Scotland: stuck on the UK’s neglected branch line

While the media’s focus was on the twin circuses of what in Scotland proved to be the platinum jubilee meh yawnfest and the Conservative attempt to unseat the Prime Law Breaker, and despite the constant British nationalist cant about how Scotland is a vital and integral part of this so called Precious Union ( © Theresa May), the British Government was quietly getting on with trashing anything to improve Scotland’s links to the rest of the UK that a) cost it money, and b) don’t actually directly undermine the devolution settlement and the powers of the Scottish Parliament. If it costs money and doesn’t bring Scotland more directly under the control of the Conservatives at Westminster the British Government isn’t really interested, which ought to tell you all you need to know about the true attitude of the British Government towards Scotland.

As Conservative MPs prepared to vote on whether they have confidence in Johnson’s leadership the news was quietly slipped out that a vital part of the new High Speed Rail (HS2) was to be axed. The £3 billion 13 mile long Golborne Link in Greater Manchester will be removed from the HS2 Phase 2b Bill despite being included in the Integrated Rail Plan which was announced to great fanfare in march this year. The link would have left the high-speed line between Crewe and Manchester, and then cut through Trafford before joining the West Coast Main Line to the south of Wigan. The new Golborne line would have been a vital link, one needed to join the existing West Coast Main line, one of the two key rail arteries connecting Scotland with England with the new HS2 line to the English Midlands and on to London. It was touted as the initial stage in the extension of dedicated high speed rail lines into Scotland. The Eastern spur of HS2 which would have run to Leeds was axed last November in the government’s integrated rail plan.

However the Golborne Link would have cut through the Altrincham and Sale West constituency of 1922 Committee chairman Sir Graham Brady, who was overseeing the no-confidence ballot as the announcement was made on Monday. Brady and other Conservative MPs in the region have long campaigned for the plans to be scrapped and for the Government to consider alternative routes. It came out earlier this year that the Conservative transport secretary, Grant Shapps, had given Brady “verbal assurances” that the Government would axe the plans for the link would be scrapped. The link would have allowed high-speed trains on the London-Manchester HS2 line to connect to the west coast mainline just south of Wigan, which would have created more capacity and cut journey times to Glasgow. It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that Johnson has prioritised the need to pander to Conservative back bench MPs over improving transport links between Scotland and England.

A spokesperson for the Railway Industry Association, the Rail Freight Group and the High Speed Rail Group told the Guardian newspaper that the decision was hugely disappointing and that without the connection between the West Coast Main Line and HS2, “a bottleneck will be created north of Crewe on the west coast mainline, which in turn will negatively impact outcomes for passengers, decarbonisation and levelling up.”

In the UK the construction of new railway infrastructure remains the responsibility of Network Rail, which is an “arm’s length” public body of the UK Department for Transport. The UK has a woeful record when it comes to railway investment and development. The UK languishes near the bottom of the European league table when it comes to high speed rail. Spain has 4,327 km, (2,689 miles) of dedicated high speed lines in operation with another 1378 km (836 miles) planned or under construction, the UK has a mere 113 km (70 miles) of dedicated high speed lines with just the 220 km (237 miles) HS2 planned or under construction, all of which are in the South or Midlands of England. The UK has an additional 1874 Km (1165 miles) of upgraded lines which permit trains to run at maximum speeds of 120 mph. Dedicated high speed rail lines allow trains to run at much higher maximum speeds.

What Scotland does get from successive British governments are a lot of grandiose promises which never come to fruition. Johnson’s fantasy plans for a fixed link between Scotland and Ireland spring to mind. When the Channel Tunnel was being built in the 1980s we were assured that this massive investment in transport infrastructure in the South East of England would benefit Scotland too as within a few years of it opening we would see direct train services linking Glasgow and Edinburgh with Paris, Brussels, and other European cities. We were promised sleeper services that would whisk Scottish travellers straight to Paris. The original proposals included direct services to Paris and Brussels not just from London, but also from Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, York, Newcastle, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. seven trains were even obtained for these routes but never entered service.

28 years on from the opening of the tunnel, rail travellers from Scotland wishing to reach European destinations still have to travel to Euston or Kings Cross and then transfer to the London terminal of the cross channel railway service in order to continue their journey. There are still no plans for direct rail services from Scotland to Europe even though it is technically possible for trains to get to the channel tunnel line from Scotland without a stop in London. This is because of the explosive growth in budget airlines since the opening of the tunnel but also allegedly because of Home Office objections to the proposed passport checking facilities in existing mainline train stations and the difficulties in ensuring that international trains from these stations have dedicated platforms which are inaccessible to domestic passengers. In London, before the opening of the Eurostar terminus at St Pancras, international trains departed and arrived at a newly built section of London Waterloo which was isolated from the existing platforms.

HS2 minister Andrew Stephenson, who announced the news 30 minutes before the outcome of the confidence vote in Boris Johnson,promised that the British Government will explore alternatives for how high speed trains can reach Scotland. We can put that promise on the shelf along with the direct international services from Scotland to Europe and the Scottish-Irish fixed link.

Thanks to the cancellation of the Golborne link, trains from Scotland will be stuck on the slow track. It’s a fitting metaphor for Scotland’s place within the UK – at the end of a neglected branch line, underfunded, ignored, and deprioritised in order to pander to Conservative MPs.

I will be taking a couple of days off from the blog as I need to concentrate on sorting out the paperwork needed to renew my husband’s visa so that he can remain in Scotland. It’s an expensive and time consuming business. Although we have been legally married for almost four years, we have to prove that we have been cohabiting since he arrived in the UK to live.  It is vital that we get this sorted out and that it goes smoothly as I now depend on him for help with many daily living tasks and mobility and cannot manage without him.  However he cannot apply for Carer’s Allowance as his visa prohibits recourse to public funds. 

We also have to pay a £1560 NHS supplement to the Home Office on top of the already expensive visa fees despite the fact that for the past two years he has been employed by a UK subsidiary of his American employer and has been paying UK tax and National Insurance. I hope that one of the first acts of an independent Scotland will be to change the cruel and unjust immigration policies which make it so difficult and expensive for those of us with foreign spouses to have a home life in Scotland with our loved ones.

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133 comments on “Scotland: stuck on the UK’s neglected branch line

  1. gavinochiltree says:

    Missed this on the BBC news.
    Because the BBC “manage” bad news and don’t report it.

  2. Pat Harvey says:

    Great summary of Westminster’s penny pinching attitude to Scotland & where their priorities lie – in England
    It’s indeed ridiculous that a Scot’s national’s married partner – who is working & paying tax & NI,in Scotland- requires a visa & must pay an NHS expensive supplement
    A free Scotland will do things so much better! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  3. Norman Cunningham says:

    I too am embroiled in the farcical spouse visa process to bring my wife of 22 years to Scotland. The expense and bureaucracy involved make it almost prohibitive but we are persisting. I wish you the strength to push on with this very stressful and inhuman process.

  4. bringiton says:

    If we want anything done in Scotland,we have to do it ourselves.
    Depending on England’s government to do things for us has a woeful record of false promises soon broken.
    Not sure spending Scottish tax payers’ money on a high speed rail link to an isolated third world country would be the best use of our resources in any case.

  5. Hamish100 says:

    So no High speed train for Scotland. There was never the intention to be.

    Maybe the monies should be returned to Scotland so we can decide for ourselves what infrastructure we need. Are you listening Tory MSP’s.

    No monies but somehow the rrrangers football club are to be honoured by some wee doo in Whitehall courtesy of the governor generals scotch office according to the National.

    Have they done this for any other team? Favouritism? Partiality?

    Now we know why Jack visited Ibrox recently.

    It is sinister.

    The tories and britnat unionists it appears intend to divide and rule by the use of sectarianism to a section of the support. Many Ulster unionists supporters know the signals.

    Are the SFA, Scottish league complicit? Maybe it’s to divert us away from the investigation into sportswear costs. Surely not? Any comment from Fraser or is he still in Seville?

  6. Dr Jim says:

    Change the Prime Minister and it’ll all get better, Oops Scotland can do nothing about that because our votes don’t count in a first past the post vote against Englands voters, change the political party then and it’ll all get better, Ooops Scotland can’t do that either because our votes in that regard haven’t counted for 60 years because of the previous answer first past the post voting which England outnumbers Scotland ten to one so England decides who the government will be and whom they elect, change the voting system then, Oops Scotland can’t do that because of guess why? first past the post voting system and England would never in a thousand years relinquish their power over its British colonies Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland by doing that now would they

    If the people of Scotland don’t wise up to the absolute fact that no matter how they vote on anything England outvotes us every single damn time, and nothing, absolutely nothing will ever change
    then the people of Scotland just don’t deserve Independence and deserve to be left to wallow in their ridiculously stupid and futile miserable moaning state, and you know what? they’ll still blame Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP for no daein sumthin aboot it, they’ll still listen to unionists promise change, they’ll still listen to the troublemaking 2% eejits with their stupid revenge agenda, they’ll still listen to the lying media pretending to have conversations about the changes that can never happen because they’re not and never were designed to happen, so Scotland will still be a moany faced wee colony for the next 300 years and still looking for somebody else to blame except themselves for not growing a backbone and doing something about it themselves

    Devolution doesn’t work, it was never designed to work, wake up Scotland and get a grip or shut yer moaning up and take yer union medicine as dispensed by England

    I rest my damn angry case

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Yep Dr.JIm. Angry is good we need to be angry so do the SNP and the Scottish Greens very time they speak at Holyrood and WM. Ian Blackford SNP MP is ridiculed at WM every time he stands up to speak, and it does now seem he and the rest of the Scottish MP’s are wasting their time at WM.

      As for Scotland waking up, they did back in 2014. The referendum result was secured by Brit/EngGovs’ breaking of election rules and of course outright lies. They sampled postal votes before they should have ever paid their dirty underhand pwas on them, taking the voting boxes out of Scotland to count, if I remember rightly. There were no exit polls, no real regulators on sight when votes were counted etc, and the EngGov will use the same underhand tactics again, with bells on.

