The infantilism of British Nationalism

Very young children are completely ego-centric, until they get out of toddler-hood they still lack the mental development needed to understand that they are not the centre of the universe. Amongst other things this means that very young children, as they start to grasp the concept of family relationships first understand those relationships that involve them. So they quickly understand that one individual is their father or mother, that others are their grandmother and grandfather and their aunties and uncles. But what takes them longer to understand is that the individual who is their aunt is also their mother’s sister and their grandmother’s daughter. These latter are relationships which do not centre on the child

In the theory of cognitive development of the famous Swiss child psychologist Jean Piaget, this ego-centrism is characteristic of what he terms the “preoperational” stage of child development. The egocentric child assumes that other people see, hear, and feel exactly the same as the child does. It’s only later, children grow and progress in their cognitive development that they start to understand other relationships and how relationships which do involve them fit into a network of wider relationships which includes relationships which do not centre on the child, as they do so they also start to understand that other people have their own points of view, and see things differently from how the child does.

As far as Scotland and Scottish independence go, British nationalism and its apologists are all too often still stuck in the infantile preoperational stage. They appear incapable of grasping that people in Scotland might perceive things differently, and crucially cannot comprehend the possibility that Scotland could develop relationships with other nations which do not involve England and the rest of the UK.

It would be nice if we could be certain that the Anglocentrism of British nationalism was simply a normal developmental stage that it was going to grow out of, but sadly that’s not the case. It’s very much a feature of the beast. British nationalism is quite literally infantile in a crucial respect. It perceives everything in terms of how it relates to England. That’s one reason why British nationalists are very quick to decry the desire for Scottish independence as being motivated by anti-English racism. In their infantile ideology there is no place for the concept that there is such a thing as a distinctively Scottish understanding of Scotland’s place in the world. Therefore if someone wants Scottish independence that can only mean that they must hate England and the English as that is the only possible explanation for Scottish independence that can be comprehended in an Anglocentric world view.

The infantile Anglo-centric nature of British nationalism was on full display in a recent article in the Sunday Times by Gillian Bowditch. The article itself lurks behind a paywall, however its gist was that Scotland is too small to “go it alone”. There’s a lot to unpack in those three little words. Her argument was that with all the problems currently besetting us, the pandemic, Brexit, Scotland needs its neighbours. There is, she tells us,” Simply no way a country the size of Scotland can go it alone in such times. We need to co-operate, share supply chains, and boost our buying power by collaborating — both at a governmental and business level”. Ironically Gillian has “live without fear” in her social media bio. Except you Scotland, you should be afraid, very afraid.

Firstly and most obviously Scotland is not too small for independence. The European countries of Malta,Iceland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Denmark, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, the Irish Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Switzerland are all smaller in area than Scotland’s 77,933 square km. Notably most of them lack the wealth of natural resources with which Scotland is blessed.

The nations of Iceland, Norway Ireland, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, Estonia, Cyprus and Luxembourg all have fewer inhabitants than the 5,463,000 population of Scotland. Scotland’s population is only slightly smaller than those of Denmark, Finland and Slovakia, all of which have, like Scotland a population between five and six million.

Scotland is a medium sized European nation. Many of the countries which are smaller than Scotland in area or population are more prosperous and have higher standards of living than Scotland does as a part of the UK. Scotland is not small, it’s merely smaller than England, but when you are an Anglo-centric British nationalist that’s the only comparison which counts.

However more importantly, becoming independent does not mean that Scotland is “going it alone”. It’s British nationalism and Brexit which want to go it alone. It’s hypocritical in the extreme for a columnist in a Conservative supporting newspaper to tell us that we need to co-operate, share supply chains, and boost our buying power by collaborating with neighbouring countries. Well, quite. It’s galling to be told that we cannot break off relationships with our neighbouring countries by a neighbouring country which has insisted that Scotland break off its relationships with every other country apart from it. The lack of self-awareness is staggering.

There is precious little cooperation between countries going on in the United Kingdom. There is however a great deal of the largest nation in the UK dictating to the smaller ones what they have to do. There’s a British government which can’t even be bothered with the pretence of consulting with the devolved governments, far less is there is there the slightest sign that it takes their views and opinions on board and adapts its policies accordingly. British nationalism has no use for cooperation and partnership. It must be the master who dictates the terms to subordinates who must know their place and be grateful.

The entire point of independence is not to go it alone. It’s to allow Scotland to build and develop healthy and productive relationships with other nations as an equal and a true partner, not as a subordinate. British nationalism cannot comprehend that. Independence means growing up and escaping the infantile world view of British nationalism.


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133 comments on “The infantilism of British Nationalism

  1. Margaret Barrie says:

    As usual, spot-on, Paul. Excellent response to the Times article. Like “Scotland is not small, it is only smaller than England”. As my PE teacher used to say to me “There’s guid gear in sma’ bulk”. (I was the smallest in the class).

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  3. Jim Wylie says:

    Really insightful take on the situation, Paul.

  4. mamaphee says:

    Another brilliant article, thanks Paul

  5. bringiton says:

    The main argument used by unionists,especially those belonging to British Labour,has been that it is better to be in a union where we can share and pool resources.
    Brexit has completely swept that argument away.
    England has demonstrated to the world that it is not prepared to be in any union unless they are in charge.
    So…it is now up to these unionists to make the case for Scotland remaining in such a relationship.
    Why should we?

    • We are beyond ‘making a case’, bringiton.

      The mental set that we have to ‘convince’ another country, England that we can survive, want to be independent, and seek their permission, are long gone.

      I answer to no man or woman from another country for my peaceful democratic choices.
      We shall drive them from our land, peacefully but firmly.
      Their Union is finished.
      We are de facto independent now.

      I’ll be at the shore on the Gareloch cheering as they sail out of Scotland for the last time.
      There will be no quarter this time.
      When they lie on the telly, we destroy them online, and at mass public gatherings, and in billboards throughout this incredible land.
      And I’ll party like it’s 1963 when Plantation Quay Stockade closes its doors for the last time and the last whirlybird takes off from the roof, with despairing Uncle Tams clinging desperately to the wheels.

      • Gary Robertson has just put Scotland’s population at 8 million?
        News to me.
        They drudged up a Professor Sion Griffiths (English) of, wait for it, the Chinese University of Hong Kong as their visiting expert on all things Covid Scotland, and Gary, in discussing herd immunity posited that with only half the population vaccinated ( it’s over 4 million of 5.3 million who have had their fir jag, nearly 3 million both btw) which the True Brit Robertson described as ‘half the population’.
        He also had the usual double act with David Wallet Lockjaw about an invented ‘political row’ and ‘concerns’ about the Bas EssEnPee missing their target to vaccinate o/49’s.
        Well, Gary, there are no Brit Nat politicians available to have a ‘row’.
        They’ve all disappeared for 6 weeks.
        They managed to speak to Neil McArthur of the leaderless Yellow Tories from his home and he wants the Scottish Government to recruit hundreds off telesales people to phone young people who have had the offer of a jag, like time share pests, and demand to know why they aren’t turning up.
        I mean it. We must mount a massive campaign to expose these people and their petty anti Scottish lies omissions and half truths.
        Robertson is getting really tiresome and jaded, and it shows, which is a good thing as many switch off, or laugh at the dramatic frantic use of language.
        Jackie Baillie for 20 seconds on Distorting Scotland is a ‘political row’?
        ‘Gary Robertson declares that the population of Scotland is 8 million, on a billboard or two down by the Clydeside would be a start.

        By anyone’s interpretation the Scottish Vaccination Programme has been an extraordinary success..but Gary and ‘opposition parties’ (anon) will always have ‘concerns’. Aye, right.

        Covid is not ‘politics’, you fools.

        The invited ‘politicians’ contribute absolutely nothing to a public information broadcast on Covid and our latest position.

