Putting lipstick on the pig of the “Union”

Boris Johnson is coming to Scotland this week as part of his efforts to save the “Union”, a word which always needs to be put in scare quotes since it’s not actually a properly functioning union at all, in which respect it’s very like the title “Prime Minister” when it refers to Boris Johnson.

This “Union” comprises the government elected by the largest country of the UK, using a seriously dodgy electoral system which produces governments with crushing majorities in the Commons, but with a minority of votes cast, lording it over the smaller nations of the UK.

Saving this “Union” seems to consist of Johnson making a flying visit to Scotland, snubbing the elected representatives of the people of Scotland, and descending in secret on a factory or business owned by a Conservative sympathiser where he can pose for a photo op and make a few fnaugh fnaughing rambling non sequiturs and unfunny jokes in front of a predominantly anti-independence press pack, safely guarded from any contact with untamed Scottish people who might relish the opportunity to tell him that they think he is a bloviating bloated liar.

This “saving the Union trip” bears the exact same relationship to the political and constitutional reforms which might actually have a chance of taking some of the steam out of the demand in Scotland for another independence referendum as a photoshop filter on Instagram does to life saving surgery. Although even the most powerful photoshop filter in the world is still going to struggle to make Baw Jaws attractive to the people of Scotland.

In the Conservative understanding of this supposed partnership of nations, Johnson is the commanding officer and the rest of us are just so much cannon fodder. Well we’d kind of worked that out by his willingness to sacrifice the lives and safety of countless thousands in order to placate the right wing zoomers on his back benches and the whiny entitled attention seekers who inhabit the studios of GBeebies.

Despite an offer from the First Minister to meet with Johnson while he’s in Scotland on his cosmetic exercise, putting lipstick on this pig of a “Union”, the porcine lipsticker in chief has snubbed the offer of a meeting. This is despite the fact that the First Minister had offered to meet him in order to discuss efforts to recover from the pandemic, you know, that topic that the Tories keep insisting that Nicola Sturgeon focus on to the exclusion of everything else.

Johnson has not given a reason for refusing to meet with the First Minister. However it’s highly likely that he’s refusing to meet her because his fragile ego cannot cope with the optics of the First Minister of Scotland being perceived as his equal. UK officials have previously admitted to the right wing press that Johnson has been reluctant to engage directly with the First Minister because he does not want to give her an equivalent status to his own. In his eyes he’s the leader and she’s merely the head of a glorified county council. Describing Johnson’s superiority complex to the press one “Westminster insider” said that Johnson “outranks the First Minister, adding revealingly, ” He has the pips on the collar.”

Still, Johnson need not worry about anyone in Scotland thinking that he’s Nicola Sturgeon’s equal. She is widely regarded as one of the most competent politicians in the UK and is held in high regard across the whole of Europe. Boris Johnson … isn’t.

It’s quite likely that on some level the charlatan and serial liar who sits in Number 10 Downing Street knows that too. He knows that when it comes to Nicola Sturgeon he is hopelessly out-classed. Rather than risk his manifest inadequacies being exposed in a face to face meeting, he’d rather run away and hide. Of course he’s willing to hold a meeting with all the First Ministers, he says. But that’s a meeting that he would chair, where he sets the agenda, and which panders to his idea of himself as being the superior.

Naturally Douglas Ross thinks that Johnson was quite right to reject the offer of a face to face meeting with Nicola Sturgeon to discuss efforts to recover from the pandemic. This is the same Douglas Ross who huffs and puffs in outrage if Nicola Sturgeon takes fifteen minutes off from dealing with the pandemic in order to sit down and have a ready meal from Tesco for her tea – even one that’s plastered with Union flag branding. But now all of a sudden he’s happy that she will not after all be having a meeting in order to discuss joint measures for recovering from the pandemic. It would be nice to say that it was surprising that Douglas would display such rank and opportunistic hypocrisy, but sadly it’s as surprising as the sun coming up in the morning or Murdo Fraser being a bit of an eejit on social media. Rank hypocrisy is what Douglas does.

General Johnson will be meeting with the Scottish Tory corporal on both days of his visit though, because wee Dougie revels in the position of being a supplicant and a subordinate at the court of the World King and he expects the rest of Scotland to do the same, to take its orders from its betters in Westminster and obey. This isn’t a partnership it’s a hierarchy, and Scotland is to be kept firmly on the lower rungs.

