This week’s episode of There’s Been a Murdo

Murdo Fraser is a national treasure, by which I mean that he gives every appearance that some geeky person with a metal detector dug him up from under a rock. In his head Murdo is an incisive and cutting politician, giving us sharp insights into the politics of the day. Outside his own head the only things that prevent him from being the cringiest and most embarrassing Conservative ever to harrumph their way into Scottish public life are firstly the fact that Stephen Kerr exists in this reality and isn’t merely the fever dream invention of a writer of horror fiction who dabbles in hallucinogenic drugs, and secondly that Michael Gove was recently filmed attempting to dance in a night club in Aberdeen in a video that once seen can never be unseen. Well, I say “dance”, but the truth is that the movements being performed by the mid life crisis that is Michael Gove bore an uncomfortable resemblance to the contortions my body made when I was experiencing a major epileptic seizure because I was having a stroke.

In this week’s episode of “Oh God, there’s been a Murdo.” The Perthshire list MSP has continued his mission to bring gaiety to the nation by taking to Twitter to herald the finalisation of the co-operation deal between the SNP and the Scottish Greens, saying: “Looks like we just got the government we didn’t vote for”.

Well quite, Murdo. We’re glad to see that you’ve finally woken up to the unfairness of Scotland getting governments it didn’t vote for. Scotland has been getting governments it didn’t vote for for decades. It’s never bothered Murdo before because all those governments have been Conservative ones. There is currently one such government ensconced in Westminster headed by a serial liar who is currently lying about not being on holiday even though he’s buggered off with that part of his family that he admits to to a rural location in the South West of England for a break of several days from pretending that he’s actually doing his job. However to be fair to Boris Johnson, in his eyes it only counts as a proper holiday when he’s buggered off to a luxury villa in the Caribbean paid for by some Tory donor.

It’s not even accurate to say that Scotland didn’t vote for this government, but Murdo has never been one to allow factual accuracy to get between him and an SNP bad harrumphment. Between them the SNP and the Scottish Greens won 72 seats in a Parliament with 129 seats. They didn’t get those seats in a raffle, they didn’t buy them on eBay, they got them because the voters of Scotland elected them, giving a clear and unambiguous majority to parties promising to hold another independence referendum despite a well organised and well funded British nationalist tactical voting campaign trying to prevent that outcome. But what would Murdo know? He doesn’t even have the confidence of his own constituents.

The voting system for the Scottish Parliament was designed to make a majority for a single party almost impossible. The first two Scottish governments in the devolved parliament were composed of Labour supported by the Lib Dems, in a formal coalition. The present arrangement between the SNP and the Greens falls short of a formal coalition, but it very much represents the Scottish Parliament working as it was intended to work. It’s just too bad for the Labour and Lib Dem politicians who thought that they were designing a system which guaranteed their parties power in perpetuity that the people of Scotland had other ideas. Now they are minor parties shut out of power for the foreseeable future and in the case of the Lib Dems reduced to a four MSP rump which isn’t even big enough to be recognised as a parliamentary group. Karma has no menu, but it has served Alex Cole Hamilton what he deserves. Whenever the Lib Dems’ new leader gets to his feet you find yourself missing Willie Rennie.

This new SNP/Green government, Murdo, is what “getting the Government we voted for” looks like in an electoral system designed to favour coalition or collaborative government. Murdo and his Conservative pals think it’s far better for Scotland to get the government that England voted for under the blatantly unfair first past the post system favoured by Westminster. Perhaps Murdo thinks that deals between parties only count when the Conservatives spaff over £1 billion of public money to bribe the homophobes and bigots of the DUP.

Then Stephen Kerr, the Snide of Frankenstein, who was quite happy to back Theresa May’s tawdry deal with the DUP which kept the Tories in power even after they lost their majority in the 2017 General Election, took to his feet to complain about the “bloated government” created by the deal. It’s very true that Scotland suffers from bloated government, there are few things more bloated in Scottish politics than Stephen Kerr’s estimation of himself. However there is also the bloat of Westminster, imposing policies on Scotland that Scotland didn’t vote for, and there is the bloat of the House of Lords, which allows superannuated losers like Ruth Davidson and Michael Forsyth to continue to exert their malign influence on our public life and our legislation even though no one voted for them.

