A short break

I’ve not had a proper break for a while, and I’ve probably been overdoing it of late. I’ve been trying to build up my strength and stamina in my bad leg and walk outdoors without relying on the walking stick.  It has been going well but unfortunately the post-stroke fatigue is rearing its ugly head again so I need to take a few days to rest and recuperate. I won’t be posting anything this week but plan to be back, refreshed and raring to go, next Monday. I am sure that in the meantime you are all more than capable of keeping yourselves amused.

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236 comments on “A short break

  1. Janice Gale says:

    Keep well ginger dug we need you in top form for the race ahead. I will hold you in the light for your health and well-being. ❤️

  2. Your health comes first, Paul. Take care.

  3. Old Pete says:

    Take care Paul.

  4. Just build up your strength for the referendum. We need you fighting fit.

  5. P Harvey says:

    Take care Paul – your health comes first!

  6. barpe says:

    Yours is one of a relatively few blogs I bother to follow, so please take all the time you need in order to be ready for the ‘big final push’ – it’s coming!!

  7. UndeadShaun says:

    Guardian investigates Scotland Matters and its funders Ceet..

    “The Ceet does not publicly list its membership, its sources of funding or its purpose, and uses a London postal address that houses a virtual office service, an asset management firm and a number of other companies. When the Guardian visited the address, staff working in the building said they had not heard of the organisation.

    The lack of clarity over the source of these donations has raised questions over the use of what is alleged to be hard-to-trace “dark money” by anti-independence campaigners in Scotland and pro-union groups in Northern Ireland, where the identities of donors are obscured by the use of unincorporated associations.”


    • Welsh_Siôn says:


      I hadn’t seen you post this here, @UndeadShuan, so apologies for duplicating it in yesterday’s blog.

      However, I guess you saw MY initial investigations into CEET and Carswell over there, too?


      – Keep on getting better, Paul. And if allowed the Scottish expression, “Haste ye back!”

  8. Legerwood says:

    Take care of yourself. Have a good rest. Do not try to push yourself too hard slow and steady wins the race. Remember when you go for a walk to factor in the walk back.

  9. Maggie Noajes says:

    Hope you get lots of R/R.Don’t worry, the House of Corruption is keeping us all amused.
    Rees Mogg looked like he’d had his bahookie well and truly slapped today.B.J has gone AWOL.
    Roll on independence for all our sanity.xx

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Yes I thought Mogg looked very subdued today in HOC…not so “convivial ” in fact and some of his Tory colleagues seemed less “fraternal”….I fear that for Jacob …Alea iacta est …Jacob learnt today that…actiones habent consequentias…….

      Jacob likes to quote Latin phrases…..not always correctly……I just googled Latin phrases as I see appropriate to his current situation…… whether I have done this correctly I am not 100% sure……but as I admit to doing this it perhaps shows that I am not as smug as Jacob is when he holds court in the HOC most days……which today surprisingly he did not choose to do ….he handed the baton to another as Jacob perhaps considered Latin phrases wrongly quoted, under the circumstances of todays proceedings in the HOC would probably hinder as opposed to help the Tories out of the cacas they currently find themselves in……

      Today though SOME individuals of the opposition applied this to Jacob and his Tory colleagues who voted WITH the Government last week ….as in their individual speeches…… to paraphrase them some speeches almost seemed to conclude with ” Veni, vidi, vici” ………….as in they hit home and hit the right target/s.

      Jacob loves to quote Latin…..to make others think he is clever…..not so clever now though is he…perhaps he tried to be TOO clever……lovely to see the Mogg humbled for once…..temporarily I am sure……but also sure more is to come……

  10. Dr Jim says:

    Barack Obama is having dinner in a Glasgow restaurant this evening with other politicians and leaders from around the world and the BBC very kindly did a piece on it pictured and showed the name of that restaurant just so any kind terrorists or naughty people could show up and possibly do bad things, and why did the BBC in Scotland do that? for public information you ask? well no it’s not that, so what is it you ask? well the Rt Hon FM of Scotland Nicola Sturegeon may be joining him there and we can’t have that can we so best to get it scuppered now as a security risk so that it doesn’t happen at all, phew ! the BBC in Scotland might just have saved themselves from having to report that, what a relief for them, maybe

    Big deal that former president Obama is I certainly hope he’s learned that Scotland is not the Emerald Isle (that’s Ireland) and that quoting Shakespeare at us (that’s England) isn’t all that well received by we Scots, especially since the last time he opened his mouth about Scotland in 2014 he, a black American man was encouraging Scotland to remain in the Union that his country of America terminated with the English by kicking them out violently

    But hey how can we expect a black American man understand about the freedom of a nation

    Maybe Nicola can explain to him that oppression and racism isn’t solely about the colour of a people’s skin, Obama seems like a smart enough man so let’s hope the colour of Trident submarines and missiles don’t discolour his thinking…….again

  11. Arthur Thomson says:

    Rest Paul. You have been more brilliant than ever recently (if that’s possible). Know that we understand and CARE.

  12. exile says:

    Paul, have a good rest, don’t rush back to the keyboard too soon, and you and Peter keep safe.

  13. Paul, your health comes first.

    Take care, and take as much time as you need, we will all be here when you get back.

  14. Alex Clark says:

    Take your time Paul, far better that you get a proper break and some time to yourself. We’ll all still be here when you get back.

  15. Hamish100 says:

    Take a break is understandable. Enjoy , we all need one.

    Listened to Pete Wishart on STV tonight referring to the U.K. as “the Nation”. Really?

    Mr Wishart reset your Westminster bubble speak please,

    Scotland is our nation.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Pete’s a puzzler at times alright

    • yesindyref2 says:

      It is with regret as they say, I have to defend Wet Pi5hf4rt. Use of words depends on context, his was about BoJo as the PM of the UK, and a return to the sleaze of the 90’s (from his twotter) and with the definition of nation as:

      a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory


      both the UK and Scotland meet that definition. In the sleaze case it’s about the UK NOT Scotland!

      • grizebard says:

        Well, he seems to have got something right, whatever the wording o’t. Questions now being asked about why it took him to get the serious action going over Tory sleaze and not Starmer. If the SNP keep this up maybe even BoJo will be thinking he would be better off with us all gone!

        An interesting insight from Starmer also, though, if I picked this up correctly. He seemed to be hinting that the latest attempt to weaken parliamentary oversight was merely using the Patterson affair as a convenient opportunity, but that the real motive was to “insulate” BoJo himself from eventual scrutiny.

        There’s a lot of sleaze chickens queuing to come home soon. So maybe Pete has got on to something here, by getting the police directly involved.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          Yes, he’s on to a winner.

          In the Herald I’d say half the unionist posters condemned the Tories for the sleaze – and that’s something in common with us independence supporters. The ones that tried to deflect back to old SNP cases just looked stupid – and as though they condoned the Tories.

          BoJo is a weakness with support for him dropping, and we do have to take maximum advantage from that, by polinting and shaking the head at the least.

          The longer he lasts the better for us though, I guess 🙂

      • Hamish100 says:

        U.K. is not my nation. If you think it is that is your choice.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          I didn’t say it was your nation or mine, nor did Wishart. In the context of the Tory party sleaze, he said it was “the” nation, and that’s the right way to do things. If he’d said “yours” he’d have distracted attention from the main point – getting an investigation going.

          • grizebard says:

            Exactly. He deliberately didn’t want to disqualify himself in the minds of English viewers, and thereby give them an easy alibi to dismiss his point as peripheral. In effect he’s saying “as long as people like me are trapped here, we’re going to be awkward customers stirring things up, and if you don’t like what we’re about, the remedy is obvious”. Frankly, the more the likes of the SNP can be an extremely “awkward squad” in WM, the better.

            Perhaps ironically, the more effective the SNP are at opening cupboards hiding skeletons, the higher in esteem they may be held by ordinary English people (who are also royally fed up with the sleaze), but maybe greater respect in place of misinformed ignorance is no bad thing.

          • Hamish100 says:

            I’m referring to his discussion on the stv news not at Westminster. He could have said 4 nations.

            • yesindyref2 says:

              Wishy-washy as I normally call him is, I think, the longest-serving SNP MP in the House of Commons. He knows a lot of people, and is in the best positiion to get cross-party support to strike a blow at the heart of the beast that is BoJo (and Mogg and Gove). Language for politicians is an instinctive tool, not a constraint. If the hammer doesn’t work – get a bigger hammer.

  16. dakk says:

    Enjoy your r and r Paul.

  17. Statgeek says:

    In case someone missed it:


    “Official estimates from the Office for Budget Responsibility point to a Brexit loss of more than £1,250 per person over the coming years – more than 178 times the most optimistic prediction for the benefits from the trade deals.”

    So that’s 47% – 63% of the amount Scots would have been worse off out of the Union, if Indy scare stories from 2014 were to be believed. “Oh well”…they’ll say…”too late now”.

  18. Enjoy your wee break, Paul, and we’ll be right here where you left us when you pick up the thread again.

  19. indy2019 says:

    Like someone else said, yours is the only Blog I follow. Most of the rest are either negativity merchants or probably in the employ of the British State. Take it easy big chap.

  20. Capella says:

    Pete Wishart calling for a police investigation.

  21. Capella says:

    Prof John Robertson tackles one of our comics today. Frankie Boyle is telling tired self-deprecating jokes, except it’s Glasgow he’s deprecating, and out of tune with modern Glasgow too:

    He also takes on the dark characters plotting to prevent Scottish independence aided and abetted by the BBC

    • grizebard says:

      It’s funny how it’s the same select few usual suspects who keep turning up in the media, inevitably without open declaration of interest (let alone declaration of funding). Astroturfing a speciality. That particular individual, for example, was a regular in the letters pages of The National, of all places, besides his more predictable haunts. One can’t help but wonder how many others are busily doing the same thing, if less prominently but more duplicitously, and how they are being organised and funded.

      “Know thy sources” is an injunction that seems more appropriate than ever, even if the mainstream media here seem all too willing to “look the other way” where independence is concerned. The internet may be our only real friend, but if so, it is itelf a rather uncertain one.

  22. Ken Cairnduff says:

    Have a good break. We need you fighting fit for when the big push comes, post covid.
    All the best,

  23. Capella says:

    Ha ha – Boris Johnston’s “I don’t want to see Nicola Sturgeon anywhere near it” announcement on COP26. Well that didn’t work, did it? NS is all over it 24/7 while Boris Johnston is conspicuously absent.

  24. Capella says:

    Finally (for the moment)

    ALEXANDRIA Ocasio-Cortez and Nancy Pelosi are in Glasgow for COP26 as part of a congressional delegation trip.

    Speaker of the House Pelosi is leading a group of around 20 members, including well-known congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez, who have travelled to Scotland for the climate summit.

    Today Pelosi will speak alongside First Minister Nicola Sturgeon at an event at the summit focused on climate change and gender equality.

    From The National

    Can you just imagine Boorish Johnston discussing climate change with ANY of the visiting heads of state and leaders in the way that Nicola Sturgeon has done?

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, it’s richly ironic now that you’ve got me thinking about it. BoJo wanted COP to be an assertion of Union dominance and ownership, yet whereas the self-appointed proprietor-in-chief is conspicuous by his own complete absence, “Cinderella” is happily winning influential hearts and minds on our behalf by her constant presence and assiduousness.

      • Dave tewart says:

        The ironical thing is that all during the COP26 the englanders have been burning COAL to provide electrical power and that’s in addition to the BIO fuel, cat litter pellets imported from the USA and Canada.

    • iusedtobeenglish says:

      “Can you just imagine Boorish Johnston discussing climate change with ANY of the visiting heads of state and leaders in the way that Nicola Sturgeon has done?”

      Actually, Capella, yes. I can.

      Oooooh dear…

  25. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    @ Jack Collatin 9th November @ 7.57am


    Hi Jack…hope you are well.

    I have just read an African proverb…that could be applied if Boris J was replaced as Tory leader OR if Labour were ever to win a GE and become the new government….seems apt either way :

    ” The Flies may change but the sh*t remains the same”

    THATS so true in THEIR UK…..also works with Lib Dems shoring up either of main two parties in a coalition.

    Take care

  26. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Is anyone mentioning SIR Lindsay Hoyle the commons speaker’s part in the fiasco of vote last week in so called #ConflateGate….#GetOwenOff…..in allowing Leadsom’s amendment …….does HE not bear some responsibility for the chaos that has ensued…….

    John Bercow would have seen it for what is was……but Tory sycophant Hoyle threw down the welcome mat for CORRUPTION……..is Hoyle an idiot or a willing partner to what Tories are constantly doing ?…….both I think.

    Give them a TITLE…whether it be Sir, Lord, Baron, Baroness, Dame….and they become a welcome addition to everything that is wrong with the British establishment…..from the Royals right down to those awarded peerages for being good rich Tories with deep pockets….pockets they empty to give to the Tory party……

    ALSO rewarded titles undeservedly pre and post Boris becoming PM :

    Boris’s Tory pals and ex Spectator/Telegraph colleagues
    Failed Tory election candidates
    Turn coat Labour ex MP’s
    Brexit supporting random member of a think tank formerly aligned to Brexit party as MEP.
    English nationalist Brexit supporting ex cricketer Boris is a fan of
    Failed Tory leaders at Holyrood
    Wealthy Russian newspaper owner (with dubious family connection) who donated to Tories and is a friend of Boris.
    Previously failed Tory supporting Scottish female entrepreneur (small e) who likes to MOAN about Scotland and thus left it….
    Lib Dems who fail , as a party, in elections to make an impact so shoo in members to HOL’s.
    The clergy…..my God elite clergy should be a contradiction ……does the Bible tell them to lord it over the less privileged.
    Some members of ERG
    DUP politicians

    Any more ?…probably……….give them a title and they then become part of the problem too…….but one easily fixed if Scotland votes to get independence and casts off these parasites of the English establishment pretending to be BRITISH first but we know who their alliance , via a country, is REALLY with…….pomp and ceremony…..not required in an independent Scotland…….indeed neither is ANY Unionist political establishment ……or indeed titles.

  27. yesindyref2 says:

    A guid positive article about the Scots Language on The National:


    The 2011 Census reported that more than 1.5 million people in Scotland spoke Scots.

    I’d say if you put “some” into that as in “spoke some Scots”, the number would be approaching 5.5 million, though it might be a good idea to exclude most babies.

    • scottish skier says:

      Of course Scots is native to other countries, e.g. N. Ireland / the Irish Republic.



