Putting 50p in the Broontervention meter

It’s reasonable now to make an educated guess about what really happened during Gordie Broon’s super secret anti-independence meeting at Holyrood palace with Will-n-Kate at which they definitely didn’t how very dare you even suggest such a thing trash the convention that members of the royal family don’t try to influence the outcome of democratic votes. Because in the name of all that Nicholas Witchell holds holy, that would be blasphemous.

What they were really doing was giving Gordie Broon an unlimited supply of 50p coins to put in the broontervention meter. They’re not intervening in democratic politics at all, just facilitating someone else to do so, which is an entirely different thing entirely, and they’ll swear to that on Prince Andrew’s sweat glands.

Since having his meeting with a pair of extremely rich and over privileged aristocrats who think that the union between Scotland and England is their personal possession, Gordie has scarcely stopped Broontervening. It’s as though he’s suddenly realised that the consequences of his failure to ensure that his Vow was kept are coming home to roost. He’s not shut up since he met with them. Last week, in what was presumably an effort to peel off voters in Scotland who are keen to get back into the EU but who are not yet sold on the notion of Scottish independence, Gordie promised, nay, vowed, that he wouldn’t stop campaigning for the UK to rejoin the EU even though there’s about as much chance of that happening as there is of Nicholas Witchell popping up on the BBC news and saying that Prince Andrew and his sweat glands need to be kept well away from your teenage daughters.

Then on Sunday the Gordosaur popped up to tell us that unless the independence debate gets sorted out, we are facing fifty years of conflict between Scotland and England. Of course an obvious way to sort out the independence debate would be for Scotland to become independent. As he did so he dismissed the entire Scottish Constitutional debate as squabbling, as though what we’re really dealing with here is a pair of kids fighting over whose turn it is to use the laptop and not profound questions about the governance of Scotland and what the nature of Scottish nationhood really entails within the framework of a British state that still presents itself as a union. In so doing he unwittingly illustrates the nub of the problem, the consistent infantilisation and trivialisation of Scotland’s concerns and interests by proponents of British nationalism.

However that’s not the kind of resolution that Gordie has got in mind. It’s the independence debate that is the root cause of all the problems and the best way for those problems to be solved is for the independence question just to go away and disappear, quite possibly to wherever it was that Gordie went to after the No vote in 2014 instead of ensuring, as he’d vowed, that the leaders of the British political parties kept the promises and commitments that they’d made in order to secure that No vote.

The way he wants to sort it out is for the Labour party to become the major party in Scotland again and for Boris Johnson to willingly give up some of his power and ‘facilitate’ a forum of the nations and regions of the UK in order to crate a forum where issues can be discussed in a systematic way. This is the UK constitutional version of solving an overcrowding issue in your home by counting the number of dirty plates and cups piled up in your kitchen sink and then playing those numbers on a lottery ticket. The difference being that there is actually a quantifiable chance that you might strike lucky and your numbers come up whereas there is no chance at all that Boris Johnson and the Conservative party would ever subordinate the power of Downing Street and their majority in the Westminster Parliament to anything decided by this proposed new forum.

When asked on the Sophie Ridge show on Sky News on Sunday to spell out exactly what the Labour party in Scotland ought to do in order to recover its former dominance in Scotland, we got meaningless waffle, a lot of humming and hawing and a very large serving of SNPbad, but nothing concrete. By this time it ought to be obvious to everyone except the editorial staff of BBC Scotland news that the chasm between Gordon Brown’s mythology of himself and what he’s actually capable of delivering is as vast as the distance between sincerity and whatever oily platitudes that might come out of Michael Gove’s mouth on any given occasion.

The tragedy for opponents of independence is that the Gordie shaped plausibility free void is the closest that the UK has to joined up thinking on how to prevent Scottish independence. We get reheated promises about thinking about setting up commissions to examine the possibility of federalist jam at some unspecified point in the future. What we never get is anything detailed or concrete, and certainly not any realistic or convincing mechanism for the delivery of the federalist jam. The fact that they keep trotting out Gordie like some broken down old racehorse who really ought to have been sent to the glue factory many years ago is because they’ve got no one else.

Apart from Gordie and his amazing federalism snake oil, there’s only scare stories, threats, plastering union flags on everything, and the repeated asking of questions that have long since been responded to along with the insistence that the SNP doesn’t have an answer – like banging on incessantly about the currency of an independent Scotland when the SNP has said repeatedly that Scotland will continue to use the pound until such time as it’s in Scotland’s interests to make alternative arrangements.

It’s because there are no other options that opponents of independence will keep putting their 50p pieces in the Broontervention meter even though Scotland has long since ceased to listen. When neither side is listening to the other any more that’s the clearest sign anyone could ask for that this supposed union is dead and over.


