The Tories are sinking in a sea of sleaze

The Conservative party conference in Manchester is still trundling on, rather like the Scottish Conservative party itself, long past the point where anyone is listening or cares what they have to say. It’s like a jaded reality show full of deeply unpleasant people that you’ve never heard of who claim to be celebrities, only instead of botox, fake tans, big teeth and face lifts, this lot have overdosed on the gammon and corruption, by Monday the conference was being overshadowed by the growing evidence from the Pandora investigation, which appears to show that significant donations to the Conservative party are linked to donors who are alleged to be involved in money laundering, bribery, and who have ties to authoritarian regimes in Russia and Central Asia. The Conservatives might be enjoying an inexplicable polling success in England, but they are sinking in a sea of sleaze.

It is notable that the Elections bill which the Conservatives are currently steering through the Commons introduces barriers making it harder for traditionally non-Conservative voting groups to vote, gives the cabinet office control over the Electoral Commission, effectively transforming it into an agent of the Conservative Government, but does absolutely nothing to address the issue of political party donations and the dark money that fuels the Conservative party.

Naturally the Conservatives don’t want to address that, sucking up money from dodgy sources is the main fuel for the Tories and is key to their political success, sucking the probity out of the UK’s electoral system is likewise a key part of their success, as they move to transform Brexit Britain into an authoritarian quasi-one party state with an economy fueled by completing the transformation of the City of London into the money laundering capital of the world.

Yesterday it was Michael Gove’s turn to oil some platitudes from the podium, after he had dodged questions put to him by reporters about his party’s questionable funding and its willingness to accept large sums of money from individuals who make Johnson and Gove seem like paragons of honesty, transparency, and moral probity.

Speaking about his party’s “levelling up” agenda, which is neither level nor up as numerous studies have shown that it displays “blatant” bias in favour of already leafy and well to do Conservative constituencies (See for example : ) Gove claimed that his party wanted to ensure that everyone had a choice. Everyone that is, except people in Scotland as Gove then went on to assert that his party would never allow the break up of the UK, and this Conservative government is quite happy to find spurious reasons to deny the people of Scotland a choice about the future of Scotland despite the fact that in this year’s Holyrood elections the people of Scotland gave the Scottish Parliament a clear and unequivocal mandate for a second independence referendum.

However even apart from Gove’s equally blatant hypocrisy about choice when it comes to Scotland, it is clear that what the Conservatives are levelling up to is not tackling poverty or deprivation but rather funneling public money into Tory voting districts in a bid to boost their vote. It is a nakedly party political programme, paid for by public money and dressed up as aid to the poorest and most deprived communities in the UK.

This is the programme which Douglas Ross was referring to when he said that he had no problem with the British Government by-passing the Scottish Parliament of which he himself is a member and spending directly in Scotland on matters which are devolved according to the devolution settlement. Of course Douglas is happy for the devolution settlement which as an MSP he has a primary duty to defend being undermined and subverted.

It means assistance for his party of none of the talents which couldn’t even gain seats despite a concerted and suspiciously well funded anti-independence tactical voting campaign which may or may not have been backed up by that sleazy dark money of which the Conservatives are so fond, and the assistance of an overwhelmingly anti-independence Scottish media in which there are considerably more Conservative commentators and apologists than there are actual Conservative MPs and MSPs and which sees its primary job as to fend off independence by any means and only to hold power to account if that’s the power of a Scottish Government led by the SNP.

The Scottish Conservatives actively seek the weakening and hollowing out of the devolution settlement because it benefits them as a party. It allows them to wield the power of the majorities that the Conservatives achieve in England on the back of their transformation into a party of naked Anglo-British nationalism despite the fact that even with the assistance of British Government intervention, dark money from dubious sources, and a press which devotes itself to attacking their main opposition, the Scottish Conservatives still cannot come anywhere close to winning a Scottish election on their own dubious merits.