      The Irish don’t freak out about it unlike Mark Devlin and some brits! 🙂

    • scottish skier says:

      On this topic, if you want to understand why some people in Scotland (and the wider UK) get so flustered about you speaking Scots, Scots Gaelic, Welsh, Irish Gaelic…. it’s because of this:


      How bothered or not the public is about hearing people not using English in public:

      8% Very bothered
      18% Fairly bothered
      27% Not very bothered
      42% Not bothered at all
      5% DK

      1% Very bothered
      13% Fairly bothered
      28% Not very bothered
      53% Not bothered at all
      5% DK

      And that’s for other people having a private conversation between themselves, i.e. nobody else’s business!

      Scotland has the least problem with people not using English, I imagine because many Scots regularly don’t use it themselves.

      However, 34% of Tories UK-wide feel very or fairly bothered by you not using English, so we could imagine there’s a decent number feeling the same in this neck of the woods. They won’t like our bilingual road signs at all. They’d freak in my house where we mix French and Scots with Scottish English all within the same sentence.

      And British nationalists* clearly feel particularly threatened by spoken Scots right now due to our political situation, hence their attacks on it as ‘not really a language!’ and ‘People using it are just grievance ridden Scottish nationalists!’.

      The root cause of such intolerance is ultimately this:


      PS Have a good break Paul.

      *A Scottish unionist is unlikely to have issues with Scots

  28. Legerwood says:

    Here is a link to Ms Sturgeon’s Tedtalk which she gave ahead of COP26. It is I think just under 10 mins long

  29. Hamish100 says:


    I see STV have Alex Salmond on tele tonight.

  30. George Bowie says:

    Have a great holiday.

  31. Welsh_Siôn says:

    RE: The earlier story of the abusive woman and the ghorse.

    Guardian reports she has been removed from the Pony Club.


    Woman who appeared to slap and kick horse ousted from Pony Club role

    Organisation condemns ‘unacceptable treatment’ seen in footage of Cottesmore Hunt and says volunteer has been removed

    • Capella says:

      caught bang to rights on camera – no “appeared” about it. She should be arrested and charged and I hope the RSPCA are on the case.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Welsh Sion re horse abuse story………

      Watched a report on this on BBC breakfast News via twitter….reporter Simon Jones said before showing video..”It’s not clear exactly what happened leading up to this” ….

      “It’s not clear exactly what happened leading up to this” ?…….Really ?

      Well irrespective of what happened pre this blatantly indefensible and unforgivable incident of animal abuse……..nothing but nothing would justify what this woman did to the horse……..so the story IS animal abuse as shown on video footage NOT what happened before abuse……

      Apparently her name is now known…..if the RSPCA do not take action now that they are aware of this incident then they do not deserve to be an animal charity …..according to Simon Jones “the RSPCA are aware of this footage they are looking into it and want to hear from anyone who witnessed it first hand to what happened in these images to try and get a better clarification to exactly what happened”…….so is Simon saying the RSPCA also are considering ” what happened leading up to this”…………..like somehow the HORSE may be to blame in some way for her disgusting abusive over reaction…………because the video seems clear in what it showed so her actions were of someone abusing an animal…….unless of course the RSPCA want to see if witnesses have additional abuse information as well as the evidence on video…..but as per BBC did not make this clear…..the Twitter responses to Simon Jones report also felt he was somehow a tad too ambiguous in his wording and thus challenged him…………..

      I know first hand witness statements are always good in any animal abuse case but the video showed her kick , slap…possibly punch the horse……so seems to me enough evidence in the video to pursue her legally……..

  32. Formby is a 1hr 50 mn drive from Birmingham.
    To Mrs Gerrard it’s a no brainer. Football’s coming home.

    There…now can we get on with Matters Scottish…like the eradication of foodbanks, 4 jobs bloated buffoon Dross condemning MPs with million pound jobs in the Cayman Islands, and Boris Johnson fleeing to the Colonies to escape the hue and cry in London baying for his blood?
    What a good day to break bad news.
    The Dead Tree Scrolls will plaster Gerrard all over the front and back pages, doubtless with a 16 page colour pull out…while johnson hides in a ‘fridge somewhere in Clarkston.

  33. scottish skier says:



    John Curtice: The polls clearly show that the sleaze scandal is hitting the Tory Government’s popularity



    MP Andrew Bowie quits as vice-chair of Conservative Party

    SCOTTISH MP Andrew Bowie has resigned as vice-chair of the Conservative Party, it has been confirmed.

    • scottish skier says:

      And mind the polls are key to Boris as he’s the ‘British Trump’. All his actions are around polling popularity, hence he’s king of the U-turns.

      It is far better from a Scottish indy perspective that the Tories are not tempted by an early GE in an attempt to through spanners in the works like 2017.

    • Capella says:

      Well Bowie was the VICE chair of the Conservatives. Surely abetting corruption is a core duty?

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Ehm not THE Vice Chair, one of at least 6 vice chairs… Sort of puts a different slant on the headline…

        • Capella says:

          Oh dear – not even the “only” VICE chair. BTW I live in his constituency and I can say, without fear of contradiction, that he has done absolutely nothing to improve the lives of his constituents. Quite the reverse, with his support of sleaze and corruption and removal of the powers of the Sottish Parliament.

          • BBC Radio Jock land used the strangely military phrase ‘stand down’ to report First Lieutenant (RN Failed) Andrew Bowie turning tail and running, getting himself well out of the way of the corruption in his Party, his excuse being that he wants to spend more time with his constituents and fight the good fight against his fellow Scots drive to Self Determination.
            BBC jock Radio chose the phrase ‘stand down’ deliberately off course, to infer that the Brave Sub Lieutenant was being ‘stood down’ from the front line, battle weary, taking a well earned respite from the fight for the Union.

            Sub Lieutenant Bowie is clearly hiding under the bed ’til it all blows over.

            Indeed Bowie seems to be admitting that, like dozens of MPs and MSPs , he finds the job of representing his constituents a full time job, why does The Linesman Dross consider it moral and legal that he is trousering an MP wage, plus expenses, plus index linked pension contributions, and accommodation and staff costs, and a MSP wage, plus staff and expenses, plus contributions to an index linked Scottish Pension, while being paid to do the ‘leadership’ job of the English Blue Tories in Scotland, and run the line at fitba’ matches hoovering up tens of thousands a year from the SFA for his ‘hobby’?
            I take it that he never see his wife and kids…working in 4 jobs at once?
            B..but, they say, it is all within the ‘rules’. Rules they made for themselves.

            They are wallowing in their own filth.
            Not long now.

            • Welsh_Siôn says:

              “stand down …’ and ‘stand by’ a la Trump, perhaps?

              As someone else mentioned elsewhere, BBC Scotland is fast becoming the Fox News of the North of these islands …

              • When iit comes to their London bosses compiling their annual Staff appraisal reports, all will be marked ‘excellent’, and lined up fo a wee stint as Washington or Hollywood correspondents.
                They know what they are doing.
                We shall remember, to be current about it.
                There is forever some corner of a foreign field that is England.
                Plantation Quay.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      “MP Andrew Bowie quits as vice-chair of Conservative Party”

      Yes this smug sneering Tory the male caricature of Priti Patel is trying to distance himself from the very thing he voted with the government on last week….i.e. to uphold Tory corruption…..sadly, but predictably, our media are yet again deficient in their journalistic role in clarifying this very fact……DRoss and Alister Jack did not vote at all….t’other Scottish (in name only) Tories voted WITH the government…….Viva Tory corruption…..

      Apparently Bowie is going to focus on work with the lost cause ‘Union saving’ mob…..under Gove…..who seems to have gone to ground….where’s Gove ?………..where is the poll Gove is supposed to release on support for the Union……does he think by not releasing it people will NOT be aware or intelligent enough to surmise that it MUST be BAD news for the Union ?

      Labour and indeed the Lib Dems like the Tories are oh so quick to highlight SNPBAD re promoting independence at this time….as in their many excuses for NOW not being the RIGHT time (for them) to have another Indy Ref (or indeed any time bad for them)….. but we all know the REAL reason they, Labour and Lib Dem, all DO NOT mention the behind the scenes work being done to ‘save the (non) Union’ it is because they too are involved in this campaign with the Tories……no secret Gordon Brown has met with Michael Gove……and I am sure he is not the ONLY Unionist politician who has done this outwith the Tory party……..

      Good luck Bowie with saving the Union amidst all the exposes on Tory corruption…..I mean who could not see the benefits of staying in YOUR UK……rich people getting richer…..Tory pals getting peerages….Tory donors first in line in VIP lanes for untendered government contracts…..Tory MP’s gaining financially from second jobs as consultants for private companies thus working more for both their own benefit and the companies they are linked to (lobby for) as opposed to their constituents……an arrogant, entitled , corrupt and useless PM who leads your party but has failed miserably to lead YOUR UK…..Idiots in cabinet positions who seem oblivious to the rules but when existing rules are highlighted to them they then endeavour to change them to benefit YOUR party and also those ‘special’ people who support your party……if I continue with more examples it would seem like I am a conspiracy theorist……but alas I am not as the above and much more is the reality of Tory Unionist party UKnotOK……

      What’s to like about that ?….What are you trying to save ? …For whose benefit ?

      Good luck Bowie trying to save YOUR UK…….unfortunately YOUR UK and indeed YOUR party seems to be in the sad position (your own making) of trying to climb a VERY steep hill in being able to persuade any undecided within Scotland that the UK is best way forward for Scotland…….though currently the Tory party ARE seemingly THE best at corruption in politics on current evidence…I’ll give you that……but I think Scotland might not want to REMAIN or be embroiled in the continued embarrassment and international shame of being linked to a failed corrupt state under a Unionist political party….perhaps consider that in your ‘Save the Union’ behind the scenes shenanigans……personally I and t’others think it might be better to just not waste your….or indeed our …time any longer……..#IndyRef2

    • Marc says:

      I still think a spring 2023 election is very much on the cards THB. As much as the polls narrow now, Labour, for whatever reason, seems unable to build a lead, so would not be surprised to see the gap open up again, once the sleaze headlines fade away.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Yep tis more than possible….indeed to keep the faithful onboard they, the Tories, only need to hint that Brexit being truly fulfilled is being hampered by the …..take your pick….they, the Tories, will always find a way to deflect and deviate from the current furore being targeted (deservedly) at them….plus those with money will fund their campaign to try and guarantee success…..and the Tory press will once again rally behind them……..2023 a long way off…..Tories won 2019 GE on the back of chaos in HOC trying to get withdrawal agreement through……in August 2019 he, Boris, prorogued parliament which was later ruled to be unlawful….contradicting the supposed much sought after Brexit sovereignty being such a major issue for Brexiteers as a supposed HUGE benefit/reason for leaving the EU……more like Tory sovereignty being supreme and the REAL reason on so called sovereignty of parliament.

        Labour are unable to “build a lead” because they have come way too late to the party and they also seemed too willing to agree with much of what the Tories are getting away with thus if you condone all of the bad decisions and behaviour some voters then stay committed to the Tories…..as if the so called opposition agree with Tory actions then what’s the problem….sack a minister for breaking ministerial code….well according to Starmer “the public do not want to see a minister resign”…..he did not say that about Nicola Sturgeon though….on her his opinion was 100% clear in that , according to him, he publicly declared that she should resign…..strange NOT strange is it….obvs he cares not a jot about Scottish public’s feelings.

        Social media has been filled with examples of Tory corruption, failure to act and indeed the Brexit failures for ages…..the media and Unionist opposition parties though turned a blind eye…didn’t want to rock the Tory boat or Brexit the catastrophic anti EU policy……cause afraid they will lose voters who supported Brexit via democracy NOT democracy now they are all being forced to publicise what has been common knowledge via social media and I am sure it is uncomfortable for them to admit that this is UK politics at work…..a weak so called official opposition party negligent in it’s duty as too busy ousting a former leader and pandering to a contrived anti Semitic propaganda exercise driven mostly by Tories and the Tory media ……..plus specific anti Corbyn Labour politicians too.

        Problem with Labour is they are too alike the other Unionists parties so much so that some voters find it hard to distinguish any difference between them thus some voters decide, via their votes, perhaps tis better the devil you know than the devil you don’t….as a UK government.

        Some English voters now concluded what we knew a long time ago….What are Labour for ?

      • scottish skier says:

        Ironically for Bozo, a 2017 type election which sees the Tories and the SNP lose seats at the expense of Labour would be the best for unionists. As we saw, this put the SNP on the back foot somewhat and made them cautious. I could do the same again if, as per 2017, Yes retreated to a new low.

        A big win for the Tories in England means a big win for the SNP here 2019 style.

        • Marc says:

          Not really, with the SNP committed to holding the 2nd referendum by 2023 a general election would be no more than a sideshow in Scotland with a referendum following only a couple of weeks/months

          • scottish skier says:

            Sure, any electoral mandate to hold iref2 would still be firmly in place no matter the outcome of a UK election as you obviously can’t give or withdraw Holyrood mandates via UK elections.

            But if Scots clearly said they didn’t want a referendum, e.g. through a really big fall in support / loss of SNP seats coupled with Yes plunging as per 2017, the Scottish government might pause for thought again. Or at least the Tories could dream of that.

            However, I think that particular ‘Get out of jail for a few more years’ card that the unionists were dealt was the only one in the pack! They got very lucky with it. Or maybe the SNP did.

            After all, in the end in, the data strongly suggest the SNP made the right call as a Yes in 2017 looks to have been impossible. Only by 2018 did it become an outside chance. Easier to say that now as it always is in retrospect!

            Another No, this time ‘endorsing’ Tory brexit, would have been a real mess.

            • Marc says:

              But if Scots clearly said they didn’t want a referendum, e.g. through a really big fall in support / loss of SNP seats coupled with Yes plunging as per 2017, the Scottish government might pause for thought again.


              My point was that in order for autumn indyref to be held the legislation would be passed before a late May/Early June General election; so even if Yes /SNP seats did fall, it would not be possible to stop an indyref from happening.

              As I said a General Election in 2023 would merely be a sideshow to an indyref.

              • scottish skier says:

                Sure, but the draft iref bill specifically allows for a last minute change of date if the Scottish government decide this, with no time limits on that. It would be nuts not to do that for very obvious reasons!

                The Scottish government could cancel it the day before if they wanted. It’s not like an election which is illegal to delay without very good reason, and even then for only for as short a time as possible. It’s really at the whim of the Scottish government as it’s just a consultation exercise. There’s no legal requirement for them to hold it and they can cancel / delay if they like.

                While it would be politically expedient to delay or cancel indefinitely at short notice is a whole other matter! Delaying already has caused pushback, albeit it very small for now. 🙂

                I guess the question is whether to try and do the iref before a new GE would be more expedient than holding off until after it. A big Tory win could send the Yes vote soaring, so if that looked to be on the cards, it might be the better option. If it looked like a Tory loss with Labour coming to power, it could be better to get it done before that. At least in times gone by that may have been the case.

