Do as one says not as one does

COP26 hasn’t even started yet and already I’m wondering just how much projectile vomiting adds to your carbon footprint, because I don’t think I’m going to be able to get through the fortnight without severe nausea caused by the British media’s sycophantic brown nosing about the supposed contribution made to the proceedings by the British royal family and their insistence on building up this supremely indulged and wasteful bunch of parasites who are about as good for the planet as one of those planet busting rays on the Death Star from Star Wars into environmental champions who are just like Greta Thunberg but with far more expensive clothes.

Whatever you might think of Greta Thunberg she walks the walk and practises what she preaches. She goes to immense lengths to reduce and minimise her own carbon footprint, even famously hitching a ride on a sailboat in order to get across the Atlantic without releasing the average 986kg of CO2 per passenger on a typical return flight from Europe to the USA. The Windsors on the other hand think nothing about releasing vast amounts of carbon in their highly wasteful transport habits. With the British royal family it’s very much a case of do as one says, not as one does. This is a family one of whose members has such immense concern for the environment that he flew first class to New York in order to stay with a convicted paedophile and tell him that they couldn’t be besties any more.

When they are not flying first class, the royals are taking even more polluting private jets, which can emit two tonnes of CO2 in just one hour. Or they are taking trips on helicopters paid for by the taxpayer. Trains are widely accepted as being one of the least polluting and most efficient forms of transport, a single train can typically carry as many as one hundred passengers per carriage and if it’s composed of electric motor units or is hauled by an electric locomotive it can potentially be powered entirely by electricity from renewable or carbon neutral sources meaning that thousands of people can be got to their destinations with a minimal release of carbon.

However on those occasions when the Windsors do let the train take the strain they do so in the most wasteful and polluting way possible. Not for the Windsors packing onto a crowded scheduled train service along with the rest of us, they have their very own royal train, essentially a luxury hotel on the rails which is for their use and theirs alone. This immediately destroys the economy of scale which is one of the great advantages of rail transport in terms of carbon emissions.

To make matters even worse the Royal Train is currently hauled by a Class 67 Diesel electric locomotive. These use diesel fuel to power electric generators which supply the traction power for the locomotive. On average a diesel locomotive gets just six miles per gallon for each carriage the locomotive hauls. The royal train currently consists of nine carriages, so William and Kate’s wee jaunt to Scotland on the royal train last year will have used around 630 gallons of diesel fuel to travel the 420 miles from London Kings Cross to Edinburgh Waverley and then the same amount on the return trip. Each gallon of diesel that is burned up releases just under 11kg of CO2 into the atmosphere, so the trip in total added 23,860 Kg of CO2 in emissions.

This would be the same Prince William who is currently being bigged up by the British media as a great champion in the fight against climate change, and to be fair he’s not quite as bad an offender as some of the other members of his family, although that’s like saying that someone who robs £500,000 from a bank isn’t as bad an offender as someone who managed to squeeze £1 million in used notes into a holdall. As far as the environment goes the only thing the Windsors really big up is their massive carbon footprint, which is estimated at a whopping 3,344 tonnes for travel alone in 2019.

Last week William criticised public figures for talking but not doing when it came to tackling climate change. Perhaps he should start with himself and his grandmother and father before attempting to claim the moral high ground. His grandmother’s household used the royal prerogative to lobby the Scottish Government for an exemption to a Scottish law designed to facilitate carbon reduction. The Queen’s lawyers secretly lobbied Scottish ministers to change a draft law to exempt her private land including her Balmoral estate from an initiative to cut carbon emissions. That will be the estate where the royal family indulge themselves in shooting the local wildlife to buggery when they’re taking a break from telling Nicolas Witchell about how hard they are working to save the planet.

The exemption means the Queen, one of the largest landowners in Scotland, is the only person in the country not required to facilitate the construction of pipelines to heat buildings using renewable energy. It seems that the Windsors are all for protecting the environment but not when it has an effect on their own wealth and estates.

Prince Charles is one of the most profligate and wasteful royals, as we might expect from a pampered man with a large retinue of private staff who reportedly even has a servant squeeze the toothpaste onto his toothbrush for him. In 2019 Charles and his wife and their entourage took 17 flights on private jets, three scheduled flights and two trips on RAF helicopters, releasing 432 tonnes of carbon in transport alone, forty times the total emissions of the average person for all purposes. Prince climate champion William and his wife took two private jets, two scheduled flights and one trip on the royal family’s dedicated train, releasing 11 tonnes in carbon just in transport. The average UK household produces less than that in an entire year from all sources.

Instead of lecturing us, Prince William should start by lecturing his da. But instead, for the duration of COP26 we will get gushing sycophantic guff from the BBC and the rest of the British media about how a wasteful family with a carbon footprint equivalent to a small town are champions of the environment. Pass the carbon neutral sick bucket.

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112 comments on “Do as one says not as one does

  1. Molly McC says:

    Brilliant Paul….you are back to your old self…on “ paper” anyway.

    Keep it up ….we need you and your thoughts to keep us focused.

  2. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    “This is a family one of whose members has such immense concern for the environment that he flew first class to New York in order to stay with a convicted paedophile and tell him that they couldn’t be besties any more”

    Aaaaand….took his time doing it too….3 days he stayed at Epstein’s mansion…..The Long Goodbye…..or something…….

    Also read all about it…urgent….urgent…BIG news story…. Prince George frustrated and upset by litter on roads NEAR to his school (Not a council estate area then)… paraphrase he wonders why the serfs are not doing their job… just cannot get the peasants to serve anymore…….OR…should we file this under didnae happen………indeed we have ‘Just William’s’ word that this insightful and observant junior royal vocalised his royal disapproval on state oh streets roond here …….I blame those pesky Tuck shops……Whizzo and jolly good….

    Great post Paul….A right Royal PR exercise indeed ….talk is cheap…. pity the royals weren’t also as cheap…..who the H*ll falls for this……as if I did not know…….hypocrisy is rampant in the UK and it starts at the top…..

  3. Bob Lamont says:

    Aye, he didnae miss with that missile…. 🤣

  4. This is great! … and your Gaelic maps are fab. I have a framed Gaelic map of Fife and lots of people have admired it.

  5. scottish skier says:

    Nuff said really. Lizzie and co will be off the scale.

    The relationship between household carbon footprints and total household expenditure (2009) (Source: Chitnis et al. 2014, p. 21)

    • grizebard says:

      …or are they perchance that wee isolated dot in the upper right corner there…?

      • scottish skier says:

        That’s maybe Bozo and his ‘chickenfeed’ 😉

      • Welsh_Sion says:

        … or, if the Royals are exempt from graphs (as they seem to be exempt from everything else) and it’s only us mere plebs who feature in such things, it could be old Witchell himself as he trundles around with the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha und Windsors …

  6. grizebard says:

    I’m fairly neutral on the royal question in general, acutely aware – as we all should be – that we need to avoid any and every divisive issue that could lose votes when the crunch comes. But even so, I’ve already found it personally grating the way the Royals appear to be jumping en masse on this bandwagon and being bigged-up for it by the BBC. (Which latter have clearly realised that for this BoJo is a lost cause for waving the Union Rag.) So between them (and an ever-present odious Witchell?), they may well be overplaying a very weak hand.

