Reason Johnson is unfit for office number 9,999

It’s not like we need any more reasons to tell us why the abandoned serial lying mattress Boris Johnson is unfit for the office of Prime Minister, but just as one reason why Johnson should be deposed starts to drop off the news agenda, Johnson helpfully provides us with another. It was only a few short weeks ago that Johnson was mired in the scandal of his repeated rule breaking during lock down, after it came to light that he had hosted numerous boozy parties in Downing Street while the rest of us could expect to have the polis come chapping at our doors if we dared to go into our granny’s house for five minutes when we dropped off her shopping.

By the end of January, many Conservative MPs were openly demanding Johnson’s removal, and it was widely believed that Johnson’s political life expectancy was numbered in days, not weeks. However Johnson has escaped the consequences of that scandal thanks to public and political attention being diverted by Vladimir Putin’s imperialist attempt to bomb Ukrainian nationhood out of existence. Conservative MPs, members of the same party which fetishes WW2 and Winston Churchill, have collectively decided that this is not the time to depose Johnson, although their party did not have the same qualms during the darkest days of WW2 in 1940 when Britain was facing the threat of an imminent invasion from your actual Nazis but still decided to unseat the ineffectual Neville Chamberlain and replace him with Churchill. Admittedly, amongst the political pygmies on the Conservative benches there is no one of any stature who could potentially replace Johnson. All of them are compromised by his lies, his deceit, and his corruption.

Over the weekend TV reporters attending the Conservative party conference asked activists if they thought Johnson should resign, none of them did, they maintained that he should not resign even if he is fined by the police for breaking the law with his frequent breaches of lock down rules. That is how low the Conservative party has now sunk. The self-proclaimed party of law and order thinks that its own leader should be allowed to break the law and face no political consequences for it. Douglas Ross, the leader of the Scottish Conservative jellyfish, has performed a humiliating U-turn on his demand for Johnson’s resignation. In doing so, Ross has merely taught Johnson that he can continue to hold the norms of political behaviour in a functioning democracy in contempt, and the Conservative party will let him get away with it.

At that same Conservative conference, Johnson again illustrated how he can’t even manage basic human decency, never mind adhere to the high standards of behaviour expected of the leader of a modern advanced democracy. In his rabble rousing speech to an audience of Conservative sycophants, Johnson made a direct comparison between the current agonies of Ukraine with the UK’s vote to leave the European Union, claiming that both are examples of standing up for freedom. Calling his comments crass is a crass insult to crassness. Obviously, hiding in a bunker while the Russian army bombards your house and devastates your cities with long range missiles in an effort to destroy the existence of your nation’s independence, democracy, and right to self-determination while forcing millions of your compatriots to flee abroad, is exactly the same thing as the European Union imposing a directive mandating a 48 hour maximum working week. It’s a comparison that no one with a shred of integrity could make.

Brexit has been an unmitigated disaster, Johnson is resorting to increasingly ludicrous hyperbole in order to cover the gap between the miserable and tawdry reality of Brexit and the false utopia of Great British sunlit uplands that he promised. It is truly shameful that this is the level to which British political discourse has descended in 2022.

That “oppression” of Europe is why P&O was unable to sack its French staff in the same way that 800 of its UK employees were dismissed with immediate effect via a pre-recorded video on a zoom call. The British workers are to be replaced with agency staff from Colombia, who will be paid at a lower rate. The French staff are protected by stricter employment regulations which impose tough conditions on employers who seek to shed staff. The “freedom” that Johnson lauded was the freedom of employers like P&O to sack loyal staff without a period of notice, or the “freedom” of Russian oligarchs to squirrel away their money in the City of London and to ensure that they can do so without fear of having to explain the source of their wealth.

At a time when it is vital that the world maintains a united front, Johnson’s remarks are an insult to our allies and partners in the EU, allies and partners that Johnson has now compared to Putin, they are an insult to the people of Ukraine who are witnessing the devastation of their country precisely because they dared to challenge the great Russian imperialist fantasies of Vladimir Putin by asserting both that Ukraine is its own nation and not merely a Little Russia province to be ruled by the Kremlin, and moreover they see the future of their Ukrainian nation as being intimately tied to Europe and the EU. And Johnson’s comments are also an insult to all of us who opposed Brexit and who seek to rejoin the European Union, whether that’s through an independent Scotland joining the EU in its own right or through the UK as a whole once again becoming a member of the EU.

Johnson’s crass tub thumping for the benefit of the Anglo-British Brexit supporting nationalists of the Conservative party risks undermining European unity at this critical time. It has certainly damaged even further the battered remnants of Britain’s international reputation.

Yet one of Scotland’s leading anti-independence newspapers has chosen to downplay this story, instead giving screaming prominence to an ill-advised tweet about Priti Patel from an SNP member who holds no elected office. Because that’s the really important story here. In its pathetic desperation to find SNPbad stories in order to fend off calls for another independence referendum, Scotland’s overwhelmingly anti-independence media is doing Scotland an immense disservice by refusing to scrutinise the quality of the UK that they are determined Scotland must remain a part of, and by allowing manifestly unfit individuals like the corrupt lying Johnson to escape scrutiny. But still, there’s bound to be a story about a Calmac ferry breaking down along tomorrow.

I’m doing my best here but I’m afraid this bout of post-stroke fatigue has still not lifted, it can sometimes take weeks.  In the meantime I will keep trying to publish new posts as often as my energy levels permit.

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108 comments on “Reason Johnson is unfit for office number 9,999

  1. Hamish100 says:

    Paul spot on.

    Of course who knew that by voting to remain with the Eu meant you were voting for Putin and co. Only brexiters are pure in heart for they shall inherit the tax havens around the world.

  2. Come on, Dross, Jack, give us your thoughts on Johnson now.
    BBC Scotland made sure that Guissler would bury this week’s Tory gaffes. He harangued Blackwood about a conspiracy to oust him as SNP WM leader, and actually announced that Blackwood had cancelled Indyref2 next year, and even when corrected continued to Bad SNP the interview like the obedient little Brit Boy he is paid very handsomely to be.

    Old fake news. Well done, Martin. Use up the air time on irrelevant nonsense.
    The Herald completely ignores the Brexit Freedom speech by Johnson of course.
    What principles have Macwhirter and McKenna that they still submit copy to this joke of a Blah?

    Dross had a sore throat, so they wheel on a Listory nobody, whom Guissler gently ‘puts through the mill’. Aye, right.
    He’s a GP apparently who recommends not wearing face masks.

    What happens if Auld Lizzie kicks the bucket soon?
    Will Johnson survive even that?
    Will the BBC run footage of her Maj in the chapel on her own grieving Old Phil again?
    There shall be a plebiscite in the autumn of ’23. And we shall prevail.

    Take it easy, Paul.
    How much longer will England put up with this terrible man as their First minister?

    • ArtyHetty says:

      England’s government is a dictatorship in all but name. The worry is, who is doing the dictating, dodgy doods behind the scenes no doubt.

      The ‘Listory’ (excellent name for them Jack) replacement for Dross should do his surgeries with no mask on then, I am sure my GP would not be seeing one single patient these days without the attire of blue PPE and a mask.

      As for Betty, did I hear correctly, she is decamping F/T to Scotland? Oh oh is she going to die in Scotland? It doesn’t bear thinking about, imagine the pomp forced onto the whole of Scotland if that happens, perish the thought. It will be a case of grieve or else for months on end, and if the independence referendum is due to take place soon before or soon after (like within a year or two) Scotland’s name will be mud for disrepecting our betters. Argh!

