The language of control-freakery

Last week in the House of Lords the topic of debate was the long-delayed review carried out by Tory peer and former advisor to Margaret Thatcher Andrew Dunlop into the relationships between the devolved governments and Downing Street. Although the review had been commissioned over two years ago and had been carried out by an unelected Conservative politician, the British government sat on the findings for as long as it possibly could. This is because not even a right wing British nationalist Conservative could avoid coming to the conclusion that a prime reason for the breakdown in communications and trust between Westminster and the devolved governments is that Downing street has treated Edinburgh and Cardiff with a consistent pattern of arrogant contempt and has systematically cut the devolved governments out of decision making, even failing to keep them informed about the policy decisions of the British government which have a direct impact on devolved competencies.

Dunlop’s proposals for dealing with this sorry state of affairs essentially consisted of setting up a toothless talking shop committee, one which would have no ability to ensure that Downing Street paid heed to its decisions, far less to over-ride the dictat of Number 10. He also advised setting up a new government department to oversee relations between Westminster, Holyrood, Stormont, and Cardiff Bay. This department, Dunlop advised, should be headed by a new minister who sat in the cabinet.

The proposals, weak and basically cosmetic as they were, were dead in the water even before the ink was dry on a report which was destined to be filed by the British Government under “Aye, right, uh-huh,” and locked away in the same filing cabinet deep in a locked basement where Michael Gove and Boris Johnson keep their sense of shame. Johnson appointed himself the Minister for the Union, a title which to date appears to have consisted of little more than keeping well away from Scotland during the recent Holyrood elections and posing on top of a giant St George’s Cross outside number 10 that looked as though it occupied most of Downing Street.

However, to be fair to Johnson, the cropped image that appeared in the media didn’t show the full picture. On an unpublished aerial photo that showed the whole street, you could see that Johnson was in fact standing on a giant letter t in the words dishonest cheating bastert.

It’s only English football matches that the soi-disant Minister for the Union chooses to celebrate, just as it’s only England matches that members of that royal family which is so keen to tell us how much it loves Scotland can be bothered to attend. Within the UK it’s only English culture which is important and significant.

This is never clearer than when discussing the languages other than English which are native to this archipelago off the north west coast of Europe. During that debate last week in the House of Lords, arch Brextremist Daniel Hannan, who was awarded a peerage for services to alienating Europeans, expressed his inability to understand why the subject of Scottish independence was even a thing. It seems that Daniel cannot after all grasp the concept of wanting to take back control.

Daniel said that he was perplexed because people across the UK share the same culture, watch the same soap operas and speak the same language. Which means that you don’t watch Eastenders because you’re engrossed in the sagas of the Slaters and the Beales, it’s really because you think that Scotland’s political decisions are best made by the likes of Daniel.

The fact that even in the 21st century over two million people in the UK speak a language in addition to English, languages which are moreover native to the UK, seems to have escaped Daniel’s notice entirely. The combined number of speakers of Scots, Welsh, Scottish Gaelic, and Irish in the UK is well in excess of two million according to the most recent available census results. However those people who profess to love the union typically disparage and insult the other languages of these islands. We see this in the regular complaints about Gaelic road signs. We see it in the abuse directed at Scots speakers for daring to use their language in public forums. We see it in the way in which Tory MSP Stephen Kerr erased the Gaelic text from Scottish Parliament letter heading.

Some proponents of continued British rule seem to pride themselves on their ignorance of the languages and linguistic history of the UK.  This is clear from those who object to funding for the Gaelic language on the spurious grounds that “Gaelic was never spoken here” even though they live in a town whose name is an anglicised spelling of an original Gaelic name.  It’s clear from the Northern Irish Unionists who dig in their heels over the prospect of a bill to promote and protect the Irish language in Northern Ireland and claim the language has nothing to do with their community, even though as late as the mid 19th century an applicant for a preaching licence from the Presbyterian Church in Ireland had to demonstrate their ability to preach in Irish because many members of the church knew no English.  Many Unionists in Northern Ireland trace their descent to 17th century settlers from  south west Scotland, yet Gaelic was still spoken in Galloway and South Ayrshire until the end of the 18th century.  The Scottish Gaelic dialect once current in Galloway and Ayrshire was fully mutually intelligible with the dialect of Irish once spoken in the eastern parts of what is now Northern Ireland.

