Rory the Tory rides again

Rory the Tory has been at it again. Rory Stuart, another of those old Etonian posh boys who infest the Conservative party, is nevertheless terribly keen to tell us in his cut glass upper class English accent that he is Scottish. Rory appeared in, wrote, and presented, an infamous BBC British propaganda exercise during the 2014 independence referendum campaign when the state broadcaster gave him an hour long, programme, masquerading as a historical documentary, which was a ludicrously pro-British exploration of the far north of England and the Scottish Borders in which Rory, who’s Scottish you know, attempted to sell us his highly idiosyncratic take on Scottish history.

Rory, I bet you didn’t know that he was Scottish, was also responsible for that “join hands along the border nonsense” and a torchlit parade along Hadrian’s Wall, both which died a death due to a complete lack of interest, possibly because the only people prepared to join hands along the border were people like Rory – who is frightfully frightfully Scottish – who don’t actually believe that the border exists.

Rory, did I mention that he is Scottish?, has a view of Scottish history and cultural identity which makes Neil Oliver seem like a raging Scottish nationalist. According to Rory, and at this juncture it’s important to mention that he’s Scottish, being Scottish is basically nothing more than “a fun way to irritate the English,” news which will come as something of a surprise to five million Scottish people who hadn’t realised that their national identity was just a prank, and that our entire purpose as a nation is to be defined by and provide amusement for our English neighbours.

But then Rory, who was born in Hong Kong to a posh Anglo-Scottish father and an equally posh English mother, and who was brought up in the posher parts of London before being packed off to Eton, is himself Scottish and therefore has his finger firmly on the pulse of the Caledonian Zeitgeist, so who are we mere lifelong residents of Scotland to contradict him. We are just peasants who don’t feel the need to keep telling everyone that we are Scottish because it’s obvious every time we open our gobs and so can’t possibly understand being Scottish better than Rory, having had to go to comprehensive schools in Lanarkshire or Dundee and not having had the benefit of Rory’s very Scottish Eton education. Although it may be more accurate to say that Rory does not so much have his finger on the Scottish pulse as he has his hands firmly wrapped around the Scottish carotid artery as he desperately tries to squeeze the life out of it.

Anyway, Rory, who is Scottish, believes that Scottish national identity is basically a false construct overlying a far deeper, older, and supposedly more authentic British nationhood. In his, let’s call it a documentary, he tried to punt the proposition that the North of England and the Scottish Borders are really some “Middleland” which is neither Scottish nor English but really both, the Scottish-English border is really an artificial line dividing an essentially united Britain and that Scottish nationhood is an artificial construct. The BBC actually broadcast this nonsense during the independence referendum campaign as an “apolitical” historical documentary.

Of course the reality is that the Scottish English border is one of the oldest in Europe and the modern understanding of Scottish nationhood dates back to the Scottish wars of independence of the 13th century and arguably earlier, whereas the modern concept of Britishness is a far more recent invention, dating back at the very earliest to the Union of Crowns of the 17th century, but even then it remained a concept and identity restricted to the aristocracy and the elites until the Union of Parliaments of 1707, even then it took a long time to establish itself amongst the wider population, and never replaced the older and more organic Scottish identity which it overlaid, but rather co-existed with it, often uncomfortably.

Rory, did you know that he was Scottish? – is now back punting his Scottishness isn’t a real thing shtick. He’s allowed to say these things without being accused of being a clueless upper class English idiot because as he keeps reminding us, he himself is so Scottish that his dad liked to wear tartan trousers and even enjoyed bagpipes, rather than run screaming out of the room with his ears bleeding like a proper red-blooded Englishman.

In a recent podcast, Rory, during the gaps in between telling us how Scottish he is, said that it was “insane” to think that Cumbria and the Borders could be in different countries. I don’t know about you, but I had always thought that as far as the Borders is concerned, the clue is in the name. It’s called the Borders because it sits on the Border, if there was no Border it wouldn’t be called the Borders now would it. It would be called Northnorthumbria or Stillcumbria.

Rory thinks that Scotland and England can’t possibly be different countries because people on both sides of that, you know, border, speak the same language, listen to the same music and shop in the same supermarkets. Of course perhaps if Rory’s experience of Scottishness was rather deeper than it is he might realise that the Scots language not only exists but is still widely spoken, but his assertion that speaking the same language as a neighbouring country means that you can’t be a different country must come as news to French speaking Belgians, the Swiss, or Canadians. And for all that Tesco is very keen on plastering union flags on grocery packaging, I didn’t realise that shopping there meant that Scotland couldn’t be a country. No Scotland, you aren’t a proper nation because too many of you like Tesco own brand lamb jalfrezi.

Rory’s plea is just another misguided appeal to ancient history in an attempt to manufacture an emotional case for the Union. And it’s going to convince no one because it’s irrelevant to the question of whether Scotland in the 21st century is better served by an independent parliament, or a parliament in London. The fact that Rory keeps making these irrelevant and frankly intelligence insulting interventions only proves that he is utterly clueless about the Scotland he so desperately keeps telling us he belongs to.

I have a physiotherapy appointment tomorrow and will most likely be wiped out afterwards. So there may not be a new blog piece for a couple of days.

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65 comments on “Rory the Tory rides again

  1. Aye, these folk really do completely tie themselves in knots don’t they.

    How on earth can someone be of Scottish nationality, be that in whole or in part, unless there’s a border between two countries at Gretna?

    What did Rory tick in the census? If he ticked ‘Scottish’ in the national identity section, then he’s agreed that Scotland is an actual country with Scottish a nationality, and that aye, Cumbria is ‘across the border’. If he didn’t, then WTF is he doing saying he’s Scottish other than lying?

