Johnson’s tears are only for himself

There is mounting speculation that Boris Johnson is to face a vote of confidence from Conservative MPs. This is not because they have suddenly discovered some moral outrage about a corrupt serial liar and man who didn’t know he was at a party even though he was warned not to go to the party. Those same Conservative MPs, we’re looking at you Douglas Ross, were quite happy to continue to support the corrupt liar even when his inaction and self-interest led to the UK suffering both the highest per capita death toll in Europe during the pandemic and the greatest economic damage.

They supported Johnson and the rest of his sociopathic cronies even after they reneged on their pre-referendum promises that a vote to leave the EU did not mean a vote to leave the Single Market and Customs Union yet after the vote was in they pursued the hardest Brexit possible purely in the party political interests of the Conservative party, no matter what havoc it wrought on Britain’s trade with the EU, and as we have seen, in some sectors, notably the shellfish industry which is so important in Scotland, trade with Europe has fallen off a cliff.

They continued to support Johnson and his cronies even after a mountain of evidence came to light to prove that they unlawfully provided a so-called “VIP lane” giving preferential access to lucrative government contracts to the friends, family, and associates of senior figures in the government. In any other country, this would be called out for what it is – rank and rotten corruption.

They supported Johnson even after he and his government risked the fragile peace settlement in Northern Ireland, in the process trashing the reputation of the UK abroad and relegating the British Government to the ranks of untrustworthy bad faith bad actors who cannot be trusted to adhere to the terms of international treaty obligations which it had signed up to.

The UK is now a laughing stock abroad, a diminished and reduced joke, pathetically trading on nostalgia and fading memories of former power and influence while at home the government adopts increasingly authoritarian measures, cracking down on the right to protest and neutering any independent body such as the Electoral Commission, which might hold it to account. It is shamelessly seeking to by pass and undermine those alternative sources of democratic authority which exist in the UK, the devolved parliaments, despite not even possessing the pretence of any democratic mandate from the people of Scotland or Wales which legitimises it to do so.

All this has been just fine with Conservative MPs. They haven’t suddenly discovered a moral backbone, expecting the Conservatives to act morally is like expecting Sweeney Todd to offer a vegan pie. The only reason that the Tory back benches are now rumbling their disapproval and making anonymous briefings to the press that they might start to move against Johnson is because they are afraid for their own jobs, positions, and power. As always the only interest that motivates the Conservatives is self-interest.

Today one of the Brexit supporting new Conservative MPs from the so-called “red wall” seats in the north of England has left the Conservatives, citing the disgust of his constituents about the misdeeds of Johnson. Christian Wakeford the MP for Bury South has announced that he is joining the Labour party. This is a man who supports Brexit, who voted to cut Universal Credit, for the Nationality and Borders Bill which demonises migrants and asylum seekers and the Police and Crime Bill which places huge restrictions on the rights to peaceful protest in England and Wales. He is a man who signals with his Union flag face mask that he has fully signed up to the uber Anglo-British nationalism that remains the dominant force in British politics. Keir Starmer’s Labour party has welcomed him with open arms.

Those on the left have protested that such an individual is clearly no friend of the working class, the poor, and the marginalised. Others in Labour say that people like Wakeford are precisely what Labour needs if it is to have any chance of winning a majority at Westminster. And that right there is the nub of the problem with the Westminster system and why Scotland must seek independence. Scotland can never look to the Labour party to protect it from the Conservatives because the only way in which Labour can win a majority at Westminster is by transforming itself into a slightly more apologetic version of the Tories.

One Tory MP reportedly told the press that Johnson broke down in tears yesterday and certainly in some of his public appearances during the past day or so Johnson has looked red eyed and close to tears. But when you watch Johnson seemingly close to tears just remember that this is the man who thought it was OK to “let the bodies pile high” in order to save his career. A narcissistic sociopath like Johnson can only cry for himself. He’s not crying because of any genuine contrition or remorse, that would entail caring about the impact that his selfishness has had on other people. He is crying because he has been found out, because he realises that he cannot any longer escape the consequences of his actions.

Johnson is likely to go sooner or later. He may hang on until after the May local elections as there is currently no obvious successor to him within the Tories and he or she will not want to carry the can for the drubbing that the Conservatives are likely to receive because of the widespread public anger about Johnson.

