The Windsors: Graceless and favoured

It’s come to light that representatives of the royal household have vetted 67 new Scottish laws before they were signed by the monarch and became a part of the body of Scots Law. The monarchy has the ability to lobby for changes to any legislation which it deemed to infringe upon the property, wealth, and privileges of the royal family. It’s a power they exercise regularly.

The Royals lobbied to ensure that their Scottish properties are exempt from a law requiring landowners to sell portions of their land in order to facilitate the construction of pipelines for heating using renewable energy, rather than fossil fuels. The measure was a part of a recent law aimed at ensuring Scotland meets its carbon reduction targets. The royals will be in attendance at the COP 26 Climate Change talks in Glasgow in a few months time, pontificating about the need to prevent climate change and protect the environment, at least as long as their own financial and property interests are not impacted in any way. You can be sure that Nicholas Witchell and the other BBC professional sook ups won’t mention that when they’re wittering on about how much the royals care about the environment.

The royal household also secured an exemption from laws aimed at rooting out discrimination on the grounds of sex or race. It recently came to light that the royal household banned black or Asian people from serving in clerical roles in the royal household until at least the late 1960s.

The Windsors already enjoy enormous personal wealth, they are notoriously guarded about the true extent of their wealth, a task which is made easier because the family have ensured that the normal laws relating to financial transparency do not apply to them. According to an investigation by the Guardian, in the 1970s the Queen secured an exemption from a financial transparency law, allowing the Windsors to keep the true extent of their vast personal wealth a secret.

What’s not in doubt is that the Windsors enjoy a personal wealth far beyond the imaginings of ordinary people, the only question is the exact figure. In 2017 Forbes magazine estimated that the family as a whole is worth $88 billion, and in 2019 reported that the Queen alone had a personal fortune of an estimated $500 million.

This amount does not include the Crown Estate, which is a portfolio of land and property which belongs to the Crown as a state institution and not to the Queen personally. The revenues from the Crown estate go to the maintenance and upkeep of the royal family.

One of the ways in which the family maintains this wealth is through exemptions to tax laws and other laws which have a financial impact. Additionally the royal family are by far and away the biggest benefits claimants in the UK, receiving £86.3 million from the state in the Sovereign Grant in the financial year 2020-2021. The Sovereign Grant replaced the Civil list in 2011. £36.8 million of this is set aside for the refurbishment of Buckingham Palace. The Sovereign grant is calculated as a proportion of the annual income of the Crown Estate, the remainder going to the Treasury.

However the Act which introduced the Sovereign Grant includes a provision – put in at the insistence of the royal household – that prevents any fall in the value of the Sovereign Grant. It was put into force this year when the Crown Estate portfolio fell by more than £500 million in value, after land and property investments decreased sharply during the pandemic. Instead of absorbing the loss like every other business owner who has seen their assets hit due to covid-19, the taxpayer has bailed the royals out – ensuring that the Sovereign Grant will not fall in value for the next financial year. So much for “We’re all in this together.” Public money that could have been spent on vital public services during a time of global emergency was instead diverted into the bank accounts of an already obscenely wealthy family.

The Sovereign Grant is in theory supposed to reimburse the Windsors for the costs incurred in performing their public duties. The royals have a very self-indulgent definition of what counts as costs incurred in public duties, duties which in any event amount to waving occasionally at us peasants. Prince Andrew was reimbursed £16,000 for the cost of chartering a private jet so he could go and play golf in Northern Ireland, It would have cost under £100 to fly with a commercial carrier, but possibly private jets have more facilities for any female teenage travelling companions you might want to take along for the trip.

Another £1 million was billed to the public purse for the refurbishment of the home of Prince Richard, the Duke of Gloucester. No, I’d never heard of him either, and I suspect that even Nicholas Witchell would struggle to identify him from a photo in order to ooze sycophantically about him.

The cost of maintaining the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the monarch’s official residence in Scotland and a handy venue for the second in line to the throne to have secret meetings with Gordon Brown to discuss opposing Scottish independence, is met by Historic Environment Scotland. The cost of maintaining Windsor Castle is likewise footed by the state.

In total the royal household has intervened to demand changes to or exemptions from, over 1000 pieces of legislation since the Queen ascended to the throne. They have intervened 67 times in Scottish legislation since the establishment of devolution. The exercise of the Royal prerogative, which permits the monarch to intervene in legislation, is a regular occurrence. The monarch is supposed not to get involved in politics, but it seems that the Windsors are very keen to get involved in politics in order to defend their immense wealth and property holdings.

The true cost of this hideously wealthy and pampered family is kept from the public, as is the true extent of their meddling in the political process in order to protect their wealth and privilege. You can be sure that the BBC won’t tell us any of that despite the vast amount of airtime they devote to the Windsors. There is zero prospect of them being cut down to size by a British state for which the worship of the Windsors is a vital element in the cult of British exceptionalism. No wonder the royals are opposed to Scottish independence, it represents a direct threat to their wealth, power, and political influence. Royal apologists like to talk about the grace and favours of the monarch. The truth is that the Windors profit from the grace and favours of the public.


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245 comments on “The Windsors: Graceless and favoured

  1. […] Wee Ginger Dug The Windsors: Graceless and favoured It’s come to light that representatives of the royal household have vetted 67 new […]

    • Jim Buchanan says:

      And don’t forget the recent Gaurdian revelations that they successfully lobbied Westminster to exempt themselves from the Race Relations Act. Similar story in that they decry racism when their track record on the issue is appalling. It’s very instructive what the media choose to pick up on.

  2. How many times do you hear the phrase “they don’t really have any power nowadays”? As this shows they have a lot of power still and they aren’t afraid to use it.

  3. Welsh_Siôn says:

    The royals will be in attendance at the COP 26 Climate Change talks in Glasgow in a few months time, pontificating about the need to prevent climate change and protect the environment, at least as long as their own financial and property interests are not impacted in any way.


    Willy Wales has (already) started:

  4. Hamish100 says:

    No doubt he will fly to varies cities to sell his book at our expense. It’s for a good cause and to save the planet!!
    The BBC will do a wee TV programme for the plebs to ooh and ahhh.

    The FM of Scotland will not be invited to Scotland for the event.

  5. bringiton says:

    An independent Scotland will need a written constitution which clearly defines and limits the powers of the head of state,Royal or otherwise.
    All of the nonsense we have seen coming out of London is because the establishment can pretty well do as they please unrestrained by legal process,on a par with other third world dictatorships.

  6. Movy says:

    I find these revelations, some of which I was aware of, disgusting.

    I didn’t know about the safeguarding of the Sovereign Grant but, today, I see the triple lock on the acknowledged derisory, when compared to other similar nations, state pensions is under threat.

    Who will lobby for this group? – certainly not these privileged parasites.

  7. Capella says:

    Scotland does have a constitution of a kind. The founding document is the Declaration of Arbroath which spells out the relationship between the monarch and the people of the community.

    The monarch is duty bound to protect us and uphold our freedoms and rights. If he/she fails to do so then we have the right to depose them and make some other arrangement.

    But if he should cease from these beginnings, wishing to give us or our kingdom to the English or the king of the English, we would immediately take steps to drive him out as the enemy and the subverter of his own rights and ours, and install another King who would make good our defence. Because, while a hundred of us remain alive, we will not submit in the slightest measure, to the domination of the English. We do not fight for honour, riches, or glory, but solely for freedom which no true man gives up but with his life.

  8. Iain Ross says:

    I know they need to get business done but what puzzles me is why did the SNP hide this? Why did they not call it out and tell people what these so called Royals are up to in the background? They are running the risk of being seen to be colluding in this manipulation.

    • Derek says:

      Perhaps they were instructed not to?

      • david says:

        They campaign for independence partially on the basis of the archaic British system. It makes them look weak not opposing that. They should of been shouting out this is a reason Scotland needs independence so it can make its own laws without interference of a hereditary monarch.

      • Bruce MacDougall says:

        Under the current constitutional situation they still require the Queen’s signature on every piece of legislation passed in Holyrood. Independence will end that.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      C’mon… It’s Douglas isn’t it ?

  9. gavinochiltree says:

    A country built on sycophancy.
    A State built on privilege.
    A politics built on elitist cronyism.
    A legal system built on exceptions.
    A monarchy built on absolutism.
    A tax system built on avoidance.
    A media built on blinkered partisanship.
    A justice system built on old school ties and misogyny.
    And so on…….

    And all protected by State Secrecy and institutionalised cover-ups.

  10. AAD says:

    This family is the most cynically self centred bunch in the country. They take money from the public purse to an extraordinay extent. I resent paying thousands (e.g. to buy a new roof) to maintain my extemely modest flat while at the same time forking out via my taxes to maintain the properties of one of the richest families in the world. And remember we all pay taxes, e.g. VAT on necessities. After Independence I would hope they will be voted out of any involvement in Scottish affairs.

  11. James Mills says:

    F*CKIN’ PARASITES !!! And that is being kind to them !

  12. Ex Pat says:


    Scotland’s own Tom Nairn wrote the most scathing, most vitriolic indictment of the laughably undemocratic and archaic British form of government with its ceremonial Grand Duke and Duchess of Fenwick rulers, in The Enchanted Glass, Britain and Its Monarchy, first published in published in 1988, revised in 1994 and 2011.

    If you read it you will never again see British government as anything but an archaic fossil that should be dumped forthwith.

    He was also brilliant in foreseeing The Break Up of Britain, published 1977, revised 2021 from Verso Press. Which break up is arguably occurring before our eyes right now.

    Both available with a print plus ebook option from Verso Press –


    Have you had your daily dose of the incendiary and consciousness-expanding Tom Nairn? If not, why not?! – lots of great Tom Nairn links – see comment by Ex Pat to ‘Happy Anniversary Mum & Dad’ – 17th September 2020 – WeeGingerDug blog –

  13. scottish skier says:

    Wills debasing himself by drinking the peasant’s Irn Bru shows you how close we are to the end.

    Whit next, a deep fried mars bar supper?

  14. Janice Gale says:

    What an utter disgrace they are. We have to boot them out of Scotland at the first opportunity. They are even more self serving and greedy than those in the Westminster government. We have to have a republic and treat them like anyone else visiting Scotland to a holiday home except with their huge property ownership we have to take their land into public ownership. If England want them to keep Cornwall and their other stolen land let them!

  15. Dr Jim says:

    The Queen can only exercise the power that the sovereign parliament of the UK affords her, constitutionally she has no authority in her own right, so everything we’re reading about this is just the Queen taking advantage of all she can get from the benefit system designed to keep her in the luxury the UK of England GB feels she deserves

    Post Independence Scotland would become a democratic republic and it would be for the elected government of that time to put the question to the electorate as to whether the Queen her heirs and successors would be afforded the benefits and privileges she presently enjoys

    Given that such benefits and their amounts would have to be disclosed beforehand for the Scottish public to decide and vote upon my thinking is that the Royal family themselves may not want such figures published for all to see and may even decide to decline the current position of whatever Scotland decided to call them and give Scotland a body swerve to save themselves the embarrassment of the Scottish electorate giving her a body swerve in a vote

    Or in other words Queenie might not get the golden buzzer through to the next round and that would be a newsworthy worldwide Ooft aw naw!

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      We asked 100 people in Scotland,

      “Should the Queen retain her perks and her lavish income in a post-independent, republican Scotland?”

      Our survey said:

  16. Capella says:

    The Crown Estate Scotland was devolved in 2017 following much anger from the SNP since the 2011 election. Good background in Wikipedia. The article notes are also interesting.

    Crown Estate Scotland (Scottish Gaelic: Oighreachd a’ Chrùin Alba) is the public corporation of the Scottish Government responsible for the management of land and property in Scotland owned by the monarch in right of the Crown. It is responsible for a range of rural, coastal and marine assets which are held ‘in right of the Crown’. The monarch remains the legal owner of these assets, but they do not form the private property of the monarch, and cannot be sold by the monarch. Surplus revenue (i.e. revenue profit) from Crown Estate Scotland does not belong to the monarch, but is paid to the Scottish Consolidated Fund which in turn finances the Scottish Government.

  17. Alex Clark says:

    O/T David Torrance (yes that one) who now works as a researcher at the House of Commons library has today published a paper titled “Scottish independence referendum: legal issues” which might be of interest.

    I haven’t read it yet but intend to, you can read a bit more about it here, where there is also a link to download the paper.

  18. therealiggi says:

    I am well old enough to recall where I was when JFK was shot
    I also recall Dr who being put off to the following week, I was 9

    I was always pretty Laodicean about the Windsor’s Didn’t care either way

    I remember the day I became a republican. The day Charlie Windsor and his entourage travelled to his mammy’s holiday howf, coughing and shedding Covid.

