Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make Brexiters

The UK is predicted to have the lowest economic growth of any of the G20 states with the sole exception of Russia, whose economy is being battered by the severe international sanctions imposed following Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The British Government is keen to put the blame on the lingering effects of the pandemic, on rising energy prices, on the war in Ukraine, on the refugee crisis, but all those other countries whose economies are performing far better than the UK’s are having to confront all those challenges too. The reason that the economic prospects for the UK are so dire is very simple, it’s Brexit, even if the Tories, the BBC and the right wing British nationalist media is so keen to yell, “Look over there!” We all know it’s Brexit, the greatest act of self-harm commited by any government since

It is quite astonishing, really. Everybody, except the Brextremists of the Conservative party and their allies, knows that Brexit is a disaster. Indeed even the Conservatives know that Brexit has been an unmitigated failure, but they cannot admit it as they have tied their political standard very firmly to the mast of the sunken Brexit ship. Without Brexit their political cupboard would be as bare as those of all the households who now depend on foodbanks in order to put food on the table. The flagship policies and politics that Brexit was supposed to deliver – from agriculture through fishing to immigration and manufacturing – have all failed miserably to arrive, just as most people knew was going to happen. Even arch Brextremists like the Tory peer Daniel Hannan have been forced to admit that Johnson and May’s ideologically driven decision to take the UK out of the single market and the Customs Union was a mistake.

Instead we get a British government which is so desperate to brand something, anything, as a Brexit benefit that we get truly risible announcements that it is a Brexit benefit that the UK can return to Imperial measurements, something absolutely no one was looking for.

Nothing whatsoever that was supposed to improve due to Brexit has come to pass. Yet, the Brexit loyalists continue to pretend that what they’ve done has some benefit for people other than hedge funders. Even the favourite pet hate the CAP turns out to have been infinitely preferable to the shambles that is post-Brexit policy on agriculture and environment. Rural fury at what’s on offer has united all and sundry involved in farming and environmental management in shock and withering disdain: the Brexit benefit turning out, as predicted, to be a massive Brexit detriment; another bullet-hole in the foot of U.K. economy and society.

It has been less a case of getting Brexit over and done and more a case of getting done over by Brexit. This is starkly clear in Scotland where a large majority voted against Brexit and which has consistently voted for anti-Brexit parties ever since the EU referendum and where the suggestions of the Scottish Government on ways to mitigate the ill effects of Brexit on Scotland’s economy have been contemptuously dismissed by the Conservatives at Westminster and where Holyrood has scarcely been kept informed of the British Government’s plans never mind consulted on them and allowed any meaningful input into shaping them.

Who can put their hand on their heart and say honestly that they actually voted for what they’ve got? Who voted for U.K. policy to become a total cock-up with no improvements to anything anywhere and a sackful of problems everywhere from Dover to Derry?

The problem is that probably around 30% of the English electorate is fully wedded to the Anglo-British nationalism of the Brexit cult. They cannot be reasoned with, they cannot be appeased, and if you give any ground they will demand much more, egged on by the right wing press and the burgeoning growth in right wing British nationalist TV channels that . That 30% with some support from the floating vote is enough under FPTP to keep the Tories in perpetual power. Johnson and the swivel eyed right wing Anglo-British nationalist Brextremists know this too. They know that they can maintain their absolute majority power by appealing to that minority segment of the English vote. What Scotland wants doesn’t matter and doesn’t count,

And when something doesn’t work, the Tories conveniently blame it on the EU, on foreigners, on the war in Ukraine, on anything, except their own lies and mendacity. Queues at border control? Checks on goods crossing to Ireland? It’s the EU punishing the UK for leaving. Seriously, you cannot have a serious conversation with people who still believe this kind of stuff, let alone those who lived in the EU and still voted for Brexit, believing that nothing would change because they have a British passport and are not immigrants in someone else’s country, they’re expats. The level of entitlement and British nationalist exceptionalism is insane.

