Saving the Union with a cross between C Beebies and a Pyongyang parade

British nationalism has taken a distinctly toe-curlingly creepy and cringey turn, although it could easily be argued that that happened years ago, when Murdo Fraser first got himself a Twitter account and some unknown person – for whom there is surely a special padded cell reserved in the deepest and darkest bowels of Hell – told Annie Wells that she ought to consider a career in politics.

However even these mortifications on the body politic are put into the shade by a cheesy campaign supported by the Department of Education, whose remit thankfully doesn’t extend north of the border, to promote British nationalism among school children. Although you’re probably not allowed to call it cheesy because cheese is a bit too French. The One Britain One Nation campaign encourages children and schools to celebrate One Britain One Nation Day on 25 June by dressing in red white and blue and singing a song extolling the supposed virtues of Britishry. It shouldn’t need to be said that the UK is not one nation, but rather a union of the various nations who share the island of Britain and the northern portions of the island of Ireland, but it seems that this Conservative Government has decided that the best way to prevent Scottish independence is to erase the existence of Scotland as a nation, hence the recent instruction to UK civil servants and diplomatic staff to cease referring to the nations of the UK and instead to refer to the UK as a single British nation.

This One Nation One Britain campaign is the bastard offspring of C Beebies and one of those choreographed displays of loyalty that grace stadiums in Pyongyang. Perhaps we could have a union jack armband as well, and work on some kind of special salute to give whilst singing the new song and greeting others so that everyone can immediately tell if those they come into contact with are suitably patriotic. Children are definitely not to be encouraged to sing any alternative songs, such as, “I want my freedom of movement back.” or, “Help, I’m trapped on an island with right wing English nationalist ideologues with distinctly authoritarian inclinations.”

You might have thought that a campaign that claimed to have as its core aim bringing all of Britain back together in a display of cringe-worthy British nationalist exceptionalism might have realised that most schools in Scotland would have already closed for the summer holidays by 25 June, but then most exercises in British nationalism are defined and dominated by the concerns of England anyway, so the complete disregard and stunning lack of basic awareness or knowledge about Scotland is probably some sort of metaphor for Brexit. Equally you might have thought that Gavin Williamson’s Department of Education, whose official Twitter account proclaimed its support for the campaign and expressed the wish that schools across the UK sign up to it might have understood that education is not only a devolved matter under the control of Edinburgh and Cardiff, but that the independence of the education system in Scotland is guaranteed by the Treaty of Union of 1707, so this is not exactly new information we’re dealing with here.

However any campaign which starts from the premise that the ostensible union between Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland is one single nation has already got ignoring the existence of Scotland baked into its DNA, so it definitely is some sort of metaphor for Brexit. The willingness of the British Government’s Department of Education, whose remit is confined to England, to attempt to tell Scotland and Wales what to do is yet another sign that this government has no interest in respecting the devolution settlement and is hell-bent on imposing its so-called “muscular unionism”, which is simply English nationalism writ large, on all the other nations of the UK.

This is being sold to a dubious and divided public as a campaign to celebrate the, unity, strength and resilience of the UK, but what is most striking about it is its desperation. “No, really we’re fine, honest.We’re not falling to bits, not at all, that burning you can smell is a celebratory barbecue, although not in Northern Ireland because there they can’t get the post-Brexit sausages. It’s not the smell of the house burning down.”

This campaign is the political equivalent of bumping into your ex at the supermarket and telling them how marvellous your life has been since you took back control and regained your freedom, and then taking the contents of your shopping trolley full of pot Noodles, microwave meals for one and cans of industrial strength super-lager back to an uncleaned flat smelling of unemptied cat litter trays, overflowing ashtrays and unwashed socks and spending your evenings on the sofa in your underwear binge-watching Netflix and playing shootem up games on your Playstation as you try to hold back the tears. By this time you’ve sunk so low that you are no longer fooling even yourself.

The guy heading this initiative, a former senior police officer from northern England by the name of Kash Singh, whose organisation has links to Conservative MPs, appeared on GB news on Wednesday morning to promote the campaign. Even some of the presenters on a channel which is essentially One Nation One Britain for adults thought that the initiative was a bit creepy and sinister. When your British nationalism is a bit too much even for G Beebies to swallow that’s probably a reliable indication that you’ve gone a bit too far. It’s like Murdo Fraser telling you to stop making a fool of yourself on Twitter. Aquick search of the House of Commons library shows that One Britain One Nation are an ERG-backed group with ties to the hard Brexit extremist wing of the Conservative Party. This is a political movement which is as “grassroots” as the suspiciously well funded Vote No Borders campaign which burst into the Scottish independence referendum campaign amidst a blaze of BBC publicity and just as quickly evaporated away.

You don’t need a campaign to promote unity if you really are united. Under recent Conservative governments the UK has witnessed growing divisions between the rich and the poor, the haves and the have-nots. Brexit remains as divisive and bitter an issue as ever. The Conservatives seek to paper over the yawning chasms that they have created with publicity campaigns and grotesque English nationalist stunts which seek to disguise the UK’s descent into authoritarianism. None of this will prevent Scottish independence, it only gives us another reason why the need for it is more urgent.


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167 comments on “Saving the Union with a cross between C Beebies and a Pyongyang parade

  1. Gregory R Nunn says:

    Perhaps they need Lebensraum.

    • marconatrix says:


      • marconatrix says:

        That should have been “shudder”, can’t seem to edit …

        Then again if they get their ‘livingroom’ they can decorate it with red-white-an-blue wallpaper …

        • Welsh_Siôn says:

          Then again if they get their ‘livingroom’ they can decorate it with red-white-an-blue wallpaper …


          … and try to charge it at our expense. Well, we are one nation, aren’t we, and all in it together … 😉 )

          Yes, there’s a glut of there’s make-over programmes on telly at the moment – usually entitled , ‘the great British whatever’. This is where the Prime Minister gets his ideas from, no doubt. Call it ‘the Great British Rip off’.

  2. iusedtobeenglish says:

    I think this should be headlined on all major MSM outlets.

    Show them what we’re missing by having our own, independent education system. Maybe ask if the general population thinks this is the way for the SNP to go, being as how we’re “One Nation”…

  3. Dr Jim says:

    We shall see which of Scotlands schools that remain open at that time attempt to indulge any Unionist tendencies by trying this on, I suspect there will be at least one or two encouraging Tory MSPs urging any school within their area to show their anti ESSENPEENESS by singing the Tory Nationalist Anthem of Brexitland

    Local councils should perhaps inform all of Scotlands schools that this is not part of the current curriculum for excellence, or maybe the Scottish government could mention this is just not excellent at all

  4. Welsh_Siôn says:

    Welsh Government having nothing to do with this.