    I was 65

    This lot of inbred ingrates will hing onto power, they will be a formidable opponent aligned as they are with the fawning media, with the brutish broadcasting collective leading the way

    I remember reading accounts of a revolution across the water, “a la lantern” the plebs cried out, as Marie Antoinette suggested they eat brioche. The old (not so) dear, or her appalling son and his hatchet faced bidie in will yet eat humble scotch pie.

  19. Legerwood says:

    Andy Wightman was interviewed tonight on CH4 News about the Queen and her ‘interference’ in legislation to protect her interests. It covered the recent revelations in respect of the Heating Bill – think that is the Bill/Act’s title.

    It was a really good interview but it is not up on their website yet so cannot post a link but will keep an eye out for it.

    Kudos to CH4 for covering it.

    • Capella says:

      Andy Wightman’s excellent Guardian article here:

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        I notice it’s not open for comments, btl …

        • Legerwood says:

          That is not unusual for the Guardian on any Scottish related story. No below the line comments on Scottish stories seems to be the norm. Partly I suspect because they know people – indy supporters etc – would pile in and point out the errors and omissions in the article.

          • Movy says:

            That is absolutely true.
            The Guardian prides itself on its reporting but every Scottish story has an SNPbaad/Union good slant.
            What happens is many of us then use the live feed to point out the numerous omissions and mistakes in the ‘fair’ reports. It’s actually shocking. Yesterday’s drug death report managed to completely miss out the fact that drug policy is reserved. That doesn’t detract from the shocking figures but the SG is trying to deal with one hand tied behind its back and that should be reported.

            • Bob Lamont says:

              Ditto BBC, where their “Drug deaths in Scotland reach new record level” is still being promoted, the “new” being 2017 and 2019 figures.
              Where they do “encourage” discussion” (invitation for anti-SG contribution), as of this morning on the main Scotland page:
              “Tokyo Olympics: Great Britain win 4x100m mixed medley relay gold”
              and on the Politics page:
              “Nearly 35,000 workers in Scotland removed from furlough scheme”
              “Covid in Scotland: No quarantine for fully jabbed US and EU travellers”

              What we want you to know versus what we want to you discuss with our rent-a-mob from “darn sarf”.

  20. dakk says:

    Best yet Paul.


  21. Hamish100 says:

    Scottish government should have said you will be treated the same but if you can pay more tax to reduce food banks then so be it
    No freebies to th royals or rich

  22. James Mills says:

    On the topic of Royalty :

    Which is the odd one out ?

    a) Yeast
    b) meat
    c) Royalty
    d) flour

    Answer : meat – all the rest are in bread !

  23. Alex Clark says:

  24. James Mills says:

    The Royals can be quite sensitive to other’s feelings .
    Because Meghan’s father wasn’t at her wedding , to balance this , Harry’s father wasn’t there either .

    After Harry had his titles stripped and his funds cut by the Queen he has had to resort to painting to supplement his income – he’s the artist formerly known as Prince !

  25. grizebard says:

    As I’ve said previously, renewing the Constitution of Scotland as manifested in The Declaration of Arbroath within a modern independent Scotland (whether we retain the monarchy or instead appoint a president), the current head of state should always be subject to recall given sufficient popular disapproval of their conduct.

    • And it shall begin:- ‘We the people’….

    • Drew Anderson says:

      There’s a fundamental clash between the European model of monarchy, as used in England, and the Celtic model formerly used in Scotland; divine right versus representative of the people.

      The Bruce was, I believe, the last monarch to claim the crown under tanistry. Bring back tanistry under a much expanded franchise (every voter eligible and having a say), elect our monarch!

      I nominate Ms Godley; Queen Janey has a certain ring to it.

  26. Bob Lamont says:

    Nicely set down Paul, essentially it’s “Git orft mey lend… and pay me for it”

    I’ve always been uneasy over influence exerted by the rich and powerful (Murdoch etc) on legislation, but that this dysfunctional ‘family’ should exert influence which by convention remains secret borders would bring accusations of corruption were it anybody else.
    The infamous Charles letters blew asunder any notion the Royals were bystanders to events rather than protecting their own stash, but this latest interference to exempt Balmoral from heat distribution legislation borders on farce given such a network is never likely to arise, but the lawyers involved are obsessed with the principle.

    Andy Wightman’s superb summary on the Crown exemption v private property in Scottish legislation illustrates the point over Land Reform, but where “convention” in Scottish government practice collides with Scots Law, where does the abuse end?

    On the Crown exemptions aspect, it is not just the confines of Buck-House or Windsor or Balmoral where these aberrations occur – There was a video exposee a while back on the Duchy of Cornwall, a vast area operating under an exempted version of Laws applying to the rest of England, as one local wryly observed, “Welcome to the Duchy of Grand Fenwick”.

    It simply should not happen….

  27. Golfnut says:

    I’m not sure that Torrance, no let me rephrase that, I’m absolutely fecking certain that Torrance, like Crawford, joint author of the opinion that Scotland had been extinguished and had no international legal footprint, should be taken as reliable sources of unbiased opinions. We’ve had a plethora of opinions recently, coincidental no doubt, regards the legality of legislation from the Scottish Parliament. Instead we, the Scottish people should be questioning the legality of the union parliament. Start there and you get a different perspective. I’m off to the gowf.

  28. now craig has been jailed for jigsaw identification, can he now identify these people from the impunity of already being in a cell?

  29. Capella says:

    A bizarre article in The National about the Queen’s correspondence with the Scottish Government. Civil servants have ruled it should remain secret to preserve the appearance of neutrality. The only way to preserve the appearance of neutrality is to hide evidence of bias.

    But it is written into the Scotland Act.

  30. James Mills says:

    ”Let’ us maintain the illusion of neutrality ” she purred over the telephone !

  31. strange this should come to light now Paul, the power of the queen to give consent to laws/acts created in Holyrood was designed to give gravitas to any act created in holyrood. the royal consent issue is a reserved matter and not something msps can get rid of but it strikes me that the draft indyref2 bill is going to be sent to the queen very soon, if consent is granted, it will make any legal challenge by boris much more difficult

  32. Is Auld Lizzie the queen of the mythical land ‘Great Britain’?
    All you loyal sons are no longer part of her Maj’s ‘country?

    On BBC Boris News this morning, the ‘headline’ news is about the medal total of a country called ‘Great Britain’. ( A gold in BMX bike riding, a silver, and a clutch of ‘world leading’ bronzes.)

    The competitors all drape the butcher’s apron across their shoulders of course and their jerseys have ‘Great Britain’ plastered across their pride bursting chests.

    I have no doubt at all that the Fascist English government has intervened and forced the UK/NI Olympic Committee to rebrand the United Kingdom of Great Britain (a geographical construct encompassing Scotland Wales and England) and Northern Ireland with this Brexit bashing false name ‘Great Britain’.

    So Northern Ireland, you no longer are part of the ‘awesome foursome’.

    Johnson sold you down the river to get Brexit done.

    So there.
    Meanwhile the owner of the biggest dairy in the world( apparently) was interviewed, (way down the line, hidden in the postscript) warning of the Brexit backlash.
    His Dairy is short of HGV drivers, and could not deliver milk to 25% of his supermarket customers.
    He reported that there is a back log of 30,000 drivers in England awaiting their HGV driving test, and that, coupled with EU drivers not coming here has led to the crisis which he sees worsening during the English school holidays.
    No milk today.

    But this rather dramatic Brexit Bad story is buried ‘neath the strains of God Save the Queen as a wee lassie wins gold for riding a BMX kids’ bike.
    England is mad.

    They are ‘jabbing’ in England.

    The Jack flies everywhere on the news, except in a dairy with no drivers.
    Still as long as that Blue Tory lump of blubber and waste of my tax dollars No Good Duguid, gets the right shape of pasta in his groceries, Brexit is an astonishing success.

    Lizzie Saxe Coburg, Queen of Great Britain.
    Worth every penny…

    • deelsdugs says:

      And sadly, even Alyn Smith joined in with the jack beside the Scottish swimmer fae Stirling on his fb page…

      • It may be argued that some SNP MPs are willing to let the campaign drag on and on…the lure of the London High Life, the perks, the pension, the years of pointlessness…money for old jam….

      • Eilidh says:

        As much as I despise that flag there is nothing wrong with an Snp MP celebrating the success of one of his constituents who won an Olympic medal. It would not have looked good if he had ignored it. It would have been portrayed in the media as him offending the swimmer The swimmer didn’t have a choice to wrap themselves in a Scottish Flag as Scotland is not allowed to be in the Olympics. Even though Sport totally bores me I don’t think alienating Scottish athletes will help us get Independence we need the support of everyone who lives in Scotland

        • Bob Lamont says:

          Excellent points

        • deelsdugs says:

          My comment was not about ‘alienation’ of the Scottish swimmer and his success.

          Indeed and however, it would have been possible to photoshop out most of that flag, which is symbolic of the mantra that is being shoved down our throats from every outlet, and has been thus since, well, you know when…

          It was not a derogatory remark intended for the lad from Stirling, merely that an acknowledged Scottish MP who campaigns, or has done, for Scottish Independence and was instrumental with the EU, that is despised by that flag was keen to shove it down our throats on his social media page along with ‘team gb’. That’s all.

    • Legerwood says:

      I don’t know if you noticed last night on the BBC 6 o’clock news but a reporter was interviewing Tom Deans and flapping in the background were some deck chairs. The canvas seating on the deck chairs was in the form of the Union Jack!!

      Thought that was taking their identity crisis a bit far.

      • I am aware that some Duggers wince when I compare the Union flag as England’s swastika, and ‘the butcher’s apron’.
        In November in Glasgow they will adorn the Clydeside with an Nuremberg strength array of Jacks, to impress the world’s leaders..if we let them.

        Can we organise a AUOB rally at the same time?
        HRH will be up, but there is no seat at the table for the democratically elected FM of Scotland?
        Red Arrows flypast?

        Military brass bands?

        Perhaps Prince Andrw can review a march past by the BB’s Scouts and Girl Guides, given his special interest in HRH younger subjects?

        Let’s make Cop 26 an event that will make the world sit up and notice.
        We are Scotland, not a colony of a fascist English Junta.
        I’m way past consoling.

        Why let them away with ‘Great Britain’ propaganda at the Olympics.
        What if Italy had chosen to rename the Olympic team the Pasta Brigada?
        Would the world not object?
        I repeat; there is no such country as ‘Great Britain’.
        Ergo, why ‘support them, Ian Murray?

  33. Capella says:

    In view of the terrible drug deaths news today, anticipated by Alex Massie a few days ago, Prof Robertson corrects Massie’s ignorant conclusions.

    So, to be clear, the researchers found that drug-related deaths are not high in Scotland as a result of the policies of the SNP or, for that matter of previous Labour administrations in Scotland or in the UK under Blair but are to a large extent the result of what happened to Scotland in the 1980s.

    • scottish skier says:

      As drugs are a reserved matter, all deaths are British.

      Britain has some regions with some of the worst drug deaths in Europe due to Westminster economic and social policy

      • Capella says:

        Some very striking graphs from Peat Worrier in this thread.

        • scottish skier says:

          It’s worth looking at the report to see the results on a regional basis. Only then can you start e.g. comparing regions with other regions of countries such as England and European states.

          Click to access drug-related-deaths-20-pub.pdf

          Page 14 shows without a shadow of doubt the issue just isn’t ‘Scottish’. Deaths are very clearly concentrated in the former heavy industry areas of greater Glasgow / Clyde and Dundee which we decimated by the UK government.

          Most Scottish regions have death rates no different to the rest of the UK.

          • Marc says:

            Normally lurk on here but will drop in for this.

            The lowest rate area in Scotland rate(89 per million) is higher than the highest area rate in the rest of the UK (87 per million). The lowest area in Scotland is 94% higher than the lowest area in the rest of the UK and the highest area in Scotland is 132% higher than the highest area in the rest of UK.

            You argue regarding the reasons for this, but to try and claim that Scotlands death rates are comparable to areas in the rest of the UK is inaccurate

            • Dr Jim says:

              Like their Covid numbers England never counts very well, accidently I’m sure

            • scottish skier says:

              Can you specify which region has 89 per million? That would be 25% of all deaths in a single region, highlighting that it’s not a Scottish problem, but a British regional one.

              And 94% higher means for every 100 there are 194. Can you please provide data + links to back this up? Thanks.


              To keep things simple, I was on about this sort of thing:


              As you can see, various areas of Scotland have lower rates of deaths than other areas of the UK.

              Slightly older data, but all UK countries are following the same trend of rapidly increasing death rates, generally as a product of past UK policy.


              So without doubt the problem is 100% British.

              At the same time, it really depends on ‘what’s your poison’. The southern British love snorting cocaine and more recently are getting seriously into crack. They’re the kings of Europe for that. It ruins your nose, lungs, family, life, but it’s very hard to overdose on, so rarely causes sudden deaths directly.


