The line in the hypocrisy sand

We’ve had the claim that tens of thousands of people have needlessly lost their lives because of the British Government’s confused and chaotic response to the pandemic. We have seen the UK suffer the greatest economic damage due to the pandemic of any country in Europe. This has been combined with the highest death toll in Europe and a per capita death toll which is one of the highest in the world. We’ve had multiple allegations that valuable government contracts have been awarded without due scrutiny to friends and associates of senior members of the Conservative party. There have been enough instances of British Government ministers being found to have acted unlawfully that it’s legitimate to describe law breaking and contempt for the law to be official Government policy. We have had so many lies and untruths told without any consequences for the liars that we’ve lost count. The fragile peace settlement in Northern Ireland has been seriously damaged by a British government which lied its way through the Brexit process, reneged on its commitments and then tried to blame everyone else.

Yet throughout this sorry litany of venality, incompetence, chaos and deceit, no one in the British Government has ever so much as offered an apology, never mind been sacked or offered their resignation. That has finally changed with the resignation of the hapless Health Secretary Matt Hancock after a tabloid newspaper obtained CCTV footage showing the married cabinet minister breaking social distancing rules in order to have a snog with a colleague, a woman whom he has been friends with for many years and whom he secretly contracted as an advisor to his department, avoiding the usual checks and scrutiny. But that was merely another sordid example of the chumocracy that passes for British government these days. However it turns out that there is after all a line in the hypocrisy sand that can’t be crossed.

What really did it for Matt was breaking social distancing rules in order to have a snog with the woman he was having an affair with. The rules that the rest of us have to abide by don’t apply to Matt, just as they didn’t apply to Dominic Cummings. It was the final hypocritical straw that broke the weasel’s back. He survived the allegations made against him by Boris Johnson’s spurned rent-a-troll Dominic Cummings, who had accused Hancock of repeatedly lying to cabinet colleagues and the public, of presiding over the PPE debacle and the scandal of telling us that he’d put a ring of steel around care homes while their vulnerable residents were being exposed to covid from people discharged into care homes from hospitals on the advice of Matt’s department. He survived giving a lucrative government contract to a company run by some members of his family. He survived a court ruling that he had acted unlawfully by refusing to publish details of how government contracts were awarded.

But after this latest scandal,Hancock had to go. There’s no way he could keep his job after giving public funds to someone he was having an affair with, cough, Jennifer Arcuri, cough cough. Matt Hancock losing his job for having an inappropriate extramarital snog is like arresting the emperor Caligula for breaching planning regulations and not installing enough public toilets in the Colosseum. We’re now at the stage where if someone in this government made a horse an MP and then murdered their sister after impregnating her, Michael Gove would pop up on the Andrew Marr Show to glibly tell us that it was all perfectly acceptable and within the rules of the ministerial code, and besides we really ought to be congratulating him, because all those broken sea shells and rotting shellfish represent a great victory against the God Neptune, whose turn it is to be president of the EU Commission for the next six months.

Even so, the first instinct of this government was to close ranks and defend the indefensible. Which was after all only to be expected, if Boris Johnson had had to resign every time he was caught indulging himself in an illicit extramarital snog, he’d still be lying about the EU as a junior reporter for the Telegraph in between penning obituaries for the retired senior civil servants and Home Counties worthies who form the basis of that newspaper’s readership. Now he lies about the EU from Number 10 Downing Street and other people have to write the obituaries for all the people whose deaths he’s responsible for.

Those same Scottish Conservatives who were ceaseless in their demands for Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation have been strangely silent. They’re taking their cue from Michael Gove, who believes that someone ought to draw a line under the whole affair so he can take care of it, as long as that line is formed out of white powder.

Meanwhile BBC Scotland, which remorselessly and ceaselessly hounds any SNP politician whom it deems to have behaved inappropriately, was very keen on Sunday morning to stress that Matt Hancock’s resignation was really a very sad personal and human story and to encourage us all to feel sympathy for the self-inflicted travails of a serial liar and hypocrite. Personally I can think of 128,000 very sad personal and human stories right now, a good proportion of which are only very sad personal and human stories because of the rank incompetence and out and out self interested greed of the likes of Matt and his colleagues. But yet again, we see that the job of the BBC in Scotland is only to hold power to account when that power is devolved and is held by the SNP. According to the Sunday Times, Hancock conducted much of his official business using a private email account so there is no official record of his communications with those to whom he handed millions of pounds of government contracts. Using a private email account for government business is not in itself illegal or proof of corruption, but it’s a bit like walking into a bank while wearing a woman’s stockings over your head. You might just be there to pay in a cheque that your granny sent you for your birthday, but it’s still going to raise suspicions that you’re up to no good.

