The delusions of Douglas Ross

In his speech to a fringe event at the Conservative party conference in Manchester this weekend, Scottish Conservative harrumphist in chief Douglas Ross vowed that his aim is to “end nationalism for good”. He was speaking to a fringe event because the Scottish Conservatives have been on the fringe of Scottish politics since 1955. Given Douglas Ross’s epic detachment from the political realities of modern Scotland, and indeed it seems from reality in general, that’s where they are going to remain for the foreseeable future.

It takes a truly gob smacking lack of self-awareness to address a conference of the party which has inflicted Brexit and its British nationalist exceptionalism upon the whole of the UK and declare that you’re going to put an end to nationalism for good. Well quite, Douglas, how about starting with your own party?

Douglas also accused Nicola Sturgeon of being detached from working class communities. That would be the Douglas Ross who voted to strip the poorest families in the country of the £20 per week uplift in Universal Credit at a time when food prices are rising and energy costs are soaring. He also voted for a hike in National Insurance , a tax increase which will disproportionately be borne by the low paid. There’s that lack of self awareness again. The First Minister has public approval polling which Douglas Ross can only dream of, Douglas accuses her of being detached from working class communities.

The Scottish Conservatives are not just detached from working class communities, they’re also detached from reality. To be fair, there are some working class people that the Scottish Conservatives are not detached from, those would be the ones that go on Orange parades and sing hate songs about their fellow Scots with an Irish Catholic heritage. They are not representative of working class communities in Scotland.

The Conservatives are defined by their nationalism, they owe their recent electoral success entirely to their full throated espousal of an aggressive, exceptionalist and triumphalist English nationalism which they have dressed up in union jackery and rebranded as Great Global British, because their victories in English elections sure as hell aren’t down to their competence, honesty and moral probity.

Unlike the civic nationalism which characterises mainstream support for Scottish independence, which is welcoming of migrants and which strives for inclusivity, the nationalism of the British Conservatives is a particularly nasty and xenophobic nationalism which demonises migrants and rests upon the unshakeable but deeply deluded conviction that being British represents an elevation to a more superior state of being. However we are supposed to believe that the Conservatives’ constant and dubious claims that the UK is “world beating”, their fantasies that the rest of the world is falling over itself to offer the UK highly favourable trade deals ,and their full blown flag fetish and glorification of the royal family, the Empire, and the armed services isn’t actually nationalist at all. Not only do the Conservatives think that their Anglo-British nationalism isn’t nationalist, but they are also firmly of the view that everyone else must celebrate it too, and if we will not celebrate it willingly, then we are to be compelled to.

Douglas is here displaying a level of cognitive dissonance which means that he shouldn’t be appearing at the Tory party conference, he really ought to be going on Dr Phil where people who care about him, and I am assuming that such exist, can stage an intervention. In order to maintain his delusion that the Conservatives are not nationalist he is psychologically projecting all the nationalist sins of his own party onto his political opponents . When Douglas and his allies accuse supporters of independence of being anti-English it’s really to deflect from the anti-European prejudice that is the motor for Brexit. His own party is driven by bigotry, snobbery and contempt and can only conceptualise politics in those same fearful and fear mongering terms. . What Douglas Ross and the Conservatives stand for is not so much a political philosophy as it is a political pathology.

The first step to healing is to admit that you have got a problem. Douglas and his Tory chums don’t think that they have got a problem. It’s everyone else that has a problem. And this would be true, we have a problem with Douglas Ross and a Conservative party which seems to believe that as long as they wrap their nasty, xenophobic British triumphalist nationalism in a Union flag then it magically ceases to be nationalist. In a similar way Douglas believes that when he puts on a blue Conservative rosette he magically ceases to be a hypocrite.

Douglas also claimed that his party is going to target SNP voters, and that the next political wall to fall to the Tories after the red wall of Labour seats in the north of England would be the “yellow wall” of SNP seats in Scotland. The delusion is strong in this one. The Scottish Conservative detachment from reality is risible.

Douglas of course offers no plausible political strategy for how all these independence leaning voters are to be enticed to vote for a British triumphalist party which not only has set its face against independence but has also embarked upon the unilateral destruction of the devolution settlement and which appears determined to subvert the outcome of any Scottish election which is not to its liking. In the same speech Douglas Ross claimed he had no problem with the British Government by-passing the Scottish Government on devolved issues.

“Vote for us we hold Scottish democracy in contempt and intend to ignore you” is not exactly an appealing election slogan but it’s an entirely accurate one where the Conservatives are concerned. But Douglas has gone so far up the colon of British nationalist exceptionalism that he appears to believe that he can persuade Scotland to vote Conservative by doubling down on the contempt that his party has for Scottish democracy. That might play well with the British nationalist zoomers on social media who want to abolish the Scottish Parliament but it’s not a vote winning strategy. The Union is in its death throes and it’s the Conservatives who have killed it.

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110 comments on “The delusions of Douglas Ross

  1. Hamish100 says:

    To a Tory, everyone else are nasty nationalists… French, German, Dutch, Greek, Swedish, Irish……..

  2. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Excellent Paul.

  3. Golfnut says:

    Dross also predicts that Nicola Sturgeon will resign before the next election and a tv series is at an advanced planning stage on the Sturgeon / Salmond stushie. The anticipation is killing me.