              “The UK has the highest levels of crack cocaine problems in Europe. Of the approximately 11,000 people who were recorded as starting treatment for primary crack use in Europe in 2017, 65% of these were in the UK.”

              Figure 10: Proportion of people who inject drugs who had recently injected crack

              British people in the north of the country have an opiate addition dating back to Thatcher’s rein and UK drug policy since. This is playing with fire and can readily cause overdoses. Long term abuse is now catching up with them.

              Death risks vary between drugs so death are not a measure of a drug abuse, obviously.


              Table 2

              Young British in Southern Britain are much more into drugs than northern Brits:

              Figure 2: Prevalence of drug use among 15 year olds at any time in their lives

              Figure 7: Prevalence of powder cocaine use among adults in the last year

              All deaths are ultimately Westminster’s responsibility as drugs are a reserved matter. Holyrood has asked numerous times to be given control, but London has refused this. It can only be assumed they wish to keep killing people as they are doing nothing to address this reserved problem.

              • scottish skier says:

                Missed a link to match the Scottish news:


                Drug deaths: England and Wales see highest number since records began (2020)

                This is, without question, a very, very British problem.

              • Marc says:

                Can you specify which region has 89 per million.

                From the link and page, you provided Greater Glasgow and Clyde has a rate of 89 per million.

                and 94% higher means for every 100 there are 194. Can you please provide data + links to back this up? Thanks.

                Same source, the lowest area in Scotland is 88 per million, lowest in UK is 33 per million, which gives you the percentage.

                Like I said you can argue the reasons but to misrepresent to suit the data by saying Most Scottish regions have death rates no different to the rest of the UK is wrong

                Let’s level it to Boris and the Tories to twist data to make their arguments shall we?

                • Marc says:

                  Also, the map you showed is over 5 years out of date; no area has a lower rate in Scotland than in another part of the UK as per your link.

                  As I said misrepresenting data is a Tory /Brexiter trick as they have not got any evidence to back their claims. We should be interpreting the data correctly and making rational sound arguments of the back of that.

                  • scottish skier says:

                    General message… Hi all SGP stalkers. Is it boring on there now I’m gone? 5 comments a week from weirdo nutter right wingers just isn’t much fun is it?

                    I saw folks from there followed me here and reported back to James. Seems I’m super important in the indy movement to have folks tailing me like that. James even wrote three articles about me. I never realised people considered my waffling of such great importance.

                    Anyway, I see no mention of where the 89 number came from Marc. I wonder why I’m not surprised. And the reply contains no links to prove any claims as usual. This makes it look very much like a brexiter comment. That and dismissing recent expert data as unimportant.

                    Anyhoo, to ensure an apples and apples comparison, here’s Scottish 2019 figures [1] compared to England and Wales 2019 [2] as the 2020 data is not available yet according to the ONS.

                    As can be seen, a number of areas of Scotland have lower rates than the E&W national rate figure, and/or are notably lower than e.g. the NE of England. I imagine if we could break the NE England figure down into council areas, we would find some of the ex industrial cities have even higher rates than the NE as a whole, so notably higher than numerous Scottish council areas.

                    Anyway, I only debate with people who provide evidence of their claims, and since you don’t want to do this, I’ll move on. I suggest you stop using brexiter tactics and instead provide links to your claims in the future if you want people to trust you.

                    The comparison:


                    Of course deaths are higher in Scotland due to the nature of drugs which present a problem and because the English government likes killing Scottish people. At least that’s the only possible explanation for not devolving control of drugs to allow decriminalization, so readily preventing 90% of deaths which are entirely ‘accidental’ due to unintended overdose (drugs too pure, contaminated, contain other stronger drugs unbeknown to the user etc) so totally avoidable with controlled medical use regulation.



                    “4,393 deaths related to drug poisoning were registered in 2019 in England and Wales, equivalent to an age-standardised mortality rate of 76.7 deaths per million people”

                    “The North East had a statistically significantly higher rate of deaths relating to drug misuse than all other English regions (95.0 deaths per million people)”

                    • Marc says:

                      Anyway, I see no mention of where the 89 number came from Marc.

                      From the source, you provided in this thread (you have kindly inserted the PDF) page fourteen. I will readily admit that I miss read the figure and the lowest area in Scotland is 88 per million, not 89 as originally posted, but that is still higher than the highest figure in the rest of UK.

                      I find it quite ironic that you complain about not using 2020 o figures yet once again you have used figures further out of date. The death data in the link you provided:

                      uses the average deaths from the years 2013 -2017, so is completed outdated and has been superseded by more recent data

                    • scottish skier says:

                      I haven’t used any out of date data; I used the in depth long term averages from the 2019 NRS report and compared this with data from the ONS 2019 report. You need to complain to the NRS/ONS that your understanding of statistics is superior to theirs, and their figures should not be used in recent publications; a classic brexiter attitude.

                      Incidentally, I found data for e.g. Manchester for the same period of 2013-2017. This was 18.9 per 100k on average. That would put its death rates well ahead of over 21 Scottish councils (recent averages) and Scotland as a whole.

                      But I am sure you will continue to argue that the ‘drug capitals’ of East Renfrewshire or Perth and Kinross have more drug deaths per capita than inner city former heavy industrial areas of the North of England without providing a shred of evidence to that effect…..because you Scots are druggies! Rule Britannia! Long Live Brexit!


  34. Capella says:

    Ann’s links: The good news first.

    Success is about being your best self

    Scottish National Investment Bank backs Forev with £2 million

    Success of Orbital Marine Power’s O2 “a proud moment for Scotland and a significant milestone in our journey to net zero. “

  35. Capella says:

    And now the bad news:
    How Westminster short changed Scotland’s city deals

    and the funny news – This has to be a parody account.

    Check out the rest of Ann’s links over on Indyref2

  36. Alex Clark says:

    Might even be worth the price of a subscription to HBO 🙂

    Brits outraged by U.S. cartoon depicting royal family as egotistical tea drinkers controlled by mafia boss

    LONDON — “The Prince,” a new satirical U.S. series from the creator of “Family Guy” that portrays Britain’s royal family as a collection of dysfunctional and egotistical tea-drinkers who are raising their young children to be spoiled and brutish tyrants has sparked outrage in the United Kingdom.

    The official trailer, which was released by HBO Max on Wednesday, depicts Prince William as having a head shaped somewhat like a butternut squash, while his youngest son, three-year-old Prince Louis, is transformed into a Cockney rebel who runs around the palace grunting a series of demands.

    Queen Elizabeth II is characterized as a mafia boss dripping in pearls and gold, while heir-to-the-throne Prince Charles is painted as a power-hungry mommy’s-boy who has waited far too long to become king.

  37. Alex Clark says:

    Official trailer for the new show.

  38. Hamish100 says:

    Looks like a true reflection although Andrew was missing.

  39. grizebard says:

    I fear the “drugs deaths” issue, besides being a personal tragedy for each and every victim and their families, is another of these “tax trap” situations where the Scottish Government is presented with socio-economic problems like longstanding economic inequality (austerity), and constraints like drugs policy over which it has no control whatever, but it does have control over health so has to carry the full economic and organisational responsibility on its shoulders for dealing with the unfortunate consequences, for “picking up the pieces after the crash-and-burn”.

    This is the reality of the famed “broad shoulders” punted by Bitter Together.

    And unlike the deliberately-engineered income tax trap, which so far the SG has astutely contrived to dodge, this one has simply evolved through circumstances and is much tougher to deal with, and (conveniently for its “critics”) has directly observable fallout as we can readily see. No wonder therefore that the usual media suspects pounce on it with unseemly near-glee, and of course only tell the half of the story that suits their partisan purposes.

  40. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Meanwhile, back in Cymru fach …

    Petition demanding depictions of dragons have a penis to be considered by Senedd committee

    30 Jul 2021 2 minutes Read

  41. Capella says:

    The best explanation for the poor health outcomes and early death in Scotland, particularly in the post industrial areas, is Sir Harry Burns’ autumn lecture in December 2011 to the Society of Actuaries.

    In a word “hopelessness”. It has lasted for generations, as the speech by Jimmy Reid on 1971 describes. A feeling of a lack of control over one’s destiny, of exclusion from decision making is the root cause. 1 hr 10 mins

    • ArtyHetty says:

      It was though all orchestrated especially when the oil was really coming on tap. In Aberdeen the oil workers and their families lived in caravans, The US oil parasites were tooing and frooing in jets, they bloody had a ball. I watched a wee film about that at the National library of Scotland website. Look at any country aside ones like Saudi and the US etc that have oil and other sought after resources, and you find despair, division, ‘hopelessness’, joblessness and, drugs, and/or made to measure internal fighting and war. Also even post ww2, when there was a housing shortage in the UK, they built huge housing estates in England, yes some horrible high rises too, but mamy half decent council houses/

      I read somewhere that Scotland was last on the list of priorities for new, much needed housing then, and look at what was built, appalling. I have a neighbour in his 80’s, ex teacher then in Ayrshire, a unionist, once joked about how the kids wouldn’t do their homework because they ‘couldn’t be bothered and thought it a waste of time’. On further discussion it turned out there were absolutely no opportunities for them when they left school, nothing at all. No doubt many ended up on drugs if they didn’t leave their own country to seek work.

      If you watch films about Scotland’s industries on the National Library of Scotland website, ‘moving image archive’, ( always in copyright and so can’t share anywhere) and the very few available to watch about oil, it’s utterly tragic that Scotland and the people of Scotland have been so scammed, their economy and infrastructure etc should have been top notch. It wasn’t so. The oil, dirty stuff I know, in the form of oil shale was extracted long before Scotland’s north sea oil was taken. Even in the 1950/60’s they knew that oil was most likely in abundance in Scottish waters.

      People aren’t born with ‘hopelessness’, it’s imposed on them, on their families and communities, by the greedy, the oligarchs, those who are quite content to see people suffer and die so that they can get even richer. They are called Tories in power in the UK, and even red and yellow Tories, also of course the royals, quite happy to watch little children go hungry in the 21st century so called UK while they get even more rich off the backs of the people. There has to be a special place in hell for anyone who is that greedy and also now, for anyone willingly and deliberately wrecking the planet with their abstentions from any societal or environmental obligations, and who basically make their own laws about how in particular, Scottish land use is at their own selfish discretion, their existence is based on pure greed. They are despicable.

      • Capella says:

        Spot on ArtyHetty. Generations of deprivation and idiots still say we’re better off staying in this corrupt state. But the tide is slowly turning and and doesn’t flow out again.

      • Bob Lamont says:


  42. Capella says:

    If you prefer to read a transcript there is a 7 page online paper published by Cambridge University. Page 7 is where he spells out the Jimmy Reid speech about lack of control over one’s destiny.

  43. Alex Clark says:

    Good article on Newsnet that puts flesh on the bones of the 67 Bills in Scotland that were passed to the Queen’s lawyers for consent before becoming law. Interesting article.

    On average 3 bills/year require Queen’s consent, 22 bills were during the Lab/Lib Dem time in government, 23 with Alex Salmond as FM and 22 with Nicola Sturgeon as FM.

    • grizebard says:

      It is inded an interesting article. (Shows incidentally why Cowerin’ Wee Willie was unfit to be leader of a Sunday School outing, let alone a political party which was (however fleetingly at one time or another) part of both Scottish and English Governments.)

      I’m a sceptic about the supposed “absolute primacy of parliament”, above and beyond any human rights issues, for example. Neither though do I hold with the absolutist assertion at the start of the article that both governments “have no choice but to accede to legislation changes demanded by the Queen”. The constitutional standoff at the beginning of the 20th century over persistent reactionary blocking by the then archaic (yes, even more archaic!) House of Lords and its consequent enforced diminution of power being a particular case in point.

      Challenging the monarchy now would also require an English political party and leader (and people) willing to push the matter all the way to another such crisis, and if necessary follow the example of the Liberals back then and essentially have a plebiscite election to force the issue.

      So the author is de facto correct. As he concludes “we doubt there is a majority for reform in the present Westminster parliament”. We do indeed, very much so, and in any any time soon over any issue, really.

      Which, dear as-yet-unconvinced supporter of progress who may be reading this, is why the only progress we here in Scotland can possibly make is with independence. Starting afresh. It’s unavoidable. Essential even. It’s time to give up on any hope of achieving it any other way. It just ain’t gonna happen.

    • Golfnut says:

      Kind of kills the nonsense that the UK parliament holds absolute power because it’s absolutely sovereign, but we knew that didn’t we.

  44. Margaret Barrie says:

    What an excellent article and, oh so true.

  45. James Mills says:

    I think the publicity around this ”veto” on Bills by the Crown will be most unwelcome around Balmoral , where Lizzie is skulking at the moment .

