Gove: The Secretary of State for Gaslighting

Michael Gove has a very important job in the British Government. He’s the Minister of State for Gaslighting, Glib Lies, and Oleaginous Mendacity. His role entails lying to the people of the UK, and specifically to the people of Scotland, by repeating blatant untruths so often yet so scrupulously politely that they become embedded in the public narrative and replace the actual truth. His job is to cast doubt on the lived experience of all of us, in order to make us believe that our knowledge of events that we all lived through, and not too long ago at that, didn’t really happen in the way we remember them to have happened.

In this endeavour he is aided and abetted by an overwhelming anti-independence Scottish and British media which has a vested interest in not challenging his obvious lies but rather in propagating and reinforcing them. As far as his lies about the outcome of the Scottish Parliamentary election and the existence of a mandate for another independence referendum are concerned, he’s also aided and abetted by Keir Starmer of the Labour party, who likewise has an interest in denying the outcome of Scottish democratic events which are not to his liking.

Gove is trying to deny that the Scottish Parliament, with its unassailable majority of pro-independence MSPs elected to bring about another independence referendum in an election campaign in which the question of another independence referendum was by far and away the dominant issue, actually possesses a mandate for another independence referendum. The pro-independence parties won a handsome majority, despite a well funded and well organised British nationalist tactical voting campaign designed to deprive them of victory.

Gove is now retrospectively trying to change the rules of Scottish elections, which use a voting system which was deliberately designed to make it almost impossible for a single party to win a majority in its own right in order to deny that the Scottish Government has a mandate for another independence referendum. He is trying to assert that a mandate would only exist if the SNP had won an absolute majority by itself.

Together, the anti-independence parties did not come close to winning a majority or depriving the pro-independence parties of a majority. You can be quite certain however that had they collectively done so, Gove would be the first to crow that this constituted a cast-iron mandate to oppose another independence referendum.

As far as Gove is concerned, Scottish Green MSPs do not exist and the votes cast for Green candidates who were standing on a clear and unequivocal platform of seeking a mandate for another independence referendum are to be discounted. Had the Alba party or any other pro-independence party succeeded in getting MSPs elected to the current Scottish Parliament, Gove would still be making the exact same specious and mendacious claim. We expect Gove to lie, but what is most shocking of all is how the majority of the media in Scotland colludes in Gove’s lie.

Gove’s transparent lies didn’t end at his predictable and ludicrous attempt to deny the incontestable truth that the current Scottish Parliament was elected with a mandate to deliver another independence referendum during the five year term of this Parliament. He also lied about his Government’s constant attacks on the devolution settlement and the fact that the Conservatives at Westminster are betraying the promises and commitments to respect and strengthen devolution that they themselves made to the people of Scotland in 2014 as part of their desperate attempts to secure a No vote in that year’s independence referendum.

The fact that the demand for another independence referendum remains a live issue in Scottish politics is in no small measure because the promises and commitments made by the anti-independence parties in 2014 have been so thoroughly traduced by those same anti-independence parties.

Right now the British Government is undermining the devolution settlement by blatantly side-lining the Scottish Government and dealing directly with Scottish local authorities concerning projects and funding which according to the terms of the Scotland Act fall squarely within the remit of the Scottish Parliament. The Conservative government gave itself the legal authority to do this by sneaking in a clause in their UK Internal Market Act. They did not even bother to make the pretence of obtaining the agreement of Holyrood to do so, never mind seeking a mandate for it from the electorate of Scotland despite the fact that the Conservatives vowed in 2014 that no changes to the devolution settlement or the powers of the Scottish Parliament would ever be made without the express consent of Holyrood and the people of Scotland.

Gove had the unmitigated gall to claim that what the British Government is really doing is “augmenting devolution” which is like your flatmate in a shared flat stealing your dinner out of the fridge and then claiming that they are really augmenting your dinner choices because now you’ll have to go to Tesco and find something else to eat.

Politicians like Gove will always lie, deceive, and twist words in order to present a narrative that suits their own interests and the aims of their party, but democracy can only survive when the media is willing to hold them to account and not to allow them to establish their lies and semantic contortions as fact. Michael Gove lies with the glib fluency of a man who has lied repeatedly in the past and got away with it without any consequences, he knows that he can continue to lie without facing any consequences because the media will continue to allow him to get away with it. In doing so he is directly undermining democracy and in the process providing yet more evidence that the independence referendum he is so desperate to prevent is absolutely vital to ensuring the security of democracy and political accountability in Scotland.

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164 comments on “Gove: The Secretary of State for Gaslighting

  1. Dr Jim says:

    If Wiley Coyote drove up to Westminster dressed up in a Saltire with a giant cartoon Acme Co bomb wrapped in a Saltire with the word *BOMB* written on it Michael Gove would still deny Scotland had any interest in Independence and blame it on Sturgeon’s extremist foreigners she’d radicalised and shipped in from Gafiristan or Gibrovia to dress up as the beloved cartoon characters enjoyed by all decent people as she’s jealous of his chemically enhanced dad dancing skills

  2. James Mills says:

    Judge a man by the company he keeps – Gove consorts daily with Boris Johnson ! Enough said !

  3. grizebard says:

    Yes, and we warned those hell-bent on their righteousness crusade during the Salmond Affair that the whole purpose of the exercise from a BritNat perspective, if it failed to remove the opponent whom they feared the most, was at least by voter disengagement to give shysters like Gove enough “wiggle room” via the ever-complicit media to push the corrosive anti-democratic line he is now attempting.

  4. bringiton says:

    There is no doubt that unionists will,once the Brexit dust has settled,use the narrative that breaking up is hard to do.
    Leaving the EU after only 40 years will be deemed to be so much harder than leaving a union of over 300 years.
    However,Westminster didn’t need permission from Brussels to leave the EU but are claiming that Scotland needs England’s permission to leave their union.
    Bribing Scottish unionist councils will only work for so long and the recent shenanigans with CCS shows the folly of relying on a perfidious regime in London.
    At least a perfidious regime in Edinburgh could be voted out of power by Scots should they lie and deceive in the same manner.
    It’s all about Democracy stupid.

  5. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    And I am sure that Keir Starmer will endorse EVERYTHING Michael Gove says and does because Keir Starmer often ( too often) states that he ” supports the government”…as in the current Tory government….in my neck of the woods ( and I am sure in all others too) ….if you say YOU support the current Tory government…that makes YOU a ……….TORY.

  6. Wendy Beautyman says:

    once again a brilliant and thought provoking article Paul, thank you. On a separate note my Gaelic map arrived this morning and it has surpassed my expectations, it is much bigger than I had even hoped it would be and so incredibly beautiful. I would highly recommend everyone to get one while they are still available, I will be framing mine and it will be proudly displayed, thank you

  7. got these figures, 2021 he, from wiki, but are backed up by bbc, not sure which is more reliable

    snp = 47.70 + Greens = 1.29 total = 48.99% (red, blue and orange tories, 50.4%)

    snp = 40.34+ greens = 8.12+ Alba = 1.66 total = 50.12 %

    all of the other parties out with the red, blue and orange tories, won about 0.5% in both the con and list votes

    • scottish skier says:

      But of course your constituency vote is ‘for a person not a party’ specifically. It’s the ‘Great British’ local MP/MSP FPTP approach.

      You vote for a party on the list rather than a person, and it is list shares which form the basis for the final allocation of all seats between parties.

      As a result, democratic mandate comes from the list vote rather than the constituency vote in a PR system such as AMS. Hence smaller parties only stand on the list.

      This is important as it is impossible to ‘game’ the PR list vote, unlike the constituency vote where tactical voting occurs and most votes will not count towards the make up of those elected.

      This sadly was the great big fat Alba lie; that you could ‘game the list’. That’s impossible; you can only get a disproportionate number of seats for Yes parties by gaming the constituency, i.e. by Alba, Greenies etc voting SNP here.

      Anyhoo, by Gove’s logic, no party in Holyrood or Westminster has a mandate for any policy never mind an iref. We also need to undo every policy ever made in both going back to what 1935 as these didn’t have ‘full majority vote share’ mandates.

      • grizebard says:

        Because of the likelihood (at least in some places) of tactical voting in the constituencies, the numbers there can’t fairly be used to determine levels of support, unlike the lists.

        But opinion is currently fairly evenly divided, that’s clear enough. I reckon though even that could be a good enough base to provide a win for indy at the conclusion of a well-conducted indyref campaign.

      • i wasnt really passing comment, i just thought it useful to post the actual figures 😦

        • scottish skier says:

          Same really; at least not on your post, but on unionist claims. 🙂

          It is worth pointing out to those reading who might wonder about the issue though.

          The list is the proportionally representative vote. It’s the will of the people. After all, Alba voters are not big fans of the SNP; their SNP constituency vote was tactical, not their Alba vote. Same for Greens; they are Green but often vote SNP tactically on the constituency, if simply because there’s no green candidate.

  8. Capella says:

    It’s hard to understand why anyone would want to stay in the UK. Michael Gove is symptom of a very sick state. He needs the substances just to keep on talking drivel while they stuff their wallets.

    • robert harrison says:

      Just reading the replies to that Tweet you posted by gum it got quite a few people in England triggered on it but then again Twitters the place where lost causes and supremacist bigots spout there delusional crap.

  9. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    “In this endeavour he is aided and abetted by an overwhelming anti-independence Scottish and British media which has a vested interest in not challenging his obvious lies but rather in propagating and reinforcing them”

    The same British media who regularly attack Nicola Sturgeon…..elected leader of a SNP led Scottish government…….

    Just think for a moment what she has (still is enduring) had to endure…same Nicola Sturgeon who is relentlessly attacked by the media, Unionist politicians, Uber BritNats on Twitter, political commentators, so called ‘alternate’ Indy’ ( with small i ) supporting Salmond fans, supposed comedians who favour Labour with constant sarky jibes like for example Matt Forde…the same Nicola Sturgeon who was interrogated for over 8 hours in the Scottish government inquiry, has had to deal with consequences of a Tory Brexit and dire economic consequences for Scotland, the same Nicola Sturgeon who has had to deal with Covid for over 2 years and has given ( unlike Boris) a majority of the Covid daily updates while constantly being challenged by Unionist churnalists trying to trip her up with fake accusations and misinformation via their so called ‘questions’ and Unionists politicians casting aspersions on her updates courtesy of the BBC……..she must be EXHAUSTED……yet she is expected to immediately fight an Indy campaign which in itself will be EXHAUSTING and challenging for any individual never mind one as formidable as her and one of her outstanding calibre and unbelievable fortitude………..