Today Boris Johnson was asked about the fuel and food shortages which have been worsened by his government’s blinkered pursuit of the hardest Brexit they could get away with – all the easier to make the City of London the first port of call for global money laundering. He was also asked about the rises in the cost of living which come just as his government has slashed £20 per week from the incomes of the poorest families , ended the furlough scheme which so many low paid workers still rely on and raised national insurance, a tax rise which will disproportionately hit the low paid.

Johnson breezily brushed it all off, insisting it was a short term issue which wasn’t a problem. It’s certainly not a problem for the likes of him. Astonishingly he also asserted that “It’s not my job to fix all of the UK’s problems.” Eh, yes, yes it is. The buck stops in Downing Street. Johnson said: “It is not the job of government to come in and fix every problem”. Perhaps someone should remind Douglas Ross of that as he seems to think that it’s the job of the Scottish Government to fix every problem in Scotland despite the fact it has considerably less power over the economy than the government in Westminster.

Labour’s party conference revealed a divided and directionless party which is unable to mount an effective opposition. The Conservative Conference has revealed a deceitful, hypocritical and corrupt party driven by self interest and sinking in a sea of sleaze. There is only one way out of the corrupt dysfunction that the UK has become. Independence cannot come soon enough.

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51 comments on “The Tories are sinking in a sea of sleaze

  1. Capella says:

    There’s a strange absence of news about the Conservative Party Conference on the BBC website. Just one item about Boris Johnston’s interviews with the BBC where he spells out how much he doesn’t care. But we already know that.

    • robert harrison says:

      Well if what ive read in the national these past few days is accurate then its a total disaster for the conservatives they trying act all big and hard in their speeches but mogg confronted and got rattled ids attacked bojo pissed of nick Robinson of the bbc with his not shutting up so the interviewer can ask him a question and a tory mp humiliated on gmb yeah its no wonder theres little to no coverage on the msm the conservatives really want this conference to be over and forgotten about.

    • Farrah Singh says:

  2. robert harrison says:

    Patel being her rascist self and getting an ovation may saying the worst cringe ever you wonder where shes been these past 7 years jack being called out on his borders crap and dross being asked about where hes been these last 18 months and thats just today i thought paul would of waited till johnsons speech tomorrow before blogging but i guess it had to be done the conservative conference espically for the conservatives themselves is a total disaster no amount of spin can change that fact and its not even dumbass the clowns turn yet.

    • JIM NIVEN says:

      I watched the Ugli Patel show today, she kept putting in wee pauses after a rant waiting on audience applause, but the audience were not playing ball then there were a few down the front clapped and the seals in the audience clapped when prompted. The biggest thing I took from her 15 minutes of fame was that she is hell bent on stirring up racial hatred in the U.K.. This woman is dangerous

  3. Capella says:

    It’s hard to keep track of what the important issue is that all the news media are distracting us from. Is it the Tories’ dismal failure on Covid19, or the Tories’ dismal failure on BREXIT, or the Tories’ dismal failure on the financial regulation – offshore accounts, tax avoidance,secret donors, Russian oligarchs etc, or their world beating failure to uphold democracy and respect the voters of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

    Perhaps drawing a veil over the Tory Party Conference is a kindness to us all. “Please make it stop”, has been heard and the media are doing their best.

    • Legerwood says:

      I think the answer to your question about what the media/Tories are trying to distract us from would be all of the issues in your list and then some.

  4. scottish skier says:

    “It’s not my job to fix all of the UK’s problems.”

    Thing is, it is what he really believes though. For him, being PM is entirely about personal enrichment. He doesn’t support brexit. He knows it’s a total disaster. He just saw an opening (because nobody with any sense wanted the job) to get in, get rich, and get out again. His main aim is to hold on as long as possible, as each day he spends in No. 10 gets him richer through the very sleaze you talk about Paul.

