Keir Starmer’s Labour party: Neither useful nor admirable

I’m not a huge fan of Keir Starmer’s Labour party, whose opposition to the Conservatives is fatally compromised by his pandering to Brexit voters and his anti-democratic refusal to accept that it’s for the people of Scotland, not him, to decide whether Scotland ought to have another independence referendum. The Scottish electorate made that decision at the Scottish Parliament elections in May when they elected the largest pro-independence majority that Holyrood has ever had, with pro-independence candidates standing on a platform asking for an explicit and unequivocal mandate for another referendum.

The electorate of Scotland resoundingly gave them that mandate. Democracy demands that the will of the people for another referendum be implemented. The people, including many Labour voters, listened to Keir Starmer advising against one and decided, “Naa, we want one anyway.” If Starmer really was serious about winning Scotland back for the Labour party he could usefully start with the simple proposition of respecting the decisions that the people of Scotland make at the ballot box. If Scotland doesn’t need another party that ignores its decisions and insists on foisting policies on us that voters in Scotland haven’t given their democratic assent to, we already have the Conservatives for that sort of thing.

Starmer has just published an 11,500 word essay on the future of the Labour party which managed just a couple of brief mentions of Scotland, all of which were attacks on the SNP. Amongst other gems he falsely claimed that the SNP was “symbiotic” with the Conservatives while Labour councillors act in concert with the Conservatives in Aberdeen and Labour in Scotland continues to enable the Conservatives in their destruction of the devolution settlement and their authoritarian denial that the outcome of democratic elections in Scotland should count for something. He claims that “nationalism” seeks to divide, unlike his own supposedly cuddly patriotism, but his is a party which is now every bit as committed to Brexit as the Tories are.

There was absolutely nothing in the thirty five page document about how Starmer intends to rescue the Labour party in Scotland from the near oblivion in which it continues to languish. That’s because he has no clue how to do that. He has nothing positive to say and nothing constructive to offer. This is what happens when the most important influence on your policies for Scotland is the advice of Ian Murray, an MP who only clings on as the last Labour MP in Scotland thanks to the tactical votes of Morningside Conservatives.

On Sunday the news was dominated by the pearl clutching of Tories who had, surprise surprise, managed to find something to feel victimised by. At an event during the Labour party conference Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner called Boris Johnson misogynistic, homophobic, racist, Etonian scum. She’s not wrong there. Her comments were, entirely predictably followed by Tory talking heads on the media bewailing this dreadful language which “has no place in public life”, unlike actually being a misogynistic racist homophobic Etonian scumbag in public life, which is apparently just fine with the Conservative party. We see yet again that peculiarly Conservative morality inversion which means that it’s a far worse sin to call someone racist scum than it is to actually be racist scum. You see the real victims here are the butt-hurt Conservative snowflakes, whose offence taken about their party leader being called out for his racism, misogyny and homophobia is far far more important than the offence taken by people of colour, women or LGBT people by Johnson’s racist, misogynist or homophobic comments.

Angela Rayner was quite right to stand by her comments and to insist that she’d only apologise once Johnson has apologised for his scummy bigotry. We all know that is never going to happen.

The real problem for the Labour party however is its inability to mount an effective challenge to a mendacious, chaotic, and incompetent Conservative party. Thanks to Conservative incompetence, corruption and partisan self-interest the UK has suffered both the highest covid related death toll in Europe and the greatest economic damage. We are now seeing empty supermarket shelves thanks to Brexit and the Tories compounding a crisis by needlessly driving away the EU citizens who were disproportionately represented in the transport and delivery sector. We are seeing soaring energy bills thanks to the Conservatives’ ideologically driven privatisation and deregulation of energy companies. And all this is happening just as the Conservatives are financially penalising the poorest families in the UK by removing the £20 uplift to Universal Credit and ending the furlough scheme.

We have a British Government which cannot even guarantee the most basic provision of food and fuel and presides over millions of children living in poverty. A halfway competent opposition ought to be trouncing this government in opinion polling, but the most recent polling still gives does not give Labour a comfortable lead over the Conservatives but predicts a hung parliament – and that’s before taking into account the voter suppression the Tories have planned in their Elections bill. We all know that the British media is hopelessly biased in favour of the Conservatives and constantly seeks to undermine the Labour party, but that’s not a sufficient excuse. The media in Scotland is even more biased against the SNP than the UK media is against the Labour party, but that doesn’t stop the SNP soaring high in opinion polls and trouncing the anti-independence parties at the ballot box. The same poll which predicts a hung parliament also predicts the SNP would take 56 of the 59 Scottish Westminster seats.