        What a pointless little Brit Nat chunk of buffoonery this interruption to the Covid Update really is..

        • ArtyHetty says:

          Wow, they are desperate, upping the population of Scotland by a few millions so they can give fake numbers of those vaccinated in Scotland, just staggering.

          This is all gearing up to November, COP26. The Scotland is sh**e and SNP badisms are going to be full on the next few months, can’t have the SNP, and that Nicola Sturgeon looking competent in any way whatsoever not when the worlds’ eyes will be on Scotland.

          The BBC is full on propaganda now, a psycholigical war on the people of Scotland. Very sinister.

          This is worth a read and a follow.

        • arayner1936 says:

          Two great posts, Jack, thanks.

  6. Excellent,Paul.

    I have lost what little patience I had.

    I think that we can all agree that even the most diehard brit Up Here knows that their precious Union’s days are numbered, and we are talking ‘days’ now, not decades.

    It is all about to blow up in their Get Brexit Done Building Back Better faces.

    I’m done waiting.

    Boycott the Jack.

    Hit them where it their Anglo pockets.

    Outlaw blood sports.

    Refuse planning permission for Union Jack ‘projects’ defying Scotland’s Parliament.
    It is time for the fight.

    ‘Team GB’?
    The ultimate insult.
    I look forward to the reunion with my 500 million European ‘friends and neighbours’.

    It’s comin’ yet for a’ that.

    • Capella says:

      I think the memo must have been sent out to all BBC announcers to refer to “Team GB” at every opportunity. But I have yet to hear of “Team Japan” or “Team France”.
      Their hysteria every time a “Brit” wins a medal is pathetic. I think the “British” media are suffering from a severe identity crisis.

      • I used to be schizophrenic, but these days I’m in two minds about it.
        GSTQ was England’s ‘national’ anthem during the Footie, but is now ‘Team GB’s’ national anthem?

        I had to put down my supper tray twice during the opening 12 minutes of the News from The Motherland bulletin at six, and stand to attention saluting as ‘our brave boys’ got their gold dongs.

        England has lost it.

        They really really are the Tribe That Lost Its Head.
        Why in heck would I buy a bag of English potatoes with a Jack emblazoned on the bag when there are perfectly good Scottish potatoes in splendid abundance in the next bay?

        Saving the planet with frozen lamb and beef from 12000 miles away on the other side of the world.

        They are actually allowed to get away with this madness live in a studio near you.

  7. Capella says:

    You missed out Ireland. Population is 4,761,865. Their income and pension levels are well above Scotland.

    Oddly, on checking the population of Ireland, I was puzzled that Wikipedia gives it as over 6.5 million. But they have added the population of Northern Ireland to the Republic in order to obtain this number. I suppose if we add the popultion of one of our neighbours then Scotalnd will have a splendidly high population.

    The Wikipedia entry must have been written by a British nationalist. The Irish refer to their country as “Ireland”. The British insist on “Republic of Ireland”.

  8. JoMax says:

    The irony is that the infantile British Nationalists (particularly those in England) treat Scotland as their ‘child’, a child which cannot function without the Mummy of all Parliaments, needs to have its own wealth kept ‘in trust’ but will never be grown up enough to control it itself so has to live on ‘handouts’ and pocket money and has stunted growth which means it will never grow any bigger than Mummy England. And let’s not forget the ‘poor, unhealthy’ Scot image so readily bandied about. We’re all, apparently, drunken, drug addled, toothless and physically and mentally knackered, barely able to survive. Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy at national level.

  9. Jacksg says:

    Talking of British exceptionalism. The PM today said this.

    Offenders guilty of anti-social behaviour should be in “fluorescent-jacketed chain gangs” publicly paying for their crimes, he said this with Priti Patel smirking in the background.

    No self-awareness from either of them. Chain gangs seriously this is the 21st century Fgs.

    Contrast that with yesterday when our FM opened Police Scotland’s new International Academy supporting human rights around the world.

    Can you spot the difference? cause the yoons as we call them are frothing at the moouth, what with that and road signs in Gaelic geez you would think we were trying to be a modern 21st-century country eh 🤔

    • ArtyHetty says:

      What does Johnson mean by ‘anti social behaviour’ when all is said and done, it could apply to many things, it’s very open to interpretation. Making people poor is ‘anti social behaviour’ in my book, and allowing refugees to drown in the channel would very easily fit the description of ‘anti social’.

      I can think of plenty things which fit the description and it’s not about graffiti, spitting at a cop, or tearing down bus stands etc. It’s much much more serious and damaging, and extremely ‘anti social’. Johnson and his gang would have to be first in his ‘chain gang’ world, but it would not be harsh or fitting enough for them to say the least.

      Brexit, ‘chain gang’ song and film etc…

  10. Oh, well done! This piece is definitely one of your best and every word of it rang bells – it was like a campanologists’ convention in my brain while I was reading it. Thanks, as always, for expressing what we feel but cannot always articulate.

  11. scottish skier says:

    There are a group of people who nationally identify as British, often due to parentage and/or where they have lived. It is as valid a national identity as any other, although it is an identity without a nation for there is no British nation/country, only a union. That probably makes it more fragile, leading to defensiveness, particularly in recent times, what rise of Scottish then English nationalism (the latter now being the biggest threat to any form of union).

    What I cannot understand is how such people don’t get Scottish national identity. It’s just like their own, but for a different nation, and one that actually exists in the real world. Scottish identity is like French, Danish or Icelandic identity. It’s normal. I have a Scottish dad and an Scottish-Irish mum and have lived in Scotland most of my life + Nigeria for a while. Why would I nationally identify as anything other than Scottish with a touch of Irish, still with a soft spot for Nigeria when watching the world cup? As I grew up, Maggie shut down or sold off everything British in Scotland, ensuring I would not feel attached to that identity in the way previous generations were. She ripped the British out of Scotland without realising what she was doing. ‘There is no such thing as British society’ she shouted at Scots, stopping them identifying that way.

    I am respectful of peoples national identity so I can understand why those who feel strongly British fear independence. They feel about it as we feel about the union; it strips us of something existential. So I do have some sympathy, but only for those that reciprocate by appreciating Scottish identity is as valid as their British one and what Scots as a whole want must be respected.

  12. dakk says:

    Nice one Paul.

    Little britin.

    The Chuckie doll of all parliaments.

  13. scottish skier says:

    ‘British nationalism has no use for cooperation and partnership. It must be the master who dictates the terms to subordinates who must know their place and be grateful.’

    While I completely agree, I might suggest it was British nationalism that conceded devolution because it knew not doing so could break the union. British nationalism (in England at least) supported remain and tried to stave off English nationalism with EVEL and renegotiation with Brussels.

    British nationalism damn near lost Scotland in 2014. However, after narrowly winning the battle against Scottish nationalism, English nationalism snuck up behind it, with its win against the Remainer Brits in 2016 setting the scene for a full English nationalist takeover of No 10 in. 2019. Boris is not British at all, he is pure English.

    English nationalism just completely conflates English with British. It cannot comprehend why Scots don’t want to be British [‘English’], so is like a wrecking ball for the devolution / the union. Hence all the former British nationalist PMs (Broon, Cameron, Major, even mainly English transitional May) are at odds with it, warning of the dangers.

    With baseline Yes in Scotland now over 50%, and English nationalists in change in England, it’s hard to see how the UK can be saved. The Brits have lost on both sides of the border.

    • robert harrison says:

      Thats why the express yesterday printed they was threatening to nuke Europe if the eu dont give them what they want coming from the express its an empty threat but the fact they they’d threaten to nuke Europe if they dont get what they want really paints the English as evil and its once again the media to blame for it for pandering this English supremacist dogma.

  14. aLurker says:

    link to article below.