      Also, there are many English well off moving into Scotland, and why not. Scottish water is generally clean, services are good and the air is cleaner and well, who doesn’t want to live surrounded by spectacular countryside. However, unfortunately most will vote against Scotland regaining independence, it’s a huge hindrance to Scottish democracy. Should people have to be residing fully in Scotlanbd for say three years before being given the right to vote in an indy ref? No second homers either. Last time, in 2014, it was said that the day after the referendum, the A1 was very busy with cars heading south to England, no idea if that was true but put nothing past the BritNat English nationalists in London to use extremely dodgy tactics to deny Scotland a democratic process to decide on their own government in their own country, via independence.

      As you say devolution was never designed to work for Scotland. We can though share and support blogs like this one, sites and channels like Broadcasting Scotland and independence live and many others. The EngGov/cabal are scared of losing Scotland, that’s a good sign because they know they are losing the argument, ie their lies and propaganda no longer works as planned.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      I think 2 years was needed for the first Indy Ref campaign, as it took time for people to take the idea seriously, and for the grassroots to get going. But IR2 should be short and sweet – more like 6 months which I think is the recommended minimum though it could be as short as 3 months. Having said that it has of course already started and has been going on for some time. “Kate Forbes defends cuts in heated finance debate“. No, she doesn’t defend anything, she attacks the limited powers: “one hand tied behind our back“.

      Not a lot of people seem to know that!

      • My own opinion is that no campaign should technically be needed as it should be the settled will of the people, ergo Yes a formality. I think we are pretty much there now based on the last decade of detailed polling.

        You are correct in 2014 the idea of independence needed to me made real. That did require a campaign. However, Yes was never going to win in retrospect as it wasn’t the settled will. All that actually happened was the 30% that were solidly set on the idea (us) and the 15% that were very open to it voted yes; the latter backing off at first in panic, before coming back round progressively. It didn’t really convince any new people, but those already in principle for it. Polls in 2011 were already in the low 40’s, before dropping back with cold feet effects into 2012. And so our baseline yes just increased from that 2011-14 to become 45%. It wasn’t actually like the campaign swung 15% of nos to Yes. More it swung 15% of ‘Aye, well, wait, haud on, ok so this is actually real now? Jeez, this is big. Well, hmm, let me think… ok Yes’ to yes. It’s now about 50% from the passage of time.

        Support for indy is controlled by events pretty much entirely outwith the control of the Scottish government and political parties. It is a product of decline of empire, dying support for the monarchy, the end of the post-war consensus, Thatcherism, blairism covid, the finacial crisis, austerity, the rise of European unionism, the democratic deficit, economic crisis vs prosperity… all of which are subtly influencing national identity and people’s attachment / belief in the union. Scotland isn’t becoming much more Scottish, but progressively less British. It is not the SNP / Greens which have convinced people of Scottishness – the electorate have always been that – but more unionists have turned them off Britishness. In 2014, the unionists lost the campaign very badly, but won the vote. They’ve continued to lose since then.

        The only thing that the Yes side can ultimately sell is that with independence, we will not be completely at the mercy of outside events, but our hand will be on the tiller, helping us steer our own path. Right now, we are at the mercy of idiots who hate us for being Scottish and wanting more control over our own wee bit hill and glen. That when we say ‘Well, sorry, but I don’t really feel British honestly’ they are like ‘You are full of anti-English hatred!’ etc.

        The focus of iref2 should be not about selling sunlit uplands, but about decisions on Scotland’s governance being made by Scots. That, after all, was by a country mile the most popular reason given for people voting Yes in 2014. Scotland’s future in Scotland’s hands.

  7. Mr Anon. says:

    The arbitrary minimum income requirement and ridiculously expensive visa fees are cruel and heartbreaking. I don’t agree with everything you write, but no government should rip families apart.

    I’ll be travelling to Asia to meet my daughter for the first time. She was born at the start of the pandemic, so border closures and lockdowns robbed me of the first two years of her life.

    I hope you get everything sorted.

  8. yesindyref2 says:

    Mmm, not often you get the chance to do this AND be on topic:

  9. fergusgreen says:

    This appeared briefly in the Yahoo news feed this morning.

    Then it disappeared:

    Anyone spot a parallel with Michael Gove’s secret Indy poll?

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Timed @ 4.16 pm yesterday. (Still there, now, fergus …)

      And yes, these ahem coincedences aren’t coincedences …

    • Alex Clark says:

      Very interesting, the article is based on a twitter thread from this former Yougove pollster.

      Who would have thought that a Tory Minister would threaten to sack the CEO of a polling company because he didn’t like the results of one of their polls?

      A Minister who was also a co-founder of said polling company.

    • Capella says:

      Brilliant find. Confirmation that polling is manipulated to suit Westminster.

  10. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Excellent piece Paul and spot on as usual.

    Shame about all the hassle and expense you must be having with renewing visa for your hubby…bureaucracy never seems to extend to want to recognise or empathise with those who are compelled to complete their paperwork and also have to pay (excessively) for it too… what should be a hassle free formality given the circumstances……

    Take care

  11. One need merely scan BBC Morning news and the Dead Tree Scrolls on Thursday to predict the ‘questions’ which the three sooges will hurl at our FM today.
    Dross is holed below the water line and is burnt toast.
    So it will be Nicola Sturgeon causing the shortage of radiologists, or the Ofgen report on Nicola Sturgeon’s failure to prevent private energy companies from making a coo’s ar$e out of reconnecting homes last November following the Big Storm.
    Now That the Fred Kite shop stewards of ASLEF have dragged out the rail work to rule needlessly for another week, they have given Millionaire Cash And Carry King Painless Sarwar an ‘in’ for his pointless little rant today.
    He will have an e mail from a ‘constituent’ who was forced to walk home to Kilwinning from Hampden last night after the game because Nicola Sturgeon’s Rail company had shut down services early.
    The Tailor’s Dummy? Well he only has 4 wee seats at the Big Table. So only get to ‘whinge from the sidelines’ (Attr. Kezia Dugdale) every now and again. ‘Roadworks of the Queensferry White elephant? Mental Health? A&E waiting times? He’s got a million of ’em.
    The Three Amigos will continue to prove to the viewers what third rate plonkers they are, and indeed were chosen by their English Masters for their ‘lightweightedness’, and pointlessness.
    In a matter of months they shall be heaped on the scrap heap.

    Time for another ferry fiasco piece from Glenn surely?
    Maybe the ‘black hole’, not in the Scottish budget, but in Liz Smith’s brain, might get an airing.

    HS2 will of course be a no go area.
    Brexit and the protocol likewise.

    • Wee Andra Kerr anchored, and Dross who must be the most feckless MSP/MP/ Tory Leader/SFA Linesman in history raged about one of his constituents having to wait four and a half years for an op.
      So much for his influence and power as a politician that he comes to the floor of the Chamber, apparently clueless as to the quite obvious unacceptable, and surely singular, long wait for treatment.
      What has he as her MP actually done to intervene with the Health Board on this woman’s behalf? Nothing apparently. He’s been too busy counting his money.
      He quoted another patient in Kelso who had a knee op in England privately but funded by NHS Scotland, ‘outsourcing ‘ in the Borders to eat in to the Waiting list. Then Dross was off on the shortage of radiologists…
      Then Sarwar had the story of an 8 year old autistic child’s 8 month’s wait for treatment. When was Nicol;a Sturgeon going to get him treatment?
      Of course, like Drosss, Sarwar doesn’t see it as his job to serve his constituent. They are just cannon fodder, SNP Bad stories with which to beat up the FM, live on the telly.
      Then, the Millionaire Dentist segued in to mental health waiting lists for kids.
      My bingo card was filling up nicely.
      Wee Willie backed up the Blue Tory Wummin (I’ve never heard of or seen this lady until today) on closing the Attainment Gap.
      Fiasco, I say.
      The Blue Red and Yellow Yoons working in three part Bitter Together Harmony; they clearly meeet and coordinate this crapola beforehand.
      Tired predictable dirge as usual.
      Kerr summed up, well actually provided his owned warped Yoon version of the event in conversation, with his Hack Chums..
      No sign of the Tailor’s Dummy.
      Fade to grey.
      In New Scotland we must do away with this weekly nonsense.
      Full house on my FMQ bingo card.

      • Legerwood says:

        Anyone who has read Prof Robertson’s blog, Talking up Scotland, over the last 2 weeks would have all the information/facts & figures to hand to comprehensively rebut each and every one of the issues raised by Dross, Sarwar and their fellow travellers

  12. Dr Jim says:

    Every single G7 state is better off than the UK except Russia, Russia is a state that every country in the G7 has sanctions against to deliberately make them poorer because of their illegal war actions, so just to reiterate, the UK state is just slightly better than Russia financially

    What does this make the people in Scotland who stand by this union with England?

    • Dr Jim says:

      If Nicola Sturgeon can’t make Scotland perfect right now how can she do it with Independence?
      Unionist seriously keep saying this as though it ever remotely could be a possibility, and even if it ever could be they’d then say well what’s the point of Independence then

      With the power of Independence it’s not only about doing things we didn’t or couldn’t do before, it’s about not doing things we’re at the moment forced to do by being in this union with our dictator neighbours England

      For example do folk really think an Independent Scotland would be interested in building a war machine military capable of invading other countries at a cost of £billions? of course we wouldn’t
      Do folk imagine an Independent Scotland would even consider building nuclear energy plants at a cost of £billions? of course we wouldn’t

      So in those two examples alone in a sentence how much did I just save Scotlands tax payers to be spent on what really matters? and that answer is +++++++ £billions

      There are many other silly examples of what an Independent Scotland wouldn’t have to spend silly amounts of money on

  13. romiveda says:

    Yes, we are ripped off tae high doh with HS1 & 2 BUT sorry WGD, there are too many ‘neglected branch lines’ start north of the Scottish Central Belt and its electrified express lines to Edinburgh and Glasgow.

    • UncleBob says:

      But you need to ask yourself “romiveda” why are there so many “neglected branch lines” starting north of the Scottish Central belt?

      All our Scottish money is sent south for HS1 and HS2 leaving us hee haw for our own needs.

      • romiveda says:

        Ok but MANY in Scotland look to significant modernisation of Scotland’s trains beyond the Central Belt. With upgrading of single road cartiageway now going out to a further delay and ‘set of public opinions’ this is just a damned delay. What will ScotGov have in mind (for roads & rail) once free of WM?