    • Geoff Anderson says:

      “Avoid any and every decisive issue”

      Do you really think stating support for a Republic is divisive?
      Do you think that the demand for the removal of WMD is divisive?
      Do you think higher taxes on the rich divisive?
      Do you think the topics of Landownership and killing our wildlife divisive?

      These divisive issues are why we seek Independence. You can be “neutral” on the Royal question if you want but I will state loudly that it is one of my key demands.

      I don’t normally comment here but that comment disappointed me a great deal. Let’s not talk about the Scotland we want to build!

  7. Alice says:

    They keep popping up smiling and waving. They are truly horrendous people. Never in my lifetime have any of them ( except maybe Diana) lifted a hand to really assist their subjects….they have kept the class system fully operational. Time for Scotland to let them go.

  8. Dr Jim says:

    Between the Royals their properties their transport and the media entourage transport that follows them around everywhere they go there isn’t a place on planet earth they haven’t polluted one way or another

  9. Hamish100 says:

    And Paul, just on cue the bbc gives us this guff Dicky bow affair with the labour mayor of London dressed to impress royalty. Wonder who really is paying for this?
    News set up or news management, the whole storyline stinks with bbc compliant.

    • grizebard says:

      Och, the whole thing reeks of well-meaning celeb do-goodery, but what does it all actually signify? Giving a prize to Costa Rica or wherever in a nice old jolly powered by a posse of frantic pedallers (entirely voluntary, one hopes!) is fair enough as far as it goes – these folk need to get out again and mingle as much as anyone else these days – but what is really needed is for these eminent Royals to get on the blower to the CEO of BP, Shell, Centrica etc. and say, “See here, old boy, the country & world really needs you to get your whole setup converted to hydrogen toute de suite, starting yesterday. Or it’s the Tower for you. Only joking (I think), heh, heh”.

    • Alex Clark says:

      The Royals being wheeled out yet again as being ahead of the game, this time on climate change where the Queen let slip her disapproval of world leaders of being “all talk and no action”. I paraphrase but that was the jist of it.

      The microphones weren’t supposed to pick that up and broadcast it all over the world, who’d have thunk it?

  10. Golfnut says:

    It’s difficult to imagine anything the uk gov couldn’t manage to make a mess of and apparently Copt 26 isn’t an exception.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      It will though be blamed on the ScotGov and especially the FM even though the EngGov want her ‘nowhere near’ COP26, or was that Saltires or both?

      The EngGov are hosting this massive event in Scotland, mismanaging it either because they are not capable and/or deliberately to use as a stick against Scotland when the ‘eyes of the world will be on Scotland’ according to Mr’s Purr of Balimmoral.

      Purrfect (sorry) opportunity to make sure that Scotland is blamed for any problems and mismanagement of the whole useless costly (in £’s and the environment) waste of time exercise, as Greta Thunberg, said just more of their ‘blah blah blah’!

      The BritNat EngGov will use COP26 against Scotland in any way they can. I wonder how many people know that this event is being hosted and disorganised by the English government? Using Scotland as a front, collateral if you like.
      Nicola, re the mess of it all, and UK runaway Covid etc, can we not just cancel and hold it online?

  11. bringiton says:

    It’s all about the UK’s desperate need for trade deals.
    The UK state as it is presently constituted,sees the COP conference as a means to raise it’s profile in the global community but is not particularly committed to anything that will restrict their pursuit of profits for the few.
    The Royal family are part of the UK state and they act accordingly.
    Environmental issues,as far as they are concerned,are for the plebs,not the UK elite.

  12. Dr Jim says:

    It all smacks of the great British Nationalist hijack using the Royals to big up the glorious global UK before the real thing takes place at COP 26, they even have a snappy wee slogan (once again) *Earthshot” Christ on a bike they’re such titanic fakes the whole Britnat stinking lot of them

    Remember when Johnson said he wanted Nicola Sturgeon nowhere near COP because he accused her of using it to hijack such an important event for her Independence obsession and there you have it, the tactic of accusing others of what you’re doing yourself

    As long as the media keep supporting the English governments great Brittanic brobdingnagian lies Mr and Mrs England will swallow it down whole and projectile spew out wavy Union flags tug their forelocks at the Royals and give grateful thanks for the empty supermarket shelves and shabby Christmas in the name of one day making England great again

    God save Scotland from the great British bloody Queen and her *family* (of nations)

  13. Capella says:

    From The National: Scottish Tories condemned for ‘campaign of disinformation’ on social media. The lie about queues at Hampden are but one example of many. Apparently, lying is official Tory policy (who knew?).

    In December last year it emerged Tory activists in Northamptonshire had been urged to campaign like Donald Trump by “weaponising fake news” and talking “nonsense” if it works.

    The details emerged in a party newsletter which also added: “A lie can go round the world before the truth can get its boots on.”

  14. Hamish100 says:


    Another Brit , Brit , Brit wins at tennis. Hurrah!

    Read through the bbc report until you see “Born in South Africa, Norrie has a Scottish dad and Welsh mum, and was brought up in New Zealand before playing college tennis in the United States.”

  15. Hamish100 says:

    Ot – as the issue of minimum pricing in alcohol is discussed again one person who fought against it a few years ago is well known.

    The person who messed up Brexit and is undermining the peace process in Northern Ireland is described as a career politician.
    Is that like Johnson? in it for himself and/ the mother country.

  16. despite my better judgement, I have just sat through five hours of utter drivel produced by the BBC whitewashing Blair and Brown and the utter devastation, misery, and destruction, which they visited upon the UK during 13 years of greed corruption scandal and war crimes by any ‘peacetime’ UK government since the Fall of Empire.
    (Blair and Brown doggedly referred to these nations as ‘Britain’,of course.)

    It’s not ‘the hand of history’ that they should have felt on their shoulders. It should been the handcuffs of the Met police.

    Seldom has any broadcaster put together such a litany of lies, told through the mouths of Blair Brown and a number of their henchmen…..and delivered as ‘facts’.

    There was no evidence of WMD…Blair and Bush, bankrolled by Brown, slaughtere3d 500,000 innocent men women and children in Iraq, for ‘regime change’; in other words, they stamped the Mighty Boot of Western Capitalism on innocents, to make an imperial point. WE Rule, in the ‘New World Order’, and we shall rain hellish death and destruction on those who challenge our twisted version of ‘freedom and democracy.

    Blair is worth £70 million at my last time of looking, 10 years ago.
    Brown was portrayed as saving the world from financial meltdown.