    Thatcher-Major were different. Sure they wanted to comfortably line their pockets, but they also wanted to be decent PMs and change the country. They kinda believed in their own ideas, however warped the Tory vision is, hence often pushing through tough policies.

    Johnson backtracks every 5 mins. Anything to stay in office. He just lies profusely, saying one thing one minute and another the next. It’s the ‘British Trump’.

    It’s why Johnson will bring about the end of the UK; because really has no interest in trying to fix its problems. He only cares about getting rich.

    At some point the more sensible Tories might try to step in to stop the disaster and topple him, but by then it will be too little, too late.

    I remain of opinion that brexit will see the UK break up, leading to England rejoining the EU/EEA as England, having finally lost the last of the empire and the delusions of grandeur that came with that.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Yup on the summary.

    • Andrew Rawsley in a Johnson eviscerating piece on the Observer quoted a former Cabinet Minister as observing that Johnson was only interested in two things; becoming king of the world, and shagging’.
      Should be on his tombstone.

      Dross and Sarwar at it today following FM’s Covid Update, The passport system is not working, and Dross led and said that he had consulted Scottish Business and they want the scheme scrapped. So anybody can roam anywhere and spread the that Dross the £200,000 Linesman can then blame the Bad SNP and the She Devil sturgeon for making a hash of the Recovery. Who cares if a few hundred more Scots die? Certainly not Dross, or Sarwar the Millionaire, it may be argued.
      They are heart greedy evil men and women.

      My Everlovin’ has a clever phone, and immediately accessed the passport App as Sarwar was son his feet lying.
      I don’t have a clever phone, but can get a paper passport using the ID No on my vaccine appointment letter.

      But Dross and Sarwar lied to the nation. It’s not working….

      They are a disgusting bunch. The Pandemic is not politics, you fecking idiots.
      You know that, but you just don’t give a damn.
      People are dying you toss pots.

      Roll on the day.

    • stewartb says:

      ‘I remain of opinion that brexit will see the UK break up… ‘

      I noticed commentary on social media following lord Frost’s appearance in a panel discussion at the Tory conference on the topic of the NI Protocol that Tory government urgency to ditch or substantially amend the Protocol is that it’s working out too well for NI businesses – cross-border trade between NI and Republic is increasing and displacing NI-GB trade.

      The emerging ‘success’ of the Protocol – essentially brought about by natural market adjustment – is leading Unionists to fear that the outcome will be less reliance of NI on GB and Westminster – and consequently a lessening of ‘attachment’ to the Union.

      Couple this with the Republic’s rapid and successful actions to lessen reliance on the South Britain land bridge for trade with mainland Europe and Unionists will be fearful that an all Ireland economy within the EU may be seen by more and more people in the north as both feasible and increasingly attractive.

      • grizebard says:

        Yes, I believe that NI is now on its way out of the UK. In effect it will never leave the EU, and will accordingly reap the benefits. These increasingly obvious realities will slowly but surely impinge on a majority of people there, and thus eventually prevail, whatever the residual sectarian diehards may think or want. It’s just a matter of time.

        If he’s still around, BoJo likely won’t care anyway, just so long as he doesn’t get any of the residual blame going round.

        We just have to be sure of getting out faster, so we don’t have a surge of NI recalcitrants coming over here in the wake of Irish reunification to vote no for us.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Spot on Stewart.
        David Davis et al have been hawking the “NI trade is suffering” line across the media despite ample evidence NI’s trade and industries have flourished in the 9 months since Brexit.

        It is not NI’s financial health which has London agitated, but that of England, industries are screaming blue murder at the Tories in London to scrap the NIP etc. else they collapse.
        With Belfast, the vast majority across NI, the EU and the US fully supportive of the NIP, there will be precious little if any sympathy for England’s financial suicide.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Thatcher wrecked whole communities, destroyed lives, took milk away from little children at school, plonked millions onto the dole, she took peoples’ dignity and squeezed it in the palm of her nasty, greedy, fascist hands, that’s not ‘tough policies’, it was a deliberate attack on the lives of the working class.
      She and Johnson would get on extremely well, two peas in a pod, no difference which Tory is at the helm, they are all corrupt lying scheming trouggers. I’ve seen a tweet where someone I follow says Thatcher was ‘like a fairy godmother compared to Johnson’, jeez what sort of memory do they have! Enough to make you despair.