    Bravo, the FAW:

    FA Wales troll ‘One Britain One Nation’ by calling for school kids to sing Welsh anthem on Friday

    23 Jun 2021 2 minutes Read

    More on Kash Singh and his ‘cunning plan’ here:

    Founder of ‘One Britain One Nation Day’ wants to roll it out across UK schools
    23 Jun 2021 4 minutes Read

    • I did indeed ‘gweler isod’, WS

      The 3rd verse of Land of My Fathers sums it up really.

      “Though the enemy have trampled my country underfoot,
      The old language of the Welsh knows no retreat,
      The spirit is not hindered by the treacherous hand
      Nor silenced the sweet harp of my land.”

      That you and I have to communicate here in English illustrates how deeply the colonisation of our two nations had become.
      It’s a while since Alex Coal Scuttle has complained about getting lost in The Highlands because of all that Jock sign posting, costing millions, right enough.

  5. I’m sure ex Militant councillor, so far left Militant that even the labour Party kicked him out, Larry Flanagan, will be on Distorting Scotland tonight urging his members to take part in this One Nation initiative.
    This morning, by sheer fluke as I searched i Player for the weather, I came across yet another piece of Battle of Britain, ‘lest we forget’, clap for the nurses( English) nonsense.
    Apparently some ironsmith has procured scrap metal from ‘the last Spitfire’, and has moulded it in to little lapel pins (26 quid, 10 smakeroonies going to charities) of clapping hands, the hands themselves modelled by six EHS staff.
    The idea is to link the 1940 Battle of Britain when ‘the nation’ was up against it, with the current Fight against the Virus,
    A doctor, one of the hand models, cooed how inspiring she found it..linking the death and destruction of tens of millions with the present danger…the Bulldog Brit Dunkirk spirit, Oh What A Lovely War!

    In a rush because they know that we Scots shall not be stopped, they are ramping up the rhetoric…

    I have no school age children now, but if I did?
    Any teacher who tried to foist this English Fascist Fourth Reich ‘Tomorrow Belongs To Me’ brainwashing on my kids, would be getting more than a piece of my mind.

    Wee badges forged from scrap from a Spitfire?

    They have fecking lost it now.

    As usual, Paul, you speak for many of us.

  6. Bob Lamont says:

    Regards the excruciating OBON, was the author, Khah Singh, misheard as Kerching or Cashing In by Johnson ?

  7. grizebard says:

    Pyongyang. That about sums up this English (Nationalist) Government’s wished-for direction of travel. It would be laughable if it weren’t so inherently creepy. The irony is that this “Ein Volk” mass-singing stuff is about as “non-British” as it is possible to get. BoZo The Clown’s Circus is a clapped-out Monty Python Circus run by hardline rightwing zealots with no sense of self-awareness. Banksy’s Dismaland made manifest, tarted-up with a scattering of Union Rags.

  8. ArtyHetty says:

    I love the part about telling the ex how life is absolutely marvellous while the reality is a horror story of muck and chaos, ‘unwashed socks’, ha ha, thanks I needed a laugh today.

    The ones who will all join in on this patriotic British Nationalism on stilts, in Scotland will be the public schools, they follow England’s holidays and everything else really, except when they play the bagpipes and wear kilts to feign Scottishness.

    Actually, I like the bagpipes, maybe Scotland could have a mass bagpipe playing session on the 25th, that’d be great, a tune like the Flower of Scotland ringing out, anyone play the pipes here? I’ll get the big Saltire flag out and hang it up tomorrrow night.

    This is sort of funny, in a cringeworthy way.

    • There is a very serious point being made in this clip.
      Frost seemed to believe that the mighty UK could still hold ‘influence’ over and bully the EU by threatening violence via their Loyalist brown shirts in Ireland, astonishingly hooligan posturing and arrogance, believing that the EU would bend to England’s will if Good Old England did what it does best, start a war in one of its colonies.

      Some Scots have an ingrained cringe gene, mostly the ProudScotsButter Brit Nats, and paint a scenario where England ‘dictates’ the terms of our divorce, telling us what they will ‘allow’ us to do and we Scots just having to suck it up.
      From the day and hour that a majority Yes vote is returned, we are no longer under the colonial yolk of England. We are independent, and by the Chief, we shall act like we are from the get go.
      We shall wake up from Day One, in our land, with our wealth, our super talented resources.

      Gove and Johnson will no longer hold any sway in what We Scots decide is our best path.

      That’s the reality that Frost failed to grasp in his dealings with Europe.

      Europe doesn’t take orders from England.
      Scotland no longer takes orders from England either.

      For example, it is risible that Murray, Labour’s Lone Gunman, believes that he can dictate how we Scots live our lives.
      And Rennie and Ross are just babbling buffoons.

      Now’s the day.

      • Drew Anderson says:

        “…colonial yolk..”?

        Is that a Freudian slip with regards to the yellow bellied “feart”, Jack?

        Probably autocorrect doing its worst, but it gave me a chuckle.

        • It’s autocorrect gone mad, Drew.

          ‘It’ keeps ‘correcting’ incorrectly (?) ‘their’ and ‘there’ in some of my posts.
          Perhaps AI has developed a more nuanced subtle self taught program, and is analysing my consciousness, and deciding what I really meant.

          Williamson certainly got egg on his face backing this ‘Springtime For Hitler and Germany’ inspired little Brit ditty.
          As I observe many times I really must stop, edit, and reflect before I press Send.

          • Drew Anderson says:

            I wouldn’t get too hung up on the editing or proof reading.

            I doubt your streams of consciousness, especially when you’re angry, would be the same!

      • grizebard says:

        From the day and the hour and the second and the microsecond, Jack.

        That’s what even some avowed supporters of independence still don’t seem to comprehend. The fetters – some purely self-imagined by the weaker-minded among us anyway – immediately fall away and we suddenly enter a different universe, one of our own making. One in which we are universally visible in our own right. One in which the leadership of other countries call up our leadership to negotiate direct, not go via somebody else speaking “on our behalf”. (If we’re lucky. Oft times we’re simply ignored.) One in which we set the rules for ourselves and no longer have to swallow the indignities so often perpetrated upon us. One in which, politically speaking, Michael Gove doesn’t exist.

        • grizebard, I have no doubt that European companies will send envoys carrying gifts of precious stones, golden trinkets, and such, to Free Scotland, and there shall be celebrations throughout the land as the darkness fades and our New Dawn of enlightenment begins.
          I anticipate tens of thousands of Les Exiles coming home at last, and a steady stream of economic migrants upping sticks and moving from the South, following the work, when car giants and the like relocate up here.
          I thrill at the prospect of Scotland rising from its 300 year slumber.

  9. Capella says:

    PM at 5PM broadcast Nicola Sturgeon’s reaction. She thought it was a spo*f. In fact, so did I when I first saw the announcement.
    Boris informs her Majesty.

  10. Capella says:

    The original Spitting Image classic “Tomorrow Belong to Me” – quite hard to get a copy of this clip so enjoy it while you can:

    • Capella, it chilled me to the marrow then. when Thatcher stalked this land spreading evil like a black poisonous fog destroying communities, ruining lives, poisoning wells, and smashing any hope of redemption;

      The lad singing on Spitting Image could have been Johnson at Eton, or Blair at Fettes; both are the evil spawn of the antichrist Thatcher.