    No he didn’t. He saved the Filthy rich from being chucked into jail.
    He gave £100 BILLION to the banks, who stuck it in their pockets, carried on as before, paying themselves billions in bonuses, and charging 30% for credit cards.
    We all suffered while Brown and the rest sat back and dreamed of Brown Envelope Days to come.
    Blair and Brown succeeded in doing what they set out to do. Destroy the Labour Party and cement the Thatcher Dog Eat Dog Little Englander ‘greed is good’ ethos in England for perpetuity.

    We have lost England to the fascists.

    We have no alternative but to wind up the Union.
    Douglas Alexander featured in this five hour farce. He was on the Steam radio and Geissler’s wee Tory show yesterday morning.
    Capella elsewhere has listed all the juicy pies this little Nobody has sunk his fingers into since he was kicked out of office as part of the ‘fucking useless’ 40 in 2015.
    He is, like Brown, a ‘son of the manse’, and the Clunking Fist was his mentor and hero.
    Douglas’ and sister Wendy’s dad was the meenister who married Sarah Smith.

    BBC Jockland, is an incestuous pit of New Labour/Kirk fibbers.

    I know that many Duggers are churchgoers; I’m not.
    Your church leaders collude in this corrupt elitism.
    Time we called this out for what it is.
    A House Jock clique running the institutions of Scotland to preserve their nation as a vanquished colony of England.

    I take it that Alexander is being groomed to lead Better Together II.
    Oh,please, if there is a god, let it be son.

    Five hours of unrelenting lies from the BBC must be a record, even for them.
    And don’t get me started on Blair and the Good Friday agreement. Mo Mowlam must be birling in her grave.

    Has David Duguid managed get over his Brexit ‘teething problems’ and search out his ‘favourite pasta shapes’ from the 50,000 containers stuck at Felixstowe yet?

    They lie for money, not because, ‘that’s just politics’.

  17. Hamish100 says:

    I’m a church goer and don’t collude. I think faith and religion are separate entities. Just ask a sectarian bigot.

    I’m sure there may be some Atheists and agnostics ( some are churchgoers) who have dubious moral compass.
    There is a ruling clique who use the churches – current moderator of the CoS is a well kent face Lib Dem.

    I also assumed they were Episcopalians. RC church collides wherever. The right wing faction link with the tories in England but have sided with labour in the past. Labour use the sectarian card too to harvest votes.

    The fact is some people without scruples will use whatever vehicle that is around to gain influence and power. Ex Tory Davidson is just off the bbc news, described as such, to discuss hate crimes online. Why her? Why not a politician who has been elected rather than recently ermine clad? Still she worked in the bbc must have contacts.

  18. I wrote in a stream of raging typos consciousness, Hamish. I see what I see. The media is run buy an elite clique Up Here. They are an incestuous nexus of good churchgoers according to their self penned Wiki entries. No comment on Brown and Blair and the evil destruction which they visited upon us Scots?
    Baroness Rape Clause mentions that she taught Sunday School in her bio.
    Sally Magnusson, I believe, is an elder in the CoS.
    The BB’s award a merit badge for loyalty to the queen.
    We have youth organisations which are quasi military conditioning centres.

    It is a fact..their Unionism is drummed in early.
    I tire of righteous indignation…the churches are earthly organisations baked into the Elite hierarchy, to preach that poverty is a virtue to Hoi Polloi.
    Meanwhile 4 fifths of Scotland is ‘owned’ by a couple of hundred individuals.
    ‘Camels passing through the eye of a needle, comes to mind.

    I am sure that you are a good person…and would never challenge anyone’s religious persuasion…

    • Hamish100 says:

      Dont worry. I know the upper church hypocrites of all faiths are just as likely to seek favour and the parties votes. SNP not immune either. Judge by individual actions I believe. As for a good person – my mother in law will have a view on that!

      • SNP politicians? They have their fair share of nut jobs, that’s for sure, Hamish.
        AUOB does what it says on the tin.
        Amglican Bishops tell me what I can and can’t do…mmmm.

  19. Capella says:

    Chris Packham urges the Royal Family to put their money where their mouth is and rewild the Royal estates. As the biggest landowners they have a duty to lead by example. Stop talking and start doing, as they say. 🙂

    Citing Balmoral as an example, he said ideally the 20,234-hectare estate should be covered in temperate rainforest. But instead it is largely managed for grouse shooting and deer stalking. “So that land is not working to its greatest advantage to us at this critical point.” He also said that, overall, royal land had less forest cover than the national average.

  20. Dave tewart says:

    The Earthshot prizes are funded by the duke of cambridge,
    His committee award £1,000,000 to Milan city for recovering waste food and giving it to the needy.
    Another to give locals in a far flung country to look after trees.
    Another to split water to make oxygen and hydrogen gas, strange that I saw that being done 60 years ago in the science lab at school.
    Another to coral breeding scheme. Why don’t we have a fish breeding scheme?
    Every prize went abroad from the uk.
    My local CO-OP, along with lots of others, have schemes to give food to the local needy.
    I’ve witnessed a Glasgow scheme to feed rough sleepers.

    The duke of cambridge is a big noise in the CoS I’m told.

    Smoke and mirrors from the media.
    A young man is murdered in the High Street.
    An mp is murdered, response is mps require protection officers.
    The SNP are castigated for Doubling the cost of the Scottish Government since 2007, have they looked at the cost of living for the rest of us? energy costs to rise ,on average per home £600 a year next spring.

    The royal couple arrived in an electric Audi car, only cost £100,000 but will last the ten years of the scheme.

    • Dr Jim says:

      And nobody mentions where the Royal Prince gets this money from that he’s doling out so benevolently, maybe it’s extra money from work overtime payments at the eh what now?

      • Dave tewart says:

        The royal foundation is a registered charity.You can view the accountson their website.
        Seems that it costs £1.2m a year to operate, william hague is the chairperson.
        Also seems that charity begins at home as the duke of sussex gets a twice yearly payment from his share of the diana legacy.

        • Not-My-Real-Name says:

          Unbelievable…charity Hmm.

          God give me strength… others I am at breaking point… husband is keeping a low profile…wise man…..Ha Ha

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      I am sorry for length of this just scroll by if annoyed by length of comment or if deemed rubbish…….it’s just a result of my ever growing perpetual rage courtesy of this (non) Union and Unionist politicians and t’others ….I am truly not seeking to offend or annoy anyone ….but understand if it does….sorry.

      So Royals aside…now apparently been suggested by Priti Patel that she is considering removing the right to anonymity on Social media……but funnily enough not suggesting some of the press tone down their toxic front page headlines which are purely generated to promote misplaced anger and demonise those unfortunate souls chosen by the media and Tories to be considered the latest enemy to the powers that be and their heinous policies.

