A quiet lie down in a dark room with industrial quantities of elephant tranquillisers

According to reports, Number 10 has launched a campaign to “save Boris” following the steady upwards ticking in the number of Conservative MPs who have called for his resignation. Government ministers are being trotted out for the TV cameras to give unconvincing interviews about why they continue to believe, despite all the evidence to the contrary that Johnson is the best person for the job. They would be right, but only if the job consists of breaking all the rules, lying about it, making promises that he has no intention of keeping, and ensuring that any institution capable of holding him to account is rendered impotent and powerless.

The political website Politics Home has reported that a “huge save Boris operation” had begun by Tuesday afternoon in response to the number of Tory MPs publicly calling for his resignation reaching at least 30. An unknown number will have submitted letters of no-confidence in Johnson to the chair of the 1922 Committee but have chosen not to go public about it. In an interview with Mumsnet on Wednesday an unrepentant Johnson claimed that “the parties were to boost Morale”. Which is quite a different story from “there were no parties” or, “I was ambushed by cake”. He then went on to flippantly quote Dr Suess saying : “This was no time for play, this was no time for fun, this was no time for games, there was work to be done, which is our motto in Number 10. There’s work to be done.” It’s just that the work in question is saving Johnson’s miserable arse from the mess that he got himself into. It’s a mess that would never have happened if he had put a fraction of the energy and effort into doing his actual job that he is putting into his save Boris campaign.

Meanwhile, in yet another reminder why social media is an utterly toxic cesspit that is destructive of the mental health of even the most strong minded individuals, I have just had the immense misfortune of being confronted by the phrase “platty joobs.” I’m sure that phrase counts as a crime against humanity. Surprisingly enough it is not actually the technical zoological term for the breasts of a platypus, because despite being mammals, platypuses lay eggs and don’t have nipples. Never let it be said that this blog was not educational.

At first I thought Platty Joobs was the name of an alien character in the new Obi-Wan Kenobi Star Wars series, but then I discovered that it was a reference to an entirely different sort of alien lizard overlord. Platty joobs is in fact a porn term. It refers to British nationalist orgiastic flag-shagging, a peculiar fetish which has overcome most of the British media.

Now I need to go for a quiet lie down in a dark room with the aid of some elephant tranquillisers. My life was already divided into before the stroke and after the stroke. Now it will also be forever divided into before hearing the term platty joobs and after hearing the term platty joobs. It is arguable about which of the two has caused greater brain damage. Actually no, it’s not arguable at all, it’s definitely the second. If you say platty joobs five times whilst looking at a mirror, a sweaty Prince Andrew will appear and invite your teenage daughter to a Pizza Express in Woking.

Greggs is even offering a platty joobs sausage roll, because nothing says royalty like a greasy sausage roll from Greggs. People who use the term “platty joobs” probably also go on their holibobs 🛫🛫🛫with their delish husbando 👨and the kiddliewinks to chillax and make memories on their insta account and have like a totes fabbo amazeballs time with drinkypoos 😂😂✨✨🍷🍷because it’s prosecco o’clock all day long ❤❤❤🎈🎈which means they can legit go for a cray cray sesh whenevah 🍷🍷🍷🍷YOLO! 😭😭😭😭amarite babes! while saying “What are we like, we’re mad we are😜😜😜!” I only wrote that sentence so that you can experience what having a stroke feels like. No need to thank me.

Please just kill me now. If you use the term platty joobs in an unironic way, or even an ironic way, do the world a favour and lock yourself in a cellar forever babes. There is quite enough suffering on the planet as it is. For those of us who have not been infected with the Royalist body snatching pod people that the media is so desperate to propagate, this weekend is going to be bad enough already, we don’t need you adding to the mental anguish. That phrase has sent us over the edge.

With Tory MPs it has been that they can’t get rid of Johnson because of covid, they can’t get rid of him because of Ukraine, they can’t get rid of him because of the cost-of-living crisis, they can’t get rid of him because of platty pissing joobs, up next it will be that they can’t get rid of him because Countdown is on and Jacob Rees Mogg is taking the P.

Yesterday the Scottish Government announced that it has set aside £20 million in order to pay the costs of holding another independence referendum next year, in line with the manifesto commitments of both the SNP and the Greens. As the First Minister pointed out at FMQs on Wednesday, Every year, the Scottish Government has to invest more than £700 million to mitigate the impact of Westminster policy that Scotland didn’t vote for, and it has to spend that amount year after year and will continue to spend it every year as long as Scotland remains a part of the UK. £700 million is 35 times the amount set aside for the referendum. The British Government is spending £1.3 billion on jubilee celebrations, 650 times the amount that the Scottish Government has set aside for the referendum. But guess which one Douglas Ross is whinging about. £20m is a mere one half of one tenth of 1% of the entire Scottish Budget, yet it will allow Scotland the chance to choose a better future for this country. That sounds like a really good investment.

This British nationalist flag shagging madness only reinforces the message that emotionally and mentally, Scotland is already out the door. A poll from “British Future” has found that only 48% of Scots are interested in the Jubilee, while 49% say they are not. Only 37% of people in Scotland feel that the Jubilee can help unite people, while 42% think it will not.

The Scottish Greens perhaps reflected majority Scottish opinion of a lack of interest in the jubilee by declining to attend a jubilee event, a vote of thanks for the Queen at Holyrood. It’s not that they wish her any ill-will, they just felt that there were better things to do. During the motion it was announced that the 96 year old monarch would receive some official gifts from the Scottish Parliament including a special bottle of whisky, the planting of 70 trees, one for each year of her reign, and a specially woven tartan throw. I need new glasses because when I first read that I thought it said tartan thong, and there’s a mental image which I will never be able to purge.

So as you hunker down under your duvet over the long weekend, binge watching movies and TV series on Netflix or Amazon Prime and avoiding the cray cray flag shagging, you can be comforted by the knowledge that sanity beckons in the form of an independence referendum which will allow Scotland to escape the madness. That at least is worth celebrating.

This blog tries to articulate arguments that might resonate with undecided voters or even soft no voters, not just to appeal to dedicated supporters of independence, and tries to develop arguments that independence supporters can use when trying to persuade those crucial undecideds and soft no voters. Site traffic has been holding up well over the past year, despite the fact that my health issues have forced me to post less frequently than before the stroke. The blog is still getting around the same number of visitors as it was in 2020. However as we move towards a second referendum, it would be good to boost this blog’s reach as we need all hands on deck to counter the strength of the anti-independence media. I’d like to ask regular readers if they can share links to posts on this blog on their own Facebook pages or with any appropriate groups that they belong to on Facebook or other platforms. If you are willing to do this, please don’t just post the link and nothing else, preface the link with a few words or a line of text. Thank you.

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174 comments on “A quiet lie down in a dark room with industrial quantities of elephant tranquillisers

  1. James says:

    Thank you for your honesty. I escaped the “union” haha 😂 a long time ago. I’m only half Scottish , and your take on all that I despise about the current landlords is brilliant and very funny. Good to see you let rip.
    Geographical perspective puts you on the side of tolerance, good humour, goodwill and telling truth to corrupt Westminster power.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. Dr Jim says:

    If you ask yourself the question *why does the UK government demand folk focus so much of their attention upon the richest most entitled family in the British isles?* who they say represent the ideals of Britishness, then the answer hits you in the face like a blast from a Royal trumpet, and it should be your own face on a mug, a big mug

  3. yesindyref2 says:

    I hope everyone’s enjoying the Trooping of the Colour, narrated by Huw Edwards who was the narrator for Story of Wales, which I regard as fiercely nationalistic compared to Neil Oliver’s bored commentary on the History of Scotland. Remember when Huw plastered his twitter account with the Welsh flag? And he was STILL asked to do the commentary?

    It’s great hearing about the Earl of Sandwich and the Duke of Hazard without hearing their first names by which some people might have some chance of knowing them – Hungry Joe and Freddie the Finger.

    Meanwhile keen gardeners are queuing up to clean up the streets. What a treat for the roses!

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Don’t read the book though.

      ‘Story of Wales’ is one of the least well-proofread books I’ve had the misfortune to come across in recent times. Some ‘facts’ (both of Welsh history and that other countries, notably our eastern neighbour are ‘fiction’. I wouldn’t recommend this book to any one. I hope the TV programme (never seen) was better.)

      John Davies is your man for the best 1 volume History of Wales.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Well, according to Story of Wales, the Welsh invented navigation and international sea trade and most of the “Celtic fringes”, were the most advanced nation in their time, and the resources of Wales were plundered by the Saxons (as were those of Cornwall and elsewhere). Well worth a watch.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          Sorry yes, I mean the TV program – and I have the DVDs same as for Scotland.

          • Welsh_Siôn says:

            You shouldn’t be too surprised at ‘our Huw’ mugging up for these Germano-British events:


            Huw Edwards says he ‘can’t fault’ how Charles has done the job of Prince of Wales

            28 May 2022 2 minute Read

            Broadcaster Huw Edwards has said that he “can’t fault” how Charles has done the job of Prince of Wales, a judgment he knows will “irritate” some republicans in Wales.

            Speaking to the Daily Mail before the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, parts of the coverage of which he will be presenting, Huw Edwards said that the Prince of Wales had made an effort to take an interest in Wales.

            “Some of my best friends who are republicans may get irritated by this, but Prince Charles has taken his duties as the Prince of Wales very seriously,” Huw Edwards said.



            I suspect Huw’s father is spinning in his grave, mind you.

            And for those of you interested in comparisons, may I suggest that, Dic Siôn Dafydd (‘Richard John Davies’) is the equivalent of ‘Uncle Tam’.

