A zombie government defending a zombie union

At the time of writing, an important caveat there, Johnson is still Prime Minister, but by Wednesday evening no fewer than 38 members of his government had resigned including the senior cabinet ministers Rishi Sunak, Sajid Javid and Michael Gove. Johnson may cling to power for a while longer, but by this time he is a zombie Prime Minister leading a zombie government, defending a zombie union. They are like flies that have been doused in fly killer, noisily and angrily buzzing and whirling away, but they are politically already as good as dead. When all you’ve got left are Nadine Dorries and Alister Jack, you’re as well locking yourself in your bedroom with a ton of cocaine and the soundtrack of an Aberdeen nightclub. Allegedly that’s what works for Michael Gove.

Johnson is not the resigning type, taking responsibility for his actions is alien to his nature. According to the Whitehall correspondent for the Mirror, one of his Conservative sources tells him that not even if the 1922 Committee changes the rules to allow another confdence vote and he loses, he still would refuse to resign. Instead he would claim that he has a personal mandate from the 14 million who voted Conservative in the last General Election and threaten to force a General Election, but not before deselecting all those who had turned against him. Johnson is certainly selfish and self-centred enough to blow up the Conservative party before giving up power.

As Johnson was making his delusional appearance before the Commons Liaison Committee on Wednesday afternoon, he was asked by Conservative veteran Bernard Jenkin if he would dissolve Parliament in an effort to save himself, Johnson refused to say that he wouldn’t. It’s unclear just how plausible that threat is, it’s not at all certain that Johnson could force an election given that the Tory turkeys will not want to vote for Christmas, but all any supporter of Scottish independence can say is ha and indeed, ha ha. A General Election now could have historic consequences, it could see the end of the Tory Party and Scotland vote for independence. Conservative MPs put Johnson in office in full knowledge of his greed, lies, and selfish deceit, it would only be fitting if Johnson’s last act was to destroy them and their so called union. That’s karma in action.

Scottish Tory MP Andrew Bowie tweeted on Wednesday afternoon that he had again written to the chair of the 1922 Committee to ask for another vote of confidence on Johnson’s leadership, despite saying after the last vote just three weeks ago that the Conservatives need to focus on the issues facing the country and not internal fights within the Conservative party. Nice to see that a Scottish Tory MP recognises that people can change their minds and have another vote. But not you Scotland, not you. Does anyone want to remind him that that was a once in a year vote. At this juncture it seems appropriate to remind Bowie and his Scottish Conservative colleagues of their own words , “You can’t just keep having votes until you get the result that you like. Oh the irony. It’s amazing just how much things change in three weeks, never mind eight years.

By tea time the threshold for triggering another vote of confidence had been reached and the 1922 Committee was preparing to change the leadership rules so that another confidence vote could be held as early as the beginning of next week.

While politics watchers were transfixed by the clownfall of Boris Johnson, in what may prove to be one of his last acts as Prime Minister, the Prime Law-breaker (at least at the time of writing, by this time tomorrow he might be just the law-breaker) wrote to Nicola Sturgeon to formally refuse a Section 30 order. He even had the brass neck to reference Ukraine in his missive of colonial domination and the unmitigated gall to insist that “our shared priorities must be to respond effectively to the global cost of living challenge, to support our NHS and public services as they recover from the huge disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, and to play our leading part in the international response to Russian aggression in Ukraine.” This from a man whose entire attention and energies right now are focused on saving his own miserable skin.

The truth is, it no longer matters, whether Johnson consents or not, the question that occupied Scottish politics for the past year or so, “What if Johnson says no?” is now an irrelevance. It’s an irrelevance because Johnson’s time in office now has a shorter life expectancy than a carton of milk left out in the sun on a hot day, so it will be a decision for his successor to take. But even that is irrelevant, because the First Minister’s announcement last week setting out the route to a lawful vote on independence changed the game. There will either be a lawful referendum with or without the consent of a Conservative PM, or at the next General Election the pro-independence parties will be seeking a mandate for independence, by which time the union as it has been conceived for generations will be legally dead and the British nationalist parties will have lost all control over the process, and have been left trying to defend a UK in which democracy in Scotland can be overruled by parties which have not won an election in Scotland.

