Andrew Dunlop’s flat tyre

The House of Lords has been debating the Dunlop Review into UK Government Union capability. The review was commissioned by a Conservative government, carried out by a Conservative peer who was once an advisor to Margaret Thatcher, and features contributions from a variety of anti-independence politicians. In other words it’s what a BBC Scotland news manager would consider to be a fair and unbiased look at what passes for a British constitution. Despite being the product of a British nationalist talking shop, the British government, which commissioned the review back in 2019, sat on its findings for over two years before reluctantly publishing the report in March this year.

This reluctance to let the public see the findings of a review which that same public had paid for may not be unrelated to the fact that the review identifies one of the prime causes of the rise in support for independence and growing disenchantment with the British state across Scotland and Wales as the arrogance and contempt with which Boris Johnson and Michael Gove and their ilk treat the devolved administrations. Mind you, expecting Johnson and Gove to act with anything other than arrogance, self-interest, and oozing contempt is a bit like those occasional plaintive tweets asking for people to treat one another with kindness, toleration and understanding on social media. It’s all very lovely and fluffy but it has got no chance of happening. Michael Gove oozes arrogant contempt in the same way that a slug oozes slime, it is an essential mechanism for his progress.

Naturally Johnson and Gove don’t want to acknowledge the uncomfortable truth that it’s their own actions which have been instrumental in creating rising support for independence, even though it’s screamingly obvious to anyone who has paid even the slightest passing attention that support for independence in Scotland is primarily driven by widespread dissatisfaction with the way in which Scottish interests and concerns are routinely ignored or marginalised by successive British governments.

The latest and most egregious example of this is the way in which the hardest possible version of Brexit was foisted upon a majority remain voting Scotland while all suggestions from the Scottish government to mitigate the impact on Scotland of being ripped out of the EU against its will were rejected by Downing Street out of hand. Throughout this entire sorry process the Scottish Government was treated by Downing Street as a hostile actor to be neutralised and defeated, and not as the democratically elected representatives of the people of Scotland in possession of a mandate every bit as valid, if not more so, than Johnson and May’s mandate to pursue the hard Brexit that was the wet dream of the Conservative back benches.

And that’s the nub of the issue with this so-called Union right there. When a devolved administration with its own democratic mandate which is independent of Downing Street’s mandate is treated as an enemy, that is all you need to know in order to come to the conclusion that the Union is well and truly gubbed. It’s made even worse by Downing Street’s determination to use Brexit, which Scotland didn’t vote for, as an excuse to undermine the devolution settlement, which Scotland did vote for.

It’s far easier for the Conservatives to blame their self inflicted difficulties on Thatessempee stirring up divisions and mongering grievances. This facile diagnosis ignores the obvious truth that this “stirring up” will only gain traction if significant numbers of people feel the same way.

Dunlop’s report made a number of weak and largely cosmetic recommendations which have as much chance of tackling the fundamental problems with the governance of the UK as there is of planting a feather and waiting for it to grow a chicken. He recommended that the UK Government’s activities in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should “be clearly marked with UK Government branding”. In other words, put more union flags on things, a remedy which is not unlike telling a foot fetishist that his habits would be less creepy if he spent more time browsing the Louboutin website in search of red-soled high heels.

The Dunlop Review called for the creation of a new cabinet secretary with full-time responsibility for the Union. Instead, Johnson appointed himself “Minister for the Union, a title which has proven to be as devoid of content as Former Ugandan dictator Idi Amin appointing himself the King of Scotland, a title which has now been passed on to Neil Oliver.

Dunlop also recommended the creation of a UK Intergovernmental Council (UKIC), because the current mechanisms are not fit for purpose. This council would, he said, be a “forum for co-operation and joint working”. However he did not explain how co-operation and joint working was going to operate in practice when the British Government’s idea of joint working with the devolved administrations is that Edinburgh and Cardiff should jolly well do as they’re told and never cease to express their gratitude that their betters in London have deigned to acknowledge their existence. His proposals were noticeably short on mechanisms for ensuring that when differences of opinion arise, or when the respective mandates of Holyrood, the Senedd and Westminster are at odds, that Downing Street cannot simply bulldoze the objections of the devolved administrations out of the way. Without such mechanisms there is nothing to prevent Downing Street continuing to treat Scotland and Wales with the contempt which has become so familiar.