  4. Dave tewart says:

    Listened to a truss speech clip from the conference, she believes in freedom, free speech and freedom of movement in britain.
    Except if you’re a member of a colony of englandland.

    • Welsh_Sion says:

      How dare you expect freedom from a truss!

      What are you – some sort of Celtic nationalist?!


    • robert harrison says:

      Oh the same freedom of movement the conservatives said that they didnt care it benefits Scotland England didnt want it so Scotland cant have it on live tv nothing but liers and backstabbers trusting a tory espically conservatives is asking for a knife in your back.

  5. James Mills says:

    The think this is the new Tory strategy to attack the FM .

    DRoss has been told ( he has to be TOLD because he has no conception of how to run a campaign – he can barely run a line in football ! ) that he should bang on about Nicola Sturgeon being out of touch with the working population – even though he KNOWS this is absurd .
    No political leader in Scotland believes this but the unionist media will echo this and multiply it to suggest that it has some contact with reality .

    It is totally ridiculous , as Paul says , that a political party which has clearly demonstrated its utter contempt for working people should have the brass neck to suggest that they are helping the poor and the working population by reducing Universal Credit and increasing National Insurance .

    Actually , it is worse than contempt . These ar*eholes are revelling in the unlimited power that they have acquired through lies , deception and an English electorate that is docile or stupid or both .
    The more corrupt they appear , the more incompetent they look , the more their lies are exposed the less they seem to care .

    They openly lie over this policy or that – it does not matter what the criticism is , they cheerfully ignore it , deny it , and go on doing what they were doing – F*cking up the country , knowing that there is NOTHING anyone can do a to stop them .

    By the time of the next election they will still be miles ahead of Starmer and his Tory-lite Labour Party , so there will be no cavalry coming over the hill .

    That is if there is another election ! This shower are so corrupt that they may find an excuse ( real or not ) to abolish democratic accountability .
    Pause for laughter ! As if we have that at the moment !
    They will argue black is white , bad is good , Labour is Tory ( nearly ! ) and continue fleecing the good ( and bad ) people of England .

    Hopefully , we in Scotland will have , one way or another , severed ties with these toerags .

    • wm says:

      I feel sorry for the English voter, the only choice they have is the colour of the “TORY” party they get. Unfortunately we have to suffer with them, we all know what we have to do, bring it on.

  6. bringiton says:

    These unionist politicians are merely the representatives of English based political parties.
    They survive in Scotland only because of funding from London.
    He who pays the piper calls the tune.

    • Golfnut says:

      The media can be categorised as the punka wallahs of british unionism wafting the stench of it across our land, an independence gale should clear the air.

  7. Capella says:

    Sadly, I missed DRoss’s speech and i won’t be catching up on Youtube. I looked through the BBC website for news of the Tory Conference and it’s weirdly bereft of any mention that the sorry affair is even taking place. Until you get to the Scotland section. The Dross is featured – not as the No.1 story – but in a wee article all to himself. Bless. It even has a photo of him looking prime ministerial. But there is no video of his soaring rhetoric.

    He promises a “Mackay’s Law” to remove any MSP who is not doing his/her duty in representing his/her constituents. Well that would remove the entire Tory contingent at a stroke.

    He also flags up a “Local Government Powers and Protection Bill” to put more power in the hands of local councils. So let’s make sure there’s an overwhelming majority of SNP/Green councils in May 2022.

  8. Turner Donaldson says:

    The private polling of the tories must be dire for them, for them to come up with Dross`s delusions, but are they Ross`s delusions? Has he been told by london to ramp up personal attacks on Nicola.

  9. yesindyref2 says:

    Douglas Ross was a linesman at a football match between the crew of a Type 45 destroyer and a Type 23 frigate, and the players kept nicking his flag. A helpful rate kept giving him flags, and Ross was very grateful.

    First time it happened he was given a T, which encouraged some respect but made it difficult for throw-ins. He was then given a U which was quite effective and stopped a couple of own goals. The D was met with applause, the S caused a few smiles and a lot of nods of the head, the Z caused a laugh and a few shakes of the head. But it was the A which finally brought the game to an end as both teams collapsed on the park with hysterical laughter.

    Ho hum.

  10. Bob Lamont says:

    Aye, a thoroughly deserved ripping to shreds, DRoss not being ridiculed by either his audience or the media demonstrates an even greater detachment from reality on their part.

    That BBC Scotland site headlines “promises Mackay’s Law” demonstrates the value of the label or soundbite over substance in the media, most Scots probably reacted “Who?”.
    DRoss is simply yet another Tory making promises he has no intention of honouring, nor has any power to ensure, promoted beyond his capabilities by the Pacific Quay brigade in the Ruth tradition.

    Doubtless it will have impressed the blue rinse set, their judgement over leadership material looks set to continue in much the same vein as their grasp of Scottish politics, seriously impaired.

  11. yesindyref2 says:

    An interesting quote from a guy who served 16 years on SSBNs (the nuclear missile boats), is married to SNP MP Monaghan and advised on Vigil (which was excellent), I don’t think the article has spoilers but be careful:

    The armed forces is full of people who believe in Scottish ­independence. I’m an Irish republican, the ­Royal Navy knew and didn’t care so long as I was going to do it by democratic means. A lot of people who don’t know the armed forces will probably think someone from my background would have a cold reception, it was actually the opposite.

    which is what I found in Indy Ref 1, and flies in the face of many uninformed and potentially divisive comments you read elsewhere about the armed forces.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Jings, he didn’t “just” serve on one, he was a a Lieutenant Commander of one. The things you learn. Oh, and he’s an SNP Councillor, since 2012.

