British nationalism means power is never held to account

Boris Johnson’s big gift to the Scottish independence campaign, his assertion that he is determined to lead the Conservative party into the 2024 General Election, was overshadowed on Tuesday by another big gift to the Scottish independence campaign, the out of court settlement reached by the Andrew formerly known as prince with Virginia Giuffre, who had accused him of sexually abusing her when she was a teenager who was a victim of the sex-trafficking activities of the convicted sex predators Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

You don’t reach an out of court settlement if you are both innocent and convinced of your ability to disprove the allegations made against you. So it looks like Andrew was sweating after all. According to the terms of the settlement the disgraced royal will pay an undisclosed sum of money to Virginia Giuffre and in addition will make a “substantial donation” to a charity supporting the victims of sexual abuse. Andrew now “commends Virginia Giuffre’s bravery in standing up for herself and others” after he accused her of lying, vilified her, and dragged her name through the mud. She only ever needed to be brave because the Queen’s favourite son acted like an unmitigated shit, and was enabled to do so by his entitled, privileged and self-regarding family, who shielded him and paid for his extremely expensive lawyers.

On the News at Six on BBC1 we had the grotesque sight of Nicholas Witchell suggesting that a route back to public life for Andrew could be campaigning for the victims of sex trafficking. That would be like Harold Shipman campaigning for better protections for vulnerable elderly people.

The money that is being paid in order to make this scandal go away will not come out of Andrew’s pocket personally, not unless he’s going to start doing regular shifts at Pizza Express. Andrew has still not admitted that he has done anything wrong, he has just got his mummy to throw a lot of money at his sins so that he won’t have to answer for them.

Like the costs of his lawyers, the money for this settlement will come from his mother and from milking the funds that the state pays to the royal family, which means that ultimately it will be ordinary taxpayers in the UK who will pay the bill so that a pampered and unaccountable member of the British establishment can remain pampered and unaccountable. When I paid my taxes I don’t recall seeing that the breakdown of where my taxes went included “covering settlements for royal sex pests so they don’t have to face a court for their misdeeds.” However I’d like that bit of my taxes back, it can go toward covering the increase in the gas and electric bill.

This settlement merely confirms what we already knew. The British establishment is fundamentally corrupt and will never be held to account for its actions. The Windsors sit at the pinnacle of a mountain of patronage, graft, and duplicity which is rotten to the core. And it is never going to change. Expecting the Westminster system to reform itself so that it is democratic, accountable, and transparent is like expecting a zombie cannibal to embrace veganism.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson, that other walking example of immoral British establishment entitlement and lack of accountability, has asserted that both he and Douglas Ross will still be in their jobs in 2024 which if it does come to pass would prove conclusively that power cannot be held to account in the UK and that Douglas Ross is indeed a spineless ineffectual lightweight who has zero influence in the British government which he is determined to keep ruling over Scotland.

The Conservatives say that they love Scotland. And in fact you could say that they do treat Scotland like a god, in that they completely ignore it until they want something.

Opponents of Scottish independence are realising that their chances of winning another independence referendum are growing slimmer with every passing day as evidence of the dysfunction and corruption of the British state continues to mount. The Conservatives have blown up many of the strongest arguments deployed by the Better Together campaign in 2014. It is now British nationalism which stands exposed as reactionary, parochial, and xenophobic. Brexit has stripped the UK of much of the international influence which was touted by opponents of independence in 2014. No one will now give any credence to promises of strengthened devolution, indeed the continuing future of the devolution settlement and the Scottish Parliament is now very much in doubt. Equally the futures of the NHS and the meagre British state pension are now in question.

In their panic Anglo-British nationalists are scare-mongering about pensions, about the supposed costs of independence and about the supposed threat of violence from independence supporters. We all know that there is only one side in this debate which has form for violence, that would be those who wave union flags and who went on a violent rampage in Glasgow after the 2014 independence referendum, attacking peaceful independence supporters in what the BBC shamefully described as “clashes” between supporters and opponents of independence.

Likewise there is only one side in this debate which is openly discussing anti-democratic and authoritarian tactics. That would be those opponents of independence like the fringe Scottish Unionist Party and right wing journalists like Stephen Daisley who are proposing to shut down all democratic routes to Scottish independence by making it illegal for Holyrood to work on any preparations for another independence referendum without the prior consent of Westminster. They also seek to get the Conservative and Labour parties to pledge that they will never consent to another independence referendum no matter what the people of Scotland desire.

Just as you don’t agree to an out of court settlement if you are confident that you can win your case in a court of law, you don’t try to close down all democratic paths to another independence referendum and give a British Prime minister the power of veto over the right of the people of Scotland to determine their own future if you are confident that you will win your case in the only court that counts, the court of free and democratic choice. That’s where British nationalists are now, they want to write their unaccountability into law. In British nationalism a lack of accountability is not a bug,it’s a feature.

These musings on the part of Daisley are not a reflection of the strength and determination of opponents of independence, they are a sign of their fear, their weakness and their panic.

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191 comments on “British nationalism means power is never held to account

  1. Hamish100 says:

    Fantastic article.

    The corrupt Westminster and unionist cabal has been exposed for all to see.

    For those who say why do some of the public not see what is happening. I am fed up making excuses for them. I think for the ground hard in unionists, be they labour, Tory, Lib Dem’s they answer must be that despite their smiles, the nice hats worn at church, the tombola’s for charity they are in fact just the same as the hard nosed selfish individuals leading the Tory brexiters.

    For me we just need to encourage the undecided and those who do not normally vote to say Yes and we will have a positive independence vote. We will get support from the world.

  2. jfngw says:

    I think they are considering bringing back one of the old royal positions but with a minor tweak for the current members, believe it is to be named ‘Groom of the Tool’. Don’t know if this is a male or female position or has an age requirement.

  3. Capella says:

    Excellent summary of where we are now. The rampant corruption of the British State is getting harder to hide because we are now able to communicate with each other without being filtered through the state channels and their lackeys. The problem is that there is so much evidence it’s hard to keep track.

    Thankfully we have this blog and a few other internet avenues for exchanging views and information. Reaching more of the people confined to the MSM is a priority.

    • Tatu3 says:

      I have often said to my husband, that the monarchy and westminster government etc must HATE the Internet

      • ArtyHetty says:

        Yep they really hate the internet, especially ‘social media’ which they demonise while pretending that the BBC are lefty, when it is pretty much EngGov controlled and the ‘media’ is touted as being balanced and democratic when the opposite is true. Speaking to my cousin in NE England last week, about the BBC propaganda and bias in Scotland, she seemed to believe it’s not the same re the BBC propaganda where they live. Slightly deluded I think as they do in fact get anti SNP and anti independence propaganda in rUK.

        The EngGov are proposing (planning?) to get rid of encryption protections for people using the internet in the UK, I wonder why that might be.

        Great article Paul, thank you.

  4. Really excellent summation Paul.

    We all know that there is only one side in this debate which has form for violence, that would be those who wave union flags and who went on a violent rampage in Glasgow after the 2014 independence referendum

    And don’t forget past British unionist terrorist bomb attacks on Scots in Glasgow.

    These thugs worked hand in glove with England’s MI5.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Indeed and I do worry they will deploy such dirty and violent tactics again, put nothing past the BritNat state, nothing at all. Without being too paranoid, the fact that several iconic buildings and tourist attractions that have burned down across Scotland, some just in the couple of years, is a huge concern imo, something not right there, seems too convenient to be coincidental. It should be fully investigated, not sure what’s going on there. Not one building was occupied at the time, no one was hurt thankfully.

  5. Iain says:

    The Stephen Daisley character doesn’t matter. It’s that simple: he doesn’t count. Who reads his scribblings?

    • Hamish100 says:


      The drip drip lies, undermining etc do matter. It has been shown to work. Ask Donald Trump, Farage, Johnson whether driving a bus with £million for the nhs or saying there is no border in the Irish Sea.
      All lies and bluster for those who are gullible and for those who don’t care. See my post above.

    • Alec Lomax says:

      Effie Deans probably.

  6. bringiton says:

    Right wing idiots like Jack Straw who believe that by closing down democracy in Scotland they can continue to rule from London with impunity.
    As was seen in Ireland,when you close off the democratic route to self rule then those who advocate violence as the only way forward will prevail.
    They must be very keen to hang onto us to be prepared for that sort of thing to take place.
    I really hope that doesn’t happen because the price to pay will be very high on all sides.
    One thing is for sure,the “British” political parties days in Scotland will be completely over if they persevere with this insanity.

  7. Dr Jim says:

    When a country resorts to power to ban democracy they inflame anger, the British have done it for many years and know well the consequences of their actions, so one must assume if they actually considered doing it they’d be happy and prepared to accept those consequences rather than relinquish their power

    We’re not in 1970s Ireland anymore so the risks involved to a British government who would attempt such a thing would be enormous and even catastrophic in modern times, having said that the UK without Scotlands assets would be a hollowed out shell and no amount of union flag waving Wellington bomber flying and Spitfire war stories could save them so it’s possible their continuing stupidity and ego could make them even more stupid to try it as yet another can kicking venture

    They are known for their playing for time strategies

  8. Golfnut says:

    Little doubt that( at least to my mind ) the current shit slide emanates from Goves union unit. After God knows how many millions of pounds funding we get Pensions, hard border and the possible descent into civil war. My memory isn’t quite as good as it used to be but I do remember that we were threatened with all of the above and more at the last indyref. We’ve got the oil running out, currency, trade and yer granny etc becoming foreigners to look forward too.
    All of the above is exactly what the establishment fear happening in England when Scotland leaves this union.
    Coercion and control are criminal offences Mr Gove.

  9. Bob+Lamont says:

    An excellent summation of where we are and the inevitability of where we’re going, as Father Ted might have said, far away from these very small cows, ideally Pritti distant….

    The hilarious aspect of Daisley, and I’m presuming he’s not a complete eejit, is he’s making a very nice living from promoting what the blue rinse brigade and political claaaasses want to hear, whilst knowing with certainty he’ll be quoted by Scotland’s media as an independent “thinker”.

    I was re minded of this facade of journalism recently by an ‘Indyref Two’ Youtube clip of a Kaye Adams phone in from 2014 – Her claim was that various independent observers were calling Alex Salmond a liar, and she went on to cite Jackie Baillie, Paul Martin, The Times, The Mail, the Herald, the Scotsman, the Sun with the priceless claim it would be “a dereliction of our duty if we did not reflect that feeling”, the point being those bast(ions) of democracy dictated the news.

    Let’s face it, who on earth in Scotland nowadays believes a word from Jackie Baillie, Paul Martin, The Times, The Mail, the Herald, the Scotsman, the Sun, or come to that Kaye Adams, Stephen Daisley or the Prime Charlatan ?

    The facade is broken..

  10. Movy says:

    Great article.
    Like me you are becoming more and more angry at the machinations and corruption of the so-called ruling ‘elite’, and our apparent inability to just get shot of the whole jingbang lot.
    They truly are a terrible group and a shocking indictment on humanity as a whole.
    The SNP is not perfect – no one person or party is – but it is our best hope.
    We need out of this ‘precious awesome foursome’ asap if not immediately.
    It’ll be hard and there will be a lot of problems en route, but they will be our problems and we will get them sorted.

  11. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    We are now in the ridiculous and offensive position, thanks to MSM, of being asked to think more of the feelings and potential impact for a alleged sex offender’s mother than the actual victim of the sex offence.

