The British nationalist temper tantrum

Ever since the First Minister announced her strategy for bringing about a lawful vote on Scottish independence, the British nationalist parties have been throwing all their energies into trying to prevent another referendum. However they will not be able to prevent the vote from taking place forever, whether it comes in the form of a referendum or takes place as a de facto referendum during a UK General Election. This means that at some point, Labour, the Conservatives, and the Lib Dems are going to have to present themselves to the people of Scotland and face the people’s verdict on their attempts to stymie Scottish democracy and to prevent the Scottish Parliament implementing the mandate given to it in the last Holyrood elections. Asking the people to give you a mandate to ignore them is certainly a novel proposition in a democratic election, but that is exactly what the anti-independence parties are going to have to do.

The current anger and denialism from the opponents of independence is because they are struggling to get their British nationalist exceptionalist and supremacist heads around a new political reality, the reality created by a Scottish Government which has told them that their permission is not required, they have been invited to participate in the process, to make their case for this so-called Union which they claim is of such immense to the people of Scotland, and to let the people decide, or they can continue to try and block the question from being put to the people and see the vote go ahead without their consent, by which time they will have destroyed any pretence that this union is what they have always asserted it to be and they will have lost all control of the process.

The Anglo-British nationalist parties will be forced to defend the proposition that there is no democratic route to independence within this supposed union of equals until politicians who have no mandate in Scotland grant permission for a referendum. Their pretence that they are unionists and not nationalists will be have been stripped away and they will stand revealed as Anglo-British nationalists. Yet suppose it was England which wished to leave this union: whose permission would it have to seek? Brexit supporters would have screamed seven shades of murder if the EU had told the UK that it needed the permission of Brussels in order to hold a referendum on EU membership, they would have said that it was an affront to democracy and would constitute proof that the UK needed to leave the EU in order for the people to have their say, and they’d have been right. But that is precisely what they demand of Scotland. It’s funny how they have lost all their qualms about the denial of democracy when it’s them who are doing the denying.

It’s supposed to be Scotland which is powerless. It’s supposed to be Scotland which has no choice but to “Suck it up,” a phrase which is going to haunt Alister Jack and cause him to have long sleepless nights. It’s the phrase that will accompany his sobs when he realises that he has been instrumental in destroying this so-called union that he claims to love so much. No wonder they are raging, they have no conceptual framework for dealing with a political reality in which they do not hold all the cards.

Meanwhile let’s get one thing straight. The Anglo-British nationalists continually harp on that the 2014 referendum was billed as a “once in a generation” vote. They know full well that that was campaigning rhetoric aimed at increasing voter participation. It was not on the ballot paper, it was not a part of the Edinburgh Agreement. They also know that the people cannot be bound by the rhetoric of a politician during a campaign, otherwise Boris Johnson and the Conservatives would be in even more trouble than they are already. By this time Johnson should be dead in a ditch.

But while we are on the topic of campaign rhetoric why is it that it’s only Alex Salmond’s “once in a generation” claim that has been elevated to the status of holy writ? What about David Cameron’s claim that the UK is a partnership of equals? What about the promise that no Westminster government would ever interfere with the devolution settlement without Holyrood’s consent?

And then there is that troubling little matter of Scotland’s EU membership. Even if it were true that Scotland becoming independent would have resulted in it having to leave the EU, and that is a very big if indeed, we are now eight years down the line and Scotland would by this time have rejoined the EU as a member in its own right. As things stand we are out of the EU against our will and as part of the UK without any prospect of getting back in for many many years to come. Even if there was a sea change in British politics which is unlikely now that both Labour and the Lib Dems are Brexit parties, it is highly unlikely that the EU would want to let the UK back in. It would be like a pub landlord letting back in a patron who did nothing but complain about the drinks options before knocking over the drinks of all the other customers, starting a fight, and then vomiting all over the bar. An independent Scotland would be welcomed as a pro-European nation which sought independence in order to affirm its commitment to European values. The UK, not so much.

As I have observed on this blog before, democracy doesn’t mean holding the losers of a vote to account for their campaign rhetoric, it means holding the winners to account for theirs.