The Scottish Government is now not a minority government, it commands a substantial majority which allows it to easily defeat all the anti-independence parties combined. After the Parliament approved a motion by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to appoint Green co-leaders Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater as junior ministers, she told MSPs that the Scottish Government has an “undeniable” mandate for a second Scottish independence referendum saying that between them the SNP and the Greens hold 72 of the 129 seats in Parliament and each one of their MSPs was elected on a clear commitment to an independence referendum. This is the strongest pro-independence government Scotland has ever had.

Next week the First Minister will unveil the Scottish Government’s programme for government. This will include a commitment to another referendum as soon as the crisis phase of the pandemic has passed. No wonder Murdo and Stephen are so unhappy.

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61 comments on “This week’s episode of There’s Been a Murdo

  1. Christopher Wynne says:

    Brilliant as always many thanks.

  2. Hamish100 says:

    Thanks for the post.

    What the tories and labour cannot hide from is that without this agreement we still had an Independence majority.

    Maybe they just cannot add or wish to confront another SNP win in the Scots Parliament. For labour their greenish voters will probably realise that the Green Party is now for them.

  3. grizebard says:

    Yes, there definitely is a competition going on for the greatest tin-eared politician in Scotland, and Murdo takes the lead! An MSP who only gets into parliament thanks to the party lists, representing a party whose misbegotten policies are foisted upon us by voters in another country, wants to talk about “getting a government we didn’t vote for”? Breathtaking move into first place! Truly inspirational!

    Congratulations, Murdo, your leading position is all but assured. At least until the next Unionist has an irresistable foot-in-mouth moment. Well, who’s next…?

  4. John Rutherford says:

    “The Snide of Frankenstein!”…

    Absolute belter!!

    Sheer genius Paul..
    Thanks so much for all your brilliant work.

  5. MAGGIE BARRIE says:

    Fantastic, Paul! How true, how true … the undeniable facts for those who live in the real world. “The Snide of Frankenstein”!!! I almost choked on my HobNob!!! Brilliant and very accurate description! 😂🤣😂🤣👏👏👏👍

  6. bringiton says:

    The Scottish government now beginning to resemble how it will look once we are independent of Westminster’s malign influence and it’s representatives in our parliament.

  7. James Mills says:

    Murdo Fraser has also been accusing the Greens of being ”extremists”.

    This from a man who actively encouraged law-breaking by supporting and excusing the thousands of Rangers supporters who ”celebrated” in George Square in the manner of the Visigoths in Rome in 410AD .
    I have yet to hear him condemn the sectarian march perpetrated by his fellow Rangers supporters on Sunday in Glasgow . Or does he excuse this too ?

    If he removed his head from his arse now and again , perhaps he might see that the present Scotland is not the one he thinks it is – circa 1950 !

  8. Dr Jim says:

    The opposition behave as though coalitions or co operation deals are something new and to be feared as the demons from hell will descend upon us when in fact there have been loads of deals or coalitions, call them what you will, Westminster does them all the time and always every single time nobody ever asks Scotland what we think because nobody in England ever gave a monkeys about Scotland in the first place because they didn’t and don’t need Scotlands votes to get them a seat in the House of Commons anyway

    We’ve had such deals in Scotland too, early on in Alex Salmonds tenure as SNP leader he had a deal with the Greens then later agreements were made with the Lib Dems so all nothing new

    The problem the opposition has with this deal is purely and simply they just now can’t lay a glove on the government in terms of them getting their business done, they can’t disrupt proceedings with silly motions, they can’t come up with votes of no confidence in whoever they dislike every five minutes, the opposition have been nullified in exactly the same way as the Tories do in Westminster to everyone else by having an overall majority, a thing by the way that the media scream about not being able to govern properly without having in England but here in Scotland the kill crazy media are screaming about the opposite being a terrible thing

    People in Scotland who have any doubts should cast their minds back to what the BBC and the media actually are, these are people who sold £££millions of newspapers on the backs of inventing stories hacking phones stalking celebrities then hounding them to their deaths just to sell papers to make more money to pay more snoopers to rummage through peoples bins and take long range photographs of women with their tops off, Princess Diana, Amy Winehouse, Kerry Catona Ulrika Johnsson the whole city of Liverpool and on and on, even today they haven’t changed one iota they just tone it down a little for fear of prosecution over their inventions, todays meat is different it’s political, and in Scotland there’s only one politic and lucky old media it’s a woman and it’s the most successful woman yet, Nicola Sturgeon she who must be destroyed, and they’ll come up with any garbage they can to accomplish that