A delegation of senior Conservatives met with Johnson after his appearance before the Commons Liaison Committee in order to tell him that the game is up and that it is time to leave. Priti Patel was also among the contingent, although she had not been seen to enter Number 10 via the front door. That’s because she had adopted her form as a bat and flown down the chimney. It’s not clear if Patel has joined the delegation in order to tell Johnson to go, or if she plans to bite them all in the jugular and suck out their life force so she can offer it as a sacrifice to Cthulhu in thanks for him devising her Rwanda policy.

By 8pm the ITV News deputy politics editor Anoushka Asthana was tweeting that her sources had told her that Johnson is absolutely defiant and is not going to resign. She said that they had told her Johnson “put his 14 million mandate on the table.” He’s threatening that if they force him out he will force a General Election. This was always always how it was going to end – the most shocking thing is that anyone is surprised. The Conservatives created a monster, and now they are being consumed by him. We’re going to need a smaller violin.


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107 comments on “A zombie government defending a zombie union

  1. Bob says:

    Gove hasn’t resigned (as of 20:45). He’s apparently told Johnson that the game’s up, but he’s not done anything that might require a spine.

  2. Capella says:

    Johnston is refusing to resign, says the BBC. So the Cabinet will have to, or at least the ones who went to No 10 this evening to tell him to go i.e. Priti Patel and Grant Shapps.
    That will leave Nadine Dorries and Jacob Rees-Mogg to share uot several portfolios beteen them.
    I can’t recall such a shambolic government as this clown show.

    • Melvin says:

      The Scottish parliament is not doing enough to take advantage and pushing for demonstrations and civil disobedience , The English colonial power has refused a section 30 again, how long before we wake up and admit we are a possession of the British state and take positive action to win our independence. The last thing we need is to end up with another 5 years of maybe tomorrow

    • Stephen McKenziue says:

      The only good thing, I suppose with a reduced Cabinet, is that Alister Jack has less cups of tea to make.

  3. Naina Tal says:

    The Remove of the Fat Owl. Not going to go quietly! Trump no2 Next PM will need to be better at hiding the lies – Tories always gonna be Tories. Lies and corruption are their stock in trade. . They’ll already be sorting out the runners and riders unless a General Election actually happens, They might be happy enough with that as it could scupper IR2 for 5 years if they can pauchle the result in the English Supreme Court.

  4. Melvin says:

    Johnson has refused the section 30, again, democracy is failing and we are goin* to be pushed down the same path as Ireland. What a disgrace. Scotland is a possession of England and we need to be coming to that conclusion. There is no voluntary union the sooner we accept it the closer we will get to independence

  5. Tam the Bam says:

    Ha ha ha ha………

    Johnson has just sacked Gove!

  6. deelsdugs says:

    ‘That’s because she had adopted her form as a bat and flown down the chimney’
    Bloody brilliant 😂

  7. grizebard says:

    Oh the irony indeed. Vote-swivelling irony. The Tory Party may not have created this monster man-child – he has been enabled by virtually everyone he has encountered since birth – but they have certainly bought wholesale into a Faustian pact with him, and are now saddled with paying the considerable dues. Karma has rarely been this obvious.

    Just as with independence, this is to a large measure about bluff. Bluffing the relevant electorate, whether Tory MPs or the public at large. But this time on multiple fronts, the Prime Bluffer needs to be called. If need be, let it be by UKGE. In which case, the SG/SNP need to rise to the occasion, catch the moment of English disarray, and make it a plebiscite election for us.

  8. James Mills says:

    Do you think Johnson may call in the army to reinforce his position ?
    Perhaps he will appoint Nadine Dorries as his Gauleiter in charge of ”the country ” .

  9. Alex Clark says:

    Johnson’s army give him the bad news.

    • Capella says:


      Hoping someone does the Black Knight – “it’s only a flesh wound”

    • The absolutely brilliant Bruno Ganz.
      A Hitler for all seasons.
      I did warn you Duggers. He’s going to take as many off the ledge with him as he can.
      His slow tortuous descent into madness over the course of today was something truly frightening.
      Alister Jack still backs this modern day Nero.
      I wonder who’ll get the Jock Grand Panjandrum job now?
      If SC try and block us, then the UK GE is the Referendum…and then the deluge.

  10. bringiton says:

    Johnson being savaged by a flock of dead sheep.

  11. Alex Clark says:

    Anas Sarwar is on Peston tonight on STV at 22:50 along with Suella Braverman and Matt Hancock and some others.

  12. Alex Clark says:

    A vote of no confidence in a Prime Minister is not a one-time-a-year event. It’s whatever the 1922 committee says it is because they can change the rules whenever it suits them. Hypocrites.