    The Royals play the British public skilfully and are usually very careful to be on the right side of public opinion .

    That was why the poor handling of Diana’s death by ‘The Palace’ was almost a catastrophic moment in their dealings with the hoi polloi . It forced a screeching U-turn and the humiliating sight of Her Maj having to do a walk-about among the flowers and ‘mourners’ outside Buckie House pretending to share their grief – Oscar winning moment for Lizzie !

    I am pretty sure that the last thing ‘The Palace’ would have wanted at this sensitive juncture for the constitution is ( another ) disclosure that the Royals do not share the quaint and naive philosophy that ”We are all in this together !”
    You don’t get to be one of the richest ( and most secretive ) families in the world by letting the plebs see that you are not just breaking the rules but are inventing new ones for yourself – alone !

    This disclosure will do harm to their carefully constructed public image and , and taken with the other recent revelations about the tensions within their oh so dysfunctional family , may start the ball rolling towards a more republican mind-set among voters .

    Of course , don’t expect the media to run with this issue , or to find the BBC airing a special documentary on the nefarious goings on within the Windsor cosa nostra .
    No , they will do their usual obligatory duty to the Crown and turn a Nelson Eye to this , and continue with their usual Royal arse kissing .

    But more and more the public see that the Royals are not some special brand of demi-gods that have been bestowed on us undeserving peasants by some higher power .
    No , their shit stinks just like ours , except we don’t pretend that it doesn’t !

    With their use of tax-havens ( The Queen ) , their racist attitudes towards a newcomer to the family , their dodgy attitude to criminality ( Prince Andrew ) , their flaunting of Lockdown rules ( Prince Charles ) , their supposed neutrality in the referendum and now the exposure of the decades long interference in the democratic processes of both the UK and Scottish Parliaments , their Royal ermine robes are definitely on a shoogly peg !

    • Alex Clark says:

      I agree with what Wightman says and since the Scottish parliament cannot abolish the requirement for Queen’s consent then it definitely should be made public every time a Bill of the Scottish Parliament is subject to such a rule.

  46. Dr Jim says:

    Scotland has some drug problems at the moment which the Scottish government doesn’t have full powers over to deal with as they’d like, and the Yoonworld of nut cases are making a huge deal about it in an attempt to distract from their own favoured government, the UK mob’s hopeless failures on everything they touch, and in the confusion of all these attacks on Scotland the Yoonworld and its media forget to mention that England has the highest alcohol problem in Europe now and interested parties in England have been lobbying the English government to mirror the extremely successful minimum alcohol pricing system the Scottish government used to cut that problem in Scotland massively now making Scotland the lowest alcohol problem country because when the Scottish government do have full powers over laws they make use of them and fix stuff

    The question should be why is the English government refusing to copy Scotlands model and sort out Englands alcohol problem yet refusing to devolve full power over drugs laws so Scotland can get on with using that legislation to devise a plan just like they successfully did with booze

    Here’s another we quickie you’ll be aghast at, in 2020 the UK government allowed 33 million tons of raw sewage to be released into the Thames rather than spend money upgrading their filtration and sewage systems, ex rocker Feargal Sharkey lives in England and has been leading a campaign to save Englands waterways which are so polluted fish are dying and *no swimming* sign are being erected everywhere because of the high level danger to life levels of e coli

    It’s the green and pleasant land you know

    • Golfnut says:

      Scot gov could reduce the number of recorded deaths attributed to drugs by simply adopting the same recording method used by England. The media and the English party’s know full well that we are not comparing Apple’s with apples, just as there are significant difference in the methodology used for hospital waiting times and of course the elephant in the room, covid deaths.

    • bringiton says:

      The present regime in Westminster are not in the business of devolution.
      There is zero chance of anything new being devolved to Holyrood,in fact the opposite.
      Authoritanian administrations favour centralisation because they cannot brook any opposition to their rule and that is where Johnson & Co are.
      They will not devolve decision making to the Westminster parliament let alone a parliament in another country.

    • Naina Tal says:

      Aye Dr Jim. They drink the water oot the Thames too. I’ve heard the drinking water doon there has been through the human six times.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        It will be more now, “I’ve heard the drinking water doon there has been through the human six times” was the case in the 1980s…

  47. scottish skier says:

    The key figure in the drug deaths report is Figure 8. This shows that 90%+ of deaths were ‘accidental’, i.e. entirely avoidable. There was absolutely no need for these people to die.

    The union killed them.

    Criminalizing acute medical conditions such as drug addiction just costs lives. People are taking these substances not knowing the purity, whether it is contaminated, whether it’s actually something much stronger (like fentanyl instead of heroin) or just rat poison, and they are doing so in secret because their utterly desperate situation has been criminalized by English people. And they are dying because of it, murdered by the UK.

    The UK has the blood of these people on its hands. It killed them.

    And while the union kills Scots, unionists print headlines painting it as Scotland’s fault, that Scotland is some sort of drug infested hell hole of a ‘country’ (a country when it suits), even though drug use prevalence is identical across GB at ~1/10.* It’s just England has a serious crack / cocaine problem (which tends not to cause accidental deaths but slow harm) while Scotland has a problem with opiates and related ‘downers’ etc (which kill readily by overdose), which in itself highlights why Scotland needs control of drug policy; it’s problems are very different to England.

    If you don’t support immediate devolution of drug policy to Scotland, you have the blood of these people on your hands too.

    And as for ‘alky Scotland’.

    It’s not us that can’t go a few days without a wee tipple.


    *Drug use in Scotland is historically lower than in England and Wales, and even including the somewhat anomalous 2017-18 figures, it’s 9.8% (recent average) for Scotland vs 9.4% for England and Wales for the most recent data. Statistically insignificant.

    Figure 1: Prevalence of drug use in the last year among adults*

    *England and Wales: 16 to 59; Scotland: 16 to 64; Northern Ireland: 15 to 64


  48. Capella says:

    Saturday links from Ann:

    Worth looking at
    Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Survey, UK: 30 July 2021

    Coronavirus (COVID-19): modelling the epidemic (issue no. 62)

    Christina Pagel. THREAD: latest covid situation in UK (mainly England) and what I think is going on.

  49. Capella says:

    Brexit to blame for food shortage crisis … not ‘pingdemic

    Report mentioned above

    Road Haulage Association Report on Driver Shortages (Had to look this bit up: Self-employed contractors working through a limited company can benefit from tax advantages, but IR35 rules change the way this can be done lawfully. IR35 seeks to make sure that contractors working in the same way as permanent full-time or part-time employees pay the same tax and national insurance as an employee to crack down on tax avoidance. )

  50. Capella says:

    Tesco offers lorry drivers £1,000 signing-on fee due to shortage

    Big drop in Tory suppoert i Norfolk by election
    Britain elects.

    Much more over on Indyref2 site:

  51. Welsh_Siôn says:

    News just in.

    Mrs Carrie Johnson is expecting the couple’s second sprog – due at Christmas.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Will that make a football team now ?

      • Dr Jim says:

        7 a side I reckon, minus a goalie of course, nothing can save them now

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        These are the ones declared. Being a proud Welshy, I’d go for the rugby union team option.

    • Eilidh says:

      I guess getting covid didn’t spoil his fertility then. Oh dear that will be another set of Eton school fees he will have to pay for. I feel sorry for his children I wonder how long his current wife will last

  52. Dr Jim says:

    Now that Nicola Sturgeon is only months away from pulling the trigger on an Independence referendum the Wings over Abla party and their Unionist mates have joined their collective forces together in an all out assault on the SNP the only party in Scotland who can possibly bring Independence about

    Now you’d think that knowing the referendum is coming certain of the individuals hell bent on bringing the FM and SNP down would quieten down and get themselves ready for the campaigning for that, but you’d be wrong, rather than battle as one country towards the same cause these individuals have redoubled their efforts to prevent Independence using the same rhetoric as the English Union parties with such nonsense suggesting that a Nicola Sturgeon Independent Scotland would be the wrong Scotland so we should bring the apparently immortal FM down ( because she is going to live forever) and wait fifty years more to bring back a deceased by then Alex Salmond who’ll ride to the rescue of Scotland on some sort of ghostly fiery saltire emblazoned motor bike wearing a jacobite hat and dispense justice left right and centre to the terrible hordes of English people who at present control Scotland who’ll all be gone as well by then and ready to vote Scotland out of their Union because they don’t like the devo max the Abla party talked Scotland into instead of the Independence they should’ve had 50 years before because they made up a grudge against Nicola Sturgeons Independence and completely disregarded the fact that Independence belongs to the country and people of Scotland and not one individual no matter who they are

    They should have a slogan *disgruntled with SNP join Abla we do nothing but we do moan a lot*

    • scottish skier says:

      There’s absolutely no way Campbell supports indy and I don’t think he ever has. He just saw a way to make himself a lot of money rabble rousing. There was a rabble without a rouser and he saw the £ signs. Scottish indy will kill that golden goose for him as gone will be his target audience. By contrast, pro-indy parties can only benefit from a Yes vote as it will be the unionists that fade completely under indy.

      Campbell is good at hiding in plain sight. He attacks Scotland as a ‘gutless, evil place’ that people ‘should get out of while they still can’…. To brexit England of course; a country he completely loves. When he tweeted all those pictures of his beloved quintessentially English Bath, he was laughing at all the mugs sending him money to pay off the mortgage on his rather sizeable property there. He must be sitting on a fortune now. This is why the Wings accounts are not published nor donor funds ringfenced.

      He’s never had any interest nor intention of living in Scotland. He loves England and openly says Scotland is s**t. Yet the mugs send him cash because the rest of the time he tells them what they want to hear.

      He always said his goal was to ‘destroy the labour party’ (in Scotland). Aye, for sure, so the Tories could take over as the main unionist force. He’s not leftie, that’s for sure. Nobody on the left uses terms like ‘woke’ pejoratively*; that’s pure Tory chat.

      I fell for it myself back in the day, but when he went full right-wing dog-whistle on the trans thing [Breitbart would blush] then started attacking the SNP I finally clocked him. I predicted quite a while back this would all culminate in him backing unionists in a Scottish election, which is exactly what happened in May. He openly called for folks to vote for the union.

      The thing is, he’s clever, but at the same time dumb. His own arrogance has got the better of him. He thought folks hung on his every word and would do what he said. No, they paid for anti-union stories, not him. I thought he was an arrogant pr**k but a clever writer back in the day.

      The moment he turned from pretend yes to anti-Yes party, the readers vanished like snaw aff a dyke to leave a site stuffed full of unionist trolls. Any funding he’s getting now is from Michael Gove; the two parroting each other with ‘The SNP don’t really want indy’.

      *past of wake1.
      adjective INFORMAL US
      alert to injustice in society, especially racism.

      • grizebard says:

        I wouldn’t like to speculate where SC started from, or his motivation, but your conclusion of where he has got to now is hard to discount, not least in mistakently thinking that he was some kind of pied piper. People go most astray over matters of importance when they begin to believe they are the message and not merely the messenger.

        Given our lack of media access, a plurality of online views on independence is very much to be welcomed, but as out host here thankfully realises, each has to be fundamentally constructive to earn and keep its public influence. That is what representing “we the people” means.

    • Hamish100 says:

      I see Scot goes pop wouldn’t mind being voted on the ALBA executive. Makes any polling more biased?

  53. grizebard says:

    O/T but hopefully of interest, discovered by follow-on from to one of the links kindly posted by Capella:

    Interested in having a source for matters pandemic that isn’t obfuscated by state broadcaster distortions, political angling and vile axe-grinding attempts to make capital out of the situation? Honest assessments from people who really do know what currently is known?

    Then there is a group for you. It’s called indie_SAGE. It has a website that you can Google and they also give their own public briefing regularly every Friday which appears on their own YouTube channel. The latest session eg. can be found at: 

    It covers the whole of the UK, so when contributors mention “the government” they inevitably mean Boris the Clown Circus, but they do give Scotland etc. a fair shake. Very refreshingly open and honest, with sensible journo/public questions at the end that are worth asking. The main contributor in this one wasn’t afraid to show, for example, that hospitalisations are now reducing in Scotland unlike anywhere else (yet), and that the vaccination rate in Scotland is better than in England (something that you’ll never discover from BBC Jockland, where we’re permanently in crisis) though not quite as good as Wales.

    Worth checking out.

  54. Bob Lamont says:

    An excellent summary piece on the “missed milestone” fiasco… Didn’t spot Jackie Baillie mentioned as the one who started the lie off however…

    • BBC Jockland is now almost exclusively staffed with ‘Our people’; Nothing has changed in the past 100 years.
      They are predominantly from the same cultural, religious, and class, background.

      Perhaps it is time for the Equalities Commission to scrutinise BBC Scotland’s recruitment bias.

