Carry on flag shagging

On Tuesday in the Annual Spending Review, Kate Forbes, the Scottish Finance minister announced that the Scottish Government has set aside £20 million for holding an independence referendum in 2023, a higher sum than was spent on the 2014 referendum, which cost £15.8m, £2.1m more than had been estimated. The extra funds were required due to the exceptionally high turn-out and it is thought that the next referendum will also attract a high voter turn out.

Both the SNP and the Scottish Greens, who together enjoy an unassailable majority at Holyrood were elected in May 2021 with unambiguous and unconditional manifesto commitments to holding a second independence referendum within the term of the current Scottish Parliament. Naturally the anti-independence parties are furious that the Scottish Government is setting aside the funds to do what it was elected to do in an election in which the issue of another independence referendum was the dominant and defining issue.

What about the cost of living crisis, eh!, eh? harrumph the Tories and their mini me Labour and Lib Dem counterparts. Yet these are the exact same British nationalist politicians who have no problem at all with the fact that the British Government is spending £1.3 billion of public funds on celebrating the platinum jubilee of an obscenely wealthy woman whose contribution to helping out in the cost of living crisis begins and ends with scowling at the peasantry as she is wheeched past union flag bedecked lampposts in a Rolls Royce that the peasants have paid for. That £1.3 billion is 650 times the amount that the Scottish government has set by in order to facilitate the exercise of the democratic right of the people of Scotland to determine the future of their country. The despots of Ancient Rome were not keen on democracy either but at least they provided bread as well as circuses. With British nationalism we don’t get the bread, and we don’t even get a proper circus, we just get the clowns and an elderly bejewelled woman steadfastly refusing to crack a smile at anything other than a horse. But never mind the UK’s descent into authoritarianism, presided over by a shameless law-breaking liar who refuses to accept responsibility for his behaviour, let’s all just carry on flag-shagging.

The uncomfortable fact that the apologists for British nationalism in Scotland refuse to accept is that the question of whether or not to hold another referendum has already been decided. It was put to the electorate of Scotland in last year’s Holyrood elections, and the people of Scotland said, “Aye, we will have ourselves some of that,” and returned a Scottish Parliament with the largest pro-independence majority since the Scottish Parliament was reconvened in 1999.

Despite this, the likes of Douglas Ross and Anas Sarwar persist in trotting out the same tired arguments which they trotted out last year, the arguments which failed to win them the election despite a concerted and well funded campaign for British nationalist tactical voting and embittered contrarians such as Jim Sillars helping to fund the election campaigns of Labour MSPs.

On Tuesday evening Lord Geidt, the British Government’s ethics advisor, a post way up there in the annals of improbability with the Spanish Inquisition’s guide to religious tolerance or Harold Shipman’s big book of best practice in elderly care has said that there is a “legitimate question about whether Johnson broke the ministerial code.” That’s a bit like saying that it’s a “legitimate question” about whether Prince Edward’s Royal It’s a Knock out was spectacularly bad TV.

Geidt expresses his concern that Johnson is his own investigator judge and jury when there is a question about whether Johnson broke the ministerial code. Essentially that means Geidt could only investigate whether the PM’s £50 fine for breaking the law also broke the Ministerial code if the PM gave him permission. Geidt has just submitted a letter of no confidence in himself.

Geidt seems to be concerned that Johnson’s open contempt for the Ministerial Code means that it will become an object of ridicule. He need not worry. That ship has already sailed, struck the iceberg, and the Tory party is busy rearranging the deck chairs so they can have another ABBA party.

What all this boils down to is that Johnson’s own ‘independent’ adviser on ministerial standards thinks Johnson may have broken the ministerial code, but has no power to investigate him, and won’t even advise him to follow it, because if he did he would have to quit. Now there’s a system to inspire confidence. Even the most powerful electron microscope on the planet, which is capable of producing images with a half-angstrom resolution, less than the diameter of a single hydrogen atom, could not find any integrity in this Conservative government.

