Johnson and the so-called union, both living on borrowed time

The whole thing is unbelievable. As I write these words, Gordon Brown is still holed up in Downing Street. He is like some illegal settler in the Sinai desert, lashing himself to the radiator, or David Brent haunting ‘The Office’ in that excruciating episode when he refused to acknowledge that he has been sacked. Isn’t there someone – the Queen’s Private Secretary, the nice policeman on the door of No 10 – whose job is to tell him the game’s up?

Boris Johnson, the Spectator, 10 May 2010.

Ever since the First Minister made her announcement about the Scottish Government’s route map to another lawful vote on Scottish independence, the anti-independence parties aided and abetted by Scotland’s predominantly anti-independence media have been showing their true British nationalist contempt for democracy in Scotland by falling over themselves to delegitimise any democratic route to giving the people of Scotland that to which those same anti-independence parties have always insisted Scotland has an absolute sovereign right, the ability to make a democratic choice about the form of government best suited to Scotland’s needs.

The British nationalists – which is precisely what they are no matter how much they assert their opposition to ‘nationalism’ have been engaged in a shameful exercise of conveyor belt goal posts. When those seeking to put the issue to a popular vote attained the mandate for one which was demanded prior to 2014, all of a sudden the question is to be decided by cherry picking opinion polls ,or it must be postponed to some date which is conveniently far in the future, because reasons. You can be quite certain that if we waited patiently until that date there would be some other reason why a referendum cannot be allowed.

It is obvious that the British nationalists – that would include you, Labour branch office in Scotland, were blindsided by Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement that if they block a referendum then the next UK General Election in Scotland will become a de facto referendum on independence. This is a lawful vote that they cannot prevent from taking place, and since it is an election for Westminster MPs they cannot boycott it either, instead they are reduced to asserting that the SNP and the other pro-independence parties ‘cannot’ stand on the single issue of seeking a mandate from the people of Scotland for independence, again, because reasons. As I have remarked on this blog before, the British nationalist parties may have no qualms about undermining Scottish democracy, but their power does not extend to telling other parties what platform they are allowed to stand on. The possibility of a plebiscite election is one which the British nationalists were not expecting and which they have no real idea how to respond to.

So for example we had the recent pronouncements of Alister Jack,forgotten but not gone. The Governor General for the northern territory is clinging on to his job solely because his boss won’t accept the democratic verdict of his own party and is floating around in Downing Street like an especially persistent turd which refuses all attempts to flush it away. Jack remains one of Johnson’s greatest champions in the cabinet, not least because no other Prime Minister would give this useless patrician waste of space the time of day, never mind a cabinet seat.

If during the next election the Dumfries and Galloway constituency campaign isn’t plastered with with leaflets and posters detailing every time Jack stood by Boris Johnson, despite all Johnson’s lies and deceit, someone will not be doing their job properly. Even as his colleagues were resigning en masse, Jack said of Johnson “He has never said one thing and done another and has never tried to pull the wool over my eyes.” He never needed to pull the wool over your eyes Jack, because your tongue was always rammed so far up Johnson’s arse that you could lick his tonsils. It’s the kind of statement we’d expect from Jack, who is certainly not about to jeopardise his chances of a peerage in Johnson’s resignation (dis)honours list.

Jack recently asserted tha the SNP ‘cannot’ use a UK General Election to win a mandate for independence because the constitution is a reserved matter. It’s a delusional argument. It’s not even an argument. In a UK General Election Scotland is voting to express its views on reserved matters.

Meanwhile Jackie Baillie claims that a UK General Election cannot be used to win a mandate for independence because ‘people will be voting on other issues’. Ahem, Jackie, I appreciate that you might not have noticed, what with what you believe to be your god-given right to ignore the result of last year’s Holyrood election, but you can’t actually dictate to the electorate what they will be casting their votes on. That’s ever so slightly fundamental to this whole democracy thing that you appear to be struggling with. If the pro-independence parties stand on a platform that a vote for them is a vote for independence, and they win a majority of votes. That’s a mandate for independence no matter what you say.

Labour has shown that it and the Tories are merely two cheeks of the same Brexit supporting Scottish democracy denying arse. Adopting the exact same tactic as Douglas Ross, Baillie refused to set out what the democratic route to another independence referendum actually is. The British nationalists insist that such a route does exist, but it’s top secret and they are not going to say what it is because that might encourage people to use it.

Meanwhile Johnson continues to cling on in Downing Street hoping against hope for something miraculous to crop up and save him, just like British nationalists trying to fend off a vote on Scottish independence.