From a Scottish perspective this means that there is precisely zero chance of Labour’s much promised federal UK ever getting to a stage where there are concrete proposals which can later be watered down and stripped of anything that threatens the absolute dominance of Westminster, never mind the radical restructuring of the British state which would be required in order to pull the rug from underneath calls for Scottish independence. It’s not going to happen, not after the next Westminster General Election or at any time in the foreseeable future.

Recently Labour former First Minister Henry McLeish said that he’d support independence if the UK fails to reform itself. For now and for years to come, there is as much chance of the Labour party protecting Scotland from the Johnson government’s assault on devolution as there is of Michael Gove and the alcohol fueled spasms that pass for his dad dancing winning the new series of Strictly Come Dancing and likewise there is no chance of the UK reforming itself. Perhaps Henry will realise that too, at least in time for the next independence referendum.

in his play the Importance of Being Earnest Oscar Wilde said “We can forgive a man for making a useful thing as long as he does not admire it. The only excuse for making a useless thing is that one admires it intensely.” Keir Starmer’s Labour party is neither useful nor admirable.

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54 comments on “Keir Starmer’s Labour party: Neither useful nor admirable

  1. millssandra says:

    11,500 words over 35 pages – The Labour Party really likes long suicide notes , don’t they ?

  2. scottish skier says:

    Aye Paul, all people want is some half decent governance ultimately.

    The UK is incapable of providing this.

    Fuel supply: UK suspends competition law to get petrol to forecourts

    The government is to suspend competition law to allow oil firms to target fuel deliveries at petrol stations following recent panic buying [in England].

  3. Ian MacDonald says:

    Nor, remarkably given we are talking about Scotland here, in anyway RELEVANT any more. That is simply where we are.

    It’s like Keir Starmer’s Labour party have given Scotland up as a lost cause given they’re not getting any MPs any more, leaving the Tories and, at an extremely optimistic push, Ian Murray, to stand up for Labour values in Scotland.

    That might be a useful sticking plaster strategy during those frequent halcyon times (remember those? me neither) when the Tories were delivering for Scotland.

    But, when the party in power is busy shafting Scotland, and everyone else for that matter, with its better-starve-than-cooperate-with-foreigners campaign, for the main UK opposition to simply shrug and chase swithering pro-Brexit Tory voters is not a winning approach. Not in England, and certainly not in Scotland.

    Sadly, I don’t see Labour in Scotland attempting to board the bus bound for relevance any time soon. Looks like we’re stuck with the Tories for an opposition. At least we KNOW they’re rogues.

  4. Dr Jim says:

    The Labour party is more Unionist than the Tories, in their hearts the Tories would rather dump Northern Ireland and be done but the DUP and the people who believe themselves to be British are the hold outs causing that not to happen, they’d rather the 1970s happen all over again than do the pragmatic sensible thing, as for Scotland even down to zero representation in Scotland Labour will still fight to retain us even though the Tories would eventually buckle under pressure because they’re interest is England no matter how small as that’s where they get their cash and power from, so in the end the Tories will give up Scotland but Starmer and his Labour Nationalists need the money and any last vote they can glean from it, and they’ll make promises till the cows come home to glean it

    The winter of discontent is going to be long hard and miserable but if you’re a Scottish Independence supporter it’s nothing we didn’t predict would eventually happen with the madness of Brexit and Tory obsession, and it’s the tool that will set us free, our young people won’t stand for this, and why the hell should they

    The circumstances the FM and the SNP made clear in 2015 and every year since is happening now, we just have a little more time to wait and that case that we keep trying to make for Independence will have made itself and we won’t even need to say *we told you so*

  5. Capella says:

    His Deputy Leader, Angela Rayner is a far more engaging character. That probably is a handicap in the Labour Party. I listened to an interview she did with James O’Brien and she is very genuine. OTOH he didn’t ask for her views on Scotland or Trident or women’s rights in the clip I heard.