      I have no doubt that the vast majority of staff who edit, script, recruit, and present this English Stockade’s Brit Nat propaganda have been schooled from birth to be obeisant Litlle Bits; I would not be surprised if they had not been processed through the various Britler Youth Movements, who all offer a ‘Queen’s’ Merit Badge and are are big on uniforms, mini me soldiers of Christ, and start them young on the ‘right path’.

      Now that Johnson is a Born Again Kafflik, and his latest Bidie In is preggers again, I muse that Johnson Minor was distracted practicing his signature on his RE exercise book cover when Matthew 28:19 was being fed in to his formative malleable mind.

      ‘Go forth and teach all nations’?
      Not ‘go forth and breach all maidens’.

      This placid Sunday morning, when the Dead Tree Scrolls are full of the most poinless tat, and the world is shut down because WM is on two months holiday, we need some outlet in to the real world.

      Footnote: the National now refers to scots vaccinations as ‘jabs’.

      National, feck off big time.

      How many Kaffliks are there in key positions at BBC Plantation Quay?

      I am really in a stirrer mood today.

      • James Mills says:

        Paul’s mantra is that this site should be a repository of positive messages to try to persuade those who are not yet ”Yessers” to see the light , Jack .

        Suggesting that ”Kafflicks” are in some way pulling the strings at Pacific Quay is not likely advance the Independence message , is it ?

        • Strange how what is written is read, James.
          In my clumsy way, I was suggesting that there is a dearth of Kafflik voices at Plantation Quay.

          I have a list, names, backgrounds, etc.
          There are not many Tims and Micks at the English Stockade on the Clyde.

          I have no religion…but point to indoctrination from early childhood Up Here which is based on Brit Nat God Save The Queen Anglo Jock Established Christian elitism.
          Al Christian Sects in Scotland are led by middle class conservative Brits.

          Moderator? A Lib Lab Lord.

          Kafflix? ‘My Lord Bishop’?

          The Faithful are collectively referred to as their ‘flock’.
          The Faithful are dumb sheep who are taught from birth that poverty is a virtue?
          That it is easier for a camel to passthrough the eye of a needle than for a rich man (sic) to enter the kingdom of heaven?
          Suffer in this life to receive your ‘reward’ in heaven?

          The Kirk doggedly holds on to the claim that it is the official religion in Scotland.

          Let’s get the Equalities Commission to run a scrutiny on BBC recruitment in Scotland.
          I believe that a trend would emerge..and it ain’t the Church of Rome …quite the opposite.


          • James Mills says:

            Apologies for any misunderstanding , Jack !
            Confucius he say ” Jim Mills your brain is not what it used to be – lay off the Buckfast ! ”

          • Hamish100 says:

            Nae harm to you Jack. But I am neither a sheep nor assume poverty Is a virtue.
            I think you assume to help people I need is in some an acceptance that it is good.

            Maybe reflect a little before making such broad sweeping claims?

            Maybe calling Catholics, Kafflics isn’t the best start. I speak as a “protestor”

            • Do you agree that there are plenty examples in the Bible which sell poverty as a virtue.
              Organised religion has kept the masses in their place for 2000 years. Check out the beatitudes, Hamish.
              Blessed and the Monarchy, Lords, Filthy Rich and Grouse Shooters, because they own the Earth.

              No, checked; not included in the Sermon on the Mount.
              Jesus Christ was actually quite a rabble rouser; a man of the people; a chippy.

              But we stray from the main posit in my earlier post.

              BBC Scotland is staffed by, almost to embarrassing exclusion, a singular religious sect, class, and Anglo embedded culture.
              It is illegal on so many levels.
              Happy to discuss with anyone from Plantation Quay.


              • Hamish100 says:

                Pol pot, Stalin, Hitler, gengis Khan, Mao, Attila the Hun, all murdering dictators. Not one of them in the Wee Free. As for pacific quay full of people like davidson, brown, Macintosh, mcquarries, smith and the rest. Now their sons and daughters are too. We can agree on that.

                • Your opening sounds like the first two lines of a new Billy Joel message song.
                  Here we go…don the deflecting garden path….
                  The British Empire run by Empress Victoria Defender of the Faith arguably slaughtered 100’s millions of infidels in the name of Christianity.
                  I could go on..but I wanted to discuss BBC Jockland’s sectarian selection policy.
                  It has all gone quiet on here.
                  The Wee Frees? Christ on a bike/

  55. Dr Jim says:

    The First Minister did not vaccinate my hamster

  56. Capella says:

    More links!
    Support for green ports proposals

    The UK government is still hiding its secretive publicly-funded Union polling – it’s time they come clean

    Who owns the North Sea

  57. Capella says:

    How does BBC Scotland get away with this corrupt behaviour?

    Scottish Government publications are available here. Updates on Covid and other policy matters;

    Don’t forget to check out Talking Up Scotland, Prof Robertson’s blog.and more links over at Indyref2

  58. Dr Jim says:

    When the time comes (and it will) shall we see BBC Pathetic Quay staff begging the FM to intervene in saving their rotten ass little jobs from the big BBCs machete, will the people of Scotland give a monkeys when the Scottish BBC journalists are *threatened with redundancy* due to the cutbacks imposed on them if Scotland becomes an Independent normal country, will the lack of Scotland’s TV tax money be a threat to Gary Linekers wages, will the people of Crinkley Bottom united in England be downhearted when their football team is no longer financed and shown on Scottish TV due to the bitterness of Scots who would like their money spent on oh well maybe some Scottish football or how about some Scottish swimming, given that five out of nine of the swimming medals at the Lympics have been won by Scots swimmers

    Will these BBC liars and disseminators of the truth be hanging around outside our parliament asking Scotland to support them in the protection of their *journalism* supported by the GMB Labour Tory Lib Dem alliance of England’s continued rule so they can lie to us some more

    Carrie Symons is having a baby isn’t that great, FMs budgie didn’t follow the Covid rules damn her eyes and shame her for failing Scotland

    Time to tear them all a new one Nicola, start setting about them, you know you want to

  59. Hamish100 says:

    For 20 years plus a tunnel has been pledged around Stonehenge

    Now the 2 mile proposed tunnel is deemed unlawful. Johnson couldn’t get a bridge over the Thames despite millions of other peoples money spent.
    What chance a bridge to Ireland?
    Yeh we know lies, piled upon lies. The problem with liars they don’t know how to stop.
    Yet some believe the tories.

  60. Dr Jim says:

    Michael Gove, nice slime that he is says Scotland can have a referendum on Independence if it’s the settled will of the people, so how do we decide that it’s the settled will of the people, well we have a referendum to decide if it’s the settled will then the slime Michael Gove will say OK you can now have a referendum in xermumphalot years after Westminster the sovereign parliament has a think about that then we’ll allow Scotland that advisory referendum we spoke of and put it to the sovereign people of Britain England to decide, kinda like we did with the Brexit referendum where to be fair everybody in England got to decide the future of North Br eh Scotland, are we still calling it Scotland? OK we’ll have a think then definitely do what the people of eh er that place said they wanted, for we English are a fair and generous people, even us fake English Scottish sectarian bigots don’t you know

    I’d love for Michael Gove to turn up at my door and try that shit on with me, let’s just say I’d pay the fine or do the time, just give me the opportunity Mikey boy

    • scottish skier says:

      This is them backtracking so that when we have our referendum in our own time, they can try and pretend that we’d needed their permission for it, and they had graciously given it.

      The S30 ahead of 2014 was not needed and the iref would have been just as legal without it. It was an advisory referendum just like EU 2016 and neither government was legally obliged to accept/implement the result. All the S30 did was reduce the chance of legal challenge from the public, while the Edinburgh agreement was a gentlemen’s agreement that both governments would accept the outcome.

      Just like iref1, iref2 would change nothing in law in itself, so it’s pretty much impossible that it could be illegal. This is a red herring. The fact that it will be legal, means it can’t be boycotted; you can only justifiably boycott something that’s not free and fair / illegal. If the courts agree it’s all above board, boycotting just makes the win bigger for your opponents. So there’s no real way to stop it happening, with the result being a legit expression of the democratic will of the people. Hence the backtracking. It’s that or go all Belarus on us and become Europe’s second last dictatorship.

      Ultimately, England cannot be forced to accept a Yes result, but if they refuse to, and Scotland just goes ahead with indy, they will need to put boots on the ground to take back control. That or Scotland becomes independent. Its how these things work. Spain new that fine well and was prepared to get violent.

      It’s also worth noting that it’s consistently been the likes of Wings telling us, just like Gove, that we can’t have a referendum because we need permission from his preferred country of England, and England will just keep saying no as long as it wants to, so an iref won’t happen for a generation.

      It’s not been the SNP saying that, although they do know that ‘We’ll not agree to you smelly socks having an iref!’ is a good vote printing machine, so worth milking from time to time be forcing London to sort of say No in public.

      • scottish skier says:

        In fact Spain sent in the jackboots to disrupt the vote itself (rather than afterwards to take back control) because, legal or not, a clear Yes vote on a high turnout would have been extremely problematic for it.

        Beating up voters to reduce turnout while closing polling stations and stealing ballot boxes was the only way it could realistically delegitimise the result, so that’s what it did. There’s no way England has the baws for this.

  61. Golfnut says:

    Interesting article on decriminalising drug use in Scotland, not the prerogative of Scot gov but certainly the prerogative of the Lord Advocate.


  62. scottish skier says:

    I love data. It’s my job. I generate experimental data and analyze it for a living, in both a university context, and directly for the energy industry. I love graphing and understanding things for myself. I can plot stuff up in a matter of minutes; it’s not hard when you do it all day every day and have done so for over 2 decades now. This seems annoy the hell out of unionists, and has them following me around. At least one is clearly stalking me, which is pretty creepy.

    Anyhoo, for the benefit of the doubt, the statement ‘many areas of Scotland have lower levels of drug deaths than areas of England’ cannot possibly be considered untrue if you have the vaguest knowledge of the subject and of human geography. There’s not even any need to look at data to appreciate how this must be true.

    How on earth could it be possible that the most prosperous area of Scotland could have a higher level of drug deaths than the least prosperous area of England? Someone who thinks that is either so clueless they should go back to primary school and start all over again, or they are just lying intentionally to you. The latter is most likely, with them probably being a Tory from England.

    We an compare averages (as done) or for a single year, but you are never going to conclude other than some areas of England have way worse poverty and drug death problems than Scotland, even if Scotland does have a particular problem with opiates and similar depressants which come with a huge risk of accidental overdose, so causing deaths per capita to be higher overall.

    Why lie when it is so easy to get caught out?

    For 2019 alone:

    Keep the brexiter lies for Wings and now, sadly, SGP.

    • Marc says:

      I assume this is aimed at me. I see you have reverted to type and started calling people who dare disagree with you ‘unionists’. It’s a theme that has followed you from your postings; unless you agree with Skier completely you are unionist/English/Tory Brexiter.

      Based on your history I assume you are going to keep referring to me either indirectly or directly in further posts with little digs.

      To be honest, I regret not just continuing to lerk, but I thought maybe you had grown up a bit and could have a debate without needing to resort to the cheap jibes, but clearly was wrong.

      Sorry, Paul, I have enjoyed reading your posts for quite a while but not going to visit just to see Skier dig me out in the comments; which is what I know is coming down the line going by what have seen in the past.

      • scottish skier says:

        Hi Marc. Sorry, but the order of all comments shows that it’s you that has, from the outset, been ‘digging out’ my comments. Earlier, and now here again. Am I also correct in that you have followed me here from elsewhere to do this?

        I post, you attack my posts with baseless assertions and incorrect data. I respond with official figures, only for you to dismiss such data. It was the same story on SGP. Seems rather than rejoicing at my departure, you just are too weirdly attracted to me, so here you are, stalking once more.

        No comment on the graph? Maybe you wish to apologise for misleading people earlier with this comment?

        “The lowest [drug death] rate area in Scotland… is higher than the highest area rate in the rest of the UK”.

        You have yet to provide a shred of evidence to back up this ‘the moon is made of great British brexit blue stilton and you sweaty socks are all junkies’ annual unionist garbage, while I’ve had the courtesy to provide you with a plethora of evidence to the obvious contrary, all of which you have dismissed in true farage fashion.

        I ask again… in what possible fantasy world could a prosperous area of Scotland have higher drug deaths per capita rate than a poverty stricken formal industrial area of England suffering the very same problems as our own such areas? This is at best 1st year geography at high school, yet you were determined to push the deeply racist ‘scots are junkies’ evidence free bollocks.

        The main difference is that the UK has ensured much more of Scotland has suffered de-industrialization, poverty and the horrific long term consequences of that, while spending cash from Scotland’s natural resources making the south of England very, very wealthy place.