      As for Johnson’s comments comparing Ukraine and Brexit, just absolutely despicable. The horrors by Putin in Ukraine get worse by the minute, he is literally laying waste to the country, the infrastructure and the people, and without diminishing in any way what the poor people of Ukraine are being put through, the affects on the environment, as well as flora and fauna also doesn’t bear thinking about. 😦

      The EU, though not perfect, protected the people of the UK from a rampant far right wing, nigh on fascist Tory cabals’ economic and social assault by way of removing workers rights and human rights. The Tories are taking a wrecking ball to living standards which were not exactly conducive to a 21st century civilisation or democracy to start with.

      Scotland has a ticket out of the cesspit UK and better use it soon, same Wales and NI.

      • Apparently Auld Liz has had a £20,000 lift installed in a ‘cottage’ in the grounds of Balmoral estate. The ‘cottage’ has 9 bedrooms. from the photies, it is as much a ‘cottage’ as the big grey sandstone mansions in Edinburgh or Glasgow.

        Well, that leaves windsor, and Buck House available for refugees then?
        Wills and Kate are off on a wee jolly to the Caribbean, as is the wont of the Royals. A bit of sun and R&R, and we get to pay for their ‘royal visit’.
        However it is reported that some of the natives are restless over there.

        Imagine if Russia controlled Ukraine’s TV broadcasters and showed live Russian Cup football in Ukraine?
        There would be an outrage.
        Yet today, once again, BBC Jockland is beaming English football into out Tartan terraces, to remind us all that we are an English ‘territory’, not an equal partner.
        What are the BBC Jock sports team up to right now?
        Cowering in their bunker, filling the radio airwaves with Third World news stories for the huddled masses listening in?
        Hegemony. The Vanquished forced to accept defeat.
        that’s us.
        There shall be a referendum in ’23, or a revolt, and the outcome will be the same. Scotland is a European nation, sovereign, and no longer a resource to be plundered by Johnson’s ‘Empire 2’.

        • Not-My-Real-Name says:

          Yes Jack…..but part of their tour has been axed amid reported opposition from locals.

          William and Kate have now apparently arrived in Belize for their week-long tour of the Caribbean

          The trip is to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this year…..however it seems not everyone seeks to welcome or celebrate this pantomime tour…….

          A visit to the Akte ‘il Ha cacao farm in Indian Creek village, in the foothills of the Maya Mountains, has been removed from the couple’s schedule…. it has been reported that there was a claimed dispute between residents of Indian Creek village and Fauna and Flora International (FFI), which has William as patron, over land owned by the conservation organisation.

          There were also reported to be concerns about the landing site earmarked for the Cambridge’s helicopter, with residents claiming they were not consulted about the location, a local football pitch….”not consulted”….what ?…consult the peasants surely not…..I mean football pitch is it…. well it’s hardly Wembley is it Wills……as in YOUR team’s National stadium Wills.

          Belize…is that not where Lord Ashcroft is as he holds dual British and Belizean nationality….the same Lord Ashcroft linked to Isabel Oakeshott as co author of various books the latest being ‘Life Support: The state of the NHS in an age of pandemics’……the first one being ‘Call me Dave’ a unauthorised biography on David Cameron……

          Ashcroft became the largest donor to the Conservative’s candidate for the 2021 London mayoral election. Of the £255,000 raised by the candidate, Shaun Bailey, Ashcroft donated £100,000

          I wonder if Wills and Kate will have time to meet him in their itinerary…..or if he will be invited , as a ‘dignitary’ , to any banquets there during their visit……

          If only more Scots were less welcoming and subservient to Royals….I mean they, the Royals, HAVE told us over the years who they really ARE and what and who they really DO represent yet there are those among us who seem to willingly turn a blind eye……and in doing so are condoning the elitist exceptionalism behaviour to continue unchallenged and thus just expected to be accepted via every new generation of royals……

          The class system starts with the Royal family……get rid of them as they serve no real purpose and certainly serve no one in Scotland….which is only their occasional holiday home via the various property that they own in Scotland……….part time royals in Scotland when it suits THEM only….but what do they actually Do ?

          • How is Edinburgh managing without a duke to lord it over them?

          • Legerwood says:

            Are the Scots ‘welcoming’ of Royalty? Report in the Sunday Herald today about celebrations/street parties for Queen’s Jubilee. Apparently none of the Local Councils have had any enquiries/requests from the public about getting permission to close their streets so that they can have a party. Looks like the celebration is going to be a damp squib in Scotland, again.

            • Not-My-Real-Name says:

              That’s great.

              Should be easy for Scots to decide to vote to get rid of them post independence then.

              Happy days…to come.


        • Imagine if Russia controlled Ukraine’s TV broadcasters and showed live Russian Cup football in Ukraine?

          In the UK, broadcasting is devolved, allowing Scots to freely self-determine without external interf….

          No wait. Got that wrong. Controlled by England with no Scots nor Irish language services.

  3. Eilidh says:

    I wonder what Ukraines President Zelensky thought about Johnston’s remarks comparing the suffering of his people to the Brexshit vote. I am guessing he might be too busy right now avoiding assassination attempts from Vlad The Truely Evil and his henchmen to hear about Bojo’s obnoxious remark yet. I don’t know any Ukranian but as far I am concerned Bojo is just an arrogant useless *rse and in common with the rest of Nato’s leaders he is an absolute coward. Oh for a Star Trek transporter I would just love to transport Johnston to the middle of Maripol right now maybe then he would see what an absolute disgrace his comment was. Then again I doubt he has much more humanity than Putin does

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      I wonder what Ukraine’s President Zelensky thought about Johnston’s remarks comparing the suffering of his people to the Brexshit vote.



      This may give you a clue as to how Zelensky feels. (I also read somewhere that some US far-right fool was criticising Zelensky’s dress sense as he gave a news conference whils being bombed in his Presidential dwelling or some such).

      Welsh Government minister slams Boris Johnson as ‘sick, pompous narcissist’ after he compares Brexit to Ukraine

      20 Mar 2022 2 minute Read

      A Welsh Government minister who has family in Ukraine has slammed Boris Johnson as a “sick, pompous narcissist” after he compared the struggle of the people of Ukraine against invasion to the UK’s vote for Brexit.


  4. Stephanie Taylor says:

    Dear Wee Ginger Dug,

    I very much appreciate your dry sense of humor.

    I too have had a stroke in December, and am recovering. Typing is slow, so I will be brief.

    Get good rest and keep discomfiting the comfortable.

    Stephanie Taylor

    • weegingerdug says:

      Hi Stephanie

      I hope you go on to make a full recovery. Your stroke was only a few months ago so you should continue to make significant improvement. Feel free to email me if you feel like having a moan, one stroke survivor to another.



  5. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    “But still, there’s bound to be a story about a Calmac ferry breaking down along tomorrow”

    Indeed Paul…..strange how the Tories seem to have gone silent on the subject of ferries…..since the P & O fiasco , news which we have now learnt the Tories at HQ were aware of prior to it happening….indeed it has been stated that Johnson, when in Dubai, was aware of it yet did not seek to address it while in Dubai…..where the Parent company of P & O were based…..I thought he and HIS Brexit took back control…..seems not…seems as if control been given to others from outside their UK while ordinary people in THEIR UK will have to suffer the consequences of relinquishing that supposed control Brexit was supposed to address….

    AND we all remember Chris Grayling and his phantom ferries……and the obscene amount of money wasted upon those phantom ferries which was reported to have cost the taxpayer £50 million pounds……the same Chris Grayling who orchestrated EVEL as a supposed solution to the ‘West Lothian question’ which was raised by, a former Labour MP , Tam Dayell .

    No matter what way you look at it ……it seems that ANY issue the Tories in Scotland raise as #SNPBAD then along comes Tory HQ and trumps it with a disaster of their own making…..I mean the Tories in Scotland just cannot get a break……are HQ doing it deliberately ?