                But if the data in my graph from WST can be projected forward, it won’t matter all at by 2023 as the result will be a foregone conclusion whatever happens in England. They UK will already be over and iref2 just a bit of paperwork really.

          • grizebard says:

            Hmmm, I’m more with Skier on this one. In the current ultra-politicised environment, it’s hard to imagine that Unionism would happily forego any opportunity, not least an election where they have an inbuilt media advantage, to try to blunt or scupper a pending referendum, whether one merely in contemplation as in 2017 or one already firmly scheduled. After all, in this existential struggle, needs must!

            There is another aspect to consider, though. Boris Johnston is an English Nationalist and shameless self-aggrandising opportunist, not a committed Unionist. Scottish Tories realise this only too well, hence their (now-suppressed) antipathy and nervousness. So all else being equal, would he really risk his own standing in England for the sake of the Union? After all, his electoral position doesn’t in the least depend on Scotland. (Hence Scot Tory nervousness. They are ultimately disposable.)

            His only interest in defending the Union might arguably be to prevent himself going down in history as “the PM who lost Scotland”. But would he really secretly prefer to lose to Starmer so the latter would hopefully take the blame? (Whereas in fact everyone in the runup to indy is going to take due share of the eventual blame, and BoJo will be a front-runner in those stakes anyway, whether in or out of office at the time.)

  34. Capella says:

    The National highlights another astro-turf, dark money outfit paying for ads on Facebook. Young Unioniats:

    Another ad used the image of a pitchfork and a farm animal in yellow and black, stating: “Nationalism is on the rise in Europe. Choose reason. Don’t be a sheep for the Scottish nationalists.”
    Yet another showed a pipe-smoking, crown-wearing, Union Jack emblazoned rocket jettisoning a Saltire-stamped booster and stating: “Don’t break from the ship. Vote for the Union. We’re a family for God’s sake.”


  35. Bob Lamont says:

    Rather amused by this but not in the slightest surprised

  36. scottish skier says:

    British/English saying they no longer believe in peace, with their union jack armband wearing terrorist jackboots now setting N. Ireland on fire.


    Stormont has lost unionists’ support, says Donaldson

    First Minister sends out warning after PUP withdraws backing for Good Friday accord


    Fears of sectarian Brexit-linked riots as second bus is hijacked and burned near Belfast

    It is the second such incident in and around Belfast in the past week

    The build up to the break-up of states is normally very slow, taking decades. In Scotland’s case, it has taken over half a century to go from the peak of post-war consensus Britishness, to >50% baseline support for independence.

    However, the end can happen very suddenly and almost out of the blue. Think of the collapse of the USSR and the fall of the Berlin wall.

    I suspect we are entering such a phase now.

    The sleaze, corruption, incompetence, and increasing isolation on the international stage precede the collapse, accelerating it.

  37. Capella says:

    BBC continues to undermine the public health measures of the Scottish Government. They imply that lateral flow tests, used by the Welsh government in their Certification scheme, are a good idea and better for hospitality venues.

    As any of us who use these know, they are not accurate since they give a negative result if you do not have enough virus in your throat to register, although you may be infected. They need a second test a few days later to be accurate. But that too could be inaccurate. Also, there is nothing to stop you registering a false negative in order to get into a avenue.

    The BBC calls the Scottish Covid Passport scheme “controversial” .
    “Critics” complain. Who are they? Well there’s Stephen Montgomery, spokesman for the Scottish Hospitality Group. Newsnet has already debunked this astro-turf outfit.


  38. Capella says:

    The National has a good article on the research findings of Dr David Patrick who will be interviewed on Independence Live tonight. Dr Patrick analysed the media coverage of he 2014 independence referendum. Interview on the Independence Live Youtube Channel:


    • grizebard says:

      It was most enlightening to watch this well-informed discussion yesterday evening (as opposed, it seems, to Newsnight, a programme I used to follow regularly, but now ignore). Much food for thought. Though no names were mentioned in regard to the currency debacle, for example, I’m left with the impression that Alex Salmond made the right choice economically, but the wrong one psychologically. For once his political nous deserted him.

      A general lesson to be learnt about how Project Fear wormed its evil way into peoples’ minds, which must have left quite a few with buyer’s regret as soon as the result was announced. We had better be far more prepared to deal with this kind of scaring next time. While amateurism has its place, this requires experts involved who understand how ordinary people respond, and can help immunise them against phantoms, as the example of Catalonia showed can be done.

      If you haven’t viewed it yet, dear reader, it’s still available, and worth a little of your time.

  39. Dr Jim says:

    Public money or remuneration or stipend or wages is paid to MPs to fulfill a commitment to the state

    Unemployment or sick pay or disability benefits is paid also by the public purse, but if someone on the second of these public payments takes a job other than what they receive the public money for they lose that public benefit even if that job is voluntary because it takes up time that you’re paid to look for a paying job so could suffer a fine and or end up in court and suffer a possible jail sentence

    The flim flam garbage talked by MPs over second jobs and *the rules* is mince and they know it

    Public money is paid to persons to either do a job or be available to do a job, MPs are attempting to break the rules by inventing different rules for themselves as though they are more special and different to anyone else receiving public money

    There of course should be some unpaid exceptions like Doctors who must carry out certain work to maintain their licenses to practice if and when they complete their public duties as MPs but the rest of them are just working jolly hard on finding ways to justify greed, so either we have less MPs and better quality and pay them more, get rid of the bloated massively expensive House of Lords and save the money to pay the actual people the public elect, or just allow the media to run the system openly instead of the way they do it now by mind bending propaganda pretending to be news

  40. Legerwood says:

    First Minister meets with the UN Secretary General today at COP26. Hasn’t Mr Johnson’s plan to keep her away gone well?

  41. Capella says:

    Good twitter comment on the outrageous sabotage of Scottish public health measures by the BBC. These people ae a public health hazard.

    • grizebard says:

      I’ve made a complaint to the BBC about the example I happened to catch on the main RepScot news (which normally these days I don’t bother watching). It’s getting steadily more shameless and overt, and it’s hard to believe they don’t know exactly what they’re doing. No doubt I’ll be eventually told I’m imagining it all, but we’ll see. Digging the grave of their own expiring reputation though anyway.

  42. Alex Clark says:

    Some booing can be heard at the start of this clip of Johnson arriving in Glasgow Central.

  43. Capella says:

    Thank goodness for twitter! At COP26 AOC is presented with a can of Irn Bru

  44. Alex Clark says:

    Johnson spends more than 4 hours travelling to Glasgow by train for his closing press conference at COP26. He then does a Trump by walking off after just 22 minutes as he was pissed off being asked questions about the sleaze surrounding Geoffrey Cox.

    Why did this pathetic excuse for a Prime Minister even bother coming in the first place?

    Not welcome and not needed.

  45. scottish skier says:



    COP26: Nicola Sturgeon shares meeting with Nancy Pelosi and AOC

    SCOTLAND’S First Minister has said it was a “pleasure” to meet with Nancy Pelosi and other representatives from the United States Congressional delegation at COP26 this afternoon.

  46. Tam the Bam says:


    US & China agree to indulge in some…..blah blah blah?

  47. Alex Clark says:


    He never had any credibility before COP26 so hasn’t lost any, just embarrassed the UK again.

  48. Legerwood says:

    Some good news.

    Valneva based in Livingston has been awarded a contract from the EU Commission to supply up to 60 million doses of their vaccine.

    Remember the UK Gov pulled their contract with the company just a few short weeks after an all stops pulled out visit from Boris Johnson.

  49. scottish skier says:

    As you’d expect from an Irish American POTUS.


    Joe Biden supports EU position on Northern Ireland, says Von der Leyen

  50. You can always rely on Kirsty Wark when she anchors Newsnight.
    This Dumfries lass has been with the Beeb for 46 years.
    But if she can, she avoids any mention of Scotland, or the Scottish Government.
    They do not exist in the Auntie Tam world of Kirsteen Wark.
    Last night, Newsnight opened with 15 minutes on COP 26, briefly covering Johnson’s Blah blah, with a cursory reference to the rotten corrupt Tory scandals…Her man in Glasgow summarising the awkward phase of Johnson’s Q&A disaster on sleaze by observing that Johnson as leader of ‘one of the world’s leading economies’ was forced to declare that the ‘UK was not a corrupt country’.
    Get the langiuage here. It’s all of us who are corrupt.
    If we get the chance we are 64 million carpetbaggers stealing what we can…

    And that was it…back to COP 26 in Glasgow.
    They interviewed Lord Deben, or as some of us remeber, John Selwyn Gummer, of Thatcher’s Gang, who famously fed his four year old daughter a hmburger live on the telly to prove that Mad Cow Disease was not in the food chain.
    178 UK citizens died of CJD..but what the hell…
    Gummer is now an Environmentalist..Save the planet by force feeding your kids burgers?
    Then Adenoidal Ed Milipede got his tuppence worth in, on camera…
    I didn’t hold my breath.
    The SNP are the 3rd largest party at WM…but, well, so what,if the Conference was held in Glasgow?
    No SNP spokesperson, no interview with Scotland’s Prime Ministedr…Good old Kirsty, still in there fighting the good fight. Scotland denier.
    We recall her vicious ‘documentary’ on the Salmond Case..

    She’s in with the bricks.
    Bricks we’ll recycle to build border posts at Gretna and North Berwick.

    By Christ how they must hate Nicola Sturgeon.
    Is Jack McConnell and family still going off with Wark and her brood on holiday to her Spanish villa?.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Well Said Jack Great comment.

      “Johnson as leader of ‘one of the world’s leading economies’ was forced to declare that the ‘UK was not a corrupt country”

      Yes Jack…..Tory MP’s corruption and sleaze seemingly yet unsurprisingly, to Boris Johnson, equate to defending the UK as a whole against corruption allegations…..once again this shyster misrepresents and equates what HIS party is doing as an opportunity to defend HIS UK as a whole……when it would have been more appropriate for him to have said the Tory party…..but instead he sullied others who are tied to HIS non union…..false representation.

      But then Boris would have been hard pushed to have declared the Tory party were not corrupt given everything that has been reported and indeed other questionable actions , well known on Social media , but as yet not disclosed by the MSM……as the MSM holds out as long as possible on reporting #ToryBad but are never ever reticent on generating (non)stories then reporting them about the SNP……….

      Fortunately most fair minded people who listened to him will themselves be wondering how he misconstrues equating this latest Tory sleaze to an accusation of a UK wide sleaze problem…..I mean the UK IS a problem for ordinary people but that is down to the UK government……currently the Tory party……..the problem being it does NOT work for ordinary people indeed it actively works against the interests of ordinary people.

      The Scottish media , like Boris Johnson, have done their best to try and sideline Nicola Sturgeon while actively promoting WM politicians at COP26…..indeed last week the focus of the BBC in Glasgow , as the host city for COP26 , was concentrated more on a contrived strike at a deliberately inopportune moment to try and maximise impact…..but that turned out to be a dead Duck………

      Johnson saying he did not believe the UK was corrupt…..well the UK as a whole is NOT corrupt…so on that he was right……but in doing that he FAILED to answer the REAL question and current more relevant hot potato based on recent revelations i.e. Is the Tory party corrupt ? ………..well by recent disclosures it obviously is…….and though he avoided and misrepresented the issue most viewers would NOT be slow in seeing what he did …………and indeed also what he did NOT address as in failed intentionally to identify what instigated this question…..

      For this bumbling chancer to hold the position he does , with no accountability or integrity, is a real example, but not a solitary one, of why being a part of the UK is not beneficial to Scotland…..without the presence of SNP politicians at WM we would, as still being part of the UK, be even more ignored and disregarded….and impacted……indeed I dread to think what would happen to us without proper political representation…….obviously i am not alone in this summation which is why, by a majority, we as a country return a majority of SNP MP’s into WM and indeed MSP’s at Holyrood…..we the people do this against the constant onslaught of Unionist politicians, Unionists media and all t’others who fight against us doing that very thing……see that’s the ONE thing they have no control over ……..no matter how hard they have tried…..the People decide…..and in Scotland we decide to choose , by a majority, very carefully those who WE think REALLY speak for us and try to do THEIR best for OUR country…Scotland…..and for many years we have also concluded, by a majority, tis not those who worship at the alter of THEIR non Union within THEIR UK…….dictated and controlled by THEIR WM.


      Take care Jack…..love your passion keep keeping on….


      • ‘Network’: ‘I want you all to open your windows, lean out, and yell;-” I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this any more.”
        The excellent Peter Finch as anchor man Howard Beale.

        Glenn Campbell earlier on Distorting Scotland;

        The Linesman Dross, 4 jobs occupying one body and timeframe as the rest of us, who is as regular on BBC Jockland as a vegetarian on a strict diet of lentil and prunes, didn’t appear on film to discuss the English Tory Party sleaze corruption and criminality accusations.
        Glenn Campbell, po-faced and without a hint of embarrassment ‘spoke for’ Dross, mumbling something about the English Conservative Party Leader in Scotland was ‘angry’ about the whole sorry mess.
        4 jobs Dross is angry, is he?
        Not angry enough to vote against the motion to scrap the Standards Committee last week though, but, mind.
        Campbell is aware of the ‘tell, show, do’ principle of transferring knowledge and information between humans.
        Tell me something and I’ll soon forget it. Show me something, it will take longer to deteriorate in my short term memory, but deteriorate it will.
        Just like Campbell’s ‘interview’ with the UN Secretary General last week, Campbell deliberately edited out Sen. Antonio Guterres’ effusive praise of Glasgow, Scotland, and the Scottish Government led by Nicola Sturgeon…and mumbled this portion as ‘voice over’ to shots of the Conference Centre.

        If it’s good news for the SNP, it is omitted or delivered by Campbell in that droning dirge of his.

        If it’s bad news for the Jock Brits, especially 4 jobs Dross, same voice over dirge.
        WE hear it, and it immediately disappears into our very own 1984 Memory Hole to be instantly forgotten like an ephemeral fleeting dream upon wakening.

        There is no way back for Unionism, NMRN. They know that. They hope that they can drag it out for another five or six years..to rob Scotland of as much of our wealth as they can..They’d empty our museums and art galleries and send convoys of trucks South to the Motherland if they could.

        They know that over half the population of Scotland, and counting, will no longer tolerate living under the cosh of an Imperial Power in decline.

        I love your streams of consciousness, NMRN.
        I doubt that you or I would be invited to be in the audience at Glenn’s next put up job ‘Leaders’ Debate’, do you?
        Perhaps Wallace Lockhart will have Damascus conversion live on camera and go all Howard Beale and exhort viewers to’ open your windows, lean out and yell: “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this any more.”
        Breath is not held.