The most astonishing thing is that despite everything, Johnson still leads Starmer in the polls as the preferred Prime Minister. This is the harsh reality. In this digital day and age, everything is a cult of personality. Johnson is a showman and Starmer isn’t. it’s as simple as that. Meanwhile Labour panders to Brexit as well, too afraid to tell the truth, that it has been a disaster and needs to be reversed because Starmer knows that he needs to recover those Brexit voting seats in the north and Midlands of England if he is to have any chance of getting into Downing Street.

It is more vital than ever that Scotland escapes this British nationalist shit show, Labour sure as hell promises us no way out, only at the very best a few years of a Labour Government which only gets elected by aping the British nationalist exceptionalism of the Tories and then after a term in power the electoral pendulum swings to the right again and we get another Conservative government. Labour is already dressing itself in Tory drag in its doomed bid for power. Lucy ­Powell, Starmer’s Shadow Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, claimed that Labour “is now the true party of patriotism and ­British values”, whatever “British values” are exactly. Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make Brexiters. Scotland cannot be saved by a Labour party that is destroying the Labour and socialist values of the founders of the party in order to appeal to Tory Brexiters.

So it is welcome news that this week the Scottish Government will be publishing the first in a series of documents to lay the way for an independence referendum. We are only going to get one shot at this. We have to get it right. If Scotland has another referendum and is foolish enough to vote against independence, you can be certain that the British state will ensure that Scotland never challenges its authority again and that the powers of the Scottish parliament will be eviscerated.

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43 comments on “Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make Brexiters

  1. Hamish100 says:

    Let’s hope the documentation is the start of ratcheting up of the independence campaign. Timing is everything.

    We all need to to reinvigorate the campaign of 2014 but without the failure, by involving the youth of Scotland, the undecided and agnostics of independence as well as the pro independence supporters from the other parties.
    CivicScotland can win the day.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  2. wm says:

    Another first class post Paul, The only people who will gain anything from Brexit are the small percentage who have Billions of money invested in the tax free havens of the world, as the EU were in the process of putting a stop to its members of investing out with their Country. These People will hold on to their ill got gains at the cost of the rest of us, at all times.

  3. Great, Paul.
    The glue which holds the Brexiters together, because unaccountably they come from all points of the political spectrum from far right at one extreme to far left on t’other, is a passionate hatred of foreigners, especially those with darker skin.
    Cameron was alarmed by the success of UKIP under Farage, so set in motion the assimilation of roughly 6 million UKIP voters into the Blue Meany Party.

    7 years later, and the traditional conservative party has ” is not pinin’, it has passed on! This party is no more! It has ceased to be! It has expired and gone to meet its maker! The Tory Party is a stiff! Bereft of life, it rests in peace! If the media hadn’t nailed ‘it to the perch it’d be pushing up the daisies! Its metabolic processes are now ‘istory! It’s off the twig! It’s kicked the bucket, it’s’s shuffled off its mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisible!! THIS IS AN EX-PARTY.
    Apologies to the Flying Circus.

    Windrush, Rwanda, the vitriol hurled at the black players taking penalties in the Euro final last year…

    Old and not so old Tory Grandees have come ut publicly to condemn Johnson’s Right wing fascist…
    There are about 30% of English voters who will back Johnson no matter what…
    It’s just like voting in a Reality TV Show to many of these morons.
    WE shall prevail; of that I have no doubt.
    Take care.

    • grizebard says:

      Dumping the inconvenient unwanted visitor in the middle of Africa, that’s about the sum “advantage” of Brexit. Duh.

      As for “imperial” {cough} measurements, I only found out yesterday that the inch is metric. Yes! It didn’t used to be; the (“3-barleycorn”) British inch and the American inch weren’t even exactly the same, and only in 1930 did British industry decide to adopt the “industrial inch”, defined as exactly 25.4mm. American industry followed suit in 1933. Finally in 1959 a yard of 36 of these became the recognised legal standard.

      Oh, and the only reason that the Greenwich Meridian was selected to be the internationally-agreed prime meridian back in the 19th century was because Britain faithfully promised in return to metricate. Once again, perfidious (and retrograde) Albion.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Another old Tory Grandee, Chris Patten, the last Governer of Hong Kong was quoted today in the Guardian as being in complete agreement with you about the demise of the Tory party. He said:

      “It’s been a very long nervous breakdown. And I don’t see what pulls the party together again. In politics, one has to make a distinction between people who are doing things that are wrong and people who are trying to do things that are right. And I just think Johnson is terribly wrong. It is hard to beat Dominic Grieve’s description of him as a moral vacuum.”

