Johnson’s government of gangsters

A couple of weeks ago, as the allegations of numerous parties in Downing Street during lock down started to gain traction, I remarked that if Johnson survived this self-inflicted crisis it would be the final proof that the Westminster system is irredeemably broken and utterly incapable of holding the powerful to account, even when they break the rules in the most brazen and egregious manner.

After a rocky week, and with the senior civil servant Sue Gray yet to deliver her report, it looks as though the Conservative rebellion against Johnson is losing steam, it may flare up again once the Gray report is published, even though that report will doubtless provide Johnson with sufficient wriggle room to allow Johnson to get off the hook and once more escape the consequences of his actions, as he has done throughout his miserable entitled life. There are some Conservative MPs who claim that Johnson has been chastened by the experience and has learned his lesson. It’s hard to say whether they are stupid, lying, delusional, or simply trying to move the public narrative on, or possibly some combination of all of those, because surviving his recent difficulties with his job intact will only teach Johnson one thing, that he yet again has got away with it and that he will continue to get away with it in the future.

Johnson has certainly signalled to his critics that he’s not going to go easily, If they were hoping that the Gray report would make him hand in his resignation for the good of the party, they are in for a big disappointment. What’s for the good of the UK as a whole, what’s for the good of standards in public office or for British democracy does not register in the calculations of Conservative MPs. Johnson is a creature in their image, the only interests that any of them attach any importance to are their own. They want Johnson to go for their own self-interests, he’s equally determined to stay for his.

It was reported today that Gray has seen the email from a senior official to Johnson’s principal private secretary Martin Reynolds, warning him the 20 May party should not go ahead. This will make it harder for Johnson to maintain his obvious lie that he didn’t realise it was a party. But of course Johnson will say he never saw that email. Or that Reynolds never told him about it. And the report will merely repeat Johnon’s words since it’s not Gray’s job to draw conclusions.

Number 10 has mounted a ferocious campaign to keep Johnson in office. If the reports appearing in the press today are to be believed, and as First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has observed, the allegations are shocking but not surprising, this Conservative government is using the tactics of gangsters in order to keep Johnson in power. Tory whips are reportedly threatening and intimidating back bench Conservative MPs that if they do not get in line and support Johnson, then embarrassing and damaging stories about them will find their way to the press, which can only mean that there are plenty of damaging stories about the Conservatives which have not yet seen the light of day, and that this venal and corrupt party is even more venal and corrupt than we realise so far.

One senior Tory, and critic of Johnson, has even gone so far as to call on his colleagues to report instances of what he described as attempted blackmail to the Speaker’s office and to the police. William Wragg, the Conservative MP for Hazel Grove in Greater Manchester and the chair of the influential Commons public administration and constitutional affairs committee, claimed that Government whips were in breach of the ministerial code by threatening potential rebels by telling them that unless they get behind Johnson their constituencies would face the loss of hundreds of thousands of pound of so-called levelling up funds.

If true this would be a criminal offence and rank and blatant corruption and signal the descent of the UK into the status of a kleptocratic gangster state. Levelling up funds are public money , they are supposed to be used for the public good, not to further the party political goals of powerful factions within the Conservative party. There have already been numerous reports that the Levelling up funds are being disproportionately spent in constituencies represented by influential Conservatives, this is the final proof that the Conservatives believe that the resources of the state and public monies are their private property, to be used to further their party political aims and to further entrench their rule.

These are the same funds which the Conservatives are using to sideline and undermine the powers of the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Senedd.

In his desire to save his own skin, Johnson is behaving like a mafia boss, threatening and intimidating his opponents, and misusing public funds in order to bribe back bench Tories to support him.

Yet in the broken and failed Westminster system, it is the same government against which the allegations are being made which is in charge of investigating the allegations and deciding whether the ministerial code has indeed been broken, and if so, what if any consequences there ought to be. Johnson has claimed that he has seen no evidence to support the allegations made by Wragg, allegations which were also made by Christian Wakeford, the former Tory MP for Bury South who yesterday defected to Labour, surprise surprise. And likewise it will be no surprise that if ever there is an investigation into these allegations of gangster criminality at the very heart of the British Government, it will find that no laws had been broken and that no one except possibly some lowly and inconsequential figure will be held to account, which in any case will amount to nothing more than a rap across the knuckles for what will be described as a minor infringement of the rules.

This government is not only corrupt, the UK is being governed by shameless gangsters and there is absolutely nothing in what passes for a British Constitution that allows anyone to hold them to account. The strongest argument for independence is that it is the only way that Scotland can ensure it gets governments which it can vote out of office and whose powers are constrained by a proper written constitution. Democracy itself depends upon it.

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190 comments on “Johnson’s government of gangsters

  1. Michael Bruce says:

    In response to the Hutton Report in 2004, which absolved Tony Blair from any responsibilty in the death of scientist Dr David Kelly, Boris Johnson said: ‘This is a snow job of Himalayan proportions!’.
    I’m fairly certain that Johnson is hoping – has perhaps arranged – that the Sue Gray Report will be another snow job, in preparation for which we have already had an avalanche of ‘red meat’.

  2. jfngw says:

    You can only hope none of these anti Johnson MP’s own a horse, they may not be able to attend their next fox hunt. He’s going to make them an offer they can’t refuse, possibly.

  3. Melvin says:

    The British state ,is defined as Liars, thieves and Clowns. Anyone supporting these criminals are gangsters and narcissists. We used to say that eventually all criminals face justice, unfortunately in Britain, that will never happen as the state is owned by a Mafia.

  4. Scotland Aye says:

    I agree completely with everything you say but when will we see some movement from the Scottish Government (including the greens) to actually make progress to achieving independence.

    • P Harvey says:

      As soon as Nicola & the SNP are assured the best time for winning Indy 2 has arrived!

    • grizebard says:

      “Progress towards independence” first and foremost requires progress in people’s support for independence. You’re already convinced, fine, but have you ever thought about what is needed to convince enough others who don’t currently share your (and our) certainty? Or would you prefer, as it seems, to salve your own impatience by rushing regardless into another referendum that without them we would likely lose…?

      • Scotland Aye says:

        With respect you “seem” to be making assumptions about me that cannot be regarded as reasonable based on my post but have/are the Scottish government thought/thinking about what is needed etc. it is I believe not very evident that much progress is being made to convince undecided voters of the merits and the right of the Scottish people to decide that we are indeed better served by being and independent nation.

        • P Harvey says:

          Think Nicola & the SNP will have thought of every possible permutation heading towards Indy 2 – perhaps including some you have yet to think off

        • grizebard says:

          Your tunnel-vision negativity is all too apparent, alas, even if you don’t realise it. It’s not exclusively up to the “Scottish Government” to do all the heavy lifting, as you clearly think. Passive old-style complaining about how bad somebody else is doing just isn’t going to achieve anything. It’s mostly going to be down to people like you anyway. So if you’re that bothered, do something positive yersel to help win people over.

          But here’s a clue: publicly moaning won’t.

          • Scotland Aye says:

            “Publicly moaning”. I asked a couple of reasonable questions. Instead of trying to answer them you simply denigrate me personally without any idea as to what I do to work towards winning independence. Sir/madam to publicly deride me and or my post isn’t going to encourage positive debate or help win people over. If this how you engage with an indy supporter and activist I despair. Finally I Will not respond to any further comment by you on this matter but thank you for your time and wish you well.

            • grizebard says:

              Figures. Your “questions” were rhetorical, since you never actually troubled to address any of the considered responses provided. So much for “positive” {ahem} “debate”. As the old saying goes, there are none so blind…

            • AAD says:

              I cannot blindly accept that the SNP have thought of a large number of ideas to achieve Independence. I also have worked for Independence for over 50 years (canvassing, leafleting, street stalls, office bearer and branch worker) and I would like it if some of the ideas could be shared with the population so we could have some sense of direction and destination. We are in a vacuum.
              Refusing to engage in discussion of ideas of common interest is not good. Blind trust does not work for me.

              • grizebard says:

                Contact the BBC, they make the vacuum.

                As for “discussion”, if you look elsewhere you don’t find any, instead you find personal invective, incandescent dismissal of alternatives and blind trust aplenty, all in the face of sustained public indifference (which no doubt accounts for much of the bile). And here, no actual constructive discussion of any kind from the occasional passing grumbler, just impatient passive-aggressive not-so-sweet nothings.

      • A fan of IfS would see things that way grizebard. 🙂

    • You should get to vote next year.

      • Scotland Aye says:

        Like us all I sincerely hope so and also hope this time enough people have the courage to vote yes.

        • Old Pete says:

          I agree, next year is a must do if we are to finally “Take back Control” from the English government. Remember we are fighting on many fronts and virtually all the UK media and papers are against us. Sure I’ve heard that “Take back control” somewhere before 🤔😂

    • Alex Beveridge says:

      The future Yes campaign, or whatever it’s going to be called, is much more than the present Scottish Government, the S.NP, the Green Party, the S.S.P, or Alba. During the last campaign, I was joined on the trail by people of all these parties, but also by many who had no political affiliation whatsoever, and just wanted Independence. We were nearly successful in 2014, so hopefully we will win in 2023.

  5. Movy says:

    The basic problem to me is that the Tories need to keep Johnson in power so that he will carry the can for the shocking Covid deaths and the rapidly approaching and growing Brexit debacles.

    But somewhat awkwardly (for them) he’s gone too far, too soon. But which of the future PMs wants to stand up now and take responsibility for the mess over the next year, probably just to be booted out to make way for a new broom?

    The lightweights, the pork pies and the f…..g nobodies have little future in politics – given that every single Tory is going to be tarred – so they have to keep him in power so that the new broom will equal a new and glorious start (in their dreams) and lead to ballot success. The Scottish lightweights, apart from DRoss, probably have no real political future in Scotland (here’s hoping) but DRoss is already in Holyrood and can afford to be ‘brave and outspoken’ – and self-serving!

    Meantime Johnson is the gift that keeps giving to indy BUT he is also a clear and all too present danger to us all.

    We really need to get going with indyref2 asap.

    PS WGD – hope you’re doing well in the health stakes.

  6. Capella says:

    Nicola Sturgeon is shocked by the revelations and calls for an independent inquiry.

    She said: “Let’s be clear: if Tories are threatening to withhold public investment from constituencies as a way of keeping MPs in line then, yes, that’s blackmail & intimidation – but it is also corruption.
    “The moral decay at the heart of Johnson’s govt may be even worse than we thought.”

  7. bringiton says:

    There is nothing new in these allegations.
    This is how the Westminster establishment has conducted business for ever.
    It is just the brazen conduct of an extreme right wing government with an 80 seat majority which has exposed the Westminster modus operandi.
    They just don’t care,nor it appears do they need to.

  8. jfngw says:

    When the Tories claim they ‘got it right’ when handling the pandemic the only conclusion you can take from this is their objective was over 150,000 people dead. If that is the case then it’s hard to disagree they have not met just their target but probably exceeded beyond their wildest dream, after all they thought 20,000 would be a good outcome. They have certainly made the Germans in the 1940’s look like amateurs with their civilian death toll.

