an instant and roundly dismiss. This isn’t Keatings’ theoretical exercise. Legislation is very definitely in the offing, and everyone knows it. If the SC buys that easy punt, it’s effectively declaring itself a sham.

    • Capella says:

      Andrew Tickell has covered the legal position in his National article:

      Andrew Tickell: Referring indyref bill to Supreme Court is a major curveball

      After the First Minister’s statement yesterday, that timeline and those assumptions have been blown to smithereens – catching the opposition, the UK Government and the Scottish media entirely off guard. What we all missed was an unloved, unused – but powerful – provision in Schedule 6 of the Scotland Act.

      This part of the act is concerned with what are called “devolution issues” and how courts resolve them. Broadly speaking, these are disputes about the legal powers of the Scottish Parliament and Government under the Scotland Act.

      Devolution issues usually pop up in civil or criminal cases. But paragraph 34 of Schedule 6 adds another way for disputes over “devolution issues” to reach the courts.

      It is a simple power. It says that the Lord Advocate “may refer to the Supreme Court any devolution issue which is not the subject of proceedings” for adjudication. In essence, this means any devolution issue which hasn’t cropped up in the context of a civil and criminal case can nevertheless be referred to the Supreme Court for resolution. And this is precisely what Dorothy Bain QC has agreed to do with the indyref2 proposals.

      Apos – can’t access the archived version.

  11. Alex Clark says:

    That Politics Live slot with Philippa Whitford was an utter disgrace, Jo Coburn is obviously an out and out Tory . The way she and the Tory MP tried to gang up on her was pathetic, they were made to eat their words and that was that. The Tory MP got to have the last wors and Philippa Whitford was rapidly dispatched without want or leave.

    Talk about showing true BBC bias, this program had it all.

    • You all know my views on BBC-Sur-Clyde.
      As they kick the last helicopter into the Tail of the Bank from the deck of the frigate despatched to rescue the BBC Jock collaborators and steam full ahead Southwards, Plantation Quay will already be being refurbished, and the Saltire hoisted proudly above fluttering in the October ’23 autumn morning sunshine.
      Coburn and the Fat Tory were not only arrogant and rude, but also they behaved , and indeed believed that their audience thought likewise, like a colonial power, talking down to one of the vanquished Jocks.
      Has anyone complained to Ofcom about this astonishing episode yet?

    • Dr Jim says:

      No argument for their union just argument against Scotland having rights

      Tories and Labour weak puerile and scared

    • deelsdugs says:

      Philippa was great. Stood her ground and made them look as slimy as they are.

      What’s with the geezer pretending he’s ‘Marty Hopkirk’ in his made up plastic face and ‘deceased suit’…

    • Tam the Bam says:

      I take a different view Alex.
      I knew what to expect from the tory and Coburn so that didnt come as any great surprise (the usual “once in a generation”….now is not the time….terrible NHS waiting times….education etc., etc.,).
      Philippa batted all these smears into next week and I thought she wiped the floor with them.Well done girl!
      No wonder Coburn was in a hurry to get her off air!

  12. Alex Clark says:

    On Topic.

    None of the Tory candidates are fit to be Prime Minister, you couldn’t put a fag packet between them when it comes to ignoring democracy in Scotland, they all say exactly the same…Forget it you had your referendum.

    I want the one who is most British/English Nationalist to win but that could be any one of them, I suspect the evilest is Braverman, she hates poor people, followed by Truss and they would surely further damage the support for the Union in Scotland, I think though that Mordaunt is the likely winner and I know little about her but what I do know has her right up there singing Rule Brittania.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  13. Alex Clark says:

    The difference between what any Unionist politician tells you about Scotland and the reality is vast. Simply put they all lie about the Scottish government’s performance which is better than any other part of the UK in any metric you care to choose.

    They do this because the lies are all they have, Project Fear has never stopped but it is just lie after lie.

  14. agalianou says:

    There is one Brexit benefit – a trade deal with Indiana.

    • Tam the Bam says:

      What for?…..R.Dean Taylor songs?
      ….”Indiana wants me….lord I cant go back there…….” lol

  15. UndeadShaun says:

    And they are ignoring labours confidence vote.
    By refusing parliamentry time, which is against convention.

    Thats the problem with an unwritten constitution, convention is not the law.
    Mind you the tories ignore the law too.

    What we are seeing is the implosion of westminster and more so the UKs claim as the mother of democracy.

  16. yesindyref2 says:

    For anyone of a nauseous disposition, don’t click this link:—see-list-highest-lowest-paid/

    for example:

    GARY Lineker is the BBC’s top earning on-air talent for the fifth consecutive year and the only name to earn over £1 million annually

    “to earn”? TO EARN? TO EARN? He doesn’t earn it, he gets brown-bagged it.

  17. yesindyref2 says:

    Mordaunt said: “We must set that ambition to defeat the nationalists one day. I won’t pretend it will be easy. But as a member of the Royal Navy, I’ve got the courage and determination to take on that huge challenge.”

    There are “nationalists” in the Royal Navy, quite a lot actually, the commander of one of the Vanguards was a “nationalist” until he reitred (advisor to HMS Vigil).