    As a mother myself I can relate to other mothers who stand by their children when they do bad things but then I am a only an ordinary person and not royalty thus I strongly suspect that both the media and other ordinary people would give me, as a mother, little thought should my son be accused of having committed the same act that the Queen’s (favourite) son is accused of….. I suspect their, the MSM and some of the so called subjects, support and thoughts would be with the victim and not with me the mother of the accused….. and that is something I would respect, understand and accept as rightly so.

    Somehow royal exceptionalism does not work in the same way…. their behaviour is excused simply because of who they are…… and who they are is people who have more privilege, status and wealth than mere mortals such as us….. so because they have these advantages they are excluded from the usual rules that would be applied to us mere mortals…. or rather us the so called subjects…. in this case the TRUE victim is not the main focus but instead the Queen, in her platinum jubilee year, is the one we are all expected to pity and focus upon…… Andrew has been reduced to a side show in all of this….. the TRUE victim who was taking him to court is also incidental….. God save the Queen is the story via the great British royal whitewash via MSM and some subservient subjects…

    I’m old enough to remember when this story first broke… the Queen showed her solidarity with the accused one, Andrew, by attending church at Balmoral with him….. both she and he were driven to the church at Balmoral for the Sunday service…. so she was not at that point considering stripping him of any titles or forbidding him from being seen in public….. no that action came later…. when media and public pressure forced her to act…. not for the benefit of the TRUE victim in all of this but to protect the royal family and the institution of….. just like after the death of Princess Diana…. the Queen’s first instinct was to do nothing…. but when media and public pressure was applied….. only then did she act….. once again NOT for the benefit of the person who died but only to protect the royal family and the institution of…..

    The other ridiculous position that is being promoted is that somehow Andrew Windsor is an exception to bad behaviour by royalty….. “biggest scandal to hit royalty”….. perhaps those who state this fail to be aware of historical instances of bad behaviour and deplorable acts committed by royalty….. indeed one does not need to go that far back to remember how one of the current queen’s other son’s committed adultery….. and the person he did this with….. well the same queen has now announced that person as in Camilla, when that other son becomes king, is to be Queen Consort….. it seems royalty like the Tories think they can do as they please and expect us the public to simply move on and accept it…. how elite of them…. and they are doing it deliberately too…. and some of the public are allowing it to happen…. so little wonder that it does happen constantly with no accountability or repercussions upon the establishment….. why should rules apply to some and not others…. because some who walk among us allow it to be the case.

    No matter how much the media are promoting the Queen as the innocent victim in all of this….. and because of that somehow she and royalty must survive….. it must, for some ordinary people, make royalty seem archaic and thus as an institution be seen as defunct and well past it’s sell by date….. this allegiance to sustaining royalty has become obscene….. indeed if they are served up to the public as beacons of virtue and those who, via their positions, are believed to uphold better standards of behaviour (while receiving tax money from their subservient subjects) then they should also be subjected to the same laws and rules as us all….. or some of these so called subjects might just cotton on to the fact that ‘The Family’ are not all that they are being presented as….. indeed like the mafia…. omerta is their first rule….. I suspect the queen is not purring at this moment but I do suspect her claws are out should anyone dare to challenge or question….. ‘The Family’ of the royal institution that must be protected at all costs to maintain their survival now and in the future…. one of the many Great British cons….. one of the other’s being the CONServative party obvs.

  12. £12m/65m people = 18.5 pence per head of population. For a family of 4, that’s 74p they’ve chipped in to Prince Andrew’s ‘get me off the charge of abusing a trafficked minor’ slush fund.

    74p would get you nearly 2kg of Tesco’s lowest priced spaghetti, which might save someone a trip to the foodbank.

    • grizebard says:

      Now you’ve entered the realm of the absurd. Mere pennies? {scoff} Whatever the source, it’s not public money as you seem to think. But that’s not the point anyway, surely, is it..?

    • £12 million (the reported payoff) isn’t much for lizzie when her family’s cost to taxpayers per year is estimated at £350m.

      • grizebard says:

        A diversion, but a president would also cost the public purse. No head of state comes cheap (and we wouldn’t want it otherwise, for reasons of national prestige). Though the current institution, a faded relic of imperial grandeur, isn’t cost effective (among other flaws), that’s abundantly clear. Besides, it’s an accursed gilded cage for the various associated family members. I wouldn’t wish that life on anyone.

        If we do have to have a monarchy in an independent Scotland – and that’s a consideration for another time – then it would need to fully conform with our own constitutional requirements. There’s certainly no lack of better examples to look to in nearby European countries.

  13. James Mills says:

    After the Randy Andy scandal it’s Charlie’s turn for the ( unwanted ) media spotlight as he comes under scrutiny for (allegedly ) a Cash for Honours scandal .
    Like Andy of course there is a complete denial of any wrong doing by Charlie , blaming a former aide , who , despite being his closest adviser for years , apparently kept Charles in the dark .

    However if the future king had any thoughts about abiding by the Rule of Law , surely he would have referred the matter to the police rather than simply severing links with an employee who came under suspicion . He is , after all , supposed to be someone who WE are meant to look up to as a paragon of duty .( muffled laughter ! )

  14. Welsh_Siôn says:

    He is , after all , supposed to be someone who WE are meant to look up to as a paragon of duty .


    Or even OUR Prince. (Mighty guffaw).

  15. Hamish100 says:

    Well done to Norway in the Olympics so far. The handicap of being too wee etcetera doesn’t seem to work. They must wonder how they survived not being ruled by Sweden.

    The bbc must be preparing their brief in explaining the monies wasted in their coverage.

  16. yesindyref2 says:

    I’d guess that if Babcock did move shipbuilding from Rosyth it might be something to do with Cammell Laird of Birkenhead, with a construction hall of 145m length compared to the new Babcock Rosyth T31 one at 147m. The T31 is planned to be 138.7m in length.

    Anyways, what Lockwood did say was that if the SNP were horrible to him he’d move, otherwise he’d cope with Independence. And of course, when you look past the polarised comments, this is possibly the start of negotiating for terms following a YES vote. Which clearly he thinks is likely in the near future. Babcock do a LOT of business in Scotland.

    And some more data: BAE have a 15 year TOBA [1] with the UK Government from 2008 expiring in 2023, which guaranteed them a certain amount each year hence the expensive OPVs built the last few years, but the UK Gov seem to be going a bit cold on BAE, possibly over costs.

    Meanwhile Babcock have a 15 year TOBA with the UK Government from 2010 expiring in 2025. So that’s all part of the manouevering right now, with the Babcock T31 team having won the contract in competition with amongst others, the BAE and Cammell Laird consortium for an initial build of 5 General Purpose frigates (GPFF).

    Stewart McDonald said of course Babcock is important and will be welcome, but the ScotGov just said that Scotland has a great business environment. They’re not directly engaging (yet I guess).

    So yeah, there have been posturings from others showing that more and more are seeing Indy Ref 2 is on its way and will probably be YES, so they’re laying out their stalls for business after Independence. There will be more coming.

    [1] TOBA – Terms Of Business Arrangement – a contract

  17. Capella says:

    Deja vu – now the stream of businessmen announce that they will leave Scotland if there is a YES vote. There’s a whiff of Referendum in the air.

    FACT CHECK: Babcock’s CEO’s claim on Scottish independence affecting business

    BABCOCK makes a lot of money in Scotland decommissioning nuclear plants and managing naval facilities. Why would the shareholders want to turn up their noses at working with the Scottish Government after independence?

  18. Capella says:

    Sarah Smith’s parting shot. I suspect she will be disappointed if she has gone to America for impartial, non-divisive broadcasting.

    Sarah Smith ‘relieved’ to leave ‘bile’ of Scottish politics for BBC America job

    FORMER BBC Scotland editor Sarah Smith has said she is relieved to walk away from the “bile, hatred and misogyny” of Scottish politics.

    Smith, who was appointed as BBC North America editor in November, claims the abuse she received while she undertook the role in Scotland in 2016 has damaged the broadcaster’s reputation for impartiality.

    • Erm, but Scotland is part of the UK, so it’s British politics. Since when were British unionist parties ‘Scottish’? Same for N. Ireland. You wouldn’t call the DUP ‘Irish’ FHS, even if they sound very Irish. The Troubles were British, not Irish.

      Classic unionist Andy Murraying. One minute Scotland is proudly British, with people ‘all the same across these islands’, then the next it’s nothing like Britain and has it’s own very distinct – some might say ‘independent’ – Scottish culture.

    • Were the referendum George square rioters ‘Scottish’? What flag were they waving? Saltires?

      What flag do Orange marchers fly the most prominently when they spit on Scots as they pass? That will tell you their nationality.

      Does Sarah the same flag as these groups? Is she of the same nationality as them or is she not British?

      Questions, questions…

    • grizebard says:

      Smith, who was appointed as BBC North America editor in November, claims the successive corrections she received while she undertook the role in Scotland in 2016 has damaged the broadcaster’s reputation for impartiality.


  19. dakk says:

    Strange that Sarah Smith didn’t see fit to recognise the recent terrible murders of 2 English MPs in England as a reflection of toxicity in British/English politics whilst railing against Scottish politics.

    This omission may be deemed a fair reflection of her analytical journalistic skills.

    Or maybe she just hates the idea of an independent Scotland and doesn’t want to be around here when it happens.

    Faux outrage from Smith.

    • Capella says:

      Well she’s gone to the wrong place. The USA declared independence in 1776, she will enjoy the 4th July celebrations. 🙂

      • dakk says:

        Independence is great for all except Scotland of course.

        Smith always came across as a drab apparatchik to me.

        Just what you would expect from the official british state news purveyors I suppose.

        Nicholas Witchell eat your heart out😊


      …Pritchett, who is British, records that her initial conversation with Biden was about Ukraine – from which he had just returned – but this was closed down by his minders.

      She wrote: “He changed the subject to how much his mother hated the English. His parents were Irish and she had written several poems about her hatred of the English. He went off to find them and returned with hundreds of poems describing how God must smite the English and rain blood on our heads.”…

      …Biden’s strong Irish roots and sense of identity have never been a secret. Soon after his nomination as Democratic presidential contender he was accosted by a BBC reporter, Nick Bryant, requesting “a quick word for the BBC” as the Democrat veteran passed through a crowded room.

      “The BBC?” Biden responded, before adding with a smile: “I’m Irish.”

      • Dr Jim says:

        The Irish control themselves thereby not allowing propagandised English broadcasting to dilute the truth by osmosis into their children

        In Scotland the Labour party on behalf of the British state did the opposite, but the basis of Scotlands problems still lies squarely at the feet of the religionists who continue to employ that as some sort of political argument against self determination, otherwise we wouldn’t have two huge diametrically opposed football clubs based on blaming the other for doing the wrong kind of Christianity, even though most of their worshipers never see the inside of a Christian building except for weddings and funerals

        At least the Irish put the *fun* in funeral

      • dakk says:

        No doubt Sarah Smith will play her Scottish card if she thinks it could help curry favour.

        I trust Joe Biden knows what a plastic paddy or uncle jock is.

        If only Trump had prevailed.

      • otherwise we wouldn’t have two huge diametrically opposed football clubs based on blaming the other for doing the wrong kind of Christianity, even though most of their worshipers never see the inside of a Christian building except for weddings and funerals

        This is because the Irish tricolour and British imperial flags are not religious symbols.