    • Golfnut says:

      The UK saved over £600 million up to 2020 and now over £2 billion ( estimate ) by the end of 2021 in state pension payments. Thats chicken feed compared to the private sector where savings of around £90 billion ( includes private pensions, private care and private medical insurance )will be achieved. You can see where the real savings are generated and that’s in the top 10% of earning bracket. If you were of a cynical nature you would probably view this from a financial perspective as ‘ shedding liabilities ‘, not personal, just business. Not vaccinating care homes takes on completely new perspective, not incompetence, but something else.

      • Doubtless dubbed ‘Operation Seal Cull’. by the partying civil servants in Whitehall, Golfnut.
        No doubt they refer to this ‘bonanza’ as ‘benefit savings’ on their Excel spread sheets.
        England is run by cold hearted bar stewards now.

  9. “Well I can see myself tearing up the road, faster
    Than any other boy has ever gone
    And my skin is raw, but my soul is ripe
    And no one’s gonna stop me now, I’m gonna make my escape.”

    RIP Meatloaf.

    Scotland is leaving their Union, like ‘A Bat Out Of Hell’.
    No one’s gonna stop us now, we’re gonna make our escape.
    I reckon Meatloaf will be belted out in Karaoke bars the length of these lands tonight.

  10. Dr Jim says:

    Englands health secretary calls face coverings *restrictions* and tells the people of that country that they can remove those terrible burdensome articles from their faces because all is now well it’s the flu so live with it
    When it rains we stick up an umbrella or wear a hat, don a raincoat, we wear seat belts in our cars so we don’t die if we accidently suffer a road traffic accident , are these things restrictions or are they *protections*
    If we walk around breathing deeply at the moment there’s a disease floating around in the air from infected peoples breath and to *protect* ourselves we’ve been sticking some sort of face covering over our big mouths and noses to help us prevent death in us and others

    Is preventing death now considered a *restriction* by the powers that be in England? Of course it’s not, in order to politically con the people of that country into believing a lie to divert attention away from the total ineptitude and appalling character of their Prime Minister they’ve redefined the use of a protection now as a restriction and hailed its removal as a victory for freedom when what it really is is *freedumb*

    The British government are doing what they’ve always done to save their skin in moments like this, they lie and lie then compound those lies with even more propaganda reinforcing their lies

    The British media are complicit in the promotion of English Government lies, God save the Queen

    Will they go so far as to order Queenie to remove her mask in public to prove to the people it’s the right thing to do? Get ready to put the *fun* in funeral,

    It’s all for the good of the *country* though innit !!

  11. Some evidence of the ‘Johnson effect’?

    Scottish independence support on the rise amid Boris Johnson’s chaos, pollster finds

    A POLLING firm has recorded an increase in support for Scottish independence as anger continues over Downing Street parties.

    With calls for Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign amid the scandal ongoing, Savanta ComRes put support for Scotland leaving the Union up two points since October.

    The new poll says 46% of Scots would back independence at a future indyref, with the same percentage indicating support for staying in the Union. Some 8% were undecided.

    With those don’t knows excluded, the two campaigns sit on 50/50…

    …The polling also found that Johnson’s already low ratings in Scotland have plummeted by 16 points since October, putting his favourability ranking at -62 – the same level as Alba leader Alex Salmond.

    Or maybe not…

    …Chris Hopkins, the polling firm’s political research director, said while the 50/50 indy split shows a move towards Yes, he may have expected support to be higher given the ongoing UK Government chaos. Despite this, the UK Government’s overall favourability ratings in Scotland are very low, at -50.

    I’m not actually surprised. As I’ve said a few times, Johnson isn’t an ‘asset to indy’ in any direct way. He is an example of how incompetent and corrupt Westminster is, and the new lows its governance is hitting. It is this what will be affecting views, at a slow, but steady pace, driving the baseline ever higher. However, partygate would not, in my mind, suddenly create a big swing. And TBH, we should not be relying on the swing voters as they can swing just as quickly back maybe. Hence my focus on the baseline, with anything above a bonus.

    That said, while this Comres is within error of the last one, the small increase in Yes might be a straw in the wind given Mori found an increase too.

    And again, people were asked how they’d vote in a snap, plan-free referendum held tomorrow, not about how they plan to vote in 2023. When the latter is done, a higher Yes has been seen than for ‘tomorrow’.

    • I’ll add that the lack of a bozo effect is why I tend to focus a lot of my posts on the effects of brexit, including how disastrous it is for the UK while creating booms in our neighbours, notably Eire, with positive protocol effects for the north.

      We should not lose sight of this. Bozo will be gone soon and we’ll have another corrupt, incompetent, right-wing idiot in his place. Let’s not get too distracted by them. While a good argument for indy, they are only one of these.

      • ‘Knock,knock’.
        ‘Who’e there?’
        ‘Boris who?’
        ‘See, you’ve forgotten him already”
        By September 2023 this fat bloated manchild will be anchoring game shows for Nadine Dorries TV…a sideline, a nobody, not even a footnote..
        The next leader will be white, otherwise Farage and 6 million UKippers will go ballistic.
        Likewise the Red Wall Brexit xenophobes and Yorkshire cricket strength racists.
        They didn’t send Johnny Furriner packing back to Frofland just to let millions of Indians in to their sceptr’d isle to take all the jobs and clog up their NHS and schools, and GPs and….Remember Farage claiming that dusky coloured health tourists with AIDS were getting free NHS treatment?
        England is lost.

      • The next leader will be white, otherwise Farage and 6 million UKippers will go ballistic.

        White English? Is Sunak English? In the English census, he could only answer ‘Asian British’. Asian English isn’t an option; English is reserved for white people in the form:

        If the British Remainer Tories still ruled the roost, Sunak might have been in with a shot, but now that the English nationalists are in charge, I think he’s got as far as he will be allowed.

        • Think Princess Diana and Harry Windsor.
          The English Establishment don’t do mixed race combos.
          I am being perfectly serious.
          The queen is the ‘defender of the Faith’, that would be High Anglican Christianity, England’s national religion.
          Until it was revealed that Johnson was Catholic, there hasn’t been even a Catholic Christian as PM, and even Blair waited ’til he resigned to ‘convert’Imagine the reaction of the Born Again Tories in the Red Wall if a muslim, ot Sihk was elected as PM?
          It is about to get embarrassingly nasty for the Gammons of England.

    • Drew Anderson says:

      All things considered, I think that support holding steady is actually a fairly good sign Skier.

      The pandemic has put the dampeners on regular Indy activities; while the MSM have been pumping out their bile uninterrupted.

      All things being equal, I’d expect support to have slid; but it hasn’t. Maybe that’s due to Boozo, in particular, or the Tories in general?

      I don’t buy into the ‘Johnson is the gift that keeps on giving’ mantra. If anything, the focus on his clown act takes attention away from what’s really going on.

      Throughout his tenure, whether people bought his schtick, or not, the ERG/CRG were and are pulling the strings and the focus has been firmly on him. Whichever useful idiot comes next won’t be able to pull the same trick. With a charmless hawk in place, we might even see that he wasn’t a gift at all. Here’s hoping anyway.

      Stay safe, you and diggers all.

      • Drew Anderson says:

        *Duggers* all!

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        “the ERG/CRG were and are pulling the strings and the focus has been firmly on him”

        Spot on Drew…..the party within the PARTY,

        Have a nice day and stay safe

  12. Golfnut says:

    Following on from Jack’s excellent rant the other day on price increases.
    Read this all the way to end. Sorry if some can’t open it, but someone with more skills than I could repost I would be very grateful.

  13. Capella says:

    I think the public Facebook groups are readable Golfnut, but not the private ones.
    Here’s Jack Monroe’s twitter thread on price increases for anyone who doesn’t do Facebook (like me ☺)

  14. davetewart says:

    On last night’s LBC programme, the expert says that Brexit is only responsible for 0.005% increse in inflation, the rest is due to the world coming out of the pamdemic.
    We are in the middle of the 27 nations list of inflation so we’re doing well.
    By the way the cost of mobile phones are in the calculation but bread is out.
    Thatcher taught them well, remove the increasing costs and put in the stuff that is reducinng or staying the same..
    As for the global battery factory in Blyth, they took down the power station on the site, and the factory will be employing peple in 2025, seems it takes time to build the facility but the jobs get put on today’s successes.
    We have given £10million to start it, a 3″.5billion operation.
    Hell they couldn’t stump up £30million for schools meals.

  15. VI shows little change, backing up the lack of a bozo effect.

    • Capella says:

      So the aptly named CONS have dropped in the polls – but not enough. Perhaps keeping Boris Johnston in post while a lengthy inquiry takes place would be the best option 🙂

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        The conservatives, like all Unionist parties, have a way of trying to eradicate their history and reinventing themselves in the appointment of a NEW leader and expect us all to assume in doing this that they are then to be perceived as somehow different and stronger now and thus can be absolved from all ‘sins’ they were accused of via the old leader …..

        The reality is that the appointment of someone new as leader simply reinforces the point that they constantly fail to see the real problem within their party comes not just with who is leader but the policies and behaviour that they collectively , as politicians within that party , supported and voted for……and still do.

        The increasing tally of bad policies, failed policies, corruption, wasting of tax payers money, lies and the overall evidence that is mounting against them proves that this is a UK government and a current Tory leader that do not deserve to be in the position they currently hold and that should in itself prove to the Scottish people that they are unworthy of their, Scots, support now and in the future for both them as a party and indeed the option they insist we Scots must make i.e. to remain within their UK.

        As to other Unionist parties well the fact that they have been somewhat reticent on promoting and exposing the criminality of Brexit, ineptitude of the MET police under Dame Cressida Dick and indeed the overall ineptitude of the Tories exposes them , who also seem to want reinvention for their parties via having new leaders, to the same criticism as the Tories.

        Basically what we in Scotland were promised (lied to) that would enfold post 2014 and what we are actually getting are indeed polar opposites …..indeed what we see is our democracy diminished in their UK and now we are in the shocking position where it is being reported that those unelected bureaucrats via the HOL’s Constitution Committee report recommends Westminster retain the power to abolish devolved Parliaments with Lords playing a bigger role in Scottish affairs and a review of Barnett formula.

        I mean the polls for independence should shows massive support for independence….however if Scots fail to do the research via social media and rely on MSM then perhaps THAT is the reason there are so many oblivious to the reality that is… suppressed and ignored via MSM is a win for the union’s percentages in the polls….

        Post Covid (assume UK Govt now ready to declare date of Covid inquiry as they now state all Covid restrictions null and void in England) ……perhaps now the media , if inclined , can report on the many benefits we are all supposedly enjoying via Brexit…..if they can find none…..then perhaps mention the reality of the many downsides we are now suffering via Brexit….actually perhaps just mentioning the word BREXIT would be a start…..there was a time when the media was full of it….strange how now they seem so reticent to even notice it’s existence…..or impact.

        I do despair but thankfully like others on here and outwith here I am not apathetic or beaten and thus will never give up on fighting , via campaigning and spreading the message, that independence is the ONLY best solution for Scotland…..the (non) Union as the alternative is currently what we have and it has done a wonderful job in proving how it is clearly very very bad for us in many many ways…….and it just keeps on giving all of the things that we do not need, want or deserve….and indeed the things we did NOT and still do not vote for as a country.

