The infantile politics of the Scottish Conservatives

Yesterday was the first session of First Minister’s Questions following the return of Holyrood after its summer break. Anyone who had hoped that the Scottish Conservative contingent would return from the break and behave in a more constructive aand grown up manner was quickly disabused of that notion. The session began with the First Minister attacking Douglas Ross for his infantile politics, which was fair enough since Douglas spends all his time in Holyrood looking for a dummy to spit out. He’d save himself, and the rest of us, a whole lot of bother if he looked at the Scottish Tory MSPs sitting behind him, there’s plenty of dummies to choose from there.

The exchange was prompted by a question about the proposal for vaccine passports. The First Minister pointed out that it was for Parliament to decide on the details. That wasn’t good enough for Douglas, whose lips were already pursed in readiness to launch the dummy. Nicola Sturgeon not unreasonably noted that if she had presented the vaccine passport scheme as a fait accompli, Douglas would be the first to complain that MSPs and the Scottish Parliament were being taken for granted. This is what prompted the retort about Douglas Ross’s infantile politics of petty point scoring from the First Minister. By this time Douglas’s dummy was in mid trajectory.

Sadly it was not long at all before more Scottish Tory infantilism was on disgusting display. Since the Scottish Conservatives treat the chamber of Holyrood in much the same way that certain Rangers fans treat the streets in the centre of Glasgow, as a venue in which to display their tribalism, entitlement, prejudice, and British nationalist contempt, it was perhaps appropriate that the next Scottish Tory dummy spitting was provoked by a question about the appalling display of naked anti-Irish racism from a group of Rangers fans in Glasgow last weekend, who paraded through the city centre chanting an offensive song making fun of the Irish famine and telling Scots of Irish Catholic descent to “go home”, saying that they had brought “trouble and shame” on Scotland. The only “trouble and shame on display here was that being created by racist and bigoted Rangers fans. Some arrests have already been made, more are expected.

I’m a Scot of Irish Catholic descent. My family have lived in Scotland since before WW1, yet for some racist British nationalists I can never be properly Scottish. British nationalism in Scotland still refuses to acknowledge or tackle its long history of anti-Irish racism. The Scottish Conservatives in particular have never acknowledged, far less come to terms with or made amends for, their long standing and intimate association with the Orange Order, an organisation which without the protection afforded to it by the Scottish Conservative Unionist and British nationalist establishment, would long since have been categorised as a hate group.

Prompted by the weekend’s scenes, the Labour MSP Pauline McNeill asked the First Minister about the Scottish Government’s efforts to tackle racism. Her question was an example of how Holyrood is supposed to work, an opposition MSP can still oppose the government yet be willing to work together on matters of common concern, such as efforts to root out racism. It was an example that the Scottish Tories would do well to learn from.

The First Minister replied that she was determined to ensure that Scotland was a welcoming home for everyone, no matter what their background or origins. Then the Scottish Tory MSP Tess White interjected, “Except if you’re English.” If you’d asked the Scottish Tories to demonstrate the infantile politics that the First Minister had called out just a few minutes previously, you could not come up with a more perfect example. Tess White’s comment was not only infantile, it was tribalist, petty, and fundamentally wrong, founded in nothing more than the Scottish Conservative projection of their own prejudiced style of politics onto everyone else. It was the politics of British nationalist social media zooming, without substance, merit or truth.

Tess White was attempting to dismiss the very real anti-Irish racism of British nationalism in Scotland and claim that the real problem is the fictitious anti-English racism which Tories believe drives the demand for Scottish independence because they are incapable of understanding any issue except through the lens of their own prejudice. It’s a classic example of psychological projection. In one short statement Tess White demonstrated everything that’s wrong with the Scottish Conservatives.

Naturally Tess White was supported by the staunch mob on social media, with their British flag and God Save the Queen bedecked accounts in order to show how much they hate nationalism. None of them however are ever able to present any concrete example of this supposed anti-English racism from the SNP beyond idiotic claims like the assertion that when independence supporters complain about Westminster that’s “really” code for “the English”.

She was also supported by the media branch of British nationalist zoomer accounts on social media, the equally infantile GBeebies channel and its frothing viewer. Tom Harwood, who delivers British nationalist hot takes from his bedroom in his mother’s house, took to Twitter (where else) to support Tess White, saying: “It’s not inaccurate to say that significant sections of the pro-partition movement in Scotland are deeply xenophobic against the English.”

Well it is inaccurate Tom. The mainstream independence movement does not tolerate or excuse racism in the same way that apologists for British nationalism tolerate the naked racism displayed by those Rangers fans or the blatant anti-immigration scare mongering that drove the Brexit campaign.

It’s also inaccurate because there is no “pro-partition” movement seeking Scottish independence. Partition is what British nationalists advocate when they fear that they are losing control. The border between Scotland and England is one of the oldest in Europe. No one in the independence movement proposes changing its course.

The real pro-partition advocates in Scotland are those British nationalists like George Galloway who advocate that if Scotland votes for independence in a future referendum then any district with a No majority should be hived off and remain a part of the UK. Partition advocates are also those British nationalist who propose that in the event of Scottish independence the British military installations at Faslane and Coulport should be retained by the UK as sovereign base areas similar to those the UK retained in Cyprus.

Tess White has apologised for her outburst. Even the Scottish Tories now acknowledge that the SNP is not driven by anti-English racism. It’s about time that they cracked down on their supporters on social media who are determined to drive a wedge between Scots with an Irish or English heritage and everyone else.