    “Gillian Bowditch: In a perfect storm we need our neighbours”

    Scotland cannot master the pandemic, Brexit and global disasters alone
    Gillian Bowditch
    Sunday July 25 2021, 12.01am BST, The Sunday Times

    short link:

    long link:

    • Capella says:

      Thx for the link for us non-subscribers – although reading Gillian Bowditch is a mixed blessing 😦

    • Golfnut says:

      Far right nutter in the Times telling Scots we can’t manage without England while the Telegraph ( English only version ) tells the English they can’t manage without Scotland’s oil, who to beleive, eh.

      • robert harrison says:

        Makes me wonder how the yes side lost in 2014 when the English basically shoot there own lackeys in the foot with those contradictions because the englanders (thanks to the media) for decades believed that Scotland is a drain on them and should be cut lose now they say in the England edition of the telegraph that England cant survive without Scotlands oil they very oil they claimed was running out back in 2014🤦‍♂️

      • Tatu3 says:

        Anyone able to link to the telegraph article for non subscribers? Thanks

  15. Stephen McKenzie says:

    Paul, another really good posting and plenty to think about.

  16. Old Pete says:

    Gillian Bowditch article is utter pish. You can argue many things but to say Scotland is to wee and to weak is nonsense and has been proven here to be well capable of regaining its Independence.

  17. James Mills says:

    This Sporting Life !

    At the Olympics we MUST all get behind Team GB – why are you Northern Irish not cheering ?

    At the moment we MUST all get behind The British Lions – made up of the UK and N.Ireland and a foreign nation – Republic of Ireland .

    At the Commonwealth Games we MUST l get behind – Scotland , if you are Scottish , England if you are English , Wales if you are Welsh and N.Ireland if you come from the North of Ireland .

    Confused yet ?

    At the Euros we MUST all support Scotland or Wales until they were eliminated then we MUST all support England .

    Patriotism – nothing quite like it in the UK or the UK and N.Ireland or Great Britain or the British Isles – have I missed any one out ?

  18. “We need to co-operate, share supply chains, and boost our buying power by collaborating — both at a governmental and business level”

    what a great idea, england should go first……

    • deelsdugs says:

      Englandshire is running short of supplies…tap into Scotland’s, as they do anyway…

  19. Dr Jim says:

    When patience runs out, when the infantile brain refuses to co operate, when the foot stamping won’t relent it’s time to slap the weans legs and make them sting to encourage memory and awareness development, England’s had its legs slapped by the world at one time or another and they still *refuse* to learn, we don’t know if they even can learn, but it doesn’t really matter anymore does it because who can be bothered trying to teach them anything anyway when their arrogant skin is ten feet thick

    I’m all for hitting them with a big stick and let them think what the hell they like as long as it stings for a long time after we’ve left

  20. Alex Clark says:

    It’s not really that surprising that Gillian Bowditch and her ilk are the reason the UK has the most infantile government ever elected in a democratic country. I know there might be some argument here that Trump’s government was more infantile but that’s of no matter.

    The fact is that the UK treats the devolved nations exactly the same way that it tries to deal with the EU over Brexit, the big blunder there is that the EU are a lot more powerful than them and that will definitely result in Westminster losing every argument over NI that the UK put forward.

    They cannot help themselves with their infantile ways, as everything goes tits up they scream that it isn’t their fault, it’s always the big boy that did it and ran away. The latest is a stoater, empty shelves in supermarkets were as a result of the “pingdemic” and nothing to do with Brexit of course. Oh No, this is all Covids fault and a dodgy app stopping people from going to work.

    That balloon will be popped soon as tonight the CBI are warning the government that the problems in the supply chain are being caused by Brexit, red tape, labour shortages, and Covid restrictions which may well persist into October. Who could possibly have foreseen any of these problems? Just like nobody could possibly have predicted problems with the operation of the NI protocol and a border down the Irish Sea. Unless that is, you were paying attention in the first place.

    When you choose to put a child like figure in charge of government then you can not expect any better than child like decisions along with tantrums and tears. I suspect and hope that the curtains are going to be peeled back and those that have not yet seen what remaining part of the UK actually means, have their eyes opened to reality and realise that there is a better path.

    All they have to do is choose to get on it and join with us on the road to Independence while leaving on the infants behind to get on with wrecking their own future.

  21. marconatrix says:

    I think perhaps the English/BritNat outlook could better be characterised not so much as _Infantile_ but rather as _Senile_. They suffer from a sort of mental paralysis that leaves them stuck in the past, still viewing themselves as a superpower, bestriding a world much of which they still view as their empire and domain. Sadly this is not a condition that one grows out of, it only tends to get worse. The best possible prognosis would be for a new and realistic, down to earth vision of England as just England, no longer clinging to the other British nations. We can but hope I suppose?

  22. thomas mcseveney says:

    brilliantly said Paul ( again ) all so very true .

  23. Hamish100 says:

    What other British nations? Scotland is European.

  24. malkymcblain says:

    Back to your best Paul thanks for your dedication.

  25. Bob Lamont says:

    Excellent perspective, to which I would only add that this condition is maintained via the media by an utterly ruthless and greedy cabal who will move heaven and earth to leave them undisturbed.

    The Bowditch article was an excruciating example of such anglo-centricity, but the physical manifestation of it is becoming clearer day by day, of late with empty shelves.

    Almost everything is routed via England, flights, power, gas, taxation, and we’re now become vulnerable to all the supermarket hubs being in England.
    Ireland used to totally rely on those hubs and the land-bridge until the impact of Brexit dawned, then they furiously set about direct EU freight and shipping as priority, and just as well they did.

    Brexit itself could have been entirely different but for dogma, Brexit paperwork could have been streamlined, Covid could have been kept in check, driver shortage could have been addressed, yet the malicious toddlers in Westminster did little or nothing and here we are – a JIT supply chain suffering cumulative delays to the point critical supplies are now being prioritised.

    As Fintan o’Toole shrewdly observed some time back, it is not only Scotland which will flourish after independence but England, when they finally have come to terms with Englishness instead of the false “British”.

    The only losers from independence are the nasty little power cabal peddling the British bunkum via their front-child in London, the Prime Charlatan.

    • There is no longer ‘a welcome on the mat’, if you are Irish, as ‘Team GB’ and deeds of derring do by Britain’s plucky young competitors take on the world are reported by BBC Sports hacks as medals for the Never Never Land of ‘Great Britain’.

      There is of course no nation on the planet called ‘Great Britain’, and the jury is well and truly out on the ‘United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’ # tag having any validity as Scotland withdraws from their Union.

      So to all those non Great Britain people in Norm Ireland tuning in to BBC BorisTelly you no longer exist in Olympian circles.
      And David Wallet Lockjaw now deals in England’s ‘Double jaBs’, and ‘Team GB’ gets big licks on Distorting Scotland.

      It’s a ‘jag’ , Wallet lockjaw, not a ‘jab’, but if you want to sook up to your English masters, you an Johnnie Beattie keep on miscalling it a ‘jab’, which is a blow by a boxer delivered from his weaker hand…
      And BBC Jockland’s hand gets weaker and weaker..

      WE are a nation without our own Press and Broadcaster now.
      And that has been the Brits goal all along..
      Smother communication in the Golden Goose colony.
      If the colony’s serfs can’t communicate with each other, there will be no talk of rebellion and push back against their colonial masters, ‘Great Britain’?

      Drip drip drip…

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Aye Jack, and since you mentioned Wallet-Lockjaw, how about this latest attempted stitch-up – Note that those spreading propaganda according to HMS Sarah Smith are now officially known as “Critics”.