Funny how it only becomes a very sad human story when the BBC is seeking to bury the misdeeds of the Conservatives in Westminster. Are the cosy and highly profitable deals that Matt and his colleagues have handed out to their pals and cronies very sad human and personal stories too? You’ll never learn that from the BBC.

Six Degrees of Stupidity

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48 comments on “The line in the hypocrisy sand

  1. marconatrix says:

    Are we yet at the point “When the Kissing Had to Stop” ???

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Or that you get a job with the Tories by way of ‘tongue in mouth’ (as opposed to ‘word of mouth’).

      • marconatrix says:

        Or should that be “tongue in cheek” ???

        • Welsh_Siôn says:

          Well … mine’s firmly lodged in mine (= boch, ultimately same word as ‘mouth’, from Latin).

          (Gobeithio wnei di bostio drosof fi i One Nation, gyda llaw ..)

          • marconatrix says:

            Ydi, wir! Although I’ve only just realised they’re the same word boch/bucca iirc. (though you might think someone was getting your goat?)
            Sorry but how am I to post for you in O.N., wedi colli’r cyfeiriad yno …

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  3. Dr Jim says:

    All a bit like Al Capone really, murder, racketeering, bootlegging, robbery, and he goes to jail for tax evasion, well, that was just a crime tooo far wasn’t it

  4. DonDon says:

    Paul, I love the Classical references. I’m sure the Prime Minister will get them.

  5. Legerwood says:

    Private email accounts used for Government business…hmm. Wasn’t that what the FBI investigated Hilary Clinton for – her use of a private email account for Government business? Can we now expect Special Branch or the Met Police to investigate Matt Hancock? Aye right.

  6. Capella says:

    I used to think “House of Cards” was a wildly exaggerated tale of darkness at the heart of the Tory Party, typed by Michael Dobbs, Tory MP.. But clearly the present incumbents regard it as a training manual.
    Cliff hanger – as Hancock packs his bags and leaves for a long vacation from realiy, Savid Javid swans in the front door ready to deepen the misery of àll of us unconnected fools who put up with it. What fresh hell is this…?

  7. Gregory R Nunn says:

    It is always about money.
    So somebody was about to cost somebody something, or somehow interfere with their gravy train.
    Never take your eyes off the money trail.

  8. Alba Laddie says:

    It’s time the SNP was upping the ante with BBC Shortbread and publicly asking why no Scottish MP/MSP was asked for their take on this. Take the gloves off, FFS.

    • Alba Laddie says:

      Edit: Scottish Conservative MP/MSP.

      • Dr Jim says:

        The best thing the Scottish government can do is ignore the BBC, not talk to them, try that and you’ll have headlines of *Sturgeon tries to pressure the free and fair reporting of the BBC* and they’d just love that
        While the English government pays the wages of the BBC they’ll support them to the death

        Things might appear to look slow at the moment but they’re not, right now the English government is having a hissy fit over the amount of EU figures publicly coming out in support of Scottish Independence and the foreign newspapers are full of support for Nicola Sturgeon which the BBC will never report

        Folk are expecting some sort of 2014 style again with a lot of noise and fanfare but it’s not going to happen like that this time it’s going to be all business with much of it done very differently with no deals no leaks and no bluster from the FM

    • Alex Clark says:

      Maybe they have already asked, the program was broadcast on Sunday morning but I get it that you are the impatient type and the SNP should have had it all sorted by Sunday afternoon and we should know all about it now by Sunday night at the latest.

      Am I right?

      • Alba Laddie says:

        Not quite, no…this meek approach is nowhere more apparent than when the “what currency will Scotland use post-independence ” comes up in debate.

        Instead of retreating into themselves and thereby taking the bait from Ian Murray and co, the direct answer to that is we’ll use Sterling for as long as it suits us, and turn it straight back on them.

        We’ve played by the media’s rules for too long, time to grasp the thistle, SNP leadership.