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129 comments on “Putting 50p in the Broontervention meter

  1. David Agnew says:

    Gordon Brown can promise Scotland anything but he can deliver nothing. All he can do is to ask Scotland to keeping chugging down a cold cup of tory vomit, because Keir Starmer might come along in five years time and put some chocolate sprinkles in it. The fact they keep going to the clunking fist of union, is that they realise they have no one else to turn to. The tories popularity still to this day, stops north of the border. The only party left to define Britishness is a tory sub branch which relies on vote transfusions from Labour & the Lib dems. This however has blurred the lines between these parties, that they now look and sound tory and tory is a four letter word in Scotland.

    Better together was their best case for union and they almost lost. They know this. They know the vow saved them. But they couldn’t stop themselves. As soon as their worthless union was a given a reprieve, the tories took a crap on Scotland and wiped their backsides with the no vote.

    So all they have left is a sad old man trying to sell us nostalgia for a Britain that never existed.

    Tick tock Mr Brown. Tick tock.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      A very good and apt description of events since 2014, and what the BritNats are doing now to attempt to deny Scotland’s democratic rights.
      Tick tock indeed.

  2. Katie Nicol says:

    Don’t understand why he gets so much air time or so many columns in the press considering he never delivered anything he promised when he was PM. Lies and more lies just like the rest of them

    • grizebard says:

      Well, as Upton Sinclair once wisely said “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it”. And there’s hardly a media person in Scotland these days who doesn’t seem to carefully accept that as an iron rule of their professional life.

      But despite them, more and more of the rest of us are seeing through the abject dog-and-pony show that is Puppet Broon. And there are a lot more of us than them.

  3. Capella says:

    The surprising thing is that, in London, they seem to believe that Gordon Brown carries some weight in Scotland, that we hang on his every word. Why is that? Are there people who listen up every time he makes another empty promise?

    Federal Broon is a Toom Tabard, a Wormtongue. If we had a national broadcaster playwrights would be churning out the lampoons weekly. Theatres would be full of audiences falling over their seats at the antics of this charlatan and his ilk.

    • James Mills says:

      Brown is ‘listened’ to by London because he is one of them – a Unionist ! They are , like him , blinkered as to the mood in much of the public in Scotland re. independence . They seek comfort from someone who says what they WANT to hear !

      • grizebard says:

        Got it in one there.

        But he can’t stay in his protected little bubble forever, and outside it somebody is surely going to pop The Kryptonite Question: “How now Brown Vow?”

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Broon as their “chosen one” is obvious when you think about it
      – A Tory wouldn’t have a hope in hell, Liberals are still recovering from the irritable Vowel syndrome, any from the Lords would almost certainly be ignored, so that leaves Labour. What are the choices ?
      – Their last remaining MP Ian Murray would start a riot in a sleeping bag on his own, they tried rolling out Bliar and F-Foukesake who got pelters, so that only leaves the legend in his own lurchtime, Broon.
      He will have extracted a handsome deal whatever the outcome, he knows he will fail, so do they. all they have is hope and deep pockets.

      • ArtyHetty says:

        Yes their options really are narrowing aren’t they. Desperate, with added contempt, denial of Scotland’s history and nation status, as well as making threats.
        Watch your back Scotland.

  4. James Mills says:

    The good news is that Brown ( and Neil Oliver ) appear to be the vanguard of the Union response to History .
    They are not naturally the types who will listen to others as they are so far up themselves that they cannot see the opposition point of view .

    They have neither the intellectual nor the emotional arguments that will sway many people .

    Brown has the intellect but has NEVER been able to communicate with ordinary people because he has ALWAYS operated in an environment that is just a sounding board for his own thoughts – The Labour Party ! And they lost contact with ordinary voters a long , long time ago !

    And even in ‘retirement’ you NEVER see him speak except in prearranged , antiseptic , criticism-free circumstances , isolated from real people .

    As for Neil Oliver , the wannabe Historian and self-proclaimed King of Scotland , how can you take seriously a middle-aged ,cravat wearing , long-haired narcissist who thinks that ”the single biggest mistake in World History ” was nations locking down to save lives .
    Really , Neil ?
    Stick to adverts for Head and Shoulders !

  5. Capella says:

    Nobody’s listening 😂😂😂

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      When Charles ascends the thrown, do you think the Express will run a story that Kneel Olive has been dubbed King of Scotland and that this is to be seen as ‘a huge snub to the monarchy’?

      Nah. Me neither.

  6. Bob Lamont says:

    Your penultimate paragraph says it all really, there is nothing left in the arsenal after 2014.
    Scots are probably the most acutely aware of all the arguments and better informed on them than the vast majority of rUK, and this is Whitehall’s greatest nightmare.