Speakers of Scots who write their language are told that Scots is uneducated slang and that writing it is an affectation.  Yet when Scots speakers attempt to develop a literary variety of their language they are told this is artificial and not genuine.  In fact all literary languages are by definition “artificial”, they are the deliberate creations of writers who extend the meanings of words and who revive words from prior phases of the language or who use words in new ways.  In fact some modern literary languages, like Estonian or Basque, contain words invented by writers who were deliberately trying to create a literary language. Others, like Catalan, make use of spelling systems from a historic period of the language, regularise and adapted for modern use.  However when Scots writers attempt to make use of the same tools used to develop all other written languages, in order to develop a literary variety of Scots they are ridiculed and derided.

According to British nationalists the way this union ought to work is for people in the smaller nations to value and treasure English culture, but those feelings do not need to be reciprocated. Indeed any attempt to assert the importance or value of non-English languages must be slapped down and decried. This isn’t how a union works, it’s the language of control-freakery.


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62 comments on “The language of control-freakery

  1. JSM says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a now 60+ Female and commented:
    Paul, the first few paragraphs have been repeated.

  2. Alastair says:

    Hi Paul,
    You seem to have included the first five paragraphs twice, by mistake I presume?

  3. Dr Jim says:

    Language continually evolves, people denied their own culture will invent a new culture using any language available to them, sick now means good, bad means good, using the opposite meanings of words is now commonplace amongst the young or uneducated, the language of the street that rebels against the language of authority has always been so

    I speak Scots when it suits me, which is more often now than ever before, and English for the benefit of the English who have difficulty with their own language which they have always insisted in loud voice that everyone else speak the language that they speak in the past on pain of punishment, today because in their arrogance they have no interest in learning anyone else’s tongue, they denigrate the languages of others due to their own covered up by superior attitude inferiority complex

    There is a lack of confidence within England that has always and only been fed and boosted by the desire to downgrade others in an effort to force an English invented superiority upon the world

    The world has found them out and it’s embarrassing for them so they make more noise because they have still learned nothing

  4. Gregory R Nunn says:

    In America, they put natives on reservations and created the Bureau of Indian Affairs to “administrate” those who can’t manage their own affairs.

  5. Capella says:

    Cultural hegemony (Gramsci), which is why BBC Scotland is dominated by the cultural values of the Eton/Oxbridge/Westminsterr elite. The advice to writers hoping to write for the BBC in Scotland was, essentially, “Don’t bother”. Do not write about a way of life that is no longer lived. Scotland was the only “region” where this advice applied. There will be no Downton Abbey, Call the Midwife, Poldark here. Even the American production of “Outlander” could not be broadcast in the UK in 2014, the only country in the world where is was censored.

    There is a canon of Scots writing from the 15th C onwards which could be taught in schools and produced for the media. But it isn’t. Robert Henryson, William Dunbar, Gavin Douglas, Alan Ramsay, Robet Fergusson – the Scottish Makars. Robert Burns, Robert Louis Stevenson, Walter Scott. Robert Garioch, Sydney Goodsir Smith, George Campbell Hay and Norman MacCaig Edwin Morgan, Liz Lochead, Jackie Kay.
    Lets not forget Hugh MacDiarmid, Sorley MacLean and Lewis Grassic Gibbon.

    That just scratches the surface. When did we last see anything remotely relevant to Scotland presented in the MSM?