For all the challenges facing the independence movement, it at least has a clear vision of a Scotland in which the democratic choices of the people of this country are respected and implemented. All that the Anglo-British nationalist parties have to offer is a UK which ignores the will of Scotland and treats this country with contempt. No wonder they are so desperate to stop another independence referendum and are having a temper tantrum now that they realise that they cannot prevent Scotland from having its say.


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67 comments on “The British nationalist temper tantrum

  1. Melvin says:

    Another great post Paul,thank you

  2. Drew Anderson says:

    “…Asking the people to give you a mandate to ignore them is certainly a novel proposition in a democratic election, but that is exactly what the anti-independence parties are going to have to do…”

    Brilliant in many ways.

    Excellent observation, beautifully put and watching the Unionists response unfold will be fun.

  3. Alex Clark says:

    Great post, says it all really. There is no stronger case for an Independent Scotland than that you have just stated, there is no democracy as part of the Union, just lies and broken promises.

    If we want democracy in Scotland then we will need to be independent first and that’s a simple fact that those that put up the obstacles to a referendum remind us of every day.

  4. yesindyref2 says:

    From the Scottish Green Party manifesto for the 2021 Holyrood Election:

    The legislation covering all aspects of the referendum, including the question and the timing, should be decided by a simple majority of the Scottish Parliament. The Scottish Greens will campaign and vote for a referendum within the next Parliamentary term and under the terms of the
    Referendums Act (2020). We believe that the UK Government’s refusal to respect a pro-independence majority in the Scottish Parliament would not be politically sustainable and could be subject to legal challenge.

    and from the SNP manifesto for the 2021 Holyrood Election

    We are seeking the permission of the Scottish people in this election for an independence referendum to take place after the crisis. This would be within the next Parliamentary term on a specific date to be determined by our democratically elected parliament. If the Covid crisis has passed, the SNP intention is for the referendum to be within the first half of the five year term

    If the democratically elected Scottish Parliament passes the referendum bill and the UK Government then attempts to block it by taking legal action we will vigorously defend the Parliament’s will in order to protect the democratic rights of the Scottish people.

    So both the SNP and Greens have the Indy Ref clearly and unequivocally in their manifestoes, the People of Scotland voted in the Holyrood Election, according to all the rules of that election for electing MSPs, and the SNP and Greens between them have an overall majority, and in addition to that, the SNP and Greens have a coalition.

    It’s very simple: anybody, or any entity, that stands in the way of that mandate by the People of Scotland is standing in the way of Democracy, and the Rule of Law

    A judge has two functions. To protect the state from the actions of the individual and to protect the individual from the power of the state, and to do both without fear or favour.

    The people of Scotland have voted in a majority Government that has been elected on the basis of holding a referendum, and to protect the individual voters rom the power of the state, the judges have no choice but to allow that referendum to go ahead, otherwise the individual is NOT being protected from the power of the state.

  5. malkymcblain says:

    Completely OT however…

    Some of the regular contributors here May remember me as the Rangers supporting yeser from Australia. I don’t comment here much as I feel it’s for those who vote in Scotland to push the debate forward. However I do reserve the right to have an opinion and may from time to time stick ma heid up to add a comment or piece of interesting info that others may find useful in your fight.

    This video gladdened my heart and I hope it gives you all hope that many many supporters of Rangers football club have your back in your fight to bring my homeland and your home the dignity of independence.

    Alba gu brath🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


  6. Bob Lamont says:

    Well said Paul, as your recent articles have exampled, the political and media classes have gotten themselves in a right old pickle over Scottish affairs.

    With the majority of the electorate across England opposed to blocking Indyref2, Johnson and his mafia (and indeed Starmer etc) were already on shaky ground – The FM’s statement on the way forward met widespread approval across England, even as the politicos and media classes went into meltdown.
    Despite media and political portrayal of a battle with “Sturgeon” (the media’s preferred reference), the public see it as a battle about what UK democracy means any more.
    Political parties have fatally misjudged the public mood in England over the Scottish referendum, and in doing so have set themselves AGAINST the very electorate they purport to serve.

    It will not end well…

  7. astytaylor says:

    Well said Paul.