      A few minutes later he phones me back. “What I should say,” he said, “is that we don’t have a Conservative government at all, but an English nationalist party which is populist, but – fatally – without being popular.”

      What was thought of as the Tory party is now dead and their place has been taken by a group of self-serving chancers without a clue how to actually govern. The United Kingdom is a laughing stock across Europe and further afield while in the UK itself, 1 in 6 are having to use food banks as they can’t afford to buy enough food to feed themselves, and in England, people are unable to get appointments with a doctor or a dentist and their ambulance service is at the point of collapse.

      It’s all gone to ratshit under their watch, Johnson got Brexit done and we are all paying the price for their folly.

  4. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Great piece Paul….again.

    Apparently having NOT learnt his lesson with trying to recruit temporary Lorry drivers in another Brexit generated crisis Grant Shapps is now being publicised as doing this :

    ‘UK transport minister explores temporary visas for EU workers to ease airport staffing crisis”

    It’s so it NOT…to ask those who previously you disregarded as being worthy enough citizens of your Brexit UK thus if not fitting the criteria you expelled them ( some even expelled themselves) to now say that you will ALLOW ( they love that word) them to return on a temporary basis to alleviate the problems of the very thing THEY, as Brexiteers, said would be sunlit uplands…….then at some point EXPEL them again when their TEMPORARY Visa expires…..a perhaps temporary Brexit Benefit….but for whom ?

    Is there also temporary visas for fruit pickers……temporary visas for Care workers…..temporary visas for hospitality workers….temporary visas for many of those EU nationals who formerly worked in our coffee shops etc…..

    I see also that some of the media seem to be waking up to the Brexit realities…I say waking up but in all honesty they always knew the realities post Brexit has caused the economy and workforce but it seems a widespread Omerta had been imposed ( by whom I could but hazard a guess) that prevented them from even saying the ‘B’ word……

    Funny how so many online pre and since 2016 have been highlighting so much of the negatives of Brexit…yet the MSM …..who we are all expected to believe inform us of the ‘LATEST’ news are just at this moment 6 years later exposing the myths and catastrophe linked to a Tory Brexit under Boris Johnson and his band of cowboys he leads in his party……and t’other Unionist cowboy chancers aka politicians from other Unionist parties…..

    Keir Starmer……” Make Brexit work”…..HOW….WHEN….and eh WHY ?

    Ed Davey …..” will NOT campaign to rejoin the EU”…..WHY NOT ?

    Boris Johnson ” Got Brexit done”…..WHEN ?……NI PROTOCOL WHAT ABOUT THAT ?

    A parcel of rogues delivering a parcel of lies that is what it is to be in their (non) Union…..promises unfulfilled, broken manifesto pledges, ill conceived policies, empty slogans, flag worshipping, British Nationalists , divisive politics, deranged aspirations, isolationists, deceiving propagandists, democracy deniers, liars, patronising pompous twits, Royalists, Careerists and basically EVERYTHING you DO NOT WANT your government to BE……hence why I and others DO NOT recognise or acknowledge them ALL as political parties that should have ANYTHING to do with Scotland or our politics ……they work against us not with or for us….simples.

    The only way we can progress as a country is to EXPEL them and their complicit media from Scotland by firstly holding a Referendum, winning that referendum and then and only then be free to be a normal country just like many other normal countries who want their country to thrive and prosper and do so by the citizens of their countries electing a government that THEY, the citizens, CHOOSE not one IMPOSED by another country who has RESERVED powers that constrict their country and plunder it’s resources for themselves and another country’s benefit…as in one where they hope to WIN votes in THAT other country within THEIR UK… order to be the overall TOP DOG government……… our case the so called UK government.

    Independence is THE only solution….as to everything else……it’s not up for negotiation or up for being challenged ….especially by the likes of uber British Nationalists like Johnson, Starmer or Davey.