  5. Alex Clark says:

    Pattel today in her speech said about the Sarah Everard murder by a Met policeman/

    “We need answers as to why this was allowed to happen, I can confirm today there will be an inquiry, to give the independent oversight needed, to ensure something like this can never happen again.”

    Now, why has she no questions to answer? Why are the newspapers not full of articles demanding that she resign?

    You can be 100% certain that if this had happened in Glasgow and Humza Yousaf was the Justice Secretary then the cries for his resignation would have been so loud he would likely have gone.

    Not so for any Minister in the Tory party where no matter the failure of duty, no matter the criminal act and no matter how much coke you snort before Dad dancing in an Aberdeen nightclub and making a right fool of yourself you need not fear the press calling for your head.

    Can anyone see any sign of hypocrisy here, even a little?

    • The Tories and the Lib Dems cut the English Police by 20,000 during the Austerity years, a success, according to Willie Rennie (remember him? ) at the time.
      Johnson pledged to recruit 20,000 Polis, 50,000 nurses, and build 40 new hospitals in his 2019 manifesto.
      The man lied.
      And the xenophobes of England First, voted him in.
      They voted for an absolute buffoon.
      He is Jack’s and Dross’ leader. They do as he instructs…they are the hired help of an idiot.

      Yet he has chucked Johnny Foreigner out, and promised his flock big wage rises..

      They are truly the dumbest electorate on the planet; well, 43% of them, that is.

      Priti Patel defies gravity, that’s for sure.
      I can be thrown in jail for protesting now.

      Is reopening Van Diemen’s Land penal colony part of the AUKUS deal?

      England; The Tribe That Lost Its Head.

  6. Dave tewart says:

    Reading that the pig industry have culled 120,000 pigs that were overdue for normal processing but worse they have stopped breeding any more.
    Next will be the chickens.
    Then the cows which will mean Milk will be in short supply and the further loss of beef as half the calves born are male which go for meat after fattening.
    So not just the lack of turkey.
    The fish are imported from Norway and the meat will be from the EU.
    Get some money into the prisoner tagging company, rabb says he’s going to increase the numbers tagged.
    The big flounder does a reprise of thatcher, there’s no alternative to Austerity.

    Time to go when you see that Northern Ireland has the best conditions of any of the Regions.

  7. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Scotland always on the fringe of Unionist political party conferences….not just on the fringe “once in a generation”….. but as far back as I , and others before me can remember.

    In other news Pandora’s box now open… not to worry …..will soon be closed courtesy of MSM.

    Is a Russian who donated £20,000 to dine with Ruth Davidson a euphemism for something linked to revelations in the Pandora Papers…..using my common sense…as in that characteristic Boris Johnson keeps asking us all to use which has enabled me to associate that both are probably linked…..Thanks Boris.

    All these donations to Tory party….I thought Charity begins at home meaning one’s own home….not Conservative Home.

    Does anyone know if there is a price list anywhere for the following ( or will I need to contact a man who knows someone higher up than a Scottish Tory MP or branch office manager aka minions) :

    Government contracts (UK)


    Access to PM

    Access to MP from the current UK governing party.

    Prince Charles’s ear (not literally but access to him obvs)

    (If there is “cash for questions” is there additional cash for (the right) answers).