    They have long relied on ignorance among the general populace to get their way, aside some success with conspiracy theories with the divide and conquer routine, and a year long propaganda bombardment in (of all things) a pandemic. There is no cowed populace in Scotland, the shock and awe tactics were met with “Shock? Awe..”.

    Broon as their last hope of saving the Union will have extracted a heavy price whatever the outcome, probably an elevation before the embalming fluid hits, which is possibly where the Royals connect.

    I’ve no time for Royalty GB Inc., were I in the slightest inclined to a modern Royal family it would be that of the Dutch, revered and respected for what they do.

    Gordon Brown knows Labour screwed up big time by swallowing the Whitehall Koolade, Keir Hardie must be spinning in his grave at these antics.

  7. Dr Jim says:

    The SNP doesn’t have all the answers they say, of course the SNP could have all the answers if they did politics the way Boris Johnson had all the answers over Brexit, he lied through his teeth on every single detail and he laughed all the way while he did it
    Northern Ireland? no problem, trade? no problem, new markets? no problem, dealing with the rest of the world? easiest deals in history

    Each and all of these *minor* details were fobbed off, tossed aside and dismissed as nothing and each of these details were lies, where were our unbiased media, well they were telling us it was best not to expose those lies in case doing so would undermine *British* democracy

    The SNP doesn’t have all the answers they say, well actually Boris Johnson’s Tories didn’t and don’t have *any* of the answers, they just keep right on lying

    The answer is simple, do you want Boris Johnson’s Tory Labour Lib Dem alliance to keep right on lying to us but you can’t vote them out because that’s in the hands of the voters of England or would you rather have the SNP tell you the truth that the future is ours to make and anyone who says they can predict the future is a liar like Boris Johnson

    The most important thing about Independence that is predictable is Scotland gets to decide without being overruled by political parties who aren’t accountable to the Scottish electorate, Tories Labour and Liberal Democrats do not require Scotland’s votes to win election to the government of the UK they only need the votes of England to do that as the last 60 years have proven, which means every single one of us in Scotland can never have a say in the future prospects and governance of our own country if we don’t decide that the status quo is not an option and that no Broonterventional offerings by anybody who supports the continuation of the Union that can ever be proffered ever have to be upheld, they tell lies

    If we don’t change things they’ll continue to tell lies and there’s not a damn thing we can ever do about it except what? moan at the SNP for *no daein sumthin* that we never gave them the power to do?

    Time is not our friend, we’ll never be something if we don’t decide to be something

    • grizebard says:

      He gets away with his posh-boy effrontery because he’s never been challenged about his behaviour throughout his whole privileged life, and not least latterly by a native Fourth Estate which has abandoned any pretence of professionality for fawning courtiership and thus has unforgiveably failed us all.

  8. Alastair Gunn says:

    “Gordie promised, nay, vowed, that he wouldn’t stop campaigning for the UK to rejoin the EU”

    Well I can *almost* bring myself to believe that he might not stop campaigning on the subject, but I’m much less convinced that he’d have any kind of success on the issue!

    Now I suppose it’s within the realm of the possible that a majority of people living in the UK might come around to the position that they’d prefer to be back in the UK [Ed: EU, presumably], however it’s much less possible that any UK government that’s likely to be elected in the foreseeable future is going to be in favour of it! And even if by some miracle, there suddenly was a UK government in favour of the idea what would make anyone think that the EU would be in favour of it as well?

    On the subject of the Royal Family being dragged into the “Scottish Constitutional Question” I’m wondering if the Unionists have polling data that suggests to them that there’s a chunk of the population who might vote for independence, but who might be put off if the Unionists can suggest that iScotland would be a republic (presumably with Nicola as “President for Life” obviously)? So therefore they drag the Royal Family into the equation, hoping that (some) Nationalists will react badly which the Unionists can then both exaggerate and claim it’s the SNP position?

    • douglasclark says:

      And you arrived at that conclusion, how? Frankly. perhaps in your brain it made sense, On t’internet, not so much.

      • Alastair Gunn says:

        I’m uncertain as to which you part you find unreasonable? Are you suggesting that the EU would be desperately keen to have the UK back as a members? (Perhaps because “they need us more than we need them”?) Or are you suggesting that the Unionists wouldn’t pull any lever they thought might work in an attempt to stave off Scottish independence?

    • grizebard says:

      I’m sure you’re right and that there is a section of the possible – and necessary – converts for whom a challenge to the position of the Royals would be a stumbling block. Which is why, besides whatever nefarious schemes the Unionists may be desperately cooking up on their own account, we must all, whatever our individual personal preferences might be, not free gift them such diversions to become weaponised by the opposition against us. (Like “currency” last time, for example.)