    Saw a map of every region in Scotland and the REMAIN v LEAVE vote. If Starmer had a shred of democracy in him he would acknowledge the votes of the Scottish people and announce his support for independence. But he doesn’t. He has just failed in his attempt to reinstate the electoral college.

  6. Hamish100 says:

    Rayner is a unionist through and through when I’ve heard her speak. She speaks from ignorance of Scotland it seems.

    • Capella says:

      Oh well, that’s a shame. She was claiming in that clip that she educates herself well before speaking on any topic. But I only heard the 8 min clip. There is a link in tte James O’Brien tweet to the full interview. Don’t know if I have the will to lusten to the whole interview.

      • James Mills says:

        Yes , she ”educates herself” – but on Scotland her teacher was Ian Murray !!!

        • scottish skier says:

          This is the problem for English Labour, they learn about Scotland from British people in Scotland yet most Scots are not British. They think Ian Murray can advise them as he’s ‘from Scotland’.

          However, not everyone in Scotland is Scottish in terms of nationality / national identity, and British is a completely different nationality to Scottish. These are as different as Irish and British, or Danish and Norwegian.

          While some people identify as both Scottish and British, most Scots (64%) are not British*. People like Ian Murray can’t understand Scottish (only) people well as he is literally from a different country (Britain). He works with and will tend to be friends with people from his own British community. As a result, he doesn’t know / understand Scottish (only) people well.

          The same does somewhat apply the other way in that we Scots (only) find it difficult to understand British ‘Scots’ and why they don’t want independence. However, we do get to learn a lot more about them because their views dominate the media, newspapers etc. It’s harder for British people to learn about Scots because the media does not reflect these, that and because anyone saying openly they were not British gets castigated as ‘anti-English’ so your average Scot has historically kept quiet.

          Anyway, the way to appreciate things is that the British just see Britain as the Scots see Scotland. You will struggle to convert a British (only) to independence. Scots are quite easy as if they don’t already back it, they are not in principle against (meaning the final Yes could be very high with the wind in its sails). Scottish and British possible; about half of them anyway.

          I’ll also add that we should in turn not castigate people simply for being ‘British’. Our national identity is not something we choose; it is a product of the world we grew up in, shaped by those around us, from family to friends and colleagues. People can become very defensive when it is attacked, as I imagine all can appreciate. If you are sympathetic to this, you are much more likely to find people return that, unless of course they are really a rabid ‘British nationalist’ in the Tory/BNP mold.

          *2011 census

  7. Merkin Scot says:

    Sir Keir told us that us that it was not only women who had cervical bitz. A bit woke, no?

  8. Bob Lamont says:

    Aye, an excellent synopsis.
    Read an inside Labour view somewhere which summarised Starmer as cautious, Rayner impetuous, recent events certainly demonstrated that point, but it did make a pleasant change to see Tory contempt savaged head on rather than Starmer’s parrying.
    However, where their perspectives align is over Scotland’s attitudes and condition, utter ignorance.

    As to McLeish – Much hoopla over his supporting independence, little said of his “…if the UK fails to reform itself” condition. He almost almost invites a reprise of the 2014 federalism fairy performance.

    Blocking reform of London’s power base has been central to Labour and Tory thinking for decades, and despite their fright in 2014 they learned nothing, but Scots did, perfidious albion.

    Yet Labour and the Tories both must realise when Scotland and NI go, rumbles in Wales will boil over, and regions of England will begin fracturing to demand decentralised power.
    The days of London dominance are over, and there is nothing they can do to prevent it.

    • Henry McLeish is a Nobody, who left Labour in disgrace 20 years ago.
      He is like Brown…for some reason the Jock Media still give them air and column inches, usually attaching their pearls of Unionist wisdom to the coat tails of some real time sports personality or pop singer. Brown and the tennis player and the Man U footballer being the latest excuse by the Dead Tree Scrolls to give these Tired Old chancers space to trot out their bitter ‘I Used To Be Big in Politics Federal Unionist Dross.
      Marr and Geissler gave Shapps Free Air Time. sitting back and letting this hopeless wee man (who hid his Giant Jack behind some weird blue black and white fleg on Geissler’s Yoon show for some reason, uttering utter bilge about a million unemployed picking fruit and driving lorries now that the Froggies have effed off.

      Geissler gave time for the hirsute ba’ faced Murray to speak utter bilge…Murray who is to Socialism what King Herod is to Child Care Policy.