        It’s about imperialism and partitioning first and foremost. But it’s convenient for England to distance itself from its ongoing occupation of part of another country by pretending otherwise. But the USA, EU, UN know the truth, hence the GFA.

        And of course the tricolour is the most anti-sectarian flag on the planet I believe. White peace and unity between Catholic Green and Protestant Orange to defeat the imperialist butcher.

        Anyone ever seen the BBC explain what the Irish flag actually means in an article on ‘sectarianism’?

        My Irish gran from the north suffered bigoted abuse across the UK, but it wasn’t about her religion as she was protestant. Irish and protestant, just like key folk in the Irish indy movement.

  20. Capella says:

    Boris Johnston wrote an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal (owned by Rupert Murdoch), talking up the UK’s commitment to NATO –

    We have the biggest military budget in Europe and the second-largest in NATO. We are the only NATO member that commits the whole of its nuclear deterrent and an aircraft carrier to the alliance.
    We have contributed more troops than any other ally to NATO’s “enhanced forward presence” in the Baltic states and Poland. The British army leads NATO’s battle group in Estonia, and we are preparing to double the size of this contingent. We have deployed more than 600 soldiers to Poland, with more on standby to aid the response to any crisis. The U.K. has been at the forefront of strengthening Ukraine’s ability to defend itself. We have trained 22,000 Ukrainian soldiers and supplied 2,000 antitank missiles.

    World beating indeed. However he also says that small nations have an inalienable right not to have their foreign policy dictated by powerful neighbours.

    If I may adapt some famous words: All nations are created equal, they are endowed by international law with certain inalienable rights, and first among these is the right not to have their territory seized, or their foreign policy dictated at gunpoint, by a powerful neighbor.

    Certain inalienable rights Boris.

  21. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    The only problem Sarah Smith has with Scotland is that, on various occasions, she was called out for her unprofessionalism in using inappropriate and incorrect selective terminology when she ‘interpreted’ how the FM felt about certain situations e.g. ” enjoying the crisis” on Covid.

    The fact that she was rightly called out on this and then had to publicly apologise via Twitter exposed her as one not to be trusted or believed…….and very biased.

    Having had to publicly retract on Twitter proved she was wrong on what she said… she is once again on the offensive…..however to now come out and state how relieved she is to “escape Scottish bile and hatred” against ALL that has and is going down via WM politics is incredibly stupid and shows a (deliberate) lack of awareness and it exposes her Unionist credentials to one and all………..after all is that not what those who support the Union constantly try to present……Scotland full of hate , division and aggression………

    I am sure that her sentiments will go down well with most Scots….NOT…to present us as full of “bile and hatred”……nothing quite like reading , via a Unionist rag, that a BBC journalist who reported on Scotland and it’s politics, hated doing the job because we, Scots who supported independence, were so hateful (I’m old enough to remember the disgusting Unionist event held in George SQ , Glasgow on the 19 September 2014)…… Jack McConnell she is onto a loser if she thinks that Scottish people will just lie down and accept HER interpretation of the state of Scottish politics ………I think they both forget we Scots have access to (forced to) watch National (English) news and see and hear (and read) the state of things via WM politics…….and against that well let’s just say the hate, bile and aggression being displayed by the English Nationalist party aka the Tory party and THEIR supporters is the worst most people have ever witnessed and had to endure in THEIR beloved UK………….

    Sarah Smith ….BBC…….not a force to be reckoned with for us Scots…..more like another chink in their armour …easy to ridicule……and her article/interview……pure pulp fiction Unionist style…..not another one !!!!!

    It’s getting so tiresome and predictable now…..and very very transparent……God give me strength….still I think, with their collective bile and hatred, they are helping to convince more Scots ( and new Scots) that their interpretation on Scotland is driven more via bias towards Unionist propaganda than for the benefit of Scots and new Scots and indeed for Scotland as a country…..every little helps…drip drip…tick tock tick tock

    • Bob Lamont says:

      She has to blame someone for her own choice of steering a propaganda outfit, she can hardly blame Agent X or Colonel Y for her dilemma, or come to that her late father.
      She was caught bonny on many an occasion because she believed she was in control of a changing Scottish perspectives, and Scottish perspectives bit back, her apologies for deliberate errors in the wee small hours on Twitter became a standing joke.
      If you stir up “bile and hatred” from Scots yet continue in the job rather than quit, yet complain about it when you finally move on, do not expect sympathy..

    • Alex Clark says:

      The “impartial” Sarah Smith, is that this one?

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        The very one……….

        The usual suspects tweeting sympathy and empathy…….including Alex ‘F**k you Maree’ Cole Hamilton who tweeted the following with NO sense of irony or self awareness :

        “This is so grim.

        Haste ye back, Sarah.

        BBC reporter Sarah Smith says gun-toting America is a less stressful to work in than Scotland | Scotland | The Times”

        Aye haste ye back Sarah….we have a Union to win and another propaganda war to fight stets Alex C H…..”gun toting America” but surely America also has a rampant right wing anti press movement Alex …or is that example too close to home via what is being played out courtesy of politics WM UK style ?

        Is there no bandwagon or vehicle to spout anti independence claptrap that A C Hamilton will NOT jump on (rhetorical Q)…….the same A C Hamilton who promised a female member of his party that he would investigate cases of paedophilia in his party….then blocked her on Twitter when he became leader of Lib Dems in Scotland…….now that is GRIM and is MORE stressful I think for the female in question and indeed those who potentially could be victims of those very paedophiles in Scotland…….

        Not that the media seem to care ……..have the BBC Reporting Scotland political team contacted Emma Walker yet on these allegations and also on the failings of one Alex Cole Hamilton on this matter….now there’s a story that BBC Disclosures could investigate and cover………I jest of course …as if….it does not have any SNP angle for them to even consider covering…….or rather tis too much of a negative story involving a Unionist political party ……..worthy of media attention though…..especially given current Andrew Windsor/Epstein story……..basically pretty much worthy of at lease SOME bile and hatred I’d say………… the party in question aka the Lib Dems as in the ones who hoover up Tory/Labour voters votes in elections to stop the SNPEEEEEE from winning seats in Scotland and in England to warn the Tory party that as disenchanted Tories in England that they are displeased with Boris Johnson ( can also be used in tactical voting to stop another party from gaining a seat in England too)………a democracy based on the votes of those who prefer to cheat the system than vote for their preferred party of choice…….based on their own bias and hatred…..and for some a fair amount of bile too……

      • Capella says:

        Listening to her in that clip illustrates the Unionist mind set. Just like Neil Oliver in his fake history of Scotland in 2014, she sees everything through the prism of England. Scotland only exists in relation to England and has no separate existence of its own.

        She’ll do well in the US.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Is it news or is it opinion? with Sarah Smith it’s always been her clairvoyance mind reading opinion on who she doesn’t like, she might as well have draped a union flag round her neck removed some front teeth and shaved her head, backed up by an unpleasant facial expression towards camera

        But hey I’m a bile filled internet Nat apparently, the difference is I have no access to a British Broadcasting Corporation available to shove a camera in my face to ask for my opinion on the folk Sarah Smith likes or doesn’t like, and how can I be a misogynist? I’m a big fan of Scotlands female FM

        Well would you look at that, I wrote all those words and never mentioned bile once, so what’s left to accuse me of? oh I know !

        The offender accuses the already accused, a bit like Sarah Smiths replacement James (I’ve seen the email FM) Cook, and didn’t he get sent to America for exactly the same offences so that with time we’ll all forget he’s cut from the same BBC cloth

        I really don’t go in for the really bad stuff we see on the internet from some but this nonsense from Sarah Smith would gae ye the dry hypocritical boak, at least Boris Johnson cracks a smile when he lies
        If you’re looking for bile tune in to the Scottish Labour Tory Lib Dem unionist party, the bile’s so thick it’s the reason they’re sinking in it

  22. grizebard says:

    This latest outburst by the Hon Sarah makes me wonder: did the BBC shunt her safely out of the way across the wide Atlantic for fear her barely-disguised ongoing media campaign against the SNP was becoming increasingly counter-productive to the Union?

    Anyway, here’s a wee hint, Sarah, while you’re there. Just to avoid any future “misunderstandings”. Don’t keep asking them why they aren’t slavishly copying England…

  23. dakk says:

    Wee Douglas Alexander ex british Labour mp said of Smith’s move he is “deeply unsurprised” and “deeply saddened”.

    Alexander’s father was the minister who hitched Smith to her suitor in Iona.

    Smith’s own father was leader of the british Labour Party. Her mother is a british baroness, and her brother is married to the son of Lord George Robertson of the british Labour Party.

    He should be deeply unsurprised that she is a biased bbc political presenter with that incestuous background.

    Deeply unsurprised… pffft!

    • Hamish100 says:

      His old man the Rev Alexander was best friends with Dewar.
      Hence both Alexander’s started their career with the Labour Party with a wee helping hand. Patronage, labour style. One of his old mans congregation was one annabel Goldie ex Tory leader but promoted as a dame and working in Johnson’s Tory party. Devout Christians all who want nuclear weapons.

  24. Ooch for Douglas Ross.

  25. Old Pete says:

    Notice from the post above the polling showed 51.5 % against, AGAINST Scottish Independence from electors they polled in Scotland. How is this possible ?

    • Not sure where you saw that, but, on the Y/N tomorrow question (Y is higher when you ask about 2023), only rely on full Scotland polls, and they have Yes ahead for 2 years now.

    • Dr Jim says:

      The polls will continue to show 50/50 close splits right up until the referendum, it’s far easier to create doubt in the minds of the electorate from a position of doubt than an outright yes or no decision, internal SNP polling shows a YES is the most likely outcome but the good and honest pollsters have no intention of reflecting that anytime soon, keeping the pot stirring keeps the NO side in the game
      I’m one of the poll responders for Prof John Curtice regular questionnaires but not once from all those polls have those questions been simple YES or NO to independence answers, there are always caveats of time periods, pandemic situation, uncle Tom Cobley and all, then the reinterpretations take over and as we all know numbers can be made to demonstrate anything the interpreter designs them to

      When the time comes it’s a YES they know it or they wouldn’t even bother

  26. Capella says:

    Some good news you won’t hear on the BBC – tell me if I’m mistaken 🙂

    Scotland has Europe’s best-educated population, according to Eurostat

    NEW research from EuroStat has revealed that Scotland has the best-educated population in Europe, in a blow to opposition parties.

    According to the body, which is the statistical office of the European Union but also compiles data for non-EU states, Scotland has been number one for the percentage of 25-61-year-olds educated up to degree level for every year between 2011 and 2019 (the last year for which data is available”.

    The SNP’s Kaukab Stewart (below), who was a teacher before entering the Scottish Parliament, said the data shows the “startling improvement in education since the SNP came to office”.

  27. Capella says:

    This is an interesting tactic in the psyops wars waged in the MSM and – it has to be said – in some regions of the internet. But which came first?

    Scottish independence: Why Unionists claim SNP won’t meet 2024 deadline

    UNIONIST campaigners and politicians are marshalling a novel defence as the campaign for a second referendum begins to heat up.
    It goes that, despite a manifesto pledge and a programme for government commitment to holding another poll before 2024, the SNP actually have no plans to do so.

  28. You can tell fake indy supporters; they claim Scots like Pete Wishart and Douglas Ross won’t get their state / work pensions if we vote for independence.

    Sure Dougie’s ermine would be oot the windae, but as honest people make clear, pensions are based on qualifying through years of service and/or making payments into a system, not which country you are in when you claim.

