Ofcom’s nats and yoons

Language changes over time and words and expressions which were once considered grossly offensive lose their power to offend. The words bloody and bugger are nowadays scarcely considered swear words by most people, but in decades past they were considered deeply offensive and banned from most forms of public speech. Likewise even the words piss, shit and fuck are no longer as powerful as they used to be and the wider public takes a far more relaxed view about their usage than it once did. Back in the 1960s dropping the f-bomb on national television caused outraged newspaper editorials about the impending doom of civilisation. These days it scarcely raises an eyebrow.

On the other hand some words which were once widespread in everyday language and in print are now tabooed. This is particularly the case with epithets which refer negatively to a person’s racial origins or sexual orientation. The N-word, the P-word, the p**f word, and the f****t word were freely banded about in the 1970s sitcoms and movies which culture secretary Nadine Dorries thinks were ruined by snowflake lefties, but nowadays most people would agree that there is no justification for the use of these hate words, and most certainly under no circumstances by people who do not belong to the communities which these words are used to abuse.

It is because of the shifting nature of language that the telecom and broadcasting regulator Ofcom periodically revises the list of words and terms which it advises broadcasters to be careful in using. In its latest advice Ofcom has also looked at some of the words current in the Scottish independence debate. Ofcom looked at the word nat, used by opponents of independence to refer insultingly to independence supporters (although they also use the word “sep” which wasn’t examined by Ofcom and which is arguably more offensive) and ruled that it is mildly offensive, advising broadcasters to be careful in permitting its use.

Ofcom also looked at the word yoon, which unlike nat,the use of which is widespread in print and speech amongst British nationalist politicians, seems to be almost entirely confined to social media as a derogatory term for the zoomier end of British nationalist opposition to independence. Interestingly, Ofcom ruled that while both the words nat and yoon should be considered mildly offensive, the word yoon is to be considered as more offensive than the word nat.

Both the words nat and yoon are contractions, the first syllables respectively of words which are not generally considered problematic in themselves, the words nationalist and unionist. It should be pointed out right away that just because a word is a contraction of a perfectly acceptable word, this does not mean it cannot be offensive. The P-word which is an unacceptable term of abuse used against people of a South Asian family background is a contraction of an adjective which is not problematic when it is used appropriately to refer to the people, culture or government of Pakistan. Equally the first syllable of the word Japanese when used by itself is widely regarded as a racial slur against people of Japanese origin or descent. Just because a term of abuse is a contraction of a non-abusive word doesn’t mean it can’t be offensive.

The interesting question here is why Ofcom ruled that the word yoon was more offensive than the word nat. It could be argued that objectively it’s the word nat which should be considered more offensive. The word nat implies that the mainstream independence movement is driven by feeling of ethnic and cultural superiority and hatred of those who are not Scottish. In reality, many people who support Scottish independence, particularly those on the left, are not politically nationalist, with its overtones of xenophobia and assertions of superiority, while mainstream Scottish nationalism is of the decidedly civic variety, inclusive and welcoming of migrants.

If anything it’s the British nationalism of many opponents of independence which is of the xenophobic and exclusive sort, based upon assertions of British exceptionalism. Yet the use of the word nat by opponents of independence to categorise independence supporters implies that this exclusionary, xenophobic and triumphalist British nationalism is not really nationalist at all, and that nationalism is a sin confined solely to those who would prefer to see an independent Scotland.

As a contraction of unionist, the word yoon on the other hand does not miscategorise those to whom it is applied. However because it rhymes with loon, buffoon, baboon, and balloon it could be argued that it’s got an offensive sound to it which “nat” lacks, and it has to be said that the word yoon is meant to annoy. Yoon is a retaliatory term which postdates the invention of the word nat. The word yoon was invented and deployed by independence supporting people who are often not nationalists of any variety but who are heartily fed up with being called nats by hypocrites who espouse a far more toxic and cancerous species of triumphalist and exceptionalist nationalism whose defining conceit is that it is not nationalist at all because it’s British.

But the real reason why Ofcom has ruled that its respondents felt yoon to be more offensive than nat is surely down to the fact that opponents of independence are extremely quick to claim victim status and many of them have little better to do than trawl social media in search of things to feel outraged by. After all there is a significant body of British nationalist opinion which devotes itself to the entirely spurious claim that supporters of Scottish independence are primarily motivated by anti-English racism. Finding things to feel offended about in the behaviour and language of independence supporters is one of the most important distraction tactics employed by opponents of independence in order to divert public opinion from the truly offensive and damaging words and deeds of a right wing English nationalist British Conservative government. There is no one who is quicker to claim they’re a victim than a privileged person who feels their privilege is threatened. Scottish independence threatens the privilege of British nationalism in Scotland, that’s why British nats are so quick to claim that they are offended.

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139 comments on “Ofcom’s nats and yoons

  1. Alex Clark says:

    It doesn’t take much for a yoon to be offended right enough for they have always been the nats superiors didn’t you know?

    Well, in their own mind that is and they hate the thought of losing that feeling of superiority that being a yoon gifted them in their own minds when there is no longer a yoonion.

  2. Andrew says:

    It can be quite difficult keeping up with what words are currently acceptable or not. For example, for quite some time the term queer has been considered offensive and I would not use it. But recently I have seen it used by Gays to describe themselves and there is plenty of talk about ‘queer theory’. Is it OK for Gays to use the term but not for anybody else? I have no wish to cause offence so please can you give guidance?

  3. By the cringe, BBC Sportsound’s going to be in deep dooh dooh if they continue to use Patrick Joseph Bonner as a pundit.
    He is affectionately known as ‘Packie’ Bonner, ‘Packie’ being the Irish version of ‘Paddy’.

    And ‘Bonner’?
    A homophone for Yank slang for a male erection !

    The world gone mad.
    Ofcom is morphing into Inggsoc as we type.

    Perhaps we can replace ‘yoon’ with ‘foon’?

    Lovely piece,Paul.

    The irony is that 500,000 Scots are to face a Heat or Eat Winter of privation because 28 Brit Nat Blue Tories in Edinburgh voted to plunge their own citizens into life threatening poverty and despair; and we are arguing about words.

    ‘Fascist’ ‘greed and capitalism are still OK?

  4. Tam the Bam says:

    Referencing your first paragraph Paul,Alison Johnstone (Deputy Presiding Officer) has just ‘pulled-up’ George Adam (SNP) for using the expletive ‘damn.’…lol

  5. Capella says:

    I thought “Britnat” was more offensive but now it’s more acceptable. Hmmm.
    The whole taking offense agenda is quite painful to behold. Life of Brian sumarised it perfectly

  6. Hamish100 says:

    Just don’t do CAPS

  7. Statgeek says:

    I heard NAT long before I heard the word YOON.

    Maybe it was a reaction to the word NAT.

  8. Welsh_Sion says:

    I guess we can still call ourselves “cybernats” though …

  9. Dr Jim says:

    The “offence” of name calling as a self defence against name calling is offending the original offenders an it’s aw happenin when there’s no a teacher in sight tae defend the righteous

    Did nobody want to talk about the Prime Minister constantly referring to “The Scottish Nationalist party” or the “Watermelon smiles” or the Burka wearing “Letterbox” people and many more to choose from, how about “Verminous Scots”

    Tories eh! gaes piece

  10. JClar1450 says:

    I see that “Jock” is considered mild. Whenever I have heard it in coverage of Westminster I would rank its strength alongside P*** and N***** in its use as a derogatory term. We should object more about this.

    • scottish skier says:

      Aye, ‘Jock, paddy, taffy…’

      There’s one for each nation.

      Anyone know what the scots equivalent for an Englishman is? I can’t seem to find one for this nor the Welsh, nor Irish.

    • Paul B says:

      The second two examples have a far darker legacy of racism and exploitation than the first. Comparing “jock” to the n-word is ludicrous.
      Not saying you have to like it (sticks in my craw too) but have some perspective.

      • scottish skier says:

        Erm Huh? So some types of racism are less bad? Just depends on the history?

        I am an Irish national through my mother’s side

        My (protestant Irish republican from the north of the country) gran was refused board in London when she volunteered to fight the Nazis. ‘Mick scum’ was the term. She became an anti-aircraft gunner defending England and was finally given lodgings by a German woman with an English husband.

        The Irish famine saw the potato harvest exported to England by the latter while the Irish field workers starved to death. Not officially slaves, but not far away with the system of tenure.

        Not saying you have to like it

        We should not have to hear anyone say it. Not without the permission of everyone it’s directed at (certainly if the person using the term isn’t one).

        How f’n dare an Englishman I don’t know call me that. What next, paddy? Sing the famine song maybe? Maybe call my friends / colleagues the n-word?

        • weegingerdug says:

          I edited your comment – the remark I made in the blog post about not using the N-word under any circumstances applies to your comment too.

        • Fable says:

          And no travellers!,

        • Paul B says:

          “So some types of racism are less bad? ”
          Yes. Different groups experience different outcomes from the prejudice they face. That’s why it’s ok to light-heartedly rib other European nations. Racism doesn’t exist in a vacuum; it’s heavily contextual.

          This is obvious when you think about it. I don’t think people would have the same reaction to someone doing a French accent for laughs as they would to a comedy Indian or Chinese accent.
          Likewise I don’t mind if English pals make the odd joke about the jocks (though of course there’s a limit) – but that same language in Parliament, say, or from the mouth of your boss suddenly seems a lot less acceptable.

          “What next, paddy? Sing the famine song maybe? Maybe call my friends / colleagues the n-word?”
          You realise saying “What next” implies you know these things are worse than being called a “jock”? ‘Paddy’ is actually a really good example – the Irish have faced a much worse history of racism than the Scots (including discrimination in Scotland), so the word ‘Paddy’ is considered “worse” than ‘jock’, but not as bad as the n-word, which has its own baggage.
          It is reductionist to think we can just lay out a set of objective rules for the interaction of all races with all other races; it’s not a scientific issue. It’s a social issue, and a bloody complicated one at that.
          wow I wrote too much

          • scottish skier says:

            “So some types of racism are less bad? ”

            You may think racism is variably ok to bad, but I don’t. It is wrong in any form. We are not different. We are all the same. The only fundamental difference between peoples is geographical.