    • scottish skier says:

      My Irish (protestant) republican gran volunteered in WW2 and ended up an anti-aircraft gunner in Lowestoft. Their she met future Scottish hubby who was police pre-war, so military police the time. He was pro-indy.

      The reason for the all the tartan and saltires for the Scottish regiments is of course because the brits learned that to recruit Scots and encourage camaraderie, you needed their regiments to be distinctly Scottish, with kilts, pipes the works.

      This is because most Scots are, as I never stop rattling on about, not British. It’s not their nationality, just a citizenship their Scottish nationality entitles them too (is now technically forced upon them post ‘no S30’ anti-Scottish racist hatred).

  12. Tam the Bam says:

    Oh cheers Paul.
    Just back fae…….disnae matter.
    Big Bro took himsel tae Auld Rekkie fur his burfday…..fae before Dalmuir (cant name departure )….bus from Dalmuir yo Edinburgh (3hrs)….lol

  13. malkymcblain says:

    Totally OT but worth a watch and share.

    I believe that the yearly block grant to Scotland is ~ 32 billion??… keep that in mind when watching.

  14. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Timing is everything……..unless your a Tory who is “Detached from working class communities”.

    Rishi Sunak to say in his speech today at Tory Conference that he will pledge to make the UKnotOK the most exciting place on the planet……on the same week as UC uplift stopping……….The scheme officially ends on 6 October.

    However, the exact date the money will stop being paid will vary depending on the day you usually receive universal credit.

    For some people, this will have meant that the last payment at the higher rate may have ended in September.

  15. scottish skier says:

    My ‘Blood and soil’ nationalist post of the day:

    Unlike the civic nationalism which characterises mainstream support for Scottish independence, which is welcoming of migrants and which strives for inclusivity

    Some census 2011 data

    %s of people identifying as Scottish based on their countries / global regions of birth.
    94% Scotland
    35% The Americas and the Caribbean
    29% Africa
    26% England
    23% Middle East & Asia
    21% European Union
    21% Wales
    17% Ireland
    16% Northern Ireland

    So, for example, 35% of immigrants (specifically ‘not born in Scotland’) born in the Americas / the Caribbean and 29% of those born in Africa living in Scotland now nationally identify as Scottish and so forth.

    Over 1/4 of English born do so, hence the SNP actually being one of the most popular parties for this group.

    Figures will be near that of Scots born for second generation.

    Anyway, when I am talking about ‘Scots’ in terms of nationality, I’m including all the above, who will come in a huge assortment of skin shades, original nationalities, religions, cultures etc in true ‘blood and soil style. 🙂

    What the above shows is that nether Scottish citizenship nor nationality / identity is perceived as ‘blood and soil’ by Scots themselves, and so it is not by those coming to Scotland, who readily adopt it after a while living here as a result.

    The other key condition on adopting or holding Scottish national identity / nationality which applies to all, is that you must first see it as a country in its own right. If you don’t, you will never feel Scottish, only British (or even English where the two are conflated). To honestly say you are Scottish in nationality is to say the Scots are a people and do free to choose independence.

    This doesn’t apply if you say it’s just a regional identity, which for some British Scots, that’s what it is. So anyone who says they are Scottish, but that Scots should not be free to choose independence, isn’t actually of Scottish nationality. They may be a citizen of Scotland, they may have a regional Scottish identity, but they are not ‘Scottish’ in any conventional sense of the word (like our national teams for example).

    • scottish skier says:

      Figures will be near that of Scots born for second generation.

      Because obviously, most second generation will be ‘Scots born’ / not immigrants! 🙂

      • bringiton says:

        Will Johnson & Co. be telling the Americans on the 4th of July that they are a bunch of blood and soil flag waving nationalists?
        Don’t think so.
        Borders still define countries and to a large extent culture so are a necessity for most humans.
        Of course,countries can decide to pool and share with others through the democratic process but retain the right to withdraw should it be in their interests to do so.
        That is,except for members of England’s union,where the members require permission from England to do so.

        • scottish skier says:

          Borders still define countries and to a large extent culture so are a necessity for most humans.

          It’s actually more a governmental necessity and historically borders developed naturally, normally based on geography, and the natural groupings of people that created. People in a geographically constrained area decided they’d get together for mutual benefit in terms of trade and defense. If external invaders took over, it would ultimately be temporary, especially if they were not very nice, so would be kicked out at some point.

          Mountain / high hill chains, rivers, deep forests, seas, channels, deserts… These are what led to the development of natural borders and so countries. Separated by such things, different languages, cultures, customs and so societies and government all developed over time. The wider people could readily travel without geographical barriers, the larger the country. At least in terms of older nations.

          You only need to look at a map of the UK showing topography to see why a border developed along the Tweed-Solway firth, bounded by that barrier, and the remote, difficult country of the Southern Uplands and Cheviots respectively. Scotland, notably the midland Valley and the N Eastern region where most live, is geographically very remote from England. Newcastle is remote from the south of England and it’s a 2.5 hour drive from Edinburgh on relatively modern road. A drive from Glasgow to Manchester even by motorway is a long one through some very wild country. On a horse and cart via tracks, it was a world away.