    Here’s a Martyn Bennet production of Sorely MacLean’s Hallaig – about the clearances on Raasay. You’ll never see this on BBC Scotland. 8:26 mins

  6. bringiton says:

    In the Great British union you will never hear “He/She spoke with a thick English accent”.

  7. Naina Tal says:

    Lizzie gives a gong to “The NHS”. Presumably that’s her own English NHS. Or does Scotland’s NHS get a sawn-off 1/12 th of a medal under the Barnett formula. Suspect not even that!

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      in her handwritten message, the Queen wrote: “It is with great pleasure, on behalf of a grateful nation, that I award the George Cross to the National Health Services of the United Kingdom.

      “This award recognises all NHS staff, past and present, across all disciplines and all four nations.”


      At least she, unlike her Prime Minister, supports the notion of 4 nations.

      (Not that I’m coming out as a Member of the Windsor Fan Club, you understand … 😉 )

  8. Naina Tal says:

    Thanks for that Welsh Sion. As usual BBC shortbread just said the award was to THE NHS. Plus ca change!

  9. Clydebuilt says:

    “July 4, 2021 at 7:56 pm
    In America, they put natives on reservations and created the Bureau of Indian Affairs to “administrate” those who can’t manage their own affairs.”
    . . . . once on the reservations the native Indians were given free / cheap Firewater.

    In Scotland they put the natives into schemes Blair made sure they had access to cheap alcohol.

    The SNP brought in minimum pricing for Alcohol. . . . The Tories tried to prevent this.

  10. Dr Jim says:

    Words and their meanings are what we live by, that’s why there are many dictionaries to reference

    The use of language by the supposedly educated and informed BBC is an example of the general *misunderstanding* of the meanings of words in England when they constantly refer to Scotland as
    a “devolved nation” which of course the people of Scotland are not, as are no other people on earth *devolved*, oh except the Welsh, they’re devolved as well, coincidence that eh

    The power authority and certain competencies of governance are devolved to the Scottish parliament but none of the people in Scotland are *devolved* unless the BBC believes people in Scotland and Wales are not *evolved* which is a different word with a different meaning altogether

    Did the employees of the BBC in England attend school?, university? do they not know the definitions of words? of course they do so why is there no attempt ever made to correct themselves if this is a mistake, a slip of the tongue, a habitual reference they can’t be bothered correcting

    Governments of the world can take years to assemble forms of words over law, trade, military application and many other areas in order to not make mistakes of communication and misunderstandings between countries yet the BBC and other media seem to find this particular word difficult to understand, or do they?

  11. Alastair Bryan says:

    I feel that time is running out for us I was full of hope we are heading eventually to independence however I find we are accepting time and time again the nonsense from Westminster .It does not have to play like this enough is enough

  12. iusedtobeenglish says:

    “Did the employees of the BBC in England attend school?, university? do they not know the definitions of words?

    In fairness to them (I like to be fair when I can…) possibly not.

    I was the last year to be taught grammar at my (English) school. As part of my degree, we did a course in Linguistics. The lecturers were completely despairing. Before they could teach linguistic analysis, they had to teach basic sentence structure and grammar. And I mean Subject-Verb-Object basic. As for collective nouns etc? Forget it.

    I taught both mine at home. They loved it. Bu they’re odd. Like me…

    I do think that’s where some of the sloppiness comes from. Not that this excuses them. They’re adults.

  13. Petra says:

    ‘Scotland in the 21st Century: 2.’

    ..”The consequence of Linguistic Imperialism is that the Scots-speaking community are largely excluded from taking elite posts within Scotland’s social institutions and are therefore ‘doun-hauden’ (oppressed) through institutionalised language discrimination and Anglophone elite domination. Scotland’s high-level jobs are advertised primarily in the London Metropolitan press and are therefore aimed at an elite Anglophone labour market in rest-UK which is ten times larger, and with no Scots language requirement for any post in Scotland. This has resulted in ‘an ethnic division of labour within the UK’s internal colonialism model’, according to Professor Michael Hechter.”..