But whoever does succeed him is going to be just as bad. Deposing Johnson will certainly not mean that the Conservative party has changed. It will merely mean that it seeks a more efficient means of imposing its hardline Brexit agenda, its destruction of any checks and balances on its power. Even with a new leader the Conservatives will still be in thrall to the Brexit hardliners and covid deniers on the back benches. There will still be platitudes but no meaningful action on climate change. There will still be the same aggressive Anglo-British nationalism, fetishising the royals and the armed forces and picking fights with Europe. There will still be the same attacks on any body or organisation that might hold the Conservatives to account.

Getting rid of Johnson won’t mean that the Conservatives have learned the error of their ways. As the economist Richard Murphy pointed out on Twitter, “He is being disposed of simply because he no longer meets the need of a party desperate for power in pursuit of the wanton destruction of all that is good.”


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73 comments on “Johnson’s tears are only for himself

  1. deelsdugs says:

    And they just keep on taking and taking…suspect he’s maybe rubbed some salt in his eyeballs for authenticity of red rimmed and near to tears…or maybe he’s had one suitcase of booze too many, glug glug…

  2. yesindyref2 says:

    Boris Jjohnson doesn’t know the difference between right and wrong. Or care.

  3. Capella says:

    Boris Johnston is the very epitome of a narcissist. As Nicola Sturgeon pointed out, the Tory Party knew what he was like when they elected him party leader, His character flaws have been known for years, arguably for his entire entitled life. Yet they promote him as the PM because he “wins elections” i.e. he is a populist who promises people in the South of England what they want to hear.

    But it’s not what Scottish people want. Soon the majority will come to realise that there is only one course of action open.

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, I truly hope you’re right.

      If, as still seems likely, the Tories fail to depose the dissimulating blighter, then, as Jonathan Powell said recently, they will own his deeds. Past, present and future.

      I must admit though, it would be with some selfish satisfaction if our writ to leave were served while he is still on what he charmingly (if so typically misleadingly) calls “his watch”.

  4. smac1314 says:

    Johnson’s contrition didn’t last long judging by his reaction to Ian Blackford at PMQs. His contempt for the Scots was there for all to see.
    When you read some of the comments from the ‘Red-wall’ voters as to why they voted for him in the first place, you despair for them. I said to my wife why is it we can see him for who he really is but they couldn’t/can’t?

  5. Bob Lamont says:

    Aye, well said.
    I’d read Richard Murphy’s “ desperate for power in pursuit of the wanton destruction of all that is good..” thread earlier and had to agree there is not a one of them in government who would have veered from the course Johnson piloted, without exception, not a single one.

    I wondered afterward what it would take for the purported majority in England to realise the extent to which which they’ve been scammed and realised they’re too far gone down the jingo trail – It’s not just Johnson, or the Tories, or indeed by the Media, but the entire corrupt arrangement which the majority of the UK (England) seem enchanted by, as one worthy here has oft expressed, “the nation which lost it’s head”.

    Doubtless Scots will be re-classified as “others” once our independence fight is won in 2023, but at least if England still refuses to waken up to it’s reality, we will be out the fire exit and long gone before they do.

    • grizebard says:

      That first para is a point worth repeating. If BoJo were to go, would that change the current Elections Bill (which among other dastardly things puts the Electoral Commission under the thumb of the UKGov) or the Police, Crime, etc Bill (which if the HoL amendments are reversed as they surely will be, turns England & Wales as intended into a Putin-esque travesty of democracy)?

      No, it very obviously won’t. Whoever takes over, it will be the same serving of hobbled elections and punishment for anyone in England who dares to publicly complain about it loud enough for anyone else to hear.

      And it’s England, don’t forget folks, which currently decides our {ahem} “leaders” too. High time to put a stop to that, then, and only one way to achieve it.

  6. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    SNP MP Stewart McDonald tweeted this today :

    “Rather awkwardly, just 16 months ago, Christian Wakeford supported a bill for the recall of MPs who change party affiliation during a parliamentary term. If he fails to cause a by-election his credibility is somewhat dented”

    I think also the Labour party’s credibility is dented even further than it already was as I assume this decision was not a spontaneous one and discussions and agreement were sought prior to this….between him and Starmer…..did Starmer look at his new colleague’s voting record as a Tory and think that he was , based on his voting record , and asset to his , Starmer’s , party…or is that of no consequence as the ‘optics’ as in the response/perception of the public of Christian Wakeford joining his, Starmer’s party, while rejecting the party he was elected to represent, the Tories, is all that is important in the ongoing circus played out via Unionists parties in WM politics.

    How easy it seems for Labour to welcome someone from their main opposition at WM irrespective of the fact that this individual was formerly a Conservative county councillor in 2013,he was a House of Commons case worker for Conservative MP Andrew Stephenson. In May 2015, he became a Conservative borough councillor for Barrowford ward on Pendle Borough Council. Since March 2018, he has been Co-Chair of Lancashire County Council’s Education Scrutiny Committee.