      • AAD says:

        Yes. Dae somethin’, dae somethin.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Understandable frustration perhaps, but think about it –
      Listeners and viewers are acutely aware HMS Sarah Smith is not pursuing Labour and Tories for comment whilst lambasting SG for anything going, tiptoeing around the elephant in the room, the current embarrassment…. They’ve been here before…

      This same collusion between Scotland’s Opposition and Media backfired badly for the Mooth and Pacific Quay previously Viz – Every day Ruth would be featured bemoaning whatever until something embarrassing broke, then suddenly, silence. An occasional quip was all the SNP needed, there was no need to shout, the silence was louder….

      Viz – Never interrupt your enemy when they’re making a mistake…

  9. Alex Clark says:

    Labour activists ‘egged and kicked’ while campaigning in Batley and Spen by-election

    Tensions were also high over the weekend after it was reported that Tommy Robinson – real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – would be joining far-right candidate Jayda Fransen for a rally in the area on Saturday.

    In the end Robinson did not turn up and West Yorkshire Police said a planned demonstration of around 400 people “passed off largely without incident”. Three people were arrested – two for public order offences and one for possession of an offensive weapon.

    We must avoid being drawn into these types of orchestrated clashes, they will attempt this kind of crap in Scotland too in my opinion.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Don’t forget that ‘Gorgeous’ George is also standing as a candidate in Batley and Spen. The Observer was reporting that plenty of his recruits (Bradford based Kashmiri thugs) are said to be ‘working’ on his behalf there too.

  10. James Mills says:

    ”The Line in the Hypocrisy Sand ” – is that related to the line in the sand that Baroness Ruthie of Rape clause once drew ?

    Haven’t heard much from her moothieness since Handcock was forced to ‘resign ‘ .

    She will be busy working on her new role as Saviour of the Union !
    She will be getting fitted for her Union Jack suit ( pace Ian Murray !) in which she will deliver One Britain One Nation speeches ( after a chorus of the Great British song , sung by a choir from the local Food Bank ).

    Ruthie will attempt to convince the Scottish people that the successes of vaccinating people in the UK ( which every other country is doing too ) is enough to make us forget the 130,000 Covid deaths , the PPE scandals , the Test and Trace scandals ,the Lockdown dithering scandals , the corruption scandals , the raft of court judgements against the Government’s illegal activities , the Brexit disasters , the Aussie Rip-Off Treaty , and Michael Gove’s f*cking smarmy face .

    People in London’s media , in No 10 and Ruthie herself actually seem to believe that she will have traction in Scotland and will persuade voters that the Union is the best thing to happen to Scotland since Andrew Neil left !

    While Andrew Neil’s leaving was a blessing and will be celebrated annually in an Independent Scotland ( Brillo Day ! ) she is forgetting that she and her party are as popular as a bad case of diarrhea in a spacesuit .
    Mind you when one glances at the ‘talent’ in the Tory ranks that have preceded her , Mundell and Jack , ( two poor Scottish comedians ) her confidence is understandable – but misplaced .

    It is the Jim ”Eggman” Murphy saga revisited . London party sends ”big hitter” north to put the jocks in their box only to find that the supposed ”big hitter” is a F*nny !
    At least Ruthie will have the biological advantage of knowing that before she arrives !

    • Clydebuilt says:

      Boffins have sorted the Diahorrea problem in space suits. . . . . Double seals at the joint between helmet and suit.

      Great British Foodbank Choir. . . .

      Gove’s f*cking Smarmy Face

      Great post James!

  11. Melb Don says:

    Is there anyone here able to explain why James Kelly and his SGP blog seems to have morphed into WOS?. His latest offering is that the leadership of the SNP is now the biggest obstacle to independence. I shake my head in despair.

    • Capella says:

      Yes – he’s joined Alba and therefore is in an opposition party to the SNP. He says, on the date of a second referendum:

      most people in Alba would be reasonably happy with that – our actual fear is that there won’t be a referendum at all over the coming five years

      Frustration with waiting for the big event is taking its toll on people who are prone to frustration. We have been in a pandemic for over a year.
      It’s a shame – I used to read his blog for the comment on polling and surveys. He clearly pays little attention to that now.