  4. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    This weekend I will be watching Laurel and Hardy films, listening to music to “chillax” ..sorry could not resist….drinking non alcoholic wine ( as I only sometimes drink at Xmas now)……and if weather is nice will go for long walks in Holyrood park which is next to where I live…..

    And as there is nowt on telly….it will be ME time all the way…..there may also be a dark room involved in my activities when I need a wee nap where I can dream of Boris Johnson being captured by Aliens with him shouting ” You can’t take me I make buses out of wine wooden boxes…also I have a party to go to”…..then the Alien in fluent English replies ” Now is Not The Time for making buses out of wine wooded boxes or going to ANOTHER party”…..then the Alien pushes Johnson onto an Alien type BUS to go to their space ship….

    Bear with me I’m in my stride….unfortunately

    Then Andrew Bowie runs up to the Alien and Boris Johnson and says to the Aliens ” I’m in the Union Unit but I may be useful to you…as I am very flexible in my allegiance…..like the wind I blow both ways dependent on who is in charge….I could join you “……the Alien then does what most people who know (of) him do….. ignores him.

    Anyway other things happen remember it’s a dream…..and so blah blah blah…..but the main jist is that Boris Johnson is captured and put in a Alien museum (of sorts) and displayed as one in the undesirable humans category….

    Then the Aliens come to Scotland and their leader meets Nicola Sturgeon and says ” Och aye the noo you’ll be glad to hear we’ve got rid oh that pest fae darn sarf …..we are also rounding up the other ones to populate our museum in the same section as him…..however if you have a list that would be right guid yeh ken”

    Then once undesirables rounded up ….Scotland becomes a commune that welcomed only those people who previously had proven to be decent, honest and had no history of being a Tory politician via ANY colour ……note the list too long to expand on as to who went into Alien museum under the undesirable category or indeed who was NOT welcome into Scotland’s commune….but sure many here could provide their own lists for both……

    And we all lived happily after……and we did it deliberately too.

    The End…with many crazy face emojis…….as Now Is The Time to go mad by one’s own intent as opposed to being DRIVEN mad by others…as in you know who…there are many….so many that I am beyond going mad I am crazily….veering between raging and uber Loony but never uber Yoony …Praise the Lord…or our Alien masters…

    Mad ( both mentally and angrily)……………

    Have a chilled out LONG weekend Paul

  5. Mike says:

    As an Englishman, welcomed into Scotland over 50 years ago can I add that the wall to wall Jackanory fest is gut wrenching. I say this as a member of a family, still imprisoned by their own hubris down south who want to line the it walls with spitfires while shooting We’ll meet again at some soozzled bulldog dressed in red, white and blue taffeta. Such mindless adoration for the wealthiest benefit scrollers on the damaged land is beyond me even though I grew up with it. May their God help them.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Indeed Mike…..it’s not royalty that needs God to save them…it’s the so called subjects.

  6. Dr Jim says:

    Because Queen Elizabeth 2nd of England is not Queen of Scotland but has the job title and job description Queen of Scots which means defender and protector of the rights of Scots, she has failed dismally for 70 years at performing that simple task yet we had not the choice of firing her from her position

    In reality Scots should be protesting about her abject failure as a useless employee, but her union representatives the English government have protected her non working status while continuing to pay her more of Scotlands income each year without negotiation

    Is that what they meant by *union of the crowns* ? except only the Royals can be in it

    • jfngw says:

      I think she made her position clear on day one when adopting the title QE2 with total disregard for Scotland’s history. Only one country was important in her mind, still is, we are merely the holiday home location, her last vestiges of a once vast empire.

  7. Capella says:

    I’m happy to report that it is bucketing down in these high pastures so any jubilee celebrations at Balmoral will be exceedingly damp. Suffering as I am from the worst cold ever I will be staying under the duvet this weekend or watching Netflix, Amazon Prime, BFI, Youtube – anything except the sychophantic MSM.

    Will £20 million be enough I wonder?

  8. stewartb says:

    I’ve just had a look at the Westminster governments official website listing Jubilee events (see https://platinumjubilee.gov.uk ) The ‘Find activities near you’ section lists 3,520 public events and 3,514 street parties or private events ‘so far’ across the UK..

    I happen to be in Edinburgh just now – and at a loose end (!) – I thought I’d look to see what’s being listed .The site’s map/directory has 28 entries in an area which includes Scotland’s capital but stretches into neighbouring parts of the Lothians and Fife. Edinburgh itself has 9 events listed – yes nine! What a hotbed of republicanism Edinburgh must be!

    Some of the events are indeed quite remarkable. I’m sure you’d like to know more!

    This is perhaps the most significant: TWO of the nine are associated with Cuckoo’s Bakery and its offer of ‘delicious range of Jubilee cupcakes’!

    One is an exhibition at the Palace of Holyrood House – there’s a surprise! Visitors to Camera Obscura & World of Illusions will ‘see the Queen in a whole new light this Platinum Jubilee, with the unveiling of a new, one-of-a-kind, Rubin’s Vase. … the silhouette of the vase contains two hidden profiles of Queen Elizabeth II, a young, newly coronated Queen looking across to today’s Queen.’

    Visitors to the Scotch Whisky Experience can ‘enjoy some specially selected whiskies which, through the ages, have been given the royal seal of approval. A special version of the Gold Tour entitled Scotland’s Majestic Malts is available every day throughout June 2022 highlighting the regal heritage of Scotch Whisky.’

    An armed forces charity has arranged a presentation of a Platinum Jubilee Bench and Stone (?) to Edinburgh Castle. The Salvation Army will be playing music in Edinburgh City Centre. And perhaps the biggest grass roots event listed here is the Royal Forth Yacht Club’s Platinum Jubilee Parade of Sail on the Forth followed by a party for members.

    I have been walking about in Edinburgh today and yesterday. In a walk from the southern boundary all the way to the city centre, including through the Ian Murray heartland of Morningside, I encountered c. 4 shops displaying Jubilee-related decoration and literally nothing spotted in the windows or walls of flats or houses. I was walking through a substantial part of an Edinburgh middle class housing estate today and again spotted nothing being displayed. As a city polluted with too many butcher’s aprons on establishment buildings throughout the year, it was a pleasant surprise!

    However, BBC Scotland will no doubt do its best to convince over the next fews days that the aberrant is the norm!

    • Alex Clark says:

      Ian Murray was interviewed yesterday by Kay Burley and asked why Glasgow wasn’t organising any Jubilee events.

      He said “I don’t know” and then went on to say that his constituency (which includes Morningside) would have numerous street closures and parties and that he was very much looking forward to it.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        “…then went on to say that his constituency (which includes Morningside) would have numerous street closures and parties and that he was very much looking forward to it” – Has anybody actually invited him ?
        He’s playing the Edinburgh v Glasgow gambit, and au contraire he does “know”, the Jubbly has gone down north of Watford like a bucket of cold sick.
        The game is very much up for Ian Murray, even in Morningside there are more pressing issues to deal with than Spitfires and bunting…
        ‘We are not amused” has entered common parlance as an inversion on the original…

    • Alex Clark says:

      “In my own constituency, there’s roads closed everywhere over the weekend for people to have street parties and come together..” and he will “probably not” celebrate a Ukraine victory over Scotland in the World Cup

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Just seen a clip from last night’s Debate night….Tory MSP Graham Simpson told this wee story….

      ” I was walking out the parliament just the other day and a couple of American tourists approached me and said why..what what (exact quote as he said it) are you doing em for the em Jubilee…they’d been down in London and it was all flags bunting was out but nothing here..it’s a little bit sad”


      1. Parliament directly OPPOSITE Holyrood palace….so shame on palace for NOT flying THE flag Graham loves…and NO bunting….she is letting her side down is she not…get her telt Graham.

      2. Why did they approach him… was he crying ?

      3. American tourists had been down in London…saw the flags and the bunting KNEW about Jubilee celebrations…..where actual Queen will be during celebrations as HER piggin Jubilee…BUT so important was it to them that they LEFT London to come up here and thus MISS celebrations in London and MISS seeing the Queen just to moan about us here not having flags and bunting…..so em what what were THEY doing coming up here and missing all the celebrations in London Graham….did you not ask them Graham…even though they were invisible fictions of your Unionist imagination Graham.

      4. If lack of flags and bunting make Graham sad then wait till he hears about what causes REAL sadness here 100% due to HIS party….that though would make him laugh or cry ( as in shout) #SNPBAD….

      BTW Graham were they, the American tourists, Trump supporters…a bit like many in YOUR party.

      5. Most important of all ….the above encounter DID NOT HAPPEN…but Graham was trying to make a point… a political one…yet again…..because that is what Tories do…fabricate stories to promote their lies and versions of the truth……to fiddle the books and politics while their UK burns…….lit by flags and bunting……and riddled with fictitious encounters with American tourists to promote #ScotlandSh*te and #SNPBAD……

      Children…don’t be like Graham…don’t make a fool of yourself in public just for a corrupt political party and a well past it’s sell by date (non) Union…….even yon Stephen Jardine was laughing at him…so obvious was his lie……..twas Debate Night Graham NOT Jackanory chance to tell another (fake) Tory Story…..yes another one….YAWN.

      Tories and their stories…Peter Bone and Michael Fabricant have stories too…about meeting invisible voters and French friends ….who conveniently ,they say , support Boris and his lockdown parties allegedly…..Michael even went so far as to state the French tourists via #PartyGate did not think a little wine was a big deal…he said they were friends of his…..that’s how you deffo know it was a lie his story….as he has no friends that would be seen in public with him…..pretty much because his hair (wig) looks like a sleeping miniature (tiny) Highland coo that was thrown at him and has landed on his heid….minus the horns ( though his own (Devil) horns certainly show every time he speaks)….he leaves it there as it does the job…as in making him look as ridiculous as he sounds…Job done.

