Johnson is a symptom of a chronically sick Westminster

The Metropolitan Police have announced that they will after all investigate the numerous parties alleged to have taken place in Downing Street while the rest of us were in Lock down, bereaved families who had lost loved ones were unable to give them a proper farewell and people in hospital for months on end with life threatening or life changing conditions were not allowed the comforting presence of a visit from a partner or a spouse.

On a personal level, I fall into that latter category. During the height of Lock down, I suffered a massive stroke which has left me with lasting and most likely life long disabilities, I had to learn how to walk again, how to dress myself again, and had to come to terms with the fact that I almost died and that my life had changed forever. And I had to face all that entirely alone, without the reassuring presence of my husband or my closest family and friends. It was the hardest and most frightening experience I’ve ever had in my life, worse even than the death of my partner of 25 years in 2014. At least when Andy died I had the comfort and reassurance of people I loved being with me to hold my hand, give me a hug, and tell me it was going to be OK.

Because of covid restrictions, I had to face the aftermath of my stroke entirely alone. It was just as hard for my husband and mother, who were unable to see me start to make progress on the long hard road to recovery, and who were left alone with their nightmares and fears who were terrified that I might be left incontinent or unable to walk, dress, wash, or feed myself, and they too had to deal with the possibility that their lives had changed forever as well, but because they were not allowed to see me to a very large extent they were left in the dark about what they were going to have to deal with when I was finally discharged from hospital.

That was the reality and hardship of lock down, for me and for many thousands of others. It was a time of fear, of grief, of extreme hardship and crushing isolation, it was far far more than merely a tedious imposition and restriction on your right to party. Yet we all, at least most of us, tolerated lock down restrictions because we understood that it was necessary in order to protect people. When I was in hospital, there was still no vaccine, and I could see for myself that the wards were full of vulnerable people who would not have stood a chance should a visitor to the hospital brought covid onto the ward.

We were constantly being told that we were all in this together, covid was a threat to rich and to poor, it was no respecter of social position or standing, and that made the deprivations of lock down a little easier to bear. We were all suffering isolation for the greater good, in order to protect ourselves and our vulnerable friends and relatives.

It came as a shocking slap in the teeth and the worst kind of betrayal to discover that throughout that time the man in charge of the UK, the man who had ultimate responsibility for depriving millions of people in England of the most fundamental liberties in order to protect the vulnerable, the chronically sick and the elderly, the man whose government set the pace that the likes of Douglas Ross was always demanding Scotland should follow, was himself ignoring the rules that the rest of us had to follow, often at immense personal cost.

It is now clear that throughout lock down, Johnson refused to accept that the restrictions which his government imposed on the public should in any shape or form hamper his ability to down a bottle of wine in the company of his sycophantic lackeys. His behaviour is a gross insult to those who endured lock down despite far greater hardships and deprivations than Bring Your Own Bottle Johnson ever had to face. When his supporters remarked on how tired and wiped out he looked during lock down as supposed evidence of how he was sharing our struggles, we now know that it was most likely that he was still hung over from last night’s party.

It is welcome news that there is now to be a police investigation into the parties in Downing Street but judging from the long and inglorious tradition of the British state failing to hold the rich and powerful to account it is highly unlikely that anything will ever come of it, just as nothing ever came of Dominic Cummings’s lock down busting trip to Barnard Castle in order to give himself a vehicular eye test and not as a birthday outing for his wife, not at all, oh no. We have already seen, just in the past couple of years a number of instances of senior Conservatives being found by the courts to have acted unlawfully, Michael Gove, Priti Patel, and Matt Hancock have all been ruled to have acted unlawfully, and Johnson himself was ruled to have unlawfully prorogued Parliament in 2019 in order to evade parliamentary scrutiny of his Brexit deal. What all of them have in common is that every single one of them was able to break the law with impunity, not one of them suffered any negative consequences as a result of their law breaking, and the odds are very much in favour of Johnson doing exactly the same this time.

