The choice: independence and democracy, or the UK and jingoistic authoritarianism

On Sunday there were two important political developments. As the long-awaited Sue Gray report comes closer to publication following the conclusion of a police investigation which saw the Prime Law-Breaker and the Chancellor both be fined for breaking lockdown laws, and over a hundred fixed penalty notices being issued to staff at Downing Street. Now the attention has turned to what smells like an attempt by Johnson to interfere with what is likely to be a damning report about the culture of contempt and entitlement which Johnson presided over in Downing Street.

Questions are being asked about a meeting Johnson held with Sue Gray. Downing Street had originally claimed that it was Sue Gray herself who had requested the meeting, something that the senior civil servant was forced to deny. Secretary of State for education Nadhim Zahawi was trotted out for the TV in order to explain that a man who got sacked twice for lying, lied to the queen, lied to Parliament, confected a series of lies about the EU,and cheated on two wives, would never lie about a meeting with Sue Gray. Zahawi hummed and hawed his way through the interview, unable to answer the simple question of who called the meeting despite this story first having broken on the previous Friday and Zahawi certainly knew that he was going to be asked about it when he agreed to go on Sky News. Yet again we see the contempt that this government has for accountability. They are not even pretending to answer a very simple question.

I want to say that his car crash interview was a new low for this government, but sadly we know that another new low will be along in a day or two, possibly the next time that Michael Gove decides to adopt a silly accent in order to give a flippant non-answer to a serious question that has many thousands of people deeply worried.

Meanwhile in Scotland, following her as not seen on the BBC trip to the USA during which she discussed Scottish independence with senior American officials, the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon published a piece in The National on Sunday in which she announced that her government will shortly publish its new prospectus for independence and reiterated the reasons why ,despite the denials of the Conservatives and Labour, now is most definitely the time to debate Scottish independence. She stated that the matter of whether the people of Scotland want another independence referendum was decided in last year’s Holyrood elections when the people gave a large majority in Holyrood to parties which support another referendum and reaffirmed her government’s determination to ensure that the referendum will take place within the promised timetable.

The First Minister said that this reinvigorated debate will centre on deciding how to manage and develop the extraordinary assets of Scotland in order to build a better nation. Scotland, she noted, is one of the wealthiest countries in the world with an almost incomparable the combination of natural resources, a highly-educated population and a competitive edge in some of the global sectors of the future.

She also noted that here is no longer a status quo.

The world has changed dramatically since 2014. The Conservatives have taken the UK out of the EU, the single market and the customs union, dragging an unwilling Scotland with them. They have used Brexit as an excuse to embark upon an assault on the devolution settlement, without seeking the consent of the Scottish people to do so, in direct breach of the promises that they made to Scotland in 2014 in order to secure a no vote in that year’s independence referendum. We have experienced the pandemic which proved that Scotland is perfectly capable of rising to the challenges of a global crisis, and to make a better fist of it than an increasingly corrupt Westminster.

In Scotland, the Conservatives and their allies continue to deny the outcome of last year’s Holyrood election. This was an election fought on the single dominating issue of a second independence referendum. The people of Scotland listened to the arguments, and returned a Scottish Parliament with the greatest pro-independence majority ever, yet having lost that election the Conservatives and Labour continue to refuse to accept that the people of Scotland voted the way they did and in a blatant denial of democracy they continue to threaten to block another referendum from taking place. This raises the important question of whether Scotland can enjoy democracy within a UK where British parties have no qualms about using the electoral power they derive from votes elsewhere in the UK in order to block the democratic choices of the people of Scotland.

We have also seen the rise of populism and authoritarianism around the world, with an emboldened nationalist right take measures to weaken and undermine democracy and to evade accountability, measures which the right wing Anglo-British nationalist government of Johnson has adopted with enthusiasm. We have seen a drastic curtailment of the right to protest, the independent Electoral Commission being brought under government control, obstacles being put in the way of exercising the right to vote, a law-breaking Prime Minister who lies with impunity yet is still defended by his party while corruption runs rampant and the Conservatives are fueled by dark money and donations from wealthy individuals who are rewarded with honours and peerages. But hey! Jubilee! flags! Gawdbless’er isn’t she maaaaaarvellous!

The Home Secretary now seeks to silence police chiefs from speaking out on matters she deems to be politically sensitive. Patel is also seeking reforms to the Official Secrets Act which could see journalists facing prison sentences of up to 14 years for publishing stories that embarrass the Government. The move would criminalise the leaking of papers to the press, even when it revealed that the Government was breaking the law or that there was a clear public interest in releasing the information.