      Starmer is going to tackle Housing and Education blurts Murray, and Geissler can’t even be bothered pointing out to this grubby little chancer that Holyrood is where Housing and Education sits.
      Murray thinks Scotland is like Greater Manchester; Andy Burnham is the Nicola Sturgeon of the North West (of England, that is.)
      Federalism…’til i die?

      Marr ostensibly gave Starmer a ‘hard time’, which as Paul points out in this excellent piece is like shooting Dross in a barrel.
      Starmer is a Tory, one of Brown’s new conservatives.

      Rayner is a Momentum Brit, who hasn’t a fibre of her being interested in Scotland and its people.

      How any Labour member considers Sarwar as their leader defies all logic.
      He is an arch capitalist, and, like Coal Scuttle, sits in Edinburgh, on borrowed time.
      Nobody under the age of 30 has a clue who Henry McLeish is…is a masonic or religious thing that he and Brown keep getting their names in print and on air?

      I’m enjoying the comments, Duggers.
      Perhaps it is time for ‘The Kavanagh Self Determination Feasibility Study on and Independent Scotland’?

      We have enough experts on here to contribute to all aspects of a new nation.
      Defence, Finance, Tax and revenue, Foreign policy, Business, Energy, membership of EU, and so on.
      How big a Defence Force will Independent Scotland need?

      How many ships, ‘planes, artillery?

      I’m sure that someone is working on this Impact Analysis somewhere already.

      It may be prudent to start getting the message out there now.
      A letter to every pension household committing to doubling the State Pension from the Get Go would be a start.

      Marr,Adam Fleming, and Geissler are Already Reprogrammed Scots English Stooges..there must be an acronym for this?

      They fought the Good Fight for their English Masters this Sunday morning, that’s for sure.

  9. bringiton says:

    Any political party with their head office in London is an English political party.
    This is simply a statement of fact and not an anti English rant.
    The representatives of those parties here in Scotland are Dependent on financing from head office and it is the old story of he who pays the piper calls the tune.
    Only in an independent Scotland will this dependency change and consequently policies designed to benefit Scotland be taken on board.
    Until then……

  10. Capella says:

    Is England Covid free? The BBC news app still carries Covid bad articles in the Scotland section ( a lot, all bad) a few in the Wales section and a couple in the NI section. But nothing in England or the UK.
    I noticed that the Labour conference was well attended but not many masks worn.
    Maybe the food and fuel shortages have superceded Covid pro tem.

    • Legerwood says:

      England Covid free? No, but the media, broadcast especially, seems to have become a Covid-free zone as far as reporting it goes. You might almost think someone has slapped a D-notice on the subject for all the coverage it (does not) get on news broadcasts. Out of sight out of mind

  11. Capella says:

    Travelling Tabby is still reporting Covid cases and deaths throughout the UK. I just wonder why BBC England has dropped the subject. The Tories were claiming last week that Scotland’s health record is third world. But the evidence doesn’t agree with them, like everyone else.

  12. Dr Jim says:

    Isn’t SKY news a wonderfully helpful organisation going to great lengths to explain to the people of England that the elections in Germany for chancellor are proportional representation so that no one individual political party has a real chance of winning an outright majority and so coalition governments are normal in that country

    When it comes to Scottish elections they don’t do that do they, they squeal about the SNP not winning an overall majority so winning in Scotland can’t possibly be legitimate, no, no way

    In other news some climate change protesters blocked a motorway in England but because of new laws enacted by the English government, who breaks the law with consistency, these folks will go to jail, possibly lose their savings and even their homes
    The protesters would do better trying to become the government of England then they can legally make the law and break the law at the same time
    I personally really get annoyed by these people lying about on roads but in perspective they’re really a lot less of a problem than the English government

  13. there were 43 scots labour mps in 2014……. they are now an irrelevent shadow of the past who are reduced to pinning their hopes on the broonosaurus, the only lab scot the msm will even report on.

  14. Alex Clark says:

    Starmer’s branch manager in Scotland will make his speech in Brighton today and demand that the government increase the winter fuel payment by £70 for pensioners.

    Of course, he’s not demanding that the Tory government in Westminster do this he is demanding that the Scottish government find the money down the back of the settee and pay the pensioners. If they can’t do this, then we’ll be told that Scottish pensioners are freezing to death in their homes because of the BAD SNP.