    If this were England Nicola Sturgeon would have had affairs with every Tom Dick and Harry by now, she would be a secret boozer a cocaine sniffer a dabbler in black magic and England would gobble up all this lovely jubbley news accompanied by long lens photos of the FM in her jammies and they’d buy more of the Sun the Express the Daily Mail and if it still existed the News of the World, remember them? they’re still around, they’re the *legitimate* BBC now

    Ach, I despair of folk who take anything the British media write televise or put into print as anything other than comics fit for viewers of Gogglebox, the English have boggled the minds of their own people in their own nation don’t let them think they can get away with their cr*p in Scotland, do what Liverpool did to the Sun newspaper, lock them and their cr*p out of our lives in Scotland

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Aye… The latest wheeze is to describe the Greens as “extremists”, with BBC leading the charge to blacken the Greens and diminish what SG have achieved re climate change. The Tories use the exact same term, and we’re not supposed to notice the coordination ? 🤣

      It’s pretty clear an instruction has gone out to sully SG’s reputation in advance of COP26, and we all know who is behind that.

  9. Statgeek says:

    He’s a legend in his own livingroom…when no one else is home. 🙂

    • grizebard says:

      Well, this happy thought has given me a good laugh to end yet another historic day.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      He’s a legend in his own livingroom…when no one else is home. 🙂


      That’s coz it’s a bungalow. Nothing upstairs. 🙂

  10. Bob Lamont says:

    Turdo’s “Looks like we just got the government we didn’t vote for” is priceless hypocrisy from a man who has been carping from the sidelines for 20 years never once having been directly elected.

    As highlighted, such coalitions or collaborations were the intended default arrangement for governance in Holyrood. Wikipedia has a nice series of graphics demonstrating how it’s makeup has changed since inception, what stands out strongest is Labour then SNP aside, NONE have been dominant.
    The Tories have always been bit player, now joined by Labour, but does their default position really have to be to bitch from the sidelines, “holding government to account” in the style of Chris Musson?

    What has Turdo and his kind wound up by the SNP/Greens pact is not what the Greens might do, rather than they can scupper the procedural mischief previously employed to slow down and derail policy.

  11. Bruce MacDougall says:

    Brilliant, but Jackie Baillie rates a reference as well😂

    • Robert Oliphant says:

      I have a personal gripe against Ms Baillie, but compared to Fraser, Kerr, Cole-Hamilton, a few others who are so insignificant can’t even remember names, and that real quality addition Wells, she’s a political heavyweight!

  12. Dave tewart says:

    Baillie was born on 15 January 1964 in British Hong Kong to Sophie and Frank Barnes.[3] Her mother is Scottish and her father Portuguese. After education at the private St Anne’s School, Windermere in the Lake District.
    Hell by the turdo, she’s a foreigner.
    Reported to have property in Portugal.

    • robert harrison says:

      Whys she not been threatened by the home office for deportation as shes one of those johnny forienger types the home office hates so much.

  13. robert harrison says:

    Best line there about when alex cole Hamilton stands up you start missing willie rennie my sides are sore from the laughing.

  14. Dr Jim says:

    Statement today from the FM at 12.30 in parliament

    • Capella says:

      Website says it’s after 2.00 pm following 16 portfolio questins!

      • Dr Jim says:

        Yeah, just noticed it’s a repeat of yesterday, still watched it though up till the Stephen Kerr dismantling

        • Eilidh says:

          On BBC1 Scotland around 2.25pm there was a statement from NS re Covid figures and proposed vaccine passports afterwards it went to questions from the other party leaders. Repeatedly Douglas Ross who was on video link to the parliament was interrupted by what sounded like a very agitated chicken (perhaps big bird came calling). Best laugh I have had all week. Does Dougie live on a farm or something. There was a fair amount of tittering going on when the footage returned to the parliament. Not surprisingly the chicken spoke more sense than Dougie 4 jobs Ross

          • grizebard says:

            I saw (heard) it live on Parliament TV and made reference to it at the time on the previous thread. It was hilarious! I can only but agree with your conclusion, heh, heh.

  15. scottish skier says:

    The Scottish Government is now not a minority government, it commands a substantial majority which allows it to easily defeat all the anti-independence parties combined.

    This is absolutely key, and both parties know it, as do the unionists. The Greens and SNP have acted together to nullify one of the few lines of attack the unionists, notably the BBC etc, had. It’s impossible for the media to talk about the SNP not having a majority. They / the Scottish government do now.