        • Not-My-Real-Name says:

          “I doubt that you or I would be invited to be in the audience at Glenn’s next put up job ‘Leaders’ Debate’ “.

          Indeed Jack….but if we were ‘invited’……we would go prepared….anticipation is the key….Unionist politicians are, if nothing, predictable….so you need to be able to anticipate what attacks they will bestow upon the SNP and independence…..and as they love to attack Scottish NHS, Education, Independence as a failed objective etc etc ……as if to present Scotland as somehow in a position distinct and unique from the rest of UK then tis only fitting to offer them, Unionist politicians both Tory and Labour, a compare and contrast with the rest of the UK……and educate them on the reality as is….. via true facts and figures and NOT their skewed interpretations which by omission favour THEIR respective parties who govern in Wales and England…..and in omitting these they end up presenting a false perception of Scotland that is detrimental to Scotland’s government.

          BBC and indeed other media are crying out about shortage of care workers while neglecting to emphasise Brexit via Tory immigration policy playing a large part in reason for shortage….they also like to mention how Care workers are low paid in comparison to rest of Health sector……well where is Robert Kilgour ?….what is his opinion on this……the impression the media present on care homes is one as if they are all run by the NHS and not, in reality, the many for profit Private sector care homes owned by…..failed Tory candidates like Kilgour and indeed, if my memory is correct, many Tory MP’s have a financial ‘interest’ in private Care Homes.

          I watched , via Twitter, a video excerpt of BBC QT in Glasgow….where some numptie said that the Scottish government had a tendency to put a sticking plaster on things…..as to what , by example, he was referring to I do not know….and I am sure neither did he….but it, to him, sounded like a good Unionist attack that might catch on with those voters less engaged in politics…..however what he , or anyone, in audience failed to state if on this theme was that by comparison the UK Govt leaves open wounds….wounds that THEY created….one example to back up this assertion would be the dropping of the £20 uplift to Universal credit at a time when both food and energy prices increase……no Mr QT audience member in Glasgow…..not even a sticking plaster via UK Government….. but a wound inflicted upon those in THEIR and I assume HIS UK….inflicted upon those who are already suffering real hardship via low wages and who needed this extra money to survive …..not LIVE as we know it but SURVIVE.

          Jack I have been internally screaming “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this any more.” pre and post 2014….hence why I ,and many others, on here and also within Scotland itself ( and many too outside Scotland) see that the only way forward is for Scotland’s citizens to vote to leave the UK……then we will not NEED “to take it any more”…..cause we will be out of it….just think of all the things we will no longer have to watch, listen to, speak about thanks very much to all British broadcasting and press that give a platform to all of those who PRETEND they care about us but are all just thinking about THEMSELVES and the IMPACT Scotland leaving would have on THEIR country….so UK NO MORE…so called GREAT BRITAIN NO MORE… …aye there’s the rub for THEM indeed.

          • The toothpaste is out of the tube,NMRN.
            Millions of Scots will brook no argument from english Mps, Ministers or their paid lackeys Up Here.
            They know that.
            There is no immediate future scenario when the English Government will say ‘No, we forbid you to hold a Referendum, Jocks’.
            That would be suicide.
            It would confirm what we have been arguing.
            We are held fast as a colony of England, by force of arms, if need be.
            It is a sobering thought that upwards of 90% of the army navy and air personnel serving tours of duty in the Northern Colony are English born.
            They will eventually return home, to England.
            They are an expeditionary force, holding Scotland for the Crown and the English Iron Heel Oligarchy as a militarily conquered colony.
            This is not hyperbole.

            Look after you and yours, NMRN,

          • grizebard says:

            “Putting a sticking plaster on things”, otherwise more formally known as “mitigation”. The usual action constantly urged on the SG by that other set of Unionists, the “leadership” {ahem} of the Labour Party Northern Twig-not-Branch. Neither the original critic nor the party ideas-vacuumists apparently aware, as you kindly remind us, that the sole and rather obvious conclusion to draw from that, to address these issues properly, is to possess the full powers of sovereignty.

            • Not-My-Real-Name says:

              Yeh…mitigation….the Unionist mantra…..apparently for Labour , Tory and Lib Dems the past, present and now the future aspiration for Scotland appears to be to require a Scottish government to constantly mitigate against a Tory UK Government’s draconian policies….

              I am sure most people who vote to elect a party to represent them as a government in Scotland do not do so solely on the basis that , their preferred choice of party they elect to govern , is the one who will need/have to apply mitigation at the expense of any advancement or creation of any new initiatives and policies within Scotland………. initiatives and policies that will both benefit and enhance the lives of the people who live here………….

              UK reserved powers are like a straightjacket for Scotland’s many missed opportunities via the many denied powers essential to prevent and overcome any issues/concerns within our country……and this is clearly a result of being controlled by a dictatorship via the UK government and their right wing policies…thus preventing our government having the ability to enable us, as a country, to both flourish and generate a fairer and just society.

              Hardly aspirational and inspiring for a ANY country to exist under these conditions never mind one like ours who is sadly tied to a rancid non union that is promoted, when convenient for them the Unionists politicians to do so, as a supposed functioning union …….yes indeed functional for THEM but most definitely not for US.

  51. Bob Lamont says:

    Forgot to post this

  52. scottish skier says:

    Scots ‘isn’t a real language, it’s just a type of Nordic’.

    We should join with our Nordic neighbours to form a union, as we’re not Anglo Saxon enough to be English.


    Spikkin Scandinavian: The similarity between Scots and Nordic tongues

    Though Scots have long thought of themselves as unique, millions of us betray our international heritage every time we open our mouths.

    • Dr Jim says:

      We know we’re not as good as the English but that shouldn’t stop us trying much harder and having some aspiration, it’s only been 300 years, we really should at least give it another hundred or so and strive much harder to reach the ultimate goal of tolerance by our masters, we must change the school system to incorporate even more English than was already forced upon us for our own good and eliminate this terrible Scottishness from Scotland, sadly we are an embarrassment to our English saviours, Scotland is so lucky the English are a kind and generous people that they haven’t jettisoned our tiny colony up in the frozen north, there are still many in Scotland who can’t seem to understand why they haven’t

  53. Capella says:

    AOC tastes Irn Bru 🙂

  54. yesindyref2 says:

    OT defence
    OK there’s a usual silly article from someone who should know better, about how the Clyde didn’t lose out because 13 warships were promised – and 13 are being built. It equates 13 Type 26 frigates promised [1], with 8 being bullt but hey we got 5 OPV instead of the other 5 Type 26 so it’s all the same, innit?

    No, it ain’t, innit.

    Type 26 frigate
    Cost £1.1 billion
    Displacement 6,900 tonnes
    Length 149.9 m
    Beam 20.8 m
    Complement 157

    River Class OPV Batch 2
    Cost £140 million
    Displacement 2,000 tonnes
    Length 90.5 m
    Beam 13.5 m
    Complement 58

    You’d have to be a navel gazer to think they’re the same. In fact a load of workers were “redeployed” to Barrow in England for the Astutes – according to GMB who complained about the betrayal (yes, they did), as far less were needed for the OPVs as expected for the delayed Type 26, and no apprentices,

    [1] He can’t even get that right, it was never 13 x Type 26 ASW frigates, it was 8 ASW + 5 somewhat cheaper General Purpose Frigates, and that was known during Indy Ref 1 to anyone who gazes at navals and not navels. But all on the same new design silent hull, Yes, Rosyth is getting the retargetted and way cheaper Type 31e; that’s a different river and different side of Scotland but hey, who cares innit.

    I pointed this out before at the source more politely and the post was deleted and I was blocked. Ho hum, the Truth Shall set Us Free (but not for you Scotland).

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Type 31 by the way
      Cost £286 million
      Displacement 5,700 tonnes
      Length 138.7 m
      Beam 20 m
      Complement 80-100

      I’d be looking for something like that for us but maybe £500-£600 million fully fitted. It is kind of expected that the T31 will be, errr, upgraded later on.

  55. scottish skier says:

    A wee browse around and aye…

    You can tell genuine independence supporters; they are really pleased with so many world leaders / dignitaries from the UN, EU and USA etc treating Scotland’s government (almost) as if it were the government of a independent country this last week or so. They see ‘a nation in waiting’ you might say.

    And indy supporters are right to be chuffed; it shows how much progress has been made by the SNP/Greens on independence. After all, it is not England’s permission we need, but the world’s. For independence to work, we must be welcomed to the ‘table of nations’ by all the neighbours; or most of them at least. It doesn’t matter what England thinks if everyone else has pulled up a chair for us.

    Sturgeon and co must not court London, but all the other neighbours. A referendum would not deliver indy, not a workable one anyway, if other countries refused to recognise it. Nope, Sturgeon and the SNP have done more for indy since 2014 than any iref bill could ever do from the photos and media reports. COP26 is us getting to see the results of a huge amount of long-term work that’s been done on indy.

    And OMG this has those against independence, including the erm ‘real indy supporters’, fuming, because they know it.

  56. scottish skier says:

    Aye. English/British Tories weeing themselves and running away at the first sign of trouble as usual it seems.


    Ireland reveals high-level talks with US over UK’s Article 16 threats

    THE Irish Government this week held high-level discussions with America’s Biden administration over UK plans to trigger Article 16 of the Northern Ireland Protocol, Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said.

    UK Brexit Minister Lord David Frost appeared to row back on a threat to trigger the clause in the Brexit deal on Wednesday, which would effectively suspend elements of the arrangements that prevent a hard border in Ireland.

  57. Capella says:

    “The True leader of COP26 is the First Minister of Scotland”

  58. scottish skier says:

    One for the pollsters out there.

    A close friend of 30 years confides in you that they are in fact transgender and are finally coming out as that. They now wish to be called John instead of Jane if that’s ok. Do you:

    A. Say no, you don’t believe them, and only if they can prove they’ve been living as John for 2 years, including getting a doctor to confirm they are unwell, will you refer to them as John

    B. Happily take their word for it#, be supportive, treat them just the same as you always have, and get on with your entirely unaffected life, letting them get on with theirs

    Of course, the mere existence of John and others like him (formerly her) – something that’s as old as human civilisation* – does throw up a few potential conundrums, for example such as around sex based rights, including, intriguingly, male primogeniture*. But that’s nothing which can’t be sorted out, and should be naff all to do with how someone answers to the above, which is a wholly separate issue, so should be treated as such.

    After all, in the old liberal days, society didn’t have issues with folk changing gender, including on their birth certificates.

    Now back to the rather more pressing matter of independence!

    #This is obviously called ‘self-id’


    The secret court case 50 years ago that has robbed transgender people of their rights ever since

    The story of Ewan Forbes shows how trans people were able to enjoy equality – until it was quietly removed to protect male rights of succession

    • Clydebuilt says:

      “A New Front Opens Up”

      For weeks now BBC Scotland has been pumping out Climate Crisis ? . . COP26 Whipping up their audience’s concern on Global Warming. In Glasgow gas guzzler tyres are getting slashed

      This morning’s moan in after 9am Stephen Jardine had on a Dr. Emma Harper an Energy Expert from Sheffield University who started off criticising the Scot Gov for not coming out against Cambo, and not signing up with Denmark, Equador and Wales. Later in programme the “Energy Expert” came back and suggested the action we need to take is to vote out politicians who are not taking the required action. . . Presumably that will be the SNP.

      Then on came a Lauren MacDonald climate activist member of “Stop Cambo Action Group” main point is to criticise Nicola Sturgeon for not coming out against Cambo, calling her a liar.

      The Union is working to replace the cause of Scottish Independence with the fight against Global Warming . Both Just Causes.

      • scottish skier says:

        It’s absolutely nuts for folk to suggest we should rely on e.g. Russia and Iran for gas rather than producing our own.

        Energy bills going through the roof, businesses collapsing, government desperately trying to keep food on the tables (natural gas being used to make CO2 for the food industry) and folk are actually saying we should put ourselves at the mercy of Putin for the next new decades of the energy transition.

        There’s no question we need to reduce our fossil fuel consumption, but simply buying from the Russians rather than producing from our own waters doesn’t obviously help achieve this in any way. All that does is increase pollution (regulations are less tight elsewhere) and our carbon footprint (through transporting fuels over much larger distances).

        While you still have a gas boiler, the best way to reduce your CO2 footprint and methane emissions from flaring etc is to buy Scottish gas from west of Shetland, not middle eastern LNG. On top of getting the loft insulated etc!

      • Capella says:

        Yes I heard snippets of the moan-in. Having failed to stop Nicola Sturgeon shining for all to see at the COP26 summit, the BBC are now engaged in a rearguard action designed to smear her for failing to make decisions which are reserved to Westminster. Pathetic.

      • Worry not, Clydebuilt.

        Yes, Jardine is a Brit Plant…he scribes for the Hootsman and the Daily Police Gazette Record,and fronts BBC Jockland’s weekly ‘debate’ to provide even more dark money in ‘fees’ to the Jock Brits,

        But ‘Climate Change’, that’s The Planet being destroyed by Big Money, to thee and me, is already yesterday’s news, this weeks Daily Blahs the fish and chip wrappers and cat litter of next week.

        BBC Radio Jockland is basically three hours of Gary Robertson, reviewing the Daily Express the Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the Scotsman, three hours of Kaye with an ‘e’ Adams droning on and on and on and on, in that louche lazy going through the motions boring monotone of hers, fronting a phone-in with sad individuals wanting to tell the world, well the couple of thousand who actually listen to Radio Jockland that is, about their stubborn corns, bins not getting emptied, and the like, then a couple of hours of SNP Bad news over lunchtime, usually Johnnie Beattie, then 2 and a half hours of Janice Forsyth and guests ( Tom Harris and Mags Curran are regulars) reviewing books bands plays and movies..then the Teatime ‘news’ for two hours, then dj’s churning out records and country dance music for the rest of the night.

        That basically is it.
        The ‘grown-ups’ in the radio listening fraternity tune in to the radio programmes from London.

        In other words, radio broadcasting in Scotland reflects every other aspect of our ‘union’ with England.

        BBC Jockland is the cheap add on to the ‘real’ BBC in England.

        As I say, worry not. Next week Jardine will turn his attention to the parochial burning issue Up Here.

        Rangers new manager?

        ‘Outraged’ East Kilbride phoning in to protest that they spotted a Christmas tree in a neighbour’s window in November!
        That will take an hour’s air time up, for sure.