    ‘Marr just let the Tories get away with ‘murder’.’

    …”Unbelievably, Marr left it there. He didn’t question the issue of whether it was safe to not wear a mask after 19 July. This is despite cases of the Delta variant rocketing. And while deaths are not currently rising, the more cases there are the more likely it is that a new, and potentially more vaccine-resistant, variant could emerge. Moreover, none of this solves the issue of long Covid. So, it was down to Twitter to confront the issue:..”

  14. andyfromdunning says:

    You only need to watch tv shows and films from the Scandinavian countries to hear that many Scots words originate from there.
    Bairn, Braw, Couthie, Hoose to name just four.

    There was a comment a few weeks ago on this blog by a Scot who had learned Danish whilst working there. He said that the commonality is amazing.

    I could give examples of German, French and Italian in English. Surely this proves English is not a real language.

    • raineach says:

      I am now going to be a language Nazi [if I may] but as I was taught the construction ‘ou’ is in Scots pronounced ‘oo’ so that the proper spelling in Scots of Hoose is ‘House’. This lives on in the pronunciation of Dalhousie [never Dalhowsy] in Scotland and Houston [not Howston] in Texas. You are of course bang on with Scandinavian. My personal favourite is the Dutch word for a hoover – stoursucker!

      • andyfromdunning says:

        In Norway they say hoose. House as I understand it comes from haus, the German language.

        • grizebard says:

          If you go into the cathedral in Bergen, you will see old inscriptions on plaques that a modern Dutch speaker can readily read. That’s because Bergen was a Hansa city like Hamburg, and they did their business in Low German, not High German. So rather “huis” (hoose) than “haus”.

    • grizebard says:

      It’s the same with Dutch/Flemish and Doric: kirk (kerk), siccar (zeker), and likewise with Norwegian: quines (kvinner). I could go on. These are natural evolutions from the same stem, sustained by Scottish trade with its neighbours across the North Sea and into the Baltic (Hansa) over many centuries. Even as late as 1945, country people around Hamburg, who still spoke PlattDeutsch, said they could understand him, but not the “other lot” (the English).

      As to “borrowings”, all “living” languages do that, but there’s no doubt that English is a kind of creole. {laugh}

  15. Petra says:

    We got rid of Hancock and then along came Javid!

    Video – Carole Cadwalladr:- ”Herd immunity isn’t a plan. It’s a dangerous, unethical medical experiment being conducted on living subjects: children. I don’t know why anyone thinks this is okay. It isn’t.”..


    Dr Zubaida Haque:- ”Someone needs to explain to Health Sec Sajid Javid, that THE REASON we have had long lockdowns is because his govt have repeatedly failed in suppressing the virus and taking action early. And letting the virus rip & cases rise will mean MORE lockdowns and restrictions; not less.”

  16. Petra says:

    ‘Scotland’s road to Europe.’

    ..”When it comes to joining the EU, I (Graham Avery) know what I’m talking about. In the 1970s, I was a member of the team in London that negotiated Britain’s accession. Later, in the European Commission in the 1990s, I was one of the architects of the enlargement of the EU from 12 to 15 members, and from 15 to 27. I also had a hand in writing the ‘Copenhagen criteria’, which the EU uses to judge prospective members.”..


    ‘Scottish independence: Call for 100 Scots to sign a declaration to United Nations.’

  17. Petra says:

    ‘Gleeful and infantile, Reporting Scotland spot SNP not following England’s rules.’


    ‘Covid: Doctors want to keep some measures after 19 July.’

    ..”The British Medical Association is calling for the continued use of face masks and new ventilation standards. It says it is crucial to protect the NHS, health and education amid what it says is an alarming rise in cases.”..

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, the BBC Jockland cringe is strong, even when it amounts (as it all too often does) to inducement to self-harm.