      It is at times like these that I wish that I believed in Eternal Damnation.

      May they all rot in their belief system’s version of hell.

    • Janice Gale says:

      OMG I’ve never seen this before. Its prophetic. Very disturbing. And Thatcher did start the rot. Thanks for posting it.

  11. Thomas Dunlop says:

    Seriously Kash Singh? Sounds like “Cash in” Something the Tories and their pals like to do. Or is it a Brass eye level sarcasm. Sounds like a spoof on the level of Hugh Janus. Haha.

  12. perthcol says:

    Another astute and accurate descriptor of life in post Brexit Britain.
    How do these muppets gain any traction with supposedly educated English educators?
    Will we see on Friday evening news claims that schools through-out the UK unfurled the red, white and blue bunting, broke into Land of Hope and Glory and dished out humbugs?
    Bah humbugs.

    • JoMax says:

      That reminds me that my dear late Dad told us that at 11.00 am on the 11th November 1918, his Primary School in Leith was marched outside to sing “Land of Hope and Glory”. The children had a different version along the lines of “Land of soap and soda, Land of whisky and beer ….. “.

      Given that a disgusting bloodfest resulting in the loss of millions of lives had just ended, the idea of glory, gloriousness and jingoism was surely very wrong. Something a good deal more sombre would have been more appropriate as there would have been children there who had lost family and other relatives and remembered them. But that’s Britain. Do we want our ‘one nation’ to be even ‘mightier yet’? Not for me, thanks, Boris & Co. I see our latest big toy is in the Middle East with the Americans sending planes over Syria and Iraq.

  13. Capella says:

    Tadhg – Wrong Britain Failed Nation.

  14. James Mills says:

    Singing the ”Union ”song in schools will be a tonic for the poor .
    A kid whose family Universal Credit has been cut and who is going hungry will be distracted from his/her empty belly’s rumbling and be able to bask in the warm glow of living in a ”country” that is so Strong and United .
    That will give them the hope that in this One Strong Nation , some day far in the future , they might be well enough fed to actually reach the end of the song without fainting through hunger .

  15. Janice Gale says:

    Hi Paul, I think you meant Brexshittery?

  16. Hamish100 says:

    Do you think the 1 RN navy ship rattling its sabre in the Crimea was really about selling ships?

    Surely the Brit Nat U.K. government wouldn’t do that?

    • Pogmothon says:

      How did an RN ship come to be in the Black Sea when military vessels of any country which is not Turkey, Russia or other Black Sea bordering nations are NOT allowed to pass through the Bosphorus. Only civilian vessels of non bordering nations are permitted free passage. Indeed even military tonnage is restricted. Something which Russia restricts even further by parking a cruiser or other gun boat in the Bosphorus roads.
      So again how did an RN vessel come to be there in the first place.
      And why did the propaganda machine’s (bbc) tame admiral (retired) fail to address this blatant breach of international law and UN conventions.
      Answers on a postcard please to the Scottish People NotInOurName. StartYourOwnF’ingWar. Ya muppets.

      • Pogmothon says:

        A question which is currently bouncing around this padded room is….
        Are LBJ and the muppets trying to justify a military lock down of our four nations by creating a modern “light brigade” or “Yangtze” incident?????

        • Clydebuilt says:

          Radio 4 10pm . . . . As chance would have it there was a BBC Journo on the warship. . . . His version of events was contradicted by the MOD. . . . Tugenhadt explained that only the ship’s commander would have a complete understanding of events.

      • andyfromdunning says:

        Part of NATO.

        NATO and Russia have been doing this since the 1950’s. They even have a name for this naval force it is Stanaforlant. Standing Naval Force Atlantic. I was part of it in the early 70’s.

        Turkey is part of NATO and allows Nato ships to routinely enter the Black Sea. They are not banned.

        • Pogmothon says:

          Good Morning Andy,

          The Montreux Convention Regarding the Regime of the Straits

          {“is a 1936 agreement that gives Turkey control over the Bosporus and Dardanelles straits and regulates the transit of naval warships. The Convention guarantees the free passage of civilian vessels in peacetime, and restricts the passage of naval ships not belonging to Black Sea states. The terms of the Convention have been a source of controversy over the years, most notably about the Soviet Union’s military access to the Mediterranean Sea.

          Signed on 20 July 1936 at the Montreux Palace in Switzerland,[1] the Convention permitted Turkey to remilitarise the Straits. It went into effect on 9 November 1936 and was registered in the League of Nations Treaty Series on 11 December 1936.[2] It remains in force.”}

          As you can see the convention “restricts the passage of naval ships of states not belonging to Black Sea States” the same ships are also limited in number, tonnage, and weaponry.

          Yes you are correct the uk and Nato have been poking the bear and it has been scratching back just like children in a school playground since the end of the second world war.

          None of the protagonists outside of their own propaganda machines has ever been covered in glory as a result of any of these engineered incidents. Which have occurred all over the Globe, the biggest percentage have been in Scotland’s backyard.

          The fact remains that neither Nato or the uk can be considered “Black Sea States”.

          So I submit that my original question to Jock Tamson’s Bairns still stands,

          “What was that bloody Gray Funnel Line boat doing there in the first place” ???

          • grizebard says:

            What has any of this to do with Scottish independence, pray?

            Most importantly, are these geopolitical musings likely to win any converts among visiting soft-no’s, do you think?

            • Pogmothon says:

              The uk cannot be permitted to return to independent nations when there is heightened tensions and heightened defense states. wastemonster would require to impose martial law for our safety. Spitfires and flegs old boy, spitfires and flegs what?

              You know there are times when I believe, the conservatories (sic) think that “1984” is a play book, and not a dire warning, which was almost played out once or twice in the last century.

              I don’t propose that I am capable of winning any converts. this is why my postings are so limited compared to others who are better equipped than myself.

              However Jock Tamson’s Bairns are more fully politically aware, as a nation than almost any other.
              And we are not the only ones who read this and other discussions. For this reason I believe putting the conservatory (sic) transgressions and lies under the spotlight when ever I see them is the right thing to do.

              (We can see you and we know what your up to ya wee towrag)
              Is always a good start to any interaction with the “con serv a tories”(sic) IMHO.

              • Janice Gale says:

                Some of us were waiting to hear about some minor scurmish that would escalate to a state of emergency so it looks like we won’t be disappointed!

                • Janice, Emily Maitlis has fired up ‘The Loyalists’ in Norn Irn over two nights on Newsnight with footage of wooden pallets piled high, and the bands marching up Shankhill, and wee ruddy faced Sammy Wilson who makes Carjack Lawson look like an albino, doing his utmost to destroy the GFA, and close the Border to the South.
                  The Tory Government do not provide a spokesperson for Newsnight interviews any more, so it is left to Maitlis to speak on their behalf…lambasting the Bad EU for not giving in to Mighty England’s demands.