    ( surnames for them seems fitting as they LOVE, as do their media , to refer to our FM as Sturgeon)

  5. Bob Lamont says:

    Dear Lord, HMS James Cook’s theatrics wouldn’t even make it to the run-offs for a Raspberry, awful am-dram presumably to be repeated ad nauseum for the rest of the week…. There is “wooden”, then there is Gary Robertson…

  6. Dr Jim says:

    Who will the fall guy or woman that Boris Johnson will be forced to appoint to save Englands bacon this time, who do they stand up against Nicola Sturgeon, because there’s no way in hell Boris Johnson will face Scotlands FM and be publicly humiliated then take the blame for having his Arse handed to him on live national TV and *losing* Scotland into the bargain, England needs a mug, will that be the title for the job application? benefits include never working for the English government ever again, no pension and lifelong ignominy *if when* you lose, even Baroness Buffalo Ruth will turn this one down, she’ll need more time with her family if she’s asked

  7. Hamish100 says:

    Maybe the bbc labour groupies could do a drama piece called the “ Vow” starring mags (frigate) current, gordony (financial crash) brownnose, dame Edna (tank) Davidson , Toni (Iraq) bliar and governer general Carmichael. Wonder how it would turn out?

  8. yesindyref2 says:

    Apparently, the UK would have been eligibile for a strucutral deficit rebate of £55 billion a year for 5 years because of the appalling state of the economy, but then the EU realised that the UK had already left.

  9. Hamish100 says:

    Apparently The FM should have done this or that and more in the past few years to get independence.

    For those who demand more and more can I suggest they get elected and then become FM. Many have tried and failed, others have succeeded and then failed and resigned.

    Wanting independence is not the same as gaining independence and based on most studies we would not have succeeded.

    Too many diversions after the failed attempt in 2014. 2015 2016 we were licking our wounds with our new FM and 2017 onwards the consequences of the Brexit negotiations and then covid. Too many fellow Scots would stick to what they know- however bad (and I disagree with them) but now they are seeing the consequences.

    Too late they now see Brexit consequences with empty shelves in the supermarkets, the price of energy in a energy rich country ( I would privatise) , standing in queues in airports as a Non-EU citizen, lack of services as EU citizens rightly said Cheerio to the right wing xenophobic Tory party and Brit Nat labour. They have Boris Johnso, Theresa May, Prita Patel, Rees-mogg foisted on Scotland. As for Prince Andrew and the royals…..

    The young people see the way forward even if their grandparents don’t. We can win the future should we work for it together.
    As for the underminers and doubters they only give succour to the britnats.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      “Too late they now see Brexit consequences with empty shelves in the supermarkets”

      Indeed Hamish…..

      BTW as someone who is consistent in buying specific items in weekly shop I have noticed for quite a while that ‘certain’ items I bought on a regular basis are no longer on shelves in supermarket….as in various supermarkets….and I wondered why ?…but had a good guess why.

      My husband also noticed a few times that on the shelves were biscuits that he usually bought without previously checking dates……but I DO as a caution….. so when he checked he noticed they were NOW past their sell by date…biscuits ????……Is this supermarkets using the stock they have had for a while and now selling some of that stored stock which was NOW out of date as not been restocked due to shortages ……this is LARGE well known supermarkets BTW …….

      Many items routinely bought long before NOW apparently are NOW unavailable in various supermarkets…..and to HIDE the shortage supermarkets seem to be rearranging shelves to fill the gaps…..thus trying to make it LESS obvious to shoppers of the fact that there ARE shortages of specific food etc items….they think we are daft obvs.

      Sure many peeps who are consistent with the frequent buying of specific items will also have identified these same items disappearing from supermarket shelves……I once commented to my husband while on a weekly shop that it was like shopping in a third world country as so many items on shopping list no longer available……limited choice does not maketh a happy shopping trip but instead maketh it a frustrating one…..

      Yes Brexit IS limiting our choice in many many things and that is not in any way progressive or indeed a future path that leads to their UK being considered “world beating” as Tories LOVE to declare……it seems as part of their UK we, in Scotland, are instead being beaten by the very EU that many ‘Team GB Brexiteers’ chose to leave…… unfortunately we who are not ‘Team GB Brexiteers’ must also suffer the consequences…..but only for now that is…..if you know what I mean.