        Bear in mind, Clydebuilt, there are only a few thousand listening to this crap at any one time.
        It is reported that the Hootsman sells 5000 copies a day over the counter.
        Who is paying Brian Wilson’s fees for his SNP Baddery?
        Certainly not revenue from this sad dying Dead Tree Scroll.

  59. yesindyref2 says:

    Good Lord!

    Apparently the Highlands and parts of Scotland may get some snow over the next few weeks, who’d have thunk it?

    And hey, even the rest of the UK might get some. Poor Yorkshire and the Peak District they won’t know what hit them, and imagaine that, there might be snow in – London?

    What is this snow stuff? They ought to build some ski resorts, somewhere!

    • scottish skier says:

      Must admit I have a certain fondness for the stuff.

    • Kaye Adams will do a three hour phone-in on snow and the SNP’s failure to grit the roads on Monday, IR2.
      The GMB will call a strike of gritter drivers, next week’s self proclaimed ‘Covid heroes’, and Anas Sarwar will don his wellies and Barbour jacket and take to the hills with a gaggle of snappers peddling the gur wrenching tale of a pensioner trapped in his house for days, snowed in because of the BAD SNP..and Dross will remind us all that the English Conservative Branch in scotland has been calling for more gritters for years and .Nicola sturgeon’ has had 14 years to sort out this problem, and A Lax Coal Scuttle will be on Queensferry Crossing icicle watch.

      Climate Change, the earth heating up?
      There will be demands for the Scottish Government to pay winter fuel bills, too.
      Jardine will ‘debate’ Snow mid week.
      The madness of Bitter Together will rumble pointlessly on, until it runs out of steam and trundles to a final permanent halt.

    • grizebard says:

      It’s well known that snow is caused by the SNP+Greens failing the environment for having extracted all that oil for decades for nobody’s benefit but their own.

      That should do it, now what about that Dark Money Dividend? How do I apply…?

      • scottish skier says:

        The irony is that rather than global warming making for cheaper heating bills in Scotland, the associated weakening of the gulf stream will mean our climate becomes more continental / in line with our high latitude, e.g. mair like Labrador, so freezing cauld and snawy in the winter.

        Good for the skiing I guess!

        Will be the SNP’s fault of course. If we stick with the UK our climate will not change.

        • Marc says:

          I know that post was a bit tong in cheek but actually the opposite could be true. A weakening of the gulf stream could result in the polar jet stream traveling further north, resulting in the dominate air flow over a course of a year coming from the south/south west rather than the west/north west which would result in warmer conditions. As far as rainfall goes a south westerly tends to be a warm wet flow (sometimes called an atmospheric river). It’s this flow that causes the flooding that we have seen over recent years across the Western side of the UK. So could well end up with the west of the UK experiencing severe floods whilst more central and eastern areas experiencing drought.

          The other scenario is, of course, that the jet drops further north, meaning that the sever autumn/ winter/ spring storms that currently, for the most part, miss to the north would end up passing through mainland Scotland/northern England. Again causing problems with flooding and storm damage.

          • Marc says:

            I suppose the main message is if you live on a small rock with a huge ocean on one side and a huge land mass on the other you really don’t want the climate to change that much; even small changes can have big impacts on you.

            • scottish skier says:

              Sure, but even if we go net zero, that won’t stop natural climate change, not if the earth has its own plans. We could have rapid cooling or warming anyway. Even in the very ‘recent’ pre-industrial times, our climate was quite unstable over recorded history, at least on regional/continental scales, e.g. the medieval warm period, little ice age etc. Such changes caused large population movements, agriculture growth/failure, for land to be settled / abandoned etc. That’s totally normally as the earth’s climate is in constant flux.

              It’s in a perpetual state of disequilibrium, so can never be regarded as ‘stable’ in any fundamental thermodynamic sense. This is e.g. why it’s historically proven so tricky to measure it’s ‘temperature’ as it doesn’t have one; but one variable across the surface and with altitude that’s constantly changing. Satellites have really helped in terms of trying to quantify this.

              Anyway, this flux is not a reason to not go net zero, as it really isn’t a good idea to encourage such rapid changes if we can avoid it, but we are at the mercy of the planet, which has a habit of inflicting huge swings in temperature and other assorted natural disasters, wiping out millions of species, sometimes 90% of life on earth.

              We could for example, achieve a super green future only for a massive space rock to hit us or a supervolcano could blow it’s top, wiping out most of the plant and plunging us into a long nuclear winter. Dangerous place our earth! 🙂

          • scottish skier says:

            Yes, I should have said ‘could mean’ rather than ‘will’. Hard to say really. Warming will not be evenly distributed certainly, and some areas may end up colder or at least with more snow / ice (due to increased precipitation) depending. At least in the super duper ‘short term’ geologically speaking.

            Mind you, as a skiing geologist (originally), I can’t help but look at things this way and like the fact the earth is unusually cold right now. CO2 levels super low too.

            I’d welcome another glacial advance!

            • Marc says:

              For sure, the earth warms and cool over very long periods, all driven to some part by the amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere (along with other factors). I worked in the meteorology/climatology field for over 20 years and if i had a pound for every time someone on the AGW side of the augment mentioned that fact over the years I would be a rich man 🙂

              Of course there is only a very narrow band of global temperature that modern humanity can be sustabable in. Go above it then you have ice cap melt causing many populous parts of the planet to be inhabitable due to them becoming flooded. Also you have areas of the world uninhabitable due to water shortages etc.

              Too cold and then the growing season of crops gets shortened leading to mass starvation etc.

              And you are right, net zero is not about reducing temperatures, its about stopping temperatures getting above a level were things no longer are sustainable.

              Of course the big difference between modern warming and previous warming, is that is not natual, its man made. The oceans have always been the worlds heat sink. They collect of the heat instead of it being released into the atmosphere. But we (as in the human race) overworked them and now they are ‘full’ and are releasing the heat stored in them. That why you see the sudden continues increasing spike in global temperatures over the last 30 years or so, rather than the mix of cold/warm in the decades preceding.

              • Capella says:

                Scary stuff. I watched Seaspiracy on Netflix recently. It shows the devastating death of marine life in the oceans through industrial scale fishing and pollution so that the oceans are no longer able to stabilise temperature. Most of it perpetrated by global criminal enterprises. If you want to have nightmares watch Seaspiracy and never eat a fish again.

                Humans may not be able to live on the planet for much longer but the planet will survive.

                • scottish skier says:

                  Humans may not be able to live on the planet for much longer but the planet will survive.

                  As a geologist, that’s how I see it. When I look at millions of years of changing climate on a cliff face, with mountains rising and falling, the sea flooding and retreating, forests growing then being drowned, glaciers covering continents then retreating, I can’t help but see how unimportant we are. We’re just a tiny moment in the Story of the earth, and at worst, just another meteorite impact or super volcano eruption in terms of our influence even if we keep trashing the place.

                  We can screw things up for ourselves and take out a load of species with us, but come along in a few 100k years and the place will be teeming with new life as always. Even if we let off every nuclear bomb we had, this would still be the case. We’re just small fry. Really nothing in the big scheme of things.

                  Anyway, according to this well below the UK average in terms of 2021 target carbon footprint.


                  Seems I’d make a bad AGW advocate; too green for that.

              • scottish skier says:

                I don’t believe the Smithsonian is AGW! 🙂

                Yes, the earth cools and warms over very short periods, medium periods, long periods, super long periods; as your graph neatly shows (1920’s was the cooler side). We can pick out tiny intervals of time such as the one you show, and see rapid changes of a similar magnitude, although resolving these becomes more difficult the further back you go for obvious reasons, meaning rapid short term changes become smoothed out, and only longer term changes readily visible. Even your graph shows that an 1.0 C (+/-0.5 C) change seems perfectly ‘normal’, and it’s only since 2000 that it’s become increasingly clear things are looking out of kilter, hence the growing unease. If the T had started to fall again since 2000, we’d just have the mirror image of the 1920s…

                As noted though, such changes are a normal feature of the planet over ‘recent’ (since the dawn of man) and geological time, e.g.


                Rapid climate changes are known to have occurred over time periods equal to or even less than a human lifespan: moreover, their effects on the global system are sufficiently large to have had significant societal impacts

                The difference is that this time, the overwhelming evidence suggests it’s us burning stuff willy nilly that’s the issue, hence it’s wise to go net zero as I mentioned. However, that will not stop any additional natural changes, be these cooling or warming, that the earth may decide to throw our way.

                I don’t hang about in climate debates, but I imagine one of the reasons the AGW people might pull out the graph I showed is because ‘Pro-GW’ (?) people say stuff like ‘But the earth has never been this warm before!’ which would be asking for it. I certainly cringe when I hear such language used on the TV etc as while well-intended, if not put in context, it is readily questionable, so self-defeating.

                • Marc says:

                  Thank god the rise has only been relatively low thus far, we are seeing the effects of only a small rise is causing let alone a larger one. I suppose the point is temperature did not start to fall again post 2000 its continued to rise. Again if I had a pound for each time someone argued that temperatures were going to start falling again I would be a rich man (note I’m not singling you out for this or accusing you of being AGW, it’s just the arguments you are making are the ones peddled by the AGW lobby over the years). As mentioned before what we are doing now is not to make temperatures fall – it’s to stop temperatures rising at a higher rate.

                  Of course, rapid climate change is very well documented and can be caused by natural events such as volcanic activity and solar activity. Going back to your original post, disruption to Thermohaline circulation in the oceans has also been theorised to of caused rapid climate change in the past.

                  At the end of the day its all about balance. That is one of the key aspects of ‘nature’/ physics. We see this balance happening every day, very simply wind is air moving from areas of high pressure to low pressure in an attempt to balance the atmosphere. Pre-industrial humanity has of course disrupted this balance by pumping more co2 into the atmosphere whilst at the same time reducing the amount of things that can naturally remove co2 from the atmosphere (trees and plants), thus disrupting the natural balance. You can only do this for a certain amount of time before there are consequences which we are starting to experience now.

                  Anyhow I could go on for ages about this, its something that I have seen go from scientific papers almost 30 years ago when I was at uni, to what the papers were predicting happening now; but I think that would be taking things away from the purpose of the blog!

                  • scottish skier says:

                    it’s just the arguments you are making are the ones peddled by the AGW lobby over the years

                    Sorry, but it would be good if you could explain what you mean here, detailing how exactly what arguments I’ve made that are somehow ‘what the AGW lobby are peddling’? Have I been factually incorrect? Are my (Smithsonian) sources dodgy?

                    I initially overlooked this, politely assuming you just didn’t really read or understand my posts, but again you say similar. I don’t see how you could have missed the conclusion:

                    ‘The difference is that this time, the overwhelming evidence suggests it’s us burning stuff willy nilly that’s the issue, hence it’s wise to go net zero.’

                    Which I feel was clear enough, without resorting to tabloid sensationalist language.

                    Rapid climate change is normal. The current warming looks definitely down to us, so we may be able to limit it, at least within our own lifetimes and hopefully beyond, if we act now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

                    However, while we have control over our own emissions, it’s very naïve to imagine we can control the climate in general, and it’s ‘climate denial’ science to give the public that impression.

                    • Marc says:

                      Apologies, maybe i was not clear enough, I don’t think you are AGW, but the argument that there has been extensively peddled by the AGW side is that natural climate change has always happened and the warming that is happening now is just another example of this.

                      Thankfully, the majority of the scientific community ( including the Smithsonian https://ocean.si.edu/conservation/climate-change/climate-change) agrees that the current warming is man-made and action needs to be taken.

                      I don’t think I have ever said we can control the climate in general, but the effect of man-made warming and greenhouse gas emissions can have an effect on natural climate drivers that have been driving climate for thousands of years. For example, there are plenty of scientific papers and early evidence that increased greenhouse gasses will affect ENSO increasing the frequency of strong El Nino and La Nina phases. The strength of ENSO phases has a major impact on large proportions of the world’s climate.

                      We should have, by the current scientific thinking, seen a cooling of temperatures, especially in the northern hemisphere, due to a low solar cycle, the fact that we haven’t again raises the possibility that increased greenhouse gas output is negating the natural cooling effect that you would effect. Then you have the potential impact of man-made climate onThermohaline Circulation like the gulf stream a system that has helped regulate the world’s climate for thousands of years.

                      Maybe the problem has been that it’s man-made climate change vs climate change when in reality its a combination of both. Natural climate drivers such as ENSO, solar cycle strength,Thermohaline Circulation and others have been the things that have helped regulate the world’s climate to a stage that humanity has been able to thrive. If we then change then impact these natural drivers through man made climate change, they are not going to work in the same way and the impact of this may well be that parts of the globe are less inhabitable.

        • Clydebuilt says:

          So are we heading for drier sunnier summers?. . . . Now that would be good B U T Very selfish. . . . . I’ll take the wet summers to save the planet. For mankind that is

    • yesindyref2 says:

      I think it’s a conspiracy by the Met Office. It’s not called the “Met” for nothing. Onyways, seems a good time to post this old link again, with “Yes Sir Ice Can Boogie” making a guest appearance at Hampden for the last qualifier match against Denmark on Monday.


  60. Hamish100 says:

    Is Boris Johnson and Gove still alive or still in hiding?

    • jfngw says:

      Johnson remembers Cameron’s Chillaxing and as he has to outdo him he invented Fridgelaxing, I would check the kitchen in Downing Street. As for Gove, he will probably only turn up if their is a COP26 disco at the end of the event.

  61. Dr Jim says:

    The anti everything that is sensible channel GB news, who btw hates us Jocky’s and our FM with a vengeance has decided this morning that it hates us even more than usual because that ridiculous unimportant FM Sturgeon of Scotland just flat out refused to talk to them (why do they want to talk to her if she’s that ridiculously unimportant)

    The thing about GB news is they’re like a childrens show with tantrums but wearing jackboots and armbands as they scweam scweam scweam in the checkout line of TV channels because nobody will wisten to dem poor wittle fings ranting at the tops of their voices

    I understand there are people in England who watch this channel believing it to be news, if so then there’s your answer as to why England is politically bankrupt

  62. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    As the Scottish (in name only) Tories are currently obsessing about Nicola Sturgeon and selfies not selfies…..one knows that as sure as night follows day….had she not been engaging at COP26 all the selfie not selfie obsessive Scottish (in name only) Tories would have been highlighting this very fact……perhaps they would have called her The Invisible Woman unavailable to welcome both national and international guests to Scotland at COP26…..see that’s how it works via opposition Unionist parties….whatever the situation you just forever emphasise negativity based on non important and weak examples….whatever the FM does or does NOT do you according to you, a Unionist, then as a grievance monger Unionist politicians, your main job is to generate an SNPBAD story…..on anything and everything……the BBC in Scotland will back you up so no worries….