    Indeed it now seems that as well as Russian influence in their Tory UK we also have investments via Dubai…GB News is partially invested by the Dubai based investment firm Legatum…..and their toxic influence in UK politics is seemingly endorsed by Tories who have chosen to present shows on that channel ( 3 Tories present shows on GB News)….and where Nadine Dorries and Ofcom seem very nonchalant on the many damaging, misleading messages that they broadcast via their many shock jock presenters ( including failed politicians, in UK GE’s such as Farage) , rogue ex MSM presenters, has been presenters like Anne Diamond and the pseudo historian Britnat Neil Oliver who was formerly the darling of MSM’s BBC and not forgetting one Andrew Neil formerly the BBC’s main man re political shows and now we hear , that since leaving (falling out with) GB News, he has been offered a road back to MSM via Channel 4 in the form of a political show…….at a time when his credibility and allegiance to right wing politics is now well and truly busted and exposed.

    Boris Johnson recently sought support from the UAE and formerly had gained investment from them via the Sept 2021 investment agreement into the UK by UAE….a country that has a dire record on human rights….but money is money.

    How fitting for the Tories……but then a Brexit UK does not have the upper hand post Brexit….but instead a begging bowl in return for what I wonder ?……well I am sure not in return for the benefit or you nor I…..but once again for the wealthy to hoover up MORE profits for them.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      benefit *or* you nor I

      * of

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Indeed the so called UK media, controlled by dodgy states across the globe, is ever more problematic for the notion of democracy. However, the UK/Eng state has got it in for the internet, the parts they cannot control in other words. Under the guise of protecting children, (and they really do not protect children, proven with their ‘visa’ barriers being used to deny actual children who are orphans, entry to the UK, so they can escape a horrific war being waged on their country) this I am sure will be voted for with gusto by the British Nationalists at WM.

      Watch out bloggers and twitterers and YouTubers. Indy truck Davy has already been banned from giving daily stats for Covid when he does his daily news programme via YouTube.
      Hope the link works, no doubt most people here know about this.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Yes indeed…and was it not on Social media for ages re dodgy money donated to the Tory party by Russians….and only NOW the MSM widely reporting it… in HAVING to report it due to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and links between certain Russians living in the UK with Putin and his regime…….Russians who coincidentally (Not) have also donated to and supported the Tory party.

        It seems the so called UK secret service have been sleeping OFF the job on this one ……or perhaps they have been too busy covering up the many mistakes, lies and corruption via Boris Johnson and the Tory party…….

        MSM always late to the party as far as the REAL news is concerned……and as you state a lot to do with media controlled by foreign states and indeed Tax exile press Barons based outwith the UK but whose newspapers in the UK are forced , by them , to publish propaganda against the Scottish government and also to promote ‘optimistic’ fake news on Boris Johnson, Brexit and pessimistic fake news about the EU in order to justify Brexit and to excuse (cover up) Boris Johnson’s weak leadership and other qualities that he blatantly lacks.

        The Tories have recognised that alternate media is informing people of the truth…it is also giving a platform to many more people who normally would never be able to share their information, opinions and truths in relation to politics via a public platform……and that cannot be allowed to continue by the Tories…..LIES must be upheld and TRUTH must be suppressed…….

        Thank God for Social media…….providing a service the MSM fail to provide ……and I am sure they, the MSM, are doing it deliberately too ( the BEST George Foulkes quote EVER that has proven great to use against him and other Unionists time and time again)……….and I do it deliberately too…….

  6. Dr Jim says:

    It’s amusing that the only thing *global* about Boris Johnson is his fame as an idiot

    The haranguing of the upper class twit of a poor beleaguered Prime Minister of England that neither Scotland nor Wales voted for is well deserved, just because the man’s an Arse of the highest standard we must all know that selecting him and his party as the government of the UK and as Prime Minister is all nothing to do with us in Scotland or Wales, or even Northern Ireland for that matter because they couldn’t vote for him even if they wanted to, no, the entire blame for the worst and most ridiculous Prime Minister in history can only be laid at the idiots who elected him and his party, and they all live in the country of England

    Far from removing this lunatic from office in that country we should be striving to remove Scotland and Wales from the xenophobic idiots who keep electing even bigger idiots to run their country of England, if England wants this kind of thing, and year after year they keep proving that they do, then that’s exactly what they should have, what we shouldn’t be allowing anymore is these same idiots using their votes to rule our country because year after year they prove that they’re not capable of rational choices

    So let’s get rid of England like the other 60 odd countries who’ve left the empire did

    Let’s “Get England dumped”

    • Golfnut says:

      Catchy wee meme that ” Get England Dumped ” the only example of mental illness that can be laughed at.

      • Golfnut says:

        Sorry, that should read, ‘ Brexit, the only form of mental illness that can be laughed at ‘

  7. Dr Jim says:

    Unionists and others who oppose any Scottish referendum at anytime let alone next year have recently latched onto comments made by Ian Blackford and perverted his statement to make it appear as though he said such a referendum would be delayed, he said no such thing at any time and has since confirmed again what he did say, but still the same people bleat in the print media or *the Internet* that he did

    Where did this idea come from? how did this rumour end up with legs? who started it and why? well it was obviously done to undermine the SNP position, and the person who began this rumour?

    Kevin Pringle former special adviser to ex SNP former FM Alex Salmond now leader of opposition party Alba

    Nobody believes a word DRoss Anas Sarwar or Alex Cole Hamilton says and they’re opposition parties

  8. exile says:

    Paul, you are invaluable, like your blog. Please put your health first.

  9. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Off topic – but carried over from the previous thread.

    For Capella and her piece regarding the Night Time Industries Association Scotland.

    They have form it seems in attacking SG:

    This from last year (30/04/21):

    Night Time Industries Association Scotland Launch Legal Action Against Scottish Government

    And this from earlier this year (11.1/22):

    Night Time Industries Association Scotland expresses disappointment at First Minister’s decision to extend anti-Covid restrictions

    Tracing them back, only one, and not the celeratedb publican from Inverness is listed in Companies House as a Director of NTIA* [sic.] based in Scotland.

    * NTIA Scotland [sic.] is NOT listed at Companies House – only the English-based outfit.

    (The NTIA was originally established to promote Sydney, Australia as a vibrant and creative city, and to build a new positive narrative for Sydney’s nightlife.)

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      And look who is supporting NTIA Scotland …

      Alex Cole Hamilton

      Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP for Edinburgh Western

      Responding to the Night Time Industries Association Scotland launching a legal challenge against the Scottish Government’s Covid ID card policy, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton said:

      “Rather than recognise that Covid ID cards are not an effective or proportionate solution, the Scottish Government have expanded the scope of the policy sucking in a host of venues who did not expect to be included.

      “No wonder the night time industry is in uproar. They’re being treated as disposable by the Government.

      “It’s a shame that the willingness of the industry to work on jointly acceptable solutions is not matched by SNP ministers. Hopefully this legal action will turn out to be last orders for this illiberal Covid ID card scheme.

      “The Scottish Government should cut their losses and plough the resources that are going into this wasteful scheme into fixing our testing and tracing operation and ringing all of those who have yet to have two doses of the vaccine to encourage them to book an appointment.”

      • ArtyHetty says:

        I presume they mean nightclubs because the pubs and restaurants around us are all open at ‘night time’. Also if they are in ‘uproar’ sounds like they are doing ok!

        As for people in Scotland getting their second dose of the vaccine, almost all of those unvaccinated are not able to have the vaccine, possibly those who have had just one, had a reaction to the first one. Far as I know people also still have the choice about the vaccine in Scotland. Cole Hamilton could get on the blower if he’s so damn worried (as if he gives one hoot!) about the people of Scotland re Covid.