We have also seen Putin’s invasion of Ukraine which has driven over six million Ukrainians into exile according to the UN, has wrought destruction on swathes of Ukraine and cost the lives of thousands. The war has destroyed the post cold war security consensus and reanimated fear of nuclear conflict as well as illustrating the dangers of relying on dictatorships to supply a large part of Europe’s energy needs.

The climate crisis continues to worsen, and together with the need to move away from the fossil fuels which fund dictators, it is increasingly imperative that Scotland develops its massive potential for renewal energies to the full. For all these reasons and more, a new prospectus for independence is needed, one which talks more about the democratic deficit of the UK. The political struggle of our time is no longer left versus right. It is democracy versus authoritarianism. The UK is becoming an authoritarian failed democracy. It’s a very far cry from the claims of Better Together in 2014 that Scotland relied upon the UK as a guarantor of democracy and good government.

The response of British nationalists was to attempt to get trending on social media a hashtag based upon unfounded homophobic rumours, about an alleged incident in their fantasy of the First Minister’s personal life, which supposedly took place quite some time ago and which even if it was true has nothing to do with whether the First Minister is any good at her job, and which in any case has even less to do with whether or not Scotland should be an independent country. Tell me that you are afraid to engage with the substantive issues without telling me that you are afraid to engage with the substantive issues. If irrelevant homophobic ad hominem whataboutery is what passes for a “positive case for the union” these days, then no wonder the Tories and their allies are so terrified of another independence referendum.

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49 comments on “The choice: independence and democracy, or the UK and jingoistic authoritarianism

  1. Capella says:

    Nicola Sturgeon’s essay in the Sunday National which has greatly upset all the right people.

    Nicola Sturgeon: Now is the time to debate Scottish independence

    Last year, the people of Scotland determined that they want a say on Scotland’s constitutional future.
    We are committed to offering that choice, and ensuring that it will be a fully informed one.
    To that end, we will shortly begin publishing an updated prospectus on the opportunities that independence can offer Scotland. A prospectus that, yes, is up front about the challenges – but also one that does not shy away from the immense opportunities of independence.
    That’s because we really should be optimistic about Scotland’s future. We live in one of the wealthiest countries in the world – the combination of natural resources, a highly-educated population and a competitive edge in some of the global sectors of the future is almost incomparable.

  2. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    DRoss has written another #SNPBAD article in (No)Newspaper where in the article he states “The MAJORITY of Scots are SICK of the constitutional GROUNDHOG DAY and just want to MOVE ON”

    (I added upper case for emphasis)

    I assume he is basing that (false) assumption on what the many Pro Union plants who form part of the audience in anti Scottish programmes BBC QT ,when in Scotland , and it’s tribute act Debate Night state every time when independence raised as a question ( state as per the script they ALL seem to quote from) ……as opposed to the actual elections in Scotland and their results….where the MAJORITY of Scots seem to want to MOVE ON from politicians like DRoss and his party winning a MAJORITY of seats for THEIR Union…..all elections in Scotland are a GROUNDHOG DAY for Dross….which he himself wants to MOVE ON from… MAJORITY of SCOTS seem SICK of him and his party….and he knows it…..but he just MOVES ON as he ignores what MAJORITY of SCOTS really really want and focuses yet again on the noisy minority who support the (non) Union…..

    Funnily enough the actual REAL GROUNDHOG DAY he (and we) encounter is yet ANOTHER Tory scandal involving ANOTHER Tory politician PLUS a PM also involved in many a scandal too….and these are OTHER things DRoss would like all SCOTS to MOVE ON from…..

    “MOVE ON” seems to be something that all Tories like to say both here and darn sarf….as in please do not focus on these things we have done so badly or where our politicians (and PM) are involved in yet another scandal or where corrupt practices seem to have been adopted by us ….instead we want you to all MOVE ON and focus on …..well anything but us……indeed why not focus on what OUR media (who support us) are highlighting in order to enable you to MOVE ON from the reality of the here and now and focus instead on the fantasy of the alternate version of the truth …Tory one ……as promoted by us and our press…. (unofficial offices).

    Dross should MOVE ON from politics as he seems so very out of touch, out of his depth and if he had any actual political acumen he would also realise that the MAJORITY of SCOTS are SICK of politicians like him who quote the same old same old GROUNDHOG DAY false assertions about what SCOTS really feel about the CONSTITUTIONAL question….as in a question that HIS party are seemingly now too afraid to address via another referendum on independence being held……….and only when that question asked again will SCOTS then decide to MOVE ON from his Union when they vote for Independence…..via a MAJORITY… that will make DRoss really SICK…..and should hopefully see him, and his colleagues, MOVE ON and completely away from politics in Scotland….for good hopefully.