  29. The movie Belfast is definitely worth a watch. The protagonists are protestant, yet when they go to England to work, they have to suffer, erm ‘N. Irish/Scottish sectarianism’ as the BBC calls it.

    [sarcasm] Because, you know, the Anglo-Irish treaty, GFA etc were religious treaties concerned with sectarianism. The GFA for example clearly states the FM and DFM should be a protestant and a catholic etc. Nothing to do with British imperialism vs Irish independence! what ho! No, no, just the unruly natives and their religious intolerance old boy! [sarcasm]


    On this topic… it’s nice to see the US clipping England’s wings again for attempting to cover up atrocities committed there.

    UK Government Troubles proposals could be changed amid pressure from United States

    The Government is considering changes to its plans for dealing with the legacy of the Troubles, sources have indicated.

    It comes after the officer leading the investigation into a British spy inside the IRA told US politicians he believes the Government is reconsidering its position on its legacy plan.
    Jon Boutcher told Congress members that the Government was at a “tipping point where we might see some shift in strategic approach”.

    The US commission is preparing to put pressure on the UK to call a halt to its proposals, which include a ban on future prosecutions of military veterans and former paramilitaries for Troubles incidents before the signing of the Good Friday Agreement.

    MI5 and the army are like the ‘Protestant community’ yes?

  30. It is at times like these that many rue the passing of Jonathan Watson’s ‘Only An Excuse’ Troupe’s annual debunking of Scottish Football in particular, and the underlying cant and sectarianism of that small but significant element of Scottish society in general.

    On occasion, Phil Differ’s brutal exposure of life through the warped and socially damaging blue or green tinted glasses drew both laughter and mockery from most viewers, and it may be argued, in some measure, slowly but surely over the decades, incised this cancerous growth from Scottish society.

    If revived, I dream of Watson as Douglas Ross, the man with 4 jobs, English MP, unelected MSP, Leader of the Tory Branch Office Up Here in the conquered colony, and SFA linesman, in his Linesman Gear, and flag, wandering among the graves in the Necropolis,
    No need for Differ to script this piece.

    Dross’ ‘difficult decisions’. his evil take on the Cameron Clegg £34 billion in cuts to sickness, unemployment, and pensions payments, cuts in nursing and doctors, police, and surgeries, plus the sacking of 500,000 public servants in the 5 years from 2010- 2015, which is reported as leading to 120,000 government engineered premature deaths, is that under Blue and Yellow Tories, there were ‘challenging times, and times don’t get much more challenging than freezing or starving to death, while Douglas Ross gets to hold down 4 jobs, and we have not taken to the streets and hounding this bloated little chancer out of public life.

    Watson need merely mouth this disgusting little man’s words as he meanders among the gravestones.

    “We are in challenging times and there is no denying it,” he said. “Difficult decisions were taken back in 2010, I was a local councillor at the time, as far away removed from the difficult decisions as you could be but I don’t shy away from it. I understand the concerns people had at the time and there is no doubt it did get our economy back on a stable footing.”

    ‘During that year, tens of thousands of people across the UK are thought to have used food banks. The figure for 2020/21 was more than 2.5 million.’
    I shall not rest until Scotland has no need of the begging bowl, until Ross and Jack and Murray and Carmichael and Coal-Scuttle are consigned to a Unionist mass grave, politically of course.
    They actively seek to keep Scotland is penury and colonial subjugation to their English Paymasters.
    They are beneath contempt.
    I take it that Ross’ accountant has already written off his £5 swipe donation to the homeless as a ‘charity’ donation for tax purposes.

    I can only imagine that this disgusting human being turned up early doors before ordinary folk ventured out in Argyll Street.
    David Cameron’s Big Society. Beg and shiver…for we are your Masters.

    Ross is right in one sense. Killing 120,000 UK citizens was an excellent dry run for the deliberate ‘let the bodies pile high’ 175,000 English deaths from Covid.
    What a sinister little man.

  31. Dr Jim says:

    Prof John Curtice says the Labour party are more interested in wooing back English Brexit voters than winning Scotland back
    If that’s the case, and it sounds about right to me then the Labour party in England so Scotland by extension are now Pro Brexit Pro Nuclear Pro English Nationalism Anti Europe Anti Green Anti democracy and Anti Scotland

    Eh that’s Tories then isn’t it ?

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Open for discussion …

      Labour and Lib Dem general election pact shouldn’t target ‘progressive’ MPs, Plaid Cymru says

      17 Feb 2022 3 minute Read

      Plaid Cymru have said that a Labour and Liberal Democrat pact at the next General Election should avoid targeting their own seats.

      The plan for a pact briefed to the Financial Times involves Labour running a ‘minimal campaign’ in 30 Lib Dem target seats such as Ceredigion and Brecon and Radnorshire.

      The reported aim will be to increase the chance of having enough combined seats to win power in a hung parliament.


      (** The FT article is by subscription only **)

      • Dr Jim says:

        It doesn’t matter how affable appearances are the unionists will hump Plaid Cymru at the first available opportunity

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Somebody is getting rattled by increasing PC support, why would such a plan be “briefed” to anyone let alone the FT ?
        If this wasn’t started by Labour, LD or PC, that leaves Boris’s Battalions under the watchful eye of ART(yfarty)Davies I believe…

  32. Alex Clark says:

    Pretty quiet, time for an old tune then? Doing it anyway 🙂

  33. Alex Clark says:

    On a more serious note, check out the intellectual capacity of the Chief Executive of Unionist campaign group “These Islands”. That’s the same group that Kevin Hague does the graphs for 🙂

    Thanks for the heads up from Newsnet Scotland who tell the story much better than I can.

  34. davetewart says:

    Seems the world is full of thinking tank fools.
    Doesn’t he realise that englandland Imports 20% of it’selectricity from Norway, Belgium, The Nethernlands and France?
    There are DC cable links to these countries in use 24 hours a day.
    By the way Norway doesn’t pay the extra network charge for being too far away from the centre of load, Scotland does BUTT energy is a reserved matter.
    Not so much too wee but too stupid to listen to these unionist poodles..

  35. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    As Alex ‘F*** you Maree’ Cole-Hamilton is STILL tweeting about Sarah Smith and dragging in Nicola Sturgeon and her supposed ‘silence’ on this matter……..well Alex has a huge problem just now as does his party… perhaps he would be better to climb down from his moral high horse….because looks as if he continues with this hypocrisy then he might be better to sit on a donkey as that would be a better place to sit as opposed to his current moral high horse as he is making a complete ass of himself…….

    Check out former Lib Dem Emma Walker @EmmaWalkerCEO Twitter account…….oh my God….

    One tweet by her :

    “337 days on and the silence from @agcolehamilton and @wendychambld regarding my concerns about paedophiles in the party is contemptible.

    It also speaks volumes about their unwillingness to deal with the abuse-filled, dark underbelly of the Liberal Democrats #ListenToWomen”

    Also includes spat between Christine Jardine and A C Hamilton where Alex called her a “F*****g Dick” and where he said “he lost his sh*t at her”……..she also tweets “This message also points to a MASSIVE safeguarding issue which I’m trying to whistleblow on”.

    She also tweets ““The Feds” is English HQ of Lib Dems. This message is between
    @agcolehamiltonand I in relation to a senior Lib Dem who physically assaulted me. Alex ended up calling the complaints process “a fucking shitshow.” Then @willie_rennieand ACH let The Man run for Holyrood 21″……….see her Twitter account to see their message.

    I hate injustice and hypocrisy and we have Alex Cole Hamilton giving it laldy on the so called treatment of a person employed by the BBC who as a BBC reporter made various mistakes and inappropriate and incorrect terms to describe how SHE thought the FM was feeling …thus giving the viewers of her reports a false version of event(s)……via pure bias…….also Sarah Smith misquoted figures on a news report on A & E figures in Scotland… with no lack of self awareness and driven by pure bias and devilment we find that the justice for women warrior wannabee A C Hamilton (fake) is mired in a scandal himself as alleged by a former female member of his party….where he failed to take action , when highlighted by her, on specific allegations ……she also tweeted about Lib Dems ” Misogyny, racism, lack of safeguarding, suicidal team members, concerns about paedophiles being ignored, assault”……

    Oh my no wonder SOMEONE or SOME are pumping in massive amounts of money to get the Lib Dems elected in Scotland……because without the money that seems to be pumped into their various election campaigns ….then they would fail if merit and honour were all that was on offer to voters………imagine amidst all of this scandal A C Hamilton had the audacity to put on his campaign leaflets that HE was THE most popular leader in Scotland……….and some think Boris Johnson is the biggest liar….he is an amateur compared to Lib Dems…….now and historically.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Apologies for swear word in above message as copied /pasted Emma walker’s tweet should have used asterisk as in ” a f*****g s**t show”……oops

    • The Hon Sarah Smith is part of an extremely well off ‘connected’ Scotia Nostra, the wealthy elite, who hold Scotland fast as a colony of England, their Puppet Masters. She is not some poor wee lass who can’t walk the streets of Scotland safely.
      She has been promoted to the Washington desk as reward for her staunch work belittling Scotland, and constantly delivering the message to our living rooms that our English conquerors shall forbid us from holding a Referendum, and that there is nothing that we, her fellow Scots, can do about it.
      We are a vanquished nation, and The hon Sarah makes sure that we know it.

      She, and the whole team at BBC Scotland are on message to drive this lie down our throats at every opportunity, on my licence fee money.
      The notion that she prefers Chicago to Glasgow is the ultimate is pusillanimous sophistry.

      The truth is that she is never going to worry whether to eat or heat, or see her children go to bed hungry, as one quarter of a million Scots children do, who are living in Westminster engineered poverty.
      She’s minted, and she owes her fortune to lying for England.
      She has never felt fear or dread for her future in her life. Her belly has never rumbled with hunger, or bones shivered in a winter frost.
      Smith as a victim of Scots bullying?
      It’s perverse nonsense of course, but gives her yet another opportunity to blacken Scotland’s name to her gleeful Brit Nats audience.

      Are my comments ‘misogyny’, or comment of her perverse take on Scotland and its people?
      God, I count the days ’til we drive BBC from our land.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        “The Hon Sarah Smith is part of an extremely well off ‘connected’ Scotia Nostra” is eloquently put indeed Jack – How otherwise could a “scandal” that nobody else had heard anything about appear in multiple outlets almost simultaneously as well as reactions from Oppositon..
        As for all the defence of Smith “because she is a woman”, the exact same pelters were levelled at her successor James Cook, Glenn Campbell, etc., etc., they didn’t do journalism over QEUH and Jeanne Freeman, it was unadulterated propaganda.

      • grizebard says:

        Amen to all that, Jack.

        Though judging by her recent soor prune reaction, I’m not sure her flit well out of the way to the other side of the Atlantic was a promotion. More a sideyways shunt. Maybe with her all-too-obvious entitled “Scotia Nostra” partiality, she had long since become more of a liability to the Union cause than an asset. (Like the rest of her ilk, actually.)

  36. Taking care not to comment on the hot potato subject (for me, I defer to doctors, judges, human rights bodies and other assorted experts etc to decide what is the best way forward in this complicated and sensitive area), I cannot help but be amused by who made the judgement.

    Will Lady Dorrian be ruthlessly attacked in this case, or is she now a heroine of of the utmost legal integrity?

    Certainly, those that claimed she was in ‘Sturgeon’s pocket’? look even sillier now.