                  The ‘Sands Pebbles’ incident in the Black Sea is predictable.
                  Johnson longs for Empire 2, and the QE carrier is now a free landing strip for US fighters bombing the Middle East.
                  England is de facto the 51st State.

            • Clydebuilt says:

              The more soft No’s learn aboutthe UK and it’s gun boat diplomacy the better!

      • Alex Clark says:

        The explanation for why Non-Black sea warships can enter the Black Sea and the rules of their entry.

        The Non Black Sea Countries;
        cannot pass warships solely designed to carry airplanes through Turkish Straits.
        cannot pass submarines.
        can pass warships, but the aggregate displacement of the foreign warships in the Black Sea may not exceed 45.000 tons.
        cannot hold their ships in the Black Sea longer than 21 days.
        cannot have more than 9 ships in the Black Sea at the same time
        can pass their warships through Turkish Straits by notifying Turkey through diplomatic channels 15 days before the passage.

    • J Galt says:

      What’s even more troubling is that the Royal Navy’s version of events appears to have the support of the SNP’s Defence Spokesperson.

  17. Hamish100 says:

    Sorry should have added this comment from the article

    “The company said part of the plan also involves working together to regenerate Ukrainian shipyards.“
    GMB are you happy now?

  18. Dr Jim says:

    After all Labour councillor Andy Burnhams posturing, media grandstanding and attention seeking faux outrage citizens of Manchester have been advised to stay local and comply with restrictions by the council website

    He got his five minutes though

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Greater Manchester Transport so advised 9th June, LONG before the Nick Robinson launch of this Union Unit farce.
      Presumably as Mayor Burnham hadn’t been told of it either, or hadn’t stumbled across the full page spread on their website, Turdo wouldn’t have hence the invitation, but surprise surprise the presenter didn’t mention it either despite knowing…
      It’s been quite a circus….or creche…

  19. Alex Clark says:

    Kash Singh the founder of OBON is reported as being a close friend of Tory MP’s Esther McVey and Philip Davies who were recently married. Both McVey and Davies asked questions in Westminster which led to Johnson and Education Secretary, Williamson publicly backing One Britain One Nation.

    One Britain One Nation Day (OBON) is a private campaign which has been backed by the prime minister and education secretary in parliament, prompted by Esther McVey MP and Philip Davies MP respectively.

    As for Davies, he is as right wing as you could possibly get. Just some snippets about his political career from Wikipedia:

    “Davies has regularly been criticised by other politicians and prominent public figures for comments he has made on gender equality and women, homosexuality, ethnic minorities and the disabled. He has stated that the disabled should have the option of working for less than the minimum wage.”

    “In October 2015, Davies spoke for 93 minutes, thereby successfully blocking a proposed bill that would have given free hospital parking to carers. He had pledged his support for carers four months earlier.”

    “He has called for government to “scrap the Human Rights Act for foreign nationals and chuck them out of the country” and in 2016 expressed admiration for Donald Trump.”

    “Davies also asked whether it was racist for a policeman to refer to a BMW as “black man’s wheels” and whether the Metropolitan Black Police Association breaches discrimination law by restricting its membership to black people.”

    “Davies has said in Parliament that some disabled workers are, by definition, not as productive in their work as others and that the minimum wage may be a “hindrance” to some disabled jobseekers. Davies said: “If they feel that for a short period of time, taking a lower rate of pay to help them get on their first rung of the jobs ladder is a good thing, I don’t see why we should be standing in their way.”

    There really is much much more but I’m sure you get the idea of the type of person this is, who apprears to me to be a strange choice to be promoting the so called “ideals” of One Britain One Nation.

    Or maybe he is really not such a strange choice at all.

  20. James Mills says:

    Now that the UK Government has given its support to a Union Song to be sung in ”Britain’s ” schools , will there now a be a uniform created to outfit said school kids as they perform their new anthem ?
    We could have a ”Great British Clothing ” competition to inspire ”the country” and find the best Red White and Blue uniform for our new Boris Youth to wear as they sing-a-long like obedient little kinder .

    • Drew Anderson says:

      Don’t give them ideas James!

      I know your post was tongue-in-cheek, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they did it.

  21. Alex Clark says:

    A little more on OBON supporter and promoter Philip Davies MP.

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      On their website you will see that they have received support from, (this for the Scottish audience here) Lord (David) Steel and Sir Malcolm Rifkind.

      I won’t give you the link as the place is heaving with union jackery – look it up yourselves if interested. (I’m heaving too …)

  22. Dr Jim says:

    Rebel Labour MSPs led by Katy Clark tell their Tory leader Anas Sarwar if the people of Scotland demand Independence then they should have it Holyrood votes for it

    It’s going public now and the Tories are losing control of Labour

  23. Hamish100 says:

    Surely a certain labour mp from Edinburgh could wear his Brit Nat red, white and blue suit and ask his wee pal Lord McConnell to wear his wee ermine shawl with his mini kilt. What could be wrong with that?

    I’m off feeling nauseous.

  24. Alex Clark says:

    The Queen will be in Scotland for 4 days next week staying at Holyrood while “celebrating Scottish community, innovation and history”. Prince William and Princess Anne will be keeping her company while she is here.

  25. Capella says:

    Happy Bannockburn Day everybody. Probably not being celebrated by the Queen or Boris Johnston or Michael Gove. But if it’s midsummer it’s time to celebrate.

    Not a word on the BBC that I can find. Just a litany of Scotland/SNP bad news.

    They do have this page – which has been archived and is no longer updated and you can’t play the Burns poem being read either.
    Just about sums it up?

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Here’s an update for you, Capella – courtesy of moi.

      Happy Bannockburn Day!

      Scots Wha Hae – A Reprise

      Scots, wha hae wi’ Sturgeon bled,
      Scots, wham the Bruce had aften led,
      Welcome tae yer gory bed
      Or tae destiny.

      Now’s the day, an’ now’s the hour:
      Seize oor chance a’ last fir power.
      See the fearties start tae cower.
      Scotland will be free!

      Wha will be as cruel as Tojo?
      Wha will bow tae Lunnon’s BoJo?
      Wha sae base as lose his mojo?
      Let him turn an’ flee.

      Wha fir Scotland’s Pride an’ Aw’
      Freedom’s sword will strongly draw?
      Bondsman stand or Freeman fa’:
      Let him follow me.

      By th’ oppressive woes and pains,
      Of oor sons in servile chains,
      We will drain oor dearest veins
      But we shall be free!

      Lay Westminster, oh so low.
      Traitors fall – like every foe.
      Liberty’s oors wi’ every blow!
      Let us vote fir SNP!