We all know what the real reason for the British nationalist reticence is, even though it’s the last thing that they would ever admit to. They are terrified of the verdict of the Scottish people on the contempt which Westminster has shown for Scotland since the 2014 referendum. And they know that they cannot simply state that they will never allow Scotland a vote on independence if they fear that they might lose that vote because to do so would explode the traditional foundations of Scottish unionism and alienate thousands of soft-noes and undecideds. It’s a delaying tactic whose time will soon be up. Both Johnson and this so-called union are living on borrowed time.


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33 comments on “Johnson and the so-called union, both living on borrowed time

  1. Dr Jim says:

    Everybody is free to look up the definition of fascism and the results of such a search will describe the British nationalists Tory Labour and the oddly named Liberal Democrats exactly

    Intolerant, Authoritarian, Domineering views and practices, Oppressive, the list goes on

    The EEC from 1972 to the now EU have had 48 referendums between all of those countries to achieve democracy because they rather like the idea of democracy, England on the other hand dictates the how the when and even the why of democracy as though only they may wield such a power gifted from God to them and them alone

    This is the very description of fascism

  2. bringiton says:

    There is no doubt that the unionists are going to spin the story that getting out of a union is very very difficult.
    The story will be, “Look how difficult it was separating from Europe after only 40 years and imagine how hard it will be to do so with England after 300”.
    However they are demonstrating just how undemocratic England’s union is when they claim we essentially need England’s permission to secede.
    Imagine their outrage if Brussels had said the same sort of thing to them.
    This time,we need to make the argument solely about the lack of democratic accountability in our country and all the consequences that flow from that.

  3. Capella says:

    Ireland left the Union and has prospered, in spite of the constant and deliberate interference of Northern Ireland or “playing the Orange card”, as Winston Churchill’s father put it.

    Norway left the Union with Sweden in 1905 and has prospered, mightily.
    The United States left the Union with Great Britain and has prospered.
    All of the former colonies have declared independence from Britain and have never begged to be re-colonised. Ditto French, Belgian, Dutch and Spanish colonies.

    There’s nothing unusual about leaving British rule. But the British nationalists will fight tooth and nail to prevent it.

  4. Golfnut says:

    They (liblabtory) can’t articulate the democratic route to ending the Union because Nicola Sturgeon is actually already using it. So there.

  5. Margaret Millar says:

    Dumfries & Galloway have many English people living there I live in a wee rural place called Wanlockhead and it’s mostly English people with holiday homes that live here and I can tell you their are about 3 people here were I live who have joined the SNP and want Scotland to be independent the rest want to stay in the union as far as I know .

  6. Bob Lamont says:

    Your final paragraph says it all really – Ever since David Cameron stood outside #10 in 2014 talking about EVEL, the UK had signed it’s own death warrant – all it has done since is dig the grave.

    • Pogmothon says:

      In truth their problem is they will not be convinced to put down the shovel.
      It can only end with them so deep that they stepping straight into Auld nick’s Parlour.
      Aye an we’re keeping the spin although we’ve supped enough wi them.

  7. Hamish100 says:

    Unfortunately Bob, they are willing to take us with them.

  8. Alan D says:

    Heehee. If Jack gets his peerage out of Johnson, it would trigger a by-election and it’d take only a 2% swing to flip D&G. Polls suggest that there’s been a ~7% tory to SNP swing since 2019, slightly obscured by Labour’s dizzying return to second place.

    • davetewart says:

      Not correct, there are plenty of Sirs in the commons, Try Sir Keir Starmer.
      If he’s made a Baron then a seat in the lords.

  9. jfngw says:

    The never ending goalpost moving for a referendum or mandate to leave which is suddenly changed once the line has been crossed. I think we know that even if the vote was 100% for independence they will try and ignore it or claim it is not legitimate.

    Westminster has never given up a cash cow voluntarily, only when the negatives out-way the positives will they make a tactical withdrawal to a great fanfare about democracy.

    • jfngw says:

      As for running an election on a single issue, did the Tories not run with ‘Who Governs Britain’ in 1974 as their main policy.

      As the SNP are mere spectators at Westminster apart for independence then anything else we vote is never going to happen there. If a majority for independence is achieves at a GE (I still expect the Borders and Orkney/Shetland to stick with the blue & orange Tories respectively) and Westminster refuse to negotiate it is then the time to remove our representatives from their parliament.

      Let the world see we are in effect an occupied state, annexed with the troops of another country occupying our land and stealing our resources. If the rest of the world sits back and accepts this then all their speeches about democracy can be seen as nothing more than a sham to fool the people.

  10. Dr Jim says:

    Nadhim Zahawi appeared on Kay Burley this morning and his backdrop was a red white and black union flag

  11. Capella says:

    Sadly, the Westminster Tories are bent on self destruction. Bitter internecine war has broken out.
    An anti-Rishi Sunak ‘murky memo’ is sparking controversy among Tory MPs

    A MEMO doing the rounds among Tory MPs has labelled Rishi Sunak a “schoolboy” and a “liar” who cannot be trusted on tax policy.