      • Capella says:

        Good work Tintin – 😎 – these people don’t care a docken for the heath and safety of the public. But the wee toady Cole Hamilton is always on hand to speak up for them.

  10. James Mills says:

    According to the Poundshop Churchill who is masquerading as a political leader , the UK voted for ” freedom ” by ditching the EU in the 2016 referendum .

    As the result was 52% – 48% does that mean that nearly half of the voters do not want
    ”freedom ” ?
    How can a democracy survive with almost half the voters against ”freedom” ?
    Is Priti Patel even now making secret plans to incarcerate all those who do not want ”freedom ” ?
    Are all those who are against ”freedom” secret supporters of Putin ?
    Are Scottish voters who want Independence ”freedom” fighters or ”the enemy within ”?

    Can Johnson make an even bigger arse of himself than he already has ?
    ( Rhetorical question , naturally ! )

  11. On the subject of the UK media…

    Languages the BBC provides services in:
    Scottish Gaelic
    Oduu Afaan Oromootiin
    ዜና በአማርኛ
    L’actualité en Français
    Labarai da Hausa
    Akụkọ n’Igbo
    Amakuru mu Kinyarwanda/ Kirundi
    News in Pidgin
    War Af Soomaali ah
    Habari kwa Kiswahili
    ዜና ብትግርኛ
    Ìròyìn ní Yorùbá
    Кыргыз тилиндеги жаңылыктар
    Ўзбек тилидаги янгиликлар
    Tin Tiếng Việt
    বাংলা খবর
    ગુજરાતીમાં સમાચાર
    हिन्दी समाचार
    मराठीत बातम्या
    नेपाली समाचार
    پښتو نړیوال خپرونه
    ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਖ਼ਬਰਾਂ
    සිංහල පුවත්
    தமிழில் செய்திகள்
    తెలుగు వార్తలు
    اردو میں خبریں
    Azərbaycanca xəbərlər
    Новости на русском языке
    BBC News na srpskom
    Türkçe Haberler
    Новини українською мовою
    Notícias em Português
    Noticias para hispanoparlantes
    أخبار باللغة العربية
    خبرها به فارسی

    Selected languages the BBC does not provide services in:

    Aye. That’s right. The BBC actually has a site in Russian (, but not Scots nor Irish. That’s how welcome we are in the ‘British family of nations’.

    Of course the reason is that Wales has never been considered at risk of indy, while the number of Gaelic speakers is less than 90k, so a token gesture to each nation is considered safe enough.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Whilst this is true and also that things have moved on apace since then, you have to remember at least two things in regard to broadcast media in the ‘other’ languages of the UK by the BBC and others.

      – Lord Reith, the first DG of the BBC, a centralising and London-centric Scot, who cared not a fig for others outside and their cultures outside ‘the Great Wen’ was particularly disparaging towards Wales and the Welsh language

      – Whereas Scotland had its own national committee for broadcasting within the BBC, Wales was thrown together with England’s West Country initially as part of something called ‘the kingdom of King Arthur’

      – In the late 1960s only 18 hours a week in Welsh (often at inconvenient, non-peak hours) were being broadcast by the BBC. (Less i.e. 5 and half hours was being broadcast by the commercial station, TWW* and its successor HTV in Welsh. Further, broadcasting of Welsh programmes was split between TWW/HTV to the south of the country and Granada for the North of the country – there was no unity of ‘Welsh broadcasting, unlike Scotland. Scotland always regarded as a nation; Wales a mere ‘region’ to be split into other discrete ‘regions’ as the broadcasters saw fit. )

      – BBC Cymru/Wales only dates from 1964 – TWELVE years after television began in Scotland.

      *TWW (Television Wales and West was a reincarnation of ‘the Kingdom of King Arthur’ for televisual purposes)

    • Thanks for the clarification WS.

      In case it was missed, I wanted to highlight how easy it would be even just to have Scots and Irish versions of the BBC. Why are these native peoples/speakers of the UK excluded? Jeez, there’s a version for my French wife and for Vladimir Putin, but not for me as someone Scottish (and Irish) in my own country.

      A small team of translators would be all that’s needed just to simply offer the same news in Scots. A couple of correspondents could then produce some specific/local content, such as in Doric (which people use in the offices of major international energy companies in Aberdeen).

      If Stormont can provide full legal transition services into Ulster Scots, there’s not really any excuse for the BBC other than anti-Scottish/Irish discrimination.

      Of course the usual suspects say ‘But Scots mainly speak English!’. Aye, well no wonder huh?

      While I speak English mainly on a daily basis, that doesn’t make it my first language. That’s simply due to circumstance. My wife is French and many of my colleagues not from Scotland, including English people; they can only speak English. Also, I am conscious many Scots are not fluent in Scots (thanks to the likes of the BBC), so I use English. However, Scots is my first language, as recorded in the census.

      I have no national broadcaster as a result. The BBC is just for me the equivalent of RT in Ukraine.

    • William Davidson says:

      In Northern Ireland the BBC provides both radio and television programmes in Irish. It also has a radio programme in Ulster Scots, which is essentially the dialect of Galloway and south-west Scotland, but with a syntax influenced by Irish and with Irish loan words.

      • Thanks for the info. I suspect that they are happier promoting Ulster Scots as it is spoken by British unionists!

        • William Davidson says:

          Irish receives much more promotion and has more programmes than Ulster-Scots, which is not just spoken by unionists, but also by people from a Catholic/Nationalist background, chiefly in County Antrim. A former Antrim hurling manager, who came from Cork had difficulty communicating with some of his squad, as he said “the lads from the Glens were particularly hard to understand as they sounded Scottish …” And you couldn’t get more nationalist than the G.A.A.! People who originally spoke Irish would simply have adopted the local form of “English,” which in most of County Antrim was Scots.

  12. jfngw says:

    The Tories are spouting Ukrainians were singing God Save The Queen as they fired their British anti-tank missiles.

    I presume they sang ‘Hail To The Chief’ as they launched their surface to air missiles and ‘Advance Australia Fair’ as they cooked their barbie burgers on the burning buildings. Sometime their propaganda is so ludicrous it would be almost laughable if the situation they are trying to make make some capital out of wasn’t so dire.

    These Ukrainians must be great national anthem scholars, I struggle to remember most of it, hoping to not hear it much more of it soon anyway.

    P.S. I’m singing the Ukrainian national anthem whilst typing this as a mark of solidarity, honestly as Boris Johnson is my witness.

    • Dr Jim says:

      The Tories are making political capital from a nation beleaguered by war who are grateful to anyone who can help them in the hope of some helping them more, those poor folks will thank anybody right now, what’s worse is if they manage to survive this horror the British nationalists will claim it as their own victory, they’re a sickening bunch the Brits

    • Hamish100 says:

      I’ve seen 2 ministers claiming this on the bbc. They preface , I believe that…/// or I understand that….// It takes a low life to dress up such nonesense.

  13. Guga says:

    I recently came across a quote, in Private Eye, from a pamphlet published in 1776 by Thomas Paine. It makes interesting reading even though, at first glance, it looks like he was talking about Boris Johnson, and many of his ilk.

    “Men who look upon themselves as born to reign, and others to obey, soon grow insolent; selected from the rest of mankind their minds are early poisoned by importance; and the world they act in differs so materially from the world at large, that they have but little opportunity of knowing its true interests, and when they succeed to the government are frequently the most ignorant and unfit of any throughout the dominions.” .

  14. Bob Lamont says:

    Aye, well said, and the “But still, there’s bound to be a story about a Calmac ferry breaking down along tomorrow” about sums up the Scottish media’s approach to all matters Tory.