  2. Hamish100 says:

    Nice one.
    If only he was Russian he could patronise Ukrainian’s. So born in Hong Kong, like Jackie Baillie is born in the Far East, Brit Nat public schooling showing a red map of entitlement. Visit the provinces to discover we call them countries and nations. They clutch hard too effigies of John Bull. It’s all they know.

  3. Dr Jim says:

    I speak fluent Spanish but I speak it like a Scotsman (if you know what I mean) so every Spanish person I have ever spoken to can hear clearly that I’m not in fact Spanish, never will be never could be, would never try to pretend to be, it just can’t happen even if I lived in Spain for the rest of my life I couldn’t be Spanish

    Rory Stuart has a nice Scottishy sounding name but the guy’s English, why can’t the puir wee mite no get over it

    If I put that last bit as a question the answer would be because Rory Stuart is a Tory politician who attempts to use the old fashioned blood and soil argument to ingratiate himself somewhere he knows he doesn’t really connect to at all but for political gain tries to pretend that he does, or in Glasgow parlance, Ahm wanny yous, honest ah um mate

  4. Stephen McKenzie says:

    Did Rory in 2014, on the run up to the vote, not build a very Scottish Cairn in England as a sign of unity as its really the same place anyway?

    I don’t really want to go on a pilgrimage to see Rory’s massive edifice, but I could do with some decent stones for a vegetable garden wall and with Rory’s connection it could be quite a conversation piece. Well in Scots or is that Cumbrian?

    • You should definitely visit. Suggestion for the visit would be to replace his Union Stones with Yes Stones. If we all do that every time we go anywhere near Gretna, the cairn will change completely to a Yes Cairn.

  5. dakk says:

    Excellent Paul.

    As the war escalates, people like little Rory Stuart may yet have their ultimate wet dream-Coulport/Scotland sacrificed at the exalted alter of great britishness.

    Imagine he would don the tartan trews for the occasion whilst gawking at the fallout from old London town.

    britjocks really are some pieces of work.

  6. Capella says:

    Rory does have one redeeming feature – he despises Boris Johnston:

    Johnson is after all the most accomplished liar in public life – perhaps the best liar ever to serve as prime minister. Some of this may have been a natural talent – but a lifetime of practice and study has allowed him to uncover new possibilities which go well beyond all the classifications of dishonesty attempted by classical theorists like St Augustine.

    He has mastered the use of error, omission, exaggeration, diminution, equivocation and flat denial. He has perfected casuistry, circumlocution, false equivalence and false analogy. He is equally adept at the ironic jest, the fib and the grand lie; the weasel word and the half-truth; the hyperbolic lie, the obvious lie, and the bullshit lie – which may inadvertently be true.

    Rory Stewart on Boris Johnston In a Times Literary Supplement review of Tom Bowers biograpphy which is beyond a paywall.

  7. bringiton says:

    There are few borders I have crossed where you can clearly see that significant differences exist,perhaps in road markings but little else.
    Nevertheless they define an area where the customs and laws of different countries apply.
    Scotland is not England.
    The unionists are going to have to be very careful how they frame their arguments in future unless they want to be seen in the same way as Putin and his Greater Russia narrative towards Ukraine and the other neighbouring countries.
    Using terms like Nationalists,Separatists and in extreme cases Nazis to describe those of us who simply want democracy in our country is not going to help them in the present circumstances.
    Since they have few if any valid arguments for retaining Greater England (Whitehall’s description of their Scottish region during indy ref1),their only hope is to find a way to stop Scots from having a say.
    Enter stage right Lords Fuchs,McConnel,Straw etc those bastions of British Labour democratic principles who are all for democracy,except in Scotland.
    Should Fuchs have his way,Scots will never be able to vote for independence without the agreement of English MPs.
    Effectively saying that we cannot leave the union without England’s permission.

  8. Capella says:

    • barpe says:

      Jardine, the Debate Night host, is now so openly anti SNP that I can barely even take the first few minutes of the programme – but I’m glad to see that young man in the clip giving such a splendid reason for Indy.
      Hopefully the young are with us.

  9. Eilidh says:

    How exactly can Rory claim to be Scottish he was born in Hong Kong educated in England and as far as I can tell still lives there. He spent his diplomatic career on various jaunts to other countries not Scotland. Apparently he served in The Black Watch as an officer for a year but that does not make him Scottish nor would living temporarily at Scottish family Estate. His father being Scottish is irrelevant unless Rory wants to play fitba or rugby for Scotland. If Rory is Scottish I am a Martian
    Meanwhile elsewhere in fascist Scotland the Information Commissioner has decided the Scottish Govt must disclose legal advice re Indy Ref 2 . Another political decision by a jumped up bureaucrat who is quite possibly a Unionist. Have I mentioned how much I hate living in this country these days

    • Dr Jim says:

      I think the Scotsman newspaper and their union buddies might be behind this move

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Indeed it is the Scotsman, on appeal when their FOI request was refused by SG in January 2021.

        Even the BBC in Scotland got in on the act by reporting it as “Scottish government ordered to publish indyref2 legal advice”, complete with “Analysis by Glenn Campbell”.
        Next they added a Comments section for the usual “Nicola ate my hamster” brigade to descend with vitriol, a favoured PQ ploy allowing the publication date to be renewed, hence appear still current.
        Notably, it is that it is the ONLY article on the main Scotland and Politics pages with Comments.

        Only in the 3rd paragraph do you read “It has now been given a deadline of 10 June to publish parts of the advice by the country’s information commissioner” – Note “parts”.

        Compare and contrast that with Tommy Shephard’s battle with Gove to get HMG polling information over Scottish Independence, which is NOT privileged LEGAL advice to government ministers….