    What an arse.

  15. Golfnut says:

    For Jack Collatin, there was at least 1 excellent defence analysis put forward for 2014 by a Colonel Potter /Peacock ( sorry Colonel for not remembering your name properly ). Unfortunately my kindle just updated itself and most of my files have gone/ vanished( waiting on my son coming home to try and retrieve them). I know I sent a copy to Yesindyref 2, so if your reading this Y2, if you can post it I would be much obliged.

    I see we now have a free market on fuel supply which should supposedly ease distribution issues, it wont. What it does is remove the obligation from suppliers to distribute fuel evenly round the uk, and basically allows to focus distribution on areas prepared to pay the highest prices, guess where that will be.

    • I am aware that you are indeed one of our ‘specialists’, Golfnut.

      When they finally resuscitate Blair McDougall from suspended animation, to fight the good Project Fear II fight, we shall be more than ready this time.
      The best form of defence is attack; ergo, we go for the jugular this time.
      Our Defence Force will be similar to other similar sized nations.
      The Ruskies have not invaded Norway, or Ireland, or the Netherlands yet, have they?
      They have a navy, air, and land defence capabilities?

      But we must dig deeper and be ready. How much will it cost?
      Where do we get personnel?
      How much UK equipment and hardware do we inherit?

      How long before we give Trident to pack up and leave?

      Will we join NATO?

      WE need compare and contrast stats with other like nations to throw in the Project Fearmongers’ faces.
      Likewise, the currency, finance, foreign policy, revenue, a Scottish Bank, membership of EU/EFTA.

      It cannot be left to the SNP to set out Scotland’s Vision.
      We are all in this together; left right, centre, none of the above.
      I call for a joined up Task Force to be formed to take away the Big Ticket issues, and come up with a Plan.

      No pressure.
      As scottish skier points out above, we are dealing with deeply entrenched belief systems, life long embedded Britishness, if you will.
      Our strategy to win over switherers needs to be more honourable than appealing merely to ‘what’s in it for me?’ sensibilities; nobody can be ‘bribed’ to abandon a life long conviction that they are Scottish but ‘British’ in a UK sense.

      So, let’s start the ball rolling.

      Keep the pound? Remember how that played out in ’14?

      We need ‘joined up’ approach…not Kenny McAskill posing in front of Bute House with a Dinky Toy Cal Mac Ferry declaring that the SNP is shite.

      • scottish skier says:

        not Kenny McAskill posing in front of Bute House with a Dinky Toy Cal Mac Ferry declaring that the SNP is shite.

        I immediately thought of the Tories, Labour and Libs when I saw the unelected Alba MPs doing that.

        An embarrassment with zero honor who are not willing to face the electorate, but prefer to make laws for Scotland with no mandate.

        That aside, my support for indy is nothing to do with the SNP even though I am a (non-active) member and voter for now. I am one of the 50.2% (2021 average) who would vote ‘tomorrow’ for independence ‘no questions asked’.

        I am Scottish & Irish, not British, with a French wife. My support for Scottish indy is as natural as my support for Irish and French indy. Just the same as my wife’s support for French indy.

        I decided at the age of 16 I supported independence simply because I was Scottish. It’s not like people from other countries question the independence of these. My wife isn’t constantly fretting about whether France should be independent. It’s me and the other 50.2% that are normal folks like those from other countries.

        And that’s how I have helped many to yes, not by selling them policies, but explaining why Scotland should govern itself. That is what independence is about, that and that alone. I am against selling a long term indy plans and think the white paper last time was something of a mistake. No harm in outlining the basics (aim for EEA etc), but it is future elections that will decide what happens, not iref2.

        • If only life were that simple, ss.
          However, we aren’t a fag paper apart.

          What I envisage is not a ‘long term plan’, or ‘policies’ to be introduced by whatever regime happens to be in government on I Day.

          Agreed, the Big Ideologies, Trident, fee paying schools, nationalising energy rail and our re-entry into the EU and the like are political choices best decided post Indy.
          But we must prepare for the Other Side’s Project Fear onslaught.

          It will not be enough to restrict the campaign to cajoling efforts and downright pleas to fellow Scots citizens to right the wrong of another country deciding everything for us, while the Brits lie through their teeth about all the scare stories of ’14 again.