      God I am so exasperated and exhausted at the tsunami of utter rubbish from the lot of them….

  9. proudcybernat says:

    Okay Paul we get it. But what am I to do with me platty-plated loob-joobs?

  10. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Sky News tweet just reported “Prince Andrew tests positive for COVID, Buckingham Palace says”

    God they are really embarrassing themselves Ha Ha…..doing a Tories with their stories…..OMG.

    Got Covid…aye sure he has….timing is everything…..Covid…aye that sounds plausible wink wink

    • Dr Jim says:

      Ah, the convenient Covid, well I suppose it beats the “I’ve got a headache” and will he have a non sweaty temperature I wonder?

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        I think it would have been the rest of the royals sweating if he had attended the ‘celebrations’……..

        I guess all of the royal sycophants can now pretend he does not exist…out of sight ..out of mind….

        Covid…how unoriginal can you get….I mean come on…surely better to say nothing than this !!!

        The Royal and political establishments just lie with impunity…..and the plebs lap it up….hence why they, Royals and politicians, continue to lie with impunity……

        • Welsh_Siôn says:

          They [the Establishment] lie with impunity.


          That girl, Em Punity, sure gets around …

          • Not-My-Real-Name says:

            Ha Ha…..she sure do…..she was known to say …Infamy Infamy…they’ve all got it infamy…Ba Dum Tish……( and NO Tish ain’t a girl but a cymbal sound…before you ask…..also known as Tss if you have your teeth in…Ba Dum Tss )…..


            • keaton says:

              It’s sickening to see people being so cynical about HRH as he battles this awful virus. I certainly hope the FM, PM and LOTO will be along shortly to offer him their wishes and prayers.

  11. jfngw says:

    I think we are misunderstanding Boris Johnson, when he said ‘let the bodies pile high’ surely he was referring to the drunks in his office areas. He then appeared on the street clapping, we thought it was for the NHS but more likely just showing the appreciation for the resilience of his staff, never in the field of endeavour has so much been drunk by so few, so lets raise our glasses for the Bottle of Britain and the spew.

  12. “Platty Joobs” – I was just sick in my waste bin! Heaven help us all …

  13. Tintock says:

    Dunno what all the fuss is about…it’s only 69 years since Auntie Betty was crowned.

    • Legerwood says:

      She became Queen the moment her father died. There cannot be a vacancy. Seamless transition.

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        Hence the expression,

        “The King is Dead. Long live the King!”

        (Sorry – I am as much a monarchist as most on here. But I have studied these things.)

  14. jfngw says:

    I still don’t like the question ‘Should Scotland be an Independent Country’, the word is too open to interpretation. I would prefer something along the lines of ‘Should Scotland be governed solely by representatives elected by the people of Scotland’. There is no ambiguity, there is no loading of what the word independence means, no preconception regarding membership of EU, NATO, currency or even royalty (we know how touchy YesIndyRef2 is on that one).

    It is a question about democracy, obviously the electoral commission won’t like it as it is what the vote is actually about, they will conclude a truthful question is loaded, Westminster wants a ambiguous question which allows them to highlight bogus scenarios.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      No ambiguity, but the YES vote plummets to 30%.

      Decisions about monarchy, nukes, should be made by the first Independent Parliament of Independent Scotland.

      First we need to get there.

      Anyways, the draft bill complained about from a Bath chair, is very short, and contains the 2014 question:

      Click to access scottish-independence-referendum-bill-draft-publication.pdf

      The question is

      “Should Scotland be an independent country?”.

      • jfngw says:

        Not sure where you get 30% from. The highly dubious poll (unweighted, sample too small and from a non standard polling company) published recently only had support at 45%, 36% are against, the other 19% don’t care so would not going to base their decision on the royalty question.

        So I won’t put a number on it, I’m biased one way so my opinion is obviously coloured.

        It’s my opinion it is a badly worded question not what it is going to be. Gives the No side too many prodding points (you’re not independent if…).

        • yesindyref2 says:

          It’s based a bit on this more than full poll (1,287) from June last year (Panelbase for the Times), but it’s a bit finger in the wind for my 30% guesstimate.


          Similar things could be said for the EU / EFTA, maybe even NATO though unlike becoming a republic, NATO is effectively “status quo”.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          Thr other thing is that Canada, Australia, New Zealand and oters are all Independent, but have the Queen as (nominal) head of state. Add to that that personallhy, I’d not like to see President Salmond, Pres Brown, Pres Ross, Press Sarwar, Pres Baillie, Pres Tom Gordon …

          • ST says:

            “I’d not like to see President Salmond, Pres Brown, Pres Ross, Press Sarwar, Pres Baillie, Pres Tom Gordon” ……
            And that’s why you could vote them out as democratically elected heads of state. Its called democracy.The Royals are part of the problem with this country, not part of the solution

          • Hamish100 says:

            Having a monarch is not Democratic. Head of the Church of England? Separation of state and powers.
            No an Irish style system seems to work.

          • jfngw says:

            I suppose that’s a choice, head of state elected by the people or by hereditary birthright, democracy or patronage.

            I could see how many would baulk at having to call them President, or whatever title we decide upon, the BBC has a problem with the title FM currently, they prefer just surnames.

  15. Legerwood says:

    “”People who use the term “platty joobs” probably also go on their holibobs 🛫🛫🛫with their delish husbando 👨and the kiddliewinks to chillax and make memories on their insta account and have like a totes fabbo amazeballs time with drinkypoos 😂😂✨✨🍷🍷because it’s prosecco o’clock all day long ❤❤❤🎈🎈which means they can legit go for a cray cray sesh whenevah 🍷🍷🍷🍷YOLO! 😭😭😭😭amarite babes! while saying “What are we like, we’re mad we are😜😜😜!” I only wrote that sentence so that you can experience what having a stroke feels like. No need to thank me.””

    I think those few sentences sum up the whole awful shebang just perfectly.

  16. yesindyref2 says:

    That was a great flypast flying over Buck Palace, good to see the T45s, a half-built T26 some rotating wing OPVs and 6 aircraftless carriers. The Queen, bless her, seemed well pleased.

    OK people, it should be safe to come out from under your covers, at least until the news. But to play safe, pretune your TV to the Horror Channel.

    Oh well back to cutting the grass. It never reigns but it purrs.

  17. ArtyHetty says:

    Excellent Paul. I loved the ‘tartan thongs’ misread part lol!
    Aye, a couple of hooses around us in Edinburgh have some butchers apron bunting out, it’s all very low key, or indeed no key. Even Waitrose has minimalised any obvious BritNatism ‘celebrations’ it seems. I did read that the EngGov have paid to install screens showing the whole ridiculous pompery in Edinburgh. I will be watching Marvel films or my fave, which has just started the second season, ‘The Orville’. No it’s not about a bird, it’s a spoof of Star Trek and very good indeed…via disney plus I think? Have a peaceful weekend all, hope we don’t get the RAF doing any loop de loops to spoil it!

  18. Only seen yin hoose wi union jack bunting up, and I’m in the borders.

  19. Dr Jim says:

    When you look at the apathy or indeed disregard towards whole jubbly joobly in Scotland it makes a kinda nonsense of the so called polling that suggested we were in fact somewhat interested

    Never trust the pollsters or their resulting analysis as to what Scotland thinks is what this says to me, if they can get this eh, *wrong* then what other polls are eh, *wrong*

    Support for Independence is split 50/50 my bahookey

  20. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Raining on a reign: Forecasters warn of potential Platinum Jubilee thunderstorm weather alert

    02 Jun 2022 3 minute Read


    Thunderstorms could hit Jubilee celebrations from Wales to London on Saturday, weather forecasters have warned.

    The Met Office is considering issuing a weather warning as it predicts heavy, possibly thundery, showers for parts of England and London on Saturday evening, during the Jubilee concert.


    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      So it’s going to REIGN on her parade….does anyone know if Cliff Richard will be singing his hit ‘Devil woman’ in his set tomorrow …..not that I would watch it….just seems apt somehow.

  21. James Mills says:

    Gawd ! Save the Queen ? From what ?

  22. Alex Clark says:

    This infographic doesn’t seem to tie in with the polls we are normally told are representative of Scots views on the monarchy.

  23. stewartb says:

    Remarkable early evening TV News today on both BBC1 and ITV/STV. Main bulletins were packed full of jubilee stuff happening in London and “across the country”.

    Then on Reporting Scotland – the news where I am – the viewer had to wait until about item four or more to get anything on the jubilee – a low key event in an East Lothian primary school followed by c. 4 vox pops interviews in a city centre characterised by no interest/indifference. And on the STV early evening news, literally no coverage!

    I suspect they’ll be thinking hard in the newsrooms about how to make up for lost time over the next few days. A camera crew to Larkhall may be all that’s needed.

    • Alastair says:

      Strange that you should mention Larkhall Stewartb, ‘cause this evening, being the first Friday in June, there is a large Orange parade.

  24. dakk says:

    Heard the offending term for first time on the wireless yesterday and honestly thought the airwave personality was saying clatty pubes.

    Think I’ll stick with that I will if that’s ok.

  25. Naina Tal says:

    As a non licence payer I never watch live TV. My only exposure to Pathetic Quay is GMS oan the wireless over breakfast. Jist to see whit the propaganda du jour is.
    Sometimes when it gets too much I switch over to BBC World service.Well sometimes there are good non news articles on there.
    This morning I could stomach the Non Scottish Joobleefest no longer. Switched to World Service where they were telling the world about what a school in Ghana was doing for the Royal Crone’s anniversary thing. Aaaargh! Wireless off! Think I’ll need to go on the short wave radio and see if there are any English language channels on there. Radio Moscow used to be ok…. Well maybe no!