  14. Capella says:

    Good luck with the paperwork Paul. At least you don’t have to do this on the phone when pressing options and sitting on hold listening to muzak for hours is the norm, interspersed with “Your call may be recorded for training purposes” and “all our advisers are busy at the moment” and “your call is important to us” and “thank you for holding”.

    Britain isn’t working and nobody can fix it.

  15. Hamish100 says:

    Re dross constituent waiting to be seen by a consultant.

    Seems to me the individual has been triaged and has been clinically assessed as not urgent.

    Is dross wishing his constituent to queue jump someone in more need. Surely not? This would be unethical.

    • Or maybe the whole episode is yet another Big Fat Lie, Hamish.

      Johnson’s up in Blackpool, in a wee room with a handful of the Inner Circle, speaking live to the nation.All major TV outlets present by Royal Command.
      He has obviously locked himself away in a room with his advisers following Monday night’s Senate strength knifing by his backstabbers..sorry benchers. How to become the Big Affable Dog again overnight?
      Perhaps they held a seance and conjured up the spirit of Thacher The AntiChrist from her brimstone and sulphur pit?
      The Right To Buy is to be dusted down . Sub prime mortgages are to be offered to hapless souls, up to nine or ten times their income.
      Even UCS claimants can use their Housing benefit to pay a mortgage.
      England is to build millions of houses, and motorways and rail track; London is to become Singapore on the Thames.
      Brexit has freed England up to make its own laws on everything from food standards to health and safety.
      He’s going to sto the Freehold racket in England…you’ll be able to buy back the freehold…has he consulted the Duke of Westminster.
      Inward investment will be encouraged with 130% tax breaks and so on, and on , and on.
      The man is clearly mad, or more charitably, really is a man/child buffoon.

      Which Scottish bank will lend ten times your salary to but a hoose?

  16. Oh,yes, and he’s sacking 91,000 civil servants, who presumably don’t have mortgages or rent to pay. He actually said that they can be sacked by ‘efficiencies’; slimmin’ down the state ,doncha know.
    Oh yes, and despite everyone else forecasting 10% inflation, and zero growth this year into next, Johnson will pay for this by taxes from high wage high skilled workforce..
    The man has completely lost it.
    If he appears in a blue dress, holding a handbag, his flaxen locks coiffed into Maggie waves, then send for the men in white coats.

    • deelsdugs says:

      Bumbling on about the garages dropping their fuel prices to help people out…ehm, what about the vast fuel tax going straight into his obese wallet too…

      • Fuel tax and VAT are 55% of the cost of petrol.
        But as usual Johnson opens his mouth and crapola pours forth.

        He also took credit for 375,000 being placed in work because of Coffey’s farcical Way to work scheme; four weeks signing on then forced into shelf filling low paid hell.

        Of course 100,000’s of folk change jobs every week as a matter of course, and choice….which explains the mythical 375,000 moving within the work population, not this Fat Fool’s efforts, or the Job Centre’s hostile environment on vacancy filling.
        Johnson could halve the price of fuel at a stroke.
        Instead Sunak is hoovering up tens of millions every day from increased tax returns of fuel.

        I take it Dross has gone into hiding again.

  17. davetewart says:

    My brother is waiting for a wee help with joint pain, not an urgent problem just inconvenient.
    Sister was seen by GP, referred to the Beatson, has had treatment and reports back for another scan, all in 5 weeks, our SNHS has its problems but pulls out the stops when it’s urgent.
    Both are delighted with the staff’s performance and see the need to deal with the urgent..
    These msps are the Dross of politics, when are we back to the pigeon care home stuff, can’t be trains as their colonial masters are have some problems with that.

  18. yesindyref2 says:

    From the Herlad: “The spokesman [for the FM] did however say that the first in a series of papers setting out a prospectus for independence would be published online before the recess.

    He said the initial paper would be a “scene setter” and that more would follow, building into a collective case for leaving the Union.

    It seems the constant pressure from SGP has paid off, with sich articles as

    ” #Referendum2023 : It’s ON! Preparations for our guaranteed referendum next year move into frenzied new gear as it emerges more details will be set out SHORTLY”

    and made it impossible for Sturgeon to back down, so when the Bill is presented to Holyrood before or after the July recess, we have James Kelly of SGP to thank.

    Well, you never know, and frankly who cares when it comes off OK? Anyway, this will confuse the Living Daylights out of Grima and its multiple personalities.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Noddy and Bigears were out playing in SGP land one day when they spied Mr Bloggy scribbling about Nicola the minister lady, “Ooh!” they gasped as they hid behind the bramble bushes “I wonder if he’s putting pressure on the minister lady” said Bigears, “don’t be daft” said Noddy “this is SGP land not reality” Oh how they laughed when they realised it was all made up

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Ironically I was being serious, at least about keeping some pressure on, but shhh, don’t tell everyone that.

  19. Hamish100 says:

    I see the 2%’s are getting all worked up over SGP independence clock (guffaw)

    The brit agent provocateurs are out-
    LuigiJune 9, 2022 at 7:01 AM
    The FM may have boxed herself into a corner this time and if she doesn’t deliver she will be vulnerable. ALBA have been very nice up to now but soon they will have to up their game and go for it. Choose the moment to strike by all means, but take the fight to the people that are really letting us down. No holds barred. This is going to get dirty but there’s just too much at stake to stay nice and fail this time.

    Obviously Luigi!!! believes his own hype. Saddo.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    • Dr Jim says:

      I’m fighting Anthony Joshua for the championship of the playground at my local primary school next week and he’s terrified of my dynamic running away speed

  20. Alex Clark says:

    I’m not surprised that others are surprised that the indyref2 timetable is running to schedule.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      I’d be very surprised if you were surprised that others are surprised that the indyref2 timetable is running to schedule.

      • Tam the Bam says:

        You’d be very surprised if he was surprised that others are surprised that the Indyref2 timetable is running to schedule?
        Quelle Surprise!

  21. Alex Clark says:

    I wonder what BBC Scorchedland are going to be left with to undermine the Scottish government after this headline.

    Boris vows to not ‘surrender’ to rail unions as even more workers join strikes

    Especially since the rail workers dispute in Scotland may be coming to a close as the article says:

    Kevin Lindsay, Aslef’s Scottish organiser, said: ‘We are pleased that today significant progress has been made in our latest round of talks with ScotRail.

    ‘All these proposals, we believe, represent a breakthrough and significant progress and is a recognition of the vital role our members play for society and the economy.
    ‘The full Aslef negotiating team is recommending acceptance of the offer to our members through a referendum subject to executive committee approval.’

    That’s not all they have to worry about as for some reason the press are sticking the boot in for a change.

    Sunak accused of squandering £11bn in debt interest payments

    Same day, same shit.

  22. Capella says:

    Richard Walker on the complete inability of the Tories to do the right thing – ever.

    It’s not Boris Johnson, it’s all the UK leaders Scotland never chose

    Look at the charge sheet so far. Everything he has touched has turned to excrement in his hands. Brexit? He got it done, and what an unmitigated disaster it has proved. Not only has leaving the EU seriously damaged our economy – dangerously undermining Scotland’s export industry in the process – he has put peace in Northern Ireland at risk and threatened to break international law.

    Standard of living? His mismanagement of the economy has helped push prices to stratospheric levels. No sooner had we recovered from rises of more than 200% in our fuel bills than we had to cope with continually rising food process at the shop tills. It is no longer a choice between heating and eating … it is becoming ever more difficult to do either.

  23. Capella says:

    Something to look forward to next week. Stand back – incoming gales of outrage imminent.

    Nicola Sturgeon to publish blueprint for independence, reports say

    A DOCUMENT outlining a vision for an independent Scotland will be published early next week, according to reports.

    The papers are expected to be the first in a series compiled by the team of civil servants working on a “detailed prospectus” for independence.

    Nicola Sturgeon’s spokesperson said a “scene setter” for an independent Scotland would be published, with at least one other publication expected, before the end of this parliamentary session on July 1.

    Reports say the first document is expected as soon as early next week.

    • Hereinafter referred to by the Red Blue and Yellow Tory Bitter Together Fifth Column as the ‘Yes But’ document.
      Expect a deluge of negative lies threats and bullying from BBC STV SKY and the Jock Dead Tree Scrolls.

      Yes But…fill in the blanks..(Currency, EU, oli running out, my cousins in England will be a foreigners) …fill your boots, Duggers.

      • grizebard says:

        Aye, all too predictable to come, Jack. It’ll be “the wind and tide running out” next, I suppose…

    • yesindyref2 says:

      A couple of posters there will still be complaining when we’re Independent: “It’s the wrong type of Independence“.

      Thanks God I can’t post there any more, my patience is getting almost as low as Jack’s, with those donkey’s ears who have hee-haw positive to offer!

      • Indeed, YIR2.

        The document will provide weeks of material for Tom Gordon, Paul Hutcheon, Kevin McKenna, Ian Macwhirter, et alia,so that they can at long last return to the ‘too wee too poor too stupid’ theme in their tawdry little columns, headed by snide headlines in parenthesis, garnered from lying threatening bullying Brit quotes from Murray, Sarwar, Coal-Scuttle, Dross, and Professor ‘It’s The Law !’ WATP Adam Tomkins, as well as think tank garbage from ‘the respected’ Allender Institute, the independent IFS, and the likes.
        Professor Sir John Curtice, his polling company significantly funded by Boris Johnson, will be on the telly every night explaining why support for independence has wavered since publication.

        Geissler will flood his wee Sunday Morning show with a long procession of Brits..from Tom Harris to Mags Curran.He’ll review the Scottish Papers; The Sun, the Telegraph, the Times, the Express, highlighting the Scotland the Sh1thole articles…
        I sense their panic now.

        It’s all about to get ratcheted up to Warp Factor Five, Duggers.

        • Capella says:

          Let’s not forget – “BLOW FOR STURGEON”. We’ll be seeing that headline a lot for the forseeable.