      • Legerwood says:

        To that I would add the quality of what is available particularly fruit and veg but things like bacon etc is also noticeably declining. So not just availability but quality too. Then there is shrinkage – same price but less of it.

        • Not-My-Real-Name says:

          Indeed correct Legerwood…. I would also add shortages due to non delivery of certain goods…extensive Lorry queues at Dover which the media were at pains to highlight as being something OTHER than Brexit…..indeed the ‘B’ word does not come into THEIR, the media’s, equation as a cause and effect of any of the negatives we are seeing in a post Brexit UK………….

          Consequences of Covid and now the invasion of Ukraine being touted for shortages….as are the bank holiday drivers at ports another touted excuse for lengthy queues…..funnily enough no mention of extensive amount of LORRIES queuing prior to any ‘bank holiday traffic’ existing…….

          Maybe more media should be asking honest Lorry drivers the difference they encountered PRE BREXIT to the position they now face POST BREXIT …..then perhaps more honesty via the media (as if) that perhaps the actual REAL problem is ….BREXIT .

    • Dr Jim says:

      The same people demanding the same mistakes as last time but expecting a different result

      They demand more marches, bigger marches, Nicola Sturgeons attendance at those marches, to galvanise the movement they say, yet they say they don’t believe or trust that the FM wants Independence in the first place

      Just like the Tories no matter what the FM does or doesn’t do the Alba angryists deride it so whatever she does as far as they’re concerned is wrong, and that attitude from these people should inform every genuine supporter of Independence as to what the purpose of Alba is and what it was set up to achieve, their rhetoric is almost the same as the Tories but I have to say their online behaviour is worse than most of the unionists, even the Daily Mail is less derogatory about the FM than Alba supporters, and no matter what their leader has done, no matter his numbers are the lowest of any politician ever, no matter that it’s now virtually stamped in concrete that Scotland will not vote for him, like the supporters of Boris Johnson the Alba supporters refuse to accept he’s an even bigger liability than Boris Johnson is to the Tory party yet they call SNP supporters cultists when we support the highest rated politician in Scottish and even British politics ever, it’s akin to supporting a tied up donkey over a lioness

      Alba supporters are so intransigent and belligerent they’re betting their future on a dinner donkey while believing hurling abuse at the lioness is a winning strategy

      Those who the Gods wish to destroy they first make angry Alba ists

  10. UndeadShaun says:

    Guardian reports

    “The UK has drastically increased the volume of natural gas being pumped to the EU amid Russia’s war in Ukraine, powering a record monthly rise in goods exports to the continent despite Brexit”

    So that will be the oil and gas that is worthless to Scotland and running out but at the same time boosts UK exports, despite brexit.

    Aye right!

    • Capella says:

      From what I’ve read it’s more likely to be LNG imported from the US then pumped to Netherlands under the North Sea. But there’s been a fire in a Texas LNG terminal which will put it out of action for a month so volumes may drop.

      • UndeadShaun says:

        For gas, but why not just dock in holland if its a tanker from USA?

        Though the oil exports will be from the north sea.

        • Capella says:

          There are very few LNG terminals in Europe – none in Germany for example. Not sure about Netherlands. But the point is that there is a pipeline from England to the continent via Netherlands and the gas has to go where the pipelines are. Someone noted that the price of gas in UK was unusually low. Explanation seemed to be a glut form importing LNG and no storage facilities so it was being pumped to EU.
          Fairly long twitter thread explaining it all here:

  11. Capella says:

    Somebody who has studied referendums around the globe thinks they are perfectly normal. Relax!

    Global referendum expert Matt Qvortrup says we should be ‘relaxed’ about Scottish independence

    PEOPLE should be “totally relaxed” about Scotland becoming independent, according to one of the world’s foremost referendum experts.

    Matt Qvortrup, a professor of political science who has studied referendums around the globe dating back to 1793, has argued that the idea of an independent Scotland in Europe is “totally reasonable”.