        Have yet to catch up on the Covid Update but can only presume it was grumpy old “Critics” Tom Gordon who tried on the “Missed Milestone” bullshit, but it’s pretty evident with Nick (he said nothing…) Robinson and Wallet-Lockjaw having the same Employer, the British Broadcasting Critics, there may be a pattern developing…

        • Capella says:

          Jackie Baillie issued the “humiliating” failure press release which the MSM have repeated ad nauseam.
          Thanks for posting this rap over the knuckles for Tom Gordon. He does deserve it.

          • Bob Lamont says:

            OK on Baillie starting it, seemingly Wells has officially demanded via Presiding Officer the FM apologise immediately to Parliament, all it needs now is Alex Cole Scuttle to join in and they can do the Witches scene from Macbeth…

            Saw another clip also doing the rounds which begins a little earlier, as it pans away from the questioner, and it’s not Tom Gordon unless he’s been at the Grecian 2000… Still to catch up on the Update as yet..

            What IndyRef Two also posted was a brief snippet from STV where both the announcer and correspondent conveyed the positivity.
            The contrast could not be more glaring, one conveying what the public want to know, the other what the mafia want the public to know….

            • grizebard says:

              The questioner was from the PA, I seem to recall, and Nicola sort-of apologised to him in advance and afterwards because he just happened to be the one who fielded the inevitable question first. It would have been even more fun if Tom Gordon had been the one instead. I doubt if there would have been any apology attached then.

            • Scotland’s vaccination programme has been an outstanding success…
              And the Brits hate that…they’d rather see failure and the bodies pile high..fact.
              They are evil less than human garbage.
              The thing is, most scots citizens know who are looking after their health and well being..and it ain’t that picture of rude health, Jackie Baillie, or the pathetic figure of Annie Wells.

              • I looked it up. Annie Wells, who is all over the media spouting nonsense,who stood in Provan at the SGE this year.

                Voici le résultat du Jury Provan:-

                SNP Ivan McKee 15,913 52.9%

                Labour Martin Elroy 8,683 28.9%
                Conservative Annie Wells 2,687 8.9%
                Green Kim Long 2,366 7.9% I
                Liberal Democrats Nicholas Moohan 421 1.4%

                In other words, the good and wise people of Provan dumped this sorry wee gnaff, but she still gets the Golden Ticket, on the Blue Tory Jobs For The Boys List, and is suddenly a Voice To Be Reckoned With because 2,687 poor misguided souls out of a population of 5.4 million Scots voted for her?
                Her Blue Tory Party ‘rules’ England using the FPTP method which roundly rejected her up Here, with Johnson Der Fuhrer stamping over democracy with 43% of the Dec 2019 vote.
                So, by this logic, Wells should be back stacking shelves in her nearest M&S.

                I’m in a right mood today.

  26. Brian Sinclair says:

    One of your best articles Paul. I rarely leave a comment but your analysis of our relationship with the neighbours is so succinctly put.

    Will share this widely. Donation on it’s way. Thank you!

  27. Dr Jim says:

    The outright lies of the Scottish branch of the Liberal Democrats exposed as MSP Alex Cole Hamilton bids to become the leader of their branch in Scotland
    Cole Hamilton insists that he will fight tooth and nail, heaven and earth against the two divisive Nationalisms of Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson, but if Alex Cole Hamilton were an honest man, which he’s clearly not, he would admit that he is a MSP in Scotland, he has a voice in Scotland, he can speak for his constituents in Scotland, so Alex Cole Hamilton has that right to defend his position in Scotland, what Alex Cole Hamilton does not have is a vote in England, a voice or position in England’s parliament, and in fact in England nobody knows who Alex Cole Hamilton even is, Alex Cole Hamilton is the alien in space where no one can hear him scream as far as England is concerned

    So when you boil Alex Cole Hamiltons argument down of fighting against the two Nationalisms he says he hates so much, the only one he can have any influence at all upon is in Scotland where he’s dead against Independence which is the exact same policy as the other Nationalism that he says he hates in England where he is a non person, a nobody, a complete non entity even less than he is in Scotland, and so much so is Alex Cole Hamilton a liar and a charlatan just like Willie Rennie before him, those he would attempt to convince that he’s against both Nationalisms will be listening to a man who’s intention is to only fight against Scottish Nationalism because it’s the only one he can have any affect upon if any because the British Nationalism of which he speaks is a matter for the voters of England to decide, where he is an unknown spaceman and he knows it

    Maybe Alex Cole Hamilton will be like Willie Rennie and tell his constituents that over time he’ll convince the voters in England to vote differently, he’ll win over the Tory party and they’ll just stop being nasty and we’ll all be together again back in the nirvana of the EU in fifty years time, and we’ll have three happy Unions going on, bunnies will play and Baa lambs will gambol in the fields again and Alex Cole Hamilton will bask in the sunlight of his achievement in a flowing Toga

    Alex Cole Hamilton’s a liar, the Liberal Democrats are just a fake Tory party with no moral fibre whatsoever who’ll say anything to get a vote or to stop other people voting for what they believe they want

    I’m just nipping off now to convince Vladimir Putin to dismantle all of his nuclear weapons, I’m sure he’ll listen very carefully to me when I tell him I know Alex Cole Hamilton of the Scottish Liberal Democrats

    • Statgeek says:

      Just check Cole Hamilton’s lineage on his Wiki. All the relatives have nondescript lives considering their places in history which says whoever wrote their wiki decided not to put too much into it, or they were the most bland family in positions of power (i.e. all the position with no impact).

      He’s a yellow Tory.

      All the position and no impact. He’s certainly keeping up the family tradition.

    • He belongs to a party of serial liars.

      Carmichael and memogate? Big Al admitted lying, but it was political lying, when he spread it about that a French Ambassador did not say that Nikla had confided that she hoped Cameron would win the election.

      He’s still there up in Orkney clinging on like grim death.

      Or what about Lib Dem MP Chris Hune, and his wife, jailed for lying that it was she and not he, who was caught speeding?

      Or Cyril Smith, serial child abuser since the 70’s who went to his grave without being brought to justice.

      Ming Campbell unveiled a memorial plaque to this disgusting evil man, read the eulogy at his graveside, and then later tried to argue that he, the Mighty Ming,
      knew nothing about decades of reported child abuse cases against the Fat pervert.

      Lord Steele knew, though, but, mind.

      Or Jeremy Thorpe and the attempted contract killing of his gay lover?
      Or Paddy Pantsdown?

      I could go on.

      And willie Rennie congratulating himself for the Auasterity Package between 2010 and 2015 which reportedly killed 120,000 welfare victims prematurely and led to 500,000 public servats losing their jobs, and services slashed for ever throughout their precious UK.
      And how about Coal Scuttle’s fake bar charts showing Swansong on track to be the next PM?

      Lib Dems? Yellow Tories.
      Liars all.

    • robert harrison says:

      Right because siding with the English rule lot is siding with johnsons rule of everything but to be against johnson cole Hamilton will have to side with the snp at times he alex cole Hamilton clearly has his head up his own anus.

    • grizebard says:

      Frankly, it matters not a damn who “leads” the “Scottish” FibDems, even less than it matters who is the latest leader London-puppet of “Scottish” Labour.

  28. Capella says:

    Annie Wells digs a deeper hole for herself.
    Rather than clarifying her statement on vaccine targets, Nicola Sturgeon decides to double down by refusing to admit it was missed. I’ve written to the Presiding Officer to ask that the First Minister corrects the record immediately.

    Daily Record. One of the most tetchy briefings there has been. If the First Minister meant “offering” vaccines, she should have made this clear in Parliament.

    Actually, I watched that briefing and it was so low key I switched off during journalists’ questions and missed the best bit! Daily Record getting a bit touchy what?

    • grizebard says:

      Something must have gone wrong somehow, because the BBC switched off the live coverage of the briefing only after Nicola delivered her spirited dismissal of the “missed targets” propaganda. I had other matters to attend to at the time, so only caught the BBC-truncated broadcast briefing later on record, but that take-down was the best bit of theatre by far. How that woman can manage to keep her cool and deliver such an effective demolition of the miserable political bollocks being confected in the face of a world-wide crisis amazes me.

