Shining a light on Tory dark money

During the Scottish Parliament elections in May, the question of a second Scottish independence referendum dominated the campaign. It’s a measure of just how important and defining an issue for modern Scottish politics that the independence question has become that it even pushed the covidocalypse off top billing during the campaign. As we all know, the election produced the largest pro-independence majority that the devolved Parliament has ever seen, with 72 MSPs from the SNP and the Scottish Greens (including the Presiding Officer Alison Johnson) elected on a clear and unequivocal platform of support for another independence referendum within the five year term of this Parliament. The anti-independence MSPs combined number just 57 in total, (31 Tory, 22 Labour and four Lib Dem) and are easily outnumbered even when the neutral Presiding Officer, elected as a Green, is taken into account. Indeed the anti-independence contingent is easily outnumbered by the 64 SNPs alone even before counting the Scottish Green contingent, which is in a formal pact of alliance with the SNP in the Scottish Government.

This is the election which the BBC’s Sarah Smith repeatedly told us was on a “knife-edge”. The pro-independence parties between them won 55.8% of the total number of seats at Holyrood, but this is apparently a “knife-edge”. The results of parliamentary elections are decided by the number of seats won by each of the parties contesting the election, there is no other meaningful criterion.

It’s only referendums whose results are determined by the number of votes cast for the respective pro or anti campaigns. Interestingly enough, when the results of the 2014 referendum were reported and it turned out that 55.3 % had voted against independence, the BBC said that this was a “decisive” result even though 55.3% is a decisively smaller number than the 55.8% of seats won by pro-independence and pro-second referendum parties in May. There was no talk of knife-edges then. Funny that.

Of course the Conservatives and their Anglo-British nationalist fellow travellers are now trying to gaslight the people of Scotland into believing that they did not in fact vote decisively and unquestionably for a Scottish Parliament which they charged with the task of delivering another independence referendum within the five year term of the Parliament. This is despite the fact that the Conservatives talked about nothing except their opposition to another independence referendum all the way through the campaign.

The proof that the Conservatives and the other anti-independence parties know now and have known all along that the defining issue of May’s Scottish Parliament election was their desperate attempt to prevent the election of a Holyrood with a pro-independence majority and a majority and committed to delivering another independence referendum, is their tacit collusion in an anti-independence tactical voting campaign for the constituency vote. You could hardly miss the prominent billboards placed in expensively purchased locations urging voters to use their vote in the constituency for the candidate best placed to deprive the SNP of the seat. Although this campaign did secure some significant successes, such as the re-election of Jackie Baillie for Labour on the back of Conservative tactical votes, it ultimately failed, and failed badly.

We now know that this well funded and highly visible campaign was fuelled by an anonymous donor to the tune of £46,000. The donor has no website and is registered to a central London address used by a PO Box provider. The donor, listed with the Electoral Commission as the Centre for Economic education and Training seems to have no existence outwith the Electoral Commission declaration. Despite not seeming to exist beyond a PO Box address at a mail drop, the “Centre” made two donations to the anti-independence from group Scotland Matters totalling £46,000.

In total the spending of seven non party campaign groups was reported by the Electoral Commission, this weekend, all but one are anti-independence campaigns.

Had the anti-independence tactical voting campaign succeeded and between them the Conservatives, Labour, and the Alex Cole-Hamilton fan club had managed to deprive the pro independence parties of a majority they would of course now be insisting that May’s Holyrood election was indeed really all about independence and another referendum, but because their attempts to subvert Scottish democracy with dark money and dodgy donations failed, they are now trying to backtrack.

The episode raises important questions about the integrity of Scottish democracy within the UK. The Conservatives are keen to foster a system where electoral victory goes to the highest bidder. Last year it emerged that the shadowy Scottish Unionist Association Trust (SUAT), an unincorporated association which does not have to report its accounts to Companies House, had handed over almost £22,450 to the Scottish Conservatives in the run-up to the 2019 General Election. In total the SUAT dark money ATM gave the Scottish Tories £318,876 between 2001 and 2018.

The Conservatives have accepted £2.6 million in donations from sources with anonymous funders since Johnson entered Downing Street. In July, the Commons’ cross-party Committee on Standards in Public Life warned that unincorporated associations are a weak point in the elections rules and could be a “route for foreign money to influence UK elections”, The Committee recommended reform of the system. Instead, the Conservatives included a provision in their Elections Bill to abolish the independence of the Electoral Commission and bring it under Government control, giving the ultimate say on whether a political donation is acceptable to the minister for the Cabinet Office. Not only have the Conservatives got no intention of reforming the system to make political donations more transparent, they are introducing measures to facilitate their collection of dark money.

The Conservatives have squandered many of the advantages enjoyed by Better Together in 2014. They have ripped Scotland out of the EU and have destroyed any claims that further devolution or federalism are possible within the UK, indeed they have made it clear that the future of devolution is far from secure. Furthermore with their Brexit, their deceit and their British exceptionalism, they have ensured that international opinion is now far more sympathetic to Scottish independence than it was in 2014.

In the independence referendum campaign to come the Conservatives and their anti-independence allies know that they are on the back foot and will flood Scotland with billboard campaigns and social media advertising paid for with dark money sourced outwith Scotland. They are going to try and buy victory. If they succeed they will buy the death of democracy in Scotland. We must ensure that they fail just as they failed to buy the Holyrood election.


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70 comments on “Shining a light on Tory dark money

  1. Hamish100 says:

    Paul , great post.

    Oh, to have a fully Independent investigatory free press.

  2. Dr Jim says:

    By continuing to argue that Tory Labour and Liberal Democrat parties are the Unionist vote they continually admit that all three of these parties are in fact one party and that a vote for any of them is a vote for all of them

    In any civilised democracy political parties are supposed to have differing views, by the reasoning and argument of the media and these three parties they do not posses such differences, they have only one agenda, Scottish democracy must be prevented

    So who are the voters in Scotland that are prepared to vote for one of these parties knowing that their vote is always to be handed over to the Tories, the Tories are telling Scotland that no matter who or what you vote for, that vote belongs to the Conservative and Unionist party and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it because in effect there are not five political parties in Holyrood right now there are only three, the SNP the Greens and one Tory party with three different names, Tam Sam and Bam, and of course the unelected party, the media

    When you successfully convince people to become sheep they’ll always need a shepherd, or in the Tories case a team of shepherds

  3. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Centre for Economic education and Training


    I’ve done a bit of digging and found this:

    6 January 2020

    Fixing our broken state is crucial to making a success of Brexit
    By Douglas Carswell @DouglasCarswell

    [Article follows]

    Scroll down and you’ll find this:

    “Douglas Carswell is a former MP and co-founded Vote Leave. He runs the Centre for Economic Education” [sic.]