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102 comments on “The infantile politics of the Scottish Conservatives

  1. Golfnut says:

    Tess White is English, voted into the Scottish Parliament by the people of Scotland. You would have thought the media might have picked up on that particular Elephant in the room.

  2. rodwiddowson says:

    OK Here goes.

    I am of English upbringing. I have lived in Scotland since just after decimalization, despite which I have an RP accent you can cut glass with (and which I cannot shed).

    I consider myself a Scot and am proud to. Very proud. But I cannot deny that 3 of my grandparents were English.

    In all those 50 years I have never experienced any anti English prejudice. Yes I was teased a bit at primary school for not speaking Doric – but that would have happened to someone from Galashiels as well.

    I was badly bullied by proto-Unionist at boarding school but not for being English.

    So I get very upset when I hear about this imaginary Anti English hatred.

    I want the other readers of this blog to have the ammunition that there are many English born Scots who really do not believe that Scotland is full of Anti-English bigots. Bigots? sadly yes. Racists? even more sadly yes. But getting the two together appears to be rare.

    • rodwiddowson says:

      > But getting the two together appears to be rare.
      I meant of course “Anti English Bigotry is nothing I have ever experience”

      • Jen Daly says:


    • Capella says:

      Thx Rod – it’s good to hear a first hand account from someone who knows what he’s talking about.
      There will be idiots in Scotland who try to stir up racist antagonism. But they never get much traction. I think we are all brought up to believe “We’re aw Jock Tamson’s bairns” and that attitude follows most of us through life.

      Tories, however, are different to the rest of us. I believe they are motivated mainly by fear. Fear makes people suspicious, hostile and wary of the “other”. I wish they felt more at home in the world. Then they would leave the rest of us in peace.

    • I too am an Anglo-Scot and, like your good self have never encountered any anti-English bigotry from any independence supporters. If anything, it was anti-Scottish bigotry that I encountered when I told people I was moving up here. I was warned many times not to make the move because I would not be made welcome. What nonsense!

  3. grizebard says:

    Sectarianism is “Scotland’s shame”, but who exactly indulges in it? Not the vast majority of independence supporters. It lies directly at the door of the name-calling British Nationalists, as is readily evidenced by the very tokens they proudly flaunt.

    Ordinary people would see much more of that evidence if the BBC wasn’t taking such great care to hide it, as eg. it did with the baying Nazi-salutuing Union Rag-flying mob in Glasgow on referendum night of 2014.

  4. bringiton says:

    As a descendant from a long line of Picts,I would like to say that all,with a few exceptions,are welcome in Scotland.
    Irish,Scots,Romans,Vikings (of various ethnicities),English.Polish,Lithuanians etc and even Tories.
    However,I do wish that some of them would leave their past behind them and accept their place as fellow citizens of a country now known as Scotland.
    We are all equal and have a common set of rights bestowed by our democratically elected parliament in Scotland.
    Using religion as an excuse to marginalise and deligitimise our fellow citizens is despicable and must be eradicated from our society.
    People who do this do not belong in my country.

  5. Naina Tal says:

    I suspect that Tess being a good Brit Nat has probably come up against some comments about her Englishness. My auld faither aye taught me to treat people as you find them.
    My point is that I suspect the origin of perceived anti Englishness sometimes lies in the attitude of the perceiver.
    Most Scots will react very badly if someone implies their country is shite and of course theirs is superior in every way.I admit I have!
    Mind you, I remember one Maori gentleman whose opening gambit being about everything in NZ being bigger and better than in Scotland. End of conversation. He might have been right enough but I saw no need for confrontation. Don’t know if their trout are twice the size of ours or not.

    Now I don’t want you to imagine this is an anti English rant. There are many many people in Scotland who are English and part English including many of my friends, who treat Scots and Scotland with respect .
    Just saying respect is a two way thing.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Were it not for the fact this lady I doubt ever encountered the hoi-polloi in her entire career, I venture her “personal experience” was among her “peers’.
      She was caught being abusive, and sought refuge in denigrating an entire nation… Not a good start, and an utter disgrace to the Parliament she purports to serve…

  6. Oliver Drake says:

    The text of my email to Tess White
    Dear Ms White

    I am an English born person, with a RP accent. I have lived in Scotland for about 25 years. I have become part of society locally, running a successful business, and being involved with my local Church.

    The only people who have abused me for being English are both Unionists and members of your party. Please think about this.

    Your comment today, for which you have apologised, was so far from the truth.

    I really do think that your bigotry and racism must preclude you from being an MSP. Please do consider your position.

    Best Wishes

  7. JockG says:

    If Ms White is so concerned about racism one has to wonder what she has to say about the British Governments treatment of asylum seekers, Caribbean immigrants , EU nationals or the fact that her party leader, while editor of the Spectator, saw fit to publish a poem calling for the ‘extermination’ of the ‘verminous Scotch race’.

    Projection is when someone attempts to disown an unacceptable idea or impulse by attributing it to another person or group. Psychologists regard this sort of behaviour as a means of alleviating an unpleasant characteristic of ones own. Essentially it’s a from of self- deception whereby someone who does not want to address their own failings seeks to transfer that failing onto someone else.

    When people in England make crass statements along similar lines I generally don’t pay too much attention. More often than not such sentiments reflect a lack of knowledge about Scotland rather than any genuine animosity. However, one has to wonder what Ms White honestly thinks about the majority of the people who inhabit the country where she has chosen to live.

    • Dave tewart says:

      She and the party she’s a member of voted NOT to help people that gave them service.
      Cast adrift after their perceived usefulness is gone.

