The graywash

The long awaited Sue Gray report has finally been published. As was widely predicted, the report detailed a catalogue of shockingly bad behaviour which the Prime Law-Breaker presided over in Downing Street. And as equally widely predicted, Johnson mugged his way through a performative apology and lied about taking full responsibility before going on to claim that he didn’t know what was going on in the offices that he was in charge of and insisting that his responsibility did not extend to tendering his resignation.

The Gray report did not cover some of the most egregious examples of law-breaking in Downing Street such as the party on 13 November 2020 which led to the police issuing a number of fines. The report just mentioned that this had already been dealt with by the police. So the Gray report will not tell us why Johnson did not receive a fine for attending a party which the police clearly thought was unlawful even though other less important party goers were fined.

We learned about drunken parties that went on until 4 am, about staff getting so drunk while still at their place of work that they vomited, garden furniture getting broken by pissed up staff member, staffers betting into an alcohol fueled physical confrontation. We learned about the bullying derision and contempt heaped upon security and cleaning staff who tried to point out that what was going on was deeply inappropriate. It’s the Bullingdon club as government.

The journalist and environmental campaigner George Monbiot tweeted that a source in the Met Police had told him that the reason junior staff were fined but Johnson and more senior Downing Street staff were not was because the senior people attending the event had declined to cooperate with the police enquiry and had not filled in the questionnaires sent to them by the police. It is not, as Johnson and his apologists would have us believe, that the police found he was not guilty of any wrong-doing. It’s just that he refused to help the police with their investigations.

However sorry Johnson claimed that he was when he appeared at Prime Law Breakers Questions in the Commons on Wednesday, you can be quite certain that he was not remotely sorry when he thought that the public didn’t know that puke ups, punch ups and piss ups were what passed for government in Downing Street. A work culture starts at the top. Staff take their cue from the boss. Johnson says that he was not aware of what was going on, but even if that obvious and blatant arse-covering lie were true, it merely points to a gross negligence and incompetence in office which alone constitutes grounds for Johnson to be removed from office.

Ten years ago this week, Theresa May first publicly coined the term “hostile environment” – a set of hideous and xenophobic policies designed to make life impossible for anyone who can’t prove their formal immigration permission, in hopes that callous cruelty would make them disappear. Now the self same Theresa May is what passes for a moral compass in the Conservative party, not even the realisation that no one now considers her the worst Conservative PM in living memory was enough to cheer her up. She sat stony faced through Johnson’s so-called apology and left the chamber clutching a copy of the Gray report, this is how low the British establishment has sunk, Theresa Hostile Environment May is considered a beacon of rectitude and decency. The worst of all is that there is still no bottom in sight. There is no hostile environment for Tory misbehaviour and entitlement, only collusion and enabling. Those Conservative MPs who sat in silence in the Commons resolving to do nothing are every bit as culpable as Johnson. He is a creature without honesty, integrity or respect for the law, and those are his best qualities. Johnson the corrupt lying law breaker will continue to transform the institutions of the British state in his twisted and venal image for as long as the Conservatives allow him to cling to power.

The other widely predicted thing about the Sue Gray report is that in the grand tradition of British government reports and inquiries into British government wrong doing is that it will make not a whit of difference. At best some minor functionaries will be thrown under the bus, there will be claims that procedures have been changed, and regulations tightened up, move along now nothing to see here, and Johnson and the rest of those in charge will sail on regardless, free from any meaningful consequences. The system which allowed such an individual into the highest office will remain unchanged, despite the fact that it gave us an individual who is manifestly unfit for office. It’s not just Johnson whose position is untenable even as he clings to office, so is that of the Scottish Conservative apologist in chief Douglas Ross and every Scottish Conservative MP and MSP who refuses to demand Johnson’s immediate resignation. They are all complicit in the debasement of public office. Every Tory MP that fails to send a ‘no confidence’ letter to the 1922 Committee is in support of the notion that a known liar and criminal is an acceptable leader. They are equally dishonourable as Johnson.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak tweeted :The Prime Minister has apologised and lessons have been learned. I hope we can now move forward…” The only lesson that has been learned is that Johnson never has to face any consequences.

As the SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford said at PMQs on Wednesday : “When the Tory Members retire to the 1922 committee this evening, I hope they will bear in mind the now infamous Government advert featuring a desperately ill covid patient. It says – Look into her eyes and tell her you never bend the rules.”

Some Conservatives laughingly tell us that we must move on from this issue because Johnson has learned his lesson. I am furious and am never moving on. The only lesson that Johnson has learned is that his spineless party has let him get away with his bad behaviour which will only teach him that he can continue to get away with it.

Some, such as the Brextremist Brendan Clarke-Smith, the Conservative MP for Bassetlaw, insult everyone’s intelligence by popping up on the TV to insist that dethroning Johnson only plays into Vladimir Putin’s hands, shamelessly hiding Johnson’s appalling behaviour behind the smouldering rubble of a Ukrainian apartment block. Brendan, who used to be an RE teacher, told Channel4 news that he was perfectly content to have a law-breaker as PM. It was a craven and spineless defence of an egregious liar.

On Thursday the government grandly announced what it described as help for households to tackle the cost of living crisis, to be funded by a windfall tax on the bloated profits of energy companies. They could have done this weeks ago, but they cynically waited until the Sue Gray report was published so that they’d have something to point at and say, “Look over there!” This isn’t help for households to tackle the cost of living crisis, it’s help for Johnson to tackle the partygate crisis.

The graywash confirms that the institutions of the British state are incapable of holding the powerful to account and unable to guarantee even the most basic standards of acceptable behaviour in public office. The best thing you can say about the United Kingdom is that it will be over soon.

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172 comments on “The graywash

  1. Golfnut says:

    Surely there are, because of their refusal to cooperate with the Police during a criminal investigation, elements of obstructing a police investigation. There is photographic evidence and witness statements which could/ should have been used to prosecute Johnson and others. The Good law Project is on to this, so he’s not clear yet.

  2. Legerwood says:

    Paul you are on a roll – a magnificent roll. Thank you for this.
    Take care.

  3. The last straw was a long time ago for me and -I hope- for most other people in Scotland. Westminster is a rotten mess of corruption. The world knows- and the unionists are shameless- like their liar leader. Brexit England’s future is grim if they let this go on any longer. Therefore -Scotland needs to get out- for England’s sake. It’s only something as constitutionally huge as Scottish Independence that will force a restart for democracy in England. They are in such a mess.

  4. Capella says:

    Posted this on the previous thread but it seems appropriate here:
    Abbi Garton-Crosbie’s analysis of Boris Johnston’s presser.

    Boris Johnson’s press conference shows Sue Gray pressure getting to PM

    He was visibly furious when probed for details on why Martin Reynolds, the PM’s former private secretary who organised the bring your own booze party and texted a fellow staff member to say they “seem to have got away with” drinking and partying, was being given a cushty job in the Foreign Office and is set to take up the role as ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

    • barpe says:

      Yes, Capella, it’s so easy, in Tory Westminster-land, for turds to float to the top!
      Absolutely outrageous how Reynolds is being rewarded.

  5. When all this debauchery in public office was going on, my elderly neighbour could not visit her husband of more than sixty years who was in hospital. He died there but his wife could not be with him. The funeral which would have been well attended in normal times was limited to a very few people.

    For my own part, I ended up in hospital as an emergency with a broken hip. Not only could my son not visit me, but neither he nor my friends could deliver things I needed. Why? Because the nearest major hospital is in a different region, and travel between the two was forbidden. By the way, the paramedics and the hospital staff were great, but it’s difficult to think about what you’ll need when in pain and breathing gas and air!

    A fair number of friends died either from the virus or other causes, not perhaps unusual when you’re getting on bit, but I couldn’t visit or attend their funerals.

    I’m sure there are many more people with even more harrowing experiences than mine. However, if the Criminal and his equally criminal clique in their solipsistic bubble think we will just move on and forget things like this, they’re even more deluded, drunk, or coked-up than usual. I wish I believed in hell so I could hope they’ll burn there for eternity. Meanwhile, good luck to the Good Law people.

  6. P Harvey says:

    “He is a creature without honesty, integrity or respect for the law, and those are his best qualities”……

    Absolutely brilliant Paul. You are really on form
    They can spin as much as they want- the public knows the truth of their lived experiences

  7. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Great piece Paul.

    “Brendan Clarke-Smith, the Conservative MP for Bassetlaw, insult everyone’s intelligence by popping up on the TV to insist that dethroning Johnson only plays into Vladimir Putin’s hands”

    As did DRoss too …..

    Now Dross says wait until Ukraine war is over AND wait for result of inquiry on Johnson via Commons privileges committee…..same DRoss that told our FM to resign BEFORE inquiry into Scottish government was completed and their findings concluded…..THAT DRoss……

    Sure it must have occurred to DRoss AND the media too that the fact there has been a succession of so MANY different inquires into this then that in itself is surely sufficient cause for Johnson to resign…..yes it probably has occurred to them but they are yet again playing politics….badly.

    DRoss backed himself into a corner via reversing his initial fake position in asking for Johnson to resign…once he used fake excuses for his reversed position ,such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the Tory cost of living crisis, he could then not reverse his position AGAIN without looking foolish ,insincere AND also very much losing all credibility via the excuses he used for his changed position on Johnson ….also he would then have had to explain why reverse position AGAIN for a third time when Russian invasion into Ukraine and Tory cost of living crisis is still ongoing…..after all it’s not as if he ever mentioned the significance of the actual facts via the PUBLISHED Sue Gray report being released as a reason for his flip flop position…..perhaps he is on a promise for better things for himself career wise as in eventually in return for changing his first position to one that supports Johnson.. he will be rewarded ……maybe even joining the Baroness perhaps…..though he is now a busted flush in Scotland with voters…SURELY !!!

    Hopefully everyone will remember when Johnson either willingly goes or is forced to go….that all those Tory MP’s who currently are defending and supporting Johnson in order to ensure he remains as their leader and their PM……well that in itself is an excellent reason to vote these individuals out come next GE in their country …..but also beware of those other ‘concern’ Tory politicians who currently oppose him because their reasoning is not via one of REAL concern ,decency or morals but primarily via survival of their party and indeed for some BREXIT itself……the Baroness is only concerned on public perception and the public reaction to her political party via #PartyGate….as to Tory policies and obscene actions that demonise many she cares not a jot….she is now elevated to one who earns loads a money via her undeserved position in their HOL which she gained as a serial political LOSER in her political CAREER at Holyrood as branch office manager…..

    #PartyGate is not the Tory HQ’s ONLY crime and many faults… there are many many many
    others….others that she, the Baroness, will not highlight as a TORY unelected politician in HOL ..

    Steve Baker has turned on Johnson so I suspect the ERG have a NEW candidate for Johnson’s job and one who is perhaps more discreet and thus their, new candidate, will have a more polished public persona that will seem less obvious (in comparison to Johnson ) but the new one will still be self serving, implement same kind of policies as Johnson, make room in his cabinet for uber Brexiteers and lie profusely … to those voters who are less politically informed and who currently sleepwalk among us he (bound to be a HE), as new PM , will be supported by them and also by those other true blue Tories who currently are embarrassed by Johnson …..he will also be a diehard Brexiteer….obviously……so new boss will be the same as the old boss….just better at acting professional but underneath will be from the same mould as the old boss….they just cannot or will not break the mould…..hence Never Trust a Tory is THE rule always ( Tory of ANY colour now it seems)….God help England….hopefully more Scots will wake up to the reality of the here and now come next Indy Ref campaign…..