      • Dr Jim says:

        The Abla plan behind their attempt to rise in the polls is pretty obvious, continue to moan and lambast Nicola Sturgeon for not adhering to a timetable on Independence that they’ve invented thus undermining her position by making her appear weak on Independence even though she’s already set out her timetable perfectly clearly and how the SNP will proceed, which really is a pretty pathetic ploy by Abla considering Alex Salmond was exposed as originally not wanting full Independence in the first place but devo max and was his attempt to ease Scotland into what he thought was a slow creep towards Independence that would win as the third option on the ballot paper and keep Salmond in office but David Cameron shafted him with the YES NO option only then Salmond caressed the truth around whose idea devo max was so now Salmond returns to do what exactly, revenge? discontent? Independence? just plain old ego? take your pick, one thing I believe is he’s not here to help the cause of Independence with 1.7% of the vote raked in from creating disquiet amongst those who would have voted SNP and even might have caused the situation where the much talked about overall majority may have been affected and lowered by his interference, which kinda suggests it’s more likely to be the revenge model

        Today the UK government are in the Supreme court trying to strike down two pieces of legislation made by the Scottish government, they’re case is that these new laws made in Scotland place obligations on UK ministers, the laws themselves don’t really matter this is a test case behind whether if the Scottish government pass Independence legislation on an Independence referendum that can be struck down by the UK using the courts

        Up till now the Scottish government has been deemed to have the competency of passing law as long as there is not a prohibition on a particular law contained within the Scotland act saying they cannot, the new lady Lord Advocate is to examine the legal case for Scotland to legislate for a referendum and if she decides it’s within the competence of the Scottish government that legislation will proceed then it will be again up to the UK government to challenge in court the rights of the nation of Scotland to decide its own future on Independence

        The UN charter says Scotland does have that right as does every nation and the EU is supporting Scotland in that claim also but as we know the UK government don’t like any law not of their making and especially law that would support the rights and freedoms laid down in the UN charter even though the UK government itself signed up to those rights to become a member of the UN

        So what’s happening at the moment is the UK government must find a way of breaking the law that they can claim is legal then try to brazen that out which as we know they are very good at

        The next two days are much bigger than most people understand or even know is happening

        • Capella says:

          Excellent point re Supreme Court implication. It will be an interesting two days.

        • iusedtobeenglish says:

          “The UN charter says Scotland does have that right as does every nation and the EU is supporting Scotland in that claim also but as we know the UK government don’t like any law not of their making and especially law that would support the rights and freedoms laid down in the UN charter even though the UK government itself signed up to those rights to become a member of the UN

          BUT, to paraphrase the WMPM (Hmm…interesting, because he offers wampum to the natives!) at the G7 that’s what the rest of the world has got to get into their heads – yookay is one nation with “4 constituent parts”. I mean, they’ve altered the definition in the Commonwealth literature – so it must be true. Why won’t RoW see that…?

          • Dr Jim says:

            The Americans won’t make too big a fuss because their big nuclear banging machine is parked in Scotland, some other countries just don’t care, but we do however have friends within the highest echelons of the EU and the EC who will make it their business to be difficult with England when the moment arises for Scottish Independence because they not only see Independence as democratic but also a benefit to them in terms of trade and the squeezing of Englands ego down to size

            Although the Americans won’t pick a side point blank because of their big nukey thing, we do have some powerful friends and fans of Scotlands FM there too

            • UndeadShuan says:

              Im not so sure on USA’s opinions.

              I cant find the link, but remember senior USA general commenting that the UK having a better conventional force to join USA in operations is of more use to america than uks nuclear boats.

    • Clydebuilt says:

      Holding a referendum at the wrong time, before the impact of Brexit can no longer be hidden . . . . Is exactly what the Unionist Establishment want.
      Plus the shift in support towards Yes growing daily due to the the age demographic.

      Not really surprising that as The Loudest Voice for an early regerendum leaves the stage he is instantly replaced by another!

    • Alec Lomax says:

      James is rather sensitive these days. Even the mildest criticism of Alba is not permitted on SGP.

      • Movy says:

        I too no longer pay much attention to SGP.
        I understand and share to some extent the frustration he feels, but he jumped so completely into bed with Alba and then became huffy when half his followers didn’t follow suit.
        He’s absolutely entitled to his views, but so too are those of us who disagree with him.
        Sad because he, like WOS, used to be so good at the statistical analyses but now he sees everything through the Alba prism so his articles have lost some balance.

        • grizebard says:

          I agree. Not just “some balance”, but “all balance”, I would say.