  8. Dr Jim says:

    The Unionists love conflating anti England dominance with being an anti English person, and of course the two things are not the same at all
    Being anti any country that dominates your own is a perfectly natural and normal state of affairs the world over with any people in any country, the problem is the two things become interlinked because in order to claim ongoing ownership of Scotland the British nationalists have to find convincing ways to prove they owned Scotland in the first place and using racism has always been a good divisive and effective control tool

    Partition, what a great word for its opposite meaning, exclusion subdivision segregation, the very opposite of the inclusive Scotland the FM and the SNP stand for

    The *British* have been successfully doing this for a very long time, but even when it eventually fails the *British* have their propaganda ready proclaiming them as winners
    There can be nobody seriously left in the British Isles who actually really believes that Brexit is a win for Britain but you wouldn’t know that from the Westminster politicians Tory Labour and Liberal Democrat or the media now, they must promote some kind of victory to the people or the next general election will see voting numbers go down and confidence in *the country* and its leaders lost, leading to fracture and the end of empire, mini though it is

    Scotland is a handy battleground with which to grapple with the foreign yet not foreign malcontents
    Soon Scotland will be like Ireland a country that would never content themselves with being *British* but escaped in the end and will always be folk they didn’t like then and still don’t like now, the damn ungrateful wretches

    I can’t wait to be an ungrateful Scottish wretch who refused to give in to Nationalisation by England, or is it Great Britain? or the UK, so many names for one country

    • grizebard says:

      I think it interesting that the NI-associated word “partition” is now apparently entering the lexicon of BritNats. (Previously it was “separation”.) I wonder if they’ve already started thinking about which bits to try to carve-off for themselves like they did in Ireland. Well, if so, we’re not having anything to do with that. To quote the old song, this land belongs to you and me. Not to London. Not even any small part of it.

      • Capella says:

        Along with “Ulsterisation”. A bingo card of veiled threats. Maybe we should draw up a checklist?

      • scottish skier says:

        In the European union, bringing down Berlin walls and unifying partitioned countries is celebrated.

        By contrast, in the UK union, Belfast walls and the continued partitioning of countries is.

      • Golfnut says:

        Partition isn’t an option for westminster. English law would need to be supreme in Scotland for an English legislator to be lawfully competent to impose partition on Scotland.

  9. James Mills says:

    Imagine a senior Scottish politician calling the whole nation of England ” Verminous ” and calling for their ”extermination ” – even jokingly .
    Imagine the editor responsible for publishing this disgraceful attack on a nation being elevated to the position of First minister !
    Imagine the furore this would trigger south of the border .
    The Daily Express and the The Daily Mail would have to be printed on asbestos paper such would be the ferocity and fire directed at the perpetrator .

    This could never happen of course ! Well , not up here !

    • robert harrison says:

      And yet englanders calling us stuff like disgusting jock scum even on the sewage that is Twitter is apparently ok to them basically Scotland can be slandered and have rascist remarks made about it by the English right wing the English media and the supremacists down there but the the moment any Scot stands against it and hits back oh thats rascist thats anti English makes me sick.

  10. scottish skier says:

    ‘I’m a Scot of Irish Catholic descent’

    I’m a Scot of Irish protestant descent. Gran was born in the north of Ireland; that is before Northern Ireland existed, and she grew up there and in Donegal. Brits shot at her family / friends as thanks for serving in the WW1 trenches and put a border right through her country when she was a kid.

    Contrary to the British myth, the conflict was never about religion and only ever about brutal British occupation.

    In WWII, she travelled to England to sign up for the British army to fight the Nazis. While she was looking for somewhere to stay in London before being billeted, nobody would give her a room because she was ‘Irish mick scum’, even though she was legally British and protestant. ‘No blacks, no dogs, no Irish’ was very real.

    Eventually, a German lady with an English husband gave her a room. She ended up as an ‘Ack Ack Girl’ in Lowesoft manning the anti-aircraft guns and is credited with at least one downed I understand. A stray bomb hit her barracks one night killing many, but luckily she and her best friend were out at the toilet block.

    It was on active duty she met my Scottish grandad, a policeman, so military police during the war.

    Makes me sick when unionists besmirch their memories by claiming they ‘fought for the British empire’. They fought the Nazis for all the peoples the Nazis had under their jackboots, and received little but racist abuse for it in England. My grandad just a little less so as he was slightly more acceptable as a ‘Jock’ than my ‘Mick’ gran was.

    • bringiton says:

      I think it comes down to a cultural issue,between that of class in England and clan in Scotland.
      Two very different cultures and two very different countries bound together by force of arms/law.

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        Couldn’t agree more, bringiton – and I use the analogy regularly for Cymru/Celtia v England/Saxonia.

        ‘Class’ is usually based on money (cf English public schools and their ilk).
        ‘Clan’ is a Celtic concept based on family and brotherhood. It is mirrored in the Welsh word ‘plant’ meaning ‘children’ or ‘offspring’ – an extended family.

  11. Capella says:

    BBC continue to undermine public health advice from the Scottish Government. Now they are claiming that the vaccine passports can be falsified. Jason Leitch has had to take to twitter to refute this lie.
    What other country would tolerate the “public service” broadcaster lying about pubic heath advice and putting lives at risk. Criminal IMO.

    • Dr Jim says:

      The BBC aren’t fighting a campaign against Independence now, they know there aren’t enough people listening to them anymore, they’re just feeding their own trolling Union supporters with garbage to argue about

    • jfngw says:

      The BBC double down on nonsense. I suspect if the letters were sent out they would be at the photocopier with typed out names and sticky tape to generate another bit of gibberish. Wait till they find out there is fake passports available.