    Or Maybe she’s now in Alba/Salmond’s pocket? 🙂

    Och lol.

    • Dr Jim says:

      The FM controls the vertical the horizontal and can take over your television to make everyone *one of us* *one of us* the next minute she’s a glorified town councilor with no power whatsoever

      They never seem to get their *facts* intelligible but they will continue to hate her because apparently they’re the free thinkers and will never be duped like the vast majority of us cult followers

      They do present a convincing argument in their campaign strategy though, to win votes by telling that majority we’re all stupid so *vote for us* *vote for us*

    • If Sturgeon’s been slipping Dorrian broon envelopes, she should be asking for her money back. I mean Salmond walking free and now this! Dorrian’s a f’n usless stooge! 😉

      But aye, completely agree Jim. This is the problem when people lie and misconstrue; it inevitably comes back to bite them in the bahookie, and folk won’t believe them about anything once they’ve been found out.

  37. And I’m confused.

    Sarah – if ‘Scottish politics’ is distinct from British politics due to geography, culture etc, then is it not Scotland that just won a silver medal in the curling? Is Andy Murray not ‘Scottish Tennis’?

    • Dr Jim says:

      I spoke to a unionist who insisted there are no borders between countries, only boundaries
      I asked him if he thought England should rule all the other countries with *only boundaries* then

      The unionist had obviously never looked up the definition of the word boundary, they do tend not to research many of the words they say

    • You mean ‘Team MacGB’, SS?
      Just imagine if those five curling lads had been English born. We’d have had 24 hour coverage.
      Well done , the lads . Now on to the lassies tomorrow.

      ‘Winston’ Johnson is on his pins threatening Russia on behalf of the EU right now…but, wait, England has left Europe, surely?
      Ukraine; Johnson’s Falklands.
      Apparently he is going to tackle the dirty Russsiam money in London….Aye, right.
      Has Baroness Rape Clause had that £20,000 lunch with that Russian wifie yet?

      Johnson ‘leading’ Europe?

  38. Capella says:

    As the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, Abbi Garton Crosbie sets out the alternative

    Wealth stats proof Scottish independence needed to tackle poverty

    There is an opportunity in Scotland to open a discussion about how to change this in an independent nation – we could introduce a basic income, which would give everyone an equal place to start from, and take away the fear of being left destitute and unemployed.

    We need to talk about housing, the steep prices of the rental private market, the homeless people left behind, the properties lying empty that are ripe for being turned into social rented homes, the short term lets and second homes that are pricing people out of their local areas – and that’s just one area of policy.

  39. Capella says:

    Labour’s anti independence referendum stance backfires.

    Pro-indyref2 councillor and Cosla president ditches Labour for council elections

    SCOTLAND’S top councillor – who has backed a fresh referendum on Scottish independence – has ditched Labour for the upcoming council elections in May.

    Alison Evison, who is the president of councils body Cosla, will instead be on ballot papers as an independent, the Daily Record revealed.

  40. jfngw says:

    I see failed GBNews (UK version of Fox it seems, they should have just called it Fux News to save us time wondering if it would be as bad as we expected) presenter A. Neil is getting all precious about cyber abuse but is so myopic he can only see abuse from one angle.

    Elsewhere Neil ‘Bravehair’ Oliver is shouting at the wind ‘You can take out trees but you won’t take my freedom’.

  41. jfngw says:

    I’m still convinced Johnson wants Russia to invade Ukraine, it meets two objectives to him and his Tory cohorts, it takes the heat off him he believes and his dream of ‘letting the bodies pile high’ is within grasp on an scale even he hadn’t imagined. He has a bunker so is personally fairly relaxed about it.

    Even if Russia is the threat they claim, the problem is I now distrust the media and many politician’s with the truth. The litany of lies has always been there but in the last 20 years it seems to have gone off the scale. We are at the point now where everyone knows the current PM is up to his neck in lies but he is impervious to them and just spouts more untruths to cover his last lie.

    • grizebard says:

      The trouble with bad guys – and they exist, like it or not – is that they often create opportunities for other bad guys. But whatever may help our own Chief Liar evade his just political deserts at home, in the end it isn’t BoJo who is threatening with menaces to (further) invade a small sovereign European state.

      Worth keeping in mind, not least because if 19th-century notions of “might is right” take hold again, we could be in that same exposed position ourselves one day.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Johnson is a global political joke an inveterate liar and has been a failure at everything he’s ever touched, are the rest of his lunatic Tories still prepared to support keeping him there in world negotiations where serious people are trying to avert a war while the Tories are crossing their fingers hoping he can *unjoke* himself

      That little fat man is a big fat liability

  42. Bob Lamont says:

    And so the winter olympics finish with curling being the only medals for “Team GB”, silver for the mens team and gold for the ladies team.

    No mention of both being Scottish teams on any of the BBC articles, one can but speculate whether the dread David Coleman GB/England win versus Scotland/Wales/Irish loss garbage would have been resurrected.

    Delighted for Eve Muirhead though, she finally gets that elusive olympic gold.

    • Capella says:

      I “happened” to be awake at 3.30 am and saw the result on my phone. Good news for the teams indeed. Fair cheers you up.

  43. Capella says:

    OT sort of -Just had to switch off the radio. Steve Rosenberg, the BBC’s Russia expert, tells us that the Soviet Union really still exists. “It’s like a series of volcanoes with the biggest volcano of them all, Russia, spewing political lava “ etc etc. This daily diet of war warnings is even worse than their world beating handling of the Covid crisis.

    We’ll be hearing looped excerpts from the Great Leader’s speech in Munich all day.

    Boris Johnston is not Winston Churchill.

  44. Capella says:

    David Pratt writes a more thoughtful article on Ukraine, which he has actually visited himself.

    David Pratt: Russia and Ukraine crisis set to return to where it began

    “While many have interpreted Russian military build-ups and large-scale exercises as a sign that Putin was planning a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, an alternative hypothesis is that such moves are intended as a part of the broader negotiation process that Moscow is trying to drive with the West,” observed Chausovsky, writing in Foreign Policy magazine a few days ago.

    • Some may recall that I posited several weeks ago that Russia would not invade Ukraine.
      Russia’s armed forces has to do ‘something’ every week other than cowering around stoves in in barracks brewing cabbage soup on hotplates through the cold harsh winter.
      They are doing what they said they are doing; taking part in military execises, which, I assume, every nation’s army navy and air forces does, as a matter of course.
      This morning we witnessed a psychopath in action. Johnson smirked and twinkle eyed his way through a dead easy 20 minutes with Sophie Whatshername, the cold deadly poise of a man who believes that he can get away with anything, because he is ‘King of the World’.
      Ukraine ‘could’ be the biggest battle since WWII..there we go again…oh,how the long for a return to Europe in flames.
      Of course he answered nothing about anything, from partygate, to ‘Living’, sorry, ‘Dying With Covid’, are we paying Andrew Windsors £12 million fine, he declared that it was he who had brought the world’s keaders together to face up to Putin, that he would smash Londongrad and the Russian money laundering in London’s finance markets, and that ‘Britain’ (not a country) had the fastest growing economy, was levelling up, highest youth employment..ya de ya de ya.
      He wasn’t asked about fuel crisis, inflayion, tax rises, and what the medical science thought of his Freedom Day in England.
      Would he resign if he were found to have broken the law. No answer.

      This man is clearly mad.
      Dross and Jack, do you still back this sinister evvil psychopath?
      Meanwhile in the real world of the US, and Europe, a diplomatic solution is being teased out of the ‘crisis’.
      I noted that Johnson ‘gave’ Uktaine 2000 anti-tank whizzbangs.
      I take it that my tax pounds paid the English industrial and military complex to manufacture and supply these freebies.

      This is the most alarming PM England has ever had.

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        We’ll also (unless he gets one of his mates to do so – a not improbable scenario) have to pay any fine that will land on Johnson’s desk in the event of any conviction for ‘partygate’.

        Coupled with that Rawnsley piece I’ve just read (and posted here), I can’t leave this non-Union quickly enough.

      • Alex Clark says:

        This is excruciatingly painful to watch, a pathetic excuse for a man and it’s hard to even imagine a more pathetic choice as a supposed leader of the UK.

        He constantly attempts to change the topic, again and again, to deflect and instead talk about Ukraine, or crime, or covid, or leveling up. Anything at all except to answer the questions being asked. Feeble, weak, and a coward, that’s the UK Prime Minister.

      • Aye, Alex. I am so glad I’m not British / English. How humiliating it must be to have that pr**k as your ‘elected’ leader. He’s the greatest Brenglish f’up in history that is Brexit personified.

      • wm says:

        Jack, we visited eastern Ukraine around ten years ago and had 3/4 days there, every local we met were pro Russian.

        • Hi,wm.
          Perhaps Ukrainians are ‘pro Russian’ because Russian folk are just like the rest of us, ordinary decent hard working people trying to do the best for themselves and their families?
          Stay safe, wm.

    • Aye Jack, that’s my feeling too. The WW3 card is being massively overplayed to distract from the total failure that is brexit UK.

      Invasions are immensely costly in terms of cash, lives lost, the economy etc. The costs go on and on too because if you are not wanted there, the natives will continually resist you in every way they can. You will never sleep easy, but be constantly at war with them.

      So while Russia annexing Russian speaking areas of the Ukraine has the potential to be militarily sustainable, Russian troops in Ukrainian areas is not. They would just face constant attacks from snipers, roadside bombs etc. It would just be Afghanistan all over again.

      Even if Russian invaded and installed a pro-Russian puppet, it wouldn’t change anything. They’d need to expend huge sums in cash and troops propping up said puppet as the moment they pulled out, so the people of Ukraine would dispose of the former.

      I imagine Putin understands this fine well. He’s using the troops as part of his diplomacy in his attempts to keep a buffer between Russia and NATO countries, but a full scale invasion seems very unlikely to me as the long term cost to Russia would far outweigh any short term gains.

      • And BBC wilfully provides ‘Wag The Dog’ footage of rockets being whizzed off in the background.
        The Russians are Coming! The Russians are Coming!
        I recommend both Movies to Duggers
        ‘The Russians are Coming’ and ‘Wag The Dog’.
        This is 1984 stuff..keep the proles in terror on constant war footing and you can get away with anything.
        Including freezing and starving your own population to boiling the frog death.
        Johnson is clearly mad.

  45. Capella says:

    And just in case you were beginning to relax and think all we had to worry about was WW3:

    New Scottish independence Project Fear emerges amid indyref2 prospects

    SCOTLAND has faced decades of dire predictions about the problems it will face if it becomes independent – which have ended up happening under Westminster control, an SNP MSP has warned.

    Jim Fairlie said the “same old scare stories” have emerged every time the country moves towards self-government.

  46. Office mate and close friend’s households both have covid right now, with 3/4 in each testing positive. Adults pretty unwell with flue like symptoms. Bozo wants them to come in to work and cough on everyone, including those undergoing cancer treatments.

    Dr Chaand Nagpaul, the chair of the British Medical Association, said there was no reason to bring the plan to relax restrictions forward.

    He told the BBC infections need to fall further and called on ministers to release data to support their decision.

    “You have at the moment more people dying, more people in the hospital, than you had before Plan B [restrictions] was introduced,” he said, describing the ending of the rules as “a rather odd decision to make”.

    “It does appear as if the government is trying to pretend that Covid doesn’t exist in the day-to-day lives of so many people.”