          We need ripostes for every threat issued then and since.

          We are not a financial basket case as BiS has clearly shown.

          But BiS and other strands arguing for Self Determination are fragmented and are as easily picked off by the massive Brit Onslaught .

          England won’t trade with us, Banks will leave, prices will go up, the EU won’t let us rejoin.
          You know the script.

          To discuss the democratic deficit on the door step while the Herald lies and scares old folk that their pension won’t be paid if we don’t continue to let Mark Francois treat us as a colony, will not win the day.
          We need a Task Force made up of many strands of expertise.

          If we remain disjointed, the Brits will snap each strand like twig.

          If we join together, as a bound bunch of ‘twigs’, if you like, then we shall not be broken.

          WE need a United Front.
          We need answers to all their lies and threats.

          • scottish skier says:

            Yes, but those arguments will be about maximising the yes vote as 10 years plus of data say a yes is already a foregone conclusion. Or at least will be by 2023!

            Forces driving baseline support are those of generational changes in identity related to external events which cannot be undone by campaigns. Half of scots are now dead to the union. Scotland has been getting a bit less British each year for 50+ years now, as evidenced by 1979, 1997 devo followed by 2014 indy and indy parties now getting majority shares. Yes for 2021 is 50.2% yes baseline, ie at its lowest ebb in the cycle. This is the first time in history yes has entered what data suggest is permanent majority.

            In 2014 baseline was 40%. Good campaigning got it another 5% as fellow scots jumped on board Right now 55% yes with a decent campaign could be possible. In a few years that will be more baseline with 60% possible.

            And of course if yes looks like a foregone conclusion, then the % may be very high as people opt to be on the right side of history, much like what happened in 1997 when scots voted yes-yes and Scottish brits voted yes-no with only British Brits opposing both. In the simplest terms.

            • You are pushing against an open door with me, ss.
              Watch the wrath of the Empire rise as polls doggedly show an I majority is all I’m saying.
              We still need a joined up Task Force, specialists in their field, with all the booby traps covered.

  16. Arthur Thomson says:

    In case you have any doubts Paul, the high quality of your posts is at the same level as it ever was. I don’t know how you do it but you do.

    My perspective is that the Labour front men/women are hollow, reflecting the fact that their Party is now just a shell. They have the top jobs, by definition, because they are heartless and stand for absolutely nothing except mealy mouthed rhetoric – except when it comes to attacking us, which they perceive to be safe territory. Hell mend them.

    My hope is that increasing numbers of people in Scotland will see what is happening and reject Labour because it has nothing to offer.

  17. James Mills says:

    The WWF have just put the ”Scottish Labour Party” on their Endangered Species List .

    It was thought that the death of Prince Philip would have spared these rare creatures when he went to that Great Safari Park in the sky and his shotguns were laid to rest .

    Some have survived chameleon-like by adopting clever camouflage , like the hirsute Murray in the wilds of Edinburgh , where a Union-Flagged skin protects him from the local predators . However, while The Murray is unique it is unlikely to prosper as it lacks a suitable mate and spends much if its time in plaintive melancholic sulks .

    The Sarwar is a distant relation of The Murray but has little or no impact on the continuance of the species as its natural instinct is to ambulance chase and so spends little time on reproduction.

    The Greater Ennobled Starmer which visits periodically from foreign parts is seen by some in WFF as a stop-gap solution to this situation but , truth be told , The Starmer is unlikely to increase the productivity of the Scottish species . It is instinctively a soft , southern inbred creature which cannot adapt to the greater demands of the wild northern habitat and often appears lost and bewildered when visiting .

    So , despite continuous , expensive support from The BEEB , an organisation specially developed to preserve failing species , The ”Scottish People’s Party ” , as it was once nicknamed ( by itself !) , faces an inevitable and , some would say , deserved extinction for failing to adapt to a changing world .

  18. Hamish100 says:

    Maybe Sarwar should diverse his families millions into low pay workers?
    Is that too socialist for him ?

    Maybe the shadow Secretary of State could do likewise in a lesser senses by donating the pay differential.

    • They have a big empty office block with the Butcher’s Apron splattered on the side of it in Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth II House, which is supposed to have 3000 Brit civil servants in it by now. What happened there, I wonder?

      Symbolic, innit?