      There was some moronic Tory MP on the English Home Service just now openly declaring that in order to get people off private vehicles and back onto public transport (a desirable end in itself, of course), masks just have to go so people can feel safe again! Never mind reality, let’s just pretend. Like kids at play. When people take this idiot ostrich advice and get infected as a consequence, will even more be positively queuing up to share the trains and busses?

      Vaccinations are the answer, he claims. Which is ultimately true, but only when the vaccinations get ahead of the virus. And currently anyone who glances at the readily-available evidence can easily see that they’re not.

      Saying that public health measures are now all down to “personal choice” is exactly like a government removing all the drunk-driving laws. Your responsibly-exercised abstinence doesn’t save you from a careless drunken fool coming the other way on the same piece of road.

  18. Petra says:

    ‘Professor Devi Sridhar attacked by Tories after questioning Sajid Javid flu claim.’

    ..”She added: “To Americans wondering what’s going on, here’s my naive take: Scotland is now doing well in its response to Covid-19 which seems to anger anti-Scottish, pro-UK people (‘Unionists’) who are now turning their attacks on me bc I serve on scientific advisory group to Scottish govt.”..


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

    • Legerwood says:

      This is not the 1st time the Tories have piled in against Prof Sridhar. Ruth Davidson, and others of her ilk, started it last year and have returned to the attack several times since. Since his election Stephen Kerr has been to the fore in attacking her.

      She is not saying anything on this occasion that is not being said by other scientists about Sajid Javid’s comments. It seems, however, to be female scientists who are coming in for this sort of behaviour. For example, Prof Michie on GMB this morning.

      More than a touch of misogyny about it amongst other things I think.

      • Petra says:

        ”It seems, however, to be female scientists who are coming in for this sort of behaviour.”

        Looks that way Legerwood and add to that they see Prof Sridhar as being ”connected” to the detested SNP (want others to think that), not an independent academic / health expert, so for her it’s a double whammy.

  19. Capella says:

    Maya Angelou listens to Dick Gaughan singing the other National Anthem, Scots Wha Hae.

    Was widely regarded as Scotland’s anthem and used to be taught in school but seems to have been deliberately erased from the culture along with a lot of Scottish history.

  20. Jacksg says:

    The lunatics have left the asylum again. 😒

    Under the ministerial code, major government announcements are meant to be made first in parliament. Boris Johnson and Sajid Javid the new health secretary plan to make simultaneous announcements at 5.00pm. That means they are breaking the ministerial code again.

    In Scotland, the FM recently made an urgent COVID announcement one lunchtime, by announcing that people travelling to Manchester were at risk and that no travel was permitted until further notice.

    By 5pm that evening all opposition parties and the Mayor of Manchester were up in arms. The FM during her FMQ that week had to then apologise to the chamber for not informing them beforehand. Now whatever arguments we have for or against this the Presiding officer was within her right to challenge this.

    Why then does the English parliament not follow due process? when all the signs are that the public are at serious risk from various mutations of COVID-19 which might render the vaccinations largely impotent. are they pushing responsibility onto the individual?

    It’s gross misconduct and serious dereliction of duty. In other countries, they would be in prison.

    In other news from Jolly hockey sticks England.

    What does the NHS want? a decent pay rise some recognition I know let’s invoke the spirit of WW1 and give them a medal? Poor Kate (Wife of Wills) Self-isolating at home with nowhere to go apart from one of the ten bedrooms, maybe a wee swim in the indoor swimming pool, game of tennis in the extensive grounds, anyone to talk to? hubby who has never grafted in his life, oh what about Nanny or the staff oh the deprivation. When will this madness end FFS?

  21. Alex Clark says:

    The BBC are pushing Tory propaganda in support of “Freedom day” and ignoring scientific and medical advice over relaxing the restrictions on masks and social distancing while case numbers are increasing exponentially and only half of the population of England have been fully vaccinated.