      All such secondary issues will be decided by all of us together in due course after the one thing which enables everything else has been achieved. There has always has been an unfortunate tendency by some to assume that their view of an independent Scotland is generally understood to be the one that will prevail, and just can’t resist proclaiming it loudly regardless of the consequences. But we won’t know any of that until we’re all free to debate and decide among ourselves, and see what emerges. The only necessary condition is that we’re actually able to conduct that process.

      Before then, we should all take care to keep the big tent big. It will have to be to win.

  9. douglasclark says:

    It is frankly amazing that a complete failure as a PM is trying to tell us what to do. It is beyond sense.

    • James Mills says:

      It is beyond sense , douglasclark , that a a man who was a complete failure as a journalist , as a father , as a husband , as an MP , as a Foreign Secretary ( have I missed anything ? ) could be voted in as an MP and then as a Leader of a Political Party .
      What this says about the electorate of ( mostly ) England is frightening !

  10. Hamish100 says:

    The one liner in our prospectus for Independence shall be that within 3 years of Independence a vote shall be taken by the Scottish public to have a Presidential Head of State – see Ireland as an example or a foreign royal person interfering in our affaires ( no change).
    It may just keep them quiet for a while to ponder.

  11. East Neuker says:

    The deep UK state will not let Scotland go. It can’t afford to,without damaging England, which is all that matters to them. It will keep Scotland by force, oppression and killing if necessary.

    History tells us that they are willing to do this. Ask the Irish, and many others. The fact that this has often failed in the end will not stop them. Scotland has to many assets for them to let go voluntarily.

    I am old, and will not see Scottish independence. Maybe nobody will. They are ruthless and determined, and the SNP are a chocolate teapot. Sorry to be depressing, but that’s where we are.

    • Dr Jim says:

      People have said this about the 60 countries including our neighbours Ireland who have already left the UK Empire, but leave they did, what 60 other countries did Scotland can do

      As to the insult towards the SNP you might reflect on the original failure Salmond who never intended Scottish Independence in the first place and like Boris Johnson lied to Scotland when what he really wanted was the third option Devo Max and Cameron shafted him into YES NO

      Nicola Sturgeon means it she’s not following the Alex Salmond script

    • Alec Lomax says:

      How’s Alba coming along?

      • grizebard says:

        Since he’s apparently from the East Neuk, at a guess he’s more likely to be a shell-shocked FibDem trying to share a little of his agony around in aid of his visibly dying party and Union, no..? {grin}

      • Dr Jim says:

        Yep, you can aye spot an Abla

        • iusedtobeenglish says:

          Actually – and please just delete this if it’s too offensive – He sounds like my relatives down in England.

          Yes. *sigh*
          But what can we do? *sigh*
          All politicians lie… *sigh*
          We’ll get rid of them next time. *sigh*

          And this is people from the region of England where, amongst other things, their forebears:
          – broke the mill owners’ economic stranglehold by founding the Co-operative Movement, so they could stop using the mill shop and eat proper food at decent prices. (You hear about it, but not why)
          – changed the MP from tory to Labour. They didn’t have the vote, but business owners did and they made it very clear that the businesses wouldn’t get custom if they ignored the wishes of their customers. (Not taught – though you do get told the military were sent there…)
          – got a letter from Abraham Lincoln because, at great personal expense, they refused to spin and weave cotton picked by slaves in America. (Not taught)

          So, it’s not just Scotland. (*sigh*)

          Can this attitude be combatted by a national Scottish pride-boosting campaign? Or is it too late?

    • grizebard says:

      It has apparently escaped your notice, but the Irish are already independent.

      If we all had your attitude, we would never become the same. You’re self-defeated before you’ve even started.

      Assuming you even want to start, that is. You’re a sight too calculatedly depressive to be credible, sunshine.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      You must have taught Ruth Davidson….

  12. gavinochiltree says:

    For those who believe in Broonshine, I have a bridge to sell you–a Boris bridge.

    In fact three Boris bridges, one over the channel, one over the Thames and one to N Ireland.
    The good folk in England “buy” his bridges–it’s a crying shame we Scots don’t!
    Crying with laughter, that is!

  13. JMD says:

    East Neuker

    Your mind is a quagmire of negativity and defeatist submission and you want to spread it around but I bet you don’t get many takers. Take it with you and go take a running jump.

  14. Luigi says:

    In 2014 didn’t Gordon Brown promise he would hang around to ensure that the vow was honoured? How did that go? He only pops up when the union is in peril. These meaningless Broonterventions are becoming tiresome. How he gets away with this nonsense is incredible. His track record is appalling yet no one challenges him. That’s probably why he rapidly disappears after his Broonterventions. He doesn’t hang around for sure. A moving target is more difficult to fix. He must be terrified he will be publicly challenged and humiliated one day. Here’s hoping.) :

  15. Petra says:

    ‘Why is the professional qualifications bill a concern?