            That’s why it’s ok to light-heartedly rib other European nations

            This isn’t racism; the key is the word ‘Light heartedly’ which implies no malice or dislike. Although I note I don’t causally mock other peoples. Apart from say the French to my French wife.

            Likewise I don’t mind if English pals

            Also not racism. See above note on implicit permission. Mates tell each other to ‘f-off’ and call each other ‘d**ks’ in such ways. This clearly isn’t bad so isn’t racism.

            worse than being called a “jock”? ‘Paddy’ is actually a really good example

            I assume you don’t think it’s ok for you to call me ‘Paddy’ or ‘Jock’ without my agreement? Same for calling my wife a ‘Frog lol’, maybe a ‘French turd’? This would be racism and you’d be a total w**nker if you did that. Sure it’s wee bit short of enslavement, but that doesn’t make it less bad.

            All racism is bad. It is casual racism that leads to the extremes. Look what happened in Germany. Casual racism let to outright racism which in time led to gas chambers. The moment we let any form of racism become ‘ok’ is the moment the racists up the ante to see how far they can push it. If we give at all, they push again.

            So far, they’ve managed anti-immigrant mugs, a complete end to free movement and a developing economic catastrophe, all based primarily on racism. And do you know who’s already being blamed in earnest for it, aye, the ‘furriners’.

            You almost here the P45’s rolling out now as furlough ends. God help any EU workers still in the UK. They got it tight when unemployment was super low. What do people think will happen when it hits the roof? Gulp.

            • Paul B says:

              “This isn’t racism; the key is the word ‘Light heartedly’ which implies no malice or dislike.”
              I’m sorry, but that is not a meaningful distinction. You really don’t see how a lighthearted comment can be racist?
              “All racism is bad.”
              Your argument is a no-true-Scotsman: you’ve just defined “true” racism as only the really bad stuff and then said “all racism is bad”. It’s circular.

              • scottish skier says:

                No, you just made that up. I was quite clear. Racism is racism. Some types of racism are not ‘better than others’ as you argued.

                The outcomes of racism can vary in intensity, from casual derogatory comments to slavery, but it is fundamentally wrong, morally and in law.

                It’s a simple definition:

                prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.

                So for example, that defines Johnson as racist for the Section 30 refusal before we even consider past derogatory comments on scots and other races.

                My (protestant) Irish gran experience appalling racism in England simply being Irish; was no different to the treatment of blacks in the slave states at the same time. And she volunteered to fight for the British against the nazis. My father had the same racism and discrimination from British people on the west coast of Scotland for being of Scottish catholic origins. The same groups are fewer now, but still march the streets in their orange sashes. I’ve had direct casual racism from English / British people numerous times, both in Scotland and in England. Obviously this includes the PM of the UK.

                I can’t say any of this was sort of ok somehow ‘less bad / more ok’ as you argue.

                The same people are responsible. The hate is the same. All that’s different is the laws stopping them are tougher now than they were in my gran’s and then dad’s time.

                But that is not fixed. Racism is making a huge comeback in the UK. Hence e.g. my wife having to apply to England for permission to stay in her own Scottish home of 2 decades or face being deported.

                It’s why all EU folks are getting out while they still can, and have been since 2017 in their hundreds of thousands, including HGV drivers.

  11. Archie says:

    I have been called a “Nat-si” for expressing pro-independence views on social media. I take it its fine to call us derogatory names, but we have to be polite to them. Is that how it works?

    • scottish skier says:

      You don’t need to be polite to people throwing insults, but it makes them look bad to onlookers if you do. Which annoys the former even more.

      ‘Never Wrestle with a Pig. You Both Get Dirty and the Pig Likes It’

      The pig doesn’t like it if you refuse to get dirty I’ve found.

    • Me Bungo Pony says:

      Its not just Unionists that throw the Nat-si word about when referring to Indies. At least one allegedly pro-Indy Blog allows the use of the word Nazi to refer to SNP supporters …. but will delete your comment if you use the phrase “Tory Bedfellows” to describe those who attack them. Its a sad state of affairs.

  12. Bob Lamont says:

    Aye, a good summary of how ridiculous the UK has gotten, however..
    A leak over the PM’s instruction “don’t mention independence”, then this absurd Ofcom’s “Yoon” story, something smells distinctly off here…

  13. Arthur Thomson says:

    I have never taken offence at being called Jock. I am happy to be perceived as different from and by those who use the term.

    The term “Jocks” I find acceptable when it used positively but raises my hackles if used negatively. I take it as a challenge when used negatively, a challenge that I am always happy to rise to.

    It’s interesting to me that Scot and Scots are ready and positive abbreviations for Scottish but don’t work with many other collective/individual national names.

    • Hamish100 says:

      Just call me by my name. Hi Jock! is derogatory.

      So many ex army conditioned to accept being called Jock. It is not a badge of honour.

    • scottish skier says:

      The term is fine when used between ‘us jocks’ as this is taking back a derogatory term used against us and owning it. The same has happened with black people who have reclaimed the n-word for themselves. It’s a way of fighting back. I use the term jocks to remind people occasionally of the racism shown towards us.

      A non-jock using such terms towards ‘jocks’ without prior permission is unquestionably racist. It has second class citizen implications just as taffs, micks/paddies etc does. ‘You are not one of us!’.

      It’s like someone calling my wife a ‘Frog’ or a German colleague a ‘kraut’.

      If it’s not ok for a senior figure to use the term in a public speech, then it’s not ok.

      The reason people say ‘Jock is not that bad’ is because the UK is institutionally racist against Scottish, Irish and Welsh people. Casual racism directed at these by British/English people is dismissed as not really racism as ‘we are all British’ when we are not all British. I’m not the same nationality as a British / English person thanks. I’m Scottish and Irish.

      It’s very similar to the way the institutional racism by the likes of Winston Churchill is dismissed as ‘Things were different then – it was accepted’. Erm, no it wasn’t. When blacks and Irish (gran included) saw the signs in the windows telling them they were not wanted while being racially abused by the likes of Winston, they were not like ‘Och this is fine, it’s the early 1940’s, this is all part of the country’s rich history!’. Nope, Churchill was a racist just like my grandparents who were walking the same streets at the same time were not and abhorred racism. Churchill’s racism isn’t remotely forgivable.

      And a more general, but important point…

      The ultimate racism is ‘No section 30’. It is no different to ‘Blacks cannot vote!”. Scots are an ethnic / racial minority in the UK, with this even clearly defined by the equality act. Race is not about the colour of your skin, but about any social / national etc grouping.

      ‘No section 30’ is deeply ingrained anti-Scottish racism just like Brit orange marchers show to the Irish. It is ultimate show of racist hatred towards Scots as a people to attempt to deny them freedom and democracy by subjugation.

      And the current situation needs to be talked about for what it is. The quest for independence is no different to the black civil rights movement, nor the movement for Indian rights under Gandhi. It is the civil right of the Scottish people to freely choose how they are governed, and deeply racist of an English government to try and forcibly prevent that either in the courts, or by force of arms.

      You can tell a racist in the UK. Ask them if Scots should be able to freely choose independence without England’s permission. The racists answer no, the non-racists yes. It’s pretty much that simple.

    • Alec Lomax says:

      Same here (my maternal grandfather’s name was Jock) don’t mind ‘sweatie’ either, depends in the context but really for me it’s water off a duck’s back. What does get my back up is ‘Proud Scot’. This epithet was last used by a racist shouting at Sturgeon outside a polling station during the last Holyrood elections. Scratch a ‘Proud Scot’ and you’ll find the person’s knowledge of Scottish culture and history is as about as deep as a bird bath.

      • scottish skier says:

        Aye, personally I love it if English right-wingers use racist language towards Scots. As Tesco say, ‘Every little helps’ votes-wise. 🙂

  14. Dr Jim says:

    Although, there is a certain irony about wanting to call oneself Brit-ish, are they not sure? or just sort of, a bit, a tad?

  15. jfngw says:

    Well after Starmer’s ‘Blood-donor and soil speech’ what are we to do, did Ofcom consider yuun. His reference could be rephrased as ‘Just because Scots women voted to stay in the EU, they should accept their vote can be over-ruled by the people in England’. It sounds a bit blood and soil English nationalism to me, after all why would he just reference England and not the wider world.

  16. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Lib Dems stating they are willing to work with Gordon Brown on Commission on the Union.

    Is ‘news’ in the same way as the fact that it is ‘news’ that the Pope is a catholic.

    Starmer quoting from Brown ” As Gordon Brown said recently, when a Welsh or Scottish woman gives blood, she doesn’t demand an assurance that it must not go to an English patient”

    So news is that Scottish and Welsh women who donate blood do not demand assurance who gets and who does not get their donated blood as in anyone but the English ………………however what is NOT news via Keir Starmer courtesy of Gordon Brown is why no mention of donated blood via an English woman………why when using such an offensively bad example you single out Welsh and Scottish women while omitting English women (BritNat women aka Patriots in Scotland and Wales pool and share…their donated blood….or something ??? while it’s just so obvious re English women not being anti Welsh or Scottish it’s just so not worth mentioning in speech…as they are Patriots obvs…British ones…obvs)……

    Are you both (Starmer and Brown) saying in a less than subtle way (offensively) that there only exists a one way street in abuse/discrimination via those you call ‘Nats’ against English people …while your preferred type of person in UKnotOK i.e. patriots are , according to you, inclusive and respectful to all within UKnotOK……….also what do MALE blood donors within UKnotOK think about who does and does not get their donated blood ?????…..are British Patriots open to foreign people getting blood they donate aka British blood……or is there a division between Remainers and Brexiteers on this ???

    Forgetting conveniently that Brexit means Brexit though so……………….British jobs for British people and British blood too (only if Patriot though)….