          The populations of Scotland and England broadly lived and continue to live broadly separate / independent lives due to that geography, so developed as different countries.

          Pre-covid I travelled quit a bit for work, pleasure (skiing!) and family (France). I’ve been to England just twice in the past 10 years, excluding air transit stops. It’s the same for most Scotland and just like e.g. Danes and Germany.

          • Golfnut says:

            Borders are defined by legal jurisdiction be they on land or at sea. The Treaty of Union confirmed Scots legal jurisdiction and you need look no further than the Lockerbie trial for recognition from the international community of Scotland’s legal footprint. The FBI also has Scotland’s legal standing listed seperately from the UK.

            • scottish skier says:

              Sure, but I mean they have their origins in physical geography and how that affected human geography. Hence they often follow rivers, mountain ranges etc. It’s no coincidence that the Alps separate France and Italy, the Pyrenees France and Spain, the Southern Uplands / Cheviots / Tweed Scotland/England and so forth.

      • scottish skier says:

        On this topic, you wonder who finds this weird. George Galloway maybe?

        I don’t find it weird at all.

        Certainly, there’s nothing nicer that a new Scot attempting a bit of Scots or Gaelic. Mrs SS speaking Scots with a French accent is glorious. Folk absolutely love it.

        ‘Some people find it very unusual that I speak Gaelic’

        Gaelic speakers of African and Caribbean descent have shared their experiences of the language in a new BBC Alba documentary.


    • iusedtobeenglish says:

      “The other key condition on adopting or holding Scottish national identity / nationality which applies to all, is that you must first see it as a country in its own right.”

      I’m not sure that’s always the case. It wasn’t in mine – in fact quite the opposite. I didn’t identify as Scottish – even though I’ve lived here over half my life – because I did see Scotland as a country in its own right. And I wasn’t born here, therefore I didn’t see how I could call myself Scottish. It seemed impolite – I was a guest in a much-respected country.

      Then, one day, I suddenly realised that I’d stopped thinking “Scotland” and started thinking “us”. Not sure when, but certainly around 2016. (Hm. Did something happen then, do you recall?)

      My daughter OTOH, although ‘only’ here since she was 10 days old and with (so far as I’m aware) not a drop of Scottish blood, has never thought of herself as anything but Scottish. And won’t be told she isn’t!

  16. Bob Lamont says:

    PS – I noted DRoss’s fellow speakers at this Fringe event were Meghan Gallagher and Craig Hoy, List MPs all…

    So essentially, 3 Fringe MSPs were telling a Fringe meeting in England that despite Scotland’s electorate rejecting them a la FPTP (which would mean they’d be unemployed in England) that “We are the party of working-class unionists in Scotland now because we represent their values.”
    🤣 And BBC Scotland printed it…
    Anybody else remember the satirical show Beyond the Fringe ?

    • Dr Jim says:

      Apparently the online *event* was viewed by 49 people, I’m betting those were just their families and dugs

    • grizebard says:

      Reading between the lines, I have the distinct impression that the “Scottish” Tories weren’t particularly appealing for support from the entire working class here, just making a pitch for the Orangist-tending part of it. To steal that from Labour and thereby become the preeminent Party of the Union. With a distinct sectarian underpinning. That’s how desperate they are, and how low they will go.

  17. CP says:

    I normally avoid listening to GMS but thought I’d tune in for a couple of minutes and was able to enjoy Tory MSP Stephen Kerr having to justify the claim that the SNP don’t represent working people, despite the cut in UC, rise in NI, food and fuel shortages etc.

    He then went on to say it was fake news that DRoss had been bumped to speak at a fringe event rather than the main event, and the real reason for this was that he had to get back to do important work at the Scottish Parliament.

    Made a nice change to hear Laura Webster talk over him rather than let him waffle on.

  18. Dave tewart says:

    Just listened to a bit of sunak’s lead up interviews before his conference lies.
    The pandemic is over that’s why we can remove temporary UC uplift.
    More platitudes, then,
    The fuel crisis in london, well you see stupid it’s due to the pandemic and only a Third of stations are having supply problems, there’s plenty in storage.
    So one decision is justified by the pandemic being over and simultaneously the pandemic is the cause.
    The overnight briefings are becoming all too obvious, all the politician needs is a short term memory to regurgitate the briefing lies.
    The doris says that the market Kills lots of animals for food everyday just ignoring that they usualy follow up by processing for sale in shops Not burning and burying them.
    Are they just doing it to avoid the Pandora Papers?

    • robert harrison says:

      Right thats why a cement truck got followed by 20 cars for 40 miles because some English tbough it was a fuel tanker some englanders seem to be on the verge of being bandits if these problems continue or get worse they gonna turn on each other just for little rescoures and yet the conservatives are saying theres no problems everything is going to work out thats the attitude that started all this.

  19. Dr Jim says:

    Noises coming out of the Tory conference are that the Tories are going for a May 2023 General Election for two reasons, one to thwart Scottish Independence and two because they’re about to break the law over the Northern Ireland protocol, basically they’re intending to throw the entirety of the British Isles into total chaos blaming everybody else but themselves while simultaneously claiming they’re the only party able to fix it, and we know England will vote Tory again because they’re convinced they dislike the EU and Scotland, plus they couldn’t give a monkeys about Northern Ireland anyway thereby outvoting Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland over whatever we vote for to end up with an even worse horror show than we currently have

  20. scottish skier says:

    Deeply ingrained racism as I’ve said before.