    If we want to stop Gove and co we need to WIN independence….yes…..but the timing must be right for us….and personally the best person to judge that is the one we elected and respect as leader of our Scottish government………and I want her to do it when she is ready…both physically and mentally because that is when she is at her best and can see off the likes of Michael Gove and his sycophantic ( so called ) Scottish Tories………….and Starmer and his sycophantic (so called) Scottish Labour….same for Ed Davey and the (So called) Scottish Lib Dems under Cole hyphenated Hamilton…………..

    If , like Gove, you need to lie constantly to try and win then you are not winning you are just lying….simples….and the ” only narrative” you are using to try and win is the one , that you as a liar, NEED to use because you have no truth to offer in selling your Tory ‘pig in a poke’ policies aka Tory lies………

    The fact that they regurgitate the same old same lies…..proves irrefutably that they have become pathological in their use of lies to reinforce their non arguments in justifying the unjustifiable, in defending the indefensible and denying the undeniable truths that clearly, via past and present evidence, exposes their lies for what they are……..LIES.

    If I see the REAL truth with my own eyes , hear the REAL truth with my own ears why then should I believe LIARS like Gove & co who I see as EVEL and who speak EVEL………….I don’t.

  10. Old Pete says:

    All Tories lie, ALL Tories lie and the medi just lie along with them. We need Independance soon and if they don’t like it we shouldn’t care, ‘Take back control’ they might get it ?

    • grizebard says:

      Depends on just how broad the “we” is. That is, and always has been, the vital question. Not the “they”, who will ultimately be pushed aside by the weight of public opinion. That refusal of consent needs to be broader, so there is still work to do – and events to unfold – before the “taking back control” that we all want becomes plausible enough to succeed.

  11. scottish skier says:

    This would be the Gove that believes Scots in England and English folks in Scotland are ‘expats/immigrants‘, i.e. ‘foreigners living a different country’.

    So much for the union if a Scot is in a foreign country when they go to England. I thought we were all one British people?

    Unlike anti-English Gove, if English folks living in Scotland want to see themselves as Scots and not expats/immigrants, I’m fine with that.

    Likewise, unlike him and Galloway, I don’t think English people in Scotland should be denied a vote in iref2. It should be based on residence, not nationality.

    • Michael Oxsmells says:

      I don’t know about Gove being anti-English. He’s adopted a bizarre parody of an English accent, seems pretty keen to fit in to English society, and (as far as I know) he’s never said anything like the following:

      “England is a weak, cowardly, freeloading subsidy junkie nation that is too scared to stand on its own two feet.”


      “It’s a pathetic chickenshit country.”

      It’d probably be fair to describe these as anti-English statements, right?

      • scottish skier says:

        These are the pejorative terms that British/English media / pundits use against British unionist Scots*, just with the country country name swapped around to make a point#, which is obvious to all, even when someone deliberately tries to pretend otherwise / take them out of context without linking to that original context because they are cowardly themselves.

        But the UK/English government are no doubt chickenshit cowards who are too scared to stand on their own two feet. Hence them wetting their pants and refusing the Section 30.

        Imagine being too scared to face the world without wee Scotland. Jeez. No wonder Europeans are all laughing!

        By contrast, Scottish nationals (identifying) voted Yes in majority in 2014 as they’ve got baws.

        *Obviously these insults must be directed at British unionists as people who support or voted Yes cannot be either subsidy junkies or cowards, only No voters could be

        #e.g. first page of google search:

  12. Alastair Bryan says:

    Voting in a referendum can only be for the indigenous people of Scotland only after a yes vote can the rest be offered Scottish citizenship.As recognised by the UN.No other country gives way the voting franchise to foreigners. We will never get independence if we give away our voting franchise which was a mistake in 2014.Remember English votes for English laws this was revoked in July so the English settlers can get the vote in the next Referendum, germadering it again if we are so stupid. 50 to 60k English settlers migrate to Scotland per year, every year. We wont have a Scotland soon why do you think the Torys are kicking the can down the road.
    Also foreign students and UK forces ie English regiments getting the vote along with off shore oil workers. Please lobby your SNP/Green and ALBA MPs and MSPs to make sure the indigenous Scottish population only get the vote.

    • weegingerdug says:

      On 3 March 1991 both the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic and the Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic (as Estonia and Latvia then were) held referendums on independence from the Soviet Union. In both countries all residents were eligible to vote, including Soviet armed forces personnel stationed in Estonia and Latvia, and also people who had moved to the countries after the Soviet takeover in WW2 – and their descendants – who were not considered citizens after independence.

    • grizebard says:

      Oh dear, another “othering” attempt to avoid the inconvenient fact that not enough of anybody last time was willing to “take the plunge”. And won’t be again unless they are all actively recruited, not least for each person’s own long-term personal advantage. We still have to convince more people that this is indeed the case, and better get busy at it instead of wasting time on such wishful-thinking never-gonna-happen “blood-and-soil” distractions.

    • scottish skier says:

      This was the Tory approach to Brexit, which denied my (French) wife a vote, as your idea would.

      And sorry, but the number of English/British identifying people in Scotland is in long term decline. It’s why we are on the brink of indy.

      Ultimately, if we want to talk numbers, was Scots born not voting Yes in 2014 that carried the No vote. Their votes dwarfed that of those not born in Scotland.

      If you want to blame anyone, you need to blame yer ain folk.

    • Marc says:

      No other country gives way the voting franchise to foreigners
      also, side the example Paul gives, the UK gives franchise for foreigners in referendums, so that’s at least two countries.

      50 to 60k English settlers migrate to Scotland per year, every year

      People from rUK also leave every year, so net migration is circa 10k per year. since 2014 there has been total net migration from rUK has been less than 60k

      • Alex Clark says:

        Montenegro voted for Independence in 2006, it is a country so rich in ethnicities that there is no majority for any one ethnic group. The population comprises of Montenegrins, Serbs, Croats, Bosnians, Albanians, and a sprinkling of others.

        All had a vote and yet they voted for Independence.

      • Alex Clark says:

        I meant to add you are so right too about the “net migration” figure of around 10,000 from rUK per year and not the 50 to 60,000 figure given as “evidence” of Scots being overrun somehow by English and other settlers. Just another lie.

    • Hamish100 says:

      Alistair, no, this is wrong on so many levels.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Those fully resident in Scotland should be able to vote.
      The problem is with non dominciled, property owners who hardly step foot in Scotland. Also a problem with transient folks, last time knocking on doors a surprising amount of properties were not occupied by the people on the register.
      Students from outwith Scotland? That would need looking at.
      Last time some Scottish friends voted no, some English voted yes.

  13. Capella says:

    The Constitution, Europe, External Affairs and Culture Committee is asking for your views on
    the implications of the UK internal market for Scotland, including how devolution works.
    Now’s yoou chance!

    • Dr Jim says:

      My response has been submitted with all references to Englands nationalist government

    • Ross Anderson says:

      There isn’t a ‘UK internal market’. That would require all countries in the UK to be on an equal footing, i.e. 1 nation 1 vote. There’s only an English controlled market where Scots, Welsh and N. Irish businesses are discriminated against (on the grounds of nationality / race) through England awarding itself 82% of votes when it comes to law making for said market.

  14. UndeadShuan says:

    Remember the 26 million spent on renovating downing street briefing room, that was used for 1 press conference.

    Turns out its now Boris Johnsons screening room most recently for the new james bond film.

    • Alex Clark says:

      I know it proved to be a pathetic waste of our money, I’ll just point out though that it was £2.6m and not £26m that was spent on this monstrosity vanity flag waving project.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Imagine being so mean they won’t buy a ticket for the pictures and get the taxpayer to pay them in
        I bet we paid for the sweeties and drinks as well

      • stewartb says:

        Yes £2.6m looks more realistic level of waste but let me add £70.2m plus to the ‘waste’ from yet another source!

        This is from the BBC News website yesterday under the headline: ‘Rumbling concern over Parliament’s buildings’. The article reports:

        ‘The state of Parliament’s (Palace of Westminster) buildings has been a rumbling concern for more than a decade – but the multi-billion pound price tag for what’s called “Restoration and Renewal” has paralysed decision-makers.

        ‘It’s never a good look to spend billions on MPs’ and peers’ place of work (the latest GUESTIMATE is £12bn, but the Restoration and Renewal Team say they have MADE NO DEFINITIVE COSTING). (my emphasis)

        ‘Meanwhile, the cost of a make-do-and-mend strategy is escalating. The Public Accounts Committee found delay due to maintenance COST £2m PER WEEK.’

        ‘The Commons voted in favour of the “full decant” back in 2018, but there is now some back-pedalling – and a plan for a temporary Commons Chamber in Richmond House, the old Department of Health HQ in Whitehall has been dropped, with £70.2m SPENT WRITTEN OFF THIS YEAR by the House of Commons.

        ( )

        • grizebard says:

          The necessary restoration (rather than complete erasure and replacement) of that House of Horrors is going to be horrendously expensive, whenever it actually happens (probably after a lump of detached masonry finally clouts some unfortunate MP or Lord), so we had better be gone before we are made to pay “our” share of that useless waste of space.

  15. Capella says:

    The new agenda. Having blocked all our trade links with the rest of the world, Westminster now claims that we have no alternative than to trade exclusively with England.

    • Dr Jim says:

      They did this to Ireland and Ireland still had an answer for them

      • You may recall that Priti Patel’s solution to the protocol and the EU’s obdurate refusal to budge over over trade flowing freely across Ireland, was to ‘starve’ the Irish into submission.
        Disgusting heartless but oh so revealing comment from a Fascist Tory. Let the bodies pile high?
        Maurice Golden is an 11 year electoral failure who got a Golden Ticket on the List Express. His Wiki reveals that he is a specialist in waste control, so is qualified to work out the holiday rota for the refuse people who collect our rubbish.

        He is a Brit. Scotland is an occupied colony, 1/5th of which is laid waste so the queen, royalty, the Lords and Ladies, the gentry and the filthy rich can kill animals for sadistic pleasure.

        4/5ths of our land is ‘owned’ by a few hundred, and our agriculture, aquaculture, industry, energy, finance and manufacture are in place to service England, and revenue siphoned off and sent to London, or Pandora Box accounts.
        We are a colony, held in chains by and English Elite.
        On day one of Independence, ban blood sports, and make it illegal for anyone to buy up massive chunks of our country to live like above the law tribal warlords in their own little fiefdoms.

        It is time for the people to rise up and drive this bunch of Robber Barons and fascists from our land…democratically of course.

        Ban grouse shooting. 1/5th of Scotland worthless to the Elite at a stroke.