Nicola Sturgeon is dangerously uppity and if she were to have a one to one meeting with Johnson that might lead people in Scotland to imagine that she was the national leader and that Scotland is equal in status to any other nation. That will never do. The message from Johnson is loud and clear. Know your place, Jocks. Don’t dare get ideas above your station. It’s Upstairs Downstairs, masters and servants. That’s what this so-called “Union” really is. Johnson’s cowardly refusal to meet with the First Minister has unwittingly exposed the truth.


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74 comments on “Putting lipstick on the pig of the “Union”

  1. Naina Tal says:

    Well done to the First Minister though for putting the Fat Owl of the Remove on the spot and highlighting the exact nature of Untied Union.

  2. Hamish100 says:

    To the neutral, The FIrst Minister appears ministerial and Johnson as a compete twat and ignoramus.
    Well played FM

  3. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Johnson has not given a reason for refusing to meet with the First Minister. However it’s highly likely that he’s refusing to meet her because his fragile ego cannot cope with the optics of the First Minister of Scotland being perceived as his equal. UK officials have previously admitted to the right wing press that Johnson has been reluctant to engage directly with the First Minister because he does not want to give her an equivalent status to his own. In his eyes he’s the leader and she’s merely the head of a glorified county council. Describing Johnson’s superiority complex to the press one “Westminster insider” said that Johnson “outranks the First Minister, adding revealingly, ” He has the pips on the collar.”


    This is being discussed with regard to Cymru, today, too and the idea of ditching the term of “First Minister” for “Prime Minister”.

    Be assured that in Welsh, both Nicola Sturgeon and Mark Drakeford (and that one whose name I forget in NI) are all “Prif Weinidog” and there is no differentiating between them and LBJ with regard to title.

    See … https://nation.cymru/opinion/why-the-title-of-first-minister-undermines-welsh-democracy-and-keeps-it-subordinate/

    Why the title of First Minister undermines Welsh democracy and keeps it subordinate

    04 Aug 2021 6 minute Read

    • Alex Clark says:

      I think I very much like that idea, it would blow a few gammon gaskets for sure but that’s something I would also enjoy watching 🙂

    • Capella says:

      Good for Wales. Of course, the difference signifies the Norman French domination of England since 1066. The language of the defeated serfs, the English, was regarded as inferior to the French speakers from Normandy. “First” is an English/Germanic word. “Prime” is a French/Latin word. They mean the same thing.

      William the Conqueror and his heirs spoke French and didn’t bother to learn English. Just as the German monarchs from George I to Victoria spoke German rather than English. In fact they didn’t live in England permanently.
      Victoria, being a woman, was not qualified to inherit the German estates in Hanover so remained in England permanently and spoke English, at least in public.

      What is the Gaelic for first?

      • Welsh_Siôn says:


        Seems the Gaels (like the Cymry, in this context) took the Latin word: prìomh mhinistear na h-Alba (= First/Prime Minister of Scotland). However, not being a Q Celtic specialist, I bow to others more knowledgeable, if I am wrong.

        Note, that Welsh ‘prif’ is from the Latin ‘primus’ (whence ‘prifysgol’ is NOT ‘primary school’ but ‘university’, i.e. first/principle school). However, in other contexts, e.g. dates or order in a race, the Welsh word for ‘first’ is purely Celtic – ‘cyntaf’ (careful with the pronunciation of the first syllable!) Essentially, ‘cyntaf’ is a superlative adjective meaning , ‘fastest, or ‘soonest’ or ‘speediest’. (I guess if you are the fastest etc, you also beat all the competition by being ‘first’!

        Here endeth the lesson on comparative Celtic linguistics.


  4. robert harrison says:

    Lets remember after that booing he got in Edinburgh he must of really been humiliated by nicola in that meeting worse than what was reported as he refuses to even be in the same room as nicola sturgeon remember the leaders debate on ch4 during the election he refused to turn up and the conservatives kicked up because ch4 insisted it had to be leaders only (well done ch4) its because nicola was there and cop26 in glasgow was frist announced he was doing everything to get our frist minister banned despite it being in glasgow which is 1 Scotland and shes frist minister and 2 she is one of the msps for Glasgow johnsons so terrified of nicola sturgeon you might think its a full on phobia lets see total phobia of nicola sturgeon id call it #sturgaphobia.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      It has always pleased me that an anagram of Nicola Sturgeon is “a cool insurgent”. 🙂

  5. NS: Let’s get together and talk.

    BJ: No – I want nothing to do with you. Bloody divisive nationalists.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      I’m assuming Bute House doesn’t have a big enough fridge for him to run to if the First Minister started speaking too many home truths to the Bloviator-General.