    Speaking to The Herald on Sunday, the academic had a question for Unionists – asking why countries like Malta, lacking resources such as oil, are able to operate as independent nations, but not Scotland.

    • UndeadShaun says:

      For me that link was unreadable with google adverts down each side blocking the text.

      For any one else experiencing this f you go to the national and open the page, then disable cookies in your browser it is viewable.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        I have firefox and the Ghostery add-on. Works fine for me, and my firefox is the last supported by Win XP.

      • Capella says:

        IApos. didnt realise that was a problem with an arhive version – I don’t get any adverts. I use Opera and I have Adblock activated.

  12. James Mills says:

    ”David Davis ( former Brexit Minister and negotiator ) has explained why Brexit is such a Sh*t Show – ”We got a ‘remainers ‘ Brexit ! ”he stated on Andrew Neil’s Channel 4 show .

    Well , mea culpa ! mea culpa ! As a Remainer I must take the blame for the dire state we now find ourselves in as a nation/State .

    There was me blithely voting to avoid dropping the UK in the sh*t by cutting off our nose to spite our face when all the time I was making things worse . Silly me !

    My thoughtless vote to avoid more Red Tape , to keep our borders open with the rest of Europe , to stop endless queues of lorries in Kent , to allow our fishermen to continue exporting to mainland Europe , to let farmers employ seasonal labour to pick crops , to avoid threatening the Peace process in N. Ireland , …..

    If only I had been more aware of the difficulties my vote was creating for those intelligent , well-meaning , democratic , altruistic Brexiteers then I would NEVER have dreamed of putting their vision of a Brave New Britain at risk .

    This will forever haunt me …

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Indeed James…BTW I wonder then which REMAINER signed the BREXIT AGREEMENT with the EU ?

      Hmm…..say wonder but not really….David Davis on a mission to keep onboard those who still worship at the alter of Brexit and quote verbatim the ‘slogans’ associated with it…..but who as yet have not seen any tangible benefits, as promised, in their own lives…..indeed there is more EXCUSES being used to placate the many Brexit worshippers to justify this insanity than there is in actual benefits to it as a policy……

      Grasping any straw rather than concede it, Brexit, has , as many predicated it would, fail not just at ONE hurdle but at many…..though those with financial vested interests seem to be identifying benefits for THEM…….dubious Think Tanks, Farage backers and other too ‘interested’ parties desperate to see it REMAIN as a UK policy…..once more the ‘little’ man suffers in order for those more financially prosperous to gain ……the basis of Conservatism as a political force….a force that clearly works against the many less fortunate while fighting for the few privileged individuals and companies who seek more power and more money….. that’s who benefits when Tories corrupt and play (badly for us) the system.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Funny how when they were *getting Brexit done* they kept repeating they were carrying out what the *British* people had voted for, which was to leave, then when they did it they triumphantly claimed success at their oven ready deal, not a single leave supporter claimed it was anything other than a gigantic win win for the *British* people

      It’s the union way to claim the opposite of reality, well they do it with elections in Scotland, when the union loses they immediately claim they won

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        100% agree Dr Jim….succinctly well put….wish I could also have this gift…but alas I have not.

        And you and I know that they know that we know they are NOT ” carrying out what the British people had voted for”… in neither Scotland nor NI within their UK voted for it….and neither did those who voted for Brexit and who are now seeing that what they ASSUMED they were voting for in 2016 as NOT being the Brexit that is actually being carried out or as promised by Boris J and his unmerry band of Tory men and women…..

        Brexit has most certainly NOT been done by the Tories ….it will also NOT be made to work by the Labour party indeed the ONLY thing that WILL be done and MADE to work will be for us here in Scotland choosing to reject their Brexit infected (non) Union in favour of supporting and voting for our independence from both Brexit and their (non) Union……as we have always had “oven ready” reason(s) pre and post Brexit to want to become independent…..

        Yes they do indeed always ” claim the opposite of reality” because the actual REALITY is always the opposite of what they claim……they know it and they know WE know it too….but to them it’s all a game to see how long they can deny reality pretty much based on how far certain sections of the media are willing to conspire with them in HIDING the REALITY as is….in choosing to obscure reality in favour for the fantasy of so called Brexit benefits ( superficial and non existent so far ) in a so called United Kingdom that clearly is neither United nor a kingdom worth being a part of any longer than necessary…….for Scotland, NI or Wales. ( or England too ironically ).