    As they say in the news…Breaking (news)….as in the Tory party is breaking….lovely….about time…mind you other Unionist parties in Scotland are also breaking (broken)…..and they are doing it deliberately too.

  8. davetewart says:

    Smoke and mirrors.
    Grey i a civil servant.
    Would you ask her to tell you why your vehicle isn’t performing properly?
    NO , so why is her report the final judgement?
    A proper independent investigation is required.
    Met just accepted they didn’t fill in any questionaires.
    People were fined much harder and the buffoon gets away with a £50 one event.

    Today we’re witnessing a new tv comedian, sunak, the master of the 3 cup trick.
    Gives us £400 given to our energy trader who instantly gives him 20% back in vat, he didn’t reduce the vat uptake in energy.

  9. Spot on as always Paul. Boris and co are basically Britain’s decline personified, as you’ve alluded to yourself. They are both a symptom and a cause of the last days of Rome.

    And in the last days we very much are. I’m amused by the spin from the BBC on this one:

    Nearly half want NI to remain part of UK, survey suggests

    Nearly half the population want Northern Ireland to remain in the UK, while a third would vote for a united Ireland tomorrow, a survey suggests.

    The Northern Ireland Life and Times survey found 48% of respondents supported the union – down from 54% in 2020.

    t also found an increase in people reporting a nationalist identity.

    The figure was 26% in 2021, up from 19% in 2020…

    Of those surveyed, 32% identified as unionist – down three percentage points from the previous years.

    …Those who self-identify as neither unionist nor nationalist remain the largest group at 37%, but this has fallen since 2019.

    Note this is apparently quite old, having been done in October-December 2021 is seems. All the details here:

    Obviously much gas changed with protocolgate in recent months.

    • Northern Ireland Life and Times (NILT) survey was carried out (October-December 2021).

      Unionists have totally misjudged the protocol. They walked right into that electoral whipping. Sinn Fein must be peeing themselves laughing at the DUP etc.

  10. Dr Jim says:

    They use Vladimir Putin and his war as a human shield, they’ve used 200.000 Covid dead as their shield against answering for the £billions in unaccounted PPI and T&T contracts, they’ve used the Covid vaccine as an excuse to cover up crime committed by them, now they’re using junior staff and cleaners as scapegoats to shield themselves behind

    These are not people, they only look like people, they are Mimics, the Eratis bug, parasites

  11. Welsh_Siôn says:


    Take good care of him – he’s coming your way soon.

    He’s obviously an asset to us, too and speaks highly of the place he’s now leaving.

    As a I wave goodbye to Wales, I look back at a wonderful nation in the grip of Westminster

    25 May 2022 5 minute Read

    • Capella says:

      We have a few Dutch Scots around our high pastures. They love the hills and take pix of them to send home to their friends in the flat earth nation. He’ll have great fun in Scotland.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      A wonderfully written piece, and such an apt title for Timothy Schelhaas’s experience and impressions of Wales.

  12. boskie says:

    I think the lowest form of spin is, he just popped into say goodbye to a work colleague that was having a leaving party, to me that is an admission he was at the party was he not, and can anyone tell me how many people wished they could only pop in to say goodbye to there loved ones, and it was not a going away drinks party. All they were wanting to say was there last goodbyes and be beside there loved ones in there final moments.
    I am afraid he is the lowest form of scum and all those MP’s who are making excuses and sticking up for him are not any better

  13. Hamish100 says:

    What plays into Putins hands is to show that Westminster has no standards other than tories accepting gratuities from Russian friends of Putin. That the Met police are corrupt.
    No free press or news media.
    What plays into Putins hands is to reinforce that Scotland is forced by its larger neighbour to do its bidding.
    What plays into Putins hands are the psychophants such as Ross and co to be controlled by the right wing unionists and Brit nationalists.

  14. Molly McC says:

    Oh Paul, you are in top form with this one!
    Thanks for keeping us reminded of the Willies in Westminster!

    Will he have to pay for this? I would bet he won’t.

  15. Nice.

    Northern Ireland Protocol: Stormont recalled after Sinn Féin petition passes

    The petition needed 30 signatures to pass, and received the backing of Alliance and SDLP.

    Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) have now been summoned to the Stormont chamber on Monday by current Speaker Alex Maskey to debate the “urgent appointment” of ministers.

    Sinn Féin’s would-be first minister, Michelle O’Neill, said voters expected politicians to be in the assembly chamber.

    Ma hert bleeds fir the DUP.

  16. davetewart says:

    I heard the hypocrit Donaldson two jobs at one time, gave one away after the voting, on the cost of living crisis

    Instead of helping he’s just causing more crisis.
    Hopefully they appoint ministers that want to solve their problems.

    Remember Northern Ireland are connected to the All Iseland energy company.

  17. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Are any of those Unionist supporting plants and also those uninformed individuals in the audience of both the Scottish editions of BBC’s QT and also it’s tribute act Debate Night….. not now perhaps wondering why currently so much is being spoken about OIL and the UK… relation to it’s benefits and significance via jobs and energy security, revenue to a country to support economic development and it’s apparent CURRENT position of it’s longevity in the UK via the North Sea (as in NOW surprise surprise) against what was said in 2014, as in the OPPOSITE being said re the above points and more too as in the volatility in the price of oil…. by Unionists, indeed OIL was a major point that THEY highlighted as a negative for an independent Scotland mainly by the BT campaign AND the media…. (obvs pre the current climate debate/targets)…..

    May I say that these very same things were also said by many of THEM as audience members too , who willingly parroted what they heard and read as if gospel and thus beyond dispute……….

    A bit like some Brexiteers pre Brexit who parroted lies and slogans………….and what of other undecided Scots…what do they think NOW in respect to all of this political Unionist worshipping re the supposed benefits to be had via having OIL (benefits they stated in 2014 that were a negative should Scotland become independent) ?

    Let’s also NOT forget Sir Ian Wood he of THE vested interest…..against his obvious lack of interest in Scotland…he too was a Oil doomsayer….but only FOR an independent Scotland conveniently….for HIM.

    Kwasi Kwarteng said we, as in HIS UK, would need it for DECADES…..he tweeted the following in May of this year :

    “Shout and scream all you like, but I’m not going to put Britain’s energy security at risk by shutting off domestic oil and gas production.

    We will need oil and gas for decades to come. Either we source more of what we need from the North Sea, or import more from abroad”…….

    Also the BBC tweeted in 2014 that oil was expected to run out within 5 years aka 2019….what say they now…..indeed…..they also are inclined to always parrot Unionist politicians fake propaganda.

    If these same audience members could perhaps identify the clear discrepancy of what was said in 2014 by the Pro Union side against what is being said about Oil now…then if they are of any intelligence and also honest then they must surely conclude that LIES WERE told by Unionist politicians and their media in 2014…..and if they lied about the Oil then well they, those audience members, should also ponder…what else did they, Unionist media and politicians, lie about… relation to a potential Independent Scotland.

    It’s like being in the Twilight zone just now in their UK when all one hears is Tories arguing over the benefit and indeed the necessity of CONTINUING to use oil and Labour arguing on imposing a WINDFALL tax on energy groups like those who extract OIL as well as gas…..they are completely bypassing EVERYTHING they said to us in 2014….as if it did not happen ………in other words once more we are being ignored, disregarded and ridiculed if and when we highlight these very pertinent and TRUE facts in relation to their position THEN to NOW…….are some ordinary people’s allegiance to the Union so strong that they intentionally refuse to recognise the lies and inconsistencies in the BT side’s arguments in 2014 …indeed are they complicit in this to the extent they would rather see their own country exploited and abused to stay in a disunited dysfunctional NON country that currently has a parliament more comparable to a cesspit than a chamber of honest political in a WM.

    The above argument is focusing mainly on the here and now compared to 2014…but with climate change then obviously we must now focus on renewable energy more…once again NOT a problem for Scotland especially an independent Scotland.

    The UK government hosted COP26 in 2021 in Glasgow making commitments in agreeing to reduce the use and reliance of fossil fuels and invest more in renewable energy…….yet the Tories now seem to be ignoring much of that and are instead considering or rather intending to increase further energy dependency on fossil fuels by approving licences for exploration of new oil and gas fields in the North Sea….indeed Jacob Rees Mogg stated ” drill every last drop”…..

    Perhaps in doing and saying all of this they are admitting OIL is indeed a precious commodity for THEM to exploit and reap the benefits of…..where as in 2014 according to them an independent Scotland WITH OIL would be the opposite…….

    Are people in Scotland via a huge majority never going to wake up to what THEY Unionists and their Union represent and a Union that is supported and aided by a Unionist media…..first our oil…then it will be our renewable energy that they will control and reap both the energy and financial benefits from…..where as for them as Unionists in the next Indy Ref they will say that for an independent Scotland Oil will be a dirty word against the climate argument……and on renewable energy the wind will be temperamental and thus will not always blow for wind turbines, the tide will lose it’s energy to generate power and thus Scotland, like in 2014, will be presented as a country who bases it’s independence aspirations via pipe Dreams ….pun intended….thus ,once again an independent Scotland , will be presented as a certain economic basketc*se by them….same Scotland BTW that THEY the Unionists currently use and rely upon to exploit and profit from using the very same resources that they say will NOT benefit us if we are independent….go figure… I cannot either….when will others catch onto this too ?

    Sorry for long comment……if anything stated is inaccurate then I apologise…but hopefully if you have read my comment ( or is life too short) you will get the jist of what I am trying to say….probably very badly….ah well I am not the brightest spark……but I am passionate about politics and independence so surely not all bad….or am I….

    • Alan Howard Baxter says:

      Keep doing what you are doing NMRN. I read everyone of your posts. If we could bottle the passion that the likes of you and many others on this blog have, we would have been free in 2014. However, Free in 23 has a much more satisfying ring to it (credit to Jim, I think??).

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        @ Alan Howard Baxter @ 8.11am

        Thank you that was a really nice thing to say.

        My passion sometimes exceeds my lack of ability to articulate my comments in a way that is comprehensible …however fortunately others on here including the person whose blog this is fill that gap……and leave me to my passionate ranting…Lol

        I hope you have a lovely day

        • douglasclark says:

          Err, no. You are pretty impessive in your own right!

          • Not-My-Real-Name says:

            @douglasclark @ 4.46pm

            Thank you….I wish…..but very sweet of you to say…..wish my hubby said I was impressive when I speak…..if only….never happen…Lol

            Have a lovely evening


  18. davetewart says:

    THey will be having a hard time finding oil and gas, they told us it would be finished before now and we’d be destitute except for their generosity.
    Jim Pickard
    latest from the Commons, Tory MP Richard Drax (who has an estimated fortune of £150m) accuses chancellor Rishi Sunak of “throwing red meat to socialists” with his energy support package.

    All in it together.
    Family money from slavery.