  6. James Mills says:

    Boris Johnson’s cowardly avoiding of any meeting with Nicola Sturgeon undermines the oft quoted contention that the Battle of Waterloo was ”won on the playing fields of Eton ”.

    If this is the type of spineless character produced at great expense from this establishment then Waterloo must have had a few ‘ lad o’pairts ‘ around making the big decisions .

  7. scottish skier says:

    Genuine questions, but if Nicola Sturgeon is a ‘secret unionist with no intention of ever holding an iref’ as we have been ‘reliably informed’ by ‘SNP insiders’ from their favorite warm south of England beer garden:

    1. Why are members of the UK cabinet and/or assorted royals up here forcing themselves to drink Irn Bru while wearing see you jimmy bunnets every few weeks now when most have never even been north of the Watford gap before, and…

    2. Why are they not smiling with unionist mate Sturgeon outside Bute House while making these visits?

    Double agents maybe? Pretending to panic about the union while secretly meeting up with Sturgeon for caviar (see what I did there) and champagne courtesy of ‘ringfenced’ Yes donations offshored to the Caymans?

    I suppose that’s one possible explanation.

    The other is that those who lied about Sturgeon breaking the ministerial code multiple times are just doing the same again about the whole ‘secret unionist’ thing because they are desperate to stop iref2.

    My gut says it’s the latter. That and all the evidence too obviously.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      secretly meeting up with Sturgeon for caviar (see what I did there)


      Something fishy about that.

    • Capella says:

      It’s creepy isn’t it. Why are Sunak and Gove and Johnston suddenly taking an interest in us? What’s going on?

      I notice we get mentioned on the English Broadcast news. The World at One even had a discussion about independence with a wide range of political pundits pontificating. There was Torquil Chrichton, Westminster editor of the Daily Record, and Rachel Watson, Deputy political editor of the Scottish Daily Mail.

      Nobody had a clue actually. Good, keep them guessing.

      • Capella says:

        Oops Torcuil, not Torquil and Crichton, not Chrichton – get it right!

      • grizebard says:

        I think they all feel a referendum coming on.

        And of course nobody in the London BritNat politico-media bubble has a clue about Scotland. They never have. For example, their former nomination of doughty {ahem} little corporal Davidson as “Saviour of the Union”. A kind of media-created political Stakhanovite in time of need. That iridescent bubble soon enough went “pop”, though. (She’s now in some retirement home for pensioned-off political geriatrics, I believe.)

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        I notice we get mentioned on the English Broadcast news. The World at One even had a discussion about independence with a wide range of political pundits pontificating.


        It ain’t news, is it, Capeela?

        But for the record, amongst the … ahem … intelligentia you mentioned above was there a single voice from, say, the SNP or the Scottish Greens, was there?

        Heck, if a poor little Welshy like me can point this out to the British [sic.] Broadcasting Corporation, you Scots’ blood must be boiling!

        Yours, aye.

        • Capella says:

          But for the record, amongst the … ahem … intelligentia you mentioned above was there a single voice from, say, the SNP or the Scottish Greens, was there?

          Oddly enough, no. Nobody who knows anything about us was there. Torcuil has been living in London and become naturalised. They did quote Prof Curtice IIRC but only because he believes support for independence appears to have dipped slightly.

          They’re so clever, you see, the denizens of Londinium. They don’t actually need any of the barbarians to convey any facts. A true picture emerges, like a ghost materialising out of a dense mist.
          Then back to Team GB and how many medals have we won. Phew.

          • grizebard says:

            It’s like the BBC, they are all so immersed in their own wishful thinking that they don’t realise just how spectacularly out-of-touch they are. Or like Bojo, have at least a glimmer of understanding but conjure up a mirage in the hope that the restless northern savages take it for real. Or a bit of both.