    Does the name Douglas Carswell ring any bells for fellow Duggers? It should. 🙂

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      More from Carswell:

      “A pro nation state, pro free market party wins a massive majority against a socialist party ashamed
      of our nationhood. My faith in the good sense of ordinary British folk is renewed.”
      — Tweet by Douglas Carswell (founder of the Centre for Economic Education,
      co-founder of Vote Leave and previous Conservative MP), 13 December 2019


      So … here he is as “co-founder”. Who is/are the other co-founder(s)?

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        And some more info:

        The Case for Capitalism, Part II August 24, 2020 by Dan Mitchell
        Yesterday, in Part I of this series, we enjoyed a video from the U.K.-based Centre for Economic Education [the link from this is deead], about how capitalism lifted the world from deprivation and oppression (also see videos by Don Boudreaux and Deirdre McCloskey).

        Today, in Part II of the Case for Capitalism, here’s a video from CEE that explains how markets provide you a cup of coffee.


    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Welsh Sion

      Last I heard Douglas Carswell went over to Mississippi, USA to work with a …so called THINK TANK…..another one who promoted Brexit then left Brexit fantasy land Britain……to seek exactly what elsewhere ?…

      What does USA offer him that his hard fought Brexit fantasy land Britain cannot ?……More opportunities to con different people from another country for his own financial gain perhaps ?

      Oh the irony……just keeps giving…….

      Great post Paul BTW

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        So it would seem, NMRN:

        After politics

        Carswell co-founded Disruptive, a data analytics company.[57] Companies House filings show that Carswell resigned as a Director on 10 April 2019.[58]

        In November 2020, Carswell was appointed to a three-year term as a non-executive director for the Department for International Trade.[59]

        In January 2021 Carswell was appointed as president and CEO of the Mississippi Center for Public Policy, and left the UK.[7][59][60] He now lives in Jackson, Mississippi.

        Source: Wiki.

        Nothing noted about this Centre for Economic Education there (yet) …

    • scottish skier says:

      Does the name Douglas Carswell ring any bells for fellow Duggers?

      This would be the former English Tory MP who had the honour to stand down and seek re-election as UKIP following his defection?

      It’s a pity some Scots MPs don’t have the same decency. If they did, they might find the support for their party would rise measurably.

      I might loath UKIP and the Tories, but that was the right thing to do.

      Carswell and his ilk should keep out of Scottish politics though; as should all who don’t habitually reside in Scotland. Foreign interference is anti-democratic.

      • Welsh_Siôn says:


        “Carswell and his ilk should keep out of Scottish politics though; as should all who don’t habitually reside in Scotland. Foreign interference is anti-democratic.”


        I agree with your sentiment, but I don’t want to disqualify myself. Being the Member of two independence supporting parties for two countries, I have a vested interest in helping both. 🙂

        • scottish skier says:

          LOl. Sorry. If folks felt you were interfering, they’d make that known I’m sure! 😉

          The key is someone believing that it’s a matter for folks in Scotland. If someone thinks that, it will be reflected in their comments/actions (e.g. like you), and they won’t be seen as interfering. At least not by anyone decent.

          If that makes sense!

          • Welsh_Siôn says:

            Duggers will know I’ve been here for a good many years now – and I’ve yet to be told to sling my hook. I don’t intend to give anyone any cause for that – I have after all had published original works of a pro-independence nature and marched with you on the 2013 Rally for indy in Edinburgh sporting my red dragon flag and kilt.

            Here’s hoping I can continue to find articles of interest and use to readers and also keep contributing news items of what’s happening in my home country to.


            • See my post below, WS.

              WE are mad as hell, and we aren’t going to take any more….from Imperial Red Tory Blairites or Momentum Militant Left Wolfie Smith Commies.
              Corbyn and Starmer, two fleas feeding on the diseased flesh of the same mangy English Labour cur.
              You are a fellow traveller on the road to self determination for our two proud ancient nations.
              You add sense and value on here.

              • Derek says:

                Corbyn and Starmer aren’t cut from the same cloth. The media accept Starmer, but didn’t accept Corbyn.
                “Look! A socialist! Quick, hide the children…” and so on. He was seen as as disruptive and thus was agitated against.
                There’s also his links to the IRA, which ain’t good. Doesn’t affect his political viewpoint though.

            • scottish skier says:

              and I’ve yet to be told to sling my hook.

              Which was my point exactly; you support Scotland’s right to decide and are against undue outside interference in that. Which is exactly the right thing to do.

              People who support Scotland’s right to decide, and are interested and curious in the process, particularly in terms of seeking the same for their own countries, are definitely not ‘interfering’ in Scottish democracy.

              In the case of Wales, Welsh folks are also being told England owns them and that they need English permission for indy. So Welsh people are suffering the same targeted racist attack on their fundamental human rights (the right to self-determination of peoples) that Scots are, and from the same increasingly fascist English/British government.

              By contrast, when English/British people wanted a referendum on Brexit, while Scots, N. Irish and Welsh people did not (as evidence by respective election results), the former were granted that vote no questions asked. It should clearly have been an EVEL matter given there was only a mandate for the vote in England. But colonial ‘you are British (not Scottish/Welsh/N. Irish) whether you like it or not!’ racism forced it on the result of the UK.

              Anyhow, does Douglas Carswell support Scotland’s right to decide? Is he angrily calling for a Section 30 (if an English citizen is not opposing their government’s stance here, they are not good people, but are supporting occupation/subjugation of someone else’s country)? Is England being prevented from having independence from the EU or other home nations if it wanted that? Nope.

              Is Carswell apparently involved in sending foreign dark money funds into Scotland with the explicit goal of trying to change election results in England’s favour? That is interference.