    • Alex Clark says:

      That’s totally ridiculous, editing of pdf’s is nothing new and anyone can do it. The BBC just mischief making with another SNP bad pathetic article.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:


      On a lighter note – read your sentence again! (And have a great weekend! 😀


      What other country would tolerate the “public service” broadcaster lying about pubic heath advice and putting lives at risk.

      A. N. Editor
      (Pedants R Us)

      • Capella says:

        In search of the lost consonant. Obviously a sticky key there! TFIF 😂😂😂

        • Welsh_Siôn says:

          (It was only my re-reading it that I noticed TWO missing consonants. Obviously, it was the first ‘l’ that drew my attention … Maybe you were alluding also to the Scottish play and, ‘ … the blasted heath’.)

          One ‘l’ of a problem with your ‘sticky fingers’, I trow. 😀

          • Capella says:

            I’ll never get a job as an editor. I read what I expect to read – should teach me to proof read before clicking “Post” (but probably won’t).

            • Welsh_Siôn says:

              Not to worry, Capella. You made this trilingual editor smile, in any case. None of us are perfect, in any case.

              One of the best I’ve seen involved a Job Description stating that the successful applicant ‘will be expected to work in shifts’. Only that the ‘f’ was missing.

              Both the HR Manager and me had a long chuckle over the phone over that one!

  12. Christopher Rosindale says:

    In unsurprising news, it seems that Andrew Neil has faced reality.

    That in June this year, he committed career suicide….

  13. scottish skier says:

    Tess White, MSP for the pro-brexit Tories, enjoyed the benefits of full free movement between countries to come to Scotland as an economic migrant.

    Does she support the same for my French family or is she racist anti-them?

  14. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Anagram corner (with a bit of improvisation):

    Tess White = Wheest! Sit!

  15. jfngw says:

    Guess which broadcasters journalist jumps to Tess White’s defence, although I would expect some proof, after all she is from a party with a congenital liar as its leader.

    Of course it may not be because she’s English that’s her problem, there is another reason people tend to not like you, probably beyond a Tories reasoning though to work this out.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Indeed, Kirsten Campbell cited that “bit of context” on John Beattie’s “Drivetime”, there’s a clip of it on Indyref Two’s Youtube channel.
      White tried that excuse on after having been caught, BBC clearly feel it their public duty to provide the amplification.
      What’s next, anti-English sentiment was why she only got 12.4% of the vote in the 2019 GE election for Dundee West ?
      Not the brightest bulb in the socket is White, another List beneficiary of Scottish votes.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Is there not a non-sequitur, here, from Kirsten Campbell? (Not that such things are unknown within BBC Scotland, but hey ho).

      Tess White in response to the FM’s assertion that everyone was welcome in Scotland – ‘unless you’re English’. She has since ‘apologised’.

      Now, White made this claim as if it was a fact – which of course it is not. (Witness English posters on here). However, it is a leap of imagination to jump from her erroneous assertion of ‘all welcome … unless you’re English’ to *herself* ‘[having] experienced anti-English sentiment while living in Scotland’.

      Does White allege, ‘Scots are anti-English AND I have experienced anti-English sentiment while living in Scotland’?

      No. And there is the non-sequitur.

      Two fallacies for the price of one. Must try harder, BBC.

  16. scottish skier says:

    In terms of nationalism / unionism…

    I voted for Scotland join a union with England / the rUK and all the countries of Europe in 2014, i.e. for Yes. I voted against leaving the European union in 2016, and will vote in iref2 with the aim of having Scotland rejoin the EU, or at least EFTA/EEA union.

    It’s not me that’s against unions, but it seems English people are. After all, they did knowingly vote in 2016 to leave a large union, and at the same time, very likely cause the breakup of another one; the UK. The ultimate outcome of brexit will most likely be England leaving Scotland; the latter staying in the EU/EEA after the current hiatus.

    Maybe Tess white can explain why English people don’t want to be in union with my other country of Ireland, nor with my wife’s country of France, nor even Scotland if the latter joins the EU/EFTA?

    Seems to me it’s Scots that are the unionists and English people the nationalists, and if anyone is ‘anti-people from other countries’ it’s not us.

  17. Capella says:

    The value of UK food and drink exports to the EU has dropped by a ‘’disastrous’’ £2bn as the terrible consequences of Brexit continue to unfold.

    Great discussion this morning with @Ivan_McKee – as always very generous with his time and a great understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

  18. Capella says:

    “Centrism” remember “Things can oonly get btte?” I suppose Tony just didn’t spell out who would benefit:

  19. scottish skier says:

    As posted on a National article…

    Surely according to unionist logic the SNP hate the peoples of all countries in the world? After all, they don’t want the government of any other country running Scotland, so England isn’t being singled out here.

    Certainly, you’d need to be super arrogant to think Scottish independence is all about England. Scots don’t want the French or Irish parliaments to run Scotland either, but you don’t hear the French or Irish getting in a hate-filled anti-Scottish rant about this.

    And why do you never hear the e.g. Welsh saying that Sturgeon is anti-Welsh? Why is it just some English people doing this? Arrogance?

    • grizebard says:

      Well re-framed. We need more like this.

      English exceptionalism – for me it’s one of the biggest obstacles to our freedom. Their fear of being abandoned, left all alone in the world, even though they apparently want it as well (if only on their terms).

      • dakk says:

        They are just so used to owning, dominating, exploiting, and bullying other peoples/countries that they can’t face being equal with others.

        They have always needed whipping boys.