    So if I have this right you need to be a British patriot and if you are a British patriot as in the Tory/Lib Dem/Labour preferred ‘type’ of person in UKnotOK…… then the sunlit uplands post Brexit will happen..eVEntUally because British patriotism equals guaranteed success in the new post Brexit Global Britain that Unionist parties will make happen in the FuTUre……if confused then just substitute with a slogan

    On plus side Starmer’s speech (and party) make me even more determined to get independence just as Boris J’s Tory party and Ed Davey’s Lib Dems do too……….confused not confused that Unionist political parties make distinctions between nationalities and nations within UKnotOK when it suits them while simultanously trying to con us all that we are all as one nation with no distinctions between us…..one nation aka not one nation.

  17. James Mills says:

    The Major from Fawlty Towers sums up a certain mind-set in the Empire-loving Brits , particularly in the Tory hierarchy .

    The episode where he was relating the confusion of an old female friend at an India v England cricket match :

    ”She kept referring to the Indians as N—— ! No , no ,no , I said ! The West Indians are N——–, these people are W—- !”

    This casual racism has not gone away . It has been muted somewhat through time , but lies just beneath the surface in too many .

    Boris Johnson’s oft reported remarks over the years when he has often displayed this off hand racism, including his attitude to the Scots shows a deep-seated , institutionalised problem .

    And yet he was elected , first as Mayor of London , then as an MP and now as PM . What an indictment of an electorate !

  18. Alex Clark says:

    This could have been said by any of the last three Tory Prime Ministers, Cameron, May or Johnson…

    As we set out on the next stage of our journey this is our vision: Britain leading the global economy – by our skills and creativity, by our enterprise and flexibility, by our investment in transport and infrastructure – a world leader in science; a world leader in financial and business services; a world leader in energy and the environment from nuclear to renewables; a world leader in the creative industries; and yes – modern manufacturing too – drawing on the talents of all to create British jobs for British workers.

    The last sentence gives it away of course, it was Brown’s first speech to the Labour conference as Prime Minister in 2007.


    Tory or Labour Prime Minister? They all look the same to me!

    • grizebard says:

      We might easily conclude that Broon is an inherent conservative who could only climb the greasy pole of political advancement through the (itself rather conservative) “Scottish” Labour Party. (Or was it its perennial poor relation, the Coop Party?) And the irony is, that when he finally achieved the zenith of his career as PM, he didn’t have a clue what to do with it. (Reference Polly Toynbee.)

      And now, of course, he’s once again happy to assure us that he’s somehow going to usher in a new era of UK federalism. Just like he said he would do back in 2014. All of which somehow escaped him when he was actually in charge.

      He may be seriously in need of a reality adjustment, but we ain’t.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Other 4 by 2s are available…

      • Alex Clark says:

        It was his continual use of the term “world leader” in that speech that really gave him away together with that old chestnut so beloved of Brexiteers, “British jobs for British workers”.

        So much for the “Internationalist” Brown vs the narrow minded “Nationalist” supporters of Independence!

        • grizebard says:

          IIRC, there was a mug to go with it. (And I’m not referring to anyone who believed his guff.) It was a particularly inept example of Broonite Labour trying to appease the more-atavistic attitudes of a swathe of its voters in England whilst simultaneously mounting its self-erected high moral pulpit to lecture we base Scots on the evils of “nationalism”.

          In the event, it failed with both. Everyone was alienated. If you create a political pigsty, it’s the funkiest who prosper most, hence Farage and everything that followed. Not Labour, not Broon. He just gave it all a helpful push-start. As for us, we can readily see it’s a pathetic kind of internationalism that for Labour has always stopped at Dover.

          • scottish skier says:

            And we all remember this of course from ‘progressive’, ahem, Scottish Labour ((c) Sir Keir) in response to crippling Tory austerity.


            Lamont calls for end to ‘something for nothing’ culture

            Labour leader Johann Lamont has signaled a policy shift by calling for an end to a “something for nothing” culture.

            • Not-My-Real-Name says:

              And not forgetting Rachel Reeves who said :

              ” Labour would be tougher than the Conservatives in reducing the benefits bill and would not seek to represent those out of work”.

              NeW nEw LAboUR…….poundshop Tories.

              New New Labour policy on Tories….if you can’t beat ’em …..JOIN ’em !

  19. Capella says:

    From The National – BBC accused of parroting anti independence tropes.

    THE BBC has been accused of “lazily parroting anti-independence tropes” after it reported that Labour would need to win seats in Scotland in order to take power in Westminster.

    In one example, during a segment offering analysis of the Labour conference, the BBC reported: “Labour is very important for Scotland, and perhaps more importantly Scotland is very important for Labour.

    “If Labour do not start recovering seats in Scotland in a big way it is very unlikely that any Labour leader is going to get into Downing Street.

    “That was one of the lessons of the 2017 General Election – it was also one of the lessons of the 2019 General Election.”

    In fact, if Labour had won every single Scottish seat in the 2019 vote, the Tories would have had 359 MPs and Labour 260, giving Boris Johnson a comfortable majority.


    What the BBC are parroting is a Scottish Fabians paper arguing that Keir Starmer should pay more attention to Scotland because he needs Scottish seats to win a majority. We know this isn’t true but when did that prevent Labour from saying it?


  20. Dr Jim says:

    Now that there’s a majority in favour of YES to Independence in the Scottish parliament meaning the efforts of the opposition are as pointless as the opposite situation the Tories enjoy in Westminster the Tories of each colour in Holyrood have gone completely insane with hatred, so much so I never in my life since the re establishment of the Scottish parliament have heard so many points of order raised by the opposition then turned into whole lengthy speeches of complaint for the BBC to record and play back if and when required, and the main reason I mention this at all is because most of these interventions are in fact not procedural points of order at all yet they are being allowed to proceed with their whole diatribe of complaint before the useless wimp of a Presiding Officer who doesn’t seem to understand the function of Presiding Officer Allyson *flustering* Johnson, draws an end to their endless mouthing off

    • That’s racist hatred of Scottish people for you. While all in that chamber live in Scotland, some of them don’t nationally identify as that, but instead as British first and foremost, with Scottish just a regional identity to them.

      It’s very much like you see from many on the Spanish right towards Catalan people, including in Catalonia itself, i.e. ‘Catalans are anti-Spanish racists!’ etc.

      The old trope that Scottish people / indy supporters are ‘anti-English’ is the epitome of this deeply ingrained anti-Scottish hatred by some Brits / English.

      To tar an entire people (and Scots born / identifying did vote Yes in 2014) with such an unfounded slur is the very definition of racism. ‘Scots are anti-English’ is exactly the same as ‘Muslims are evil terrorists’ or ‘Jews are misers!’. Anyone saying the former, undoubtedly, projecting their own anti-Scottish racism onto Scots just as Freud described. Just like any racist does; they project their own hate and negative traits onto another people.

      The only way you could say such a thing about an entire people is if you really hate them. And the fact British politicians do get away with saying it is because the UK state is institutionally racist against the smaller ethnic minority Scots, Welsh and Irish people. It’s why derogatory nicknames exist for these when there’s not one for English people. The pecking order in ‘Scotsman, Englishman and Irishman’ jokes was always English at the top, Scots in the middle (but tight) with the Irish idiots. Anti-Irish jokes are still around and people feel free to say them when they’d think twice these about such jokes about black people or Jews.

      Of course most folks in the other countries of the UK are not anti-Scots. You can tell these, as they are the ones that say ‘Independence is up to Scots’, they will typically be those on the moderate left and liberal side of the spectrum, often in complete opposition to the supposedly left and liberal Labour party itself. It’s the same in Spain where the moderate centre left are much more conciliatory towards Catalonian self-governance, and many Spanish voters of that leaning are fine with Catalans deciding their own future, even if they’d personally like to see continued union. Contrast that with the right-wing hate marches in Madrid calling for Catalan leaders to be strung up; something the British Orange order are just one step away from here with regard to the SNP.

      It’s an easy check on Starmer. The fact that he seem to thinks an iref would be his decision as an Englishman means he’s a racist right-winger. You have to hate the Scottish people to think like that. Anyone who respects and likes the people of Scotland would not hesitate to say ‘Independence is their decision, and theirs alone’.

  21. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Millionaire Tory Donor who failed in bid to become MSP is to be made a Lord and appointed as a Scottish office minister under Alister Jack……Malcolm Offord is his name……spoke out in 2016 for Vote Leave and donated to Michael Gove ……all roads lead to Gove you know.

    Should be hold the front page in Scotland…..surely.

    This is just getting better and better……..for the masochists who roam among us that is !!!…mere mortals are demented and raging……

    • stewartb says:

      What value democracy?

      Notwithstanding this, Offord is the author a rather interesting, perhaps unexpected, article written in April, 2021 for Policy Exchange.

      For those here interested in policy issues around government debt and deficit, in the advantages of nation-states having their own currency etc. it’s worth a read. Offord’s main (Unionist/Better Together) point is that the international status of Sterling as a currency should be weaponised in the cause of saving the Union. It’s other bits that are notable.

      Offord’s article includes this: “.. it’s time now to slay some of .. old Tory dogmas and dispel these ingrained myths of post-war economics”. Here is just one example of the four ‘dogmas’ he discusses:

      “Dogma number one: that government deficits are bad. By Newton’s 3rd law, if the government is in deficit, some-one-else must be in surplus. So, who is the government’s counter party? Answer: we the people. So how can we the people being in surplus be a bad thing? Answer: only if the government spends its deficit on things which don’t benefit we the people. If it spends its deficit on good and worthwhile things that benefit us like our health, our pensions, our defence, our economy, our education, our jobs, our housing and our environment, how can that be a bad thing?”

      See https://policyexchange.org.uk/why-sterling-is-the-uks-silver-bullet/

    • Dr Jim says:

      Prima Nocte coming to a village near us *soon*

  22. scottish skier says:

    My local coop forecourt had all fuels with the normal traffic today, as it’s had throughout this ‘crisis’.