      No wonder the BBC prefers to cut to the same boring inane video closed loop instead of the journo questions. The questions and her response to them is dangerous for the Union. But why we’re paying a licence fee to see that repetitive hell when we can get coverage of what matters on a website, we really should wonder. The BBC is single-handedly destroying the case for public service broadcasting in Scotland.

      • robert harrison says:

        Stv journalist was a jerk he clearly had an snp bad agenda with his question but the 1st minister saw through it.

  29. Capella says:

    A word from our sponsors:
    The UK Government is supplying #COVID19vaccines for people in all parts of the United Kingdom. We’re in this together and we’ll beat this together. #DeliveringForScotland.

    Another word from our sponsors:
    MichaelGoveworking from the Cabinet Office in Glasgow today. The Government is committed to levelling up in every part of the UK. Glasgow & surrounding areas will benefit from new jobs & investment, with hundreds of new Civil Service jobs in Scotland.

    With the pandemic came behavioural changes to how we campaign. Nearly 9 in 10 adults in Scotland use the internet either for work or personal use. If every YesScot supporter forwards this leaflet to 5 people it will reach 2.5 million.

  30. Capella says:

    Why we need independence at the heart of Covid recovery

    More links from Ann at Indyref2

    Check out Prof Robertson Talking Up Scotland

  31. Dr Jim says:

    Solemn occasion commemorating the deaths of police officers on duty sees Prince Charles accompanied by the Clown Prince of Mr Bean politics Boris Johnson demonstrating his complete and total inability to control an umbrella as it blows left right inside out and collapses on him while he howls and guffaws at himself as the Heir to the throne of England seated next to him wishes he were anywhere else in the entire world other than sat next to the idiot who’s creating a comedy show of his soon to be diminished empire

    Did I laugh? boy did I laugh, but not quite in the same way

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      We’re taking back control, he said.

      And he can’t even control a frigging umbrella.

  32. Malcolm Pate says:

    I will be watching the Irish Lions play the Springboks on Saturday and sorry to tell you all I will be supporting the Boks. I hate going against the Scottish players in the Lions team but can’t stand anything british. I am hoping for the Referendum bill to be introduced to the Scottish Parliament soon as Nicola promised us that the Referendum would be in the first half of this Parliament.
    Keep up the good work all you who contribute to this blog. I really enjoy all your comments and feel homesick every time I read them. So sorry to hear of Petra,s passing. She will be missed and was a great asset to the blog.

    • Dr Jim says:

      No need to be sorry Malcolm, if Scottish sport players sign up to be British GB it’s up to them, some will do it for the advancement of their careers, some will do it for the money and some will do it just to be British, the difficulty for those who have principles over doing this is that we don’t get to know the private reasons as to why each individual chooses to, however I will be joining you in support of anybody else but *team England GB* if it’s any consolation, and I’m just as sure many others will too

  33. Spot on Paul.A so called union where the largest nation does not respect the wishes of other nations in the union,does not work for me.The composition of the Westminster Parliament ,which is based on population size,illustrates the impotence of smaller nations.

    533 English Mpś
    59 Scottish Mpś
    40 Welsh Mpś
    18 Northern Irish Mpś

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Correct, billreynolds1.

      But from 2023, things look even grimmer for us ‘on the periphery’ – unless we get independence before then.

      543 English MPs (+ 10)
      57 Scottish MPs (- 2)
      32 Welsh MPs ( – 8)
      18 Northern Irish MPs (n.c.)

      The reviews are conducted by the four independent Boundary Commissions for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and involve periods of public consultation.


      The Boundary Commission for England published initial proposals in June 2021, with the other Boundary Commissions scheduled to publish their own initial proposals in the autumn.


      On the proposals so far (only England), the Conservatives are set to benefit by around 15 seats, and Labour could lose four seats. This is mainly due to seats moving out of the north of England and into the South.

      • Dr Jim says:

        England always needs more to the detriment of us colonials who need less because our populations never rise, can you guess why that is yet

        If the population of Scotland had risen at the same rate as Englands over the last hundred years and given that in Scotland our values and voting is different the SNP would be the government of the UK

        Do we think the rulers of England didn’t work that one out when they advertised to the world to come to the country of London England where the streets are paved with gold, a land where Scotland and Wales didn’t exist, I mean why on earth would they want to make the colonies more powerful, they made sure they would own us in perpetuity by keeping us weaker by continually taking our industry, our population (the brain drain) and funneling it down to England

        And they’re still doing it now, £1million to Youngs fish processors to leave Annan and relocate to Grimsby, McVities biscuits are the in the news example of it right now, and when they leave the Tories will blame the SNP for not doing enough for Scottish businesses, they never used to have to do that because the Labour party co operated with them to drain Scotland, Scotland, the most emigrated part of the British Isles either forcibly or through English inflicted poverty

        I could list another fifty Scottish businesses relocated south for English gold in my own lifetime, even to our banks, if the English were doctors they’d still be bleeding us

        This is where I stop before I write what I’m thinking

        • James Mills says:

          But we did get all the Nukes !

        • And yet 400,000 English born ‘ex pats’ have settled Up Here, a majority of whom reportedly used their votes to say No to Scottish Self Determination, but to Remain in the EU.

          I wonder if the 84% of English born airmen sailors and infantry posted here on a tour of duty to the military occupied Golden Goose colony to the North are included in this ‘400,000’, when in fact they are merely ephemeral, and will return home to the Motherland when their overseas posting ends, or they are demobbed?

          Does Jackie Baillie rely on the Faslane thousands billeted in the vast complex of family barracks built inside the Nuke Sub Base?

          Will 300,000 ‘ex pats’ form a Nigel Farage refugee trail heading South when Scotland ‘takes back control’, to be welcomed by Priti Patel and the already stretched hospitals schools and GP practices of the Mother country?
          That’s what Project Fear One warned.

          Let’s hope they get some small change in English coin to pay for things like bridge and road tolls, prescription charges if they fall ill on the long trek South, or they have a three child family, and the youngest suddenly gets hungry in Baroness Rape Clause’s New Found Land.

          I haver too, Dr Jim.

          The sluice gates are open. There is no stopping the deluge now.
          It is time English born Scots faced up to the reality. The Union is dead. We Scots born will not tolerate colonialisation any more.

          Scotland is Free once more.

          • scottish skier says:

            Actually, about 1/3 of English ‘new Scots’ support independence. For example in the latest panelbase, it’s 32% Yes ex DK for English born.

            Of course English people do tend to more strongly identify as British, so it’s not unexpected that they would more support the union in the same way people who identify as Scots tend to support independence.

            National identity deep down generally trumps all. It’s why some ‘Scottish’ unionists would rather see Scotland sink with the UK than vote Yes. It’s because they are ‘Equally Scottish & British’ or more likely ‘More British than Scottish’ or ‘British, not Scottish’ in identity. There are people born here of parents born here of parents born here… who just identify as British. They are ‘Scots’ by history, but they see themselves as British. Like unionists in N. Ireland.

            Thankfully, most Scots identify primarily as Scottish, and British identity has been on the retreat since first really formed / peaked in the post-war consensus baby boomers (contrary to popular belief, British as a national identity just dates from the 1950s).

            Anyhoo oddly enough, it will probably be those that identify as English not British in Scotland who are most likely to back Scottish indy. Think ‘English Scots for Indy’. It’s because they are not British. We don’t have such data, but it would fit the general pattern on this matter and others like brexit.

            • ss, I am aware that it is about 70% English residents who want the best of both worlds…Dordoigneshire and all that..

              Will they up sticks and return to England’s green and pleasant come Independence as Project Fear threatened.
              I doubt it very much.