  4. grizebard says:

    While even the BBC today is making some comment about UKGov sleaze and the backlash to it, it remains strangely silent both about the Hungarian-style move to castrate an already-emasculated Electoral Commission and about the various dodgy sources of dark money which (as Paul usefully reminds us) have kept the Unionist camp financially (if hardly popularly) afloat.

    I’m thinking that come IR2, given a seriously-compromised Electoral Commission, what we should insist upon instead is UN oversight of the process, with sufficient powers to prevent the intrusion of dubious funding from outwith Scotland, to be able to call an immediate halt to any violations of the purdah period like last time, and to ensure that broadcasting coverage across the board remains transparently even-handed. (Perhaps eg. by complete replacement of the usual tainted commentariat by an equal-access arrangement for both sides, coupled with rigorous fact-checking oversight.)

    Like the rest of the world is learning, the current UKGov is not to be trusted. We’ve seen it retreat under popular pressure to successive fall back positions over a referendum whose result they greatly fear, and their last ditch effort is likely to be dodgy financial and psych-op practices during the actual campaign itself.

  5. bringiton says:

    The unionist parties are acting as if they are agents/representatives of a foreign power which is hostile to Scotland.
    That,of course,is exactly who they are.

  6. Statgeek says:

    All you need to know about Starmer:

    • Dr Jim says:

      Starmer listens to the Tories and does what he’s told for two reasons
      1 He does a deal with the SNP he loses votes in England because there Labour voters are Tories
      2 He does a deal with the SNP he’s lost his seat in the House of Lords for not supporting England

      England doesn’t do democracy, they do dictatorship

      • barpe says:

        Watch Stammer’s face as Brian is speaking, in that clip, speaks volumes about him as the ‘opposition’ leader. Pathetic hardly does him justice for the whole of his ‘interview’ on Marr.

    • I don’t give a damn whether or not Starmer ‘listens to’ me and treats me ‘with respect’.
      This is the language of an Imperial power, humouring the defeated searfs of one of their colonies.
      England is a ‘foreign’ country.
      The outrageous truth is that this man, and Corbyn, who is apparently coming North to back the binmen, aye right, are agents of a foreign power, England.
      Like many of my fellow Scots citizens, I no longer consider WM, and English MP’s to have any say in the future of my country.
      Imagine if John Swinney visited Swindon to back a dinner ladies strike?
      Thyink what Macwhirter, Gordon, McKenna, Clegg, and Glenn would make of that.

      Corbyn presided over the English Labour humiliating defeat..they handed England to the Fat Clown on a plate.
      Up Here, the hirsute ba’ faced Red Tory Murray clings on, light a bogie on the end of your nose.

      Starmer and Corbyn, two sides of the Red Tory Imperialist Labour Party.
      Scotland is a ‘nation’, in a long corroded political ‘union’ with England.
      There is no way that more than half our population, especially the young are going to get back in the box and ‘bow down to our imperial masters.
      I repeat. Vote English Labour and you vote for Johnson’s Brexit, nuclear weapons on the Clyde, and Dross the |Linesman hoovering up two wages for the same 8 hour day.
      I am past caring what an English politician or TV broadcaster has to say about how to keep the Jocks in their box.
      Those who want Merrie England to rule over them forever have a choice. I’ll run a free taxi service to the station, or airport.
      I am beyond consoling.
      Keep out of my are ‘insurgents’ to use a Blair Brown Bush word.

      • Alan Howard Baxter says:

        Well said Jack. Christ, if Independence could be achieved through words expressed with the passion you have, we would be there already. I look forward to raising a glass to you and all the other Duggers on Independence Day

        • It’ll be some party, Alan.

          Just think, No more visits from English Big Wigs to ‘tell’ us what they will allow and not allow.

          It is risible beyond words that Scots hacks and broadcasters sit there and not only feed this imperialist colonial crap into our country, but actually support another country ‘traducing’ the land of their birth.
          I’m done with this arrant nonsense.
          Perhaps if Martin Geissler had pointed out to the young ‘activist’ on his daft wee Sunday show, that the Bad SNP/Green government had taken a major step in reducing our carbon foot print by introducing free public transport for ALL under 22, he might have at least tried to cover the week’s news.
          But that would cost him his job. Ask Isabel Fraser.
          Where are Ross Jack and Murray this week?
          Hiding as usual.

  7. Hamish100 says:

    Would have been good if Cox had told Marr that the lie that to defeat the tories we must vote labour in Scotland is nonsense.

    If the people of England want to defeat the tories they can do that all by themselves.

    If labour supporters don’t want tories vote for independence.

  8. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    According to STV Good Morning Britain news this morning….Jeremy Corbyn will be in Glasgow this week for an ‘alternative’ COP26 ….also to wade into the GMB Union bin strike….not his constituency as he represents…Islington North…. but wading in as WM Unionist MP…. he backs Union and advises Glasgow council NOT to hire private contractors as, according to him, it will only lengthen the strike action…according to him……him that’s a WM MP who represent an English constituency as in DOES NOT not represent or SPEAK FOR constituents in this constituency…imagine if an SNP MP waded in on an issue in Jeremy’s constituency…….know your place and mind your ‘own’ business would be the order I am sure…..

    Sure his greatest supporter…..NOT…..Anas Sarwar will welcome Jeremy’s input into this ‘dispute’….if nothing else it will help deflect Scottish media from current Tory sleaze mess at WM……

    You know I remember when GMB Union orchestrated a strike for equal pay for women at Glasgow city council… Labour being in charge of council…..on the march was one Labour MP Hugh Gaffney who was approached by SKY’s James Matthews….who said to Hugh….”Hello ‘Sir’ can I ask you why you are on this march”…..Hugh responded ” to support the women “….neither Hugh nor James Matthews conceded that Hugh was a …..LABOUR MP… I know that Hugh , as an MP, had no impact as a politician while in WM ……..but for James Matthews to pretend that he knew not who Hugh was…..AND….for Hugh to play along….well speaks volumes…also coincidentally James and his camera crew just so happened to speak to Hugh from a crowd of how many at that march?……….

    Oh also today on Good Morning Britain Susannah Reid and Martin Lewis speaking to three ex cricketers from Antigua…..congratulating them on what is apparently Independence day for Antigua….independence from Britain……funnily enough they, Susannah and Martin, did not call them ‘separatists’ or ‘nationalists’……….but instead it was presented as something positive and worth celebrating….oh the hypocrisy ……1981 was year they got independence since being colonised by Britain in 1667…….England succeeded in colonising the islands in 1632…..