    Prof Christina Pagel, a member of Independent sage, was having none of it and put the BBC news presenter back in her box after she was interrupted by the presenter in an attempt to spread more Tory pushed disinformation about Covid.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Saw this, shocking performance by the reader of the words she’s told to read (newsreader) and good on that lady who was also quite shocked that the idiot news presenter was defending the idiot English government

      Won’t be long till the BBC begin telling us we *don’t need experts*

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Aye, saw this earlier, always amazed at Pagel’s patience being constantly interrupted to redirect to the script the BBC had already written, even if her eyerolls betray frustration…
      But the response to the “We don’t have any actually definitive data…” assertion got both barrels from the “bullshit” shotgun and didn’t miss, before the panicked “Ok we must leave it there…” parachute is screamed down the earpiece…
      1 million cases of long-Covid in England, 400,000 of whom have struggled with it for more than a year, that should worry anyone with half a brain, even from Eton…

  22. Dr Jim says:

    The respect agenda that doesn’t exist because England respects nothing an no one but themselves
    The English parliament have spoken and everybody else in the British Isles must comply whether issues of competence or authority are devolved or not, and the English media duly react in the deferential way they always do to dictats from their masters in London

    The BBC radio in Scotland ran a phone in deliberately designed to undermine any health announcements the FM or health secretary might give by asking listeners if face coverings should now be ditched because the blonde Tw*t and his pet health toadie in London said so, and they’re still repeating this ridiculous slogan from the idiots down south about *freedom day*

    Is the nation of England completely devoid of the comprehension abilities to understand language consisting of more than two or three word slogans at one time, if they are they should be insulted that their leaders believe they are

    *get Brexit done* *it’s cuummin home* *freedom day* *world beating* and the list goes on and on and, well you get it, on……

  23. Dave tewart says:

    Comment on the new good brexit news.
    It appears the uk government has given Nissan a large number of sterling notes to build a new battery factory in the north east.
    Final comment from the business secretary, the final sum will be declared After Due Diligence research into the project is Complete.
    They have announced the grant before due diligence is complete and you don’t think they are gaslighting.
    We are back to the ‘Herd Immunity’ programme.
    The wee health minister said this morning that the 1% pay rise for nurses was all that can be afforded but will take into account the Independent Report into salaries in the englander NHS.
    The award of the George Medal is just a platitude, they gave the too wee, too poor country Malta one during the time they couldn’t support the population with enough food.
    They are still busy with the gas lighting, the oil price is steadily rising, fuel prices are rising but the media will not report on it until the price goes down.
    We already know what is to be said later today by the big flounder as it has been in the Times and the Telegraph.
    Not worth the time to watch.

  24. Jacksg says:

    and they’re still repeating this ridiculous slogan from the idiots down south about *freedom day*

    That’s an interesting point, Dr Jim. Language matters during a public health crisis.

    Measures such as social distancing, social isolation for the vulnerable, mask-wearing and hand washing. Simple actions have been constantly blurred by muddled messaging as the government try to navigate towards a ‘new normal. These public health measures were also picked up by a media determined to create fear and mistrust so they distorted the message by changing the language.

    The constant and ever-changing messages, slogans, buzzwords and clickbait continue to deflect attention from failures at a basic level to control infection rates. For example, after one briefing Boris Johnston changed the message stay home’ with ‘stay alert’

    After this briefing Channel 4 News host Krishnan Guru-Murthy stated:

    “It seems to me the significant thing that happened tonight was that the government placed responsibility for the infection rate on the public taking sensible decisions. So, if infections and deaths go up again it will be the public, not the government that caused it.”

    That was a year ago, not much has changed.

  25. AAD says:

    O/T I have just seen the news that Poster Boy is stepping back from the Independence movement, at least temporarily, possibly permanently. He was a great support to Independence activists on the street and will be a great loss to the Independence movement.

    • grizebard says:

      It’s very regrettable, but I fundamentally disagree with the basis for his decision. Like some others whose impatience has curdled, trying to force something to happen on their own timetable before the unconvinced are ready, and slap bang in the middle of a crisis that is impinging on everyone, is plain perverse.