Johnson may or may not face a leadership challenge, in the absence of a clear successor and with his willingness to use blackmail and intimidation in order to bully supine Tory back benchers into line, it is by no means certain that he will be forced out of office. If he does survive a leadership challenge, the Tory party rules say that he cannot be challenged for another year. If that happens, the position of lightweight Ross will be untenable, he will either have to resign, or prove that he is indeed a lightweight by doing nothing while continuing to avoid the press.

But even if the lying cheating buffoon in Downing Street is forced out, he will merely be replaced by another Conservative who displays the same rank entitlement and contempt.

Johnson is merely a symptom of a diseased and corrupt Westminster system. It’s a system which cannot be reformed. Scotland can only protect itself with independence. The poor quality of Westminster governance will be a central issue in the independence referendum which lies ahead.

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65 comments on “Johnson is a symptom of a chronically sick Westminster

  1. Isabel says:

    I see a fudge coming up !!!!

    • Iain says:

      I see Johnson, Truss and Raab have a lot to say about Ukraine. I wonder why this concern when so little was said about the annexation of Crimea. What could be happening in London politics that needs to have attention diverted away it?

  2. Alice says:

    I just see it as a ‘long grass’ trick operated by BJ and his gangster mates …..let’s go soon!

  3. Bob Lamont says:

    Indeed this has gone beyond mere farce, over 150,000 deaths and 16,000,000 infected dramatically affected half of the population of the UQ whilst Johnson played Caesar and Caesar Senior made his usual getaway to Greece by dodging the same rules, yet let’s not kid ourselves, that attitude was not restricted to Johnson & Johnson, all of them were “at it”.

    There will be thousands who will have experienced much the same terror and helplessness in the face of their own mortality as you did, some never made it.

    If Covid has taught us anything at all it is the value of community, it is not the “let them eat cake” attitudes of London’s purported elites, but what solidarity against an unseen foe can bring to the masses who are not like them.

    You are correct that Johnson is not the problem but a symptom of a deeper cancer in London, we have the power to change that and should exercise that power….

  4. Janice Gale says:

    Yes, no amount of reform will change the English system sufficiently to bring it up to 21st century democratic principles. It will take a Revolution and who knows, losing the empire and Scotland might together tip the balance. Hope you’re ok WGD because we appreciate you. Saor Alba 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  5. bringiton says:

    This Tory government is either not receiving legal advice or much more likely deciding that since they make the laws they can ignore them because they can always change it to suit their purposes.
    This particular bunch of right wing extremists have exposed to public view the feudal system which operates at the heart of the Westminster establishment.
    Rule by an elite for an elite.
    The only thing we can be grateful to them for.

    • bringiton says:

      Grateful for the exposure that is.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      It is well-established that the person who is charged (!) with giving the UK Government legal advice is the Attorney-General (for England and Wales). Different rules apply in Scotland, obvs.

      When you consider that the current A-G (nominally independent) is Suella Braverman (and the controversies that have dogged her of late (see Eyes, passim), then I rest my case.

      Your witness.

  6. Rees Mogg on Wark’s World tonight refusing to retract his ‘lightweight’ opinion of Dross.
    Oh dear.
    Of course she let the Tory Posh Boy ramble on about ‘the fasest growing economy, war with Russia successful vaccination, youth unemployment…’ Line To Take which the Tory Front men have been given by the Spin Doctors to blast out when any interviewer actually tries to ask them a question.
    Johnson announced in the House that when the Enquiry report is delivered and the Met investigate, then that would ‘draw a line under the matter’.
    Obviously he believes that no matter what he is bomb proof.
    Kirsty Wark should read Paul’s incredible item above…it’s got eff all to do with Birthday cakes…we nursed and buried relatives while they boozed it up.
    I assume that Dross will now resign his WM seat and struggle along on his three wages now.