    • I think he’s attempting to use my reasoning for being Irish.

      Except I have an Irish passport and he’s opposed to Scottish ones, so opposed to Scottish nationality actually existing.

      Oh, it’s not actually me claiming to be Irish (although I do self-if as part that through mum/gran), but the people of Ireland saying I am one of them / can be one of them if I want to be. I was sent a lovely letter welcoming me formally into the fold along with my Irish birth certificate.

      Now as a Scot, I’d say Rory does definitely qualify for a Scottish passport by the same route (parentage), and I’d be more than happy to offer him one. But he doesn’t want one, and doesn’t even want these to exist / is opposed to internationally recognised legal Scottish nationality existing. So he can only be lying when he says he’s Scottish, and must in fact be anti-Scottish.

  10. Bruce MacDougall says:

    Don’t forget we have an American born Prime Minister of Turkish origins, whose ancestor was executed for treason in Turkey. Whose policies include removing foreigners from the UK and sending them to another foreign country in Rwanda. Another Etonian education? What is about Eton that produces these absolute arrogant, verminous creatures? And did I mention he was born in America.

  11. bettybiscuit says:

    Plus, Rory Stewart’s voting record while in parliament was as reprehens as Peter Bone’s, Ian Duncan-Smith’s or Reese-Moggs’.

    James O’Brien should check THAT out before continually wittering on about how ‘decent’ RS is; calling out BJ (eventually and when he has personal ambitions to become Tory leader) is a very low threshold indeed for ‘decency’, in my view🙄.

    Sent from my iPhone


  12. Capella says:

    Looks like giant rats are making a comeback in the run up to the elections. Shock!

    ‘Ultra-Unionist’ group The Majority unveil anti-SNP billboards in Scotland’s biggest cities

    AN “ultra-Unionist” group has unveiled a series of anti-SNP billboards across some of Scotland’s biggest cities.

    The Majority, which has called on the UK Government to “ban secession” altogether, revealed the “SNP are rubbish” billboards in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh this week.

    The campaign billboards were put on display with just over a week to go until the local elections are held.

    The adverts focus on cleansing issues with have caused problems for Glasgow City Council in the last year, showing fly tipped furniture and giant rats.

  13. Iain says:

    Always disturbing when politicians start spouting their ethnic and völkisch notions. We saw what that produced in the 1930s and 40s, in the 90s in the Balkans and now in Ukraine.
    Maybe Mr Stewart’s time would be better spent clearing up the mound of gravel he had dumped in Gretna as part of his Cairn for British Unity campaign. Another of his crackpot schemes that went nowhere.

    • Aye, there is literally no difference between what Rory is saying about Scots/Scotland (‘Scots are not a different people, but just English/British) and what Putin says about Ukrainians / Ukraine (‘Ukrainians are not a different people, but just Russians’).

  14. raineach says:

    Perhaps Rory could write a paper called ‘On the historical unity of England and Scotland’?

  15. deelsdugs says:

    Wonder what lines, and from where, shows up in his dna…

    The whole ‘british-themed’ study of ‘borderless’ archaeology is one big cauldron of ‘Scotland before the Scots’ and the ‘brit-shit isles’. It’s cheek gnawing and teeth gnashing for sure.
    Global colonial snatching of any culture.
    We Scots are becoming a rare ‘breed’ indeed, and very sadly not viewed as worthy of ‘indigenous’ population salvation status (my take).
    Not being racist in any capacity, but oof, it’s hard work with the sycophants.

    • Golfnut says:

      This nonsense of one nation Britannica is based on a study, and for the life me I can’t remember who the authors are but I do remember that it got pelters from quite a number of uni based academics. It’s where manky jacket gets his 5,000 years of British existence from. Anyhow the study states basically that all the tribes must have been connected because pig bones found at Stonehenge came from as far away as Aberdeenshire. They didnt. If ever there was a more concocted narrative in support of an assertion I’ve yet to read it, bit like GERs, you start with the answer you want and then work back. Himmler would have been proud of the authors.

      • deelsdugs says:

        Oh I was in full agreement with Kenny Brophy’s argument of the bones, bias and the modern day political disneyfication by reesmogg, cronies and right wing media, of the Neolithic south as the Neolithic brexit. In fact, the class (by vc), with many of them from the south now living in the north, clearly thought I was a ranting racist Scot, because I dared to agree with something so contrived.

      • deelsdugs says:

        Golfnut, can you have a wee search for the ‘britannica’ cac please and ta? Might be an interesting theme for discussion…

  16. On one of Rory’s borders that the English built.

    Brexit: UK government ‘squarely responsible’ for protocol deal

    Responsibility for the Northern Ireland part of the Brexit deal lies “fairly and squarely with the UK government”, a former top Stormont civil servant has said.

    Dr Andrew McCormick, who was the executive’s lead on Brexit, said the UK government understood the implications of the NI Protocol.

    He dismissed any notion the protocol was “anti-democratic”…

    …Dr McCormick, who witnessed the initial Brexit negotiations first hand, criticised the UK government’s attitude towards the protocol in an article for the Constitution Society.

    “It is hard to imagine anything (other than Brexit itself) with greater democratic legitimacy under the UK constitution…

    …Meanwhile, former Brexit minister Lord Frost has claimed the protocol was only supposed to be temporary.

    Speaking at a meeting hosted by the centre-right think tank Policy Exchange on Wednesday, he accused the EU of treating his negotiating team as “the supplicant representatives of a renegade province”.

    He said he had assumed it would last only until Stormont voted on whether to keep the accord in 2024.

    Erm, Frost, the people of N. Ireland are about to vote on the protocol in a free and fair election. Everyone will get to see whether they want it or not.