    Queens Jubilee is now yet ANOTHER distraction to help SCOTS and t’others MOVE ON from Tory scandals…….Tories want you to wave THEIR flag as it helps you to forget and MOVE ON….

    #ToryBad ( all colours of)…………..

  3. Ninian Fergus says:

    As always, wonderfully put.

  4. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Oops sorry Paul…..Yes I agree with Ninian Fergus yet another wonderful article and as always well put Paul …….

  5. bringiton says:

    The claims by the unionist establishment that they alone can decide Scotland’s future are looking increasingly false as they clutch at anything to justify that position.
    As we have seen demonstrated in Russia,when the media is in bed with the establishment,bad things can happen.
    England is not quite there yet but is heading in that direction and so are it’s branch office representatives here in Scotland.

  6. P Harvey says:

    Straight and to the point Paul
    We are nearly off and running
    Free in 23! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  7. Dr Jim says:

    DRoss repeats the Scottish British Tory mantra the same way his predecessors did “We appeal to the apathetic the ignorant and the misinformed to keep behaving in the same way”

    The only way the British unionist wins in Scotland is to use the media to keep hammering away at those folk who keep hoping that if *only politicians would work together* English governments would be more betterer, they use words like *communication* that mean nothing because Westminster has no intention of ever communicating with anybody, they issue decrees, they subvert, they plain old downright tell big fat lies

    We live in an England run dictatorship where they decide what and when things will happen then inform the rest of us after they’ve created a law to empower themselves with some new invented interpretation of their invisible unwritten constitution, not consult, not negotiate, not even pick up the phone most of the time

    “Get on with the day job” how many times do we hear this nonsense from the British unionist? when what they mean is “Stop doing your job and obey orders like a good little colony”

    No political party of government with devolved minimal authority in the world can effect the demands of the population under the constraints of devolution, that’s why it was originally designed in this way, simply to prevent any ruling party in government having such authority so must always defer to the government in England, the very reason why Great Britain is no longer an Empire because all the other countries were in the same position as Scotland so they threw the English regime out, and even now those places, the hilariously named *Commonwealth* another construct of Monarchial Westminster con trick to keep the wealth part flowing back to England are in revolt at still being considered *subjects*

    So for the apathetic the ignorant and the uninformed, you are the target of the British unionist, they want to keep you exactly where you are by appealing personally to your hope for change that can never happen, your lack if knowledge that they prevent, your belief that they’re on your side which in 300 years they somehow never tried to help you with before but all of a sudden now it’s become important

    “Precious union” only precious to England in the same way every colony the British ever owned

    The playing fields of Eton and Oxbridge breed the people who rule over us, it’s their job to educate them in their future roles as rulers, they always have and always will train these people to think of themselves as more than you or me to fulfill their glorious destiny, they’re not just funny clowns, they are a breed apart who demand absolute loyalty from their subjects for rewards of position as forever subject underlings of the great British invented state of dictator land

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Pretty much another Nail on the head that you have hit most decisively and articulately Dr Jim.

      Pity for them, Tories et al, that those outwith their TARGET audience do not suffer from the same “apathy, ignorance and misinformation” …..and some are even …doing it deliberately too….

      You have a nice day… have earned it !!!


  8. Bob Lamont says:

    Aye, well said indeed, but on your point “The UK is becoming an authoritarian failed democracy”, I suggest we were already past that phase over thirty years ago, the mask began slipping down toward 2014, 8 years later it’s around the ankles….
    eg – Would Scotland’s media honestly have attempted to blank the FM’s US visit from the Scottish public even 10 years ago ?

    We are now beyond failed state stage and well into “Hunger Games” territory in the United Queendom, where the choice is heat, eat, or pay the rent. This for a country awash with energy is quite extraordinary, and although harm could be minimised at the stroke of a pen in London, they choose not to do so – Scots can only escape this outrage via independence, bring it on.

  9. Alex Clark says:

    According to GB News, Kier Starmer has just called the secret meeting between Johnson and Sue Gray a “new low” for the government which is first this week, I expect further “new lows” to be provided as the week progresses.

    As for the car crash of an interview with Nadhim Zahawi it really was an unsatisfying thing to watch, Zahawi was useless but Sophy Ridge didn’t make the most of it as she should have pointed out that No 10 claimed Sue Gray initiated the meeting but that she has came out and denied that was the case and said it was No 10 who initiated it. Here’s that part of the interview from yesterday.