  8. Clydebuilt says:

    BBC RS news bulletin at 8am extra funding for victims of thalidomide from The Government

    BBC RS news summary just after 8.30 am extra funding for victims of thalidomide from The Scottish Government

  9. Capella says:

    This comes quite far down the BBC running order but The National has the story. In light of what’s going on with the Tories “whip” now this 6 year old resurrected story must seem rather out of place.

    Patrick Grady: Police drop investigation into allegations against former SNP MP

    A spokesperson for the Met said: “On Wednesday June 22 police received a third party allegation of sexual assault that is said to have taken place in October 2016 at a commercial premises in Folgate Street, E1.

    “Officers carried out enquiries including speaking to the alleged victim.

    “There will be no further police action at this time.”

    Grady was found by an independent investigation to have behaved inappropriately towards a member of staff at a party function in 2016 and suspended from Parliament for two days. The victim was a teenager at the time.

    • Capella says:

      Apologies – I just noticed this was covered in the previous thread – I’m not keeping up with Paul’s posts!

  10. yesindyref2 says:

    There’s some total nonsense doing the rounds that there might not be enough time to get the Referendum Bill through Holyrood, as it takes months to get the Bill passed. But whoever does that has not done any research, and checked out “Emergency Bill” on the archive of the Scottish Parliament website:

    An Emergency Bill is a Government Bill that needs to be enacted more quickly than the normal timetable allows.

    An Emergency Bill must be introduced as a Government Bill first and then the Parliament must agree to treat it as an Emergency Bill. Stages 1 to 3 of an Emergency Bill are all taken on the same day unless the Parliament agrees to an alternative timescale.

    Stage 2 of an Emergency Bill is normally taken by a Committee of the Whole Parliament unless the Parliament agrees to an alternative approach.

    Royal Assent may be given more quickly than normal after the Bill is passed.

    So in fact the bill could be introduced and through all its stages in 1 week, and Royal Assent could be gained in less than the usual 28 days.

    As an example, the EU Continuity Bill was got through in just 23 days, from Introduction to passed at stage 3, with the stages actually a week apart rather than on the same day, though it was taken to court before it got royal assent.

  11. They also know that the people cannot be bound by the rhetoric of a politician during a campaign

    Nor can they be bound by the votes of others, namely those who lived in Scotland back in 2014. Aside from the fact voters are allowed to change their minds, the reason the electorate can always undo a previous decision is that it is constantly changing. The Scottish electorate today is already different to yesterday’s, never mind that of that fateful day in September 2014.

    Just based on new voters (birth rate proxy) vs those passing away, just 75% of the 2014 electorate will be voting in 2023. That’s before we consider any inwards / outwards migration, of which there is lots. Assuming all the ins are all new arrivals who were not here in 2014, and the outs have not come back, less than 50% of 2014 voters will be voting next year. The true figure will lie somewhere in between due to migration overlap.

    The (existing) Scottish electorate has never voted on the matter of Scottish independence. That is a simple fact. A significant number of individuals have, but the electorate a whole has not.

    A 15 year old turning 16 next summer cannot be bound by the vote of someone who e.g. now lives in the USA or passed away in 2015. The churn here is huge. 2-5k a week change. Up to 0.5% a month!

    • malkymcblain says:

      We should consider that if it goes to a Westminster GE that 16 and 17 year olds don’t get a vote. This could be a big problem that should be noted by all. All the more reason to hope for the first route.

      • Drew Anderson says:

        I’m sure the parents and grandparents, of those 16 & 17 year-olds, will take notice of the direction of travel; as will many others.

        It won’t affect the voting intentions of the Yes side. It will cause those who believe in the voluntary union, family of nations position to have a wee think to themselves; they won’t all be happy about it.

    • I wouldn’t be so worried given the SNP and Greens have already managed to get 51.3% in a UKGE 7 years ago, with time very much not on the British nationalist side now.

      As I also stated in another post, if Scotland is ultimately denied the right to a referendum by Brengland (so far it has really only been threats with a game of cat and mouse), there won’t be any need for a campaign; Yes will become the settled will of Scots. It will cease to be about independence, but about the very future of (Scottish) democracy. Over 7 in 10 people in Scotland are Scots before they are British, if they are British at all. If democracy is under threat, then a Yes vote like 1997 is quite possible, with the level who voted Yes-Yes highly likely.