    ‘Questions regarding Scottish border: FOI release.’


  16. Petra says:

    ‘Fears mount that Australian trade deal will inflict ‘untold damage’ on Scottish farms.’



    Rym Momtaz:- ”Terrible org at #G7 in Cornwall. Journalists have been parked an hour’s drive away from where leaders are meeting. Almost like everything was designed to keep journalists as far as possible – which is the opposite of democratic. Not a good look for the mtg of wealthy democracies.”.. https://mobile.twitter.com/RymMomtaz/status/1403994727305908228

    • Capella says:

      Yes, I noticed that on twitter. Ursula von der Leyen is out of patience with Boris Johnston and his clown administration. They understand the treaty. They just have no intention of honouring the bits they don’t like. A word of warning for all treaties signed by the Westminster parliament.

  17. Capella says:

    I’ve skimmed through the Gordon Brown entry in Wikipedia just to refresh my memory. Oh the heady days of student politics – I remember the Red Paper on Scotland edited by Gordon Brown. So long ago. In fact I still have a copy somewhere.

    Why has neither Brown nor Blair been elevated to the House of Lords? Does anyone know? It seems an odd state of affairs when so many lesser mortals are languishing there in their ermine robes and £330 a day.

  18. Capella says:

    Ian Bell (RIP) wrote an excellent opinion piece on Gordon Brown on 15th September 2014, “The ‘Tragedy’ of Gordon Brown”.

    Ultimately, nevertheless, his prescriptions for Scotland read like a last attempt to make sense of a career defined by London’s power.

    In the early days of Holyrood, it was common to hear people wondering why so many of Brown’s generation had not the slightest interest in a career in Scotland’s parliament. For them it was, in every sense, subordinate and secondary. The former prime minister has not changed his mind about that. That is, to stretch the word once more, another sort of tragedy.

    Sold his soul for London gold, like so many others.

  19. Petra says:

    ‘Wee Ginger Dug: This is Gordon Brown’s new Vow – and it’s every bit as hollow.’



    Just wondering if he’s on drink and / or drugs 🙄?

    ‘Boris Johnson criticised for incoherence at TV briefing on lockdown easing – video.’


  20. Petra says:

    Join the club Lindsay.

    ‘Commons: Lindsay Hoyle launches scathing attack on Tories over Covid briefings – video.’

    ..“If somebody’s willing to do that from Downing Street, I will always ensure that this House will hear it,” Hoyle responded. “My view is I was told no decisions have been taken. That’s why I’m more shocked to know there is an embargo, a list of what’s going to happen to this country, without this House knowing.”..



    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.


    • James Mills says:

      Really !!!
      Imagine not respecting the House or The Speaker ? What will this Tory Government do next ?

      Poor Sir Lindsay ! You’ve JUST noticed that Boris and his crew don’t give a Scooby for YOU or YOUR Parliamentary rules or what the PUBLIC think or if what they do is found to be illegal by the COURTS or if they break TREATIES or risk setting off violence in N. IRELAND , or are found to be corrupt , self-serving , incompetent , uncaring ….

      Is this you just seeing this , Sir Lindsay ? You really need to get out more , Sir ! And take the Parliamentary Labour Party with you .

  21. Alex Clark says:

    A breakthrough in the battle against Covid has been made by researchers at Aberdeen University and NHS Grampian.

    Scientists develop ‘game-changing’ antibody tests to detect new Covid variants

    The tests can assess the long-term immunity of an individual and whether immunity is vaccine-induced or is a result of previous exposure to the infection.

    They can also provide information that can be used to estimate how long immunity provided by the vaccine lasts as well as the effectiveness of the vaccine on emerging variants.

    The tests have been developed by the University of Aberdeen in collaboration with biotechnology group Vertebrate Antibodies Ltd and NHS Grampian.