      [With acknowledgements]

      • Golfnut says:


      • Capella says:

        Brilliant – thanks WS – sheer poetry 😂😂😂

      • I’ll be humming this a’ nicht noo.
        Thanks a bunch, WS.
        Love it.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Cheers WS…
        An odd coincidence as I’d been musing on likely instruments in the original rendition which left it’s mark in France over 700 years ago, presumably fifes and drums much as the opening sequence here. A stirring rendition all the same with the the three marine pipers,…

        When it was played at the state funeral of french special forces a few years back, it really hammered home the reverence paid to this old Scots tune and the lasting influence of Scots in Europe before being muted by Union…

        • Capella says:

          Great tune. The sound of the Auld Alliance. Now that French is the official language of the EU I’ll have to work out how to use acutes, graves and cedillas on my keyboard. 😂

          • iusedtobeenglish says:

            “Now that French is the official language of the EU I’ll have to work out how to use acutes, graves and cedillas on my keyboard.”

            Now, now. That’s just the sort of seditious, divisive talk the Yookay doesn’t need from these Separatist Johnnies.

            What’s wrong with good, plain, English, eh? All this foreign muck from Yoorup. They even write with funny accents Over There…

            (To be read in a grumpy-Colonel-in-the-Club-Library accent). {Disappears behind paper muttering}

            Personally, I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for the cedilla… 😀

        • Alan Howard Baxter says:

          Oh My! If that doesn’t bring a Tear to you Eye or make your Hair at the Back of your neck stand to attention then I’m afraid you are already dead

          • iusedtobeenglish says:

            Having never heard it before, all I can say is…


            • IUTBE,
              Try and catch Runrig’s Hearts of Olden Glory…or their version of Loch Lomond (youtube) …Wow too.
              Perhaps we should invite Europe to a Scottish Music Festival the month of Indyref 2.

              There is loads of inspiring spine tingling music to stir us on to victory and freedom.

              • iusedtobeenglish says:

                Ah now.

                “ho ho mo leannan
                ho mo leannan bhoidheach…”

                (Loved Runrig from the first time I heard them in the 80s.)

                As an aside – after Eurovision, and suggestions that Scotland submit their own entry, my daughter said “You know who we should send? Runrig. They’d wipe the floor with the rest.”

                • The Lyrics of Scotland’s first entry?

                  ‘I am European’ sung in the 28 languages of the countries of the EU, which would include Gaelic, but not, malheureusement, English, IUTBE, to the tune of ‘My Love is Like a Red Red Rose’?
                  A winner, I’d venture.

                  • iusedtobeenglish says:

                    I thought they’d started using ‘Themes’. So I suppose it’d depend what the theme is…

                    I suppose if the languages were those of Eurovision English would be included – also Hebrew and Strine!

  26. Derek says:

    I heard him (Kash Singh) in the evening on P.M.; interviewed, he said that he has no links to any political party – I presume that this refers to memberships or donations – but you say “..whose organisation has links to Conservative MPs…”. Is this just to do with those tories that approve of his ideas, or is there more to it than that?

  27. Dr Jim says:

    I have lodged a complaint against Murdo Fraser with the Scottish parliament over his behaviour on the Manchester travel issue, others have done so too according to the National newspaper
    If you feel the compelling urge to do the same just log into the parliament website and it guides you through the process, if enough of us do it then the presiding officer must take action against the offending MSP under the code of conduct rules for MSPs

  28. Alex Clark says:

    There is (was) an All-Party Parliamentary Group “One Britain, One Nation” registered with the House of Commons with Kash Singh named as the Public Enquiry Point and Tory MP Andrea Jenkyns as the Registered Contact.

    There are (were) 3 Tory MP’s named as officers and 1 Labour MP.

  29. Capella says:

    Version from the Cathedral of Cintegaelle.
    Marche (dite) de Robert Bruce à l’Orgue historique de Cintegabelle (1742)

    • ArtyHetty says:

      I like that…thanks, great day for it.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      I’d seen this rendition before amongst many others, but what you may have missed is the technique in the early “trumpet” section, all the notes and never a finger moves, all controlled by pressure, a glimpse back into a past none have known yet “Adjudant de la région de gendarmerie d’Occitanie” ably demonstrates….
      Bravo M Adjutant….

      • iusedtobeenglish says:

        A lot of the early instruments are like that. What talent! A friend of mine used to enjoy the challenge of playing that way, but was still grateful they’d invented stops!

        I also noticed that he used the same mouthpiece for (I think) all but the last one.

  30. Capella says:

    Yanis Varoufakis: EU would accept Scotland’s membership application in 10 seconds

    The interview came as a new poll of 6000 voters in Germany, France, Italy and Spain found support for Scottish independence, and Scotland joining the EU in the future.

    Around 75% of them said they’d either support or not oppose indyref2 within the next 12 months. Meanwhile, 81% said they’d either support or not oppose Scottish re-entry to the European Union.

    He raises some good points e.g. that we have our own Scottish pounds in our pockets and printing presses so could very easily use our own currency.

    • Golfnut says:

      Obvious isn’t it. The waters round this particular question have been well and truly muddied by the obvious culprits and sometimes even by some on our own.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Having already posted the entire interview over on Indyref2, so copying here.. As always with Varoufakis, an interesting interview, but his points on Scotland (and indeed England) were particularly pointed..

  31. Alex Montrose says:

    Here’s a tune for you.

  32. Tam the Bam says:

    ‘ Hancock’s Half-hour of Hanky-panky!

    (ok … I’ll get my coat……)

  33. Clydebuilt says:

    Welsh Sion June 24th @3.24pm


    Are they going to have “The Portrait Inspectors” knocking on you door to check if her Maj. Is up on yer wall?

    I thought Viz had gone too far with “The Bum Inspectors”. Trust the Tories not to be out done by a juvenile comic. For adults

  34. Dr Jim says:

    Kash Singh the man behind the one nation singing drivel is bemused and tells us all we should be ashamed of ourselves for rubbishing the childrens attempts at glorious oneness for our great one nation, which proves beyond doubt Kash Singh is a glorious Tory user, because nobody rubbished the poor brainwashed kids it’s him and his glorious using Tories we blame

    • iusedtobeenglish says:

      I think it sounds more like ignorance than deliberate brain-washing.

      I can see the good side of trying to get the many disparate ethnic groups in Bradford to stop thinking of themselves in terms of their old countries and try to become part of their new home. It’s even a praiseworthy thought.


      Perhaps he truly believes that Britain is only one nation. Remember, coming from where they do he, and his parents, may have been taught that it is one nation.

      None of which exonerates WM.

      • grizebard says:

        It’s an interesting point that – the only real “British”, culturally-speaking, are immigrants and their descendendents, because they don’t stem from any of the indigenous nations. So they have a stability investment in a “one-state” UK, even if culturally and constitutionally it doesn’t actually exist.

        Given the education system and the media, especially in England, their lack of awareness in that respect is hardly surprising. I reckon there’s more though among new (and not-quite-so-new) Scots, because the cultural differences between here and England-as-Britain are more emphasised, but being a native myself I’m hardly the best qualified to expand on that presumption. It’s clear though that the SNP does glean support from immigrant communities – even the non-transient English, as you can attest! {grin} – and on the representation side we’ve just seen Kaukab Stewart elected to Parliament for the SNP, as well as many councillors at a local level.