        Our country will bypass England in getting our goods to market. England will get the trade deal with Scotland that we Scots as a member of the EU hammer out..

        Car giants and finance houses will flee England and set up here, and that is the nightmare facing England and its Fifth Columnist Brit Jocks.

        That this insignificant little Waste Manager tweets this inane garbage tells its own story.
        They’ve not got a clue.
        There is no going back.

    • scottish skier says:

      There are current no checks on EU goods entering the UK; only the other way around.

      Also, when Scotland is outside England’s racist wall, any tariffs on goods it is sending over that wall will be paid for by English consumers, not Scots exporters. And English consumers have no choice here as they can’t feed or power themselves; their country just can’t survive alone.

      By contrast, EU tariffs on goods arriving from England will make these more expensive for Scots. But since Scotland will be in the EU, there will be lots of other, cheaper options from 31 other countries to choose from. English cheese and dairy? Na, French. English veg? Na, way more expensive and they need it to feed themselves. So English exports will be hurt, but not the other way around.

      Even stuff like mobile roaming charges…. EU Scots wouldn’t need to holiday in England as they have the pick of EU countries where their phone/data bill won’t change. But English folks have no choice; they have to pay roaming charges. This helps fill the coffers of Scottish and other EU country telecoms businesses.

      This really is a no brainer. Being outside a trade wall is always better than being inside.

      Trade walls cost huge sums to build and maintain / administer. That makes everything more expensive for those inside. The greater the barrier, the greater the cost for those inside the wall . This is particularly the case when you build wall to keep people out too; this costs enormous sums to manage and of course deters skilled people from coming to work, while your own skilled folks leave to where businesses are stronger and the cost of living lower, i.e. outside the wall.

      There’s just no way around this. Being racist is a very costly, economically damaging way of life.

      • Eloquently put, SS.

        (I am using this WGD time as a plausible distractor from ‘getting on with the day job’, slapping some emulsion on a wall. I am immediately transformed to Tom Sawyer, and his ruse of getting others to whitewash his aunt’s fence.)

        Liz Truss and an obliging Brit MSM are heralding a ‘trade deal’ with NZ which means that we will help save the planet by importing frozen lamb from 12000 miles away, while driving our own farmers to ruin.

        Every news outlet lauds the ‘globilisation’ of ‘Britain’ as a ‘good thing’.

        Apart from the fact that there is no such country as ‘Britain’ no matter how many times Brown and Emily Maitlis try to embed it into our psyche; how racist and xenophobic do they need to be to turn their backs on the vast European Market, and attempt to argue that Brexit was anything other than racist English nationalism?

        Brown was on Newsnight; he is now WHO ambassador for Health and Finance apparently.

        Never saw that job advert. I might have applied.
        The ‘New World Order’ is carving up the world for the Elite.

        Brown has suddenly become an expert on Vaccine roll out and Pollution apparently.

        His country is ‘Britain’ as he constantly emphasised, some 10 times in the one short ‘interview’.

        Brown is a tired mottled old pro. Money for Nothing.

        We Scots citizens are ‘way past the point of no return.

        I hear footsteps on the stairs. Where’s that brush?

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Well elucidated on the financial scenario, but from the EU side of the wall, the reputational damage to England (not the UK, specifically England) has been horrendous over the last 9+ months, much greater than it’s decline from the Brexit Ref in 2016 to January this year.

        The problem for English folks is that they’re all now tarred with the same brush, despite racism being the norm nowhere.

    • Drew Anderson says:

      Beware the trade figures Capella!

      If you buy Scottish products in Scotland, from major retailers headquartered elsewhere in the UK, it’s often counted as cross border trade, although the products may never leave Scotland.

      Wholesalers buying Scottish products, for future export, will certainly be counted as UK internal trade; inflating that figure, whilst simultaneously depressing the export figure.

      You can bet that whoever’s paddling this line will be using the worst looking set of figures they can find.

      • Capella says:

        Well it is the Tories – nuff said!

        This whole “trade” issue, including “cross-border” trade could be investigated much more thoroughly in the run-up to a referendum because this meme of how dependent we are on good old generous-to-a-fault England will be trotted out daily.

  16. Tam the Bam says:

    A few words from a good friend of mine tonight in the pub:

    Me:” You see whats happening dont you”

    Pal: “…..its not all down to Brexit….there are global problems

    Me: Indeed there are …..but you apparently dont give a snorbitz about the future of your own……oh well…happy days.

  17. astytaylor says:

    Using ideas as my maps.
    Hello Paul, haven’t commented for a wee while, for various reasons, but, back in the old country now.
    Gonna be a key note screamer at the upcoming climate conference. All eyes will be on Glasgow.
    Looking forward to the free concerts in the parks.
    Asty and the rough sleepers.

    But, seriously, get a grip, Scotland.

  18. Enjoying reading your pearls, Duggers.

    Still busy with Polyfilla, and touch up emulsion Chez Nous.
    Master of None, that’s me.

    It occurs to me that The Fat Owl Of The Remove is coming up here shortly to be the Great White Saviour of the Planet..This is the man who has done wonders in ‘levelling up’ the global population explosion.

    I’d venture that to the heaving womanising adulterous silver back, ‘Birth Control’ ,means installing two three- tier stacks of bunk beds in the spare boxroom at No 10, so that he can have his six, or is it seven, or is it eight, or is it..of his offspring by various mothers visit for the odd week end?

    Is Sarwar putting him up in his rat infested litter strewn hovel in the South Side ?

  19. astytaylor says:

    Naw, Hetty, I said whit ah meant, an’ ah meant whit ah said. Ah’d rather be dead than under the bed.
    Dinnae be feart, Scotland. Stand up for yirsel.

  20. JoMax says:

    A bit o/t, so apologies, but had to report that the good ol’ BBC in Salfordshire’ ‘invited’ questions for the two experts Prof Linda of Edinburgh Uni and the chap from Cambridge Uni re the Covid boosters. Right on cue, the very first was one from their Scotland colony from a woman with a vulnerable son. To paraphrase, ‘When is my vulnerable son going to get his booster. The Scottish Govt is being very tight-lipped about it.’ So that went out nationally for all to see, the implication being so obvious.

    Thankfully, Prof Linda was able to set the record straight with info about Public Health Scotland’s online dashboard where there is all the info the woman needs and that so far 400,000 people in the prioritised Care and Health Sectors, plus the clinically vulnerable and over 80’s have had the booster in Scotland, and, of course, the flu jag is also being rolled out simultaneously. All the rest of the elderly and vulnerable should be completed by mid-December then the 50’s/60’s etc during January.

    Had Prof Linda not been there and they had relied on some plant from a unionist camp, one wonders what would the answer have been.

    • Capella says:

      I’ve noticed a tremendous effort on the part of the media, specially the BBC, to paint Scotland as “just as bad” as England in dealing with the Covid pandemic, while omitting the crucial fact that so many levers are in the hands of Westminster (closing borders, financing compensation schemes etc). Cases are soaring in the UK (but not in Scotland) and face masks should be reintroduced (still mandated in Scotland).

      Moving on to Climate Change – UK figures are used although Scotland is No 3 in the world table of using renewables for electricity generation after Norway and Iceland. Instead, the Herald is running a front page feature on how badly Scotland is doing.

      The main cause will be opinion polling showing Nicola Sturgeon’s very high ratings compared to Boris Johnston in dealing with the pandemic (c 75 to 13 in the latest). The media are tasked with bringing those ratings down since they have failed to force her to resign and failed to stop us voting SNP in May.

      Desperate stuff as usual.

      • James Mills says:

        Scottish journalism summed up !

        ”Journalism is not a profession or a trade . It is a cheap catch-all for fuckoffs and misfits – a false doorway to the backside of life , a filthy piss-ridden hole nailed off by the building inspector , but just deep enough for a wino to curl up from the sidewalk and masturbate like a chimp in a zoo-cage !”
        Hunter S Thomson

        • Capella says:

          C’mon Hunter – stop beating about the bush – tell us what you really think of journalists 😂

        • grizebard says:

          Ah, the late great Gonzo himself. But he was actually a fine journalist, if rather inclined to {ahem} hyperbole.

          • ..and drink, drugs, and, ahem, guns, grizebard.
            He had a way wi’ words, though.

            While we have a burgeoning gaggle of white haired tired old Hacks who produce parish mag standard copy, deliberately, ‘cos Scotland is really a little back water, a distant county of Mighty England.
            McWhirter, McKenna, Taylor, Hutcheon, Clegg, Gordon, and ‘guests’, old political whores like Wilson, Sellars, McLeish, Brown, and Two Jobs WATP Adam Tomkins. The list as they say is not exhaustive.
            I reiterate, there is no way that the Herald or Scotsman are generating income to pay the electric and VAT, never mind stump up ‘fees’ to this tired Old Elephants’ Graveyard of Hacks.
            Follow the Money.
            Loss leaders for the Brit cause?

            • grizebard says:

              Aye, right enough. Two different worlds. But whoever is paying the bills here – and I can’t help but wonder about NornIrn-routed dark money – they’re wasting their siller, since those rags are serving their indigestible pap to an ever-diminishing readership. They are the Union writ small – in permanent auto-destruct mode.

      • grizebard says:

        Yes, English exceptionalism can’t allow Scotland as seen to be better, too hurtful to the self-esteem. Worse though are the paid-up craven in our own midst who collude in this charade, wallowing in their own abject self-abasement, desperate to prove how inadequate they and we are. Begging the question: if the Union is in control, is it not also to blame?

        As with the trade figures, GERS and all, being trapped in England’s suffocating embrace is brazenly used as the very reason why we can’t possibly succeed on our own!