  22. Richard says:

    I am neither Scottish nor British. The only connection I could have with a Scotsman is a little Celtic background, and it’s not even provable. So I am commenting from a very external point of view. I am really interested in the independence movements, as in Scotland, Catalonia, the Basque Country, Corsica,…
    As Jurassians (you can find what it is on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canton_of_Jura: //www.ju.ch/) we fought to be independent from the canton of Bern. We won in 1974. About 150 years after being “offered” as “compensation” by the Congress of Vienna in the early 19th century.
    Of course, we cannot compare ourselves in size or area with Scotland. However, the mechanisms are the same as those at work in the relationship between the Scots and the UK.
    1. We had to build independence movements (and these were sometimes antagonistic in some respects)
    2. These have enabled us to receive / authorize / demand more political rights and prerogatives
    3. We were looked down upon by the majority of Swiss politics, because no one in the Swiss political and media world understood what our demands were. Thus in the 60s and 70s we forged links with the Irish, Corsicans, Catalans, Walloons, Fourons, Aostes, Quebeckers,… and a handful of Scots. They helped us to the best of their ability, above all agreeing to discuss, hear and share with us their views and tactics to achieve independence.
    4. We have had our traitors, our sold politicians, those who sought notoriety, our exalted messiahs, our cold political calculators, our opportunists.
    The boat pitched a lot. But what made for the final assault was the moment when people had enough confidence in their strength and the power of their identity to forget that their “masters” were their masters only out of habit and tradition. Nothing more.
    So, the process AND the popular understanding being in cohesion, all the Helvetic power had to admit a fact, and especially: to compose with this fact. The old political glories also tried to pose as defenders of the tradition, the attempts (timid) to involve the troops were denigrated. It was too late to back off. The whole of Switzerland had to admit that the facts are stubborn. The Jura was reborn. And it not only enjoys general recognition, but this independent spirit has brought to the Jurassians a wave of sympathy that endures a bit like a romantic fantasy … 😁

    P.S.: sorry to write not so good in English, it’s not quite my mother-tongue…

    • Capella says:

      Welcome Richard – your English is excellent and thanks for describing the process in Jura. I’ve visited Switzerland on several occasions and love the people and the country. Your self confidence and ability to grow and develop for the benefit of the people is impressive.

      You do start off with two advantages – no monarchy, and the canton system. You are already a federal state, something which Scotland can never be within the UK. However, the sheer “can-do” attitude of the Swiss has created a technologically and politically advanced state which is enviable. I hope we will join you soon.
      Wave to the Jurassians 👋

      • ArtyHetty says:

        A very interesting account from Richard. thank you.

        The BritNat state do project an air of ‘tradition’ in their attempts to keep Scotland shackled, (some find it impossible to break with ‘tradition’) but it is really British/English nationalism with an added sense of superiority that drives them. The Brit/English government are also not daft, they know Scotland’s monetary and resources wealth is keeping them afloat.

        I have often told my family in Australia, (who by their silence do not believe in Scotland’s right to self determination) that Australia would have had a much bigger fight to become an independent country, had the BritNats known they had masses of gold (and coal of course) in their rocks!

        Scotland has gained much needed confidence over the past few years, and started to reject the ‘Scottish cringe’, but without broadcasting, ie essential communication powers, it is a cinch for the BritNat state to convince some that they are still better off under the rule of the English, when clearlyt he opposite is true. However, via the internet most people can now see through the English governments’ lies and fabrication of an ‘equal UK’. It’s been a long term illusion, but a clever one, and cost Scotland very dearly in the denial of their sovereign right to self deterination.

        The illusion is becoming more transparent, and Scotland can see out through the one way mirror now. and the BritNats are aware of that, which is why they wheel out the ‘sold politicians’ of days gone by, bygones, no longer relevant, they know, ‘it’s coming yet for all that!

        • Richard says:

          Oh yes, you have a lot of wealth. Yet your riches are manifold. The Scots seem to be imaginative in many ways, but let the UK dilute “their” culture without giving them credit, as they claim that of “their” constituents (Scots, Irish, Welsh, Cornish,…) and everything is reduced to being British, UK, English… it’s homogenized, stamped Great Britain or UK. Besides the habit (at least in Europe) and to say that Murray is English, to confuse the green Albion and its satellites …
          Of course it’s a shame that the BBC and the press ape Pravda. Make more noise as a cultural entity. Claim your existence stronger, be inventive beyond Scotland.
          …and let the BritNats in their monomaniac corner.

      • Richard says:

        Thank you Capella for your kind words. Yes Switzerland seems more « democratic » as UK when you read it’s global organisation. However, it was also very cumbersome and complicated to act across the country to change its organization from 22 to 23 cantons when we represented less than one percent of the total Swiss population.
        The Switzerland of the time was blended in the pride of having avoided world wars, convinced of having frightened Germany, subjected to the industry of the large rich cantons, to the banks and to the army which got richer in supplying millions of war items to the Allies AND the Reich. At the end of the war, Switzerland was convinced that it was better than other countries, despised the Italians, the French, spat on its German ex-clients … with the current perspective, we realize that it there is no reason to be proud of it. Thus, when the Jurassians affirmed that Heidi’s country was not all white, Switzerland condemned their actions and they had to enter into illegality, provoke, be obstinate, stubborn, stubborn… and stubborn. Never back down, try all means, sometimes crazy, to be “visible”. To try to surprise, to launch actions which would make it possible to gain the sympathy of the other cantons, to gain the right to exist. Now it’s easier. We have a reputation for having “pig characters”, but funny pig characters (even though our symbol is the ram). Who do not back down but are ready to shake hands with the opponent if he accepts to be offered a beer after the fight. It takes time, it’s true. But it’s worth it.

