Joe Biden’s popcorn bowl

According to a recent article in the Daily Mail, a vile and frothing right wing British nationalist nightmare of a publication whose sole saving grace is that it is not quite as unhinged as the Express (although there’s not much in it), the paper was informed by a senior Tory MP that he Conservatives had three objectives for the COP26 summit. “Save the planet. Save the country. And stop Sturgeon from getting a photo with Biden.”

Interestingly this report failed to make it into the paper’s Scottish edition, although it was prominent in its English edition. It’s almost as though British nationalists are afraid of Scotland finding out what they really think about this (checks notes) much loved partner in a family of nations.

It’s in everyone’s interests to save the planet, but the cracks are already showing in what has been hailed by the British press as Johnson’s great achievement of a deal to halt and reverse deforestation. Leaders of over 100 countries representing about 85% of the world’s forests have committed to halting and reversing forest loss and land degradation by 2030. However Indonesia, home to one of the world’s last remaining great rain forests which is plagued by illegal logging and the destruction of pristine environments for palm oil plantations, decried the deal as “unfair” despite the fact that the country is one of the signatories to the deal.

The Conservative objective of preventing the Scottish First Minister from getting a photo with the American president has already gone the way of the deforested parts of the Amazon basin. Biden met with Nicola Sturgeon and presented her with a glass bowl as a gift to the people of Scotland from the USA. The Conservatives were desperate not to give the Scottish Government any official role in the COP26 proceedings leading to the shameful result that the country which is the location for a meeting which is devoted to measures to combat climate change and promote climate justice – which crucially depends upon the affected communities having agency to make the changes they require – having no voice, no representation, and no agency. Biden’s meeting with Sturgeon was an implicit recognition that she is the head of the country which is de facto if not de jure, the host of COP26, a country which moreover seeks to achieve independence and which the USA wishes to stay on good terms with.

The injustice being perpetrated against Scotland has not gone unnoticed by delegates to the conference, many of whom represent countries which have had their own struggles for independence and their own issues with British misrule. Although she was denied an official role by Johnson, the Scottish First minister made good use of the opportunity to meet with other national leaders and although Scottish independence was not on the agenda for discussion, none of them would have been left in any doubt that independence for Scotland is what she stands for and that she aspires to lead an independent Scotland which will be an honest, co-operative and constructive partner with other nations. There was no need to explicitly spell out the contrast that would make with a British nationalist Brexit Britain led by Boris Johnson. The rest of the world can see it for themselves.

Johnson could have far more effectively undercut pro-independence arguments by giving the Scottish Government a prominent offcial role at COP26, then the Tories could claim that Scotland was enjoying a disproportionate degree of international influence thanks to being a part of the UK. But Johnson and the Conservatives were too vain, insecure, and stupid for that. Instead they tried to cut Scotland out entirely, leading to Scotland being deprived of representation in its own right at a global conference which is taking place in Scotland. All that Johnson has achieved is to make it clear that the only way Scotland can have a voice on the global stage is as an independent nation.

One delegate from the Pacific islands, Joseph Sikulu, speaking on BBC Scotland’s debate night said that climate justice is about self determination and agency. However he had learned from his time in Glasgow that as part of the UK Scotland lacks that agency. He said “[Climate justice] is about our ability to decide what happens to our people into our country. And I’ve learned this a lot being in Glasgow because I have felt the frustration of the people here about COP being here but they have no representation.”

He went on to draw a parallel between the struggles for decolonialisation in the Pacific and modern Scotland, saying : “You have this broader relationship with colonisation, which is what we have, which is what we have, what we carry. And so kind of justice isn’t just about shifting the fossil fuel industry. It’s about shifting the structures of oppression so that we can continue to build our lives in a way that makes sense to us and I know the people of Scotland understand that.”

Equally, ever since Brexit what is left of the UK’s international reputation has gone into free fall. We have a British Government which openly trashes the deals it has struck with other governments, Indeed, one of Johnson’s former senior advisors, Dominic Cummings, a man who looks like Frodo if he’d decided to keep the ring, recently boasted that “cheating foreigners” was one of the most important parts of the job for a British Prime Minister. Both France and Ireland are complaining about the UK’s bad faith and the failure of the British Government to adhere to the terms of the Brexit deal which it struck with the EU.

The world can see what the Conservatives are doing. They can see the corruption and the sleaze, they can see Johnson’s attempts to neuter any independent scrutiny of his government of chancers, charlatans, and sleazebags. They can see that Brexit Britain cannot be trusted to keep its word. They can see the death of democracy in a state which was once a by-word for probity in government.

During the next independence referendum campaign the UK is going to find it very difficult to rustle up world and European leaders to do it a favour and speak out against Scottish independence. That was a very useful tactic in 2014 which produced scores of gleeful headlines in the British press and which were trumpeted by the BBC. That bowl that Biden presented to the First Minister was so Scotland can use it to hold the popcorn as we enjoy the discomfort of the friendless British Government during the next independence referendum campaign.


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145 comments on “Joe Biden’s popcorn bowl

  1. Dr Jim says:

    “Who they gonna call”? Nicola Sturgeons *Bozobusters*

  2. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Great post Paul

    • Capella says:

      Was Kwasi Kwarteng detailed to shadow Nicola Sturgeon that evening or does he just like meeting her guests? So many stunning photos of the FM working hard to make COP26 a success. Meanwhile Boris Johnston….

    • grizebard says:

      Oh, with all due respect to the Pres, that’s perhaps the most interesting encounter of them all. (A first between them even?) I guess on the personal front those two leaders have more than a little in common.

  3. Capella says:

    At the New York Times Climate Hub discussing a just transition with Mark Lander.

  4. grizebard says:

    I particularly like the observation that Boris’ mistake in isolating the FM from COP has heightened many delegates’ awareness that agency is a crucial part of dealing with the climate crisis, and that Scotland is a prime case of where the willingness exists aplenty but agency is largely absent. Lasting impressions are being formed.

    And we in turn should note that agency is exactly what we need, not only in terms of dealing effectively with the climate challenge, but in all aspects of our lives: in defence policy, in foreign policy and in economic policy. We can’t play the game successfully without a full deck of cards in our hands.

  5. James Mills says:

    The Tories attempts ( and hopes ) to keep Nicola Sturgeon out of the orbit of Joe Biden was doomed from the outset .

    The highly publicised meeting , with the President presenting a gift to the First Minister for the Scottish people , would have been deliberately planned weeks if not months ago .

    The reason ? Boris Johnson !

    Take your pick of the number of reasons for the present US President wanting to stick it to Johnson but the two that stand out are :

    Johnson’s close support of The Donald ( one clown supporting another )
    Johnson’s cavalier attitude to the GFA – he doesn’t give a f*ck if his actions on Brexit bring back violence to Ireland .

    These events , coupled with Biden’s strong Irish ancestry , were tailor-made for the US President wanting to put a very English Johnson in his place – and he couldn’t have chosen a better way of doing so .

  6. Golfnut says:

    OT, I know, but it’s killing me. Re the Dross guarding bins, nobodies asked the question, where exactly are the bins located?

    Biden great, but Merkel is the biggy.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Moray. His website, article:

      Wednesday, 15 April, 2020”

      As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic Moray Council decided to cancel the collection of recycled waste and close all local recycling centres across Moray. While they continue to collect general and garden waste local people have begun to raise concerns about recyclables being left uncollected.

      It wasn’t the only council. Mines collected as normal, but some others cut the recycling as well. I guess it’s what happens at the actual recycling centres, the manual processes.

      Well, you did ask.

      • Tam the Bam says:

        ” Mines collected as normal ”

        Glad to hear the regular collection of unexploded WW2 ordnance in your area has not been interrupted by the pandemic.
        I trust they were safely detonated well out of harms way…. 🙂

    • jfngw says:

      You know how desperate he is to get on the tele and after Gogglebox seems to have not responded to his pleas I think he has suggested a reboot of Deal or No Deal. You just need to find the bin with the best lobbying rewards, they want to rename it Backhander or No Backhander I hear.

  7. Dr Jim says:

    You know what’s nice, real world leaders with the awareness to express manners and courtesy to the elected FM of the country they’re being hosted in as opposed to the fat British nationalist clown from Englands behaviour

  8. Arthur Thomson says:

    What I love about the FM’s interactions with other leaders is that they are carried out in what I view to be the Scottish way. Warm, welcoming, friendly, eye to eye and understated. No cringe, no fear, no expectations and no dishonesty. Refreshing.