    • grizebard says:

      Well, well. So the High Representative of The People’s Republic of Islington thinks it appropriate to interfere in a dispute that has effectively been settled. Or would have been if somebody in Glasgow wasn’t looking for trouble for self-evident political ends. (Does than not remind you of another current dispute where one of the parties is actively seeking confrontation? What is the matter with these people these days?)

      As for Antigua and another GMB, that really takes the biscuit. Self-reflection goes out of the window when self-entitlement is affected. It’s always instructive to replace names and see what difference the transposition makes to the meaning, when of course there shouldn’t be any difference at all.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        The High Representative of The People’s Republic of Islington may well draft in support from Rosena Chantelle Allin-Khan of the Tooting Popular Front….

        On Antiguan history I knew very little so looked it up and read seeing the same patterns of English Empire domination as recorded elsewhere, even still fighting for basics at the end of WW1,
        Independence was won far from a hearty handshake, but after a long and bitter struggle spanning decades if not centuries.

        What you’re forgetting on GMB’s parading and congratulating of Antiguans is the importance of the cricket angle, the quintessential English game..
        “It’s just not cricket old chap” meets furore over Yorkshire CC’s recent exposure of embedded racism.. They are so desperate to put a lid on the Yorkshire fiasco before “Us too” spreads like wildfire among the rest and exposes an England obsession recently inflamed by the Brexit farce, latent racism.

        I can imagine Susannah Reid and Martin Lewis conducting much the same interview after Scotland is free with a couple of rugby players following a wheel-less chariot despatched southward, celebrating their benevolence in granting Scotland permission to leave…

        • grizebard says:

          Yes, it seems to be a struggle for everyone the world over to get free of their unwanted imposition, but after a suitable number of years have passed, they’ll happily congratulate themselves on their own generosity of spirit. It’s always all about them.

          But history teaches those who pay attention that s/he who perseveres wins.

  9. Hamish100 says:


    I see that elsewhere doctors genitalia are of the most pressing issue for independista!

    Really? Most of Scotland don’t care. You may say that is wrong but it is the truth. Most folk if they don’t wish to see a GP or hospital doctor or other medical professional can ask for another.

    My concern is that the Doctor etc know what their talking about and are professional.

    Still I still think victims of crime should be treated with additional consideration. Should a doc declare they were once male?

    The targeting of minority groups as being “ potentially “ a danger is a sad course to take.

    The fixation by some on this subject must have a medical name for it. ? Albanitis?

    Independence won’t be won by such narrow fixations.

    • Has McAskill resigned yet, so that he can test his turncoat convictions?
      He quite literally does not represent the wishes of the poor folk who voted for him, yet he clings on….
      And the Linesman Dross? Two wages for an eight hour day?
      Now this is dark Money.
      They are laughing in the face of the citizens of Scotland.
      Democracy is a sick joke to these freeloaders.

    • scottish skier says:

      Aye, I can’t help but notice that those who rail against people ‘Being forced into a diagnosis of gender dysphoria while undergoing irreversible hormone treatment and castration surgery!’ are, erm, the same people who think this should be a requirement for a GRC.

      They likewise say it’s ‘Impossible to dress / present / act / think like the opposite sex without resorting to grossly sexist stereotypes!’, but then, erm, argue the requirement for a trans person to ‘Prove they have lived as the opposite sex for 2 years’ should be kept in place.

      They also fume about the increasing appearance of private ‘mixed sex use gender neutral facilities’ while happily using these themselves in supermarkets / garages / small cafes (e.g. single loos for anyone, from disabled to baby changing), and at home, including for visiting guests and strangers such as tradespeople. Kenny, do you really have separate male and female loos at home?

      Proposed changes to the GRC process does not affect anyone’s rights, including their sex based rights, as that would be illegal. A GRC doesn’t change someone’s sex either, only their gender on documents. They remain trans under the law, and is through their trans status they gain protection under anti-discrimination laws. This is why sex and gender identity are separately protected.

      The issue of how to accommodate trans people in society while ensuring sex based rights are protected is a completely different issue to the GRC process itself, and needs to be dealt with whether 1 or 100,000 GRCs are issued. The two should not be conflated, and certainly not maliciously as some are doing (on both ‘sides’ to varying extents I’ll add).

      Certainly, trying to ‘limit the number of trans people’ by making the GRC process arduous and invasive, with some even demanding castration / complete mastectomy as a requirement, is a grossly disproportionate and discriminatory approach, which of course cannot solve the actual problem. Even if it was so difficult that only 1 or 2 trans people were willing to go through with it, we still are faced with the issue of protecting sex based rights in respect of these. That much is very obvious. Two separate issues; and I’d suggest people consider it that way, and be suspicious of those trying to muddy the waters.

      • iusedtobeenglish says:


        That all sounds very sensible, measured and reasonable.

        It’ll never catch on… 🙂

  10. Not-My-Real-Name says:


    Hunt Saboteurs released a video of a woman from Cottesmore hunt showing her kicking a horse and slapping same horse on the head (more than once)….. …..before putting it in a Horse box.

    This has now been referred to the RSPCA….hopefully she will get caught and for me, an essential punishment, should be her NOT being allowed to own an animal….whether it be horse, cat, dog or indeed any animal……..however the punishment should NOT end there……hopefully the Police will be on the case too …….lock her up and throw away the key….if only.

    I read that a football fan was jailed for 20 months for punching a Police horse …..but I suspect that this woman will not receive same punishment because it appears we now have the unwritten but well used law of rules for them and rules for us………Tally Ho brigade showing their true colours again…..blatantly.

    This incident was not a shock only in the sense of WHO was inflicting abuse on this animal…..when one considers their total lack of compassion for the Foxes they hunt and the methods they WANT to use for the kill….well par for the course it appears for those who go through life arrogantly thinking they have entitlement to do anything and get away with it……justice is for peasants Ok Yah…..

    BTW this woman did this in broad daylight in front of people so I dread to think what she….and probably those like her…do when there are no witnesses around……..and behind closed (stable) doors…..

    Civilised country my you know what……………another citizen from Global Cesspit…..and one that Boris J panders to and supports………

    • Let the puishment fit the crime..lock her in a room with a horse and kangaroo.