    Scotland has a pro-independence government which has an outright majority of seats. End of.


    As an aside…

    I await the unionists calling for no new imports of oil and gas for England.

    UK [England] imported more than half its gas in first three months of 2021

  16. Dave tewart says:

    A third of the gas consumed in englandland comes from the St Clair fields, West of Shetland, loaded onto tankers and delivered to englandland without being allocated as a Scottish export.
    They are still producing 5% of their demand by burning COAL which is used to enable
    Young Trees, called Bio Fuel to actually burn.
    Around 15% of the load is imported from The Netherlands, Belgium and France through the DC cables.
    There is also a DC cable from Hunterston to Anglesay that is capable of transmitting One GW.
    Poor wee englandland is standing alone, aye right

  17. Robert Kerr says:

    I have been enthralled by all three series of “Borgen” available on Netflix with English dubbed in.
    Superb depiction of government by coalition even in a “unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy”.
    I am led to understand that Nicola likes the series.
    Keep up your acerbic humour Paul.

  18. scottish skier says:

    Another graph to dispel the unionist myth that the current acute labour shortage is ‘covid related’.

    It’s not, it’s entirely brexit related. Net migration from the EU has been in freefall since the 2016 vote. Data suggest 2020 saw 1.3 m leave the UK, not because of covid, but because, obviously, they needed to get out by the 31st December 2020 if they were not planning to stay long term. So they got out. Absolutely he-haw to do with the pandemic. Just a natural continuation of this trend which must have gone negative this year, now that free movement is over:

    This is a direct product of people voting to restrict the labour market in the 2016 EU referendum, where ending free movement was fundamental to the leave campaign. Leave voters knowingly voted to severely curtail the skilled worker pool, including HGV drivers, generally because they believed it would benefit them financially to do so. That is what ‘British jobs for British workers’ means, and it obviously creates a labour shortage that cannot be fixed, as the non-brits were needed to fill a hole in the labour market, and now they are gone.

    • Capella says:

      Also interesting that EU immigration soared between 2012 and 2014, peaking in 2014. That was a large block of voters in the Scottish referendum who didn’t want Scotland out of Europe (which they were told would happen unless they voted NO).
      Sadly, they were not allowed to vote in the EU referendum in 2016 and now their numbers have dwindled.

  19. Dave tewart says:

    The meat federation spokesperson says that they need 18 months to train up a butcher to the skill level required, Say 2 years to recruit and train.
    All so well planned by the uk government, the blind not seeing a sensible solution, plan ahead IF you’re going to self harm.
    The central distribution of materials is well known.
    I have seen Malcolm trucks on the road to Wakefield pass every 15 minutes going in the opposite direction, a 4 hour journey to Morrison’s trans shipment facility. At least 32 trucks on the road plus the loading and unloading.

    • scottish skier says:

      It’s slow motion train wreck of epic proportions. And it’s the racist attitudes that drove this – that people actually went out and voted to stop EU lorry drivers…French tutors such as my wife working here simply because of their nationality…that leads me to be a bit intemperate on the subject sometimes, especially when I find the supermarket shelves empty and people can’t get a crucial blood test.

      Ending free movement was specifically done to cause a labour shortage, including with respect to HGV drivers. It was the single biggest reason given for brexit.

      The thing I love most about the EU/EEA is not the economic aspect, it is the free movement. It’s wonderful that people can work/study, love and live wherever they want. Free movement is the most social democratic, anti-racist, egalitarian of all possible policies you can implement. I wish we could do it for the whole world (and maybe one day it may be possible). My family is one born of free movement. My daughter a child of Europe (Scottish-French + a 1/4 Irish). It is only thanks to my Irish gran that I have not been stripped of my birth citizenship the 52% in 2016.

  20. yesindyref2 says:

    OT, well, allegedly.

    So, catching up with less urgent business stuff, two letters from a utility company, saying if I don’t respond to them Scottish Water will enter my premises without further ado todo. Unluckily for them I followed the opening up of commercial water supplies back in 2012, and vaguely remembered that there was a Scottish Water company that supplied to businesses, and was at that time from memory, the supplier to over 90% of happy bunnies.

    It’s the one initials PU – I’ll let the gentle reader decide what PU stands for.

    So like yeah, dude, why the feckity feck would I want to pay a company in Preston to supply me with water from here in Scotland, when I can not only get a Scottish company, but one where profits are invested back into effing SCOTTISH WATER?