      Remove anonymity on Social Media ? …..How ?…..A huge exercise surely demanding proof that you are who you say you are….if not then an influx of newly created false John/Jane Browns/Smiths followed by a number suddenly appearing after name on Twitter accounts etc……..and for some that will throw a SPANNER in the works surely….nudge nudge…….however Twitter/Facebook for example is NOT just a UK platform… seems a red Herring. (I’m not on Twitter or Facebook so clueless as to how you confirm details so I may have this wrong as to how accounts set up)….I truly feel that Trolls will never be silenced and some Trolls it appears seem to be tolerated more than many non Trolls on social media…….but actually it’s the ones on our streets I worry about.

      What of those people who need their voice to be heard and do so via Social Media but for valid reasons they need to remain anonymous …….e.g. women who have been subject to domestic violence, also those who prefer their workplace not to be privy to their political persuasions/sexual orientation or indeed access to their opinions on topical issues and indeed those of us who are currently subjected to constant abuse because we want Independence for Scotland and who worry if our real name is shown ( especially if unusual surname) we could potentially be traced by some nutter/s ( On Twitter you can put town you live in as I have seen this when I have read various twitter accounts)….so many concerns in this ill thought out aka no thought aka knee jerk reaction …… just so that she had something to offer/say as a (non) solution when/if challenged…. after murder of Tory MP…….once again they just say anything to appease but end up targeting wrong issue with half baked solution that will not solve the overall problem.

      Yes there is abuse on Social media……not all from Trolls or unnamed accounts though…indeed I have seen the odd MP/MSP generate a baiting session by obvious taunting tweets directed at FM/SNP/Indy supporters……but sure that will be deemed ‘banter’ aka NOT banter…..but it is still abuse as generates strong emotions as they individuals intended it too ……especially considering what they themselves, Unionist politicians, are defending…i.e. a Union hugely detrimental to Scots/Welsh and indeed the Northern Irish ( and English people too if honest).

      So obvious that this is an exercise to supress opinions on Social Media and not one to safeguard anybody….abuse on Social media has existed for God knows how long but I believe one can mute/block Trolls……so why now…..and why blame only social media…….I guess Ms Patel should also look at her own behaviour as I believe she is not averse to ‘bullying’ as the thousands of pounds paid out to her accuser will testify…..also she should have a word with the Tory MP who suggested recently a bomb should be sent to a female Labour MP when Labour conference was on in Brighton ( Brighton the venue for the bomb that killed and injured some in tory party at a conference under Margaret Thatcher….how (in)sensitive of him)….also the Tory MP who did this used his REAL name to make this comment not a pseudonym……..what lessons/actions were learned/taken after the death of Jo Cox…and those supposed kinder gentler politics that fell by the way side oh too soon after her murder…….under a Cameron led Tory government….another talk the talk but not surprisingly failure to walk the walk…..

      You see with Social Media there is unfortunately, for the Tories, huge access to truth and information bypassed by the media….and THAT is something they would LOVE to stop………where their hypocrisy, double standards, lies, policy U Turns, incompetence, corruption etc is exposed and not glossed over ……..that is the Tories and Ms Patel’s REAL reason for wanting to clamp down on Social Media…….North Korea could take some lessons from this Tory Government for sure….but the so called Nasty Party cannot speak truth of their real intention as that is an alien concept to them…….and would expose them for what they are….Totalitarians.

      Basically it’s for the birds if she, Ms Patel, thinks :

      a) That we believe her intentions are honest and truthful.
      b) We believe her motives in targeting Social Media are purely based on the latest tragic incident.
      c) We believe that this is a credible solution she sees to stop violence i.e. to gag and prohibit social media users…… while ignoring other obvious dangers that are promoting hate and intolerance……. via specific media outlets, toxic anti EU and anti Immigrant obsessed so called Brexit politicians, ignorant local or National politicians, extreme Far Right individuals and also specific (newly set up) Hate groups who target buildings, houses, hotels etc to aggressively force their message upon others namely those so called Anti Vaxxers , Covid Deniers and Brexit brainwashed immigrant watchers etc etc…..

      So everyone who uses Social media should be punished/demonised because of the actions of some idiots who have no filter in their behaviour….seems fitting and predictable solution offered by this Tory led by Idiots government….punish the many for the actions of the few (Idiots).

      God knows how this time, under the Tories, will be described in future history books, but I suspect it will NOT be complimentary and will instead be damning ……I say “Future history books” but the verdict of their abysmal record as government is in the here and now….unfortunately via WM reserved powers we too in Scotland and other devolved governments have to endure it ..not for long though one hopes….. #ScottishIndependence

      • Dave tewart says:

        You have picked upon just a taste of the programme.
        While we are busy with the divertion we as a country are supplying Saudi Arabia with munitions to attack Yemen. Seems over the wekend 165 ‘Rebels’ were killed in air attacks.
        Children are going hungry in Scotland and the daily recker is on about government costs doubling since 2007, oh the year the SNP took over from the red, yellow and blue tories.
        Remember the mcconnel guy, FM, returned a Billion in grant as he couldn’t find a place to spend it.
        Brexit we didn’t vote for is already pushing up inflation and the chancer is talking about Raising Interest Rates to control it, seems a rise of 0.25% is in the plan, and it’s driving the currency to rise against the Euro and Dollar.
        Benefits are not following the inflation rate.

        • Not-My-Real-Name says:

          Dave tewart…..indeed very true and worth highlighting.

          Chaos though seems to be being embraced by some of the electorate who are either intentionally or stupidly ignoring all of the mess and catastrophic consequences via Tory policies ( in Scotland those firmly entrenched in the Pro Union are too) …….the use of political red herrings to divert our attention ……has been a constant with this government and an even more effective strategy when the media endorse/encourage/promote it…..

          The lack of empathy for the plight of others is so sad….but then since Thatcher we have seen the creation of the ‘selfish society’……look after your own mob….. charity begins at (my) home mob…..not sure if this sentiment would be endorsed by some of these same people if it was they and their children who were going hungry or caught within a war torn country and needing refuge/aid in foreign shores…..

          Some people’s attitudes seem dehumanised when it comes to so called ‘others’ and their desperate situations……. yet seemingly (perhaps not really though) obsessively passionate and caring about other matters that, on a human level, does little to enhance their own lives or those they care about e.g. sovereignty and taking back control of their borders to name but two……and thus we all suffer but none more so than those who are less fortunate……

          McConnell the chancer another Master of Deflection through highlighting nonsensical trivia while deliberately turning a Unionist blind eye to REAL issues generated in his (non) Union….another I’m alright JACK subsidised waste of time pontificating claptrap in the HOL’s… all of his other ‘concerned not concerned’ colleagues…..that worship at the altar of war criminal Blair.

          Thank God many on here and outwith here are not clueless and oblivious to the political games being played ….and know exactly WHO is to blame…..

          ps. Re McConnell yes I know I too kinda pontificate a lot …not intentional…can’t be concise…too angry.

          Have a nice evening…..

      • Love your style, NMRN. It’s almost as though you are in my dining room waxing lyrical and spilling your wine as you gesticulate spasmodically in rage.
        Keep it up.