      There are literally hundreds of privately owned fiefdoms in Scotland, vast estates, which are a law unto themselves. They can literally get away with anything, from slaughtering animals to treating employees like indentured slaves.
      The clue is in the self proclaimed title:- ‘Lord’.
      That the peasants have to pay Lord Buccleuch millions to get back a stretch of land that was taken from them by force and bloodshed by the ‘Lord’s’ ancestors centuries ago is a a sick joke.
      Come the revolution.
      I repeat; ban blood sports and compulsorily purchase the 18% deliberately reduced to gorse for hunting and killing innocent animals to sate the bloodlust of psychopaths for £1 an acre would be a good start.
      5.4 million of us huddled in claustrophobic clusters so the Lords anfilthy rich can treat our country like a Disney theme park? Aye, richt.

      • ArtyHetty says:

        Yes the footage of that lowlife kicking a d slapping that poor horse is really shocking, really upsetting to watch, why did no one stop her. My thoughts as well if she can do that in front of others in broad daylight, god knows what she does to those poor animals in the stables. She should be locked up, I hope she gets her commupance.

        There is a ScotGov consultation on land reform and land rights, it’s on the consultations part of the website. We should all make sure to peruse it and comment. Really important to make it known that Scotland is in dire need of and must ensure land reform, pronto.

    • Capella says:

      Saw it on twitter. Disgusting. Hope she is arrested.

  11. Hamish100 says:

    I see politics live has 2 tories and 2 labour on arguing why the political sleaze is so bad. They are the problem.
    Angela Smith, Baroness Smith of Basildon Is on. Given her current position after she lost her MP position. She also had to pay back monies after over charging for a 2nd home and other miscalculations. That’s the payback for failure.

  12. Arthur Thomson says:

    So Jeremy, the soft spoken one, wants to offer direct support to the political strike in Glasgow. That should work out well. Another arrogant, utterly disingenuous, loser on the scene is just what it needs. I think the public might find his presence enlightening.

    Tory light, champagne socialist, God save the Queen , Starmer should turn up as well so that “Labour” ( that’s a laugh) are seen in in their full gory glory. What a shower of chancers and spivs.

    Still, I’m not complaining. Heads we win, tails these losers lose, is the name of the game. You can fool all of the people ………….

    Meantime, that Sturgeon woman continues to network tirelessly on Scotland’s behalf. Gaun yersel hen.

    • I looked it up..Corbyn has a wee stash of £3 million, while Starmer ‘son of a toolmaker’ has £7 million and they live in houses in Islington and Kentish Town worth millions.

      Can somebody check? Does ma heid button up the back?

      Starmer and Corbyn are to ‘socialism’ what King Herod was to child care.

      Perhaps someone can ask Corbyn what his views are on the privatisation of the English Health Service, Trident on the Clyde, free child care, prescription charges, paying £9000 a year to go to Uni, free prescription charges, free care for the elderly and infirm, a social security system that treats people with dignity and respect, no road and bridge tolls, free school meals, scrapping the Right To Buy council houses, free public transport for all citizens under 22..I’ll stop now…what he’ll do is sit with Glenn Campbell and lie about the SNP/Green government’s ‘day job’ administration, fed the ‘line to take’ by yet another ‘socialist’ multi millionaire, and ‘comrade’ of the binmen, Anas Sarwar, utter political failure of this parish.

  13. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    I see George Monbiot has tweeted how this latest Tory sleaze fiasco has deflected attention away from COP26……or as Ed Milliband likes to put it….it’s a ‘DISTRACTION’…oh sorry my mistake it’s only the SNP and independence that is a ‘DISTRACTION’ from Climate change…….according to Milliband….

    Mind you pre 2014 Milliband favoured DISTRACTION as a useful weapon against the YES side …….as leader of Labour he helped try to DISTRACT residents of Scotland away from the truth and instead tried to sidetrack us all ( and still is) in promoting Union lies, false promises and fear tactics ……deployed by him, his party and his comrades in the Tory and Lib Dem parties……under the banner of Better Together…..whose members were very much Bitter Together … was their campaign.

    I mean why on earth would we want independence when it would DISTRACT us from all of the joys of being chained to a corrupt political system a La WM…..where manifesto promises and leadership pledges are broken from two of the main parties there AND of course let’s NOT forget cronyism, ministerial codes broken, corruption, lobbying for personal gain from Tory MP’s, a shyster as a PM, a Tory sycophant for a speaker of HOC, idiot cabinet members, draconian policies, too little too late official opposition party, a weak, unelectable and ineffective official opposition leader, a labour leader who has more that unites him with the Tories than divides him from them, Labour MP’s defecting and going to HOL’s at Tories behest. an 18th century toffee nosed tory aka the haunted pencil as Leader of the House, where Scotland is treated as a second class country in Unionist’s attitudes and manner, our MP’s outnumbered by another country’s MP’s who get to make decisions for us as certain decisions are reserved for the Unionist overlords at WM ( NO tis not an exhaustive list by any means) …..BUT both leaders and t’others are adamant that Scotland should stick with THEIR UK and suffer the same never ending farce served up via politics Unionist style……a like or lump it style of government courtesy of WM towards those NOT within the IMPORTANT country in their Union………

    Keir Starmer now no longer wants to ABOLISH the HOL’s as per the pledge he made in his leadership campaign … that’s been shelved…he now wants to CHANGE it……CHANGE being another way of saying COP OUT…….so not the only pledge that Starmer has broken or ‘rowed back on’ to persuade Labour members to vote him in as leader…..apparently he justifies his broken pledges by stating twas driven by necessity…. to make Labour electable………to whom and where…..I wonder.

    Keir Starmer like Boris Johnson, Ed Milliband, every Tory politician, every Labour politician and Lib Dems too are all desperate to DISTRACT Scotland’s citizens away from the reality of life in their Union….forgetting we are actually enduring it…to our cost…..indeed Mr Milliband DISTRACTION would be a heavenly and most welcome a gift so as we do NOT have to witness and live through, what seems like an eternal political sh*t show via WM and YOUR Union, and thus suffer constant real distress and angst pretty much thanks to YOUR Union ……

    Well give me DISTRACTION via Independence any day because the ALTERNATIVE is fast becoming too much to bear……and at least with independence it offers some hope of a way out from YOUR obvious DISTRACTION tactics Mr Milliband…and obvs courtesy of all the rest of your Unionist crew at WM too….aka Red, Blue and Yellow Tories.