    • Clydebuilt says:

      often interesting to compare Radio 4’s output with Their station based in Scotland.

      • Naina Tal says:

        Yes, I used to listen to that as well but it’s supposedly a “National” channel. The “Nation” in question is of course England. Generally found it full of smug Englishry. Totally uninformed about Scottish affairs. Doesn’t stop them commenting on the odd occasion, though!

        • Clydebuilt says:

          yes But. . . . . on Radio 4 you get to hear about the state of England’s NHS, policing (or lack of it) etc. Radio Scotland never let Scots hear anything bad about affairs in England as it would let Scots see that the Scottish Gov. are doing much better than England’s

        • grizebard says:

          The BBC’s infamous charter requires the organisation to promote Unity, but it never seems to have occurred to anyone there that a necessary and important part of that duty should be to keep the English well informed of what is happening in the rest of the {ahem} “country”. Apart from the very occasional nod to the rest of us, it almost never happens. Instead a one-way “England this and England that” is blithely pushed at us. They appear to see us as honorary English who should be appreciative of their generosity of spirit and who should happily lap it all up. (As alas some do.)

          Ironically, when the BBC is obliged by law during general elections to give the likes of Nicola Sturgeon something more like fair all-UK exposure, there are many down south who really quite like what they hear, a shining exemplar that puts to shame the usual political dross they otherwise have to endure.

  26. Cydebuilt says:

    Your Elephant Tranquillisers have arrived Sir.

    “V o t e B r i t a i n” by Alan Bissett

  27. Dr Jim says:

    I read that the UK government has successfully managed to keep more Ukrainians out of the British Isles than any other country in the world, despite their *intensive efforts* to *help* them get in

  28. yesindyref2 says:

    Well, a timely intervention from our old friend, Curtice:


    The truth is that those people who not only want independence but would like to get rid of the monarchy are frankly probably going to vote Yes anyway.

    Same goes for Trident. Is there anyone who posts here would say: “Well,, if we don’t get rid of the monarchy / Trident, I’m voting NO”?

    I don’t see any harm though in saying to undecideds:

    “If you want to get rid of nukes, the monarchy, the only way to do it is with Independence, but we need to get our Independence first”.

    The clever but also neccessary thing is to appeal to as great a constituency as possible, by covering all these issues both ways, and pointing out that only Independence gives the choice.

    Anyways, Sturgeon already clearly has got this right. Leading by example …

    • Dr Jim says:

      When asked this question on Scotland keeping the monarchy post Independence by BBCs Glen Campbell this morning the FM answered “That is the position of my party” Campbell repeated the question asking her personally and she said “That is the position of my party”

      So I’ll just say that’s my position until Independence also, then the party will have another vote on the matter and decide there’s really no need for this continuing nonsense in a modern democracy

      • yesindyref2 says:


        I didn’t renew my membership in 2017 after joining with the rest in Sep 2014 for the first time in my life, I’m not really a political party sort of person.

        But I do think people should look carefully at what Sturgeon says or does, and see if that’s a good idea for them to do the same. I think she was a bit careless in the past, but gets better year after year, and understands her job as FM – as well a de facto leader of the Indy Movement.

        Classic example is her current more flexible approach to Trident – considering she was an active member of the CND.

      • jfngw says:

        There was only one reason Campbell decided to go with this story, it was so he could corner the FM with the question. He knows fine well there is disagreement between people on retaining the monarchy, he was merely trying to highlight this, not to inform but to divide. The question is irrelevant as far as independence goes and the current FM opinion is also of no relevance, it is a question to be determined when we are independent.

        • grizebard says:

          Well said. These media twisters are always on the hunt for wedge issues to cause trouble and sow dissention in the pro-indy ranks. Following on from the divisiveness over the EU during Brexit that IMO caused the dip in 2017 that set us back several years. So it will help wonderfully if we don’t assist them by wilfully looking for divisive issues of our own devising. Always problems that somehow have to be totally sorted before we have the full agency to be able to deal with them!

          There is no political issue worth a damn that needs to be sorted before we gain our rightful freedom. In fact, the more important the issue, the more important it be kept to deal with ourselves, free from “interference”. This is not about base party politics, it’s about rights and principles.

          • Bob Lamont says:

            Spot on.

          • yesindyref2 says:

            This is it exactly.

            There are people writing article after article about how support for Indy hasn’t really shifted in X years (X depending on what point they want to make), and it all seems to want to blame Sturgeon.

            The fault YES support hasn’t risen is – us. We’re about as appealing as a week-old lumpy unsalted porridge sandwich in a soggy paper bag.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      The Herald of course puts its own slant on this:

      INDEPENDENCE campaigners will need to promise to keep the monarchy if they want to win a referendum next, Professor Sir John Curtice has said.

      No he didn’t.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Indeed, Andrew Learmonth appears determined to challenge Chris Musson for the strangely coveted prize of journalistic idiot of the year, Glenn Campbell ever the chrome domed bridesmaid.
        Note how Andrew phrased “Responding to Professor Curtice’s comments, MSP Ross Greer said:” rather than what Andrew purported Curtice said, clever or desperate ?

        It’s pretty clear of late that the band’s been put back together on the Bitter Together Blues Brothers tour, but frankly does anyone care ? Be it NATO, or currency, or non-existent national debt or Betty’s anniversary of her father’s death ? When confronted by spiralling grocery and energy bills do I hear cries of “Gawd bless her”, or let’s GTF?

  29. Sorry if anyone’s already posted this (been busy with covid then work, so just catching up).

    Definitely worth a download I suggest! Help bump it up a wee bit further.

    A great British tune for the joabylee!


    ‘Prince Andrew is a Sweaty N****’ song close to top 10 on official charts

    THE band behind the viral hit “Boris Johnson is a F****** C***” are hoping to make a statement in the charts over the Jubilee weekend with their take on Prince Andrew.

    Essex punk band The K***s released “Prince Andrew Is A Sweaty N****” to mark the Queen’s 70th year on the throne – and it’s already sitting just outside the top 10 on the official UK charts in 12th position.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Ehm, thenational.scot/news/20185925.prince-andrew-sweaty-n–song-close-top-10-official-charts/, note the date…

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        They also have a Twitter account under their band name and also have a less than complimentary song on the Jubilee…….let’s hope they keep HITTING the right targets…..love how some mainstream newspapers reporting on it…..cue faux indignation from all of the recent so called ‘alternate’ TV channels……..

        Also check out the Twitter account of the TheIainDuncanSmiths……their pinned tweet is a parody of The Smiths ‘This Charming Man’ which they have changed to ‘This Harming Man’ all about Iain Duncan Smith…it’s hilarious but also so very very true….

        I cannot link onto here as not techno unfortunately…..

    • “The grand old Duke of York, he said he didn’t sweat. So why did he pay 12 million quid to a girl he’d never met?”

      Quite catchy!


  30. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Can anyone link this onto here…..I am useless at techno stuff…..

    Pinned Tweet
    TheIainDuncanSmiths twitter a/c
    This Harming Man
    About Iain Duncan Smith
    Based on The Smith’s This Charming Man

    Cheers to techno techno peeps in advance……if cannot or will not still cheers…..

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Ok, not what you want just yet, NMRN. (Not on Youtube – at least as far as I can see – yet).

      Will you accept this as an aperitif?

      Please be upstanding for …

      … the British National Anthem (updated lyrics)

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Ha Ha….a fine aperitif indeed…..thank you WS….

        You can still check it out on their Twitter account TheIainDuncanSmiths…it’s pinned tweet ( tweet at top of their account)…..

        Have a lovely Jubilee FREE evening…..God bless Ya and save ya from Unionists and royalty….and t’other assorted undesirables…..

        ps. The Aliens are coming (some say they are already here…as if)…pass it on…Nanu Nanu

    • Bob Lamont says:


  31. Liking the britpop tributes in this.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Now THAT IS worth celebrating in the Jubilee…..songs that expose royalty and THEIR privilege to pay off people they have exploited for their own gratification and then avoid justice…..the Queen and her family exploit ALL of those she sees as her subjects…..taking money under false pretences ….doing her duty…aye her main duty being to gaslight morons who think she is better and more exceptional than she is….. where as she and her family are no better than those in society who greedily take from others and give nothing of substance or worth in return………….

      Parasites and hypocrites…..All those Royal sycophants that say ” She has served us well and done her duty”……….can they EXPLAIN HOW she has SERVED us and HOW she has DONE her DUTY….I mean if she had done NOWT then she would have had to GO….Duh….

      All I see is her opening venues, hospitals ( who prior to her visit have to spruce up the place to the inconvenience of those who work there and use the place), pander to Saudi rulers in welcoming them and wining and dining them on behalf of her corrupt Government …individuals from a country whose human rights do not exist but she and her family care not a jot, attend banquets with the BEST food and wine for her class as some of her subjects starve, holiday in Scotland and shoot and hunt innocent animals and birds, rear entitled children who do NOT adhere to the so called royal code but commit adultery/Noncery and t’other acts we mere mortals are condemned to prison for, swan about in the best designer clothes and top of the range cars, evade tax via tax avoidance schemes e.g. Panama papers she was noted, perpetuate the class system, live in palaces while some of her subjects are homeless, sponge money from the tax payers while some of her so called subjects find it hard to live thanks to HER government and their policies and mismanagement of THEIR UK and also the money spent on her and her family….aye some of those so called ‘duties’ being supposedly done so well BUT with a hassle free and luxury lifestyle experienced and enjoyed in return for her and her family and not experienced or ever enjoyed by her subjects though…. even those who kneel at the alter that is Royalty and Queenie……oh but the royal sycophants think she is so worth the worship and money paid to her and her brood
      ( an ever extending brood to the public purse)…..one on the growing list of worse waste of money by a people EVER…..