    A couple of diesel pumps out, but then tankers normally supplying Scotland are trying to fix the shortage in England, so causing some Scots garages to run dry even where demand has remained normal. If a forecourt has all fuels on offer, it won’t get refills while others have none, especially with competition laws suspended to allow coordinated deliveries to the worst hit areas.


    Petrol driver shortage: No improvement in supplies, say retailers

  23. Dr Jim says:

    I’m in Bishopbriggs and the busiest refueling (because it’s the cheapest) is the ASDA shopping centre, there was a queue on the first day only but even that was only for a short time then it all settled down to normal and I haven’t seen any queuing anywhere else either, I was out shopping again today and there were only a couple of vehicles filling up as normal with no one waiting

    There are dire warnings however that a Jellied Eel shortage is about to hit London because the Eel Cockle and Whelk pickers are stuck in traffic waiting for petrol, there will be blood on the floor of the Queen Vic, mayhem will ensue and even weddings and special events cancelled

    That’s just banter by the way from us Haggis munchers to the slimy Eel gobblers, goose gander old chaps

  24. gullaneno4 says:

    My dear wife never used to swear, too well brought up.
    Nowadays she cannot say the words Brexit, Boris Johnson or Tory without dropping the F bomb first

  25. yesindyref2 says:

    An interesting article by our new overlord at the Jockland Orifice:

    “How to turbo-charge Scotland’s economy”


    For instance he’s one of the very few who really understands the Barnett Formula, and provides THE best concise definition and then advantages (first two are causes for its formulation way back) I’ve read:

    In essence, the Barnett Formula calculates devolved budgets by using the previous year’s budget as a starting point, and then adjusts based on increases or decreases in comparable spending per head in England.

    The main advantages of this formula are (i) it helps to depoliticise the process of setting devolved budgets by removing the need for protracted annual negotiations; (ii) it ensures relative stability and predictability each year; and (iii) the lack of ring-fencing gives the devolved administrations the autonomy to choose their own spending priorities.

    The rest of his article is interesting, and I wonder if he’ll change his mind and meekly submit in office.

    Not someone to underestimate. From our point of view “Sharp as a knife” Bowie would have been safer.

    • Golfnut says:

      The starting point is how many responsibilities are devolved to each of the 3 separate administrations, NI comes top of the list, Scotland in the middle and Wales with the least powers devolved. NI receives the most per capita, Scotland second and Wales again the tail.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Well, I might start a list of people I want after a YES vote – and with that article and understanding, and the article linked by Stewartb, Offord is high on the list, We’ll have to kidnap him and force him to live back in Scotland. Perhaps he can start a proper Conservative party in Scotland while he’s at it.

        Meanwhile of course he’s a Lord Nob, kind of like Lord Brocket. Boo hiss.

    • scottish skier says:

      The main advantages of this formula are (i) it helps to depoliticise the process of setting devolved budgets by removing the need for protracted annual negotiations; (ii) it ensures relative stability and predictability each year; and (iii) the lack of ring-fencing gives the devolved administrations the autonomy to choose their own spending priorities.”

      He doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about at all, which isn’t really a surprise from a Tory website. 🙂

      For me, the current way some Scots taxes are allocated back to Scotland by England is very unstable, making it basically impossible for Holyrood to plan long term. Something the Scottish government very much agree on. UK budgets with sweeping changes are announced willy nilly at the whim of downing street with huge implications for Scotland’s budget. There are countless historical examples of this, e.g.


      Plans for Scottish government budget delayed

      Details of Scottish public spending plans for next year are to be delayed by several months.

      The Scottish government normally publishes its draft budget in September.

      But the finance department said the 2016-17 proposals will not be produced until after the UK government’s spending review in late November.

      That means it could be early January before Finance Secretary John Swinney makes a statement to Parliament.

      Every time the chancellor pops up with another one, or says he plans to make changes, so Katy Forbes has to re-write hers or wait around for Sunak to do so, so she can. Central allocation also causes friction as devolved governments complain they are not getting enough of their own taxes back while others complain some are getting too much. The problem is compounded by the UK government calling spending on English projects ‘UK spending’ so there are no consequential and the arguments / uncertainties in budgets that creates.

      This is why other unions / federations don’t use the centralized ‘unitary state’ approach. Instead, they work by member full fiscal autonomy with these managing their own cash, but then paying a federal / union contribution. In the EU, this is done by member state governments paying ‘membership fees’, in federations, citizens often pay a federal tax on top of state taxes.

      The best way to resolve all the problems about devolved funding would be full fiscal autonomy, including complete control of all taxes and revenues generated within territorial lands / waters. This would allow for much more stable long term budgeting.

      A union membership fee could then paid to the union government, with this negotiated on a one country one vote approach. I imagine if the Europeans can do it, so can the brits.

      But as Scotland is a net contributor to the UK in terms of revenues, this will never happen.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Offord knows exactly what he’s talking about. Barnett was introduced in the 70s, long before devolution, and was used to calculate the money spent on Scotland (and Wales and Northern Ireland). It was kept for devolution when it was and is used for the block grant.

        Pre-Barnett – in the 70s and before, the Secretary of State for Scotland would negotiate for increases to the budget spent for Scotland. Even pre-oil, more was allocated because of the relatively higher cost of providing services, due to our geography and much lower population density. Every year it was a long protracted battle,, specialy if the SoS was a dutiful one, and surprisingly, some were. As Offord says, Barnett removed those negotiations – mostly. And, in terms of the UK Gov Cabinet, helps provide some stability.

        There was still spending outside Barnett, and some spending is deemed all-UK and that causes fights as that is often debatable. Scotland for instance is still expected to pay towards HS2 – not the full 8.2% but less than 5% possibly 3% I can’t remember. Yet the economic report on HS2 found it would take away from the economies of the “regions”. That should be the battleground over HS2 – that Scotland pays too much, not that it is deducted a full share – it just isn’t. Similar for Crossrail where Scotland received a large “bung” and only pays / paid a share, if the project went over budget.

        I do suspect Offord got that somewhere else, possibly a House of Commons paper, I can’t remember. Perhaps, like me, he does his research.

        • scottish skier says:

          I would agree it made some sense pre-devolution, but now now. Barnett was designed for a single government unitary state where departments (e.g. Scottish office) under the full control of the government of the day were allocated budgets, not for a partially decentralised devolved set up.

          In the pre-devo days, it was a Tory Scottish office negotiating a Scottish budget with Tories. It was a government negotiating with itself. Not a lot of scope of fall outs there. Certainly not compared to an SNP devolved government arguing with an English Tory one.

          The problem now is devolved governments have control over some spending, but little to know control over income collection. At the same time, voters are asking them to purse policies often in opposition to the spending priorities of the UK government.

          If the Scottish government were Tory or even unionist, things might be easier (in the past labour gave money back to london labour) but now Scotland has a centre-left pro-indy / pro-EU government and a hard right English nationalist purse holder, and one that keeps moving the goalposts. That makes long term plans for Holyrood impossible budget-wise, as Scotland’s budget is constantly being changed by someone else with a very different tax and spend view. The same people also keep moving the trade and economic goalposts around. So you can invest e.g. billions in improving trade links with the EU, with plans to encourage more skilled workers from there, only to have brexit suddenly enforced on you, meaning years worth of time and investment goes down the drain.

          Full fiscal autonomy gets around a lot of these problems, with the arguments then reduced to all members agreeing what the exact contribution to the union pot will be from each the next few years, often with this based on their GDP and population, you pay per capita and if you are prospering, you pay more. Also, decisions like Brexit become fair ones, where it would need a majority of member states supporting to have gone ahead.

          Instead we have a mess which is helping along the break up of the UK be constantly causing budgetary and policy conflicts.

          • yesindyref2 says:

            Well, now you’re talking.

            From our point of view the only solution to a Barnett formula which has long outlived any fairness for Scotland is – INDEPENDENCE.

            I could actually write a 45 page paper in an hour or two on a far far better replacement for Barnett which would greatly reduce the unfairness and complaints and give rise to a far more needs based system which would possibly head off YES for another generation or three – one having passed already since 2014.

            But hey, I’m not going to do that 🙂

            • scottish skier says:

              LOL. I’m sure I could beat you for page length on one of my national identity and Yes support polls!

          • grizebard says:

            Point well made.

            Besides their inexplicable resistance to any reform that would actually strengthen their precious Union, Unionists of all shades abhor FFA above all because it would make the financial relationship between Scotland and England transparent to all. Which would end their arrant Unionsplaining at a stroke and put their own fossilisation under even more of a challenge.

  26. Dr Jim says:

    Tories always understand much more than the rest of us

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Well, the Tories have a simple majority of 82 – in spite of BoJo being a failed trapeze artist, a recognisable clown and a generally accepted liar. I hope Mhairi Black doesn’t think about Offord “He’s only a Tory”. Great soundbite; completely losing strategy.

      Never underestimate the other side. Unless it’s Starmer of course in which case it’s a sheer impossibility to do so.

    • scottish skier says:

      Yes, brexit has demonstrated, beyond doubt, Tory economic expertise.

      I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve said over the years since brexit fever began that ‘You won’t need to build a wall / introduce tough immigration rules. Just tell them ‘go back to where you came from’ by voting for brexit and they’ll go. And completely as predicted, net EU migration started falling off a cliff the day after the Leave vote and finally went negative in the last couple of years to give net mass emigration.

      People don’t come to countries that don’t want them, not unless they are fleeing abject poverty, starvation, guns and bombs etc so have no choice.

      It doesn’t take an expert in economics / human geography to work that out. Anyone that did not predict the mass exodus of skill EU workers that was obviously going to happen with a hard end of free movement brexit should be nowhere near government.

      200,000 left in 2020 according to recent figures. That’s 548 a day or 5k every 9 days.

      So even if 5k were stupid enough to move here for long bread and fuel ration queues, unless they all made here in 9 days, their arrival would still mean a net negative loss of workers. They will pass their own countryfolk fleeing the UK at the new border posts where they might be deported if they are not able to ‘show their papers’.

      Which is what happens with Tories running the economy.