    As part of the planned lifting of restrictions next week, local authorities in England would become responsible for managing outbreaks using pre-existing powers.

  47. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Dear Scotland,

    I always read Rawnsley so that I can keep up to date with what’s happening in ‘the Westminster Bubble’. He is definitely anti-SNP and PC (witness his names for us as being ‘Members of the Celtic Whinge’).

    However, he has his uses.

    I highly recommend that any foot soldier for indy (and those chapping on doors etc for Indy Ref 2) make available the following comment piece by Rawnsley in today’s Observer.

    If you are a floating YES/NO voter for indy, I would suggest on reading that piece that independence should be a no-brainer.

    Who in their right mind (I’m trying to be polite) would wish for a second to remain attached to such a putrid, corrupt, venal, arrogant, out-of-touch, failed State as the ‘Disunited Kngdumb’ after all that.



    cc Welsh independence movements and compatriots.

    • Capella says:

      Chilling catalogue of corruption from Rawnsley. It reminds me of two well worn cliches:

      1 Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely
      2 The ruling values are the values of the ruling class.
      (That second one was Karl Marx)

      The only antidote is democracy – real and effective democracy.

  48. Hamish100 says:

    Sad to hear another Scot is to carry the butchers apron at the Olympics or is it the OO.

    Still another clutch of Empire medals will be duly dispatched north to show how “we” are just part of the little England era family.

    BBC will cover all future curling events as long as the northern northerners call themself’s Brits and team GB.

    Wee dougie Ross and Sarwar will say this proves Scotland can only be successful as England. The fact they have been successful already doesn’t count unless the state broadcaster sanctions any success.

    • The BBC article fails to mention the team is Scottish, even though its being punted on the BBC Scotland site.

      You have to get halfway before there’s a reluctant mention that Eve Muirhead led Scotland at the world championships last year.

      The only reason you don’t make the headline ‘Scots win Gold for Team GB’, is if you are a pathetically insecure country.

      • The Scottish men’s team came second, but the women’s ‘British’ team took gold.
        Right now No 10 is arranging a Victory lunch in Johnson’s flat for Britain’s Gold Medallists. Let’s home our lasses decline, politely, or otherwise.

        Imagine today’s Media coverage if the teams were based in Solihull or London?

        Yer woman Sarah Whatshername sneered that curling was like crown green bowling on ice.

        Sour grapes, bad losers, English exceptionalist superiority complex.

        Crown green bowling is to curling what draughts is to chess.
        Our lads and lassies were magnificent All Scotland salutes you indeed.

        But let the English .console themselves in their ignorance…bless.

        • ADD says:

          I am pleased that the hard work of the curling teams paid off for them. Did you know that the Chinese laid on a pipe band for the start of the curling sessions? The BBC managed to miss most of it except for a few bars once at the end of ‘Scotland the Brave’.
          I saw the interview with the father of one of the men in the family hotel in Stranraer. The bar was draped in red, white and blue and many of the people in the bar were wearing butcher’s apron T-shirts. Took the shine of the silver off for me.

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        I did hear that the Unionist GB Team had won gold in the … toe curling competition.

  49. Alex Clark says:

    The Queen has tested positive for Covid.

    • Capella says:

      She won’t have to isolate after Thursday 🙂

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      I thought England had ‘beaten’ Covid……..and that was the English Tory government’s present to the Queen in her jubilee year……a Covid free zone Ma’am …..oops

  50. Bob Lamont says:

    I’m 200km from the Ukraine and absolutely nobody here can believe the hogwash being punted by the Prime Charlatan and UK media.

    • Capella says:

      The Tories have just sold the Ukranians a lorry load of anti-tank missiles, no doubt financed by a massive loan from The City. Expect party donations to soar. It’s an ill wind etc etc.

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        From yesterday’s Guardian, Capella.

        West plans to arm resistance if Russian forces occupy Ukraine

        Invasion ‘must be seen to fail’, says Boris Johnson, as western allies hold secret talks about how to give military backing to Kyiv

        Secret discussions are under way between western allies over how to arm what they expect to be fierce Ukrainian resistance in the event of a Russian invasion that topples the Kyiv government.

        Boris Johnson laid bare the case for such a move in a dramatic speech to the Munich security conference where he stated it was in the collective self-interests of the west for any Russian invasion to “fail and be seen to fail”.

        He said that any invasion would lead to “a generation of bloodshed and misery” as Ukrainians would fight a fierce campaign to resist Russian forces.


    • Clydebuilt says:

      Heard on BBC Radio this morning that due to the Ukraine crisis Westminster intends to look at developing the North Sea . . . A G A I N !

  51. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    It seems that there is now a section of people who are commentating that Boris Johnson ……in yet another desperate move to be seen as popular…..was perhaps too quick to jump on the Captain Tom movement that was being constantly promoted on the media……in giving a knighthood to him for his efforts in raising money for the NHS…..and thus paving the way for his family to profit.

    Some are suggesting it has turned out to be a massive scam with a dodgy foundation and a daughter who tried to use Captain Tom’s name to give herself a 6-figure salary from charity donations……and the photo ops of his endeavours splashed across the media to promote what? …his efforts or his family’s future fortune that has resulted from his effort that they ensured was promoted by the media….as a good feel story from a selfless old man against all of the corruption and mishandling of the Tory government…….

    It seems that even some charity and charitable acts within this UK are tainted by corruption…… Tory Britain……why even DRoss is not beneath using a visit to a Glasgow Soup Kitchen as a photo op……while voicing the opinion that benefit cuts were right… he served up food to the unfortunates…timing is everything as is BAD timing ………DRoss a student of the Marie Antionette ideology…..where he witnesses those who are suffering and simultanously his opinion is still that suffering is necessary for the greater (Tory) good……..let them eat cake so that others more fortunate than them can eat the best food and wine……… his Tory UK……where as branch manager in Scotland he does his best to ensure that WE, in Scotland, via his party’s reserved powers, must suffer too.

    The gap is widening even further in Tory UK…….and some who walk among us are sleepwalking into their own financial demise…….allowing themselves to be conned into believing that those of us who want a better and fairer world ( or country) are instead the evil suppressors of truth, freedom of speech and promoters of cancel culture…….convinced and persuaded by those who promote these falsehoods and who are actively suppressing the truth, supressing speech that opposes their opinion and trying to cancel all dissent against their tainted ideology that will allow …or pave the way….for the privatisation of health, fracking , destruction of human rights etc………and allow the rich to get even richer in a Tory led or indeed any extreme right wing political party UK.

    It is hard to see how the take over of some gullible people’s opinion via some questionable organisations , think tanks and media outlets such as GB News can be stopped in England BUT it can be stopped …..shut out…..if Scotland chooses independence and chooses NOT to endorse their hatred, negativity and elitism…. but instead, when independent, Scotland adopts a zero tolerance to their destructive input into public discourse……..a fair and honest media where shock jocks dressed up as journalists are not welcome …..and wealthy media barons supporting cruel political parties and who dominate the (wrong) agenda are shown the door.

    If only……….but can be if we make the right decision and choose to leave behind all of the sh*t show that we are all currently having to endure …….it does seem an easy answer to choose hope over hatred………just not listen to the wrong people via the wrong media outlets……once you decide to choose independence then all opposing voices just become ….NOISE….irritating yes…..but they can be shut out once you finally decide and are then beyond all of their ‘persuasion’ (bullying).

    It is THAT easy for each Scotland….it’s only THEM who try to make it seem harder than it actually is you know.

  52. England / Britain is now totally corrupt.

    Boris Johnson: PM told to quit over secret Tory donor board

    BORIS Johnson is facing fresh calls to resign after it was revealed multimillionaire Tory donors were given unprecedented access to the UK Government and PM through a secret advisory board.

    The Times reports that the ultra-wealthy group were granted contact details of ministers and advisers which allowed some to directly lobby the government on Covid-19 procurement and strategy.

    In return for a £250,000 donation the board members, whose investments span property, construction and big tobacco, were granted privileged access to Boris Johnson and his closest advisers.

    Still, thanks for this quote d**kwad.

    “We [the UK government] believe all people, no matter where they are born, have a right to live safely and choose who governs them and to decide what organisations they aspire to have membership of, or indeed what bodies they want to cease being members of, and we will not compromise on that principle.”

    I don’t want membership of the UK, but aspire for my country of Scotland to be part of the EEA/EU and UN.

  53. Dr Jim says:

    I’m finding it hilarious at the moment seeing the unionist media simultaneously congratulating themselves on their great team GB curling victories while pouring out bitterness at the fact the participants in that great team GB are all Scots, it seems they can’t make up their minds which should be detested more, the fact that the teams won or the fact that they’re Scottish and Scots are pointing it out

    I guess if the girls had won silver medals at least the unionist media could’ve said both teams *failed* to win gold

    Andy Murray must be hurting his sides laughing when he was simultaneously a great British athlete and a *failed* Scot

    One day there’ll be an English curler who’ll win a bronze and he’ll get a knighthood even if he’s in a Scottish team

  54. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Auld Lang Syne played at Beijing winter Olympics closing ceremony…….house Jocks will not like that……or indeed those shock jocks that seem to dominate the media…….I mean surely God Save the Queen would have been more apt considering the queen now has Covid …after all let’s not forget England won the war on Covid (and it’s THEIR queen’s jubilee year FGS)…..but forgot to mention some may still have to BATTLE with it……as in members of THEIR royal family…….what IS the world coming to….when a song that is generated from a country with a minority of separatists governed by a majority separatist government is given prominence at such a major world sporting event……….alas tis the world we, the grievance mongers who support the union , must live in…..or words to that effect….

    Got another grievance ?

    Please contact the Union Grievance society to air your grievance…especially those grievances that can be equated with the Union versus separatists…indeed these grievances are , irrespective of the subject, the most welcome grievances……and we know that the villain, should you wish to air your grievance, will always be seen (promoted) as the separatists side……we know as we dominate the media so Hey Ho that’s the way it is and will always be……

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Also….perhaps …..

      GB News in one of their….

      Great British Debate questions……

      Should the world stop singing Auld Lang Syne at new year and perhaps sing a song connected more with their own country ? … like Rule Britannia in Britain for example… celebrate your own country at new year….is Auld Lang Syne past it’s sell by date….

      Neil Oliver thinks we should not give in to Auld Lang Syne do you agree viewers …..

      Call or text us here on GB News on 666 or email us at……

    • iusedtobeenglish says:

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think I detect the slightest hint of…

      …Sarcasm? Irony?

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Moi sarcasm…..nope thems the facts simples……ironic I know but I like to call a spade a spade and I call GBNews ….everything under the Sun……they themselves don’t do real sarcasm as such they only broadcast a 24/7 moan Fest…….boring their two viewers to death day in and day out……

        And today viewers (all two of you…plus their three listeners on their GBRadio channel) we are going to moan about…X Y and Z……rinse and repeat….

        GBNews……a channel that inspires yawns…..and the eternal question from non fans “What are they moaning about NOW ?”…….post listening to yet ANOTHER moan via one of their presenters or members of their ‘panels’…… they debate among themselves……with THEY being right and everyone else wrong……..conveniently for them…….obvs


  55. Capella says:

    Watched some of the Olympics Closing Ceremony and heard the closing song “Auld Lang Syne” after the fireworks display and AI spectacle with children’s chorus. Seemed very appropriate.
    At approx 1 hr 42 mins in:

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      BBC’s Claire Balding stated ” Who knew that Auld Lang Syne was big in Beijing…..but what a great way to end”

      Yeh who knows Auld Lang Syne outwith Scotland…..after all it’s only played world wide once a year every New Year…so go figure Claire …… I mean what IS the world coming to…..they’ll all be eating haggis next eh Claire .