    • scottish skier says:

      Aye. It’s the neighbours we need to recognise our desire for independence, not England.

      Sure you can become indy without the recognition of surrounding countries, but that would be a very tough life which could go on for some time.

      Scotland is coming across as honest, cooperative, trustworthy, democratic, and most importantly, rule following. If we try the democratic rules based approach to iref2 and England attempts to overturn that, then we get sympathy from those around us, including for UDI. After all, many countries have been through similar, including lots in Europe. Even Germany itself had N. Irish type partition not that long ago.

      The key is that we don’t act outside the rule book here, and that the vote is freely & fairly the will of the people.

      World leaders, including the POTUS and senior figures from the UN, are saying this by meeting with our FM in they way they have been, giving us gifts and wishing us well as a country / nation on the world stage (e.g. for the World Cup).

      The SNP must have been doing a hell of a lot for independence (much of this behind the scenes), and in exactly the right way, to have the POTUS arranging a meeting with with our FM bearing a gift.

  9. ArtyHetty says:

    Much to say, but just so pleased that Nicola Sturgeon and Jo Biden met and exchanged gifts. How symbolic, which stands for a lot. The bowl is a symbol of renewal and healing and my take on it, a receptacle for the spirit of the people of Scotland, steadfast and determined. It’s full of the future of an independent Scotland.
    Great to see A. Merkel as well, like Pres Biden, I am sure she has the measure of things re the so called UK, and the underhand tactics of the English government.

  10. yesindyref2 says:

    OT – Nearly time to get to the pit.—information-on-the-use-of-fireworks/

    From 30 June 2021, fireworks may only be used by the general public during the permitted hours of day between 6pm and 11pm. The exempted days when the general public can use fireworks out with permitted hours are:

    5 November, when they can be used from 6pm until midnight

    But according to the so-called “Scottish Sun” published 4th Nov (yesterday)?

    On Bonfire Night, November 5, you can set off fireworks until midnightOn Bonfire Night, November 5, you can set off fireworks until midnight

    Nope. It’s from 6pm to midnight.

    And, on New Year’s Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year fireworks are allowed up until 1am.“.

    Nope. It’s from 6pm to 1am.

    Outside of these dates, you cannot set off fireworks between 11pm and 7am.“.

    Nope. It’s from 11pm to 6pm you cannot set off fireworks.

    The “Scottish” Sun is quoting rUK, probably England Rules.

      • ‘Bonfire Night’? ‘Burn a Catholic Night’, surely?

        • Capella says:

          It’s actually the Celtic festival of Samhain which the church, as ever, appropriated. It would be held on 31st October – 1st November if we were still pagan.

          • scottish skier says:

            Aye. Never put anyone on a bonfire myself. I always saw the ‘guy’ as an English thing; it was after all pre-union, and the Scottish parliament wasn’t the target.

            Of course King James was Scotland’s King too, but then he was the first ‘Brit Scot’ who sold out for the trappings of London, so I can’t say I hold him in high regard! 😉

            • There was nothin’ ‘pre Christian’ about the 5th down our way, when I was a lad, and Adam was a cowboy.
              The ragamuffins wheeled an effigy of Fawkes around the pubs collecting a ‘penny for the Guy’.
              It was Guido Fawkes getting roasted.

              It wasn’t an ‘English thing’. It was pure unbridled sectarian delight.

              • Melb Don says:

                I doubt very much that the children going around begging a penny for the Guy actually knew or even understood it was as you say sectarian. I went round doing that as a child and never once thought as you say, I challenge anyone of my age, closer to 80 than 70 to agree with what you state.

                • Melb Don,
                  By your comment, Melb, you confirm that which I observe, sir.

                  Brainwashed in childhood, of course you didn’t know what you were commemorating.
                  That’s the trick of the Iron Heel Oligarchy; and to be frank, the Militant Left.
                  Like the Jesuits, get ’em young, and you have them for life.

                  All kids, especially programmed Judeo-Christian boys, love fire, and explosions. Bread and circus spectacles propped up the Holy Roman Empire, when they couldn’t feed Christians to the lions in the Colosseum any more.
                  ‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing’? Luke 23:24

                  In my youth, we boys were programmed by society, education, and politicians to expect to get married, have children, and be the sole breadwinner. The very word ‘breadwinner’ sums the conditioning of males post war nicely.
                  My ‘wife’ would leave her job upon getting pregnant, and become a docile ‘housewife’ during a breeding season which lasted perhaps 10 or 15 years.

                  If there was a war looming, we boys would be expected, and meekly accept, that we would be ‘called up’, and go and kill fellow humans because ‘leaders’ like Thatcher or Blair declared it to be our ‘patriotic duty’.
                  You may recall the Better Together video, of the ‘housewife’ in her kitchen, her fridge covered in magnetic colourful Letters in the background, frowning, observing that Independence was all too much for her wee brain to take in, and that her husband would tell her what to do.
                  That was in September 2014….

                  Of course the youngsters aren’t aware that they are ‘commemorating’ anything.
                  It is, as Capella observes, a ‘pagan-like’ rite of early winter.

                  But, I repeat, why expose innocents to the carnage and horror of England’s Elite 416 years ago?

                  “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. “And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.’
                  Matthew 18:3

                  I can still recall and quote the above taught to us in the first half of the last century.

                  It is ingrained in our psyche from early childhood.
                  Unless we be like little children, we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven?
                  Aye, right.
                  Remembering Guy Fawkes being hung drawn and quartered every year is sinister and wrong.

          • grizebard says:

            You’re right, but that’s All Hallows Eve (“Halloween”)/All Hallows-All Saints/All Souls, prayers for the triumph of good over evil and remembrance of the dead, none of which on the Continent anyway involves bonfires (or ever did, as far as I can recall). Ironically, as it were, protestantism of the Calvinist sort as in Scotland most definitely didn’t approve of any of that sort of thing.

            As for “the Guy”, any chance for kids in the old days to innocently scrape a penny was an opportunity not to be missed, I suppose. But in the NE where I grew up I can’t recall myself or any of my contemporaries doing that. Nor guizing at Halloween, we did that at Hogmanay.

            The mega-bonfires in NI and wherever else, though, they’re self-evidently sectarian (and grossly so). Attempts at assertion of dominance. Like most of what these people do, any historical significance is probably entirely lost on them.

            • grizebard, as it happens, one of my Everlovin’s sisters is in Marbella at the moment, and has sent snaps of the Spanish festival..not a bonfire in sight.
              The old nursey rhyme leaves us in no doubt.

              ‘Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
              The Gunpowder Treason and Plot,
              I know of no reason
              Why the Gunpowder Treason
              Should ever be forgot.
              Guy Fawkes, Guy Fawkes, t’was his intent
              To blow up the King and Parli’ment.
              Three-score barrels of powder below
              To prove old England’s overthrow;
              By God’s providence he was catch’d
              With a dark lantern and burning match.
              Holla boys, Holla boys, let the bells ring.
              Holloa boys, holloa boys, God save the King!
              And what should we do with him? Burn him!’

              Why does modern Scotland still ‘commemorate’ this English bloodletting?
              Nothing to do with ancient Celtic festivals.

              • deelsdugs says:

                Just what I was thinking earlier after the racket of last night. This used to be a rural and quiet area, but now I’m surrounded by a monstrous ‘tourist’ site of residential log cabins and gigantic houses on the hills – where once the humble shepherd had a bothy – with enormous pyres and bloody fireworks going off and off and off…that’s what they call ‘progress’

                • deeldugs, see my response to Melb Don at 7.25am above.

                  Your poignant observation recalled Gray’s Elegy in a country Churchyard in my old noggin. You know the one that begins:- ‘The curfew tolls the knell of parting day…’

                  You are the ploughman plodding his weary way home.

                  Like Burns, Gray was observing that we are all equal in death,

                  The opening quatrain:-

                  ‘The curfew tolls the knell of parting day,
                  The lowing herd wind slowly o’er the lea,
                  The ploughman homeward plods his weary way,
                  And leaves the world to darkness and to me.’

                  And later,

                  ‘Let not Ambition mock their useful toil,
                  Their homely joys, and destiny obscure;
                  Nor Grandeur hear with a disdainful smile
                  The short and simple annals of the poor.’

                  You have had ‘Grandeur’ thrust upon you for sure. ‘Gigantic houses on the hills’.