    From 2019 to 2020, he was Leader of the Conservative Group on Pendle Borough Council.

    After his election as a Tory MP in December 2019, Wakeford continued claiming public allowances for at least three roles outside the House of Commons – as a Lancashire County Council councillor, as chair of that council’s education scrutiny committee and as a Pendle Borough Council councillor – despite having announced “to a full Lancashire council chamber” his resignation in February 2020.

    Christian is also a Brexit supporter.

    So did Keir Starmer check Christian’s voting record as a Tory….what so called principles does Christian Wakeford’s voting record show that he holds prior to today’s ‘crossing the house’ performance in HOC’s…and what was it in a former Red Wall seat that attracted Christian Wakeford to stand as a Tory and not as a Labour candidate…..does Christian Wakeford , as a now former Tory MP, now think that in him defecting to the Labour party , a Labour party with a new and seemingly more attractive leader as in Starmer , that there is very little that actually divides them, the Tories and Labour, as political parties …hence how easy it was for him to defect to them….him being a Tory politician via various positions since 2013.

    What a farce UK politics really are.

    • grizebard says:

      I don’t think that being a Brexit supporter will especially trouble Starmer, who in deed if not in word is also a Brexit supporter.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Yes I know….Starmer’s Brexit is supposedly somehow a different Brexit from the Tories Brexit though …and he will make his Brexit work….apparently…..but perhaps NOT work in the same way that former Tory Christian Wakeford wants it to ….work…….square peg in a round hole….or is it ?


    • “Rather awkwardly, just 16 months ago, Christian Wakeford supported a bill for the recall of MPs who change party affiliation during a parliamentary term. If he fails to cause a by-election his credibility is somewhat dented”

      It is so very British unionist to not resign your seat and stand for a by-election if you totally swap parties.

      Staying on as an independent that largely backs its former party – apart from say on a particular policy out of principle – is one thing, but getting elected on one party ticket just to completely jump ship out of self-interest is quite another.

      • grizebard says:

        Oddly enough, the only one with sufficient rectitude (or dogged recklessness?) to have “done the right thing” was über-Brexiteer Douglas Carswell back in 2014, when he flipped from Tory to UKIP, was it not?

        • Welsh_Siôn says:

          Not forgetting Mark Reckless, who followed a similar career path (2014-2015 and was latterly an Assembly Member in Cymru (2016-2021)

      • Aye. Imagine having less honour than UKIP’s Carswell!

    • Capella says:

      Given the current polls, Starmer might well want a by election in Bury.

      • iusedtobeenglish says:

        My relative’s are actually his constituents and they’ll want a by election in Bury! Must remember to tell them they’d be voting for a political Groucho Marx!

  7. bringiton says:

    England’s free from Tories.
    Free from moral fiber that is.

  8. Derek says:

    Listening to PM on radio 4 just now; there’s been the suggestion that the tory whips are doing the rounds of the potentially not-confident with the aim of persuading them by fair means or foul that they should back Johnson instead.
    I wonder whether the defector might not like how far to the right the tories are; after all Labour are now pretty much where the tories were once upon a time.

    • grizebard says:

      The potential Tory rebels have to be wary of having sufficient numbers to trigger a VONC that they have insufficient numbers to carry, thereby cementing BoJo’s tenure for another year (at least).

      Meanwhile, everyone else in WM just has to sit and watch this absurdist pantomime unfold. So why all the distractional hot-and-bother here lately about what the SNP supposedly must/mustn’t do about it?

      • Derek says:

        The SNP couldn’t do anything about it if they decided to try. Also from today, Blackford was having a go at the PM, who in his turn was shoogling his head about like some sort of nodding dog in response. He doesn’t care.

        • Welsh_Siôn says:

          … the PM, who in his turn was shoogling his head about like some sort of nodding dog in response.


          That’s the closest he’ll get to a Churchill impression. (The insurance company one, obvs.)

        • grizebard says:

          Indeed so, Derek.

          (Oh, and when I wrote “here”, I meant “here in Scotland”, BTW, not “here on WGD”. Should have been clearer.)

        • iusedtobeenglish says:

          There were comments that he seemed more energised.