    • douglasclark says:

      Well, that is who they are! We should not be surprised!

      As a deliberate aside, Scots were taken into slavery in the Carribbean. We had the unfortunate inability to survive the climate – we were apparently known as ‘red legs’, because we could not withstand the climate, and, well, basically died out as a transplantation. Not a happy end.

      An apparent failure, through death, from a northern climate to a southern one?

      And did we ask for this?

      It would be interesting dear readers, to hear what you have to say!

  19. stewartb says:

    Johnson was given the Tory party leadership and thus the position of PM by knowing, complicit Tory MPs and the wider membership of the Party. That Party may be successful electorally time and again in England but not in Scotland.

    Yet that very same Tory Party – failing electorally again at the most recent election – is being GIFTED agency, granted leverage, over local government decision making in many parts of Scotland. Including it appears in our capital city!

    Gifted this by a Labour Party whose leader vowed no deals! Labour’s shame! This is a step change in the development of a strategic coalition – now armed with local power – against Scotland’s independence.

    However, across social media, supposed supporters of independence, who seem to align with the Alba Party, obsess about an SNP election leaflet’s advice as THE enabler of Labour’s duplicity. But as far as I can see no analysis of vote transfer data is presented to justify their claims either in individual wards, individual councils or nationally. Anyone seen/done such an analysis?

    • Dr Jim says:

      The so called real Independence internet trolling abusive Alba party love to claim and promote unsubstantiated nonsense about the FM and SNP but never consider for a moment that the only voters they themselves could or are ever likely to capture or convince are the very people who at present vote SNP or Green yet they expect some kind of fantasy reciprocal favouring of their party of attempted vote theft which possibly may have cost the couple of percentage points that may have just tipped the scales in keeping the SNP out and assisting Labour Tory England party into their position to be able to wrangle their way into councils in the first place, I say may but as yet I don’t know the numbers

      The so called Alba party are no friends to Scotland, they are a party born out of one mans egotistical personal grudge, and those who follow this have no right to expect anything other than much of the vilification they’ve had for their behaviour since the inception of this party of whatever they think are, all they’ve proven so far is they are not a party of building up, they’re a party of tearing down

      • douglasclark says:

        If, and I mean if, Alec Salmond believes in Scottish independence, he should get his ego out of the road. I have no truck with that. We need everyone fighting on the same side. I am not at all sure that Mr Salmond is there yet.

        Arguing for a ‘sort of nationalism’ is to miss the point entirely.

        You are either a nationalist or you ain’t.

        Mr Salmond has a lot of thinking to do.

        So says me.

  20. Capella says:

  21. jfngw says:

    The Tory energy bill grant deflection is another con, they are going to give you £400 to cover the £1521 increase in price (120% in a year, hidden by quoting it as 54% then 42%). Those struggling now are going to be even worse off in October as they will still have to find £500 (the rise will be £900, actually more in money terms than the April rise) more on top of the £700 current rise.

    Are other countries seeing this level of increase, going by what I’ve seen on twitter they are not.

    • davetewart says:

      Second home owners will get the same $400 for each account.
      The worst of it is the power companies WIN big time.
      The electricity unit charge is costed by the most expensive fuel used for every unit they sell, over a half of generation is from renewables and nuclear.
      Think of it as paying for a whole loaf when all you want is a roll.
      At the end of the year the inflation rate will be reported as down but you’ll stillbe paying the Cap rate, say £2500 a year.
      There are people who will see no help from this fake response, even the name, it’s a LEVY, withreductions for investment in north sea oil and gas. We are still paying the oil companies grants to de-commission plant.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      As I’d commented elsewhere from eastern europe, my total annual 640 Quid energy bill in 2021 looks likely to increase by 25% in 2023 so possibly 800 quid….
      We’re HMG in the slightest interested in energy conservation, they would have continued what had been achieved up to the 1960s – Both principal UK parties deliberately ignored that to this day..

  22. AAD says:

    There is a lot of indignation here. How about each one of us putting some of that indignation into a mass letter writing to Johnson telling him to resign as he is unfit for any government office. No need to be abusive. Just clog up his mail handling office.
    On previous experience of writing to the PM you ought to get a reply but probably won’t in this case.
    The address is:
    Boris Johnson, PM
    House of Commons
    London SW1A 0AA
    (I couldn’t stick calling him ‘Right Honourable)

  23. Dr Jim says:

    Notice how the media keep pumping out the notion that everybody is getting £400 off their power bill, well that looks only sort of good for a minute until you have a think about what Sunak actually did, the energy companies are receiving this money from the English government to reduce the retail cost to the consumer, so in reality the energy companies are still making the profit from the difference between the actual cost to them and the price at which they sell it to us, the price cap the energy companies can charge remains at the ridiculously same high level, as do their margins of profit which are bigger than they have ever been in the history of selling energy, so when you think Sunak has given us £400 quid he also gave the energy providers probably around more than half of that in a wee Brucie Sunak bonus so they wouldn’t have to lose quite as much as they might have feared, so the media will concentrate on the publics relief at not having to fork out so much money this year, but the energy companies will be sighing a much bigger sigh of relief than us

    If Sunak had reduced the price cap by an equivalent £400 quid per person he would have reduced the profits of the energy providers by very much more

    Will folk fall for his pretendy political bribe?

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Note further:

      Second home owners rewarded as they will get Rishi Sunak’s £400 energy bill discount twice

      27 May 2022 3 minute Read


      About 772,000 households with two homes will benefit from £800 in October instead of the £400 received by those with just one.

      About 61,000 people with three homes are in line for payments totalling £1,200. The Chancellor himself the owner of three homes in the UK, but has said that he will donate any money he receives from the scheme to charity.


    • davetewart says:

      Well said.
      This morning the grid is generated with 17% gas turbine output.
      There’s over 50% renewables in use.
      They’re charging us at the gas turbine rate, the programme looks to remain for the day until solar goes off line.
      The energytraders are laughing..
      Remember sunak gets 5% back in vat.

    • JoMax says:

      Folks may have forgotten already, but a year ago there was a price hike which I had forgotten about until I compared this year’s Spring quarter with last. There were also massive price hikes in 2013/14 when a certain Ed Davey was the energy minister and he said this was due to a 50% increase in gas prices and there was nothing the Govt could do about it! Prices have never gone down since, of course. They just keep creeping up. I don’t recall a Ukraine war back then.

      It’s all the same old, same old.

      • davetewart says:

        Bp’s share price rose yesterday, says it all.

        Actually bloomfield reports the uk,Scotland’ has a surplus of gas which it is diverting to Europe since we don’t have facilities in use to store it.
        It is coming back to us from The Netherlands and Belgium as green energy.
        It’s the energy traders that are making cash.
        Viz Enron in the states manipulating the California grid, power outages followed.
        It’s the summer here so demand is around 50% of the installed capacity.
        Scotland is exporting a GW to Algelsey from Hunterston all day.
        It’s Scottish energy and we’re paying dearly for ir, pity the islanders with no access to gas for heating, at least some have the peats.

        • JoMax says:

          We’re not on an island, Dave, but have no access to gas here either except bottled if you want it, yet we have to pay the hikes too.

          • davetewart says:

            Argyll and the West coast mainland is self sufficient in Hydro and wind generation in fact exporting electricity.
            My point is we are paying gas powered gas turbine gereration rates for our electricity when it’s englandland that is using these methods.
            Add in their import from Norway, Belgium, France and the Netherlands by DC cables, they charge us extra to connect machines to the Grid as we are too far from the major load areas.
            Argyll has 21 Hydro power stations in use apart from the wind turbines you can see on every hilltop, each capable of delivering 2MW on a fresh wind.
            There are Hundreds between Glasgow and Edinburgh, starting at Whitelees near Newton Mearns
            I have friends in Glasgow who were sold electric powered water based central heating, they’re horrified at what it will cost them to use this winter.
            Simply a unit of electricity cost nearly 4 times as much as a unit of gas.
            I’m afraid that the chancer’s ‘Greywash’, as Paul says is not going to protect anybody from this winter’s costs.
            Bottled gas or tankage gas is very expensive and I don’t see many small tankers delivering.
            I do see heating oil, diesel tankers out but even at £1 ish a litre, wow.
            Aircraft use a similar fuel with additives..

  24. exile says:

    @stewartb, 26/5, 10.59 pm, Allan of is collecting, and posting, vote transfer data at

    He’s completed Glasgow City Council, and is now working his way through the other councils.

    • Interesting data.

      % of second preferences going to pro-indy parties by first preference
      72.1% Green voters
      68.8% SNP voters
      59.1% Alba voters

      % of second preferences going to the Tories by first preference
      3.2% Alba voters
      2.6% SNP voters
      0.8% Green voters

      In Glasgow, for those using their second preference (which is more common for smaller parties for obvious reasons), Alba voters were the least likely to back another Yes party, and the most likely to back the Tories.

      • Dr Jim says:

        In effect the little 2% protest party are causing a higher percentage of damage just by their existence which is very likely nowhere near an accident

  25. Alex Clark says:

    People in Scotland are paying roughly 50% more for their electricity than people in Northern Ireland and that’s before our prices go up again in October.

    Northern Irish prices increased by an average of 22% on 1 Jan and this week will increase by an average of 27%. Their current standard rate per kwh is around 21p/kwh and in Scotland, it’s around 30p/kwh.

    Part of the much lower costs is due to the grid there being publicly owned unlike the Nation Grid here which was privatised but that can not explain anywhere near the total difference.

    • davetewart says:

      All Ireland generation and grid.
      There is an e-w cable to Wales.500Mw and the Scottish one of 500Mw which are exporting today to the big island.
      The big oil fired station at Larne, same design as the demolished Inverkip has been closed for years.

      • Alex Clark says:

        If prices as predicted increase by another 40% in October then we will be paying 100% more for electricity here in Scotland than those in Northern Ireland. Considering the amount of electricity exported from Scotland to NI and England it’s an absolute rip off that we are paying way over the odds.

        What makes it even worse is that fewer houses in Scotland are connected to the gas mains so either use heating oil/LPG or all-electric, mainly storage heaters and as you pointed out electricity can be 4 times as expensive as gas for the same kwh of energy.

  26. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Comedian Bill Hicks quote….

    “The Problem Isn’t a Lack of Money, Food, Water or Land. the Problem is That You’ve Given Control of These Things to a Group of Greedy Psychopaths Who Care More About Maintaining Their Own Power Than Helping Mankind”

    Indeed…..and more…..

    Twas ever thus…..unfortunately SOME people care more about the greedy psychopaths maintaining their control than they do about their fellow men and women…even in times of suffering and despair STILL some who sleepwalk among us continue , as citizens, to support and defend a constant succession of decisions and actions by this UK government that has had a terrible impact on people’s lives and also shown sheer contempt for those who both voted for them and also those who did NOT ……however funnily enough these same individuals tolerance and acceptance of Johnson and his party ( both ones as in political AND social) is not matched by their intolerance for others who rightly object to both the Tory party and the social parties they indulged in during lockdown…..

    I suspect for many Brexit and a fear that it should be impacted is perhaps their main reason why they do not want to rock the boat……same Brexit that as a political decision is also impacting us and them negatively…and more importantly us who did not vote for it.