                  The rich and the thoughtless care not a jot, but share the same inevitable fate as the rest of us.
                  A man’s a man for a’ that.

                  The curfew ‘tolls’ segues in to John Donne’s ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’

                  ‘No man is an island,
                  Entire of itself.
                  Each is a piece of the continent,
                  A part of the main.
                  If a clod be washed away by the sea,
                  Europe is the less.
                  As well as if a promontory were.
                  As well as if a manor of thine own
                  Or of thine friend’s were.
                  Each man’s death diminishes me,
                  For I am involved in mankind.
                  Therefore, send not to know
                  For whom the bell tolls,
                  It tolls for thee.’

                  Unfortunately there are many who through arrogance power and wealth, think of no one but themselves.

                  Brexit has sounded the Lutine bell, and it tolls for England as it sinks slowly beneath the waves it formally boasted about ‘ruling’.

                  That ‘celebrating’ November the Fifth is deliberate and triumphalist I am in no doubt.
                  I fondly hope that now that the yahoos have retreated to their ugly mansions. for you, it ‘leaves the world to darkness and to me’.
                  Thanks for stirring these old grey cells…

                  • Melb Don says:

                    Mentioning Gray’s Elegy and John Donne reminds me of Teaching English Literature. Although what you state regarding the elegy is in many ways correct. it is taught more as one of the forerunners of the Romantic period. As an aside the Romantic period of British and European Literature is my field of study. My favourite poem of John Donne is ‘Sun Rising’. It pleases me you know of Poetry.

                    • Melb Don, My head is full of snippets, sonnets, soliloquies, and elegies from ‘the Rags of Time’ of my formative years.
                      Gray was indeed the bridge between the Neo Classicists and the Romantics.

                      I wandered lonely as Wordsworth’s cloud, I suffered like Coleridge’s Ancient Mariner with an albatross around my neck in my painful teenage years, many a time.

                      They don’t write them like that any more.

                      “Hence loathed Melancholy,
                      Of Cerberus, and blackest Midnight born,
                      In Stygian cave forlorn,
                      ‘Mongst horrid shapes, and shrieks, and sights unholy;
                      Find out some uncouth cell,’

                      I can recite Milton from memory.

                      Someone BTL on here mentioned the iambic pentameter….that too brought back great tides of joyous gems in this old heart.

                      It is ,in truth, because I had several English Masters like yourself, who introduced us to the wonderful world of literature, rather than force us by threat of the tawse, to learn lines by heart, to pass exams.
                      Thank you, and your fellows, for your love dedication to the written word.
                      And they are closing libraries to cut costs.

                      ‘You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless thing.’
                      There I go again.
                      Keep well, Melb

                  • deelsdugs says:

                    Too true with the brainwashing Jack. When we were sprogs in Edinburgh, we went downstairs in our guisin outfits and sang to the smoke-filled bar full of ‘Royal Navy Club’ members, who were, like us, totally oblivious to the whole package, we did make hard cash though.

          • rongorongo says:

            Angus Farquhar – formerly of band Test Department, and latterly of arts organisation NVA, did a great job (IMHO) or re-imagining Beltane and instigating it as the Beltane Fire Festival. And New Year’s Eve – for better or worse – has been through a similar re-invention process. I believe the stage is very much open for somebody to come along and do the same for Samhain. It is a festival which whose origins have given much to Halloween celebrations the world over – and it would be good for Scotland to lay claim to the festival’s roots.

            The whole idea of marking the transition from harvest into the darkness of winter, the use of bonfire as purification and of the thinness between the world of the living and that of the spirits – are all given a different twist in Samhain then they are in standard Halooween or All Saints Day or Guy Fawkes night. The latter, as others have pointed out, is very much an English festival – one form before the time of the union even. Scotland has a super-abundance of darkness at this time of year – and enough spooky tales to turn the occasion into a great party.

    • scottish skier says:

      Missed that. Oh man that was some snub to the English/British government. Macron then over to Scotland with a gift for Sturgeon.

      • barpe says:

        A good picture of two important-looking Leaders, then you look at ‘our apology for a PM’ who always appears as though he has been dressed by someone else to go to some event he doesn’t want to, and won’t even let his mummy comb his hair.

        He is a disgrace to the UK – but, hey, I’m not complaining as he’s managed to do more for Indy this week than we could have expected in our dreams.

      • Tam the Bam says:

        I interpreted Bidens stopover in Paris with Macron as a ‘kiss n’ make up’ meeting in an effort to patch-up the obviously soured relations caused by the Australia/US/UK pact signed recently.

        However..if the Bungling Blonde Bozo feels snubbed … whats not to like?

        • grizebard says:

          Yup, my take also.

          But an augury of what’s inevitably to come, with the EU carrying way more international heft than Little Lost Empire England. Whoever’s in charge.

        • scottish skier says:

          For sure, but to visit France just before meeting the English government is making a point too, especially when it comes to the Anglo-French standoff over fishing etc.

        • Marc says:

          Yea it was a classic diplomatic ‘make up’; a meeting on neutral ground which they were both traveling to anyhow (Rome for the G20) say some nice words photo op; diplomatic spat resolved.

          They were probably both mindful that they would both part of a G3/US meeting & statement on Iran a couple of days latter and wanted full diplomatic relations to be restored before it came out

    • scottish skier says:

      This is why the likes of insulate Britain should not be punishing lower income people in the way they do.

  11. Dr Jim says:

    BBC news: “It’s youth day up in Glasgow at COP 26 when the young people get the chance to air their views on climate change so let’s go over to Birmingham to see what it’s all about”

    Or how about Sky news Covid figures when they show the numbers for each country in the British isles (which are different from one another) 1 in 40 in Wales 1 in 50 in England 1 in 65 in Northern Ireland and 1 in 80 in Scotland, then they present another caption which reads 1 in 50 in the UK
    Given that this number only corresponds with Englands total then Sky news is insisting England must then be the UK

    Y’see I really don’t care if England wants to call itself the UK or if Boris Johnson wants to call himself the leader of the great pudding race, but why don’t they have the guts to make it official and declare themselves as having that superior opinion of themselves which would give notice to the rest of the world why the rest of us in these islands have such an incredibly low opinion of England and it’s behaviour and why we’d like to dump England to join the actual normal human race

  12. Capella says:

    Well guess who’s being reported in the NY Times:

    Ms. Sturgeon, who has clashed with Prime Minister Boris Johnson on major issues, including his handling of the pandemic and Brexit, argued that Scotland would be able to manage a transition away from fossil fuels better on its own, as an independent nation, than as part of Britain.

  13. scottish skier says:

    A read around other sites and it is clear the formal Biden meeting with the FM of Scotland has really, really annoyed the trolls.

    If you were wondering if someone was a troll or not, just go see what they are saying right now about ‘that reception’ and you’ll have your answer.

    Whether you like Sturgeon / the SNP, are a Greenie, an Alba voter… whether you like Biden, Merkel, the UN SG… if you support Scottish independence, you could only be very pleased and excited that world leaders are meeting with Scotland’s FM so openly at this key time. That the UN SG is wishing us well on the world (cup) stage…

    On top of that, if you want to judge whether a pro-indy Scottish FM is ‘doing enough for indy’, then see if their approach to governance in general has world leaders coming to meet them with gifts. If so, they are doing very, very well here.

  14. Tam the Bam says:

    … BBC NEWS24 reporting Greta Thunberg ‘allegedly encouraging striking Glasgow bin-men to join her on todays march.I say allegedly because we all know how Auntie loves to spin a narrative.

    • scottish skier says:

      Shouldn’t Greta volunteer to clean up? Unionist politicians too?

      After all, the waste on the streets will be a pollution risk (including plastics release) in addition to releasing methane, driving up global temperatures. It really is a PR disaster for the GMB.

      Protestors / strikers should always do absolutely everything to avoid hurting those that have done nothing to them. Leaving piles of rubbish outside people’s houses doesn’t hurt ‘the bosses’, but hits people on low incomes (who don’t have huge gardens protecting them from the piles of waste) etc while polluting the environment. This can only turn the public against their cause, even if these might actually support the principles behind the strike.

      As per the plot above, it is the top 1-10% who are the primary cause of climate change and of low wages (it’s how they got rich – by paying others as little as possible), not low income Glaswegians.