        Seeing the likes of Jack Straw giving his version of Blair Brown and the slaughter of half a million Iraq Innocents on the BBC Five Hour Whitewash, recalled the tabloid ‘sting’ where Straw and Malcolm Rifkind were being wooed by phony Chinese firms and offering their influence services for £10,000 A Day, still fills me with rage.
        That little episode has been shoved down Winston Smith’s Memory Hole. It didn’t happen now that Ingsoc has taken control.
        Priti Patel’s parents were famously Ugandan Asians fleeing Idi Amin.
        Patel has obviously picked up a few tips from the vicious dictator.

        Keep on keeping on, NMRN>

        • Not-My-Real-Name says:

          Hi Jack…How you doing ?…well I hope…..

          Long may we both rant as tis better to rant than to just lie down and hope for the best…….fat chance with the Tories in charge….love your style too….rage against the (Unionist) machine Ha Ha.

          “It’s almost as though you are in my dining room waxing lyrical and spilling your wine as you gesticulate spasmodically in rage”…Ha Ha…..I’d clean up the mess after me honest…Ha Ha

          Talking of drink…I stopped drinking a year ago….so…THAT’S what’s wrong with me I hear you say…Ha Ha… this is me …sober and of (kinda) sound mind…..yeh getting too long in the tooth to overcome (handle) hangovers….I do not do anything by halves…surprise surprise….

          Aye Rifkind, Straw and all t’others with their blah blah blah….like they think they can tell us what’s best for us………..with THEIR records……plastic politicians…they should gie us all peace …….what they say and what they actually do are contradictory for sure… their numbers though Jack have we not….

          You have a nice evening……stay safe and have a drink on me ( not that I’m paying for it….meant just have a drink that YOU have payed for….Ha Ha )

          • my last pint of Guinness was late March ’20. I too am Lockdown teetotal…but will revert to my old ways when it’s safe to venture back to my local watering hole.
            Surprisingly, don’t miss it.

            • Not-My-Real-Name says:

              Hi Patricia, my tipple was wine….too much wine actually…Ha Ha

              I don’t miss drinking either…..I am now the officially nominated designated driver by hubby for hubby….. for all future social occasions…… unpaid taxi service….goes with unpaid maid service , cook service etc etc…Ha Ha

              Have a nice evening Patricia….

    • Bob Lamont says:

      On your “SNP are castigated for Doubling the cost of the Scottish Government since 2007” this was the subject of one of John Robertson’s articles earlier which once disassembled is yet another Labour pup

      The point is we are now beyond James Robertson’s hilarious “The News where YOU are” to the more insidious “The News we WANT to be where YOU are”.
      As Capella posted downthread from Irvine Welsh “The UK is now a pointless entity, existing solely to protect entrenched privilege”.

    • Welsh_Sion says:

      He’s on our side too – well with his surname, would you expect anything less?

      ‘I am against imperialist nation-states’: Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh backs Welsh independence

      11 Oct 2021 2 minutes Read

      Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh has said that he is now backing independence for Wales.

      In a conversation recorded by the Guardian he said that he believed that breaking up the UK was the only means to bring about the end of the British elite, such as the Royal Family, House of Lords and Eton.

      Although previously a supporter of independence for his native Scotland, he had told the Western Mail in 2017 that he hoped to see “a kind of federalist arrangement between the Welsh, Irish, English and Scots, where each knows their own identity”.

      However, he now said that he hoped each nation would become completely self-governing.


  21. James Mills says:

    The ancient Romans had bread and circuses – we in the UK have The royals !

    How many times in the face of a ”crisis” have the media/Westminster pulled out ”The Royals ” to divert the public from the current crisis of the day ?

    Now ,on the eve of COP26 , we have a Royal Family who have discovered ”The Environment ” !

    Wow ! They must think our heads button-up the back !

    Mind you , when I see the sycophants lining up outside places where a ”Royal” is scheduled to visit I realise that the factory that churns out ”buttoned-up the back subjects” is working overtime .

  22. Marion Richardson says:

    Spot on Paul

  23. yesindyref2 says:

    OT again. From that declining once great newsrag – the Herald – “Scotland loses out in Grangemouth boss’s first stage £1.7bn green hydrogen scheme” to produce hydrogen in 10 years

    The first plants will be built in Norway, Germany and Belgium in the next 10 years.

    which totally failed to google “hydrogen electrolysis scotland” where you can see some expected to be comercially available in 202 fecking 3 – 8 years earlier. Not forgetting Aberdeen and its hydrogen fuelled buses *they’re great I’ve ben on them), also coming to Glasgow and manyb other palces too. Well within 10 fecking years.

    But hey, let’s have a bit of clicketey-click and sovereigntist versus unionist aggro from a once-great newspaper.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Okey-doke, I finally got back to this a half-hour ago with a bit of googling – to get the Ineos investment amount of 2.3 billion dollars in 3 countries into perspective, and comapring to what Scotland already has.

      Kittybrewster at Aberdeen has 3 electrolysers at 312kW, a bit ambiguous but I think that’s each for a total of 1mW. Apparently electrolysers at that capacity take a year to build, for any planned country-wide network of refulling stations, and there is a dependence on worldwide supplies (of what I have no idea, irrelevant for this).

      Ineos are planning a 20mW in Norway, followed by a 100mW in Germany.

      But Whitelee is planned also for a 20mW electrolyser, with the hope of commercial production in 2023 from a slightly enlarged wind production.

      Which is probablypart of the reason why Ineos are shunning Scotland for the moment – it’s too competitive already, partly due to sound investment by the ScotGov over the last few years. It would have to play catch-up in an existing market. I have no idea what exists already in the 3 countries – the EU contributed towards Kittybrewster and the buses / waste lorries.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Thanks, yes, there are already facilities in operation or soon to be.

        The likes of the Herald likes to stir it by not giving full info, and it generates comments like this on the one hand: “Any company wishing to invest for the European market will not invest in the UK but in the EU. Ah the joys of Brexit.

        or this on the other side: “Who in their right mind would decide to invest in a country that has declared that its aim is to close your plant.

        Neither of them right. It takes a couple of people with knowledge or prepared to take the time to dig out the truth, that’s an engineer who works at Ineos: “The reason Grangemouth is not in the initial running for hydrogen plants is that a new power station is in the early stages of construction on the site and this is needed to power said plants .This is a massive project and is providing many jobs over the next few years then these plants will appear .I’m an engineer on the site

        and yours truly on the other (or yourself) to find that there is already a lot of hydrogen electrolysis in Scotland – and that the ScotGov is and has already invested millions in green hydrogen electrolysis, matched by industry to amount to hundreds of millions – and already in progress.

        Then just a simple bit of maths – 2.3 billion usd is £1.7 bn, split 3 ways is £570 million, and Norway at 20mW compared to 100mW makes that about say £300 million that apparently “Scotland loses out” – but doesn’t really as Ineos is alreadyh building generation first to power any future electrolysis.