    It was from that perspective I was quite startled watching Martin Geissler actually press Sandesh Gulhane in this Indyref Two Youtube clip, a complete car crash for Dr Slick, yet so totally Tory.

    As the Tories lurch from one self-created crisis to the next, where is the media furore, where are the searing questions and analysis of facts rather than soundbites, where is the uproar from the populace ?
    Between the increasing energy company profits squeezing incomes to breaking, what a time to increase NI, interest rates and increase inflation, but Tories do it all the same, another monopoly obsessed with profiting off the population.
    IIRC the Treasury take was ca55% of the cost of fuel at the pumps and 80% of a bottle of whisky, yet despite this, London Tories (Blue and Red) shrug and open a new foodbank.

    I left the UK in 2000, flat broke with a pile of debt it took just over a year to settle, none of the ups and downs I’ve experienced since come even close to that level of desperation.
    22 years later, happily retired in my own home with zero debt, I look at the UK with a sense of dejavu.
    Bills going through the roof whilst politicians blame “markets”, the young face having to leave the land of their birth to financially survive, leaving their parents to struggle by.
    We can’t shift England from it’s long love-affair with the Tories and London politics despite all the damage they continue to do, but Scots deserve so much better than this – Only as an independent state can we build a fairer and better life for young and old.

    • Legerwood says:

      Well the ferry story has come along right on schedule. The Herald has a story about foreign travel costs of those in charge of CalMac. Quote from the article:
      “”Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (CMAL), the taxpayer-funded firm which owns and procures ferries has racked up £170,000 in foreign travel over the last seven years.””

      Note that they had to go back 7 years to get the cumulative total of £170,000. Apparently during the last two years travel expenses have increased by ‘hundreds’ of pounds per month.

      In all it is just another excuse to rehash the ferry story.

      • Pogmothon says:

        This is a great story and I must thank the Herald for bringing it to our attention.

        That’s amazing for a shipping company,

        with how many employees ???

        and how many vessels ????

        to average under £25000.00 per year in foreign travel costs for the whole company indicates incredibly prudent fiscal management.

        • Legerwood says:

          Indeed. The fact that they had to aggregate 7 years worth of travel expenses to get a ‘big’ number is a bit of a giveaway as to how far they had to stretch to make any sort of case.

  15. Hamish100 says:

    Boy. I wouldn’t buy or used car of that individual.what a sychophant. He will go far in a nice wee Tory seat somewhere in Sussex.Still a bot of a light weight amongst Tory lightweights. Scraping the barrel or others standing back waiting for Ross to fall?

    Ot – what’s happened to Ruth Davidson? One minute she is on all the air waves next she is I. Hiding. I think the bbc should advise,

  16. barpe says:

    Following the FA Cup game from Nottingham, yesterday, there was an ITN news, and a lengthy piece about the 50 orphans. The number of times it was consistently, said that it was the ‘UK’ who were doing such good work (they even found a woman praising the Home Office), and yet only in the final sentence did the newsreader say “The children are now settling in at Loch Lomond” – strange not a single mention of either ‘Scotland’ or of Nicola Sturgeon’s fight with Priti Awful’s UK Home Office to even allow them access in the first place!
    We are being conditioned, non-stop, that Scotland doesn’t exist – by our own media.
    Better bring it on in 2023, or we will cease to exist.

    • Malcolm H says:

      I spotted it as well barpe; it was so blatant. The newsreader (not journalist) managed to read it with a straight and serious face as well.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      And not a explanation either on how “The children are now settling in at Loch Lomond” when they’re not expected until later this week ?

  17. Capella says:

    The young refugees are on their way at last.
    Refugee crisis: Ukrainian orphans to arrive in Scotland later this week

    The 50 young travellers, who range in age between two and 19, and their carers will fly from Poland to London, before making their way up to Scotland later in the week.

    Home Secretary Priti Patel announced on Thursday that the youngsters, who are being cared for by the Scottish charity Dnipro Kids, which was set up by supporters of Edinburgh’s Hibernian Football Club, had been given the green light to travel to Britain.

    Steven Carr, the chairman of the charity who led the effort to evacuate the youngsters from Lviv in Ukraine, said they were “just thankful and relieved that we are getting the kids to the safety of the UK, and to Scotland, at last”.

  18. Capella says:

    More good news! Scotland’s new disability payment is being rolled out now.

    Disability payment applications now open in three pilot areas

    The Adult Disability Payment will be administered through Social Security Scotland and will replace the UK Government’s Personal Independence Payment (PIP).

    It will be open to people aged between 16 and state pension age, and who are disabled, have a long-term health condition or a terminal illness.

    The pilot will run in the Dundee City, Perth and Kinross and Western Isles council areas and further council areas will be introduced in phases until the benefit is rolled out nationwide on August 29.

    People with ongoing awards of PIP or Disability Living Allowance do not need to make an application for the new payment, as their awards will transfer to the Scottish social security system automatically from this summer.

  19. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Watched video on Phantom Power Twitter account from March 13th

    Weather forecast on SKY News

    Scotland referred to as Northern Britain

    Northern Ireland given country name.

    Noted Southern ‘England’ also given country name too.

    Scotland like Brexit apparently is NOT to be mentioned by name via MSM TV…….yes that will work ….if you do not mention the country name then all Scots will think they do not have a country but will just see themselves as Northern Britain…..but to confuse things even more ….the west of England is often referred to as the North but not in the context of Britain…just the North of the country….as they assume when they talk of the North of the country that we all know they refer to places like Manchester etc in England ……not Scotland as that’s in North Britain…..there was me thinking we, in Scotland, were now in the North North since many a news programme have now adopted the use of ‘North of the country’ to mean the North of England……so surely Scotland is the North North if it is no longer just in the NORTH of their Britain.

    #ConfusedDotCom……well they hope you are… Scotland that is…confused and baffled but not so dumb to not see what they are trying to do……underhand and tacky…..and very much representative of what happens when England is clearly in control of the media…..we’re in charge Jocks so we control the message……

    Subliminal messaging…… whose request is this NEW strategy of NOT identifying by name Scotland in the context of a country…..via the weather forecast ?

    Mind you we are already witnessing both Food and drink sourced via Scotland being stamped with the imperial mindset of plonking a BritNat flag and a Made in Britain source on the packaging… of the many Brexit negatives… desperate are they for an advantage on trade exports that they need to use (exploit) our food and drink as levy for trade agreements that they can present as ‘British’ thus immediately diminishing their worth, as food and drink, in the eyes of the world…..who have them, the Brits, sussed out ………….

    NB. Hope Wills and Kate are having fun in the Caribbean while peeps back home in their old blighty are deciding whether to put the heating on or buy food to feed their kids and themselves…….they, the YOUNG Royals, are off on a jolly to promote old purry chops……..they are dancing , laughing, eating well and enjoying the weather while the lower classes back home suffer and worry at the state and cost of living in the country that old purry chops reigns in……..God save us she doesn’t need saving she’s rich……yes she and her family won’t need saving from the mess and chaos via her Tory government……..but she and they will expect the plebs to celebrate and wave flags at her jubilee celebrations…..aye let them cake at the so called celebrations…… but to celebrate what ?….their own demise ?

    I’ll celebrate Scotland getting it’s independence as that IS worth a celebration……mind you when we do then I am sure post our independence the English media when referring to us will refer to us as
    ‘ the country that was formerly in North Britain’……for sure.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Weather forecast on SKY News

      Scotland referred to as Northern Britain

      Northern Ireland given country name.

      Noted Southern ‘England’ also given country name too.


      And Cymru/Wales not figuring at all!