          That’s probably right. Remember he likes chaos, and this was certainly chaotic. Also he can relive his glory days by imagining/reliving his days in the Oxford Debater. Which IMNSHO, is why so many MPs behave the way they do – like spotty undergraduates. (Apologies to anybody with an unavoidable skin condition, btw…)

  9. Dr Jim says:

    Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland, three countries who’s peoples lives and futures are continually buggered up by the choices of the people of England

    Three countries waiting and talking about what the people of England will do about the damage they’ve done to the rest of us

    Are we all feeling equal ? Jimmy Kunta Kinte, Taffy Kinta Kunte, Paddy Kinta Kunte ?

  10. dakk says:

    Tears of a clown anyone?

    Crocodile tears mbe more apt.

  11. M boyd says:

    I think we have to concentrate less on how dysfunctional England and her government is and more on how Scotland can leave this madhouse and the sooner the better.

  12. Capella says:

    Another insightful thread from Richard Murphy. He’s a worried man.

  13. Alex Clark says:

    It looks like Johnson is toast when even the Royals are weighing in.

    The Queen overruled plans for Boris Johnson to allow more than 30 mourners to attend the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh because she wanted to ‘set an example.

    According to Private Eye, Downing Street asked Buckingham Palace if they would accept a temporary easing of restrictions which would have allowed more mourners to attend Prince Philip’s funeral than was permitted by the rules at the time.

    In April 2021, only 30 mourners were allowed to attend a funeral. These restrictions were not lifted until May, meaning the Duke’s funeral would have been an exception to the rule.

    Private Eye reports that The Queen declined the offer on the basis of it being unfair to the many people who had also lost loved ones during the crisis, and that she did not want to be an exception to the rules, instead choosing to lead by example.

    This further revelation comes at a difficult time for Downing Street.

    Whereas The Queen has been widely praised for leading by example, various stories have emerged about the antics of the residents and staff at 10 Downing Street.

  14. Hamish100 says:

    I see the bbc Scotland trying to smear the FM again. Dr Phillips Whitford MP is a credit in how she deals with the sleazy bbc in such a calm and factual way.

  15. In my youth in times of turmoil, I could always rely on Smokey Robinson for advice and succour.

    “People say I’m the life of the party
    ‘Cause I tell a joke or two
    Although I might be laughing loud and hearty
    Deep inside I’m blue
    So take a good look at my face
    You’ll see my smile looks out of place
    If you look closer, it’s easy to trace
    The tracks of my tears
    I need you (need you), need you (need you).”

    This was Johnson, the man child sociopath, the man with flyless trousers, laying bare his multiple personality disorder, over the past two days. Acting out crocodile tears then ‘laughing out and hearty’ when school boy bullying the leader of the SNP at PMQ 24 hours later
    The man is clearly mad; but then again the Back Room Boys of the Iron Heel Oligarchy who shoe horned him in to No 10 so that they could make tens of billions and turn England into ‘Empire 2’, Singapore-On-Thames, and destabilise their 1000 year old enemy, Mainland Europe have been planning the rise of Boris for decades now.

    He is not Teflon; he is not bullet proof.
    He is the Right Stuff.

    Ian Hyslop and the anchors of tediously trite ‘comedy’ panel shows have lampooned this terrible man relentlessly for 15 years. Oh, how the Metro audience laughed, then elected him mayor of London, not once, but twice.

    With every revelation of this man’s uselessness from his headmaster to the editor of his newspaper to his sacking as a bungling Foreign Secretary, stand up comedians and panels of ‘funny men and women’ have revelled in lampooning this sinister creature from Eton and Oxford.
    Lord Snooty Rees Mogg was the cherry on the cake.
    Oh, how audiences laughed, and still laugh.

    Never mind heat or eat.
    Never mind 170,000 deaths from Covid.
    Never mind the tens of millions bereaved. Never mind the 1 in 20 in England suffering from Covid.
    Never mind the graft corruption sex scandals back handers from donors, 1.25% NI increase, food banks, Brexit fascism..
    Never mind, never mind. Tune in to ‘The Great British Blackhead Squeezing’ final.
    Let’s all laugh at Boris…
    Ian Hyslop is as Establishment as Rees Mogg or the Bullingdon Boys. He was at Uni with them.

    His magazine exposes scandals, graft, corruption, to its Metro Readers, and..that’s it.

    Nothing is allowed to survive because the Elite who run England for the New World Order allow it to chunter on.

    The queen is at the very heart of the Oligarchy who keep us in check, prisoners in our own country, Scotland.

    Johnson would use the pomp and circumstance of royalty any way he could…be it a big state funeral, or a new Royal Yacht.

    Like ‘Armed Forces Day’ it is bread and circus.

    Keep the plebs happy waving Union Jacks and having street parties to get pissed and stuffed with grub.