              • grizebard says:

                The reaction of English residents to independence should prove interesting. Despite the best efforts of the expected forthcoming copyists of Magrit Curran, anyone wishing to exclusively retain their existing passport & “UK”(=English) citizenship will remain free to live here and reap the evident benefits of doing so for as long as they wish, under the auspices of an extended Common Travel Area. Whatever their other voting rights, I would expect that these individuals, now as foreigners, would rightfully be excluded from voting on constitutional matters, and in due course many would slowly die off, I suppose. OTOH, I would expect that the ~third (and growing?) indentified by Skier would apply (exclusively or additionally) for Scottish nationality, and would of course receive it as full citizens. Maybe even more forward-looking southerners would migrate here to join us, and welcome.

                • One USP to ‘ex-pat’ English living Up Here following Scotland’s return to self determination, and re-entering the EU, is that English born S cots citizens will be eligible to hold dual Scottish and rUK ‘citizenship’.

                  They shall continue to have their cake and eat it.

                  As rUK citizens protected by Mighty England’s shiny new rUK passports, Priti Patel and her ominously named Border Force, cannot bar them from entry, work, or resettlement in Merrie England. If Les Exiles have the basic common sense, despite some maybe holding their nose during the process, they can apply for Scottish Passports, which will open the doors to 27 (with us, 28) European countries, and the job opportunities, untrammelled holidays and business travel, and health benefits just like they used to enjoy before Brexit.

                  We need only look over the Irish Sea to understand how it would work.

                  Over 200,000 Norn Ireland citizens have successfully applied for Irish passports, and counting, so the good folk of the Six Counties have it all…If they want to remain ‘British’, they can, if they want to remain European, they can, if they want to work and settle in the South, they can.

                  We Scots born citizens shall also reap the benefits of a Norn Ireland style EU deal.

                  We can remain rUK citizens, by taking our an rUK passport, while (oh, lawdy, speed the day!) taking out the new Scottish soft No’s who are indigenous Jocks ‘but British’, can also have the best of both worlds…

                  Win win win…
                  I seem to recall that Ian Paisley Jnr now has dual citizenship…

                  Surely this will sway many soft No/Remain to opt for Yes next time?

                  • arayner1936 says:

                    Once Scotland is independent, we can decide who is eligible for citizenship in the same way as any other nation. The criteria for taking part in a ‘national’ referendum should be Scottish citizens only.
                    If some are allowed to have dual nationality, they should be excluded. I’m thinking of votes on matters such as whether we rejoin the EU or possible an other orgaisation like EFTA, or whether we retain the monarchy (possibly in a much reduced form and with no political influence).

                    • Derek says:

                      I have an English pal who’s lived here for longer than she’s lived in England. I’d allow her a vote; she has a flat and her life and work is here.
                      We’ve never talked politics; mostly just beer and football…

          • arayner1936 says:

            This is what I meant above when I commented that another referendum would have to be on UN rules to ‘settlers’ denying Scots their right to self-determination.

      • Statgeek says:

        Seat are always based on population, and considering London does all it can to overpopulate itself and depopulate rUK, it’s the London Empire.

  34. Dr Jim says:

    I see now that Independence is being advanced by the FM in the correct timely fashion (Covid) the usual suspects have launched their attacks from every angle in an attempt to diminish distract and detract from what’s about to happen, and the main suspect in all of it is guess who? yeah you’re right the idiot from Bath is back with his new set of Abla attacks on the FM hoping to discredit the push for Independence by promoting the devo max 1.6% party, the party who plough the internet like a demented driverless tractor filling up twitter, facebook, newspapers, trolling the FM mercilessly on a daily basis accusing her of embezzlement, collusion with the Tories, even though it was Tory David Davis attempting to ride to the rescue of Alex Salmond in his lucky escape from the justice, and that’s not just my opinion, that was the opinion of Scottish voters at the last election

    There are still some people in Scotland who don’t understand how politics works and the idiot from Bath does but he refuses to admit it, Nicola Sturgeon won the election, Nicola Sturgeon won the popular vote, the people of Scotland wanted Nicola Sturgeon as FM because she asked them to return her into that position, the idiot from Baths party lost and they lost massively, the reasons ?well we all know those but I won’t rehearse them all here

    We’ve not long to go and the forces of darkness have arraigned themselves against Scotland and Independence, just remember this Nicola Sturgeon has no Tory best buds, Nicola Sturgeon has no desire to be in Westminster, Nicola Sturgeon could already have had a position within any world organisation years ago and chose not to, let’s take a look at the leader of the party who’s mouth never stops ranting about her to his insiders, that guy has had jobs everywhere and lost them, Nicola Sturgeon from 16 years of age has only ever wanted one job, to set Scotland free

    no negotiations, no devo max, no deals for ministerial jobs with a Labour government if they ever got in, no nothing with the Tories, one thing and one thing only, done right done well and done to stick, Independence for Scotland and those of us with some semblance of intelligence can see that

    • Tatu3 says:


    • Golfnut says:

      Just so there is no doubt about the direction of travel.

    • Legerwood says:

      Dr Jim,
      Agree completely.

      Sometimes I find myself wondering if the May election ever took place given the way all the opposition parties, and others, have segued seamlessly back into their pre-election behaviour. Sometimes I think I should check on Google that the election actually took place this year and check the result.

      It is as if the people of Scotland have not spoken for all the attention that is being paid by the other parties to what the people of Scotland decided via the ballot box. It is dispiriting to say the least.

      All credit to the Scottish Government that they have continued with the programme they campaigned on in the election which as we know included a commitment to holding an independence referendum.

      • James Mills says:

        But remember , Ruth the Mooth was deemed to have won various Scottish elections by her supporters in the media and those Unionists down south – unfortunately not by the voters up here .
        She won so many victories up here that they elevated her to the HoL – to join all the other losers from the Scottish unionist cabal .
        So do not be surprised that clear electoral victories by the Independence parties will be down- graded and down-played at every opportunity by those who LOST , including it seems the Alba party supporters .

        • grizebard says:

          Yes, it’s amazing really how many “interested parties”, politicians, broadcasters, bloggers, seem to be perfectly willing (if not exactly “happy”) to disrespect the mandate delivered to the Scottish Government by the people of Scotland. Sufferers of the axe-grinder’s curse, all.

          • Dr Jim says:

            Apparently Kevin McKenna has been counting up the amount of times reps from the SNP have said the word Independence and he says it’s not enough, except when Pete Wishart uses the word then McKenna says he uses it *wrong*

            Pete’s sending him an Abla membership form to add to his Labour membership that’s balancing on his garden fence

            • grizebard says:

              Oh, Kevin has become quite the expert at spinning. Plates on sticks, that is. (Presumably for money-spinning purposes if nothing else.) But for how long can he keep them all up, that is the question…?

            • Alec Lomax says:

              Kev is becoming quite the modern Jeremiah.

        • Melb Don says:

          Notice that the comments within Scot Goes Pop have diminished to but a trickle now, and he is finding difficulty in getting donations for his ludicrous poll on GRA. ALBA supporting has certainly been good for Mr Kelly.

          • Alex Montrose says:

            Melb, I got blocked from commenting at Shite over Scotland last December for posting,

            ” a SNP 1 Green 2 vote in the upcoming election would increase the Indy majority and decimate the Unionist List MSPs”

            so I started to visit Scot goes Plop, he blocked me for posting the same thing in Feb, I couldn’t figure it out.

            but then it all became clear with the coming of Alex Salmond and the Alba crew, to bring Scotland a “super majority”.

            no alternative views allowed over there, toe the Alba Good, SNP Baad line or yer banned.

          • Alec Lomax says:

            SGP morphing into Wings jnr.