          • Sturgeon denies; Sturgeon accused of; Sturgeon attacked; Sturgeon defends; Sturgeon ‘flaunted rules’; Sturgeon defends ferry fiasco; Sturgeon is a wee nat…and so on.
            The Brits and the MSM have polarised on ‘Sturgeon’ for causing all this ‘division’ in Scotland.
            If she weren’t there, we’d all be happy little Brit bunnies, doffing our caps to the Lairds, tugging our collective forelock to Lizzie and her offspring, and thanking the Chief that England has looked after us these past 300 years.
            London is the capital of Scotland; The Union Flag is our national emblem; Englandrepresents us all at sport, Eurovision, and on the ‘world stage’.
            Sturgeon has mesmerised half the population; we are a cult, Kool Aid automatons, under the spell of the She Devil.
            We know that Anas Sarwar, Alistair Carmichael, Ian Murray, Douglas Ross, Alister Jack, and The Tailor’s Dummy will stop this wee terror from destroying our precious Union.
            Sorry, I must have nodded off.
            Can anyone seriously consider that the Brit Jocks could form and run the Scottish Government?

            What was I saying?

            • grizebard says:

              You were referring to the political construct which we should really call “Sturgin”. It’s a (Unionist media) invention, Jack, a bogeywoman, not a real flesh-and-blood person.

              As to Uncle Tom Cobleigh et al running Scotland, a horrific notion that scares the bejasus out of most people. Including a fair number of Unionists, the ones who vote SNP for that reason but don’t – as yet, anyway – vote for indy. Having their proverbial cake while eating it. They are the true enablers of Mitigation Hell. If we could only convince them that their default Union would install that sorry shower of Bitter Brithers in Bute House, we’d have 60% for indy right there and then.

            • Tam the Bam says:

              You missed one Jack.
              ” Why are there no sturgeon in Scottish lochs?…Sturgeon must answer!”

        • grizebard says:

          Actually, the more “Uncle” Tom Harris and Magrit “Sore Winner” Curran on the BBC the better, I reckon. Bitter Together personified.

  24. Capella says:

    From Richard Walker’s article linked to above:

    We want independence not just because of Boris Johnson, but because of the long list of other prime ministers for whom we did not vote; because of the long list of actions taken which were so obviously against our best interests; because of Trident; because of the poll tax; because the gift of our oil was squandered; because the benefits of renewables will be similarly wasted; because we generate almost all the energy we consume and yet we are still squeezed to pay more and more for it; because our land has been taken and used as a playground for the rich and indolent; because our culture has been trivialised and mocked; because refugees we welcome and accept as our own can be taken away and sent god knows where with no permission needed; because we should be filled with fury and shame and, yes, regret that Scotland did not take its chance when we had it in 2014 … but not, never, anger at those who voted No because they were hoodwinked by the false promises of Better Together.

    Scotland voted No in 2014 because we didn’t convince enough to vote Yes. As we set our sights on indyref2 before the end of next year, let’s work tirelessly to make sure that we don’t make the same mistake again.

  25. jfngw says:

    If you ever come across John Redwood’s tweets then you may come to the conclusion his rendition of the Welsh national anthem was in fact the peak of his career, it’s been all downhill since then.

    When you truly look at the abilities of Boorish Johnson, Rees-Mogg, Truss, Sunak and not forgetting Jack, there only attributes seem to be self-aggrandisement and greed. I’ve only listed a few of them but I suspect pretty much the majority of Tories are in it for these reasons. It is almost laughable now looking back at how MP’s used to claim Westminster was the least corrupt parliament in the world, was it ever true?

    When you analyse what they actually say it is mostly obfuscation, lies and quite often utter pish.

  26. Dr Jim says:

    Every day of the week the BBC agree with the union party that Scotlands budget has increased except today when the BBCs Andrew Kerr finally admitted the truth that the Scottish governments budget had in fact fallen in real terms when talking about the impending Labour party engineered strikes by all these poor impoverished hard working train drivers who put their lives on the line more than everybody else to *keep the country going* during the pandemic, “how can the Scottish government afford these increases when their budget is constrained by Westminster” he said “Kate Forbes does not have all the levers that Westminster has” he said

    The BBC lie even more than Boris Johnson, the public probably complain an awful lot more about the BBCs lies and yet nobody appears to be able to touch them even when it’s been proven they have lied, because their answer is always the same “While the BBC strives for blah blah blah we apologise for the Blah blah blah and sometimes errors occur in the blah blah blah even though every effort is made to blah blah blah

    The BBC even sounds like Boris Johnson, disingenuous and smirking but not a Sue Gray report in sight for them, although they do have Muriel Grey, so y’know, at least the chance of a fire

  27. Hamish100 says:

    Saw A face I recognised from labour who came to my door during the election campaign wanting my vote or my 2, 3rd vote on tele today.
    Wanting strike action against the Scottish government. Tory Labour GMB Lib Dem-all together

  28. Hamish100 says:

    I see Johnson claims that the death sentence against the 3 “soldiers” is against international law.

    Maybe he should learn that trying to break other international laws is not a good idea. Still I don’t think he the tories care.

  29. yesindyref2 says:

    I thought Cameron was a fairly decent man, perhaps with too much fondness for pigs. And when people wanted him to resign, I used to say “Careful what you wish for”, and along came Theresa May. Then in her turn people wanted her to go, and I said the same “Careful what you wish for”, and we got Boris Johnson.

    Well, now people want BoJo to go, and when I look at the soulless 211 who voted for him to stay, with the odds being one of them who’d take his place, I say yet again “Careful what you wish for”.

    There used to be decent Conservatives around, and there still are. It’s up to them to take back their party, and if that can’t be done for the UK party, it’s up to the Scottish Conservatives to distance themselves from the UK lot.

    I would say this as an Independence supporter of course, as one of my main reasons for wanting Independence is to have Scottish politics by Scottish politicians, in Scotland and for Scotland – my country. But even within the Union, Conservatives should think very carefully what they want for their country which might be the UK, or might even be Scotland.

    The question is – is it too late for Scottish Conservatives?

    • James says:

      There will certainly be a space for a center-right party in Scotland post indy. At the moment Scottish politics is dominated by nationalism and unionism. The moment that Scotland becomes independent that disappears. There will undoubtedly be voters who vote SNP now because they want independence and who will vote for a right-wing party because their politics are to the right of the SNP’s

      Most likely an Independent Scotland will be like most other western demoracies which switch between left of centre and right of centre Governments every decade or so. The only real exception I can think of this pattern is Ireland which has always elected right of center parties

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Way more than 50% of the people of Scotland are conservative with a small c, a huge electorate for a decent Conservative party with some socialist values like looking after the less well off and less lucky, to tap into. I haven’t the slightest intention of proving that assertion 🙂

      • That tradition in Ireland historically more comes from religious conservatism as opposed to right-wing capitalism.

        And, well, if polls are to be believed, Ireland is heading for a change on that front. The republic may soon have a left of centre Sinn Fein FM to match the north.

      • In fact the creep of FF and FG to the more economic right and authoritarian is what’s behind their falling support:



        • James says:

          yea combined with SF moving more to the right economically allowing it to pick up voters who would have considered it too far to the left economically previously

          • Yes, SF being less ‘socialist’ and more social democratic should be widening their appeal to those who used to be on the left side of FG and FF. If they move to far, they will in turn lose to the Socialists, Social democrats etc.

            It’s the beauty of PR systems; they tend to produce centrist balances because voters have a lot of choice and a spectrum of parties to chose from. That way if their current choice moves too much in a direction they don’t like, they have other options.

            In the UK, FPTP means people are often faced with a binary choice in practical terms, potentially between 2 parties they don’t support. If you were a labour voter, what the hell could you do in the face of blairism and the orange book liberals? So you end up voting for new labour while holding your nose simply to stop the even worse Tories.

      • The state of play in Eire.

        In terms of the last election, it was 72 RoC vs 67 LoC plus 21 independents, so actually quite balanced as it always has been. While RoC parties have tended to come first in terms of total vote shares, as the system is STV-PR, they don’t have massive domination. They are also much less right than the English Tories and, as noted, they are now losing support for moving somewhat in that direction.

    • Cameron was an unpleasant piece of work but what’s followed us much worse.

      I’d say Cameron was the last British pm of the UK. May was more English and johnson is pure English nationalist.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        I disagree over Cameron being the last “British” PM, that would IMHO be Jim Callaghan.
        It was after him that the shift toward what benefited England became more obvious, although none were quite so blatant as Johnson.

  30. Capella says:

    This is a fact check article from The National. I’m sure Andy Wightman has plenty to say about the Crown Estate and, indeed land ownership in general.

    The mess of Scottish independence and whether the Queen owns the Crown Estate

    THE hereditary land revenues of the monarchy in Scotland were transferred to the UK Government in the 1830s, and thence eventually to the Crown Estate. But the Scotland Act 2016 devolved the management and revenues of the Crown Estate in Scotland to the Scottish Parliament.

    The board of Crown Estate Scotland is appointed by Scottish ministers, not the Queen. However, only some 40% by value of Crown Estate assets in Scotland were in fact transferred to Holyrood control. The Fort Kinnaird retail park in Edinburgh was kept by the UK arm of the Crown Estate, then sold off and the proceeds used to purchase another retail park in England. This effectively transferred a significant revenue stream from Holyrood to the UK Treasury.

    Andy’s collection of resources for anyone who wants to research this issue.

  31. Capella says:

    Keith Brown talks about his time in the Marines and about justification for war. There are some interesting comments which you won’t see from the archive version unless you can access the original.

    Keith Brown: Falklands War ‘was justified in face of fascism’

    When asked, some 40 years on from the war, if he felt the war was justified, Brown was unequivocal – describing the regime of Argentine president Leopoldo Galtieri as a “fascist dictatorship”.

    “The bottom line really comes down to how the people who live there want to live their lives,” he said. “I think self-determination is quite an important principle.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Keith Brown: Falklands War ‘was justified in face of fascism’

      From the article seems to me fascism was secondary and self-determination was the most important justification according to Brown – the right of the Falkland Islanders to choose the form of government they wanted. So the headline should have been more like:

      Keith Brown: Falklands War ‘was justified in face of fascist invasion’

      Anyways, I think in England the retaking of the Falklands was popular whereas in Scotland it was very unpopular. I was one of the very few in my local pub who supported the task force, and you can see the unpopularity of that by the comment about the loss of the Belgrano and the lives, without mention of the Sheffield, Coventry, Antelope, and the Arctic Conveyor as well as others.