  13. James Mills says:

    Just heard Boris The Clown being questioned about transporting people to Austra..sorry , Rwanda !
    He claimed that we must not allow illegal migrants into the UK as ”it breaks the law ! ” …just as he is tearing up an International Treaty !!!

    We are beyond the Rabbit Hole …we are now in the Outer Limits of Planet Brexit .

    ” There is nothing wrong with your television set . Do not attempt to adjust the picture .We are controlling the transmission . If we wish to make it louder we will bring up the volume ……sit quietly and we will control all that you hear and see . We repeat , there is nothing wrong with your television set . You are about to participate in a great adventure . You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to …the Outer Limits of Brexit !”

  14. yesindyref2 says:

    With a curiously neutral headline from the Herald:

    Commons clash over SNP NATO policy

    we find out, drilling down into the detail to get to the heart of it, that Ben Wallace, UK Defence Secretary, says:

    And I noticed the First Minister alone said in 2021 that an independent Scotland would be a keen signatory to the prohibition of nuclear weapons.

    “That would make it the only NATO country who would be a signatory to that treaty and is a clue that they say one thing, but do another.

    So we can deduce from that clue:

    1). Ben Wallace accepts the inevitability of Scottish Independence

    2). Ben Wallace is already pre-engaging with post-YES negotiations, and wants Scotland NOT to sign the TPNW, which isn’t surprising

    3). Ben Wallace is sending a veiled message to other EU NATO members who might be considering signing the TPNW, like Spain where it has 89% support amongst the population and is causing some heated debate.

    Personally I welcome Ben Wallace’s pre-negotiation tactics, it makes it all clearer for Indy Ref 2.

  15. yesindyref2 says:

    Nicola Sturgeon to publish paper on independent Scotland TOMORROW – as details revealed

    Clearly in the pay of Westminster, what a Unionista!

    Vote Elbow!
    Adopt the Manic Manifesto!
    Sturgeon must go!
    The SNP have sold out to BoJo!

    any more for any more …

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Herald reverts to type:

      SNP and Greens accused of ‘reckless obsession’ as Indy prospectus launches tomorrow

      Who was that author again? Ah, yes, what a surprise.

      Tom, that is not journalism, it’s churnalism, and gutter at that.

  16. Alex Clark says:

    It was not until the EU referendum result in June 2016 meant that Scotland was to be taken out of the EU despite over 62% voting to remain that there was a “material change in circumstances” that justified a 2nd referendum.

    Nine months later on 13th March 2017, Nicola Sturgeon in a speech given in Bute House which was the Scottish government’s response to the announcement of the UK government’s decision to trigger Article 50 in the coming days, said this:

    These considerations lead me to the conclusion that if Scotland is to have a real choice – when the terms of Brexit are known, but before it is too late to choose our own course – then that choice should be offered between the autumn of next year, 2018, and the spring of 2019.

    Three days later, in an interview in Downing Street, Theresa May made her well known “now is not the time” statement, this was her one and only official response to Nicola Sturgeon’s speech.

    A couple of weeks after that, on the 29th of March the UK government invoked Article 50 and began the formal process of leaving the EU. The very next day, Nicola Sturgeon sent a letter to Theresa May seeking to “begin early discussions between our governments to agree an Order under section 30 of the Scotland Act 1998…” This letter, contrary to popular belief, did not request that a Section 30 order be granted but instead sought to open discussions over a Section 30 order between the two governments. The letter also re-iterated a proposed timetable for a referendum which was based entirely on when the outcome of the negotiations on Brexit was expected to be concluded and the deal known. It continued:

    You confirmed to me on Monday, and repeated in your letter invoking Article 50, that you intend the terms of both the UK’s exit from the EU and of a future trade deal to be agreed before March 2019 and in time for ratification by other member states – in other words, between the autumn of next year and the spring of 2019. As you are aware, this is the timescale endorsed by the Scottish Parliament for a referendum.