    This shows the deep arrogance of the English/British government. The really did assume unionists would just keep winning elections in N. Ireland. However, the people of the province have other ideas it seems.

  17. Alan D says:

    Turnaround is fair play. So maybe we should take this “middleland” with us when we leave the UK, eh? Slap a referendum for them on the table too; “Should we Leave with Scotland or Remain with England?”

    Stick that in yer pipe and smoke it, Rory.

  18. stewartb says:

    O/T Crown Estate Scotland has just published what are termed ‘Supply Chain Development Statement (SCDS) Outlooks ‘ produced by the winners in its recent Scotwind offshore wind licensing round. The SCDS Outlooks set out company commitments on spending within the supply chain in Scotland.

    This initial projections of £1.5bn spend per project take into account all phases of work up to and including operations & maintenance. With 17 ScotWind projects, this gives a total spending commitment with suppliers in Scotland of c.£25 billion.

    Headline news on BBC Scotland today?


    • Hamish100 says:


      Just checked. Strangely there is no mention on their webpage.

      No doubt bbc supported by the Vichy ecosse office are in full flow in suppressing positive news about Scotland.

      Honesty, integrity professionalism- Scots journalism is the pits.

      Must put my kilt on and cross my legs to get noticed.

      My wife has just told me no!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 The tories tell the papers and the bbc what’s the news for tomorrow.

  19. Skintybroko says:

    By his reasoning he just be a Putin supporter, another good reason to ignore him and his ilk

  20. Dr Jim says:

    The we demand release of information unionist plot to thwart Independence

    I’ve been reading a little about the Information commissions powers of enforcement regarding FOI and they appear to stem from the authority of the UK parliament, then if that is the case how can it be that the UK government can deny and withhold the publication of FOI in whatever cases they deem necessary (Michael Gove) yet enforce the Scottish parliament to disclose that which the UK government themselves deny

    If this is UK law then it surely must be applied equally to all governments of the UK and cannot be applied just to one because it suits the political agenda of another, perhaps when the UK government applies the law to themselves then the Scottish government must do the same, but until that time the Scottish government should not comply with any FOIs they choose not to

    I never heard or read of the Scotsman newspaper demanding Michael Gove release any FOI on polling that he was legally ordered to do under FOI on behalf of the voters of Scotland by the SNP governing party

    Goose and Gander

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      You may like to read further here:

      Section 28 – Relations within the UK

      Share(Opens Share panel)

      About this detailed guidance

      This guidance discusses section 28 of FOIA (relations within the UK) in detail and is written for use by public authorities. Read it if you have questions not answered in the guide [LINK], or if you need a deeper understanding to help you apply this exemption in practice.


      and here:


      Application of section 28 in FOIA to the devolved administrations

      The Welsh Government and the Executive Committee of the Northern Ireland Assembly are public authorities subject to FOIA.

      The Scottish Administration (the Scottish Government) is subject to separate legislation, the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 (FOISA), and requests to it must be made under that legislation. FOISA is regulated by the Scottish Information Commissioner and not the Information Commissioner’s Office. Further information is available on the Scottish Information Commissioner’s website. [LINK]

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        And further news where we are:

        Stop devolved nations collecting their own data on public services says Conservative editor

        28 Apr 2022 2 minute Read

        A Conservative editor has urged the UK Government to stop the devolved nations from collecting their own data on public services that could diverge from the data collected by the UK Government.

        The deputy editor of news website ConservativeHome, Henry Hill, wrote in the Telegraph that the Welsh and Scottish governments were collecting their own data as a means of hiding their “incompetence”.

        It meant that it was harder to compare how they were performing with England and made it tougher for the UK Government to control devolved policy, he said.


        (This HH has nothing better to do than carp from the side lines about devolution.)

  21. stewartb says:

    Shortly after leaving the BBC – where he was hardly balanced on matters concerning politics in Scotland – Andrew Marr is writing for the New Statesman about politics in Scotland. His is the upcoming cover story no less!. He is setting out why Scotland’s aspirations for self-determination are doomed. And it’s all because of Putin’s war and the support that voters in Scotland will now give to keeping Trident weapons of mass destruction on the Clyde.

    This is the headline: ‘Putin’s war could be the undoing of Nicola Sturgeon – As Nato fortifies to counter the Russian threat, the case against Trident – and for Scottish independence – is looking increasingly frail.’

    ( )

    Candidly, I’m always thoughtful about amplifying this stuff but in this case it’s worth it as it reveals a newly crafted British nationalist argument.

    Marr argues that ‘Trident could be the issue that makes winning an independence referendum next year impossible.’ With a quite remarkable view of how quickly after a Yes vote in a referendum Scotland would acquire the agency of a nation-state and also how quickly Trident might be removed safely from the Clyde, Marr adds: ‘If Johnson and co are looking for a reason to refuse the SNP its referendum, then preventing the removal of Britain’s nuclear deterrent when Putin is using nuclear threats would be persuasive. It gives unionists a high-ground argument they haven’t had.’

    A ‘high-ground argument’ that inconveniently denies democracy is of no matter it seems!

    On alternative sites to host Trident – and showing no awareness of the implications of what he is writing – Marr tells us: ‘The Ministry of Defence has considered, and rejected, sites in south Wales – TOO NEAR oil and gas installations – and on the southern English coast – TOO CLOSE to busy sea lanes and HEAVILY POPULATED AREAS. Basing the submarines and warheads on US or French territory would, for the remainder of the UK, be a national humiliation.’ (with my emphasis)

    So Marr is confirming that the MoD sees significant risk to a heavily populated area in hosting Trident but the risk to the ‘village’ of Greater Glasgow is …. an acceptable one?