    • Dr Jim says:

      But but, once in a generation? isn’t that the rule? do they just want to keep having votes until they get the result they want? did they ask for permission from any of the other 3 countries of the Yoonyun
      I just can’t keep up with the ever changing definitions of democracy slithering out of England

  13. Alec Lomax says:

    Peter Bone on Newsnight, clearly living on another planet.

    • Tam the Bam says:

      “Houston to Bone….come in Bone.”
      “Bone to Houston…. Houston..I have a problem.”

    • Drew Anderson says:

      Anent Newsnight, Alec:

      He said he’d be standing for selection to the 1922 committee (chosen by backbenchers only) to prevent them changing their rules.

      Camilla Cavendish points out that there isn’t a functional government; not enough Johnson loyalists willing to fill government posts.

      At that point my timer switched over to Peston on STV, but answer me this, Bone:

      If all, or almost all, of the Johnson loyalists are tied up in filling government posts; who is left on the backbenches to select you?

  14. Luigi says:

    Hmmm. I thought a 1922 tory vote of confidence was a “Once in a generation” thing. The party had decided blah blah blah. It seems that every few weeks is now OK. How lucky the tories are. Some of us have been told to wait 30 years.

  15. Alex Clark says:

    A good summary of the events of the day recorded for posterity 🙂

    • Melvin says:

      Hahaha love it, I hope he does call an election and then see the drama of the campaign , that will be hilarious. What a disgrace the British state is and through that they refused a section 30.. incredible behaviour

  16. Alex Clark says:

    Sorry couldn’t resist, it is, after all, a once in a lifetime opportunity to rip the piss out of the PM

  17. Statgeek says:

    Busy guy, the PM, but the Scottish BBC found the time to add a ‘PM rejects Indyref2’ article.

    So he had time to not govern, to reject governance, and to sack someone.

    Busy day. He’ll need to lie down for a couple of weeks to recover.

  18. Bob Lamont says:

    The more I hear of Tory MPs resigning or being dismissed or “demanding” Johnson go the more certain I am of it’s stage management…

    This is no longer about Johnson going but about him taking ALL the blame when he does – And let’s not be fooled, he is playing his role in the theatrics like a true Tory…

    • deelsdugs says:

      Yup. A full-on fest of self-love dramatics…

    • Golfnut says:

      The big question, no media pundit has dared to ask, is where did so many tory’s get a spine from. It’s a fair bet that with the amount of sleaze and pauchlin attached to the tory’s nobody, including the person who started the ball rolling, would have acted without permission. So yes, stage managed.

  19. rongorongo says:

    Noting that Michael Gove has now been fired by Cameron, May and Johnson. Surely deserving of some kind of special badge.

  20. barpe says:

    Watched Braverman ‘throw her hat in the ring’, on Peston last night, and I reckon we have another Patel in the making!
    God help us all!

  21. Golfnut says:

    Speculating as to whether a wildcat G E will be called it occurred to me that NI and Wales could really set the cat among the pigeons were they also offered a one policy option, Independence for Wales and re-unification for NI. Now there’s something to look forward to.

  22. We can only conclude that Alister Jack, gentleman farmer, local MP on the nod, like it was 1932, and country squire, has had his fill of all this politics stuff. He still backs the Fat Owl of the Remove, even as the terrible Old etonian disintegrated before his very eyes at PMQ yesterday, into a bumbling mad fool, lying and blustering his way through what is surely his Last Stand.

    Later, for two hours this disgusting man was slaughtered by a cross party group of MPs, demonstrating that he hadn’t a clue, and smirked and laughed at his ignorance, of all aspects of government, from armed forces procurement, to taxing electic cars.
    He actually blamed drink in the Palace of Westminster for the descent into depravity, now rampant in the HoC.
    I was drunk, is now a legitimate defence?

    It will take all of Tom Harris’ and Magnus Gardham’s PR and spin skills to write Save Big Dog Lines To Take for B-Lister Jack this morning; perhaps they will resign from Jack’s £1 million a year Press Office today in protest?
    Doubt it.
    THe paper shredders in Jack’s empty big Union Jack building will be on overdrive this morning.
    The big empty 3000 capacity white elephant will be handy when we take our country back next October right enough.
    No sign of an RAF Rescue Sea King helicopter landing on the roof of the BBC Clyde Stockade yet?

    IT’s bee like the last Reich’s retreat from Paris, when we seize back control of our country.

  23. Golfnut says:

    Someone needs to remind Johnson about this.