    • andyfromdunning says:

      The reason it is the fastest growing economy is because he is comparing data with 2020 lockdown when we were the sickest country in Europe. He is lying even then, Iran grew more.

    • Drew Anderson says:

      I was having a look at the ministerial code yesterday Jack. The problem with having a civil servant and not a judge conducting the inquiry is that she won’t offer any recommendations; she’ll just present the evidence. The ultimate arbiter of whether the ministerial code has been breached and any consequences arising are the sole responsibility of the person occupying the office of Prime Minister. Handy if you’re a bent PM, eh?

      So whether you, me or a stray dug’s fleas can see a breach of the code, Brassneck Johnson can shrug it off. The Met will be looking at civil, not criminal, offences and won’t report for weeks. So unless 54 Tory MP’s trigger a VONC to make him walk, he ain’t going to do it himself.

      • Already, Wark’s World tonight is laying the grounds for the Great Escape. It was ‘the culture’ in Downing Street, and it was the civil servants and SPADS who are to blame.
        Heads will roll, but not the Fat Controller’s. (See I can body shame with the best of them.)
        We are living in the days of tyranny.
        Today at PMQ he was constant smirking and laughing amused by some internal private joke today.
        Like any psychopath, he doesn’t care, or even recognise society.
        He is truly psychotically evil.
        Newsnight visited Bury tonight and managed to get a ‘focus group’ to conclude that he was an idiot, but that Partygate was a media witch hunt, and that Johnson and the Tories should be left to get on with running the country.

        It’s that bad.

        BBC is owned by Johnson and the English Elite.

        Any sympathy I had (which wasn’t much) about poor English citizens being sucked into a totalitarian racist xenophobic regime, died tonight. They are getting what they deserved, and indeed voted for.
        England has lost any sense of society, and morality.

  7. Dr Jim says:

    Scotland will have a party the likes of which have never been seen the day we extricate ourselves from Englands enforced voluntary Union,,,,,, BYOB

  8. Capella says:

    I hope you enjoyed Burns Night Duggers. Far far away, in a dark and gloomy den, Scotland in Union held their Burns Supper with Ruth Davidson delivering the Immortal Memory. What a travesty of Burns’ legacy and an insight into the Better Together (British) cringiness it is.
    Robert Burns would have written for The National, claims Ruth Davidson

    If Burns had been here during the referendum, I honestly don’t know what side he would have been on.
    “Because I’ve always viewed him as a total chancer.

    “I think he would have tried to ride both horses for as long as he could.

    “He would have been penning newspaper articles for both the Telegraph and The National, as long as he got paid

    If that isn’t a classic example of projection then my name’s Sigmund Freud. While we can all recite many instances of Burns’ distaste for the Hanoverian dynasty, Ruth claims his poem on the Dumfries Volunteers shows how “British” he was. That’s debateable.

    See yon birkie caw’d a dame?

    • Some may recall that this odious little Scotland hater joked at a fringe meeting of a tory party conference, where she was being hailed, by Andrew Marr and Andrew Marr among many others as a future PM, that her English Masters were taking a chance inviting a Scot to their Bash, since Scots were known to wreck the joint and steal things when they ventured into England.
      Oh, how they all laughed at their pet Jock’s antics.
      Warning; I’m going to use a word Burns used a lot, Duggers.
      No, I’ll not lower myself. Baroness Rape Clause never won an election, ducked in and out of the front line when the going got tough, and has insult5ed our National Bard..why the National gave this column inches beats me.
      There is no reason why this is reported as news.
      She is, was, and always will be, a Nobody in Scotland.
      Let’s hope they drag her back to campaign during Indyref2.

  9. Clydebuilt says:

    “But even if the lying cheating buffoon in Downing Street is forced out, he will merely be replaced by another Conservative who displays the same rank entitlement and contempt.”

    The replacement will very likely be more emotionally mature than Johnson, more capable of appearing acceptable to the public. But behind it all a Tory, a more sleekit, robbing Tory!