    • Capella says:

      True story – back in September 2013 I became fascinated with the tune “Floors o the Forest”. I searched through the web looking for info on who had written it and why. I listened to many versions, instrumental and vocal.

      The explanation for the loss of the battle was then that the Scots observed the rules of engagement of the day but the English did not – what’s new! Though it was a tragedy for Scotland I don’t agree that England dominated Scotland for hundreds of years after.

      It wasn’t until I heard a very brief mention on R4 that I realised it was the 500th anniversary of Flodden. Must have been something in the air.
      My favourite vocal version is Dick Gaughan.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        No intent on diluting your take, and Dick Gaughan’s spellbinding rendition is sublime, but this is a theme which echoes throughout history. The Flowers of the forest are always the innocents, the primroses and and the bluebells are the allegory for innocence abused.

        This theme recurred after the 1914-18 war, a monumental disaster in victory the propagandists couldn’t hide or brush into the background. Though no fan of his self destruction, Christy Dignam and Finbar Furey duets reflect Ireland resentment for a war in which none had a vested interest and never had since, it was all about an Empire which destroyed it’s base support.

        To this day the madness and tragedy of war remains the “Willie McBride” who can be Irish or Scots but notably never ever Ian Hyphenated Smith of that Ilk.
        The Flodden battle was a disaster in 1513 because the other side won, it is that simple. The battle we now have is to remind the City of London of democracy, we are in 2021…

      • Golfnut says:

        Your right they didn’t, and until I read Artyhetty’s link, I had never ever seen a suggestion that they did. Perhaps that’s an indication of just how pervasive and perhaps successful the rewriting of ‘ british ‘ history has been.

  35. John Bell says:

    And the next announcement from Minister for Flags, Anthems, Unelected Leader Portraits and failed Trade Deals will be……

  36. Golfnut says:

    Good comment from ‘ itisintruthnotforglory ‘

  37. Golfnut says:

    The London Economic tell us that 600 million tests have been lost. Basically what that means is the stats are bollocks.

  38. Golfnut says:

    This is good news, local convenience stores are to get financial assistance to stock local produce. Just back from Lidl, Saltire bagged Scottish potatoes stamped ‘ UK origin ‘, every single bag in the store.

  39. Statgeek says:

    Classy move from the Gov. Potentially dividing the teaching profession, if teachers are expected to encourage kids on this.

    Of course, the politicisation of children (or the teaching profession as a group) is always terrible, unless Westminster do it.

  40. Alex Clark says:

    So Johnson believes that the Minister of Health breaking the Covid rules, carrying on an affair in your place of work, and employing your lover so she can work alongside you at the taxpayer’s expense is not an issue, as long as you say you are sorry.

    Johnson says now that is his last word on the subject and it is all to go away, no doubt he feared what Hanckcock might have to say about Johnson’s own behavior come the Covid inquiry if he was to have sacked him.

    Despite what Johnson wishes, I don’t think that this will be his last word on the subject.

  41. Alex Clark says:

    It’s now coming out that Hancock’s indiscretion with someone he employed has a brother who is a director of a private health company that just happens to have won many lucrative NHS contacts.

    All in the trough together.

  42. Alex Clark says:


    From that Sky story above.

    Mr Hancock has also become embroiled in several conflicts of interest scandals relating to coronavirus contracts, including one involving the former landlord of the health secretary’s local pub landing a deal to produce COVID test vials.

  43. Dr Jim says:

    Isn’t it telling how in England the population of that country seem quite sanguine about the constant and almost daily corruption scandals within the so called government they elected, there’s no hand wringing no woe is us no *we’re all doomed* headlines or endless discussions on the media there about how such things can be allowed to continue unabated and unchecked, they all just shrug their collective shoulders and sigh *Oh well there they go again what can you expect from this lot*

    But *this lot* are the government the people of England elected and the people of England have no right to just accept a situation whereupon Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland are affected by their votes when their votes and their votes alone elected a bunch of crooks as a government for the whole United Kingdom only to then abrogate their responsibility for doing so when they turn out to be a bunch of *wronguns* with a shrug of their shoulders and a sigh
    For 60 years Scotland has had no say whatsoever in the election of the UK government to the English house of commons, if Scotland had not taken part in those elections the same governments in England would have been elected, we made no difference!… none!…. we in Scotland got and get what England votes for so this is taxation without the required representation, you know the thing that America went to war on and kicked Englands corrupt collective arses out of their country

    If our government in Scotland had done and been caught for doing even half the offensive behaviours for which the English government has been caught, the media, the opposition, the Prime Minister and all his cronies would have been screaming about abolishing the Scottish parliament for such hideous corruption within the ranks of the SNP, what’s that I hear? nothing!

    If anybody needed any reasons to rid ourselves of the unbearable burden of the Union that’s at least one of them
    We cannot look to the people of England to sort out their politics in order to assist us in Scotland or Wales, they evidently don’t care because they’re used to it so why on earth are we allowing the people of England to not care about us into the bargain, we don’t need them to care yet they have the voting power to change things, we don’t and they won’t

    People say don’t blame Mr and Mrs ordinary English person for the UK government, I say OK that’s fine but eh who would you like me to blame? because they’re the people who vote for the clowns, not us

    How nice would it be for the English people to vote for the government of their own country without that choice dictating the future of peoples lives in Scotland, I wonder if the people of England would enjoy Scotlands votes controlling their lives? I bet they never concern themselves with that thought and would be outraged by the very idea of anyone controlling their country other than the notion that they think they do

    Does anyone think they even care? of course they don’t, why should they

    That’s why we have to !

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Thought of the day – discussing Brexit.

      Englishwoman: If you lot in Wales hadn’t voted for Brexit, we would still be part of the EU.

      Me: Quite possibly true. But also if you lot in England hadn’t voted for Brexit, we would still be part of the EU.

      Englishwoman: [Takes offence]

      (And if neither of our countries had voted to Brexit, we wouldn’t have had to impose it undemocractically on Scotland and Northern Ireland – neither of whom voted for it in the first place.)

      PS Neither of us voted to leave the EU.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Even if Wales had voted 52/48 remain Englands population would have still carried the *British* peoples vote

        British English UKish it’s all the same thing to them, Scotland and Wales are territories belonging to their United Kingdom, they just like to use the terminology *part of*

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, your point about the Scotland-England roles being switched is a very salient one. As just one example, back at the 2015 UK general election, there was that Tory election cartoon showing Miliband in Salmond’s breast pocket, and the ensuing public rightwing media outcry about the Scots possibly projecting Miliband into power was such that the then Labour leader felt impelled to publicly deny that he would grant them any such influence. A Tory-led and Labour-fed confection that simultaneously perpetrated the well-worn lie that Scotland could normally make any possible difference, whilst inadvertently revealing a great underlying English abhorrence that it actually might. (Which if had somehow happened then, might well have saved them from the soon-to-follow consequences of their own stupidity and short-sightedness, but there we are.)