    No formal response to this letter was ever sent to the Scottish government and instead, less than 3 weeks later, the UK parliament basically scrapped the Fixed Term Parliament Act and voted for a General Election to be held on 8th June 2017.

    This General Election announcement scuppered the possibility of any discussions between Westminster and the Scottish Government even starting since until after the general election result was known it was not possible to know which party would be in power and in charge of the government at Westminster. Any decisions made by one government would not be binding on an incoming successor government.

    The SNP went into this election hopeful that the EU referendum vote to leave would bring an increase in support, both for the SNP and as a consequence, an increase in support for Independence since Scotland had voted to remain. Their hope turned to horror when the election results turned out to be disasterous for the SNP. They lost 21 of their 54 seats, including the seats of Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson.

    Possibly worse was their overall share of the vote in Scotland which fell from 50% at the 2015 election to 36.9%, just 8.3% ahead of the Tory party who had won 12 additional seats fighting on a “No to another referendum” banner, Labour too won SNP seats taking their number of MP’s from 1 to 7, the Liberals took a further 3 SNP seats.

    I believe that it was because of the scale of this disastrous result, that the appetite for a referendum waned among the SNP leadership, the thought being that the risk of losing a 2nd referendum was all too real.

    From that point on, it was all about Brexit and the eventual deal that would be agreed with the EU, no one knew then that it would be Boris Johnson signing his “oven ready deal” with the EU when he became leader of the Tory party after May resigned, he then went on to win another General Election in 2019 for the Tories saying he would “get Brexit done”.

    The withdrawal agreement was finally signed on 24th Jan 2020, then just 2 months later the UK went into lockdown due to Covid, since then the referendum bill has been passed into law by Holyrood, and next week the first of a number of papers setting out the case for Independence will be published by the Scottish Government.

    It looks like things are just starting to get real, with plenty more to come yet I suspect.

    • Golfnut says:

      Thanks Alex.

    • Alex Clark says:

      It is clear that a referendum on Independence would not have taken place before Jan 24th 2020 as it was only then that the terms of Brexit were known. Some might argue they could have had a referendum without knowing the Brexit deal as why did that matter?

      Nicola Sturgeon believed that the voters should know what the choice was between, either an Independent Scotland making its own decisions or sticking with a UK out of the EU that may have chosen to leave, not with the pathetic deal it finally did leave with, but maybe even no deal at all.

      I also think that’s something voters in a future referendum were entitled to know before casting their votes. So too did the UK media who tried to use it as a stick to beat Nicola sturgeon with after her speech on 13th March 2017. The tweets below being just two examples of their willingness to twist her words.

  17. Alex Clark says:

    Right on cue, Nicola Sturgeon on STV News tonight questioned on Independence, complete with snidey question as to what would come first, a ferry or a referendum.

  18. Dr Jim says:

    When are Britains Unionists going to stop being such cowards and stand on their own two feet

    No *British* political party can win an election in Scotland probably ever again yet the *British* claim to represent the interests of the people of Scotland

    No *English*political parties can win an election in Northern Ireland because none stand for office there, yet the *British* claim to represent those folks, but as we’ve clearly seen today Sinn Fein and other Northern Irish political parties won the elections there meaning the democratic majority of Northern Ireland rejected the DUP which is a branch of the *British* Tory party again pointing to a rejection of the politics of *Britishness*

    In Wales the Labour party consistently win elections there yet the *British* Tory party claims to represent those folk

    The only folk who vote on a consistent basis for the *British* English Nationalism of Tories are the voters of England

    So three parts of the *United Kingdom* are in fact not united at all, indeed they are completely disunited and the only thing that could be considered to be any unity at all is that the voters of these three parts all agree they want nothing whatsoever to do with the politics as selected by the voters of England, yet the Tories, a *British English Nationalist* political party solely voted into office by the voters in England still claim to represent what they call the *British* people when it seems perfectly clear that support for being that thing at its very best could only be described as extremely tenuous

    It still puzzles me after all these years that unionists in Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland are so dependent on English voters making all their decisions for them when clearly the majority of people in our three countries don’t agree with them

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