            • James Mills says:

              SGP/James Kelly writing in the latest iScot magazine has another thinly veiled attack ( well , not even veiled ) on the SNP , stating that they do not want Indy but are happy with Devolution .
              I will have to re-think my subscription .

              • Capella says:

                I cancelled mine yesterday. I’ve supported it for several years now but there’s a limit.

                • Capella says:

                  I might change my mind. Articles like the heart breaking account of the clearance of Aoineadh Mor, “Waiting for the Wheel to Turn”, by Vivien Martin make it worth reading. Good photographs too of the rickles of stones that once were thriving, Gaelic speaking, communities replaced by sheep.

            • scottish skier says:

              ‘Wings, but Scottish’ seems to describe it.

              The trickle of comments compared to the healthy debate of old is sad to see. The site was a polling blog and a really great old school one that I liked too much for my own good. Now it’s increasingly an Alba-GRA mini-me, where you can only post if you sound right wing enough like the odious PeeJay or IfS.

              My guess is I wasn’t the only one finding 90% of my comments moderated out for e.g. suggesting I preferred private, ‘mixed sex / gender neutral’ loos like wee cafes / restaurants have always had, and that disabled folk are used to, over sharing with other blokes in old school smelly open plan gents facilities.

              That and saying if Police Scotland don’t find any missing cash, then there just isn’t any missing cash, end of.

              Unlike Wings who backed unionists in the recent election (something that I predicted some time ago), James Kelly definitely supports indy, and I understand his desire to see things move more quickly. He is also of course free to back whatever horse he likes.

              But I think he’s badly judged how most folks feel. He also seems to have been sucked in by the pretend indy supporter trolls who now proliferate as we enter the last days of Rome. They of course were all backslapping him for losing the plot over me (nobody of significance, but clearly a hate figure among unionist commenters) in three articles in a row, but they won’t be chipping in to his fundraisers.

              Finally, I think he has misunderstood what peoples donations were too, and what constitutes the ‘indy movement’. Donations were to the site and it’s content, not to him personally. If the site changed leanings / moderation policy from what folks enjoyed, the readers would vanish like snaw off a dyke. Also, the indy movement isn’t us cybernats on the web these days, it’s the entire Yes voting Scottish electorate. It’s not a wee minority chatting among themselves on Brian’s blog like the old days; it’s the country now.

              Anyhoo, this blog shows you can have heavy moderation – and it really is needed a present given the troll onslaught – while still having comments flowing freely.

              What’s nice is I recognise so many monikers from way back on here, when I felt increasingly alone on SGP. There I was increasingly surrounded by all these new faces who claim to be ‘real indy supporters’ while hating on Sturgeon and telling me not to vote SNP. Righto. Pull the other one.

              Jeez, I don’t vote green or Alba (SNP and margo in the past), but I don’t make every post an anti-Harvie hate fest. Sorry, but such behaviour stinks of hardcore unionism.

          • raineach says:

            I’ve generally kept out of there since he replaced statistical analysis with wild optimism

          • Derek says:

            I haven’t been there for a while. There was a statistical error that I noticed and I left a comment about it; comment deleted and error remained. Tried again with the same result and had had enough, so never went back.

  35. Chicmac says:

    There’ll always be an England
    And England will be free.
    The rest of us can only hope
    That they will get to four. 🙂

  36. Alex Clark says:

    O/T The number of new daily cases of Covid 19 in England has been dropping dramatically in recent days despite the scrapping of virtually all restrictions, at least one professor thinks such a drop in the official numbers “looks a bit fishy”.

    The decrease in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases released by the government each day “looks a bit fishy”, according to a leading symptoms researcher whose study has shown infections are on the rise.

    Professor Tim Spector, who co-founded the ZOE COVID Symptom Study app, said a “sudden drop” in people testing positive for the virus in the government’s data is “very suspicious”.

    …Talking about the decline in cases in the data released by the Department of Health, Prof Spector said: “It’s dropped something like 30% in two days, which is pretty much unheard of in pandemics, and remember this is happening without restrictions, without lockdowns, without some sudden event.

    “To me, it looks a bit fishy.”

    • Dr Jim says:

      There were almost 690.000 phone alerts in England and Wales to self isolate yesterday you don’t have to understand modelling to know that’s a massive amount of contacts in the first place

      UK Guv policy is now breathe at your own risk anywhere you like have a nice day

  37. scottish skier says:

    If I was Sturgeon, I’d be rightly worried about losing. Could you imagine if Yes lost again, albeit narrowly?

    The unionists would treat it as a solid, ‘the people have spoken’ endorsement of Boris’s brexit Britain. And TBH, it would be. God help us all if that happened.

    There is absolutely no doubt at the direction of travel:

    However, as can be seen, it is only by this year it seems we have finally got there.

    I think people have really misunderstood how you get to indy, even myself in the past. It’s not an election. It’s a fundamental existential question for the people of a nation. It’s not something that ebbs and flows. Time, local and world events drive it, not campaign leaflets and white papers ultimately.

    Scotland just keeps getting less British and more just Scottish with each generation. That has now caused us to cross the event horizon.

    We need baseline Yes to be in majority permanently. Otherwise, their is a huge risk of a narrow yes vote being overturned in an election. It seems were are there now, but it’s still a little tight.

    It would be stupid to screw it up by being overly hasty.

    Iref2 will be a forgone conclusion by next spring if this data is anywhere close to right. It’s taken 100 years to get here, but the slow, steady march of the Scottish nation has finally caught up with the declining last remnants of the British empire project Britain.

    It’s been achingly slow, so frustrating. But at the same time, that means it’s probably irreversible.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Just as they did in the past Unionism forms their attacks around Nicola Sturgeons Independence obsession, creating a figure, a person, a politician to demonise as though it’s she and only she that is to blame for the Country’s desire for Independence, because they daren’t attack the majority of Scotland’s people who voted for her to do just that

      Once the majority of the electorate in Scotland fully understand that the Unionists are attacking us the Scottish people for choosing the type of governance we want then those who haven’t taken it in yet that in the current system Scottish voters just simply aren’t *allowed* to choose anything because their lives and destinies are chosen by the voters in England, another country, full of folk who couldn’t care less what happens in our street because they only care about their own street in England and sod the rest of us

      If England needs, England takes, and the places it takes from are anywhere else but England
      Politicians in England need Englands votes to win elections, they don’t need Scotlands votes, they haven’t needed Scotlands votes for 60 years to win in England so England comes first last and always

      Voting for Independence for Scotland isn’t a vote for a politician a person a figure, it’s a vote to give the people of Scotland the same rights authority and power as the people in England

      Nicola Sturgeon, much as I like her is a mortal human being, she can’t do this forever but the Tories and the people of England can keep voting for whatever they like that we don’t, and they can do that forever if we in Scotland don’t *Take back control*

      What do Unionists in Scotland think they’ll do when THEY don’t like what decisions are being made for them in England?, who do they think they’ll complain to?, because if they vote NO again then they’ll be stuck with whatever England decides but without a Scottish government having the ability or power to change fix or mitigate the results

      Do the Unionist in Scotland believe England cares about their religion? because they don’t, do they believe England cares about their standard of living? because they don’t, what do the Unionist in Scotland base their objection to having the same power rights and authority as the country next door? because they don’t have any of that at the moment

      Unionists in Scotland are outvoted ten to one by English voters just the same as Independence supporters, so voting NO to Independence gets nobody nothing and you will have just told England how much you love being ruled by a people who place Love Island Gogglebox and Naked Attraction in a higher bracket of importance than the country and people in Scotland

    • Capella says:

      Great graph. Where do the figures come from? Is it a collation of regular polls?

      • scottish skier says:

        Each point is a yearly average of all polls. No pollster is given bias. All polls from each are averaged to create a yearly value for each pollster, with these then averaged again to give one overall value for the year. All raw data from Prof C’s What Scotland Thinks site.