  10. Capella says:

    Origins of Scots and how Burns was advised to drop his “Provincial Dialect” – advice he ignored.
    Origins of Scots: How Irish Gaelic, Anglo-Saxon and Dutch influenced Scotland’s speech

    As we begin to see and hear more Scots voices across various mediums, from literature to radio, news presenters and in the voice of our government, some readers may be keen to refresh their knowledge of how Scots developed into the language we know it as today.

    The Linguistics and English Language department at the University of Edinburgh have a comprehensive and well-researched video on the origins of the Scots language, narrated in both English and Scots, which can be watched on YouTube. The information in the video has been summarised below…

    Maybe Ian Blackford could tell Boris Johnston that we’re scunnered? I’m scunnered. Are you?

    • Maybe Blackford should skelp the Fat Owl of the Remove on the bahookie?

      • Capella says:

        I looked up bahookie on my Kindle Scots dictionary. It’s a Glasgow variant of behouchie which is probably a combination of behind and haugh or thigh, apparently 🙂

        • I’ll need to take a swatch at this Scots dictionary, Capella.
          You say ‘behouchie’, I say ‘bahookie’, eh?
          Parliamo Glesca?

          • Capella says:

            It’s great and handy to have on your mobile. But it is limited by the editor’s knowledge. It doesn’t have ferfochen which I remember my mother using to mean a mix of bamboozled and exhausted. Google finds it though.

    • Iain says:

      I wonder if Scottish Gaelic had any effect on the development of Scots.

      • Capella says:

        Probably borrowed words such as “gillie” which means “boy” in Gaelic. so on sporting estates the Gillies are actually being called boys.

        Scots is defined in the Dictionary of Scots Language (or Leid)
        Scots, along with its closest relative English, is a member of the West Germanic family of languages, a group that also includes Afrikaans, Dutch, Flemish, Frisian, and German.

        • My sainted mother regularly announced that she was ‘gang ben the kitchen’.
          Her version of ‘he knows better’, was ‘he kens weel’.
          Scots is rich and diverse…

      • Drew Anderson says:

        Unlikely Iain.

        The Angles and the Gaels arrived at roughly the same time, but were separated for centuries by Brythonic speakers (Cumbric and Pictish; both related to Welsh).

        The Brythonic languages had a profound effect though. Unlike continental Germanic languages, Scots and English don’t put the verb at the end of the sentence. The change of syntax, or word order, is due to Celtic influence.

  11. Dr Jim says:

    If there ever are awards handed out for the promotion of Scots Len Pennie deserves one for her Twitter account alone

  12. Heavens, I am actually reading on other sites ‘real indy supporters’ saying they want the Tories to govern Scotland. They fear that Johnson is too damaging for the latter, and could lead to a Labour win in a UK GE, so want him out in favour of a Tory PM that can win, forcing continued Tory rule on Scotland. It’s nuts; how can any indy supporter want the Tories to win a UKGE? This is getting ridiculous.

    The Tories have recently been measurably more popular than Labour in Scotland, so while a labour UK government is hardly going to be a whole lot better than a Tory one, it would be just as unpopular – if not more so – but maybe a tad less cruel, heartless and economically incompetent. Labour are dead to Scotland, so at most having them in power in Westminster, particularly in minority, might make our last days in the union less painful.

    Nobody that cares about Scotland and their fellow countryfolk could seriously back the Tories to win a UK election. This is ‘wishing for an English Tory government Scots didn’t vote for’. Sorry, but this is cover totally blown stuff.

    • Dr Jim says:

      The revenge party

    • Capella says:

      I think Paul is right. It doesn’t matter who replaces Boris Johnston. whether it’s another Tory toff or Keir Brexit supporting anti self determination for Scotland but pro that for NI Starmer, the Union is an affront to democrats everywhere and should be abolished..