The Lords debate about the report was notable only for the entirely predictable way in which it was used as an opportunity to rubbish aspirations for Scottish or Welsh independence and the British establishment’s refusal to recognise the magnitude of the change that needs to be implemented if Westminster is serious about taking the steam out of the desire for Scottish independence. So we had the Tory peer and arch Brexiteer Daniel Hannon opine that he couldn’t really understand why Scottish independence was even being discussed given that “In all parts,[of the UK] we speak the same language, we watch the same TV, we follow the same sports, we shop at the same chains.”

So now you know, every time you watch one cast member of Eastenders scream at another that she’s a slag, or every time you buy a yum yum and a bridie from Greggs, you are in fact expressing your undying faith in the institutions of the British state. These are the kinds of insights that led to Dan getting a peerage. Of course some two million of us still obstinately speak another language, like Scots, Welsh, Gaelic or Irish in addition to English despite the centuries of vilification and abuse that speakers of those languages have faced, and continue to face from the English speaking majority.

This government has no intentions of implementing the proposals of a Thatcherite Conservative peer, which means that Gordon Brown’s promises of full fat federalism have even less of a chance of coming to fruition as there is of Boris Johnson being honest about the number of children he’s got. Dunlop’s flat tyre of a review is going nowhere. That ought to tell you everything you need to know about the prospects of reform within the UK. And that’s why independence remains the only option for Scotland ever getting a government that’s accountable to the people of Scotland.


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71 comments on “Andrew Dunlop’s flat tyre

  1. […] Wee Ginger Dug Andrew Dunlop’s flat tyre The House of Lords has been debating the Dunlop Review into UK Government Union […]

  2. ArtyHetty says:

    Oh I dunno, Daniel Hannon has a point, all cut from the same cloth an all that eh, so non of that fancy speaking any foreign stuff, or else. Did they mention banning tartan and the bagpipes in their assimilation plans at all, like they did a couple of centuries ago. I wonder what an ancestry DNA test would come up with for these arrogant, exceptionalist BritNats, all 100% ‘British’, huh huh.

    Gowd knows why Australia, New Zealand, the US, and so many other ‘English’ speaking countries don’t want back in the UKok union, jeez, they use the same ‘chains’ as well, given the world is quite small and it was even once easy peasy to get things into and out of the UK back in the old days of international ‘cooperation’. Some can even watch the same ‘tv’ on the ye olde World Wide Web. Whatever next.

    North British, North Britain, back in your box is the message. The British Nationalists at WM don’t do cooperation, and they certainly don’t do ‘joint working’.
    A forum is like you say Paul, a talking shop, anyone can set up a ‘forum’ but it’s not an equal decision making arena when it involves Tory HOL’s mega privileged folk paid £300+ a day, seeking to keep their gravy train, ie Scotland, shackled to their cesspit, backward looking, isolationlist Brexit ‘Britain’.

    Scotland will always be held back by the isolationist backward country next door, (no offence to the people in England who are not of that ilk) the British Nationalists’
    really appear to be desperate to assimilate Scotland, almost as if they can’t go it alone and manage at all, without the country next doors’ resources and revenues, hmmm, strange.

    Love the Idi Amin and Neil Oliver bit, ‘king of Scotland’, ha ha!

    • iusedtobeenglish says:

      “Did they mention banning tartan and the bagpipes in their assimilation plans at all, like they did a couple of centuries ago”

      Certainly not, AH. They’ll ‘allow’ them to show that they do appreciate regional cultural distinctiveness.
      – The Welsh (ladies) will be able to wear those nice tall hats and Welsh men will be able to join male voice choirs (they all sing, you know) and practice ‘God Bless the Prince of Wales’
      – The Irish will be able to do that charming dancing-that-doesn’t-involve arms, like Michael Flatley.
      – Ooh – and the Northern English can clog dance – and practice the noble art of ‘Ecky Thump.

      You obviously don’t understand how much they care…

      (For the avoidance of doubt – /s)

  3. Bob Lamont says:

    Dunlop’s “flat tyre” was never more than a balloon to float and inject delay, it was never intended to resolve the irresolvable.
    For the one aspect you highlighted from Dunlop they delayed publication, anything more specific would have taken more guts than the Tories have to get beyond the Pending tray.
    The Hannan speech perfectly circles the point and simultaneously misses it, his construct of Britishness was as false in the 1700s as it is today, we have all grown up under that cloud, but it is England which has drifted even farther to the right and Hannon can’t spot the difference because he’s been there for years.
    “There’s some corner of a foreign field that is for ever England” no longer applies…

  4. Dr Jim says:

    Boris Johnson’s idea of Minister for the Union is to keep declaring we’re all one country, so in other words there is no Union except when he needs to say there is for propaganda purposes or he forgot about it, he forgets a lot

    America speaks English, that must be such a disappointment for Mr Hannan, he should go there and tell them they still belong to EngBritUKland, I think the answer would be much the same as he’d get from the rest of us

  5. P Harvey says:

    Absolutely spot on WGD!