        Indy Ref 2 then independence please……..

    • Alec Lomax says:

      Wow ! Alba on 2% ! That’ll be the talk of the country no doubt !

  16. Alex Clark says:

    Màiri McAllan first elected as an ​MSP for the SNP last May and who was previously an advisor to the FM is another young talent in the SNP and one to note for the future. Here’s she is calling for Johnson to go on last night’s QT.

    • Capella says:

      Yep Mairi’s a star.
      I saw a clip of Stephen Kerr being uncharacteristically contrite in saying Boris must go on the same show. Must have been a night to remember!

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Indeed very much to the point.
      What I also noted at the end of this clip was the camera homing in on the plant – I’d watched a clip earlier centred of this gentleman, stifling a Geordie accent I thought, having a rant at SG failures…
      Plants and lack of challenge by Bruce to false assertions only when it comes to SG is why I stopped watching QT…

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Yes the ‘plant’ who , according to one of my friends , declared that devolution was not working and no further forward and that millions & billions have been wasted but who also failed to substantiate as in back up where these supposed millions and billions of pounds have been wasted…..however my friend also noted that his comment came AFTER the lady who highlighted the billions being written of by UK government via Covid fraud…..that’s the problem with rehearsing a speech with which you want to use to comment via QT as an audience member, in order to cast aspersions minus facts upon devolution but perhaps really against the current Scottish Govt… can fall flat when another person makes same point re waste of money against UK Govt wasting billions of money which they DO substantiate as in back up with a example/fact thus making your ‘opinion’ based on what ?….well your fact free opinion withers and dies and can then only be perceived as mere ramblings….moaning for moaning sake.

        Apparently this same individual came up with a list of things that have NOT improved ( according to him) via devolution or indeed been solved but he was also not yet apparently at the point of REALLY asking why or rather REALLY determining why that is (or has he ?)…..or I assume even considering what are devolved and what are reserved powers….who holds the purse strings……the fact that we are still a part of the UK and it’s so called broad shoulders….Brexit and it’s impact…..etc etc

        He also stated that WE, Scotland via devolution, have all of this money GIVEN to us by the UK Govt…..GIVEN…cause we in Scotland seemingly, according to his statement , contribute the equivalent of NOTHING to the UK as in we are but a registered charity that they donate to….he also apparently equated the state of the roads in the area outside as a problem the Scottish government could not even solve via devolution….so as well as him being unable to distinguish reserved and devolved powers he was also unable to distinguish what was within the remit of local councils and central government…..I think grasping at straws was his contribution last night…………all these failures and waste that he noted and STILL he is unable to see who is REALLY the ones at fault…… and who is REALLY the ones who are trying to do their best….but people like him probably think the solution is constant mitigation by our government together with the UK Government’s generosity (according to him) equate to the best Scotland can do as a country within the UK…….not so much Great Expectations more setting the bar so very low and keeping it there…..pretty much destroys his non argument and reasoning on the list of HIS assumed failures and waste via devolution….( though Labour when in power at Holyrood would have fitted his narrative as to waste and failure). …..and his contribution last night was in the midst of what is being seen as one of the biggest messes and failures via a Tory UK government in recent times…way to go….NOT

        • Not-My-Real-Name says:

          Also meant to add that this person last night on QT many attacks on devolution is suspiciously like many of those uber yoons who have stated that Holyrood should be shut down…..which is their solution to stopping support for independence growing or indeed stopping it in it’s tracks………..

      • Never watched it right through, but I’ll put money on the plant being in his sixties, wearing a M&S checked button down shirt, the uniform of choice of the Silent Majority.
        It’s gone all quiet over M&S closing in Glasgow hasn’t it?
        The Brexit dividend.
        Where will middle class women get lovat v-necked pullovers for their hubbies now?

      • grizebard says:

        Likewise. A distinct lack of indy even-handedness on top of the usual conformity to contemporary BBC cowardice by letting everything gammon pass unchallenged. Watching QT, and not least its audience composition, you would never think that Scotland was currently evenly divided on the independence issue. And such consistent skewing is hardly accidental.

        Just to add insult to injury, the Beeb generously allocates QT’s programming costs to us! So much for the ridiculous “giving” cliché that NMRN rightly condemns. And yet it retains some influence with the weaker-minded, so keeps on returning.

        One can only hope that the programme makers, by overwatering and overexposing their plants, duly cause them to wither. The Union is no more toxic than to its very own.

  17. Hamish100 says:

    On bbc that welsh language channel is to receive another £7million – not sure of the time range. What is bbc Alba receiving in turn?

    • And what about some programming in Scots?

      It always amuses me when people claim ‘Scots isn’t really a different language, but is just a version of English, hence English people can largely understand it!’.

      Except, as per the 2011 census, 62% of people in Scotland say they cannot understand spoken Scots at all, never mind read or write it, while 24% are fluent in all aspects. How on earth does that work if Scots and English are basically the same?

      • Dr Jim says:

        I’d be inclined to think many Scots don’t even know that half of what they speak is the Scots language but they were told in school it was slang English, I know I was, and when I was told this I immediately spoke with a broad Wolverhampton accent which was my mothers tongue and they hated that just as much, hence I was in trouble very much in school for being rebellious and difficult

        I now speak three languages and have a PHD in being difficult, especially with English designed attempts at cultural impositions from a country who’s total culture is the teaching of forelock tugging

  18. Capella says:

    Richard Murphy’s latest blog article outlines the road to fascism which he believes the UK government is following. He lists the 14 signs as outlined by Umberto Eco.

  19. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Billions wasted on Brexit pre and post it’s implementation by Tory UK Govt.
    4.4 Billion spent on UK government’s PLANNING on Brexit (via tax payers money).
    Previous EU funding, now lost, NOT being matched by UK Govt
    The so called Shared Prosperity Fund via UK Govt post Brexit will not give the devolved governments a say in how it is spent.
    £900,000 spent on feasibility study for non starter Bridge from NI to Scotland via UK Govt.
    £37 billion spent on failed Test and Trace system managed via private sector via UK Govt
    Millions of pounds spent and wasted on PPE equipment NOT ft for purpose when awarded to Tory donors via VIP lane via untendered contracts via UK Govt.
    £340 thousand pounds payout to official after Priti Patel bullying claims via UK Govt.
    4.3 billion written off via Covid fraud via UK Govt.
    £133m Covid-19 testing contract Tory donors Randox Laboratories were awarded a . Subsequently, the DHSC ordered 750,000 of the test kits be withdrawn due to safety issues. (firm where Owen Paterson was an adviser) via UK Govt.
    £2.5 billion pounds forecasted on three key projects to upgrade the nuclear defence network via UK Govt..
    £72bn and £98bn.estimated cost of HS2 train network…estimated cost…for now…via UK Govt.
    A £560,000 publicly-funded contract was given to Public First – a firm ran by former colleagues of Michael Gove and Dominic Cummings. The contract was then extended on the “urgent” orders of Gove to conduct research on “attitudes to the UK union.”….via UK Govt.

    The above is just SOME of the waste of money being (mis)spent by the UK Tory government yet some guy on QT last night tried to say devolution NOT working and millions and billions being wasted by Scottish government……..”Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty”…or rather according to that guy on QT last night.. Accuse the other side of that which your preferred side are guilty of…..but which you are in deliberate denial of…. thus you project the blame onto the blameless while those who are the real guilty ones are allowed to continue unopposed by people like you as long as you support them and the Union over your own country and own government…..for some it truly is …wha’s is indeed like us (them) when some of us (them) choose to always worship at the altar of the (non) Union (theirs) .

    • 9. “Pacifism is Trafficking with the Enemy” because “Life is Permanent Warfare” — there must always be an enemy to fight.”
      Now that we fled Afghanistan, we are now on the brink of war with russia over Ukraine.
      Shades of ‘1984’ in which Winston Smith observes that Airstrip One, England, (Orwell regularly refers to ‘Britain’ as ‘England in all his writings) as part of one of the three mega states , Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia, is claimed to be in a state of perpetual war with the other two superpowers.
      We are kept ina state of terror that the foreign menace is about to invade or blow us to kingdom come; The whole world is about to ignite, unless we spend billions on WMD and tanks and aircraft and ships and landmines and and and .
      There is no doubt that England has lost it coimpletely, and this is reflected in their media at present, especially the state broadcaster and Murdoch’s channels.
      We are to live in fear of annihilation, and cower in cold rooms eating low grade food, and be grateful that the Eton and Harrow boys have got this under control.
      The English Establishment in the 1930’s were no less fascist than Germany…
      Only when the Germans threatened the English Golden geese colonies like India and the Middle East did the English decide to take Hitler on.

      Big Brother is looking after us.

    • Just imagine how an English audience views Dull overweight Stephen Kerr, equally and dusty and battle wearied Emily Thornberry attempting to mount a Better Together onslaught on young fresh unflappable Mairi McAllan over Scottish LA fundingI just accessed i Palyer and scrolled to the bit where Bruce was setting up the SNP and coordinating the Red and Blue Tory pincer movement on the Bad SNP>
      Won’t watch this junk any more.
      They are tired old dinosaurs, well well past any public usefulness.
      Scotland is a young thrusting nation.
      Time to trundle in to the Elephants’ Graveyard for the Auld Yoons.

      • grizebard says:

        Ah, Thornberry. Wasn’t she the one who once sneered on Twitter at the very English flag-waving types that her current boss is now trying to win over…?

  20. Hamish100 says:

    Re the new Poll.

    At which point do the bbc report polls that are favourable to Independence? 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 It seems they say they cannot report on individual polls ( they all are by default) but will report on trends. Can’t think the last time I would see this on the tele.

    ALBA cannot be happy with there figures. Maybe this is the fault of the FM- again?

  21. Alex Clark says:

    The latest from the Lib Dems in Scotland is a ridiculous attack on the FM fully back by the Daily Fail:

    Nicola Sturgeon is accused of ‘twisting’ Covid figures to make England look worse as Lib Dems report her to UK statistics watchdog

    The First Minister has been reported to the UK Statistics Authority by the Scottish Liberal Democrats over her use of numbers at Holyrood yesterday.

    During First Minister’s Questions, Ms Sturgeon referenced Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimates to say England’s infection rate is ‘over 20 per cent higher than those in Scotland’.

    The ONS figures show 5.47 per cent of people in England are infected compared to 4.49 per cent in Scotland.

    The English figure can be calculated to be 21.83 per cent higher than Scotland, but the Scottish Liberal Democrats have taken umbrage at the claim because there is just a 0.98 percentage points difference between the two numbers.

    In a letter to UK Statistics Authority chairman Sir David Norgrove, Lib Dem MSP Willie Rennie wrote: ‘The public have a right to always expect the Scottish Government’s interpretation of data to be robust.

    ‘This is even more important when that data is being used to justify and substantiate restrictions on their liberty and freedoms under the use of emergency powers.