      Unfortunately, the public sphere is currenty targeted by mind-readers deliberately spreading doom-and-gloom {hmmm}, trying to undermine what they can’t confront directly, and the miasma has become infectious among those who like to pride themselves as being “staunch”. How ironic, eh?

      What I urge people to do who are tempted like him is just take a deep breath, and remember that it is those who persist who win through. You won’t convince any waverers if you’re beset by wavering yourself. If you throw up your hands and give up, you’ve defeated yourself right off without the fight you earnestly claim to want.

    • Petra says:

      And Barrhead Boy seemingly, AAD.

  26. Dr Jim says:

    Scotland, one of the few countries in Europe that counts and reports statistics accurately
    England, the country that inaccurately reports statistics deliberately

  27. Dave tewart says:

    Maybe somebody will explain.
    The duchess of cambridge has to self isolate due to being in contact with a positive test person.
    Same day the duck of cambridge is seen in the company of lots of people in London including the person who is masquerading as pm.
    Strange old world.

  28. I’m still here, Duggers. Taking a break, for fear of completely losing it.
    Thoroughly enjoying your posts, kick started by PK’s excellent observations on the Meaning of Life, the Universe, everything.

    I comfort myself by reminding us all that Douglas Ross is on 5 weeks’ paid holiday from his Holyrood gig, enhanced by a generous top up to ‘lead’ Boris Johnson’s Boys Up Here, and in a few weeks time, the linesman’s meagre six figure holiday pay will be augmented by 10 weeks’ paid holiday MP wages; I am sure that he is on a retainer from the SFA while off injured.
    Is there anything more corrupt than this?

    This putrid evil system is about to come crumbling down round about their ears, burying them alive in their greed, immorality, and corruption, screaming for mercy like the hedonist citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah in a Cecil B De Mille epic.
    Auld Nick is going to need a bigger boat to ferry them across the Styx.

    They have reached the End Of Their Days.

  29. Alex Clark says:

    Watched the clown giving his Covid briefing, he’s certainly taking a big gamble here in removing mask and social distancing restrictions when case numbers are said to be doubling every 9 days.

    We’re at 28,000 cases a day now so a week on Wednesday it will be 56,000 and just 9 days later 112,000. This is mental as 9 days after that it will be a quarter a million new infections a day!

    Their own figures for the doubling rate announced at the briefing and not mine.

    • grizebard says:

      An exponential curve with an doubling rate of 9 days leads in very short order to deep doo-doo (a technical term). You can’t have an acceleration as large as that and rightly claim that vaccinations are taking the strain. So we’re back in “herd immunity” territory again, it’s merely unspoken now. What are the health experts there doing? To observe that political abdication and stand silently by is professional negligence, IMO. If they won’t be heard by the English Government, they should go public and tell the truth to anyone willing to listen.

      That we have to depend on this deliberate madness in any way at all is unfortunate, to say the least. But the SG only gets criticised by paid media hacks for not slavishly copying it? Another professional betrayal.

      BoZo is gambling right enough, but not on his own account, it’s with the lives of those he’s supposed to protect.

  30. Tatu3 says:

    Here in Spain we have been allowed to go maskless in open spaces (the law before was masks everywhere) for about two weeks now. Where we are in Extremadura I’d say 99.9% of us still happily wear our masks.
    Our nearest town, population approx 17,000, the number of cases these past two or three weeks, goes up and down between 5 and 12. And as far as I am aware no one is in hospital with covid atm.

  31. Alex Clark says:

    The Irish Times tonight has described Johnson’s announcement as “Boris Johnson’s let-it-rip policy”. They have also described the policy as “reckless” and morally indefensible”.

    In a country where the Delta variant is spreading rapidly, this is extraordinarily reckless. Some parts of north-east England are seeing massive surges, with South Tyneside recording a 195 per cent increase in cases in seven days and Sunderland reporting a 131 per cent jump. Many people in England remain unprotected. And no vaccine offers total protection, which means that vulnerable people could fall ill and die in very high numbers if transmission continues at current rates. A government scientific adviser has warned that the plan is akin to building “variant factories”.