    “… much chance of tackling the fundamental problems with the governance of the UK as there is of planting a feather and waiting for it to grow a chicken.”

  6. Col says:

    Yes, it’s terrible what we put up with.

    • James Mills says:

      ”We” put up with it because for most of our lives’ ‘we” have been lied to by the media and the Unionist politicians about our capacity to be a ”real country” and stand on own while our assets and talented youth have been systematically drained away to the south .

      Scotland is one of the very few countries in the world whose population has barely risen in the last century .
      Consider : pop. Scotland 1901 4.4 m ; 1951 5.09 m ; 2001 5.06 m ; 2011 5.29 m
      pop England 1901 30.07 m 1951 41.1 m ; 2001 49.1 m ; 2011 53.1 m

      This is the Union Dividend – being sucked dry of people and talent !

    • grizebard says:

      Since you clearly have no insights worth sharing, you merely speak for yourself.

  7. Petra says:

    ..”He (Dunlop) recommended that the UK Government’s activities in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should “be clearly marked with UK Government branding”. In other words, put more union flags on things.”

    Batty BoJo of course goes to the extreme.


    If you want to know how to hold the Union together ask Alex and Sam, lol.

    Subject: Future Governance of the UK – Constitution Committee.’

    • JoMax says:

      ” …. should be clearly marked with UK Government branding”‘

      Well, it seems to be ‘working’ because this evening in this north Highland village a shabby, tatty old converted caravanette contraption in dire need of a respray arrived, presumably ‘on tour’, sporting massive Union and St George’s flags over the windows.

      • grizebard says:

        These culturally-insensitive people evidently haven’t a clue. There isn’t a camera crew surreptitiously covering it, by any chance, is there? Just in case the provocation might bear some media sensationalist fruit…?

    • barpe says:

      Massie’s final summary to the committee was “It will be harder to get permission to hold an Indyref than to win it” – says it all really.
      We are, therefore, ‘prisoners’ in this union, until our oppressors deem we deserve some democracy!
      Aye, right.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Extremely telling how quickly Alex Massie went to the hope of religionists in England to help save the Union with Scotland and admitted that Unionists in Scotland had nothing to say on Scottish affairs except shrill language about the defence of the Union with England

      The Northern Ireland correspondent claimed reunification wasn’t “there yet” but just by stating those words “there YET” probably indicates it’s actually well on its way and he’s doing exactly what Alex Massie’s doing, underplaying the position more from hope than fact

      Just as a light point of interest I have noticed the BBC weather presenters in England now referring to Scotlands weather then describing the weather in England but naming it the UK as though it’s a separate entity, so maybe the BBC in England have just given up the ghost and decided to divorce us on the weather map at least

      • Welsh_Siôn says:

        Remember – ‘they still refer to ‘the West of the country’. They barely register ‘Wales’.

        • iusedtobeenglish says:

          I remember the fight Wales had to get the BBC to use the term EnglundunDWales, when starting the weather report with Cardiff!

          A retrograde (and no doubt deliberate) step.

    • Capella says:

      Just listened to Alex Massie – wow. A more smug, arrogant and ignorant exposition of unionism would be hard to find. I lost track of the blatant lies such as that Scotland benefits greatly form the transfer of money from English tax payers through the Barnett formula; Nicola Sturgeon does not speak for Scotland; the furlough scheme benefited us more than we will admit because… the UK government should treat us like teenagers rather than children.

      That’ll work.

      Recommended listening for anyone who doesn’t understand the depth of contempt of people like Alex Massie who is clearly paid to misrepresent the Scottish people to his London paymasters. A sort of modern-day Daniel Defoe.

      Th “Lords” in general were well meaning and seemed genuinely concerned to know what to do about the “Scottish question”.

      Alex Massie’s solution?
      1 Co-opt the nationalist movement
      2 Refuse a referendum because a) the SNP didn’t get 2/3 of the vote and so the people don’t consent and b) if you allow a referendum you’ll lose it.

      • James Mills says:

        Alex Massie – who will be persuaded by his arguments ? Among Scottish voters who will even KNOW who he is ?
        Massie , like so many commentators , speaks to an echo chamber of like-minded unionists .