    And then there is Marr’s insight into UK government’s intended response to the Scottish Government holding a referendum:

    Firstly: ‘Michael Gove has told me that the British government would not take the Scottish government to court, but the London view is still that any referendum authorised by Edinburgh alone would be illegal and non-binding. Sturgeon is unlikely to accept a non-binding or informal referendum because she needs international recognition and a firm legal basis for separation. Going down that route leads to the kind of full-scale confrontation that Catalonia experienced with Madrid in 2019, leading to the prosecution and JAILING OF POLITICIANS.’

    So yet again in his article, without any critical analysis Marr simply accepts denial of democracy.

    And this: ‘A Scottish independence vote next year would therefore also be a vote immediately to strip the UK of its nuclear deterrent. ….. But this would be provocative to the British state. It would be a unilateral act deeply resented by millions of voters outside Scotland. And those are the same voters, of course, on whose goodwill an independent Scotland would rely in trying to negotiate financial and trade-and-border separation deals. The SNP confidently says these talks would be friendly. That feels optimistic. With Ukraine burning, it might feel more like giving the British team an almighty kick in the balls, before sitting down and beginning, “Now friends, let us explain exactly what we want from you.”

    Arguing that ‘those are the same voters, of course, on whose goodwill an independent Scotland would rely’? Is Marr suggesting some kind of citizens’ assembly or opinion polling drawn from only nuclear weapons-supporting folk in England would determine the outcome of negotiations over financial and trade matters rather than a government in Westminster? One can only acknowledge how hard he is trying for his cause!

    However, it is at the end of his piece that reveals the true nature of Marr’s respect for Scotland and the aspirations of many here. His tone puts all his supposed erudition into context. Anticipating the demise of Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership, he suggests:’ The SNP would not suddenly vanish or lose its appeal. But it would lose its vivifying melodrama, its Braveheart chops.’

    ‘Melodrama’? ‘Braveheart’? ‘Chops’ – whatever that means exactly? So this is what the man thinks the legitimate, democratic movement for Scottish independence derives from?

    • Dr Jim says:

      Scottish people should really always leave it up to English voters to decide what happens in Scotland, they are after all very much easier to influence and convince of any old shit the UK government comes out with like Brexit or Boris Johnson or your taxes must go up because of the Brexit shit we sold you a wee while ago that you’re now not getting the £350 million per week for the NHS because eh erm oh, but let’s talk about the war instead

    • Thanks for this, stewartb.
      I often accuse myself of irrational hyperbole when I post my utter contempt for the Treator Scots in our midst. Not any more.

      Marr is, and always has been a Little Jock Brit.
      Well, that’s it then.
      Every Scot TV and radio hack, Blah journalist and the Branch Office ‘leaders’ have decided. Fuck you, Scotland. You are a militarily occupied colony of England.
      Back in you caged pens.

      The inevitable outcome for those of us who are taking our country back, is by force of arms?

      We have no alternative but to follow Norn Irn’s lead and bomb them to the table?
      We must prosecute a guerrilla war against our English oppressors?

      Marr actually suggests that our politicians be put in prison?

      What a creepy little man.
      They’d love a civil war right now, because it is clear that we are dissolving the Union. We don’t need their permission.
      If we rose up and marched on Edinburgh. they’d love it.

      England would follow Putin’s lead and blast us to bits.
      They have 300 years of form. Genocide, rape pillage torture…Empire 101.

      Bought and sold for English gold.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Well spotted Stewart – It’s as good an example of the mindset which dominates the media in England – Marr sells his 1,000 word little-England puff-piece to an audience of the clueless who will swallow every word as it comes from a Scot – Much as the subject of the article Rory Stewart, or Pa Broon, or Foulkessake or McConnell or a hundred others flogging the “I know how Scots’ minds tick” schtick, the “Does he take sugar?” approach of talking around the invisible patient without once saying “hello”.

      Marr’s notion that Scots will suddenly adopt a Dr Strangelove perspective and “love the bomb” in face of “Putin’s war” is beyond even Peter Sellers’ take on the ridiculous – Mutually assured annihilation is not on Scotland’s agenda right now, but getting rid of the giant target on our backs and those in charge of putting it there most certainly is.

      Yet there is an interesting aside to nuclear weapons as designed – Bypass the safeties – Aside absence of the blast of ‘the bomb’, any nuclear plant with a favourable wind could be weaponised to reduce a huge population to a slow and painful death. Chernobyl’s disaster was an accident, the Ukraine could have repeated the accident deliberately were they of a mind to do so – mutually assured destruction.

      Raising the Catalonia red-herring is beyond preposterous, I’m only surprised he didn’t quote James Cook and his “we’ve seen the emails” nonsense.

      Yet it his referendum schtick I find the most offensive of all – NO referendum is binding, which is why no referendum can ever be ILLEGAL. This has been the sand beneath the foundations of the entire UK argument to date, they KNOW that the result of the referendum cannot be ignored, which is why they have gone to such pains to prevent one arising.

      Once the referendum results are in, that is when the LEGAL process begins, the dissolution of a Treaty between two sovereign nations.
      Then Marr can decide whether he is a Scot or not, those he is peddling his nonsense to never will be.

  22. JoMax says:

    Is there some sort of gulag somewhere in deepest middle England where Scots-born journalists go to be ‘re-educated’? It’s been doing a first-class job for years of mass-producing robots programmed to churn out repetitive gibberish provided for them by Big Brother, aka the British establishment.

    Await their next outpouring with fear – ‘Exterminate! Exterminate!’

  23. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Rory Stewart…..he’s considered one of the ‘Traditional’ types of Tory that many so called moderates and prominent anti Brexit types on Twitter applaud for his anti Brexit and anti Boris Johnson position….