        In fact, in the 1960s, no one knew how to locate towns and villages in the Jura on a map. The army saw the Jura as a playground and destroyed everything. There were attacks and thefts of explosives in the depots. The army had to explain itself and finally fall back.
        Now, there are tourists (too many) who come to recharge their batteries here.
        The Jura is now all the rage, and the inhabitants of the big cities (as far as a Swiss city can be big) litter our pastures. They see it as a romantic Disneyland made of wilderness, and we haven’t been able to educate them yet. The mission of the rams is to explain the respect we owe to pastures, forests, ponds and peat bogs, to animals,… and to the inhabitants.
        It’s partly our fault, we neglected this aspect of the fight and were surprised by the wave of tourists.

        London is using your wealth, throwing away military and tourist waste, invading your nature and driving up house prices. You are wrong and are not heard, they use you when needed. And too many Scots accept it. This is not a good path …
        You have to be much more stubborn.
        And you have sneaky, devious masters. They did not build their former empire with their arms, but with those of their vassals.

        • Capella says:

          Well said! You are so right about “perfidious Albion”. Too many Scots are brainwashed by the British media into thinking their best interests lie in the Union. But people are waking up slowly. The new media such as the internet are vital in spreading the alternative view of reality, the true situation as I would call it.

          How many times must our industries be destroyed, our farming and fishing decimated, our revenue siphoned off to London to fund their “imperial services”, our young people sent to foreign wars we never voted for and our land polluted by toxic waste.

          There is only one way to end those attacks on our population and that is to persuade them that we are better off managing things ourselves. Civil disobedience is what you describe as a method of drawing people into the struggle for self-determination. You Jurassians are clearly a very stubborn people, a great quality we could benefit from too.

  23. Dr Jim says:

    It seems always that the most energised people who want to decide Scotlands future never seem to want to put themselves forward for election to the Scottish parliament, and most of those opposed to Scotlands future being decided by the people of Scotland are only sitting in our parliament because of a list system where the public don’t have or need to vote for them

    Practically the entire opposition to Scottish Independence in Scotland has not been voted for, and the only ones who have been voted for are a half dozen Tories one Lib Dem and one Labour who are in in London, really the entire actual *elected* opposition to Independence would fit into one bus

    This is mentally irregular

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Your spell checker inserted an automatic “ly irregular” to “This is mental”, in case you hadn’t realised.

    • grizebard says:

      Actually, your assertion of “not voted for”, oft-repeated in one form or another, isn’t strictly true, since if nobody voted on the list for the colour Tories, none of their representatives would currently be “gracing” {ahem} Parliament. (Indeed many SNP MSPs were previously elected on the list, don’t forget.)

      The only way to make inroads in that kind of scheme, lacking the ability to bring more people over to your own side’s way of thinking, is to convince supporters of your opponents to give up and not bother voting at all. And indeed we saw some very heavy-duty attempts of enemies of independence to do just that in the recent elections (aided and abetted by a few misguided gamblers of the turf with their “infallible system”).

      But there is a kind of truth in the nagging dislike of this “upstairs-downstairs” MSP class system, especially by those of us who are long-term accustomed to electing all our representatives directly. Though this awful bodge of the party-selected list doesn’t appear to sit well with many (any?) of us really. It plainly hasn’t “bedded-in”, and having to figure out what to do with two votes each instead of one just makes the whole contrivance worse.

      We do rather like to choose our representatives for ourselves. Which could explain why people don’t seem nearly so exercised by reformed council elections, since every councillor is elected individually by the voters and not “queued up” in opaque party backroom deals. I think it’s that latter aspect which particularly rankles.

      But as long as that system prevails for Holyrood, our only answer is to convert voters to the SNP wherever possible, and otherwise by dint of exposure at least deter our opponents from electing numpties-by-proxy. I wonder how many foolish Labourites and FibDems are already having buyer’s regret over the shower of third-rate Tory nobodies they recently enabled (not to forget the “quid pro quo” for Cole-Scuttle).

  24. Jacksg says:

    The boat is sinking and the Captain is pissed. 😟

    45,000 fans will be allowed to be in Wembley Stadium for the knockout stages of Euro 2020.
    Both the women and Men’s Wimbledon finals will have capacity crowds allowed in the centre court.

    After watching some of that briefing last night by the Womble they call a PM. Honestly, he was incoherent. I don’t recognise England anymore.