    ‘Parliament has granted powers to ministers that would not be countenanced in any other circumstances so scrutiny of how they are used is essential.

    ‘Public confidence in these statistics must not be put at risk. There must be no bias, spin or manipulation. However, I am concerned that these statistics may have been seriously twisted.

    Total chancers, the Yellow Tories striving to match their superiors led by Johnson.

    • grizebard says:

      This from the selfsame people who are notorious for producing all these fantastically-doctored graphs on election pamphlets. But that’s elections, where any kind of brazen lying is just what happens, as Malcolm Bruce once dismissively revealed.

      There’s ordinary political hypocrisy, and there’s shameless FibDem hypocrisy at Holyrood. Hypocrisy at a stratospheric level. They must be worried. All four of them.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Nicola Sturgeon was ABSOLUTELY correct in saying that England’s Covid infection rate was ‘over 20 per cent higher than those in Scotland’ because that’s exactly what the numbers from the ONS say!. For every 10 people infected in Scotland during the week surveryed by the ONS there were 12 people infected in England.

      • Marc says:

        Looks like in this case she has got her figures wrong (it happens to even the best prepared at times). The ONS figures she was referring to show infection rates at 1/20 in both England and Scotland

        • Marc says:

          Looking at it a bit more it appears that it was the percentages that were being referred to. 5.47 % for England and 4.49% for Scotland which is a 20% difference. But that is not the same as the infection rates being 20% higher in England, for that to be true the infection rate would have to be 25.47%.

          As has been mentioned this ‘flexibility’ when using statistics is not unique to the SNP all political parties do it. But ultimately it’s not something that is tolerated or allowed in other sectors – so should be called out if politicians do it whatever party they represent.

          For example, if you want your bank to open a savings account and they offered you an interest rate of 5.47% and sold it as being 20% higher than their rivals interest rate which was 4.49% you would quite rightly call them out for lying. In fact, if they did that they would get huge fines for miss-selling.

          • Alex Clark says:

            You’re wrong again!

            If you have £10,000 in the bank and get 4.49% interest then you will receive £449 at the end of the year.
            If instead, you receive £547 (5.47%) then you have received 21.8% more than the £449 you thought you were going to get.

            No matter how you try and dress your claim up now, the FM was correct in her statement at yesterday’s FMQ’s that the number of people infected with Covid in England for the week reported by the ONS was 20% greater than that in England.

            This might be a good time to put down the shovel and stop digging?

            • Alex Clark says:

              That last England should have said Scotland, time for bed maybe? LOL

              • Marc says:

                That’s a different calculation that shows the difference between two end figures based on the same starting non-percentage figure and two different percentages.

                We just want to know how much higher one % figure is than another % figure. Calculating how much higher one percentage is from another is the same as if you were calculating how much one non-percentage number from another you subtract the lower figure from the higher figure and the answer is the increase.

                For example:

                How much higher is 10% than 5% (10-5=5 % higher)
                How much higher is 75% than 25% (75 – 25=50% higher)

                As I said this is not the same as percentage difference – using the examples above

                Percentage difference between 10% and 5% = 66% higher
                Percentage difference between 75% and 25% = 100% higher.

                5.47%-4.49%= 0.98% So cases in England were 0.98% higher.

                As a said politicians of all colours can be ‘flexible’ when using statistics; and I agree that opposition parties should drop the holier than thou attitude as they are just as bad; all parties need to be a bit more responsible when using statistics!

                • Alex Clark says:

                  You are mathematically illiterate, hopefully, you do not handle other people’s money in any capacity whatsoever.

                • Alex Clark says:

                  Oh, and by the way, your slip is showing.

                • Drew Anderson says:

                  ‘…For example:

                  How much higher is 10% than 5% (10-5=5 % higher)
                  How much higher is 75% than 25% (75 – 25=50% higher)…’

                  No, the answers are 100 percent and 200 percent. Every time you use ‘%’, in these examples, as a simple substitution for percent/percentage, you’re making a mistake by omitting ‘points’.

                  ‘…As I said this is not the same as percentage difference – using the examples above

                  Percentage difference between 10% and 5% = 66% higher
                  Percentage differen doce between 75% and 25% = 100% higher.

                  5.47%-4.49%= 0.98% So cases in England were 0.98% higher…’

                  No, extremely dodgy arithmetic aside, every time you conflate ‘percentage’ with ‘percentage points’ you defeat your own argument and prove Alex’s.

                  ‘…As a said politicians of all colours can be ‘flexible’ when using statistics; and I agree that opposition parties should drop the holier than thou attitude as they are just as bad; all parties need to be a bit more responsible when using statistics!”

                  I refer you to the case of pot versus kettle.

                • How much higher is 10% than 5% (10-5=5 % higher)
                  How much higher is 75% than 25% (75 – 25=50% higher)

                  This is just not mathematically correct:

                  10-5=5 % higher

                  10 – 5 = 5.
                  5 is the base here (’10 is X% higher than 5’), so 5/100 = 0.05 = 1%.
                  10/0.05 = 200 = 200%

                  so, obviously if 5 = 100% and 10 = 200%, then 10 is 100% (200-100) higher than 5.

                  I get where you are coming from, but saying ‘Cases in Xland are 1% higher than in Yland’ should mean for every 100 (100%) cases in Xland, there are 101 (101%) in Yland. This is how it must be read unless explained otherwise.

                  So if I announce that ‘Cases in England are 22% higher than in Scotland’, it must mean that for every 100 (or 4.49, if divided by a factor of 22.27) cases in Scotland, there must be 122 (or 5.47) in England.

                  5.47/4.49 = 1.22, i.e. 5.47 = 1.22 x 4.49

                  Or, 5.47 = 122% of 4.49

                  Meaning 5.47 is unquestionably 22% higher than 4.49.

                  It is perfectly ok to say ‘5% of people are infected in one place compared to 4% in others; a difference of 1% (base = 100 or 100%)’, as the base is being kept as 100(%).

                  However, if I say ‘Cases in England are 22% higher than Scotland’ without adding anything else to qualify further, then the base is the number of cases in Scotland, and cases in England must be 1.22x or 122% of that.

                  And the ‘22% higher’ approach is better for appreciating the impact on the NHS. If England has 122 hospitalizations for every 100 in Scotland, that’s definitely 22% more resources needed to cope. Saying it’s only 1% more would be really misleading in terms of the strain being put on hospitals. I don’t think we should minimise covid in such a way.

                  Note I have not looked into the most recent figures; I’ve just used the numbers you gave and spoken generally.

                  • Marc says:

                    England for every 100 people 5.47 people had covid. (5.47%)
                    Scotland for every 100 people 4.49 people had covid. (4.49%)

                    Meaning if you compare England and Scotland for every 100 people 1 extra person had covid (rounded up from 0.98). If cases were 20% higher as claimed then for every 100 people England would have 20 extra cases and the percentages quoted by the ONS would be 4.49% for Scotland and 24.49% for England.

                    Again percentage difference (which gives the 20% figure) and the difference between two percentages (which tells you how much higher or lower one percentage is than another) is not the same thing.


                    • Sorry, but are you seriously trying to tell me that 5.47 ≠ 1.22 x 4.49, or 5.47 is not 122% of 4.49, i.e. 22% higher?

                      You are actually presenting figures which show that for every 100 Scots with covid, England has 122 (just multiply both by a factor of 22.27 to see this), yet trying to argue that’s not a 22% difference? Jeez. I don’t know what really to say.

                      That’s just silly and try telling it to a covid ward with 100 beds yet 122 covid patients at the door that they ‘only need a single extra bed as the differences is 1%’.

                      You are doing your best to make the Tories look good, but digging a rather large hole for yourself.

                      It’s not that your approach is fundamentally wrong as a % of the total population, but it really is an attempt to minimise the difference, and not how the NHS will be looking at things.

                      It is certainly not in any way incorrect to say England has 22% more covid cases than Scotland, and that is best value to understand relative impacts on health services.

                      Using your approach ‘whole of the population’ approach, you would be telling me that a doubling of UK road deaths would only be a tiny difference of 0.001% (per capita) rather than 100% increase. Would you not think that a bit misleading? I do and I’m sure most would also.

                      Anyway, I will leave it there because the above is totally correct. People can chose the figure they think is misleading and which better describes things.

                      If you think they’ll buy into 122 covid cases in England for every 100 in Scotland not making the former 22% higher, well ok.

  22. Scotland Aye says:

    Thank you for making the point I was trying to make though unfortunately badly. My only initial point was wanting to see some action from the Scottish government to achieve independence.

    • Hey Scotland Aye. Am I right in thinking you are you believe the BTL indybog commenter ‘Independence for Scotland’ makes, I quote, ‘reasoned and valid comments’?

      If so, this is probably why you got people’s backs up a bit earlier on. In case you were wondering. Let’s just say ‘it’ is not very complimentary of this blog, the BTL commenters here, and the yes movement as a whole. 😉

      I personally have found this blog and commenters very welcoming. The mods are also firm but fair and keep it civil, meaning trolls feel unwelcome, which is all good for the cause.

      • Scotland Aye says:

        Hi, thanks for the explanation and yes I posted on another blog encouraging IFS to keep posting as I have seen some interesting posts by him/her. Having said that there have been several others that are offensive and unhelpful in working for independence. Sadly various blogs have these elements and that is why I have tried to be polite on here and other sites. As I say thanks for the comment .

    • Dr Jim says:

      Nicola Sturgeon will release nothing, drip nothing and do no deals with Unionists over Independence, all those mistakes were already made and used against us, Nicola Sturgeon will keep her mouth tightly shut until it’s time to open it, then she’ll do it properly, those insisting she must share the plans are just plain wrong

  23. Dr Jim says:

    I doubt very much that Nicola Sturgeon has to twist or invent anything to assist in making England look bad or any worse than it already is, the people of England performed that piece of idiocy all by themselves when they voted Tory yet again despite their incredible vile record of behaviour, then compounded their stupidity when Johnson held a general election in which they handed him the dictator keys of the entire castle which he proceeded to burn down, get Brexit done? what a shower of nitwits

    No, they don’t need trying to blame Nicola Sturgeon for making England look any worse than the voters of England already have been so successful at doing all by themselves, it’s all on them, all of it, Scotland warned them, did they listen? do they ever?

  24. And it is only just the aperitif of Brexit checks.

    ‘Brexit to blame’: Huge lorry queues at Dover as port bosses call for talks on EU checks

    Huge lorry queues building up at the Port of Dover have been blamed “entirely” on extra controls which have come into force from Brexit.

    It comes as port chiefs urged the UK government to hold talks with the EU on ways to ease further checks set to come in later in 2022 which could cause “disastrous” disruption to trade.

    One courier told The Independent he had been caught up in queues of up to 15km since full customs controls came into force at beginning of January.

    The British haulier said it was taking 15 to 20 minutes for each driver to clear checks needed for the UK government’s new Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) system and other export paperwork at Dover.

    “It’s entirely Brexit – you can’t blame it on anything else but Brexit,” said the driver, who has had to push back some deliveries.