      Par for the b*%^£”*y course. 😦

      • iusedtobeenglish says:

        That’s a disgrace, W_S
        Especially when I remember how hard you had to fight to become Englunden Dwales. ISTR that was the weather forecast too. “The forecast for England. Cardiff and Swansea will experience…”

        (Completely OT – I still have a mug from the 70s with Wales in large, bright red capitals and a sheep bearing the caption “If Wales were flattened out, it would be bigger than England”)

        I also remember being a bit disconcerted by the Welsh signposts at a roundabout, but still thinking “Yes!”. Looking forward to the Gaelic ones…

  20. Dr Jim says:

    Sajid Javid reckons anybody who *misunderstands* Boris Johnson is not *normal*, well that’s around 75% of Scotland isn’t it?
    What with Johnson calling Scots vermin and Javid saying we’re not *normal* it makes you wonder who the real *abnormal* people are who support the England government

    • iusedtobeenglish says:

      Well, I have some sympathy. The Scots, Welsh and a sizeable proportion of N Irish are nothing but trouble with their whingeing, subsidy junkieness and – in the case of NI – Protocols.

      I think Westminster should politely ask us ALL to leave the Union forthwith, as we’re Bringing British Values Into Disrepute…

      For the avoidance of doubt 😀 and /S

  21. samdog56 says:

    Great post DugI think being in that room listening to the raw bollocks pouring forth from the animals in attendance for all of eternity, will probably be my own personal damnation chamber.  I have sent a little donation but being 75 and disabled money does not go as far as it used to, especially with the Bastards nailing the country with so many rises. Most are fictitious but they don’t have the “Covid” PPE Fraud running so they must stash the millions by other means. . Thank you for your excellent factual and hard to argue with articles, I love the Scots slang in this one.Take care and I hope you feel a little better very soon. My very best Regards Gordon Rowley.

  22. Legerwood says:

    Will this take it to 10,000 or is it already included in the 9,999? From the online Guardian today

  23. To coincide with the Royal Visit

    Boris Johnson published article saying Jamaicans have ‘mind of a pea’ while editing Spectator

    AN article published during Boris Johnson’s time as editor of the Spectator has resurfaced in which Jamaican men are referred to as having “the bodies of giants and the mind of a pea”.

    The piece, written by Anthony Daniels under the pen-name Theodore Dalrymple, further describes Jamaican men as “self-satisfied, macho, lupine-gaited, gold-chained-and-front-toothed predators of the slums”.

    Written in reference to migrants in the UK, the article then claims that the situation in Jamaica is “even worse”.

    It has come to light amid reports that Prince William and Kate will face protests calling for slavery reparations while in Jamaica as part of their ongoing Caribbean tour.

    Very Churchillian. I mean that seriously. Churchill being a racist too.

    • Dr Jim says:

      They are charmers them good old Brits

    • You can kindae understand why Jamaica opted for independence from England.

    • stewartb says:

      Re ‘Royal Visit, protest in Belize causes change in visit programme; protests in Jamaica over slavery reparations; plain speaking against ‘colonial visitors’ in the press in The Bahamas. Changing times?

      On the latter Eye Witness News (The Bahamas, 21 March) reports this from a Reverend Sebastian Campbell:

      “That The Bahamas is even paying for this quote on quote royal visit; I am very sad about that and I don’t think that is the right direction this country should be going in,” and adds “Having a royal visit will only put us back probably another 100 years in mire of this colonial mindset.”

      He continues: “I think the time is long overdue; and continuing to bring these colonial figures into a country will continue to play with the minds of our people that this is where we ought to be; this is where we ought to stay.”

      “I pray God that this will be the last one that we see, the last colonial visit of these colonial figures.”


      • Dr Jim says:

        It’ll be difficult for Scotland as well, they’ve got a holiday home here


    • keaton says:

      Whether the topic is black people, Jewish people, gay people, women, or people who weren’t born to fabulous wealth, it’s a safe bet that the Spectator will have plenty to say about them.

  24. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Oh, good grief – is there no end to the man’s stupidity/projection/arrogance* … ?

    *Do NOT delete as applicable – ALL are applicable.

    Boris Johnson claims Welsh Government election changes will ‘open floodgates’ of Russian political donations

    21 Mar 2022 3 minute Read

  25. Hamish100 says:

    Johnson is a liar and deflecting from the Tory corruption with putins pals. All the tories know this and deflect.

  26. Alan Howard Baxter says:

    Good Morning All. Completely O/T but I’m confused. I opened the National on line this morning. The only paper supporting Scotland. I was stunned to see adverts from the UK Government asking for comment about Levelling Up with regard to connectivity. Am I missing something here? Why is the National carrying ads for the UK gov? I hope it’s part of a clever ploy that I’m not smart enough to understand – I will delighted if that is the case. Can anybody help please?

    • Dr Jim says:

      I sent them an email about this and the replied that they have no control over it as it’s down to Google

      • Alan Howard Baxter says:

        Hi Dr Jim. Wow, that is really scary! I wonder if Gove and his department for the Union are bribing Google with our money (Tax Payers) to put in these messages. What is to stop them from putting Banner Headlines during the IRef2 saying Vote for the Union

        • Marc says:

          You can block any advertiser from running ads served by Google on your site, so the most likely option considering that all Newsquest publications run on the same CMS is that Newsquest controls the ad settings and have decided not to block the ads.

          • Tam the Bam says:

            The National MUST put a block on these ads NOW!
            If they do not and persist then ..only Indy paper or not…I wont be subscribing.

            • Hamish100 says:

              Yes tam the bam. That helps the unionists.
              Should be pleased that U.K. govt helps to keep the National going.

          • iusedtobeenglish says:

            Time to reconsider my subscription

            • Hamish100 says:

              So help to have no National paper wanting Independence. Just all unionists.

              Yip I can see the sense in that if you are unionists. As with any advert you can ignore.

          • TBH Tam, if you want the UK government to totally waste its cash on adverts directed at people who are just never going to pay the slightest bit of attention to them, then I’d let them fire away.

            It’s like advertising the England footie team in Glasgow or something.

            • iusedtobeenglish says:

              You make a valid point! As does Hamish. No point throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

            • @iusedtobeenglish

              I really enjoy the fact that some rabid nutjob British nationalists have even taken out subscriptions to the National, just so they can presumably attempt to convince readers of the case for the union by abusing these with Farage/bozo type rhetoric.

              They are literally funding the indy campaign.

          • Marc says:

            If you do want to support the National or any other site through ad revenue, remember to click on some of the ads now and then. Google to not pay per view only pay per click. So if you do not click on an ad then the site makes no revenue (the advertiser gets charged for every click, google takes the lion’s share and the site gets the rest). The exception is for ads before videos where the site will get a base amount per view and more if the video ad is clicked through.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      An amusing observation is that since I allowed my subscription to lapse, I may only read the headline, perhaps the first or second paragraph, all the comments and even promote them but not actually make comment. The blessing of this arrangement is being mercifully absent ALL the adverts which plagued me when I subscribed.
      It is only part true the National has no control, for a “Premium” or whatever subscription it’s called you can obtain minimal advertising intrusion, so it is perfectly within the National’s remit to limit the quantity if not the quality of Google crap.
      If that is what the National are allowing to be promoted now, I will not subscribe, Google or no Google…

      • Hamish100 says:

        Well Bob you say you have lapsed your subscription but still dip your toe in the water so to speak.
        Doesn’t really help the only Independence paper. Does it?

        • Bob Lamont says:

          The only reason the subscription lapsed was because the card to which the subscription is charged was changed – Granted that is the only official pro-independence newspaper, but there are times I’ve had good cause to question that.
          – In the last two years there has been many an article which has been a direct lift from it’s anti-independence sister paper the Herald, or an almost verbatim propaganda piece being circulated elsewhere in the media, without any attempt to critically appraise or append the content. That’s not pro-independence journalism but space-filling.
          Such misgivings aside, I simply have not gotten around to renewal as yet.