  27. Alex Clark says:

    This poll can only be described as good news, for Independence that is, not so the Scottish branch office of the Labour party.

    According to the poll by Public First, an even bigger majority of ‘English identifiers’ – 72% – want laws that only apply in England to be made by MPs elected in England. 64% of all English voters, including ‘British identifiers’, thought the same.

    English Labour Network, who commissioned the poll, said that it showed that Labour might start to win voters back by promising to stand up for English interests.

    They suggested making sure that Labour names England when talking about England, publishing a manifesto for England, and devolving more powers within England.


    • scottish skier says:

      Independence for England!

      • Dr Jim says:

        The colonizers discuss more ways of preventing colonization of their own country while maintaining their dictatorial colonization of others without the slightest hint of irony guilt or shame

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, more “writing on the wall”. The political tectonic plates are slowly moving the two countries apart, and no amount of wishful thinking from PSBs or Federal Broon is going to prevent it.

      It will be richly ironic though if the English conclude the Union is a dead parrot before a majority of Scots do.

  28. Alex Clark says:

    The right wing Tory cheerleaders that write the Guido Fawkes blog are celebrating a picture of empty shelves in a Brussels supermarket posted on twatter with the headline EXPLAIN THIS REMAINERS


    It turns out that that there is no reason for celebrating as supermarket giant Carrefour has logistical problems with deliveries due to a strike by Carrefour warehouse workers in Belgium. No doubt they will be along with another lie soon to replace this one.


  29. scottish skier says:

    Erm the current rate is a loss of ~3850 key workers a week based on 2020 figures, and that was before free movement ended. Since the UK government announced that 5000 HGV drivers could get a temporary visa ending at Christmas, another 3300 skilled workers have fled the UK. The exit gates are packed with them.


    UK Government could allow 1000 foreign butchers into UK amid Christmas shortage fears

    By tomorrow evening, UK will be another 1000 skilled key workers down before the above have even had time to decide they don’t want to come as the wages + T&C’s are much better in Europe. You can also buy petrol there.

  30. The most irritaing label for me is seperatist.Indepence for me is about Scotland joining the rest of the world.The very opposite of a seperatist

    • grizebard says:

      Interesting observation, and couldn’t agree more. The term is perhaps more revealing about its users than they realise, though, since it is implicitly egotistical. Separating only from their oh-so-precious selves and their suffocating self-regard.

    • scottish skier says:

      I’ve noticed a lot less use of that term since brexit. After all, the British remain campaign used it a lot against the ‘separatist leavers’, and then the ‘separatists’ won. So it’s kindae hard for the pro-UK camp to use it now because indy is arguably Scotland simply trying to reverse brexit.

      I note since my last post, another 70 or so skilled workers have left the UK permanently. It’s around 23 per hour. Quite possibly one or more of them were a butcher or an HGV driver looking for visa-free work in the EU on a better salary with lower hours, a pension etc. For HGV drivers, who are often paid by the mile, the EU is particularly attractive due to the fact you can fill up with diesel there freely, rather than having to queue for hours for your ration in the UK.

      • I scanned the Blahs in France Germany Spain and Italy. No food shortages, no energy price hike, no HGV driver shortages, no mention of England and Brexit.
        We are held colonial prisoners in our own country by a militarily enforced English Government.
        The Scots who front our broadcasts, and fill news columns are collaborating with a foreign government to keep their fellow countrymen in slavery and enforced poverty.
        Come Independence will they skedaddle back to the Motherland?

  31. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Know this is too long….scroll past if cannae be bothered, reads badly or seems boring/pointless…..if I had not written it myself then I too might have ignored it/scrolled past it …..honestly….hopefully no harm done as none intended……cheers.

    There are people very popular on social media who are anti Brexit , anti Tory , anti Brexit party, anti right wing papers, anti Laurence Fox etc etc…..you get the picture.

    A lot of people I know read their Twitter accounts…..they are so called ‘liberal’ minded Remainers.

    People like Otto English, James O’Brien, Femi and many t’others.( Let’s not talk about Labour fanboy Ian Dunt).

    They have railed against Brexit pre and since 2016……

    They come over as reasonable and their opinions seem measured and well informed.

    For them all there is a constant theme re their negative opinions on Tories ( Brexit ones) , also on those individuals who support Brexit and who are given an undeserved platform on dubious programmes, also right wing journalists and their newspapers and obvs Brexit itself.

    If you follow their accounts you will note that there are very FEW instances when they openly criticise the Labour party and they also mostly fail to criticise the so called ( by themselves) ‘most remain party in the UK’ i.e. the Liberal Dems party…..NOT….you will also note how out of touch (disinterested) that they are on/in Scottish politics.

    I remember James O’Brien tweeting in the past that Ruth Davidson was not that bad….not sure what he based this observation on….but fortunately a lot of Scots enlightened him to the fact that the opposite was the case and he was gracious enough to concede he was unaware of these facts….so why comment on something not totally clued up on ?……he also commended DRoss when he resigned his meaningless post in Scottish office supposedly over Cummings fiasco. O’Brien tweeted “Respect” and also stated on a separate tweet something along the lines of at last a Tory with morals……..unfortunately there was not enough wipes to wipe the egg of Mr O’Brien’s face when shortly after DRoss …unchallenged….was appointed successor to JCarlaw …. as new Tory leader in Scotland aka chief deflector for HQ party in branch office…..DRoss resignation coincidence or planned…you decide…I have…….O’Brien’s political judgement was sadly lacking in this instance as he forget the mantra “Never Trust a Tory”.(Carlaw (who had held the post for a mere 6 wks before ….supposedly ResiGnIng …..when post abandoned by Davidson as her HOL ascendancy was pre planned).

    Otto English often states he hates all nationalism…..it’s a disease apparently according to him. Otto and James however fail to mention/highlight the obvious ‘British’ nationalism being endorsed/embraced by Keir Starmer’s New New Labour ……his regular use of Butchers Apron when making speeches / political broadcasts and indeed the car crash interview by New New Labour Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs….. where Nandy on Newsnight recently stated ” No appetite from either side for Freedom of Movement”…..neither O’Brien or English showed the video doing the rounds on her saying this…..Nandy is also one of those New New Labour MP’s who thinks we should make the best of Brexit…….so the fact is that most in New New Labour have accepted Brexit while simultanously have failed to highlight the many negatives/impacts of Brexit……indeed like the Tories they just want us all to move on as part of the farcical fantasy that is the so called Global Britain………(nb. Otto English also retweeted a Brian Spanner tweet recently…..I rest my case)….so O;Brien and English are at odds with their political party of choice are they not.

    Femi and his people’s vote who came to Scotland to try to convince those already convinced, via a majority of 62%, that Brexit was bad and thus we needed a second EU Vote ……and he did it on the same day there was an Indy march in Scotland……bad timing…..or just oblivious to it….you decide….Femi promotes PR system to oust Tory dominance , as unlike Scotland, he and his countrymen , do not have an alternative party such as the SNP or worthy cause like Independence to ensure possibility of getting back into EU……unfortunately for Femi he may be disappointed at the lack of support from mainstream parties to embrace PR and indeed to rejoin the EU …..he is though not a bad chap….but understandably he focuses more on the politics of England than up North North aka Scotland.

    These people also pre 2019 GE were telling people to vote for Lib Dems (under Jo Swinson) and also endorsed Remain Tories like Dominic Grieve, Rory Stewart ,Anna Soubry and David Gauke……as if they were now to be seen as ‘good’ Tories…. all because they opposed Brexit…..but look what they did in David Cameron’s Govt…what they voted for….one example…’Austerity’…(oh and were all anti Scottish independence and in HOC were not averse to trying to belittle SNP MP’s like current ones)…as too did Lib Dems in Tory/Lib Dem coalition….but somehow that was inconsequential as they were Remainers ….on same side as ‘liberal’ minded Remainers like English,O’Brien etc.(these ‘liberal’ minded Remainers even laud war criminal Blair…all because he opposed Brexit and …and…rate and retweet Gordon Brown uber BT liar pre / post 2014 but then he supports Remain so….same side so good guy)

    Now these ‘Liberal’ minded Remainers realise the game is up as far as the scavenger party the Lib Dems ever actually winning outright any future elections and they, the Lib Dems, did prove, via Swinson, how selective they are with whom they are willing to form a coalition with

    So for ‘liberal’ minded Remainers as a last roll of the dice they have Starmer’s New New Labour as their party of choice….not Corbyn…they hated him as too left wing for them and YAWN anti Semitic too……but this is , they think, their last hope to get rid of the Tories in their England.(also wait till they, the ‘liberal’ minded Remainers, find out the new Lib Dem branch office leader A C Hamilton in Scotland is prepared to work with the Tories in Scotland……that’ll be a wake up call worth witnessing …unless they choose to conveniently IGNORE it ).

    Why am I writing this you may wonder…what relevance does this have to independence in Scotland?

    Well one thing is that these people highlight irony and hypocrisy on Brexit itself and also those who support it…..but they fail to constantly highlight the very same things when tis Lib Dem and Labour who are negligent and AWOL on all things Brexit…….and indeed on Scotland’s right to decide it’s future based on the now exposed broken promises and lies that were made by Labour, Tories and Lib Dems in 2014.

    Also on political commentary they are considered opinion makers and are respected by many……so come IndyRef2 ….Will they come down on the side of us who want independence or will they be on the same side as those that they have spent the last 5 plus years dismissing, mocking and being enraged by. Will they be on the same Lib Dem and Labour platforms……making the (non) case for the Union and blaming Brexit alone for potential break up of their UKnotOK…as if everything pre 2016 in Indy movement did not happen….the JK Rowling pre 2014 analogy of a partner giving one last chance to who ? ….the tormentor…dominant overpowering partner….indeed there may be, via other peeps, a resurfacing of this analogy…..not through her as her argument now completely destroyed and even she is intelligent enough to know divorce is now best option ( was best option then too i.e. in 2014)….file as #FailureOnReconciliation.