  56. Capella says:

    I liked John Drummond’s take on the UK / Ukriane stand-off. John Drummond does the interviews and broadcast on Independence Live.
    UK’s constitutional claptrap takes centre stage as tensions grow in Ukraine

    UKRAINE, we are told, remains on the brink. While some observers reckon the UK has fallen into a democratic abyss. So, it seems the time is right for all those who have the sketchiest idea of democracy and those with a hugely limited idea of how constitutions work, to take centre stage.

    Step up, Boris Johnson.

    “We won’t accept a world in which a powerful neighbour can bully … their neighbours,” he announced to an astonished world. When a pathological liar stumbles towards ethics, people are right to be surprised. The waiting world placed its hope in the adage “every saint has a past and every sinner, a future”. And the world’s greatest stranger to the truth went on: “We won’t accept it because we believe all people – no matter where they are born – have the right to live safely, choose who governs them and to decide what organisations they aspire to be members of. Or indeed, what bodies they want to cease being members of.

  57. Dr Jim says:

    The boys and girls in the GB team might be happy to be called British or not but that’s really not what matters, the fact is they and we are despised by the Unionists and the British Nationalists for not being English and that’s what makes this whole miserable row obviously so anti Scottish

    There were no Welsh English or Irish competitors in the team so to name them a *British* team is a big stretch is it not, if they were all English in the team not a peep out of Scotland would’ve been heard, same with Welsh or Irish because that would’ve been up to the folk of those countries to be happy for their country folk to have done well

    Every excuse the unionists can make about this is easily shot to pieces, they’re both green with envy and jealous at the same time leading to the irrational hatred and xenophobia that is apparent in the continuing behaviour of the country who imposed Brexit upon the rest of us against our consent because in the minds of that country Scotland just doesn’t count and nor do they ever want it to

    Master and slave, dare to leave and you will be punished, dare to answer back and you will be punished, dare to assert yourself in any way whatsoever and you will be crushed under the anti *democratic* weight of numbers that is mother England for they are *the country* and we, Scotland are a territory belonging to it

    In Northern Ireland right now the British unionists are quite ready to bring down the entire house upon themselves to thwart the will of the people who want democracy, will they try it here in Scotland? probably, I really don’t think there’s anything they won’t try to keep imposing their brand of Britishness upon us

    • JoMax says:

      “Master and slave, dare to leave and you will be punished, dare to answer back and you will be punished, dare to assert yourself in any way whatsoever and you will be crushed ..”

      This evening for the first time in almost 50 years I watched an episode of “Upstairs, downstairs”. Some of you will know what I’m referring to. And there they were, the upper classes literally getting away with murder because they can, and the utterly loyal, Scottish butler, Hudson (Gordon Jackson) emulating them with his over-the-top Morningside accent whilst reminding the downstairs staff that, yes, sometimes our betters make mistakes and do wrong things, but it is up to us to keep quiet and say nothing no matter what, because they are our masters and betters and it is our duty. Scotland is full of Hudsons.

  58. Golfnut says:

    Anybody have to hand just how much of England’s debt was transferred to Scotland in 1707, I know it was about 25% but what was it £’s.

    • Drew Anderson says:

      England’s national debt at the time of the Union was £18M; Scotland didn’t have a national debt, the Darien scheme bankrupted the aristocracy not the nation.

      25% seems a bit high, given the relative populations of the day, 5.2M English to 1M Scots. If it was pro rata, then £3M ballpark. I don’t know if that English figure includes the populations of Wales and Ireland or not.

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        Would have to include the population (and everything else Welsh).

        Wales did not exist in ‘English’ [sic.] law as a distinct entity from 1535 to 1967 – we were annexed into the Kingdom of England by Henry VIII under the ‘Act of Union’ (pah!) – which was itself repealed by Westminster in December 1993.

        • Drew Anderson says:

          Thanks Siôn, I suspected as much, but I tend to lob in caveats where England, Britain & UK figures are quoted as they’re conflated so often.

      • Golfnut says:

        Thanks Drew, Woke up one morning and all the Indy info and research I had saved over the years had disappeared of my tablet and computer. Indyref not faraway, pretty evident by the assault on Indy sites on FB by trolls, Scotland’s finances front and centre. Just trying to gather info disputing the historical argument that Scotland was broke when the Treaty was signed. Plenty of historical evidence out there that this was patently untrue. Thanks for the response, Welsh Sion correct that Wales and probably Ireland were included in the debt, certainly by the mid 19th century details were produced detailing the spend and contribution from the four country’s. Scotland per capita contributed the most to the union, even then Scotland’s estimated shortfall on what Scotland should have received was between £4 and £7 million pounds. Something very familiar to us is the discrepancy between what the Treasury accounts said it spent and the actual amount.

        • Drew Anderson says:

          You’re welcome Golfnut.

          I mentioned Darien because, like you, I want to be able to bat down the Unionist tropes & it’s something I’d checked up on in order to do so.

  59. Capella says:

    OT completely but this story of a Gaelic lad from the Isle of Lewis with his 14 million TikTok fans who just like listening to his accent is fun. There’s an explainer of ASMR too.

  60. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Apparently Alex ‘F*** you Maree’ Cole Hamilton has stated that he is ” often told he has the hardest job in politics”…..

    True….in a sense re the following……

    So much to try and cover up and avoid addressing via recent allegations ……..restless nights worrying that perhaps FINALLY the rest of the media will catch up with the recent revelations made on social media by an ex member of Lib Dems and question/challenge him on these allegations.(perhaps the restless nights mention gives you too much credit and assumes that you care about the victim/s…more really restless nights worrying on perception of public should this matter be publicised via MSM en masse)

    Also being, in Scotland, a non party of 4 MSP’s having to pretend you are an actual political party when not actually , via your low numbers of MSP’s, not being considered one…..

    Called out constantly on social media about these allegations and also the confirmed fact of when you swore at another MSP , female one too, at a Zoom meeting every time you tweet on Twitter…….your swearing at a female MSP of a opposing party does nothing to help the case against your party being accused of misogynistic behaviour……and the unfollowing on Twitter of a female , now ex, member of your party post her allegations also does nothing to help your case against the allegations of abuse towards females in your party, their trauma, the misogyny and physical assault from a Lib Dem male member of your party upon a female ,who as a male member , was then selected by YOU Alex and Willie Rennie to stand as a candidate in Holyrood election in Scotland in 2021 …….other allegations on list about your party too…..

    Yes it is harder being YOU Alex……to have to lie and pretend your a decent guy and your party are also decent when historically and currently your record as a party is full of lies and scandal…’s easier to be honest and decent…… should try it Alex ……unfortunately I personally think it is beyond you and your party to EVER be worthy of any voter’s trust and also to stop lying …….you and your party are scavengers….hoover up disenchanted Tory votes and tactical votes in Scotland to keep SNP out….no one CHOOSES you or your party as first preferred choice ….with recent revelations it now all makes sense why Willie Rennie stood down as leader……you , unfortunately , have the brass neck to try and withstand this new scandal tainting your party……as you seemingly have no shame or semblance of decency……who knew…..well a majority of voters in Scotland did/do.

    Sure at any future leaders debate in Scotland you will act out the role of a decent kind of guy….as you have mastered the polished public persona while your Twitter persona is that of a troll that constantly trolls the FM and the Scottish government …… you need help for your bridge obsession…….mind you currently you have many bridges yourself that you need to build….one being the female ex member of your party that has accused your party of atrocious behaviour against females in your party…..and the other females too……time you addressed that as opposed to constantly accusing the FM and the Scottish government , who actually DO have the hardest job, of letting down people in Scotland…….we know who is REALLY letting us down… a female I am disgusted at your behaviour ….perhaps YOU should stand down…….your faux sympathy for Sarah Smith on Twitter was vomit inducing hypocrisy……but so very predictable… one who leads as branch manager the bandwagon party in Scotland….with no self awareness or admirable qualities to offer voters in Scotland……Lib Dems the Tory sidekick party.

    • If I recall, it was John Lennon who responded to a reporter’s query:- ‘Is Ringo the best drummer in the world?’ by snarling:- ‘He’s not even the best drummer in the Beatles.’
      Coal Scuttle declaring himself to have the hardest job in politics (attributed to the Tailor’s Dummy by some anonymous other) is up there with the Lennon throwaway.
      The almost strangely effete Thames Estuary drawling cardboard cut out of a man doesn’t even have the hardest job in his own Branch Office.
      That would fall to his beleaguered private secretary.

      His PPS has to fend off Christine Jardine’s demands for answers over the murky scandals still hanging over the more liberal of the democrats lurching through the party’s corridors of powerlessness, allegedly, reportedly, apparently, no-smoke-without-fire-ly.

      That he, and Ian Murray, are given so much press and tv coverage from such paltry political bases illustrates how desperate the Brit Scotia Nostra is becoming.
      Say anything, guys, and it will hit the airwaves, promise.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Cole Hamilton received the ‘one to watch’ award at the Herald – Scottish Politician of the Year Awards in 2016.

        ” one to watch”………how prolific was that !!!!

        “Scottish politician of the year”….was he the ONLY candidate that year…..similar to his ‘gaining ‘leadership’ of Lib Dems in branch office leadership one horse race …where he was the ONLY candidate……so his power stance in his (ahem) campaign (via photographs) was unnecessary….but every photo op counts for HIM…..though didnae work for Willie Rennie…..

        The bar was obviously set very very low… both cases.

  61. Capella says:

    Quite staggering tolerance of tax evasion in the UK. Rules? Who has to abide by rules? Only those who get tax deducted from their pay packets – or PAYE.

    Scotland loses billions to tax evasion every year, figures show

    According to research by the Tax Justice Network, an advocacy group concerned about tax avoidance, the UK is second only to the USA in the total amount of taxes it loses through evasion and tax avoidance at a figure of over $52 billion a year; or £38.2 billion at current exchange rates. On a pro-rata basis, this equals £3.1 billion lost taxes for Scotland or £570 per person.

  62. Legerwood says:

    Prof Robertson is retiring from his blog ‘Talking up Scotland 2’

  63. Welsh_Siôn says:

    I don’t know how many of you know of this website. I hope to be working with them as a translator/linguist in Cymraeg/Welsh.

  64. Capella says:

    Richard Murphy in his Tax Research blog responds to the Andrew Rawnsley article on corruption in British life.

  65. Sorry, for a long post, but this is a bugbear of mine and it shows a deep unpleasantness in the British state, notably the BBC.

    I’ve noticed a few recent BBC articles / programmes on racism in northern Britain. Or rather, suddenly Britain vanishes, and we’re Scotland. A real country.

    What is the reality of racism in Scotland?

    …She has been let down by the “diverse and open” Scotland in which she lives.

    Not a single mention of Britain in the article, even though that is the country where the racism detailed is taking place, with equalities a UK government ‘British’ reserved matter.

    It should read:

    She has been let down by the “diverse and open” Britain in which she lives.

    But the article is racist anti-Scottish, so Britain isn’t mentioned, and suddenly only Scotland/Scottish people exist, so they must be the problem.

    Expanding on the subject…

    Here is the definition of race:

    Refers to the protected characteristic of race. It refers to a group of people defined by their race, colour, and nationality (including citizenship) ethnic or national origins.