    Someone from the UK who was not racist against Scots would never speak like this.

    Speaking at his party’s conference, the Tory co-chairman attacked Holyrood ministers for their record in government, claiming they are “falling massively behind the rest of England”.

    • bringiton says:

      Verminous Scottish pygmies.
      Must be something in our diet.

    • Welsh_Sion says:

      “falling massively behind the rest of England”.


      and there you have it as well: conflating UK with England.

      What else is new?

    • grizebard says:

      Post-indy, you might think it would come as a great relief for exceptionalists like Dowden to be able to freely and unapologetically talk of “England” again. (With due sympathies of course to the good folk of Wales, who will still have to continue to grin and bear it until they manage to find their own way out.) But as has rightly been observed, while the Tories continually preach the gospel of self-reliance to the rest of us, they do seem strangely reluctant themselves to be that much out on their own!

  21. Welsh_Sion says:

    Don’t we all wish we could do the same?

    Goodbye Brexit Britain – Europeans like me are moving on

    Andrea Mammone 7 hrs ago

  22. Dr Jim says:

    The Tory attitude now is if you don’t like it leave or get a fabulously well paid job, the trouble with that is the old the sick and the poor are the ones who suffer the most and they can’t go anywhere, but of course the Tories know that

  23. Arthur Thomson says:

    Sunak claims that the Tories inhabit the moral high ground. Can you actually believe that level of delusion? This at the same time as reducing universal credit by £20.00 a week, further impoverishing the most vulnerable.

    A while back the term “feral elite” was coined. This absolutely describes Sunak and his Tory pals – including the red Tories. These people are literally uncivilised. They don’t begin to understand what it means to be civilised. I have to assume that they weren’t socialised by civilised parents.

    This is a very important moment in time in Scotland. The sad reality is that there are large numbers of curtain twitching, pearl clutching, self righteous, working class Brits in Scotland, who believe that Sunak is right. They also think that there is nothing wrong with viewing Scotland as a region of England. These people are the hard core of unionists -Tory and Labour.

    Are their numbers falling? I surely hope so.

    • grizebard says:

      All the evidence seems to point towards around 25-30% of the (publicly active) population of Scotland being died-in-the wool “British-minded” as (following SS) we might summarise it. The greatest proportion are likely Tory-inclined, but Labour has a good number still, at least some of whom the Tories are now trying to poach in a wishful-thinking pale imitation of Northern England. (Oh, and there’s some FibDems who haven’t moved on, but they are so depleted they no longer count.) That is “large numbers”, granted, and they are immovable, dedicated voters, but nevertheless basically irrelevant because on their own they are nowhere near enough to hold the Union line. Colour-swapping these diehards around doesn’t change that reality. (It might even cause some Labour tribalists to finally wake up and rebel against further toxic association with the Tories.) Can the putative Tory cheerleaders somehow energise lumpen non-voters to emerge from apathy and rally to the Union Rag in imitation of the Trumpists in the US? I very much doubt it.

      On the positive side, there’s a good 20-25% besides who currently remain reluctant – overly so, one might add – but are available for conversion if we can get our message through to them and get it right. Including the reality that there is no longer a safe “status quo” option available to fall back upon, and that their own future is far safer in their own trembling hands than in the hands of the BoJo Clown Circus now, and of who knows what to come. Punt the uncertainty back on the other side where it truly belongs. As events are proving, we are going to have to endure a degree of turbulence whatever happens now. Far better then to ignore the dependency culture pushers, and instead choose a path of recovery which is fully under our own control.

      Just remind these folk of how they themselves truly felt, in the very moments after the last referendum result was announced (and long before Cameron’s “England is back in charge” reminder). The surge of regret that through an excess of caution they had let a very precious opportunity slip away, that they had somehow let themselves down, had even let Scotland down. Soon they will have a chance to put that right, and this time emerge feeling cleansed, happy and rightly proud of themselves.

    • Alex Clark says:

      She was very good, we could do with more like that. He’s just an embarrassment to even listen to and should be shown to be so at every opportunity.

      • barpe says:

        Methinks that could have been her last TV appearance – unfortunately!!

        • Alex Clark says:

          Yeah, look at what happened to Eddie Mair and others for not playing the game the way the Tories want it played. At least she’s not with the BBC so there might be some hope.

          • Hamish100 says:

            Had to smile when Johnson stated “. What Kermit said……..” .What a glove puppet. No not Kermit.

            Only issue I take with the journalist. We are not a devolved nation. We are a nation, full stop.

  24. gullaneno4 says:

    Douglas Ross chewed up and spat out by a WGD
    Good post.

  25. Capella says:

    Prof Robertson continues to post the news where we are, but which the MSM cant bear to mention.

    Sturgeon strategy pays off as Scotland’s R number falls to lowest in UK

  26. De nah nah nah nah nah nah….Angus….Angus says:

    Douglas Ross is a tiny wheel in a party that is so nationalist it has managed to isolate their country, and ours from the rest of the world and Europe especially.
    Sycophantic in character, it shows he’s either spineless or highly ambitious?
    British nationalism is English nationalism, it’s the same thing.

