Get Borexit done

If you are one of those Tory apologists on social media who thinks that Johnson’s non-resignation speech was ‘dignified’ you can get in the bin. Johnson’s resignation speech was not dignified and it wasn’t even a resignation speech, because the bloviating abandoned mattress with clown hair didn’t actually resign. He is still Prime Minister and the words “I resign” did not cross his lying lips. All he conceded was that the chair of the 1922 Committee should start the process of electing a new leader of the Conservative party, Johnson intends to remain in office until then.

In his petulant speech Johnson blamed a ‘herd mentality’, he blamed the media, he blamed everyone except himself for the predicament he now finds himself in. There was absolutely no recognition that it’s his own lies and deceit which have brought him down. Even at this late stage there is no sign of any contrition or that he has learned anything at all. His speech dripped with entitlement and self-pity.

Despite this supposed resignation Johnson is still offering cabinet posts, he’s still re-shuffling, and he chaired a Cabinet meeting this afternoon. Johnson is still effectively running the country. So in what meaningful sense has he resigned? Surely it is the job of the deputy Prime Minister to step in. But Johnson is carrying on as though nothing has happened in a Trumpian denial that the game is up.

This is an alarming and dangerous development. Saying that Johnson is a caretaker Prime Minister is a sick joke. When has Johnson ever taken care of anything other than his own self interest and selfish ambition. The longer he is allowed to remain in power the more time he has to use every dirty and underhand trick at his disposal to maintain his stranglehold on power, choking off what little oxygen remains for democracy and accountability in British politics. Johnson cannot be trusted. For the sake of what remains of democracy in the UK, Borexit means Borexit. It’s time to get Borexit done.

Starmer is threatening a vote of no confidence in Johnson in the Commons in an effort to get him out if the Conservatives don’t do so immediately and if Johnson tries to stay in post until the Conservatives get around to electing a new party leader. Funny isn’t it, Tory Ministers are allowed to change their minds, a mere four weeks after the last vote of no confidence in Johnson, but neither the Conservatives nor Labour think that Scottish electorate should be allowed to change their minds on Scottish Independence after eight years in which everything has changed. Where’s their cries of “They had a vote, they should accept the result.” now?

If the Commons was to vote no confidence in Johnson, it would then be for the Queen to appoint the person best-placed to command a majority in the Commons as Prime Minister. In the event that no such person could be appointed, Parliament would be dissolved and a general election held. Right now, would it not be hysterical if Durham Police found that Starmer had indeed broken lockdown rules?

This sordid episode and the events of Johnson’s time in office have illustrated just how fragile democracy in the UK really is. The apologists for British nationalism have always patted themselves on the back about the supposed better quality and higher standards of democracy under the Westminster system, indeed during the 2014 referendum campaign we were told that democracy in Scotland depended upon Westminster, and that left to our own devices Scots would rapidly deteriorate into a corrupt authoritarianism and the destruction of meaningful democracy. But that is precisely what has been happening with this Conservative party. Under the Westminster system, democracy and political accountability depend upon those who hold high office acting with honour, decency, and propriety, but when power is seized by liars, charlatans and cheats, as it has been with this Conservative party, the Westminster system is rendered powerless.

Johnson wanted to be in office for three terms, he fancied himself as the Churchill for the 21st century. But today Johnson instead ties with Neville Chamberlain for number of days in No 10. Theresa May and Jim Callaghan both served longer. Johnson will go down in the history books as one of the worst Prime Ministers that the UK has ever had, the man that destroyed the conventions, customs and traditions that underpin the famously unwritten British constitution. And in addition he destroyed the traditional foundations of unionism in Scotland. This so called union is now no longer a partnership of nations founded on consent. Johnson has disabused us of that notion in a blatant denial of democracy that has been enthusiastically adopted by Keir Starmer’s Labour party.

Whoever eventually takes over from Johnson will be a creature in his image. It will be a Conservative minister who has spent the past months and years colluding with and enabling Johnson’s assault on standards of decency in public office. There are many names of potential candidates being bandied about. One of the reasons Johnson has clung on so long is because the Tories have no clear successor in sight. In no small measure that’s because Johnson promoted talentless non entities like Alister Jack or Nadine Dorries whose sole political usefulness was their willingness to keep defending Johnson no matter how egregiously he broke the rules.

One thing is certain however, Johnson’s successor will be a creature in his own authoritarian sleazy, and deceitful image. It is being reported that Rishi Sunak has already set up a temporary leadership campaign office in a Westminster hotel. It’s bound to be a swanky hotel.

The only reason that Johnson is being forced from the Conservative leadership now is not in order to protect and defend the highest standards in public office. It is to ensure that the Conservatives maintain their corrupt grasp on power. Nothing is going to change even when Johnson is finally dragged kicking and screaming out of number ten. This is all happening so that things can stay the same and so that the Conservatives can win the next UK General Election and the Tories can continue to trash democracy, accountability, and honesty and decency in public office for years and years to come.

There’s only one way in which Scotland can be certain that we can get Borexit done and that we will not be subject to Johnson’s democracy denying Conservative heirs, and that is through independence. It’s time.

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161 comments on “Get Borexit done

  1. Hamish100 says:

    Imagine the board of a company who have resigned for corruption, lies and the rest. They are sacked or resign in disgrace and the next day most appear at the same company to take decide the companies future. The same power , the same mindset.

    No more Westminster. Scotland needs Independence 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  2. Marybel Tracey says:

    What a fantastic account of what has gone on today! The ra ra party outside No 10 including wife, baby and adoring Nadine was embarrassing. And his last so called sentence said it all! “Thems the breaks” whatever does that mean? You seem to be able to put into words exactly what I want to say!

  3. Movy says:

    I thought Johnson’s speech was, at best, deluded.
    He seems to believe he has a mandate from the voters to deliver his world-beating agenda and, until relatively recently, 211 of the cabal agreed.
    In his delusion he feels betrayed by the herd which has suddenly discovered concepts like honesty, integrity and decency, as they keep telling us in their letters of resignation.
    Whether they actually know what these words mean is highly debatable.
    A sordid episode indeed, and they are all tarred, culpable and equally dangerous.
    We need out of this “Union” pdq.

    • grizebard says:

      He seems to think the Westminster system has suddenly become a oresidential one, merely by his own force of will. Maybe he should get a reminder from his pal, that plummy self-appointed parliamentary “expert”, Jacob Reet-Bogg.

  4. Dr Jim says:

    How can it be that a PM supposedly finished in the job remains in the job for an unspecified amount of time *AND* begins a selection process of an entire new cabinet of government ministers when the *plan* we’re told is to have a contest between candidates for the position of PM who when they are selected will begin another process of selecting an entirely new cabinet of ministers of government in the fullness of unspecified time which could be anywhere we’re told between a fortnight and four months

    Perhaps it’s just me but I can kinda see a Trump moment occurring with caretaker temporary for the moment current not ex PM Boris Trumpson

    But what do I know I’m just a Scottish person as described tonight by STVs Bernard Ponsonby as *not sovereign* because he said when it comes to politics the voters are sovereign

    Just not in Scotland eh Bernard, as Bernard commented from where we are on the news where they are, which is in England, where the voters are sovereign

    We await at her Majesty’s pleasure the anointing of yet another Tory PM that Scotland won’t be voting for but will be running our country whether we like it or not, so let it be written so let it be done

    • They’re all still there, Dr J.
      Priti patel, Nadine Dorries, Jacob Rees Mogg, Alister Jack, Douglas Ross, Andrew Bowie, David Mundell, David Duguid, the Other One in the Borders, Angela Leadsom, Suella Braverman, Rishi Sunak, Ja,es Cleverly, Dominic Rabb, Grant Shapps, to name but a few of the amoral gang of chancers who backed the Fat Owl up, lied for him, and will carry on as usual…destroying society.

      Nothing has changed. They are as guilty as he is.
      Rwanda, the Bedroom tax, pensions slashed, the NI hike, the PPE scandals, have not gone away.
      WE carry on as before, taking back our country.

  5. Golfnut says:

    Apparently someone has suggested that Ruth Davidson should act as interim PM. Now I get the idea of bringing someone in that isn’t closely associated with the useless corrupt cabal currently occupying the Tory benches but suggesting someone who is basically a media construct rather than someone who has ministerial experience, no experience in government, hides under duvet when awkward questions need answering, has achieved the sum total of zero other than self promotion and only then because of the media, kind of tells us things aren’t going to improve anytime soon.

    • Dr Jim says:

      “I will resign from the Conservative party if such a proposition were ever to happen”
      Ruth Davidson said that prior to the Brexit referendum that Nicola Sturgeon warned Scotland was what the Tories were up to, Davidson is now a Baroness as reward for lying to Scotland, so I suppose if a way could be found by the Tories to install as big a liar as Johnson she’d be another perfect fit for Tory liar in chief

      My money goes on Penny Mordaunt, they need an image with another zealot hiding underneath and she’s perfect, cool as a cucumber and totally ice cold Tory

      • James says:

        I think one of Tugendhat, Hunt or Wallace. Generally following a larger than life (for want of a better words) leader parties choose someone who they think is a safe pair of hands and they tend to seem a little bit dull compared to their predecessor. A bit like Major following Thatcher, Brown following Blair, May following Cameron.

    • grizebard says:

      But surely “hiding under a duvet” when things get tricky is a prime qualification for Tory leadership these days, no?