    Then a phone cal from someone wantint to speak to someone who deals with the BT Account. So I reply (the second time): “Your call is important to us, please hold the line”.

    We don’t have a BT account, so he’s being dishonest. Shove that up your Dartford tunnel.

    laugh? Oh yusss 🙂

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Sorry, PU are the mildly threatening ones, wanting you to believe they officially represent Scottish Water which they don’t – they’re just one of 20 or so competitive suppliers touting for business while trying to pretend they’re your only choice.

      This is the Scottish Water company:

      • dakk says:

        My understanding is that utility providers to businesses are not regulated in same way they are to domestic consumers.

        Consumer law does not apply.

        Have had same problem wasting many hours fending off very hard sell and cold calling from telecom companies, water suppliers, energy companies and credit card companies.

        Cooling off period for financial services provision does not apply to business to business contracts.

        Brokers seem to be able to chance their arm with impunity and I get the feeling data protection is not observed.

        Very obtrusive at times.

        • Marc says:

          Yea GDPR does not apply to business contact details (email address phone number) simply because companies readily share those details publically and encourage people to share their details. The exception to this would be details that can identify someone, ie an email address like or a phone number that is identified as an individuals number.

          Of course, you can use companies like TPS that will block marketing calls but unlike for personal numbers, there is a cost for businesses.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          After 3 hours of poring over stuff – all writte for the benefit of the retailers NOT the poor innocent business customer, it seems to be a bit of a nightmare as there exists something in Scots law called a “deemed contract”. So you can have a supplier forced on you that you wouldn’t choose and it seems, they don’t even have to tell you, nor do Scottish Water.

          Welcome to my world in the 21st century 😦

    • grizebard says:

      I suspect this behaviour – like in so many other ways – is influenced by the commercial free-for-all (which of course is far from “free” in any real sense) zeitgeist down south, and they are plug-ignorant of just how different the thinking is here.

  21. scottish skier says:

    Winter of discontent coming.

    Brexit food shortages could peak at Christmas, MSPs told

    James Withers, chief executive of Scotland Food & Drink said the industry faces a “perfect storm” as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit.

    He gave the example of East of Scotland Growers, which had to destroy 2.5 million broccoli and 1.5 million cauliflower due to staff shortages in the supply chain and backed-up storage facilities, losing the firm approximately £1 million…

    …Warning there is a “very real risk that the situation could get worse”, Withers added: “This is during a lull in the supply chain calendar and, as things peak towards Christmas, a shortage on the farms, a shortage in the seafood and red meat processing industries, a shortage of drivers, a shortage in retail, in hospitality, in chefs and front of house, all combines to give some very real problems

  22. Alba Laddie says:

    “Superannuated losers” – Ouch! That phrase should head up a poster campaign across the country highlighting the baleful influence these chancers still exert over us, and should be repeated ad infinitum by SNP politicians when referring to Davidson, Forsyth, Darling, et al.

    Chapeau, Paul.

  23. Dr Jim says:

    MOD admits defeat to Scottish Independence by making plans now to move Trident probably to the US reports the FT and featured on SKY news

    Pragmatism by the MOD

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Also “Another option under consideration is for the UK to seek a long-term lease for the Royal Navy’s nuclear bases at their current location in Faslane and Coulport on the west coast of Scotland.

      Apparently the MOD have awarded a research contract to JPL to design a reusable 3 stage rocket to launch the SSBNs out of Faslane and parachute land them in the Atlantic.

      A spokesperson for JPL said while muching his big mac with a chocolate milkshake “Mmmggrmph, brexit suckers, you ain’t got no milkshakes, well, it’s a big challenge but hey, we put men on the moon it’s the least we can do for the lunatics that rule England”.

      • Dr Jim says:

        I don’t believe they’ll seek a long term lease when Scotland becomes Independent fearing the embarrassment to England of Nicola Sturgeon (or whoever happens to be FM at that time) publicly giving them their marching orders, we’d love it but the humiliation to them I think would just be too much to bear so they’ll want to grasp the high ground while they can and publicise it as *massive loss of jobs in Scotland* caused by Sturgeon and her Taliban regime, stick their noses up and go, pointing the finger of doom at us as they do it

        Well, we are just a load of country bumpkins like the Taliban up here in Jockland so make us look like the bad guys for not wanting their big world protecting planet killing bombs
        You just know it’ll be spun as those damn selfish Scotch and how bad we are for for not wanting to kill a million folk at a time

  24. James Mills says:

    Let’s not forget that , as GERS repeatedly points out ( ? ) , WE own a share of Trident and all the paraphernalia that goes with it ( they can keep the MoD , though ) .