    • James Mills says:

      The ‘rat’ from the GMB ( Mitchell ) was on telly last night bemoaning the dumping of waste in Glasgow .
      Private contractors were being used to move waste to temporary sites – but this was criticised by the rodent .He did not ( obviously ) have a solution – only criticism – in a very loud voice !
      He was a credit to the GMB !

    • denmylne says:

      thats cos the gmb binmen wont even dare to turn up tomorrow.

  15. yesindyref2 says:

    Covid-19 infection levels in Scotland lower than rest of UK


    In other news my wife called me out to the ktichen and told me there was a leak under the sink. “Oh for f***s sake. I haven’t got my glasses on can’t see a thing. What a fecking pain I’ll have to turn off the water and pull the pipes apart.”. “Here” she said, handing me a leek.

  16. Capella says:

    The BBC are also on the case. Why are Scottish Covid 19 infections flat lining? Problem. Hmmmm. Probably it’s because we aren’t counting properly says the BBC using an ONS model which shows a projected upward curve – but the ONS figures only go up to the 12th October. Oh dear.
    Lisa Summers valiantly runs through all the BBC talking points.
    Anyone know how England;s doing?

  17. Hamish100 says:

    I see the gmb and Sarwar are on the March. Snake oil salesmen. GMB 1 week,left , then you will be all alone. No cop to push your claim. When the clean up comes bring others in. Gmb thinks their followers will get overtime to offset loss of pay.

  18. Alex Clark says:

    After the fallout over the Owen Patterson scandal it looks like the Chief Whip for the Tories will be the fall guy and is likely on his way out the door. I remember though from the last reshuffle that Alastair Jack was being touted for that job but it didn’t happen, maybe it will now and we will have a new Scottish Secretary of State.

    The other big thing happening next week is the talks between the EU and UK over the NI protocol which by all accounts are not going well. This is deliberate on the part of the UK who want them to fail in order to trigger Article 16 which is allowed under the withdrawal agreement in let’s call it emergency circumstances.

    If they do go down that road then there will be turbulence ahead and the acrimony between the EU and UK will be at a record high from which nothing good can result. Although that may not apply to the cause of support for Independence when those yet to step off the fence see the absolute mess that remaining part of the UK actually means.

    Go on Frost, do it, I dare you.

    • grizebard says:

      Well, the EU was reaching out, and to respond UKGov conveniently found a stumbling block that they knew was a no-go issue for the EU. So all the signs are that UKGov is set on a collision course. A perverse reprise of the fatuous bluff they tried previously. Again forgetting, it seems, that the EU is bigger and tougher. The outcome will only be to the UK’s greater disadvantage, if Frost & Co persist in this ongoing crash course. Is there no end to their arrogance and stupidity? How many times does it take to get knocked down before recognising the futility of it all? Becoming an ever greater international pariah.

      I wouldn’t mind, but we are all unwillingly caught up in this sterile posturing, and the real costs will fall on every one of us.

    • Dr Jim says:

      It’s the great British tactic of talking endlessly meaning nothing intending nothing and lying about everything until they crush the oppositions will to live

      A tried and tested method by the Brits so that if the opposition knows what’s happening or just gets fed up to the back teeth of them and pulls out of the talks the Brits declare themselves the victors by claiming racism against good old England and St George by God

      You see how bad those furriners are? and England stands alone virtuous and righteous in the eyes of the electorate, God save the Queen

    • Marc says:

      I would say that if the UK does trigger article 16 the Scottish Government will need to immediately put forward the legislation for a second referendum to be held early next spring.

      There sanctions that the EU will impose on the UK (and therefore Scotland) if the required arbitration period fails to yield a solution would be devesting to Scottish businesses and also put many Scots into poverty (or even worse poverty) due to the increased cost of living that the sanctions will cause. Of course, following a successful yes vote, the UK government will be in such disarray it will fold like a cheap suit and cave to the EU demands ending the sanctions for the UK (and therefore Scotland during the transition period).

      Whilst I understand the Scottish Governments arguments for delaying any indyref till late 2022/2023 under normal circumstances – no reasonable Government would not change their plans and speed up the timetable to stop economic hardship on their citizens and their countries economy.

      • Alex Clark says:

        Then you are wrong, we won’t dance to their tune.

        The Scottish government will pick a time of their choosing and that is definitely not dependent on what the UK decides to do about their dispute with the EU over the NI protocol and any decision taken about Article 16.

        If they do trigger article 16 then the result is likely to mean increased trade restrictions between the UK and EU which will likely increase support for Independence. Let’s go when the time is right and we can be certain of victory, to do otherwise may throw away our last chance for more than a “generation”.

        Nah, like a good poker player you go all in when you know you hold the nuts and cannot be beaten. Hold out, for our time is coming and it will be worth the wait.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          Yes, but the problem is the potential “solidarity” if it’s Brits against the EU. We’re all Brits together, sort of thing, and an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. Remember Austerlitz! Remember Hastings! Remember fish and chips! (or something like that).

          • grizebard says:

            Probably BoJo & Co are aiming for that very thing, and will likely be given plenty BBC assistance. It may well work in England, but I’m sceptical if it will work here. BoJo has a self-inflicted careless blind spot as far as we are concerned. Given his existing unpopularity and the additional hurt caused on top of a self-evident historical blunder forced unwillingly upon us, there is every chance that it will not only backfire, but do so spectacularly.

            • yesindyref2 says:

              It’s going to be a balance with Christmas coming up and people sending presents to family in the EU. As a business I’ve had parcels rejected, both post and courier and supposedly with the correct documenation, and the courier says they’ve had a lot rejected. There’s also people being charged duty when not appropriate. So on the one hand people will be hacked off with the UK because of the hassles with Brexit, but also hacked off with the EU for hating the UK, not differentiating between us in Scotland and the rest of the UK, and being bloody minded and petty over customs – and likely rejecting Christmas presents or taking a month to deliver them. There’s a little hope that COP26 will have raised their awareness that we in Scotland are a different country. It’ll be a close thing between anger at the UK Gov – and anger at the EU. Anyways, I took the opporchancity to put that warning in, I’ll not do it again!

              As a bit of advice to anyone with family in the EU, if you know anyone going wherever it is in these 2 months, get them to take your present and post it over there. Give them the receipts to take. The UK is a third world country as far as they’re concerned, and they’re loving it.

              • scottish skier says:

                It’ll be a close thing between anger at the UK Gov – and anger at the EU.

                As per my comment below, normal people don’t blame brexit on the EU. Only nutter brexiters do such projecting.

                If your Christmas parcel to mum in France (my wife’s case) is returned at the new union jack adorned hard ‘British Trump’ wall, it won’t be the EU getting the blame, that’s for sure.

                • yesindyref2 says:

                  2 weeks ago I wouldn’t have made that posting as I had goods in transit. With the gift of the gab and goodwill they arrived OK, and I was able to catch up on sleep.


        • Marc says:

          We’re currently sitting at 50/50 yes/no. Unless you think that EU sanctions would reduce the support for independence then a yes victory is pretty much locked in.

          It’s not about dancing to anyone tune it’s about protecting people. One of the main ‘selling points of independence is that is a way to get away from the damages of Brexit – it’s a ‘lifeboat’. But a lifeboat is no good if you have already drowned. EU sanctions would decimate business and push up the cost of living, causing a rise in unemployment as the businesses fold and more and people to get further into debt and/or lose their houses etc.

          The Brexiter Tories of course care for none of this, as long as them and their family/friends are not affected they don’t care how many businesses fold or if people can afford to pay their rent/mortgage. I would like to think that the Scottish Government is much more caring and will not allow Scotlands population to suffer when it has a way of stopping it.

          To use your poker metaphor. If you hold all the cards (as the Scot gov would have if Scotland was facing sanctions) then you are happy to call and put your cards on the table because you know you will win. It’s only if you have a poor hand (as the Uk Gov has/would have) that you want the game to carry on longer – telling everyone that ‘now is not the time to call because you know you will lose.

          • Alex Clark says:

            “We’re currently sitting at 50/50 yes/no. Unless you think that EU sanctions would reduce the support for independence then a yes victory is pretty much locked in.”

            A victory “locked in” when support is sitting at 50/50. You’re not very good with numbers are you?