    So she has has totally ignored the “ethos” of the Royal Navy which is:

    “Unite our people

    The enduring spirit derived from our people’s loyalty to their ship, unit or team sustained by high professional standards and strong leadership, that gives us courage in adversity and the determination to fight and win. That is the Royal Navy ethos.”

    by her divisiveness. And people think THAT is suitable to be PM?

    See also:

    “Our people – One team, one identity”

    She should be drummed out of the Reserves.

  18. Hamish100 says:

    The Brit Nat navy is used to gunboat diplomacy. A bit like Russia really.

  19. deelsdugs says:

    Sums it all up Paul.
    Currently in a trench on an island in the north that usually votes the libdem way with a heck of a lot of people who have moved from the south to appreciate a life elsewhere, who continue to play the London rule way, and are lambasting the Scottish government for not implementing stricter measures with the current covid situation…I shall leave that there…but quite simply, take some responsibility for yourselves folks when you’re out and about and mingling…

    Anyhow, a fellow ‘trencher’, residing in Morayshire, from the south, who voted against Indy in 2014 has said that defo she will be voting for independence ‘if there’s another referendum’, says I, ‘oh there will be’

  20. deelsdugs says:

    I still think the whole resigning farcical parade was a distraction to cause maximum publicity effect for torydom, and how they are going to rethink their next plan of propaganda to try and stop the people of Scotland having another referendum to get the hell away from such a venomous institution…

  21. Hamish100 says:

    And from SGP “. Scotland is subjugated, subservient and humiliated on a daily basis by these people and Sturgeon plays by their rules and just loves her 4 nations summits etc etc as any good devolutionalist would do.

    F**k Sturgeon, Blackford and all her disgusting gang of phonies. “

    Should I tell pretend independista in scotia that the Republic of Ireland attended too.
    Facts doesn’t interrupt this pretend indepenista age 15 and 3/4.

    Click to access FINAL%20BIC%20Summit%20Communique_0.pdf

    • Dr Jim says:

      Aw, he just wants to be wingsy when he grows up, wee soul

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Grima Wormtongue is getting more and more desperate as its algorithms work out that it is more and more out of line with SGP and most of the rest of the Indy movement.

  22. yesindyref2 says:

    So basically speaking, to increase support for a YES vote even more than BoJo I think, we have neck and neck, Penny Mordaunt and Suella Braverman. Most likely to do a wobbly and give the S30 and actually save the UK from eating itself inb a feeding frfenzy is Kemi Badenoch followed perhaps by Rishi Sunak, whose policies on anything apart from finance are relatively unknown. No idea about Liz Truss, but who has anyway? Jeremy Hunt and Nadhim Sahawi are clearly only staying in for the laugh, and Tom Tugendhat I have absolutely no idea who he is.

  23. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Re: Coburn vs Whitford on the Daily Politics.

    I decided to lodge a complaint with the BBC today with regard to this. (See below – You are limited to 2 000 characters.).

    I’ll keep you posted on any response.


    During the interview with Dr. Phillippa Whitford, the interviewer regularly interrupted her who was thus often impeded from making her points.

    When it was mentioned that the SNHS was (and has been) performing much better than the English version, an attempt was made to close down Dr. Whitford. Further evidence of this, in particular with regard to A&E times wasn’t permitted by the interviewer as she seemed unaware that the English Service no longer supplies these figures as they are far worse than Scotland’s. The use of any comparative data was disallowed as seemingly the interviewer had not brought in any ‘English’ documentation to back up her case that Scotland was performing far worse than England.

    The interviewer then compounded her error of presenting an even-handed approach by allowing free rein to the Conservative Party guest, who seemed unaware of how much the political situation in the UK has changed since 2014 (Brexit, Partygate, Tory scandals …) in that Scotland should be ‘allowed’ a second Indy Ref. She was practically acting as the Tory’s mouthpiece – both parties obviously unaware (at best) or deliberately ignoring (at worse) the sustainable fact that a majority of Scots most certainly do wish to have a Second Referendum.

    The condescension of the Conservative towards Scotland wasn’t called out – in fact, to this impartial viewer, it appeared to be approved by the interviewer – whereas Dr. Whitfield wasn’t allowed the opportunity to present her (& Scotland’s) case for such a Referendum.

    The interviewer maintains the old chestnut of the proposed Indy 2 Referendum being ‘Sturgeon’s Referendum’. It’s nothing of the sort. The Scottish people have voted time and again democratically for independence supporting parties – plural – who have pledged to hold a Referendum on Independence for their country. Anti-referendum parties have been trounced in the polls on a regular basis.

    Has the BBC lost their dictionary when it comes to defining ‘democracy’?

  24. yesindyref2 says:

    Roll up, roll up. It’s a Pied Piper of Tories all competing for the rat race that happens only once in a generation – every 3 years – as they line up their future careers as after dinner speakers at £10,000 an indigestion.

    Place your bets ladies and gentlemen and others.

  25. Bob Lamont says:

    It would seem an unofficial contender has sneaked in through contwacts…

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