    • James Mills says:

      ”I wonder if the people of England would enjoy Scotland’s votes controlling their lives ? ”

      But that was exactly the argument made in recent General Elections when ( irony ! ) the Tories used the ”threat” of Alex Salmond and then Nicola Sturgeon seeking an alliance ( which was not true ) with the Labour Party and controlling England /UK.

      The Labour Party leaders( wimps all ) took cold feet at this smear and turned their fire on the SNP ! How did that work out for them ?

      Clear hypocrisy in the UK unionist parties who believe that what is good for England/UK is good for Scotland . But the converse , what is good for Scotland is , naturally , NOT acceptable for the UK/England .

      • grizebard says:

        Funny how these things spring immediately to mind while we’re simultaneously typing, eh, James…?! {grin}

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Yep DJ, even the latest Hancock revelation is being fobbed off in the media as “an inappropriate embrace”, despite the Sun “exclusive” footage out in the wild with even a Janey Godley voice over.

      I’ve seen 20 years of media manipulation of the dominant England electorate since I left the UK, so I’m not unduly shocked that they now shrug off the most horrendous breeches of decency, protocol and even basic honesty as “just one of those things”.

      There was a neat clip on Indyref Two’s Youtube channel which perfectly encapsulated the Scottish condition – Hancock being posed a stage-managed question over Dr Calderwood which allowed Hancock to condemn thereby criticise SG, following which the clip migrates to the Sun footage in all it’s steamy glory.

      Bear in mind Calderwood and Neil Ferguson were hounded out of their jobs by the UK’s media at the behest of this London mafia despite having a fraction of the power of Johnson or Hancock simply because they were perceived politically expedient and has nowhere near the power, but come to that nor did some 100k plus UK citizens who became a statistic.

      We can do nothing to rescue England’s electorate, how on earth can you de-program 55 million people when we can’t even shut down the offence to intelligence for 5.5M which is HMS Sarah Smith.

      It’s beyond time to look after our own priorities, the primary being total separation of States…. The rest we’ll figure out later…

    • grizebard says:

      Given the stark reality of the ongoing general political somnolence dwn south in the face of two simultaneous crises, Brexit and the pandemic, one of course self-inflicted and the other potentially criminally mismanaged, you have to wonder why Federal Broon persists in claiming that this stagnant morass can be rescued with a mere sprinkle of pixie dust for the sake of his precious Union and reputation (not necessarily in that order). Self-delusional or duplicitous – take your pick. He is probably saved from becoming a figure of widespread public derision in Scotland just because most people no longer pay any attention to him at all.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Make no mistake, Broon looks to save that which gave him a platform and may yet yield HIM benefits before he finally pops his clogs. He desires a legacy since nothing else really mattered to him.
        Broon’s ego was always his Achilles heel, something the Tories and media exploited to the point Blair could no longer fight despite knowing he would be a disaster.
        He is the establishment’s only remaining drag-politician because he is tolerated in a field dominated by those loathed by Scots.
        Broon will continue to press his luck as the obnoxious Uncle Frank, until “it’s so bloody green” ceases to be funny…

  44. Dr Jim says:

    The EU is a union of 27 countries sharing trade and the promotion of peace but every country within their union is free to make their own decisions on all the normal education policing health military and many more pertaining to any normal country, and within their countries they have devolution to regions or areas of significant size culminating in more democratic processes over all for the populations within them

    Compare and contrast the situation we live with in these British isles where although we are different countries the executive in England insist we’re not and that we belong to their Union as one country

    The United Nations recognises both Scotland and Wales as countries, England does too but they insist on not admitting it and continue to restate a position that we’re one country, now who are they doing that to convince and why, it’s not the majority of Scots or Welsh because even in Wales who aren’t as far along the journey to Independence as Scotland is would be thoroughly annoyed at being told they were not a country, I doubt if even Welsh Unionists would want to go along with that, they would likely insist they are a country but the Union is a deal they want and enjoy until of course the desire for Independence began to outstrip the Unionist desire to remain and then they’d follow the English propaganda

    So who are the English government aiming this propaganda at and why, I reckon when you answer that question you begin to see the nasty troublemaking sinister values of the English government, then your mind immediately takes a long look more recently at Ireland and what they did to that country and are still doing irrespective of people and their needs just to satisfy their parasitical greed

    The only country in this Union who is a prospective failure is England, if they can’t lie cheat conquer or steal from others they have no other skills to survive, they certainly demonstrate daily that they have no confidence to go it alone, look at their main claim of economy, financial services! the practice of buying selling and lending other peoples money

    I’ve never seen a plate of that with chips

    • grizebard says:

      An interesting article, and the conclusions reasonable, though it’s worth pointing out that in the last referendum we avoided any mention of the deficiencies of the Union, concentrating solely on the wonderland we were going to have with independence. As a result, too many people chose what they were misled into thinking was a safe status quo. So while we certainly do need to get the facts out there, some of those facts are the complete anti-democratic and exploitative dysfunction of the shrunken English Empire, and next time we should be willing to point out very forcefully that this is what the opposition are truly selling.

      As for a “thirst for impartial accurate information”, amen to that, but fat chance if Project Fear gets another outing, as it surely must, given that impartial accurate information is a killer for the BritNat cause. Consequently the BBC will assuredly flood the mediasphere with the most dismal rendition possible of the “dismal science”. As antidote I believe we should – off our own bats – line up a bunch of neutral economists from other small European countries well in advance to be ready to give their impartial analyses of our prospects for the benefit of the engaged public at the right time, and the BBC’s ready access to fake parti-pris BritNat “think tanks” be damned. And dammed.

      • ArtyHetty says:

        Totally agree grizebard. People are easily led, and wont to forget things like the fact that the London HQ’d Labour party had ten years at the helm at Holyrood, and not only did they do sweet fa for the people of Scotland, they plunged Scotland into £billions of debt with their PFI scams, that ‘debt’ is still having to be paid, thanks to the unionists. Unforgivable.

        Let’s also remind people about the £billions the Labour branch office in Scotland sent back to Westminster, saying ‘nothing to spend it on in Scotland’. Not housing, education, infrastructure, environment, industry, job creation, nope nothing. We must never forget the English government and their British Nationalist parties in Scotland, have nothing but contempt for Scotland and the people of Scotland, and they’d do the same damage again if they could, no doubt whatsoever.

  45. Alex Clark says:

    Hancock has reluctantly fallen on his sword. About time.

  46. Dave tewart says:

    This will allow the media to ignore the huge protest march in London today, just told that it is enormous by a friend who is down at a family meeting.
    Don’t think in terms of preplanned but a great distraction.

  47. Capella says:

    So a “corrupt banker” Sajid Javid is the new Health Secretary in England. The contracts will fair fly out now.