    It has now come out this morning that No 10 was once again twisting the truth by claiming Sue Gray instigated the meeting and it was No 10 after all.

    Earlier, Simon Clarke, the chief secretary to the Treasury, told the BBC the controversial meeting was “instigated” by Gray.

    And the Daily Mail reported an “insider” accusing Gray of “playing politics” and “enjoying the limelight a little too much”.

    But No.10 said later this morning while Gray technically sent the “formal, technical request” for a meeting, it had been Downing Street officials who had first “suggested it would be helpful” for one to take place.

    • davetewart says:

      I say the clip where zahawi claims that javid has already purchased the Monkeypox vaccine,lots of it.
      Unfortunately the WHO says there is no suck vaccine.
      Hope his horses are cosy in the heated stables.
      I thought he was about to have a stroke, sorry Paul, but his BP must have been off the chart.
      He repeated the same on the EBC’s programme on SUnday.

  10. I’m up to my armpits mowinggras, trimming hedges, potting plants, and coaixing tomato pepper and strawberry seeds to germinate in my wee row of pots on the sill.

    The cycle of life;the Natural Law.

    All life needs nourishment, the basics, water, food, light, heat.

    Douglas Ross, The Tailor’s Dummy, and Cash and Carry King Millionaire dentist Sarwar, are now merging as a Better Together Phalanx, backed by the most obscene English Oligarchy in history, in their vainglorious attempt to deny Scotland its right to Self Determination.

    Ross, Jack, Murray, Jardine, and the parcel of Brit Jocks are starving our people, denying them the basics needed to survive and grow, declaring that we are a militarily occupied colony of England from whom we must ask ‘permission’ (which shall be denied) to exercise our divine right, our democratic choice, to leave their precious Union behind.

    There is no ‘status quo’. Even the terrible WM regime of 2014 is long gone.

    We must sever all ties with England’s Oligarchy now.

    The Brittter Together Jocks would prevent this, and continue suppressing their fellow citizens for their English masters.

    There’s a name for that.

    Last week Professor Two Jobs WATP Adam Tomkins clearly identified himself as colonist, an insurgent, Lording it over the subjugated Scots.

    Berks born, he haughtily declared that he, and his fellow English Hierarchy running the Golden Goose Colony, would simply say No, as if this were in their gift.

    And there’s the rub.

    If I comment on the man’s birth, I am being anti English.
    Aye, right.

    He actually believes that he, no matter where he was born, can hold a nation in servitude…

    My tomatoes, peppers, and strawberries have more rights than Scots citizens, because we are mug enough to let these people away with it.
    Brit Jocks seem to believe that they can ration Scots water, heat, light, food, and warmth…for England.

    On his Sunday ‘Fiasco’, Martin Geissler wants to scrap free prescriptions, introduce tuition fees, and lop 1% off tax for the Big Earners Up Here…

    Now’s the day and now’s the hour.
    You’re on fire, Paul.

  11. davetewart says:

    Jack since you’re the gardener maybe you gan confirm that the new GM wheat seed will be ready for harvest in September IF they plant it now.
    To replace the Ukrainian Wheat that the Russians have captured. and they will not be able to ship it to the uk.
    Right enough the lorries are still stuck in Dover and can’t get back.
    Lets get brexit done, Oh that’s right it is done along with the covid.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Captured or destroyed Dave – I saw a clip earlier demonstrating how the Russian military deliberately targeted a farm with a huge grain silo, no visible military presence to target whatsoever, so a military attack on a purely civilian complex.
      Needless to say the vacuum bomb deployed completely destroyed the silo as intended.
      Putin’s war is not just with the Ukraine but with food supplies far beyond the Ukraine.

      As aside – My gas/power bills went up ca 10% in Oct/Nov last year in Romania (similar to the UK in being largely self sufficient) to share the EU impact of Russian gas supplies.
      In the United Queendom there are NO such impacts aside LPG imports yet the public are facing heat, eat, or pay rent ?

      It is not just Putin conducting a financial war against his own…

    • You better keep your GM crops away from my wee market garden.
      Will corn now have two ears on every stalk?
      Of course there are bigger profits on fooling nature…
      I teased my seeds out of last year’s harvest…Jackinetically modified organic fare.

    • Drew Anderson says:

      Whether GM or not dave, wheat is sown September to November (winter wheat) or March into early April (spring wheat). Harvest is August, whatever the sowing time.