  25. Alex Clark says:

    No, it is you who have got your figures wrong. The ONS rounds both results for England and Scotland to “around 1 in 20” which is a poor method for reporting this particular statistic. For example, a number rounded up from 1 in 18 to 1 in 20 still has a relatively large % difference from one that is rounded down from 1 in 22 to 1 in 20. In that particular case, it is 22%.

    Using their own figures from the 19th Jan early release of today’s release (today’s are the same), there was an estimated 2,984,200 people in England who had COVID from a population of 56,550,000. That gives a positivity rate in England of 1 in 19.

    For Scotland, the ONS estimated that 236,600 people had COVID from a population of 5,466,000. That gives a positivity rate of 1 in 23, this results in there being 21% more people infected with Covid that week in England per head of population than were infected in Scotland.

    The FM gave the difference as 20%, she was correct.

    It looks like the ONS should have rounded up the Scotland figure to 1 in 25 but for some reason, it or other they chose not to. Funny that.

    • Alex Clark says:

      This was in response to Marc and put in the wrong place.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Miraculously, even the Daily Maul appear to have gotten that about right.

      The English figure can be calculated to be 21.83 per cent higher than Scotland, but the Scottish Liberal Democrats have taken umbrage at the claim because there is just a 0.98 percentage points difference between the two numbers.

    • Capella says:


    • Marc says:

      The FM gave the difference as 20%, she was correct.

      Thanks for agreeing me. I have never said it was not a 20% difference. But the FM never said there was a 20% difference between the English and Scottish figures she said that the English figure was 20% higher, which was incorrect.

      Two completely different calculations 2% is 1% higher than 1%, 10% is 5% higher than 5%, 25% is 5% higher than 20% (I assume you are not going to disagree with this) but the percentage difference is 66%,66% and 22% respectively.

      As you can see the two calculations are not even remotely interchangeable, you cant pass off the answer for one calculation as the answer for the other.

      Enjoy your weekend:)

      • Alex Clark says:

        “Looks like in this case she has got her figures wrong (it happens to even the best prepared at times). The ONS figures she was referring to show infection rates at 1/20 in both England and Scotland”

        The above is what you said wormtongue.

        Nothing there about “higher” or “difference”. You said the FM got it wrong and even yet, refuse to admit that it was you who had got it wrong and that the FM had been absolutelyy correct in what she said.

      • As per my post above, the FM would be absolutely correct to say that ‘cases were 20% higher in England’ if there were 120 cases there for every 100 in Scotland. Which, I understand, is about correct from your own figures in your earlier post.

        Certainly, hospitals would much rather be dealing with 100 than 120 cases…1000 rather than 1200 and so on. The latter in each case would mean 20% more resources, 20% more beds filled on the covid ward and all the extra strain that makes.

        We should not try to minimise figures here as the Tories wish to.

        • Marc says:

          But there are not 120 cases for every 100 in Scotland there are 101 cases in Egland for every 100 in Scotland as per the ONS data. I agree we should not minimise data nor should we exaggerate it both are as bad as each other

        • Huh? I am just using your figures The 122 vs 100 numbers are from your data. I quote:

          England for every 100 people 5.47 people had covid. (5.47%)
          Scotland for every 100 people 4.49 people had covid. (4.49%)

          This very obviously means (by simply multiplying all values by a factor of 22.27 to give a 100 number for Scotland as a base):

          England for every 2227 people 122 people had covid. (5.47%)
          Scotland for every 2227 people 100 people had covid. (4.49%)

          Meaning that for every 100 covid cases in Scotland, there are, without question, 122 in England. But his should be obvious from the fact 5.47 = 1.22 x 4.49. And of course, the %’s remain correct, with 100/2227*100 = 4.49% etc.

          Are you sure you understand %’s?

          Anyway, as per the above post, I see nothing wrong with the a ‘22% higher’ figure which is what your own numbers scream at everyone, hence folk questioning your arguments.

          Unless you are saying your own numbers are wrong?

          I’ll leave this here as I am not wrong at all based on your own numbers.

          • Derek says:

            I have a couple of really interesting statistics books; one of them’s called “How to lie with Statistics” and I used them – at university – to present a report that found the opposite of what was asked for. Presented unofficially, and the correct one presented officially, though…

  26. Hamish100 says:

    I see today’s Times has a full,picture of Davidson on its front page. Who is pulling the strings to this narcissist? The self promotion is something to behold. Wonder what the real storyline is?

  27. Hamish100 says:

    Re the new poll.

    Sign of an optimist. .. “Also noteworthy is that Alba’s list support has doubled from 1% to 2% – dealing a crushing blow to those harbouring misplaced hopes that the new party was somehow on its way out.” Or, is it a sign of being delusional? Time will

    • Dr Jim says:

      Doubled from nothing to almost nothing isn’t something you’d think they’d want to crow about after a year and a half of negative campaigning and at least a year of their own personal blogger screaming bitterness before that, I don’t think I feel crushed by that *polling* news

    • I’m guessing this is sarcasm. The poll is static within error for most parties. Only the Tories seem to be down a tad, which would tie in with #partygate.

      Based on the figures, Alba are stuck where they were in May, which would be consistent with them maintaining the same unpopular leadership and electoral strategy that only chimed with 1.7% of voters, winning over no No SNP/Green voters net (these saw increased vote share combined).

  28. Hamish100 says:

    Listening to Torcquil Crichton from the Daily Record and someone form The Spectator ( again!) on bbc radio sco….. Union.

    Torcquil was right however in talking about Westminster and the future of politics there. The option for England is Tory or Labour or Labour and Tory. This will reflect the 21st Century. Lack of hope, lies, austerity for the people, out of Europe and no friends.

    For the undecideds reading this in Scotland there is another option.

    The confidence that this nation will go forward with as an Independent nation.

    Look at the Ireland of 1820’s to the1920’s and now as the Ireland of 2020’s.

    We owe it to ourselves and our children’s , children. Be proactive and be of good hope, vote Independence.

  29. Capella says:

    Independence Live are covering the AUOB march today from 11.00 am. Here’s the youtube link if you want to view what’s happening.

  30. Capella says:

    Home Office is threatening to deport two Syrian toddlers because they can’t find their paperwork (isn’t this not all online nowadays!).

    TIME is running out for two Syrian toddlers to reunite with their father in Scotland – because the Home Office can’t say where their paperwork is.

    Unless their travel documents reach Lebanon by Tuesday, little Leya Alnajjar, two, and her one-year-old brother Fahed face deportation back to Syria with their mother Rawan Alshaban, 26.

    All three of them have permission to travel to Scotland to start a new life with hairdresser dad Jalal Alnajjar, 32.

    Incompetent, like everything else in the clown administration in Westminster.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      “isn’t this not all online nowadays” – The problem lies with paperwork which must be lodged in Lebanon, and the authorities there cannot trace where the documents are currently.
      The fault for that lies with the sender, the infamous HO.

  31. Bob Lamont says:

    Amazed to see the time devoted to mathematical arguments and what is alleged to have been said, when all that really matters is Scotland’s strategy has proved the least damaging.
    Wee Wullie must be fair pleased with himself…

    • Capella says:

      Hold my beer!
      A recent video by Dr John Campbell, using UK Gov COVID 19 data manipulated by Our World in Data shows that, in spite of stricter restrictions in Scotland we had a 7 x greater number of infections from Omicron. England and Wales had 3 x greater and NI 6 x greater.

      So the obvious conclusion is – don’t take any protective measures if you want to keep your infection rates down.

      Explain that one, mathematical geniuses upthread – other than they just don’t count them properly in England (and Wales which uses the same NHS recording service).

      Dr Campbell videocast 25 mins but the info is in the first 5 mins

      Our World Data charts – click “change location” for national charts.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Comparing the individual countries to their respective 100% peaks at the start of the pandemic is an interesting exercise, however Campbell’s comment in terms of protective measures taken for Scotland is interesting but flawed.

        England had been more heavily infected in the first wave before dilly-dally Johnson moved, SG moved rapidly to put measures in place before it really got a grip in Scotland.
        This would have caused the first wave in Scotland to be lower, thence the increase in the last being more pronounced for Scotland than England 😉

        • Capella says:

          I’m wondering if he will update that video at some point. It’s not really on message. 😷

        • Capella says:

          And – Scotland and Wales both took strict precautions. Scotland has high infection figures and Wales has low. England took lax precautions and has low figures. England and Wales share the same data collecting service.

          • Bob Lamont says:

            Amazed the penny has not yet dropped. You are looking at two different datums in the first place, Scotland and England, different data, there is NO correlation possible.
            You cannot seriously compare any without a common datum.

            • Capella says:

              I was being ironic, Bob. But Dr Campbell presents it as if it is cause and effect. He is being oddly irrational IMO.

              • Bob Lamont says:

                uh ok. His perspective regarding the UK outside England has shown up as flawed from time to time, probably not even aware of this incorrect comment, let alone how it is received.

    • Statgeek says:

      That was my first thought.

      “Who is listening to that squeaky little waste of a good MSP vacancy?”

      • Statgeek says:

        And if the Lib Dems are the party of ‘accurate numbers’ suddenly, I’m sure a few people will call them out on their electoral charts. “Only Lib Dems can win here.” etc.

  32. Hamish100 says:

    Of course it may demonstrate better reporting procedures. From my understanding Scotland is one of the best nations in categorising and recording infections and has been over the past century

  33. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    I think Willie Rennie has MORE things to worry about than Nicola Sturgeon and FIGURES being right or wrong….and I think wee Willie has been on a deflection mission on behalf of one Alex Cole Hamilton

    The Times is running a story Emma Walker former CEO of Lib Dems ( apparently the Sun also contacted her on this) …..on the toxic culture within the Lib Dems, misogyny, how the Lib Dems tried to silence her at every turn……

    On her Twitter account she states :

    “I was CEO of Scot Lib Dems, and Mental Health spokesperson. The final straw wasn’t being assaulted, or being bullied, or being used by Alex Cole Hamilton as he mounted a coup against a woman MP. I left when I saw the party’s response to suggestions of paedophilia in the party”.

    “I left the Scottish Lib Dems because of a growing concern about paedophiles in the party. I told
    @agcolehamiltonon Fri 12 March 2021. He made me “promises” for when he was a leader. I texted him the first Monday morning of his leadership. He said he was on it. He unfollowed me”

    “He’s not done a single thing to investigate this or anything else that I raised – as CEO or as Mental Health spokesperson. @TheScotsman know he’s a liar, but somehow the old boys club closed ranks and didn’t print any of the evidence. I will not stop Alex”.

    “They walk among us.The abusers, the bystanders and the gaslighters.DO NOT TRUST ALEX COLE HAMILTON. I’m deeply ashamed that I ever did”.

    So NOW does it make sense why Wee Willie is kicking up a such a big fuss…..he’s been sent out on a mission ……like the Tories it’s a damage limitation exercise though this one is to project a SNPBAD story to counter the much BIGGER LIBDEMSBAD story from one of their own…….i.e. an ex member who left when she realised, like us on here, that the Lib Dems were/are the worst of the worst in political terms……..