    Inconvenient for the so called moderates and anti Brexiteers that Rory’s Tory voting record and support for Tory policies ,when he was an MP, were very much aligned with the likes of Boris Johnson and t’other Brexiteers PRIOR to Brexit being considered, voted on and then implemented…however his bad voting record and support for bad Tory policies is forgiven (or rather not highlighted) by the so called moderates aka prominent anti Brexit crowd on Twitter……..he is , as an anti Brexit and anti Boris Johnson Tory, seen as a ‘moderate Tory’ which to many of us who have lived through many a Tory government is clearly as a description, for a Tory, a misnomer…..

    They, the so called moderates and prominent anti Boris/Brexit peeps, also laud ex Tory MP’s/Ministers David Gauke, Dominic Grieve, Anna Soubry and t’other Tories who form the anti Brexit /Boris brigade……and their support and voting record as former Tory MP’s/Ministers is also forgiven and to be forgotten….forgiven and forgotten as they are now on the SAME side as the so called moderates and prominent anti Brexit types on Twitter…….had Brexit and Boris not existed all of these ex MP’s/Ministers would STILL be politicians in the Tory party and STILL be voting for policies that support the wealthy and demonise the poorest in society….FACT.

    I AM SICK OF THE HYPOCRISY……I remember when James O’Brien stated via Twitter something about Dross , as a Tory, being principled or words to that effect when Douglas Ross resigned from his MINOR position in the Scottish office because of the Dominic Cummings fiasco……WRONG…as no sooner had he resigned (planned with HQ) than he stood uncontested as leader for the Tory branch office and won……it was also reported that the Baroness had meetings with Dross at his home prior to this……the previous leader Carlaw had only held the position as leader of the branch office for less than SIX MONTHS…….how principled of Dross to unseat him and stand uncontested for the leadership….almost as if it was planned via HQ ( had Gove’s fingerprints all over it) …..which means his resignation from Scottish office was as fake as he is………Carlaw resigns ?….Nope he was clearly TOLD to resign to make way for HQ’s man aka uber HQ sycophant Dross aka four jobs Dross (MP, MSP, Leader INO of branch office and fitba linesman)….James O’Brien and other so called moderates should try living in Scotland for a while perhaps then they will see their UK and their favoured Tories ( of all colours) as we in Scotland have to see, here and live with them…and their Unionist supporting media.

    Tories of all colours that are favoured by the likes of so called moderates like O’Brien are all just Tories under different colours who all slavishly endorse and support the ludicrous position in promoting a dysfunctional non Union that favours but ONE nation only ….a political system which subjects Scotland to be in a position where, via WM, they all think they can treat Scotland with a total lack of respect, consideration and recognition in how Scotland chooses to vote , via a majority, in all elections and indeed via Brexit ( Brexit a supposed UK instigated ,implemented and we are told voted for via a so called UK majority …which was NOT a fact as both Scotland and NI voted to remain in the EU….but unfortunately as part of their UK we, Scotland and NI, were outvoted by our misfortune to be a part of their UK…thus our votes did NOT count so we were once again IGNORED and our democratic votes were ,as per , not respected or recognised).

    Rory Stewart is a Tory…end of. Not a different kind of Tory as that ,when touted, is for the fairies…..Never ever trust a Tory especially those who currently appear to be acting against the current Tory government in their public opposition to both Brexit and Boris Johnson…….same as the fake Baroness and her supposed contrived opposition……..or as we like to call her Rape Clause Ruth……..

    Rory will stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of those he supposedly currently fights against as in the Brexiteers AND also Boris Johnson in fighting for Scotland to remain a part of HIS and THEIR UK…a Tory UK that currently he is fighting against….for…… reasons…. Hmm. ( reasons that currently suit him…..but as I noted above if you check out his voting record when he was an MP you will clearly see there is NO distinction between him and the current Tory mob he fights against…..absolutely no distinction from current Tories at WM in the bills/policies that he, Rory Stewart when a Tory MP , both supported and voted for when he sat as a TORY MP in WM……not a so called moderate Tory but just the same old same old predictable cruel Tory politician who upholds the kind of traditional Tory lack of moral fibre and compassion associated with ALL Tory politicians who stood/stand to be elected to endorse Tory government policies that clearly enrich the wealthy few while the rest of us, the many, are left impoverished.

    Rory Stewart spouts that he sees no difference between Scotland and England but the voters in each of these countries are different and distinct enough to see a difference and distinction in people like Rory the Tory and also his former (not) political party, the Tories, in who they , as voters in separate countries , vote for as a government (and those politicians who voters in Scotland favour, via a majority, to elect as a party, as in the SNP as their MP’s, to represent them in WM)….while the Tories hold the majority of English seats in WM…….but Rory Stewart states we are all one nation……who just happen to NOT vote to elect the SAME political parties to rule over us in each country……that seems logical…..NOT.

    Pity Rory’s ‘Scottishness’ didn’t promote the fact that Scotland as a separate country neither wants the Tories or their Brexit…….an inconvenient fact that Rory, in his pro UK argument, will always fail to highlight …….as he, Rory, as a Tory and non born Scot and one whose life is more connected to England and English centric institutions cannot promote REAL truths in relation to Scotland and it’s political preferences in comparison to England’s…..but instead he is one who adopts, when it suits him, a more desperate and way too obvious uber ‘Scottish connection’ to try and appeal to gullible undecided on independence Scots… a stance he takes to try and save his non Union……..the BritNats in Scotland fall for his logic (or lack of) as they too promote and endorse the current status quo that results in their own detriment and status as second class citizens in their UK…….we others unfortunately also have to suffer for their warped allegiance to a dysfunctional non Union controlled by a WM parliament that is an English parliament in all but name.