      And if “getting the positioning right” is also necessary, as uninvolved “dark horse”, she certainly qualifies. As caretaker, anyway. But it’s been a long while since the PM belonged to The Great House of the (Special) People, rather than the House of Plebs, err, Commoners. Though the male Tories do rather like having a Nanny. The very One to sort out the sorry mess left by the spoilt (man-)child.

  6. Yup, Trumpian describes it to a T. Johnson has resigned as PM while continuing on as PM. Dictators across the world will be in awe at him.

  7. stewartb says:

    So here we go again: Scotland’s lack of agency, Scotland’s democratic deficit is about to be exposed as the Tory Party – MPs and party members – is about to elect a new leader and then install him/her as Prime Minister.

    And THIS is the political party that will be deciding on our behalf:

    – the one which claims to be the most successful electorally in the world but which has FAILED TO WIN A MAJORITY IN SCOTLAND at a General Election since the mid 1950s.

    – it is the party of government which at the 2019 GE saw its number of MPs in Scotland drop from 13 TO JUST SIX. In 2019, the Tories suffered A 3.5% DROP IN VOTE SHARE in Scotland, a fall on a scale not seen in any other UK nation or English region. Also in 2019, the TORY PARTY IN SCOTLAND WON 693,000 VOTES, JUST 25.1% OF VOTES CAST: in England its share of the vote was 47.2%.

    – moreover, the reason behind the Tory win in England in 2019 was its success in increasing vote share in constituencies that had voted 60% or more for Leave in the 2016 EU referendum – an EU referendum outcome a majority in Scotland rejected.

    In a briefing paper published by the House of Commons Library (HoCL) on 9 August 2019 entitled ‘Membership of UK Political Parties’ we learn this about the Tory Party membership, those people empowered to select a UK PM on our behalf:

    – the Conservative Party had 180,000 members at July 2019 – but on the BBC 1 news this evening, the party membership was reported as just 100,000.

    – the HoCL’s 2019 briefing reports that 10% of Tory members live in Scotland. By contrast, 54% live in the South of England including London.

    – the HoCL reports that overall just 29% of the Conservative party are women – by far the lowest proportion of any of the parties with Westminster representation. More than half of the Conservatives (53%) are over 60 years old, again by far the oldest membership profile of any of the current parties represented in Westminster.

    So members of political party Scotland consistently rejects will again decide for Scotland. The decision will be dominated by MPs from England – many elected because of their support for Brexit – and dominated by an ageing, male membership living in the South of England.

    Because of every one of the above factors, the installation of the next Tory PM will not reflect Scotland, nor its needs and wants. Plus ça change!


    • Drew Anderson says:

      “…the one which claims to be the most successful electorally in the world but which has FAILED TO WIN A MAJORITY IN SCOTLAND at a General Election since the mid 1950s…”

      Strictly speaking it wasn’t even them. The present Conservative and Unionist party didn’t come into existence until 1965. The oft referred to “victory” in 1955 comprised of 30 Unionist MP’s, who took the Conservative whip, and 6 dual mandate MP’s; the National Liberal and Conservative ones (compare today’s Labour and Co-op members). It was the Unionists (a Scottish party, not a branch of a UK one) who had a purple patch in the 1950’s.

      You have to go back to 1900 to find the sole example of “the Conservatives” being on the winning ticket, albeit on a shared mandate. Previous to that, they were the actual Tory party and they had a couple of wins in 1830 & 1831.

      It’s all here, scroll down to “Scottish elections”:

      In summary, the Conservatives and its successor, the Conservative and Unionist party have not won an election in Scotland, when standing on their own merits, ever. Their few successes have only come under electoral alliances with other parties.

      Note: the National Liberals merged into the Conservatives in the 60’s as well.

  8. bringiton says:

    I imagine that the Tories will be desperate to get rid of BoJo ASAP before he can do any more damage to their electoral prospects.
    He clearly holds a grudge against them for dumping him and who knows what he might get up to if left at the helm.
    Suspect things will move quickly now to find some sort of replacement.

  9. New PM won’t have any mandate to ‘refused a section 30’. Or anything else.

    If there’s a UKGE so a mandate for rule can be sought, will Labour and the Lib Dems stand in Scotland on an English parliament cancelling the 2021 Scottish election and handing victory to the losers manifesto?

    • grizebard says:

      The answer is “yes”. To their shame.

      In the meantime, the shambolic caretaker government still in the hands of “mad, bad and dangerous to know” refusenik BoJo will supposedly not be permitted to embark on any change of direction or new policy until the eventual takeover. So after BoJo’s rejection letter, it’s a supposed “back in your box, Scotland” double whammy.

      Some may wish. But not, since the Supreme Court can proceed forthwith, with little chance now of a UKGE intervening…

  10. davetewart says:

    I didn’t miss the wee thank you to his security team,

    ‘They didn’t leak’

    The mey should be interviewing them to find out what they didn’t tell.

    Dream on, but that’s what should happen..

    The arsonist is left in charge of the half burnt out shell.

  11. Really glad I’m not English/British right now. What a f**king embarrassment of a PM / government. I really do feel sorry for decent voters across the border who are at a loss as to what to do, but only they can change things for themselves.

    Forgive me for not wishing to be ‘represented on the world stage’ by this sh*t-show. I’ll be voting for indy thanks.

  12. Derek says:

    The previous vote of no confidence was a Tory-only one, and by their rules there currently cannot be another of them for a year. If Starmer’s allowed to trigger one, then it would be for all members of the Commons (I think).

    • James Mills says:

      True ! But … if the No Confidence motion is won it is likely to trigger a General Election , the last thing many Tories wish at this moment .
      Soooo …to avoid this they would then have to vote to defeat the No Confidence vote in a man that many have said in their letters of resignation that they have NO CONFIDENCE in ! Hypocrisy thy name is Tory !

      • grizebard says:

        I don’t think a “no confidence” vote in the HOC does necessarily trigger a general election. Any UK PM only has the job by virtue of the support of the HOC, that’s the constitutional position in a parliamentary system. Churchill replaced Chamberlain in 1940 after such a vote, and the only controversy then – as now – was whether or not enough Tories would join in to support the opposition motion.

        • Derek says:

          It triggers a leadership election within the party of government, I think – but, dependent on the circumstances, a general election might be the most likely outcome.

          Now, there’s a flowchart to try and draw…

          • Robert Oliphant says:

            I might be (probably am?) wrong but I think the chain of events is:

            Opposition (usually) calls Vote of No confidence
            If it is defeated – game over
            If it wins then the incumbent PM who has just lost is supposed to inform the Queen who then asks Her government can they form an administration (Caretaker PM?) that will enjoy the confidence of the House,
            if yes then that happens
            If no, GE follows.

            I think that’s how it works?

  13. Dr Jim says:

    Ian Murray Scotland’s only Labour MP says the Scottish government should be more concerned about blah blah blah and ……the golf ?… in Scotland right now, oh as well as definitely nobody in Scotland wants a referendum especially the SNP, and they also don’t want a General Election either

    See when folk say politicians are liars you can see where they get the idea from

    • Derek says:

      Golf’s a big thing in the People’s Republic Of Morningside…!

      • Drew Anderson says:

        I blame the influence of all those communes in the Grange.

        Note to non-natives: Morningside isn’t exactly down at heel, but the adjacent Grange (also in Murray’s constituency) is off-the-scale minted.

  14. James says:

    Someone seems to be enjoying herself

    Must admit never put her down as a Craig David fan…

    • Alex Clark says:

      Johnson in happier times liked a bit of boogie too.

      • Eilidh says:

        Gee whiz when normal women go to the dancing they generally have a nice handbag and shoes not a light sabre although that woman is dancing with someone every bit as evil as Darth Vadar

  15. Eilidh says:

    I would say good riddance to bad rubbish Bojo but looks like we may be stuck with him for couple months yet and it worries me that he didn’t actually say the word resign. I am not expecting much better from the next Tory PM. When the best that you can hope for is Jeremy Hunt the world is really spinning off its axis

  16. rongorongo says:

    Johnathan Pie’s “Bye Bye Borris” is the most honest and succinct summary of the where Johnson came from and where he has failed to go:

  17. Ken says:

    The longer he stays and the shambles continues. The more support for Independence increases. Get it done. YES YES increases

    Get away from Westminster fraud, collusion and wickedness. The Tory/unionists are an absolute disgrace. The farce is unbelievable,

    Scotland can get away from this complete corruption and fraud. Another IndyRef. Vote YES.

  18. davetewart says:

    Next time you happen upon an episode of Star Trek remind yourself that the PM makes his government decisions at WARP speed, as told by the new chancer.

    Seems that the tory party willbe working at the same warp speed in electing a new glorious leader.

    New PM for Xmas perhaps or just a revamp of the last one..
    The invoice for the flat makes interesting reading, over £200,000 for the update, maybe theyshould have gone ahead with the treehouse at a snip £150,000, before the summer is over.

    • grizebard says:

      My sis observed yesterday that by hanging on over the summer, BoJo apparently remains free to use Chequers as a family wedding venue. Or something. Got to keep those fringe benefits flowing…

      • grizebard says:

        Update: wedding party for BoJo & missus to be relocated. Maybe the “caretaker” wheeze is already coming apart…

  19. ADD says:

    What kind of dirt does Johnson hold on the heid bummers of the Tory Party? He must have some brammers of photographs, films or written material. Is there any other reason why, having eventually being forced to try to eject him, they are still allowing him to dictate terms?

    • grizebard says:

      I know what you mean, but I don’t think so. It’s just that most Tory MPs are third rate and dependant, and he is the Prime Bluffer. That is what a pampered childhood and a stint at an English private school really gifts you. And in that respect he was a very able learner. It has carried the “greased piglet” ((c) David Cameron) through all of his life until now.