    Check out her Twitter a/c Emma Walker @Emma Walker CEO…watch her video on the Lib Dems where she states paedophilia in Lib Dems is CURRENT…..not just historical……then after watching this video all will make sense WHY Willie Rennie currently ( and historically) is now kicking up a stushie on FM and her so called skewed figures…… in when there is dirty politics being played you can be sure the Lib Dems will be there, as well as the Tories and t’other Unionists, fighting not the GOOD fight but the BADDEST of BADDEST fight………….as in fighting dirty.

    Oh my God…………

  34. Hamish100 says:

    You could almost imagine a Lib Dem in power linking up with a Tory and a Tory newspaper to lie over a conversation between the current FM and a French Embassy official. This would be followed up by a bbc journalist who questions live the dep. fm on tv. When they are found to be conspiring one is sent off to the USA. The Lib Dem’s cover up with the tories, labour keep quiet as they are all part of the same unionist team.

    Later on 1 Lib Dem sits in the lords hiding an ex mp called smith, another remains an mp and another becomes the Moderator of the Church of Scotland. Willie rennie remains as Willie rennie as a failed politician.
    The Tory becomes an envoy of sorts with NZ

    Sometimes fiction is stranger than fact … or, is that fact is …………

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Aye….. you could also imagine had this been a whistleblower stating this about the SNP re my above comment at 12.43pm today then this story would be on ALL media today…. as in included on ALL TV channels 24/7…….this story however , as tis about Lib Dems, will either grow arms and legs or like all negative stories about Unionist parties will disappear…not to be touched by other MSM outlets….and thus will not be given the prominence it deserves……because the Union and those parties who support it can never be seen to be WORSE than the SNP…….as every vote counts for THEM, the Unionists, in Scotland…..

      So where those voters in Scotland cannot or can no longer vote Tory but NEED to keep out the SNP then the Lib Dems seems to be their party of political choice…….some choice that is … it not………..with these allegations that Emma Walker, a former member , has made against them and their Scottish (in name only) Leader……power stance included.

      The whole system is rotten……I am so sick of it.

      • He must be praying for a cold snap and icicles on the Queensferry vrossing.
        Ming Campbell read the eulogy at Cyril Smith’s funeral, knowing full well that this man was a rabid paedophile.
        The Liberals/Lib Dems have a lurid history.
        Perhaps Wee Willie is anticipating taking over a ‘leader’ (of 4?) MSPs?
        Go back to your constituencies and prepare for grovelling.

  35. JoMax says:

    Hamish100 @ 1.13 am above: “I see today’s Times has a full,picture of Davidson on its front page. Who is pulling the strings to this narcissist? The self promotion is something to behold. Wonder what the real storyline is?”

    Her physog is front page news on HuffPost today too, the usual smiley, wavey stuff. “Tories are tired of the drama emanating out of No 10”, she says. Well, you don’t say, dear. Aren’t we all? She was not a supporter of Boris’s leadership, you know, and she was not a supporter of Brexit, you know, but, hey, she was well rewarded nevertheless and now revels in her celeb status in England where all the Anglo-Scots go for furtherance of their waning careers and titillation of their egos.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      For sure somebody is pulling strings to promote her widely. It can’t be her pals in BBC Scotland doing this so presumably the Murdoch dynasty sorry dinosaur are behind this..

  36. Hamish100 says:

    She’ll be on the tele next advertising Baxter’s soup with Dame Goldie.

    Tories, troughs and snouts go together.

  37. Real independence supporters (no inverted commas) call for Bozo to resign.

    AUOB march through Glasgow calls for Boris Johnson to resign and independence now

  38. This is brexit.

    Brexit pressure mounts on government as border queues build

    • If only we had been repeatedly banging on about the absolute folly of this since,oh, say June 2016…oh, wait.

      The deadly silence from the Jock Blahs and TV stations, especialyy BBC Jockland and their political and business front men.
      How’s the shellfish industry these days ion your native island,Glenn Campbell?
      Scotland commerce with Europe will not have to snake through England come independence.

    • jfngw says:

      I believe the official response, promulgated by the BBC I read, is it as nothing to do with Brexit. A quick check on Google Earth, using its historical sat images, reveals of course prior to 2021 there are no images of any queues on this road, clear all the way back from 2019 to 2002 for every year an image exists.

      The excuse is a faulty ferry, but as the queue existed in Mar 21 that ferry seems to have been faulty for a long time.

      • Stephen McKenzie says:

        What!.. A faulty ferry, Sturgeon must go.. I am sure Tom Gordon is on the case already 🙂

  39. Derek says:

    In an interesting development, it appears that Wragg has gone to the polis.

  40. davetewart says:

    The Times.
    Nasrat Ghani, mp and ex minister says she was sacked for being Muslim, the whips said her faith was making colleages uncomfortable.
    Remember the flounder pronounced that they were not racist.

    • Golfnut says:

      We’ve always known they were racist, anti Scot, anti Welsh, anti Irish, they have multi derogatory names for just about everybody, dagoes, frogs and huns to name but a few. This smacks of religious bigotry as well though, but I’m struggling with the teachings of the Koran and tory ideology sitting side by side in an individual even though we apparently have devout Catholics and protestants serving in what can only be described as the most blatantly corrupt government ever.

    • Unelected church of England bishops in the house of Lords is of course fine.

  41. Old Pete says:

    Tory racists, are we really surprised.

  42. Tatu3 says:

    Ot an interesting article about electric cars.

    “How did Norway do it? Partly through luck: it’s a small country (population 5.5 million) which has abundant supplies of hydroelectric energy and – ironically – massive fossil-fuel reserves….”

    Scotland has so much in common with Norway once we get away from Westminster

  43. Dr Jim says:

    BBCs Sophie Raworth turns purple in the face attempting to defend indefensible England to Nicola Sturgeon in this mornings interview with Scotlands FM
    Despite Raworths continued attacks on Scotland the FM continually pointed out that in fact it was England who was the outlier in all of its decisions as a recent poll in Scotland demonstrated that three quarters of Scots supported the Scottish government in their handling of Covid and as Wales Northern Ireland and Scotland were closely aligned in their decision making and in line with most of the rest of Europe once again it is England who are exceptionally different not everybody else

    Raworth attempted the usual BBC line of attack focusing on Scottish Independence to no avail whatsoever as once again the FM clamped her face shut by citing the election that the SNP won on that very proposition while reinforcing her position that such a referendum will take place in the second half of 2023 and that the legislative work on that is being completed as we speak

    As Raworth turned to face the camera to conclude the programme her face could only be described as a deep shade of glowing purple, was it rage? was it embarrassment? had she been out in the sun during the interview? who knows, but it was a joy that the BBC were soundly gubbed and gubbed good

    On a personal note it seems to me like the FM is gearing up for the next fight now that the Covid battle is being brought more under control

    • Raworth is a London based English exceptionalist.

      She relies on Dross Rennie and Sarwar for her bullet points and ‘Gotcha!’ thrusts and parries.

      NS was ready for her, and as the only consummate political leader operating in the four nations dragged the New Marr through the wringer,

      Poor Sophie was mangled, crushed, glad that it was all over.

      Her florid face was a combination of stress, rage, and embarrassment.

      The WHO guest earlier could not have been clearer.

      Covid is still ravaging throughout the globe.

      AS Nicola stressed England is the outlier.

      ‘Freedom Day’ in England from tomorrow is to cover the stramash surrounding Johnson’s and his Government’s terrible administration, nothing else.

      English citizens will die needlessly to cover the awful state of their country run by idiots, carpetbaggers and evil men and women.
      The scoop of Sturgeon announcing live on BBC London that we shall be holding a Referendum in 2023 may cost Raworth her job as the new Sunday Morning Voice of the English Oligarchy.

      Geissler interviewed Kerr, now the only Jock Tory willing to appear on camera.

      A lumbering big man, perched on a stool declaring Dross a ‘man of steel’,

      No Jack, No dross, no Baroness Rape Clause.
      It’s all gone quiet over there.


    • Hamish100 says:

      Yes Dr Jim, Raworth was on attack mode. Usual bbc reference to the hospitality sector group I think run by friends of Mundell.
      If we were all infected the hospitality sector would be shut longer with no customers and no staff. It was wastemonster that refused to bring back furlough support.

      Just before the FW we had the spokesperson from the WHO who was quite clear that we cannot come out of a pandemic until the world is out of the pandemic. The virus will mutate again ( already doing this) and no guarantee that it will be milder. The spokesperson is worth listening too online. She was talking about next year all going well. Independence YES, all going well next year too.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Glad to hear the FM firmly stood her ground, brownie points that it frustrated Raworth.

      London are desperate to present everyone else as out of step whilst they jump from one presumption to the next, and SG have long been singled out for attack by the media mafia etc to stir up public disquiet, which in the main has not come to much beyond grumbles.
      That NI and Wales have adopted a similar precautionary strategy leaves London out on a limb, they know the inevitable Covid Inquiry will not cast them in favourable light.

      I’d second Hamish’s observation on the WHO view that we are not yet out of the Covid woods and cannot be until all are out – Despite the UK view of Omicron as “benign”, NZ is treating a recent outbreak as serious and re-imposed restrictions, England is very much the outlier over Covid.

    • jfngw says:

      That’s because we are not equal in their eyes, it’s more akin to a trade union were one union has over 83% of the members and uses the members totals to decide the outcome. They see no issue with their elected reps being able to overrule our elected reps, even when they have little representation in our country. But we should have no say in the running of their country and in effect our own as they scheme on how to return total control of Scotland to England.

      The BBC is just a mirror image of the UK Government, it is organised almost identically. In fact you can think of BBC Scotland as the model for devolution, set up to give the impression of having a broadcaster but actual control and its remit still held in London.

  44. Capella says:

    Prof David Simpson, founding director of the Fraser of Allander Institute calls for GERS to be scrapped.
    GERS and the continuing myth of the ‘fiscal deficit’ in Scotland

    …the expenditure side of the “fiscal balance” printed annually in GERS purports to show the value of expenditure by both the Scottish and UK Governments “for the benefit of” Scotland.
    So far as I’m aware, no ­other ­country in the world publishes ­statistics that attempt to ­measure expenditures ­according to their ­supposed ­“benefit”, for the ­simple reason that such ­measures are ­necessarily arbitrary and ­subjective.

  45. Capella says:

    Seems the Westminster “end of Covid” partying is a bit premature, says an immunology expert in The National.

    Boris Johnson’s move to scrap Covid rules blasted as a risky ‘gamble’

    “We have a separate administration but it will put pressure on decisions in Scotland if people are looking down south and asking how can they do that,” said Mabbott, chair of ­immunopathology at the ­University of Edinburgh. “At the same time there will be people visiting Scotland who may have coronavirus but who don’t legally, in England at least, have to isolate.