    Then we the elite, can carry on as before, while pensioners starve of freeze to death.
    Let the bodies piles high, while ‘capitalism and greed’ price the poor out of the very basics of civilised life.

    At this time I could not trust myself in a room with a Tory, red, blue or yellow.
    They are the devil’s spawn.

    Yesterday’s PMQ was like a scene from a Ken Russell movie, The Madhouse, England, the tribe That Lost Its Head.
    Starmer is a Tory…Blair’s Project.

    We must take our country back now.

  16. keaton says:

    But whoever does succeed him is going to be just as bad. Deposing Johnson will certainly not mean that the Conservative party has changed. It will merely mean that it seeks a more efficient means of imposing its hardline Brexit agenda, its destruction of any checks and balances on its power.

    This is why the current overwhelming focus of the SNP Westminster leadership on his personal removal seems to many of us to be, at best, a waste of energy, at worse actively counterproductive. No one even pretends that installing Sunak, or Patel, or Truss, will improve the lot of anyone, anywhere, except perhaps a few Tory councillors who would otherwise get culled in May.

    • The Scottish electorate overwhelmingly wants him out. It’s only Tory voters that back him remaining in office.

      Voters hate narrow self-interest, and that’s what any attempt by the SNP to prop-up Johnson directly or indirectly would be seen as. And it would be a stupid endeavor, as there’s not a shred of evidence Johnson is having any impact on support for indy. That seems only to be in the minds of unionists. He’s having an effect on VI for sure, but I can’t see an indy effect and neither can Prof C. I’m still waiting for people saying Johnson is an indy asset to explain why support for Yes fell 2022-21 under him? Surely that means Johnson is helpful to the union?

      Or, as I’ve said in other posts, the two are just not directly linked. People won’t vote Yes ‘cos Bozo’ in the same way nobody supported indy ‘cos Salmond’. The only people that ever say their indy support is based on a particular politician are, IME, unionists, and generally, they are lying when they say that.

      Brexit is having an effect; a slow steady one, but even this is part of a ‘bigger picture’ trend of which both Brexit and Bozo are symptoms, not causes. These are highlighting the ongoing decline and corruption of the British state, as will whoever comes next.

      Of course, as soon as a new PM is installed, the SNP can start working on getting them kicked out of office too, assuming they are are no different to Johnson in attitudes/approach to Scotland. It’s what I expect of them.

      And IMO, anything to annoy the hell out of the Tory English nationalists is good. Right now, they are in power and are going nowhere soon. The Tory British Remainers lost control to these and are trying to fight back, aided by Dougie and Ruthie ‘up in Elgin’.

      I think the SNP ostensibly helping the British Remainers to fight a battle they cannot win while peeing off the English nats is, in the circumstances, a decent enough approach; ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ etc.

      Anyway, only if on the doorsteps the SNP telling voters ‘We want Johnson to stay in power’ is a vote winner should they be seen to pursue such a strategy. All the polling evidence says this would be anything but a winner. Those ‘Alba supporters’ apparently suggesting this approach seem intent on ensuring they get a similar vote share in May to the flop that was the Holyrood election for them.

    • What a strange conclusion to draw from the SNP benches attacking the corruption, evil, and cold hearted fascism of the WM Parliament.
      Blackford should have stood up, muttered ‘No Comment’, then sat down again?
      I can imagine your offering on here if the SNP contingent made no observation on this scandal.
      Johnson laughed in Scotland’s face, live on TV yesterday.

      It matters not a jot who runs England, sa we shall be collapsing their Union within months.
      That our representatives would not make political capital out of the Brits/English decline and fall is ludicrous.

      Never interfere when your enemy is making a fool of themselves?

      Aye, right.

    • J Galt says:

      Well yes, surely it’s in “our” interest for Boris to remain exactly where he is?

      Why get rid of a dripping roast?

      • But there actually isn’t any evidence for this.

        What people imagine should be the case often isn’t. Brexit was supposed to send Yes through the roof but the opposite happened; support fell. At least in short term. Long term it has risen.

        As noted above, support for indy has fallen 2020-21 (from 53.8% Yes to 50.2%) under Johnson. So based on that, we should definitely get rid of him.

        My own preference is for evidence-based strategy. The evidence says Scots want rid of Johnson and that he’s not a factor in their indy views. And why would he be? Politicians come and go. Indy is for life, not just for Christmas.