Johnson’s reply to Geidt would be, in the words of old-school Tory Dominic Grieve, “funny if it wasn’t so serious”. Johnson has told Geidt that there’s no need for an investigation into whether he broke the ministerial code by being fined over Partygate, because he didn’t mean to break the law. So that’s OK then. Johnson’s reply was, Grieve said : “A mealy mouthed, dishonest letter about his own behaviour that flies completely in the face of the evidence.” Johnson’s reply was basically an Etonian version of Geidt tae F…

The other uncomfortable fact for Ross and Sarwar, as well as their refusal to accept the democratic verdict of the Scottish electorate is that their parties are unable or unwilling to do anything about the dysfunctional bad joke that now passes for the Westminster system of government. That is why the people of Scotland voted last year for parties that offered another independence referendum. Both Labour and the Tories are in thrall to the possibility of absolute power without proper accountability that the Westminster system offers, they have no incentive to make the changes that are required. So they are both guilty of exposing us to the dangers of an unprincipled liar like Johnson, who will burn down democracy before conceding that he must be accountable and held responsible for his misdeeds. Scotland needs to get out of this mess, and since all that British nationalism offers is carry on flag shagging. Scotland has to get out of the UK. That £20 million that the Scottish Government has set by, it’s basically just the ransom money to get Scotland out of a hostage situation.

This blog tries to articulate arguments that might resonate with undecided voters or even soft no voters, not just to appeal to dedicated supporters of independence, and tries to develop arguments that independence supporters can use when trying to persuade those crucial undecideds and soft no voters. Site traffic has been holding up well over the past year, despite the fact that my health issues have forced me to post less frequently than before the stroke. The blog is still getting around the same number of visitors as it was in 2020. However as we move towards a second referendum, it would be good to boost this blog’s reach as we need all hands on deck to counter the strength of the anti-independence media. I’d like to ask regular readers if they can share links to posts on this blog on their own Facebook pages or with any appropriate groups that they belong to on Facebook or other platforms. If you are willing to do this, please don’t just post the link and nothing else, preface the link with a few words or a line of text. Thank you.

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56 comments on “Carry on flag shagging

  1. CATHY says:

    Bring it on!!

  2. Skintybroko says:

    You are on fire this week Paul, can’t wait for next year and a resounding YES

  3. Dr Jim says:

    Self entitlement has always been the criteria for British Nationalists, whatever they spend money on is decidedly what the people want and that’s and end to the question, and even if you have a question we know better

    Colonies of the British Empire must ask permission for democracy before we’re automatically denied for the reason our betters know better than us about what affects us and that’s an end to it

    No, stop it now, no more asking, asked and answered,,,,,,,,, damn nuisance Scots

  4. Dr Jim says:

    FMQs is today at 2pm

  5. yesindyref2 says:

    Forbes had the perfect answer on STV (I think it was), when asked about the £20 million. She said the media should be praising a party for actually doing what it was elected to do, and that the £20 million compared to her setting out £200 BILLION over the next few years.

  6. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Great article Paul…as per.

    This must be very exhausting for you so much respect for all of the time and effort you dedicate to independence in your posting of new articles in your blog……

    Stay safe and take care…… as you are a cherished and TRUSTED source of inspiration and information by many who both read and comment in your blog…..

    Have a nice day……

  7. yesindyref2 says:

    … celebrating the platinum jubilee of an obscenely wealthy woman whose contribution to helping out in the cost of living crisis begins and ends with scowling at the peasantry

    64% of those peasants in Scotland are either FOR the monarchy, or don’t care, so I’m not sure how this nasty bit of killjoy hyperbole helps this:

    This blog tries to articulate arguments that might resonate with undecided voters or even soft no voters …

    are you?

    , not just to appeal to dedicated supporters of independence …

    or indeed, the minority that are actually against the royals, most of whom would say, if you ask them, that it’s not a question for the current queen – or indeed, has anything at all to do with getting a YES vote for Independence.

    Frankly, this rabid anti-monarchy is a vote-loser, as is Tommy Shephard and his daft Republic Rally over the jubilee weekend, desecrating Calton Hill where so many held the vigil for Devolution, voted for by 74.3% pf the people of Scotland. Now is not the time, it just makes us look like crusty old miserable curmudgeons.

    (bad-tempered person, crank, crosspatch, sourpuss, old trout, a bear with a sore head, kvetch, sorehead)

    • weegingerdug says:

      Well I *am* a miserable auld curmudgeon, and every time I put on the telly and see the BBC try to shoehorn the bloody jubilee into yet another unrelated programme I get more and more curmudgeonly and more and more alienated from this embarrassment of Britishness.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Does that mean you WON’T be glued to your TV, wearing your Queen’s head T-shirt, waving your Union Jack on a stick, while tucking in to Coronation chicken and Jubilee Trifle for afters?