    • raineach says:

      i dare you to post that on SGP

  8. Alex Clark says:

    Johnson has always done his utmost to avoid having any interaction with the leaders of Scotland and Wales. He hasn’t seen the FM since he had to sneak out of the back door of Bute House after being given a riddy on the steps on his way in.

    Mark Drakeford to has pulled him up for the lack of communication between Johnson and himself, when Johnson grandly announced himself as “Minister for the Union”, Drakeford remarked:

    “If you are minister for the union, speaking to the component parts of the union seems to me a sensible way of discharging those responsibilities.”

    Johnson though is loath to accept responsibility for anything, especially any decisions that he makes and then subsequently go tits up. He is a responsibility-denier, a liar and a coward who is unfit to run a raffle never mind a government. Scotland can do better without him at the helm.

    • grizebard says:

      The rotten heart of the Bojo the Clown Circus is being exposed by their fall-back position of deaf-and-blind arrogance. Their shallow notion of ministering to their precious Union is revealed by that asinine “pips on the collar” remark.

      The days are long over of “saluting the rank” while occasionally despising the individual who occupies it. Now we merely despise the visibly-unfit and unrepresentative bluffer who presumes far too much.

  9. fairliered says:

    I hope the Conservative sympathisers’ businesses are named so we can avoid giving them any of our money.

  10. Dr Jim says:

    For a party who spend an inordinate amount of time complaining about the FM not communicating clearly with the public enough on Covid the Tories spent even more time complaining to the BBC their demands that she be taken off the telly to be stopped communicating clearly with the public

    Is it really possible the Tories think we don’t remember them saying these things
    When I say Tories, for the avoidance of doubt I do mean the Labour Tories as well

  11. Dave tewart says:

    The nasty undertone is that the big flounder went to the police college in Fife to inform the chief that the UK government would be picking up the tab for policing the Cop26.
    He went past our Prime Minister to tell an underling that he was in charge of the money.
    This is not a good sign as along with the defunding of the devolved nations by not replacing EU funds he is rubbing our faces in the ‘I’m the boss’ message.
    This is an insult to the Scottish people.

    • stewartb says:

      ‘The message from Johnson is loud and clear. Know your place, Jocks.’

      The decision to meet the Chief Constable of Police Scotland – and have the TV cameras there to cover it – was IMHO clearly intended to make a point: ‘as UK PM, Police Scotland briefs and reports to me whenever it suits me to request it’.

      Surely the usual protocol for a discussion about policing in Scotland for COP26 should have been with the Justice Secretary in the Scottish Government and involving the Home Secretary. Operational matters would be dealt with between Police Scotland and government officials. This was the PM making sure we know where ultimate authority resides.

      Even the BBC Scotland’s TV report of the PM’s meeting with the Chief Constable said in terms: ‘policing in Scotland is USUALLY a devolved matter’. So now only ‘usually’? Is ‘usually’ a synonym for ‘normally’ – like the Sewell Convention?

  12. Legerwood says:

    Glenn Campbell seemed to be getting quite exercised when he was interviewing the PM of England this evening on Reporting Scotland. Not a good sign.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Hopefully we can find a video of the interview of him exercising.

      • Legerwood says:

        Here it is – 24 mins – so a bit longer than the bit they showed on the news. You might need some paracetamol or similar to get through it

        PM’s full interview on visit to Scotland – https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-58094228

        • Alex Clark says:

          Thank you Legerwood, I’ll watch it now.

        • Alex Clark says:

          Watched it all and felt insulted and embarrassed that Johnson has made it to the very top as the PM of the UK. It was boak inducing, I didn’t need paracetamol but a sick bag might have come in handy.

          This will do the rounds and he will be damaged by this, Scotland will wipe the smirk from his face.

        • Capella says:

          I managed 7 minutes before having to switch off. But i nte that the clip is now 18 mins so some has been edited out already. Probably very wise – another 17.5 mins could be dumed and then I might b able to watch it. 😦

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Preparing the ground for his (GC’s) departure for Gbeebies, d’you think?

    • stewartb says:

      The interview was characterised by the PM’s bumbling and candidly, patronising tone throughout.

      Campbell, as interviewer, was being patronised: no sympathy for him!