      • You are backing Johnson, then?
        A Salmondite?
        £600 designer shoes for every Alba, sorry, ‘Al-i-ba’ voter?
        See what I did there?
        Then we squabble amongst ourselves, while my pension is cut, my fuel bills double, I am told by the ‘independent OBR’ that my income will reduce by £1200 this year, and I am held under House arrest by a foreign government to the South.
        You don’t really get all of this, do you, JG?
        It doesn’t matter who takes up the Brit is a s bad as the other. But to contemplate not harrassing this man and his fascist regime, no matter you version of pro independence is ludicrous.
        Scottish Skier above calls it. Johnson staying or going has no influence on folks’ views on Self Determination for Scotland.
        But the Better Together Jock Brits now have little authority or respect left because the Great Silver Back Ape has destroyed their Union.
        Every day that we disrupt, delay, and prevent the English introducing measures to cut incomes and kill our fellow Scots is a day less we shall suffer from fascism and plunder.
        Imagine Davidson or Dross trying a ‘pooling and sharing’ wheeze next year during Indyref2.
        A partnership of equals?
        We rip their lungs out at every opportunity.
        That, as they say, is politics 101.

    • grizebard says:

      Are we still agonising over “what the SNP should do about BoJo”? Jeez, isn’t it obvious by now? It’s not their call. What happens is down to the Tory Party. They keep him, they own his dirty deeds and fake contrition. And if they chuck him, they own what happens next, which will only be much of the same.

      So puhlease, quit obsessing over the SNP, they’re not responsible for every damn thing.

  17. Capella says:

    The HoL has published its blueprint to save the Union. SNP and Greens are outraged:

    Rage at plans to give House of Lords greater powers over devolved bills

    “We don’t need a bunch of cronies, aristocrats and defeated MPs who have been handpicked by the Westminster establishment parties to pontificate on our future. I will take great delight when Scotland gains our independence knowing that never again will we be governed by these ermine-clad offences to democratic legitimacy.”

    says Ross Greer to The National

    • Ruth Davidson and Jack McConnell now rule Scotland.
      Is there a DIY site, ‘ How to construct a tumbril ‘ on line?
      Knit one, purl one.

    • jfngw says:

      Strange that this is now being organised now that back door Davidson has ensconced herself in the Ermine Palace. She always wanted to be FM but the people didn’t want her, accepted a Dame-hood from the degenerate Johnson and now wants to be the unelected FM in London. Because this is what it amounts to the Tories in HoL will hang on every piece of nonsense she mutters as they have the deluded idea she was a winner and is well respected in Scotland.

  18. Capella says:

    The umpteenth example of the disdain shown to people who join the British army. They were promised ID cards in 2018 but still no cards appear. He is worried about voting rights under the new Election Bill.
    We can do better than this if we take control of our own defence and foreign affairs.

    Scots Army veteran wants comrades to sign ID card petition

    William Findlay enlisted in 1967 and was trained at the Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion (IJLB) Oswestry, in Shropshire, before moving to the then Pirbright Guards Depot and joining the regiment at Windsor in 1969, when the 2nd Battalion returned from Germany.

    “I served some days in Northern Ireland at the beginning of the Troubles, then went to British Honduras, now Belize for a six-month tour whilst in suspended animation,” said the 69-year-old, from Borgue, Kirkcudbrightshire.

    “I came back to Caterham in Surrey and was compassionately discharged at Edinburgh after spending four years 296 days.

    • Perhaps it will surface as a question on QT from St Andrews tonight? Not.
      Stephen Kerr, List Seat lectern thumper is the best that the Blue Tories can muster on this seismic political week.

      St Andrews is about the only venue the BBC could risk this week.
      The Defence Force of Future Scotland will treat our lads and lasses with respect, not charity hand outs.

      Won’t be tuning in.

  19. Hamish100 says:

    QT is allegedly run by BBC Scotland via an intermediary.

    Can’t think the last time the visited Castlemilk, Ruchazie, Craigmillar, Torry, Lerwick, Stornaway, Stranraer, Logie Estate in Dundee—— you get the drift.

    St Andrews again. I wonder why?

  20. Capella says:

  21. Capella says:

    Nicola’s reaction to bullying allegations. – ITV Border has other reactions too e.g. Liz Smith and Douglas Ross if you look on their Twitter timeline.

    • It recalls the ‘I’m appalled’ sikt in Yes Minister.
      Youtube ‘Im appalled’ Yes Minister.
      There was also a ‘Shocking’ skit between Sir Humphrey and a couple of perm Secs.
      ‘I’m appaled’ ‘Appa;ing’ what do you think Bernard? Appalling.
      We are living through an episode of Yes Prime Minister.