      One of the very few people in public life who have not been thus fooled and diverted is our own Nicola Sturgeon.

  20. Capella says:

    BBC misrepresents public opinion in Scotland – shock!

    BBC voxpops on Boris Johnson resignation ‘depict false balance’, SNP say

    Polling conducted by YouGov of 1763 British adults on July 7, but before news broke of Johnson’s plan to resign, found that 60% of people in the UK thought he should go compared to 30% who thought he should stay.

    In Scotland, the split was starker. While 66% of Scots adults thought Johnson should resign, just 17% said that he should remain in office.

    An SNP source told The National that the BBC should explain their methodology, saying the broadcaster was giving a “false” idea of balance in the public’s views…

    The calls follow similar ones made in June – to which the BBC did not respond – after the SNP raised concerns that the broadcaster’s use of “voxpops” did not reflect the public’s mood on a second independence referendum.

    • Alex Clark says:

      There can be no doubt that the BBC in Scotland try and influence opinion by making it appear that there is more support for the Tories here than there really is as they do it all the time. There was a similar vox pop video by the BBC asking English people in the street if Johnson should resign, this was much more in line with actual opinion as it was 6 against and 4 for.

      The answers from those that still support him have to be seen to be believed, “he saved us from Covid” is not even the stupidest comment LOL

      The SNP are absolutely right to raise this and highlight as I’ve no doubt that it is going to get a lot worse.

    • grizebard says:

      Colour me surprised. Voxpops are shoddy practice, period. Several orders of magnitude worse than polls. They can be used (accidentally or intentionally) to “prove” almost anything. They should be anathema to any responsible journalistic source.

      I caught one of those yesterday on Misreporting Scotland while waiting for the weather forecast. In Dumfries, half the interviewees were BoJo supporters – well, it is the heartland of Alister “Union” Jack, I suppose – but all had English accents! Just like all those citizens of Dundee. {roll eyes}

      • Hamish100 says:

        I do wonder if the bbc give a call to Tory or labour local office for all the folk from Essex to suddenly appear in front of the tv cameras or radio mikes?

        • Legerwood says:

          It is not just the BBC who misuse, I am being polite, vox pops. CH4 news too. A common feature of vox pops across all broadcasters is the ages of those interviewed. Rarely do you see any young/younger people interviewed. There is an overall greyness to the participants and a certain sense that they are not firing on all their neurones. This was also true of the vox pops during the EU ref for example.

          It would be really nice if they interviewed those who are composed mentis but I guess that would not be entertaining which seems to be the main purpose of vox pops.

  21. Capella says:

    Nicola Sturgeon blames the Westminster system for the prevailing clown show. No change of leader will fix that.

    Nicola Sturgeon: Boris Johnson has showed all that’s wrong at Westminster

    Boris Johnson as Prime Minister was only the latest manifestation of a dysfunctional, broken, and corrupt Westminster system that long ago stopped working for Scotland.

    No party with the interests of the public at heart would have elected someone with his track record to a position of leadership.

    And he certainly should not have been enabled to continue in Downing Street for as long as he did.

    The chaos and complete lack of integrity that has characterised his time in office have, in the last few days, descended into complete and utter farce.

  22. bringiton says:

    Had it bern Scottish voters rather than English who elected the UK government,there would have been no Brexit,no BoJo and no Tory government.
    All of this is down to the English electorate.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Indeed you are correct, England is a country that has fallen for its own propaganda, voters there believe it’s a democratically centre culture society when it is in fact a right wing country pretending to be centre, they talk of *the country* being *led*, the need for strong *leaders* which in many countries might be normal phrases to use but England being a monarchial society for thousands of years actually mean it when they talk of *looking up* to political leaders, because they see themselves as below them yet above other countries because they own the system that created them to believe this

      England has locked itself into the position of being slaves to their own propagandised belief system and they don’t know it, we have them in Scotland too with their culture of a football club being their political party of choice promoting identity rather than engagement in society

      Tories for years have used it to manipulate the masses, Labour used it in Scotland to pretend to be against the Tories in England, Trump used it to win in America, Vladimer Putin and the list goes on, don’t allow folk the luxury of engagement, get an identity stamped on them, engender the fear of other nations dislike of you and Bazinga you’re a winner

      Until like all of them they go too far and they’re out, but there’s always a queue of the same people rolling forward like sharks teeth to replace them

  23. Eilidh says:

    Per Wikipedia Theresa May became
    Uk PM on 13 July 2016 that was approximately 3 weeks after David Cameron resigned after the Brexshit Referendum. So how come the Prime Liar may still be PM until October. Special rules for Boris?

    • Alex Clark says:

      Theresa May was “anointed” as there was no challenger against her to become leader, so no need for a vote of the Tory membership.

    • Capella says:

      As Alex says. what happens is that the Tory MPs whittle down the shortlist to two candidates. Ballots are sent out to all Tory Party members so that they can select which of these two clowns they prefer (also known as Hobson’s Choice).

      In Theresa May’s case one of two finalists stepped down so there was no “need” to ballot the party members. Clever, don’t you think?

      • Eilidh says:

        Ah I remember that situation now. Fat chance of that happening this time I fear.The sooner we get Bojo out of Downing St the better

  24. Skintybroko says:

    If a GE is called it needs to be ready to go in less than a month but the Tory party will take 4 months to elect a new leader – incompetence reigns

  25. Alex Clark says:

    Here’s what happens when a TV channel that does not have an agenda to follow does a vox pop on the streets of Glasgow for opinions about the resignation of Boris Johnson. This was the report from Channel 5 news and amazingly (not) it is in complete contrast to that reported by BBC Scotland.

    • Capella says:

      That has a ring of authenticity which the BBC can only dream of.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Aye, it really shows up HMS James Cook

    • I know I’m repeating myself, but the BBC is the national broadcaster of British/English people, not Scots. If BBC Scotland was a person completing the census, it would self-identify as British (only); Scottish being at most a regional identity to it, like NE England.

      It might as well be in terms of being Scottish.

      We Scots, like non-brits in their native N. Ireland, Wales, Cornwall… have no national broadcaster. Instead, we subsidise the English / British one on pain of fines / jail.

    • jfngw says:

      BBC Scotland is not a national broadcaster it is, as far as the BBC is concerned, no different from BBC Midlands or any other English region (they are part of the same division). The BBC weeds out during the recruitment process any they believe won’t ‘fit in’, obviously sexual deviancy is not one of the criteria here.

      Its remit is parochial and British, it serves this admirably. You will get nowhere in the BBC if you are not a British ‘patriot’.

  26. Alex Clark says:

    “Beergate” is all over, Durham police to take no action against Starmer.

  27. davetewart says:

    Durham polis must have some bets on the next election, don’t want to change the two horse race then.

    The indian summer coo is well under way.

    Horses and runners
    fox, green
    Plus plus plus
    Lots of horses and riders to slow down the takeover perhaps.

  28. Dr Jim says:

    The media keeps talking about “since Boris Johnsons resignation” when was that exactly? so far I’ve seen no copy of a resignation letter presented to the Conservative and Unionist party, so if not does that not mean the guy is actually still the Prime Minister and not this ambiguous fake smoke and mirrors termed “Caretaker”

  29. Hamish100 says:

    I think a point of order to the Speaker should be called at PM question time to confirm he has resigned and the date of resignation. Personally he should be out on his ear now with the rest of the hypocrites.

  30. Capella says:

    The fact that Boris Johnston is now the “caretaker” Prime Minister is yet another proof that the Westminster parliament is incapable of democracy. The unwritten constitution isn’t worth the paper it isn’t written on.

    The UK has a Deputy Prime Minister. In any other organisation the Deputy would step in when the Prime is not functioning. That’s why the Vice President of the USA is such a sensitive position “only a heartbeat from the presidency”. The fact that it’s Kamala Harris makes it quite a scary prospect for Americans (and everybody else).

    We, on the other hand, have Bertie Wooster ready to take charge. Why is that not happening?

  31. Capella says:

  32. davetewart says:

    Who has the launch codes?

    Don’t worry, the Russian’s won’t attack at the weekend as the boys are all off home for the break.

    Lovely stuff on sky news, starmer avoids fixed penalty notice, other people would say he is innocent.
    The government facility with 126 is No10 Downing Street, London. The recond holder in the Guiness World Record Book.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Appalling *news* reporting from SKY there, you’re absolutely right, we don’t hear them say Johnson *avoided* jail for half the stuff he’s done

  33. Alex Clark says:

    IT’s time we got Independence done!

    People will die this winter because they won’t be able to afford to heat their house.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      At the risk of playing the broken record Alex, my total ANNUAL gas and electric bills at this time stand at 4,450 Lei, that’s less than 600 quid, and all MY bills went up in October last year.
      I’ve already run a fag-packet calc on “what if” all government interventions cease and it’s +10%, that’s it, 660 quid a damned year.
      In the EU it comes down to dependency on Russian gas, which preposterous bunkum the media have circulated as being pivotal to the UK’s woes despite only LPG being imported, a tiny fraction of the UK’s energy consumption.

      I can’t recall the source, but at the height of the UK “emergency” they were exporting gas at record levels, now why would they do that other than filthy lucre.

      There is a huge problem over energy in the UK (60-70% self sustainable in energy from last recall), but the cause is not Russian gas but Tory gaslighting.