    • Going to be lovely if you are someone with a supressed immune system to have mask-free people with covid coughing it in your face.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Indeed, Westminster now redefines the word *protection* as *restriction* maybe we should just give up on wearing seat belts in our cars, putting up umbrellas when it rains, crossing roads against the traffic lights, lotion to protect our skins when the sun burns, the list is endless of protections that we have adopted that no one calls *restrictions*

        Face coverings are a protection against airborne infections and I for one am not in the least burdened by protecting myself from possible sickness and death by wearing one

        But then again I’m not pretending to be an exceptional invulnerable English Tory engaging in such dialogue in an effort to divert public attention away from the most inept and incompetent political leader in living memory

  46. jfngw says:

    Just read Stephen Kerr is a Mormon, I had assumed it was a spelling mistake but apparently not. Perfect training ground for Tory candidate though, gets them used to having doors slammed in their faces.

    Apparently he has a favourite picture of D.Ross, haven’t we all, mine is the one of him falling running the line. Thomson Twins fans I suspect.

    I have a picture pinned to my wall
    An image of you and of me and we’re laughing, we’re loving it all
    Look at our life now, we’re tattered and torn
    We fuss and we fight and delight in the tears and we cry until dawn

    Hold me now, warm my heart
    Stay with me, let loving start, let loving start

    • I immediately thought of 10 CC;s ‘I’m Not In Love’, jfngw,
      “I keep your picture
      Upon the wall
      It hides a nasty stain that’s lying there
      So don’t you ask me
      To give it back
      I know you know it doesn’t mean that much to me.”

      It would take a snap of Cinerama proportions to hide the ‘nasty stain’ on the Blue Tories’ wall.

      That a grown man has a photo of Dross facing up to Scott Brown on his wall seems ..well, let’s me polite about this, odd.
      Maybe it’s ‘just a silly phase, he’s going through’. Let’s hope so , for his sake.

  47. Alex Clark says:

    Here’s the full interview (15 mins) by the BBC’s Sophie Raworth of the FM referred to by Dr Jim.

    • Capella says:

      Looked rather hot in the BBC studio 🥵

      Meanwhile – Peter Stefanovic continues to expose Tory lies which go completely unchallenged in the TV studios. “If they won’t put the record straight let’s do it ourselves.”

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Curious over the odd source for that clip Alex, “Liarpoliticians”, so went for a look-see, 474 Subscribers, only came into being June 2021.
      The clip is headed “SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon on ‘covid’ ID Cards, face masks, and her obsession with control (23Jan22)”, his/her hallmark appears to be to append Nazi Party to everything political, hence the opening line “Scottish Nazi Party” etc. and 6 comments… Big time eh…

      No matter, at least said sad individual satisfied curiosity, an FM on top of her game…

      • Alex Clark says:

        Yes BOB, I spotted that myself when I found it. As it appears to have been the only full interview available I decided to post a link here.

        The crazy thing is, the person responsible for posting it doesn’t appear to realise that this was a masterclass by the FM in how to handle a hostile interview. She got every point she wanted to make across and Sophie Raworth was often left floundering in a search for something to rebuke the FM with.

        The FM also got in a very positive last couple of minutes on her plans for Independence and a referendum in 2023 which didn’t please the interviewer who suddenly became in a hurry to wrap things up. It’s a mystery to me as to why the poster put it up on Youtube in the first place! I have to assume he’s a bit thick or maybe a secret supporter of Independence 🙂

        • Bob Lamont says:

          No complaint whatever Alex, as you said, unwittingly or otherwise the poster performed a useful service.

    • P Harvey says:

      Go Nicola – a masterclass of an interview!

  48. Capella says:

    Looks like thumbs down for Devo Max. Conor Matchett reports that only a quarter are in favour in latest poll.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Back to the crypt Gordo…
      I’m convinced the entire Devomax issue would have been resurrected had it not been raised this early and so publicly, a very shrewd move…

    • That would be the Blue and Yellow Tories, then
      Federal Scotland, with Alister Jack as Governor and Baroness Rape Clause and Jack McConnell vetting our parish council Parliament.
      I suppose this garbage fills ‘paper columns. after all, there isn’t much else happening on these isles at the moment.
      I’m thinking of coming out of retirement.
      Nicola fired the starting gun today..well for England that is, since our ‘good friends and neighbours (I’ve come over all Gove like) haven’t had news of Scotland since 2014.
      She hinted that preparatory work had already begun in her party and that legislation would be laid before the house in the Spring.
      However, as many naysayers constantly point out, it is not the SNP’s Referendum.
      We must avoid the mistakes and open goals of the Scotland’s Future Document of 2014.

      This time we need answers, costings and timetable to present to Scots citizens in the run up to the next vote.
      Work must begin now on developing and fleshing out a series of Strategic papers and plans (you can’t do a strategy) to manage the transition from Union to Independence.

      The Big Ticket items like Economy, Civil Service, Government Departments, our air, sea and land Defence Capability, Money, Division of assets, Foreign Policy, and so on.
      It cannot be left to the SNP and Green politicians and their consultants and advisors to do this work.
      Scotland’s Future was arguably the SNP’s version of Future Scotland.

      Nor do we want the half baked offerings of the Lefties.
      We are a coat of many colours. All views and contributions should be included, and expertise of pro Self Determination experts, professional, and military personnel should be sought.
      If I had the energy of me even 10 years ago, I would organise a Talks About Talks workshop, along the lines of :-

      A Colloquium the aim of which is to begin the work required to develop detailed plans to manage the transition from membership of the UK to Independence.

      From this initial workshop kick starting the project, a Positional Paper may be produced.

      ‘Independent Scotland: A Strategy and Plan towards achieving transition from membership of the UK to full Independence’.
      Thoughts, Duggers. Now’s the day.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Thoughts Jack, the devil’s in the detail, or the lack thereof, for the devil never ceases to pick holes…
        Were someone to suggest a smackaroonie today it be might just be taken seriously as a suggestion as opposed to the passing joke it was at the last Indy.
        Scots are way past making the same mistakes as 2014, but are also way past providing London et al with full and detailed ammunition through which to counter, and as for the EU ploy 🤣.
        This time around, meteors raining down unchecked by HMS Whatsit will stifle a laugh, pensioners will dismiss suggestions of begging letters to HRH to reinstate the benefits of a life’s work, we’re beyond these stupid manipulative games into a straight In/Out decision of whether London works for us, details of the alternatives are irrelevant when you can point at that bunch of charlatans in London for contrast..

        • My view is that we get our retaliation in first, Bob.

          We cannot rely on folk being swayed because WM is rubbish.
          Finance is a biggie.
          Job security.and so on.
          What’s In It For Me will win the day.

    • Hamish100 says:

      For labour to push for devo max plus plus or the Vow mark 2 shows that they have not delivered along with the Lib Dem’s and tories.
      Liars all.
      Independence is the only positive option.

  49. Dr Jim says:

    We’re going to *get Independence done* while answering the millions of unending questions about how Independence will work and what will be the result and will we all be richer and will we all be happier and healthier and will life be more wonderful, and if not why not and we shouldn’t do it because the Queen and we’ll be destitute without England

    Funny how in England it was *get Brexit done* then hire a liar a red bus and then get some more liars to ignore the truth and England was delighted with that because they thought that meant getting rid of all the foreigners of all colours and languages so they’d all be back to being English again no matter how poor or whatever it made them

    There’s a very big difference with what England seems to want compared to Scotlands people

    • My point, Dr Jim. This time we get our retaliation in first.
      A Defence Capability on a par with, say, Norway, for example.
      The lies about existing state pensions, debunked, by DWP no less..
      There must be a raft of expertise across every filed of being an independent country available…we harness this vast well of knowledge to help drive forward our campaign…
      And so on.

  50. davetewart says:

    I agree Jack, lots of policy to be highlighted for the way forward.
    We have our gas taken to Hull by tanker and used to generate 50% of englandland’s electricity.
    We comment from a letter in the Guardian.
    Why is it when I chose a Green deal where the company said they only sell green energy from renewables I’ve just had my bill double. Ofcom says that they can’t sort out my green electrons so just charge the top rate.
    We need a policy statement of energy policy.


      • That’s the fire and passion we need; coupled with facts and hard reality.
        We walk in on Day One and present our former partners with a comprehensive programme of transition and withdrawal. For example, Trident, handover of air, sea and barracks to the newly formed Scottish Defence Forces,
        It’ll take time from I Day to muster an army airforce and navy,for example.
        I cannot imagine us remaining in UK limbo for a few years until we get our act together.

        A key element of the campaign will be to convince enough DK’s of the fantastic opportunities that will open up in Scotland free of English colonial subjugation.
        It will be a massive undertaking to produce a Transitional Programme.

  51. Dr Jim says:

    While the Westminster English government is making all the noise it can over how undemocratic the Russians are with suggestions that they are parachuting a politician favourable to Russia into the government of Ukraine they are planning to dump DRoss from the Scottish parliament to parachute Sec of state Alister Jack into the position they previously parachuted DRoss into

    You’d think you couldn’t make it up but it’s all so predictable from Westminster

  52. Golfnut says:

    ” I cannot imagine us remaining in UK limbo for a few years until we get our act together ”

    Westminster will do everything it can to make sure that’s exactly what happens Jack, just as it did with the EU, they are masters of prevarication when it comes to looking after the establishment’s interests.
    We need to control the process, say 6 months after the vote, Independence. 2 yrs for the former UK institutions to be removed from Scotland including Trident.

    • jfngw says:

      It needs to be quick and clean with trade connections outside the UK, even if they are interim agreements, in place. We need to plan for the Westminster government trying to destroy Scotland’s economy and reverse Scotland’s decision, they will behave exactly as they did just prior to the union bribery.

      In essence many of them still believe Ireland is an English possession and will be returned at some point.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Theresa May had a wee go at that in a conversation with Leo Varadkar pre Brexit, you can imagine how that went

      • The day after a Yes vote.there shall be a veritable ‘tsunami’ of suitors, not only from the EU, but the rest of the world wanting to develop their companies in Scotland.
        I have observed before. Their will be mass migration from England North, as exiles, and poor English citizens in the North of England, pack up and seek a new life away from Johnson’s Fourth Reich.
        The car giants may be the first to ‘make enquiries’.

        Money is blind.

        Diageo and the whisky families have doubtless begun internal hush-hush Impact Analyses and Transition Plans, as it becomes odds-on that Scotland is leaving the UK and intends to forge closer ties with Europe.
        Likewise the smarter Tory, Labour, and Lib Dem Scots politicians will already be formulating plans to form a truly Scottish centre left or right political party.

        You don’t have to be hit over the head with a sledge hammer toknow that it hurts.

        There shall be many Born Again ProudScotsNoButsNoIfsNoMaybes coming out from beneath their Union rocks when the vote comes in and they have no options left but to back Scotland the nation or sign on at the Buroo.

        Rather like collaborating innkeepers in WWII, as the allies liberated Europe country by country, the Swastikas were hastily taken down and national flags flown again.
        I look forward to Anas and Dross and Coal-Scuttle on the telly sporting a wee saltire lapel badge.
        The butcher’s apron no more.
        Scotland will thrive after 300 years of suffocation.

    • That’s my timetable too, golfnut. Duggers, it is reported that David Davis met his EU counterparts only 3 times in the first two years post Brexit.
      They would try the same foot dragging when it came to negotiations with Scotland. Johnson immediately reneged on the EU agreement, and we should expect nothing but bull headed imperialism from the English when the day dawns and Scotland is free once more.