  22. jfngw says:

    Boris Johnson has seen no evidence of bullying, this is a man who attended a party but claims it wasn’t a party. I don’t believe there is any level of evidence which could be produced for this degenerate to admit to anything.

    When is our independence vote, I’m getting old, my health is ropey and I’m sick to my teeth of the scum of Westminster and their loyal servants embedded at Holyrood.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Johnson shown to always be very willing and prepared to lie…. even when thousands have died…..yet somehow NOT deemed, by some, to have lied about Brexit.

      Once a liar always a liar……Johnson is a proven pathological liar which he does in order to protect and thus save his own skin……it is his sense of entitlement that makes him assume he can lie with impunity in order to implement both bad & failed policies, via a bad government via a a bad political party , which has allowed his lying to cover up so much that is wrong and corrupt and indeed also make false victory declarations which some of the public and indeed his colleagues have themselves allowed to happen and continue….and indeed also those so called Unionist political opposition parties.

      The branch office of his party and indeed those SNOT’s elected to WM are also culpable in ignoring and allowing the continuing lying, bad behaviour and bad/failed policies that he has chosen to adopt and that have allowed him to both lead their party as PM and indeed to survive as PM of their party.

      Party now being a dirty word apparently………the Tories taint everything do they not.

  23. Dr Jim says:

    All allegations have been put before Judge Johnson who has ruled that Prime Minister Johnson is innocent of all charges and all the alligators will be caught and destroyed

  24. jfngw says:

    Boris Johnson’s response to the daily shambles of his leadership.

  25. grizebard says:

    Like Paul, Lesley Riddoch is right on the button:

    …whoever takes over next week, next month or later this year, one thing is certain. They will be a cheerleader for the demolition of decency contained in the Nationality Bill, a supporter of the Stalinist state created by the new Police Bill, an advocate of First Past the Post for mayoral elections to stop Labour victories, an enthusiast for voter ID because it deters folk least likely to vote Conservative and a card-carrying fan of a broken “levelling up” process that gives affluent Tory towns more cash than hard-up Labour ones.

    He or she will also be swivel-eyed with excitement about extending the role of the private sector and will praise Sajid Javid’s latest crazy proposal for “academy-style” hospitals as a great way of getting American private health companies to tackle the NHS backlog.

    By being so hell-bent on a continuing slide to the right that will increasingly erode the fabric of the welfare state that is about the last of the connective tissue that once held the UK together, England is inexorably destroying its own last remnant of Empire, the little one at home.

    • Capella says:

      Excllent article by Lesley Riddoch – utterly scathing about the Westminster cesspit.
      You need to check the news every 10 minutes to be certain the endgame hasn’t already begun.😂

    • By being so hell-bent on a continuing slide to the right that will increasingly erode the fabric of the welfare state that is about the last of the connective tissue that once held the UK together

      It was the post-war socialist consensus that first created British identity in Scotland; hence this peaking in those born in 1945. Britishness is basically only that old, and has been in decline since.

      If you watch old war films, it’s all ‘England’, with the Scots making appearances sometimes. This is because that was the reality then; the notion of a British nationality didn’t exist. That came about with the post-war consensus which bonded the peoples of the UK collectively as you say. It gave you a job, housed you, brought you coal, the lecky, the telephone… treated you when you were ill, helped you if you lost your job…with this broadly the same across the UK. The word ‘British’ was everywhere, from the trains to leyland lorries. For the first time in history, the average person in Scotland started to feel also British.

      The very oldest folks in Scotland are actually notably less British than the post-war baby boomers. They grew up in a Scottish Scotland. One that was part of the British Empire and ruled by the pro-empire elitist unionists, but where the man on the street was Scottish. These people can often speak fluently in Scots as that’s what they spoke at home. That and the Gaelic.

      Thatcherism utterly trashed Britishness in Scotland. Either shut it down or flogged it off. Ironically, it is devolution that has allowed formerly British post-war consensus type policies to be preserved. Scotland is now one of the most British bits of the UK in terms of post-war consensus type policy. But these are now seen, correctly, as Scottish policy. Britain has left Scotland rather than the other way around. Brexit is another example of this; Scotland voted for EU Britain; England had other ideas.

      If you catch my drift.