          He is evidently now so committed to Alba he seems to have conveniently forgotten that his sole “up front” reason for proverbially changing horses in mid-stream was the presence of a “great leader” who could move mountains due to great public prestige. When his chosen messiah of tarnished reputation and shoddy preparation moved only a tiny electoral molehill, instead of re-assessing the situation objectively as he once would have done, and publicly recognising where electoral support actually lies, his original reason was quietly shelved and he doubled-down on sundry unconvincing ad-hoc “justifications”. Which may at least reveal his true underlying motivation: differences of process and policy with the SNP mainstream.

          Another obsessive victim of the “my-road or no road” fallacy, I fear.

          So now that he is claiming that “people in SNP leadership circles” (whoever that may be – besides the ever-predictable Pete Wishart, perhaps) is privately putting it about that there will be no referendum before the next UKGE, it’s hard to know if this is indeed a dispiriting funking of the issue by the SNP, or merely another serving of partisan “crying wolf”. That’s where the loss of precious reputation has brought him – zero credibility.

          • Alex Clark says:

            He is not claiming that “people in SNP leadership circles…privately putting it about that there will be no referendum before the next UKGE”

            It was the Times who were doing that without providing any evidence or quotes whatsoever. It could be entirely made up but SGP bought it hook, line and sinker from such a reliable source on the Independence strategy of the SNP as the Times of London.

            • grizebard says:

              Thanks for the correction. The fundamental tenet of serious historians is: “know thy sources”. Which principle he is evidently now happy to ignore and instead is willing to pluck anything out of the ether merely because it neatly dovetails with his own now-prejudiced “oppositionalist” agenda. (One might be tempted to say even “tailored to fit” the likes of him.) And from which he then proceeds to build wondrous doom-laden castles in the air.

              All of which rather proves my point, that his judgement these days – alas – is not worth a damn.

  12. Yvonne Moore says:

    100% agree. Brilliantly put. I wish I was as articulate. Thank you. I’m going to save this.

  13. gullaneno4 says:

    Very well written piece, spot on summary.
    This should be bookmarked and sent out to anyone who is dithering over independence.

    PS…… Are you In better health and settled in South Ayrshire.

  14. bringiton says:

    This Tory government is the most corrupt I can remember.
    The only reason that they are getting away with it is because HM press and the political opposition are failing to hold them to account.
    In the case of the political opposition,they have a reasonable excuse given the Tory’s 80 seat majority and a new blue wall in the North of England but there is no excuse for the Great British press.
    Free press?…ha ha ha.

  15. raineach says:

    A free press? They are the best press money can buy!

  16. Dr Jim says:

    Here’s a funny thing, in the commons Jacob Rees Mogg defended using Covid funds to pay for polling on Scottish Independence by saying that it’s right that the UK government on behalf of the *British* people keeps tabs on what is happening within it’s Union, then in the next breath Michael Gove denied such funds were ever used for that purpose

    They can’t even get their own lies straight between themselves

  17. malkymcblain says:

    OT I’ve been following this English guy, artist and comedian, on YouTube. Does news reviews from his car like Gordon Ross with a difference.

  18. Hamish100 says:

    Malky. Thanks for that.

  19. Christopher Rosindale says:

    My own recent attempt to explain the pandemic facts of life, and their huge impact on Indyref 2, together with the extra pro-Indy ammunition which Bungling Boris is generously providing – catastrophic pandemic mishandling, Tory corruption, trade deals which screw over pro-Tory farmers and fishermen – to James Kelly at SGP seem to have fallen on his deaf ears. He seems to have convinced himself that the SNP leadership are now the main obstacle to Indyref 2, by alleging that they have got comfortable with WM as a convenient bogeyman to blame for everything, and now secretly do not want Independence. My point that any increase in Covid cases which could be blamed on pro-Indy campaigning would result in brutal attacks on Sturgeon and the SNP by the pro-Union media, as the fight for hearts and minds in Scotland turns into a bare-knuckle fight due to the 50/50 split on Independence, seems to mean nothing to him….

    In other news, Michael Gove is joining Matt Hancock in getting divorced. Maybe he’s been at it on the side as well, I don’t know. What anyone would see in him is another question, as he is no oil painting. But neither is his soon-to-be ex-wife either.

  20. UndeadShuan says:

    Uk gov having consultation on raising age that people get free precriptions from 60 to the current retirement age.

    And try to sell it on guff that prescription charges help fund the nhs.

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