  13. Marc says:

    Some good economic news, Scotland’s GDP (monthly measure) grew by 0.8% in November (UK as whole for same period 0.9%) 0.6% above pre pandemic levels (UK as a whole 0.7% above).

    There was a chance that the Q4 21 GDP figures coming above pre pandemic levels after such a strong November, but Omicron has put paid to that, with December and possibly January expected to show GDP contractions.

    • It is good news. The bad news is that even if the UK gets back to pre-pandemic levels, GDP will still be about 2.1% smaller than if brexit had not gone ahead, based on the long term trend of growth 2012-16/17 (which was not far from pre-2008), with the gap forecast to get ever larger.

      Unfortunately, from the EUref onwards, growth started to slow at an ever more obvious rate, eventually stalling mid 2019, before actually contracting Q4 2019 as the end of free movement / free trade approached. This was the first quarterly contraction since the ‘double-dip that never was’ in 2012, and when covid was months away. Entirely brexit driven

      While a simple linear projection, 2.1% is in line with pre-brexit projections of how the UK’s economy would be smaller overall than if brexit had not gone ahead due to the costs of setting up and maintaining the British Trump wall. The net mass exodus of skilled workers wasn’t really factored in either, and this will be adding to the slower growth.

      Worse of all is that real wages are now, predictably, contracting. To have shrinking real wages in the middle of an acute labour shortage is truly economic incompetence of epic proportions. An economy totally on the rocks.

  14. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Ambushed by a cake………equals trolling us now.

    Ambushed and one definition is ‘make a surprise attack on (someone) from a concealed position’.

    Like when one Jackson Carlaw was ambushed by DRoss and the Baroness (Michael Gove involved also I am sure) conspiring to oust Jackson Carlaw and replace him with DRoss…… that was an ambush……did he, Carlaw, get a cake ?

  15. Dr Jim says:

    Tory list MSP Murdo Fraser insists that Scotland shouldn’t vote for Independence because he personally doesn’t like Nicola Sturgeon and that sentiment seems to be echoed by the Labour branch office and the Liberal Democrat branch office of the Union party

    Daily we are bombarded by another party claiming to support Independence who repeat the same nonsense over and over again, and the problem with this personal line of attack on the First Minister is that it’s an attack on Scotland and the electorate, because no matter who is FM of Scotland Independence is about our countries right to democracy, our countries right to choose, our people’s right to select whichever political party puts forward a prospectus we choose to vote for and not whatever the country of England votes for

    The people who attack the *current* First Minister do so because they are afraid she will deliver what she promised, a referendum for the people to make their own minds up on her parties offer of change

    Nicola Sturgeon is not immortal and Scotland the country will spin on long after she or the next FM or the next is chosen to replace her, so personal attacks on this current FM are meaningless attempts to divert and distract voters from the most important issue facing Scotland ever, Nicola Sturgeon is not a country, we the people our children our grandchildren and their children are the country and they will be here long after we are not, because like the FM we are not immortal

    The Unionists and others who make these continual personal attacks on the FM are making the attacks on us the people by attempting to deny us our democratic rights by way of inciting personal dislike of one politician as though she and only she is the embodiment of any future Independent Scotland, she is not, we the people are, our choice of future, our choice of way of life, stay with England and our country will never have a choice, and that is all the personal attacks by these people are designed to achieve, to force us to remain governed by Englands voters choices, let’s not let them cloud the issue with their personal agenda

    Our Scotland free to choose

    • Ace, Dr Jim.
      It is our country, not any single politician’s.
      Johnson came across as simply mad at the despatch Box today during PMQ with his MP’s shrieking and bawling like inmates on a hellish Bedlam.

      It now appears that he lied about the evacuation of Afghanistan. He personally intervened to have pet dogs prioritised over humans, live on TV.