        • weegingerdug says:

          I plan to spend the long weekend tucked into my Sex Pistols themed duvet, binge watching Star Trek and gubbing industrial quantities of anti-nausea medication to protect myself from projectile vomiting every time Nicholas Witchell comes on the telly.

        • ArtyHetty says:

          Last time I looked, people in the UK, including in Scotland, could express their views and opinions
          about politics and the unelected rich and powerful, (who benefit most from the public purse to the tune of £billions+) via blogs, as a sort of freedom of speech type thing. Did I miss something?
          Gowd save democracy in Scotland, where rich old women with an elixir to eternal life on the backs of the people, can be determined according to the wishes of the actual people, ie the day after independence!

          I am seeing very low key stuff in our poshish part of Edinburgh so far, including in shops,. It’s immoral to celebrate the mega mega rich, when many people can’t heat their homes or afford to feed their children in a so called ‘rich country’.

          No thanks, Scotland has a moral and ethical code, and their choice of government is held to account. They do have to abide by the truth, integrity and transparency. 😉
          Just have to look at the BritNat media to see just how the ScotGov are held to account whether (mostly BritNat media) grievances are valid, or not!

          • yesindyref2 says:

            I worry about wrong moves, such as some daft official outburst against the royals at a time when most even republicans are holding their peace until the succession. As it is Sturgeon and the SNP seem to have got it pitch perfect in the Hollyrood debate, Sturgeon’s speech being well-crafted as Dr Jim says.

            Sturgeon either gets ripped to shreds or over-defended, I like to provide reasonable and useful criticism – and perhaps at times, warnings. Why lose YES votes for the sake of a side issue like the monarchy?

      • Tam the Bam says:

        Och Paul… dinnae fash yersel! If IR2 wants tae indulge in some flag-shagging then best lea him tae it.

        Ahm gaun ‘doon the watter’ oan the guid ship Waverley….HELLO SAILOR !!!

      • As another miserable auld curmudgeon, well said, Paul. Incidentally, earlier today I had a morning hirple round my wee bit of this town, not exactly the most left wing/republican bit of Scotland, I expected to see houses decked out in bunting etc. In fact there was one wee bit – about a metre – of bunting and a butcher’s apron on a tree outside one house. OK, I can’t cover much distance but I was quite pleasantly surprised. No doubt there will be more throughout the town but I won’t be going out much till it’s all over.

        • Robin McHugh says:

          Along the road from us is a nursing/retirement home. They have put up red white and blue bunting and a bit of saltire bunting too as well as a pretty floral arch at the main door.
          They have also put up a couple of butcher’s aprons on lamp posts either side of the entrance and exit. Unfortunately, not having access to a longer ladder, said aprons look as though they’re at half mast. Maybe it’s prophetic.

    • Alex Clark says:

      The figures reported from that poll which was commissioned by an outfit called “British Future” was reported in the Guardian as 45% want to retain the monarchy, 36% to end it and 19% either don’t care or didn’t answer.

      That would give a 55-45 split ignoring the couldn’t care and don’t knows.

      Maybe more interesting is this paragraph from the “British Future” report which was based on the result of that poll and in my opinion might reflect sentiment in Scotland towards the monarchy a little better than the bare figures as it shows which way “the don’t care” are tending to lean.

      The picture in Scotland is rather different: only 48% of Scots are interested in the Jubilee, while 49% say they are not. Only 37% of people in Scotland feel that the Jubilee can help unite people in our society, while 42% think it will make no difference.

      • jfngw says:

        Thanks for the link. I’m not sure how this poll was carried out but as it gives the YES/NO to independence as No-51 Yes-42 it seems somewhat outside the normal. There is no indication if these are weighted figures or not. Also the Scottish sample is below the required amount for accuracy (683). So we need to be careful quoting figures from this poll as truly reflecting Scotland’s position.

        It seems to have been carried out by focaldata which is not one of the standard polling company but more of a consumer research and public opinion company. If the results are not weighted then they are effectively meaningless.