            • Marc says:

              Yes, we are at 50/50 pre any sanctions. Sanctions would push support above 50 per cent thus locking in a yes victory. I’m really struggling to find any evidence that devastating economic sanctions brought on Scotland by a hard right Brexit Tory Government is going to make support for indy fall? We know from polling that a no-deal Brexit would have resulted in ‘yes’ getting into the mid 50s at least and that was when ‘baseline’ yes was at a much lower level. The threat of sanctions devastating Scotlands economy/peoples livelihoods will have the same effect

              I mean what would the no side campaign on? Better together for EU sanctions? Better together for rampentent unemployment? Better together for businesses folding due to the sanctions? Better together for uncontrollable inflation due to the sanctions pushing up cost of living? Better together for increased evictions?

              All factors should be taken into account, including public opinion, the opinion of our European neighbours (getting out of sanctions and back into the EEA is not Scotland’s decision alone)… covid if it rears its ugly head again big style.

              Actually agree with this, but none of these are really a major issue. As a said support for indy will go up (public opinion). COVID is of course still an issue, but as with the Scottish Parliament elections next year, you plan to hold the referendum on a certain with legislation in place to postpone the referendum at a later date if COVID levels are too high.

              Getting back into the EEA is never going to be a decision for Scotland alone whenever a referendum is held so not a reason to hold a referendum later.

          • scottish skier says:

            Sanctions and the resulting severe economic damage should definitely make the case for independence more pressing in the public eye, at least you’d hope so!

            However, just like the brexit vote itself, alone it would not be a reason to rush the process. The former actually caused support for indy to retreat, contrary to the expectations of many.

            Rushing into a vote that ended up 49.9% Yes would mean Scots ‘endorsing’ English Tory Brexit, including sanctions, probably for another term at least.

            All factors should be taken into account, including public opinion, the opinion of our European neighbours (getting out of sanctions and back into the EEA is not Scotland’s decision alone)… covid if it rears its ugly head again big style.

            These could all support acceleration, delay or keeping the same timetable.

            Contrary to the Alba view, a referendum doesn’t help the independence cause, only the public wanting independence does. This should have been obvious from 2014.

            Why don’t people argue that Salmond should have delayed until 2015? The data suggest it could have been a narrow Yes!

            But then unionists could have undone it with a subsequent election plebiscite potentially….

            We need Yes to be the settled will of the people (‘baseline’ in the graph, essentially), not a referendum. The latter should simply be a formality. Brexit is an example of what happens when you have a referendum, but it’s not the settled will of the people.


            I remain of the belief it will cause the final breakup of the UK, with all nations ending up back in the EEA/EU. A product of a referendum that wasn’t settled will of the ‘British’ people (Scotland and N. Ireland voting against).

            But 10 years of data strongly suggest Yes is now, narrowly the will of the people. However, the baseline trend does appear largely independent of ‘events’, i.e. it is being driven by greater, long term forces (around national identity etc), making it difficult to rush along, as the 2017 and 2021 retreats show.

            We would expect sanctions to boost the wavering vote, i.e. that which causes spikes to the ‘upper bound’, but the baseline might not actually change. However, so far, Yes is still 50.2% on average this year, hence the desperation from London and world leaders meeting with Sturgeon etc.

            I’m not the only one who can make simple graphs. I’m sure Biden and Merkel have people doing similar.

            • yesindyref2 says:

              Yes. Two things though, one is as per my posting above, and the second is to look at the reduction in UK exports to the EU compared to the reduction in imports from the EU. Several reasons for that of coruse, including that some businesses have indeed decided it’s too much hassle to export. But also because the UK isn’t putting barriers on to imports – whereas the EU is going max on preserving the single market – including in Northern Ireland where it admits it’s been going too far. That was very volatile end of October, no idea what it’s like now (see my reply to you above – I’m taking a rest).

              I’d say around the end of January is a crunch time for that in the public perception, And that could go either way.

              • yesindyref2 says:

                whereas the EU is going max on preserving the single market

                I’m being diplomatic.

              • scottish skier says:

                All barriers to trade between the UK and the EU have been introduced by the UK.

                The UK signed on the dotted line for customs checks on its exports to the EU and celebrated this ‘amazing, successful deal’.

                Johnson won an English general election on a ‘customs checks on UK exports to the EU’ hard brexit mandate.

                The only reason that the UK is waving EU imports through at the minute is because its totally inept and the shelves are already half empty.

                The EU has done nothing more than ensure the rules are fair to everyone in terms of being inside or out.

                And the EU isn’t a person, so doesn’t ‘hate’ the UK. Leaders of the EU nations are pretty fed up with UK leaders as the latter are racist and untrustworthy, going back on their word all the time while hurling racist abuse across the channel.

                It’s all pretty understandable. We can think of it like a drunken racist crashing his car into a row of houses then complaining – in between the racist insults he throws at the owners of the houses – about the damage it’s done to his own car, blaming them for what’s happened somehow.

                Anyway, right now, what Scotland needs is the nod from our European neighbours that they’ll recognise a free and fair Yes vote. There’s little point in negotiating with the English government as they are racist anti-Scottish and cannot be trusted to stick to anything they’ve agreed to, even under international law.

                Of course the Scot Gov need to have been seen by the neighbours to do everything by the book and that independence is the real, settled will of the Scottish people.

  19. Hamish100 says:

    “.. but also hacked off with the EU for hating the UK, ”

    I don’t think the “EU” hates the U.K.

    I think it is exasperated by the actions of the Westminster government including its lies over the “ no border” in the Irish Sea and Irish protocol breaches.

    I think peddling the falsehood that Europeans hate us is playing into the Farage false news agenda.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      The EU cannot hate the UK, they are a cooperative trade body with no facility to hate anyone.

      I rarely see anything of Brexit mentioned in european media these days, aside the occasional report on the latest UK tantrum, it is of no interest to europeans even if it is a UK media obsession.

    • scottish skier says:

      Only raging brexiters blame the EU for the brexit wall that brexiters wanted to build.

      The public quite obviously don’t blame the EU for the labour shortage induced empty shelves nor the border checks that the UK wanted introduced at the border.

      Even brexiters who blame the EU know it’s their own fault and are just projecting.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Peeps, if you think the EU doesn’t hate the UK Government, I have a bridge to sell you. And if you haven’t sent goods to the EU this year and particularly after July, don’t know what relevant dates are, for instance in March, July and October, don’t know what the HMRC position is via Northern Ireland, have never heard of an EORI number or an XI one, and perhaps don’t even know what I’m talking about, then unlike me your micro business doesn’t send goods “abroad”, so you haven’t lost a good portion of your revenue and profits for this year, with much hair-tearing and distress. Lucky you.

      Anyways, I repeat the last paragraph to those others who want to send pressies to loved ones. Just an opinion mind you, albeit an opinion informed by a whole load of actual research and actual experience rather than a knee-jerk hatred of anything UK. Meanwhile, my stance used to be according to the now dated main page of the wordpress in the link in my posting.

      As a bit of advice to anyone with family in the EU, if you know anyone going wherever it is in these 2 months, get them to take your present and post it over there. Give them the receipts to take. The UK is a third world country as far as they’re concerned, and they’re loving it.


      • scottish skier says:

        Peeps, if you think the EU doesn’t hate the UK Government

        Yes, but most Scots hate the UK government too, for the same reasons. Hence the direction of blame to London if my wife’s parcel to her mum in Le Havre is turned back at the English racist Tory hard border wall due to paperwork issues.

        Also, I suspect, statistically speaking, people sending stuff to family in the EU are much less likely to have voted for Brexit!

        • yesindyref2 says:

          Yes, but most Scots hate the UK government too, for the same reasons.

          Yes indeed according to the SSAS, and hopefully that will stay the same. Public opinion can be fickle all the same, specially if it’s personal.

          Anyways, I’ve wanted to put the alternative point of view for a few weeks but didn’t dare to before just in case paranoia is justifiable self-preservation.

          Now. having done my panda, I’m offski.

      • Alec Lomax says:

        Just goes to show how crackers Brexit is. Well done the 17.4 million – potential bridge buyers.

  20. Hamish100 says:

    The GMB senior organiser rep from England refuses to say what the issue is between the Council and the Union. Thinks are at a delegate stage.

    Can’t help but think he was sounding nervous trying to justify the dispute when other unions have.

    Of course the bbc interviewer goes easy on him. Didn’t ask why the other TU’s agreed to the deal or why 5% + or why the gmb agreed to 3% deals in England. Another question, what was the interference by Sarwar about. Is he a negotiated or a underminer.
    Question to parliament from SNP and Greens over his involvement I hope.