    Also is it in the Tory manifesto (Blue guide book ) that they, as a party, are aware that it is clothes that get laundered not money ….asking for those of us who do not donate large amounts to the Tory party via dubious sources . and I mean dubious in the sense that one large donor to the Tory party was accused by the US authorities as having been entangled in a corruption scandal where they described it as being a “bribe” committed by him………I hope the £10,000 a piece he gave both Boris Johnson and Michael Gove for their Tory leadership campaigns does not end up being NOT worth it (for him or them ) wee shame that would be…NOT…… especially considering his donations totalled over £500,000 now that’s not a small amount to me…but to him… a drop in the ocean considering the potential return for him from those he donated to. His wife also donated more than £250,000 to the Conservative Party in 2017 and 2018……

    Money goes to money indeed…..though no more money via UC uplift going to those with NO money …….Tory policy courtesy of Tory government…..

    Telegram for Sarwar : Noticed one of your Red Tories Tony Blair was also mentioned in Pandora Papers…….pass it on to Starmer…..also tell him offshore firm mentioned in connection with sale of house….savings made on Stamp Duty for house bought in London…and house in question worth millions….also tell your boss Sarwar that as far as Blair is concerned ……once a war criminal ALWAYS a war Criminal…Stop.

    So to quote Kermit the Frog….. ” It”s not easy being green”………fortunately most of us on here and indeed in Scotland are NOT green we are instead wised up….. hence why we want independence and not the alternative i.e. to remain in this (Non) Union of unequals……as endorsed by Unionist political parties.

    • A hoot, NMRN.

      But it’s no longer a joke.

      England actually voted for this fat fool and his Cabal of chancers.

      Well, 43% did, but because of FPTP they get an 80 seat majority and probably two decades to destroy England completely.
      I’m for a hard border.

      • Welsh_Sion says:

        I’m for a hard border.


        I hope you’ll let some Welshies like me in @ Gretna, Jack! 😉

      • stewartb says:

        ‘England actually voted for this fat fool and his Cabal of chancers.’

        I’m told among these voters in England were lots of what are known as ‘traditional Labour voters’!

        What happened to ‘solidarity’ when they voted Tory – you know that thing leading figures in Scottish Labour like Ian Murray talk about so often as being important? That thing we as supporters of independence aren’t – apparently – showing towards folk in England?

        • grizebard says:

          Ah, but Labourite “solidarity” is a very, very special kind which only works one way – in favour of England. Kinda like a coin with two heads; whichever way up it lands, we lose.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Hi Jack….if only I was joking.

        Take care

  8. James Mills says:

    Boris Johnson in several interviews today – ”There is no alternative !”

    Was that a threat or just another of his fatuous slogans ?

    Build Back Better !
    Levelling Up !
    Oven Ready Trade Deal !
    Dying in a Ditch !

    • grizebard says:

      It was kinda right, inasmuch as it’s just the “oven-ready trade deal” (plus the “more powers for Scotland”, £350M for the NHS and most other Brexit promises) that ended up dead in a ditch.

  9. Dr Jim says:

    Conservatives are the party for working Unionists says DRoss in his speech

    • grizebard says:

      Aye, they fondly hope to copy the north of England. But their intended way of repeating that here is to scavenge the wished-for ruins of the Labour Northern Twig-not-Branch in order to create a NI-style Unionist party. The only way they can see of advancing is Ulsterisation. That’s how deep into desperate wishful thinking they have sunk. It won’t work.

  10. Capella says:

    The BBC have jumped the shark. Their top Scotland news story tonight is
    Sexist ‘boys’ club’ culture in Police Scotland armed police team.

    Disappointing though this tale of an employment tribunal is, in a week where the kidnap, rape and murder of Sarah Everard by an officer of the Met police has shocked everyone with a functioning nervous system, it is appallingly bad taste to try to promote this incident as in any way equivalent.

    We have all noticed how hard the BBC try to divert attention from bad news down south by magnifying problems in Scotland which can be presented as “just as bad”. But this is just mad. Whoever decides the running order of Scottish news is not a well person.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      As awful as the Everard parallel is, the employment tribunal story serves a further purpose, what it keeps off the front page.