    Perhaps DISTRACTION is THE most effective tool we in Scotland have in coping with the reality of the here and now in YOUR Union Mr MIlliband…..hence we can focus on independence and remain forever DISTRACTED in regards to the preservation of YOUR Union….but come next Indy Ref we, who live in Scotland, will not be DISTRACTED by YOUR lies or false promises that’s for sure instead we will be 100% focused on gaining our independence…..and leave the DISTRACTION tactics to you and yours….as in your fellow Unionists.

  14. dakk says:

    The manner in which Corbyn tamely lay down to the fake anti semitic charges against him as Labour leader exposed where his true loyalties lie.

    Rolling over to allow his British Labour Party a free vote in order to facilitate the backing of the £250 billion Trident renewal also was a dead giveaway.

    Corbyn is just another Red Tory trougher, there to add a bit of colour to the british project.

    A weak unprincipled man on the make who knows his place in keeping Britain great.

  15. Legerwood says:

    3 wee snippets of news
    1. SCOTTISH Gov held a reception at Edinburgh Castle for US Senators and Congressmen/women visiting COP26. The US Ambassador was there too.

    2. Over the first week of COP26 there have only been 50 arrests.

    3. Photos all over the internet of Boris Johnson visiting a hospital today – maskless. He claimed it was a long-standing engagement by way of explanation for missing today’s debate on sleaze.

    • scottish skier says:

      SCOTTISH Gov held a reception at Edinburgh Castle for US Senators and Congressmen/women visiting COP26. The US Ambassador was there too.

      I thought they ‘were not doing enough for independence’?

  16. grizebard says:

    I see Starmer is currently railing high-mindedly in the HOC against the “politics of cynicism”, pontificating that politicians shouldn’t be acting in a way to convince people that “they’re all as bad as each other” and thereby contaminating trust in general. Well, he could start by having a quiet word with his wee Twig-not-branch Office in Scotland, where that very guiding principle self-evidently lies right at the heart of their entire (failing) operation. But that’s Scotland, isn’t it? The same high standards have long since been quietly and conveniently dispensed with by the Labour {ahem} “leadership” here.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      grizebard @ 5.08pm

      Indeed grizebard………and much of the stuff Starmer railed against has been on Social media for ages….but he was too feart to raise it…last week’s fiasco and more importantly public backlash has now given Starmer his moment in the limelight….long overdue IMO for a so called official opposition party………… but typical of Labour to be late to the party …..and thanks to Social media for filling us in … the interim period it took Labour to catch up……

      BUT in his list of Tory crimes against the public….Brexit was once again the Elephant in the room and conspicuous in it’s absence on Starmer’s charge sheet against the corrupt Tories …..however that BIG Bird will eventually come home to roost pre and post 2016 as to the Tories and many t’others wrongdoings pre the EU Ref campaign and since………and with Keir endorsing it i.e. wanting to also get Brexit done….he will have little room to manoeuvre when truth does eventually come back to bite many in the Bumsy Wumsies……so his new HIGH horse that he has suddenly decided to look down upon the Tories from will be redundant and put out pasture….. Hell mend him….typical Labour.

      Get the Popcorn ready for that one………

  17. scottish skier says:

    From the Walls Street Journal.

    What’s That the Scots Are Speaking on TikTok? It Might Not Be English

    New platforms have helped drive the spread of Scots, but the language is also becoming a political football.

    GLASGOW, Scotland—Delegates here at the COP26 climate summit could be excused for thinking it was taking place in an entirely English-speaking country.

    Step beyond the United Nations-controlled blue zone, and they might find something else—a parallel world where children’s books by Jeff Kinney or Roald Dahl are reimagined as “Diary o a Wimpy Wean” or “The Eejits,” and “how” means “why.”

    Scots—once the dominant tongue here, the language of the royal court and the law before Scotland joined England to form the United Kingdom—has seen a revival in recent times. Young poets use it, as do singers and rappers uploading videos to social media. TikTok and Twitch in particular have become places to hear people ditching the English they spoke in school and switching to Scots, which uses many words derived from Scandinavian languages.

    The effect on visitors can be disorienting.

    The racism from Mark Devlin about people using Scots shows how racist British unionists can be.

    A few Scots words and dialect embedded in English does not create an independent language, nor an independent Scotland,” says Mark Devlin, who runs a website that supports Scotland staying in the U.K.

    I often mix a few English words into my Scots. My wife mixes French and English all the time. Is French just bad English? Seems to me English uses too much French to be a real language?

    • grizebard says:

      Mark Devlin is Scottish, so how can he possibly be “racist” against himself and his own kind? This is where your stretching of the terminolological elastic finally snaps. Unionist undeniably, and culturally self-abnegating also, it would seem, but racist? Dearie, no. Painfully and pathetically institutionalised, arguably. However, the very fact that British Unionists like Devlin pay so much attention to attacking even the smallest aspect of cultural differentiation, the very thing that makes us the people we are, does demonstrate just how important an issue it is.

      • scottish skier says:

        It would seem he’s British, possibly with a regional scottish identity? It’s hard to imagine anyone who nationally identified as scottish could be so disparaging about scottish people. The comments are clearly racist as he’s using them to attack an entire group who nationally identify differently to him, either wholly or in part, i.e not british.

        Scots is a language no matter how it’s used or what it’s mixed with and in what proportion. To say otherwise can only come from a dislike of a whole people and there culture. In Devlin’s case this at least, this is towards people who don’t identify as British it appears.

        I lived in Nigeria as a young lad and there some people from the south were racist about people from the north, even though they were all Nigerian. It’s silly to suggest that Nigerians can’t be racist towards other Nigerians. It has multiple ethnic/national groups just like Scotland.

        Also, most racism in Scotland is ‘scot on Scot’ in terms of birth/residence. A British Scot abusing an indian Scot for speaking a mixture of Scots and hindi is as racist as them attacking a Scottish (not British) Scot for mixing Scots and English. Sorry, in both cases it’s racism by the standard definition, i.e an attack on a whole group based on a perceived cultural/national/ethnic difference.