      • Alex Clark says:

        If it isn’t already then in a few short years Scotland could totally power itself on renewable energy. We would need plants built that convert excess wind generated power to produce Hydrogen that could be cleanly burned when the wind isn’t blowing.

        All we are lacking are the levers of power to undertake such projects. We know though how to get those levers, voting for Independence is the only logical thing to do, leaving the use of our resources to the whim of that lot in Westminster is simply unthinkable.

        They stole our oil, don’t let them steal our wind.

      • UncleBob says:

        My tariff ended on June 30th. It was a “special” tariff as I was transferred over in Dec when Peoples Energy folded. Last October’s bill for my home £120 a month. December to June for the same home £225. New DD amount being demanded is £450. That’s before this October increase. My central heating is off, I have a couple of wee electric heaters and will have to pick a couple of rooms to heat. Bag of salad now £1.10, was 95p. Something has to change. How will a one off payment of £400 help me. It won’t even cover one month!!!

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Apologies, my annual bill is less than 800 quid for gas and electric, and that’s with -15 to -20 winters.

        • UncleBob says:

          Where do you live? It can’t be anywhere in Scotland. Asking as we might chose to move ther if we don’t get a YES.

          • Bob Lamont says:

            🤣 Romania isn’t to everyone’s taste, long story short I retired here in 2014 to a new house and watched the UK go quite mad from afar.

            From 2017 onward an old hobby-horse of energy conservation kicked in, so amongst other tweaks, set about adding insulation in stages and observing the effects over the following year, the place has kept warm for progressively less in winter (-20) and cooler in summer (+45).

            From peaks of 6,800kWh (combined gas and power) in 2016, the biggest reduction by far was in 2018 peaking at 2,600, all from ca 200 quid of insulation – 2022 has flatlined at 2,000, and with the final gap in the insulation envelope to be closed this autumn, it’s a fairly safe bet <=2,000 by 2023.
            The energy "crisis" has effectively not hurt me at al.

            The UK's energy policy has been and remains a disaster for consumers, and does sod all for global warming targets, so roll on independence and doing it properly.

            • Capella says:

              Thx for that explanation. Conservationists here have long complained about poor building standards and that new builds should be well insulated or not get planning permission. Good to see some figures. But I wonder if Romania also subsidises or caps energy prices? It is bizarre that an oil an gas producing country such as the UK (but Scotland actually) should have record high energy bills.

              • Bob Lamont says:

                The Romanian government did have caps and compensated bills throughout last winter (with limits), but on examining my own bills the difference was actually quite small.
                Due to low consumption, my monthly bills would have risen about 20 quid with no interventions.
                Completing the last part this autumn will see consumption fall again, so even if interventions were cancelled, or rationing imposed, I’m well covered.

                This house was modern and already insulated to Romanian standards, but not great. I simply boosted the levels and sorted out flaws, the last of which are the coombed ceilings which you normally can’t get at. Suffice to say the effect of insulated coombes in one of the upstairs bedroom last year exceeded expectations, actually had to reduce the flow to the radiator else it would skip on alternate heating cycles.

                The UK building standards are pretty high but only apply to new builds, they have no impact on the UK’s dominant older housing stock, most of which are in desperate need of retro-fitted insulation.
                Yet this is what grinds my gears most about UK energy policy- Halving domestic energy consumption would boost exports, save consumers a packet, and crucially halve emissions.

                Too talk on global warming and zero action, aside blame it on the Russians.

                • Capella says:

                  Well done you for getting the insulation sorted. Here there is an SNP/ Green plan to get a minimum energy rating of C by 2033 but this is meeting stiff resistance from the Tories because of the expense in older properties. Without generous grants it probably can’t happen.

                  • Bob Lamont says:

                    For perspective – My heftiest gas bill for the last heating season was 558 Lei (93 quid) in February this year, electricity is a stable 130 Lei (22 quid) per month – Total energy costs for the last full year is 4,350 Lei (725 quid), hence my incredulity at some of the figures bandied about for average UK households.

                    My 2017 objective was investment covered by first year savings – 1100 Lei (<200 quid) went on the insulation, same again on heating improvements, labour was my own.
                    I still ended up with a surplus in savings after that first phase, and 4 years on the cumulative savings against original consumption is 3,050 quid.

                    The Tory plan to subsidise bills rather than invest in a national insulation campaign is bonkers but typical HMG myopia, bugger global warming, to hell with the struggling public, look how much money WE stand to make…

  34. davetewart says:

    Yes, four nuclear station generators closed down so far this year.
    that’s over 2GW of installed capacity gone.
    The grid transformers at Hunterston have had their Grid switchgear removed already although it has still to be de-fuellled. Think if it as being disconnected from the mains supply and your switches and meters removed along with the cables.
    EDF have been asked to bring the Coal fired stations back on line.
    Throw in the threat to stop porting gas to the EU, who actually transmit electricity by DC cables to englandland.
    We export One GW of wind and hydro to Algelsey through a DC cable virtually every day there is decent wind.

  35. Alex Clark says:

    Peter Bone has been appointed as Deputy Leader of the Commons. The bottom of the barrel has been well and truly scraped.

  36. Golfnut says:

    French PM just announced the nationalisation of the giant electricity company, EDF.

  37. Ken says:

    Scotland is covered in coal. CCS would help use the resource. Westminster unionists reneged on project at Longannet in Fife. A new project which was innovational. Using technology developed in the Oil sector. Extracting energy in the North Sea.

    Westminster unionists reneged on a CCS gas project at Peterhead, A vast renewable, offshore turbine project is being undertaken at Peterhead.

    Scotland North Sea is the best place for CCS. The European countries are going ahead with projects, Scotland missing out because of Westminster bad judgement and poor decisions.

    There is a scheme being considered by energy companies to reward for renewable energy. Making energy charges in Scotland lower. Mainly for business at first, aiding the economy making prices lower. Scotland would benefit from the renewable investment being undertaken.

    Scotland energy prices should be lower. Scotland is in surplus and nearer the source. Instead of paying more to subsidise the rest of the UK.

    The rest of the UK imports more expensive energy. Scotland has to pay for it overall. Scotland losing out again.

  38. Dr Jim says:

    As all these prices increase folk will be forced to turn to DIY heating and cooking and we know what that means, people will die, there’ll be explosions, home fires and all sorts as people do what comes naturally to survive, while £billions are being raked in on taxes from the energy companies allowed to continually increase prices in the same way as £££cash is rolling in on taxation from motor fuel right now, and they’ll still blame Russia and folk will still fall for it

    • bringiton says:

      The major issue in Europe for the foreseeable future is going to be replacing Russian fossil fuels with something else.
      Climate change is going to direct that requirement towards renewable sources.
      Scotland is in a very favourable position to supply that sort of energy but will be held back by an English government driven by political ideology.
      Even before Brexit Westminster was doing all it could to disguise the fact that Scotland was an energy rich country but now,that is essential to the survival of the British state.
      Scotland needs to rebuild it’s connections to Europe in more ways than one.

  39. Alex Clark says:

    The thing that is going to do for the Union is not Brexit, Westminster corruption or scandal after scandal to befall Tory MP’s. It will be the catastrophe of the cost of living crisis that really starts to hit big time come the start of winter.

    Quite simply those that are struggling right now and there are millions in the UK are just the tip of the iceberg, energy and fuel costs, food price inflation, and interest rate increases are going to take their toll on every single household except the wealthy.

    Those on less than the average household income are all going to struggle, rising energy costs increase the cost of everything, manufacturing, delivery costs, and the price of selling them. I think small businesses will suffer most as people tighten their belts and stop having a pint in the local or a coffee in the cafe during the day.

    It was bad enough in the 70s and many of you will remember those days, the difference between then and now is that wages were more or less keeping pace with increasing prices but not this time. Those who will be most affected by what’s coming are the least well off of us, those receiving benefits and with children will be particularly hard hit.

    I don’t think this government have a clue about what’s coming down the line for ordinary folk, I believe that the Scottish government do but they are already doing as much as they can with the limited resources they have. Only Independence would allow the Scottish government to do much more.

    We need to ram this point home, people who normally never pay any attention at all to politics need to know that it could be so much different for them in an Independent Scotland, take every opportunity to remind them and make this point. When their personal situation starts to worsen partly due to Brexit and Tory mismanagement of the economy they will start to pay attention.

    • Legerwood says:

      I don’t know what your job was in the 70s but we worked in the NHS and salaries were most definitely not keeping up. At the beginning of the 70s yes people were getting large pay increases. The buzz words then in the Sunday supplements were: ‘You are under mortgaged’. So on the basis of the big pay increases people bought bigger houses. Then came the oil crisis, the miners’ strike and raging inflation. House prices fell, pay rises stopped and those who had drunk the ‘under motgaged’ Kool Aid found themselves in negative equity territory.

      I left work to have a baby in 1977 so we were living on one, NHS salary. Inflation was around 16% but the Labour Gov would only admit to 8%. At that level of rising inflation £1 gets you a loaf of bread and a packet of digestive biscuits one week. The next week it gets you the bread and you really do not want to think about the next week.

      I think it was finally admitted years later that inflation reached over 20% by the beginning of the 1980s.

      • Alex Clark says:

        I was still a boy in the 70s, started work in the shipyard as an apprentice in 1976 and by 1981 it was closed. You’re right of course pay didn’t keep pace with inflation but I think today’s situation is even worse.

        At least back then the Trade Unions were a lot stronger and collective bargaining meant that pay rises were the best that could be achieved given the situation. Today only the stronger Trade Unions can get wage rises of any significance for their members, everybody else needs to rely on the generosity of their employer and few of them will be feeling so generous in today’s climate.