        • Alex Clark says:

          I couldn’t find any data tables for this poll either and don’t think they’ve been published yet.

  8. UncleBob says:

    The BBC need to have an “Events” channel. On it can be all this sort of cr*p….the Olympics, particularly Team GB, anything to do with English pastimes: the boat race, Ascot, Little Piddlington-on-Ye-Wold’s annual tea party and most definitely anything to do with the Royal family. I am sick to death of everything that happens in the whole wide world having an English aspect to it.

    Just like the folk that say “But were English you know”, when they are being refused something or are not bowed down to.

    I refuse to have to listen to all this sh**ght and will not have my TV on for at least a week.

    I can not understand why Her Maj did not realise that the best way to “celebrate” her 70 years on the throne was to give all this money to charity. She could stay home and just wave at us?

  9. Albis says:

    I can’t help thinking that all this Union Jackery is actually celebrating the 70th anniversary of the death of the previous monarch, George VI. As Elizabeth wasn’t actually crowned Queen till 1953, are we going to have to endure more flag waving next year to mark the 70th anniversary of the coronation? Please, no! Thanks for all your latest posts, Paul – great stuff but don’t overdo it.

  10. Just wait until they see his replacement.

    • Although the mistake is thinking the first stat should encourage indy. Actually, it’s more the latter that will help Yes.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Thanks for the link, I found this to be the most interesting.

      The SNP are trusted with all the issues raised in the poll by more voters than the Tories and Labour combined on every question. That’s after 15 years in government which makes it even more impressive.

  11. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    @ Alex Clark @ 6.07pm

    “The SNP are trusted with all the issues raised in the poll by more voters than the Tories and Labour combined on every question”

    Amazing is it not considering what audiences , via a confusingly so majority on BBC QT and it’s tribute act Debate night , say….as in nothing LIKE positive comments about the SNP or it’s competence in government.

    To be fair both of these above programmes work for an institution that ensures #SNPBAD is promoted while omitting the harsh realities and failings of Unionist political parties…..

    That’s why most people source online reactions to these programmes the day after they are aired because to watch them ‘LIVE’ is akin to gross self abuse of one’s eyes and ears……and results in suffering a loss of faith in humanity to the extent that you wonder how did we, as a species, evolve….or rather did some of us evolve and others are regressing back to the ‘bad old days’ when some relied upon others, as in those some assumed to be ‘our betters’ as best being in charge ……but now these same so called ‘betters’ are seen by us on here and outwith here as the absolute worse people EVER to determine what we should think, believe, support and vote for as those in charge..

    Uber Tory-i-tis….Uber Labour-itis…and Uber Lib Dem-itis ( Lib dem-itis is less common) is a condition that inflicts those who are seen as susceptible and thus more receptive to lies before truth……it is further complicated and made more severe when also purchasing trash newspapers whose obsession with #SNPBAD is so embarrassingly obvious they should just change the title of their papers to #SNPBAD, with each respective newspaper adding a number in their header on the front page i.e. ‘SNPBAD 1, #SNPBAD 2 etc etc

    If those who buy and read these papers have not determined yet the REAL preferred political alliance of that newspaper to a respective Unionist party then I would say the gloomy diagnosis for these individuals is one that is irreversible…..thus then how do they, as readers, square the circle of the obvious bias of a newspaper’s ability to relate the REAL news when it is obviously hiding the truth in order to promote lies driven by it’s bias and hatred of the SNP and others too (refugees, the EU and anything NOT Unionist or uber British via sourced or minded)…..but they as individuals believe and trust them as a credible source of news…or do they….perhaps they read these papers to reinforce their own bias and political alliance(s) ?????

    In a so called digital age one also wonder where some of these individuals source THEIR preferred opinions and information from to justify some of the opinions they spout on debate shows……are THEIR versions of the truth a mash up of MSM and dodgy sites that are run by uber bitter BritNats mixed in with a large dose of playing politics (dirty) via even MORE lies from Unionist political parties……

    Questions questions…..they have answers but still all are actually an enigma……the enigma being why do these individuals not believe (refuse to) what they see and hear with their OWN eyes and ears all that is bad within the UK political system and also the obvious NON Union of unequals that exist in the UK…..and also not establish the lack of impartiality of the UK media as a whole (Hole with Hell in front really).