  21. Dr Jim says:

    Notice how the people of the UK accept the administration of Wales as having limited powers over their country yet the same people attack the Scottish administration on all fronts accusing them of having vastly more powers than they actually have, Labour Tory Lib Dem do it all the time, their leaders in Westminster positively encourage the electorate into believing that Scotland is virtually autonomous in respect of finance

    I deliberately avoided the use of the word government in respect to Wales and Scotland because in Scotland the vanity of changing the name to government was an own goal in giving the opposition ammunition to do exactly what they’re doing now

    Of course it’s not to say that our parliaments in Wales and Scotland are not governing, they are, but both of these institutions do that standing on one leg with an arm tied behind their back holding an invalid bank card while opposition *leaders* (I hesitate to call them that) are granted free shots at goal on a weekly basis by claiming that Scotland has the “Powaahs* or in the case of the Tories they might use the word *Authority*, both these words are of course lies but Scotland is in a gunfight and we only have a knife

    Scotlands gun is *the people* but in order to motivate *the people* into making the right decisions *the people* must have confidence that they’ll win the gunfight without the much needed gun (the word gun is metaphorical* I thought I’d better make that clear before any eedjits who deliberately *misunderstood* that begin squealing their nonsense all over the internet

    How do the SNP and FM stimulate confidence in *the people* when the enemies of Scotland accuse our government of having all the powers it needs to do anything it wants anytime it wants but is miserably failing, when the rest of us know they don’t have those powers and even standing on one leg with one arm behind their backs the Scottish government have achieved amazing results, and piled on top of that we are stuck with a government in England who refuses to acknowledge any kind of democracy no matter how many democratic votes on a subject we have, much less even winning them

    The use of the media in this gunfight is crucial to the enemies of Scotland because they control them, how many times have we all heard them report “The SNP failed to get a majority” when they know that Scotland has a proportional representational voting system, they know that much of the electorate don’t understand the difference of the fake comparison the media and their owners the English government are making so fall for it or indeed knowingly use the comparison against Scotland even though they understand it perfectly well, they’re lying to the electorate and no British media will report that honestly

    Nicola Sturgeon once said “don’t complain about the media become the media* and that was a great idea, problem! everybody else did it too, now we have the enemies of Scotland, the opposition to Scotlands very existence infesting the internet and the media clogging it up with anti Scotland everything, Westminster is doing it, opposition politicians are doing it, people pretending to be supporters of Scotland are misinforming, miserable trolling idiots are crawling all over the place inventing anything they’re either instructed to do or can just think up from their own tiny minds

    We know that the Internet is a smaller bubble than many users think it is, nevertheless it has the ability to infect mainstream society, so much so that the British media now report Internet activity as regular news fake or not, it doesn’t seem to matter anymore, they’ll report anything that grabs any attention and they’re using it on Scotland

    The enemies of Scotland are closing every legitimate door on us using every illegitimate means

    • Welsh_Sion says:

      You may like to see the latest news from Mark Drakeford, Dr Jim.

      First Minister changes his Twitter handle to Welsh language ‘Prif Weinidog’

      22 Oct 2021 1 minute Read

      The First Minister has changed his Twitter handle from the English language @fmwales to the Welsh language @PrifWeinidog.


      One small step (at a time) an’ aw’ tha’!

      • Dr Jim says:

        The opposition for Wales becoming more than it is doesn’t seem to encompass the use of its own language as much as Scotland, it seems here in our country that the very idea of place names and general directions printed in Gaelic is the stuff of nightmares to the opposition here, we have some Gaelic speakers in the SNP including our Finance Minister Kate Forbes who is a natural Gaelic speaker from birth and when she delivered a speech at Holyrood in Gaelic the opposition went mental even though it was a special recognition event for the language

        Of course it goes without saying almost that there are I believe zero Tories who can speak any of our Scots languages or dialects much less even understand a word of them, many of the SNP are inclined to use the odd word in Scots every now and then just to annoy the Tories I think

        Many Scots use words from our language every day without realising they are speaking Scots, for a very long time even from when I was in Primary school it was forbidden to speak in such ways and we were ordered that our language was *slang* English and not any language at all, many are learning now that was an English lie in their attempt to destroy culture which is the primary aim of any conqueror of a country

        Wales while not totally speaking your own language have been far more successful at resisting the creeping English culture destroyers, although I believe as time goes on if Wales becomes more insistent in its efforts to move on from Englands domination there will be other kinds of pressures deployed against you as they did in Scotland to *make Scotland England*

        • Welsh_Sion says:

          Ah … but Cymraeg/Welsh has been a (political) football for centuries – ever since they (Tudor Establishment) tried to suppress it under the “Acts of Union” (so-called from the 20th century, only).

          Further, there are regular reports of Welsh speakers being discriminated against and/or having to go through hoops which no English person would have to go through – sometimes in contravention of law and/or organisations’ policies. (I know – I’ve been there as have a lot of my compatriots. The more courageous of us going to jail for the language that we love.)

          Then there are the insistent and persistent Anglophone types who insist Welsh is not a language, a monkey cackling sound or what is produced on a keyboard by a drunk or a cat walking across it. The dinosaurs deface bilingual signs in the streets of Cardiff. And yes, Welsh has no vowels, no grammar, no future, no nothing. It resembles Polish, is incomprehensible babble etc etc [Cont on p.92]

          True, we are in a stronger position than Scottish Gaelic and have official de jure status (something English lacks in England) and biligualism is steadily becoming the norm – as a translator I translate to and from Welsh 100 000 words a year. Bilingual signs exist – but they only started off in 1972. There are Government projects to obtain 1million speakers by 2050 – wait and see if that’s delivered.

          Scot Gaels can learn a lot from us and we from them. Their journey will take longer than ours. But we are not yet at the end of the road.

          There’s still much to be done. But never assume the battle is won. We ned still to be on our guard to save, preserve and use without others belittling our language. Onwards, but don’t forget our cause is just.

    • What Dr Jim said.

  22. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Read a thread on NZ / so called Britain trade deal in relation to so called ‘British’ mussels….

    You would amazed not amazed at amount of people who stated in response the following:

    “From the sewage infested waters of the UK. What’s not to like”?

    “All the talk of raw sewage being released into the seas off GB is really going to help convince the EU of the safety of GB shell fish”…( this particular tweet got this response ” It’s not GB it’s English privatised water companies dumping off England. Further north this is not an issue as water is still in public hands”.)

    ” Raw sewage marinated British mussels? Yum” !

    “Well, with sewage set to be poured onto our shores, the UK shellfish industry will be dead”.

    See how it works yet again….everything England ( currently via Tory WM Govt. endorsement )does English people equate as UK……..pooling and sharing their negative observations attributed as being the WHOLE of the UK complicit as opposed to a solely an English decision, in this instance private English Water companies, under a Tory government voted for predominantly by your fellow countrymen…as in, this case, English people……but they attribute to being a …UK problem.

    …….see this is where so called British becomes morphed into English… raw sewage dumped in Scottish waters via the non privatised water under Scottish Water who are accountable to Scottish government as a PUBLIC sector BUT no distinction made……time and time again….so we are not UNITED as a kingdom indeed tis clear we are very distinctive on many issues and policies…but the bottom line is no one cares what we do or do not do in Scotland…..ignorance reinforced by the media and Unionist politicians……


    • grizebard says:

      Somehow I can’t imagine Fluffy Mundell (is he still “down under” there? it’s difficult to tell*) putting the Kiwis right about his own country’s water purity, can you…?

      *(Which reminds me of Dorothy Parker’s quip about the passing of US President Calvin Coolidge.)

      • Welsh_Sion says:

        *(Which reminds me of Dorothy Parker’s quip about the passing of US President Calvin Coolidge.)

        or the other one:

        Little girl: Poppa says if I can get three words out of you, Mr President, he’ll give me $50.
        Coolidge: Poppa wins.

      • Bob Lamont says:


    • Marc says:

      Sadly this is not a England only problem. It happens in Scotland
      and Northern Ireland

      as well as many other countries around the world including New Zeland:

      Its one of those environmental issues that know one wants to admit to having, after all sewage being pumped into natural water is only something that happens in poor third would countries right, not rich first world ones?

      But sadly that’s not the case. We have a sewage system that was initially built in the 1800s and has only, in the grand scheme of things, only been tinkered around with modernizing which cant cope with the demand that is now being put onto it, not just through the increased population. but also modern habits that cause problems, flushing fat, nappies wet wipes condoms sanitary products etc. that block the sewer system.

      These sewage overflows could of course be stopped easily. Sewer overflows could be banned but then when there is heavy rain which overwhelms the system the raw sewage would then just come back up through drains, etc. So that’s not a perfect answer either!

      • Golfnut says:

        Maybe want to pay a visit to Talking up Scotland. SEPA changed the parameters regards data on the health of Scottish waters. The Ferret, a Labour funded org is no friend to independence, so not exactly a reliable source for positive info on Scotland.

      • Alex Clark says:

        Interesting figures for the number of overflow spills of sewage for Scotland, England and Wales, according to your links.

        Scotland 12,000
        Wales 100,000

        You didn’t supply a link for England’s figures but here’s one.

        “Water companies let raw sewage into English waters more than 400,000 times in 2020, Environment Agency data reveals”

        This provides a little perspective to the Scottish numbers.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Sorry Marc, but I can assure you your perceptions are as Victorian as the sewers to which you refer, and the Ferret knows this which betrays the Herald/Ferret agenda in advance of Cop26.

        But your final paragraph “These sewage overflows could of course be stopped easily” is utter nonsense which you append yourself, constipated Uncle Jack gets a free enema because the emergency overflow was capped ? Hello ?
        I’m not having a go at you personally, simply making the point you are regurgitating the nonsense many activists promote and spread as gospel despite being arrant nonsense.

        Beckton, one of the UK’s biggest STW’s could quadruple it’s capacity (and area) at immense cost and NEVER guarantee to NOT trigger a CSO, yet struggle to cope with reduced bacteriological and solids load for the majority of it’s operation ? It’s nuts.

        And to counter your Scotland v England v anywhere argument… Scotland’s sewer systems are NOWHERE near so overloaded as they are in England, which is what infuriated me about the Herald/Ferret campaign, they have deliberately and knowingly misrepresented “events” absent any information whatever. It was all there, they deliberately ignored it.
        Durations, volumes and dilutions are key, a 30s relief on a Beckton CSO does not equate to a 30s relief on Cupar’s CSO.

        • Marc says:

          My post was not designed to be a Scotland v England post. The links were just random ones to show that sewage flows are a problem in Scotland, England Wales and NI as well as further afield. It’s not a new problem either, it’s just been masked until recently by other forms of water pollution is reduced (ie waterways were getting cleaner even though we were releasing sewage into them). It’s something that is not going to go away and how we compare to England or any other country is largly irrelevant; it’s very much a domestic issue – what do we as a country think is an acceptable level of water pollution, what are we as a country going to do to get to that level and how are we going to pay for it; as you say it’s going to be expensive!

          @Grizlebard that is the story of the human race sadly, we have always pushed the environment to its limits and then had to deal with the consequences. Again nothing new farming (which started around 900bc) is one of the first examples of getting more from the land than it would produce naturally. This then meant that larger populations could be sustained which meant more resources had to be used to support those larger populations then you need more and more people to collect and refine those resources which means you need more farmland etc, its a chain reaction that has been going on for a long time. It was the industrial revolution and more recently the improvement in healthcare (meaning fewer people die and people live longer) which has just really supercharged things over the last 100 years or so. We are the only species that has managed to overcome the natural checks and balances that control the population growth of a species. People are slowly realizing that things are not sustainable, hopefully, it’s not too little too late.