  19. Capella says:

    Scottish Labour have 1 MP. He is Ian Murray, MP for blue rinse Morningside, standing for Keep the SNP out tactical voters. He is Labour’s shadow Scottish Secretary.

    Jackie Baillie tells the Labour Party, speaking to a meeting of Fabians yesterday – see The Herald front page, that there is no route to a Labour victory at Westminster that does not go through Scotland. We know this is a lie, but Labour Fabians don’t. She said there is a significant challenge before the next General Election expected in 2023 but that Labour have to win 20 seats in Scotland.

    The Scottish Tories have 6 seats at Westminster and the Scottish Lib Dems 4. The SNP had 48 seats but 2 have defected to Alba and 1 is independent (Margaret Ferrier).
    So Labour have a bit of a mountain to climb and I’m not convinced that Keir Starmer and Anas Sarwar are plausible sherpas.–present)

    • Bob Lamont says:

      “He is Labour’s shadow Scottish Secretary” has two extraneous words, Scottish and Secretary.

      • Capella says:

        That’s how Emma Barnett introduced him on Women”s Hour this morning. I heard about the interview so listened in for the laughs. He tied himself in knots trying to explain Labour’s policy on women’s rights v trans rights. Absolute minefield!

        Of course, Labour in Scotland can’t attack the SNP on this issue because they have exactly the same gaping abyss of contradictions to negotiate. How to square that circle? Impossible IMO. Labour suffer from the added handicap of having passed the GRA in Westminster and Holyrood in 2004. So it’s their baby and they own it.
        The Tories, of course, keep out of this mess.
        You can listen again from approx 12.40

    • grizebard says:

      The reason that the likes of Bailey perpetrate that particular lie is because they know that their position within the Labour Party is highly marginal, and it’s a desperate play to convince ordinary members that the Northern Twig-not-Branch still really matters to them. But it’s clear by word and deed that the English leadership have effectively written them off. I mean, when the only available MP choice for shadow Colonial Governor is Ian “Plastic Tory” Murray, what would you think..?

  20. exile says:

    Jack Collatin @ 08.11, Believe in Scotland is “getting the message out there now”. BiS supporters are delivering leaflets on raising the state pension to £200 a week, and on Scotland’s natural wealth. BiS’s newspaper supplement with The National, and “Scotland the Brief” books (and online version), set out sourced facts about Scotland’s economy.

  21. Dr Jim says:

    Labour saying the SNP is wrong and bad is saying that 50% of Scotlands voters are stupid and have been stupid since when now?

  22. scottish skier says:

    Well, no queues outside the filling stations in Lauder or Galashiels. Most have all or 90% of pumps running, one or two diesel offline, but that’s not actually unusual as it’s more popular in rural areas and I’ve commonly seen that in non panic times when it’s a day or so before delivery day.

    Just filled up as normal after driving down from Carrbridge yesterday. All rather normal.

    What I will complain about is E10. I noticed recently an around 10% decrease in mpg using standard unleaded. It’s caused by the new E10. So, I filled up with premium E5 this morning for the first time and economy shot up 18% to even higher than it was on the pre-E10 stuff. So at 6% extra cost per litre, I get 18% more mpg (probably more as I’ve been up and over the hills since trying and the tank still had some E10 in it). So that’s me on premium now as it’s way cheaper per mile!

    And E10 is supposed to be greener. D-oh.

    I guess it’s worth trying with your car if you’ve notice a drop with E10, will depend on the engine and how the management programme adjusts parameters in response to the different grade of fuel.

  23. scottish skier says:

    Keep in mind that HGV drivers are sill leaving the UK in their thousands. People seem to be talking in the media like that has stopped. That they left during covid and that’s stopped now.

    No, people with EU passports continue to flood out the exit gates to the visa-free, higher wage and better working conditions EU.

    It’s been going on since 2017. I remember in 2019 the labour shortage was already an issue. People didn’t leave due to the pandemic, they just kept leaving as they had been doing since the EUref.

    Now of course the number arriving has utterly collapsed due to the pandemic and the fact they need a super expensive visa. Chuck in the £ being 22% lower against the Euro, and the high demand for their skills in Europe, and they’re not coming.

    In a few years we could be looking at having lost millions of EU workers. After all, we are entering a downward spiral where the labour shortage damages the economy, closing businesses, which in turn encourages emigration which causes further damage.