    • AAD says:

      The information given on death certificates differs between England and Scotland. There is far more information on a Scottish death certificate. I believe that it is the primary cause of death that is reported in England and not necessarily secondary causes. In Scotland secondary causes are listed. In England this could result in the under reporting of deaths where a contributing factor was drug use but in Scotland it would be reported as a death due to drug use.
      I think this is the case and I hope I am not offering misleading information.

  63. James Mills says:

    Lies , damned lies and statistics is a well worn phrase but in these days is rather outdated .

    We need something more in keeping with what has been thrown at Scotland for over a decade now .

    Alistair Carmichael’s lies , Ruth the Truth’s damned lies and BBC Shortbread Headlines !

  64. Bob Lamont says:

    Amusingly OT from Munguin today –
    “THIS will be the first year we’re not going to Hawaii because of Covid 19. Normally we don’t go because we can’t afford it.”

  65. Capella says:

    Monday morning. Hmmm Here are some links to keep you going:

    Coronavirus (COVID-19): daily data for Scotland 1/8/21

    Christina Pagel. Fewer people are dying but we still need to worry about long Covid

    Daily Mail publishes apology correction after ClarkeMicah (Peter Hitchens) spread of disinformation about mask wearing & Covid in his Mail opinion column.
    Contains an interesting graphic on effectiveness of masks very similar to the one John Swinney used and was pilloried for.

  66. Capella says:

    ‘Government would not stand in way of indyref2 if settled will’ says Michael Gove.
    What’s he up to now? says everyone in Scotland.

    TL;DR. Too wee, too poor, too stupid

    Spectator. Can Scotland reach net zero without the Union?
    Contains well worn arguments relating to our size, financial status and intelligence.

  67. Capella says:

    Check out Prof Robertson’s site Talking Up Scotland. Latest post on drugs policy reserved to Westminster:

    More links from Ann over on Indyref2:

  68. Capella says:

    I just have to post this. If this doesn’t bring a smile to your face 😂 nothing will.

  69. AAD says:

    Article in the National. A courageous Scottish Government could take on Westminster on this. The Scottish people would support this approach if it was accompanied by an information campaign. The commercial media in Scotland would be attacking the SG for all it was worth.

    • grizebard says:

      This is the same interesting article as kindly referenced by Golfnut upthread, though no doubt the author would prefer to be referenced directly rather than by proxy via an anonymous Albanista.

      But if you had read and properly understood the article, you would know that the article is an appeal from a legal academic addressed directly to the new Lord Advocate individually, not to the “Scottish Government” as you insinuate, since the latter is hamstrung on the matter, as the author at least clearly realises. As does the headline writer in The National, who carefully uses “Scotland” rather than your misplaced public attribution. Any necessary “courage”, or whatever other attributes are required, must necessarily be hers.

      • AAD says:

        I came across your reply by accident as I don’t usually go so far back. I was not aware that there had been a previous link to this article from another source. I am not on facebook or any other social media, so I miss out on a lot of chatter. I was not been able to open the link I think you meant so I didn’t know of any previous history the article had.
        I don’t think I ‘insinuated’ anything, and I was aware that circumstances differed from the last time this was done. I am however, in favour of annoying Westminster in any way possible which this would do even if, realistically, the idea would not fly.
        I don’t understand the ‘Albanista’ reference. You are addressing a 75 year old who first joined the SNP in 1965 and was an activist until very recently so kindly dial back on the scolding tone.

  70. Bob Lamont says:

    Also an interesting read from Lesley Riddoch in the Herald

    • Capella says:

      Dorothy Bain is going to be one busy Lord Advocate for the forseeable 🙂

    • grizebard says:

      Ah, The Herald has of course to get its usual angle over, and naturally does it a lot less subtly than some others. If Angela Constance fails to “win over” the new Lord Advocate to “good sense”, we all know who we are supposed to blame. Not the idiotic reserved powers that maintain a thoroughly professionally-discredited “UK” prohibition policy, nor any constitutional shackles that we need to throw off ASAP, oh no, it will all be down to Nicola et al “failing” as always.

      Yet we can be sure as night follows day that if any member of the SG were to try to {ahem} “win over” the Lord Advocate about something else which that contemptible BritNat rag didn’t like, it would be trumpeting “interference” as if there was no tomorrow.

      Which in the case of that waste of good trees, is all too likely and merited anyway.

  71. Alec Lomax says:

    Kevin McKenna indulged in one of his moralising rants in the Herald this morning.. Moral indignation never fails to amuse me. Brexiter group Restore Scotland are Kev’s latest great white hope for achieving independence sans-SNP. I have to confess to having a chuckle at Jim Fairlie being described as ‘hugely respected’. I seem to remember Jim stopped voting SNP because they were pro-Remain.

    • James Mills says:

      I take it that was the Kevin McKenna with his Herald hat on as opposed to the Kevin McKenna with his National hat on ?
      I wonder if his Herald hat is red white and blue ? That would mean his National hat was just white and blue ! So the red would just be on his face ?

  72. Hamish100 says:

    Kevin McKenna. There’s a person I do not trust whether he writes in the herald, National or elsewhere.
    He who pays the piper…./

    • Dr Jim says:

      The Alice in Wonderland of scribblers McKenna changes his stories daily depending on ££££££££££££££££££££

  73. Ross Anderson says:

    Apparently Boris is coming up to see us.

    Will he be visiting the families of the those that have died of accidental overdose to explain why he was against saving their lives with decriminalistion or at least safe rooms?

    I expect not. Just a visit to the Irn Bru factory, a plate of haggis and a dram for the cameras, then ‘getting out of evil Scotland and back to lovely brexit England while still can’ ((c) Stuart Campbell / Wings).

    • grizebard says:

      Well, this visit is just to “prove” that he still “owns” Scotland, so of course he won’t be bringing up the “drugs issue”. That might risk him being asked questions [from whom, though?] about UK drugs policy and its differential consequences for the opiate users of Scotland compared to the cocaine users of England, let alone the deeper constitutional issues arising from this vile “one size fits all” excrescence. Questions that he is uniquely equipped to be unable to answer.

      Anyway, from his POV and that of his Bitter Together collaborators, that matter is no more than a convenient stick with which to publicly beat the SG by proxy. Anything else that worked would do just as well. Just so long as his own sweaty hands aren’t ever seen directly on it.

  74. scottish skier says:

    Hmm, I thought Hubbard had an ‘overwhelming advantage’ that would unfairly deny other competitors medals?

    Why is she not winning gold every time? Seems to lose as much as anyone else.

    This is why we should leave it to IOC medical / ethics experts to decide on qualifying criteria and not bloggers + the latest poll.

  75. Alex Clark says:

    I see that Nicola Sturgeon has written to Johnson and has invited him to come to see her in Bute House to discuss areas where they might work together on Covid recovery plans.

    I think this is a bit odd mainly because she has also published the entire letter inviting him on her twitter account making the invite hard to refuse. I think he will be cursing her LOL

    • Alex Clark says:

      • Dr Jim says:

        *Clever girl*

        From the expression on the movie Jurassic park describing the female velociraptor

        Johnson’s too frightened do it and he’ll be advised by everybody at Castle Greyskull not to do it, especially by Skeletor Gove

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Ooft, clever indeed – Simultaneously advertising the fact SG has been bypassed yet offering a cuppa and a chat… 🤣

      • scottish skier says:

        To English Tories it would be a jolly good snub to the uppity jocks, showing them who’s boss and whatnot… to Scots he’d just looks feart and pathetic, which would be the reality of things.

  76. James Mills says:

    Come into my parlour said Spiderwoman to the flyman !

  77. Legerwood says:

    Since Paul’s post is about the Windsors I thought you might like to see this article that has appeared this afternoon on the Guardian’s website

    More sleaze.

  78. Alex Clark says:

    Police Scotland’s plan for the protection of Johnson next week on his visit North was apparently to be called “Operation Bunter” according to the Sun. Now for some reason, this has been changed to “Operation Aeration” instead.

    An insider said: “The name ‘Operation Bunter’ was given to the preparations.

    “But several people pointed out the foolishness of calling it after a fat, posh English public schoolboy – not least given the PM is known for being a bit portly.”

    Sources told how Police Scotland then changed the name in a bid to avoid any chance they would “cause some sort of diplomatic incident”.

    The insider said: “Operation Aeration was selected as the alternative.

    “But I’m not sure moving away from Billy Bunter to a name that implies the PM is full of air is much of an improvement.”

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      MPs can’t call Johnson a liar in the House of Commons without being shown the door.

      Police Scotland can’t refer to a ‘portly English public schoolboy’ as a ‘portly English public schoolboy’ who is known for wanting his cake and eating it (literally and metaphorically.

      Where are those decrying the right to free speech in all this?

      Has the Conservative Party hierarchy turned all snowflake all of a sudden?

    • grizebard says:

      Police Scotland are evidently concerned about the possibility of a nice fluffy whipped cream or meringue pie being involved somehow…

    • scottish skier says:

      Whoever came up with ‘Operation Bunter’ should get a medal.

    • Statgeek says:

      The police should just carry on with normal duties and let him fend for himself.

      Boris: “But we had a plan!?”

      Police Scotland: “We lied. Just following your example. How’s that working out for you?”

      • Bob Lamont says:

        I’m sure all Police Scotland and most of his entourage would concur if asked privately, but they have to be diplomatic and professional.
        The Prime Charlatan was a laughing stock before this latest adventure began, none of this will change it.

  79. scottish skier says:

    The thing is, if there wasn’t going to be an iref ‘for a generation’ cause London ‘can just keep saying no, so give up and move to England while you still can’ ((c) Wings), there’s no way on earth Boris would be bothered to travel to the very, very, very far north of England, sorry ‘the country’, so often to court the unruly natives, and Wills would still have not ever tasted Irn Bru.

    Nope, there’s no doubt they’re bricking it.

  80. Capella says:

    I gave up reading SGP some time ago and will not be contributing to any fund raiser. IMO his open support for Alba and opposition to the SNP mean that an unbiased opinion can’t be expected from him. He has been tweeting attacks on Jason Leitch lately as one of the “fan club” and I see he has now written an article in the same vein. I can get plenty of that in the Daily Mail and other yellow press outlets.

    Having said that, I know Paul does not want his blog dragged into the blog wars that appear to be raging across the internet ( probably unionist inspired). So I will say no more.

  81. grizebard says:

    I’m just sorry that James may have forsaken his well-earned reputation for dispassionate analysis to no ultimate advantage to either himself or the rest of us. But the choices he makes and how they may or may not affect his standing and funding are ultimately his business, not ours.

    Let time do the talking. We have other priorities to occupy us here.

    • Melb Don says:

      A good indication of how well the SGP blog is going is a quick look at the number of reply posts the blog receives. It is indicative of the support of the Salmon party, very little, all anti SNP and of course a special mention to Skier.

      • boskie says:

        I used to follow SGP, reading it every day but it now seems as though he is hell bent on replacing the Rev Stuart. Take heed James you are heading in the same direction going by the number of replies you receive from your blogging.

  82. Capella says:

    Leaflet circulated by Mike Russell for the YES campaign. Lots of reasons for supporting YES. including the UK miserable performance in the GDP and Equality tables.

    Click to access 46bc3ac3-ae73-41f3-9520-3bfbc209fae6.pdf

  83. Capella says:

    Meant to post this a few days ago. Ivan McKee in The National explains why the “English free port” model wouldn’t suit Scotland’s needs.
    Maybe Gove, Sunak and Johnston should ask first instead of barging in and over ruling the Scottish Government?

    • The Pandemic won’t stop the traditional visits to the Colonies by our Imperial Masters.
      HRH is up at Balmoral, Gove visited his Glasgow Bunker, (rumour has it that the First Aid room has a cot; Gove needed somewhere to lay his weary head since his wife kicked him out.) Sunak was up, somewhere, Far From The Madding Crowd, and perhaps Johnson will pitch his wee tent somewhere accessible to all us militarily oppressed colonials, like Ardnamurchan Point.

      Keep them coming, I say.

      It is clear that they are trying to goad Scotland in to a precipitous Referendum, during the Covid Crisis.
      It’s sorta working in covering up the disaster that is Brexit…as shelves in supermarkets empty, and France remains mysteriously the only EU country on England’s Dreaded Lurgy list.

      Can’t have the M20 clogged with lorries and cars during the traditional English holiday fortnight, the first two weeks in August.

      WE are weary, not daft.

      Of course the Jock Dead Tree Scrolls turn up to snap the English Big Guns, and cut and paste what they will ‘allow’ us Jocks to do with our lives into their quite miserable little pamphlets, like good little serfs..

      I’ve checked.

      The official Olympics medal tally site lists ‘Great Britain’ as ‘UK’, although there are dozens more who list the Union as ‘Great Britain’.

      There is no such country; yet.

      It can’t be long ’til Johnson declares Empire 2.