    Wait until Indy Ref 2 and see how the so called moderate prominent anti Brexit peeps present their position on this…will they still side with so called (but not) ‘moderate’ Rory the Tory……since before 2016 they, as Remainers and so called liberal minded moderates, have consistently fought against the Tories and Brexit…..if , via Indy Ref 2, they try and state they cannot see the rationale behind us wanting independence after all they, individually, have said online and also via the online paper the Byline Times….then they are are duplicitous and dishonourable as the Tories they currently demonise and also the Tories, like Rory Stewart, that they currently applaud……..basically if they come out in support of the Union then they will be destroying ALL of the arguments they currently make against the Tory party, Brexit and Boris Johnson…….. I for one cannot wait to see their position …..I await with bated (baited perhaps better word) breath Ha Ha.

    Rory is a Tory and as such he is no different or distinctive from the Tories that currently govern HIS UK in England…… how apt his Christian name rhymes with Tory……..his surname however may sound Scottish but he has proven that , via his politics and support for the non Union, he swears fealty only to those politicians in England via Tory HQ….’och aye the noo’ Rory ‘supposed Scottish’ Tory……nope…..more of a ‘Okay Yah’ kind of Rory ‘not really a Scottish’ Tory…….

    How many ‘yesterday’s men’ does it take to change a lightbulb (moment to sway opinion of Scots)? …….well it seems the answer is ……an endless amount….pity then they are regarded as non entities and best ignored by a majority of those of us who live in Scotland…..and the only lightbulb moment they inspire, as in fail to sway opinion on, is the ones where we, in Scotland, invariably take the opposing position to them, via a majority, and their (non) arguments to save their (non) Union.

  24. rongorongo says:

    It doesn’t necessarily follow that posh partial Scots who have largely lived outside the country are either ignorant of the country or foaming unionists. Compare and contrast with AA Gill’s take on the 2014 IndyRef.”I should come clean and declare that if I had a vote, I would vote for independence in a heartbeat, and if Scots take what is theirs I’ll be the first in the queue for a passport”: (via

    • I don’t think people can even call themselves partially Scottish in nationality unless they fully acknowledge Scotland as a distinct country (with borders) and support the issuing of Scottish passports; the latter being a pre-requisite for full international recognition of Scottish nationality*.

      It’s just ridiculous to claim Scottish nationality while not wanting Scottish passports to exist and saying there’s no border at Gretna.

      I mean how could I say I’m part Irish while saying Ireland isn’t really a country? FFS.

      Basically, when folk like Rory say they are ‘Scottish’ in nationality, it’s a lie.

      Now there are Scottish unionists; they are Scottish and varyingly British, like I am Scottish and European. If push comes to shove, they are Scottish. You can add these to the Scottish (only) 62% (2011) to give 3/4 Scottish first and foremost; that’s where the 1997 Yes + Yes came from. It’s also your total backing for devo max (short of indy). ‘Scottish unionists’ differ from people who are British & Scottish or British alone. For the latter, Scotland isn’t a country, but just a region of a British country, like Yorkshire or something. Rory is one of them.

      *And distinct passports are perfectly possible within the context of the UK union. If the EU can do it, so can the UK.

  25. yesindyref2 says:

    From the Herald:

    SNP minister linked to ferry fiasco tries to hide from media in Holyrood canteen

    Don’t know about “lean and hungry look ” Herald back-stabbing Cassius journalists and headline writers, but as far as I’m concerned


    • Tom Gordon, the author of this peice of attention seeking rubbish, has been known to hide from the media himself, observes Collatin, cynically, but with foundation.

  26. stewartb says:

    Yet another paid-for-delivery of a Labour in Scotland election leaflet arrived along with the junk mail today, only a couple of days since the last one. Similar message but different version.

    The front cover focuses only on oil & gas company profits and Labour’s plan to save me over £1,000. And the decision making process Labour wishes me to make when voting is clear:

    – excessive oil & gas company profits being made
    – only Labour will deliver a windfall tax on these companies
    – when Labour delivers this, it ‘could’ save me over £1,000
    – to obtain this saving I need to vote Labour … in a local government election?

    The last step – how does that work? On an inside page we are told by Mr Sarwar: ‘it’s time for a fresh and positive approach to doing politics’. Local councillors levying a windfall tax on big corporates would indeed be something ‘fresh’!

    Based on its campaign messaging, Labour seems to think misrepresenting the powers of local government – and effectively seeking to win votes based on a false prospectus – is ‘fresh and positive’. It’s more likely to bring politics into disrepute when a party’s promises in an election cannot – could not – be delivered.

    Someone needs to challenge Mr Sarwar on his ‘theory of change’, the one that leads from a vote for a Labour councillor in Scotland to the Chancellor in Westminster being forced to introduce a windfall tax. Should be a good listen!

    • Dr Jim says:

      Tonights Anas Sarwar PPB not just flirted with the line but completely crossed over the line into total fraud, his deliberate conflation of powers between UK and Scottish government would have drawn the admiration of Nigel Farage in its blatant misrepresentations of who had responsibility over what

      Sarwar knows that ordinary people don’t understand who has the powers or authority to make certain decisions as he stood in a food parcel warehouse blaming the Scottish government for things they have no powers whatsoever to control

      What the people of Scotland need to understand is if they want our own government to have these authorities then the only way to do that is for these powers to reside here in Scotland something that Anas Sarwar and his Labour party voted against in 2015 in the Smith Commission
      as did the Tories and Liberal Democrats

      If Sarwars Labour party are so great and could make all the things happen that he promises people need to ask themselves why then this is NOT happening in Wales where Anas Sarwars party are the government

      Sarwar is no different to any Tory, he’ll say anything if he thinks folk will fall for it

      • stewartb says:

        I’m seriously considering putting the Labour candidate at the VERY bottom of my list of preferences in the upcoming election – yes, even below the Tory.