    I truly despair at the stubbornness and ignorance of so many ……almost tantamount to embracing chaos over stability……while simultanously damaging both themselves and us financially and mentally……this UK government is the source of many of the mental health problems that exist today in THEIR UK……people tormented by their, the UK government’s, cruelty, lack of empathy and compassion thus people have a sense of powerlessness to change things as they are overwhelmed by debt , fear despair and worries for the future for themselves, their elderly parents and their children.

    Anyone in England who professes to state they do NOT understand WHY many of us in Scotland want to be free from all of this… a LIAR……also those who currently in England state , like us, that they hate what is going on in their UK, who also state they still believe we ( as in us and them) are Better Together as a (non) Union…..they are LIARS too….they all only say these things because they do not WANT us to leave their (non) Union….one side because they think we belong to them…the other side because they do not want to be left alone with the Tories ruling forever ( as assumption by them is that our leaving could prompt both Wales and NI to also jump the UK ship)…

    So tis never ever for our benefit or from our perspective that those individuals based in England, who argue for the continuance of their (non) Union , proclaim their confusion at our desire to be independent…..however they are not the ones that will decide…..the biggest concern is that more people here in Scotland eventually coming to the conclusion amidst all of this chaos and corruption they are experiencing within the UK….they have a option and a solution in deciding that the best future course for Scotland and them is to proceed along the path of gaining independence from the UK via another referendum ……..

    The truth, facts and evidence is out there but currently some, via apathy, ignorance or misplaced loyalty seem determined to remain a citizen of a country whose UK government gives little consideration, respect or recognition of their opinion, welfare or right to democracy in seeking self determination from a non disunited country that fails them, lies to them and imposes policies via reserved powers that is to their detriment as citizens of a disunited and dysfunctional UKnotOK.

    All of the above…and more…is what drives me on and although I may occasionally suffer depression I never ever give up on hope or feel beaten…..because for all that we have had to suffer because of being a part of this so called (non) Union I see an option to leave it all behind and start afresh which at least is a better solution for those of us in Scotland as opposed to staying in their (non) Union stagnating and being constantly confronted with injustice, hatred and a sense of doom as a citizen of a non country I neither recognise as being mine or agree to want to remain in.

    There are some we can persuade and convince and others who we will never persuade or convince……but we only need to persuade and convince ENOUGH people to make it possible to get a majority to vote for independence come next Indy Ref…….then the REAL truth of our economic worth will be revealed and also our positive contribution within a REAL Union as a member state…aka the EU….and a Union that WILL treat us as equals and not as second class citizens of THEIR UK (non) Union.

    Onwards and upwards……

    BTW BBC Scotland advertised this morning that the Scotland game will be LIVE on Wednesday…..

    ON THE RADIO……..I rest another case…..

  27. davetewart says:

    Thought it was around mid 1930’s the engineers worked out how to transmit pictures over a radio frequency, not forgetting a certain Mr Logie Baird who had a system in the late 20’s.
    So on the ebc’s freeview you will be able to watch replays of the lower english league football of places and teams you didn’t really know exist.
    EBC in Scotland indeed but you’ll get plenty of SNP bad as ‘Don’t you knoe there’s a war on and we can’t change the glourious leader until it is over, maybe 5-10 years hence,BUTT what about the ferries? the education system, the hospitals.
    Lovely piece by TuS on the excellence of Scottish education getting grant cuts whilst they’re busy using the pisa results to show how rubbish it is.

    Time to start the campaign.

    • I read somewhere that the BBC faces cuts of £200 million and that 1000 jobs will go.
      Oh dear, that means Muriel will be wielding the Big Axe up here.
      Although we are 8.4% of the audience, we can assume that the ‘savings and efficiencies at Plantation Quay will be greater than 8.4%..
      Say, 10%; so £20 million ‘slashed’ from Gray’s budget, and 100 jobs to go at Propaganda-On-Clyde.

      As I erstwhile observed there are only so may Advertising Sales Jobs available at the Findo Gask Thunderer.
      I am too enraged to comment on the events of the past few days yet.

      Only; what the feck did Dross find so hilariously funny during yesterday’s FMQ during which the Honest Man John Swinney ripped Dross and the Millionaire Cash and Carry King whose children are attending private schools ‘Socialist’ Leader, Sarwar to shreds.
      Vote Labour get Tory was the cry along the hillside.
      Rishi Sunak has 3 homes so has awarder himself £400 off his fuel bill for each.
      We are assured that the billionaire Chancer (no typo) is donating £800 of this to charity, presumably holding on to £400 because he is down to his last billion.
      Off for a bit.
      Keep safe.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        You keep safe too Jack…..

        You are a shining light on here….have a wee break recharge your batteries to fully charged and I await your next comment….it will be a cracker….as per

        Hope you see my comment….have a nice evening


        • ‘Morning, NMRN.

          Family stuff going on at the moment.

          It may be argued that many of my comments over the past years may have bordered on hyperbole, near hysteria at times, with not a few ad hominem attacks on quite a few of the hopeless unionist chancers who have taken every opportunity to lie cheat, threaten, and attempt to destroy Scotland, and reduce their fellow Scottish citizens to the base status of suppressed impoverished serfs, to be held fast behind English erected barriers, as prisoners, physically banned from our own continent Europe, a militarily occupied ‘territory’ of the Mighty English Empire.
          The fat faced Dross laughing like a drain, and the Filthy Rich Sarwar going on about ‘gas guzzling’ ministerial limos at FMQ on Thursday, ably slapped down by one of the most decent men in politics Up Here, John Swinney,was the tin lid for me.

          I need to back away from all of this for a wee while.

          I am caught in an emotional pendulum swing between speechless outrage and actually standing for public office (at 74!) and driving the ProudScotBut Scotland haters from our public space.
          I’d really look forward to being grilled by Glenn or Gary or Martin or James …

          Jack McConnell, the Laird o’ Cockpen, is getting £400 for each of his homes from his pal Sunak, a Chancellor who ‘understands’ but whose personal wealth is listed at 3/4 of one billion pounds.

          Why are we not rising up and taking back control?

          As I say, i need to catch my breath.

          We are about to enter the most important and vital 18 months in the history of the Scottish nation.
          This is not hyperbole.

          Free in ’23.

          Look after you and yours, NMRN.
          It’s comin’ yet, for a’ that.

          • Not-My-Real-Name says:

            ” The fat faced Dross laughing like a drain”

            Indeed Jack….that he had the brass neck , DRoss , to joke about John Swinney in the chamber at Holyrood by using the nickname “Honest John” when he has Boris Johnson as HQ leader and the shower of deviants and crooks in his party at WM….deflection much DRoss…….chancer

            Yes and Sarwar who performs the act when in debates that he is not supposedly ” obsessed with constitutional matters but more concerned with getting the economy up and running again”…this is someone who lives and breathes via every tweet, rubbish spoken in Holyrood , every election campaign and every interview obsessing about independence and the stopping of…..i.e. he IS very much focused and obsessed on constitutional matters……chancer

            Jack McConnell…don’t get me started……like Brown and Blair AND also now the Baroness…these chancers fight only for THEIR own financial interests/survival ….. never ever do they fight, defend or support Scotland and the people who live here as in people of ALL nationalities…..

            See Blair is planning a centrist conference with the Baroness guesting….via the Britain Project…BUT he insists it’s NOT political…NOt PoLiTiCaL…..aye…..sure….who will be in the audience…people with zips at the back of their heads……Hmm wonder if the constitution will be discussed…..Hmm….God please make it stop…centrist oh my giddy aunt….just STOP purrrrlease ……..a war criminal giving a centrist conference….what next for their UK ….a surgical consultant about to be struck off holding a medical conference on Harold Shipman…same thing…both murdere*d people…….as in Shipman and Blair…..

            You take care Jack and your family too…yes it is coming…and THEY as in political BritNats and their supporters know it too hence their panic and setting up of a multitude of organisations to stop democracy in Scotland….actually pig sick of the lot of them that I cannot bear to listen to them, watch them any more……

            Take care Jack


  28. Alex Clark says:

    A revised edition of the ministerial code has been published today, although described as “a minimally changed edition of the Code” by one journalist writing for “Business Insider” there is one pretty big change and it could have an effect on Johnson who has yet to appear in front of the Committee on Parliamentary Standards accused of lying to Parliament.

    The new code has replaced an expectation that breaking the ministerial code meant the offender should automatically resign, well not any more, additional options for punishment are included for the first time.

    So instead of resigning the offender could be asked to make a public apology and/or lose their ministerial salary.

    This has absolutely nothing at all to do with Johnson’s upcoming appearance in front of the Standards Committee accused of misleading parliament though, no sirree, oh no, it definitely does not.

  29. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    The policy Editor of the Observer tweeted this on 21 May :

    “NEW: Starmer urged to draw red lines now on Labour’s relationship with the SNP.

    I asked those involved in the 2015 election, when Miliband was hit with the “in the pocket of the SNP” line.

    Varying views, but all agree – he should something proactive and early.

    Most say draw red lines ruling out any deal at all – Miliband got there, but it was “dragged out” of him.

    Some suggest saying no referendum/no extra cash in the next Parliament.

    Another suggested – take the pain and have a commission on what an Indy Scotland would look like.

    Labour is currently thinking about this issue. There are obvious differences with 2015. SNP isn’t the dynamic force it was, Starmer not seen as weak in the same way.

    Also some pollsters question whether the attack was really effective at all (the polls were just wrong)”


    So re above where do you even start….

    The arrogance….as in we’re in charge we get to decide…..also to voters in Scotland who vote for the SNP well they do not matter as Labour say no coalition with the party voted for by peeps in Scotland via a majority…..and just like the Tories, SOME in Labour say NO to referendum and oh also NO EXTRA CASH in the next parliament… no democracy for us then oh and whose cash is it you are refusing……..and take the pain…..what pain as it’s YOU Labour and your Unionist pals who say we are a financial burden surely not pain but gain in your (dis)honest opinions……and commission on what an independent Scotland would like…..ah another project fear is it…doom and gloom you’ll be bankrupt ‘again’ (an old chestnut)……and also apparently since 2015 SNP isn’t the dynamic force it was….REALLY…based on what….winning all the elections from voters in Scotland….see winning is LOSING in Union speak…..but the best is that Starmer apparently is not seen as weak in the same way……REALLY….obviously speaking to wrong people then …perhaps those within an echo chamber….perhaps may I suggest you, Labour, need to look to Scotland to get TRUE opinion on Starmer…as in HERE he seems very weak as he desperately tries to channel his inner Tory…..too often to be distinguishable from an actual TORY.

    So it begins…..another same old same old from Labour HQ…they never learn….proactive and early is the strategy some want adopted as in No surrender to a coalition with the SNP (also similar to Sarwar’s thinking hence why they selected ex Grand Master of an Orange Lodge as a candidate for them in council elections to promote their BritNatishness)….so is all this mainly because they, Labour HQ, want to appease to those select few in England who are haters of anyone NOT English or who do not respect a British identity and Sarwar too indulges in this BritNatItis….how isolationist of Labour and yet how very predictable too……who told Labour they would be in the position to have a coalition come next GE…such ambition NOT….NOT WIN just form a coalition…just get enough seats to form a coalition you winners you…probably coalition with the other Tory party the Lib Dems….they BOTH wish….all really same party when push comes to shove…..including actual Tory party.