    If we are to address racism in Scotland, we need to address all forms, be it based on skin colour or national origins. The British have been determined to pretend racism can be directed at everyone apart from Scottish/Welsh/Irish people (‘We are all the same race!’), because they know the latter suffer from this. This is very common for example:

    Woman says she was turned down for job because they said her ‘strong Welsh accent’ was a problem

    Scottish (and Welsh, NI, Cornish) people are a minority ethnic/national group in the UK, and are subject to racism as a result of that. For example, a black Scottish person can suffer racism for being Scottish, or black, or a combination. I have classic white Scottish skin but have suffered racism many times in my life for being Scottish. The source of this racism, unsurprisingly, was the dominant English/British group (mainly those on the right of the political spectrum), including from high-ranking UK politicians.

    Scotland (and Wales/NI) are somewhat unique as countries within a country (or at least a state). This means that if someone is subject to racism in Scotland, that doesn’t mean the racism is coming from ‘Scottish people’. A large proportion of the Scottish population isn’t actually Scottish in the sense they don’t consider themselves as that at all, but British. These see Britain as the country, Scotland a region, and themselves as part of the dominant UK British ethnic/national group. For them, Scots are the minority.

    Self-evidently, if a British person in Scotland is racist towards someone, that’s not ‘Scottish’ racism. It’s British. Sure the person lives in Scotland, but they also live in Britain. We are a multi-national country part of a larger state, and equalities legislation is a legally British reserved matter. For the moment, Scotland is two countries in one in effect, and the problem needs to be looked at that way if it is to be dealt with.

    Scottish identifying people mainly vote for pro-EU, centre to left and liberal parties (SNP, Greens), while British identifying tend more to vote for pro-leave, right-wing parties (Tories, New Labour, UKIP). I am not aware of any Scottish equivalent of Britain First or the BNP of any significance. So it’s pretty safe to say most racism in Scotland is mainly (not solely I’m sure, but mainly), British and should be understood and tackled as that. It is pointless having a drive to stamp out racism in ‘Scottish people’ led by e.g. Nicola Sturgeon if it is mainly British people that hate her who are the perpetrators. This much is obvious. We must understand the group responsible. If they are mainly Tory/UKIP and British, then the onus is on these to help the Scottish government tackle the problem within their group. Without this, it can’t be feasibly dealt with. Nobody in their right mind would demand Sinn Fein stamp out bigotry in the NI unionist community. Quite obviously the help of unionist leaders is needed for this.

    It’s also important to point out that, when we have the likes of the BBC not mentioning the key British aspect as per the article above, and instead implying that e.g. racism directed at black people in Scotland is coming from ‘Scots’, without proof of the nationality/national identity of the perpetrators, then that is, as noted earlier, being racist towards Scottish people. It is an attempt to tar Scottish people with the behaviour of individuals that might not be Scottish at all.

    I have watched some of the programming they are producing on this topic there’s a lot of Andy Murraying going on. It’s quite amazing how Scotland is suddenly an independent county with everyone Scottish and not British the moment nasty things like racism are discussed. This is unquestionably anti-Scottish racism. A subtle form, but one all the same. It’s the same as how British terrorists in NI suddenly become ‘N. Irish unionists / loyalists’, you know, somehow more Irish than British, when in fact they are 0% Irish and 100% British, as per the census. That is anti-Irish racism, i.e. an attempt to project the violent behaviour of British people onto Irish people. The IRA are Irish, the UVF 100% proud British. As British as red double decker buses and warm beer. End of.

    So, to conclude, if someone is racist towards e.g. a black person in Scotland, their nationality/national identity must be firmly established before we talk about ‘racism in Scotland/Scottish racism’ as the reality may well be we are dealing with ‘racism in Britain/British racism’. The BNP, national front, UKIP etc are British, so racism from these groups is British. Certainly, British should be the default description in the absence of further evidence as Britain is the current state and its peoples are British citizens. If this is not done, be suspicious as those talking about the subject are either clueless, deliberately trying to mislead, and/or racist.

    And remember, the BBC can happily tar Scots like this because it’s not Scottish, but British/English.

    • Oh see if you can find similar articles on ‘Racism in England’.

      Or will it suddenly be ‘Britain’ in this case. 🙂

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      What SS said – with a few personal anecdotes thrown into the mix.

      I can not prove racism in any of these cases, but I wouldn’t say it’s beyond possible with regards to the thinking behind it.

      Firstly, let me establish, that like SS, I am a member of a minority ethnic/national group in the UK, who also speaks (and works professionally) in a minority UK language, too – where all readers of my work can also speak English. (As a result there is not only been racism towards me but also an undercurrent of linguistic resentment to my compatriots in that, ‘they all speak English, anyway’. More details on anti-Welsh language and anti-Wales rhetoric demands another lengthy post which I will not develop further here.)

      Again, like SS, I would consider myself the ‘standard’ Welsh skin tone (an off-pink). This is not a demonstration of ‘racism’ in my case anymore than SS’s ‘classic Scottish skin’. For good or ill, the majority on these islands have been ‘White’ (or self-identifying as such) for centuries. So what follows will not reflect the racism suffered by our fellow Black, Brown, Yellow etc homo sapiens. (And that’s not to say that they too can be racist to each other and towards us ‘white faces’. Some are.)

      Now, my English accent is regularly undefinable to others – outwith those who know me personally or are professional phonologists and phoneticians. I most certainly don’t have the ‘typical’ Welsh accent, so often caricatured in the English media (witness the treatment of Leanne Wood and the comparing of her – and myself – to the fictional Gladys Pugh of Hi-de-Hi). Whether this also plays a part in me being considered a female in active correspondence (Dear Ms W_S, Dear Madam are regular salutations), I know not. Nor, and we are now in the realms of sexism, too, this amounts to treating women less favourably to men, is this a factor in denying me employment, I know not. (On the other side of the coin was the job interview to being a PA to partnership of lawyers in Yorkshire where, upon identifying myself as the interviewee, I was shown the door by the all-male interviewing panel – because I was NOT a female.)

      Again, a well-known British university recruiting Welsh-language speakers to lecture in that language, initially refused my application form … because it was completed … in Welsh. This in defiance of the law (where both languages are to be treated equally), their own statutory Cynllun Iaith Gymraeg / Welsh Language Scheme (which echoed the statute) and decency, fair-play, tolerance and common sense – things we are told the English have in abundance. Indeed, are these not ‘key British values’?

      Further, I made an application (in English) to work as a freelance proof reader/editor with a well-known political publishing house. I have three languages (in which I work professionally), wo degrees (an MA and an LLB. (Hons.)) and 16 years proofing and translating experience with and for various organisations and individuals. A potential candidate at the very least for interview, you’d think.

      Weighing against me – although, as you Scots would say, ‘Not Proven’ – was the profile they used to check my credentials listed me as a Plaid Cymru and SNP activist. Now, as I say, this can’t be proved one way or another – but can you imagine the mutterings off-stage of those not keen on an SNP/Plaid supporter working on policy documentation intended for consumption by ‘the great and the good’ at Westminster?

      The icing (‘cherry’ for Mme. SS) on the cake in this instance was the email in return which addressed me as ‘Si?n’. Obviously, for want a proof reader they couldn’t handle the ‘circumflex ô’ in my first name. Pretty damn basic stuff. And pretty damn insulting, too. I did not hesitate in telling them so either – not endearing myself further to them.

      My cases are doubtless trivial as opposed to that which is suffered (daily, perhaps) by others of a different skin tone to mine. Nor, perhaps, am I a ‘real’ foreigner, such as Mme SS who (is?) can be hounded by thugs and racists as being some ‘damn Frog’ (politest adjective used here, for we are a family-read blog).

      But that is not to deny that we aren’t all devious, coal-digging, male-voce singing, rugby-playing, leek-munching, sheep-admiring Taffies. Or that you are caterwauling bagpipe-players who wear skirts, are parsimonious with money and are over-drugged, over-subsidised ungrateful Jocks.

      Unless either or both of us win ‘for Britain’, of course …


      Tros Gymru / For Scotland,


    • Thanks for an interesting and informative reply W_S.

      I have classic white Scottish skin but have suffered racism many times in my life for being Scottish.

      As for this, of course we Scots come in all shades, now so more than ever. I am the caricature peely-wally white in the winter, and red as a lobster in the sun! I have to hope my freckles join up if I want a tan, and with only a handful of sunny days in a Scottish summer, it’s a forlorn one!

      Thankfully, mini Miss SS seems to got more of Mrs SS’s French golden glow, and so bronzes more easily than she burns!

      And yes, the racism I have suffered as a Scot is nothing compared to what others have to go through in the UK and beyone. My Irish side has suffered more. British jokes about the stupidity of the Irish were not very funny to me, but because I don’t sound Irish, Brits felt fine to tell them in my presence. The Scots stuff has been mainly about my accent/use of Scots (NE/Central highlands). Also, about how we Scots are tight-fisted ‘lol’. Russ Abbot stuff, but if directed at black people would likely have you fired.

      The BBC article is a very insidious, subtle way of projection…that suddenly Britain First…the National Front…the pro-uk ‘Scottish defence league’ (aka EDL, Scottish branch) are ‘Scottish, when these groups / individuals are unquestionably British, and often not even partly Scottish.

      One minute we are all one British people, Team GB etc…. unless we are talking about racists or terrorists, then suddenly the terminology is changed to ‘Scottish, N. Irish…’. In England, it’s racism across ‘Britain/the UK’ by contrast. Don’t use the ‘E’ word, but try to spread the blame UK-wide.

      Andy Murraying comes in many forms!

  66. Daily Record on this. Deeply insidious.

    Ok, but what was the nationality of the perpetrators?

    We can be pretty sure they are British citizens (eligible for or passport holders), but what did they tick in the census?

    To tackle this problem, we must understand who the perpetrators are they Scots? British? English? Welsh? Irish? N. Irish? What?

    Jean Johansson says we ‘should be ashamed of the racism that exists in Scotland’

    She said: “People who want this open-armed utopia that Nicola Sturgeon describes are going to need to work for it because at the minute it does not exist.

    If we have one group of people being racist to another, to tackle it, we need to know which group are the perpetrators.

    Come on Daily Record, what is the nationality / political leanings of those being racist? Are they pro-Yes, pro-free movement Scottish (only) SNP/Green voters? Or maybe British (only) pro-union UKIP/Tory?

    Seems to me you are implying they are Scottish without providing any evidence. If that’s so, you are being racist anti-Scottish.

    I’m not sure who’s responsible other than they are most likely British citizens, as almost all people in Scotland are, myself included. Their nationality / nationality identity is unclear; it may be they are not Scottish at all, but British BNP/NF/UKIP types.

    And you know that Record, don’t you.

  67. Anyhoo, on a different topic…

    If anyone did commit perjury, then they should definitely be investigated. I’m not a conspiracy theorist and respect the outcome of Salmond’s trial, the Committee, James Hamilton’s investigation…Murray’s trial and recent appeal. I don’t pick and choose which outcomes I like and dispute those I don’t from my armchair, not least because I have not be party to all the evidence, testimony etc.

    If someone lied in court in Salmond’s trial, they should face the consequences.

    Although given Salmond made false accusations about Sturgeon braking the ministerial code, he’s not exactly pure as the drive snow himself when it comes to porkies! 🙂

    Alex Salmond: Perjury probe launched over sexual assault trial

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