      BBC have become so blatant in attempting to dictate the news rather than report it, featured pieces are kept alive days if not weeks –
      The Tory line on Vaccine Passports failure has been over a month on life support, ditto the NHS Scotland crisis, DRoss’s recent Manchester delusions are slowly fading from view, yet there is zero public interest in any not public credibility over any of it.

      If you were to look at what of importance has been happening in Scotland or in Scottish politics at any given time, the last place you’d find it is on the BBC.
      John Robertson’s “Talking-Up Scotland” regular as clockwork dismantles their promoted stories, but he also regularly reports on Scotland’s actual Covid and NHS condition, with occasional comparative to England.
      You might think the latter to be of Scottish public interest and thereby a regular feature on the BBC. Or reporting on empty supermarket shelves in supermarkets, or mass pig/chicken culls and incineration, or how the fishing or shellfish industry and communites are coping, yet the BBC would rather recycle long debunked adventures in propaganda such as this.

      • grizebard says:

        Yes, it has these fixations to which it keeps reverting when there’s something more current it prefers to ignore. Cynically parasitising on people’s raw feelings. I can’t wait for the inquiry to eventually produce a full and dispassionate analysis of how this world-wide crisis was handled here, because I believe it will largely vindicate the SG, even discounting the fact that it is continually constrained by the – hush! must never be mentioned on the BBC – incompetence of the BoJo Clown Circus. Maybe after that review, BBC Jokeland will finally let this one go, though somehow I doubt it.

        (From the title of this vid, though, I was hoping for more than just a repeat of the BBC’s own vile propaganda, transparent enough though that is…)

  11. Capella says:

    The Supreme Court judgements on Scottish Government Bills will be announced at 9.45 today. Those were two bills passed at Holyrood but objected to by Westminster.
    Details here:

  12. Dr Jim says:

    We must respect the English politicians and accept what they say even if we don’t like it because the *country* voted for them, we must not respect Scottish politicians or accept anything they say because only Scotland, which is not the *country* voted for them

    This lack of respect agenda has pervaded Scotland all our lives, I once worked for a successful large store in Glasgow that was privately owned and managed by a Scottish family who decided to retire so sold the business to Littlewoods, needing a new general manager for the store Littlewoods appointed someone of their own to fulfill this role, the store itself was a very specialised musical instrument hi fi and record store that sold all manner of instruments from school recorders right through drums electric guitars amplifiers Bang and Olufsen hi fi to Steinway pianos, and supplied concert halls and other venues with whatever they required as well as maintenance and repairs so whoever was to be the new general manager needed to know his/her stuff

    Littlewoods appointed their head of catalogue warehouse security from their Liverpool depot (a uniformed doorman) who had zero experience of retail on any level to the role, that store was Cuthbertsons music shop which closed its doors within three years of Littlewoods takeover, and who did they blame? uncooperative staff with a lack of respect caused the closure

    Littlewoods appointed an idiot to a job he was unqualified for because well hey it’s only Scotland, how hard can it be?

    Now we’ve got Boris Johnson another English appointee with zero experience or interest, but hey it’s only Scotland how hard can it be

  13. scottish skier says:

    Here’s Johnson’s ‘supply and demand’ in action when there’s no supply because he cut it off. That and the supply is fleeing him and his racist government out of the UK exit gates in their thousands per week.

    Bus routes cancelled as drivers leave for HGV and delivery jobs

    Dozens of bus journeys a day have been temporarily suspended across Suffolk as the industry struggles to compete with the haulage industry for drivers.

    First Eastern Counties is one bus provider for the county that has been forced to run a reduced number of busses along certain routes as they lack the required staff.