    However I think that other people who are truly undecided on independence are quite torn….their hearts and heads are still to align in favour of what they surely must also be seeing and hearing while in this NON Union…..they need reassurance and need to be convinced in order to allay their fears most of which have been instigated by Project Fear a La UnionStyle via politicians, media and dodgy individuals backed by other dodgy individuals…..perhaps the current state of the here and now might push enough peeps over the line for us to gain our independence…..God willing…..

    Failing that…I want Aliens to invade… if the Tories won’t get rid of Johnson then THEY will….I’ll give them his address and then point him out to them……mind you if they have been observing us they will already have identified him as a wrong ‘un……..Nanu Nanu Now is The Time … a favour in way of thanks they, the Aliens, will grant immunity to Scotland via independence and make Unionism a forbidden belief and all flags will be blue and white and the royal family will have to serve…as servants…us the people of Scotland…..hired out as helpers for tasks we don’t fancy doing……I’ll stop now before I go off on a complete tangent and introduce a witch into this fantasy….one that turns Starmer into a socialist and Alex ‘F*ck You Maree’ Cole-Hamilton into a real politician……too far those last two examples….

    Have a good night everyone…..yes I am demented …can you blame me !!

    • Dr Jim says:

      From the unionist and media point of view we Scots are the invading aliens into their realm

      “Everywhere an Englishman sets his foot is forever England”

  12. Alex Clark says:

    Week after week, Labour party branch office manager and millionaire businessman Anas Sarwar asks Nicola Surgeon to do more for the poorest and today was no exception.

    He was told in no uncertain terms that if he wants the Scottish government to do more then he knows what is necessary.

  13. Old Pete says:

    Gubbed 3-1 oh dear, oh dear Scots fail again sure the Tories will be celebrating tonight.)

  14. Old Pete says:

    “reasons” ? I’m intrigued Dr Jim.

  15. Alex Clark says:

    In other news, Arlene Foster has been made a dame.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      I’ll raise you Mervyn Gibson the grand secretary of the Orange Order who has been awarded an MBE……in the Jubilee Queens Birthday Honours list….did Sarwar put his name forward…..

      Is the future (of their UK ) now back to Orange ?…did it ever stop from being Orange.

      Can anyone top Arlene and Mervyn…..say like perhaps they have heard that Atilla the Hun been awarded a posthumous knighthood …

      Royalty like Tories are CORRUPT and UNIONIST to the CORE…..hence I recognise nor respect NEITHER of them……

      • Eilidh says:

        Seeing Arlene Foster in panto is not something I would even contemplate although her and her DUP colleagues have managed to turn Northern Ireland politics into a total joke but a very bad one

    • grizebard says:

      The panto season has started rather early, it seems…!

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      A panto Dame?

  16. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Knighthood for Tory MP Jeremy Wright, the former attorney general who this week joined calls for the prime minister to quit…… letter to Graham Brady from him I’m guessing or if letter already sent will be now withdrawn…..nudge nudge…though as a Tory anything possible…they lie.

    Boris Johnson said the honours conferred by the Queen reflected “many of the qualities” she possesses……well he and she may consider them as reflected “qualities”….I and others have other words we could use… in words with the opposite meaning of “qualities”….the Queen likes Orange and Blue (Tory blue) …pass it on

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Oh, Scotland, Scotland!

      How could you miss it?

      That Jubilee Birthday Honours List …

      “… Team GB’s Olympic gold medal-winning women’s curling team among the sporting stars honoured.

      The five members of the women’s curling squad that won Team GB its only gold of the Winter Olympic Games in February all receive honours.

      Skip Eve Muirhead is made an OBE while teammates Jennifer Dodds, Hailey Duff, Mili Smith and Vicky Wright all become MBEs, alongside coach David Murdoch.”

  17. Dr Jim says:

    Boris Johnson says he’s not resigning as that would be “irresponsible”

  18. Dr Jim says:

    Some folk are annoyed by the FMs congratulatory speech on the Queens jubilee, I suggest they listen to it again more carefully then they might pick up the couple of deliberate cryptic remarks deftly placed within her speech

  19. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Lib Dem Tim Farron tweeted this :

    “A reminder: the jubilee has nothing to do with your personal politics. It’s about celebrating Britishness, it’s about unity. You don’t need to think that everything about Britain is wonderful, just that being British is wonderful and that the Queen’s reign has been remarkable”

    See that…..THAT IS POLITICAL… it is…so it is…and more…it’s his kind of “PERSONAL politics” in keeping HIS UK together… a Unionist…….. and to tweet this tweet at a time like this post Brexit, the Tory cost of living crisis and while being governed by Boris Johnson as PM and HIS Tory party displays why the Lib Dems are the minority party that they are.