  20. Statgeek says:

    Looking at Tess White’s lackluster performances in 2019 and 2021 (8% and 5.9% of the constituency electorate, respectively), I’m tempted to go digging around the edges of the Scottish Tories to see who’s who. Of course, anything I find could never be as detailed or have as amusing a title as this:

  21. Alex Clark says:

    I did a bit of shopping by myself today in Tesco, a decent size store in a rural town and not one of the cities. I was very surprised by the spaces on the shelves, I knew all about the delivery problems but the result as I looked at it today was worse than I thought it would be.

    The interesting part was that it didn’t look like the panic buying we had in March of last year where specific items, like toilet roll and other essentials all got snapped up quick. No, this was different and the spaces were in all the aisles and among a wide range of goods, it was as if the shelf stackers had all gone on strike a day or two ago.

    What I believe is really happening though is that deliveries are becoming fewer and there is longer between those deliveries. I can’t imagine that it will be much different in the warehouses and distribution centres where there are likely plenty of empty space on the shelves there too.

    When you hear that even flu jab appointments are being canceled across England & Wales and that blood tests are being restricted because of a shortage of vials to collect the blood, then it’s obvious that all is not right and there are serious issues that are not being dealt with by this useless government. Might be an idea to put a little by each week before Xmas as I can’t see this lot in power doing anything at all to improve matters.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      When you hear that even flu jab appointments are being canceled across England & Wales and that blood tests are being restricted because of a shortage of vials to collect the blood, then it’s obvious that all is not right and there are serious issues that are not being dealt with by this useless government.


      Agree with your assertion that there are gaps all over the place in our local Tesco Metro (Leafy, safe Middle England Tory market town).

      Further, nursing staff have advised me to be in no hurry to arrange a PSA test with either them at the local hospital or at the GP’s surgery (almost impossible to get through to make an appointment anyway – you have to phone at 8.30 am or 2 pm to be seen on the day, and the line is frequently engaged at this time. Yes, the medical staff say – unless your case is urgent – postpone your blood giving as they have a shortage of vials in which to collect the blood. My condition is not serious – but it will have knock-on effects for a proposed phone appointment with my consultant, scheduled for later on this month. Thus, I am being pushed further down the line – in favour, I hope, of people with far worse conditions and under more difficult circumstances.

      Take it from me, these are the reports from one of the bluest constituencies in these islands, and I think this is only get steadily worse, with the natives blaming everyone, except those who deserve their approbium.

      Yours, as I continue my missionary work, ‘down here’.

    • Capella says:

      Same here in rural Aberdeenshire. Odd items too such as fizzy water missing. Hearing that new utility vehicles have a long waiting time, up to next spring for delivery. Probably most of them are Japanese and they import a lot of component parts from the EU.

      Lot of tweets too about Johnston announcing an increase in NI to pay for social care in England. Everyone reminding us about that big red bus and the £350 million we saved with BREXIT. Why not use that?
      Well £37 billion to his pals for the Test and Trace fiasco will have swallowed up any savings.

      Covid is now endemic in the UK so we will all be exposed to it. Make sure you get vaccinated and take your Vit D3 and zinc supplements.

      Then there’s Afghanistan… oh dear. Is there nothing the useless items in Westminster couldn’t screw up?

      Well yes, they’re very good at lying and lining their pockets and appointing themselves to the House of Lords. Just think about the future Lord Boris Johnston, Lord Dominc Raab, Lady Priti Patel. Nightmare 😱

    • Marc says:

      I do wonder if the high profile Brexiters will ever admit that they were wrong. After all their assertions only a couple of years ago are certainly not standing the test of time well

  22. Capella says:

    Oh I forgot – COP26 😂

    • Alex Clark says:

      The real fear is that the competence of Nicola Sturgeon would give Johnson a showing up and that is what they really fear. Making an idiot look even more worthless than he already is in the eyes of the world.

    • Alex Clark says:

      This is the story.

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        Without a counter-strategy, said the meeting notes, there was a risk that the Scottish leader could “hijack” the summit by using it as a “soapbox for her independence obsession”. The notes also record efforts to ensure that the union flag is displayed as much as possible.


        So they are countering ‘nationalism’ with … er … ‘nationalism’. Only Brit. nationalism is not nationalism is it? (See, WGD passim).

  23. Capella says:

    Newsnet is on the case. Good article about the BBC’s sabotage of the Scottish Government vaccine passport plan. Outrageous behaviour in a public health crisis.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Good to see Newsnet assemble yet another exposee of BBC Scotland’s collusion with the Scottish Tories, entirely fitting for “The infantile politics of the Scottish Conservatives”.

      Trashing what little credibility you had left should not be in Pacific Quay’s best interests, yet just as Kirsten Campbell’s bizarre defence of Tess White was as strange as her “confusion” over what constitutes a nightclub, downward they spiral.

      Promoting Tory propaganda may be a natural fit for PQ’s anti-SNP bias, but examine BBC output on any day of the week and ask yourself, what is missing ? What has been crowded off the main page by all this pap ?
      What of food shortages and what is being done to solve it ? What is happening now with Brexit and the thousands affected in the shellfish and agriculture sectors ? What of universal credit or Sunak’s latest wheeze to increase NI payments ? What of reform to power transmission charges ?
      Nada – Not a dicky-bird.
      The BBC are not discussing what directly affects peoples’ lives deliberately, and THAT is what DRoss et al are up to with these cock and bull propaganda campaigns, it’s all distraction.

  24. Pete Wilcox says:

    Nailed it. Once again. Well done. “What oft was thought, etc,.”