    We say NO THANKS to you too as we want OUT of your controlling, dominating and dysfunctional political system….so no worries….soon we and those who represent us will no longer be in the political equation so no need for a coalition…..see in Scotland…we don’t DO Tory…of any colour …via a majority….

    Labour HQ have ONE MP elected in Scotland yet still they have the audacity to think they can get those we elect via a majority telt…..NAW…we and those who we vote for to represent us will get YOU telt……I’m fair black affronted and overcome with …emulsion…again.

    Labour like t’other Unionist parties don’t do democracy in Scotland…pass it on.

    • Dr Jim says:

      They can postulate predict and parapsychology away to themselves all they want to convince themselves of their imagined union Labour voice in Scotland but when Nicola Sturgeon stands before this years live SNP conference and delivers her opening salvo on the English union party coalition of hell every TV channel showing it will reverberate through the entire so called UK with volcano like shockwaves, the entirety of the SNP membership and supporters has been waiting in patient anticipation for what’s about to happen this year and I can promise poor old Sir Labour Starmer and Co all their rotten wee legs will be swept from under them

      They’ll try to spin reinterpret misrepresent misquote and lie but the FM like the rest of us knows that the media can’t help itself, and her words will be so explosive they can do nothing else but repeat them over and over on the pretence of giving fair access of comment and reply to the opposition , and reply they’ll have to for it will be not just the starting gun but the starting bombshell

      This is not 2014 and Nicola Sturgeon being a person of *not a big mouth* has made sure there have been no leaks, no drip drip, no insider info, no nothing for the England union party and their pet media, this is one FM with no best pals in the England union party

      I’m so looking forward to the nuclear fallout over this

  30. Alex Clark says:

    Somebody who spells out exactly what Johnson is up too.

    What do despots do to hang on to power?

    Silence their enemies. Shut down critical media and fill the rest with propaganda. Surround themselves with cronies, sycophants and the enslaved compromised. Bung public funds to private donors. Normalise corruption. Suppress opposition votes. Shut down protest. Play the patriotism card. Blow the racist dog-whistle. Politicise the police. Deny citizens access to justice. Weaken or remove human rights. Ignore the rule of law. Maintain support from vested interests. Intimidate the doubters in the party by dangling deselection or loss of their seat in an election. Seize emergency powers and operate without the scrutiny of parliament. Undermine the truth at every turn.

    Lie. Lie. Lie.

    Gaslight the public into believing black is white and up is down.

    Change the rules to favour themselves.

    He’s not wrong either, another box ticked in the “Dictator’s Guide to the Universe”.

  31. Alex Clark says:

    The Associate Political editor of the Times tweeted this last night and by coincidence, the Ministerial Code has today been rewritten so that Boris Johnson being found guilty of lying to Parliament is no longer an automatic resigning matter.

    This isn’t just an abuse of power it is wiping his arse on the UK’s unwritten constitution and rubbing it into the faces of every single one of those elected politicians in the House of Commons, especially those in his own party because he believes he is unsackable and can ignore them as well.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Indeed Alex….it is also putting the branch office at a distinct political disadvantage in their contrived attacks on the Scottish government….mind you the BBC here are working at full steam ahead in their damage limitation exercise on behalf of DRoss and his party…..but unfortunately they ALSO have to try and work on Labour’s problem here with Sarwar’s ‘No Coalition’ pledge pre council election which has now been broken….so some spinning to do there too…..

      Wait until someone somewhere opens properly the can of worms on the Lib Dems scandal via Emma Walker…..they, the BBC, will need to recruit more staff not cut back….see it’s a full time 24/7 job trying to cover for Unionist parties here in Scotland….for the BBC anyway…

      You know Alex re your above comment I am not even shocked…as Tories gonna Tory…..hope someone somewhere is keeping a tally of everything Tories have done and are doing….it would give War and Peace a run for it’s money in pages………

      • Alex Clark says:

        I think we just reached another “new low” for the Tory Party under Johnson, don’t worry if you’re having trouble keeping track as the next one will be along in a minute.

        • Not-My-Real-Name says:

          Indeed also he was obviously anticipating MORE scandals ….and perhaps by ministers HE appointed…I think it is getting to be so bad that his once 81 majority might have eventually gone down to 0 (or less)…Lol

          Weird, very funny and yet so feasible that he could possibly lose his majority via a succession of By-elections due to Tory MP’s HAVING to resign….now could that have been a record noted in the Guinness book of records …..and NEVER matched….how we would laugh…..

          Hmm also, as you note Alex, that sure is just a coincidence that there is an inquiry currently on as to whether he, Johnson, misled the house via LYING that is being undertaken by a committee…why an inquiry ?….. we have ALL seen the videos THEY, members of the inquiry, only need to watch the videos too to determine his guilt…

          NOW it seem change the rules as timing is everything….timing is everything…..the HOC on the government benches will look like outcasts from a Den of Iniquity if they do not need to resign for breaking rules….with a free pass to sin whenever, wherever and however they like……Job for life….parliamentary life that is.. for a TORY minister AND PM…….I assume their punishment post this new rule change will be having to do 100 lines writing ‘I love Boris’ when they have found to be naughty…..not for Boris though as he does not do or follow rules…..even ones HE makes….and breaks..

          I do not know WHO is advising him just now but I suspect they really do not like him at all…we have just had a rules for them and rules for us scandal re lockdown breaking by Boris & co…NOW…he is changing the rules (for them) where ministers breaking rules do not need to resign….however for us mere mortals if WE break the rules in OUR jobs and if considered a serious dereliction of duty or breach…well how long would WE keep OUR jobs….WE would be SACKED !!!!!!!!! …..RESIGN oh no not for plebs when caught…. that particular course of action used to be a luxury for Govt. ministers and the PM…thought not in the future it seems….as rules changed re ministerial code….to suit THEM not us….shocked not shocked…..( will Matt Hancock retrospectively request HIS job back now)……….

          Cue Boris fanboy/girl first defence line upon this new WTAF shocking decision on rule breaking and ministers (and PM) ……Boris could poop in some of his voter fans gardens and they would thank him for the fertiliser……

  32. davetewart says:

    Pope boris the first the infalible.

  33. Hamish100 says:

    Definition of delusional behaviour from SGP

    “ In fact, Alba’s vote has increased from 1% to 2% in the last six months, so if simply surviving as a party after the local elections is the test, it seems Alba has passed with flying colours”

    Is there a doctor in the house?

    Was it not claimed they were on 4%?

    • Dr Jim says:

      I suppose if you’re going to sell yourself something it might as well be a big dodd of delusion

  34. Alex Clark says:

    Johnson takes the UK one step closer to a dictatorship by rewriting the rules when he might be found guilty of breaking those rules and forced to resign.

    Mhairi Black said just a week ago in Westminster that the UK was “walking closer and closer to the F-word” she was talking about Fascism and must be despairing today at everybody in a position to challenge this that stays silent. How will this be reported by that guardian of democracy, the BBC?

  35. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Then you read something like this …

    “On Partygate, the government’s anti-corruption tsar, John Penrose, crystallised the conundrum faced by those who hoped it would deliver a more stinging verdict and are now waiting for the privileges committee to begin its investigation into whether Johnson misled parliament.”

    Guardian: 27/05/22

    Okay. Now just remind me who this Penrose is – as well as being ‘the [UK] government’s anti-corruption tsar’. Ah yes. I remember now.

    John Penrose aka Mr Dido Harding of Trace and Track and PPE fiasco ‘fame’.

  36. Alex Clark says:

    The BBC is an utter disgrace, absolutely nothing at all on the rule changes to the Ministerial Code in order to save Johnson’s skin but on the main news, we in Scotland did have to listen to another £ferry fiasco” story from HMS James Cook this time broadcast across the whole UK.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Yes Alex that is THE pattern…they just cannot have all bad news being directed at Johnson’s Tory party… for UNFAIR and undeserved (non) balance they tactically focus on Scottish government…many Scots will be scunnered with them ….especially considering ALL of the scandals via Tory UK government just now mainly due to a TW*T ( it’s an ‘A’ in middle of word) being in charge aka Boris ‘Scandal King’ Johnson…..

      Is the Ferry story now classified as a BBC Scotland soap opera…’s been on more times than BeastEnders…or feels like it……and they keep repeating same storyline over and over again…..

      I’m contacting Scooby Doo’s pals so that he and his pesky kid pals can finally reveal the villainy that exists at the BBC…..mind you will be hard finding a REAL journalist there to help Scooby and his pals as none of them at the BBC Scotland news team seem to have a scooby doo on investigating ACTUAL political scandals or indeed ever exposing them….WHEN it involves a Unionist politicians anyway…SNP however seem to them to be fair game 100% of the time…..

      I do not watch the news now because I fear for my physical and mental health declining….I read social media it keeps me fighting fit and sane……well sort of sane…..considering current circumstances of being…for now…still a citizen of their UK…I really should be completely MAD
      ( via anger as well as mentally)

      Have a nice evening

      • davetewart says:

        Gave up the tv ages ago but used to listen to ebc radio for news, no more.
        I even gave up lbc, global radio when I listened to ferrari, dale and tumelty give tory ministers easy rides,even o’brien is a unionist.
        Stv was a joke for news, programmes are just itv.
        World service overnight can have very different coverage, r4 transmits world service overnight as they seem to run a 2×10 hour cycle with repeats.
        You can predict the tv breakfast time coverage by listening to the first to transmit, the others have the same questions and the same answers.
        In effect we’re being gaslit.
        At least I have Paul’s site to remain informed on a few isses per week and the contributers, Thanks all.

        • Not-My-Real-Name says:

          SNAP….I also stopped watching news AND debate shows and some supposedly funny game shows with so called alternate comedians on panels…as too snide towards Scots wanting independence, FM and SNP….shows like HIGNFY and 8 out of 10 Cats etc

          As to anything with the likes of Susan Calman, Neil Oliver and t’other Proud Scots BUT’s…well they have chosen to not bite the hands that feed them in supporting BRITAIN over Scotland…hence why THEY get all the gigs via TV programmes….ones I do NOT watch.

          Yes God bless this site and t’other independent supporting online sources or we would be clueless ….so much so we might vote for a unionist party at elections…..God forbid.

          Have a nice evening Dave…


  37. Alex Clark says:

    As you might have guessed by my repeated posts on this topic, I am raging that Johnson can act so blatantly and change the rules that are supposed to govern the behavior, more importantly, the misbehavior of Ministers in government by having them resign if found to have broken the rules of this code.

    The fact that Johnson can do this unilaterally and without any reference to Parliament whatsoever is beyond belief. The UK is broken and its leader is out of control with no one able or even attempting to do anything about it. It’s even worse than that, the main broadcaster in the UK completely ignores what has happened and refuses to inform the voters of what this creature is doing in order to save his own skin.