      Depends how far the British nationalists want to push the democratic repression. The more they push it, the more Yes will rise. That in turn requires them to repress even more. There’s no way out of it. This is why dictators end up sending in troops and cancelling elections. Because you can’t stop people voting for what they want unless you stop them voting completely. That and voting cannot be ignored. Dictators would love it if they didn’t have to bother with all the election rigging / cancelling, banning of protests etc, but could just let voters vote for what they wanted and simply ignore it. The Spanish sent the heavies into Catalonia to disrupt the vote because it was not possible for them to just sit back with a sangria and declare it illegal.

    • Sorry, totally screwed up that. Had a typo in the excel sheet! Did it in a hurry! Thought it looked a bit too much!

      The electorate is definitely 11% (aging effects) different and as much as 21% (net migration). Not as drastic, but still very large and highlights why weighting to 2014 is just silly.

  12. Dr Jim says:

    Anas Sarwar Labour lackey and pretend branch manager in Scotland will today make a speech to the Fabian society outlining that in order for Scotland to function properly within the constraints of devolution *It requires more powers”

    So after years of denying Scotland needs more powers and voting against the proposition of more powers in the 2015 Smith Commission Anas Sarwar admits he was and is a liar by constantly carping on week after week that the Scottish government aren’t using the powers he claimed they already have

    So huge a liar is Anas Sarwar he also now admits that the Tories are actively trying to dismantle devolution altogether while week after week for years denying such a thing was happening, so is now proposing, wait for it. *a VOW* to devolve more powers to the Scottish parliament

    So massive a liar is Anas Sarwar that the *VOW* previously promised by his Labour party was voted against as soon as it was committed to paper in that 2015 Smith Commission

    It seems they don’t make flamethrowers powerful enough to even turn the necks red of Labour party liars, they’ve turned into opportunist Liberal Democrats willing to say anything or join with anyone for a vote and that’s even worse than they ever were before

    Labour, liars with zero principles

    • Bob Lamont says:

      And yet in the National…
      “ANAS Sarwar is set to argue that there should be a “legal duty of co-operation” between the Holyrood and Westminster governments.
      According to the Daily Record, the leader of the Scottish Labour party will make the announcement at an event in London where he will take aim at the SNP and Tories for trying to benefit from “a political climate which seeks to maximise disagreements and disordered relationships”. “

      • Cap in hand, down to London, to plead his case to be Field Boss keeping us colonial serfs in our place.
        The man’s a joke.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Labour MSP Sarah Boyak was just on BBC radio Scotland this morning admitting the Tories were in the process of dismantling devolution, yet in Holyrood they defend the status quo and blame the SNP and Tories equally for something they know is the Tories plan

        Sarwars “legal duty of co-operation” is a smoke screen for tying both hands behind Scotlands back in forced submission to the legal will of Westminster

      • Capella says:

        Archived version of Anas Sarwar’s “demand” for a legal duty of cooperation (which I thought the Smith Commission had already guaranteed).

        Anas Sarwar to demand ‘legal duty of cooperation’ between Scottish and UK governments

        • Hamish100 says:

          Isn’t Sarwar deciding not to cooperate with anyone except with Cole Hamilton and Ross. Didn’t he suspend labour councillors recently for holding views about the tories?
          He had no morals never mind legal duty.

      • Capella says:

        There are some cracking btl comments on that article so here’s the full URL for those who can access a National article.

        • Dr Jim says:

          Sarwar is insulting even his own Labour voters intelligence with this nonsense

        • Welsh_Siôn says:

          here’s the full URL for those who can access a National article.


          And for those who can’t …

          Labour call for Senate of the Nations and Regions to replace the House of Lords

          04 Jul 2022 2 minute Read

        • Bob Lamont says:

          Sarwar was getting clattered early doors when I read it, but thought to post it in response to Dr Jim’s point over “Labour, liars with zero principles”, seeing as the game Sarwar seems to be playing is different outlets portraying different “core” stories.

          What stunned me most about the National piece by Ninian Bardwell was the complete disconnect to Sarwar’s history of attacking SG policies for NOT kow-towing to the Westminster view, yet here he appears to be proposing it as a “legal duty”, as if such obligation had not already been enshrined in law, but Tory and Labour alike chose to ignore it.