    I mean selfies not selfies against Tory corruption and sleaze….well what is the really BIG story here I wonder…..Hmm.

    Tories position on the SNP …that the SNP are dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t.

    Of course while DEFLECTING on this non issue they HOPE that the fact that Boris FLEW back to London to a celebration at a MEN’S club to have a shin dig with a renowned CLIMATE DENIER will be ignored by the public…and he did this in the midst of COP26….. FLEW by private Jet….to join a well known CLIMATE DENIER while COP26 still ongoing in Glasgow……so where is Boris Johnson’s judgement and priorities…….wonder if HE took any…selfies on his MEN ONLY champagne and caviar night….OOT….with Climate Science denier and Tory pal Charles Moore….sorry that’s BARON Moore of Etchingham a peerage awarded by one Boris Johnson.

    I saw on twitter that Tory unelected MSP Russell Findlay had retweeted a number of selfies not selfies of the FM with various dignitaries……he failed though to mention both the FM’s elastic arm on the LONG shots and indeed at times her INVISIBLE arm…..Russell thinks all pictures taken of an individual/s are SELFIES…..mind you I watched a video on Debate Night via Twitter and listening to him speak ( or TRY to speak)…I see that one of his many other weaknesses is public speaking…..so he is clearly not the brightest or strongest political force in Scottish politics by a long shot………hence his confusion on what a selfie actually IS….as in opposite of what HE posted on Twitter….

    I also note Alex Cole Hamilton has joined in #SelfieGate……funny how A C Hamilton when on debate shows tries very hard to present himself as a considerate and serious politician…yet when on Twitter he becomes one of the uber Unionist mob who regularly baits both the SNP and independence supporters……….it seems very much that A C Hamilton has two faces…his public one when on TV and his other face he has when playing to the Unionist gallery on Twitter…….both are disagreeable……because both represent another lying and contentious Unionist who plays politics at the expense of the public…..just another Tory really…..a Tory in all but his current party name voted in by Tories in his constituency who felt that voting Lib Dem was their best bet in trying to stop the SNP from gaining this seat…….another one tactically voted in….well he would hardly be voted in for his ability and party’s scandalous previous reputation under their former name of the Liberal party….

    Some Liberal/Liberal Dem history…..i.e. David Steel (formerly Liberal party then Liberal Democrat) who covered for Cyril Smith, liar Alistair Carmichael ( who was a Liberal in 1987 and then a Lib Dem from 2001) #FrenchGate, Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg now chief PR Liar for Facebook and formerly Deputy PM in Tory Cameron’s government , other Lib Dems also in prime positions within Tory Cameron’s government and not forgetting the old guard Liberals ALL Lords now where one of them Malcolm Bruce defended Carmichael and justified it by saying ALL politicians LIE….how comforting and reassuring it was to hear that especially now when one considers the current political situation…and of course let’s NOT forget former linked colleagues when party known as just the plain old Liberal party as in one Cyril Smith MP and Jeremy Thorpe Liberal leader…….sleaze incorporated (consigned to history) but STILL a part of THEIR party’s history pre new party name the so called LIBERAL DEMOCRATS ( in name only).

    How pathetic Scottish Unionist politics is and indeed those who represent Unionism in Scotland….parochial Unionists in Scottish parliament deflecting with tittle tattle while WM is drowning in corruption and incompetence……while our FM gets on with the day job of working FOR Scotland while t’others (Unionists) doing their best to work AGAINST Scotland….

    Who to vote for eh ?….Duh !

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      “but STILL a part of THEIR party’s history pre new party name the so called LIBERAL DEMOCRATS ( in name only)”

      What am I like…..not just their history BUT while under Liberal Democrat party too…………

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        “whatever the FM does or does NOT do you according to you, a Unionist, then as a grievance monger Unionist politicians, your main job is to generate an SNPBAD story”


        Should have been

        ” whatever the FM does or does NOT do then according to you, as a official uber grievance monger Unionist politician, you as a Unionist will always see it as your main job to ensure it is presented as a #SNPBAD story”

        I give up……You wish….Lol

  63. Capella says:

    A link to The National’s report on Alok Sharma, President of COP26, addressing the nations of the world. It is not the vacuous blah, blah. blah which is interesting. What’s interesting is that they have perfected the art of folding the Union Jack without showing ANY BLUE AT ALL!!

    It is, in fact, the flag of the FUK. 😂

  64. Hamish100 says:

    Remember that bin strike?

    Well there was another one in England https://www.gmb.org.uk/news/sheffield-bin-strikes-suspended-after-new-pay-offer were the offer is 2% less that in Scotland. More proof that the gmb were using the Glasgow dispute for nefarious reasons https://www.gmb.org.uk/news/sheffield-bin-strikes-suspended-after-new-pay-offer

    Still I await the call that in Scotland the gmb can’t work with the army as reported from Wales.

    It’s a safety issue
    All 100 off them


    I await for Sarwar to raise.

  65. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Congratulations to Scotland for entering the World Cup play-offs for the men’s footie game. I only hope (for your sakes!) you don’t meet us there …

  66. Capella says:

    Late call

  67. Capella says:

    OK – even later call

    • scottish skier says:

      I’m sure somehow this will still be the SNP ‘not doing enough for independence’ but instead spending all their time writing, polling etc on domestic stuff like GRA.

  68. grizebard says:

    Given someone who had no official role in COP (the UK Big Show presided over by Asleep-at-the-Wheel), and yet has “walked the walk” as well as “talked the talk” by anteing-up with financial support for climate change-impacted countries, and who has taken Greens into her administration for the first time ever within the UK, you have to wonder what any of these self-appointed ultra pop-ups had actually expected from Nicola Sturgeon. More importantly, perhaps, do they imagine they would be in any way better served by Sarwar, DRoss or The Other Nonentity…?

  69. Dr Jim says:

    “And we won’t let Sturgeon anywhere near it” words that bouncer Johnson must be regretting every day as the stupidest nonsense ever to come out of his mouth as I said many times before, COP 26 is a UN event being held in Glasgow, that’s Nicola Sturgeons back kitchen and even the men in the dark suits couldn’t have kept her out, she took it and shook it and soft powered her way right through the middle of it, and the world leaders loved her for it

    Nicola Sturgeon did more than her job, she put in a shift that no politician on these islands were prepared to do, she pressed the flesh she smiled and charmed the socks off every visiting personage who did us the honour of turning up to the thing whether ranked high or low, she was even polite and courteous to the Brits and their lackeys in Scotland (well except for the GB news shower of course, and we all know why that is) and still the news broadcasters in Scotland and England did their level best to exclude her, didn’t work did it

    As my Irish friends say “Nicola Sturgeon is *the man*” and now she has secured the allies she wanted on behalf of Scotland to take us forward to we all know where, and she’s done it practically all by herself, well with the help of the unwitting unwilling undiluted hatred of the Tories unbelievable self inflicted idiocy

    My father used the metaphor walk soft but carry a big stick

    Nicola Sturgeon has walked soft, now’s the time to use the big stick

    • Malkie says:

      This is perhaps the best post I have ever seen on WGD, or even anywhere.

    • barpe says:

      Well said, Dr Jim, it’s obvious that Nicola is far ahead in the ‘stateswoman’ stakes, and Boris and his sleaze-ridden cronies are starting to wet themselves.
      There will now be even bigger attempts to attack her every move by the combined forces of the red, yellow and blue Tories – but they give us so much ammunition to respond that it will not work.
      Roll on the ‘big stick’.

    • Legerwood says:

      Ms Sturgeon does not need a big stick. She walks softly on some very pointed, sharp stilettos. Just imagine what that is like when she puts her foot down…hard.

  70. Statgeek says:

    More on sleaze (been keeping odd sleeping hours of late):

    “Anthony Wells, director of political research at YouGov, said: “This is the worst Tory score on being seen as sleazy & disreputable since YouGov first asked it in 2006 &, as far as I call tell, since Gallup asked the same question during the Major years.” (TSE of Political Betting)”

    (from Oldnat on UKPR)

    Quantitative Sleazing? I can feel a Newsbiscuit headline in the making… 😀

  71. Old Pete says:

    Excellent Dr Jim, excellent “now is the time”

  72. You heard it first in WGD!
    16 matches, 24 hours running the touchline, £7000, or, just shy of £292, and 4 Jobs Dross let it slip his mind when he was itemising his income.

    He epitomises the English Blue Tory Party; ‘silly me, how could I forget?’

    There is no way on any scale that this bloated little man can justify pocketing an MSP salary, plus expenses, plus staff, plus accommodation, an MP’s salary, plus expenses, plus staff and accommodation, as well as pocketing yet more unearned loot for his ‘leadership’ role as Branch Manager of the English conservative Party stockade in the Northern Colony, and hoovering up £292 an hour from the mug football punters who bankroll an already obese SFA.

    Dross cannot physically ‘do’ an MSP and MP job, never mind be in charge of the Northern Branch’s Tea Fund…and the Linesman’s gig?

    Yet it took Paul’s excellent blog to get the Dead Tree Hacks to at last turn the sleaze spotlight on this little carpetbagger.
    Is he building up credits for two index linked pensions too?

    Rotten to the core…

    • ‘£292’ an hour…my hands moving faster than my brain again.

      I am spitting teeth at the arrogance, sense of entitlement, of this lot of Brit Jocks.

    • iusedtobeenglish says:

      To be fair (I do like to be fair when I can!) he does donate it to various local charities.

      Some cynics would say it had something to do with taxes

      Or investing it as publicity for future elections

      Or both.

      Me? I couldn’t possibly comment…

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        I s’pose he invests in foodbanks … as if that’s a good thing. (Well, according to the Tories they are, so QED.)

  73. I tell you one thing, I bet the Four Jobs Two Index linked lensions Linesman Dross is glad that Paul ha ‘stood down’ for a week’s break, when the Brit Dead Tree Scrolls were at last forced to admit that this little freeloader had a ‘muddle’ with his earnings returns.

    I’m sure that this latest sleaze episode will not go away.

    So plenty of time for a broadside from our very own Scoopy Dug.
    £292 an hour..let that sink in….
    All that dosh, and he ‘abstains’ when Johnson, friend of the Yankee blonde pole dancers attempts to shut down the Standards Watchdog.
    Now we know why.

  74. Marc says:

    • Good try, ‘Marc’, but no cigar.
      John Curtice will get ermine for his ‘contributions’ during the now inevitable and imminent IndyRef 2.

      • Marc says:

        You have lost me! no matter what you think of John Curtice, cant see anything wrong with the tweet, he’s just tweeting the results of a poll. The same figures are James Kelly’s site.

        • ‘Marc’, John Curtice is the darlin’ of BBC, and his Social Research Group, of which he is a senior fellow, gets 2/3rds of its funding from the London Tory Government.

          Douglas Ross ‘forgot’ to declare £28 k of his earnings,,which included £7000 from the SFA for 16 games of football..that’s £292 an hour. This man wants to be in charge of the Scottish economy?
          SSP is £96 a week in Ross’ Blue Tory world.

          This is a major scandal.
          And you pitch in with a Panelbase poll.
          Nice try, no cigar.

    • scottish skier says:

      Aye, another ‘no change’ poll. My average for 2021 remains 50.2% Yes ex DK, with this remaining at ‘baseline’, i.e. those that are totally lost to the union and would vote Yes tomorrow morning* no questions asked.


      I do disagree with James that the rise to ‘upper bound’ in 2020 was anything particularly to do with Sturgeon. People don’t support independence because of politicians. If they did, Boris would have most of Scotland backing Yes. While hardcore Alba folks and unionists might be obsessed with Sturgeon, the Scottish population just isn’t. Nope, IMO, the pandemic caused feeling of a severe loss of control, and the reaction of that was for Scots to try and seek a way to ‘take back control’, with independence an obvious way to do that.

      For me, it was the same thing that drove the brief Yes in polls just after the brexit vote (which gave the SNP a false sense of a change in opinion), just like the financial crisis was the trigger which catapulted the SNP to the 2011 win and iref1.

      Still, 50% lost to the union is a good place to start from, but relying on the baseline vote (and potential error in it) requires patience; a couple more years of that in case we are actually on a smidgen less than 50% rather than already over the line. If you want a 2020 type upper bound peak to occur, you need to hope events favour it because that is outwith the control of the SNP/Greens.

      We also have the problem that pollsters are still weighting to 2014, which is getting silly now given that was 7 years ago and the electorate has changed massively due to both migration and voters passing away / new voters coming of age. The electorate keeps telling pollsters they voted Yes at much higher levels than was the case, sometimes in majority, and this causes Yes down-weighting. Would be good to get a MORI poll as they don’t do past vote weighting.

      Finally, since there is a suggested date for the vote, it would be worth pollsters asking about this rather a referendum tomorrow morning* that isn’t actually planned. If you want to start assessing how people might vote in 2023, then ask them that and not about an imaginary vote the morn! 🙂

      *Results are for a hypothetical snap referendum tomorrow morning, not the proposed 2023 vote.

      • iusedtobeenglish says:

        “*Results are for a hypothetical snap referendum tomorrow morning, not the proposed 2023 vote”

        So, basically, if you had to vote using only the info you have now,,,

    • scottish skier says:

      Westminster VI:


      Scottish voting intentions for the next UK general election:

      SNP 48% (+1)
      Conservatives 21% (-2)
      Labour 21% (+2)
      Liberal Democrats 7% (-)
      Others 4% (-)

      Seats projection based on current boundaries, with changes from 2019 in brackets: SNP 55 (+7), Conservatives 3 (-3), Labour 1 (-), Liberal Democrats 0 (-4)

      Seats projection based on proposed new boundaries, with changes from 2019 in brackets: SNP 53 (+5), Conservatives 2 (-4), Labour 1 (-), Liberal Democrats 1 (-3)

      It’s a pity the poll didn’t focus more on independence and some of the stuff I mention. For example, Panelbase could have been asked to try a different weighting approach to see the effects of this compared to their ‘standard’ 2014 method. Also asked about a 2023 vote now that is on the horizon.

      • Capella says:

        If the data tables are published could someone talented in these matters recalculate without weighting? 🤓

        • scottish skier says:

          Unfortunately, it’s not really possible to do with the data tables and not everything that you’d need is there.

          All we can say is that there may be an effect here, as there is consistently high ‘false Yes’ recall across the board, the causes of which are unclear. That should cause Yes to be downweighed, but the degree to which that happens will depend on the level of false recall in an individual sample. We are not talking about huge numbers here, but certainly enough to turn 47% into 50% for example.