      But yes, it was a very fine margin to being a loss, and there could have been thousands of lives lost rather than the total of less than 1,000 including Argentinians, British and Falkand Islanders. Again, really, like Ukraine, it comes down to Argentina’s failure to get air superiority from the vastly nearer air bases – and the failure to explode of bombs previously supplied by Britain, dropped from too low a height.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        “dropped from too low a height”

        because of fear of being shot down by defensive aircraft, that should have been eliminated by the Argentinians.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Interestingly, a strategic significance of the Falklands was supposedly the need for them to aid resupply of South Georgia, and the need for South Georgia was to keep a toehold on the Antarctic.

      Bearing in mind that UK interests in the Antarctic were accidentally devolved to Scotland, and that was only “corrected” in the Scotland 2012 Act which the ScotGov were for other reasons (Power grabs, same old story) going to refuse legislative consent for (possibly traded a bit for the S30 and Edinburgh Agreement but I’m guessing), you have to wonder if retrosepctive support for the Falklands War in Scotland might have been higher if Devolution had ocrurred a couple of years after the hijacked 1979 Devo Ref.

      Bearing in mind also that Scotland does have our own claim to a base on the Antarctic through the Scotia, strangely with the financial help of Argentina when of course the UK did a Darien on it and refused any support at all, perhaps even obstructing the voyage of the Scotia as they did to trade to Darien. It’s a small world, and I suspect if more Scots knew our history, which continues to this day and into the future, support for YES would be more like 75%.

  32. Lol. Come on Dougie, show some spine and do the same.

    I’ve said this a few times. In Scotland, the Tories are British. In England, they are now fully English. The British Tories in England opposed brexit, while the English Tories supported it.

    The British Tories in England are unionists, but they have lost control of the party. Cameron / May was their last stand. The English Tories are English nationalists who are a wrecking ball for the union as they neither understand it nor care about it really.

    Fresh leadership crisis for Boris Johnson as Welsh Tories look to split off

    BORIS Johnson faces a fresh leadership crisis as a group of Welsh Tories consider splitting from the English party, according to reports.

    The Telegraph has reported that senior members of the Welsh party had a meeting this week where they decided to take steps to separate from the English Tories, with a source citing partygate as the “last straw”.

  33. We hear this morning that 1 in 6 people in England Wales and NornIrn have resorted to using food banks now.
    We also read, with not a little scepticism, that Andrew Bowie (RN Failed) pines for the ‘spirit of 2005’, which preceded the Cameron/Osborne era, when his party had real policies, and weren’t a ‘strange mix of complacency, entitlement, fear and exhaustion” like wot they are now under the Fat Owl of the Remove.
    The ‘appalling’ Party to quote the Future king.
    He dreams of a return to the halcyon days of government engineered poverty of the masses;
    austerity’ they called it.
    The Tory Lib Dem five years followed by the Tory unleashed Cameron years which ultimately led to Scotland being forced out of the EU by England.
    During that time, Osborne introduced a £32 billion cut in government spending on welfare, pensions, sickness and disability payments, the UCS kicked in, and claimants had to prove they had been raped to be awarded a child allowance for a third child…
    They sacked 500,000 public servants and slashed local government budgets, continued the privatisation of England’s NHS.
    Cameron’s Big Idea, expanding the Big Society, was sold as a strategy to empower and fund local communities to tackle social and economic problems at grass roots level, free from central government interference and top down control.
    Of course it was arrant nonsense, given the inhumane slashing of public services, and local government spending.
    It is estimated that 120,000 UK citizens died prematurely in the five years of the Cleg Cameron duopoly, because of ‘difficult decisions’ forced on us by this pair.
    You may recall Willie Rennie praising the ‘success’ of the Austerity Years when he was lying about the fictitious £15 billion black hole Scotland would face if we were duped into choosing Self Determination.
    Was, and still is, a pointless little man on any level.
    The Big Society was of course Newspeak for the Beg Society.
    Gone is the safety net of a Welfare State.
    You child needs a wheelchair?
    Pray that Red Nose Day raises enough cash and your begging letter to Lenny Henry gets through the vetting process.
    Hungry? Pop ’round to you local food bank.
    They are down to baked beans and pasta on the shelves now.

    Need new shoes?
    There are charity shops on every high street.

    Need a hip operation. Wait; we have to clear all the rich patients first.
    Beg, you ungrateful Jocks. Bow down to your imperial masters.

    Andrew Bowie…I despair…why is this little man in any position of authority?

    Priti Patel has lied to Parliament on several occasions now by asserting that the UNHRC backed her Rwandan Concentration Camp ‘cash for refugees’ scheme.

    Soon, mes braves.

  34. Lol some more.

    UK politics is really is in the s**t.

    Prince Charles ‘more than disappointed’ by Priti Patel’s ‘appalling’ Rwanda scheme

    THE Prince of Wales is said to be “more than disappointed” by the Government’s policy to send migrants to Rwanda, with reports that he privately described the move as “appalling”.

    Royals turning on the Tory government…. Welsh Tories breaking away…. English Tories attacking the Scots Tories as ‘lightweights’…

    This is all going really well ahead of next year.

    • It’s the Battle of the Celtic nations this evening, SS.
      Scotland will beard the Celtic Tiger in its Dublin Den.
      I have already texted my Dublin nephews about this ominous ‘Gathering’, to go all Highlander about it.
      There can only be one.

      I predict a 1-2 scoreline, in our favour, as Scotland continues their recovery from the disappointing Ukraine collapse.

      England will play Italy in front of 2000 schoolkids later as punishment for the disgraceful behaviour of their knuckledragging ‘fans’ during last year’s Euro Final.

      I look forward to Gary’s explanation…
      Bloody furriners…

      There is life outside Merrie England…even out of the EU, they can’t ignore laws and rules imposed on them by Froggies and Krauts..oh, the delicious irony.
      I’m going to empty my brain and watch an old Ealing comedy…
      Not on NHS Netflix, but, though, mind.

    • No matter who wins I win!

      One of the benefits of dual nationality; you get two bites that the cherry.

      Need to keep practicing my French, as if I can pass the language test, I’m eligible for French citizenship too. Then I’d have a chance at my team winning a footie trophy! 😉

      • Half time..Zoot alors! 2-0 !
        My Everlovin’ is ‘purring’.

      • Think I best keep my (1/2) Irish head down the way things are going!

        • Trois Zero.
          There are 3 players who should not don the blue of Scotland ever again.

          I don’t mind us gettin’ beat, but to clearly show that you can’t be bothered making an effort, is unforgivable.
          Watch the high..sorry lowlights…they are easily identified.

          • James says:

            Was a very disappointing result. Scotland has been riding a wave ever since the Draw against England last year and when you are riding that wave everything seems easy. The defeat against Ukraine broke that wave and once that happens you get results like yesterday. Happens to every team at some point, its now up to the players and coaches to ensure that it does not happen again.

  35. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Just a wee thought….when those who support Brexit say that Scotland will NOT be allowed ( they love that word ) to join the EU…..well one wonders why they even pose this question and present as a negative against Scottish independence….as THEY themselves do NOT believe being a member of the the EU is beneficial indeed they present it as a negative… surely based on THEIR opinion of the EU why do they bother to insist the EU (they hate) will NOT allow (that word again) an independent Scotland to join it….if the EU is as bad as they say then they should be indifferent to us seeking to join it….after all Tories say Brexit is done, Labour say they will make it work…… and the Lib Dems seem to be accepting it and thus will never be in a position ( via a Lib Dem Govt Ha Ha) to reverse it….so they all, as political parties, endorse it as a positive and irreversible position for their Brexit UK to be in…..yet strangely utilise the (non) argument of an independent Scotland joining it as no go…..why the Hell do they care if they believe Brexit is the ONLY BETTER future vision for their UK ?

    (Yes I know why they use it as an argument…as like their other (non) arguments it is yet another thing that they choose to weaponise against Scottish independence….but being logical (as if) it seems strange that they care when they themselves view the EU as something they have escaped from to supposedly take back control (Tories have), regain sovereignty (for Tories to dictate) and flourish as an independent country ( opposite happened)……Labour too invested in regaining so called Brexit voting Red wall areas back and Lib Dems too invested in winning Tory seats from other actual Tory party… they both, as parties, do NOT want to rock the Brexit boat as that could cost them seats… them tis a case of Remainers ( or rather Remoaners) be damned.( and Scotland too).

    Also currently we are seeing the difference via Ni and rest of their UK in the economic benefit NI is seeing as STILL being a part of the single market against the rest of their UK NOT being within the EU’s single market ,something unfortunately denied (denied being another word they LIKE to use against Scotland) to a majority pro EU REMAIN voting Scotland,….now that is an argument the SNP can bank for a future Indy Ref to clearly demonstrate as to one of many benefits EU membership would offer to an independent Scotland against the damaging economic and other negative positions it is currently suffering and going forward will suffer even more if it, Scotland, stays within their Brexit UK……

    Also tis NOT the decision of those BritNats via ordinary or political peeps to determine whether Scotland will be allowed ( that word again) to join the EU as they and their beloved (non) country that they call the (dis)United Kingdom are no longer members thus to use words like ‘allow’ and ‘denied’ via Scotland joining the EU…well surely tis only but their skewed and self serving opinion to try and sway the uninformed and undecided to stay in their Brexit UK ….it’s the EU that decides NOT those parties who support British Nationalism uber alles and embrace Brexit for THEIR UK…..

    BTW beware Andrew Bowie and his supposed ‘Breaking rank’ to talk of Tory entitlement’ as tis a red herring to shore up and sustain votes against the current backlash with Boris Johnson as leader … he, Bowie, still in Gove’s Union Unit….is he, Bowie, still a member of Tory party…..why yes……so he is only doing this as tis desperate to REINVENT a vision of a Tory party that is I am sure , according to him, more PALATABLE and less OBVIOUS as an awful political force for everything that is BAD within HIS UK…….and also if ever there was a Tory who exemplified a sense of entitlement tis Andrew Bowie……Bowie is currently , with these fake sentiments, on a mission of damage limitation for both HIM and his PARTY…..Never Trust A Tory….especially when they supposedly rally against their party as is….. while simultanously herald their party as how they want YOU to assume it can be in the future……with a new leader at the helm…..but old boss same as new boss….same MP’s as before who supported old boss will now support new boss….well if you, as a voter, like being played and manipulated, then that is what the likes of Bowie is doing….Bowie wants voters to forget , that like Dross, he supported Boris Johnson and his government BEFORE the vote of confidence happened last week …just think IF that vote of confidence had NOT happened then would Bowie and Dross have come out and said the things they are NOW saying…..sure you know the answer to that one…..but if you do not…it’s NO they would not have….both have been consistently inconsistent on their TRUE position….dependent on which way the political wind blows….