  14. Capella says:

    From Philip Sim’s twitter

    Supreme Court judges have unanimously ruled that a number of provisions included in two bills passed by MSPs earlier this year were outside the competence of the Scottish Parliament…
    The two bills can come back to Holyrood for a “reconsideration stage” to be brought into line with the court’s findings – even Andy Wightman’s one, which can be represented by an alternate member – will be a statement reacting to the judgement at Holyrood this afternoon

  15. Dr Jim says:

    The Supreme court has ruled that the childrens rights bill is beyond the competence of the Scottish government

    Well that’s their test case for later organised

    • Capella says:

      Only some of the provisions are deemed beyond the competence of the Scottish Parliament, namely those that modify s 28(7) of the Scotland Act. Holyrood will take another look at both bills. Interesting though to have the principle confirmed that SP has the power to incorporate UN Conventions into Scots Law.
      The problem now boils down to s 28(7) of the Scotland Act.

    • scottish skier says:

      See Cherry’s quote above. This is ultimately devolved legislation so it does need to not place legal obligations on the UK parliament. Scotland can’t tell the UK parliament what to do in the same way we wouldn’t be able to unilaterally tell the EU what to do if we are member.

      The court has actually said the parliament has the power to incorporate the convention, but will need to tweak it due to some areas breaching the above.

      When it comes to iref2, with a correctly drafted bill, such things should not be an issue as the iref will change nothing in law. A Yes vote will not be legally binding, just as it was not in 2014 and neither was the EU ref. Therefore, simply holding the vote counting and declaring the results will not place any legal obligation on the UK parliament, ergo would not be outwith Holyrood’s competence.

      As a legal vote, it would boycotting would just be abstaining, as a result this would have no impact other than to boost yes. Only hardcore brits might try it, so you’d end up with at least a 75% turnout anyway, even if all the brits didn’t vote.

      Scotgov then state they are going to act upon the will of the people and negotiate with the EU, UN, rUK for indy. The most important negotiations are with the former as that’s who you need the nod from. What the rUK thinks doesn’t matter really as it’s not their decision. Not unless they planned to use force to overturn the result as Spain opted for.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Labour party’s Liza Nandy has advocated the use of the British army to prevent democracy breaking out in Scotland, I’m quite sure she’s not the only one who thinks the same way

        • scottish skier says:

          It would need to be English jackboots as Scots troops would refuse/resist, as I imagine would welsh troops (‘First they came for the Scots, but I did not speak out…’). It’s why Spain sent in federal stasi from outside of Catalonia, handpicked for a racist hatred of Catalonian people I imagine.

        • grizebard says:

          All that indicates is the degree of desperation of the English Establishment, whose exceptionalism knows no political boundaries. If, in the wake of an indy win in an {ahem} “advisory” referendum, the current UKGov were foolish enough to follow this arrogant dullard’s advice, by its own excess the UK would have self-destructed anyway, both in the eyes of every Scot and of those of the rest of the world (including England). Even the dimmest PSB couldn’t mistake the true nature of the Union thus revealed.

    • grizebard says:

      They were indeed deliberate test cases for the Big One. What I found interesting though in the judgement is that the SC was clear – as it always has been – that it is not courts which set the law, and they cannot – and will not – be used to overthrow the democratic will of the people as expressed by parliament, including the Scottish one. So I remain sure that if called by BoJo to stop a referendum bill in Holyrood seeking to determine the will of the people, it will balk at doing so. The situation has to be handled very carefully from a legalistic standpoint, but I’m sure that Nicola & Co have got that covered.

  16. Dr Jim says:

    Scotlands bad record in education is apparently now too good, it appears we’ve been over educating our kids now to such a high standard aiming for degrees and professional qualifications in the hope of creating more engineers doctors lawyers scientists and so on, so no more of this Scotland is the cry we must skill and prepare our genius kids for the new Tory world of bricklaying scaffolding and lorry driving now with the correct view to the future of work setting us free

    So no more aspirations Scottish kids, you don’t need no edyookayshun because Boris Johnson needs you to do something else entirely for his *country*

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