  25. Dr Jim says:

    It’s all going to be alright, we knew this was coming and she’s got this

  26. yesindyref2 says:

    Unionist posters on the Herald throw in the anti-English thing in maybe 1 in 3 postings, and it’s so daft nobody even bothers pulling them up these days. I think poor Tess White just followed the example of these people, and the ones who do it on social media, without thinking. Giving Sturgeon the perfect opening to take her to task – and White being hauled over the coals by the PO. Well, it’s a good reason NOT to pull up the posters in the Herald or elsewhere – let them give a bad example for the Tories to follow. Holyrood is a much better platform and the news had little choice but to report it.

    I suspect it comes largely from outside Scotland. Most everybody knows an English person or two, and most everybody knows a YES supporter, even an SNP member or supporter. All it needs is to jog them, and they realise themselves the nonsense of it – apart from maybe a few isolated incidents, which are probabpy 50-50 NO and YES supporters.

    A letter in the Herald today complaining about anti-English abuse of Eddy Jones. Ummm, he’s Australian. You couldn’t make it up.

  27. Statgeek says:

    I imagine the Tories will try every trick in the book to turn FMQs into the theatrical cluster**** that PMQs is, in a bid to undermine the impression Holyrood has on Scots and out-with Scotland.

    They’ve got no deliverable, believable policies, other than lining their chums’ pockets, so carping from the sidelines, with some heckling is all they’re good for now.

    What a waste of several dozen public servants.

  28. scottish skier says:

    Saying ‘Scottish people are anti-English’ is the very definition of racism.

    It’s no different to saying ‘Black people are [insert derogatory term]’ or ‘Jewish people are [insert derogatory term]’. It is being pejorative about an entire group of people simply due to their race / ethnicity / religion / nationality… = racism.

    Scottish people are a minority ethnic national group in the UK, just like the Irish, Polish, Romanians… and that’s why we get abuse from racists among the majority Brits / English.

    The UK is institutionally racist toward Scots, but largely gets away with it by pretending we are not a minority group, but all brits, just like them. ‘Scottish’ is deliberately presented as not being the minority group it is with the aim reducing our status as a people / nation, while allowing open racism towards us.

    Tess White would never have accused a Black PM of being a [insert derogatory term] specifically because they were black. The police would have been having words with her and TBH, they should be speaking to her right now for her racism toward Sturgeon, which was undoubtedly a racist hate crime. Tess White doesn’t like Sturgeon because Sturgeon is of a different, minority ethnic national group, i.e. Scottish (not British).

  29. Dr Jim says:

    Three *British* political parties in the Scottish parliament, the whole of the *British* media attacking the Scottish government with great hostility, and the subject?

    Don’t do what you were elected to do by the Scottish people who voted you in to office and asked you to be their government

  30. Alex Clark says:

    I have just come across an old Newsnight clip while looking for something else, it was recorded 9 days before the 2014 referendum vote.

    The clip is titled “What happens to England?” and has Laura Kuensberg discussing this hypothetical question with Labour MP Peter Hain and Tory MP John Redwood. It starts off with Kuensberg telling the viewers of all the extra powers Scotland will be getting if they vote No, Redwood wants an English parliament, Hain wants a federal UK ect ect.

    It’s very interesting to watch this 7 years later and measure it against what has actually happened, there is a bit in it where Hain says that if Scotland doesn’t get all these new powers then next time there is another referendum Scotland will vote to leave, there’s a very good bit right at the end.

    Laura Kuenssberg
    If the Union is lost, many of your colleagues are clear privately, that in their view, the Prime minister will have to resign. Is there a chance of that?

    John Redwood
    No, he’s made very clear that he will not resign.

    He had to do this, he had to offer the referendum, it wasn’t in his gift to say No. Once Scotland had elected a majority Scottish Nationalist government, wanting Independence, the only fair thing to do is to put it to the people.

    It’s not his fault if it is lost, I hope it’s won, for keeping the Union together, but if it is lost, that is the result in Scotland and we shouldn’t regard it as commentary on him.

    I doubt now, he still thinks that.

    • Capella says:

      Alex! What a painful watch that was, not least because John Redwood came across as quite sane. The dialogue has become so much more toxic since 2014. Then the unioists were confident they would win through lying and cheating. Now not so much. Now they are resorting to “ulsterisation”.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Over time watch how Sarwar and DRoss become more and more openly hostile angry and disrespectful directly towards the FM in an attempt to create more anger amongst their supporters, the only tool the Unionists have left now is the use of the angered Union Orange Rangers public then blame the FM for that division when it comes

        The lies are coming thick and fast, Gordon Brown claimed there was no child poverty 20 years ago when Labour were in charge, so if you’re a young person up to the age of say 30 you have no memory of what the Labour party are and what they did, so statements like that sound good to young folks because they don’t understand that voting Labour in Scotland under any circumstances gets you Tories in England

      • Alex Clark says:

        Before I watched it, I admit to hoping that Redwood had said something totally insane, I didn’t get that but was still pleased to hear him say that if Scotland elects a Nationalist majority then the Prime Minister had no choice other than to “offer” a referendum!

        I’m sure he has made his views known to Johnson and Dross.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Quite a blast from the past, yet what I found wholly remarkable was the contrast – Hain desperately trying to patch the UK together and Redwood almost welconing Scottish Independence on order that England, HIS England, may flourish.

      Redwood’s staggeringly myopia that all England would be happy being ruled by Westminster once it was an official an English Parliament exemplifies all that ails the UK.
      For metropolitan elitists such as Redwood their “understanding of the people” is in time honoured tradition, “let them eat cake”.
      Little wonder he was so pro Brexit, it fitted his world view of what it is to be English – A quick rebrand of Winscale to Sellafield solved it’s problems overnight, a quick rebrand of UK to England’s Parliament will do the same…. Elitist myopia writ large.