    Boris is a liability to the Tory party… for the likes of Dross, the Baroness and Bowie….he has to go…….Hail the reinvention of the Tory party under NEW leadership…….that will be THEIR collective message to us in Scotland…….the flaw being previous supposed different Tory leaders prior to Boris Johnson were ALSO NOT a winning vote for them in Scotland either….and I suspect neither will be whoever THEY choose to lead them in the future….

    Scots now have a choice to either WAKE UP and embrace a new beginning and better future in an independent Scotland or continue to SLEEPWALK into their own demise as part of a disunited, unequal and unworkable Kingdom whose continuance only suits those who benefit from it continuing to exist……which is not a benefit seen or felt by the ordinary man and woman but only beneficial for those who seek to benefit financially and via holding power and control within THEIR Brexit UK……

    I am at the point of beyond exasperation at those among us who seem so oblivious to truth…and dare I say also lacking in common sense (another Tory favourite phrase)……the truth it seems is so obvious to me why then are there still those who walk among us so immune to it indeed almost averse to accepting and acknowledging it……yes fowk are indeed very strange …….look at everything happening in their UK yet STILL some here in Scotland are so very very resistant to blame the REAL culprits and preferring instead to scapegoat those ‘others’ who are blameless……

    Polls be damned….if Scottish independence is not higher than polls state then God knows how and when they will be…….indeed for us to reject independence again would see the world view us as the REAL Absurdistan country…….maso*histic and unworthy to sing the anthem we currently sing at sporting events….as would truly be a parody when one considers the words of that national anthem for Scotland…….perhaps if we yet again reject independence then change it dependant upon who we play at sporting events e.g. if we play England we could sing ‘I just wanna be loved by you’…..or if we play an EU country we could sing Willie Nelson’s ‘Always on my mind’ etc etc etc as befits whatever country we, as in us who will be considered a country called Mugistan, Absurdistan and Fearedistan, play……

    Sorry yet again for long comment….so much to say yet much of it a rinse and repeat of my previous comments……ah well every ‘little’ bit helps…I hope….who knows and who bl*ody cares…..not enough it seems…..or is that what they want us to think….Hmm.

    Onwards and upwards never defeated really…..we have the WINNING argument most definitely…and they know it…..hence why we are hearing the words ‘allowed’ and ‘denied’ being constantly used by them to try to delay what they most likely think is the inevitable happening….as in Scotland FINALLY choosing independence .

    Another rant n the bag

    • Dr Jim says:

      Indeed NMRN, if they’re so sure and confident of their arguments of being *denied* or *not allowed* the things we strive to obtain why don’t they smugly sit back and watch us make these terribly bad decisions then mock us for making them

      Y’know, if they’re so sure and confident that is

      Englands union is a lie based on a lie to preserve their lie, because if and when they’re exposed as liars their own country of England could go into meltdown and all would be lost to them, they might even have to become a democracy heaven forfend

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Indeed Dr Jim…there is also this false assertion as to how much their UK supposedly ‘gives’ to Scotland…..the irony of course is that as Scotland is STILL a part of their UK then assume Scotland contributing to this ‘giving’ also…..the pre 2014 false notion of a UK where we are apparently pooling and sharing as a UK has now been dropped for the post 2014 Union’s message of how apparently the UK always ‘Gives’ to Scotland and thus as it ‘Gives’ to Scotland we are then expected to assume Scotland then supposedly always ‘Takes’ from their UK…..

        Scotland obviously being unique in that it is the only one country within their UK currently highlighted by them, as Unionists, as being ‘given’ to by the UK and thus seen as the only one ‘taking’ from the the rest of their UK…..yet as they are so desperate to continue ‘Giving’ and us ‘Taking’….well I know economics is NOT their strong point but one would have thought SOME people who voted for Brexit to be rid of the supposed expense THEY say they incurred via the EU would then , based on Unionist politicians declarations of a constant needy Scotland, surmise why are WE England holding onto Scotland who we have to always ‘Give’ to…. while they always ‘Take’ from us……almost as if in NOT forcing this point they, Brexiteers, realise that tis NOT Scotland that is being ‘Given’ to by their UK or ‘Taking’ from their UK but…..some other country within their UK is the one that is ‘Taking’ and being ‘Given’ to by their UK…..

        Their argument however fails to note we also , in Scotland, have to ‘Take’ a UK government we did not elect and thus we are then ‘Given’ their unwanted and damaging UK policies…..thanks to still being a part of their UK….not something we in Scotland vote for as a pooling and sharing exercise…….but instead something ‘Given’ to us in Scotland via England’s seemingly continuing weird voting choice in continually electing Tories since 2010 (and pre this date too) who we, Scotland, must ‘Take’ as being a part of the UK and it’s government…..

        All I can see is that currently the UK is ‘Taking’ our resources to plough into the treasury which we in Scotland are not ‘Giving’ to them but instead they are ‘Taking’….and post fossil fuels they will then continue to ‘Take’ our resources via renewable energy resources to ‘Give’ to the rest of the UK both in jobs and benefits i.e. energy….. while we in Scotland will be still cast as the poor relations reliant on their UK to ‘Give’ to us thus be seen as recipients of a supposed generous UK that ‘allows’ us to ‘Take’ from them……

        When you think about it us ‘Taking’ from them and them ‘Giving’ to us…as an argument…it makes absolutely NO SENSE more so considering the current Tory regime that rules in THEIR UK …..same for their argument of the UK striving to be independent hence Brexit but simultanously arguing against Scotland wanting SAME opportunity to vote again, based on changed circumstances and broken Unionist promises pre 2014, on OUR Independence from THEM the UK….I for one cannot wait to hear what arguments they, Brexiteers, will present against the idea of us being an independent country……many a irony meter will be broken I am sure…..and many a lie will also be ‘Given’ to us by them…hopefully a majority of Scots will not ‘Take’ onboard these lies and fears that will come at us like the force akin to a Tsunami MORE powerful than before……I guess a lot of it will depend on how much more a majority of Scots, and others who chose to live in Scotland, can ‘Take’ as part of their UK……as currently clear all they, UK, are ‘Giving’ to us, in Scotland, is instability, suffering, despair, poverty, corruption, isolation, hate, division, depression, helplessness, dictatorship, dread, disregard and many other negatives one would associate with being a part of a dysfunctional country masquerading as a united one but clearly disunited in many aspects including political preferences AND future aspirations……

        I mean it really is a case of Hope Over Fear……I wish had the talent and inclination to be able to write a screenplay as tis surely crying out for this whole debacle to be highlighted to the many while forcing the few exceptions to face the TRUE reality of the here and now (and the future)…..via Scotland’s perspective…for a change.

    • Love it, NMRN.

      Made my afternoon.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:


        Hope you are well Jack….read every one of your comments…even when I , at times, do not comment, your passion is infectious and inspiring.

        Have a lovely evening Jack…and too all others who post on here.

  36. Hamish100 says:

    I see the radio programme Any Questions will be in Shetland next week. I am sure they will discuss how Scotland’s oil resources are depleted and the fishing and other resources are best run from England. The BBC were in Guernsey and discussed about a tunnel to France. Don’t they realise the tories don’t do tunnels? Let’s build one from Shetland to Orkney to Caithness and build a High speed train from Wick to Inverness. Ok dreamland.
    Still Lib Dem’s want to remain isolated in their fiefdom supported by the brexiters.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Who ever knew that Vladimir Putin could control the price of Scottish fish or potatoes, two of the staple foods Scotland is blessed with in enormous quantities
      They used to tell us constantly that the *Arabs* controlled the oil price, now apparently it’s Vladimir Putin
      Who could ever have known that Vladimir Putin could put up the price of wind in Scotland

      We didn’t know any of these things until everybody was made aware that England has never prepared itself for anything except to remove what other countries have built and now that those other countries won’t let them do that anymore they take even more from Scotland then have the absolute cheek to tell us we’re poor while they charge us more for our own stuff

      I’m so sick of England TV and media talking about *their country* when they mean Scotland, which is my bloody country, I’m right on the edge with these people and they’re beginning to sound more like Putins Russia to me every day

      • davetewart says:

        Just checked the grid.
        Today 43% of the load is sourced from Wind and solar, all controlled by Vlad.
        Have a guess where most of it is generated.

      • Capella says:

        It’s quite breezy in these high pastures. The windmills will be whirring away at the rate of knots.

        Remember the Duma slapped retaliatory sanctions on EU food imports in 2014 after the EU sanctioned Russia when Crimea joined the Russian Federation. Scotland lost £46m of exports of which £16m was mackerel. The Russians were very fond of our mackerel. Peterhead boats were displeased.

        Peterhead firm loses order amid Russia sanctions

  37. Hamish100 says:

    I know a Tory councillor who always complained that the wind turbines never turned when he drove past in his top of the range Mercedes. Do you think the wind turbines stopped just to annoy him?

  38. davetewart says:

    Some hundred million pounds have been spent this year to switch them off due to unbalance on the grid, so he may be correct, winds too high also cause them to be feathered.
    Two years back the Edinburgh farm was paid NOT to be on the grid.

  39. Hamish100 says:

    Yet when I went by the same place they turned!!!

    • Hamish, I immediately recall one of the great Chic Murray’s musings:-

      “I was walking along the banks of the Clyde opposite Dumbarton with my mate who said, “If you look across the river you can see Dumbarton Rock”. I stared at it for fully ten minutes and never saw it move.”

      What a man.
      Thanks for stirring my fading memory, H.