      The above Prince Andrew song brings her Jubilee in to perspective …… HER favourite SON….I rest yet another case…………. Snap fingers…….aaaaaaaaand I’m back in the room.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Also she owns horses now they are not cheap, watches them race while she is in the ROYAL enclosure , where only CERTAIN types invited into the ROYAL enclosure outwith royalty dependent on their status obvs and also those with money who are members of it (only those who are a member or have been invited by a member may enter. To join the exclusive club you must be sponsored by two current members). .plebs are confined to t’other less luxurious areas……as always….sure I have missed some OTHER ‘duties’ that she does …..like making even MORE Lords fill up the gravy train aka HOL where she (wrongly) chooses to tap a sword on each shoulder of the recipient where as she would be better chopping off some of their heads thus save us mere mortals from them….via a long list of waste of spaces that park their behinds in that chamber (pot) that is the HOL…..will Boris end up there….would not be surprised if he did.

  32. yesindyref2 says:

    Yes, and all the myths coming out this long weekend. Here’s one:

    The Scottish People lose trillions in ‘crown estate’ assets and resources.


    Technically these assets are owned by the Monarch ‘in right of the Crown’ (see Q3 below) but our revenue profit (sometimes called ‘net revenue’) goes to the Scottish Consolidated Fund and then to Scottish Government.  It is the responsibility of Scottish Ministers to decide how the revenue profit is used.

    and “No. Our assets are held ‘in right of The Crown’. This means that, while the Monarch is the legal owner, they are not the Monarch’s private property and cannot be sold by the Monarch, nor do revenues from the estate belong to the Monarch. 

    The Crown Estate in Scotland was devolved, in 2016 I think.


    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Compare and contrast two nations:


      Yes Cymru ‘banner on beaches’ events to campaign for devolution of the Crown Estate

      02 Jun 2022 3 minute Read

      Independence campaign group YesCymru is going to hold a series of rallies on Wales’ beaches to draw attention to the campaign to devolve the Crown Estate.

      The Crown Estate which makes up a large part of Wales’ coastal waters is currently owned by the Queen, who gets 25% of the profits, with the rest going to the UK Treasury.

      The Co-operation Agreement between the Welsh Government and Plaid Cymru supports the devolution of the management of the Crown Estate and its assets in Wales, as is already the case in Scotland.

      However, the UK Government has opposed any moves to devolve the Crown Estate to Wales.



      Any one know why the Crown Estate can be devolved to you guys but not to us?

      Answers on the back a postcard, please.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        The Smith Commission and a previous panicky Vow.

        (2017 not 2016, it was separate to the Scotland Act).

    • UncleBob says:

      Irrespective of all of this why should the “Monarch” be the legal owner?

      • yesindyref2 says:

        The revenue was given up by the Monarchy in exchange for their pocket money a few centuries back.

        And yes, why should the Monarch still be the leagl owner? Ironically David Torrance provides some background info in Chapter 10 of

        Click to access CBP-8885.pdf

  33. yesindyref2 says:

    Well what a waste of time that was. Just as YES gets back to 50-50 having gone down a bit, and on a contentious non-Indy issue where 45% support the monarchy against 36% against, but 19% don’t know, and despite Sturgeon, the de facto leader of the Indy Moverment saying to the BBC:

    “I actually don’t think that this weekend is the time to really be talking about these things.

    we have the single issue captured National gone full mental baheid with its Green party headline tomorrow, and a whole host of anti-monarchy articles. Even the Herald is more pro-Indy.

    National front page: It’s time for us to move towards a Scottish republic


    The National is Scotland’s pro-independence newspaper – we exist to advance that cause.

    What a laugh the Unionists will be having. Laugh? They’ll be hysterical.

  34. yesindyref2 says:

    Having a view is of course fine, but choosing this weekend to push such an agenda is insane. I won’t even dignify it by a direct link:


    for instance:

    A key element of our support for Scottish independence is owed to our desire to see Scotland assert itself on the world stage. To throw off the shackles of the Scottish Cringe and seize the full potential of those within this nation.


    If that is our mindset, we cannot tie ourselves to the archaic notion of a royal family

    who gave them the right to set policy for Independent Scotland?

    And who gave them the right to insult some of those we would want to join on that world stage – Canada, Australia, New Zealand and others who seem to manage fine? I agree with these two comments below the line (Thank God I’m not a subscriber and therefore can’t comment any more – Peter Piper):

    leave the choice until after independence

    Totally right [].

    Independence is the issue at hand.
    All else can be put to democratic vote held in our own independent country.
    One piece at a time.

    The National should cancel its print run and wipe its front webpage articles and flush THEM down the cludgie – before they flush Indy for years to come.

    • Alex Clark says:

      No matter how strong your desire to be rid of the monarchy, this is not the way to succeed in that. In fact, it almost certainly makes it less likely as anyone who is currently a Yes supporter but regards the monarchy highly will be having second thoughts. Someone forced to choose between something they are already comfortable with and something new will stick with the atatus quo every time.

      If you make Independence all about issues that are certain to divide people you will never gain more converts to Independence and instead willt only succeed in alienating some of those who already support Independence. Pretty foolish of the National in my opinion.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        I feel like giving up, Alex.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        I agree independence only first…as to add other considerations will muddy the waters and provide , what will be presented as , yet another weapon for t’other side with which to beat us and sway undecided voters to then have to face two decisions to make i.e. independence and becoming a republic….which as you say Alex may , for some,” force them to choose” and perhaps their allegiance to Royalty would make them reject independence….strange but some people not yet convinced or informed fully.

        However I do think if you want independence or are near to deciding you may want it and you also support the monarchy you will find that the monarchy will most definitely NOT support your want or desire for independence….indeed Gordon Brown’s visit to Holyrood which Channel Four News reported on, and where they were asked NOT to transmit his visit to prince William,…where the purpose of Brown’s visit was to ask help from William in saving their (non) Union….was not I am sure an unannounced visit by Brown but one by Royal consent.

        I think perhaps The National were being presumptuous to assume the lack of interest in the Jubilee celebrations and indeed royalty itself here in Scotland was a reflection of people in Scotland supporting a republic in an independent Scotland…. as for me a confirmed Indy supporter I would be fine with dumping Royalty….but I also realise that for some reason, that I personally cannot fathom, others seem to view them as an asset and somehow a status for their country……and not as an unnecessary excess and expensive baggage.

        I do think if MORE Royal scandals were to be revealed then support would greatly diminish for them as to still sustain any support for them then would be inexplicable as to why.

        Independence first…..then later deal with the problem that truly is the Royal family…..

        God we have enough to deal with via the NO side’s currency obsession ” What currency will you use…you can’t use the pound ” ?….though did just read that “Pound faces ‘existential crisis’ with Sterling’s struggles similar to currencies in emerging markets, Bank of America warns”….

        Soooooo….they will be worried about THAT as was a well used negative they weaponised against Scotland becoming independent…….the Smackeroony as Scotland’s new currency will have it’s day..surely.

        Independence first…then we deal with ‘other’ issues.

      • Pogmothon says:

        Is it just me or …..No wait a minute.

        Sit down or stand whatever is comfortable for you to relax, deep breaths 1….2….Ahhhh!
        Okay now…… right here’s the question.

        Is it just me or is there anyone else who thinks that slowly,…slowly the National is on the same road that the Bathiston chronicles took, from rabid independence to rabid unionist tripe.

        I dunno there’s this little weed of doubt in the back of my mind.
        We all know the owners are doing the money making thing playing both sides of the street, but do they really have an unbiased view of things.
        Or come the referendum will they be waving a bu**her’s apron for another bitter together no vote.
        I am told that it’s my imagination, and everything will be fine…..but
        I just can’t seem to……..
        Somebody prove me wrong please……

        • Not-My-Real-Name says:

          I am certainly not comfortable that their sister paper is The Herald….and their creation was them seeing a ‘gap in the market’ in being a unique paper supportive of independence against ALL of the other papers unbalanced ,dominating and supportive position in favour of the Union….however time will tell how ‘committed’ they are when next Indy Ref comes around…..the jury is still out on them…for some people

          What to do….well we either support them as is…or be in the position where we have NO media other than social media to support, inform and promote independence….where currently it seems not ALL people in Scotland seem to venture to get their info and facts……

          However you make a good point in that perhaps we should proceed with caution….as we all remember what happened to the once Indy supporting ‘Sunday Herald’….hijacked back to the dark side….on the plus side WGD has a column in it….that’s a big plus for us and others who read his columns…..and a way of converting those readers who perhaps are curious but as yet not fully decided or as committed on independence for Scotland as we are…..

    • I’d add a note of caution about ‘support’ for the monarchy.

      Most people are not raving monarchists nor rampant republicans. In fact they don’t really care.

      Their views on indy will not be fashioned at all on this subject as the presence or absence of a monarch has no material impact on their lives, whether they can pay their bills etc.

      That said, it is a post-indy matter and one for Scots like you say. Rocking boats right now makes no sense and just gives unionists sticks to beat yes with. As a republican party the Greens are fine saying they support a republic, while any SNP position should be for its members post indy as they are not primarily about that, but indy. For he moment, they don’t plan any change. That’s not ‘keeping the monarchy’ it’s doing nothing.

      If Scotland goes indy, then all the class system of the monarchy in Britain will go with it, HoL included. Any influence the monarch has over Scots law would vanish. They’d become like Scandinavian monarchs. That would happen essentially naturally, with no opposition. Hence the SNP are fine with ‘keeping the Queen’.

      If you want to gauge passionate support for the monarchy in Scotland, try counting union flags and bunting this weekend when you are out and about. That will give you a solid picture.

      And the monarchy in Scotland will end with Lizzie. There’s no passion for anyone beyond her.