      The reach of the Fourth Reich’s propaganda Unit is limitless and money is no object.
      The ‘UK’ is now ‘Great Britain’.
      Hard luck Norn Irn.

      Well, have we got news for them.

      Scotland is not a fox snared in a gamekeepers trap.

      We do not need to gnaw through a trapped leg, to escape, badly wounded, to die in the long grass in imaginable pain and suffering.

      We shall hold a Referendum, in our own time, on our own terms.

      Gove, Sunak and Johnson, and BBC, STV, and Sky, and the over-the-top Brit Yoons’ Jock Press may attempt to embed ‘Team GB’, and ‘Great Britain into everyday usage, but it won’t work.

      We Scots are taking back control.

      We will not crawl away bloodied and dying from this obscene Union.
      Far from it.

      Perhaps there is a wee Start Up ceramics outlet two minutes from Glasgow or Edinburgh airports?

      Somewhere where Johnson can nip in and out of Scotland in minutes, but which the Dead Tree Scrolls will write up as the PM visiting ‘Scotland’?

      Johnson will attract the obliging Brit hacks from the Herald Scotsman Record P&J to his Mighty Visit, to sit at his feet and adore the Great White Father?

      What the feck will these guys do for a living come Independence?

  84. Dr Jim says:

    The BNP and some other far right groups climb to the top of Ben Nevis to wave some flags and make a divisive political and racist point that most folk wouldn’t agree with or even give them the time of day

    The thing that’s most disturbing about this story is that nobody but them would have ever known they were there at all spewing out their nasty venom if the media weren’t there to highlight it, report it, big it up and sell it all over the airwaves giving these guys the oxygen they desire

    Don’t blame the nasty idiots for being nasty idiots, blame the media for giving them the airtime when there are endless supplies of good news stories in Scotland that the media flatly refuse to cover or give airtime to, it’s the perfect demonstration by the BBC and others of news manipulation to suit an agenda

    • Dr Jim, see my post above.

      There will always be English gold to keep our dying Dead Tree Scrolls alive; their sales number in the thousands, they pay fees to Brits like Brian Wilson and Professor Adam Two jobs WATP Tomkins to churn out Brit Fascist propaganda, and yet, they survive?

  85. scottish skier says:

    This is unquestionably a UK problem. It’s happening GB-wide; the trend is identical, just the magnitude of deaths varies due to the higher consumption of depressants (opiates etc, which carry the risk of overdose) in areas such as the former industrial cities of Scotland and the north of England.

    Drug deaths in England and Wales at highest level since records began

    As a reserved matter, Westminster must act before more lives are lost. And if they don’t care about people’s lives, give Holyrood full powers over drugs, welfare, the economy and international trade so it can tackle the immediate problem and root causes.

  86. Capella says:

    Remember the hysteria over Nicola’s one?

    Reminder: BorisJohnsonfaces legal action for appointing Tory peer before £500K donation. Johnson is attempting to depower Electoral Commission, so he can potentially escape disciplinary action or possible criminal punishment. Johnson has 7 inquiries open on him currently.

    From self-isolation to score annihilation – Johnson drops 36 points in our Cabinet League Table.

    Silencing dissent: New bill targets judicial review as government takes revenge on the courts

  87. Capella says:

    Scotland celebrates role as marine power pioneer. Here are five things you need to know about the latest development and about marine power in Scotland

    A message to Michael Gove: Scotland doesn’t care what you think about indyref2

  88. Capella says:

    Irish Times. UK Home Office accused of wrongly attempting to deport EU citizens

    2nd August 1921. Irish Bulletin points out Ireland is bigger than many other sovereign nations such as Austria, Belgium, Holland, and Denmark. Of £50.6m raised in Ireland on tax in 1920, £21.4m vanished into England.

    Lots more links from Ann over on Indyref2

    • Bob Lamont says:

      I never understood the Home Office position over EU citizens and a July deadline, and hostile HO policy or not, do they really want to start a tit-for-tat with 27 other countries ?

      Back in December I was advised by HMG and Immigration here that I had until the end of December to apply for “special” residence, and it was identical to the residence requirements I had recently satisfied. Was waiting on a separate internal fiasco to be put to rest (now complete I believe) before making formal application.

      The Uk’s attitude is not flavour of the month in Europe, but have they any idea what they are going to have to deal with by this bull-headed nonsense if the other 27 decide to reciprocate ?

      • Capella says:

        They’ll just shout more loudly at them then send in the gunboats. British diplomacy I think it’s called.

    • Dr Jim says:

      A rant

      England is a parasitical country, its empire was built on the back of theft from other countries, its wealth stolen even from its own citizens to feed the ever growing monstrosity that was London, once London was built and fed and strong the next phase was to buy and sell other peoples money, pensions, savings, and the con trick that was national insurance and ring fenced taxes for specifics like road tax where only one sixth of which was ever spent on actual road building and infrastructure, TV tax, again not a licence to watch an imposed government TV channel but a tax on the continued ownership of the television that the government disallows the ability and facility to delete the channel they impose upon the purchaser leaving them open to prosecution should they default on the payment of a tax they never signed up to or agreed to when they purchased an electrical appliance, the English government missed a trick when they neglected to place a tax on cookers eh

      In the past and present if a country has what England wants (not necessarily needs) , the government of England finds a way to steal it (in particular see history of Ireland) we don’t really need to even mention Scotland where our citizens are and were less important than sheep

      Now England wants to steal Scotlands energy and claim it’s all British like they did with coal, shipbuilding, fishing, science, engineering (see brain drain from Scotland to England)

      They steal everything, then when our people (the most emigrated people of the so called UK) leave for pastures new the England government tells us we have no industry we have no jobs we create nothing we’re too wee and too poor to survive without the thieving Bastirts who stole it all from us

      Scotland pays for the mightiest weapons of mass destruction in the world and the placement and maintenance of them in our country’s waters even though umpteen surveys have shown the people of Scotland have no interest in destroying anybody, the people of Scotland in the so called equal union have no legal right to say no, just as Wales has no legal right to say no, or Northern Ireland

      Four countries living under the dictatorship of one, so are we all feeling equal today?, are your lack of rights completely clear?, is your understanding of your status as not significant clarified?

      Fascism wrapped in a velvet glove, but still fascism, all your papers in order? remember we’re all ethnic if we’re not white English residents, we can’t even ban sectarianism in our own country for goodness sake, we can’t save drug addicts unless we comply with English law to do it, our Scottish inventions are renamed British, our athletes are Scottish until the win then they become the property of the British to exclaim and proclaim British mightyness

      Aye, I feel as equal as hell

      • Loved every delicious minute of this, Dr Jim.

        You realise that Patel will clap you in irons for this?
        Meanwhile she will be building back better, getting her Tory Donors in the construction wheeze to erect hundreds of new jails to bang up the 8000 or so Boat People for 4 years each as punishment for trying to slip in to Farage’s Green and pleasant English speaking land.

        When is Johnson coming North? Lock up your daughters.
        This man with the permanently wet wick cannot distinguish between a blonde pole dancer and an Olympic pole vaulter.

        Team GB is your country now ,Dr Jim. To quote Sub Lieutenant (RN Failed) Andrew Bowie, ‘get over it’..
        Team GB whisky. Team GB green electricity. Team GB grouse moors.

        It is coming, despite all the subversive Nikla is the Devil nonsense spluttering and spitting on the pan in stale old fat on other so called pro Indy sites.

      • Bob Lamont says:


      • James Mills says:

        Call that a rant , Dr Jim ?

        I’ll give you a rant .

        See that Team GB , see they Royals , see that Winston Churchill , see that Nigel Farage ,see that GB News with that Andrew – the Brillo-head one not the Royal pederast one , see yon balloon Rees-Mogg and that snake Gove , see that Question Time , see that Clarkson and his eejit pals , see that Marr and Robinson – the twat not the drink , see that Brexit crap , see that evil dwarf who isnae Priti by any stretch of the bifocals , see that wally Branson , see they English football commentators , see that Daily Mail piece of dog-shit , see that Sarah Smith , see that tube Piers Morgan , see that numpty Dross , see that work dodger Baroness Rape-clause , see that sorry excuse for a circus tent Baillie , see that ambulance chaser Sarwar , see that Wullie gap-toothed Rennie , see they b*stards in the Lords , see they b*stards in the Commons , see that BBC license , see that fuckin’ HS2 , see that Boris nae troosers , see that tax-dodgin’ Queen , see that DUP , see that Butcher’s Apron , see that Facebook and Amazon and Twitter , see that Great British Bake f*ckin’ Off , see that Good Morning Scotland and all them greetin’ b*stards on it especially that Loose wummin , see all them John Mills war movies where England won the f*ckin’ war , see that Gaelic-hatin’ Stephen Kerr , see that smug tit Turdo Fraser who couldn’t win a one-horse election race if he was the only voter , …

        See all these ? Ah hate them !!!

  89. Naina Tal says:

    Great Rant Dr Jim. A copy should be put through every door. No just in Scotland, but in South Brittin too. Needed to be said!!,

  90. grizebard says:

    I watched the Covid briefing today, all eminently sensible, no exaggerated ballyhoo and no reckless abandonment of all reasonable precautions for the sake of a few ultra-right zoomers – emphasis even on clean air, so Nicola & Co were surely watching last week’s indie_SAGE webcast – only to be followed by that sadly-familiar anti-climax, the moron DRoss moaning at the FM about one thing or another that his puppetmaster anyway has already done, and insisting – get this! – that the Scottish Government shouldn’t be even contemplating the introduction of any public safety measures in the event that they become necessary.

    An utter fool living in a custom paradise of his very own. Nicola was being kind to him in simply remarking that someone who thought like that wasn’t fit to even have an aspiration to govern.

    Jeez, every time that grossly-overpaid gomeril appears on the state broadcaster, he should be accompanied by a health warning: “listening to this person could injure your wellbeing”.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Foam brick demand has increased across Scotland generally, but apparently real bricks are seeing increased demand in Moray, not big loads but personally collected singles.
      This demand apparently increased markedly on rumours Glenn Campbell was about to do a stitch-up, sorry, outside broadcast, with the Forres Gump….

  91. scottish skier says:

    Whit a surprise. I’ve adjusted the headline / text for how it should read, and how Scots will interpret his behavior.

    Boris Johnson won’t meet Scottish People on Scottish visit

    PRIME Minister Boris Johnson will not meet Scottish people during his Scottish trip, it has emerged.

    This is the reality of what is actually occurring. He’s travelling to Scotland yet will refuse to meet with half or more of the population and their duly elected government.

    What’s the actual point in this visit if he won’t do that? How on earth can he save the union by only meeting those who back it or can’t voice opposition because the boss is watching?

    The visit will do noting more than lose the UK more votes.

    • Hamish100 says:

      Still he will get a diet Barr’s Irn Bru and a Tunnocks Tea cake for lunch. Then no doubt a special interview with bbc scotchland all sewn up.
      The Brit nats stick together, toodlepip.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Now that Boriston has the power of the Arkenstone he can’t travel far and he can’t travel long from it or the glow of the stone will wane and with it his authority as King under the Lundin, the risks of sojourning into the Elfin realm of the North and setting foot inside the Kingdom of the Scottish Elves and confronting Queen Nicola the chosen would be a risk too far and too great without at least Wormtongue Gove by his side, so he will surround himself with the chattering protection of the BBC Goblins who owe him their allegiance as reward for their yearly handout of gold

        But the power of the Arkenstone is fading for Boriston and there are others that wait who covet its glow and Boriston has served their dark purpose as this one time King under the Lundin, even now the Orc Queen of the palace of Buck plots against King Boriston

    • grizebard says:

      It’s as I have said before, this visit isn’t to encounter any actual people, it’s to show the English and above all himself that he (and they) still “own” us. That he still has the right and power as PM to come here and strut around as much as he likes in front of some cameras, whatever we may think. Maybe he even hopes to demonstrate to us that it’s him and not that upstart wee wumman in Bute House who is really in charge, and that likewise we are all powerless.

      If he were actually to bump into any real Scottish person, both he and the rest of the world would very quickly be publicly and forcefully disabused of such arrogant posturing. As the Big Bluffer well knows.

      What he seems entirely to be unaware of though is that each time he tries to reassure everyone else that he’s in control in this artificial posturing manner, the more offensive his presence becomes to the vast majority of the real people of Scotland, and the more he convinces them that actually his supposed “authority” is neither accepted nor acceptable.

  92. Golfnut says:

    This is an official report, one available to every politician and media hack. The big light blue bit is big because Scotland includes drug related deaths, a similar methodology is used in the counting of covid 19 deaths, ie where covid was present but didn’t necessarily kill the individual, if England did the same the recorded deaths would be well over 200,000.
    Worth saving for future reference.