        Why? Sarwar’s decision to campaign in a manner that is deliberately setting out to deceive voters.

        Dr Jim says: ‘Sarwar is no different to any Tory, he’ll say anything if he thinks folk will fall for it.’ OK, except that a Tory is not hiding the fact he/she is a Tory: Sarwar’s is a false prospectus! Labour is seeking to exploit the less than well informed and/or taking voters for mugs!

  27. Dr Jim says:

    No referendum because eh Elections, no referendum because erm Covid, no referendum because um war in Ukraine, no referendum because oh eh erm the mulk wisnae delivered, what’s next?

    There seems to be a never ending stream of garbage that pours out of the anti democratic union movement, we even have it from so called real Independence supporters who demand Nicola Sturgeon get them Independence by next Tuesday afternoon even though it’s the wrong kind of Independence for them because it’s her Independence and they want her to resign on Monday night to make way for, and that’s where their childish argument falls flat on its childish face

  28. Hamish100 says:

    Ferries will be completed in 2023.

    What happened to the frigates.

    Here’s a link that could be updated further regarding the unionist lies.

  29. Another brexit borders benefit.

    I love the fact that (French) Mrs SS and I (Irish at international borders, including re-entry to UK) both have the right to freely live and work in the UK and the EU, unlike Brexiters!

    Brexit checks: Disbelief and confusion at Gibraltar border as Spain blocks British nationals from entering

    There are reports coming in that Spanish authorities are refusing entry to British nationals trying to enter the country from Gibraltar.

    Numerous British citizens were unable to enter Spain yesterday as authorities at the border with Gibraltar demanded to see hotel reservations and evidence of onward travel, such as a return ticket or train reservation. Those who were unable to do so were refused entry into Spain.

    The development comes as Spanish authorities are stepping up controls on people from non-EU countries trying to enter the bloc via or from Gibraltar. The checks intensified earlier this week, various local media reported.

    • Perhaps Spain should do a deal with Rwanda and have allthese illegals sent there to be processed?
      That ‘Ex Pats’ in Spain voted to leave the EU, while expecting to enjoy all the benefits of both Fortress England and EU freedoms, illustrates how mind bogglingly arrogant and stupid your English exceptionalist really is.
      What did they think would happen?
      They used to rely on speaking in a slow loud voice in Engliish to barge their way through Europe.
      That never worked of course.
      Little England, lost in the intenational wilderness.
      Is the Fat Owl of the Remove still ‘leading’ the war against Russia?

    • Perhaps Spain should do a deal with Rwanda and have all these illegals sent there to be processed?

      Can you imagine the uproar in England if another country did that to English folks? OMFG.

      But for the English Tories, refugees are ‘sub human’ so they think it’s fine to treat them inhumanely.

  30. Hamish100 says:

    Pay attention now.
    6 days ago the Arran ferry would be out of action for 10 days.
    The ferry is now back in action.

    I hope the tourist companies sue the bbc.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      It took them long enough to fall back to the “soon be back in service” claptrap which was milked for 24 hours, now vanished- It simply didn’t happen, there was no propaganda campaign, nothing to see here, move along….. They really do seem to believe Scots are thick as mince…

  31. yesindyref2 says:

    I scout out the unionist foot soldiers and quickly overcome them with the force of my argument. Then I make my way through the serried ranks of sundry unionist politicians. They gasp and rush forward to pick up their YES badges. Then the big one, the current leader of the NO Nothing No more Neverland band. With my rapier-like wit and sheer logical appeals for a better Scotland I quickly overcome the protesting opposition. Another convert to YES please Nicola.

    Feeling a little peckish after these minor exercises, I collect my wife and we go through the local MacDonald’s drive thru for 2 big mac meals with chocloate milkshakes. I present my Clydesdale Bank / Virgin Money card for contactless payment. but am informed that:

    “Our biometric analysis algorithm has analysed your recent behaviour and concluded that you are not you. Transaction refused”.

    Thank heavens I carry cash.

  32. Dr Jim says:

    The Census:

    It’s an SNP plot say the folk who won’t fill in the Census information, and if anyone can tease that information out of these folk it’ll be Stephen Jardine of BBC Scotland on the radio
    It appears that English people in Scotland don’t want to say they’re English or British for fear of Nicola Sturgeon reprisal hit squads swooping on them, anti SNP voters refuse to tick their Nationality as Scottish even though they are, but also are reluctant to tick British in case the evil SNP think that means they’re English because that’s a dead giveaway to the nasty Nat government who again might send round the jackbooted teams to intimidate them

    I don’t fill in anything online say some, because they read *online* that they shouldn’t do that, data is private they say as they pop their credit and debit cards into holes in walls, machines in shops and swipe them over any old bit of kit with numbers on it that looks like it’ll take their money, do they not realise that every time they pop or swipe their card every supermarket, insurance company, bank and Tom Dick and Harry just learned everything about their entire life and tailor their businesses accordingly to sell them some more of what they don’t understand

    The Census is NOT an SNP plot, they don’t set the questions admitted Stephen Jardine after half a dozen folk have already called in being suspicious the whole affair is a referendum in disguise, and by Jove they’re not taking part in that stealthy SNP plot that Jardine has just explained rather too late that it’s not

    Many of the questions are optional??? says Jardine as he intones that with question marks

    The BBC in Scotland is a particularly stinky rat infested sewer of propagandists set on causing as much confusion where there would be little, then magnifying it out of proportion just for the sake of creating space for themselves to create more

    The BBC in Scotland is no different to the Daily Mail but with much more access to people’s heads and the internet are still the amateurs compared to this lot

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