          • Bob Lamont says:

            “My post was not designed to be a Scotland v England post” – I didn’t suggest it was, but there are massive problems in England compared to Scotland which I though worth expanding, hence the Beckton v Cupar example – Both record a CSO activation, yet without knowledge of spill flow and duration, screening level, sewer dilution and receiving watercourse flow, they tell you precisely nothing of likely environmental impact.
            That is why the Ferret “reports” in the Herald were infuriating, misleading and frankly malicious nonsense deliberately published in advance of COP26.

            On your perception of increasing pollution levels in Scotland – Between the water authorities (now Scottish Water) and SEPA, pollution from sewerage has been minimised over my near 50 years in the industry and continues to be reduced year on year.
            Every new building since the 1970s has a separate foul and storm drain with the storm discharged separately, new roads drainage incorporate partial treatment to a watercourse, many combined sewers have had roof and roads water intercepted to separate discharge, STWs expanded and extended, sea outfalls bypassed completely to treatment, the improvements have been massive.
            Are CSOs still present ? Yep. They are the RCD in your fusebox, or the overpressure switch in your boiler, they are safeties to prevent even more serious damage.

            Once this COP26 political gaming and hype is over I urge you to read some of SEPA’s reports on water quality and pollution, you may be surprised just how wrong your perceptions are.

            • Marc says:

              I’ve never said that water pollution is rising in Scotland, I said that SCO pollution was masked by other forms of pollution. Now that those other forms of water pollution have by and large been reduced SCO pollution is the form of pollution that has been brought to the forefront.

              This is why need to have a debate about what can be done and the risks and rewards that it can bring and the costs involved (ultimately the public will end up this either through taxation on directly through the bills.

              But sadly as is often the case with environmental issues this type of debate does not happen. you have one side wanting to spin things negatively (ie the Feret) and the other side just highlights what’s happening in another country, neither of which actually gets to the problem which is why environmental issues are painfully slow to get any action on.

              This is by no means unique to Scotland, read the environmental debate from any country and you will see the two sides playing out.

              • Bob Lamont says:

                Sorry Marc, but ALL discharge points and receiving waters in Scotland have been rigorously monitored and sampled for pollution impact by SEPA and water authorities for decades, your perception of pollution from anywhere being masked could not be more wrong.

                Agreed that the legacy of pre-Victorian sewerage has been and remains a headache, but the work to minimise pollution from CSOs in Scotland is frequently overlooked or misunderstood, the number of discharge events being a particularly misleading example, look at cause and effect.
                Again I strongly recommend reading SEPA’s publications (in the public domain, not buried at the bottom of George Useless’s In-Tray) for better insight on Scotland’s aquatic environment, which though excellent overall continues to be improved.

                Public insistence water and sanitation remain in the public sector (and a notable WA chairman who fought tooth and claw to prevent privatisation) was key in Scotland. SEPA acting as the independent policing body, but working together with the sector to prioritise improvements continues to this day, we’re down to the smaller problems, not

                The current issue is political, London is embarrassed by bad publicity over England’s CSOs, sea discharges, and George Monbiot’s tireless campaigning – Hence the usual Tory squirrel (or in this case a Ferret) for the upcoming COP26, “Look… a Scotland”.

                Whilst I agree serious discussions on water pollution are overdue in England, perhaps resisting Scotland being used as political diversion rather than address how they solved many of the issues might better inform that debate.

      • grizebard says:

        Actually, “coming back up through drains” might be exactly what’s needed to apprise the wilfully ignorant of exactly what they are doing to the environment.

        Joking apart, sewage can be treated. It’s not rocket science. And is of public interest. One of the most popular places being visited on open doors day is water treatment works somewhere near Edinburgh. If the Victorians could grasp the issue so well that their efforts are still in service today, we (whoever “we” are) are certainly capable of addressing the issue here and now. (Getting rid of for-profit water utilities in England being a good start.)

        All of which is nothing to do with what’s actually going on here, the whole matter being differentially weaponised by Unionism in order to attack Scotland during the COP period. That’s the real story.

        (Oh, and as for the ferret’s contribution, see indyref2‘s comments in the previous thread. You’re on very shaky ground if you have to rely on that.)

        • Not-My-Real-Name says:

          And in the UK Tory dominated WM parliament the MP’s have just recently voted AGAINST an amendment to the Environment bill that would have legally compelled water companies to reduce their discharge of raw sewage into rivers and seas…….

          Regulations post Brexit, currently allows raw sewage to be discharged into the country’s waterways.

          Southern Water admitting 6,971 illegal spills……..It had pumped billions of litres sewage into the sea between 2010 and 2015.

          It was dumped from 17 sites in Hampshire, Kent and West Sussex…………..

          The sewage discharges were discovered during an Environment Agency investigation after shellfish were found to be contaminated with E. coli…………….

          Water companies discharged raw sewage into rivers in England more than 400,000 times in 2020, according to new figures published by the Environment Agency.

          If , for some, the River Pollution Scandal’ doesn’t ring any alarm bells then it should. The televised Panorama programme exposed evidence that water companies in England and Wales are illegally dumping raw sewage into many English and Welsh rivers and it seems that the Environment Agency is either unable or unwilling to do much about it.

          The water companies are obliged by law to treat all sewage before it is pumped back into our rivers. They can only pump untreated sewage into rivers under exceptional circumstances, for example, after extreme or persistently high levels of rainfall. This is allowed to avoid urban drainage systems backing up and discharging waste water onto our streets and gardens and into our houses.

          However, as the BBC Panorama programme reports, all the water companies they investigated were discharging untreated sewage into rivers during periods of normal flow. This is in BREACH of existing European laws that the UK signed up to prior to Brexit.

          Th Result :

          55% of all rivers in England and (some in) Wales failing to reach the required good ecological status are polluted by wastewater.
          Four out of five rivers (80%) in England and Wales fail to achieve ‘good ecological status.
          Eutrophication which can lead to excessive algae blooms.
          Oxygen depletion which affects fish survival.
          Increased water toxicity.
          Bioaccumulation where harmful compounds are concentrated in aquatic life and passed up the food chain.
          Contamination of drinking water.
          Health hazards for recreational users.

          Water supply and treatment was sold off to private companies in the 1980’s. To this day England is the ONLY country in the world which has a fully privatised water supply and treatment system.
          The private water companies have simply not invested enough in increasing capacity and modernising plant, nor it seems have they been held to account by successive governments to do so….and still are NOT if recent vote in commons to NOT legally compel water companies to reduce their discharge of raw sewage into rivers and seas as per amendment applied in Environment bill…….come as no surprise as to which side Scottish Tories supported.

          COP26 UK hosting…….#FailOnClimateAndEnvironment

          So private English and Welsh Water companies wilfully irresponsibly…DUMPED raw sewage….by who again…. private water companies in England and Wales……as opposed to NOT actually being wilfully dumped by Scottish Water into Scotland’s waterways …but any sewage pollution in Scotland is caused via source pollution like flushing things like wipes, nappies or cotton buds down the toilet can cause drains to block leading to flooding of homes and pollution of the environment, Cooking fats – Fat, oil and grease (FOG) in liquid form may not appear to be harmful as they don’t get stuck in the plughole, but as they cool they congeal, harden and stick to the inside of drains and sewers, which can cause drains to block, flooding you and your neighbours and Misconnections – A misconnection is a term applied when the drainage from a building has been connected to the wrong sewer network, either a foul water connection to a surface water system or vice versa. They are the result of incorrect plumbing and pollute waterways across the country.

          AND yet I say again in the UK Tory dominated WM parliament the MP’s have voted AGAINST amendment to Environment bill that would have legally compelled (English) water companies to reduce their discharge of raw sewage into rivers and seas…..Scotland’s regulations on Water is enforced by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency…a non-departmental public body of the Scottish Government.

          Profit over people the Tory mantra on all (public) Health related issues……not clamping down on Water companies dumping sewage into waterways….COP26…climate/environment…..translated as how can we, the Tories, ensure we maximise the profit and for whom should we allow to maximise their profit to ultimately benefit us, the Tory party, in donations and all elections…..

          Also refer all to read above comments from Bob, grizebard, Alex, Scottish Skier and Golfnut….on this…….

          As grizebard says Climate is being used as yet another politicised weapon Unionists are deploying….not for our benefit but for the benefit of Union…indeed tis being utilsed sadly to our detriment…..par for the course…..Union uber alles……


  23. Bob Agassi says:

    Can’t wait to see Al Murrays new show ‘Why do the Brits win every war?’ I’ll be waiting on the episode about the Scottish wars of independence when they got their arse kicked back across the border(aye right)

    Seriously though this is insidious stuff, these folk are mentally obsessed with militaria and the ‘Glory’ of war I am absolutely sick to the back teeth of this pish.

    • Dr Jim says:

      *Your country needs you* to be remembered once a year for being killed or maimed and your life destroyed by weapons we sold to the guy who killed you over a barrel of oil or a financial dispute none of which would ever benefit you….. *but you were brave* …………….and some solemn music will be played or triumphant depending on how glorious we feel

    • Golfnut says:

      Or the American wars of Independence, arses kicked there as well.

  24. scottish skier says:

    As a dual Irish national I’ll note how they got their assess whipped by a few ‘potato farmers’ on the Emerald isle.

  25. dakk says:

    I recall the good arse kicking they received by the good people of Basra and the recent fake tears of Ben Wallace and Tom Tugendhat at the fall of Kabul.

    Will their brave honourable soldiers be commanded to attain yet more glory by clubbing the heads of Scots as we carry out our democratic duties during indyref2?

  26. yesindyref2 says:

    gove: verb. dialect Scottish, Irish, British, Midlands English. To stare idly or vacantly; to gaze, gape, gawp.

    gove: To go about staring like a fool; stare stupidly

    gove: a surname and a given name; of Scottish origin and is derived from the Gaelic word for “smith” or “metalworker”

    gove: a right raver on the dance floor

    gove: bonkers, a typical hack who is dishonest with ambition

    gove: To vomit uncontrollably. The symptoms produced by reading about the nauseous behaviour of Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove

    Now we’re coking with gas.

  27. yesindyref2 says:

    So basically speaking, since the ScotGov in the programme for government for this parliamentary year have said they’ll get on with the detailed prospectus, and there have been pronouncements on the legislation and referendum, December 9th just over 6 weeks time, is THE crunch date, as being a very substantial sum of money, tens of millions I guess of government expenditure, it will have to be in the budget for 2022-23.

    And let the good times roll.