    • Golfnut says:

      Ach, basically Peston reminding Johnson of his comment directed at Gordon Brown when he was trying to hang on as PM.

  24. Capella says:

    The BBC R4 news is going to stay on air this morning as the resignations roll in. Fraser Nelson reeling off the candidates for next PM. Stay tuned!

  25. davetewart says:

    Larry the cat has resigned as there are not enough rats turning up for the cabinet meetings.

    Big problem is that the buffoon has henry eigth powers and could call a GE without naming a date.

    Have we all noticed that Scotland’s coverage is , well not a factor.

  26. Alex Clark says:

    It’s all a total farce, Zahawi has just told the PM to go now by tweeting a letter he has written this morning. Hahahaha what a bunch of clowns running the UK.

  27. Alex Clark says:

    Johnson has fallen on his sword LOLOLOL

  28. Alex Clark says:

  29. Capella says:

    Alister Jack is the only “territorial” minister still in post. Even Boris has resigned.
    Scottish secretary is only territorial minister left in PM’s Cabinet


    Waiting fo the podium moment.

  30. Alex Clark says:

    He will remain as Prime Minister until the autumn.

    Boris Johnson to resign as Conservative leader


    • Capella says:

      That’s what he thinks 🙂

    • stewartb says:

      So Tory MPs who wanted Johnson to resign have got their way. Many cited his lack of integrity, honesty etc. Many recounted how he is someone who doesn’t respect conventions and is a rule breaker.

      And now he has resigned – a man with all the foregoing characteristics, who admits he can’t/won’t change – how can it be SANE to leave him in the most powerful post in the UK government for months? This surely cannot be sustained.

  31. deelsdugs says:

    So, he’s resigning apparently…

    7 JULY 2022 • 9:24AM
    Mortally wounded PM defies Cabinet demands to quit
    Allister Heath: I don’t regret backing Boris in 2019
    Camilla Tominey: Britain must get the Conservatism it
    voted for
    Sulla Braverman announces leadership bid on live TV
    How the day unfolded: Blow after blow, but PM clings on
    Boris Johnson is resigning as leader of the Conservative Party.
    Mr Johnson has spoken to Sir Graham Brady, the chairman of the 1922
    Committee of backbench Tory MPs, and agreed to stand down, a No 10
    source said.
    A new Tory leader is expected to be in place by the time of the
    Conservative Party conference in October.
    The decision comes after more than 50 Tory MPs quit the Government’

  32. davetewart says:

    JCB on order.

    Strange to see the chancer has secured his position in history as the chancer by using the department letterheaded paper.

    Is this an Indian Coup? or a Middle East coup.

  33. jfngw says:

    Being Johnson by the autumn he will claim he never agreed to resign, has a word of truth ever emerged from his mouth, I can’t think of many occasions he has not felt the need to add a lie into any statement.

    It was always going to come to this from the day he was elected leader, a self absorbed, in my opinion, psychopathic nature is never going to end well.

    Psychopath – a person having an egocentric and antisocial personality marked by a lack of remorse for one’s actions, an absence of empathy for others, and often criminal tendencies.

  34. Ken says:

    What a rammy. A catastrophe waiting to happen. Finally coming to an end.

    A UK Chancellor now a tax evading crook. Embezzling public monies for their personal benefit. The biggest criminal liar. Now setting tax for others. Just unbelievable.

    A GE coming on. Vote to get rid of the lot of them. Absolute chancers.

    Independence. What a chance. The doors are opening. The runes falling into place. Not long now finally for Democracy. The Democratic vote. Get out there. Campaigning. YES.

  35. davetewart says:

    We should all be thankful that the englanders voted for

    Strong and Stable Government

    Not the lunatic Therese May.

    A wee holiday for the buffoon as making these Warp Speed decisions are so trying.

    Rabb to take over, that’s fine then.

  36. Alex Clark says:

    I’d expect there to be a caretaker rather than Johnson staying on, I doubt it will be Raab as he will probably fancy his chances to take over, somebody “neutral” like May might be asked to stand in until a new leader is elected.

    It will be a laugh if any of his previous cabinet takes over, Truss, Raab, Gove, Braverman hahaha

  37. Caretaker PM and whoever takes over will obviously have no electoral mandate to lead the country. One lame duck replacing another.

    UK GE is likely to create a hung parliament.

    The UK is up to its neck in the mire and there’s no getting out.

  38. Dr Jim says:

    England has chosen….