      Didn’t spot Dross or the Other Four on the benches, although Union Jack still perched on the front bench, as animated as a Chinese restaurant nodding cat.
      He is clearly a modern day Caligula.
      Dross wants school kids to take off their masks Up Here. In his precious England infection is running rife through schools, and 1 in 23 are reported as infected in the latest study.
      Surely it’s time for Dross to resign his WM seat and stand in the byelection as a True Scottish Conservative/Unionist?
      Johnson saves dogs but not children.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:


      DRoss repeated yet again , in Scottish parliament the other day , the tired old trope ‘another divisive referendum’ quote…..

      It takes more than one side for there to be another so called (by those who oppose it) ‘divisive’ Indy Ref.

      So why then does he and t’other Unionists always only blame ONE side for what he , Dross, and t’other Unionists, call ‘divisive’ ….

      As in only blame the side that he, DRoss and t’others like him, OPPOSE……

      It takes two to tango…..but in this case tis only ONE side that seem to be ‘in step’ with the will of the Scottish people while t’other sides are constantly ‘out of step’ …….what a fandango.

      • The man’s an idiot.
        Feel free to moderate this out, Paul.
        I repeat, I could not trust myself to be in the same room as these Brit Jocks who are contributing to the misery, poverty, ill health, and premature deaths of their fellow Scots.

  16. Capella says:

    Joanna Cherry, on he ball as ever, tells the UK to get their tanks off the Scottish court of Session’s lawn.

  17. Dr Jim says:

    Labour party leader Sir Keir Starmer slipped up at PMQs as he questioned Doris Johnson when he said “The Prime Minister and English Tories are treating Scotland with utter disdain” clearly making the case for Scottish Independence right there

    Moments later it was SNP leader at Westminster Ian Blackfords turn to pose the questions and one of the replies from Doris Johnson was quite enlightening as to what kind of a nasty opportunist piece of work is the PM when he said (paraphrasing) how much he enjoyed working with the SNP behind the scenes, that statement of course is clearly a lie but here in Scotland there is a party who claims to support Independence for Scotland who have been making those same claims against the SNP as a method of undermining their veracity on holding a future referendum even when contained within the SNPs manifesto it clearly stated if they won the election such an event would take place, even when the FM made it clear again on national television naming 2023 as to when it would happen the same people are claiming over and over again the FM is lying and is in league with the Tories

    My question to doubters would be who do you think is briefing who and who is co operating with who on these identical tactics both North and South of the border to undermine the SNPs offer of Scotlands referendum

    Council elections are coming up

  18. wm says:

    Scotland, Wales & NI must be the only countries that get what another country’s voters vote for.

  19. Dr Jim says:

    Tory MSP Rachel Hamilton (yes her again) says “people in Scotland who use food banks are less well educated in cooking” One wonders if the people in England and Wales are also less well educated on the subject too, or could it be they’re just poor, and since Brexit and the withdrawal of Universal credit even poorer, and with the upcoming hike in energy bills these same people are very likely to be destitute, or maybe the Tories and Rachel Hamilton consider the culinary uneducated valueless as they just refuse to pop down to their local greengrocers and meat markets on their wee bikes with baskets or 4×4 Chelsea tractors like her to buy fresh Foi Gras Artichokes and Quinoa to go with their corn fed Pheasant and larder full of all the essential spices to flavour their uneducated palates

    Even Nigella would have a fit at Rachel Hamilton Tory MSP

    • My weekly dose of vitamin C(?) comes in the form of a wee bag of ‘Easy Peelers’ satsumas.
      The price has just been hiked by 10p overnight(Aldi)
      It was £1.69, it is now £1.79.
      Do the maths.
      Yet inflation is quoted at 5%?
      The very occasional bag of mint chocolates to which I used to treat myself has jumped from £1 a bag, to £1.40, a 40% increase. Won’t be buying them again.
      We are being fleeced because we are the victims of Rip Off Britain.
      The same applies to every staple item of groceries. They certainly are getting Brexit, but we Scots are the ones who are being ‘done’.
      Free in ’23.