      I have no doubt at all that the negotiations will take place against a backdrop of bad faith, resentment, lies, and asset stripping.
      Scorched earth imperialism of the English Empire.
      Check out, India, Palestine, Cyprus, Ireland…
      We should mound a 24 hour guards on Dali’s Christ of St John on the Cross.

      We are ready now.

  53. Dr Jim says:

    BBCs call Kaye with an E swings into action this morning following the FMs announcement on the big BBCs national telly (that’s the one in England) to conduct her *Yoons phone in if you don’t want Independence* programme, no doubt this will run and run just like the last time until call Kaye and the BBC is satisfied that they’ve stamped out the desire for democracy in Scotland

    I gave the programme half an hour of my time listening to all the usual Yoon suspects either using the *generation* argument or the *I voted yes then but not now* argument, I even heard one phoner inner use the *Alex Salmond was unjustly treated so I don’t like Nicola Sturgeon and now don’t want Independence* nonsense, probably an Alba supporter being overly extreme there or just another Yoon serial misleader, who can tell

    One thing we do know however is that once the call Kaye is set in motion by the BBC all the rest of the same BBC programming as last time will follow sure as day is day

    The BBC are adept and skilled at turning the light of day into darkness and reducing truth into infinite boredom so the viewer or listener just wants to kill themselves or comes to despise the very subject of the discussion, then the BBCs job is done

    There’s really only one question to answer on Independence, *Is Scotland a country* if your answer is Yes then why shouldn’t we be the same as everybody else, the rest falls right into place

    • jfngw says:

      The BBC thought they had completed their job in 2014, the 2015 election result took them by surprise, they have been in anti-SNP mode ever since. If it wasn’t for the internet they may have succeeded, it is only the captive TV audience they still can fool.

      It’s what you expect from an organisation which relies on the benevolence of the government for its funding. The idea the licence fee directly funds the BBC is a nice smokescreen by the government (and the BBC) to give the impression it is independent, the last few years has exposed that idea a a fallacy. It always was but in the past they seemed to be better at the deception.

      • JoMax says:

        “Nation shall speak unto nation” …. with forked tongue.

        “Be sure your spins will find you out”. Could apply to most of the UK media, too, though.

      • Again through the wonders of i-Player, I tapped in to Kaye Adams’ three hour phone (yes, 3 hours every week day of this rent-a-durge Brit anchor) during which was an openonng hour of the BBC’s attack on a second Independence referendum
        Kaye Adams had never heard of Wendy Wood. I switched off.
        This level of deliberate feigned or actual ignorance permeates the Brit Jock colonial outpost up here.

        When the last helicopter takes off from the roof top of Plantation Quay…
        Three hours a day of this mind numbing Tokyo Rose.
        How many thousands actually tune in?
        My money slushed down the toilet to cling on to their colonial supremacy.

        • JoMax says:

          Shall we say, Jack, we’ll breath a collective ‘Sai’ of relief and they’ll be ‘gon’.

          I’ll get my jaicket.

        • Alec Lomax says:

          A lot of people up here don’t know who Wendy Wood was. But hey, we’re told that Scottish education was the envy of the world! (Not in central Edinburgh in the 1960s it wasn’t !)

    • See my bit below, Dr Jim.
      My money trousered by this lot of third rate amateurs, whose only function is to peddle propaganda for a foreign power.

  54. Capella says:

    A third of households can’t afford to heat their homes in Scotland – and that’s before the proce hikes in April. We produce the fuel but can’t aford to use it. Hmmm.
    One in three in Scotland already find bills unaffordable as energy prices set to soar

    Kwasi Kwartang… said the Government is “trying to work out the best way to deal with what is a really, really serious problem”.

    He added: “Lots and lots of things have been discussed

    Well that’s nice.

    From The National

    • jfngw says:

      “Lots and lots of things have been discussed”

      “Merlot, Chardonnay or a bit of bubbly, it’s Boris’s favourite.”

  55. Capella says:

    Boris Johnston is too busy fire fighting fires he himself stoked up to deal with the cost of living crisis – on top of every other crisis.
    Embattled Boris Johnson can’t tackle cost of living crisis in UK, SNP’s David Linden says

    The SNP Shadow Work and Pensions spokesman will say the UK Government can’t escape the fact it’s policies have left families demonstrably worse off. He will urge Tory MPs to get rid of Johnson “without further delay” so the UK government can focus on tackling the crisis.

  56. Capella says:

    Almannymearns responds to the idea that holding a referendum isn’t what the people of Scotland want – scroll up to see Kaye Adams in action (I managed about a minute).

    • Dr Jim says:

      Don’t look at democracy look at something else, don’t look at the question look at anything else we can think up to make you look at

      Squirrels, dead cats, a new leader in Westminster, the Labour Union party, the Lib Dem Union party, a poll by the Scotsman, a man in a bunnet, anything but the reality of what’s really important

      Is there a country in the world that doesn’t have problems? of course there’s not but the Unionists would have people believe that Scotland can’t have Independence until it’s all perfect, that effectively means never and the Unionist can gets kicked further down the road again as it always has been

      Tell me a day in the history of England (the country we want to escape from) when they were ever perfect and even I’d vote NO

      England is a disaster, always been a disaster and will continue to lurch from one disaster to another and Scotland within this Union can’t do a damn thing about it because our votes don’t count

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Get Brexit Done was a political slogan frequently used by the British Conservative Party in the run up to the 2019 general election. It reflected the party’s pledge to, if re-elected, facilitate the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union by the end of January the following year.

      The Conservative Party won, securing 365 seats out of 650, giving them an overall majority of 80 seats in the House of Commons.

      Conservatives won in England, advancing by 1.7% and gaining 48 seats to win 345 out of 533,

      In Wales the Conservatives advanced by 2.5% and gained six seats, winning 14 in total.

      In Scotland The Conservatives lost 3.5% of their 2017 vote share and over half their seats…so went from 13 seats to 6 .

      In Northern Ireland, it was noted that “nationalist political parties won more seats than unionist ones for the first time”. The DUP’s leader in Westminster, Nigel Dodds, lost his seat in Belfast North ( but was then given a knighthood and now sits in HOL).

      The UK Has officially left the EU ….BUT…Brexit is NOT done which was what the Tory 2019 GE campaign promised would be the case if they were elected……hence since the 2019 GE campaign the promise of “getting Brexit Done” looks as if now it is yet ANOTHER broken Brexit promise via the Tory 2019 GE campaign that got them, the Tories, elected as UK Govt…………. as we now have Liz Truss as yet another NEW Tory EU Negotiator as last one ( of many) David Frost resigned December 2021 ( as he knew NI was the mission impossible in the Tory Brexit ill thought out policy ) plus not forgetting the many damaging consequences that have resulted from an unfinished Brexit but NOT being reported via the media….

      Tories post 2019 GE insisted that voters voted for them via their campaign to Get Brexit done based on their 2019 GE victory…..a promise that in 2022 is still unfulfilled….with Covid now being used as the smokescreen to cover up the mess……also problems encountered being presented as global problems……..yet somehow only UK being unique in many of the problems we are seeing and enduring post Brexit result.

      So Scotland , as well as NOT voting to leave the EU in 2016 , they also did NOT vote for the Tories via a majority to Get Brexit Done in 2019 GE….indeed the Tories lost seats in Scotland…..however we DID vote for the SNP, via a majority in 2019, against the Tories in Scotland’s message of “voting for Nicola Sturgeon was a vote for another Independence Referendum”….to stop that….they, the Tories, stated was to vote for them ( or t’other Unionist party)…..Scots answer to Tories was to remove seats from them in that election……but OUR message via OUR votes does not count as usual…..via so called democracy within THEIR UK which THEY say is and will be better for Scots…..Labour also lost seats and now are down to 1 MP in Scotland….but they now say they will make Brexit work…..for who ?

      Come Indy Ref 2 the Tories (and t’other Unionist politicians) will tell Scots that the UK is THE best option for them…………..the same Tories and t’other Unionists politicians that told Scots post Brexit result in 2016 that it is was a ……UK wide vote…………hence OUR vote to remain within the EU did not count as ………..t’others living within the other parts of UK wanted to Leave EU……so whose vote WAS respected and whose vote was NOT ?……..rinse and repeat in all GE’s within THEIR UK….in a UK wide vote……for THEIR UK Govt.

      Leave vote in 2016 :

      England amassed 15,188,406 votes – 53.4% Leave votes (46.6% Remain)
      Wales amassed 854,572 votes – 52.5% Leave votes (47.5% Remain)
      Scotland amassed 1,018,322 votes – 38.0% Leave votes ( 62% Remain)
      NI amassed 349,442 votes – 44.2% Leave votes ( 55.8% Remain)

      Leave vote UK vote won 51.9%……so who got to decide in this….(ahem) so called UK wide vote that the UK would leave the EU……..not Scotland….. or indeed NI ……but our votes do NOT count in a…………..UK wide vote…………does that sound like a BETTER option for us now and in the future ?

  57. Alex Clark says:

    Sir David Norwood, the head of the Office for National Statistics has responded to Willie Rennie’s complaint about the use of the ONS statistics in her statement at FMQ’s last week.

    The main aspect of the complaint was as follows.

    “At yesterday’s First Minister’s Questions, the First Minister stated: “The Office for National Statistics figures this week show that infection levels in England are over 20 per cent higher than those in Scotland”.

    However, ONS figures state that 1 in 20 people were infected in both Scotland and England in the week ending 15 January. They also state that the estimated average percentage of the population that had COVID-19 in Scotland was 4.49% compared to 5.47% – a difference of less than 1%…”

    The response was as follows:

    “CIS estimated that in the week ending 15 January 2022, 5.47 per cent of people in England and 4.49 per cent of people in Scotland had COVID-19[1]. The First Minister was comparing these two proportions and correctly stated that the figure for England was more than 20 per cent higher than the figure for Scotland. It would also be correct to say that the prevalence of COVID-19 was around one percentage point higher in England than in Scotland. Quantitative comparisons between the two estimates should take account of the precision with which they are available[2], but the data does suggest that the rate of infection is lower in Scotland than in England…

    • The First Minister was comparing these two proportions and correctly stated that the figure for England was more than 20 per cent higher than the figure for Scotland.

      I find it hard to believe people argued against basic 1st year high school(?) mathematics. The UK has really gone anti-science.

      While the ‘prevalence’ was around 1% higher in England, the figures clearly showed that for every 1 case in Scotland, there was 1.2 in England. Or for every 10, there were 12… for every 100 there were 122 and so forth. Cases were, unquestionably, 22% higher by direct comparison.

      I didn’t need the ONS to tell me I was right in saying the FM stated simple, correct, facts, but it’s good to have that for all to see.

      • Rennie is the man who chuntered on about the nonsensical £15 billion GERS deficit, you may recall.
        A pointless little man at the best of times, he is now reduced to snapping at the heels of people who are actually serving the Scottish electorate.
        He has trousered a fortune in wages and exes out of us for more than two decades merely for turning up and babbling nonsense and lies.
        Won’t be missed.

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