        My whole point though might have been missed, it’s that energy costs are the main culprit here for the inflation we are seeing now, which is exactly the same as the reason for the inflation of the 70s .
        An Independent Scotland is a country rich in energy resources, I believe that like France the generation and distribution of electricity should be in public ownership and then costs can be controlled when need be. Essential services should not be run for the benefit of shareholders but for the benefit of the public.

        Same goes for oil and gas in Scottish waters, we ahould have had a National Oil company like the Norwegians and an oil fund that is a buffer against poverty. As far as renewables go Scotland is the richest country in Europe and possibly the world per head of population.

        This is all pie in the sky, without Independence.

        • Legerwood says:

          Some trade unions were stronger but the pay rises they got were often at the expense of other workers becoming worse off. For example, the Railways. For some, many?, occupations striking is not an option. The only time our profession within the NHS went on strike was the early 70s. We went into work though but asked management to dock our pay!!

          My husband commuted to Glasgow. Every year late 70s into early 80s rail strikes and fares going up and up – while passenger numbers went down and down. My husband was getting 1% pay rises if he was lucky and we were getting to the point where he would not be able to afford the fares and put food on the table etc. The only thing that saved us was a bus company. One of the managers who lived locally realised they had a bus returning to Glasgow each morning empty because it was not in service. He arranged for it to pick up passengers in our town and take them to Glasgow for a fraction of the cost of the trains. The bus was always full because we were not the only ones being squeezed by rising costs.

          Energy costs were not too much of an issue at that point as they are now. We had cavity wall insulation and had put in extra loft insulation in the 70s but in an all electric house we were still careful with heating etc. The power companies were still nationalised entities at that time so I am not sure that their ‘profiteering’ was on the scale of the energy companies today.

          Whatever the reasons, many and complicated as they are, for the current surge in prices I know what people are facing because we faced the same thing back in the 70s-80s – heating or eating. Been there, done that and told them where to stick their bl**dy T-shirt!!

          As you say if we just had control of our own resources then …

      • Alex Clark says:

        The only people getting inflation busting pay rises right now are bankers, city spivs and CEOs of just about every company out there that is big enough to have a CEO. Their workers pay…tumbleweed.

        • grizebard says:

          That’s the thing. People can – and will – put up with a lot if they are sure *everyone-bar-none* is taking their fair share of the load. (As eg. with rationing during the war.) It’s this “socialism for the privileged and capitalism for the masses” thing that really irks. Social division comes from the top, the feather-bedders preaching austerity to the rest of us.

    • Capella says:

      I listened to Any Questions tonight with a Green Party peer, Baroness Jenny Jones, who got the loudest cheers from the audience (in a Tory part of England) when she gave a devastating critique of Boris Johnston. She was in the London administration when he was mayor and saw first hand what a despicable character he is.

      She was also cheered to the rafters when she said the price hikes in energy were due to profiteering. The chair, Anita Anand, immediately closed down that discussion. The BBC clearly sees it necessary to shut up anyone who spells out the corporate thieving that is ruining people’s lives.

      Jacob Rees-Mogg and Anna Soubery were also there and a speak-your-weight Labour apparatchik.
      A collectors item.

  40. davetewart says:

    Remember they have fixed the tax allowance until 2024.
    So any rise in the state pensions will have 20% taken back instantly.

    It will be hard or impssible to fund an energy payment of £3300 and petrol
    at £2.00 a litre.

    The cpi of course will be back to lower rates even as we pay the higher costs.

    The buffoon will still by trying to be in place as PM after hearing people saying he’s the best we’ve got.

  41. yesindyref2 says:

    Catching up after a couple of days too busy trying to earn money (did OK).

    Good article from George Allison in the Herald, owner / editor of UKDJ. And good for the Herald to get him. Poor guy met with comments below the line from the trolls, the fakers, and some quite weird stuff, no real genuine criticisms or critiques, I can’t post there as I’m not paying £96 a year for the priilege of giving them good research and knowledge, so here’s a couple:

    1). Any lease back needs a max term for removing the nukes, they’re not going to stay here forever, even I’m against that and I live on the Clyde. I’d say 10 years, not really extendable unless in dire provable emergency.

    2). Forget the “Sovereign UK base” stuff, no part of the UK will be left in Scotland on Independence. Special terms for use of the land (and loch) – yes, fine, but this is not a Cyprus base thing, I’m against that. Also needs some negotiated use of the Clyde and our 12nm territorial waters otherwise they’ll have to put wings on Vanguards. They’re going to need bigger engines.

    3). He says “money and goodwill”, curiously I’m more into the goodwill and exchange of defence sharing. Which is of course the supposed NATO way. Yes there will be money to (more than) cover costs, and direct and even indirect defence like Bear interception, but this should not be a mercenary thing as that puts Scotland down to the level of a servant.

    It’s the most “humbly” written article I’ve ever seen by him, which shows he knows the hostility he might face, but I think it actually overerstimates it. Sturgeon has set the way a bit, McDonald is perhaps the chosen mouthpiece, but speaks well in spite of that!

    Just to emphasise that, even people who are pro-nuclear deterrent want them out of Scotland in time, I think perhaps as well as overestimating the opposition to a relatively short term option, he underestimates the strength of opinion for keeping them here long term – I’d say it’s well over 90%, defintely including me, a defence buff as it were, and I socialised with the Yanks a few times during the Holy Loch era. Bud needs to be ice cold, otherwise it’s tasteless.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Just to clarfiy that, I mean over 90% AGAINST keeping them her long-term. With Independence we are taking back Scotland.

  42. Melb Don says:

    Sorry to go off topic, but I am somewhat confused regarding the amount of newspaper coverage a political party that barely registers in polls gets in Scotland. I also have difficulty in understanding that the leader of that party, who is not well liked, is also given so much space too. Here in Australia where I live now, political parties such as ALBA would not even be mentioned and the leader would not be known. Please enlighten me. Finally c’mon the jags.

    • Dr Jim says:

      We are entering a phase where the British media will use the massively unpopular former FM his reputation and his Alba party against FM Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish government to undermine the cause of Independence in the minds of the electorate and unfortunately the former FM will lap it up like cats milk

      There was never any need or value to another Independence party unless it was in a co-operative sense, but unfortunately that’s not the reason that party was brought into existence, nor are many of the people involved with it, there may be some in it who think they’re serving the cause of Independence and for them that’s a shame, only the unionists will benefit for this, and they’ll use it

      The British media will squeeze every drop of animosity out it and replay it nightly on our TV screens and the massively unpopular former FM knows it, because in my opinion that’s exactly what it exists for

      • Melb Don says:

        Thank you for that lucidly written explanation of the reasons the media is giving so much time to a miniscule political party. On reflection, I would have to agree with what you write as in my own opionion I can think of no other rational explanation. I suggest that perhaps a reading of Lord Byron’s Don Juan epic poem in sixteen cantos may shed some light on this.

        • Ken says:

          He didn’t do it. The show trial should never have happened. An innocent man was persecuted. It should not have happened. Found not guilty on every false ‘charge’.

          The criminal justice system is a fake. Too many people ‘charged’ illegally. Wasting public monies like there are no tomorrows. A political show trial. Over seen by unionist plants getting secrecy.

          Many people still support Alex Salmond The best Statesman Scotland has ever had. He does more for Scotland and Independence than anyone ever.

          The travesty of ‘justice’ bringing a great man down with lies and innuendo. An absolute disgrace. A unionist plot. That did not succeed. The first IndyRef was premature. The next one will be more likely to succeed. Higher support. The best time to have a Referendum is when it can be won.

          He was found not guilty on every count. Scotland needs another Independence Party to succeed. The unionist corruption of the voting system. D’Houdt and STV illegally imposed on Scotland by Unionists. To let 3rd rate unionist losers in.

          The Police do not have enough training in diversity, Leads to false accusation. A total waste of time and public monies. A betrayal of justice. The Police create ‘crime’. A pyramid. Colluding with a system from which they have to gain. Controlled by Gov.

          The majority of people should not be in jail. People with additional needs being prosecuted without the proper support. Scotland has one of the highest ratios in Europe of prisoners. Undiagnosed people of diversity. They need help, support and consideration. Not a noisy, too bright vicinity.

          • Pogmothon says:

            Hello Ken,
            I do agree with a great many of the points you raise.
            And I too once held Alex Salmond in as high regard as you do.
            And yes it was blatantly obvious that the blue and red Tories manufactured most of the controversy, accusations and smears in an orchestrated program to alienate and ostracise someone who they feared.
            But was at that time an ex-politician (as in retired).
            People who weren’t there saw it. In the same vein, as they “read the emails”, or “he said nothing”. Unfortunately the old maxim still holds true “if you throw enough shit some will stick”.
            Just as they continue to throw it at our present First Minister, In the hope of adhesion.
            It is my belief that after being exonerated Alex was still smarting to much for calm considered reasoning, and with a wish to flip a huge “F” U to westminster readily became involved with the already established “Alba party”.
            He may already regret that decision, or he may continue to enjoy flipping off the multicoloured tories.
            Who can say, only he knows the truth of that.
            I feel sure that someone with that political career and experience, someone who studied the westminster rule book, and then used it to pillory the government of the day in that place.
            Would understand that, to paraphrase Germain Greer we need the independence movement split, like a “fish needs a bike”.
            And perhaps we are the ones who are now increasing any possible fractures, by continually raking over what we allowed to happen to Alex.
            [ Should we not be admitting our own guilt at so eagerly swallowing the rubbish that the red banners put out with such relish.]
            Thereby making it impossible for him to quietly step aside, something he must have surly reasoned for himself.
            It must be very painful for him to face the facts that the conspirators have robbed him of the opportunity to become the Scottish equivalent of the father of the house, that incredibly experienced politician whom others look to for guidance and knowledge.
            But as all know politics is a dirty business, and when so much of it sticks to you, [warranted or not] you become toxic to the general public and there is no way back.
            So as has been amply demonstrated in the last week it’s a long time in politics.
            Let us all step back from raking over those coals again and again and give those concerned the room to make what ever decisions they need to.
            Never forgetting what ever anyone chooses, we do not have the right to demand that they “be reasonable and do it my way”

  43. “Asked whether there was anything that would lead him to lose confidence in the Prime Minister, the Scottish Secretary said the question was “silly”.