    BBC bastion of British nationalism doing its best to highlight the plight of Jordanians over Pandora leak files. Pointing out how poor countries with huge debt can’t afford these criminals ruling them. While detracting attention from the Brit establishment, who I guess are ripping off a country that can afford them 🤔
    Oh no wait, U.K. has massive debts 🤨

  27. malkie says:

    Latest opinion poll by Opinium: SNP 52%, Tories 26%, Labour 12%, Greens 5%, Lib-Dems 4%, Others 1% (mostly Reform UK and All for Unity).

    • grizebard says:

      Well, just one poll, but if Labour in Scotland does finally self-implode, I doubt that the Tories will manage to salvage more than a small fraction of the little it’s apparently now clinging on to. Will sleepy Sarwar & Co finally realise in time that Bitter Together is their Nemesis?

      • Golfnut says:

        Apparently a whole year of fund raising for labour in Scotland netted just £250, party subs are no doubt paid directly to London Labour and not to the accounting unit in Scotland, even so, not looking good.

    • Alec Lomax says:

      Wot? No Alba?

  28. scottish skier says:

    Apropos of nothing, but why do lots of British unionists say Scots isn’t a language, but at the same time they want it written into law that is a language, as per e.g. the language act in northern Ireland?

    And why do British unionists angrily state that ‘They are Scottish too!’ but not that ‘They are Irish too!’?

    I mean the DUP sound very Irish just like many in the Glasgow OO sound Scots, so where’s the ‘Prood Irish’ slogans?

    Britishness seems very confused to me.

  29. Bob Lamont says:

    Had to chuckle

  30. Golfnut says:

    Arch british nationalist spouts sh##e for the Tory faithful.

  31. Dr Jim says:

    Odd how the British Nationalists in Scotland are never done telling us how bad Scotland is yet don’t leave or move to England a country they admire so much yet surprisingly folk from England are leaving that country looking for homes in Scotland where it’s supposed to be so terribly bad and much worse than the country they’re living in already

    Must be the free prescriptions, free personal care for the elderly, free bus travel for young and old, free baby boxes, superior staffing in our NHS Police and Fire services, free dental care, more houses being built than any other country in the UK, free University tuition and on and on

    So if you’re an English person coming to Scotland for all these reasons and more could we politely ask you not to vote Tory when you get here because that’s the party who if in power in Scotland would remove every single one of those reasons you’re coming here for, and btw we’d like to be Independent so we can return to the EU so we can travel around the place with full freedom of movement just like they do in Ireland next door who btw get a much higher state pension than anywhere in the UK and Scotland could do that too once Independent in charge of our own money

    One more thing, no one will require you not to be English, we’re not that bothered where people come from, it’s where we’re going and how we get there that’s a tad more important to us

  32. Alex Clark says:

    This is someone I haven’t watched in a while, he at least still gets it.

  33. Dave tewart says:

    The delusions of doris johnston.
    Just listened to a bit of his interview with nick ferrari of LBC.
    It started with a clip from Jackie of Kingston who wanted ferrari to ask doris who was going to take up the fruit picking jobs and why does France have good facilities for HGV drivers to eat and sleep. The ferrari quote is that it wasn’t the government that should supply but Granada or Holiday inn who should.
    The we had Janet from Blairgowrie, a pensioner who said that she doesn’t pay National Insurance but does pay tax, she could pay more tax to help.
    The we had doris come into the studio and be warned they were on air.
    The ferrari question was how will we measure ‘Levelling Up’?
    The doris answer was that he had visited the far flung regions of the country and even Ian Blackford had received the Broadband that doris had installed to every corner of the country.
    Now the stark reality of the wage increases in the last year or more meant that the low wage earners were getting richer very quickly………
    At that I switched off.
    The alternative reality of the tory party leader.

    • Alex Clark says:

      This is from a very long but also very interesting article from the I paper. It’s all about the shortages and global supply chain but touches on many other things as well. Such as revealing that even the most natural supporters of the government, that is business leaders are also getting pretty pissed off with Johnson and his dozy cabinet.

      Clive Black, a retail analyst for City investment firm Shore Capital, says there is a growing view among some that Britain’s problems are due to “economic mismanagement”.

      As he puts it: “The Government just hasn’t listened and only does stuff when it is cornered. To not allow fruit pickers, meat packers and lorry drivers into the country was stupid beyond belief. The food industry has been warning the Government until it is blue in the face and I have talked to some chief executives who have just given up trying. They are totally disillusioned over the capability of the Government.”

      Aren’t we all?

      • scottish skier says:

        Jeez, I’m a geoscientist now chemist and it was obvious to me there was no way people would come. Everything was entirely predicted years ago. The acute labour shortage and mass emigration was already very evident by 2019. Naff all to do with covid.

        UK emergency HGV driver visa scheme attracts fraction of needed workers

        JUST 27 people have applied to the Tory government’s visa scheme for HGV drivers touted as a solution to the staffing shortages hitting industries across the UK, according to reports…

        …The news throws into doubt the UK Government’s plans to recruit 5000 HGV drivers from abroad in the run-up to Christmas.

        If half of Scots, half of N Iris and 1/3 of Welsh want out of the UK, why TF would anyone from Europe want in?

        Open racism*, empty shelves and fuel rations isn’t an attractive prospect.