        He will not convince many of the delights and advantages of being in the ”most successful union in the world ”as more voters will read the notes on the back of an HP sauce bottle than his articles . ( Other sauces are available ! )

        Some on independence blogs ( not Paul ) share this myopic view that whatever they say is instantly communicated to all those who never read a blog .

        The same myopia is shared by the intense navel gazing among some Indy supporters on the ‘gender’ issue .
        This concern is not shared by many voters ( I would suggest ) yet they are for tearing the Independence movement asunder because THEY don’t like the direction of the SNP .

        These issues are important to some but NO issue is important enough to derail the push for independence which is becoming more and more vital as the UK Government sheds all pretence of being democratic .

    • Bob Lamont says:

      The Massie and McBride takes didn’t quite gel for me although they made interesting observations on feelings of abandonment by the Unionist enclaves of both re Johnson and London, rather than the cumulative effect of mishandling of the devolved administrations.

      McBride made the point on re-unification not being imminent, yet completely neglected to observe Dublin were in no hurry to invite the more extreme elements of unionism to tea, biscuits, and a chat – I’m inclined to the view no sudden shift will happen rather than a long transitional phase leading to the formality of assimilation. At least he admitted the DUP realise it’s inevitable.

      On Scotland I couldn’t reconcile Massie’s observation a third of the electorate were purely driven by transactional considerations but currently on the fence despite Brexit having inflicted such enormous harms with yet more to come.
      He struck me as hinting an answer to “what can we do to stop it” rather than what can be done to remedy the imbalance, and judging by some of the queries, that was also the committee members’ dominant focus.

  8. Petra says:

    ‘The Dunlop Review into UK Government Union capability.’


    ‘The Dunlop Review of UK Government Union Capability.’

    Click to access Lord_Dunlop_s_review_into_UK_Government_Union_Capability.pdf

  9. malkymcblain says:

    Freudian slip quickly corrected by BJ as he welcomed Angela Merkel to England. Technically he’s right however old habits die hard with those who have grown up with England means Britain and UK means England. Watch.

  10. Hamish100 says:

    Welcome to Engbrit sounds about right.

    He is a ass holly

    … and to think Gordon Brown, Johnson, the Lib denim guy, DUP , Sir Starmer, Galloway, Gove, Patel, Sarwar, Baillie, dame smith and her bbc daughter are all on the same side.

    It makes one feel clean.

  11. UndeadShuan says:

    I noticed having breakfast this morning, that both M&S and tescos both have saltires back on packs of strawberries.

    Gove wont be happy at them both ignoring the flag diktat.

  12. bringiton says:

    The very fact that the Great British government has a department and Secretary of State solely for Scotland tells us that they acknowledge that we are a separate distinct entity.
    They don’t have that for any of their shires so that also re-inforces the reality that,despite their rhetoric,they view Scotland as a country.
    London has always danced around the reality of the British state which is a union of separate nations and not a unitary country.
    This latest ploy by England’s Tories has been neccessitated by their ideological drive to be an important global force in their own right.
    Attempting to do trade deals etc as the state of England would expose all of their weaknesses,hence the need to eradicate Scotland as an entity.
    Despite the claim that without England,Scotland would be nothing,the reality is the other way round.
    Without us,they are nothing.

  13. Janet Johnstone says:

    This morning I read your blog with interest as usual, then went to share on Facebook, I was prevented from doing so as ” some of the content has been reported”. Someone is getting twitchy

  14. Alex Clark says:

    Keir Starmer has come up with a new plan where he hopes to out Tory the Tories in the patriotic wars. Labour will “Buy British” to woo back the lost voters.

    Labour has announced a new post-Brexit economic vision for the UK involving ambitious plan to “make, sell and buy more in Britain” as it seeks to build a strongly patriotic policy platform with which to take on the Tories.

    • Capella says:

      Groan 😱

    • Hamish100 says:

      More eggs with a lion on it supplied from Australia.