    He said: “All I can say is what I’ve said before, which is in all my dealings with him, with me, I’ve found him to play with a straight bat and deliver on the things I’ve asked for.

    “I have no grumble.”

    The MP, one of two Scottish Conservatives who still back the Prime Minister, said he believed Mr Johnson’s integrity was still intact, though refused to answer a question on whether he had more or less than Nicola Sturgeon.

    Defending the Prime Minister’s honesty and integrity, Mr Jack said: “You have to take people as you find them, not as you hear speculation about them or read people’s opinion about them.

    “You have to deal with people when you’re dealing with them close up on a face-to-face basis as you find them. I think that is only fair.”

    Mr Jack said he had spoken to the Prime Minister on the evening both Mr Sunak and former health secretary Sajid Javid resigned their posts.

    He said the departure of the two Cabinet ministers did not come up and that Mr Johnson was in a “robust mood”, but was “apologetic” and said “mistakes have been made”.

    The Scottish Secretary said there was “a lot of talent” ready to enter government, which he admitted required a “reset”.

    However, Mr Jack said he did not expect the Prime Minister to resign and even if Mr Johnson left Number 10, he would remain in place at the Scotland Office.

    “I’m optimistic that the Prime Minister will endure,” he said.

    “The road is bumpy, and I’m not going to pretend otherwise, but he has faced challenges before and he has endured.”
    From the Scotsman 7/7/22.

    This was the gentleman farmer’s Chemical Ali Moment..minutes before his ‘good friend’ Johnson laughed in the face of ‘the nation’ ie England, , and declared that B-Lister ‘Union’ Jack was part of a mindless ‘herd’, and demonstrated that he, the Fat Owl, is, was, and always will be a selfish heartless buffoon, who was not fit to run the Tea Club never mind ‘the country’; that ‘country being England and its ‘Territories’, the preferred BBC identification of Scotland, Wales, and the North of Ireland.
    England is the country, according to the Grand Tents-For-Hire Jock Panjandrum, while Scotland, the land of his birth, a puny subjugated colony of the motherland.

    How many times in the past 48 hours have we heard a long line of Tories lying about the list of Johnson’s ‘achievements’ a tidal wave of SPAD briefings, trotted out across the TV channels, and steam radio?

    He got Brexit done? No he didn’t.
    I am held prisoner in this colony of England, the 27 borders in my continent Europe closed to me, by Alister Jack.

    Covid in England has been beaten…the opposite is the case..and unlike Jack, nobody else outside Johnson’s corrupt Cabal, among whose members Jack willingly sat, nodding obediently to every excess, graft, corruption, and sexual perversion Johnson sanctioned, is daft enough to think that Johnson or French Kiss Hancock managed the Pandemic, in any shape or form.

    Covid is still here; England’s hospitals are swamped again; cases are rising; people are dying.
    Well done Johnson.

    Johnson,like the megalomaniac he undoubtedly appears to be, declared that he was leading the West in taking on Putin…the third big lie trotted out this week…not America, not the EU, not even’s the Fat Owl who has Putin quivering in his boots.

    This is the man whom Allister Jack backs; a serial adulterer, liar, entitled buffoon..and he is still the Governor General of the North?

    No word from Dross or Sub Lieutenant Bowie, or Pasta Shape Duguid?
    Is Mundell in New Zealand buying frozen lamb?
    Hide you heads in shame.
    WE are taking back our country from these evil corrupt little men; now.

    • PS I nearly clacked, ‘hang’ your heads in shame…but imagine the trolls. reaction..cybernat demanding Tory MP’s hang themselves?
      Alister Jack, ‘good friend’ of Boris Johnson, is still here?

  44. England is in the biggest peace time crisis (there is no ‘war in Europe, btw) since the Depression, yet they are still going to go off on holiday for 12 weeks over the summer, rather than knuckle down, defer their summer break in £34,000 a wee Med Holidays and get the Fat Owl out of the Remove in a couple of weeks.

    That disgusting man is still tugging their chains.
    How many Duggers have had to alter holiday plans when a word crisis suddenly erupted?
    I for one, quite a few times.
    The Covid Enquiry in England has now been kicked in to the long grass, and will now not happen until the middle of ’23,earliest.
    If at all.

  45. Nuts that the idea of an unelected PM is even being discussed. What’s the point of elections if the PM is appointed?

    BBC host asks if Ruth Davidson could take over from Boris Johnson

    Of course Johnson himself is now unelected as he’s resigned as PM, but is still PM.

    • Dr Jim says:

      As far as I’m aware Johnson still hasn’t actually resigned, he’s only indicated his intent to do so if and or when the Tory party actually get round to selecting a new PM and knowing Johnson, as we all do now, and knowing the Tories as we’ve all known for a very long time, they cannot be trusted to do anything they say and the media will fall over themselves to help with that

      I would not be shocked and surprised at yet another twist in this tale rocketing down the airwaves media pretending they’re all shocked and surprised by a *latest startling turn of events* headline that they knew was on the cards the whole time

    • I hear Vladimir Putin has been inspired by Johnson to resign over the Ukraine war. He will remain as president though.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Here’s something that’s bothering me greatly, Ukraine is a huge country with huge parts of it safe from attack at the moment and yet 10.000 Ukrainian troops are right here in the British isles at a *secret* location being trained in *target practice*?? by the British military

        Now I know that, the media knows that and I’m 100% positive Vladimir Putin knows that, so why is the UK government provoking Vladimir Putin with pictures of it on the news?

        *Secret location*??? really? secret? they expect us to believe they moved 10.000 Ukrainian troops secretly? from us maybe, from Putin? not an ice creams chance in hell they did

      • Well, I would understand why sending British troops to Ukraine must be avoided as that would potentially be ‘fighting on the Ukraine’ side, where just sending weapons is not.

        At the same time, broadcasting you are training thousands of Ukraine troops here in the UK is unnecessary provocation which isn’t helpful and potentially dangerous. I agree it would also be hard to hide from Russia.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Of course Johnson himself is now unelected as he’s resigned as PM, but is still PM.


      Schroedinger’s PM.

    • Alastair Gunn says:

      Alec Douglas-Home would be the most recent example suggesting it is possible. Notionally the process would be as follows:-

      1. The Tories pick Ruth Davidson as their new leader.
      2. Ruth Davidson visits the Queen to “kiss hands”, thus becoming PM whilst remaining a member of the House of Lords.
      3. Ruth Davidson disclaims her peerage.
      4. Some Tory in a very safe seat resigns from Parliament triggering a by-election.
      5. Ruth Davidson stands in said seat and, presumably, wins. (It would definitely cause “a bit of a scene” if she didn’t!)

      … though personally I wish people wouldn’t use the “elected / unlocked Prime Minister” wording as the UK isn’t a presidential system – no Prime Minister has ever been elected to the position by the general populace.

  46. What Tory leader would want an election in these circumstances.

  47. Old Pete says:

    Looking good for us if they call an Independence dominated Westminster election.

  48. mumsyhugs says:

    So Ben Wallace – the popular choice and tipped to win – has ruled himself out of the leadership race!😂

    • Legerwood says:

      I wonder what is/was lurking in his cupboard that he did not want to come out as it surely would have if he had proceeded and the media/social media got to work on him?

  49. yesindyref2 says:

    From Ed Arnold (RUSI) in the Herald:

    Euro-Atlantic security is rapidly changing in response to the war in Ukraine and renewed Russian aggression, which makes Scotland’s geostrategic position in the North Atlantic critical for the security of the UK and for Nato.” (my bold)

    From some daft as a brush NATO ex-secretary general in 2013:

    “Scotland will have to go to the back of the queue, it might be many years before Scotland is allowed to become a member of NATO”.

    Aye, right. Keep taking the pills.

    • Capella says:

      AFAIK Scotland has always been in the North Atlantic.
      As for “renewed Russian aggression”. what on earth is he talking about? Last time I heard we were allies against the Nazis.
      Agree – he should probably increase the medication.

      • grizebard says:

        If you still haven’t noticed the renewed Russian aggression – a further brutal imperialist incursion into the territorial integrity of another member of the UN that it evidently believes it owns – then I suggest you try Specsavers.

        • Capella says:

          It was the word “renewed” that I was querying. “Renewed” implies a previous instance. What does he refer to?

    • yesindyref2 says:

      However, an independent Scotland would supplant the rest of the UK as the Arctic’s “nearest neighbour” and inherit the requirement for surveillance and monitoring of growing Russian submarine and aircraft activity, the revitalisation of its “Bastion defence strategy” (Russia’s naval security zone which reaches south to the Shetland Islands), and the guarding of the Greenland-Iceland-UK (GUIK) gap which Russian submarines must navigate to access the North Atlantic.