      • Dr Jim says:

        The Tories have sneaked in another wee money maker for themselves, red diesel will no longer attract the current subsidy with the exception of farmers, that’s almost a doubling of the price to legitimate hauliers who will have no option but to pass the inevitable retail goods increase onto, guess who

      • Legerwood says:

        The other RIP of is to keep the price the same but reduce the weight/amount your money buys.

  20. jfngw says:

    I see Ruth Davidson (the one that wanted to spend more time with her family then proceeded to fill her boots and bank balance with work around the UK) has declared Rabbie Burns a ‘chancer’, well she should know I suppose, she is an expert on the subject, in my eyes anyway.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Indeed she is jfngw… is her HQ boss….today he was allowed to ‘fat shame’ Ian Blackford in the HOC…..and the so called speaker allowed Boris Johnson’s very PERSONAL remark (insult) to stand with no reprimand by him the so called speaker…………so we are now at the point of personal insults on someone’s appearance being acceptable in way of a (non) response in the so called but NOT Mother ( of all f*** up’s) of all parliaments …………

      Fat shaming by a PM is , for THIS PM, par for the course but should NEVER EVER be acceptable….and as he resorts to use this type of behaviour then others I am sure , on his benches , will follow it…as indeed will those many supporters online who support both him and the Union…….at a time when online bullying is a major issue as indeed is bullying in thousands of schools upon children who are overweight………yes this PM is leading by example is he not and this particular example that he is leading in is to condone anyone humiliating someone based purely on their size………anyone is fair game to Johnson to save his own skin……..

      Yet I remember one Ruth Davidson on GMB Lorraine Kelly show ( pre her joining HOL’s) where she called for “kinder” politics……and of course that other chancer Lorraine Kelly gushed all over this ….THIS faux sentiment that was clearly the Baroness paying lip service to get undeserved kudos via a mainstream National show……however as comedy though it was indeed comedy GOLD…….as in kinder politics from the nasty party being feasible Ha Ha………suggested by someone from the nasty party who herself has and indeed is now not averse to using nasty tactics and statements to politicise matters that should never be politicised…..currently she is punching way above her weight but is also never reluctant to also punch below the belt if needed………it’s so hard to parody things these days because reality is doing all of the heavy lifting that parody itself once provided.

      It appears that Tories will indeed go as low as they need to……indeed lower than some thought…but I think they will go, when necessary, even way away lower than they are now …as needs require….and their needs are always greater thus even below the gutter line is now not low enough for them to go down to.

      • If memory serves, NMRN, Davidson has joined the board of Lady Smith’s Think Tank, (That’s John Smith’s widow, and the Hon Sarah Smith’s mother) to join Kezia Dugdale, her former mortal enemy, to think tank away about introducing ‘niceness’ to political discourse.
        Lots of lovely free money for nothing.
        She’ll need to graft on another hand for all the fingers in pies she’s racking up.
        Christos, why is there no talk of actual revolution?

        • Not-My-Real-Name says:

          Yes Jack you are right……she has her greedy fingers in many pies ……Tories gonna Tory.

          Revolution ?…………you name the place and the time and I’ll be there Jack……

          Too many ordinary people are seemingly wallowing in the comfort of their own apathy while allowing the Tories to wallow in their own greed and self interest…..( many a opposition Unionist political party also wallowing in their own ineptitude in projecting blame onto the WRONG political targets )….rinse and repeat.