    We all know who we are currently up against in our fight to get Independence but watch out for these people and t’other ‘liberal’ minded Remainers who are currently revered by many and considered honest and objective as they will more than likely target the soft ‘No’s next time….see if they are given a media platform to sway some Scot’s opinions just as uber Brexiteers were given a media platform before 2016 EU Ref…….because the alternative for them is perhaps an eternity of Tory uber right wing government’s lead by people like Johnson, Gove and t’others in an isolated insular England……and that is something they will fight very very hard to prevent…..and we need to be prepared for them and ready to counter their arguments with SAME arguments they have used these past few years to fight British Nationalism/Brexit mania that resulted in Brexit ….a policy Scots voted against by a majority.

    Sorry had to get this out……..been bugging me and may be a red herring but currently these people have a big following……..but they can be just as hypocritical as those they currently fight against….as in Tories and Brexiteers…….beware of those bearing false hope and promises especially those who have a vested interest in keeping Scotland within UKnotOK……

    If nothing else …I may be wrong they may support us……BUT….they are enamoured with Unionist political parties like Lib Dems and Labour as they have no other choice (Greens not considered by them as a winning viable option in a lot of constituencies)…so will be interesting …..or taxing…..what’s new !

    So many battles to fight…and I choose this…..still…..we are all on the same side and all want the same thing on here…….and it’s ours for the taking for sure.

    • Statgeek says:

      The Tories don’t need to convince Scots to vote Tory more, or to keep voting Tory. They just need middle England to.

    • Loved this, NMRN.

      BBC Scotland is a tawdry little Kirk parish magazine level broadcaster.
      Don’t watch any of this rubbish any more.

      Scotland is shite, apparently.
      Sarwar, Dross, and Coal-Scuttle, and Brit Tories, working for their English Masters.

      The game’s up.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Hi Jack how you doing ?..well I hope.

        Want a laugh…just listened to part of an interview on Twitter with Sebastian Payne and Nick Cohen…..

        Payne said…..Scots Tories got 17 Tory MP’s in 2017 GE ( was 13).

        Also said they NOW have 10 MP’s ( they have 6)

        And….42% voted for Leave in EU Ref. in Scotland ( obvs was 38%).

        And…the SNP are a partition party…….will it catch on…care not a jot…..the more insults they throw the more they damage their side…….desperate times call for desperate measures aka lies ,misinformation and insults as they are patently deficient on truth , facts and politeness.

        And he, Payne, is the WHITEHALL Editor for FT…..proving point that as far as Scotland is concerned no need to research FACTS just get info from Fake news source….aka…Unionist party…..he should have stayed on Whitehall…safe patch…..and not stray into ‘unknown territory’

        New film idea….Clueless in Whitehall sequel to Clueless in Seattle.

        NB. NONE of these ‘Facts’ contradicted by Cohen…quelle surprise……..

        THIS is the standard of churnalist in UKnotOK……….dire.

        ( It was on Johnny Dundee’s Twitter a/c if you want a listen courtesy of another tweeter)

        • Still ranting, NMRN.
          Thanks for asking.
          To quote the English Bard;- ‘Now is the winter of our discontent’.
          Sarwar has nowhere to go now that Starmer has resurrected Blair’s neo liberal new conservative Thatcherism.
          Is anyone still backing Labour Up Here?

    • grizebard says:

      You show me someone who “hates all nationalism” and I’ll show you a typical self-entitled unreconstructed Labour supporter. The very phrase is a tell. A sweeping dismissal that in the case of Scottish independence (which is invariably the context within which it is uttered) completely dodges the crucial fact that it’s the SNP which is self-evidently open-minded and internationalist whereas Starmer Labour is already fatally compromised over Brexit and no more international-minded than the average English drawbridge-lifter whose vote they hope to get back. (While they’re simultaneously still patronising them in private when not in public.)

      Yes, the exceptionalist hypocrisy of the typical media Guardianista, happy to have fine principles except when their self-regard is threatened by the unfortunate reality of Scots wanting to see those principles put into action in their case. The pundits’ level of detachment, ignorance and instinctive antagonism tells its own story for any willing to hear.

      And there lies the J.K. Rowling Challenge: how to update your marriage counselling advice in the light of subsequent events? To honourably and publicly recognise the unpalatable reality or to cravenly remain silent or even double-down on denial of the self-evident abuse for the sake of the abuser? A real test of your character awaits, dear author (and friends)…

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Spot on grizebard and well argued….hope you are well.

        Yes the media Guardianista are only too willing to go to their safe place and adopt the tried and tested Three wise Monkeys position when New New Labour spout off about Bwitish Jobs for Bwitish workers………Bwitish blood for Bwitish women…..not for the men though…strange…..Brexit for the Bwitish…….principles Schmniciples…….principles adopted when convenient for them to rail against you and your position and then easily cast off when their favoured political party goes awry and go all Bwitish nationalist or as we say up here ….all Red Tory……..rule of thumb for the media Guardianista is that if you don’t acknowledge it then apparently it didn’t happen and does not exist…or something….evidently.

        “the J.K. Rowling Challenge: how to update your marriage counselling advice in the light of subsequent events” ?……an awful analogy by her in 2014 considering recent events …….also now proven to be as fanciful as the books she writes…..however as expected no repercussions for her Nostradamus prediction from those supportive of the Union as they , to save face, have deluded themselves into believing the nonsense she prophesised has come true……perhaps they frequent the alternative universe…..but really there is no perhaps about it.

    • CP says:

      I often listen to James O’Brien on LBC and enjoy his slating of the current Tory government, however he has a blind spot when it comes to Scottish Independence.

      He seems to think he (and the rest of England) should have a say given that he will be losing a part of his citizenship, ie the part that allows him to come here anytime he likes and he can’t class Scotland as part of the country he lives in – or words to that effect.

      Thankfully the last couple of times he’s discussed this on his show, every caller from Scotland has put him right with even a few English callers saying it should be up to those living here to decide.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Hi CP…..yes Mr O’Brien conveniently/intentionally forgets he and his counterparts have spent the last 5 years plus highlighting the corruption , cronyism and mismanagement courtesy of the UKnotOK Govt……..also identifying their lack of democracy, fairness and compassion also he regularly highlights the Tory supporting/friendly corrupt media …….he would also be better focusing on the many missed opportunities via the main opposition at WM who seem to have a unhealthy habit of focusing inward via conflict within their party in times of many a Tory instigated crisis…..Missing in Inaction….thus perhaps an answer as to why the electorate in England are less than impressed with Labour….Scotland cottoned onto that much much sooner.

        His confusion/concern is unwanted and a tad disingenuous…… so until he learns more and perhaps stops selfishly thinking of the impact on him and more about the bigger picture from a Scottish, and also the many new Scot’s, perspective then personally his lack of support, objections and over all (mis) understanding makes him indistinguishable from those right wingers he currently chastises and condemns…….same old same……just wrapped up in different packaging.

        Fool Britannia
        Britannia waives the rules
        Britain never never never will be SAVED…..#UKending

        Have a nice day CP

  32. Dr Jim says:

    It’s all about the tactics

    How do you sicken voters of the notion of Scottish Independence? well one way as demonstrated yesterday in Holyrood is for the opposition to say the word *Independence* as much and as often as possible then blame it on the SNP who barely mentioned it at all because the opposition did it 49 times in one afternoon, you’ve heard the phrase they use *banging on about Independence*

    Four opposition parties to the Scottish government, and no, one of them isn’t the Greens, it’s the unelected BBC STV and print media who are combined as one opposition, if you were to ask folk what they would like reported on the news I’d put money on the notion that most people would like to hear or see all aspects of what’s happening in their country, and that includes good news as well as bad, or even neutral news, but what we are subjected to in Scotland is a monstrous and constant barrage of the negative, and all reported with a link or responsibility to either the Scottish government or the FM personally

    Here’s a BBC well practiced tactic most folk don’t know about, the vox pop or the random person in the street interview, which by the way are never ever random, for what you hear or see is the result of many many stops by the camera crew and interviewer until they illicit the required opinion and result they wish to present, and one part of this strategy by the BBC in particular is their promotion of Scottish racism towards English people by interviewing as many English sounding voices as they can because *this tactic winds up the Nats* or so they hope thereby cementing the Unionist propaganda that Scots are anti English when of course most of us are not, we’re just anti stupid propaganda used to insult our intelligence, so if you happen to be English and have no particular political agenda be aware that the BBC use the sound of your voice to create the idea of anti English racism, even though all you might have complained about was some uncollected bin at the end of your street by the time you appear on the BBC with your wee story it will have been added to a whole different story about the horrors inflicted upon Scotland by Nicola Sturgeon personally

    This weeks new Covid app is the perfect example of the unelected BBC Scotland political party’s solidarity with the Conservative and Unionist party or Labour or even the Liberal Democrat guy
    “Some people can’t download the app” is the big news, and they interview people to confirm this latest catastrophic disaster of a policy by the Scottish government, whose policy btw the BBC go on to *explain* is very much different from Wales and every other country on the face of planet earth as they insist on behalf of the Tories argument is a policy which could bring an end to the world as we know it because *some people can’t download the app*, the STV news even had a presenter waggle her face in front of her camera proving conclusively that her camera couldn’t recognise her because she was out of focus and the app “failed failed failed”

    Let’s move on to COP 26, that’s the world climate change conference taking place in Glasgow that according to the news barely anybody on Argyll street in Glasgow actually knows about, for me that was a step too far by the media, because not only is it insulting to the viewers it’s positively ridiculing the interviewees and making them look like a representation of the general population of Scotland portraying them as idiots

    Several of todays interviewees had never heard of the Covid app, COP 26 or could even seem to recall you have to suck in to breathe air

    This is the Scottish British media folks and one of the main reasons why very many people don’t know anything because they’ve stopped watching TV and or reading newspapers, negativity lies misinformation disinformation misdirection propaganda and all aimed at us while simultaneously forcing people to pay a British tax for owning a television

    My children don’t watch *cooncil telly* nor my grandchildren nor any of my acquaintances, they watch Netflix UTube Pirate streamers, so who does watch listen and believe any of this shit?