        This sort of thing is what YES needs to add to the mix – and ScotGov needs to make easily findable.

        And the Truth Shall Set Us Free

  24. Dr Jim says:

    We’ve all to be nice to one another even if the British insult us or demean us or call us names or mispronounce our elected governments name or ignore us or convene committees to find ways of undermining us or lie to us, and this list is almost never ending but still we’ve to be nice to the British no matter what

    A tragic thing happened to a Tory MP, killed by a madman much in the same way as another MP was killed by a madman a few years ago but so important has this become now that the House of Commons convenes to debate how they can be *nicer* to everybody so that bad things won’t happen

    Well I have to say to the House of Commons Tory MPs of all colours, you Bastirts started it promoted it and condoned it until it bit you people on the Arse and now it’ll be all our fault, the common five eights, the mindless minions who don’t understand the rules, the indigenous peoples of the lands in these Islands of Britain, we need our betters to gather together to tell us how to behave and then no bad things will ever happen again and all the virtue signaling will have meant something

    Sedgefield Barracks is the home of the British army internet trolling brigade set up by the pure as the driven snow MPs to pour out bile and misinformation all over the social media pages and Twitter targeting opposition MPs MSPs and of course the prime recipient of all this *niceness* is Scotlands First Minister Nicola Sturgeon who represents the majority opinion of the people of Scotland otherwise she wouldn’t be the Scottish government

    So by all means be nice to us and each other in the House of Commons for the wee public relations display for the British owned media to pish all over our TV screens and newspapers but none of that will prevent Scotland knowing that our intelligence is insulted on a daily and even hourly basis, because behind all that *niceness* we’re no doubt about to experience we know their is zero respect and never was and we do not expect that to change anytime soon over a bad thing happening to a man no matter who he is, countless thousands have been sacrificed for the permanent possession and control of Scotland by England, in 2014 they said we in Scotland were equal, y,see that phrase alone is insulting if you even have to say it, but they did, did they mean it then like they meant it over the last 300 years? of course they damn well didn’t, they’re liars and damned liars and they won’t ever change because they can’t afford to and we don’t count

    Our land our water our sea our resources our oil our gas our electricity our fish our blood our sweat our bleakest of futures and the hopes for our continuing stupidity and compliance, that’s what counts in the Imperial land of our *nice* betters

    I hope I was *nice* enough with my scribbling, if not, endless apologies until I’m not nice again tomorrow for which I’ll apologise all over again with deep and meaningful promises of future *niceness*

  25. Golfnut says:

    This a worth a read, deals with the supposed lack of activity on the part of the Scottish gov ‘re indyref.

    • Capella says:

      Interesting – keep us posted 007 😎

    • Hamish100 says:

      Circulating within the ALBA community is strange.

      • grizebard says:

        Why? They would happily swallow anything that reinforced their core delusion that Nicola and the SG are only pretending to want a referendum. And evidently someone is happy to cater to that, even if it turns out to be an invention (or, as someone pointed out, a response taken from a different timeframe entirely, which amounts to the same thing).

  26. Dave tewart says:

    Well said Dr Jim.
    I had a look at the voting record of the man so sadly killed.
    I felt that I was a parasite by doing so and finding this caring individual voted Against raising benefits.
    I have had the anger that we are seeing the whitewash of a party man.
    It would appear he was more concerned with animal rights than Human.
    No person deserves to die like that but there are 160,000 excess deaths in the uk due to the uk government policy on the pandemic.
    Now Southend is to be made a city, more diversions.
    I read Richard Murphy’s take on the subject and feel much more human as he agrees that we should feel anger that the party in power have no respect for our fellow residents.

  27. Capella says:

    George Monbiot in the Sunday National making very encouraging statements about the potential for an independent Scotland to lead on climate change and land use.

    MONBIOT urged campaigners not to give up, saying it was clear that in another referendum Scotland would vote for ­independence.
    “It is absolutely essential not to ­abandon the campaign for the many reasons so many brilliant campaigners in Scotland have mentioned but also ­because I think an independent ­Scotland could really lead the way on a lot of ­crucial issues, including climate issues,” said Monbiot, who calls on humanity to stop averting its gaze from the ­destruction of the living planet in his latest book, This Can’t Be Happening.
    “We have seen the extraordinary ­extent to which Scotland is now receiving its electricity from its renewables and we have also seen a great transformation of the Scottish relationship with land and, through that, the revitalisation of ­communities, all of which are ­exemplary and provide a fantastic model which ­other countries can follow.”

  28. Capella says:

    Yes Scot’s 8 page leaflet can be downloaded and shared here. Mike Russell hopes we will share it with at least 5 friends or people who can be persuaded to vote YES.:

  29. James Mills says:

    Southend now made a city .
    How easy it is for things to change when you have the backing of the Tory Elite !
    Next it will be canonisation for a Tory whose death appears to have erased all the right wing views his voting record supported .
    A typical right-wing Tory who in his decades in Parliament showed as much empathy for the poor as did Thatcher !

    • Old Pete says:

      Spot on James, he voted against the poor any time required by his party and was no friend of Scotland that’s for sure.

  30. Capella says:

    An infographic from YES Scot campaign materials to share.

    • Naina Tal says:

      None of the other countries on that infographic spend obscene amounts of money on nuclear weapons. Just saying….

  31. Dave tewart says:

    From the Observer dated 17/10.2021.

    Revealed: How uk spies incited mass murder in Indonesia in the 60’s.

    British officials deployed black propaganda to urge Indonesians to cut out the comunist cancer.

    It is thought that over half a million people linked to the PKI were eliminated in a year.

    The propaganda offensive was launched by the FO’s information research department (IRD) were sent to Singapore to undermine the Sukarno regime.
    A small group produced a newsletter purporting to be written by Indonesians, they also supplied a black radio station to transmit into Indonesia.
    After an attempted coup where 7 generals were murdered the roundup was initiated by Norman Reddaway, a FO propaganda expert. His orders were to conceal the murder of members of the PKI in the hope that Suharno would be a better incumbent for the west.
    There are pamphlets written by Indonesians but created by the IRD.
    The GCHQ were reading Indonesian government communications via the Chai Keng monitoring station.
    The documents are released through a FOI request.

    The old plan is still in use, the one to cause confusion and Chaos, just like every other nation who wish independence the plan is dusted down. They are too afraid to go it alone.

    • scottish skier says:

      Not forgetting…

      MI5 ‘asked paramilitary group to assassinate Irish prime minister’, newly disclosed documents reveal

      A protestant paramilitary group wrote to former Irish Prime Minister Charles Haughey to warn him that MI5 had asked them to assassinate him, according to newly disclosed documents.

      As an Irish national, how on earth could I vote for the UK?

      Sturgeon; watch your back.

    • Capella says:

      Yes. An old friend was the son of a man who was assassinated as a British spy in Malaya during the “Emergency”. The British rushed his pregnant mother back to Edinburgh and secured an education at George Watsons (I think).