  28. Alex Clark says:

    UK government paves way to bring in tough ‘plan B’ Covid rules

  29. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    “UK government paves way to bring in tough ‘plan B’ Covid rules”

    So another Tory Govt. climb down on their previous SUPPOSED firm position of maintaining the current status quo of continuing with Plan A…thus conceding and reaffirming how useless they are when it comes to the Health and welfare of English people …..and by slagging the Scottish government’s health policies and Covid rules it appears that they are also a hazard to those of us who live in Scotland too….

    TORIES in government always last to the party when the welfare of it’s ordinary citizens are concerned however for those specific special citizens who donate to the Tory party or support the Tory party……..Tories are definitely concerned about them…..and their…financial welfare…increasing it anyway…….at a cost to ordinary citizens welfare (Health and financial)……

    No doubt DRoss will have to YET AGAIN come up with another excuse (lie) as to why his mob now look to be aligning with the more competent strategy/handling of the SNP Scottish government on Covid…..assuming that is if he is EVER to be held to account on his former negative purely biased politicised statements on Scottish government’s current Covid regulations……I will not hold my breath on that…looking at you Scottish media……..again.

    Four job DRoss ( Linesman, MP, MSP and Scottish Tory leader) is finding out the hard way that being the leader of the Scottish Tories is a poisoned chalice when Tory HQ cocks up everything and undermines his feeble attempts at trying to slate the SNP……he is worshiping at the altar of false prophets…..mind you ….he’s doing it deliberately too….Karma is a b*tch….well tis for DRoss time and time again.

    I love the smell of Tory failure …….mind you it is ALL beginning to stink so badly and the smell it is giving off proves they, the Tories, are really quite quite rotten to the core….through and through…

    Profit over people……the Tory way…always has been…..Labour looked as if they came late to the party but my God they too have always pandered to the same money makers via corporations and dubious individuals that have corrupted and destroyed everything for ordinary people in this world… is indeed and always has been a rich man’s world….unfortunately for the Tories et all it is becoming more transparent to those of us who do actually use our common sense ( as Boris likes to say) and our intelligence….2 + 2 = 4 not 5 …..Unionist politicians like to tell us it actually equals 5 as in believe their lies…..(.reference to quote in book 1984 )…………..

  30. Alastair says:

    O/T, but I was in Aldi in Hamilton yesterday evening. I’ve never seen so many empty gaps in the shelves. Is it the same elsewhere?

  31. Capella says:

    Offord in Lurex.

  32. Hamish100 says:

    Cheese says Truss.

  33. Capella says:

    The usual raging headlines from the British press about Scotland. Here’s the Mail on Sunday’s front page screaming headlines
    “SNP in chaos over 3rd vaccine as health chiefs beg Armed Forces for help.

    In related news the Valneva vaccine, 100m doses of which the British government cancelled under suspicious circumstances, turns out to be highly effective, better than the Astra Zeneca vaccine and doesn’t require difficult freezer storage. Made in Livingston by French company.

    I’ll just pop over to Prof John Roertson’s site to view the corrections.

  34. Hamish100 says:

    BBC at length over fuel poverty and linked with zero carbon Had a politician from Norway explaining what they are doing.
    If we wish to reduce fuel poverty if we wish to improve our housing standards then independence is an absolute necessity.

  35. scottish skier says:

    Lurching from crisis to crisis.


    ‘They’re leaving in droves’: UK faces bus driver shortage as HGV industry offers better pay

  36. scottish skier says:

    More sunlight for the uplands.

    EU Mulls Terminating Brexit Trade Deal If U.K. Rift Deepens

  37. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    I see Andy Burnham’s on his high horse again on Twitter ……in response to a Scot going down to Manchester and commentating on lack of mask wearing and obviously referring to Andy’s tantrum when Nicola Sturgeon DARED to mention a travel ban without consulting the King of Manchester Burnham….an English city Mayor challenging a FM of a country… the Scot had tweeted “Visiting Manchester, because every now and then I must. I’m on a bus, wearing a mask. Nobody else is doing that, and some of the people are coughing. They’be not even learnt to cough into their hands or elbows. @AndyBurnhamGM don’t cry if Mancunians get banned from Scotland again”..

    Well this resulted in Andy and t’others slagging Scottish so called Nationalists…..apparently if you, a Scot, who slags not slags but make a valid observation in the area he is Mayor in …..then you MUST be a Scottish so called Nationalist…….as tis a trait of those of us who want independence and we should be considered toxic….so WE are Andy’s target NOT the REAL culprits the Tory Government.. the fact that the Tories are lax with enforcing the message that masks in England MUST be worn… basically SNPbad again….par for the course with Labour Andy….the leader wannabee of the Labour party…..apparently we who support independence well we are ALL the same …as in BAD…..Andy and his fellow Unionists are good though…..obvs.

    Someone tweeted ” If someone from Scotland criticises Manchester then that automatically means that they are a Scottish nationalist”?

    Andy’s response “Have a look at his tweet lad. Reads that way”.

    Andy however ignores how often the SNP are slated by his party and t’other Unionist parties and indeed those in Scotland who support Scottish independence……while the Tories , the supposed opposition to his party, that is Labour, are usually given a free ride and exempt from criticism……indeed Andy is an expert at criticising the SNP and so called Nationalists and indeed an expert on all things to do with the SNP as Scottish government and Scotland itself as a ‘region’ not a country ….as the…….. MAYOR of MANCHESTER and formerly the MP for LEIGH in GREATER MANCHESTER.

    Andy tried twice for the leadership of the Labour party…..first time was in 2010 when Gordon Brown stood down then tried again when Milliband as leader then in 2015….beaten in 2010 by Ed Milliband and then Jeremy Corbyn in 2015…in 2015 Andy, in the first round of votes, only got 19% of the vote compared to Jeremy Corbyn’s 59%…so Andy it seems, as far as majority of Labour membership is concerned, was not considered THE best man for the job…TWICE…hence Andy decided to become King of his OWN castle in Manchester …as Mayor….safe bet in his patch for a shoo in.

    Andy was on SKY TV yesterday saying how welcome the extra funding from his pals the Tories was for the …’the North of the country’ via the 6.9 billion spending boost for (English) ‘local’ transport outside London which was , according to Andy, a ‘very positive first step’…..levelling up …in England…the NORTH of the country apparently as in UK synonymous with England in Unionist speak…….he also said the Tory Govt had also invited them, Manchester, to bid for services……wow the UK seems to work for the NORTH of Andy’s UK……as in regions within England.

    Andy likes to talk about the North of the country as in HIS country the UK….cause Andy , like all t’other Unionist politicians wants Scotland to be considered a mere region same as region Manchester is in and NOT recognise that Scotland is a country…..we , in Scotland, are in the North North of Andy’s UK…..the North North region mind you…..not a country in the North of Andy’s UK.

    Andy Burnham does not speak for us in Scotland indeed there is NO distinction between Andy Burnham a Labour regional mayor and any other Unionist politician……but Andy…come the second Indy Ref…will do what he did in the 2014 first Indy Ref….he will lie, endorse false promises, patronise us and treat us in Scotland as if we are as thick as you know what…..

    Don’t listen to Andy….he wants the CITY of Manchester to receive MORE funding as a CITY within his UK…… while happy to accept, indeed endorse, that Scotland, currently a COUNTRY in his UK……loses out and gets less than his CITY….indeed gets less than it puts in to Andy’s UK as ruled by any Unionist party….even those Tories who Andy welcomes funding from….while ignoring all of the other…you know what…the Tories have messed up and gained via corruption and greed.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Re my above comment just read this on twitter directed towards Andy Burnham :

      “Andy if you actually read the person’s profile & tweet they appear to be from the Netherlands & make no make mention of Scottish nationalism. Perhaps it might be an idea to think before you tweet”

      ….Andy DID not respond and his original tweet is still on his Twitter account….with many anti Scottish responses from Andy’s preferred folk……Unionists.

      Person who tweeted this to Andy now has his tweets protected as I am sure a pile on …thanks to Andy….has ensued… gentler style of politics from Andy who knew fine well the response that would result via HIS tweet ….par for the course and a well tried and tested formula with the likes of Labour Red Tory Andy………..

        • Not-My-Real-Name says:

          Yes Bob…..

          That’s LIST MSP Turdo…failed 9 times to be elected in a constituency seat at Scottish parliament…not speaking on behalf of Scottish government or indeed on behalf of majority of Scots or majority of those who live in Scotland (Scotland no where near Manchester as Manchester is in a different country …..Turdo knows this as does Andy but hey they both support the country Manchester is in….. as opposed to supporting Scotland’s status as a separate country) …….

          As Turdo not part of the Scottish government as Tories in Scotland eternal political bridesmaids in Scotland never the Bride….Thank God….but, as per, he is 100% speaking on behalf who…well of course tis the Tory UK government obvs….Blue tory offers support to Red Tory as per…..speaking on a Manchester radio show…..speaks volumes indeed….mind you as a LIST MSP he could hardly speak on behalf of constituents as he does NOT represent constituents as never won in the constituency he stood in …as no one wanted him as their constituency MSP….that too speaks volumes… that was not discussed on the Manchester radio show…..LOL

          There has indeed been yet another….Turdo Bob…Ha Ha

  38. Capella says:

    Crikey! James Naughtie has been resurrected to present BBC4s World at One. Has something terrible happened?

  39. Capella says:

    Well I had to switch james off. He had gone to Stoke on Trent to “our” industrial heartlands to record some vox pops about ho awful life is in “our” indtrial heartlands.

    Not my industrial heartlands Jim. Try Motherwell and Wishaw..

  40. scottish skier says:

    This is directly affecting my cousin who used to freely travel around Europe to perform, with such tours forming a large part of the bands income. It’s a disaster.

    And all because brexiters don’t want ‘the likes of’ my wife living next door to them.

    UK music industry faces ‘slow, steady decline’ because of Brexit barriers

    LONDON — British ministers must overcome their “Brexit ideology” in order to tackle new barriers that might lead to a “slow, steady decline” of the U.K. music industry, artists have warned.

    Ten months after Brexit, British touring artists and performers are growing impatient at the lack of solutions to issues such as the lack of an EU-wide visa waiver allowing them to tour the bloc easily and for free; new so-called cabotage rules banning U.K. tour vehicles of more than 3.5 tonnes from making more than two stops before returning to Britain; and fresh paperwork needed to take certain musical instruments into the EU.

    In a letter to the U.K.’s Brexit Minister David Frost, the House of Lords European affairs committee accused the government of “failing to engage with the industry in a constructive way, continuing to pursue headlines” rather than dealing with the “very serious issues” faced by U.K. touring artists.