    Once again Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland have to sit around watching England clear the mess up that it created by voting for a head case, Scotland doesn’t want them, Wales doesn’t want them, Northern Ireland doesn’t want them, but here we are again watching the all England club watching themselves select themselves another head case to rule three countries that don’t want anything to do with them

    And the media has the absolute cheek to ask us what we think

    BBC radio Scotland has their usual phone in, what do we think, who will it be, who would you choose, and right on cue the morons who believe their football club is a political party are phoning in demanding the SNP are gotten rid of, “they should resign as well” they squeal, in typical right wing stupidity loaded with the belief that even when they lose they are the Peepul and deserve to be the winners by birthright, the DUP live and we have them here in Scotland just as much as Northern Ireland

    So we have to suffer through England’s selection madness once again as though the Tory party are a special and higher plane case than the rest of us, the media will yap and yap very often in revered terms as though even though their latest nut case has been discovered to be a nut case they must be respected and the process of selecting the next nut case a sombre and sobering decision for “The Nation” of which Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland get no say whatsoever in, we just have to once again *suck up* the choices of the country of England who we know are absolutely garbage at selecting anything because they do it on the basis of who and what they believe is a superior being

    “Don’t ask for what you can’t take” (Sicilian proverb) If Scotland won’t take its independence then why are we asking folk in England who can’t run a government for five minutes but they know how to say NO to the rest of us

    I’m sick to the back teeth of England and all who sail in her because I’m forced to sit at the back of their leaky boat with no lifebelt

    • I caught a wee snippet of Jardine this morning..a wee wiife 77 Years young frae Dundee had to pull up Loyalist Jardine and ask him about which ‘country’ he was talking during their wee hastily cut short chat when the lady revealed that we need independence to get out of this cesspit.
      Jardine cut her short and continued to refer to the UK as ‘the country’…good loyal servant of the Empire.
      Bowie was on declaring that jognson got Brexit done, and got all the calls right on the pandemic…what planet do these miserable little sell outs inhabit?
      Brexit is a massive failure, and unravelling by the day.
      150,000 English citizens died, £37 billion was wasted ona failed Test and Trace, and tens of billions frittered away on useless PPE lining Sub Lieutenant Bowie’s (RN Failed) grubby cronies’ pockets
      The days of opening your mouth and lying through your teeth are over ,Bowie.
      The Fat Owl has gone.
      Cue the avalanche of Johnson scandals which will flood the Dead Tree Scrolls any day now.
      Yet Bowie will remember him with fondness?
      Even in the tiny snippet I tuned into, Jardine was touting Baroness Rape Clause as a future Tory Leader.
      What an absolute idiot.
      Get back to the serious phone in business of advice on how to get red wine stains out of a Persian rug, Jardine.
      That’s about your level; of journalism after all.
      Scotland is ‘the country’ when you are broadcasting on BBC Scotland. The UK, soon to disintegrate, is the Union of nations on these isles, not ‘the country’. But you know that..your job is to brainwash Scots, not to inform or educate them.

  39. Hamish100 says:

    Well said.

  40. James Mills says:

    IF Johnson actually does resign , he will want to remain in ”office” until a new Tory Scumbag is elected to replace him. This could take weeks or months . This is unacceptable !
    Get the b*stard out NOW !
    And NONE of the scumbags who supported him by serving in his Cabinet should be eligible – but one of them will be elected and pretend that they had NOTHING to do with the catastrophe that was the Johnson administration .

    • Dr Jim says:

      The Tories stand out favourite is Ben Wallace the defence minister because well y’know England loves a war and he’s the war guy, and that’s the level of England’s choices, somebody they think might come in handy *if* or when there’s a war

      A war with who exactly? are they planning to provoke Putin even more than Boris Johnson was trying to do in order to save his bacon? England is a nation of nut cases living in a distant past century basking in glories of wars they won with bows and arrows and flintlocks, or massed ranks of knights on horses riding into what they called the Holy land to beat up those folks over there

      England, a country that can’t make a decision without it costing the other three countries of the UK total poverty to shore them up once they’ve made Ars*oles of themselves

      But hey they’re the superior sovereign imperial nation aren’t they, they must be, they keep telling us on the telly, watch us Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland, look on at our works and marvel at our superiority

  41. davetewart says:

    Polling suggests that Wallace will be the annointed one.

    Wallace who said ‘Scotland should get its own armed forces to help out with the pandemic, english armed forces too busy’

    Words to that effect.