        As someone not racist, I don’t get angry at people speaking English nor try to argue it’s not a language, or e.g that people should not be using it in Scotland. That’s the difference between me and the likes of Devlin.

        Remember, not everyone in Scotland wants to be scottish. Some hate the idea, including a good number born and bred here of parents born and bred here… We cannot force a Scottish identity on people, only leave the door open for them. That is civic nationalism.

        Boris saying ‘we are all one British people’ is as wrong as Nicola saying ‘we are all one Scottish people’. It’s forcing a nationality on people; the opposite of civic nationalism. Which is why the SNP use the alternative ‘anyone coming to live in Scotland can be scottish’.

        I don’t know how Devlin sees himself, but he clearly has a problem with Scottish people who are of a different nationality to him, i.e not British. His British part is perfectly capable of racism towards those who don’t share that, including other folk from Scotland.

        He’s only ‘one of my folk’ if he wants to be, but his disparaging remarks about me, my family, friends and country folk suggests he doesn’t want that. I’ve left the door open, but he’s just abused me through it.

        • grizebard says:

          There’s definitely something going on with such people, a kind of psychological identification with a presumed cultural superior (the sometime-called “Jockholm Syndrome”), but frankly, the deeper you dig this hole of yours – “scot against scot” {roll eyes} “racism”, jeepers – the more foolish you make yourself look. We have enough justification for our right to self-determination without trying to emotively exaggerate it into something it’s patently not. This simply undermines our own credibility, and not just your own.

          • scottish skier says:

            Sorry, but the idea that Northern Irish people can’t be racist* towards each other because they are ‘all N. Irish’ is not credible.

            I am Scottish like a SDLP voter is Irish. Devlin appears British like the DUP, and is fuming about the Irish language act, consumed as he is with hatred of the other. His words in the article were spat out, filled with hate for the other.

            The irony of his hatred is that Ulster Scots is the language of the DUP. He’s so unhinged in his hate that he’s attacking the most British of Brits. He’s telling those who ‘march to protect their culture’ that they don’t have one.

            Scots is also spoken / legally recognised in Ireland (notably in Donegal), so when Devlin is derogatory about its use, he’s abusing Irish people, including me again, as that’s where my gran is from and where my mum spent much of her youth.

            I’m quite satisfied this ticks sufficient boxes in terms of anti-Scottish / Irish racism.

            Remember*, English people can be racist towards Polish people (even thought they’re all white and mainly Christians). British people can be racist towards Scottish people, even if they are from Scotland too. British N. Irish racist discrimination in N. Ireland against Irish N.. Irish people is well documented and was a major factor in the troubles leading to a UN peace agreement between England and Ireland; it doesn’t matter jack s**t that they are ‘all the same N. Irish folk’.

            And I will also caution you about pinning a nationality on people. While a citizen / resident of Scotland, It is not for me or you to decide if Devlin is Scottish, i.e. sees himself as that. That’s for him alone to decide. From his words, it’s hard to believe he feels that way much if at all. Certainly, if you are a British person from Scotland who hates the idea of Scottish nationhood, language etc, then you have an excellent cover story. Just say ‘How can I be anti-Scottish when I am from Scotland / am Scottish!’.

            Then you have your explanation for the behaviour of some ‘Scots’ who constantly put Scotland down like Devlin does, then say ‘But I can’t be anti-Scottish as I am Scottish!’.

            Of course there are plenty of Scottish unionists who don’t feel this way and are Scottish. You can tell these. They’re the Donald Dewars and Henry McLeishes. They would not attack the use of Scots, Scottish culture etc, even with their support for the union.

            *And the standard reminder that race is not specifically defined by genes or skin colour:


            Refers to the protected characteristic of race. It refers to a group of people defined by their race, colour, and nationality (including citizenship) ethnic or national origins.

            British and Scottish people are different self-identifying national groups, even if some are dual nationals.

            • grizebard says:

              You can go off on this solo tangent for as much vastly inflated length as you like, making inappropriate analogies like Nigeria (‘sakes, a huge place, with many different cultures, religions and actual races, even if they all have black faces) or whatever, but by trying to steer this argument into highly-emotive territory beyond all credibility you’re doing yourself (and us) no favours. That’s all I’m saying. And I’m already past being bored trying to save you from yourself over it.

              • yesindyref2 says:


              • scottish skier says:

                Ok, but I not you don’t actually attempt to dispute what I’ve said on the fact that most racist incidents in Scotland are ‘Scot on Scot’, i.e. both are legal residents of voting age, so the the idea that Mark Devlin can’t be racist towards a different group of Scots is plainly ridiculous.

                It’s bloody obvious that Mark Devlin excludes me from his ‘people’. It’s not me that did that, it was him. My door is open if he wants to respect Scots / Scottish speakers and even identify that way himself.

                “the more ordinary people will feel they can’t use the Scots words they grew up with, lest they be tagged as grievance-ridden nationalists.”

                Who’s going to tag my 14 year old daughter as a ‘grievance filled nationalist’? Not me. Not other Scots who use Scots just like her. So who then? Well, that would be British people like Mark Devlin.

                I picked Nigeria because its another country I lived in (for 5 years) and just as you get white on white racism in Scotland, so you get black on black there, just like most French racism is French on French, just between different type of french…

                Scotland has 3 main native languages, a wide variety of religions, different cultures etc. It’s smaller than Nigeria, but otherwise shares these aspects. Scotland isn’t a monoculture, it is very diverse. It is also somewhat unique in that it offers two nationalities; Scottish and British.

                Scottish, English, British are are all different nationalities (national identities); it’s why the census separated them. They are as different as Irish and French or Housa and Igbo. The key is what the person sees as their nation. It’s impossible to understand Scotland without seeing this and how it shapes the political landscape, just as it does in N. Ireland. Far from using it to attack anyone, I’ve actually talked on here about the subject in the hope of helping people understand things from the perspective of many British unionists. I have Scottish & British friends and sympathize with their national identity, which often comes from family and life experience. I don’t sympathize with the likes of Devlin though.

                Sorry, but Delvin’s comments can only have come for a disdain for Scottish speakers, notably those who are not British. He’s showing disdain for me, my parents, my 14 year old Scottish + French daughter…

                I am happy to call that out just as I would if someone was doing the same about Polish people or black people. The ‘but we are all British so I can’t be racist’ is not a get out clause because no, I’m not British.