    Remember 2014

  33. Scanning the ether looking for something, anything worth watching.
    BBC I player, BBC2 12,15 today, Jo Coburn’s politics show: Blurb:- ‘Highlights of the week’s proceedings at Westminster and the ‘regional (small ‘r’) governments’.
    We are a ‘region’ once more.

    Ijust re-read NS 7/9/21 Programme for Government Speech to Holyrood.
    There is nothing in this excellent programme to which Sarwar could object, and indeed most ‘Labour’ supporters should have been cheering it from the rafters.
    But no, Sarwar is a Brit, and England Comes First, and his fellow Scots can starve, freeze, and die, for all he cares, apparently, given his fatuous response to the excellent programme in Holyrood. Coal-Scuttle and Dross are irrelevant of course.
    62% Remain, yet Sarwar backs Starmer and the Red English Tories…get Brexit shoved down the Jocks’ throats.

    Labour is dead.

  34. scottish skier says:

    Och lol, after the weekly or so wander, I see people that wanted me kicked off other blogs with my posts banned still can’t get enough of these so come here to read them. #Stalkers

    For clarity, I think national identity is important to Scotland’s situation and I often quote the census data on that. Without national identity there would be no nations, so it is kindae key to things. Norway isn’t under Swedish because people identified as Norwegian, not Swedish. Germany and France are that because people in these respective geographical areas, you guessed it feel German and French.

    The census data I often quote on ‘Scottish, Scottish and British, English’, whatever… could not be further from blood and soil because it is free choice self identity. People answering ‘Scottish (only)’ might have been born in Timbuctoo of Mongolian and Navaho heritage but lived here and freely self-identified as Scottish for their own reasons. Nobody was checking nor taking the blood samples as Keir Starmer seems to favour. If you are born in or move to a community that welcomes you, you can start to identify as a member of it. It’s that simple.

    That’s the problem with ‘blood and soil’ nationalism; you cannot unite a people nor create a nation with it because the nationality is forced / exclusive. You have to start putting rules on who is really of that nationality in terms of pureness of blood, hair/skin colour, nose dimensions etc and very soon that will exclude a whole lot of people due to the nature of society and historical migration. Everyone is a bit ‘foreign’ if you go back.

    Civic nationalism by contrast is based on ‘free choice national identity’, just like the census data I quote. It unifies because, literally, anyone can be, in our case, ‘Scottish’. The only condition for being allowed to be ‘Scottish’ and to participate civically is habitual residence. The census did not ask where you were born of for any proof of anything, just how someone felt ,. As it should be.

    My French wife put down ‘French and Scottish’, so is listed as ‘Scottish + other (non-UK’ in the tabulated data. I am legally an Irish national but not a British one (just a citizen), yet identify as Scottish nationally first and foremost, Irish second. So when I graph numbers of those identifying as Scots etc, I do so knowing many were not born here nor are even British citizens, Mrs SS included.

    Anyone accusing me of blood and soil nationalism (after creepily stalking me here) in light of this is simply ‘projecting’ their own dark racist side here on to me in the same way racist brits call scots ‘anti-English’ with no basis.

    I leave you with a picture of people who may have (2011) or may yet (2022) state ‘Scottish’ in addition to other national identities in the census.

    There is little doubt I will have included some of these in ‘Scottish’ identifying groups when discussing the data. After all, they freely choose that identity. It’s a massive reason behind why they are voting Yes; because they now feel Scottish.

    It is only racists that cannot separate nationality / national identity from ‘blood and soil’, likewise only racists accuse others of blood and soil nationalism with no basis.

    Yours, an Irish/Scottish/and in time French (when Duolingo skills get good enough), erm, ‘blood and soil nationalist’.

    • Well put, ss.

      My Everlovin’ is from Belfast, and after all this time, her mates back ‘home’ accuse her of sounding ‘dead Scotch’ when she phones them.

      Yet I can tell when she’s had a natter with her pals..she reverts to Belfast brogue for hours afterwards.

      For those who have had the good sense, and honoured us, by coming here, settling, bringing up their families, working and contributing to our society, I have no hesitation in recognising them as fellow citizens of Scotland.

      The ‘anti-English nonsense is of course ludicrous.

    • Dr Jim says:

      The particular blog you rightly don’t identify by name has gone the same way as the other blog now defunct by allowing the lunatics to repeatedly scribble anti everybody and everything drivel over and over again in support of what’s turned into an angry mob pretending to be a political party based on no factual evidence but the word of the blogger now defunct for inventing the garbage in the first place

      A once useful blog turned inwards with the desire to tear down rather than build up

      • scottish skier says:

        Just to be clear…

        The blog author is not my stalker obviously, and I bear him no ill will. But there are some real creepy weirdos in the comments section who, after celebrating me being banned as they don’t like my comments, now come here to, erm, read my comments, then obsessively complain about them / misrepresent them / take them out of context elsewhere.

        Given I’m nobody of importance / not a blogger myself or anything, it’s really, really weird. I just hope they don’t start hanging around outside my house or something. They seem to be those kind of people.

        Of course the thing such people never learn is that readers will judge me only by what I write, not by what others might write about me. By trying to convince people I’m an e.g. an evil ‘blood and soil’ nationalist, they will just, at most, make themselves look bad, obviously. The only person that can make me look bad is me.

        *Comments I post here have to be read here to be read in context before we even consider content. So if someone wants to discuss my comments fairly, they need to do so here. If they just post bits of them or comment on specific lines elsewhere without providing the full text of this blog page, they are deliberately misrepresenting / taking out of context, which says a lot about them as people, and not much to nothing about me.

  35. yesindyref2 says:

    It’s also worth reading this:


    Doesn’t mean I agree with it, nor the context he uses “British Nationalists” in. Hence my wariness of ANY use of such labels.

    There are sadly a few blood and soil nationalists in the YES movement – very few thanks be to whatever or whoever your deity is if any.

    We need to be constantly on our guard not to be dragged in, whether explicity or even easier, implicitly, perhaps just by letting such things go without a warning.

    • grizebard says:

      TBH I didn’t see anything expressed in that article worthy of any reservation. (It’s even good to see Bell back in form, however isolated an instance that may or may not be.) I presume your concern about the “context” stems purely from your usual and much-repeated antagonism to the term “British Nationalist”. (As if you wish to deny its sufferers any possibility of a little self-realisation. {sigh}) Anyway, I would have thought that the real-life context – a particularly reprehensible quote with racist overtones retailed by Starmer – was rather more cause for concern.

      The cartoon was excellent too, BTW.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Just force of habit. I often disagree with what he writes, on his blog or The National but on the other hand if he didn’t write it, someone else would, and maybe I’d even have to try even if I didn’t agree with myself. If there wasn’t actually a Peter A Bell, someone would have to invent him.

        Yeah, I don’t understand either. Ho hum.

  36. Alex Clark says:

    Here it is at last, the positive case for the Union hahahahaha

    Following the 7th anniversary of the referendum on Scottish Independence, Andrew Bowie MP and the CPS, the country’s leading centre-right think tank, have brought together an all-star cast of Conservatives to highlight what the Union means to them and why they believe its continuation is of benefit to all its people.

    ‘Strength in Union’, which will be formally launched with an event on Sunday night at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, includes essays from each of the Secretaries of State for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as Lord Hague of Richmond, former Prime Minister Theresa May and a foreword from the Rt Hon Michael Gove.


    • yesindyref2 says:

      Hague, jings, don’t be vague just bomb them.

      He’s kind of disappeared in the inconsequential mists of time but I think I had him down as to blame for the Syria debacle where it was obvious nobody wanted the UK to bomb Syria, Cameron lost the vote, the French I think didn’t bother cos they knew they’d lose the vote, and the US left alone had to change its mind.

      Leaving Russia to gently sort it all out, chemical weapons and all, with its neccessary naval base for ops from the Black Sea, and gain a huge propaganda victory. The effects of which we’re possibly still seeing with the woes of NATO and the stupid UKAUS stab in the back for France. Not great for Syria either. Peace in our time? More like “Do I have time to make myself a piece?”

      And ’twas ever thus.

      “Strength in Union” from that lot? Could WGD give them a guest article? We could do with a good laugh.

    • grizebard says:

      Is this just another empty “love-bomb” kinda thing? To keep the Tory faithful in line, if no-one else. Are they also promising to be nicer to us as well…?

  37. Alex Clark says:

    According to Theresa May in that report “the UK is respected and admired worldwide” hahahaha

  38. One Perfect Rose

    A single flow’r he sent me, since we met.
    All tenderly his messenger he chose;
    Deep-hearted, pure, with scented dew still wet—
    One perfect rose.

    I knew the language of the floweret;
    “My fragile leaves, ” it said, “his heart enclose.”
    Love long has taken for his amulet
    One perfect rose.

    Why is it no one ever sent me yet
    One perfect limousine, do you suppose?
    Ah no, it’s always just my luck to get
    One perfect rose.

    — Dorothy Parker

    The Team at Newsnight chose the above by Parker from a poetry anthology of 365 pieces to close last night’s programme, the main feature of which centred on systemic violence towards women by men in society, and deep rooted misogyny, following the Sarah Everard verdict.

    That would be the Dorothy Parker, who also penned the ditty, :-

    ‘Men seldom make passes,
    At girls who wear glasses’.

    That would be the Dorothy Parker who penned the short story @Big Blonde’ while a contemporary, Anita Loos was penning ‘Gentleman Prefer Blondes’.

    Women a ditzy gold digging blondes.
    Christ on a bike!

    It would make us turn to drink.

    ‘I’d rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal lobotomy’, was another Parker aphorism, to be fair.

    Check out today’s Dead Tree Scrolls and tick off the features featuring women as sex playthings.
    Women’s bodies sell ‘papers, so tough?

  39. Dr Jim says:

    When Nicola Sturgeon said “don’t moan about the media, become the media” most of us who supported Independence took that to mean let’s get scribbling and promote the cause and reasons for Independence, unfortunately the ABLA party took it to mean they should be just as nasty and vile as the media and copy the behaviour of their main blogger who was banned from Twitter for hate speech and is now virtually gone altogether

    • On becoming the media, Dr Jim, I’ve ben trawling the MSM gems of the past 10 months since Brexit ‘got done’.