  26. Derek says:

    Cassetteboy’s been busy…

  27. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    I see BBC QT from St Andrews have no Scottish ( in name only) Labour MP / MSP on….but instead Emily Thornberry is their choice to represent Labour on the panel….was Murray and Sarwar considered too toxic for this episode in this Scottish location ….or were they both considered ‘lightweights’ by Labour HQ… tis, I believe, a common belief via another HQ Unionist party on their current leader in Scotland on behalf of HQ……

    They should have had Foulkes on as he’s an ASSet for Labour…he certainly seems to have a lot to say though guaranteed what he does say is devoid of any intelligence, tact, respect, logic, truth and devoid also of any support or loyalty for Scotland………… thus why he , when he IS awake in HOL, is allowed to make pointless points based on no actual proof other than his own extremely BIASED opinion…..pretty pointless really….but not pointless for him though as this allows him to earn loadsa money on the gravy train aka HOL and he’s doing it deliberately too……the same HOL that many retired Unionist MP’s aspire to sit, sleep and talk rubbish in ……for the Union apparently.

    Cannae watch this programme anymore…..perhaps this show together with it’s tribute act ‘Debate Night’ and also that programme The Nine watched by a minority …..indeed all of the news but not really news programmes ( both on TV and Radio) that are produced in Scotland could be cut by the BBC thus saving the BBC money as per the latest Tory attack upon their organisation via the freezing of the licence fee and then the scrapping of it…..another Tory deflection orchestrated to divert the attention of the public away from the more financially damaging rise in costs via food, clothing and energy bills under the Tory government…. when it was touted pre Brexit that all of these things would decrease post Brexit for the same public who are currently suffering the impact of these rises now and in the foreseeable future….also same government that is increasing NI contributions while giving the banks tax cuts…….and same Tory Government that in this period of a rising cost of living do not think Now Is The Time those with less income should get a £20 weekly increase in Universal credit……..including the former Blue Tory Christian Wakeford now a Red Tory …..same difference to him and them obvs.

    Far be it for me to want anyone employed by the BBC to lose their jobs…but as JR Mogg says ” If you take the Kings shilling you are beholden to the crown.”….or rather in the BBC’s case beholden to the Union.

  28. Iain says:

    Maybe Gove provided Johnson with some energy powder.

  29. Hamish100 says:

    The Brit foreign Secretary Truss warns the Russians…… charge ……or was it cheese shout the Russians then burst into laughter.
    Truss has had to follow such notable FS such as the current Deputy PM and PM. Such is the state of the tories.
    Now for a nice piece of Wensleydale!

  30. Bruce MacDougall says:

    Even if Boris Johnson goes in disgrace, who is next? None of them have Scotland’s interests at heart, just more insults and denigration from Westminster, and a possible war with Russia, to divert attention and instill nationalism. Scotland needs to separate itself from England now, as a matter of extreme urgency.

  31. Hamish100 says:

    Watched James O’Brien on You tube from a few years ago tearing into Rees mogg re Brexit. According to pompous stuck up git, food will be cheaper and everything else. Just wait and see.
    Independence will gather more people as the purse and wallet is emptied to pay for bread and milk.
    The consequences of not controlling our own affairs is becoming apparent.

  32. Capella says:

    Mike Russell on The Vote and Kirsty Hughes on rejoining the EU within 5 years of a YES vote. In The National

    …She added: “The European Economic Area is not a transition route to EU membership and has never been used as such.

    EEA is an alternative to EU membership and one that creates a democratic deficit.”

    On border issues, Hughes said the Scotland/England border would be an external EU border.

    She said that goods crossing the border would need to meet relevant regulatory and customs rules – just as now happens eg from GB to Ireland or to France or the Netherlands. In parallel, she added, that the Scotland-EU border would be open for all goods and services.

  33. Capella says:

    Andy Wightman will join the columnists at The National. Good news for those of us who miss his presence in Holyrood.
    Andy Wightman, Land Detective: Former MSP to launch regular National column

    In the new regular feature series “Andy Wightman: Land Detective”, the activist will respond to your queries about land issues in your area. He’ll explain the land’s history, the barriers which exist preventing action being taken and the ways in which it could be repurposed.

  34. En passant, from the Herald:-

    ‘Scottish Government formally deny lockdown-breaking Christmas parties.’

    The dip in sales since Steven Gerrard left the shores is beginning to bite.

    ‘Jack Collatin formally denies intellect breaking lockdown Agatha Christie book binge’.

    Add your own, Duggers.

    Oh, and the green shoots of my bluebells have started to peek about the gravel in my front garden.
    That should make tomorrow’s front page.

    God, they’re getting desperate, but still find money to pay Adam Tomkins, Brian wilson, and Murdo Fraser to churn out papa for the Union.
    With sales numbering in the Regional level thousands where’s the money coming to keep these Jock Dead Tree Scrolls afloat?

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