  21. Dr Jim says:

    At the moment Brexit is still some English government thing going on between them and the EU, perhaps once the pain becomes more noticeable personal and individual the people in Scotland who don’t care about it might begin to reassess their constitutional position on their devotion to Englands dictatorial union and the stuff the SNP has been telling them since before it happened is correct

    There’s nothing like a bit of personal discomfort to make folk pay attention

  22. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    I see the calls to delay independence referendum have a new Unionist champion…….

    First we had…Now is not the time….reason unspecific other than Tories don’t want it to happen.

    Then we had…..Need to deal with Covid pandemic first.

    Then we had …..Need to get recovery of economy post Covid pandemic.

    Now we have the latest excuse ….Deal with Climate change first……..

    According to Ed Milliband Independence will be a …’distraction’….from climate change….

    That’s Ed Milliband …from the Labour party who, as a party, are now embracing/endorsing the chaos of Brexit…….Brexit which is apparently currently NOT considered a ‘distraction’ from Covid pandemic, or the consideration on how to recover of the UK economy post pandemic, post Brexit itself or indeed ….unbelievably……climate change…….

    Indeed Brexit has been prioritised and is still being implemented as tis not ‘done’ as many like to tell us it is….article 16 may be triggered….triggered while Covid still exists, economy not recovered post Covid pandemic (or indeed recovered via Brexit) and…….. yes climate change…..

    Why delay the inevitable……are there are dirty deeds/plans of action being implemented in the background with the Better Together Unionist parties conspiring……….most likely yes there is…..are they needing MORE time to come up with lies to con us in Scotland…….especially considering currently all is not going terribly well for UK political parties just now………

    Do as WE say but do not do what WE do…the mantra of Unionists……………HYPOCRITES.

    • Oh, David’s dumber brother?
      Who can forget Ed’s ‘Edstone’ with its 6 pointless meaningless ‘pledges’.

      A strong economic foundation
      Higher living standards for working families
      An NHS with the time to care
      Controls on immigration
      A country where the next generation can do better than the last
      Homes to buy and action on rents

      The heaviest suicide note in politics.

      A jumble of words that promises nothing that every politician ‘pledges’ as a minimum every time they take to the hustings.

      Free in ’23.

    • grizebard says:

      “According to Ed Milliband Independence will be a …’distraction’….from climate change….” Oh, another Labour has-been’s version of “now is not the time”. Any carrot on a string to distract us from giving up on the one and only thing that is essential to a prosperous future: agency. We don’t need these never-never ploys like “federalism reform” and “solve all the world’s problems first”, we need absolute control over our own affairs.

      This latest ploy is particularly insidious because young people in particular are very aware about the pressing need to tackle the climate crisis, but so long as we are powerless over our own affairs we are rendered impotent. First we must get agency – which won’t take a half century – then we can act far more effectively about anything and everything else.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Yes indeed, the SNP are failing Scotlands young people by not *working together* to tackle climate change over their obsession with Independence

        Yet more pathetic efforts by the same people who helped the Tories drag us to where we are now
        No power no vote and no human rights to either, yeah sure Scotlands young people are being let down, by London rule

        • 18% of Scotland has been laid waste by the Bloody Robber Barons so that their chinless chums can blast grouse for sadistic psychopathic pleasure.
          How many trees could we plant, how many new green towns, how many green factories could we build on land stolen from the people by force and clearances all those centuries ago?
          Come independence, ban blood sports, drive the Idle Rich from their warlord estates, and use Scotland’s most precious asset, the beautiful rich resplendent earth under our feet, to contribute to cooling the planet down, while giving our population of 5.4 million room to breathe, live, and prosper.
          It is ridiculous that in the 21st Century we allow a handful of the Elite to hold on to 4/5ths of our land.
          It is a nonsense that we cram citizens into claustrophobic tower blocks, while the Elite fence of most of the available lad.

          Revolution? Yer darned tootin’.

  23. Dr Jim says:

    Sir John Major says Boris Johnsons government is trashing parliaments reputation, I kinda think he’s just exposing the realities of what it’s always been

  24. grizebard says:

    yir2 makes some points upthread re a trade dispute that are worth mullling over, not least because they are drawn from direct experience. It seems to me that the EU as a corporate entity doesn’t so much “hate” the UK as rather it regards the BoJo regime’s duplicitous scheming as an existential threat that it must at all costs resist. However, the EU simply sets the “rules of the game”, it is up to individual member countries and even actual individuals to enforce them, and it’s clear that there’s a lot of institutional and personal anti-Brit feeling around at the moment. Some may be well aware of Scotland’s different position and some – alas – may in their ignorance just bundle us all in with Stupid. So individual experience with individual transactions may vary widely. Might it help then if people were given a gentle reminder by attaching a saltire sticker, or a sticker saying “With love from Scotland”, or a wee map sticker showing a golden Scotland and a blue England as per the EURef?

    As to the reaction here, the EU would be wise to keep the pressure off individuals and on to the UKGov, so the generalised hurt of a trade war lands at BoJo’s doorstep as far as possible. But some of us (not me) expected that the cost of Brexit would have moved support for indy more than it has so far done. Maybe that needs yet more time to register, but there is always the danger of normalisation setting in instead. We have to recognise, though, that other factors intrude. Not just Covid either. The Alex Salmond affair has caused some temporary setback to the cause, even if it didn’t have the terminal effect its promoters had hoped. So, irritating as it is, we have to give more time for the situation to register with ordinary people, and at least see the winter through.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      I resisted making this point earlier, but your post compels it.
      Yir2 makes a good point over freight and postal services having been been severely disruptive to businesses at customs checks, but his attribution of “bloody minded and petty” to the EU despite having been rubbished by others on the EU label deserves expansion as to the players.

      Customs checks are carried out by receiving port authorities, the bulk of it via France, their neighbours are French fishermen.
      The french fishermen were promised automatic renewal of their fishing permits in January 2021, but London decided to play silly buggers, until it blew back on them over the Channel Islands (send in the Navy by jove) then recently on UK vessel interventions, with the skipper still to stand trial. The French legal system demands an answerable case, so laws were most definitely broken.

      So are the French (not the EU) being “bloody minded and petty” after 11 months of London’s deliberate “bloody minded and petty” stonewalling ? Probably, but could any blame them ?

      It is not the EU causing this difficult transition but Boris Johnson’s Gumboot diplomacy, two left feet with the string still attached.

      • Legerwood says:

        Article in online Guardian tonight by Nick Cohen about how the Tories/Johnson are likely to pursue a policy of ‘endless conflict’ with the EU to stay in power.

        Sorry would not archive.

        • Bob Lamont says:

          Aye, a good read.
          Cohen’s observations were most astute on Tory perspectives, his distinction between the “Eurosceptic” and “Euroneurotic” strands particularly so.

          I’m ever mindful of an observation from one with inside knowledge (perhaps Swiss?) pre-Brexit, that a 3rd party state was in a continuous cycle of negotiations with the EU, there was no actual endpoint.
          Sir Ivan Rogers made much the same observation in early Brexit negotiations, his frustrations with lack of clarity over what particular initial landing zone the Tories preferred, which saw him depart the scene, and usher in a parade of incompetents more interested in creating problems than finding solutions.

          The unnecessary and pointless trouble-making by London is deeply concerning – The French fish licences farce is visible if you look, but how many thorns are being irritated in other aspects?
          It is here where WM opposition and media generally ill serves the public – They obsess in highlighting the squirrel rather than analysing realities, little wonder the public are so badly informed and in many cases completely deluded.

          Yet it is Nick’s final paragraph which best summarises it all –
          “Mass delusion produced Brexit; a denial by millions of the UK’s true standing in the world. The right convinced the country that Britain was the elephant and the EU was the mouse. One day, we will pay for the mistake when it rolls over us.”

          Let’s be under no illusions, it is not the well-heeled Tories who will be crushed, but the general public.

          • grizebard says:

            Yes, denial of reality is surely at the heart of Brexit, though I suspect that deep down its adherents feel the decline of status, and this is their desperate attempt to prove to themselves that it’s not happening. (In the same way that the Trumpists in the US feel that their longstanding domestic hegemony is slipping away and they have to do something – anything – to prevent it.) But all they are succeeding in doing is making the real situation ever more visible. It’s one thing to assert you’re the elephant in the bed and not the mouse, but quite another when the real elephant rolls over…

            Now we have a situation where those who have profited by and fed off those fears have to keep stoking them up in order to stay in position. Escalation out of desperation. Failure begetting failure. We here need to recognise this is starting from Nowhere and heading for shit creek, so we had better extricate ourselves from this truly epic bungle as soon as practicably possible.