    In effect, it is now British government policy to let Covid-19 rip through the population. It is a morally indefensible position that will cost Britain – and its neighbours – dearly.

  32. James Mills says:

    Edgar Alan Poe’s The Masque of the Red Death is a story of a ”happy and dauntless and sagacious Prince Prospero ” avoiding a plague by shutting himself and his friends away in a walled fortress . To no avail !

    Boris Johnson ”the happy and dauntless and sagacious King of the World ” is doing the opposite . He is tearing down the ( metaphorical ) walls that protect his population and allowing the Red Death/ Covid to run its course .
    As others have stated , the rate of infection increasing exponentially , as it is , will likely spawn new variants which may NOT be subdued by the current vaccines .

    The result will quite possibly be more Lockdown measures which The King of the World vowed there would never be .
    Perhaps a ditch could be made ready for his majesty !

  33. Dr Jim says:

    Boris Johnson set to reverse devolution and scrap the Scottish parliament says Dominic Cummings

    • Petra says:

      ‘Michael Russell: Proof Boris Johnson wants to scrap Holyrood is in his actions.’


      ‘Boris Johnson has surrendered to Covid – he should never be forgiven.’

    • Petra says:

      I wonder what else Dom can tell us, lol.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Johnson is halfway to dumping Northern Ireland now, he knows the problems it’ll cause but doesn’t care as long as he gets rid of it and leaves the problem at Dublin’s door

        Scotland will be more of a problem legally, but that means nothing to him either, he doesn’t like Scots or Scotland but England needs what we have to survive and the threat of Scottish Independence is something the Tories Labour and Liberal Democrats will unite in preventing in any shape or form to make sure Scotland remains English property

        Scotland was nearly gone by an accidental mistake in 2014, Johnson and co are determined to make sure there’s no chance of anything like that ever happening again so they’re prepared to do whatever it takes irrespective of whatever the rest of the world thinks about his actions, Johnson is gambling on the brazen idea that the rest of the world will just grumble about his behaviour towards Scotland for a while then fall silent on the issue, I believe he’s wrong and it’ll be a lot more than just a grumble

        Folk worried about what Nicola Sturgeon is doing about it shouldn’t, the preparation for this has been done and even the media will find it impossible to suppress it, it’ll be all about us soon enough

    • Capella says:

      The umpteenth broken promise. Or is it a threat?

      • grizebard says:

        It’s another reckless bluff, which might play to the EngNat gallery down south, but will assuredly backfire badly on him in Scotland if he actually is desperate/arrogant enough to try it. Even Unionist Labour couldn’t swallow that.

        But it already confirms that Federal Broon is a seriously delusional fool to anyone who might otherwise have wanted to believe him.

  34. Dr Jim says:

    BBC radio Scotland this morning helps the Scottish public by asking them to phone in on the subject of who should we be listening to?

    Should we listen to FM Nicola Sturgeon or PM Boris Johnson? If there’s anybody left by now in Scotland who doesn’t believe the BBC are run and receive their instructions from London surely this must be the final proof

    No scientist in the whole of the British isles agrees with nutter Johnson, his Sage committee of advisors have not advised him of this *freedom day* course of action, this is a political decision designed purely on divisiveness and greed, for the BBC to even pose the question is a total abrogation of their supposed duty of impartiality every bit as bad as Johnsons dereliction of responsibility to the position he holds as PM

    Boris Johnson has now put Scotlands FM Nicola Sturgeon and Wales FM Mark Drakeford in the position of having to defend different health arrangements they might decide to make for our two respective countries, the media and the public have just been given the green light to pick a side in a political war Boris Johnson has chosen to inflict upon us just like he chose to inflict the Covid Delta variant on us

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