    • Dr Jim says:

      That’s about it, if you apply normal human being counting methods the numbers in England are staggering, but of course we’re talking England counting methods here which defy all logic except to conceal from voters that which actually resembles the truth

      When the powers that be decide it’s over for the current number ten incumbent the numbers will be miraculously produced in order to make the case for his dismissal and the BBC will do their duty to *the country*

      • iusedtobeenglish says:

        I wonder what Scotland’s number would be counted the same way. Too high, it goes wothout saying..

        Imagine if NS gave 3 figures:
        1 Within 28 days of a test
        2 Mentioned on the death certificate as a cause or contributory factor
        3 The way WM counts

        Of course, that would be politicising Covid…

  93. Dr Jim says:

    Lord Frost the Brexit man has issued a decree that no Scottish ministers are *allowed* to speak to any Europeans and that Nicola Sturgeon must be positively banned from doing so as she has undermined the UK governments Brexity strategy

    Can you see what’s coming with their anti Independence countering plans

    Alex Salmond claims he now has 6000 members of his rising Abla party which he claimed was to support the SNP towards Independence, but it seems now he’s u turned on that position by boasting and exhibiting his latest acquisition a long time 89 year old SNP member making the claim that there is no faith in the current SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon and she has no intention of holding an Independence referendum, which is all rather odd considering the Unionist newspapers are full of terror at the prospect of the SNP Green party deal almost concluded which will give the Independence movement absolute authority with the announcement of the push for Independence being imminent, and I know this is true because I’ve been in the SNP longer than Alex Salmond ever was, and I also was never a Labour party member and never considered it either, unlike Alex Salmond

    AUOB should now be renaming itself as SUOB *some under one banner* but definitely not wanted are any SNP members, oh or Greens, oh or those who don’t want to join Abla or anyone who refuses to name call Nicola Sturgeon

    Aye, extremely co operative and all desire the same thing say the Abla ists, except they really don’t do they and they’re about to get their Arses handed to them imminently

  94. Dr Jim says:

    Labour branch manager in Scotland Anas Sarwar brands the Green party a SNP branch office

    And all done in the best possible sense of no irony whatsoever

    • Alex Clark says:

      Sarwar doesn’t do irony, he’s a millionaire leading the Labour party in Scotland.

      Here’s a link to the branch office story.

    • grizebard says:

      Is there a competition for Most Tone-deaf Politician of the Year being run by somebody somewhere that I missed? Covid-denial DRoss first, and now this, all in one day.

      What on earth has Sarwar been doing over the last decade or two – staring into people’s vacant mouths or busily counting his daddy’s dosh? Even some other Labour Party person had the decency to wince at this laughably self-unaware faux-pas.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Former Labour branch manager Johaan Lamont must’ve been hiding in a cupboard covering her eyes and ears clicking her heels and wishing she was back in Kansas, or anywhere else as the current leader, same as the last leader and the one before that opens his mouth and says the same things as all the rest of the Labour faceless drones dribble out

        Labour have nothing to say because they’ve placed themselves squarely against all forms of Scottish democracy and they don’t know how to extricate themselves from that position without being pro democracy for Scotland which puts them against the position in England where they need the votes there to win elections

        Labour in Scotland have exposed their political position, Union at all costs and no change, even though it means their certain slow death oblivion in Scotland with the only votes coming their way reliant on the ancient habitual pigeon fancier or anti SNP zealot, and even those will disappear like snaw of a dyke to the Tories because of natural selection, death, and they’re a better bet for being pro Union and the government in England

        The name Anas Sarwar doesn’t spell turkey but Christmas is coming and Anas smells like gravy

        • P Harvey says:

          Dr Jim

          “The name Anas Sarwar doesn’t spell turkey but Christmas is coming and Anas smells like gravy”

          Absolutely Brilliant 😂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  95. Dr Jim says:

    Sir Kier Starmer leader of the Labour party in England, a man with zero authority, zero influence, and zero chance of ever having any of those things insists he wants to meet Scotlands First Minister on his visit to Scotland, but before he does that this silly wee man has the temerity to attack the Scottish governments work on climate change issues in order to get himself noticed in the British media

    Maybe this wee man hasnae noticed that COP 26 is coming to Glasgow not because of him or the blonde fat boy Mr Bean PM but solely because of Scottish FM Nicola Sturgeon, and no matter how hard they try in that big England to sideline or exclude her from this event the UN chose Scotland to host the COP because Scotland is in fact an actual world leader on climate change and renewable energy with the biggest wind farms in the world, the biggest sea turbines in the world, plus powering the North of England into the bargain and the capability to generate 25% of the entirety of the whole of Europes electricity

    That’s why England is breaking their necks to steal it and call it their own by sticking a Union Jack on it and naming it British

    Electricity isn’t an athlete you can’t give it a knighthood and proclaim it’s loyalty

  96. Alex Clark says:

    So Johnson has bottled out of meeting Nicola Sturgeon while he is in Scotland, Dross says Johnson was “quite right” not to have met her. Tells you all you need to know what the Tory PM of this “partnership of equals” really thinks about Scotland.

    The disrespect is plain as day, no class.

    • Capella says:

      Which raises the question – so who is he coming here to meet and where is he going to “not-visit-cos-he’s-the-PM”?

      • Alex Clark says:

        The only thing that I am aware of is he will be meeting Dross today and again tomorrow where they both will be doing a visit somewhere to meet somebody.

        Obviously somebody more important than the FM.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Johnson’s letter to the FM, that’s some signature

  97. Capella says:

    Links – form Ann’s Indyref2 page

    First Minister’s Statement: COVID-19 Update 3/8/21

    Devi Sridhar’s take on today’s changes.

    The source – Scottish Government

  98. Capella says:

    Follow up on the secret donors club – strong words from the ft editorial board.

    OK BBC Scotland reporters, Douglas Ross has just provided you with an open goal. Presumably Boris Johnson and the Tory party is guilty of the same inaction as Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP. Will Ross, who is also an MP, demand a ministerial statement at Westminster?

    Some more cheerful news re GDP.

  99. scottish skier says:

    Now that things are stabilizing so we can see the ‘final’ picture (fingers crossed), in light of recent attacks on the Scottish government for its handling of covid, using the unionist / BBC approach of comparing home nations, here are the most recent total fatality rates for all (from the UK government):

    Deaths per 100k
    114108 202 England
    5616 177 Wales
    7952 145 Scotland
    2204 116 Northern Ireland

    As can be seen, Scotland has lowest rate in mainland Great Britain, and the second lowest in the UKoGB. Scotland is 39% behind England. To put that into perspective, if the rate in Scotland was the same as England, we’d be looking at another 3000+ deaths on top of the above, taking the Scottish total to over 11k.*

    Given that pandemic control is almost a completely reserved matter#, this is nothing short of miraculous for a ‘pretendy parliament regional administration’ ((c) UK unionists) with little to no powers in this area.

    Statistically, Scotland has done the best off all home nations as N. Ireland can’t really be compared given it’s geographical isolation from the rUK, notably from England, where the outbreak was the most poorly managed. The moat which is the Irish sea does limit travel between the two; people just don’t live in N. Ireland and work in the UK for example, so cross border travel is much more limited. N. Ireland is better compared with Ireland given they are the same country (geographically) and interact as so in terms of the movement of people.

    Anyway, the numbers speak for themselves. While the Scottish government have had absolutely no choice but to lockdown largely in step with the rUK due to the latter dictating furlough terms (locking down without furlough support would be an unmitigated disaster costing thousands of lives), the differences in approach they have made, including locking down a couple of weeks earlier on outbreak curves (e.g. in early 2020 wave 1), have apparently made a very substantial differences, saving thousands of lives.

    Of course articles saying they have just copied the Tories with a ‘herd immunity’ approach etc will not report such stats as it doesn’t fit the story.

    *I note NRS ‘covid mentioned on the death certificate’ data show a similar picture, with Scotland having far less per capita (20% or so). However, the above are the most reliable as people were tested for covid. A mention on the certificate doesn’t mean people actually had covid; it’s often just suspected based on symptoms and may not have even been the actual cause of death.

    #Key pandemic policy areas: Borders & migration, tax and borrowing, the economy, welfare, international relations, vaccine licensing, lockdown law powers (was eventually devolved), ports and aviation,

    • scottish skier says:

      Table doesn’t look clear. First numbers are total deaths, then a space, then per 100k. So e.g. 145/100k for Scotland.

    • scottish skier says:

      It’s also worth keeping in mind that when you are comparing Scotland/Wales/N. Ireland with England, the latter is a country with all the powers of an independent one at its disposal. It’s not as if England needed to see if Scotland would extend furlough again for wave 2 before looking to lock down again; Scotland’s plans all had to be last minute in response to what England [the UK] was doing.

      When you think about it that way, performance in terms of saving lives when it comes respect governments is stark.

      All governments globally have made mistakes dealing with a new, poorly understood and highly contagious virus, but for a small region (<10% of the UK population) of one of the worst affected / most poorly managed countries in the world covid-wise, Holyrood should get a medal for mitigation.

  100. Capella says:

    What The Lancet has to say on Scottish Drug Deaths -

    Maggie Thatcher’s Tory gov is responsible for the premature death of hundreds of working class Scots according to new analysis from the University of Glasgow into Scotland’s high drug mortality rate.

    Think this is 2017

    Study finds rise in Scottish drug deaths due to 1980s inequality

    More links over on Indyref2

    • Bob Lamont says:

      It was shrewd of the FM’s office to extend the invitation knowing full well it would highlight having been deliberately bypassed, I believe THAT’s what so infuriated Bowie and forced the Forres Gump to attempt and fail at coherence yet again.
      Whatever plans they had for a media splash, probably along the lines of being “shunned by Separatist Government” with voiceover by Nick “He said nothing” Robinson is in tatters..

      I note even the National is headlining “Nicola Sturgeon says Boris Johnson’s refusal to meet is ‘strange'” when she didn’t say that at all, she said “I think people will find that strange…”

      • scottish skier says:

        It just makes Johnson look like more of a racist than he already does.

        It’s not a snub to Sturgeon, but to Scottish people specifically because they are Scottish (and not British). He is just showing his complete disdain for a people based on their race / ethnicity*.

        He’s not Scotland’s PM, and wasn’t elected here or by Scots in any way. He’s the UK union parliamentary PM elected to constituency in England, just like David Sassoli is the president of the EU union parliament elected in Strasbourg, not e.g. Denmark’s president.

        Sassoli isn’t racist, so when he visits member state in his capacity as EU parliamentary president, he would, I imagine, take the time to have a cuppa with the country’s head of state if asked, if simply out of courtesy, before e.g. attending whatever other event he’d been invited to. Snubbing a country’s leader would just greatly anger the locals who would take it as an insult.

        Johnson doesn’t own Scotland. He’s the PM of a UK which contains Scotland by the grace of Scottish people. It would pay for him to remember that if he wants to have a UK to be PM of.

        Refers to the protected characteristic of race. It refers to a group of people defined by their race, colour, and nationality (including citizenship) ethnic or national origins.

        • Alex Clark says:

          Any leader from any country or organisation, such as the EU, visiting Scotland in an official capacity (which is what Johnson is doing) wouldn’t need to be asked, he would offer a meeting with the FM simply as a courtesy to the leader of that country.

          Johnson is totally lacking in grace and manners. He is as he likes to appear, an ignorant snob who is full of his own self importance. without time for anyone else, and courtesy be dammed.

  101. Dr Jim says:

    Visiting politicians protocol is to inform the politician of another constituency or country of their intent to visit as a matter of courtesy, Johnson didn’t do that which demonstrates his lack of interest in the place he’s visiting plus the contempt in which he holds the the political representative chosen by that country or constituency

    In Johnson’s case he is afraid of Nicola Sturgeon for a couple of reasons, one, she’s a powerful woman, two she’s way smarter than him and that’s a huge dent to his overblown rhetoric of himself, and three, he can’t get away with giving her orders because she doesn’t work for him, last but not least if any media are present she can make him look like the giant Arse he is in front of the cameras with just the twitch of a facial expression

    Every little Tory Gnome and Goblin would have advised this wee crapper to stay a long way away from Nicola Sturgeon

    Now that the FM is almost done being nursie for the nation she’s moving to the wardrobe containing her political togs and getting ready to slap down all the other wee crappers who’ve been bumping their gums recently, we’re about to see the return of the Nicola Sturgeon who such phrases as *The Sturgeonator* were coined for

    There are going to be some skelped Arses handed out

  102. Mistertaximan says:

    The figures you quote for the Sovereign Grant represent 25% of the Crown Estate revenue for that year. The other 75% goes to the Treasury. The Crown Estate is the Monarch’s public estate. She owns it. Surely that makes Lizzie and the Crown the biggest taxpayer not the biggest benefit claimant?

    That said, presumably if the Crown Estate assets were seized by a new Republic, then the Treasury would get 100%.

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