      Well, there’s a surprise. Not.

      At last some defence boffins are taking this seriously and are stopping with their really thick absurd nonsensical stupid insults about Scotland.

      Now then, how about formal pre-negotiations, and make it sensible you stupid Tory upper class twit dolts? I’m looking at you, Ben Wallace. Keep your nose out of Scottish internal politics and keep it pointed at defence of the realm. Which means being nice to us in Scotland, not a sneering blinkered ignorant orifice.

  50. davetewart says:

    Just for a laugh I looked at twitter.

    It’s full of the big buffoon is going to stand to be re-elected as the glorious leader.

    I don’t know the rules but it seems he only needs 8 mps to sign his papers, he’s still an mp so ????

    That would be interesting to see the herd trying to stop him.

    See shapps, green, fox is standing.

    Someone has released an old video of Braverman arguing against Hain for a hard border on the Island of Ireland.
    She voted for the open border and the sea border, she was called Fernandes, maiden name?

    Integrity and truth is her sell.

  51. Dr Jim says:

    Tory MSP Craig Hoy says there will be no Independence referendum and the SNP must learn to co-operate with the UK government or they won’t be *allowed* to govern

    Now did we all hear what he meant without actually saying the words?

  52. davetewart says:

    Loud and clear.

    Hoy is a list msp, put in place by the buffoon’s party, not elected directly.

    The London party supply the money to run the branch unionist parties.

    Murdoch is not for sunak.
    Zahawi is having trouble with his finances, seems the civil service has ‘Flagged’ an investigation into his business dealings, he’s the chancer, standards.

    The rats are fighting in the sack. Can rabb stand after his defense of the buffoon on Wednesday morning.

  53. […] [Try this post by Wee Ginger Dug] […]

  54. yesindyref2 says:

    There are people saying they want a pint, and that getting a pint is inevitable – as long as they go to the bar. But if you go back 4 years the same was true, so nothing has changed despite Sturgeon’s best efforts, that’s if she’s even trying which many doubt. I remember back in 2017 saying I wanted a pint but I was nowhere near a pub and had no money anyway so I didn’t get a pint. Same had happened back in 2015, which was when Sturgeon got 56 out of 59 seats at Westminster on the basis of pushing Smith through Westminster and Smith did get pushed through Westminster though not the same Smith that Brown had promised. Smith and Brown eh, sounds like a Western. Where you can get a pint but you might have to pay more for it than a Westherspoons which is still a cheap pint and they have guest ales and even give you a free taste. If you went to the loo and changed your appearance every 5 minutes you could probably get a free pint that way in about 2 hours and might even need to go back to the loo so you could have another free taster. It helps to pass the time at sea. But even with 56 out of 59 seats Sturgeon failed to declare UDI for Scotland even though that wasn’t in the manifesto at all, no sirreee. But you could say the same about a pint being a pint back in 2014, and indeed in 2014 a pint was 20 fluid ounces and there were 35 fluid ounces in a litre so I guess you could say that a pint was four-sevenths of a litre though it sounds way more if you say that a litre is one and three-quarter pints! Sadly here we are in 2022 and a pint is still 20 fluid ounces and a litre is 35 fluid ounces though we may revert to the imperial system of pints and ounces and even shillings and pence despite Sturgeon’s promises.

    Ever feel that Sturgeon is leading you up the garden path and there ain’t no pub at the end ot it? Me neither. Now, where’s that pint …

  55. Ken says:

    Devolution 2000. In the 1970s it was difficult for Scotland to vote for Independence. Ruled from Westminster since 1928. Universal Suffrage. People first got the vote.

    They can now vote the unionists parties out. Vote SNP/Independence. By voting for Independence supporting parties.

    Nearly 100 years later people/electorate can vote for self governance, Independence. Supported by UN charter.
    Upheld by UN charter. Democracy. Appeal to the International Court of Human rights and justice,

    People can get Independence, self governance and self rule. If a majority vote for it. International Law. Supported by UN members. Or they can get chucked out if they oppose it. Their UN membership is suspect.

    Free by 2023. By 2028 people can celebrate going through the Ballot Box. What a party that will be. A mass celebration to save the world from death and destruction.

    Break Westminster power for death and destruction. Secrecy and lies. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. The Westminster corrupt, criminal code. The UK the most unequal place in the world.

  56. The Tories don’t do bald Leaders.
    If they hav eany chance of holding on to the euphemistically classified ‘Red Wall Seats’, the Northern xenophobe racist voters of the North, then it is fairly straightforward to predict who will be the next filthy rich carpetbagger to be given the Keys to the Kingdom.
    He will be, and it will be a ‘he’, he will be white, with hair, but not in a Bobo the Clown way, slim
    (-ish), a prominent Leaver, with a ‘classless’ Thames Estuary drawl, with perhaps a ‘Northern’ lilt seeping through every now and again, married, once, with a photogenic nuclear family, with no connection to making their money in Banks or property.

    England is now a right wing fascist state.
    Contenders from ‘ethnic’ backgrounds will fall at the first hurdle, by mid next week.
    Brexit was underpinned by the now deep rooted hatred of foreigners, and Farage’s image of dusky faced passengers on buses speaking ‘foreign’.
    I have touted Stephen Barclay before even Johnson stood at the podium and demanded that the Tory Herd fall on their swords.
    He, Hunt, and Shapps will emerge from the pack.
    And 11,000 elderly Scots residents, mainly men, white, and bitter Brits, will decide which gammon faced Englishman is going to be the next ‘ruler’ of the Golden Goose colony to the North.

    It all goes back to the Enoch Powell Rivers of Blood days, the Windrush scandal, Yorkshire cricket’s racist board, and the rise of UKIP and the EDL.

    Barclay is still my pick, although the swivel eyed Hunt by name, absolute ‘Hunt’ by nature, and Shapps, who sits in his cubby hole office, a full sized buthcer’s apron draped behind him during tv spots, seem to have more clout and money backing them.
    England will not select a black or ethnic PM, ever.

  57. barpe says:

    Jeremy Hunt has just said no Scots referendum for at least 10 years.
    I suppose we might as well give up the fight, then!!
    These hustings are likely to be a bloodbath for Tories – pass the popcorn.

    • b..but , barpe, we are at war. World War Twelve, according to the permanently pixelated Nadine Dorries, Slayer of Channel 4.
      Surely there is a shortage of corn to pop?

      What price B-Lister ‘Union’ Jack appearing on the telly today?
      Dross may get a wee PPB on Geissler’sscrambled eggs Sunday Farce today…
      It’ll all be over by Thursday when they whittle it down to two, and one of those way ahead of t’other.
      The one with the least votes will simply drop out.

      Failing that, there may be a Sri Lankan strength public Uprising in 30 degree heat London and the ‘Home counties’

      • barpe says:

        I had built up huge supplies of popcorn, Jack, in anticipation!!
        It does seem the “10” year gambit is being used by all the Tory candidates thus far.
        Tuggy couldn’t give an answer to our democratic mandate, just changes the subject, but he sounds even more anti democratic than the Fat Fuhrer.
        His ‘listing ‘ of all the great Scots was hilarious, imho, but not quite as good as old Murdo’s !!

        • Once, just once, will some journaist refelct back some of this nonsense to the Baillies and Tugendhatss of this world. A simple ‘so what you are saying is’…
          would do. Repeat out loud the nonsense that they spout then check out that was what they meant to say.
          A wee ‘So, you are saying that it doesn’t matter that the Scottish Government has a mandate for a plebiscite. England will not allow it?’
          Gawn, Martin, try it sometime. Even just once, so that we can watch the Brit mouthpiece flounder, babble, and glare.
          Today was the usual laughable nonsense from Baillie, and her soul mate Tugendhat. They are Tories…Baillie relies on the Brit nexus around Faslane for her votes…she has never been anything else but a Tory, like Sarwar Cole-Hamilton, Ian Murray.
          There is no Labour Branch in Scotland now.
          Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, Baillie. It tolls for thee.

    • Hamish100 says:

      And a few seconds before he said brittanica in the world has a special role including upholding democratic principles.

      Another little englander telling Scotland what to do. As they did with Ireland, Kenya, Pakistan, India, Malta……. He sounds just like Starmer/ Sarwar/Ross, Cole Hamilton.

      As a a patriotic Scot I say “get stuffed, and nae chance”.

  58. Hamish100 says:

    Oh dear Jackie Baillie.- Brexit is a done deal. Labour will continue with this damaging.
    So the Northern Irish will benefit it seems with the EU to Scotland’s detriment. Slowly but surely damaging our industrial and agricultural base.

    Scotland can govern itself. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    We don’t need the British Nats imposing their views on us on why we must remain in a union biased to suit the unionists and England.

    They need us , we don’t need them. 20 plus nations in the EU treat Scotland with more respect than England has over the past 1000 years

    • barpe says:

      Cannot abide that woman and her really awful accent – do any real Scots take her seriously?

    • The usual Geissler format; Interview the Nat, this time Keith Brown, who was measured and calm; Geissler yet again brought up the Grady sex scandal from 2016, and asked should Blackford resign?
      What a smutty little man.
      This tawdry little smear was Geissler’s attempt at equivalence between the Grady episode and the Tory and Labour scandals over the same period.

      But Brown was merely there to provide the warm up for Labour, whose Branch Office has a farcically insignificant political ‘voice’ in the WM Unionist world, one WM MP in the form of Murray the Union Jack Tory, Up Here .ergo, Labour represents less than 2% of Scotland’s London MPs but gets top billing on BBC Jock TV.