      Hain was remarkably astute on what would happen IF London did NOT fulfil it’s promise of ever greater devolution, Scotland is leaving, period.
      Those who heard these warnings paid insufficient attention, once Scotland leaves the entire house of cards in London collapses and so does Redwood’s mythical England.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Two ex-SoS’s for Western Colonies discussing ‘the Scotland Question’.

      Eyh oop!

  31. Capella says:

    SNP conference to back crackdown on holiday homes in Scots tourist spots.
    The National

  32. Alex Clark says:

    Will the BBC in Scotland continue to remain “confused” about what a nightclub is?

    Vaccine passports will be required for nightclubs, mass events and large venues in England by the end of September, the vaccines minister has confirmed, saying that would allow businesses to stay open during the winter months if Covid-19 surges.

    Nadhim Zahawi said the government wanted to “make sure the whole economy remains open” through the autumn amid fears that a return to school could set off a new wave of infections.

    Zahawi respects Westminster so much that he announced this policy today on The Marr Show! I’m sure Dross will be demanding answers to this announcement.

      • Capella says:

        Yes but what IS a nightclub? A venue? A vaccine? A word spoken by the FM? We have no idea.
        Confused of Plantation Quay. 😂

        • Bob Lamont says:

          They’re still at it over at HMS Sarah Smith, “Covid in Scotland: Opposition increasing towards vaccine passports” starring Sarwar… 🤣
          And right down the bottom of the piece they’ve finally cracked, “Downing Street confirmed that the government intended to press on with plans to introduce vaccine passports for nightclubs in England this month”
          Honest to God what glue are DRoss, Sarwar, and the Hon SS sniffing these days…. ?

          • grizebard says:

            The only consolation in this ongoing campaign by the state broadcaster is that events conspire to confound it every time. With the help of its political collaborators, they all rail furiously against whatever the SG decides, then after a week or so the Bojo Circus bestirs itself and announces the same, after which they suddenly all fall schtum.

            It’s a farce, and I’m thinking that it’s not going un-noticed, not least by those who are still paying any attention to the state broadcaster.

  33. yesindyref2 says:

    British nationalist” or “Britnat.

    Hello. I was born in Scotland, have lived by far most of my life in Scotland, got married and raised kids in Scotland. But my parents were Welsh with some English, I have French and Irish blood, and was brought up in sarf-east London. I am Scottish and British. Some of my family, now deceased, were injured or worse in the Second World War.

    So, do Independence supporters want to call me a “British Nationalist”, a “BritNat”, or insult the country I went to school in – England? Perhaps they should use “WelshNat”, “FrenchNat”, IrishNat” to similarly insult me – an Independence supporter while some were still exploring the contets of their nappies? Or insult the English for YES as “EngNats”?

    I’ve supported Indy for 47 years it turns out, since between the two GEs. WEhat about people who’ve moved to Scotland, English, Welsh, Irish, French, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani – Polish? Are they to be othered by terns like “PoleNat”, if they show some pride in their original country?

    And this “British Government” nonsense. THERE IS NO BRITISH STATE, let alone a government. Or “Britian as England”. Do people think that impresses people who presumably have a better understanding of gorgraphy and politics than the playground gangs who go about insulting people “You’re not part of my gang”? T hey know it’s the UK Government – they’re not as thick as those who use such a ridiculous term.

    It’s time. Time people decided whether they want to insult the undecided, the soft noes, and even the hard noes, or do they want them to vote YES next Referendum, perhaps as many as for Devolution in 1997 – 74.6%?

    Get out of the playgound, leave your gang behind, and perhaps we will get Indy. Meanwhile, with all the “BritNat” insuilts, support for Indy has barely moved in 7 years. No wonder.

    • scottish skier says:

      While I totally agree that throwing around ‘britnat’ doesn’t do anything for the cause (even though people who see their country as Britain are British nationalists), I must disagree on indy support ‘barely moving in 7 years’.

      Unionists would love to convince us of that, but it just isn’t true as I’ve pointed out on here a number of times.

      Taking single polls or even the latest are no guide to what will happen, certainly while we remain some time away from the vote. We must look at the bigger picture, which if we had known in 2014, would have told us Yes was never going to win, but 45% was possible.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      It has to be Britnats, the “Grand duchy of Fenwick”ists is copyrighted…
      British is not a nationality, it’s a belief system.

      • scottish skier says:

        Of course Scottish, English, Welsh and N. Irish are not legal nationalities as such, just as British isn’t. They are all legal citizenships (which give rights to residence, voting, welfare etc along with obligations like taxation, jury duty), but none are nationalities, only national identities. Scottish will become a defined nationality only when it becomes an independent country. British could only ever become a nationality for everyone if the UK ceased to be made up of legally different countries, otherwise it’s a citizenship, hence what it says on passports. The only British nationals in the world come from overseas British territories that are not as such countries in their own right.

        It’s ironic that some of the most anti-‘self-id’ people’s only claim to being Scottish is that they self-identify as that (some might say ‘feelz Scottish’), because unless you live here (so are a citizen legally for voting, tax etc), it’s the only way you can be. And national identity is fundamental; it is the reason countries exist. Britain will never be a nation because most don’t nationally identify as that. Scotland continues to exist because its residents feel mainly Scottish.