  35. Hamish100 says:

    Yes let’s make it clear we wish a load of toffee nosed English establishment to continue as our head of state. We are not independent until they go.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      And if we don’t get a YES vote in 2023, then you’ll be saying after the NO vote:

      Yes let’s make it clear we wish a load of toffee nosed English establishment to continue as our head of state. We are not independent until they go.

      Which wsas what happened with the NO vote. Then in 2030 you’ll be saying:

      Yes let’s make it clear we wish a load of toffee nosed English establishment to continue as our head of state. We are not independent until they go.

      with no chance at all of doing anything about it, and in 2050?

      Yes let’s make it clear we wish a load of toffee nosed English establishment to continue as our head of state. We are not independent until they go.

      Whereas with a YES vote in 2023, then 2 or 3 years after that you can be saying:

      Yes let’s make it clear we DON’T wish a load of toffee nosed English establishment to continue as our head of state. We are not FULLY independent until they go.” in your pitch for a YES vote in the the 2027 monarchy referendum “Should the Monarchy be abolished?”.

      The stupidity of The National has actually made it far less lilkely the Monarchy will ever be abolished in Scotland, unless that happens in the UK as a whole of which we will still be part for ever.

      • Hamish100 says:

        Look you’re a royalist with military tendencies. I do get that.

        It’s the monarchists that keep Scotland in chains. I note the let’s be nice to them don’t support the idea of a Democratic Scotland.

        Incidentally the royals are unionists and will undermine.

  36. Capella says:

    A discussion worth having ?

    National front page: It’s time for us to move towards a Scottish republic

    Many will certainly be grateful for the extra days off – many also feel a clear respect for Queen Elizabeth’s service, though that does not extend to her offspring.

    None of that is near enough to erase the truth that this monarchy is an entirely out-of-touch, out-of-date institution that highlights exactly the kind of privilege that has fed so many of the horrific problems faced by Scotland and the rest of the UK.


    • Alex Clark says:

      Sure it’s a discussion we must have but it’s totally irrelevant unless Scotland is first of all an independent country able to make such choices. Otherwise, it’s all bullshit and hot air.

      • Hamish100 says:

        Yeh. We have seen enough of that this week.

        For yiref2 and yourself I would be content with Independence first and within the year a vote on an elected President via an elected monarch from another country.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  37. Dr Jim says:

    If I wasn’t interested in Independence I wouldn’t be reading any newspapers, I only do it because like many others of us I’m overly geeky about Independence, young people don’t read them at all and middle aged folk only select the odd one that talks to them, so what we’re left with are the elderly because buying newspapers is something they’ve always done but quite honestly if you ask them what they read in their Daily whatever within two hours of them reading *some* of the contents I’d put money on them either not remembering or misremembering even the banner headline

    News media in the next referendum will not be as successful at putting down the Independence *rebellion* as they did in 2014

    There’s a slightly different slant on the coming fight next year in which the TV media will be forced into a different position re their reporting, except of course for the print idiots of the Mail and Express who will go to such lengths to oppose Independence the extent of their lies will mostly just be embarrassing to them

    There’s a lot to look forward to for the Independence cause this time

  38. Clydebuilt says:

    Capella says:
    June 3, 2022 at 11:50 pm
    A discussion worth having ?

    National front page: It’s time for us to move towards a Scottish republic

    That’s undermining the FM’s approach of holding a referendum on the monarchy after independence.

    To win a referendum We need people of all opinions to vote for it.
    Nicola Sturgeon is very aware of this.

    John Robertson has described the National as a Trojan Horse. Often I think he is right on this.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Not so sure the National is a “Trojan Horse”, but I’ve been discomforted at times by what they publish, the latest Monarchy-fest one of those instances.

      Upthread I’d posted Andrew Learmonth’s article in the Herald, deliberately misinterpreting what John Curtice had actually said, one of many journalists who write for both the Herald and the National.

      It’s blindingly obvious the manipulators perceive the Monarchy as yet another potentially divisive issue. joining nuclear, GRA reforms, currency, EU/EEA, etc., etc., all of which have been floated as crucial decisions to be made in advance and agreed before holding the actual referendum.

      Who the hell agrees sets out every facet of the next decade of their life in minute detail before being released from imprisonment ?
      It’s nuts to be taken in by it….

  39. Golfnut says:

    No surprise that republicans of whatever political persuasion would use the current raft of ‘ celebrations ‘ and opinion polls to push their own preferences for reform. That it undermines the FM’s more political and conciliatory position will only become relevant if it continues past the next few weeks.

  40. This from the BBC does accept the lack of support for the monarchy in Scotland. I pick out an important point not specifically about the monarchy, but a wider problem for unionism.


    The British Future report reckons only one in six people in England feels more British than English, and they are more likely to be young, urban, liberal, pro-European and from ethnic and faith minorities.

    Scotland, in this sense, really is a foreign country, where feeling more British “has precisely the inverse sociological correlations: being older, more Christian, whiter, more right-leaning and more Eurosceptic”, according to British Future.

    I’ve been saying this for ages. The ‘British’ in Scotland and N. Ireland are nothing like the British in England. Polar opposites. Like NI, our British voted Leave, while the Brits in England voted Remain. ‘Scots’ voted Remain, while the ‘English’ voted leave etc.

    This is why you have e.g. Brexiters from Scotland/England attacking Ulster Scots; the ‘culture’ of the orange order. It’s why Johnson is happy to shaft his strongest allies in NI etc, and has Ruth Davidson attacking him…

    Unionism is utterly divided.

  41. Hamish100 says:

    Personally, I think the referendum will be won with the non voters/ undecideds voting for independence than trying to be a touchy freely royalist.

  42. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Just noticed someone refer to Jubilee celebrations in England as a country called Absurdistan…

    However the UK under the Tories is Corruptistan…..Crapistan…..and soon to be Implodistan when it finally breaks up…..then English nationalists can rename it Aloneistan….or Torystan….

    The English people who rebel against all of the madness can seek solace here in Scotland like so many have already done…. coming here to be free from the madness that corrupts their country, which has made it crap to live in and can, like us here, see that the UK is about to implode thus England will be alone and likely be ruled for some time by the Tories….with or without Boris Johnson.

    Feel sad for them as to have to leave your country because some of your fellow countrymen and women are so myopic they fail to see or understand the consequences of both Brexit and the Tory party….they also feel no passion for alternate political parties in England as hard to distinguish their policies and vision from the Tory party (perhaps with exception of Green party)…….quite sad really…..amazing that some Scots also do not feel the same sentiment as our English friends do who come here to live……. or that they as Scots , for NOW, choose to NOT free us from the absurd and awful position we are now in as part of their so called but NOT ‘UNITED’ KINGDOM aka the real Absurdistan as a now clearly failed concept…..as more disunited than united …..

    However perhaps NOT as neck and neck as polls seem to indicate re support for independence and Union….

    As I quoted before on here about polls they may be a “way to influence opinion as opposed to reflecting it”………a quote taken from one Peter Hitchens who dreams of an England that will indeed become Aloneistan in name and by also, according to him, by declaration…..

  43. Dr Jim says:

    As the media try to convince undecided and don’t know voters that they must have the future of an Independent Scotland mapped out for them by the FM in every detail, then surely to combat this drivel we must constantly point out that they ask the same question of the voters in England who are the people who ultimately decide the future of Scotland by the governments and policies they select if Scotland remains within this so called union that we have no say in

    The media deflection of demanding psychic predictions from the SNP only to rubbish them if they make them is ludicrous in the extreme, in 2015 Nicola Sturgeon predicted and warned Brexit would happen, the media and every unionist politician rubbished it and we all remember the high profile politicians who swore blind they would even resign if such a dreadful thing were ever to happen

    Well we have Brexit and I think we all know that none of the lying Tory politicians who promised to resign has actually done it, they now insist it’s a wonderful thing and we should all just get on an live with Englands decision, just like they’re about to do all over again when it comes to them making their lying promises before Scotlands next decision, our referendum on the giant F*** up the so called union is going to do next to us

    In the whole of my 73 years on this earth there’s one thing that’s never failed to prove me right

    No Scots can take the word of anything that comes out of England, there’s only one promise they ever keep and it’s their historical nature to lie, not just to us, but to every country on the planet, it’s the reason they are known as *perfidious Albion*

  44. Lizzie missing most events due to ill health. As I’ve said before, I can’t help but feel the monarchy in Scotland will come to an end itself. She’s clearly too frail now to be queen in anything but name.

  45. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    I think the Unionist politicians assume that the longer THEY try to hold out on what they say is them ‘allowing’ another Independence Referendum then the more we, who support Indy, will become jaded, demotivated and thus will succumb to feeling demoralised and thus be less driven to campaign for Independence….

    They also hope that the undecided voters will perceive the quest for independence as an obsession and not a necessity and thus something that should be dropped amid everything else they say is happening…..as in those Unionist political decisions and policies that are having such a hugely negative impact on us all ….but they, Unionists politicians, conveniently omit the fact that these same negative things that are happening and impacting us all …..are a direct result for us in Scotland predominantly because we are STILL a part of THEIR UK under a Tory UK government aka Unionist party….because that would then make independence appear justified and rational to seek in order to be free from the chaos, instability, corruption, lies and drop in the standard of living we are all suffering via their UK with a Unionist UK government in charge.

    And let’s be honest if ever there was a blatant display of nationalism then tis happening now with the excessive amount of flags being flown to support British Nationalism as seen and supported by those who are quick to condemn independence supporters as being ‘narrow minded divisive Scottish nationalists’ but define themselves as ‘British Patriots/Nationalists’…..thus heralding their superiority as a fake (dis)united nation compared to other countries via having a supposed ‘superior’ royal family and a dying flag to wave and display…..the reality is that as a so called British united nation we are clearly greatly disunited via different nations within the UK….different in many ways including very much politically thus as ‘one’ so called (non) ‘nation’ we do not exist but are a fabricated state under the (dis)guise of the so called United Kingdom aka (non) Union to suit Unionists only….and indeed also ruled by THEIR political parties we here in Scotland do not choose to elect via a majority……..