            These last few days we have seen just how thin the crust of London’s authority really is. There is no prospect of any solution coming from England any time soon, folks, so we had better get doing this for ourselves.

      • grizebard says:

        Yes, the French in particular I also had in mind, for the very reason you give. Whether there is any way that we here in Scotland can personally mitigate against it though is unclear. But might be worth a try…?

        • Bob Lamont says:

          I understand and agree, but realise London would only then add discrimination to their long list of accusations and grievances with the EU (not the French of course).

          Until we finally free ourselves from this London monstrosity and perfidious albion strands, we’re pretty much stuffed by Bitter Together.

          • Golfnut says:

            The discrimination would appear to emanate from London against the French, demanding proof of traditional fishing rights from the French fisherman alone rather than all EU fishing fleets, a protocol not contained within the withdrawl agreement. I admit I haven’t followed this manufactured stushie and can only wonder what the motivation is.

            • Bob Lamont says:

              Indeed it was, and in complete contravention of the WA’s continuity arrangements, but motivations depend on your perspective.
              For a metropolitan view I suggest reading Legerwood’s link to the Nick Cohen article upthread, more a generalisation than specific.
              At 67 I see it as continuation of the Thatcher-era game of it’s somebody else’s fault your life is shit rather than government policy – Blame the Unions, old industries, market-forces, the Chinese, the Russians, US bankers, the Arabs, the EU, anybody but London.
              In this case, let’s annoy the French fishermen, when they react, it’s the EU’s fault, anybody BUT us…

              And here we are back where Thatcher kicked off with the “family budget” con for austerity, on this particular evolution rebadged by a rich bloke in an expensive suit and teeth with a green suitcase.

              We need out of this circus…

          • grizebard says:

            I’m thinking that someone should start up a Twitter (or such) “Scots for France” group putting out support messages for the likes of the French fisherfolk. That would help thwart any attempt to rally us behind the Union and demonstrate our solidarity instead with those who really matter for our future.

            Oh, and really get southern gammon heads exploding. “Gammons for indy” could be the next big thing! {grin}

  25. scottish skier says:

    Looks to have been a good turnout today.

    • grizebard says:

      “we’ll have the full powers required to ensure we play our full part” Yes, there it is again: agency

    • Derek says:

      It was; from Blythswood Square I couldn’t see the front, and looking back from Renfield Street I couldn’t see the back!
      I had to leave early.

  26. Capella says:

    Some great pix and clips from the march today:

  27. Capella says:

    NOW Scotland made it too:

    • Clydebuilt says:

      Yeah well . . . . The BBC gave this march max publicity . . . Telling the exact route etc . . . Did it for Sat and Friday’s Young person’s march . . . .
      IMHO hoping to replace the youth desire to exiting the UK with concern for the climate.

      IN Scotland the BBC have been beating the Climate drum very loudly for some time!

      • For the dwindling band of British Labour Up Here in the Colony, you heard it from Keir (or is it Kier?) Starmer this morning on Marr that he is backing Brexit, will not abolish the House of Lords, indeed backs Baroness Rape Clause in her amassing of nice little earners and consultancies, and sat awkwardlt beside Brian Cox on the sofa, as the actor declared himself a ‘socialist’, but declaring that Scotland has had enough.
        Starmer has put the Clunking Fist in charge of reviewing the HoL…presumably, Labour Members Up Here are paying Broon a ‘stipend’ to front this latest nice little earner for the most pointless Old Dinosaur in Labour annals.
        So vote Labour in Scotland and you are a Brexiteer, in bed with Lord Snooty Rees Mogg, but supporting fellow ‘comrades like Jack McConnel, John Reid, and George ‘Alien Invasion’ Robertson among the 169 Freeloaders coining it in, but unelected by the People.
        George ‘Useless’ Eustice was on and given an easy ride by Marr…Patteron scandal, Tory Lords for Cash, climate change…predictable questions asked, predictable answers given, so that’s ok then.
        Marr talks about ‘Britain’, not the ‘UK’, until he has a wee feature on Covid..then it is the UK’ that is falling behind on the booster ‘jab’ programme.
        He is a brit through and through…that’s where the big bucks get paid…Cash for perrages? Cash for Treachery?

        Geissler’s wee Sunday show was wall to wall Climate Change…that’s ‘Global Warming to thee and me..

        Nothing else happened of any significance this week, after all.

        BBC Scotland is dying…
        So vote British Labour…
        And starve for England and the London Elite.

        • check out the ‘rant’ typos.
          What is the fucking point of the BBC broadcasting in Scotland? Asking for a rhetorical friend.
          And, yes, Geissler, I got the wee pre-prepared dig at Ms Surgeon and the bad SNP at the close of your interview with the bonny young Scottish activist, when she credited herself with intervening with Sturgeon on the Shell field, that without her intervention, our FM would not have contacted Johnson to reconsider the licence.
          You really think that your viewers are that stupid and gullible?
          No footage of the ‘100,000’ marchers on the streets yesterday? Of course not. Too many saltires and Yes Banners.

          I repeat; what’s the point of BBC Up Here?

          • JoMax says:

            The point is, Jack, it’s Anglo-British and that’s about all. While making soup this morning it suddenly struck me that the carrots and sweet peppers were from The Netherlands – no Dutch or EU flag to be seen. The courgettes from Spain – no Spanish or EU flag. Meanwhile the potatoes are emblazoned with a big union thingy as is the brocolli. I have apples from Spain – again no flag, oranges from South Africa – no flag, grapes from Italy – no flag …. plus a bag of Scottish baking potatoes – no flag, not even a wee saltire.

            Did I read somewhere last week that Morrisons got into trouble for selling a chicken on the packaging of which it stated ‘No EU salt and pepper used on this product’ or some such tripe. Members of the public complained and Morrisons accepted it was ridiculous nonsense.

            • The Union Flag is now the Right Wing English Junta’s swastika. It is not by coincidence that all supermarkert chains operating in Scotland plant the butcher’s apron on evry concievable product.
              There had to be a meeting at one point attended by the traders and Johnson’s government to unilaterly flood Scotland with the symbol of colonial oppression.
              I buy no product with a Jack on it.
              How Aldi think that placing Scottish products with saltires next to ‘English’ produce with the Jack on the wrapping and think that we would shun, say, Scottish mince, and buy English, never mind the ‘carbon footprint’ issue, beats me.

          • jfngw says:

            It has no point, when you hear them declare they will be doing a show from Scotland next week it just indicates they have hired an area in the old Plantation Quay site and ensconced their usual presenters and production staff there. There will be no Scottish context, if they even have a Scottish insert it will invariably be someone from down south telling us what Scotland is like.

            Their news output is dire, so is ITN, the only time you will see Scotland is if they can drum up a negative story, unless it is something positive they can give a UK spin to. I no longer seriously watch their news but still keep an eye on them to see what mischievous double speak they are currently peddling, reporting but missing out relevant details is no better than lying directly.

          • Clydebuilt says:

            What is the fucking point of the BBC broadcasting in Scotland? Asking for a rhetorical friend.”

            If it wasn’t for the BBC broadcasting in Scotland . . . . Scotland would have become an independent nation a long time ago!!!

          • Welsh_Siôn says:

            Oh the wailing and the clutching of pearls at the thought of lack of BBC impartiality in this:


            Yet not a peep when their ‘impartiality’ is questioned by us independistas.

            Telegraph readers being ‘partial impartialists’, of course.

            Source: Daily Telegraph (of course – residence of Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells and Brigadier Bufton-Tufton Late of the Hussars, British India MC and (lounge) Bar, ACDC, STV etc. etc.).

        • barpe says:

          I , too, watched Marr (through gritted teeth) as he gave Useless such an easy ride – I try not to shout at my TV (not it’s fault anyway) but I couldn’t resist when he allowed Useless to endlessly repeat “It’s about getting an appeals system”.
          At his hearing I believe Patterson had plenty of his lawyers etc present – but Marr didn’t even touch on it.
          Stammer did himself no favours with his ‘havering responses to the HoL questions, and his “Make Brexit Work” instead of the “Get Brexit Done” was farcical.
          I can only see it losing him far more votes in Scotland.
          Oh, and his ‘faux’ angriness was pathetic – new Labour leader soon??,
          Then heard intro to Giessler – and switched off.