      He became a heroin addict and died in 2006.
      The British state has a lot to answer for.

  32. Welsh_Sion says:

    You’ll all be delighted to know that Neil Hamilton (yes, THAT one) has been ‘elected’ (don’t ask me how) Leader of UKIP.

    I mean, UKIP. What’s the point?

    • Alex Clark says:

      Absolutely astonishing. You’d think he would prefer to lie low and enjoy his retirement but Ukip? Just proves he’s an idiot and a little Englander LOL

      • grizebard says:

        I think it’s a kind of addiction – a need to be in the public view, no matter what. The lesser the significance, the greater the need.

        There’s a lot of it going around at the moment.

      • He’ll be on QT this week. And Jo Coburn’s London Bubble Politics Dead Air. And Emily Maitlis’ Newsnight. And Strictly, and The Great British Blackhead Squeezing Face Off…and the Beeb will commission Neil’s Great British ‘Bus Journeys Series..and he’s anchor HIGNFW…

  33. Hamish100 says:

    Yes, Ruth Davidson and Douglas Alexander appear everywhere. Are they one in the same?

  34. Welsh_Sion says:

    Movement afoot West of the Dyke:

    Commission on Wales’ future is an ‘opportunity to make the case for independence’

    19 Oct 2021 2 minute Read

    The independent constitutional commission on Wales’ future is an opportunity to “make the case for independence” according to Plaid Cymru.

    The party’s Constitution and Justice and Justice spokesperson, Rhys ab Owen, was responding to the announcement that Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams and former Welsh football international Professor Laura McAllister will chair the commission set up by the Welsh Government.

    Plaid have welcomed the move, saying they will “engage constructively” with it, and that they will argue that “Wales’s future are placed in Wales’s hands”.


  35. Alastair Bryan says:

    The Royals are deceitful maggots perpetuating a feudal society. Let’s spend our tax money on something useful like the NHS or abolishing food banks and child poverty. Our tethered together friends can have the Royals all to themselves shortly along with the Torys, Brexit and their facist undemocratic state that they have created for themselves. A Britnat empire of yuk.

  36. James Mills says:

    If we didn’t have the Royals who would cut the ribbon to officially open all of the UK’s burgeoning Food Banks ?

  37. Hamish100 says:

    You have a point…… and all those potholes are filled in and a lick off paint on any public building on route. The fawning politicians looking for a gong.

    I have to say that any prospective or existing snp candidate/ MSP/councillor should not accept any empire medal or similar.

    Too many in my view are lured by the shiny surface or are they secret empire lovers?

  38. Capella says:

    World beating Covid infection rates in England aka the UK:

    • Alex Clark says:

      This is of course a serious matter and shouldn’t be trivialised. That though is what the Tories have done by scrapping all restrictions in England such as mask wearing and decrying the introduction of Covid passports in Scotland and Wales.

      It might now though with this rapid rise in case numbers be about to bite them in the bum, especially DRoss who is likely to pipe down now about Covid passports because news is quietly being reported in the media about the Tories “Plan B” which is said to include bringing in restrictions such as mask wearing in schools, public transport ect and Covid passports.

      Seems like the English public are gently being conditioned to get ready for “Plan B” if numbers continue to rise as we go into winter and the NHS comes under more stress. Keep an eye open for the backtracking from previous statements made by certain people in recent weeks.

      • Welsh_Sion says:

        Seems like the English public are gently being conditioned to get ready for “Plan B” if numbers continue to rise as we go into winter and the NHS comes under more stress.


        Indeed. We English [sic.] have received letters (well, my vulnerable 96 y/o mum has) telling her to book her Covid 19 booster vaccine appointment now as she is also priority 6 months after her second dose. It is also very important she gets the flu vaccine, too, of course. (They remind her of that as well).

        There then follows a summary in many languages – but not my mum’s. Should I complain? 😉

        The letter is unsigned – the previous ones came from “Matt”. I guess this is from “the Saj”.

        • WS, I have received my Blue Letter inviting me for my booster jag and flu jag 26th October at the same Health Centre which administered Covid jags I an II.
          Our Scottish HS are doing the admin on appointments. We Jock wrinklies don’t need to phone up to book an appointment.
          I have a sense that we are better organised than our English neighbours.

          • Welsh_Sion says:

            Seems you’ve been given a specific date and are ready to rumble, Jack.

            As you say, the distinction with England is clear – YOU have to make the appointment (phone 119 or do it via the internutty ‘down here’.

            Can you imagine a 96 y/o (who also has severe dementia) being able to do either of those things herself? It’s a good thing I’m looking after her, eh? 😉

            • How can England keep track of the numbers vaccinated if the appointment system is such a hap hazard free-for-all?
              I got my usual bowel cancer check kit through the post as usual, returned the test samples and received the All Clear a few days later.
              MY Everlovin’ was called for her usual breast cancer screening and received a prompt All Clear by post.
              I had a chipped tooth and my dentist saw me as a non urgent within 10 days. My Everlovin’ had her hip op deferred in March 20 because of Covid, but had it done in August 20 when the Covid rates dipped.

              Yes, I know that circumstances vary depending on where you live in Scotland; inner city, small towns, rural or remote Highlands and Islands Communities, and so forth.
              BU I have nothing but praise for our HS unlike the Tailor’s Dummy Coal Scuttle, Millionaire private education Sarwar, and the £200,000 a year Linesman Dross, who consider,well. almost everything in Scotland is shite, and it’s all Nicola Sturgeon’s Fault.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        “Keep an eye open for the backtracking from previous statements made by certain people in recent weeks”

        To be filed under ‘Never to be mentioned again’……..followed by proceed onto next anti Scottish government contrived (Non) Union (contrived) grievance or revisit an old one if cannot cook up a new one…rinse and repeat……rinse and repeat….an (overtly) tried and (over) tested Unionist (Failed) formula between Unionist political parties and their little helpers in the media aka messengers of Doom & gloom on all things Scotland related ……..aka the unofficial but simultanously so obviously official PR to the Unionist political parties ……..

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Tin foil hat time – Wish I had greater faith in the accuracy of England’s figures rather than a Trump Sharpie redefining the effect of a hurricane
        – FT published a graph a week ago showing England with an infection rate floating between 40 to 50 per 100,000 throughout August and September. What was odd was it being completely out of kilter to it’s previous tracking of Wales, NI and Scotland.
        It is only in the first week of October that the graph suddenly began to climb. Then there was the breaking Wolverhampton story, made in London, Eau de Latrine..

        Whilst I agree from “the mood music” England’s public are being prepped for bad news, mayt I suggest this is less a case of “rapid rise” than smudging the data is no longer defensible given an imminent public health disaster unfolding in England.

        It may part explain the anxiety of Opposition and Media to convince Scots throughout that period that the Scottish NHS was in crisis, and making such a meal of Army assistance requested by SG, etc., etc., whilst stony silence prevailed in the media over England’s NHS trusts almost at breaking point.