    Vote Lib Dem anywhere in their UK to stop a Tory being elected and you GET TORY when a Lib Dem is elected …..FACT.

  20. romiveda says:

    “bread AND circuses”…… love it! Stottir!

  21. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Kwasi Kwarteng tweeted this yesterday :

    “Jackdaw gas field – originally licensed in 1970 – has today received final regulatory approval.

    We’re turbocharging renewables and nuclear, but we are also realistic about our energy needs now.

    Let’s source more of the gas we need from British waters to protect energy security”.

    “British waters”… it… it though…..The Jackdaw field is east of Aberdeen.

    Seems as if they intend to turbocharge OUR resources too….contrary to their commitment in Cop26 which they have now seemingly turned into COP-OUT26……they are plundering and looting our resources before the inevitable happens….all for THEIR UK benefit….not ours.

    Pooling and sharing was always them TAKING from us and us GIVING to them (reluctantly)… in only those things they deemed useful for THEM to TAKE …..where as in return all they have GIVEN us …..that we have had to TAKE as part of THEIR Tory UK….. is misery, hardship and a overall lack of hope…..Thanks but NO THANKS to staying in YOUR UK Kwasi……

  22. Hamish100 says:

    My goodness SIR Ian rankin now. All the wee unionists being rewarded with a wee pat on the shoulder with a award, the Brit Curling team rewarded with an empire biscuit sorry medal whereas Team Scotland would be ignored ( same people). Surely a new civic award for Scotland is due for acts of extreme kindness for example. Not for what you get paid to do.

    I have mentioned this before but all SNP Councillors MSP’s MP’s should hand in their Empire medals if they want to hold positions in a new Scotland. Maybe this should be a formal policy?

    Empire medals are based on colonialism, force majeur, slavery, exploitation of the masses at home, deportation, highland clearances etcetera. How any Scot can accept a medal of the empire is rather sad.

  23. Eilidh says:

    I am going on a trip up to North Scotland today for a few days to try to avoid Jubilee TV as much as possible so will miss the council buildings and Hubs here in East Dunbartonshire being lit up in Regal Purple and the butchers apron being raised at Milngavie Town Hall and council Hq in Kirkintilloch. There was not an overwhelming positive response to this when it was announced in the councils Facebook page the other day but I am guessing they never consulted the electorate on this as that council don’t take wide ranging views into account but they do like Unionist propaganda. I am cancelling any further payments to my TV licence as I sick of having to pay for Unionist crap like wall to wall syncophantic Jubilee programmes on the BBC

  24. Clydebuilt says:

    “With British nationalism we don’t get the bread, and we don’t even get a proper circus, . . . . . . “

    Regarding circuses. . . . it’s wall to wall TV , binge watching. after you have watched one a wee message comes up telling you to stay sitting, the next programme is coming up in 15 secs.
    Shareen Nanjianni’s Sat. morning show spends half their time encouraging listeners to watch programmes often admitting to binge watching.

    As far as the Boris’s, Gove’s and Rhys-Mogg’s of this world are concerned there is no shortage of circus provision for the plebs. So we’re getting the circuses, but unfortunately not the Bread as Paul points.

  25. yesindyref2 says:

    From the anti-Scotland tourism destroying Herald:

    June 1: “Arran ferry crossing hit with ‘safety restrictions’ affecting bank holiday day trips


    June 2: “‘Safety restrictions’ on lifeline Arran ferry service lifted after CalMac vessel fault is fixed

    THIS is an improvement, as at least they reported that the fault was fixed. According to most media, there’s still a power cut in and around Blackwaterfoot 3 years after it happened for a couple of days, and was fixed.

    They had an article some time back about an Arran ferry was going to be off for weeks but failed to report it was back on a couple of days later with the fault fixed.

    I think the tourism industry in Scotland should sue the media for loss of income, and I think they despise Arran.

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