          • Dr Jim says:

            Marr once again promoted the humungous lie that the Labour party must win in Scotland to win in England

            If that was ever remotely the truth why do the Tories win in England and still rule Scotland, it’s crap and the Unionists know it

            • Hamish100 says:

              Yes same lies. Pity he wasn’t corrected at the time. Strange set up to have 2 “guests” on at the same time. Set up is the correct term.

  28. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Random observation….not saying I’m right….just a thought or two……….

    I wonder if any on here, like me, think it seems kinda obvious that the succession of cock ups and devastating actions taken by the Tory UK government almost seems strategic…’s as if in constantly firing out unpopular policies , reneging on manifesto promises, excusing ministers of breaking ministerial codes with no repercussion, making mistakes and grave errors of judgement…..that there must be someone in the Tory party who is in charge of strategy implementation that has concluded that if they, the Tory party, actions and unpopular decisions are constant and in quick succession…..then nothing will stick…..for long……..because there are way too many to fight against….no sooner one bad Tory news story than before one has time to digest it….another one comes along to replace it….then when it get’s too hot to handle/control…do a U turn to calm things down……..

    Owen Paterson may be the latest Tory scandal story…..but what will replace it soon….how long will it be before the story involving him and the Tory party’s involvement in trying to get him off will be yesterday’s forgotten news……and hey presto a new scandal , another broken promise , bad policy or fiasco comes along to be the new hot topic concerning Boris J and his party………….

    The polls seems to reflect the position that irrespective of everything the Tories have done it is NOT having a negative effect on (English) public opinion…..though who the heck they are asking defies belief….. that after everything that has occurred they apparently say they will STILL vote Tory…..I mean how bad is the (English) public’s perception of Labour if after all of this Labour STILL cannot increase their support over the Tories in the polls…….under Keir ‘I agree with Tories’ Starmer’s leadership.

    Is Brexit the factor…..or fear, by some, of it being overturned or rather that some who voted for Brexit fear a new referendum on EU……

    There was a time when but one of the actions orchestrated and implemented by this Tory government would have generated a real crisis for a UK government….. but now because there is so MUCH it seems almost as if apathy and complacency has resulted in some people resigning themselves to accept all of this chaos and corruption as a norm with this UK Tory Government.

    The fact that the media are quick to move along on these ‘bad news’ Tory stories while only too eager to regurgitate or create any manufactured SNPBAD story clearly defines why the Tories are not afraid or averse to do as they do….constantly…..their, the media’s, incompetent repetitive habit of also NOT asking the RIGHT questions or pertinent well researched follow up questions based on unsatisfactory answers is another issue that shows them lacking in the qualities that one should expect from a competent media……..and giving a free pass to DRoss and his colleagues in not seeking answers when political open goals for the media is available…..and thus exposing the Tories for who and what they are…. is also blatant bias in action by the Scottish media…………..

    It should be obvious to the public that the methodology being tactically used by the media when questioning Tories is wholly insufficient indeed dire in both challenging them and exposing them for who they really represent and what they really represent…… but surely even the most avid Tory supporting media cannot hold out indefinitely in their support and continue to deny the consistency of this Tory mess and the results that have ensued courtesy of the Boris J led Tories……because they must know that eventually once the public start to feel the impact of an avalanche of bad Tory policies and obvious bad management also courtesy of the Tories then if the media continue to gloss over and misrepresent the facts then they too will feel the impact from the public’s response….Brexit is a game changer like never before…….and the public are the ones who will feel the full force of the madness in it’s instigation and implementation courtesy once again …. of the Tories, bad so called official opposition ……and a complicit media.

    There has to be a breaking point for people……the Tories may have had a bloody nose with this week’s latest scandal…..but the fact that some in the media were only too willing to help wipe it away does not guarantee that the public will stay onboard forever just because of Brexit…….

    There is however other sections of the public who are mounting revolts and it is , for many, reaching boiling point, so many agitators in DENIAL….. about Covid being real, anti vaccines, anti maskers, those against so called woke left, pro Unionists, climate deniers, anti EU, Pro Trump etc….those whose political preference are NOT all for mainstream parties but instead an allegiance to newly created political parties who seek to disrupt and destroy the current system, which as a system is NOT perfect but will not be improved by NEW parties led by false prophets….parties set up NOT for the benefit of the ordinary man BUT for their OWN benefit……with Farage, Galloway, Richard Tice, Neil Hamilton , Laurence Fox the current main culprits of this new party trend rampant in the UK (generated via England) pre and post Brexit….indeed there are way too many factions within their UK for it not all to eventually erupt……and that is 100% down to this UK Tory government, the weak supposedly official opposition lead by Keir Starmer and very very much the UK media’s failure to expose and investigate and reveal the truth of it all (oh and dubious think tanks who exist to influence opinion NOT reflect it)….. many of the media are complicit and are very much agitators themselves and support some of these rogue factions (which is also what one could label the current Tory party as…i.e. a rogue faction i.e. the ERG within the Tory party who support Boris J as Tory leader)…….ironic that they, all of these factions that exist, will probably cause the very thing that I personally think will eventually bring them all down………it won’t be pretty.

    I hope we in Scotland will have voted to leave before then…..but if not…..we will, as a result of any eventual guaranteed backlash , have decided that now is indeed THE MOST perfect time to vote to leave the UK……not just the UK as a so called country (not my country)…… but leave all of the constant madness , corruption and hatred that currently seems to be ingrained within it’s current government also too the so called opposition Unionists parties who seem to be in denial and resistant to change, fake newly formed political (with a small p) parties and of course a pro Unionist and very hostile media ….all who must be accountable in perpetrating all of the obvious revolt that is being seen within some of it’s more militant anti everything brigade of citizens…….and THAT is THEIR UK…..the same one they want Scotland to be a part of…………tell me what’s to like?…….who exactly are we supposed to be Better Together with again ?

    • grizebard says:

      Applying Occams Razor, or just because I’m a simple soul at heart, there is no deep co-ordinated strategy, it’s all just bumbling incompetence with an authoritarian streak. Assisted as they are by a political opposition in England that has lost its way, having been neutered by a lack of traction with its own natural base, and a Fourth Estate, when not actively complicit, that has been rendered mute by its own cowardice. The BoJo Clown Circus is in an almighty hole of its own making, and the only answer they have to their own rank incompetence and desperation is simply to keep on digging. While the rest of the world looks on with incredulous dismay at how far the once-reliable have fallen.

      It’s time at least to recognise that the UK has no broad shoulders, it’s hardly able even to stand upright. Too used to parasitising off our natural resources while treating us as the beggars. The current exceptionalist bumblers are doing a wonderful job of demonstrating just how vulnerable we are to bad decisions taken far away for others’ benefit, but we shouldn’t fool ourselves into thinking that a better government in London would somehow be a fundamental improvement. It would only be better at hiding the ongoing betrayal of stewardship.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        I’m a way too complicated soul ….perhaps too complicated for my own good…Lol…..but I believe that there is always a method/strategy adopted ….even the ones that are badly conceived ,orchestrated and implemented…..I think your comment condenses better the point/s I was remiss in making in my rather long drawn out comment …not another one….Lol

        Anyway good comment Grizebard ……

        Have a nice evening


  29. scottish skier says:

    I cannot see how picking this fight with the EU, the USA and the UN will keep Johnson in power.

    Brexit: Irish minister says UK ‘preparing’ to suspend parts of NI deal

    Prepare for international sanctions against the racist rogue Bringlish state.

    • scottish skier says:

      EU may shelve free-trade pact with UK if article 16 deployed – Coveney

      The European Union may set aside the free-trade agreement with the United Kingdom if London triggers article 16 of the Northern Ireland protocol and suspends its operation, according to Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney.

      Mr Coveney said the EU “would respond in a very serious way” if the UK invokes article 16 of the protocol, effectively putting on hold the operation agreement on Northern Ireland between the EU and the UK.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      As I said above – if anyone has family, find a way of getting your Christmas parcels over there – before it all becomes even sillier. None of this is new news to me.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Oh, not just in Ireland, I mean anywhere in the EU, and even perhaps in EFTA countries.

      • scottish skier says:

        None of this is new news to me.

        Aye. Same. I was trying to warn folks rising racist English/British nationalism and how it would lead to brexit 10 years ago!

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