    In what looks to be a bitter and damaging leadership contest for the Tory party, a “mucky memo”, reportedly titled “Get Ready for Rishi” said that “there is nothing Conservative about the ‘Big Tax and Big Spend’ agenda of Rishi Sunak”.

    With Sir Graham Brady set to announce the timetable for the Tory leadership campaign on Monday, senior Tories have warned that their party is at risk of tearing itself apart as Johnson’s allies accuse the former chancellor of “treachery” for resigning his post

  12. Capella says:

    As if the Westmister clown show wasn’t already surreal:

    Boris Johnson ‘considering peerage’ for Nadine Dorries in resignation honours list

    The Sunday Times has reported that Dorries is “expected” to ditch frontline politics for the Lords and focus on novel writing following Johnson’s exit as Tory leader.

    Other reported candidates thought to be in line for a peerage are Paul Dacre, former editor of the Daily Mail, and billionaire Tory donor Michael Hintze, with possible appointments within the next few months.

    It was also reported that a No 10 official got in touch with a senior Tory to probe whether the Prime Minister’s father, Stanley Johnson, could be given a knighthood on the grounds that he was “once an MEP”, but the figure advised against it.

  13. Dr Jim says:

    Every day now for the next six months or so we in Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland are put on hold once again because of England’s obsession with itself, the media will pump out moment after moment of all the political events and the repetitive blurb they enjoy indulging themselves in for the benefit of *the country* except as usual that *country* is England, because here in the rest of our worlds we actually have governments, well except for Northern Ireland that England has paralysed them for years through the use of the DUP British Irish Tories there

    So here we are again being told what we must vote for and what we must not in order to end up with the same Tories either red or blue that have paralysed the entire UK for the last ten years, but it’s OK folks because they’ve told us they’re going to *reset* everything and make it all better

    They never make it better !! just never, and if they ever intended to in the case of Scotland they’ve had 300 years to do it, but every time the voters notice they’re lying again what do they do? they tell us they’re going to have a reset and blame the last 300 years on Scotland’s National Party who in terms of government only have devolved authority and in political terms have only been *allowed* to use that for the last 5 minutes, but hey, it’s their fault folks, and who’s telling us that ? well, all the same politicians from England who have been governing our country for those aforementioned 300 freaking years

    England’s fake UK has been dumped by over 60 countries they used to *own*, they call it governing of course, in the same way they call all those places *the Commonwealth* or *Territories*
    All these now independent countries couldn’t be dragged back under the England UK banner with guns to their collective heads, because the minute they achieved their independence they became immediately free, the biggest disappointment to the England UK of course being America, who they suck up to like a new born babe to the breast because America took their freedom in both hands shook it up and became the most powerful nation on the planet

    The only country that has lost anything due to independence is England, they lost cash, they lost respect, they lost the servitude of peoples from those countries that they robbed blind for years
    “No taxation without representation” that was the cry from America, well Tories Labour and Liberal Democrats all English parties have almost zero representation in Scotland, it’s all very well for England to impose their system of installing their lackeys in Scotland using a proportional representational voting device that they in England refuse to use in their own government to con the Scottish public into thinking they have politicians working for them, but these people don’t work for Scotland, the work against Scotland doing the bidding of their employers in England where the voters who really count, the 55 million who decide who what when and where gets elected to their parliament and sod the rest of us

    So are you all delighted that once again Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland get to sit around while England parades itself hourly across our TVs informing us of their plans to keep doing to us what they’ve been doing to us for the last 300 years so that we can make up our minds as to who is deserving of the votes we cast that don’t count because England outvotes all of us 10 to 1 and get to install the next Tory Labour monkey that they choose, because don’t kid yourselves my colonial brothers and sisters it won’t be us choosing, it never is

    We don’t count

  14. davetewart says:

    We should treat their media and political parties as an IQ test.

    Vote for one and you’ve failed.

  15. astytaylor says:

    The Scotsman (a newspaper) had a headline about “Tory hopefuls” today, on the front page. Apparently, they won’t allow a Scottish independence referendum for at least 10 years.
    Just to be clear, I didn’t actually buy this newspaper.
    “Tory hopefuls” indeed…

  16. yesindyref2 says:

    So, to whittle down the list of candidates for leader of the Tories, there are two elimination rounds before the final 2 are put to the members. Which means the members choice is restricted to the choice of the MPs, which of course is not a proper democratic election at all.