      In short, there isn’t enough time for the crop mature before it gets too cold. Even if it did mature in a mild autumn, there’s a more than even chance it would be too damp at harvest time (October if sown now); absolutely drookit is a distinct possibility, natch.

  12. davetewart says:

    My energy cost have gone up 20% since december before the latest cap.
    It’s amazing to read about the 1941/2 invasion of Ukraine, the names of towns, cities and rivers turn up today.
    The evening standard had an article on don’t worry we will be planting the new GM modified wheat seed to be harvested this yesr, aye right.

  13. Alex Clark says:

    The liar Johnson caught out again after telling MP’s in Westminster:

    “I have been repeatedly assured since these allegations emerged that there was no party and that no Covid rules were broken”

    Oops, I guess he just forgot about these photos taken of at least one party he was at in No 10.

    How many more times can he get away with this?

  14. Aye Paul, this has been sneaking up on the UK for many years now.

    Check this oot folks; wuid make Putin would blush.

    Regent Street decked out in Union flags sparking ‘fascism’ debate

    • Dr Jim says:

      It must be patriotism, of course it’s patriotism, it can and always will be patriotism, those are the orders of the high command. and to protest against this patriotism is now punishable by arrest and imprisonment since the high command passed a law against protesting that which they do not consider patriotic, so no doubt about it, patriotism

      Anybody off to the Rwandan camps yet? was it Rwanda or Rhodesia I get all these lovely British camps mixed up
      Do folk have to work? because that sets them free y’know, put your shoes over there on the big pile

  15. Capella says:

    Just heard an exchange on BBC R4 between Evan Davis and a Chinese official from the CP. Interesting because Davis tries to say that the UK is a model of democracy (unlike China) and we have referendums if people want to be independent e.g. Scotland.
    The Chinese official fully backs Scottish independence.
    Approx 17.36 0n the timeline.

    I expect that makes us all Xi Jinping stooges 😂

  16. Dr Jim says:

    Partygate has DRoss flipping and flopping yet again in an effort to gain some smidgeon of credibility and now the entire Tory party are follolloping and dolloping out reaxcuses (reason+excuse), very soon the *grassing up* of others should commence along with the internal blackmailing and threats of mouth openings

    What’ll save King Boris now? will his courtiers huddle in corners knives drawn? fingers poised over IPhone texts about to *send*? who will break first? because there’s always one, and no dead cats or squirrels will save him from Joe and Jean public then

    A plague of monkey poxes on his house could well be on the cards now for the self appointed King of lies

    • barpe says:

      Agree, again, Dr Jim, but history tells us the Lying Fat Fuhrer has slithered round so many ‘critical’ issues this last year that I fear he may way hang on once more.
      On the bright side, if he held on until Indyref is called then it may well be in our interest – but God knows what he’ll do to our so-called democracy in the meantime.
      We really do need to campaign hard to get out of this fascist UK.

  17. barpe says:

    oops “..he may well hang on …”

  18. Alex Clark says:

    The Met police are reported to have spent £460,000 on their investigation into Partygate with 12 detectives working full time on the “probe”. Johnson wasn’t fined for what is quite obviously attending a party when only two people from different households could meet outside during lockdown.

    What a complete waste of our money and the Met ought now to be under investigation to find out why Johnson hasn’t faced more fines for his numerous breaking of the law. It doesn’t need 12 detectives to work that out.

  19. Alex Clark says:

  20. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Completely off topic – but subject to the Mods, happy to share.

    Plaid Cymru now sharing power with Independents, Greens and Lib Dems on Neath Port Talbot Council. Discussions concluded today – 23/05/22.

    That means that with Gwynedd, Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Ynys Môn/Anglesey (all majority PC), Plaid has secured a role in running 5 councils (out of 22) in Wales – best results ever in local government.

    I thought fellow nats in Scotland might be pleased with that, too.

  21. Hamish100 says:

    SGP runs a wee unofficial poll to attack the snp.

    Hell hath no fury than an Albanista scorned.

    I don’t need to run an unofficial poll. Just 2 weeks ago ALBA got humped by the Lib Dem’s.

    Here endeth the lesson for the 2%.

  22. Capella says:

    There is no status quo. The only certainty is that it is better for us to have as much control over our own lives as possible; to not simply have to hope against hope – and against all previous evidence to the contrary – that Westminster will take the right decisions for us.

    Nicola Sturgeon.

  23. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Ruth Davidson aka the Baroness was on Channel Four news last night being interviewed re HER opinion on the new photo that has emerged of Boris Johnson HER leader of HER party….at one of those ‘parties’ he did NOT get fined for attending by Sajid David’s brother in the MET.