      However, the PM knew this was an interview that would be broadcast to an audience of voters (albeit perhaps a fairly small number given it was on Reporting Scotland!). His patronising tone in that context is unacceptable.

    • James Mills says:

      Exorcising the PM would have been a better choice !

    • Robert Oliphant says:

      I actually thought for a BBC “interviewer”, Campbell actually asked some awkward questions of BoJo, he didn’t answer (quelle surprise!) and he didn’t exactly get overtly interrogated on his non responses, however little acorns and all that.

      Maybe it did signal a possible sea change from the BBC up here, they must know the games up for them when IndyRef2 happens and is won, or (heaven forbid!) not, BoJo and his cronies have made it plain their desire for a “functioning” national broadcaster, who might actually expose them for what they are, to simply go away.

      Conversely, when we do win the upcoming referendum, I think a lot of those in Holyrood power aren’t going to forget the BBC previous sycophancy to the Union, consequently the true National broadcaster that would replace the BBC is likely to be shorn of a lot of those sycophants.

      Seeing BoJo squirm from a BBC interview, albeit it could have been so much more, is a start?

  13. Hamish100 says:

    I expect to hear the Barr’s will have to move all its activities to England if Scotland grabs independence, Baxter’s soups will move to tunbridge wells and Tunnocks will move to a tax haven such as Monaco to link up with all the little englander brexiters.

  14. Statgeek says:

    If I can run the risk of your filter and moderation policy…

    When I read “General Johnson”, all I could think of him being “Major Cock”.

    Not very cerebral, but sometimes you hit the nail on the head with your articles, and it’s nuff said. 🙂

  15. Hamish100 says:

    So the bbc all set up at Pacific Quay for Johnson. Their partiality is painful to watch as Campbell sits dumb as Johnson tells him about green energy- in Scotland

  16. Capella says:

    Maybe a bit late to post this except for the insomniacs – it’s an hour long. The National Roadshow is an entertaining conversation with the editor Callum Baird., Lesley Riddoch, Kevin McKenna and David Pratt on the state visit of Boris Johnston to North Brittin. https://twitter.com/ScotNational/status/1422989575786434562?s=20

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Cheers, not so much insomnia but being 2 hours ahead, an informed discussion to start the day over morning coffee…

  17. Bob Lamont says:

    Johnson was in a lose-lose situation over this Scotland “visitation”, stuck between a rock and a walk-in-fridge.

    Dislike of PMs visiting the northern territories has never been quite so intense as the Prime Charlatan provokes.
    The sly move by the FM to not only write but publicise Johnson’s invitation to discussions had Bowie raging for good reason, it completely overshadowed their carefully orchestrated publicity plan, all the hapless Glenn Campbell could do was stick with the script knowing full well he was part of a monumental PR disaster for #10.

    While Johnson tries on denial he turned down the offer for discussions, and DRoss insists Johnson was quite right to refuse the offer, all it needed was a Jack or Bowie quote to complete the Three Stooges tribute.

  18. Campbell will be geting bumped up to the London Desk.
    What a travesty…half an hour of bumbling drivel….Campbell was there as a sounding board, and by Christ, he duly obliged.
    I did warn you, all.
    Where’s Starmer? he’s up here too ,I gather.

    Now’s the day and now’s the hour, Duggers.

  19. Dr Jim says:

    Feeling confused? out of touch? do you understand what’s going on?
    Well of course you don’t, because every day on the hour the news media journalists and opposition politicians tell you you are not only confused but you’re also unable to understand words, so much is your confusion that the media feel it’s their job to make it worse by constantly telling all of us how stupid we are that they and only they have the important job of disseminating all information then rearranging in such a way as to make you so depressed by your stupidity suicide may feel like the only option, oh but they have an expert lined up in whatever the next segment of confusion news to help you with that too

    This morning I listened to a couple of journalists presenting their points of view over our Independence question here in Scotland, one idiot anti Independence journalist from a well known anti SNP newspaper had decided that it was all over for FM Nicola Sturgeon, oh she will try for a referendum when she said she would opined this heavyweight of newsy knowledge, but the UK government will use the courts to prevent it and that’ll be the end of her and we’ll go round again with a new SNP leader until the people of Scotland decide to vote Labour again and get back to normal acceptance that Scotland is going nowhere even if the majority do want something different