    What they could normally do is present all 10 candidates to the members and get them to vote STV, but only the Scottish members would have a clue, and the Welsh and (not sure) the NI members, as nobody in the rest of the UK would have a clue what to to do and would probably put “X” against all the names. Reminds me of the upper class twit sketch for some odd reason.

  17. yesindyref2 says:

    Scotland has taken 20% of the UK’s Ukrainian refugees and has to pause the scheme same as Wales, yet the pathetic opposition in Holyrood are complaining. They are supposed to “hold the Government to account”, but why is that always just a pathetic purposeless whinging waste ot CO2?

    Meanwhile one of my suppliers in Scotland has 2 Ukrainian refugees working for them, very nice and friendly, and excellent quality of work.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Mmm, from the Herald:

      Scottish LibDem deputy leader, Wendy Chamberlain, said: “gollygoops iggily biggily bazinga dweeeeb”

      Well, quite, but then she is an MP, and what happens in Holyrood is not her business to comment on, perhaps she could tell us whether the Liberals at Westminster where she actually is a duly elected representative would accept that democratically they should support a democratic referendum for Scotland, regardless of which way they want to vote?

      Ah right, they’re called the Liberal Democrats these days so have absolutely no conception of Democracy.

  18. Hamish100 says:

    I think AUOB should consider an extra March to STV and BBC at Pacific Quay to attack their political bias.
    They won’t report it, but unlucky for them we have different ways of telling the public the truth. Wheres the “Scottish” Dairy record these days

    • davetewart says:

      You mean the ‘dairy mirror’ with the strange outer brown paper cover missing.
      It is practically the english paper with 2 outer leaves to cover up.

      Today’s news is that the house of common fools has a roof leak even when it’s a heatwave outside, mps are confused at buckets being used to capture mogg drips, maybe they don’t have water tanks to supply the cocaine cupboards.
      A tory mp has been in court to answer charges on a road vehicle incident, left the scene, left behind his high heeled shoes and leather skirt, it seems. This is not a crime in their uk I understand.
      The mp grant ,fox, green shapps has joined the race to be pm, video shows him distancing himself from a get rich quick scheme as it only applies to his ambition, now.

      Earlier the recker had some input from baillie, who holds a Portugese Passport and is a brexiteer supporter employed by the Slabs and paid for by us.

  19. Hamish100 says:

    No doubt the red and blue britnats will be complaining that the ScotRail drivers industrial action has been resolved. I mean what will they complain about now?

    Ok – everything that has the word Scotland attached.

  20. James Mills says:

    A wee suggestion for the Tory 1922 Committee as they ponder the rules for choosing the next Boris Johnson :

    As this is a sort of beauty contest/Game show , why not adopt the format of successful shows that the public would be entertained by ?

    Love Island – too nauseating !!

    Blind Date – too dangerous – imagine a pairing of Liz Truss and Grant Shapps ! What sort of creation would they give life to ?

    My preference would be the Japanese show Battle Royale !
    Stick them all on a remote island and watch them show their natural proclivity as Tories to seek at and destroy those who are weaker than them .
    The winner has to fight , hand -to-hand, with Priti Patel to become the leader of ”the herd ”!

  21. davetewart says:

    Not a racist remark,

    Just listened to Chishti on the great bandwidth of talent in the tory party in westmonster.
    Question, Has the tory party been taken over by a Middle East government team?
    Question for zahawi, how do you arrive in the uk, pennyless, and now have a £60m property portfolio?, a cottage in Yorkshire with stables?

    Mr Murphy’s blog asks who loaned the £58million in loans to the couple that isstill on their accounts.

  22. jfngw says:

    It is becoming clear that the unionist parties are declaring there is no democratically peaceful way for Scotland to claim its independence. They were quite happy to see NI go up in flames to keep their control, they would not hesitate to see the same in Scotland, and Scotland has a wealth of resources they now desperately need.

    When they say there is a way to independence but will not quantify it they, I suspect, are saying only if England permits it. England’s rulers over the centuries have wanted to control Scotland, they still do, nothing has really changed for them. They see themselves as actually conquerors, not unionists in a partnership, it never was. They have no interest in the opinion of the Scottish people, they merely want its resources to build their Jerusalem.

  23. Hamish100 says:

    Be warned of unionists agitation. On another blog

    Sooner or later Scotland’s political representatives must break Westminster law. Sooner or later all pro-indy supporters must do the same. Some form of UDI must be introduced. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If we go down make sure we go down fighting. Create constitutional chaos.”

    To go down fighting is to accept defeat.
    I and I am sure many others will not accept defeat. We refuse the ulsterisation rhetoric.

    Our eyes are open to the britnat unionist tricks.
    The FM is alert to this and requires our support as she does ours. Frustration is natural but falling into the trap of the frothing “anon” crowd won’t work.
    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Independence is our goal

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