    The interviewer was Krishnan Guru-Murthy, who is normally is quite good at interviewing politicians, but he treated her with kid gloves….as if she was somehow distinct from the Tories as a party as opposed to her actually being an accomplice as in actually BEING a Tory politician in the HOL.

    He did not ask her about DRoss’s U turn on Boris Johnson… in the one she campaigned with recently in the council elections for the party that Boris Johnson is leader of aka The Tory party.

    Also is Boris Johnson really the ONLY problem or are others who have defended him and supported him guilty too……including Dross…and indeed her too as recently she was only too willing to both support DRoss in campaigning for the Tories recently in Council elections in Scotland indeed HER face was on some of the election pamphlets … actually she was very happy and willing to support a Boris Johnson Tory party win seats in election…….#PartyGate or NOT.

    Of course she still sits as a Tory Peer in HOL…… AND votes WITH Tories to help HER party in HOC….as in THE Tory party led by Boris Johnson.

    I think the problem with her is that Boris Johnson is too obviously a HINDRANCE and EMBARRASSMENT for her party thus she is seeking a rebirth of it via a new leader LESS obvious and more palatable to MORE people who normally would vote Tory but currently despair over Boris Johnson……however let’s be honest Boris Johnson has not HINDERED her career and she was not too EMBARRASSED to take a life Peerage from him…..

    #PartyGate is NOT the definitive reason Boris Johnson should go OR indeed the Tories themselves…..nope…#PartyGate is just an example of their contempt for the public BUT is NOT a solitary example of why people should NOT vote for them….there is a multitude of reasons that cover that…..BUT these are issues that Baroness Ruth Davidson will never highlight or address in her role as the supposed Moral Crusader among Tories…..she will not rally against their policies, their corruption, the negative impact of Brexit, their attitude and actions on migrants/refugees and the deviant behaviour of some of those within HER party AND also their, Tory party, reluctance to aid people who are currently very distressed and suffering in the midst of a Tory cost of living crisis….no these issues are ones she will not condemn but instead VOTE with her colleagues in the HOL to support her colleagues in the HOC…..she is a charlatan.

    Her Halo slipped a long time ago ( though I flatter her as a Halo is not something one could associate her EVER having) and tis only news channels, the press and other individuals who are trying desperately to replace it …trust me she will play a major role in next Indy Ref and her image and public persona is currently being tactically presented as one who seemingly cares and is a different kind of Tory in order to appeal to the more gullible and less informed who currently sleepwalk among us and have as yet not adopted the mantra of ‘Never Trust a Tory’.

    We have her to thank for DRoss and Johnson……due to her standing down in Holyrood on the promise of a life peerage, via Johnson, and then her continuing to work for Johnson by aiding in Carlaw Jackson being ousted (to save face he was given option to resign) and then she helped plonk an uncontested new Tory leader here as in DRoss the political lightweight… in HQ’s preferred man in Holyrood…..well that was a tactical error…another one.

    Baroness Davidson is as culpable as ALL Tories in case some naïve peeps thought she was something other than a Tory….she is NOT….SHE IS A TORY POLITICIAN…Unelected… indeed quite recently she was only too happy to defend a policy instigated by the Tory party led by Boris Johnson….she is also a loser as a politician as was NEVER FM and never won MORE seats than the SNP when she was leader of the Scottish (INO) Tories ……a busted flush that took the easy way out and the more profitable one, for her, in jumping onto the gravy train aka the HOL where she knew there would be more options for HER to earn more money outwith parliament…..which is what she has done….how many hobs does SHE have now….more than Dross I think.

  24. Pogmothon says:

    You may have been correct with “hobs”.

    Was it not a tory who tried to list lucrative activities as “hobbies” instead of work / jobs for payment.

    And of course there is the great follower of Blue Peter who constructs models of trains and buses out of washing up liquid bottles and toilet roll holders.

    Now where is that one I made earlier ?????

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Indeed Pogmothon……though I may have been correct ….for as well as your points… ‘error’ in using Hobs as opposed to jobs may be correct as SHE, the Baroness, is always cooking up something as are her colleagues in HER party…….which they serve up to us…the plebs (as they see us) ……as policies that are unpalatable while they and their donors feast on the rich pickings to be had under a Tory government…….