    The other journalist from the only Independence newspaper in Scotland reported her opinion as almost the complete opposite, so you can pretty much guess how that all went as we’ve heard it all rehearsed more than a thousand times already

    It seems the point of these exchanges by the journalistic media are designed to confuse the voter even more than they say we already are, but there’s a far more sinister reason as to why they batter us practically senseless with this inanity, and it’s this, no matter what the politicians involved are telling us or informing us or even promising us we must under no circumstances believe them because all politicians are liars so the only people you can depend upon are *journalists*

    So tune in to them on any media platform available and listen as they confuse you even more and inform you that everybody you listen to are liars except for them
    Now I’ve never really subscribed to Orwellian theories of big brother style politicians directing our lives but I sure as hell would subscribe to the idea that journalism is the biggest danger and threat we face along with the power crazed people who own it

    You might say that’s all a bit far fetched, but if it is why is the internet so chock full of pretendy journalists hammering their opinions at us all if they thought they couldn’t use it to influence people, and when you think about it I’m doing it right now, dear God what have I become, I’m one of them, one of them, one of, no I’m not, or am I, now I’m confused

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      And when a journalist becomes a politician …

      I present exhibit A, Mr Boris Johnson, M’Lud.

      • raineach says:

        Production 5/1/1 of process, m’lord [in jockoshire]

        • Welsh_Siôn says:

          Thanks, raineach and apologies. (My excuse is that my first degree is in English Law.)

          • raineach says:

            the downside is that the court would expect you to make at least 3 copies, and personally one is more than enough

  20. James Mills says:

    Johnson claiming that there is no desire for another referendum , according , he says , ”to everyone I meet in Scotland ”.
    Well , let’s see – that would be Alister Jack , DRoss , some of DRoss’s cows probably , and …eh …
    So that is a good indication of Scottish constitutional concerns .
    Aye, right !

    • Dr Jim says:

      The Polis dug Johnson spoke to yesterday was probably the only Scottish Independence supporter he actually met with the answer Johnson didn’t want to see or hear when it bared every tooth in its face at him

      Dugs know who they don’t like

    • Johnson just laughed in Campbell’s face for half an hour. The new Head of BBC and the DG are old Tory Pals of Johnson’s.
      One word out of order from Campbell and his feet wouldn’t touch as they emptied his deask before he got back to it after this so called fecking ‘interview’.
      He was laughing and smirking in your face, Campbell.
      You could have asked about Brexit and shell fishing…but you weren’t allowed to, were you?
      What is the fecking point of BBC Jockland?

      The Mouthpiece of the Fourth Reich.

      And finally, look, a cute wee squirrel.
      Roll on the day when we rid ourselves of these Lord Haw Haws and Tokyo Roses.

      O, play it back, Glenn. Not your finest hour.

  21. James Mills says:

    Johnson won’t meet the First Minister on his two day visit to Scotland .

    What was his priority today ?

    Visiting an offshore Wind Farm under construction off the Moray coast with another of his ministers specially flown in to get a photo op – using Scotland’s Renewables to boost his ego !
    Priorities , eh !

    This is how he knows the mind of the Scots on referendums – speaking to the crowds gathered in the North Sea to greet him !

  22. Dr Jim says:

    Sky Brown the new *British* Olympic superstar who has never even visited anywhere in Britain because she was born in Japan of a Japanese mother and English father and lived most of her short 13year old life in America, they’d be sticking Union flags on Australian Budgies if there was a Budgie flying Olympic competition, just as well she won a medal or the wee lassie would have been relegated to being Japanese again having *crashed out*

    Isn’t that right Andy?

  23. Capella says:

    What seems odd about this map? https://twitter.com/rosscolquhoun/status/1423211814800830465?s=20

    Scotland has 25% of Europe’s wind resource and 60% of UK’s offshore wind capacity.

    Thumbs down The UK governments transmission charges in Scotland are the highest in Europe, 16 times the European average. This holds back investment in renewable energy and potential for new jobs.

  24. scottish skier says:

    I strongly suspect that it would be in the interests of UK unionists that a racist, sexist, anti-Scottish, happy to kill of your gran for lower personal income tax rates English Tory toff, stop trying to tell Scots what is in their interests.