    Of course if you have an EU passport and come from France, you just move home. There are 3.5 million EU nationals here that can do that. Also take British partners and siblings with them.

    No country has ever prospered under mass emigration on this scale. They can only become depressed wastelands. Much like Scotland in the 1980’s when 1 in 10 left in search of a better life.

    • scottish skier says:

      Oh and of course Brits can’t get out as they don’t have free movement. The UK government put a barbed wire fence around them and only way over that is to beg another country to accept them as economic migrants / refugees. The highly educated will find this a lot easier, causing the type of brain drain that you see in many isolationist states.

      Scots do have a way to get out though. By voting Yes.

  24. Welsh_Sion says:

    Meanwhile … Labour can’t even get their most senior politician’s job title correct – TWICE!

    Why do you bother, Mark, in associating yourself with that crowd? You know they don’t give a tuppenny toss for you or our country.

    Come join us for indy!

    First what? Labour blasted after getting Mark Drakeford’s title wrong at conference

    27 Sep 2021 3 minute Read

  25. Capella says:

    Prof Robertson is spot on with his critique of Kevin McKenna’s latest attempt to smear the FM.
    McKenna parrots DRoss’s Tory attack. But, unlike Prof Robertson, McKenna and DRoss are bereft of facts to make his case. Plenty of useful Covid health stats here:

    Also worth reading is his article on the latest BBC hype from the hospital inquiry. I had just read the BBC article on what a mother claimed at the inquiry and read through the article. But the actual words spoken by the doctor were quite different to what the BBC implied in their heading. They really are prepared to flat out lie.

    • And Douglas Fraser in a chat with the anchor repeated George Eustace’s lioes about British workers being in the driving seat retraining as chefs care staff and HGV drivers. They can demand and expect higher wages.

      Then a Voice Over….the hospitality industry hope to mirror the ‘success’ of the Haulage industry (5000 3 month visas until Christmas Eve judged by all but BBC Distorting Scotland to be woeful).
      At least they sorta partly blamed Brexit.
      Then a promo for a ‘Disclosure’ half hour on Scots youngsters unable to afford a flat in Scotland…a young beautician has saved £30k deposit but is priced out of Edinburgh.

      Flats in Livingston going between £130K and £180k, 25 minutes from Waverley. Try there, my precious.
      But like their bogus petrol pump crisis earlier, Distorting Scotland will not let the facts get in the way of a Scotland is shite strap.
      Then the bloody babygro QEUH enquiry.

      Douglas Fraser, what planet is he on?

    • Dr Jim says:

      If only the SNP had changed their name to Labour then McKenna would’ve been happy

      • grizebard says:

        Yeah, Labourite exceptionalism and self-entitlement are evidently very tough habits to break. McKenna is the mirror-image of ole Henry, both trying, from nominally opposite sides of the divide, to simultaneously serve two different masters. And thereby convincing no-one.

        How McKenna thinks he serves independence by constantly attempting to undermine the only viable route to it is unclear. Hoping to be on the side that prevails, whatever happens…?

        • Dr Jim says:

          It’s just that that Sturgeon woman isn’t a man like wot Labour would’ve had instead of all this modren womany stuff
          We forget sometimes there are still many out there who have a severe problem with women leaders, even in their own parties there are men who just can’t stand the idea of women in charge because well they keep doing womany things instead of the usual stuff that’s always been done since the dawn of time and it was good enough before and they damn well like it that way, women are for footering around with babies and kitcheny things and it’s about time they got back to it

          Angela Merkel has had 18 years of this garbage from the same people and she’s been the best Germany’s ever had, they even ended up calling her Mummy, now I think that’s a definite sign of, well I think you know what

  26. Capella says:

    Nicola Sturgeon is hugely popular, not just among Scottish voters but across the UK. She is perceived to have shown good leadership during the Covid crisis. So the unionists (the Union Unit?) have obviously decided that they need to attack her reputation on health. Their lackeys in the MSM duly print and broadcast unionist press releases in an attempt to undermine her reputation for good leadership.

    That makes Prof Robertson and Travelling Tabby vital sources of information to counter this onslaught.

    But don’t worry, there are plenty more targets waiting to be headlined once the health “crisis” fails to dent her popularity as people believe the evidence of their own lying eyes and ears rather than the hysterical Daily Mail and BBC.

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