    • But, remember, Pog, always ask your dad’s permission to use some of his pipe cleaners to build your Blue Peter model of a Hawker Hunter Fighter.
      Mu will surely supply empty washing up bottles to make the cannons.
      It was Malcolm Rifkind during the secretly filmed Chinse Business Lobby ‘sting’, who assured the bogus businessman that he had Fridays ,the week ends, and Mondays free when Parliament was in session; he took long walks and read a lot in Kensington Gardens, if memory serves.
      Being an elected representative was surely ,if not a pastime/hobby, merely an irritating disruption to his life of rentier idleness.
      After all Dross can be in at least two places at once. Are these carpetbaggers obliged to fill in attendance records?

  25. Just steeling myself with a cuppa and slice of toast before venturing out once more into the dampish early morning sun to continue my Spring Assault on the winter ravages round the policies of Campo di Collatini.

    Reading the English Blahs online.

    The Sun ignores the Johnson photographs, as does the Mail.

    Of course both publishing houses were given £200 million each by Santa Sushak during the Covid crisis (which plague we are told has now passed. Really?)

    The Sun goes with a front page scoop reporting on a policewoman joining a football pitch invasion at some game or other in Johnson’s Reich.

    The Mail concentrates on England’s ‘Rail fiasco’, and warns that an all out strike by rail staff will lead to food shortages and a vengeful visit from the Four Horsemen.

    The rest of the English Dead Tree Scrolls feature snaps of Johnson not at a party, asking awkward questions like; ‘how did he get away with it?’ to ‘Lockdown in One’ with those damning photos filling front pages throughout the land.

    Already the Met Police are getting it in the neck.

    What part of Johnson in front of a table creaking with booze and nibbles did they discount as evidence to establish if the Fat Fool was partying with others, who were all fined apparently for attending the same work event?.
    Come on Grand Panjandrum Jack. Or Dross, or Professor Two Jobs WATP Adam Tomkins. Did he break the law?

    Of course England is London this week.

    The ‘Elizabeth’ Line, the Crossrail London ‘fiasco’ which ran over budget by 3 billion, and overran completion by 4 years, was opened yesterday, in time for the Queen of England’s Jubilee Bash.

    It is thanks to Newsnight, that we remeber that Douglas Alexander, (remember him?) was Transport Minister in Clunking Fist Broon’s Government, and it was he who signed off on this massive white elephant.

    He was on Newsnight, gushing about the opening, and how ‘we’ as a ‘nation’ need projects like this, and HS2 and the Manchester Leeds upgrade.

    Alexander’s ‘country’ is England…he is a nobody at the moment, yet there he is bigging it on English TV.

    Of course Scotland had to stump up £1.8 billion of London’s Rail Upgrade hopelessly expensive Folly..

    That won’t happen again when we leave England to its own devices next year.

    The Queen was at the Chelsea Flower Show.
    The TV and Rags gave yet another London event wall to wall hour by hour coverage; Merrie Bloomin’ England.

    In other words poor England is forced to listen watch and pay for yet more London at Play nonsense.
    I’m considering having my own Collatin Flower Show in August…any chance I could borrow a Gold coach to parade down oor wee avenue?

    • jfngw says:

      It seems the partygate ‘top dogs’ lawyered themselves up and escaped the fines, even if they arrange the parties, in general only the office plebs are being fined. Apparently they think this gets them off the hook rather than the reality that it makes the system and the police look even more corrupt. The fact they can buy themselves out of the consequences of their own actions isn’t the positive they believe it is.

      Meanwhile D.Ross is still stuck on that roundabout not sure which exit to take which will preserve his position, the only clarity is he has left democracy behind and has no intention to return there in the future.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Is that THE SAME Douglas Alexander who lost HIS OWN political momentum when voters ousted him and replaced him with Mhairi Black as THEIR MP for the SNP……..THAT Douglas Alexander……same one that said “the SNP had long lost it’s momentum”….THAT one….well he should know all about LOST momentum though bit rich of him talking about ‘LOST’ and ‘MOMENTUM’ considering his political history and also the many failings of HIS party…including BIGGEST failing in being a member of the Labour party who seemingly are UNABLE to WIN General elections…..must send him a mirror…so HE can reflect upon what he sees in order to compare it with what he is saying…..and in looking in mirror he may see his OWN image AND THAT OF his PARTY as others see it perhaps…..or perhaps NOT as Labour never ever self reflect they only cast fake images of t’others mainly the SNP…….that’s their job….their job is NEVER to fully castigate the Tory party as too similar to themselves politically…..or indeed try to impede them, Tories, in their quest to gain political momentum over the SNP…..Labour support Tories over the SNP…FACT…..Anas Sarwar will verify that fact.