  41. Capella says:

    A wee trip down memory lane:

  42. Capella says:

    Also fro twitter:
    Alan Ferrier

    Brent Crude passes the $85 mark and is officially reclassified from “worthless” to “running out”.

    • scottish skier says:

      We could see it head towards $200 a barrel in the next decade or so.

      Like it or not, global consumption is going to keep rising for at least that before it starts to peak out.

      The problem is, we have already passed ‘peak oil’ in terms of peak ‘easy’ oil (millidarcy reservoirs). Hence production from source rocks in the US in the form of fracking.

      England desperately needs Scotland’s reserves and revenues to keep its lights on and fund it’s brexit.

      Scotland by contrast is like Norway; it exports 90% of production and our domestic electricity is nearly 100% renewables.

      England literally can’t go it alone without Scottish subsidies, hence attempts not to end democracy and hold onto Scotland by force.

      • scottish skier says:

        hence attempts now to end democracy and hold onto Scotland by force.

        • dakk says:

          And by ending democracy they will be ending their pretence it is a union at all.

          Greater England will be there for even the most blinkered to see.

      • Capella says:

        Well they could just buy it like everyone else? After all, they are so much wealthier than us, with broad shoulders etc, they’d be helping us out 🙂

        • Welsh_Sion says:

          And wouldn’t that be a true union, a family of nations, even?

          Brother helping sister helping brother.

          What’s not to like?

          Erm … When your big brother is a bully, it don’t work like that. (Realpolitik and all that.)

          • Capella says:

            Yes! It’d be like the Waltons around here.

            • iusedtobeenglish says:

              Sudden vision:
              ‘Goodnight Yorkshire’
              ‘Goodnight Ayrshire’

              Goodnight Ayrshire’
              ‘Goodnight Cumbria’

              ‘Goodnight Glasgow’
              ‘Goodnight Oxford’

              ‘Goodnight Manchester…’
              Oh well, maybe not… 😀

  43. yesindyref2 says:

    An uninformed article in the National about Ardeer and fusion, with a good first comment in, with a lot of upvotes. Thank goodness for knowledge rather than “it’s nuclear it;s bad”. Yes, and we’re nuclear as well, though not a lot, still – bad, naughty, disgusting human beings. Some of the rubbish was taken from a strangely uninformed article elsewhere by an “expert”. It starts like this, reworded to progtect the guilty:

    a fusion reactor – STEP. This would be a smaller version of the unsuccessful Tokamak prototype (JET) at Culham. Why would STEP be expected to work when its prototype has failed is unexplained in official documents“.

    1). STEP at around 10m diameter compared to JET at 5.92m would be nearly double the diameter for 3 times the area cross-section.

    2). It’s not a version of JET which is a donut – a ring doughnut, it’s spherical. So in fact it would be probably more than double in effective cross-section, and probably the same effective size as ITER at 12.4m diameter. Which STEP leapfrogs as ITER due to start operate mid-20s will not generate power to the grid – the point of STEP is supply to the grid. ITER would be followed by DEMO at a diameter expected of 13-19 metres

    3). JET had a Q of 0.6. This is the power out for the power in, though not actually in terms of output electricity. Both STEP and ITER are planned to have Q of 10 or greater. JET has in fact been hihgly successful, and even contributes to MIT’s own venture, due to supply to their grid by 2030 or so. DEMO would have a Q of 25, but not expected till after 2050.

    4). Culham has already tested the spherical tokamak – it’s a project started in the early 90s, called MAST. That was upgraded from 2016 I think, and in July of this year produced its first successful results. MAST will be used in the detail design for STEP. MAST had a diameter of 2m, though this is probably the equivalent of, my guess, 3m donut design.

    5). STEP is expected to be a lot cheaper than ITER. Which is kind of sad for ITER but they had to start building it. some time.

    6). STEP doesn’t even contain uranium so won’t produce plutonium unless pellets of uranium are hidden away in recesses in the tokamak, and hidden from the nuclear inspectorates, and any whistleblowers are prefrontally lobotomised just in case.

    I’ve a whole load of links for this stuff I won’t bore you any longer, but might get around to a brief article on my wordpress, errr, when I get a round TUIT as they used to say. Probably a TUIT tokamak, I daresay. Probably in 2048 or so.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      That was upgraded from 2016 I think, and in July of this year produced its first successful results.

      I badly wrote that. The original MAST was successful as well – the upgraded version has

      …cut the waste heat load on the reactor walls ten-fold. If the results can be extrapolated to working fusion reactors, then exhaust material and other components would not need to be regularly changed – making such reactors more cost effective by allowing them to operational for longer” (May 2021)

      “This result shows so much promise for compact designs,” says Ian Chapman, UKAEA chief executive. “This means that materials in fusion plants will last a lot longer before needing to be replaced, which is crucial for a commercial reactor.”

      Hence STEP being based on Culham’s MAST not Culham’s JET. ITER is based on JET – the “E” in JET being “European”, and built in the UK at Culham.

      • donnywho says:

        I am a great believer in fusion, but as they say it is only fifty years away. What bothers me about the calculations for nett power is how they are calculated. The calculation is power in v power out… simple enough, so for a laser contained fusion lets say the input energy by laser is 100kw and the fusion generated is 110kw we have a nett gain of energy <1.

        And here is where i have a problem… the lasers take 400kw to generate the 100kw output and you have to cool them too taking even more power, then even if you use the most efficient conversion systems you barely scrape 40% efficiency making your output 40kw. Suddenly you are a whole order of magnitude from breakeven.

        It will be cracked someday and all it's promise will be delivered but i prefer autonomic fusion as it is cleaner and can be converted directly.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          Research into that is going on in several places, and may well do away with the “main path” route of deuterium and tritium. Even if deuterium is still involved, it removes the rare and difficult tritium – I think there’s only about 25Kg in the whole world from memory, and breeding it is problematic, as is retaining it in fusion – I think at the moment 10% still escapes. It would also greatly reduce and maybe even remove the problematic neutrons.

          I guess the reality problem is getting actual nett power generated in the second half of this century, as the ultimate proof of concept, and to justify all the cost. So far JET has reached 60%, but not in actual electricity which as you say would further reduce the factor. whether indirect or direct.

          Seems to me though it’s in an acceleration mode now, with different players doing their own thing rather than waiting on each other’s slow semi-co-ordinated research. First to market on the grid getting the money money money, that sort of thing!

          I think the Yanks are looking for that in the 30s, with the D-T reactor, but with the costly larger donut. Shrug.

  44. Capella says:

    Late call – Phantom Power have made a great video about one of Scotland’s greatest assets – water.

    • Hamish100 says:

      Really good video
      Also wondered if we as an aid package could build a few water tankers and export our rain for irrigation or drinking supplies to other countries.

      No plastic bottles

  45. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Welsh Sion @ 8.53pm

    And he is NOT alone …..t’other Tories are also jumping on that bandwagon….apparently they are defining genuine criticism and questions via constituents in their area as ABUSE…thus diminishing the REAL abuse many get online and in the streets……..apparently one can elect a Tory MP but then one must pander to his (wrong) judgement when he votes for laws and policies that negatively impact you and yours….who knew….well we did know on here for sure….others do too.

    Apparently an elected Tory MP is not allowed to be challenged … his constituents or indeed by ANYONE…..of course he and t’other Tory MP’s would not be taking this faux outrage stance if they thought they had done the right thing….indeed their collective guilt nay culpability in voting to NOT legally compel Private Water companies to discharge raw sewage into rivers and seas is transparently clear, even to them, that it was the WRONG thing to do…though speaks absolute volumes as to their allegiance to private enterprise over the constituents who elected them as their Tory MP…..but they lay their guilt on all those who justifiably criticise them……criticism that is 100% justified but dismissed oh so easily by those who are culpable…..nice job if you can get it…..receive excellent salary with expenses all to deflect and dismiss genuine concerns from the public…some of who are your constituents…..what is their job description again ?

    I guess the lesson here is …if you vote for a Tory…you get what you vote for……an affluent Tory who only has (literally) effluent (aka you know what) policies to offer you the voter who elected him as their MP… tough s*it apparently…..worries ?…..tell someone who cares why don’t you….says Tory MP.

    Now seems clear why Social media was specifically targeted by Patel…and already we now see the Tories are abusing the term ‘online abuse’ to gain unwarranted sympathy and (no) credence to their ……well NOT abuse…… but actually only being challenged on their voting records and policies of their party…….

    They fail (refuse) to understand that one of the consequences of making draconian laws and policies that have a detrimental impact on the Health, wealth and civil liberties of your citizens eventually has a consequence for you and your party…..and this freedom of speech that the right seem so obsessed with THEM having access to use (Not you though Pleb) and THEIR right as an elected politician to use ( and abuse )…..well this same, Freedom of Speech is what people are using…and after all is it not the …RIGHT WING….who are so very very obsessed with the so called cancel culture….do Tory MP’s want to cancel their constituents and their feedback …… ( I think) …they, the Tories, just want them, their constituents and the public in general, to lie down and think of England……..while they, the Tory MP’s , destroy it together with all other unfortunate nations connected/tied to it….as in within THEIR UK…………..


    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      I am a numptie…rhetorical statement….no feedback reqd….

      “indeed their collective guilt nay culpability in voting to NOT legally compel Private Water companies to discharge raw sewage into rivers and seas ”

      Should have stated……….

      “indeed their collective guilt nay culpability in voting to NOT legally compel Private Water companies to STOP the discharge of raw sewage into rivers and seas …..Ha Ha…looks like I was stating I was agreeing with the Tories in first version wot I wrote……as in I compel water companies to (continue to) dump raw sewage into rivers and seas……Ha Ha

  46. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Has anyone heard the joke about Dominic (are we an island) Raab new ‘Justice’ Secretary’s new scheme to help the HGV driver shortage crisis…well the joke is he is using criminals on day release from Jail to drive HGV lorries and one of the prisoner’s he is using…. well his offence was importing drugs involving a lorry…oh wait…that’s NOT a joke….but RAAB is…….apparently he is considering using Nuns next……seems credible does it not .

  47. scottish skier says:

    On the latest ‘Putin likes Scottish indy article’.

    I had of course to comment that it is England which currently poses the greatest threat to Scotland democratically and economically. It has imposed heavy restrictions on our trade with Europe while trying to occupy Scotland by force, dispensing with democratic consent.

    Quite the contrast to Russia and the Baltic states:

    In 1989, the Supreme Soviet of the USSR adopted a resolution on the Occupation of the Baltic states, in which it declared the occupation “not in accordance with law”, and not the “will of the Soviet people”.