          As for continuing to weight to a vote 7 years ago, which will be coming on a decade ago by 2023…

          Taking the 16-34 group, nearly 40% of these were under 16 in 2014, so it’s stupid to ask them how they voted. This seems to be what is happening, and of course they’ll answer ‘Did not vote’. Yet some may answer how they think they would have voted. We had a big problem in the past with people saying they voted SNP in 2010 when they didn’t. These groups are more yes, and such false recall will cause Yes to be down-weighted.

          At the same time, the oldest demographics are the most No, yet these are not the same people who voted in 2014. In effect someone who is 60 is being attributed the past vote of someone who is 67 and so forth. We are being given the past vote of those who voted in 2014, not the current electorate. When Yes is so age dependent, the longer this goes on for, the more it’s going to start skewing result in favour of No.

          The good news is that we can consider 50.2 Yes for 2021 as a likely a conservative underestimate, possibly by a few %. Certainly, there’s no evidence it’s an overestimate.

      • grizebard says:

        Frankly, I don’t give a damn about the next WM election except that we have IR2 before it, since attendance there, even with a full complement of SNP MPs, is a sour joke. Or if IR2 has been stalled, turning it into a plebiscite election under “Thatcher Rules”.

  75. Old Pete says:

    DRoss in trouble😂😁😂 what an arse😂

    • jfngw says:

      I was always wondering why he was so avidly standing guard over those wheelie bins. How much can you stash in a bin?

    • grizebard says:

      There’s plenty folk who don’t make in a year what DRoss “forgot”. Why anyone decent could vote for that parasite or his grubby party is beyond me.

  76. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Met police …rejected… Pete Wishart’s complaint re Tory donors awarded peerages….

    They cited reason as ‘insufficient information”………

    Wow…Cressida Dick has really earned her own ‘honour’ as Dame Cressida Dick…..her surname perhaps is also a clue as to the actions she regularly (does not) take(s) against cases of Tory corruption and also a rape allegation made against a Tory MP too….. all within remit of ‘insufficient information or evidence”……literally a COP out……

    Police officers have a duty to the public to …allegedly…. enforce laws, prevent crimes, respond to emergencies, and provide support services…….

    The Met police under Cressida Dick…..have somehow deemed to subvert some of these duties in relation to the Tory party……in NOT enforcing the law by NOT investigation allegations against the Tory party …thus ironically NOT also preventing (further) crimes committed by Tories…..but they DO provide support services though…to the Tory party that is ..and they are also lax in responding to the emergency of a Tory party committing blatant corruption against the public tax payers while in their so called official role as MP’s supposedly elected to act in the interests of constituents though some Tory party politicians have interpreted this as an opportunity to act to benefit their OWN interests…and that of their party.

    The Met police…..a force for EVEL.

  77. Hamish100 says:

    Click to access CBP-8637.pdf

    About the powers of the police in England including investigatory such as looking at emails etc.

    Turning the blind eye to political corruption, sexism, racism etc particularly if you are wealthy and powerful.

    Join the met police…./

  78. Dr Jim says:

    Polls and the incredibly sleekit way they frame the question I believe from now on in can’t be relied upon, if you want to know the answer to a question you ask that question, but the pollsters don’t do it that way, they pose questions that aren’t asked to illicit the response they require

    We have a timeframe for an Independence vote 2023 yet the pollsters ask the question how would you vote if such a referendum were held tomorrow afternoon at 3.35pm or would you like it two days after at 9am in the morning or would you rather wait until it stops raining one Thursday in September if there’s nothing on the Telly

    Of course I’m employing reductio ad absurdum to reduce the pollsters approach to the subject but I reckon most folk understand the point I’m making when I say the dependability of polling results using the methods that pollsters use in the case of Scottish Independence in my belief are deliberately confusing so as to cause a confusion of results

    At this moment in time the biggest push for Independence for our country is about to happen and is it coincidence that when the National newspaper and the SNP and other organisations come together to announce this move is when the Internet nasties and their so called party political bloggers some of whom had promised to be gone for good mainly because they were failures at bringing down the FM and her party have suddenly decided that their words of wisdom on the subject must be heard again and even louder and express their sure and certain knowledge that the SNP and FM have no intention of even attempting to secure Independence for Scotland, it’s all a sham they insist, carrots and donkeys they bray, the insults just keep coming infesting every area of the Internet and the comments section of the National Newspaper because they must just must keep informing the rest of us of their superior knowledge and First Minister mind reading skills and the sooner the FM is gone to be replaced by their man, the man nobody in Scotland seems to want to vote for for all the rehearsed reasons will sweep to power and storm the barricades of Westminster with his very approach to how he lost the last referendum because not enough women but people in general wouldn’t vote for it because they did not care particularly for him, but forget all that he’ll win it this time they say

    Monty Python comes to mind, the dead parrot, the parrot that has gone to meet his maker yet still these folk keep banging its head off the counter insisting he’s alive he’s alive wait till I bang it again

    These folk can make no dent in a vote but what they can and are doing is denting the confidence of ordinary voters and that is the entire substance of their existence, make no mistake about it our television screens will soon be screening several dead parrots on a regular basis on their endeavours to help voters decide to vote NO to Scottish Independence, maybe we’ll even have yet another high profile court case to help the voters to make their minds up not to trust the SNP, most clued in folk know what they’re up to but the average voter doesn’t and many of them see the one they don’t like and tar the rest of us with that brush, once again it’s the very reason for these people’s existence, not to build but to destroy

    I’ve ranted and now I’ve stopped

    • Capella says:

      Good rant. Also, we know from last year that some pollsters use odd weighting which skews the answer. Remember the poll which changed from a NO win to a YES win once the barmy weighting was corrected.

      Assessing the validity of polls was something James Kelly used to be good at.
      We need clever psephologists on the case.

      • Statgeek says:

        Even those used to assessing polls get things wrong. Polling companies are rarely spot on. It’s a sample of a snapshot of 2-5 day period. There’s bias all over the place, from those that get registered for polling pools (politically inclined?) to those that potentially change their mind from poll to poll, but in the polling booth, vote the way they always have voted.

        They can be a good measure of trends, but short of substantial sample sizes, they’re little help (and especially with the supposed Indy vote being within 3% of going either way).

  79. Ace, Dr Jim.
    How did Scotland do last night?

    Surely it would be front page headlines if we got through to the play offs?
    No? I wonder why?

    No let’s rush out a pointless poll instead.

    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      Jings, was Scotland playing last night? I was sure I would have seen it on STV right enough if it was on. 🙂

      • As you well know, Stephen, you ,mischievous wee tease, only the Mighty England is shown free to the Huddled Masses.
        The SFA in their wisdom decided to sell of the rights to Scotland’s game to a cable channel…so those who can’t afford it, don’t get to see scotland playing #live’. Allthose saltires kilts and bagpipes broadcast to the nation would never do.
        But worry not, BBC Scotland will beam Accrinton versus Kettring in to your living room for nothing..
        I firmly believe that the Jock Brits pray for Scotland to faill, at anything. Imagine if Andy Murray had been born English.

        He’d be a Laird by now, and never off the telly.
        It is a sick joke that Scotland alone does not have independent broadcasters or Daily Blahs.
        No more a Colony.
        We’ve had enough.

      • Dr Jim says:

        They’ll wait until Scotland loses to the Boy Scouts under 15s then report the glorious defeat as a mark of typical Scots character much in he same way another of Scotlands great cringers Ally McCoist commentates for SKY Sports on every single Scotland match, “I’d love love love them to win but we know they’ll probably lose because we’re Scottish so what does anyone expect”

        It’s like they pay him or something, that couldn’t be it could it? Nah!

        • That’s how they hold on to their jobs…by belittling the nation of their birth, in any sphere where they are ultimately being paid by London to act as Court MacJester.
          Oh how the English audiences laugh at fried mars bars penny pinching Jocks jokes. Especially when it is one of our own eager to please their English paymasters.

  80. Hamish100 says:

    With the met not investigating the concerns raised about the tories by not investigating can’t help but wondering why Police Scotland are still concerned about some complaints by non member politico’s re snp?

  81. Capella says:

    I listened to the sad shroud-waving Tory and Labour non questions to John Swinney at FMQs this week. Their complaints centred on poor Mr Brown who passed away on his tenement stairs last Saturday evening while a neighbour called for an ambulance “repeatedly”.

    We have no idea what was wrong with Mr Brown nor what the neighbour actually said to the emergency service (though that will be recorded). We do know that when he phoned and said that Mr Brown was not breathing an ambulance crew was there in minutes.

    Granted this is a very sad case. People do die, even in countries not run by the SNP. This constant running down of the health service by opposition MSPs and their MSM must be very bad for health service morale. Would it not be better to wait until a few facts are available?
    The Daily Record has the partial story:

    • Dr Jim says:

      Ah but in Scotland under the terrible SNP the waiting is different, being uncomfortable is far worse , being imperfect is completely unacceptable, the pandemic affects us more than other countries, the time zone, the weather, climate change, different genders are more different, bins are bigger and more overflowing than any other bins in the world, both of our rats are seen regularly in different locations simultaneously, immigrants are more illegally immigranty and the word democracy has been perverted to mean you can vote for other things that are not British things

      Those damn SNP have destroyed Scotlands knee bending to our betters and opened the door to other opportunities and we may never bend our knees again, Damn Nicola Sturgeon to Hades, the woman has created the hope of equality

      How very dare she

    • grizebard says:

      Ah, the mud-wrestlers once again trying to bring everything down to their miserable level. The surest sign that these ideas-free merchants have themselves nothing substantive to offer (and most people know it). Only in Scotland.

  82. scottish skier says:

    Coming back to the latest iref polling from SGP, it should be noted that it’s quite old. Fieldwork was 3 weeks ago, so pre-COP26 etc.

    That doesn’t mean things have changed, but it’s worth keeping in mind.

    • scottish skier says:

      And adding to earlier comments on the standard polling question…

      All pollsters are asking the ‘standard question’ about an imaginary referendum held ‘tomorrow’, so that is how people will answer. Panelbase for example:

      ‘If another Scottish independence referendum was held tomorrow, how likely would you be to vote?’

      And then it goes on to ask how you’d vote tomorrow.

      This is not invalid or wrong in any way. It’s just important to understand that it does not tell us how people might intend to vote in 2023, which was my point. The pollster would need to ask about that to get an answer, even if the 2023 vote is still hypothetical, just like a vote held ‘tomorrow’ is.

      I just feel it’s important people understand that Y/N polls are not asking about the pencilled in referendum for 2023, but about a snap one held out of the blue tomorrow. The answers people give may therefore not be the same.

      Just because someone doesn’t want to go for a few beers in the pub ‘tomorrow’ night, doesn’t mean they won’t want too next Friday. And if if people are not answering the question asked, but imagining they are being asked about something else, then the poll result will be fundamentally flawed.

      So poll questions should be kept super simple, and results interpreted based on what was asked.

      As things stand, we don’t have any data for how people plan to vote if a referendum is held in 2023. All we know is that for a snap one held tomorrow, it’s 50/50.

    • scottish skier says:

      Having a look at the tables with my morning coffee, I also note that panelbase are not weighting to the most recent Scottish election, but to the 2019 English/British election 2 years ago. This is with pollsters previously concluding that weighting to FPTP tactical vote English/British elections in Scotland was much less reliable than weighing to PR Scottish elections, unsurprisingly.

      From the results, it looks to me that Scots are more recalling 2021 when asked about 2019, causing SNP down-weighting, just as happened post 2011, albeit it the effect was more extreme then.

    • scottish skier says:

      Here’s what Panelbase were asking back in January 2013:

      As you may know, the Scottish government intends to hold a referendum next year on Scotland becoming a country independent from the rest of the United Kingdom. The question on the ballot is expected to be as below. How would you vote in this referendum?

      Then in June 2014:

      There will be a referendum on an independent Scotland on the 18th of September. How do you intend to vote in response to the question: Should Scotland be an independent country?

      This is because they wanted to know how people would vote in the coming referendum, rather than a hypothetical one held the next day.

      If we want to know how people think they’d vote in a referendum held in 2023, we need to ask them that.

      The standard ‘tomorrow’ Y/N question is not telling us this, but how people would vote tomorrow. It’s a useful measure, as it helps understand the minimum support for indy, especially when the numbers drop back like they have this year to 50.16% Yes on average. However, it doesn’t tell us what people plan for 2023.

      It could be that 55% plan Yes in 2023 for all we know. Maybe because they feel the pandemic will be done by that point whatever…

      We’d have to ask if we want to gauge this.

  83. Marc says:

    This is why Boris Johnson is so bloody useless. COP26 going to the wire and he’s sat at home with his feet at looking at his expensive wallpaper.

    No, he would not have been able to change the EU and USA blocking funding for loss and damage, or influence Chinas position, but maybe he could have stopped the last minute backsliding on coal. At the very least make an effort, he would have been the only world leader in the room, use that to your advantage, throw some weight around, bribe… twist peoples arms…. blackmail…at least make an effort.

    On a side note, I think the sequencing for COP27 needs to be changed, all very well them coming at the beginning making grand speeches and then buggering off again, but its more important for them to be there at the end, when the horse-trading to get a deal done is being done; after all they are the ones with the real power.

    I do feel sorry for Alok Sharma, as Nicola Sturgeon pointed out despite the failings of others, he’s put everything into trying to make the COP deal a success and you can tell how much the last minute backslide on coal hurt him.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Sharma was sent in with a set of instructions and a mobile phone to make contact when it was all over out of the way and stick to the plan that there is no plan except the go through the motions plan of hurry up are we done yet

      The Brits were stuck with the COP thing didn’t want it and couldn’t care less about it and now it’s done move on to the real business of Bigging up Boris, which is going to be more difficult than they thought as it looks very like the unelected media party’s owners have decided that maybe it’s time that blockhead Boris’s band don’t get to have the number one hit they were promised and maybe it’s time to get a new band with a different tune, will the state broadcaster manage to do it for him on their own? we shall see soon I think, the mandarin producers will decide

  84. yesindyref2 says:

    James Kelly of Scot Goes Pop is every bit as good a psephologist as he used to be, and it’s sad some people are letting his support of Alba embitter their judgement. We are all entitled to support whatever party we like – or none. His services to Independence are indisputable and go back years, to when all were happy to go to his website to get an up-front interpretation of polls, and a look behind the scenes at weighting considerations. Having gigged in statistics at times for blue chip companies in my previous life I can vouch for his knowledge.

    He is also entitled to hold polls on GRA, Eurovision, people’s favourite chocolate bar or what the first town on planet Mars should be called, just as long as he carefullly delineates what crowdfunders are for – and he is clearly aware of that from his recent postings.

    For shame people, such a parcel of divisive rogues in a nation.