  46. Kindae quiet oan here. Where is everyone? Watching Roland Garros like the Skiers? Not much else on at the minute. Very quiet around here (Lauder) in the borders.

    • grizebard says:

      I was just sittin’ in the garden enjoying some peace and a bit o’ sunshine. We all need a dose of that right now.

      Turned on the radio at lunchtime, it was the tail end of a programme about how the cost of living is hitting some people hard. Then on came the news, right away the jobbielee and right off went the radio. Silence in this case is bliss! The contrast is hard to endure. It’s “bread and circuses”, just without the bread. And we all have to pay for the circus.

      (Hope BTW you’re getting over your stint of the Dreaded Lurgi by now.)

    • Aye, weather was crackin the day. Early summer is my favourite weather. Aifter loadsae snaw that this! 🙂

      Totally recovered from the lurgi thanks.

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        Totally recovered from the lurgi thanks.

        What? The Jubilee farago is over? Who knew?

  47. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Apparently Prince Charles in his speech to ‘Mummy’ told the crowd ” Maybe this year it really is coming home”

    Ah….the song linked with the English football National side in international competitions.

    That’s Charles the Prince of …WALES….saying that the DAY BEFORE WALES play Ukraine…..in a play off to try to qualify to the next round of the World cup….

    ***Is it that he does not know…or care…that Wales are still to play to try and qualify to the next stage ?***

    ***YES to all of the above***…..so I assume when he addressed the ‘Nation’ he was indeed addressing but ONE nation…..cause with that faux pas (not a faux pas for him though) he was certainly NOT addressing the Welsh people and I suspect not us in Scotland either…..

    Mind you his son William is the president of the FA…which is of course the governing body of association football in England and the Crown Dependencies of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man……and William tries to attend all of their international matches as is HIS nation and team playing.

    God almighty the royal and political establishments just keep on disregarding and offending those nations they think they and THEIR nation owns and ones that they are desperate to keep hold of while highlighting and praising the other one nation they identify with and who they see as in charge and and who they think represents THEIR UK………..UK is indeed synonymous with England to them.


  48. Golfnut says:

    Just a thought.

  49. Bob Lamont says:

    Amazed to read this morning the BBC being ripped to shreds widely in England for filtering out the booing of Johnson and his wife on arrival at St Pauls on their news reports. Having previously heard a snatch of the original OB, I checked what the BBC were NOW showing, and right enough, a pretty blatant party remix….
    – Following on from the expressed surprise of BBC commentators live when it happened, it makes you wonder what bubble the BBC live in.
    – A later Twitter post proved it wasn’t a one-off either, the couple got the same treatment from the crowd on departure, described in the papers as “a mixed reception”.

    Managed to avoid the majority of the Jubilee stuff, and bit my tongue as US pals posted their delight over the flag-shagathon in London, it only served to remind me of the Spice Girls, Austin Powers, and those awful rear lights on Minis….
    As to Liz’s tea with Paddington…. 🙄

  50. jfngw says:

    It does not matter what subject you pick the agenda of the MSM and the unionists it supports is to paint Scotland inferior in every area, the truth is immaterial. It has two aims, in the short term it is to try and stymie a referendum, in the longer term it is trying to prove devolution doesn’t work and needs to be ended. All three London parties in Scotland will support its closure if the choice ever arises, it was suppose to be in perpetual unionist control (Labour actually, the Tories were content to cede Scotland to Labour, their heartlands are elsewhere), it didn’t work out as planned.

  51. yesindyref2 says:

    Herald: “Iain Macwhirter: An austerity spending review is certainly a strange way to launch Indyref2

    Poor Iain, I think he’s really lost the grip these days, no ability to think things through logically.

  52. Capella says:

    Andrew Tickell’s excellent summary of the state of affairs within the affairs of state we are currently living through (or sitting out in many cases).
    Andrew Tickell: Platinum Jubilee festivities don’t do it for me

    So what happens when a fixture comes unfixed? This question, I think, is one reason for the underlying sense of hysteria running through the media coverage this jubilee weekend, as advocates and apologists for the monarchy try to persuade you that the United Kingdom really is a nation united in celebration and persuade themselves that the institution and state’s future is secure.

    But cold winds are ruffling the bunting.


    Perhaps they are keeping their fingers crossed that she will outlive the Jubilee celebrations.

  53. Capella says:

    Meanwhile, over on The Herald, an unqualified expert dismisses Scottish efforts to develop education policies for lack of “coherence”. Is it education’s turn next week? Scotland on Sunday is sticking with the bad SNHS today. So the MSM lack coherence.

    Prof Robertson is on the case:

    Not competent

    Senior is a businesswoman with no mentioned educational qualifications or experience she seems to feel worthy on inclusion in her published CVs. She’s on the board at Nottingham University so may know something about educational policies in England not being coherent.


    • JoMax says:

      Does that mean they finally got bored with the ferries? Or does it mean a bad health/education story from England is about to break? Most bad Scotland stories usually immediately pre-empt bad news emerging from the south just in case we get ideas above our station.

      I did briefly pick up a ‘Scotland is worse than anywhere else in the UK’ story last week. It concerned the reduced footfall in retail stores since the pandemic. We are, as you might imagine, the worsest. Fewer Scots than ever are falling into shops these days. Whit are we like? We jist cannae dae onythin’ right.

  54. Tam the Bam says:

    Need a break from all the jubly nonsense?

    Wales v Ukraine
    STV … 4-00 pm.

    Best of luck Sion!

  55. Mair boos for the English PM.


  56. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Now I definitely want a lie down in a darkened room!

    Posted at 18:5618:56
    Wales 1-0 Ukraine

    Wales are going to the 2022 World Cup.

    Wales are going to their first World Cup since 1958.

    Wales have done it.

    Their long wait is over!

  57. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Last time we qualified for a World Cup – I was MINUS 10. Go figure!

  58. James says:

    Congrats to Wales. Just got to find a club for Bale now 🙂 I’ve got a feeling that he will end up at Newcastle. Big club with a large fan base, owners with deep pockets, guaranteed regular matches (which he will need to get him tournament fit) and based on the end of last season will be challenging the top six.

  59. Hamish100 says:

    Well done Wales.

    Elsewhere a blog attacking the FM (getting boring isn’t it), is praised by someone who doesn’t know their own name by stating-
    “Agreed, it’s an article of tremendous maturity. Keep up the good work, James.”
    As for maturity one can only assume that Anon is in P7!
    The 2% are still fuming that the FM is still in place. Removing the FM is more important than winning independence. Roll on 2023

  60. yesindyref2 says:

    I wasn’t going to bother with this, but the illiteracy of Iain Macwhirter – and that’s actual illiteracy not just economic illiteracy – can’t be left unpunished. These are just two in his error-strewn article “Iain Macwhirter: An austerity spending review is certainly a strange way to launch Indyref2”.

    1). “The deficit is largely because the tax increases intended to deliver revenues of £500m a year have actually delivered a shortfall of £200m.

    No they haven’t, can you not read? Here’s what the IFS actually said you twit:

    First, relatively slow growth in the income tax base in Scotland relative to the rest of the UK is an increasing drain on the Scottish Government’s budget. For example, despite changes to devolved income tax rates that overall were estimated to raise an additional £500 million, the Scottish Fiscal Commission forecast in December that the revenues the Scottish Government will receive this year will be £190 million lower than if income tax had not been devolved.

    Do you want me to guide you through this one syllable at a time? The shortfall is DESPITE the tax increases, and in fact without them you could work out that the shortfall would have been more like £700 million than £200 million. Ask the IFS – that’s what an actual journalist would do.

    Not so much the Laffer Curve as Sturgeon Flat Line.” = pretentious illiterate ignorance.

    2). “Kate Forbes dutifully tried to blame Westminster for the Scottish spending squeeze. She said the Scottish Government lacks borrowing powers. But it has just borrowed £417 million from the UK government which will have to be paid back. It also has powers to issue bonds, gilt-edged securities, to raise money on the international markets. But these have been largely unused since 2014.” [my bold]

    Bonds can only be issued for Capital Borrowing you ignoramus. They can NOT be issued for Resource Borrowing you buffoon. If you’re going to write an article, at least do some research, even the tiniest bit, though I doubt you’d understand what you’re reading. Here’s your starter for 10 (that’s on the decimal system for example 10 = 5 x 2), e.g.:


    Thank God I can’t post there any more, I’d be spending the rest of my life correcting appalling “journalism”.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      So, like a dog with a bone I looked at Macwhirter’s twitter and someone had pointed out that David Phillips of IFS had corrected this after Murdo Fraser “misunderstood” it same apparently as the Times had done. Imagine Macwhirter actually believing anything either of them said! Next he’ll be quoting the Mail, the last resort of the desperate. Anyways, in response to Murdo Fraser:

      I should correct this misunderstanding. We are not saying the tax rises have reduced revenue.

      The tax rises almost certainly have raised revenue.

      In their absence the slow employment and earnings growth (mostly not due to tax policy) would have seen revenues fall even further.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Incidentally, this is why the IFS and its likes get a bad name – because Unionists misquote their reports either through their own stupid, or deliberately mispresenting them to try to win an argument they know they’re doomed to fail with. Missquote from Murdo: “We’re doomed, we’re all doomed”.