    So , when deciding where to re-locate , WE should have a say in it if they have not paid us our share of the going rate for a slightly out-dated , one careful owner , Weapon of Mass Destruction .

    If there is an impasse on a fair share for us ‘verminous Scots’ , we can always put it on Ebay and seek offers .

  25. Dr Jim says:

    Following the twisted editing of the Greta Thunberg interview by BBC Scotland and the massive amounts of complaints lodged with the BBC by Scottish viewers the BBC have finally defended themselves by finding themselves not guilty of doing what half of Scotlands population caught them doing

    Let’s just say the BBC are *less good* at lying than other political broadcasters

    Oh and BTW BBC Miss Thunberg is not a climate change expert as the BBC advertised, she’s a climate change activist, there’s a difference, notably when she confirmed by saying “I’m not an expert”

  26. Hamish100 says:


    Re FM question time.

    Can I ask the SNP and Greens sitting behind the FM when she is talking to have the good grace to listen or move seats. It is increasingly annoying to see MSP’s texting/ emailing away to their hearts content to occasionally look up, nod their head a few times then revert to their mobiles/ laptops.

    It would not be acceptable in a classroom while a pupils are being taught. I know the other parties are also subject to such bad manners but come on.

    Gripe over.

    • Capella says:

      Yes I noticed Patrick Harvie look at his phone during Nicola Sturgeon’s speech (or maybe a response to an opposition barb). Maybe he’s not been to the training.
      At least he didn’t yawn. 🥱

  27. scottish skier says:

    Good to have Greta Thunberg and the United Nations recognizing the Scotland as host country for COP26. At least that’s what the BBC is reporting.

    • scottish skier says:

      I mean its not as if people asked Greta how ‘Metropolitan Silesia’ was doing as a ‘host country’ on climate change when COP was held in Poland.

      What is it with unionists and the Andy Murray treatment. One minute Scotland is a ‘European country’ which can be compared with it’s peers on climate change, drugs etc, then the next it’s just a region of Britain with no sovereign powers that needs London’s permission to go to the loo.

    • scottish skier says:

      BBC when York hosts COP I assume:

      Greta Thunberg: Yorkshire not a world leader on climate change

      Campaigner Greta Thunberg says she doesn’t regard Yorkshire as a world leader on climate change.

      The Swedish activist told BBC North East that while she recognised some countries “do a bit more than others” but that none, including Yorkshire, were coming close to what was needed.

      Or Scotland is a sovereign county hosting the UN COP conference, which is good to know.

  28. John says:

    I agree it looks disrespectful . I was most dissapointed in Patrick Harvey on his iPad. Hope others pay respect to First Minister when she speaks.

  29. Dr Jim says:

    Nicola Sturgeon to take matters further with the Presiding officer over a member shouting a sectarian remark across the chamber directed at the FM from the Tory benches while the FM was answering a question from Labours Pauline McNeill on the scourge of racism and sectarianism following the demonstrations by so called Glasgow Rangers supporters at the weekend

    The audio feed did not catch the remark but members and the Presiding officer all heard it

    • Hamish100 says:

      Inside info again I assume?

      • Dr Jim says:

        I think it may have been the assertion that Scotland and the FM doesn’t welcome people from England, and it came from a new female Tory MSP on the front bench, I can’t say more yet

        • Hamish100 says:

          The Herald gives a name.

          Isn’t part of the FM family from England.

          Wonde why the Tory broadcasters and papers can still believe they can run down Scotland, Wales, Germany, France etcetera

          • Welsh_Siôn says:

            BBC also report on this and give a name – says she has apologised to Presiding Officer, Parliament and the FM and was made to stand up by the PO to assert her apology was genuine.

            A Member of the most racist of the mainstream political parties (I give you her boss in Number 10 Downing Street, M’Lud) accusing Nicola Sturgeon of racism.

            Story not made up.

    • Tam the Bam says:

      I bet Dross wished the ‘audio feed’ hadnt picked up his chickens cackling at his usual drossy verbals yesterday.

      • grizebard says:

        They’re coming home to roost, that’s what’s happening, and media-savvy besides, it would seem!

  30. Capella says:

    Just missed the livestream of FMQs but will catch up from the website. Paul Sweeney is currently making a very good speech against the closure of McVities. Worth hearing the argument:

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