      Up pops Jackie Baillie, who it may be observed, on health matters, serves not as a good example but a dire warning, who was allowed uninterrupted to churn out her Bad SNP rubbish, while declaring that the Scottish People don’t want another Referendum. 700,000 patients on the waiting list, and ‘Nicola Sturgeon’ killed another 5000 Covid patients since the SGE.

      Geissler did ask; what is the legal route to Scotland holding a referendum? She did not answer.

      There followed the risible declaration that Starmer would sweep to power and we’d all forget all this Independence nonsense.

      She really is an insincere little ,,,I nearly said ‘lightweight’ but held back, lest I be accused of weight shaming.

      Oh please, , that she is picked to front Better Together.

      Then Geissler had a wee chat with one of Michael Gove’s male dancing partners, the old soldier, Tom Tugendhat (q.v., Youtube)

      The usual waffle, and like Hunt earlier, no chance of a Scots referendum for 10 years..i.e., never.

      Like Baillie , Strictly Come Goving had no answer to the question, what is the legal route to Scotland, an equal voluntary partner in their precious Union, holding a plebiscite?

      This must be hammered at every televised event in the run up to Indyref2.

      They have no answer.

      We are England’s colony. Democracy stopped at the Gretna service station.

      At least Geissler let rip at Alister Jack’s failure to appear before the Scottish public. He has appeared only twice during the 18 months of Geissler’s wee show’s existence.
      Really standing up for Scotland.

      Tugendhat had no excuses…
      To close, Geissler and Lynsey discussed the week ahead and the Tory leader battle.

      Scotland, who haven’t voted for a tory Government in almost every Scot’s lifetime is sidelined yet again.

      Baillie was challenged on Starmer’s and Sarwar’s born again Brexit conversion.

      She had no answer. The ‘British people’ voted for Brexit, so there.

      Baillie who trousers wages in Scotland, merely shrugged. Fuck you, Scotland, was her response to the fact that 62% of us voted Remain.

      There’s more English than Scottish voters, and she’s with the Brits, not Scottish democrats.

      Yet more ‘Baillie pish’, as one of her colleagues remarked.

      Geissler’s of on his holidays for 10 weeks. Nice game played slow.

      • barpe says:

        Agree with all that, Jack, but what I liked was when the guiser asked “Is it a voluntary union?”, and Tuggy replied “Yes , of course”.
        But would not say how we could exit – in other words, their prisoners.
        They are all the same, these scumbags, they think they own Scots. Time to show them we are not accepting this rubbish.

    • Alec Lomax says:

      Jackie Baillie remarked in this interview that Brexit had a large majority. Really? 17.4 million out of an electorate of 48 million !

  59. Hamish100 says:

    How many tories on the bbc Scotland today ? Nearly a record . Then the red tories.

  60. Dr Jim says:

    All the unionist politicians admit we’re in a voluntary union, then all those unionists launch into a rousing chorus of Bohemian rhapsody chanting “we will not let you go” using the tune from The Wizard of Oz “because because because because because” “because of the wonderful things we does”

    Now all of the usual suspects who say they support independence in Scotland yet squeal and complain by either joining other so called independence parties or filling up the entire internet and newspaper columns with endless moans about “Sturgeon” then threatening to never vote for the SNP again because they must must must be leading us all *up the garden path* or another one of their delightful metaphors about carrots and donkeys never ever actually have a solution to offer, not one, they just bang on about how the SNP are, ***** and this is where their use of all the derogatory adjectives comes in, and there are many yet still not a titter about their offering of a solution to one country keeping another prisoner

    There are facts that cannot be body swerved by these, let’s call them *people* because I’m really not into this contest of name calling no matter how much I dislike these *people’s* lack of sensible dialogue, a referendum by and for the electorate is the only possible way in the universe to secure progress towards Scottish independence, there are no two ways about this, if the electorate don’t want it there’s no other way in hades the SNP can even attempt to progress the argument no matter how much they or us want to

    Scotland is in the position of “Don’t ask for what you can’t take” and that option has a couple of connotations to it and I’m not expressing the violent one (much as I would do it in a minute but that’s me) because that would lead to unending years of dire consequences for all, so to *take* independence in the other way is to seek and secure international favour and support for the principle upheld and signed up to by most of the worlds democracies

    Nicola Sturgeon is and has been doing just that, no previous FM carried out that preparatory work and it’s that which has lead to this so called *garden path* Scotland is stuck on now, Nicola Sturgeon is the only person who can move the dial, and for these so called independence supporting *people* to express their discontent in the ways that they do is unhelpful, it supports the unionists, and it does nothing except harm to the furthering of the cause of independence for our country

    The utter puerile nonsense spouted by the so called *people* that Nicola Sturgeon has had a million mandates every five minutes to hold a referendum on our future since 2014 is unadulterated pish, it’s a lie and they know it

    • The dam has burst. Sri Lanka, Italy, the Netherlands…the Summer Revolt.
      The New World Order sets the gas and oil prices..they’re making trillions while the Great Unwashed starve.
      How long can they keep it up?
      MY fuel bill tells me that my electricity is generated using 97% renewable technology. It is produced in Scotland, yet I am charged ‘world’ prices?
      Will young men and women in armies and police forces throughout Europe march on their mothers fathers and siblings to suppress demonstrations against the Iron Heel Oligarchy who are screwing the world?

      The world has turned.
      Scotland is England’s colony no more.
      Jackie Baillie is a pathetic joke.

    • Hamish100 says:

      Dr J,


      We have to follow the path of doing everything right while the unionists can ignore, undermine and the rest.
      The EU knows the britnats way of working with Ireland.

      I have noticed a few agent provocateurs trying to suggest alternative routes. Old britnat tactics from the days of Red Clydeside and before.
      For those wishing to attack the main person to lead the independence route are assisting the Brit nats. They are fools or unionists. I suspect many are the latter. There are no others going to deliver and they cannot without the support of the people.

      Simple fact.

  61. Capella says:

    Abbi Garton-Crosbie went to Westminster last week for a press lobby session. Lucky Abbi! But Keir Starmer and Anas Sarwar were in denial of reality mode and ended up attacking The National who rvde a check list of where the Labour Party do, in fact, collude with the Tories.

    Scottish independence: Keir Starmer confirms Labour would reject Section 30 call

    KEIR Starmer would not grant a Section 30 order to allow Scotland to hold a second independence referendum if he becomes Prime Minister after the next general election.

    He revealed this at a ­Westminster press event, which also saw a ­rattled Anas Sarwar singling out The ­National for criticism.

    The Labour leader said during a sit down with Scottish journalists on Tuesday last week, that if his party were to surge to power in Westminster following the collapse of Boris Johnson’s scandal-hit government that the party’s argument against ­indyref2 “won’t change”.

    The next General Election isn’t due until May 2024, and ahead of the ­local council ballot this year, Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar ruled out any power sharing deals.

    However, in numerous local ­authorities Labour have entered into loose agreements with the Tories and LibDems to lock the SNP out.

  62. Capella says:

    John Curtice says that the resignation of Boris Johnston and his replacement won’t dent the YES vote because it is largely motivated by BREXIT. Or perhaps being driven into disadvantaged places against our will illustrates how bad the Union really is. BREXIT is the stark example that won’t go away.

    Professor John Curtice says Scottish independence won’t be hurt by resignation of Boris Johnson

    THE resignation of Boris Johnson will not impact on support for independence as his Brexit legacy will not disappear with him, Scotland’s leading pollster has said.
    As the Prime Minister who was dubbed the “best recruiting sergeant” for independence, questions have been raised over whether Johnson’s departure will make a difference to the campaign to leave the UK.
    However, Professor Sir John ­Curtice said attitudes towards the ­Union had “not fundamentally changed” and the reason the issue of the constitution is back on the agenda is because of Brexit, not Johnson himself.

  63. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Historical tweet from La Mordaunt:

    Territories, eh?

    • Capella says:

      Mordaunt might well win the leadership contest. She is enough of a war monger to keep the oligarchs happy and can do a Margaret Thatcher impersonation quite handily. Got to keep he colonies in line what?

      BTW your link to the Bella Caledonia tweet was odd. Showed up as a square in my browser and when clicked it did a “just checking the safety of this site” routine. But it’s OK now that it deems BC to be safe (disappointingly!)

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        Yes, every time I visit Bella I get a 5 second warning that some gremlin (DDOS) is checking the site for safety. (It doesn’t do that with any other site I visit – for work or for independence blog visiting. All very odd.)

    • Dr Jim says:

      The Tories might go for someone else as leader but if they want to win a General election in England she’s the one that can win it for them because she’s white and very very English and also the one the rest of us should be concerned about
      Not that Penny Mordaunt will sell well in Scotland but her attitude to Scotland and all who live here is very bad, and my guess is Wales too, so from a Scotland and Wales point of view she’s a recruiting sergeant for us but she’s an England supremacist which makes life equally difficult

  64. James says:

    Charming woman….

  65. The British nationalists are now going out of there way to make sure Scots understand that they are prisoners of a greater English Britainland and that they have no right to vote for the government that best suits them.

    Independence is becoming a dead certainty.

  66. Dr Jim says:

    Since 1972 48 referendums have been held in the then EEC through to the now EU, I think that shows Scotland very clearly which countries understand apply and accept the principles of democracy, and the country of England which does not

    Westminster and the British unionists are now the very definition of fascists

    (Extremely authoritarian, intolerant with domineering practices and oppressive behaviour)

    Anybody with a dictionary or an internet device can look this up, Unionists are fascists, it’s a fact

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