      I am tempted to introduce an ‘All Our Brexitdays’ feature, to expose the utter drivel that comes from the mouths of Sarwar, Dross and Coal- Scuttle on the Brexit Britain success story every fecking day now..

      This; for starters, sets out the utter nonsense dutifully copied and pasted by the Jock Fourth Estate Fifth Column to cover up the arrant garbage from Gove and David Duguid (For Nothin’), from 15/12/2020, lifted from the Daily Police Gazette back peddling account of the ‘pasta shapes’ farce.

      “Michael Gove has insisted Scots will still be able to buy their favourite pasta shapes in the event of a no deal Brexit.

      The Tory cabinet member told MSPs that buying penne or linguine would not be “too much of a problem” even if the UK fails to agree terms with the EU before the December 31 deadline.

      Gove was forced to make the admission after another Tory minister caused confusion said customers may not get the “shape of pasta” they like amid concerns of food shortages caused by Brexit.

      Scottish MP David Duguid was mocked on Sunday when he told the BBC: “You may not get the specific shape of pasta you like, but there will not be the kind of shortages that I think has been reported.”

      Appearing before the Scottish Parliament’s Europe committee today, Gove insisted the UK’s food supply system was “resilient”.

      “I’m confident that with all the steps we have taken, and all of the steps industry has take, that we will have a resilient food supply chain operating excellently up to the end of the transition period and into the New Year,” he said.

      But committee convener Joanne McAlpine asked Gove why his colleague David Duguid “doesn’t share that confidence”.

      The Tory MP said: “I think the point (Duguid) was making was that we all recognise that earlier this year because of Covid restrictions there were some interruptions to food supplies and he was drawing a parallel with that.

      “But it is important to say that when it comes to ambient goods like pasta, I don’t think there will be too much of a problem in people getting their penne and linguine.”

      Gove was also quizzed on the likelihood of Boris Johnson being able to secure a deal with Brussels before Hogmanay.

      He said the fishing industry – which is centred around Scotland’s north-east coast – was one of three areas of difference between the two negotiating sides.

      “I personally am hopeful we will secure an agreement but, as the Prime Minister has pointed out, we need to be ready for every eventuality.”

      Gove appeared before MSPs after it was revealed the Kent lorry park designed to relieve queues of up trucks taking goods across the Channel will not be ready for Brexit customs controls from January

      The site was bought by UK ministers and is due to act as a holding pen for lorries queueing to get into Dover.”

      There are no tail back at the Kent lorry park. Instead England is short of 100,000 drivers.

      Duguid is so hopeless he was sacked by his own boss, the serial adulterer Johnson, from his sinecure Nothin’ Job at the laughably called ‘Scotland Office’.

      Where is he now?
      Hiding somewhere no doubt.

      They are to slaughter 150,000 pigs Down South because Priti Patel has been allowed to carry on being an incompetent fool in charge of hemming us all in, inside Fortress England.

      And Gove assured us that it would all be ok….
      As his dance moves in a Aberdeen nite spot clearly showed ‘Guilty Feet Ain’t Got No Rhythm’.

      When we read back this utter bilge reported as fact, we realise how down the Memory Hole Jock hacks have fallen.

      Why is this allowed to continue?
      Why are we Scots still letting this happen?

      I am ready NOW, pandemic or no pandemic.

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Hi Jack…..I think it is allowed to happen because THE (political) parties (Cons/Lib Dems/Labour) have (all) told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears…….from their politicians and also via their propaganda units aka the MSM.

        There is a perpetual denial, delusion and distortion of facts and information.

        Irrespective of how many Unionist politicians and the biased MSM misinform those who live in Scotland of what they want us all to believe is factual……the reality experienced by those of us who live here is far removed from how it is being presented by those who seek to undermine the Scottish government and the independence movement……hence why we always , by a majority, vote for the SNP…….if you believed the poundshop opinionated guests on the media and Unionist politicians as to how bad the SNP govern Scotland you would conclude surely that we, who live here, must be, by a majority, masochists or thick……or if intelligent you would assume (correctly) that they are all lying……..and we all know why they are lying.

        I laugh when Unionist propaganda merchants on TV spout lies about how bad our NHS and Education is by making a random statements not backed up by statistics or giving a comparison to other nations NHS and Education within UKnotOK …….of course when the media find (seek out) ordinary people to exploit in order to bad mouth/blame the Scottish government they expect us to fall into the trap of forgetting that we are not an actual independent country instead we are enduring the injustice of limited powers, no borrowing powers and an onslaught of attacks from Unionist parties and their supporters in the media.

        The reality is that we are tied to (held back) by a WM run right wing government (Red/Yellow/Blue) whose reserved powers constrain our government from resolving/improving the issues highlighted constantly by the media ……….though worth noting some so called ‘issues/problems’ are contrived and exaggerated and let’s be honest mostly, if they exist, are instigated by WM policies or fabricated by MSM.

        Mitigate…..Mitigate….Mitigate…..the war cry of Unionist politicians to the Scottish government…..meanwhile honest people who live in Scotland asking why we should need to……are they saying the Union does not work for Scotland hence they MUST mitigate to perform a damage limitation exercise in order to function normally.

        What case for the Union….well currently we are all living in THEIR Union and it is Hell on Earth….a mess, corrupt, dysfunctional, undemocratic etc (add in more negatives) and not worth saving and if sane one would want it to end ASAP……..it’s built on a foundation of lies……like most on here I cannae wait to get away and live in a normal independent country led by those I and others who live in Scotland choose and who have full powers to govern for the benefit of all who choose to live here irrespective of where they were originally born….if you choose Scotland as your home then you are welcome as you contribute so much to what makes a country a vastly better place to live, work and prosper in…….Saor Alba.

  40. scottish skier says:


    Fuel supply still a big problem in SE England – retailers

    Fuel supply is still a “big problem” in south-east England, the Petrol Retailers Association says – and “if anything it had got worse”.

    That’s conservatives for you. ‘No such thing as society, just the self’ as they say.

    • scottish skier says:

      Reading some sad stories of people who do actually need fuel, including key workers, but can’t get any because of those who are greedily buying when they don’t need it.

      I personally opted just to work from home all week this week, leaving what’s available to those who may not have that option, although my local coop has had all types on offer since crisis began.

  41. malkymcblain says:

    I haven’t commented or been here for a while but I just read and scanned through the comments from top to bottom and am bringing it back on topic because I thought this memory worth sharing…you may chuckle at it.

    When I went to live in Aarhus Denmark in 89 with my then girlfriend and now wife I was of course introduced to the parents. My soon to be father in law a down to earth Danish man after dinner and too many Carlsbergsntold me a well known Danish joke about a couple of Scots who went out for dinner and ordered steak. Both meals duly arrived and Angus proceeded to eat while Hamish just sat and watched. The waiter asked Hamish if there was anything wrong with the food and Hamish replied. Naw it’s perfect I’m just waiting until he’s finished he’s got first turn of the teeth.

    Was it racist? Was it funny? Anyway I’ll get ma coat.

  42. Capella says:

    Ignorance about COP26 will be rectified soon on “Off the Ball” with Tam and Stuart on R Scotland. They like a professor to come along and today it’s an expert on Climate Change who is also a Raith Rovers supporter .

  43. Dr Jim says:

    Here’s some good news, Union flag waving supermarket chain Morrison’s has been sold for £7 billion squid to American equity firm Clayton Dubillier and Rice who have investments in the very popular B&M stores and who don’t wave Union flags in your face when you enter their shops

    Of course it may be some other store but who cares, it’s another British Union flag waver out of the way………..I hope?

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Dr Jim, Morrisons are the only UK supermarket to own their own abattoirs – and one of the three is in Aberdeenshire. When you get meat in Morrisons it used to be, and probably still is, prepared by butchers in Scotland. Which is why it’s been the best meat for a lot of years, before Safeway, before Presto, before Templetons and probably before that. When they opened supermarkets they employed the local butchers they put out of business.


      • Dr Jim says:

        Everything they sell has a Union flag plastered on it or they don’t buy it from Scottish producers on principle, every fish they sell comes from Grimsby and they’re proud of it, in a country where fish is practically jumping into your bag they sell Norwegian Salmon English Brook Trout and Sea Bass sourced in Devon, they were proud to announce to Scotland they are and would remain a British supermarket selling British goods, in other words they do not recognise Scotland or Scottish producers as anything else but British, Morrison’s are the Michael Gove of supermarkets

        Surely you’re not advocating that putting local people out of their own business then employing them on wages is mighty kind of them

        Just some of the reasons why my local Aldi and Lidl’s are busy and Morrison’s are not

        • yesindyref2 says:

          All supermarket chains put local businesses out of business, including the Co-op, we shop mostly in Morrisons but also in Farmfoods, Semichem, B&M, Home Bargains, Tesco, Lidl, Aldi’s and Asda, for different things, having the need to shop around to make ends meet, all of them are busy, all the Morrisons we go to depending on where we are are stowed out, with a mixture of the Saltire on milk for instance, the union jack on Hovis which doesn’t have the additives I’m allergic to, and I think you live in an alternate universe to me 🙂

          • Dr Jim says:

            Couldn’t help yourself with the insult could you, you always get round to it, it’s why you’re so popular

            • yesindyref2 says:

              And what you said, putting words in my mouth that i didn’t say:

              Surely you’re not advocating that putting local people out of their own business then employing them on wages is mighty kind of them

              is honest, above board, reasonable, and shows your absolute integrity?


  44. Pogmothon says:

    Well here’s a point to aid your considerations.
    Arlene Foster is on record as having said “an Irish reunification would mean she would have to leave”.
    What her reasoning is/was I cannot say.
    But I do seam to recall trhat moves are being made for her to slip quietly into westminster by the back door.
    Dam (sic) Rap Clause of Austerity is already there.

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