          • Today inWM Johnson boomed that his Government was leading the free world in tackling the Ukraine cris. As he spoke, France Germany Ukraine and Russia were meeeting to come up with a solution to the impasse.
            The man just shrieks out any old toss he likes to run down the PMQ clock. His Foreign Secretary, Liz Truss, fresh from her pointless we trip to the sunshine of Australia, sat beside him, masked, and swivel eyed.
            The PM we hear is going to Wales tomorrow, and that many MP’s have already left London to go back to their constituencies…so no chance of the Sue Gary Report or Met investigation being progressed this week.
            That he hopes that the clamour will die down as time passes seems to be the tactic.
            The tens of millions of bereaved who buuried 170,000 of their kin will never die away.
            Historians will have to suspend belief when they chronicle the Johnson Years..sorry..months.
            Whoe let the dogs out?
            Johnson, apparently, as the FCDO whistleblower’s e-mail reveals.
            Let the bodies pile high, eh?

          • How can Britain be part of the ‘free world’ if its member countries can’t freely vote for independence? The Russian federation doesn’t let member countries freely choose indy either, so how is the UK different?

            As for Ukraine; Russian support for partitionists in eastern Ukraine is identical to what England/Britain did with N. Ireland. England supported pro-British rebels in the north of Ireland after Ireland voted democratically to stop being under British control/influence. This resulted in decades of bloody partition that only a UN peace deal alleviated. Now England has been trying to use threats to harden the border again, just as Putin is doing in Ukraine. They are two peas in a pod.

      • davetewart says:

        Wondering if ms coffey the dwp secretary is in line for the same treatment, too many pies or too much cake.
        I’m not making any other comment than see was pictured coming out N10 door on her own when two other ministers were side by side.
        We can all be called up for inappropriate comments byt in the mother of al parliaments it seems it’s ok for an overweight pm to call someone else out for eating too much cake.

  21. Gregory Nunn says:

    As always, it is good to see you on the mend and in print.
    Several things must change and they all require independence first.
    The class system, starting with the royals are special because some god gives them special status, must go.
    The class system that puts government above the people instead of servants of the people, must go.
    A new form of government that is severely limited in its power by a difficult to change (but not impossible) constitution is needed.
    Power is great when you are in charge. It’s not as much fun when the other guys are.
    Taking turns at abusing the losers is human nature everywhere on the planet, so severely limiting those powers for everyone is needed.
    Corruption of government and those outside of government participating in that corruption ought to be as severely punished as treason, because that’s what it is, treason.
    A tall order, to be sure.
    And whether this is the correct path or not, any journey away from greed, corruption, entitlement, and all of these troubles begins with independence.

  22. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    * way

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Also re my above comment Anorexia and indeed many eating disorders are a major issue with people who have body confidence issues………including many young people…..I am disgusted that Johnson resorted to such a cheap and inappropriate joke in a so called parliament to avoid answering a question and taking ownership of both he and members of his party breaking rules ……disgusted but not surprised… this is what you get when you vote Tory…….you REALLY GET TORY.

      I think Scum was way too mild… way of describing the Tory party and many of it’s so called politicians ….on ALL levels including the Eton Mess that leads them at HQ..

  23. Dr Jim says:

    “Operation save big dog” has come back for real to bite the PM right in the Arse

  24. Capella says:

    Somehow managed to post this on a previous thread – apos!

    Mike Russell on The Vote and Kirsty Hughes on rejoining the EU within 5 years of a YES vote. In The National

    …She added: “The European Economic Area is not a transition route to EU membership and has never been used as such.

    EEA is an alternative to EU membership and one that creates a democratic deficit.”

    On border issues, Hughes said the Scotland/England border would be an external EU border.

    She said that goods crossing the border would need to meet relevant regulatory and customs rules – just as now happens eg from GB to Ireland or to France or the Netherlands. In parallel, she added, that the Scotland-EU border would be open for all goods and services.

  25. Capella says:

    Andy Wightman will join the columnists at The National. Good news for those of us who miss his presence in Holyrood.
    Andy Wightman, Land Detective: Former MSP to launch regular National column

    In the new regular feature series “Andy Wightman: Land Detective”, the activist will respond to your queries about land issues in your area. He’ll explain the land’s history, the barriers which exist preventing action being taken and the ways in which it could be repurposed.

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