  48. Legerwood says:

    Other news this evening. Fidelma Cook, columnist in the Herald, has died. She had been very ill for some time but always managed to produce her column for the Herald Magazine on a Saturday. Her column was often the only thing I read in the magazine. Her column this week on Brexit, which will now be her last, is well worth a read.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Always a good read from this lady

    • Capella says:

      I can’t say I read her articles as I don’t read the Herald. But I did read her tweets and it is sad that a calm rational voice has faded away. So many have been voices crying in the wilderness and this will continue until we are free from Westminster constraint.

  49. Hamish100 says:

    She was one journalist left in The Herald you would look too. Sadly the trolls last week were attacking her last week. She was way above them and the sad remnants of a once respected newspaper.

  50. Alex Clark says:

    So all you that live as far afield as the Midlands or North of England have to stop travelling to London to protest on behalf of the Palestinians. So say’s Not So Priti Patel as she rebukes the Met .

    Priti Patel has demanded that Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick do more to stop pro-Palestine protest convoys travelling to London.

    Since mid-May, large numbers of cars have repeatedly driven into the capital from as far afield as Bradford and Sheffield to join demonstrations against Israel, with some occupants shouting antisemitic abuse from megaphones.

    Can you actually believe that she is complaining that “large numbers of cars have repeatedly driven into the capital from as far afield as Bradford and Sheffield”?

    That’s what the leadership of the UK looks like now and it’s not Pretty at all.

  51. Capella says:

    No Britain . Three nations and one occupied territory:

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      I tried sending them an email but received an error message in return.

      Would someone (marconatrix, perhaps?) like to send this via Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or whatever on my behalf? Thanks.


      It was very disappointing to read that you have chosen a Germanic language (which has no status de jure on these islands) in order to promote your idea of a one nation Britain.

      This Germanic language has subsequently been overlaid with a Romance language (French) and a lexicon from various other parts of the globe wherein some of the inhabitants of these islands made footfall – commandeering the country and subjugating the local population in the process.

      I am therefore of the opinion that in not using a British language in advocating a ‘One Britain One Nation’ approach is either a great error perpetuated by yourselves or a demonstration of hypocrisy and rank stupidity.


  52. James Mills says:

    Echoes of ”Ein Volk , Ein Reich …” – they tried to brainwash the kids as well,and got them dressed in little uniforms !

    But then they were different .
    They had a leader who broke the law , was elected by a minority , had corrupt ministers , demonised a minority , used propaganda to obscure their real intent , and encouraged thugs wrapped in their flags to spread their message of intolerance in public squares .

    • Janice Gale says:

      Precisely, it was done by stealth in Germany and if you look back over the years since Thatcher, its the same people who’ve had time to plot a way to power and used it successfully. What is to be done? I emigrated to Scotland, no waiting for kinder transport for me! I keep saying it will soon be too late!

      • Dr Jim says:

        In the 1930s the bad guys in Germany at that time just copied the same method as was used throughout the British empire on countries like South Africa where *camps* were used on people there and most people don’t know but the involvement of the Churchills was in on that with Lord Kitchener as the guy who implemented the ideas, what’s happening now is the same thing all over again, occupation and invasion of their own country

        People think the Nazis invaded Poland first, they didn’t, they invaded Germany first, their own country, and by the time the ordinary folk had really noticed them doing it it was too late and too frightening to speak up

    • Golfnut says:

      Brill comment.

  53. Alex Montrose says:

    looks like the ba’s burst at G Beebies, from the DE.

    BBC News at Ten: 3.6 million
    BBC News 1pm: 2.4 million
    ITV News at Ten: 1.5 million
    BBC Breakfast: 1.4 million
    BBC Question Time: 1.3 million
    Good Morning Britain: 717,000
    BBC News 9am: 294,000
    BBC Newsnight: 286,000
    Kay Burley, Sky: 54,000
    Sky News Ian King: 42,000
    Great British Breakfast on GB News: 32,000
    Andrew Neil: 31,000
    GB News DePerio & Halligan 16,000
    GB News Brazier & Muroki: 11,000

  54. Hamish100 says:

    I had a quick look on GB news as I clicked from CNN news. Caught Adreeeww neeeel giving his Fox News style edict on Brexit. The sound was out of sync with his moving lips. Amateurish. An advert came on for the right wing companies. Sadly one Tunnocks caramel wavers advert appeared. Maybe from France Neil can’t get his hands on one. Poor show tunnocks I know you are led by Tories but come on this surely will harm your brand?

    • Capella says:

      I don’t think Boyd Tunnock is particularly partisan – he donated a Rolls Royce Ghost to the Provost of Glasgow remember. He did it anonymously but there was such outrage among the opposition that he had to confess it was him.

      • Hamish100 says:

        I think you will find he is right wing Tory through and through. Advertising on Neil shows is one example. Pro Brit Nat union.
        Nice guy though buying a rolls Royce for the council. Socialism at work! Is that act of giving, tax deductible? Lol

        • Capella says:

          I think he’d advertise anywhere. He’s a business man. As Adam Smith pointed out, businessmen will always conspire against the public. Just don’t let them control anything vital, like the NHS.

          Jonathan Pie is very even handed as always. sometimes you wish he would just come down off the fence.

          • Hamish100 says:

            Capella I was trying to make a point although poorly that some companies are not advertising on GB news. I think morality and ethics come into it. The other company advertising that I saw was Virgin. The owner was a 1 time litter tsar appointed by thatcher. Lives abroad.

        • Pogmothon says:

          Are you sure it wasn’t lease / lend.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        An interesting read in retrospect, particularly intrigued by Tunnock’s comment ” I was able to give mine to the city so I thought, why not? “.
        My hypocrisy alarm went off at then Labour MP Paul Sweeney’s “It’s Dickensian to have the Lord Provost of Glasgow swanning around in a new 8 mpg chauffeur driven Rolls Royce while local council services are cut by SNP austerity”… This with the previous Labour administration’s 20 year fight against equal pay for women finally reaching conclusion… Presumably now as a “Co-operative” MSP he’s less inclined to stupidities ? No, thought not…
        Frankly the green eyed monster applies when it comes to Tunnock’s political allegiances, but he still only has one vote…

        • grizebard says:

          I’ve turned off my hypocrisy alarm as far as the BritLab northern twig-not-branch is concerned, because otherwise, like one of those unattended car alarms, it would be annoyingly going off without respite.

          (I’m surely not alone, though, since it hasn’t exactly helped them, has it…?!)

          • Bob Lamont says:

            Nope, and in a way it’s sad to see such a noble cause as Labour once represented reduced to a soundbite factory with depleting support, Keir Hardy would be mortified…

  55. Hamish100 says:

    Stuart Cosgrove in the Sunday National discusses the possible sale of Channel 4. Obviously the tories detest the Channel.
    Still if it is up for sale maybe this is our opportunity to buy the Scottish part to challenge the bbc. Are you listening STV?

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