  42. Capella says:

    There is actually a “Deputy Prime Minister” who should be the one to step in as a temporary caretaker PM, otherwise what is the position for? The fact that it’s the Gentleman’s Airhead, Dominic Raab, is yet another example of Johnston’s risible decision making. He appears to model himself on Bertie Wooster.

  43. davetewart says:

    The buffoon is having a laugh.
    He’s just appointed Cleverly as education secretary.

    Thats 3 in the last three days, no crisis, what crisis?

    Hold the presses the liar has changed his mind.

  44. Alex Clark says:

    Nicola Sturgeon tells the BBC that Johnson must go now and the idea of him staying on as Prime Minister for the next 3 or 4 months as “quite incredible”.

  45. Alex Clark says:

    Statement to be made by Johnson at 12:30

  46. Hamish100 says:

    Radio 4 mentioning Lady Davidson. I had to think hard who they were meaning.Then I realised it was an old bbc colleague.

    I suspect she sees herself reentering politics like a Lord Howe or Lord Carrington type.
    Minister for the colonies sounds about right.

    • grizebard says:

      Well, she did have a media following for a while down there in England as the very person to deal with the rebellious Caledonian natives, didn’t she? So if they’re still needing an ebullient media personality to follow the last one, but someone largely untainted by his nefarious goings-on, having been shunted into that HOL sinecure in return for not rocking BoJo’s boat, well, why not?

      It all depends on whether the English Tories still see Scotland as their next big danger, I suppose. Or is BoJo going to tackle that himself before he finally quits?

      (Is he really going to quit, or instead try to wangle a palace coup in the autumn?)

  47. Dr Jim says:

    Maybe somebody can correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t believe I heard the word *resign* what I heard was I’ll be carrying on with the work of government until ….gzorninplat up until reeble which will be by the end of planion

    • Tam the Bam says:

      I was going to post about this and then I thought .. nah…he’s made a speech at the lectern in front of all the media….he’s gone.
      But as you say….he never mentioned the word resign or include it in a sentence.
      Commenters are saying Graham Brady’s 1922 Committee agreed with Johnson a ‘caretaker’ role until the new leader is selected and that they would be keeping a ‘watchful’ eye on him.
      Have they left Dracula in charge of the blood-bank?

      • grizebard says:

        I like your analogy there!

        What on earth is this “caretaker” concept? Will the Tory Party need all summer long to decide who is to be the designated successor? Or does Carrie just need the time to have their next abode redecorated?

        Meanwhile this now bitter-and-resentful chancer is still left in full control of the ship of state? With only Brady looking over his shoulder. A total Tory crap-out.

  48. Graceless and sneering to the end. The Tories are a ‘herd’?

  49. davetewart says:

    Like you Dr Jim, all I heard was there’s going to be a new leadership election.

    Will he put his name forward?

  50. Hamish100 says:

    I await all the tories now saying they wanted Johnson to leave from the beginning but it was all Nicola Sturgeons fault he didn’t.

    If the election for the PM takes long this is not a bad thing. Every candidate can tell us why the scotch or people of cymru cannot rule the yuk-k , well because they are not the right types obviously but we respect all.

    Each candidate can also be asked why like labour they do not believe the Scots have the right to govern themselves never mind the U.K.

  51. Dr Jim says:

    He will resign, not now, maybe in a while, after, it’s just that now is not the time

  52. deelsdugs says:

    It’s a farcical display unraveling their triplicity of pathological deceit

  53. Puleez, can some Dugger with the techie skills superimpose the faces of the Six Blue Tory Jocks on the heads of a wee ‘herd’ of Highland coos.
    Great poster for the Indy campaign?

  54. JoMax says:

    I see that a woman who was appointed Education Secretary then resigned after two days is to receive severance pay of £17,000 which she is ‘generously’ donating to charity. Considering how many have resigned as compared to ‘being made redundant’, then presumably she will not be alone in receiving very nice little …….. ‘handouts from hard working taxpayers’. Isn’t that what the Conservatives would say about ordinary folk receiving any sort of benefit? What kind of gravy do they serve on that train?

  55. Alex Clark says:

    WARNING – This video is NOT for those that find the F word offensive.

    “A desperate, sad, talentless flag-shagger…”

  56. Alex Clark says:

    The BBC reporting that Gove will stand for leader.

  57. Statgeek says:

    Older vid, and probably been seen by some here, but I missed it. A nice recap of Johnson’s life…where’s Eamonn Andrews when you need him. 🙂

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