  27. Alan Howard Baxter says:

    Good Morning All – again! Another O/T question that I need help with understanding, please. I keep reading that the scums, libs & labs are just branch offices funded by the UK Main Parties. Only the SNP is a genuine party based and funded in Scotland. So, why can’t the Scottish Parliament pass a law that only allows parties that are Registered in Scotland and are funded from their supporters in Scotland. I will not be offended if anyone thinks this is an idiot question – I sort of fit that profile! Thanks in advance……

    • Capella says:

      I don’t know the answer but I’m guessing that the Scotland Act is reserved as are all matters relating to the UK constitution (unwritten), besides which, Westminster can pass laws making anything the Scottish Government do illegal. So the only answer remains – independence.

    • Pogmothon says:

      I too have asked this in the past…… but received no logical answer.

      • Pogmothon says:

        In fact I would go further in this time of worry over foreign ownership/influence.
        NO MSM (radio, TV, papers and internet sources) to be owned or controlled by non-endemic entities.
        The same as the USA does.

    • This would be a reserved matter. Any UK registered party can contest elections anywhere in the UK, they just need an HQ or accounting office in the relevant jurisdiction.

      This is why the England HQ’d WoS could not become involved in the 2014 referendum campaign until it opened a PO box accounting office in Rose Street, Edinburgh.

      • Alan Howard Baxter says:

        Thanks all for the answers . Much clearer now….

      • iusedtobeenglish says:

        “This would be a reserved matter. Any UK registered party can contest elections anywhere in the UK, they just need an HQ or accounting office in the relevant jurisdiction”

        So does that mean the SNP could stand in, say, England? Maybe make an arrangement with Plaid?

        • Welsh_Siôn says:

          Don’t forget that I actually belong to the England Branch of the SNP (aka London), @iusedtobeenglish. (Ditto for Plaid.)

          There were rumours around the 2015 General Election that Nicola would give some of us Members the nod to stand in that election as SNP Candidates. As it turned out, it didn’t turn out! However, I don’t see anything to stop us doing so again – with the approval of our Convenor, too, of course. Doubtless, for those standing in London, a lot of us would be out and about canvassing for them, too.

          There is a significant number (usually drowned out by the MSM – but they do exist in England), that is, those who quietly acknowledge Nicola Sturgeon to be a competent leader and wish they could vote for her Party as they have no one in the Westminster parties who accord with their views – other than Caroline Lucas of the Greens, of course. (Anecdotal evidence, true, but not wrong for aw’ tha’).

          Wish that Adam Price would up his game a little – that way he may well find himself and his Party also being (better) recognised by the English electorate and what exactly they stand for – and that they are NOT ‘anti-English’,

      • Yes, the SNP can stand across the UK if they like, as long as they have an appropriate accounting office for legal purposes.

  28. Capella says:

    Tories think that democratically elected leaders with high competence ratings are “dictators”. Some cod psychology thrown in too. Nice people.

    Scottish Tory Falkirk Council candidate said Nicola Sturgeon is a ‘dictator’

    On Brown’s social media, Sturgeon’s “ego” and “desire for martyrdom” are cited more than once as the true reasons behind the restrictions brought in to curb the spread of Covid-19. In a post directly addressed to the First Minister and sent more than once, Brown wrote: “I believe many Scots would agree you are a Covid dictator – your ego, power, and draconian measures are what you seem to thrive on.”

    • Dr Jim says:

      If you don’t get enough votes you’re a loser, if you get loads of votes you’re a dictator

      Tories must be the Goldilocks party who always get just the right amount

      • keaton says:

        Describing their more successful opponents as dictators is a common method of coping for unpopular politicians. I recall Anas Sarwar saying that Holyrood was “not a democratic place in the conventional sense” back in 2013.

  29. Capella says:

    Gosh it seems like only yesterday we were hailing the success of getting 50 orphaned children – yes only 50 – into Scotland for refuge.

    The children and their carers are now awaiting the next flight in a hotel.

    The Home Office said delays took place due to problems authorising the backgrounds of the children, who do not have family members to act on their behalf.

    It came after Home Secretary Priti Patel announced on Thursday that the youngsters, who are being cared for by the Scottish charity Dnipro Kids, which was set up by supporters of Edinburgh’s Hibernian Football Club, had been given the green light to travel to Britain.

  30. A man after my own heart.

    As I said before, this approach is why the GFA in N. Ireland succeeded; all the people of Ireland voted on it by referendum and agreed in majority to implementation.

    It’s also why Minsk II failed; that was passed over the heads of the people by the powers that be, so they simply ousted the government that signed up to it without their say so.

    Volodymyr Zelensky says compromises with Russia will require nationwide referendum

    In an interview with Suspilne, Ukraine’s national public broadcaster, the nation’s President said compromises with Russia would have to go to a public vote

    Zelensky’s approach of course contrasts that of the UK government, who simply undo referendums, rolling back devolution against the will of the Welsh/N. Irish/Scottish, while saying the future of Scotland isn’t a matter for the people of Scotland via referendum, but the people of ‘motherland’ England/Britain, Putin style,

  31. The Brits really are incapable of running a country.

    Workers suffer steepest decline in real wages for over eight years

    So much for Sunak’s economic competence. The man seems to need his fingers to count.

  32. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Funny how Labour HQ are touting windfall tax on Oil and Gas firms.

    YET Labour in Scotland’s leader accepts a £200K donation from a global gas firm…..supposedly to stop the SNP at Holyrood…..for what reason does a global gas firm want the SNP to be stopped….how will this benefit them ?……what is it they want from a Unionist party via this donation?….what is it that they fear from an SNP led government in Scotland that they think will be remedied by having a Unionist led government in Scotland ?…..questions questions….but not ones that the MSM will focus on I am sure……

    Also Alex Cole Hamilton is being promoted by BBC Scotland as one who wants Scottish government to focus on cost of living crisis as opposed to Indy Ref2…Does he aye…same party that imposed austerity with the Tories at WM…..does he think we are all thick up here in Scotland ?

    Lo and behold he too has accepted £200K from same global gas firm for the same reason….to stop the SNP at Holyrood…..the plot thickens.

    Alex KNOWS that re the cost of living crisis it is something that the current Unionist Tory UK government are ensuring is WORSE for ordinary people (indeed one could argue was of THEIR making) in a cacophony of damaging decisions via Brexit, NI increase, stoppage of increase in Universal credit for low income families, refusal to alleviate via a REAL initiative a solution to offset the damaging energy price increases for ordinary people and small businesses ……..Alex knows about a cost of living crisis as his party helped the Tories in the coalition with David Cameron impose austerity measures that put people into more abject poverty….so Alex is an ‘expert’ on this….and also one could say an advocate for it too…..if history be remembered by the many …..via HIS party.

    While the Scottish government has implemented , via action, an agreed additional support for low-income households to help tackle the cost-of-living crisis. …..the same Scottish government that the global gas firm wants STOPPED and same one who donated £200K to both Anas Sarwar and Alex Cole Hamilton….oh what for though ?

    You get nowt for as in nothing comes without a cost ……a company does not donate large sums to politicians for the benefit of others but most definitely DO donate for the benefit of themselves……so what DOES this global gas firm seek via this donation that they think Anas and Alex can give them via their Unionist parties ?…….Hmm

    I mean we have already seen how Tory HQ has abused donations via various companies….as in post their donations Tory HQ UK Gov awarding these companies government contracts…….Hmm

    Unionist politicians really do inhabit a murky world……..and if YOU as a COMPANY have the money to DONATE to THEM then in return they can LOBBY you and your PARTY for……a benefit to THEM…….tis the way of Unionist politics it seems….you scratch my back and I will scratch yours…indeed.