        *It’s not just EU citizens getting it, this is a huge factor in driving Scots from the union, i.e. the open anti-Scottish racism by governing Brits/English epitomized by ‘We are taking back control of devolved stuff and you are not getting a Section 30 dirty toothless jock scum – you are our English slaves!’.

        • scottish skier says:

          Muscular unionism = British/English jackboot imperialism.

          It’s no longer about respect and democratic governance by consent for the ethnic minority populations / nations in the UK; Scots, Welsh and Irish / N Irish included. Nope, it’s now rule by force. First by attempts using force of law, then if that doesn’t work, well ask the e.g. Irish.

  34. Dave tewart says:

    Are the members of the tory party actually capable of rational thought and analysis?
    Just watched a Scottish Parliament clip from last week.
    The member of the tory party, donald cameron, in a speech in response to the effects of brexit on the Scottish Economy was peddling the this weeks tory conference propaganda of the introduction of the high skills, high wage economy that doris is peddling this morning.
    Do they just push their briefing points received from london?
    Certainly donald was on message with the rest of his input.
    Looks like it, as in response to the lack of HGV drivers he stated that the doris government was creating an EXTRA 50,000 driving tests in the Next Year, no hurry then, kick the can government in action.

  35. Welsh_Sion says:

    As we all knew – Labour and Tory are the same. Here’s the Grauniad with a photo of “Dominic Raab addressing the Labour Conference”. (And we all know what the Graun’s like …)

    Archive it while you can.

    Also, they say 127 HGV drivers whilst The National says 27.

    • Welsh_Sion says:

      Ha! Barely 8 minutes after this was posted they’ve changed it!

      But I have the previous evidence 🙂

      (Who says the Guardian doesn’t read WGD?)

      • scottish skier says:

        127 if correct, is still only 2.54% of 5k.

        And remember, the UK is losing net 548 skilled EU workers a day based on 2020 numbers.

    • Alex Clark says:

      The Times was the paper that broke this story and they claimed only 27 had applied for visas. It was Johnson who “corrected” Nick Robinson of the Today program this morning by saying no it wasn’t 27 it was 127. Now that’s what the BBC have been running with all day now.

      Oh I wish I knew who to believe.

      Link to the Times article

  36. Capella says:

    Nick Robinson interviewed Boris Johnston this morning on R4. The message is:

    The haulage industry has got away for far too long with low wages and poor conditions by importing cheap foreign labour. Boris Johnston has put an end to that. The haulage industry must now renew itself by paying decent wages and installing the infrastructure to improve workers conditions. It’ll take time.

    Move over Labour, the Tories are now the saviours of the working class.
    If you believe that you’ll believe anything.

  37. Dr Jim says:

    BBC threatened with privatisation within the next ten years if they don’t *up their game*
    Well I think we all know what *up their game* means there eh

    They’ll be bringing back Jackie Bird in a Kimono next

  38. Capella says:

    These parody Australian Government ads are hilarious. This one is about their AUKUS plan.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Short videos like this are good at ridiculing the ruling party, in the run up to 2014 there were a few good ones produced by the Indy side, we could use more of that next time as well.

  39. To the collaborating idiots who are paid indecent sums of English money to spout their transparent idiotic garbage about the country of their birth or where they chose to settle, and who are quite frankly betraying Scotland to a foreign power, I say this.
    Brexit is an English Nationalist xenophobic perversion.
    It is not covid, it is not foreign workers working for low wages. It’s ‘greed and capitalism’ (q.v., the serial adulterer Johnson).
    The Pandora Papers list 25% of offshore accounts are UK citizens..yet the Blahs fail to name one.
    England is a fascist state now.

    We are hemmed in behind an Iron Curtain, and militarily occupied, by another country, and this hardened band of Fifth Column agents of a fascist regime will lie and threaten their fellow Scots with terrible retribution when we exercise our democratic right to determine our own destiny.

    Jokers like Murray Carmichael Dross Jack Mundell and Sarwar don’t give a damn about Scotland. Their job is one of sabotage. Our Media are now in full Ministry Of Truth mode, lying for England.

    I have had enough.

    No one tells me what I am ‘allowed’ in my own country.

    Certainly not Gove, or Johnson.

    We have reached tipping point.
    The thought of Davidson Offord or Lord McConnell having a say in my and my kin’s future is an aberration.
    It is the End of Days for the Brits in Scotland.
    Rant over.

  40. scottish skier says:

    If someone believes that the border is little more than ‘a [road] sign’, they cannot be Scottish (in nationality), or at least cannot hold the belief that Scotland is a country and the Scots a people.

    Alister Jack claim that Scottish Border is ‘little more than a sign’ panned by expert

    This is what I mean by British anti-Scottish racism. It’s not possible for Jack to have nationally self-identified as Scottish in whole or in part in the 2011 census unless he believes the border to be a real one between two countries / nations. In that sense, while he may be a citizen of Scotland, he does not appear to be Scottish (in nationality) by his own volition.

    ‘In his contribution to the publication, Scottish Secretary Jack downplays the autonomy of Scotland. “I am no fan of the ‘four nations’ expression, for the Union gives us one great nation,” he tells readers shortly into the essay.’

    Case in point. His racism is so deep that he wishes to deny Scots their own nationality while forcing an alien one (for many) upon them. This can only come from a deeply ingrained hatred of Scottish people. It is what the Nazis attempted with the 3rd Reich, i.e. wipe out native cultures / races to be replaced by a single greater master race. ‘Muscular unionism’ if you like.