        So YES, there is a HUGE problem in England, but NO it is not a surprise to the authorities, only the public.

  39. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Former Deputy Labour leader Tom Watson tweeted this on 12 October on the premature news of Matt Hancock’s new role (Not new role) in UN :

    “Do good where you can, when you can. I wish you all success in a vitally important new role”

    That’s to the SAME Matt Hancock who as Tory Health Secretary awarded PPE contracts to ‘friends’ and failed to publish VIP PPE list of same (friends/Tory donors) contracts awarded……same Matt who told the public to adhere (flexibly) to Covid rules while he did not instead he had a close encounter(s) of the extra marital kind with his ‘aide’…and also oversaw thousands of preventable deaths in his lack of prompt action… other words he failed in his role as Health Secretary…….but Tom thought he would “Do good where he could”….AND….wished Matt ” success in his new role”….as opposed to his lack of success in his previous role Tom eh…that’s Tom Watson the cheerleader for a useless Tory minister….. Ra Ra …

    See….two cheeks of the same you know what…..Tom Watson another Tory wannabee obviously saw this as a ‘good’ appointment based on Matt’s what ?…..exemplary previous performance as Health Secretary…Not…….or in reality his rather abysmal deadly performance….

    Is Tom the next former Labour politician to come out as a (secret not secret) Tory fanboy…like Tom Harris (where is he ? The once Scottish ‘go to guy’ guest on Scotland Tonight ), Ian Auston(Baron), John Woodcock(Baron), John Mann(Baron)….and also Tory wannabees Gisela Stuart (Baroness), Kate Hoey (Baroness), Frank Field(Baron)…..there is a natural progression here……which is why voters can see no distinction between Labour and Tory….Lib Dems obviously are the scavengers that excel in feeding off the others leftovers…..Lib Dems the latch on party with no defining principles and whose only ambition is to gain power as a weak and compliant arm to (preferably) a Tory government…should they, the Tories, fail get a majority in an General election…….

    No Love for Corbyn but come on Watson was one of many enemies’ within his, Corbyn’s, party….Watson another one of the war criminal Blair’s fanboys……

    Anyway at least the UN saw Matt’s previous record for what is was even if Tom didn’t ( he did though but his inner Tory had to come out eventually)…..UN saw it as atrociously shocking etc etc.


  40. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Saw this on Twitter :

    “2014: vote NO and we will deliver a carbon capture plant in the North East

    2021: carbon capture plant in the North East is cancelled and awarded to Liverpool”

    Another Brexit bonus for Scotland in thanks to (some) voting No in 2014…..Oh wait……

    • Capella says:

    • Alex Clark says:

      I really think it is possible, even likely, that government (UK) investment in any project in Scotland is deliberately being reallocated to England because of the conscious or unconscious fear by Ministers and Civil Servants that Scotland will soon be an Independent country.

      If so, then in a way that’s a good thing as they’re effectively waving a white flag, having given up the fight to hold on to us as their possession.

      Independence for Scotland is inevitable and they know it.

      • Dr Jim says:

        We bad stupid people in Scotland voted SNP so that’s what we get, or on he other hand if we’d voted Labour the same thing would’ve happened but Labour would’ve made more excuses for it so we stupid Scottish people wouldn’t have noticed so much

        The push is on from the English government in an attempt to blackmail by attrition Scotland and the Republic of Ireland into caving in and accepting them as our imperial betters again, as we speak Nigel Farage has been lecturing the Irish on their stupidity for remaining in the EU and how they were too stupid and belligerent in their *war* with his glorious UK of England for 500 years and why don’t they see sense and give up now and rejoin the great Imperium of Engbritain

        One dreams of Nigel Farage turning up at ones door one day, he would not leave, that is the strength of this Scotsman’s resolve to rid ourselves of these parasites

      • Capella says:

        Also, pork barrel politics. The Tories broke down Labour’s red wall and it needs shoring up. They have been investing massively in NE England for years to make it the “renewables capital of the UK”. Bt at least we get to pay for it. These will no doubt be UK projects for which no Barnett consequentials will be payable.

        I there anyone left in Scotland still prepared to vote Tory?

    • Welsh_Sion says:


      It’s a good thing the internet never forgets:

      24th February 2014

      Peterhead confirmed for carbon capture site…but it’s not a bribe, says Ed Davey


      And we all know where Ed Davey is now … 😉

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:


        Tis indeed….hence Tory Patel’s so called clamp down on Social media… ‘stop abuse not stop abuse’ on t’internet’ …..aka….#AnotherBigToryFailNonSolution……not another one….says Beryl (from Bristol) who sees the peril of THEIR devious ways…for sure…..she’s not alone on that.

        Ed Davey another one who likes his Gravy….train….choo choo…next stop he hopes will be (eventually) the HOL’s.

        Have a nice day

        • Not-My-Real-Name says:

          Sir Ed Davey……eventually, thanks to his knighthood , to retire disgracefully in HOL’s…..with all of the other scavengers in his party i.e. Malcolm Bruce, Ming Campbell etc

          • James Mills says:

            Considering the low numbers of LibDems MPs/MSPs they appear to acquire far more than their proportional share of knighthoods /Peerages .

            Have they given up then on proportional representation as well as their principles ?

            • Welsh_Sion says:

              Don’t forget they only have 1 MS (and that from the List) out of 60 in our Senedd, too, James Mills.

              • Welsh_Sion says:

                Hardly a “Parliamentary Group”, eh? 😉

                • Bob Lamont says:

                  And thankfully absent a Parliamentary Coo..
                  Scotland got rid of the last Coo, became a Baronless apparently

                  • Not-My-Real-Name says:

                    And she’s also MOOnlighting via her other ‘roles’….her Register of Interests recorded are :

                    Director, Kirkholm Broadlands Limited (television programming & broadcasting activities and management consultancy)

                    – Non-executive director, Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Limited

                    – Non-executive director, W A Baxter & Sons (Holdings) Limited (food manufacturing)

                    Occasional columnist for The Telegraph

                    – Regular columnist for the Scottish Mail on Sunday

                    She presented four programmes for Times Radio, 16-19 August 2021.

                    Regarding non-financial interests, the register listed Davidson as a board member at the John Smith Centre (a charity promoting trust in politics and public service AHaHaHaHa) headed by former Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale in Glasgow.

                    If I remember right she also did a stint at LBC Radio……….

                    Hope she manages to ‘squeeze’ in time to be with her family…….as this was cited by her as one of THE reasons she stood down as leader of Scottish (nope) Tories…..ahem.

                    PLUS money money Free money that is via HOL’s attendance Plus subsidised catering and expenses………..

                    Seems even clearer why she left Holyrood now……follow the money…always follow the money

            • Not-My-Real-Name says:

              PR….another bandwagon they’ve jumped on to keep them valid not valid…Ha Ha

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