        You can see that the pattern is one of a steadily rising tide (~1.3%/year) but with waves. The baseline are the ‘Would vote yes tomorrow no matter what’ – which is what these polls ask. These people always say Yes and don’t need any persuading. They are you and me. On top of that you have people who are wavering and events make them say Yes then pause for thought. However, in 2014, they all jumped on board, so there’s every chance they’ll do so again. Campaigning helps them with this.

        The one point slightly out of trend is 2015, but it can be excluded as it’s the one year where there was no mandate, so no imminent possibility of a iref. In light of this, I suspect the public tried to use polls to push for more devo with indy threats safely knowing this wouldn’t actually lead to indy. This made it a little higher than the normal upper bound.

        Anyway, after the latest covid driven wave peak, we have entered an ebb cycle as people just want a bit of a break from drama. However, for the first time ever, the baseline does not seem to have retreated below 50% like it did in the past, suggesting we have moved into permanent majority.

        Of course we can see things now in retrospect that we could not be sure of in the past when we lacked the data and so bigger picture. Certainly it looks like not pursing iref2 back in 2017-19 was the right call. Only by 2019 does it seem we had any chance of winning, and even then it could have been overturned at an election.

        2021 is the first time Scots have voting in majority (vote share) for Yes parties (50.5%) in a Scottish national election, but it was close. However, this does support the Yes data in that we have crossed over into permanent Yes now.

        Certainly, those who keep saying ‘Yes has not budged in years’ either don’t know what they are on about or are lying.

        • Capella says:

          Brilliant. Great to see some real figures and analysis. Us non geeks need things spelt out in plain speak. 🙂

    • Clydebuilt says:

      Great post Scottish Skier. . .,. .

      I think people have really misunderstood how you get to indy, even myself in the past. It’s not an election. It’s a fundamental existential question for the people of a nation. It’s not something that ebbs and flows. Time, local and world events drive it, not campaign leaflets and white papers ultimately.”

      Sturgeon get’s it. . . . .

      Before long all that’ll be left to them, will be fiddling the vote

    • bringiton says:

      Well said,you can take a horse to water…..

    • Alex Clark says:

      On an earlier point you made, if you’re a “hardcore Unionist” and you want to stoke the flames of division among Independence supporters, particularly on social media, the way to do so is simplicity itself.

      You pretend to be a supporter of Independence that happens to blame the SNP for dragging their feet over a referendum, you repeat in post after post that Sturgeon doesn’t want a referendum and they’re all too cosy with things as they are.

      You will then spend all your time and energy attacking the main political Independence supporting party and in particular the biggest threat to the Union, that party’s popular leader.

      Nicola Surgeon might not be popular with a very small minority of real Independence supporters but she is the most popular politician in the UK and the leader most likely to bring more soft No’s over to the Independence side.

      The margin of victory in the next referendum is likely to be wafer thin, getting rid of Nicola Sturgeon and replacing her with…someone else, will not increase support for Independence but the reverse is most likely true and accounts for much of the attempts by the Unionists supporters and media to undermine her with constant attacks and negativity.

      The majority of Independence supporters though are not heeding the song of the siren but are ignoring it, so we remain strong and on track.

      • Aye, this is why Stuart Campbell are saying the SNP don’t really support independence, but like devo / Westminster.


        Michael Gove: Ian Blackford ‘enjoys Westminster and doesn’t want indyref2 soon’


        Sorry, I meant Michael Gove. It’s hard to tell them apart these days they way they tag team.

        ‘The SNP don’t really support independence’ is the final desperate and comically ridiculous throw of the dice.

        Jeez, we just watched all the unionists desperate to take out Sturgeon re the ministerial code and now they’re trying via the donations thing. Yet we are supposed to think they’d all buddies with Boris and co now? FHS.

  38. AAD says:

    Absolutely and completely off topic but I feel so upset about the reports I need to vent my anger.
    Nigel Farage goes on record criticising the RNLI for rescuing refugees from drowning in the English Channel.
    I thought that was as bad as it gets, but read a later report that members of the public have been verbally abusing RNLI volunteers for rescuing refugees. One person even threw a beer can at the RNLI volunteers.
    I am lost for words.

  39. Capella says:

    Coronavirus (COVID-19): daily data for Scotland 28/7/21. Public Health Scotland (PHS) has undertaken work to improve their COVID-19 reporting process to ensure they continue to provide the most accurate and timely information. As a result of this, today’s testing figures covering the latest 24 hours will include a small number of tests notified between 12:00am and 5:15am on 27 July that would have been reported in yesterday’s daily figures. This is due to the transition to a new reporting schedule including cases up to 12am on day of reporting; there is no double counting in the cumulative totals reported today.

    Coronavirus (COVID-19): ONS Infection Survey – characteristics data for Scotland – 28 July 2021—characteristics-data-for-scotland—28-july-2021/

    Scotland Coronavirus Tracker

  40. Capella says:

    Working class’ Scotland understands perfectly. It’s opportunistic politicians who choose not to understand (because having a go at me/the SNP matters more to you than taking the right decisions in a pandemic) that I was referring to – and I have clearly touched some raw nerves!.

    Sturgeon said she presumed “a certain level of intelligence” in listeners and their ability to judge context. Now are you, Douglas4Moray, saying working class people are thick and unable to judge context.

  41. Capella says:

    In his first monthly policy newsletter, Head of Policy & Research Dr Craig Dalzell highlights Common Weal policies that would make Government in Scotland more transparent, more accountable and much more resilient against corruption and takeover by corporate lobby groups.

    Scotland Goes Pop
    Bombshell poll from Redfield & Wilton shows support for holding an independence referendum IN THE NEXT YEAR

    Janey Godley. My brolly’s went outside in, stop laughing Charles”.

  42. scottish skier says:

    On the general issue of GRA and polling…

    The Scottish government should absolutely not make human rights / equality policy based on public opinion. That’s the very worst form of populism, and the reason the Tories quickly shelved this issue. We have experts and international human rights bodies for guidance here. Policy should be evidence-based and ignore prejudice from the public. At the same time, it is right to not rush, but make sure any changes are carefully thought out, with all implications considered. Sometimes well intentioned policy can have unforeseen negative outcomes, so better to get it right first time if you can.

    Certainly, in the 80’s, at the high of the aids pandemic, up to 9/10 British people said they thought that same sex relationships were unacceptable. Thank god the government of the time didn’t base things on that when it came to legalisation. It was governments going against prejudice and popular misconceptions that has led to the improved equality, acceptance and inclusion in this area we enjoy now.

  43. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Off topic (but probably very much on it in the general sense).

    May we extend our thanks to Capella for taking on the late lamented Petra’s tole of providing us with various links?

    Many thanks, Capella.

    • Capella says:

      Missing Petra. But copying over the links serves as a reminder and it would be a shame to miss out on Ann’s hard work.
      Thanks WS 🙏

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Absolutely 👍

      • Tam the Bam says:

        Yep…. good work Capella.

        • Capella says:

          Thx Bob and Tam. I never met Petra and it’s quite surreal to realise she isn’t here. But the Petra Memorial Links service helps 🙏

  44. Hamish100 says:

    Well done Capella. Fitting tribute.

  45. malkymcblain says:

    I’ve just become aware from this thread that Petra has left us. I’m shocked and saddened. My condolences to her family and friends here. Even though I’m a fairly new and infrequent contributor here I remember that it was Petra who urged me to keep contributing after some regular commentators misunderstood one of my posts and mistook me for a unionist troll. Thankfully that got sorted out. What makes me most sad is that she didn’t hang around to see her independence dream fulfilled. Thanks Capella for taking up her role as useful and informative links poster.

  46. malkymcblain says:

    This is going viral in Australia. The NSW State Premier Gladys Beragiclian giving a Covid briefing during the current lockdown in Sydney.

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