      Starmer is such an omelette. Pathetic.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Yaay!, we’re going to build more British things that break so we can all learn to fix broken stuff like we did before we learned to make things that don’t break and sold all those things to Japan who now rule the world in making things that don’t break, along with the Germans who spent their time wisely building the best motor and engineering industries in the world so the English could sell stuff back to themselves and pretend they have motor and engineering businesses

      But hey, England stood alone, and now they’re alone again unable to steal from other countries anymore, unable to co operate with countries because they don’t know how, all they know is how to talk big promise big and deliver nothing except red white and blue flags the Queen and little red planes squirting out red white and blue smoke, but they’re going to be world beating globally at that

      It’s why they stamp that stupid flag on Scotlands produce and pretend it’s theirs, it’s why Andy Murray became British again for a couple of weeks, why everybody who’s successful at something no matter what their origin becomes British until they lose then their name is never mentioned especially if they were furrin to begin with

      Englands most successful industry is buying and selling other peoples money for commission

      So basically still stealing from somebody

  15. Welsh_Siôn says:

    You may like a few of the commentators in today’s Guardian Review. (Of course, they have to ‘balance’ it with some pro-Union, voices, too.)

  16. Dr Jim says:

    Nicola Sturgeon must make the case for Independence

    I read stuff like that every day and I still am not sure what case it is that the people demanding that are demanding
    If folk don’t know by now the reasons why Scotland needs it’s own abilities to control our own destiny I don’t know what else to tell them
    It seems though that the case for Independence for the people who demand information about the future of it rests upon Nicola Sturgeon making predictions of how and when the country will become better, will the currency be accepted without England putting the mockers on it, will the EU accept Scotland for sure guaranteed, will the weather definitely be better in an Independent Scotland and on what date will that all happen

    What is clear though is that no matter how many times the FM says there will be a referendum in the first half of this parliament and arrangements for that to happen are underway there are still folk who for some strange reason don’t want to believe her and that’s another thing that’s become clear, many of the same people who keep demanding the FM inform us of her every thought are people who are dead against Nicola Sturgeon thinking at all and that’s why they demand more and more words so they can keep questioning every one of those words then complaining they’re inadequate

    Every word the Tories uttered on Brexit was a lie, every single damn word, and here we are today with the folk who swallowed every word the Brexit nutters said because they wanted to are jumping up and down calling Scotlands FM a liar when she does say something and a liar if she doesn’t

    We have the Abla party who no one voted for (well 1.7%) for all the obvious reasons, demanding Nicola Sturgeon get her armour on jump on a horse and ride into England smiting the enemy left and right with great blows of her rhetorical word sword and get Scotland Independence and if she doesn’t she’s a liar, when two of the members of Abla were voted into office on an SNP ticket and have since admitted they have more interest in devo max which was the original intention of their leader Alex Ahab Salmond in the first place and refuse to put themselves forward for election by the people in their constituencies after jumping ship to their new party that nobody voted for them to represent, so y’know who are the liars here, oh and for those who don’t know Abla is not a new party they’re almost a year old

    The overall plan to undermine Scotland is the plan to undermine the people’s confidence in Nicola Sturgeon, the first half of the parliament isn’t here yet but Covid still is and anybody with half a brain cell knows that if the FM begins the campaign for Independence right now every commentator, every journalist, every TV channel, every opposition politician and even many on our own side will make giant leaps to condemn her using every descriptive adjective they can muster, and they’ll plaster it everywhere every five minutes and the people who are demanding she do these things now will be the same people who’ll accuse her of making the mistake of going too early and call her a liar by saying she did it deliberately because she doesn’t really want Independence and never did

    The demanders can’t get Scotland Independence, the demanders can do nothing except demand because it’s easier to rile people up to believe bad stuff than it is to actually do anything, the demanders make promises they know they don’t ever have to keep because they don’t have the job or responsibility to have to keep any promises they make

    The demanders job is to try to make us lose confidence, our job is to sling them a deafy

    • Pogmothon says:

      This is totally OT,
      but can anyone tell me definitively if the “right to recall” extends to all MPs through out the four nations (lacking a simple easier description).
      And if the case for recall must meet specific predetermined criteria.

  17. Old Pete says:

    Could they really push for the Scotland bridge to Ireland ?

    • Dr Jim says:

      They’ll say they will, they’ll talk a lot about it, they’ll make plans for it, but if it ever happens I’ll eat my own face off with curry sauce and a fork

    • Bob Lamont says:

      For the fees for donors to the Tory Party they’ll take it all the way to feasibility studies and there it will rest.
      It’s a flag waving exercise and diversion to the Brexit mess in reality, nothing more.

    • Alec Lomax says:

      To borrowthe immortal words of Marina Warner: “A heap of hooey”.