        It’s good to see Phillips be proactive correcting such misrepresentations, but perhaps he’s realised the IFS reputation falls every time they allow themselves to be abused.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Macwhirter misunderstood nothing, he set out to deliberately misinform, the “Forbes” and “Sturgeon” embellishments geared to appeal to his anti-indy readership.

        Were this a one-off it could be dismissed as individual error, but not when the errors are serial and cumulative, that is an agenda in play.
        When that same deliberate misinterpretation appears in the Times, once a newspaper of repute, it is obvious as orchestrated propaganda – But with Times readers knowing little of Scotland’s finances and caring even less, why publish this bunkum at all ?

        That is revealed by Macwhirter with his “Kate Forbes dutifully tried to blame Westminster for the Scottish spending squeeze” – It’s all about diverting blame for SG’s financial woes from London, hence the tax revenue “expectations” scam, the Holyrood mismanagement game.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          He was Devo-Max, but managed to be convinced it just wouldn’t work even if it was agreed, Possibly with the help of posters below the line (cough). But he’s back in that mode again, and this is a great summation of his attitude (from April 21):

          Macwhirter: Some kind of reformed UK is almost certainly going to emerge in the next 10 years or so. The financial situation is going to be so difficult after the pandemic that it will be hard for the Barnett Formula to continue. The sensible thing would be to have a new constitutional arrangement, where Scotland gets fiscal autonomy, raising its own finances and managing its own affairs except for a set amount it sends to the UK for common policies like defence. This would stabilise things in the long term, because it would impose a much greater financial responsibility on the Scottish government. In other words, parties couldn’t continue to rack up these retail-politics offers in their manifestos, and then blame Westminster when it doesn’t fund them.


          Basically, he’s bought in to all the anti-Sturgeon propaganda, including about Salmond and the conspiracie theories, putting any critical faculties he ever had totally out of his head. A sad decay.

          Meanwhile, I probably agree with Mark Smith’s latest article wash my soap out with mouth!

          • grizebard says:

            It sounds to me that MacWhirter is a paid-up member of the Scottish Labourite “media mafia” who once was content to follow the party line on devolution, but given that policy’s increasingly obvious failure, has “stared into the abyss” of independence, baulked at the prospect, and as a result has retreated into blind denial. So what we now get are bitter attacks on the likes of Sturgeon and Forbes, the agents of the necessary reform which he just cannot countenance. So much for journalistic insight.

            Or as Upton Sinclair once put it, “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

    • Ooft, YIR2.

      I’ve been across the sea on family business, and incredibly managed to miss the whole Jubilee obscenity, during my stay in Belfast.
      No pomp, no ceremony.

      In Belfast; I’ll just leave that there.

      Macwhirter, McKenna, and the ‘retired’ BBC journalists like Toodle Oo The Noo Brian Taylor are paid by US Media giant Gannet’s UK branch Newsquest to lie by ommission or actually by a right wing Unionist media outlet of the English Oligarchy.

      Tired old men who are scratching about for money writing diurnal crap in a Dead Tree Scroll whose daily circulation now numbers in the paltry thousands , which cannot possibly survive on local revenue alone.
      Surely Dark Money is being pumped into this rag.

      McKenna, erstwhile New Labour Man, supports Anas Sarwar, millionaire Cash and Carry King, who sends his kids to private school, and is more Tory than some of the List bum warmers behind Dross in parliament.

      I’m still catching up on my reading after a week away, and am thoroughly enjoying the cut and thrust on here.

      Johnson faces a VoC debacle tonight.

      He’ll survive it, and will trundle along, despite losing the two byelections to be held at the end of June…We can only hope he is in place in September ’23 when we finally go to the polls on Self Determination.

      I repeat, I was in the North of Ireland during the jublilee jamboree.

      We literally drove through streets, where the butcher’s aprons hung flaccidly from lamp posts, the kerbs painted red white and blue, then, literally hundreds of meters (yards now) further, Irish tricolours replaced the Jack on lamp posts.

      However we witnessed no big jubbly bubbly outpourings anywhere.

      We travelled by car ferry from Cairnryan to Belfast by Stena…no customs checks, no documentation to complete, no ‘border down the Irish Sea’.to cross.
      The North is obviously ‘getting the best of both worlds’. In the EU, and for those who crave it, still ‘British’.
      The shops were well stocked, and sausages were on the breakfast menu.

      Of note, Paul.

      We bypassed Maybole on the new stretch of road above your wee hamlet. There were three big roundabouts, all with an exit into Maybole.

      The locals must be delighted that they now live and breath in a relatively peaceful wee toon now..

      I’m still still preoccupied with personal stuff…
      Remember my prediction..Stephen Barclay, like Major before him, will ‘rise without trace’, and become the Next Leader; but not for another six months or so.
      Lovely post, YIR 2.
      I no longer comment on Yoon Hacks now..they crave the oxygen which popular blogs like this provides.

  61. Welsh_Siôn says:


    Boris Johnson to face no confidence vote this afternoon

    06 Jun 2022 1 minute Read

    Prime Minister Boris Johnson will face a no confidence vote this afternoon.

    Enough Tory MPs have requested a vote of confidence in Boris Johnson to trigger a contest, chairman of the backbench 1922 Committee Sir Graham Brady announced first thing this morning.


  62. yesindyref2 says:

    As a summary of where we’re at, in my opinions.

    Back in 1978/9 I had to spend time with Indy supporters suggesting they should back the Devo Referendum. No, it wasn’t Indy, but Devolution would make Indy inevitable – not a question of IF but WHEN. Most came round, and after a bit of hesitation, the SNP came to support Devo full wack, even to the extent of putting around the leaflets from Labour left in the office of those whose support plummeted, for instance in Falkirk. 18 years later Devo got 74.3% YES, and indeed, at last Indy WAS inevitabe. A waste of 18 years, we would have been Indy by 1999 in most likelihood, 2007 at the latest, if it had been a full YES in 1979.

    Reason? Devo is unstable, and as far as Devo-Max was concerned in 2014, the then level of devo was already as far as it could go minus minor adjustments, to make it even remotely near being stable. The more powers, the less stable it becomes, and devolving tax revenues and half VAT made it even less stable, as the latest Forbes Review has clearly shown. Douglas Alexander I think it was, in the Scotsman, wrote an article saying you either devolve all taxation so there’s a mixed basket to cater for ups and downs in receipts for one, or you devolve none. We got partial which is – yes – unstable.

    But FFA is also unstable, as you’re still left with a tail being wagged by the dog. Lie DOWN Rover!

    • grizebard says:

      You may have told indy supporters that, but I disagree. Devo was very much in the hands of the Union, not least its two major parties, whether it worked or not. Devo’s failure was the Union’s failure, plain and simple.

      Its failure was not inherent, and devolution could have evolved to correct any emerging problems. Donald Dewar’s “a process, not an event”, remember. The blame can be laid right at the doorstep of a jealous power-greedy London which has consistently failed to take the situation seriously (eg. Blair, who compared the proposed Scottish Parliament to an English parish council), preferring instead to do the absolute minimum judged necessary and otherwise bluff it out. Or mostly even worse (also like Blair), it has secretly hated even the slightest loss of English hegemony over us, and longed to claw back even that which it once felt it had to concede.

      A counter-example is Belgium, which for a long time looked like it would fissure apart due to socio-linguistic-economic pressures far greater that those faced by the UK, yet which accommodated them, albeit at the cost of laying waste to the conventional political landscape of the time, coming out of it with an enhanced federal structure that has (so far, anyway) succeeded in keeping the country together. Because they cared enough to make it work.

      The UK has never cared about constitutional reform, has never honestly tried to make it happen in the face of entrenched political vested interests, and in its present form never will. Which is why independence for Scotland is unavoidable. It just takes a few more people here to see it, that’s all.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Devo’s failure was the Union’s failure, plain and simple.


        Which is why independence for Scotland is unavoidable. It just takes a few more people here to see it, that’s all.

        Well, yes, exactly, and that was why devolution would always inevitably lead to Independence. You actually just agreed with me! 🙂

        • grizebard says:

          Not entirely. Because devo was not inherently unsustainable, as you seem to have been suggesting, but because the Union’s heart just wasn’t in it. Back then, hardline Unionists of all sorts argued that devo would inevitably lead to independence. That wasn’t a given, but it was the first hint of their own lack of self-confidence. More people from all walks of life though were engaged with devolution, and expected it to rise to the inevitable challenges and evolve, not wither on the vine. It could have evolved. Its failure to do so was the result of deliberate political choices made by many over the last two decades. That was not inevitable, and not predictable.

          Insofar that devo was just a cynical “paper exercise” by the then Labour UKGov designed merely to thwart the SNP – a goal missed by a mile under the pressure of events – it could be said that its demise was predictable, I suppose. That’s easy to see now with the benefit of hindsight, but how many back then thought that the Labour monolith in Scotland, in the face of a challenge from an upstart SNP, was going to turn itself into a near-irretrievable political zombie? Virtually no-one.

          It is Unionism’s failure of self-confidence in its precious Union in general and in devolution in particular that is slowly – and only now perhaps inevitably – leading to the ultimate downfall of both. But it still needs yet more people to see it to definitively make it so.

  63. Capella says:

    Has Douglas Ross emerged from his cave today? Not heard any interviews. Surely his Scottish flock (of sheep) will need guidance.
    Pressure on Douglas Ross as Scottish Tories slam Boris Johnson

    DOUGLAS Ross is facing fresh pressure to go against Boris Johnson in the upcoming confidence vote as one of his fellow Tory MSPs has said he wouldn’t back the PM.
    A crunch vote on whether or not Johnson will remain as leader of the Tory party, and Prime Minister, is set for between 6pm and 8pm on Monday.
    Ahead of the vote, Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross has remained silent on the issue – instead tweeting about the Platinum Jubilee.


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