    We need people to know about this, too few even appreciate a little what is happening before their eyes. Mhari Black knew what she was saying in Westminster last week, we need to talk about the F-word.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      We are with you, Scotland:

      Prime Minister accused of ‘blatantly corrupt move’ after changes are made to the Ministerial Code

      27 May 2022 3 minute Read

      Liz Saville Roberts, leader of the Plaid Cymru group at Westminster has accused Boris Johnson of “a blatantly corrupt move” to destroy accountability after changes to Westminster’s Ministerial Code were announced.

      Her comments were made after a UK Government policy statement issued today said it was “disproportionate” to expect ministers to resign or face the sack for “minor” violations of the code’s provisions.


      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        What is ‘Minor’ to them could be to us…MAJOR.

        Like what Johnson did in lying to parliament….that’s NOT minor that’s MAJOR

  38. Dr Jim says:

    Yaay! we have a new monarch, he’s succeeded in crowning himself King Boris
    Boris Johnson now has more power than any English Prime Minister in recorded history by making himself non accountable to parliament

    I think there’s another word for that ?

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Just one word ?….the ones I have could get me banned from this site Dr Jim….

      It’s almost as if they themselves are orchestrating their own demise as a political NON force….how much do the Tories actually believe people who voted for them REALLY REALLY WANT Brexit…..surely not THIS much…………

      Have a good evening

  39. stewartb says:

    O/T For interest. The campaigning organisation Republic has released the results of an opinion poll conducted on its behalf by YouGov. Using a GB-wide sample of 1,666, it asked : ‘How interested, if at all, are you in the Platinum Jubilee?’

    Total ‘interested’:

    Scotland = 32%. The next lowest area was the North at 39%. The rest of England with Wales (not split out) was between 42% and 48% interested..

    ‘Not at all interested’:

    Scotland = 35%. The next lowest area was the North at 31%. The rest of England with Wales (not split out) was between 21% and 24% not at all interested.

    Adding ’not very interested’ to ‘not at all interested’, the figure for Scotland is 62%!


    • Dr Jim says:

      I haven’t had a jubilee since I was around ten years old, they cost about 4d which was slightly less than 2 modern pence, oh aye, aye, so some queen’s having a what now?

      • The required slurp during the children’s matinee at the Bank cinema, Dr Jim.
        It was intended to be an orange drink in a waxed tetrahedron carton; but some genius decided to freeze this delight. WE sliced open the top and sucked the delicious frozen juice, pushing the ice upwards as we went.
        It lasted a helluva lot longer than a drink, that’s for sure.
        Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis in spectacular colour, and a B Picture ‘cowshie’ starring Jock Mahoney or Glenn Ford; childhood heaven.
        Do they still make ’em?

  40. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Make of this what you will – from the Torygraph (snucked from behind the paywall, i.e. on Yahoo News).

    Scottish Tory attacks on Boris Johnson may be a ‘plot to break away from UK’
    Daniel Sanderson

    Fri, 27 May 2022, 5:38 pm

    Scottish Tory attacks on Boris Johnson over partygate are undermining the Union and may be fuelled by a plot to sever links with the UK party, a former Scotland Office minister has warned.

    Colin Clark claimed that the chasm between Tory MSPs at Holyrood, some of whom maintain the Prime Minister must quit now, and Number 10 risked “overshadowing the benefits of the UK” in the minds of voters.


    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Oh really…well that’s rich…so THEY can be independent from Tory HQ in the UK but we, here in Scotland, cannot be independent from them…how does that work then….is it rules for THEM Scottish (INO) Tories and rules for us who want independence from the UK and Tory HQ…how very Tory of them.

      So all that Talk about they, Scottish (INO) Tories being autonomous from HQ was rubbish then….which we knew anyway clue was in them , Tories here, supporting and defending all of Tory HQ’s policies and decisions….this is obviously a smoke and mirrors exercise for political survival and credibility for the soon to be perhaps ex branch office of the Tory HQ party….damage control.

      So scenario….. Tory HQ are THE existing UK government and obvs Unionists and supposed ( but not really) breakaway Tories here will still campaign and support the Union …..but under what government…surely not Tory HQ that they want to break away from as too toxic for them to be associated with…apparently but not really………confusedDotCom

      Because if Tory HQ IS too toxic for them to be linked to i.e. Scottish (INO) Tories….. then who will they support as a UK government…also what about the Tories elected in Scotland as MP’s who all, including DRoss, currently support and defend Boris Johnson the Tory HQ leader ……

      Have they really really thought this through…..pretending to break away as Tory HQ too toxic to be associated with yet want us in Scotland to STILL be under Tory HQ rule as part of their Union…..

      I must be missing something….is this a story in VIZ…….I mean I know desperate times call for desperate measures but this is BEYOND desperate it’s a political parody……if they appoint a new leader for the Tories in Scotland can he change his first name to Dan (if not already so)…so we can call him Desperate Dan by name and nature…….it will fit.

      Perhaps they need a break….have a Kit Kat…or a BREAKAWAY biscuit…because as an idea it will need verbal gymnastics to convey THIS as a viable strategy to both the public and the media while simultanously campaigning for us in Scotland to remain in the UK under a Tory Govt…I say the media Ha Ha…media is just a title here no more….sure some of them will spin it to the point of making us all dizzy…..

      PS… if they attempt this IT WILL NOT SAVE THEIR UNION… will just further justify the need for us to leave……then they, Tories here, can stop pretending and rejoin their masters at Tory HQ…and then we can all live happily ever after…..The End

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        pps.. Did Adam Tomkins not also suggest Tories here breaking away from Tory HQ when he left Holyrood….or am I going Ga Ga again…..

      • davetewart says:

        But it was only abit of birthday cake.
        Latestone to quit as patel’s pps is stepping downas a government helper over partygate.
        All the other stuff, Rwanda and human rights cuts to uc and benefit he’s fine with.

    • Dr Jim says:

      That’s exactly where the benefits of the UK are, in peoples minds, nowhere else just their f*****g minds

  41. Alex Clark says:

  42. Capella says:

    The iconic Eddie Mair interview of Boris Johnston where he calls him a “nasty piece of work”. Eddie Mair went to LBC after that.

  43. Capella says:

    And Eddie Mair retiring from broadcasting after 40 years:

  44. Hamish100 says:

    I understand the wish for a public memorial to the victims of Covid 19
    Am I being ungracious by suggesting that , is not worth £250000 nor is appropriate.

  45. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    ‘Nero fiddled while Rome burned’….next weekend many people in England, via Jubilee celebration parties, will do the same…..and also in a very selective FEW other areas in other countries within the UK too…’Let them eat cake’ (shop’s own brand), wave their flags, sing and dance…. for soon they will have so little to eat, sing or dance about or wave their flags for….. thanks to subsidising the one whose reign they currently are celebrating AND the government some of them vote for…..

    • iusedtobeenglish says:

      In the grauniad this morning:.

      “Queen’s platinum jubilee to be marked by 16,000 street parties across England

      No mention of what’s happening in Scotland/NI/Wales. We’re all told about Monkeypox, then – inter alia NI has articles (over a few days) about the protocol and DUP blocking a government, Wales mentions water bills, genetically modified food and still carries Martin Kettle’s article on how “Britain(sic) has never been less united”

      Oh yes, Scotland…
      …there’s an article about Munroe-bagging dogs.

  46. Hamish100 says:

    So bbc scotchland bring on a medic to talk about long covid. Fair enough.
    Then they give a free run for Cole Hamilton who basically trashes Scotland as being worse in every way to England’s services. Really? You would never know the traitorous Lib Dem’s kept the tories in power to enforce austerity. Back to the interview or should I say the free political broadcast.
    If we are to gain independence we need to attack the news media’s bias at all times.
    Smug Cole – Hamilton must be saying – that was easy.

    • Dr Jim says:

      This week in England a health board was found to be responsible for the deaths of not one baby, not two but over twenty babies due to suspicious circumstances, to whom who do the media in England apportion blame ? the health board
      In Scotland the First Minister is the go to person to blame for a pigeon that flew in a window, faulty construction of air conditioning, a drain, an unemptied bin, a rodent, a global pandemic, train drivers, unfinished boats, the f*****g lack of happiness felt by those who are unhappy, sectarianism, racism, folk who won’t stop sticking needles in their arms, and if I were one of the scumbag media I’d be able to think up another fifty excuses to throw blame at the FM for something

      All of these so called FM Nicola Sturgeon responsibilities don’t appear to be the responsibility of any other PM or FM in the British isles and yet she’s held accountable by the media in Scotland where those others are not even considered involved

      It appears in Scotland that the media portray FM as the only person elected to work in every department of government and industry, no other people are involved in that either, she is solely responsible for every aspect of every persons day to day life in Scotland and if it’s not perfect she must come round your house or your place of work with her ministerial toolbox, first aid kit, taxi, train, and even a comedy clown outfit to keep you happy

      If the FM goes abroad to sell our country she’s wrong, if she doesn’t do anything to sell our country she’s wrong, if she stays here and meets foreign dignitaries they’re the wrong ones, if she doesn’t meet foreign dignitaries she’s wrong, if she congratulates an entity on success it’s the wrong entity, if she doesn’t? and on and on and on

      If there’s one criticism I have of FM Nicola Sturgeon it’s this, she bloody well tries her hardest to do all of those jobs, and you know what? she’s wrong

  47. davetewart says:

    Interesting letter in the independent today on the lack of knowledge of the actuality of North Sea oil ans gas by our masters.
    An engineer writes
    We own not a bit of the industry.
    Thatcher gave it all away for license money, we don’t even own any of the product AND we give the companies tax holidays for investment.
    The product is sold to us through the world market and we pay the going rate.
    The refineries are all owned by foreign interests and set up for foreign crude, the Brent crude name is a light crude used for chemicals and plastics.
    So ,he asks, how will this help energy security for the uk?
    He finishes with it takes a minimum of 8 years from finding the source to production more likely 20+ years.
    Not the master race at all, Norway , through Statoil have some control.
    They still say we need to keep North Sea oil and gas flowing when some of it is actually owned by the Russians and the Chinese.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Some of it is also owned by the National Iranian Oil Company and the Korea National Oil Company.

    • Golfnut says:

      Oil and gas corps don’t own UK oil and gas, they haven’t bought it, they pay a lot of money for the right to explore/extract oil and gas in a given area under license. It comes with conditions and can be suspended or revoked at any time by the UK gov. An independent Scotland is under no obligation to continue the license or honour any contract issued by the UK gov. That includes any strategic asset such as pipelines etc sold off by the UK gov. Your going to hear and see a lot in the media in run up to indy2 regards oil and gas being worthless to Scotland because of tax breaks etc, it’s all bollocks.

  48. Alex Clark says:

    Here’s another Tory multi-millionaire MP, warning the chancellor that a windfall tax is “throwing red meat to the socialists” and that if the Tories ever lose power then the socialists will just keep coming back for more.

    He is also the largest landowner in Dorset and actually owns 2% of all the land in that county, I don’t think this MP likes to pay his own tax either.

    A multimillionaire Tory MP with a luxurious lifestyle funded by historical family links to the slave trade has failed to publish accounts for four of his five companies since 2009, potentially breaching company law.

    It emerged in December that Richard Drax was worth an estimated £150 million, but had not declared ownership of a sugar plantation in Barbados in his register of members’ interests declaration.

    Now the Conservative MP for South Dorset is being forced to produce over a decade’s worth of missing account, the Observer reported, revealing hundreds of thousands of pounds of business transactions.