        By contrast, I do have legal Irish nationality. In fact that’s the only legal nationality I have, even though I’ve never been to Ireland. But that didn’t matter to the people of Ireland; they recognized me as one of their own, knowing well that Ireland’s history with the UK forced many to leave the country against their will. Scotland will be able to the same for it’s ‘expats’ upon independence. I suspect then we’ll see whether the ‘real Scots who will come home upon indy’ are actually what they say they are at that time.

        Anyway, I look forward to dual Scottish-Irish nationality, reflecting my family’s background. Maybe I’ll even add French as per my wife and daughter. Just need to pass the language test and I could get my citizenship for there too.

        • scottish skier says:

          because its residents and expats feel mainly Scottish.

        • Bob Lamont says:

          Perhaps you might call it self-id, BUT, there is a HUGE difference between officially what you are defined by in terms in national residence for as Northern Irish, Scots, Welsh or English in the case of British subjectship, and where you belong.
          Is a Jamaican still Jamaican after 60 odd years in England ? Apparently so, as the Woodrush scandal amply demonstrated.
          This “British” identity game has been played out for years, the Battle of Britain where England defeated the Hun single handedly was little different to my first package holiday from Glasgow to the Canaries where a bubbly rep opened her intro by asking if we were all English, the silence finally broken by a Welsh member of our party with “Fucksake”, which brought a round of applause, considerable laughter and a red-faced two-left footed rep trying to dig herself out of a hole.

          I agree with your only after independence observation, but the British conundrum will survive all the same, even when all that is left is England, it’s the Empire doncha know…

          • scottish skier says:

            Sure and don’t get me wrong. Scottish citizenship absolutely exists legally. Anyone legally resident in Scotland is a Scottish citizen and all of adult age will be able to vote in iref2. This is not a form of British citizenship, as most brits can’t vote in Scottish elections while many non-brits can. It is legal Scottish citizenship.

            Scottish nationality is still undefined and cannot be until it we are able to confer it. Until that time, if you live outside of Scotland, it is your Scottish national identity that makes you Scottish.

            As for British, it is as valid a national identity as any other. However, it is fragile as there is no country of Britain. British is a manufactured national identity that developed in the post-war consensus baby boomers. Thatcher tried to push it to unite the UK, but failed miserably as it was all the stuff she closed or shut down that had previously done the uniting. She literally shut down or sold off Britishness in Scotland.

    • grizebard says:

      I have the distinct impression though that the vast majority of use of the term “BritNat” is against those thought to be overt (or covert) promoters of Unionism, not against those whom you, quite rightly, do not wish to offend.

      It all about challenging well-ingrained assumptions by re-framing. I have started using the term “English Government”, even though, with the partial exceptions of health and income tax, the term might well offend the pedant. Used deliberately to begin to bring a glimmer of understanding to the unaware that the government in London isn’t working for the general benefit of all as they might fondly imagine, it’s actually a distant administration largely serving the priorities and interests of people elsewhere and which has been, and remains, perfectly willing to lie to us and actively connive against us. That reality needs to be understood.

      Likewise, there are too many still unaware of the “nationalism that dare not speak its name”. The nationalism that pretends that it isn’t nationalism at all. The nationalism that points the finger accusingly at us for being “nationalists” with a couple of big Union Rags propped up in the background, carefully arranged to mostly show vast swathes of red stripe. And if that isn’t England-as-something-else, I don’t know what is.

      The name of the game is achieving a perspective shift, so instead of simply complaining about what’s being tried already, better surely to start offering positive alternatives that might do the business instead…?

  34. uno mas says:

    Just opened up my computer and received, through Microsoft News, a news flash that according to the Sunday Telegraph, Scottish independence will be brexit x 10 (their description) and you know something they are right it will be.

    For England 🙂

    At least that are admitting that Brexit is a disaster.

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, but it’s a loaded meme which is going to be directed towards the people of Scotland as the centrepiece of Project Fear Mk.2. (It was threadbare enough last time, and after a trail of broken promises and hollow assurances – as per upthread – now it’s all they have left.)

      The sheer breathless effrontery of it, to try to use the historic disaster they themselves have wrought upon us, in violation of every promise they made last time, to frighten people off from escaping from their incompetent and outright abusive mismanagement. “Better the familiar all-British total mess you have with us than the much worse one you’ll get on your own.”

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      I’m confused.

      The ST article is behind a paywall and I have no intention of opening it.

      The headline screams:

      “Scottish independence will be ‘Brexit times 10’, warns Sturgeon’s economic advisor

      Professor Mark Blyth warned in an interview that unwinding centuries of economic integration could prove devastating to businesses”

      5 September 2021

      and yet …

      “Economist Mark Blyth: ‘I’m now a convert to Scottish independence’” (Interview with Mark Blyth)

      August 30, 2020 The National

      Would the *real* Mark Blyth stand up, please?

    • Statgeek says:

      If we adopt a dogmatic and non-cooperative stance with the 47 nations of Europe, it might be. The 46 nations might be quite willing to see what happens. The 47th (rUK) might be a bit of a problem, but that’s not new to us.

      We’ll get by.

  35. Dr Jim says:

    On a YES vote to Independence the heavens will open and rain hail lightning and all manner of disasters will befall Scotland, the economic powers of the world will disown and shun Scotland, enemy countries will invade bomb and kill us in the thousands and millions, there will be no food except for the floating bloated drowned bodies of animals killed by the inclemency of the weather sent by the Gods to punish us for doing the same thing over 60 other countries have done before and none of this shit ever happened to any of them

    Let’s face it the worst that’s going to happen is Gordon Brown will cry and BBC Scotland will beg forgiveness and claim it was England that ordered them to be biased wee shits, I hope we get rid of them just the same

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