  40. Dr Jim says:

    BBC Scotland politics this morning saw that organisation bring on Alex Salmond to interview him on Scottish independence and FM Nicola Sturgeon, but he did something the BBC did not expect, instead of the moaning criticisms he’s been notorious for over the last few years he completely u-turned on what the BBC hoped he would do and supported the FM virtually to the hilt and no matter how much Glen Campbell tried to persuade him back to his previous condemnation and vitriol over Nicola Sturgeon the former FM refused to play ball, instead Mr Salmond basically prostrated himself before Nicola Sturgeon with both hands offering up a massive sized olive branch perhaps in some hope of playing a part in the upcoming campaign who knows, but he did make clear his and his party’s position of fully supporting the campaign once the starting gun is fired

    No doubt the media will now approach Nicola Sturgeon asking the question on whether she will accept such an olive branch, their hope of course to create more bad feeling by her refusal to do so, she of course will not oblige the media by falling for this wee stunt so she will answer positively in the negatively neutral non committal definitively totally unambiguous ambiguous non answer in the best tradition of all politicians when the media are at their silly wee games of trying to cause trouble and create division (within the Independence movement)

    It’s not Nicola Sturgeon’s first day as a politician, if I can see it coming, the FM can see it coming a mile away…..without her specs

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Frankly surprised they aired it, Glenn must have been frustrated as hell….

    • Capella says:

      Brilliant. Looking out for a clip – should be along shortly.

    • barpe says:

      Was it a blip on my TV, but at the end of his ‘interview’ with Alex Salmond, there was not even a “Thank you”?? Never seen that before in any interview.
      Indeed it was a very revealing programme this morning, not much ‘good meat’ for the BBC to get stuck into Nicola for, be interesting to see how she responds – agree with your expectation, Dr Jim!!

      • The Blue Tory cowards refused to appear on the the Jock Stockade of the BBC wee Sunday Morning programme this morning.
        Jack, Dross, and the Other Four were not available, nor were any of the bum warmers hiding out in Holyrood.
        So Gary was left with Lord Ian Duncan, the life peer Baron, rewarded for his failure at the ballot box by being bumped up to the Lairds when he got beaten by Pete Wishart.

        His Wiki entry is obviously self penned; he must have about ten fingers on each hand given the number of right juicy little pies into which he has he has delved over the years.

        He and Gary had a cosy wee chat about ‘the country’, meaning England and its Crown Territories.

        Duncan has had ephemeral stints at the Scottish Office, the Welsh Office, and Norn Irn.

        The two men trudged through the rehashed Johnson/Dross ‘fiasco’, touched on Indyref2, then exchanged warm and cosy goodbyes.

        Possibly the most vacuous pointless chat which I have tuned in to in decades..BBC Jockland, where political journalism went to die.

        Robertson then interviewed Salmond, hoping for juice on the Bad SNP and Sturgeon.

        Salmond was on form, and ready for Gary, who was obviously half asleep following the Duncan Horlicks chat.

        Salmond will stand square shoulder with all parties and groups on the Road to Self Determination and campaign like it was 2014, now that the starting gun is about to be fired.

        barpe, Robertson did indeed fail to thank Salmond for the interview, turning away and engaging the lass, Lynsey Bewes(?) who did her level to twist Auld Eck’s words.

        She suggested that Gordon Brown or Baroness Rape Clause could lead the Bitter Togeether Project Fear group next time.
        If there is a god, please let it happen.

        Ross, Jack, Duguid, Lamont, NZ Lambchop Mundell, Duguid, and Bowie are in hiding; political cowards ashamed to face their fellow Scots.

        What is the point of Alister Jack? He is draining tens of millions out of Scotland’s economy to run a useless Mickey Mouse outfit for his English Masters.
        The jigs up.
        Soon there shall be no hiding place for this spineless lot

        • barpe says:

          Splendid summary of the programme, Jack, I’m with you “the jigs up” .
          Miss Bewes now fully BBC indoctrinated into anti-SNP mode!

      • Dr Jim says:

        The former FM never gave the BBC what they thought they’d be getting from him so I think maybe that was the reason for them being so ill mannered as to not thank him for his time

        How about *BBC in huff with Salmond”

    • yesindyref2 says:

      so she will answer positively in the negatively neutral non committal definitively totally unambiguous ambiguous non answer


  41. davetewart says:

    Mary Lou McDonald says brandon lewis is talking out of his ‘Hat’ saying the NIP is not working.
    What he meant was that the brexit effect planned for Northern Ireland is not working as the people of Northern Ireland have the best of all things being a member of the common market and making good progress.
    Pity lewis is pandering to the dup.
    The word that can’t be uttered in englandland, Brexit, and its failure.
    The lewis says ‘If the law is wrong we will change the law’, no mention of the morals of a racist party with a fascist mandate, seems that Ukrainians are ok to enter but Afghans are not welcome here and are getting sent to Rwanda, will the Scots be next to be ‘Clearanced’?

    • I’m just back from 6 days in Norn Irn, Dave.
      But for the Westminster generated ‘energy’ crisis, raging inflation, and the DUP’s maniacal refusal to get Stormont started and tackling NHS waiting lists, and such, the place is booming.
      The ferry which we took from Cairnryan was full, and freight traffic heavier than I have seen before..likewise the trip back. The Supermarkets are well stocked, and nobody is bleating about the protocol or the GFA.
      The city of Belfast is booming…and there are sausages in the shops.
      Those we spoke to welcome the ‘best of both worlds’, in the EU, dual Irish British citizenship, and free to move throughout the continent of Europe.
      This is Scotland’s future once we ditch England.
      Wales will follow suit.
      In short Brandon Lewis and the DUP are lying…but that’s par for the course…

    • Dr Jim says:

      Can’t have the Northern Irish getting used to any kind of prosperity, they’d never come back to being British and that wouldn’t do at all

  42. samthedug says:

    Alex Salmond’s full interview from this morning, 13 minutes.

    • Capella says:

      Thx for posting. Alex Salmond came out well in this interview, mainly for resisting the invitation to attack Nicola Sturgeon. At last. the penny may be dropping.

  43. Hamish100 says:

    I take it Salmond has decided the referendum must be happening to say what he has. Then Salmond will take credit and the independence clock on SGP will bong and they’ll take credit!

    Oh the 2% must be gnashing their teeth over their predicament.

  44. yesindyref2 says:

    Brexit biting.

    Similar for me. I ask people if they have someone from the UK coming out to them, or if they have some UK address they could send it to. If not I do send to the EU, but it’s hit and miss. And I have the HS Codes.

    The UK is fucked.

  45. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    As Anas Sarwar is still feasting of Labour in Scotland ‘WINNING’ the Scottish council elections by coming ‘SECOND’ to the SNP and against the former Union party who won previously in coming ‘SECOND aka the Tories …..there is an uncomfortable truth Anas will not address when he attacks the FM and the Scottish government…that uncomfortable truth is that the FM of Wales and his Labour colleagues in Wales concur very much with everything our FM is stating in relation to the UK government in respect of funding being decreased where he, Mark Drakeford, has accused the UK Govt of “levelling down in Wales”, the negative Brexit impact in Wales and the loss of EU funding NOT matched by UK government, the dire response of the UK government in respect to the cost of living crisis AND basically like OUR FM Mark Drakeford recognises where the REAL problem lies as in NOT with his devolved government but 100% with the UK government.

    However politically it suits Sarwar to completely ignore all of this and deflect blame upon OUR FM and government…Sarwar expects the public to believe that if HE were FM in Scotland (Ha Ha) he and his party would ‘balance the books’ in accordance with ‘WHATEVER’ the UK government bestowed upon them financially……he also expects the public to BELIEVE that as FM he and his party would NEVER blame the UK government in them, Labour in Scotland, being unable to ‘mitigate’ in order to lessen the impact upon vulnerable groups within society…….so that being the case what would Sarwar and Labour IMPOSE upon Scots here in order to take a ‘different’ approach from the current Scottish government……because if Labour in Wales cannot produce a MAGIC SOLUTION as a devolved government then what is it that Sarwar and Labour here think they can do that would solve the problem that clearly is a hostile UK government………and if they expect us to believe they DO have a MAGIC formula to success then they need to pass it on to Mark Drakeford in Wales…indeed more so is that urgent as the NHS performance in Wales is below that of Scotland and currently they have the LONGEST hospital waiting times in the UK….so over to you Sarwar……help out your Labour colleagues in Wales…as they are desperate and you ignoring them while supposedly having ALL of the solutions to success as a devolved government need to pass on your wise words to override their current PROBLEMS they are experiencing with both the Tory UK government and indeed managing DEVOLVED issues……

    Well I think we all know that currently, with the support of the MSM, Sarwar is basking in the undeserved glory of ‘winning’ the crown of being the WINNING NEW ‘SECOND PLACE’ Unionist party champion to replace , not Dross, but the media construct aka the Baroness……and the supposed revival of Labour in Scotland, is currently and will be going forward , touted by the many many charlatans (including the media) who currently root for Sarwar’s supposed breakthrough as ‘an achievement solely due to his leadership’ and also laughably as a ‘Labour resurgence in Scotland’…… where as we all know the reality of the situation via Labour coming second in Scottish council elections is because ‘THE TORIES ARE NOW A BUSTED FLUSH IN SCOTLAND AS FAR AS UNIONISTS VOTERS ARE CONCERNED’…….under Boris Johnson and his government ministers and the hand picked leader (INO) in Scotland aka Dross they have become toxic and unreliable as challengers to the SNP…so votes for Unionist parties have been rerouted to Sarwar’s Labour….not BECAUSE of Sarwar or Labour as a party but because Labour seems, to rabid Unionists, as current best option to oppose and thus win seats against the SNP but NOT via a majority….( Lib Dem still natural home for disenchanted Tory voters in some areas as Lib Dems are THE alternative Tory party but THEIR votes cannot see them WIN anything of significance that would allow Alex ‘F*ck You Maree’ Cole-Hamilton to be the NEW media’s Unionist champion for the Union in Scotland…no he will NEVER be the bridesmaid to the SNP’s Bride….more a flower girl kind of political party…that is always in the background throwing ‘things’)

    Sarwar in order to replace the Baroness as ‘winner’ of the media crown for Unionists has even taken onboard a Tory in Scotland ‘winning formula’ by courting the ‘Orange’ brigade in his party choosing (and him NOT opposing) a former Grand master of the Orange Order as a candidate for the council elections in Scotland…and he WON that council seat……and also colluding with Tories in Scottish councils post council elections to STOP the SNP having control of certain councils….so another winning formula for Sarwar to gain Unionist votes…..THIS IS THE SAME SARWAR WHO PRETENDS THE CONSTITUTION IS NOT HIS FIRST CONSIDERATION…..something he touts in debates and interviews…….the reality being EVERYTHING HE SAYS AND DOES IS ABOUT THE UNION AND IT’S SAVING with Anus Sarwar….EVERYTHING.