    This is what stands in the way of Scottish Independence.

    • Dr Jim says:

      I believe what might stand in the way of Independence is the likelihood that Boris Johnson will call a snap GE for next Autumn in an attempt at doing two things, one a massive giveaway to the electorate before the election to get him voted back into office, and two, an attempt to thwart Scotlands timing on an Independence vote

      Right at this moment in time Boris Johnson has changed the rules on being able to remove him from office by any means, he’s effectively declared himself a dictator monarch with the power of Marvels Thanos who can click his fingers and wipe out half the universe giving him the power to be *inevitable* and we don’t have the Avengers or Thor to take his head off with a big axe

      The media are reporting this change in the law by Johnson as though it’s nothing much and just about *saving* his job when what he’s done is much more than that, Johnson has effectively given himself enforcement of his position, he is now all powerful over the parliament and removed their authority of majority committee to stop him, even the 1922 Ian Brady led committee don’t quite know what to do about this latest development, if Brady even receives the sufficient number of letters can Johnson in his improved position just wave his arm and say get stuffed I’m in charge and I’m not going, or even do away with the committee altogether

      The media must know what he’s done and why, yet somehow they don’t feel *compelled* to tell us

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        even the 1922 Ian Brady led committee


        Moors murderer as Head Honcho of Conservative Party Committee of backbenchers? Shurely shome mistake.

        Please read, Graham Brady.

      • Alex Clark says:

        You might well be right Dr Jim about a GE next year, Johnsons Deputy Chief of Staff said so on Wednesday.

        Boris Johnson’s deputy chief of staff has reportedly told 60 MPs to prepare for an election one year earlier than planned.

        David Canzini is said to have made the comments to around 60 Red Wall MPs during a conservative away day in Hinckley, Leicestershire, on Wednesday.

        The next general election is set to take place in 2024, Commons Leader Mark Spencer announced earlier this month.

      • andyfromdunning says:

        Agreed I see a GL in 2023.

        Personally looking at time frames to get us a referendum I feel that it will be nye on impossible to have the referendum in 2023.

        If there is a U.K. GL in 23 then our referendum will need to be 24. If the GL is in 24 then the referendum may be 25.

        My doubts on the time frame are these. The draft referendum bill first promised in October 19 and again in April 21 still had not been put to Holyrood. Say this takes another three months from now plus one month to cover the summer holiday you are in October. Then in November it goes to the Supreme Court for possibly a years wrangle back and forward. Then you have up to six months to get electoral commission approval.

  49. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Does anyone think we , via a majority, will get to the point in Scotland where we quote the famous line from the character played by Peter Finch in the film Network….by perhaps organising a march with thousands of banners stating ““I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!,”….

    Personally I think it is long overdue…..

    Actually a lot of people came out of their houses to clap for the NHS…would they all also be willing to come out of their houses to shout the above at a designated time……I mean come on…..

    Now is The Time….as Tories LOVE to say….well tis for us to do above… apt is it NOT. Considering present circumstances……..I mean we ARE all MAD and we are all at the point of NOT being willing to TAKE it any more….so …….

    Have a nice day everyone…….

  50. Capella says:

    Abbi Garton-Crosbie reports on the windfall tax.

    Scotland is ‘bankrolling’ 90% of Rishi Sunak’s £5bn windfall tax

    An analysis from the House of Commons Library shows that 90% of UK oil and gas sales come from Scottish waters, as last counted in 2019. The SNP say this means £4.5 billion of the £5bn the UK Government estimates the levy will raise will come from Scotland.

    If this £4.5bn was retained in Scotland, the analysis shows it would give a cash boost of £1800 to each Scottish household to tackle rising energy costs. The SNP calculated this by dividing the £4.5bn total between Scotland’s 2.51 million households.

  51. Capella says:

    But even if Scotland did keep the £5 billion windfall tax we would have to use it to plug the gap. So says the IFS.

    Scotland facing ‘tough decisions’ as £3.5bn finance gap highlights lack of powers

    The Scottish economy is facing a £3.5 billion deficit by 2026/27 – the equivalent of £640 per person – and will be “no easy task” to conquer, IFS economists have said.

    The figure could move to a £10bn shortfall or a £4bn surplus according to Scottish government predictions, but the IFS have said that a “substantial” gap is likely.

    • Alex Clark says:

      A £3.5 billion deficit by 2026/27 while being ruled by Westminster is it?

      Better make sure that we’re Independent by then and just go for the £4bn surplus 🙂

  52. jfngw says:

    Anas Sarwar, the man just one spelling mistake away from being an arsehole, is now just a Conservative courtier. He controls councils at the whims of the Tories or ordains their decisions in Tory run councils, he can do nothing without their approval. He is in effect D,Ross’s ventriloquists dummy, both now following orders from Boris Johnson.

    That is unionism in Scotland, subservient to the whims of the biggest liar every to run the country.

    • stewartb says:

      Just trialling locally a model of collaboration for use at Holyrood if ever the Unionist parties get a sniff of a chance.

      We MUST have the constitutional question asked and answered BEFORE the next Holyrood election. The FM MUST deliver on the promised opportunity!

    • Hamish100 says:

      Based on previous political adverts could someone mock up a suited Johnson, with Ross in his top pocket and inside Ross’s top pocket Sarwar, Baillie.

  53. UndeadShaun says:

    Johnsons new plan to keep up support in brexit red wall seats..

    I doubt any aged 60 or under will manage to use/understand imperial measures.

    I was at school when we used both and I struggle with imperial measures, having used decimal for majority of my life, this is a fecken bonkers plan.

    Nae wonder they stopped making the thick of it.

    I had to double check this wasnt April 1st.

    • davetewart says:

      Likewise the April date.
      My buddy says it’s LSD we’ve to go back to.

      My memory is of the school jotters had the units printed on the rear cover page, a pickle and a peck.
      Can still remember being taught the quick solutions to using farthings and converting gross to dozens.
      Yep anybody for a munchkin of whiskey?

    • Alex Clark says:

      He just makes himself and the Tory party look even more ridiculous than they already are.

      • davetewart says:

        The masterplan , thow out plenty of crap so we forget things like the wallpaper, the Russian report, Ms greys report, the racist tory party, partygate.

    • Hamish100 says:

      Surprised Johnson gave out the dimensions of the Downing St complex in Square metres

    • Skintybroko says:

      Bringing back imperial measures so folks find it even more difficult to understand how much prices are rising as most of the younger generations won’t question it. Another wheeze by the Tories to stick it to the masses.

  54. Was just reading an article about the lack of Jubilee crap in Yes 2014 Glasgow…

    Genuine question, but does the English Queen ever visit the Orange Order? Join in their parades etc? As her most loyal followers, surely she must make regular appearances at Rangers matches and whatnot? Right?

    Asking for someone who thinks Lizzie avoids them like the plague.

  55. UndeadShaun says:

    I think its too much coke thats done it.

    They have turned into a parody brexit act.

    What next ?

    Dismantle the channel tunnel?
    Bring concorde back?
    Mandate that last night at the proms is repeated at least once a week on BBC?…

    • Alex Clark says:

    • JoMax says:

      “Mandate that last night at the proms is repeated at least once a week on BBC?…”

      Rounded off with rousing renditions of ‘Gruel Britannia’, ‘Land of Dope and Tory’ and ‘God Save Us All’. Love it.

    • Legerwood says:

      Don’t think they will bring Concorde back. The French were partners in that endeavour. Can’t have any of that foreign stuff you know.

      • Stephen McKenzie says:

        Mind it should be Concord as it was the damn French insisted it had an “e” at the end.

  56. Dr Jim says:

    Ah, another deceased feline heaved onto the 19th century oaken table for the gammons to feast greedily upon while they quaff their mead dreaming of courtiers robes and pomp, and put aside the doings of the criminal head case who’s making this shit up, he’ll be handing out pikestaffs and longbows for the serfs to defend the realm from the hordes of normal people laughing at them next

    I remember when we came down from the highlands in our hundreds and thousands rallying to William Wallace’s call, great days, great days indeed, brandishing our 36″ inch claymores and leather on wood shields as we hit and run the highland way, then after the great battles we’d buy a lb of bananas and 4 oz of granny sookers in celebration as we drank our pints and flagons of wort weed bru, the forerunner to the great Irn Bru of course, then sat down to watch Jack Victor Isa and all the the gang at the Clansman

    Ah, to relive it all again would be well just as ridiculous as these bampot English Tories madness to dress themselves up in Pinewood studios costumes and glide around the Houses of Parliament as in Ye Olde days of yore forsoothing and egading all over the place

  57. Capella says:

    Toni Giugliano, SNP policy development convener, wants to open up discussion on what the new independence prospectus should contain.

    b>SNP urged to launch summer assembly to give members say on independence prospectus

    THE SNP are being urged to convene a national assembly this summer to allow party members to have their say on the new prospectus for independence.

    The call has been made by SNP policy development convener Toni Giugliano, who said it was vital the wider party was given the chance to scrutinise the papers, which are due to be published shortly.

    He has written to the SNP depute leader Keith Brown calling for the assembly to take place.

    It comes after an independence seminar was held last Wednesday examining issues around the economy, with topics discussed including Scotland’s economic strength, energy, Brexit, the deficit, a Scottish currency, and wellbeing indicators.

  58. Capella says:

    Prof Robertson makes the case for a different political outlook in Scotland, different values, in spite of attempts to deny this.

    Different Scotland

    …are Scots different? While I recognise that we have Tories too, fascists even, I think in behaviour there is something in the form of a stronger, not complete, tendency toward leftist politics and collectivist values here.

  59. Eilidh says:

    Great article Paul. I have been ill with Covid these past few days that was one of the reasons I could only stomach to watch about 30 seconds of Johnsons farce of an apology at PMQs re the Sue Gray report.With the baying of his supporters in the background it was almost like watching a bad gladiator movie.The latest farce of them wanting to bring imperial measures just shows how utterly desperate they are. The UK is dead and no Queens Jubilee will save it high time for Scotland to get the hell out of this pathetic Union of entitled thieving spivs

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Sorry you have been ill with Covid hope you feel a little bit better now.

      Agree with all that you say above.

      Have a nice day Eilidh


    • Finally got me too. Double vaccinated and boosted, but still pretty damn unpleasant. It’s rare for me to be affected much by colds or flue. Hope yours wisnae too bad!

      And totally, the imperial measures thing is really the last gasp of a dying empire.

    • grizebard says:

      Hi Eilidh,

      Imperial measures now? – it’s become self-caricature. You’re right, let’s get away ASAP from this pathetic Clown Circus. Meanwhile, “chin up” and get well soon.

      • Eilidh says:

        Thanks for all the get well messages folks and sorry to hear skier that you have covid too hope you feel better soon. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a vaccine to prevent Toryitis life would so much better then 😉

  60. Hamish100 says:

    With the jubilee celebrations full pelt could I ask all SNP’s MSP’s MP’s Councillors to return their British Empire Medals or Order of the British Empire Medals to basically say up yours!

  61. jfngw says:

    I propose to celebrate the jubilee Scotland changes its road signage to kilometre per hour to acknowledge our monarchs German history.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      I move an amendment that in solidarity with our fellow-Europeans, we also drive on the right.