    Mind you Emma Walker ex Lib Dem is NOT giving up on her many accusations on the Lib Dems or against Alex Cole Hamilton… one would have thought he would have been better to have kept a low profile a La Dross style as opposed to trying so desperately to be in the limelight…..but then he does have the weight of 4 MSP’s behind him LOL…..and also the 4 MP’s elected in Scotland via his party…..BLOL……..I mean in the context of those numbers he must realise that peeps in Scotland are not really buying into his political (non) message……who is funding the Lib Dems and why waste the money when voters clearly do not think they are worth voting for , via a majority, to hold power in Scotland……indeed they seem more like a protest party against good…..wonder if David Steel is reflecting on covering up on Cyril Smith abusing children…..and Willie Rennie, when leader, suspended him then reinstated him into party……what values did that decision represent for them as a political party……perhaps need to ask Emma Walker as according to her paedophilia is still within their party….hence why Alex Cole Hamilton now blocked her on twitter….the plot thickens indeed.

    I see The Herald newspaper think Putin will be delighted if Scotland gets an Indy Ref in 2023 …..according to a ‘Defence expert’…..assume he must also think Putin was ecstatic with the UK’s Brexit………which then would make Putin furious if an independent Scotland became , post independence, welcomed as a member of the EU…..or perhaps the opportunistic use of Putin just now in the context of the invasion of Ukraine is a means to muddy the waters in including Scotland in this skewed equation….and is yet another Unionist inspired Red Herring……only reported to stop independence…..another weak argument based on an ExPErt’s opinion…..well we all have opinions some are right and some are wrong…..some are biased and some are objective….what category does this ‘Defence expert’ come under…..questions questions…..well I KNOW the ANSWER to that one…for sure…..I mean The Herald Lol …..enough said….wonder what he says about BORIS JOHNSON and the Russians……or does he not hold an opinion on that particular HOT POTATO.

    God will this all never end……..

  33. National reporting IPSOS MORI have 50% Yes / 43% No

    = 54% Yes ex DK for a snap referendum held tomorrow.

    Findings ehre from MORI:

    This is in line with what you’d expect for an iref in 2023 based on the EU referendum, which took nearly 5 years from vote to official exit day. Looks like Scots expect a Yes vote next year, so UK is officially over within 5 years of that.

    • ‘ehre’ is German for honour before anyone asks.

    • The Scottish Government continues to attract more praise than the UK Government for its handling of the pandemic, both among those in Scotland, and across the rest of the UK.

      Views of the Scottish Government are, unsurprisingly, most favourable in Scotland, where 59% say the Scottish Government has handled the pandemic well, compared with just 22% who say the same of the UK Government.

      In England too though, slightly more think the Scottish Government has handled the pandemic well (44%) than say the same of the UK Government (38%).

  34. dakk says:

    All music to meine ears SS 😊

  35. £200k each for Coal-Scuttle and Sarwar the Millionaire son of a billionaire, from an ‘energy company’ to fight the good Yoon fight?
    That’ll hardly keep the Tailor’s Dummy in suits, and Cash’n’Carry Sarwar in designer watches.
    What does the donor get out of this back hander toa party with one MP and another with 4 WM Fence Sitters?
    Asking for a friend.
    I expect to be flooded with Red and Yellow Tory leaflets this April.
    The Elite must be cr4pping themselves if they are chucking this sort of Dark Money at these two Also Rans.

  36. As a general point for the coming council elections…

    There is absolutely no way on earth blogs giving advice on how people should vote will have any material impact on the outcome.

    Of course there’s no harm in this for the benefits of helping people understand STV etc. However, the idea that ‘People should vote X first then Y’ blogging/commenting will be able to influence the outcome is into the realms of fantasy land. It’s ‘tactical voting wheel’ stuff.

    WoS had some pretty impressive site traffic figures ahead of May 2021, but failed in totally spectacular style to influence the outcome. Support for the SNP + Greens combined went up, while Alba failed to win a set.

    Most of the public just don’t spend their time reading blogs, and even those that do will make their minds up for their own reasons.

    The only way to get Scots voters to vote for parties is for said parties to attract them with a good leader, good policies, and a good campaign.

    • Dr Jim says:

      If there’s anyone who makes their mind up about who to vote for depending on what somebody on the internet says then they shouldn’t be allowed a vote at all for their gullibility in believing any particular blogger has more insight into the psyche of the general public and how they’re going to vote than the political parties themselves

      We all push our own favoured choices and that’s completely fine and a democratic thing to do, but what some on the internet do is fill up pages of numbers from a year past Tuesday when it was raining or when it wasn’t raining and extrapolate what ends up being their own opinion of who they themselves wanted to promote in the first place, that’s why they have blogs isn’t it? to promote their own choices and opinions hoping to sell them to others

      In general folks vote for or against those they prefer and those they don’t, everybody knows perfectly well that if a candidate shouts from the rooftops they’re going to fix all the potholes the day after tomorrow they’re lying, the whole point of politics in Scotland changed in 2014 to for or against Independence and generally folk will tend to vote that way to either rid themselves of one side or the other

      If you want Independence for Scotland at any level at all there’s only one party to vote for who are capable of delivering that, the rest who say they support that are just noise and can do nothing
      If you don’t support Independence then your vote goes to whomever you think can stand against the first proposition, none of these parties in the end really can make your bins empty quicker than any other party because no matter who is voted in as local government the opposition will always attempt to make life difficult for them by continually erecting obstacles in their way to make them look bad to the voters who elected them, the same is true of national government and why England has a FPTP voting system deliberately designed to create a winning one party state

      The same could be true in Scotland for our government, if everyone voted SNP for example that winning one party state would exist in Scotland and Independence would be achieved far more easily with no argument from anyone because that really would be the express will of the people, then and only then once Independence existed the other Scottish political parties would get a fair crack of the whip at being elected on whatever principles they claimed to support because those principles would apply to what Scotlands voters decided and not what the voters of England next door want

      If Scotland became a one party rules all state like England then those who support other principles of governance would get the hearing they think they deserve and then proportional representation would actually work as it’s supposed to, until then Scotland will wage a battle of stuck in the mud with wellies on

      Actually if Unionists want representation in Holyrood, (which most of them don’t, they want the parliament gone) they’re never going to get it or any of what they want except endless bleating from ever less qualified representatives until the inevitable happens and Independence is won by SNP voters dogged attritional war on the Union which will be won by the SNP whether it’s today next week or next year, you just can’t kill the idea of freedom of democracy by promising to be nicer in the future when you’ve passed the point where anyone believes a word that comes out of your mouth

      So council elections aren’t about local people working harder for you even though that’s what they campaign on, council elections are just another way of increasing the strength of the governing party overall, and if you think they’re not then have a think about how Labour held a stranglehold on Scotland forever on behalf of the English Unionist government and their policies of extracting every bit of excess wealth they could lay their greedy hands on in Scotland then transferring that wealth to England

      Vote SNP and keep the wealth right here, see what I did there, like every other blogger or commentator I pushed my choices in the hope somebody out there will listen, but am I right?

      I believe I am, and you know what? not a soul out there is paying me a red cent to do it

  37. Bob Lamont says:

    Let’s face it, the London elites with whom Johnson is intimately acquainted are well aware they are fighting against the entire country now over Scottish Independence, all efforts geared to retaining money laundering favouring them being continued. Russians have been the most recent focus, but this is long tradition of the Titty of London.

  38. iusedtobeenglish says:

    Reason 10,000 happened not too long ago.
    The johnson had a fit of giggles while Sunak was talking about the privations of Ukrainians.

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