    Boris Johnson tells Scots a second referendum is not in their interest

    Still, few more Yes votes in the bag from this flying visit to ‘the very far north of England, sorry the country, I mean, erm, our treasured UK that is old boy’ by Sturgeon’s secret weapon (codenamed ‘bunter’).

    You really have to ask which idiot in London is advising him to come here.

  25. Capella says:

    Today’s snub is just the latest in a long list of Boris Johnson insults to Scotland


    Janey Godley. Basically he’s feart”. https://mobile.twitter.com/JaneyGodley/status/1422949049343356928

    • Dr Jim says:

      Scotlands FM doesn’t work for Johnson so she’s not afraid for her job and that’s his problem, he can’t sack her and he can’t get her voted out because Scotlands people voted her in, so he tries to pretend he’s dismissing her as a figure of lesser importance, but every time he tries that her support gets stronger in Scotland as his heads down the toilet pan even further than it already is

      Not so many years ago Westminster would’ve had Nicola Sturgeon done away with by a tragic accident of shooting her in the head in a woodland setting due to her severe depression at being the most popular FM and politician before and since devolution

      My guess is Johnson hates Janey Godley just as much as he hates Nicola Sturgeon, if he could understand Janey that is

      Janey best be watching her back because of her depression at being funny, Westminster doesn’t care for popularity or funny at their expense

      • ArtyHetty says:

        See the ‘letter’ further down the comments Dr. Jim, from Johnson to his inferior, Nicola. 😉

        Yes Janey, she has a ‘helpline’ on her twitter for all the haters, I think in response to the huge amount of hate towards her via twitter etc. She definitely knarks (how do you spell, narks?!) the heck out of some loose cannons online. Not good.

  26. Capella says:

    Rather disappointed by the reporting of what is a heavily flawed study in the media to suggest that long COVID is rare in children. There are many issues with this study that I’m sure long COVID researchers & patients will flag, but here’s my analysis. https://mobile.twitter.com/dgurdasani1/status/1422800835562647554

    Surprising to see MAbsoudthe senior author of the KCL study trying to explain the discrepancy between long COVID estimates from the very flawed Zoe KCL, and the nationally representative ONS study by critiquing the ONS without even understanding the ONS methodology. Thread.

  27. Tatu3 says:

    I see the National has an article stating “ALBA MP Neale Hanvey has”. Is he really and Alba MP? Did he stand for Alba when he was elected, or was he elected (snp, then independent?) first, then moved to Alba? If so, why is this allowed?

    • James Mills says:

      The term ‘Carpetbagger ‘ springs to mind !

      • Dr Jim says:

        I always think of the Abla party as the guy who joins a popular band then proceeds to get rid of the guys in the band by causing trouble between them then bringing in new ones so they can hold on to that bands original following, kinda like Yoko Ono did with the Beatles to end up with John Lennon, the least talented in the band, but at least he was a cult, a bit like Neale Hanvey, zero noticeable talent and a right cult

    • ArtyHetty says:

      The ‘National’ is a Trojan horse imho.

  28. Dr Jim says:

    The appalling amount of cheek these English politicians have when it comes to Scotland, just who the hell does jumped up wee twerp Sir Kier Starmer think he is coming to Scotland, a country where he has one MP and a local party flushing its way down the toilet pan faster than and Olympic sprinter and telling the majority of voters here what he *thinks* or insists we do with the politics of our own damn country

    Sir Kier Starmer, this is the lawyer who at the instruction of Margaret Thatcher decided there was no evidence to proceed a prosecution of Jimmy bloody Saville when everybody and their dog at the BBC and Thatcher knew that Saville was a raging criminal and sexual exploiter of children, the vulnerable, the disabled and indeed rumoured to be a nekrophyliac into the bargain

    Just who the hell do these English politicians think they are, they’re an insult to Scotland and our people who’ve already voted his lot so far back and down a hole you practically have to pump air to them

    • Bob Lamont says:

      “The appalling amount of cheek these English politicians have..” – Probably diet.

  29. ArtyHetty says:

    Not had time to read all comments, but great article as ever. I especially liked the bit, ‘conservative sympathiser’, perfect.

    I like this letter, it’s from Johnson (via his resident letters writer in Scotland of course) to that Nicola, reasoned, intelligent, smart and fair. ha ha, just kidding!
    I think it’s Ok to share…


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