    However his moment of ‘second place’ glory will not cut through in the long term with the Scottish public as too much is happening that is having a REAL NEGATIVE impact in Scotland 100% due to being a part of Sarwar’s Union….and Sarwar is in the SAME position as Dross and the Baroness in that HQ will always let them down in dictating what they support….number one at present is supporting Brexit and Starmer stating he will “Make it work”…….and that will see Sarwar, like Dross and the Baroness, consigned to the ‘losers’ category in all subsequent elections in Scotland…….and no matter how much MSM spin the supposed Labour revival under Sarwar and Starmer well reality , as per, will bite….and when it does no amount of spin will be able to SAVE or indeed PROMOTE any Unionist party as being THE REAL solution to Scotland……indeed the evidence will show that in order to survive and prosper INDEPENDENCE is THE only solution for Scotland…….

    Oh and please ‘ALLOW’ them all to keep saying they will ‘DENY’ Scotland a second independence Referendum and that whether with a Tory or Labour government (and perhaps with a Lib Dem coalition) that they will not ‘GIVE’ us , Scotland and our government, anything when they are the UK government….because that just confirms that they see us, Scotland, as a possession THEY can dictate to and NOT ,as touted, an equal ‘member’ of a (non) Union that according to them share their supposed ‘internal market of the UK’ ( a new argument they now LOVE to use against the EU’s single market membership benefit)… THAT surely will verify to peeps in Scotland that we are dictated to by THEM via THEIR WM parliament and NOT respected or acknowledged as ‘EQUAL’ thus we will be consigned to only be ‘ALLOWED to have what THEY say we can have and also ‘DENIED’ all the other needed things they say we cannot have or do not need……so they ‘GIVE’ us what we do NOT want or need and they also ‘TAKE’ all of those things that we DO want and need……an alternative Union vision it seems and one ALWAYS to their ADVANTAGE not OURS….SOME UNION THAT IS…..NOT.

    Hopefully MORE Scots will wake up to actual reality as is in this (non) Union and never return to the their Union’s alternative reality…then we will get independence…..Amen to THAT.

    Sorry long length AGAIN…..what can I say…I just cannot be concise….too much to say AGAINST them all.

  46. Hamish100 says:

    Didn’t labour hand back millions if not billions to Gordon Brown like good wee toadies. Didn’t they hand Scottish waters over to England like the school creep handing over an apple to teacher.
    Of course after hundreds of years in the union we have the best Transport links to Europe, best infrastructure, best of everything just like England claims to lead the world.
    Labour puts England first who puts the tories first.

    Independence, this time!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    • Dr Jim says:

      Former FM of Scotland Lord Jack McConnell of Armani suit returned just under £500million to Westminster claiming he couldn’t think of anything to spend it on

      • Dr J, he ‘underspent’ the Scottish settlement by £1.5 billion, which the English Treasury gratefully accepted…you may recall the Glasgow women fighting for equal pay at the time…while Lord Jack was fronting the PFI contracts for Broon which has cost us, and will cost us hundreds of millions of our cash for years to come.
        He backed the Iraq war too.
        Pointless wee Laird…
        I wonder if he is getting an extra £400 from Sunak to heat his holiday home?
        If I remember he used to holiday with Kirsty Wark and her family at her villa in Spain.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          Up to 2007, any underspend was held by The Treasury but could be taken the next financial year. In 2007 the Treasury changed the rules and it would have been lost, but the SNP got that money back for Scotland.with a bit of persistsence and persuasion.

          The SNP SG got that £1.5 billion back for Scotland.

  47. Hamish100 says:

    SGP – Mr angry- “ You have to hand it to him though he has made posting the same articles over and over again, albeit worded slightly differently, almost into an art form.”
    Still all being equal Salmond will support the campaign being launched. What will the britnats do then?

    • Dr Jim says:

      I understand that’s the same guy who got banned from WOS for being a Tory concern troll, but then again without him there’d be virtually nobody else

  48. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    I see the usual suspects RAGING about their Prince Charles opposing Boris and co.’s Rwanda policy stating he should “keep out of politics”…….that’s the same ones who…..checks notes…publicized and condoned the Queen interfering in 2014 with her unsubtle comments about us Scots where she hoped “people will think very carefully about the future” regarding choosing Scottish independence over HER Union…and same ones who will applaud and condone any FUTURE ROYAL involvement (interference) in the next independence referendum….as in their, the Royals, supporting the UNION over Scottish independence……ask Gordon Brown he has already sought William’s support for the UNION…..

    The rules seem to be that Royals CAN be involved if it suits the usual suspects BUT never ever become involved if it does NOT…..same usual suspects who bemoan their Freedom of Speech being denied via their HUGE access to platforms which promote THEIR Freedom of speech to be heard…publicly…..while simultanously denying that same Freedom of Speech being awarded to , be heard and respected via ‘others’……how very fitting of and for those usual suspects……it’s all apparently a one way street…..who knew….well we do…but the followers of the usual suspects seem oblivious to it all…..and thus I assume they are all must be doing it DELIBERATELY too…..with many Duh’s… seems.

    I mean, one of the usual suspects is Darren Grimes, and if you missed an opportunity to see Darren Grimes be offered participation in the reality show Geordie Shore then you get a chance to see him in the NON reality show he has at Tory channel GB News…..he was actually born in County Durham but his accent is very much akin to a Geordie Shore rejected applicant but HOWAY, MAN he supports Newcastle United football (soccer) team and has a right canny Geordie accent…..Wey Aye Man so he does….he also want you to BELEAVE in Brexit…..but not in his infamous historical involvement in the campaign for it….”In 2018, Grimes was fined £20,000 by the Electoral Commission after it determined that there was evidence that BeLeave had spent more than £675,000 with the Canadian political consultancy firm AggregateIQ in coordination with the official Brexit campaign organisation Vote Leave in distribution targeted social media advertisements”…..ex fashion and business student Grimes (who did NOT complete his degree) was to be the nominated patsy and fall guy as he was the nominated useful idiot (still is)…HOWEVER…..Grimes appealed BUT Vote Leave after appealing then withdrew their appeal…..strange not strange.

    “The Commission argued that these actions violated electoral spending rules, and that Grimes and Vote Leave official David Alan Halsall had made false declarations relating to the spending. Grimes appealed, claiming that his misstatements were unintentional. He won the appeal and his fine was overturned HOWEVER Vote Leave withdrew its appeal and paid fines totalling £61,000”.

    “Subsequently, in May 2020, the Metropolitan Police (aye them AGAIN) ended its investigation into Grimes and Halsall .In June 2021, the Chairman of the Electoral Commission apologised to Grimes in a Sunday Telegraph interview”…….and it seems now that they and he all lived happily ever after (for NOW)… CANNY for them both….and all t’other INTERESTED parties involved with Brexit (for NOW)…another missed opportunity (for real justice) BITES the DUST… see where Grimes is and what he is saying….that’s what happens when you WIN (undeservedly) an appeal……..apparently you then feel so vindicated that you join Tory channel GB News and CONFIRM that your ‘misstatements were NOT, after all, unintentional’ via everything you say and believe in your misguided support of Brexit largely due to your ‘useful idiot’ place in the con that is BREXIT…..WEY AYE, MAN indeed.

  49. yesindyref2 says:

    The Scottish Conservative Party movement towards being devolved at long last from the UK one, seems to be moving in the right direction. Andy Maciver is an interesting writer as he doesn’t seem to be held back by dogma.

    • Trouble is, YIR2, you can’t be a little bit pregnant.

      Teddy Taylor, the hoary old Tory, ‘bring back the birch’, Eurosceptic, Nasty Party MP of the Thatcher Major era, admitted recently with a smirk, that the Tories in Scotland added ‘and Unionist’ to their title, unashamedly, to attract the sectarian Loyalist vote.

      Dross is in the same bind.
      You can’t be ‘a little bit Unionist’.

      The Scottish Conservative Party doesn’t and cannot exist, so long as the Blue Six campaign on a Unionist ticket, identify with the English Party leader, and sit in WM.

      Nobody seriously believes that Dross and the benchwarmers who occupy the Losers’ seats in Holyrood are independent of London control.
      As I observed recently, there will come a tipping point, when Yoons realise that they have lost Scotland.

      Many prominent Brit Jock politicians will jump ship, and only then begin the awkward rebrand of left right and centre political groups in Scotland.
      Henry McLeish has straddled that particular fence for a couple of years already.
      Operation Jump Ship is not far off now.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Aye Jack desperate times calls for desperate measures…..I say ‘desperate’ mean ‘dishonest’ but if the Tories in Scotland expect us to believe they will be supposedly separate to the UK HQ Tory party well fairy tales are best left to be told to children ….so come next GE who will they, as Tory separatists, expect us to vote for via a NATIONAL GE ? And who in a DEVOLVED Scottish election where they would seek us to vote for them as the former Tory branch office now the Separatist Tory office ……of course the assumption being we are still within THEIR Union…..I take it ALL of their MP’s will stand down as they represent ( not really) Scottish constituencies…..

        Questions…Questions……who cares what the Tories here do……or what their unofficial spokesperson suggests……it’s all smoke and mirrors to fool the public yet again……

        What a message …..Scotland stay in the Union under a Tory HQ government meanwhile WE, the Tories in Scotland, will separate from that SAME toxic Tory HQ… basically Tory politicians HERE get their independence but NOT us……sounds fair…if you are a TORY that is….for us here not so much….as per…rinse and repeat….

      • yesindyref2 says:

        The latest Ipsos Mori poll has 6% of Conservative voters supporting YES, with 4% undecided. There was a poll, I forget when, which showed Conservative YES at 10%, and in the Indy Ref it was apparently 4%.

        Click to access ipsos-scottish-political-monitor-may-2022-tables.pdf

        Lab are at 16% YES + 11% DK, LD at 17% YES + 9%.

        Yes, a tipping point could see a whole load more wanting after the Ref to be saying “I voted YES, I’m a part of it all”.

    • Dr Jim says:

      There’ll always be a place for Tories in Scotland, last
      Unless they become not Tories that is

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