                There’s definitely something going on with such people, a kind of psychological identification with a presumed cultural superior (the sometime-called “Jockholm Syndrome”

                This is what I’m saying. They believe their British culture is superior to Scots = racism. There is no Scottish Cringe, just a British one about Scottishness. It is not something that all British Scots do, and I was clear enough about that, citing some examples of Scottish unionists who do strongly identify with Scotland, but just think the union a good thing.

                And it is definitely not me stirring things up as noted. It’s the likes of Mark Devlin. That and the English/British Tories setting northern Ireland aflame under the ‘we are all British’ banner. And literally setting it on fire; British terrorists are not setting buses aflame in protest against the protocol while unionist parties are starting to say it’s time to ditch the GFA. It is the Delvin-type disdain that these people have for others is what leads to this.

                And it will be the Brits not seeing the Scottish people as their equals that will end the UK. After all, this where the ‘democratic deficit’ came from, what delivered 2014 and what will lead to iref2. Devlin’s words are a symptom of this.

                • grizebard says:

                  Oh, jeez, you just don’t know when to stop. Having political or cultural differences is NOT the same as racism. Most people readily realise that, but if you don’t or can’t, you can waste as many more words as you like trying to spin straw into gold, but you’re not worth wasting any more of my time or effort on.

                  • scottish skier says:

                    Erm, it was you that engaged me in conversation! I was minding my own business, but you keep on posting responses to me. 🙂

                    It was also you that wanted to talk about this subject. My original post was not first and foremost about Devlin at all, but about US newspapers taking about the Scots language. His silly we rant was very much secondary, hence the differing size of respective quotes.

                    Yes, having political or cultural differences is not racist. However, Devlin was attacking the culture of others, namely Scots speakers (who were not British), claiming they didn’t really have a language of their own, but were just speaking English, and that using words of their own Scots language made them ‘grievance-ridden nationalists’ in the eyes of British/English people like himself (there’s not other possible conclusion to his twisted logic). I’m quite happy in saying that such attitudes are not exactly open and tolerant to others.:-)

                • scottish skier says:

                  Anyway, to bring the subject back onto the original topic after you took us on a wee, but interesting (to me at least) tangent, my original post was centred on it being nice to have the WSJ talking about one of our native languages. COP26 brought reporters here, they heard our language being used in bars, cafes, shops, on the streets and it interested them. I thought that an intriguing observation; anything that puts us on the map / radar at this time internationally is important. We want other countries knowing about / recognising our country / nation.

                  We can guess that this is what sent the idiot Devlin into his spittle filled rant against Scots speakers which made no sense as it was based on pent up hate rather than any sort of logic as I’ve pointed out. It was not the main point of my post though; although the reasons for such a reaction from some who is supposedly ‘one of our own’ is interesting to explain.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Thanks for that Grizebard, I’d never heard of him but checked it out. Clearly very few people have ever heard of him either, a petition he started 3 months ago, mentioned in one of the 3 most recent old stories on his website I vaguely remember reading about and his resign Sturgeon thing which was good for a laugh, that petition got the grand total of wait for it, wait for it – 3,530 signatures, Wow. 2.5 times as many as the petition for “Allow the Shetland Islands a referendum on becoming a crown dependency of the UK” which actually got 46 signatures from the islanders themselves out of the 1,406 total.

        One of the other three was about Wings, and the third triumphant one involving Neil Lovatt of SiU got this:

        13. The complaint was upheld under Clause 1 (i).
        Remedial Action Required
        14. The clarification which was offered clearly put the correct position on record, and was offered promptly and with due prominence, and should now be published.
        Date complaint received: 22/04/2021
        Date complaint concluded by IPSO: 02/09/2021

        Woohoo, Lovatt could have accepted the National’s clarification offered just after the clearly satirical article was published, and saved time.

        Be afraid, be mortally afraid, be “Majority” afraid. Of collapsing with laughter. But racist? Hardly, this is a successful Scot who was out of Scotland for 27 years but came back broke from the US (I’m guessing a bit of bad luck) via Japan where he made it and employed 40 people. Good entrepreneurial spirit, but his experience of Scotland didn’t even include Devolution. Good luck all the same, they reckon you’re only really successful the third try.

  18. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Much of this is rather uninteresting with regard to the proposed musical chairs that will occur when Laura the K moves on from BBC Political Editor.

    But maybe for us, this throwaway line might be something to consider:

    “[Jon] Sopel’s likely successor [as BBC North America Editor] in America is Sarah Smith, a successful Scotland Editor and daughter of former Labour leader John Smith.”

    Who then for Scotland Editor? Jackie Phoenix, resurrected? La Magnusson?

    • Legerwood says:

      Sarah Smith was the North America reporter when she worked for CH4 News so could well end up there again but this time for the BBC.

  19. Welsh_Siôn says:


    As a follow up of what I unearthed about the “Centre for Economic Education” earlier, it seems that Sevvy has been making use of my notebooks. How else to explain this in the Guardian today?

    Revealed: Scottish anti-independence donation may have breached rules

    Centre for Economic Education and Training faces possible sanctions from Electoral Commission after £46,000 donation

    Niamh McIntyre and Severin Carrell

    Mon 8 Nov 2021 13.18 GMT

  20. yesindyref2 says:

    In fairness there does seem to be a diarrhoea bug going around.

  21. scottish skier says:

    Oh, here we go. The National must have read my post and understood the significance!

    Certainly caused a stir on here. 😉

    59 mins ago

    The Wall Street Journal shines spotlight on Scots language

    THE campaign to recognise Scots as a language has been given a major boost after it was the focus of an article in one of the USA’s biggest newspapers.

    You read it first on WGD BTL comments!

  22. Christopher Rosindale says:


    Now this is an interesting development.

    The idea of English Independence has now led to a campaign calling for it.

    Folks, here is the website of ‘Yes England:’

    • grizebard says:

      I note that a large proportion of this arrival seems to consist of anti-Scottish hate. All the propaganda tropes found a place to roost. Not so much about an overbearing and exploitative Union or what his England stands for. Except the aforementioned. To use the old football expression, with a new indyref in the offing, getting his retaliation in early?

    • Naina Tal says:

      Hey Christopher
      Your post deserves wider readership. How about posting it on the latest (short break) thread ?

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