  18. Hamish100 says:

    Maybe one for Welsh Sion.
    A labour politician on radio 4 Any Questions. She stated Starmer will be the next U.K. PM. Labour will follow socialist policies and in another quote she is happy to sing England’s God Save the Queen, she is a royalist after all and will stand under a huge union flag ( where Wales is not represented) and of course the the Dragon. She is proud Welsh and British.

    Bless the labour socialists. They have turned deep blue Tory without any self awareness.

  19. Petra says:

    ‘Andrew Tickell: LibDem MSP’s court comments don’t look so good now.’


    ‘Treasury accused of ‘politicising’ civil service with job ad.’

    ..”The description states the Edinburgh-based role will involve representing the Treasury in Scotland, which includes establishing a network of contacts in different sectors to “gather intelligence, understand key Scottish issues and promote HM Treasury (HMT) policy priorities”.”..

  20. Petra says:

    ‘Lads’ with knives: One reason for a hard border?’

    ..”Researchers at the University of the West of Scotland have confirmed that Scotland’s drug problem is now almost entirely fed by supplies arriving from England and Northern Ireland. While the violence by young black males with clear English accents, last Thursday, may be unconnected, it may equally be an unusually public display of conflict between ‘County Line’ gangs based in large English cities and bringing misery to Scotland.”..


    ‘Thousands of baby deaths and no calls for Humza to go?’

  21. Petra says:

    ‘Xenophobic, inhumane UK is a foreign country.’


    Relates to England only …. for now.

    ‘Your top 12 questions on England’s GP data grab – answered.’

  22. James Mills says:

    So Starmer’s plan to win back voters to what presently passes as the Labour Party is to be ”more British ” than the Tories ? Or more Jingoistic ?
    Will he be seeing Ian Murray’s tailor and being fitted for a Union suit ?

    This behaviour smacks of an incident in The Planet of the Apes – Charlton Heston attempts to communicate with the dominant life form , the apes , and is accused of just ‘aping’ what he sees – ”Human see , Human do ! ”

    So it is with Starmer and his failing Labour Party – aping what appears to work for the Tories !

    That is the saddest in a long line of humiliations that have afflicted ”The People’s party” in a long time .
    Tony Bliar did it best , but then he was at heart the reincarnation of Thatcher .
    Brown tried it with his feeble ”British Jobs for British Workers ! ”

    Now they have Starmer , a man so lacking in personality he makes Jeremy Corbyn look like Brad Pitt !

    What next ? Will Starmer start fathering children then immediately disown them ?
    How about standing up at PMQs and telling whopping great porkies every week ?
    Can he winkle a few millions for his buddies in Government contracts ( no need to actually deliver anything ! )
    What about announcing a Bridge-to-Nowhere ?

    Here’s an idea , Mr Starmer . Why not pretend that you lead a party that has actual policies , that want’s to help people , especially the poorer and disadvantaged , that is not just a mirror-image of the Tories , that has a moral compass , that stands up for democracy , that doesn’t abstain when it is faced with difficult decisions , that votes against laws that harm the poor , that fights for the rights of people who are being discriminated against by a fascist Home Secretary , that doesn’t see being an MP as the be-all-and-end-all of a Labour politician’s ambition ….
    ( 365 more lines to follow …)

  23. Petra says:

    No mention by the BBC, et al, of English fans spreading the virus.

    ‘Euro 2020: England fans celebrate as Three Lions advance to semi-finals.’


    ‘Hundreds climb fountain in London as England fans flood streets after Ukraine victory.’

  24. Petra says:

    ‘World’s largest ever four day week trial in Iceland ‘overwhelming success’.’

    The world’s largest ever trial of a four-day working week and reduced working time in Iceland was an “overwhelming success” and should be tested in the UK, researchers have said.’..


    ‘FACT CHECK: SNP’s four-day week plan would cost taxpayers £3bn a year.’

    ..”The problem here is that the Scottish Conservatives have deliberately misrepresented the notion behind the four-day working week concept.”..

  25. Petra says:

    ‘OIL PRICE FORECAST FOR 2021, 2022, 2023 AND 2024.’


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  26. Hamish100 says:

    Another fantasy from Johnson and the tories. They just keep promising or lying.

    It would be interesting as to who is actually researching this for HM government.

  27. Hamish100 says:

    The English decide what is best for Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

    Ahhhh bless them, they are so good to us don’t you think

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      That’s coz we’re not programmed to make those big decisions for ourselves, are we, Hamish?

      (c) Johann Lamont
      Circa 2013
      All Rights Reserved

  28. Dr Jim says:

    There’s a tunnel I’d like to dig and stick them in it

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