    I wonder what the Supreme court of the ENGSSR will conclude if the English government chose to try and overturn the 2021 Scottish election by blocking iref2?

    • Capella says:

      I noticed Ben Wallace was running a “Reds Under the Bed” scare today. Surely the people most corrupted by bad Mr Putin are the Tory Party grandees, rolling in illicit Russian oligarch donations.

      Regardless of the fact that the Soviet Union dissolved over 30 years ago and they are now every bit as capitalist as the UK – well perhaps London has the edge on financial corruption, that’s why the oligarchs are here – Ben Wallace thinks the cold war never ended.

      I suppose for our arms manufacturers to make a profit somebody has to be the evil emperor.
      I agree – our greatest threat is England and its corrupt government of oligarchs.

      • Brexit was the final piece in the New World Order. England is now the 51st Us State, and completes the unification of 1984 ‘Oceania’. England is constantly at war with Eurasia and Eastasia, fighting endless battles somewhere far away over the ‘disputed territories’. of N Africa and the Middle East.
        Ingsoc, or as we now know them, the MOD, Top Brass in Armed Forces, and the fascists now running England, FCO and Home Office, and their obliging lap dogs on tv and in print, lie to English citizens about the ever present threat from foreigners and religious nuts.
        WAR IS PEACE, and a juicy big earner.

        Orwell called it in 1948, and the right wing Imperial Fascists running England have used ‘1984’ as a training manual ever since.

        The notion that Scotland would suddenly be attacked by terrorists, or the North Koreans is ludicrous rubbish, hence the Herald, home of ludicrous rubbish, runs with this crap today.

        The Jock Dead Tree Scrolls now print unrelenting Scotland is shite lies…and homoerotic Steven Gerrard candy floss for the faithful who can”t read but like the pictures.

      • scottish skier says:

        I think we can safely conclude that those interfering with the democratic debate in Scotland online are not from Russia, but mainly from England. That includes the BBC, which is the national broadcaster of just 1/4 of people in Scotland.

        The key to ‘self-determination’ is that those from another country who don’t have a vote don’t try to influence the minds of those who do. Ben Wallace is a foreigner in the indepdence debate and doesn’t have a vote. He, like all English politicians, should take a lesson from the Russians and refrain from interfering in Scotland’s indy debate.

        It is the racist disdain some English folks have for Scots that sees them think they should be able to barge into our political debates and loftily tell us what’s best for their colony, sorry our country.

        I would not dream of telling English people what’s best for England because I’m not racist and respect their right to self-determination.

        • Capella says:

          He’s a curious character. Born in Farnborough, impeccable Millfield and Sandhurst schooling, ski instructor to the Austrian team, then the military – Scots Guards for some obscure reason, then an MSP in the Scottish Parliament in 1999 before transferring to the big boys parliament. “He was previously the UK’s longest-serving Minister of State for Security and Economic Crime from 2016 to 2019.” Tory of course.

          Who better qualified to spy Reds Under the Bed, or indeed Sturgeonistas?

    • jfngw says:

      When I left school in 1970 little did I realise it would be easier for countries like Latvia to escape the clutches of the USSR than for Scotland to rid itself of Westminster.

      The Scotland Office with its unelected unionist placements would have been applauded by the USSR, tentacles in every aspect of the country and pretty much complete control over the media.

      If the media don’t fall into line then they will be eliminated, Dorris recent threat to BBC, Thatcher making sure Thames lost its channel 3 licence, the Tories have always been right wing fanatics. I suspect it was touch and go which side they would fall on in the 1930’s, if the German leadership had been more accommodating I suspect they would have supported them.

  48. Hamish100 says:


    In the next day part of Scotland will become part of the UN.

    Just like the UN building in New York it will outwith state control.

    Any possibility we could extend this to the whole of Scotland and when the UN leaves hands back to us direct.

    Who needs a referendum indicative or otherwise?

  49. Dr Jim says:

    STV news at 6PM…… Doom Gloom Despondency Disruption Disaster and Diabasterous politically motivated lies
    The museums are closing for two weeks and the pretendy ordinary people are outraged because the millions of people in Glasgow and from around the world all want to visit these buildings in exactly the same way as any terrorist wants to visit them to blow those places up right in the middle of COP 26, but we’ve not to mention that in case the *ordinary people* haven’t thought of that

    We’ve got a billion rats say the cleany up Unions, and nobody else in the world has that except Sturgeons Glasgow, except there’s been only one reported case of contact with the daring little animals with a visit to hospital as a precaution, as is the normal required procedure for such cases under health and safety legislation but the Unions are going to strike to make it worse to be sure that all the foreign dignitaries see it and have a bad opinion of that horrendous Sturgeon woman

    The train guys want to strike too because eh no amount of money is worth doing such a difficult job that’s every bit as important as say a doctor or a nurse or a health visitor, midwife, carer, and the list is endless of folk who’s trying to get to their work, but what the hey the COP dignitaries must get a swatch at that too

    Hospitals are wonderful full of wonderful people but Sturgeon built them wrong, every brick she laid and every water pipe she installed along with every piece of sheet metal she cut to make the faulty air conditioning units that Humza Usaf apparently fitted personally has cause untold damage to ooh people numbering in single figures, not comparing of course with any hospitals in some other country south of the border where infant mortality is the highest in the whole of Europe, I would never make such a comparison, of course the British controlled media in Scotland would never dream of reporting that either, well it might detract from the whole point of this campaign of political distraction and forthcoming question on Scottish Independence

    As we all know FM Nicola Sturgeon is immortal, she will live forever and be FM until the earth freezes over and we all die so better that Scotland stick with the less than mortal Nastys in England who will be replaced with other Nastys the minute this current lot are voted out by the country of England who have total control of which Nastys they vote in or out of their Reichstag while of course Scotland has no such power over that or the media that tells us we must vote a certain way to get what we want in Scotland, it’s a lie and it’s been a lie for over 60 years

    Independence for Scotland is about our country and our country’s right to decide what we want or don’t want, it’s not about any single politician no matter how demonised the UKs media attempt to transfer and conflate the name of one politician with the result of a democratic event

    The importance of Scottish Independence is that the current FM is offering to open a door that England has locked tight to keep us in or make us leave our country for another, now if you want to be locked in that’s fine but surely you have the right to try to make it better while you’re in it, if you want to leave because you feel it’s not getting better then refer to question 1

    Do you agree that Englands government has the right to lock your front door?

    There are a couple of definitions of the word devolved (to delegate to a lower level) or (to degenerate or deteriorate)

    Well Scotland do you feel you are a lower level of person degenerating and deteriorating? If you do then decide on the future of your country and do it now

    The other option is total control by whichever Tory Labour Liberal Democrat England foists upon us without the luxury of devolutionary protection because they are removing even that if we let them

    • I doubt that there are many who will follow their Fred Kite Momentum Commie shop stewards and down tools. A light pay packet for December will show ‘the Bosses’, comrades.
      No pressies for a binman’s kids?
      Where did they dig these 1960’s throwbacks up from?
      Nurses won’t get to work, bins will be left festering, and the only winners are the full time union ‘officials’ whose lucrative pay and benefits will still be paid.
      Are we really going back to the UK of the last century?
      ‘Everybody out’?
      They should run ‘I’m All Right Jack’, on TV this week, to show how pathetic the die hard Shop stewards were, cutting of their members noses to spite their faces, for the International Socialist Cause.
      God, give me patience.

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Fantastic comment…..and so true.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Oops my above response re ” Fantastic comment” was meant for Dr Jim …..but as per Jack your comment as always was excellent and spot on too

  50. Hamish100 says:

    I wonder if labour have been having little discussions with the TU’s at John Smith House as to how to stick it to the SNP.

    They don’t care.

    As a shop steward for many years and who has gone on strike I can say the rail unions in particular have mistakenly misread the mood of the punters. Once cop is over what bargaining chip do they have? No trains. Had that for weeks.

    Ps Rail unions. Many off us can now work from home. You are hurting the most vulnerable workers who rely on transport and get paid a lot less than a train driver by at least £20000pa.

    Selfish country is not one I like. Labour and tories Party snigger in the corner.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      RMT don’t help their case as they don’t seem to provide any articles on WHAT the problem is, except to talk vaguely about “cuts”. But I found this which might be the problem:

      Revenue spend
      : How can the sector reduce its ongoing revenue requirement so that it presents a more sustainable cost base to government? This will at the very least require revisiting of difficult and long avoided questions of the size and role of the workforce, and whether legacy business activities such as the provision of ticket offices is viable in future. 25% of workforce is projected to retire or leave the sector for other reasons in the next 5 years. These three factors provide a unique platform to modernise and reduce staff costs quickly. There is also a clear opportunity to
      explore how digital technologies and automation of certain functions could reduce revenue spend, but this will require addressing ‘difficult’ cultural and political questions. In the short term, maintaining a more efficient timetable of the kind achieved during the pandemic will be essential to ensure ongoing commitment to the financial case for rail, but immediate service reductions such as reduced frequencies must be balanced against the medium and longer term objectives to significantly
      expand the role of rail in the mobility mix

      In other words cuts to employment, more cuts and then more cuts. RMT also previously raised the issue of safety if on-board ticket collectors were removed. I remember even some talk of having driverless trains in future. No thanks. pdf (remove the space)

      It’s the paper Abellio commisioned, and of course part of the problem is that it would take effect a couple of months after Abellio are gone, offski, terminated, hit the buffers, shunted off to the sidings, run out of steam, had their ticket punched twice. Not around to face the music, and of course ScotGov would then blame the departed Abellio for any problems “it’s not our fault”.

      RMT took a vote and came out in favour of Independence by the way, early September 2014. They are not BoJo’s organ.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        The originators of that report are funded by these people:

        which includes Transport for the North (of Egland) and mostly other UK organisations, If anyone’s looking for any conspiracy, look no firther!

        Or this from their main page, to an article:

        Covid-19 TRANSAS: Understanding behaviour change with neighbourhood characteristics

        Funded by the Department for Transport, our latest report explores the longer term behavioural responses to Covid-19 across different areas and socio-economic groups.
        Reports | 08 September, 2021

        “Funded by the Department for Transport” That’s UK Gov and Grant Shapps, that well-kent fan of the SNP. not ScotGov.

        That might mean nothing, or it might mean everything.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Mmm, and their team:

        All from Uni of Leeds bar Iain Docherty of Stirling Uni, and he’s of Productivity Networks, a UK organisation.

        So basically this is a very UK way of proceeding with Scotland’s Railway networks. Anyone for Beeching?

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