      Where’s the problem ? Sweden succeeded in making the change overnight in 1967 as did Iceland in 1968..

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Grant Shapps would doubtless agree to that proposition, trucks and vans first weekend, the rest a week later….

    • Hamish100 says:


  62. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Natalie Bennett Green Peer tweeted :

    “Unbelievably, #Government have confirmed that oil and gas companies can largely avoid the windfall tax by re-investing their profits.

    And there will be no tax relief for investment in renewables!



    COP26 – Tory Alok Sharma so called President INO of COP26 (fake) tears must have now dried up like the Sahara Desert how I wish his political party were also dried up…….the UK (via UK Govt.) version of COP26 is more like COP-OUT26 is it not…..

    COP stands for Conference of the Parties…..with the Tories participation it stands for Con on the (other) Parties…….

    The ERG party within the Tory party don’t do climate change….those others that they work for who pay them well for them lobbying on their behalf want to continue to maximise THEIR profits in the here and now….future be damned…..and the climate too……..

    Tories participation in COP26 was mere window dressing just like every other area where they, Tories, SHOULD be acting NOW but instead DO NOT or when they are FORCED to ACT they do so in a manner that lessons the IMPACT on BIG BUSINESS while FAILING to LESSON the IMPACT on you and I…..ordinary people who vote for them help them do this…..and they say Masoch*sm is an act practised only by a select few……where as with the voting record of many in England it’s become like a VIRUS….Tory-i-tis Masoch*stic……only susceptible to those of weak mind…. thank God the rest of us are immune…..of course as they suffer from Masoch*stic tendencies like a virus tis the Sad*sts (Tories) that they vote for who enable their Masoch*sm to spread among them in a viral type fashion…..symptoms include fanatical obsessions about Brexit, Royalty, Foreigners, freedom of speech, Canc*l culture, identifying the myth of W*ke individuals, dominance of THEIR chosen political party, protection of statues ( they know little about ) ,watching newly formed alternate biased propaganda media….basically anything that is predominantly a fiction in their own heads and of so little significance in the overall grand scheme of things to justify their prioritising these things to the extent that they do….also things that have very little to do with increasing and benefitting both their, and their family and friends, well being and financial positions……in other words they are the masters of their own downfall……unfortunately they also are bringing US down with them…..

    Hence why independence is essential for us in Scotland BEFORE too late……

    Surely, for many of our English friends living in England who like us HATE all of this….surely it should be God Save THEM not their Queen…..their need is greater….we here have at least an escape route….God willing more see it too……

    ps. The answer is NOT Tony Blair and his up and coming Centrist conference with the likes of Rory Stewart and Ruth Davidson attending ( yes SAME Ruth Davidson who very recently campaigned in Scotland for the TORIES in council elections…same one…go figure…why then is she attending this conference with Tony Blair who states tis a non political event Ha Ha but tis a conference that supports Centrist politics)……

    pps Tony Blair is a war criminal and Ruth Davidson is a unelected Tory Peer…pass it on (more so when their conference is running)

    ppps. Also what’s this ‘The Britain project’ which according to them is a is a non-partisan, political collaboration seeking to build a broad coalition in the centre ground that puts hope, decency and integrity at the heart of our politics (check them out online under ‘The British project’…….Ha Ha good one decency and integrity …have you seen who is involved with them …… has the following on their advisory board ….Rory Stewart, David Gauke, Angela Smith (ex Labour party MP and then part of newly formed failed party ), Trevor Phillips (has show on SKY Sunday), Peter Kellner (YouGov president), Alistair Carmichael ( Lib Dem serial liar), Lucinda Berger (ex Labour Mp who also like Angela Smith jumped ship and was part of failed new political party The Independent Group) and others namely some Lords from Lib Dems and Tories……THEY are ALSO NOT the solution but like others are part of THE problem……for the many not the few….

    Get Me Out Of Here I am a SCOT….by birth….but other Scots who have adopted Scotland as their home and who also want out and who also don’t do so called centrist politics or so called non country’s like Britain.

    Have a nice day everyone…..

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      “check them out online under ‘The British project’

      * The Britain Project

      If you want a laugh that is

  63. Alex Clark says:

    🙂 🙂

  64. Alex Clark says:

    Kirsty Blackman was interviewed on the Sunday Show this morning, Martin Geissler tried to give her a hard time but she more than held her own.

    • Capella says:

      Kirsty Blackman certainly did hold her own in the face of the usual aggressive barrage from Martin Geissler. He must have thought she’d be a push over. But not at all.

  65. Dr Jim says:

    Tory Labour Liberal Democrat, the three Republican parties of Scotland:

    There’s a large section of Scotland that doesn’t understand the politics of the country in which they live, particularly when it comes to council elections, we have political parties who claim to represent one thing or another and tell the public they’ll adhere to these principles, they’ll promise to be faithful and true to the ideals and values they stand for, then the moment the election is over the true colours of these parties once again surfaces, reference the Anas Sarwar blatant bare faced lying to the public, in the press and on the television, and if questioned on his actions once again will bare faced lie all over again until a couple of weeks later that episode has disappeared from the short term memory

    We have polls, we have dissectors of polls, we have analysers of polls, number counters, all advising folk of how and what to vote to glean the best result for them from an already flawed system of voting deliberately designed to create no winners , so what do the political parties do about that? well if you know you can’t win, you lie, you tell folk you can make a difference, an impact that’ll sort the whole thing out, that’s a lie, they can’t and following every election in Scotland they don’t

    If we think of Scotland as like America then we have three Republican parties that base their principles in the denial of Democracy to the people, then we have two Democrat parties who base themselves on delivering the will of the majority by electoral success, the rest of the parties involved are of little to no consequence because the only impact they can make is to try to disrupt or nick votes from the larger parties by promising their particular brand of lying which is generally even bigger than the main parties because the media will never really call them or question them over what they said

    The perception that politics is about winning elections by weight of votes therefore in Scotland is skewed in the favour of those who know they can’t win, but by banding together they can destroy the political momentum of the mood of the country
    Every time there is an election in Scotland the three Republican parties join together as one, not to win but to thwart the process of those who can, which means their entire strategy is based upon subverting the will of the voter by not representing the principles each of these three parties claim they stand for

    The Labour party claim they stand with the working man yet ay every Scottish election they become Tory party blood brothers along with the Liberal Democrats and morph into full blooded Tories thereby completely ignoring the votes they gleaned from the people they now claim to represent, so they lied to get those votes then they lie about the use they’re putting them to

    Politics in Scotland isn’t what many of the voters think it is or was because the three Republican parties have changed their principles to one principle, deny democracy in the same way Republicans in America try to do, so if you like your politics Donald Trump Vladimir Putin Boris Johnson style then vote for any one of the three Republican Scottish parties and that’s what you’ll get, if you like democratic politics by way of the collective view then you know what to do

    Other parties do exist that you can vote for who won’t win anything in the next hundred years with a force ten gale behind them, so what are their principles? and there are drains and wishing wells all over that you can hurl your money and hope into

    • Eilidh says:

      They really should be honest with the electorate and just form the Unionist Alliance Party because that is exactly what they are but they keep hiding the truth of course can’t let the little people find out they are just a bunch of entitled morons.

      • Let’s be clear. Alister Jack, Ian Murray, Alistair Carmichael, Douglas Ross, Anas Sarwar, and ..The Tailor’s Dummy, hate the very idea that the country in which they live, and hoover up wads of cash, Scotland, should retake its rightful place as a small, independent nation, a sovereign small prosperous state. like scores of others on this planet.

        This modern day Axis of Evil is in place to menace the population of our land, sinisterly backed by the English Oligarchy’s finances. media, and armed forces.

        They control almost every aspect of Scottish life, and head most of our institutions, industries, finance houses, education, Trades Unions, and soft spheres of influence, like tourism, the medical profession, law, and professional bodies.

        Even after 300 years of colonial osmosis, they have failed to eliminate Scotland, the nation.

        Their gun boats are berthed on the Clyde, they garrison in the heart of our capital, and the NE our land has been colonised by incomers, sucking fossil fuels from our waters and selling it back to us at ‘capitalism and greed’ prices.

        Diurnally we are bombarded with media items lying to us, frightening us, threatening us..

        Stern faced men and women flood our screens, air waves, and in our Dead Tree Scrolls, bludgeoning our senses with a torrent of Bad News, despair, and defeat; Scotland is no more, we are a colony of England, and we,the people, don’t have any powers to prevent a Fat Man Child serial adulterer megalomaniac liar holding us fast as England’s Last Golden Goose colony.
        Glenn needs merely repeat that England won’t ‘let us go’.

        We are too wee too poor too stupid.

        Brian Wilson, Director at Celtic Football Club, is the most recent to bellow that we are causing division by insisting on democracy. Director on the board of Celtic footbaall Club bleating on a bout ‘division’ in society.

        Well, I’ve had enough.
        We are prisoners in our own country. Our oppression is as serious as the invasion of Ukraine.

        We are fighting for our very lives.

        We are in an almighty battle to gain our freedom.

        We do it not for ourselves principally, but our children, and our children’s children.

        There is no Labour Party. Blair killed that.
        The Lib Dems are a joke.
        The Tories the anti Christ.
        They have fused into an evil blob Up Here.
        They are paid by England to destroy Scotland.

        There is no time left. We must act now.

  66. Hamish100 says:

    SGP still rejoicing over 2% ALBA showing. Sad.
    Still the independista in scotia, anonymous and J Kelly make up of all their comments.
    Is it possible the rest like maccaskill and co have given up or they are too embarrassed after the council elections to show themselves?

    • Dr Jim says:

      People become sad when they become convinced to invest themselves in a cause only to lose and their understanding of what they think politics or human behaviour is was mistaken ill judged, or they were taken in by rhetoric, the bitterness and anger follows when they refuse to admit their mistake, we’ve seen a previous website strain every sinew using even worse tactics than those they claimed they originally opposed in attempts to prove themselves correct even knowing they were wrong only to suffer the same fate of miserable rejected defeat

      The voting public have no sympathy, they vote, accept loss or win and move on until next time, the zealots fester blinded by their belief that the world is against them, when the world just doesn’t care before or after the moment they rejected them

      Politics is about perceptions, the zealot and the vengeful simply refuse to accept it

      • grizebard says:

        Politics can be a cruel trade, and to have your cherished ambitions and notions cast aside by an apparently indifferent public isn’t easy to thole, whatever the issue. (Not least if others told you so beforehand!) The stronger the conviction, the more the rejection can sting. Which unfortunately can lead some to very dark places indeed. I recall that skier has touched on this matter before. If they would only focus their efforts on trying to assemble their own coherent positive image of what independence is about instead of constantly stewing in their own frustration and bitterly casting aspersions against others on the same (supposed) side. The constant negativity is self-harming, for absolutely everyone but especially themselves.

        This is not about ego, this is not about pushing any exclusive political agenda, it’s about prevailing together against very real odds stacked against, and achieving a simple common goal: the restoration of our country’s full agency. Everyday politics can only resume once that is achieved, not before.

        (And actually that’s just as true for Lib-Lab-Con, if only they realised it.)

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