    Meanwhile this is another point of him commissioning polls and taking part on twatter. And it’s very funny 🙂


    • scottish skier says:

      Aye, agreed. I’ve chipped in to every indy poll fundraiser, and these have produced some interesting findings over the years. Well worth supporting such ‘apolitical’ polling from the yes side.

      I skipped the recent GRA one as that subject is not really of great importance to me, and is of course being used by unionists to try and divide the movement, but I think that’s the only one I have not funded over the years.

      Also, from the tables, it just told me exactly as expected, i.e. that Tory (hotly followed by the Lib Dems) voters are most anti-trans and anti-GRA reform by a country mile, obsessed as they always have been with other peoples genitalia / sex lives. 🙂

    • There you go again, YIR2 urging us all to visit an ALBA blog ‘cos it’s wunnerful..
      This is Paul’s blog..we did not visit here to be redirected elsewhere..
      ALBA is a sad old party for fans of Salmond and McAskill, wretched elderly political whorses clinging on to the vestiges of their faded political reputation, because they have nothing else to offer..the world has moved on.

      You are on here grubbing around for ‘hits’ for Kelly…
      Enough, already.
      And can we give the ‘polls’ debate the elbow?

      The usual Up The Garden Path crap from the Salmond People’s Liberation Front.

  85. Hamish100 says:

    Yiref1. – you can come out in the open if you want too!!


    Unfortunately ALBA appears to prefer attacking the SNP and the FM ( sometimes viciously) more than the tories.
    ALBA’s day of action yesterday attracted how many new voters? Their day of action lost in the COP debate. Strategic non thinking but ticks a box.
    I mean what’s the FM being doing in the past week? Making international enemies? We need acceptance by other nations.
    The FM wants independence of that I am sure.

    The difference is she wants to win the referendum she calls for.

    A brave , heroic second, is not victory it is a defeat. I tend to belief a 2nd defeat will put back independence 30 years or for ever. Still some will write folk songs about the defeat no doubt as they drown their sorrows in tiger. -other drinks are available.

    As for Scot goes pop yes he can have gra polls and suchlike but the fixation by some of his supporters on this issue is rather navel gazing ( literally) and takes it away from the independence
    Movement. Their only friends on this are the tories.
    Diversionary tactics.

    • Dr Jim says:

      The question people might ask themselves is why is it that these so called political parties who *say* they support Scottish Independence continually bang on about fringe issues that every civilised country elsewhere takes for granted and makes them single issue negatives focused totally on the SNP and in particular FM Nicola Sturgeon as if she and only she has ever thought of such things and desires to *impose* them on the different and more wonderful Scotland that her opponents insist they would provide

      We want Independence but not if it’s Nicola Sturgeons Independence they say, because they say that their Independence would be better than hers, and if that’s not convincing enough they insist that the FM will be immortal and that like the English Queen or a Japanese Emperor she’ll rule forever and brook no changes to her rule until the day she dies, the only kind of minds who come up with this level of ridiculous negative propaganda are not and never will be on the side of anybody’s description of democracy that I’ve ever heard of

      The difference between the Unionist propaganda and Alba rhetoric is none, the level of bile by both is the same, the tone is the same and the end result would be the same if they had their way

      When the infamous blogger who keeps making a comeback after he promised to not make a comeback mooted his ideas of a political party a few years ago my warning bells clanged louder than Big Ben three feet from my ears, but it came true and the vehicle for it emerged in true Qanon style spitting vengeance betrayal and hatred and it all became personal, and it hasn’t changed one tiny bit

      Divide split create doubt uncertainty fear attack the person and in particular her gender, which of these is NOT a Unionist tactic, they all are

      Alba can win nothing and they know it but that’s not what they exist to do, their purpose is to undermine and destroy trust and faith which in truth is all any politician or political party can promise

      Nicola Sturgeon can’t promise perfect, no one can, so what do her opponents attack? they attack her lack of being a GOD because if she can’t live up to that perfect ideal then she is a loser and you shouldn’t vote for HER, y’see you’ve forgotten about your country already haven’t you because they diverted you onto her lack of shining glowing light of perfectness, but just for a second have a think about the characters of the people who are attempting to divert us from their own personality foibles

      Scotland won’t vote Union ever again because we’re not daft enough to so let’s think very hard about the other so called Independence supporters who are using the same tactics to derail the Independence train that the Union does

      Nicola Sturgeon could be a big deal in world politics if she chose to be so and in any position she chose to be in, and this week of all weeks has shown that to everyone who cares to see it

      Nicola Sturgeon chooses Scotland above all else, have any single one of her opponents done likewise? that’s a big Britains got talent *NO* from me

  86. scottish skier says:

    I wonder if they want a snap GE?

    I suspect their English colleagues would be only to happen to sacrifice them if things looked good for another Tory win south of the border, such is the love of our ‘precious family of nations’.

    And why don’t the Scottish Tories call themselves ‘The British Tories (in Scotland). Are they anti-English? Why distance themselves from their British brethren in this ‘parochial nationalistic’ way?

    It’s fine for the SNP, Greens etc to call themselves ‘Scottish’ (not British) as that’s what they are, so it’s not anti-English/British to do that. But the Tories, Labour etc are supposed to be British and proudly, so why distance themselves from this unless they are anti-English?


    Senior Scots Tories face losing seats in General Election, poll suggests

    SCOTTISH Tory MPs including Douglas Ross, Alister Jack and Andrew Bowie would be in danger of losing their seats to the SNP if there was a general election tomorrow, according to predictions.

  87. Hamish100 says:

    BBC radio and tv in Scotland basically had a labour are better than tories luv in this morning. Hardly a mention of the majority party or is government partner. Still a wee snigger over Nikklas selfies then a let’s move onto sleaze as a linkage.
    BBC Scotland are a disgrace but still they employ has been like Margaret Curran and co to keep them in a job of sorts.

  88. yesindyref2 says:

    By a curious coincidence this morning we see the point of Scot Goes Pop having his Indy question polls, and his blog, with the last one showing YES on 47% and NO on 53%, drawing out the Unionists from deep cover to make complete AR5ES of themselves as per his latest article I linked to above, with a new Panelbase Poll on behalf of that well-kent Indy supporting newspaper The Times (oh wait) showing YES at 49% and NO at 51%. I daresay McDougall and his merry pals will be twittering about THAT one. Not.


    • yesindyref2 says:

      Mmm, I see he’s already on it on twotter:

      The Yes vote has gone from 47% on Friday to 49% on Sunday. Does this logically mean there’ll be a Yes majority by Tuesday, @murdo_fraser? I think it must do.

      Tick-tock. Tick, and if I may say so, TOCK.
      12:34 pm · 14 Nov 2021

      Just think if he couldn’t afford any more Indy polls to keep the Unionists on their AR5ES.

      • scottish skier says:

        Och lol. Aye, just got back from walking the dog and spotted that. How a unionist can make an erse of themselves 101, particularly given the SGP poll is 3 weeks old, whereas this one is hot of the press! Indy must be surging!

        Or rather it remains at 50.2% Yes ex DK for 2021.

      • scottish skier says:

        National article, including Holyrood VI.


        Holyrood set for larger pro-independence majority at next election, poll says

        …The survey found that on the constituency vote it is polling at 47% (+1), with the Conservatives on 20% (-2), Labour on 19% (+1), Lib Dems on 8% (+1) and the Greens unchanged on 4%.

        In the regional vote, the SNP is on 41% (+3), the Tories on 21% (-2), Labour unchanged on 18%, Lib Dems unchanged on 8%, the Greens on 10% (+1) and others at 3% (-1).

        Alba is covered by the others 3%, so probably 2% and so no change on May’s election.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Yes indeed.

        Vintage Scot Goes Pop in this new article:


        Boris Johnson’s pipe dream of British unity has been CRUSHED this morning by a stunning new Sunday Times poll showing support for Scottish independence has SOARED by 2% over the space of just TWENTY-FOUR HOURS

        As he says, he’s just using Express style hyperbolloc,errr,e.

        I’m replying to myself so it doesn’t keep getting embedded and more embeded until you get just 2 letters a line over 10 page downs.

  89. Hamish100 says:

    Surely by the next GE we would have voted for independence.

    The danger is moves are afoot to either have Starmer – pro unionist or from a Tory perspective a more cuddly new Tory leader that right wingers can vote for ( Johnson’s did his Brexit bit) and the more liberal tories are happy with that. They have Brexit.

    No need then to vote for independence scotch – we have change the heads. We are all one.

  90. Dr Jim says:

    The ultimate in UK arrogant demonstrative dominance

    If you think about the whole COP 26 event it was an event supposedly hosted by the UK in the UK Northern territory colony of Scotland at which every attempt was made to exclude the name of Scotland from it

  91. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    The BBC in Scotland present a hype on DRoss re his non disclosure of earnings by inferring that DRoss , identified the anomaly of undisclosed earnings himself and thus referred himself to the Standards commission…..as opposed to the reality of being forced to admit this (deliberate?) omission on disclosing his earnings on top of his MP earnings based on a front page disclosure via a newspaper….i.e. he was FORCED to refer himself to Standards commission in not disclosing earned income outwith his role as an MP….thus breaching the MP code of conduct…RED card ?

    The BBC think this line of defence is protecting DRoss and thus seems feasible…it’s NOT…..as TIMING is everything….even if people believed this to be true as in him holding up his hands to a mistake NOT A MISTAKE…..for him to do this in the midst of the current corruption disclosures on Tory MP’s earning money, as in extra money on top of their MP salary via lobbying, renting out properties etc , then DRoss’s disclosure NOW seems to appear as if he has only done this i.e. admitted it himself…… BEFORE he too is found out…..as in named and shamed….( which he has NOT but the BBC are presenting it as if it was an honest mistake, where the culprit himself owned up to it and referred it to the appropriate body for what ?………….a slapped hand…… then we , the public, are once again asked to move on……move on and forget as tis a Unionist politician and not the SNP…..thus get over it)……

    So the BBC’s fake take on this to HELP DRoss out in his time of need but it is not as clever as they, the BBC and DRoss, thinks……as either way it smells in the midst of the current publicised Tory corruption and sleaze that has been long overdue it’s day in the sun……so either way he still DID it as in failed to disclose earnings outwith his MP earnings ( ” so either way” and “Failed to disclose” as in any way an honest omission is doing a lot of heavy lifting in this sentence BTW).

    Let’s also not forget that DRoss’s ‘other’ job as a linesman/assistant Referee took precedence over his parliamentary duties as he chose to officiate at a Champions League match over a debate/ vote on Universal credit in 2017, in 2016, as an MSP he went on a SFA trip abroad instead of taking part on a vote on SNP local taxation policy and he also missed a VJ event as he was officiating at a Scottish football game ……………..AND let’s NOT forget n November 2020, FIFA were asked to investigate a complaint by a member of the Scottish Football Supporters Association that a Conservative Party leaflet distributed to homes in Scotland included a photograph of DRoss as a match official. The Daily Record reported that DRoss could face a ban from football if he is found to have broken neutrality rules…….not sure what eventually happened with last example ????

    So cry me a river BBC but DRoss is a Tory so let’s call a spade a spade…..after all the BBC mounts it’s high moral horse whenever they promote negativity on the SNP…indeed they never seem to dismount the horse indeed they ‘jockey position’ to ensure Unionists of all colours are given an advantage over the party that is elected currently as the Scottish government…..while also currently now targeting the Green party by association…….what is the equivalent of a red card in equestrian terms…..a penalty…..a penalty defined is punishment imposed for breaking a law, rule, or contract……unless your a Tory that is ….. and have a compliant Unionist friendly media especially one like the Biased Broadcasting Corporation……where the nightly mantra broadcast seems to be Scotland is sh*te and SNPBAD……….

  92. grizebard says:

    I’m amazed at how much heat has just been expended by both sides over the recent polls and what is self-evidently no more than statistical noise. But while we might wish that the steady move to independence was more evident in the polls, for Unionism in particular to try to claim some kind of advantage from froth is frantic clutching at straws.

    I would happily go for an IR2 campaign starting from a base like this, but opponents of indy are clearly afraid. Very afraid.

    • scottish skier says:

      Aye, even if folk don’t believe my more detailed analysis of Scotland’s situation*, there’s no doubt the union is in trouble, and support for indy / reunification is rising across the board.

      People who claim nothing much has changed since 2014 are either off their rocker, or deliberately trying to mislead.

      Back in 2012, 2 years before Iref1, we were lucky with 38% Yes ex DK, and 35% was common.

      The march of our nation may be slow, bit it seems seems it’s impossible to stop.

      As can be seen, the rate of rise in support for Yes under Salmond was no different to that which we see for Sturgeon, as it’s nothing to do with either of them. Greater forces are a play.


    • Bob Lamont says:

      Agreed, panic is really setting in – The Tories know damned well (and have for a while TBH) that were IndyRef2 to be time defined tomorrow, support would go through the roof, and “Now is not the time” etc would get short shrift both in Scotland and England.
      This is not where the Tories wanted to be, but they are the victims of their own arrogance and ploys such as “subsidy junkies”.
      Even were Johnson to be ousted tomorrow the damage is done, his likes are a Daily Mail article away from success in England but abhorrent in Scotland whichever the candidate.

  93. scottish skier says:

    Latest on the sunlit uplands.

    If you tell people ‘go back to where you came from’, they’ll do that.


    How the UK became the sick man of European tourism

    (CNN) — It’s a country that has just endured national fuel shortages, isolated food shortages, and its government voted this fall to dump untreated sewage onto its famous coastlines. Oh — and it has the second highest number of Covid-19 cases in the world.

    So who would want to go on vacation in the UK at the moment?

    Not many, the figures show.

    For 2021, national tourist board Visit Britain has forecast that visitor numbers will be lower even than in 2020, when travel restrictions were at their highest.

    Visitor numbers to the UK plummeted from 40.9 million in 2019 to 11.1 million in 2020 — a dip of 73%.

    But 2021 seems to have gone even worse for the UK’s inbound tourism sector, with just 7.4 million visitors predicted to visit before the year is out — down 82% on 2019.

    • scottish skier says:

      Since October 1, EU citizens can no longer travel to the UK on their ID cards; instead, they must use passports.

      “That’s enormously important,” says Tom Jenkins, who says that around three quarters of Europeans don’t have passports, since they can travel around Europe with their ID cards.

      Aye, my French family are coming for xmas. However, my French niece’s passport had run out. That wouldn’t normally be an issue as she has her id card – everyone does. Not now though. The pandemic has created something of a backlog for new passports, and we were thinking the trip might have to be cancelled, and we’d go to France instead. Luckily, it’s been sorted in the end.

      And all because English/British people don’t want ‘the likes of’ my wife living in the country next door to them (she lives in Scotland, not England).

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