          I concur with Dr Jim’s response “Sarwar is insulting even his own Labour voters intelligence with this nonsense”

  13. Alba Laddie says:

    Starmer has just announced that a Labour Government (try not to laugh) will NOT take the UK back into the single market, nor reintroduce freedom of movement.

    You’ll have your tea then, eh Scotland?

  14. jfngw says:

    Anas Sarwar declaring Labour will not work with the government the people of Scotland vote for (unless it’s Tories) is not the positive point he thinks it is. It just proves he is Starmer’s puppet in Scotland.

    When he demands a legal duty of cooperation he basically means the ScotGov should do as its told by Westminster, all his utterances more or less back up that stance. He’s no Mark Drakeford, he sees Scotland as England’s possession and he wants a place at their table.

    Never trust a millionaire business man or millionaire knight to look after the interests of the people, after all his family business has a track record of keeping the staff pay at the minimum. There is not much difference between them and the Tories led by Boris Johnson’s Tories.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Absolutely spot on

      • barpe says:

        I’ll bet Sarwar feels safer making this statement, in London, after Holyrood has closed for the summer!!
        What a field day Nicola would have had with him at FMQs.

    • Alex Clark says:

      I’ve just read the full speech he has given this morning to the Fabian Society, I should have said fool speech for it is utter garbage.

      He’s going to close the House of Lords AGAIN something Labour have been promising to do since they came into existence but never seem to get around to. His plan is to replace it with a “Senate of the Nations and Regions”.

      Most of the speech though is spent attacking the SNP, SNP austerity, SNP division, SNP centralisation, SNP bitterness, SNP grievance… on and on he drones, 24 separate mentions of the SNP in his speech, I guess attacking the SNP is all he is left with but I very much doubt that this line of attack will be bring about a revival of Labour in Scotland. In fact, I expect the decline in Labour support to continue and more of their support to switch from the Red Tory Party to an alternative Independence supporting party.

      • grizebard says:

        You’re right – his increasing denialism won’t work in a country that has visibly better alternatives. But then, he isn’t really bothered. His focus is elsewhere: on keeping on the right side (pun intended) of the English electorate. Protect them from a Tory media confected SNP bogeyman. That’s all he truly cares about, because that’s what he feels he must do to take power in London. Brexit and all. Protect the Labour flank in England. To him, we in Scotland have already been fully discounted. Whether Labour-supporting or not.

    • What if Scots elect a government with the manifesto commitment not to cooperate with the UK government? How would that work?

      I don’t think Sarwar gets this democracy thing.

  15. Arthur+Thomson says:

    So the champagne socialists are now fully committed to Brexit. That clarifies matters for those Scots who wish to be part of the EU.

  16. Dr Jim says:

    ******This just in*****

    Sarwar calls for the abolition of the House of Lords

    Now he’s really insulting the whole of Scotlands intelligence when half of his own party are members of the House of Lords because of their support for the Union, and previous Labour branch mangers from Scotland are very often elevated to that place for specifically fighting against Scottish independence

    His own leader is a Knight of the realm for goodness sake, Sarwar really is plumbing the depths of just how stupid he thinks the Scottish electorate are

  17. Dr Jim says:

    Sarwar’s nonsense about daring the SNP not to back Labour in a General Election is baby childish.
    If the Labour party want no co-operation with the SNP then that’s perfectly fine, the SNP can decide to debate and vote on Scotland-only matters.
    Of course we’re all still in the middle of something slightly more important than Sarwar’s ramblings about his party that has only one MP representing Scotland in the English British parliament that he was ousted from as an MP himself by the SNP

    The Labour party in Scotland have a long and bitter hatred of the electorate who pitched their collective Ar*es out of our country, does Sarwar think we’ve all forgotten why we did this?

  18. Hamish100 says:

    SNP don’t need to support labour. The Lib Dem’s and tories do that already or hasn’t he noticed

  19. grizebard says:

    So Sarwar envisages a legal compunction for Edinburgh and London to “co-operate”. Sarwar’s historic contribution to Unionism: Mitigation Hell enshrined.