    I have no issues with people who feel British, and I can understand why many do from family ties etc, including those in England who adopt it because they are denied Englishness because of their skin colour / immigrant background. I also don’t mind people politely trying to persuade me to be British, hard as that’s becoming. The key is persuasion, not force.

    That is because I am not racist, so respect the national identities of others, and would never try to force my own on them. I would never try to deny someone their race / nationality, dismissing it as non-existent. For example, anyone wanting to stay British post-indy can be as they are already are by birth/parentage. Quite the difference from racist brits like jack who want to erase Scottish people/culture while denying me a Scottish passport.

    And how can this racist half-wit be Scottish secretary if there’s no border?

    • ‘idiots’ I called them, ss, idiots’ they are, and demonstrate on a daily basis.
      Imagine if he announced to residents of England that it dis not exists, that the border was just a road sign.
      He and Offord will make a lovely couple.

    • Dr Jim says:

      STVs Katherine Samson interviews comedian Scottish sec of state Alister Jack on STV Scotland tonight at 10.40pm, I’ve seen a little of it, it’s hilarious, spoiler, he has yet another go at defining what a generation is this week amongst other fall about laughing conditions

    • grizebard says:

      That last sentence is a killer! {laugh}

      QED, I would say.

      We’ll be expecting his resignation tomorrow. (As if. Not that anyone would notice even if he had the moral courage to back up his fatuous self-denial with meaningful action.)

  41. Alex Clark says:

    Fortune magazine journalist has had confirmation from the government’s Department of Business which Kwasi Kwarteng is Minster of that there were indeed only 27 applicants for visas to come to the UK to work as HGV drivers and not 127 as Johnson claimed.

    Johnson caught plain outright lying once again.

    • Alex Clark says:

      The U.K. government’s urgent appeal for European tanker drivers to come and help alleviate the country’s fuel crisis has largely fallen on deaf ears. A mere 27 (or 127, according to Prime Minister Boris Johnson) drivers have applied for the temporary work visas that were on offer. The government was hoping for 300, and that’s before it tries to attract another 4,700 truck drivers to save the holiday season…

      The Times of London reported that there had only been 27 applications. Asked by Fortune to clear up the confusion, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy confirmed that figure.

      No confusion there then that Johnson is indeed a serial liar.

    • scottish skier says:

      So, 0.54% of the 5000 needed so far.

      And oh, that’s another 548 skilled workers left today. Wonder how many were HGV drivers going for the better salaries in Europe.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        This was happening before but Brexit accelerated it.
        I still keep in touch with friends in Ireland who noted a spike of “incomers” post 2016, and although dropped off from it’s peak the exodus continues.
        Ireland’s next census results may prove quite interesting…. Sunny uplands for sale, two for a penny, open to offers…

  42. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Scotland always on the fringe of Unionist political party conferences….not just on the fringe “once in a generation”….. but as far back as I , and others before me can remember.

    In other news Pandora’s box now open… not to worry …..will soon be closed courtesy of MSM.

    Is a Russian who donated £20,000 to dine with Ruth Davidson a euphemism for something linked to revelations in the Pandora Papers…..using my common sense…as in that characteristic Boris Johnson keeps asking us all to use which has enabled me to associate that both are probably linked…..Thanks Boris.

    All these donations to Tory party….I thought Charity begins at home meaning one’s own home….not Conservative Home.

    Does anyone know if there is a price list anywhere for the following ( or will I need to contact a man who knows someone higher up than a Scottish Tory MP or branch office manager aka minions) :

    Government contracts (UK)


    Access to PM

    Access to MP from the current UK governing party.

    Prince Charles’s ear (not literally but access to him obvs)

    (If there is “cash for questions” is there additional cash for (the right) answers).

    Also is it in the Tory manifesto (Blue guide book ) that they, as a party, are aware that it is clothes that get laundered not money ….asking for those of us who do not donate large amounts to the Tory party via dubious sources . and I mean dubious in the sense that one large donor to the Tory party was accused by the US authorities as having been entangled in a corruption scandal where they described it as being a “bribe” committed by him………I hope the £10,000 a piece he gave both Boris Johnson and Michael Gove for their Tory leadership campaigns does not end up being NOT worth it (for him or them ) wee shame that would be…NOT…… especially considering his donations totalled over £500,000 now that’s not a small amount to me…but to him… a drop in the ocean considering the potential return for him from those he donated to. His wife also donated more than £250,000 to the Conservative Party in 2017 and 2018……

    Money goes to money indeed…..though no more money via UC uplift going to those with NO money …….Tory policy courtesy of Tory government…..

    Telegram for Sarwar : Noticed one of your Red Tories Tony Blair was also mentioned in Pandora Papers…….pass it on to Starmer…..also tell him offshore firm mentioned in connection with sale of house….savings made on Stamp Duty for house bought in London…and house in question worth millions….also tell your boss Sarwar that as far as Blair is concerned ……once a war criminal ALWAYS a war Criminal…Stop.

    So to quote Kermit the Frog….. ” It”s not easy being green”………fortunately most of us on here and indeed in Scotland are NOT green we are instead wised up….. hence why we want independence and not the alternative i.e. to remain in this (Non) Union of unequals……as endorsed by Unionist political parties.

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