  26. Clydebuilt says:

    on BBC Radio Scotland . . . Sunday morning George Kerevan ex SNP MP . . . . ” with inflation running at higher than 10% workers would be stupid not to pursue wage rises to cover inflationary pressure”

    The Scottish Gov. can’t print or borrow money. But The National columnist encourages Gov. employees (train drivers) to put in for budget bursting rises.

    • Kerevan started life as a Commie Trotsky militant, then infiltrated Labour, then, the SNP, then inevitably the Sad Redoubt of tired old Has-Beens, Alba..
      To quote Marx; Groucho not Karl.

      ‘These are my principles. If you don’t like them, I have more.’

      Kerevan and Alba have joined forces with the Britter Together Yoons. Destroy the SNP, and Scotland and its citizens with it.
      Kerevan in bed with Alister Jack.
      I know, I can’t get that idea out of my head now.

      Of course he’s on the Britter Broadcasting channel.
      Lots of juicy appearance money attacking the Bad SNP. Kerching!
      Sad really.

  27. Alex Clark says:

    The Times:

    PM called Sue Gray to meeting and suggested she abandon report

    Boris Johnson suggested that Sue Gray should drop her plans to publish her report into lockdown-breaking parties in No 10 during a secret meeting.

    Downing Street admitted yesterday that it had requested the face-to-face consultation between the senior civil servant and the prime minister earlier this month but refused to disclose what was discussed.

    Two Whitehall sources said the prime minister suggested that Gray did not need to publish her full report, given the investigation by Scotland Yard. “He asked her is there much point in doing it now that it’s all out there,” a source said. “He was inferring that she didn’t need to publish the report.”

    Another insider said: “They were exploring this idea of not having any report. It was being talked about [in Downing Street]. But politically they realised they couldn’t do it.”

    And yet the Tory party stands by him, the most corrupt Prime Minister the UK has ever known.

  28. Dr Jim says:

    Indeed NMRM, and it goes to an inherent hatred within the Scottish unionists of their own country and people, a dismissive attitude that those who do not choose to accept the right of Englands voters to choose the future of Scotlands Wales or Northern Irelands people are not worthy

    Ruth Davidson and others of her ilk see themselves as the servants of right, and right is the country of England, it must be, because given that Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland votes have no bearing on whomsoever is elected as the government or Prime Minister of the UK then it follows that all unionists in Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland despise their own countrymen and women as their entire focus is to make sure that Scots never have agency in their own country, or indeed any other as evidenced by their fury when the elected First Minister of Scotland makes overseas visits in a political role to any other country even though she is invited to do so, how dare Scottish people be represented, how dare we communicate with others, who do we think we are talking to people without the permission of *the masters* in England

    The unionists in the three other countries governed by England strive to please their leaders in England in the hopes of rewards to positions ultimately in England, as Ruth Davidson herself demonstrates by her own appointment to the English House of Lords as her reward for betrayal and hatred of the country and people she came from, Annabel Goldie before her, Jack McConnell before her and on it goes, the unionist politicians of Scotland ultimate goal is to serve their leaders in England for promised rewards of what they consider a promotion to actually living there for free and getting paid with Scottish tax payers money just to turn up

    Many use the word *exceptionalism* when describing the character of the unionist British nationalist , and they’re correct to use it but it goes much deeper and further than that I believe, the culture of master and dedicated slave developed by Englands empirical system has permeated every country the British nationalists have ever controlled, we see people from various countries around the world who by rights should despise the British and their empire entrenched within the London sphere of control and all serving the regime that smashed and robbed their countries for profit also

    The inevitable conclusion any reasonable person must come to is that the British Scottish Welsh NI unionist is a weak minded and weak willed individual dependent on their lives from others, and those others they are most afraid of or impressed by are those who conquered them, so as the world evolves and moves forward in efforts to a more consensual democratic society, the British nationalist unionist is unable evolve, they are incapable of change or the acceptance of it, like King Canute or the dinosaur the British Nationalist Unionists are just shielding themselves from the tide and squinting their eyes at the incoming asteroid while awaiting their own destruction

    One day in the future a new version of David Attenborough might do a programme on the extinction of the species of British Nationalist Unionist due to their inability to evolve

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Indeed well said Dr Jim…..the very (too) vocal minority that state they are (checks notes) the majority in Scotland follow the politics of their own dreams…meanwhile we must suffer the nightmare of their aggression, lies and self denial …….tis not us , as some state, who are destroying their UK but the ones who they, BritNats, pledge their allegiance to… in those found at some HQ political party darn sarf …….and also their political servants up in North North …… of THEIR UK…..

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