    I’m trying hard to imagine an FM Sarwar eagerly co-operating with a PM BoJo. (No, that prospect defies my capability too, in multiple respects.) No doubt he longs for a time when he is FM and can happily “co-operate” with his boss Starmer. But even that dismal prospect has its problems, since “Scottish” Labour enters each UKGE with its own precious manifesto that differs in some respects from Starmer-Labour’s. (It has to, to have any hope of fooling enough Scottish voters.) So how will that awkward discrepancy then be resolved? Answers on a microdot…

    • Dr Jim says:

      So wimpy and weak kneed is Labour that their leader Sir Kier Starmer congratulates and lauds Finland and Swedens joining of the EU while he is actively campaigning to maintain the position of the UK being out of it

      Talk about embarrassing

  20. Unionists rule out UKGE election deal with SNP meaning SNP can use it as independence plebiscite only as nobody will work with them if elected anyway.

    Labour will not do post-election deal with SNP, says Scottish leader

    This is all heading in the direction of independence. If you want Scots to vote for the union, you should be offering to do deals with whoever they elect so that Scots can kindae have a say in things. Excluding them from that just pushes them out the door.

    • grizebard says:

      Exactly. It is that blinkered proprietorial attitude that signifies as well as anything the total fossilisation of their precious Union. A complete adaptation failure. Exactly as back in 1776, which thereby lost the American colonies. In 200-plus years the Unionists have learnt absolutely nothing. There’s only so much rejection anyone can take before concluding, like Thomas Paine, it’s far better to take charge for oneself rather than being totally ignored and lorded-over, and by self-entitled incompetents at that!

      It’s time for our own Independence Day.

  21. yesindyref2 says:

    Sarwar will do as he’s telt by his landed gentry boss who’s worth 7 times as much in wealth as BoJo. I think it’s sad because everybody in Scotland knows Sarwar is not his own man.

    • Alex Clark says:

      YIR2 there’s a new article on the Constitutional Law blog about the effects of the internal market bill on devolution. It looks like the sort of thing you might like and which looks to me to be a pretty serious attack on devolution.

      • grizebard says:

        The evidence keeps on accumulating. Not that Starmer or his muppet Sarwar seem to care too much about protecting their party’s pet project these days. (Higher priorities, y’know.) The problem is getting over to the ordinary public, not least given near-total Unionist media hegemony, that the Internal Market Bill is to devolution and their well-being what Kryptonite is to Superman.

      • yesindyref2 says:


        That would plainly be a modification of Parliament’s ‘unqualified legislative power’” and outwith the Scottish Parliament’s competence. In other words, any Bill that “would qualify Parliament’s power to allow existing legislation to remain in force unamended” is outwith competence. Yet, on an orthodox account, this is precisely what devolution provides: within devolved competence, Westminster legislation, unless a protected enactment, is always vulnerable to amendment or repeal by the relevant devolved legislature.

        We are blessed with a media in Scotland that is so anti-SNP it reprots a ferry is off, gets some “expert” to say it’ll be off for weeks, and then fails to eport that it was actually back on service two days later. And hey, guess what, I talk to islanders and never fail to point out this shortcoming. Basically speaking the media puts its anti-SNP crusade first, and Scotland second.

        But it also fails to properly report such attacks on devolution as have been happening over the years, perferring to continue with – yes, that’s right – its anti-SNP campaign.

        What the media fails to realise is that over 90% of Scotland supports devolution these days – and still does.

        So lulled into a sense of false security Westminster continues to attack devolution – and the democratically elected government of devolved Scotland, and the benefits of devolution are being attacked on all sides by its ignorant morons.

        Oh well, won’t be long now.

  22. James Mills says:

    ”Sarwar celebrates Independence Day ! ”

    Come August 14th Anas will be busy celebrating a poor wee country shrugging off the shackles of colonialism and , despite its many and varied problems , it was able to survive without the ”Broad Shoulders of the UK ”.

    Anas Sarwar is a proud supporter of the independence …of Pakistan .
    Scotland , his birthplace and home ? Well , not so much !

  23. Hamish100 says:

    Sarwar refuses to work with 50% of Scotland’s electorate as he is far too important says Jackie Baillie, Lord Foulkes, Dame Liddell ( remember her carrying Robert Maxwells bags )and Dame Katy Clark.

    For a laugh and Sarwar is having it, look at this list. Worse than I thought.
    Socialists All plus a few pyrotechnic experts.

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