    The general population seem to think that there is no real threat anymore. Even although the North West of England saw a rise of 64% last week and there are more than 7million of their population infected.

    As long as they can get pissed and go to the footie, and the celebs can get their seat at Wimbledon they and their so-called government don’t give a shit. I despair. 😟

  25. Capella says:

    The Tragedy of Gordon Brown: Part 3. – see Wikipedia.

    Brown graduated in History from Edinburgh University on a fast track degree that saw him enter at 16. He then got a Ph.D and published a book based on his thesis – a biography of James Maxton.
    Maxton was a Red Clydesider and founded the Scottish Labour Party along with Keir Hardie. Both his heroes advocated Home Rule for Scotland as did Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham who is quietly airbrushed out of the picture. Hardie was opposed to immigration which supplanted British workers in the labour market. Brown too was criticised for using the slogan “British jobs for British Workers” in the 2010 election campaign.

    So, sadly, he is a relic of “British Labour” still touting his Home Rule and Britishness to deaf ears. He is like Firs, the old family retainer in The Cherry Orchard. The family have sold out to the new property developers. They have moved on and locked the door. He is left, forgotten about, a doddering old fool, with nowhere to go.

    But he still touts Home Rule like the Liberals before him – for the past 150 years.

    • grizebard says:

      As to your earlier quote from Ian Bell – a journalist of calibre that sadly is now observed here only in its absence – while it is undoubtedly true that back in the day all aspiring Scottish Labour “high flyers” saw their career inevitably progressing down in London, relative latecomers to the process like Alexander and Murphy have mentally adjusted and got on with other things instead, whereas what seems to be happening with Broon is that he’s attempting to justify his own choice way back then by repeatedly exerting himself against the mounting odds to “prove” – maybe to himself as much as to anyone else – that it remains a relevant choice today. So a principled yet arguably more-successful “stay-at-homer” like Nicola Sturgeon must be a constant living reproof to him, feeding a constant nagging doubt about his ever-fragile self-esteem. Perhaps that is the motivation behind this ongoing pattern of Broonterventions, together with all the concomitant reality-denials, fatuous promises shockingly and unprotestingly unfulfilled; all an attempt to prove himself still relevant.

      Broon, being ruled by the flaws in his own character, and apparently unable to call a halt, is truly becoming a self-made modern tragic figure.

    • dakk says:

      Needed a laugh, got one😊

  26. Capella says:

    Cabinet Office ordered to release secretive union polling after two year court battle – Tommy Sheppard is getting somewhere.

  27. Hamish100 says:

    Had a quick look at the new news channel. What absolute drivel. Lady? Campbell attacking Prince Harry. This is news. 2 mins of my life gone. Amateurs

  28. Alex Clark says:

    So Johnson and his Ministers are being reported as supporting compulsory Covid vaccination for NHS and Care Home staff. It is believed that 150,000 NHS staff and 50,000 care home staff have chosen not to take the vaccine.

    I think they should have taken the vaccine personally, but I don’t think anyone should be vaccinated against their will especially with the threat of losing their job if they choose not to, Maybe, for now, this is kite flying by this decrepit government but we shall see.

    • Alex Clark says:

      I should have made clear that it would apply to England only.


      • Clydebuilt says:

        Call Kaye Bbc Radio Scotland is discussing this between 9 and 10am

      • Pogmothon says:

        At some time there had to be a point when all staff in various occupations (flight deck, cabin crew, Merchant Navy, all military and reservists, Surgeons, etc. etc.) had to accept being inoculated or their employment would be in jeopardy.
        Before it was a compulsory part of the job description, as vaccinations against various illnesses became available.
        It’s not that long ago that no vaccination certificate meant no visa, or no entry, and you were on the next flight home. (now a days these things are check before you get on the plane).
        I fail to understand why the people who happily put these (mandated) things into our bodies.
        Refuse to be inoculated against a known killer.

        And don’t tell me they have any sort of philosophical or any other objection.

        How does that vow go again…… Oh yes! “First do no harm……”

        Do they really need to be told that the Hippocratic Oath is not based on hypocrisy or hypochondria.

    • Capella says:

      Your earlier comment about the Aberdeen test which identifies whether someone has had Covid was aired on RScotland this morning. A breakthrough in more ways than one 🙂

      • Legerwood says:

        Believe it or not but the Herald also mentioned it today but on an inside page and you had to read as far as paragraph 7 to find out it was scientists at the University of Aberdeen in conjunction with NHS Grampian.

        • Petra says:

          They’ve got to keep the ”too stupid” myth going, Legerwood, to help keep the sweaty socks in their box.

  29. Clydebuilt says:

    At about 8.30am Call Kaye quoted Travelling Tabby . . . . . . Claiming the site shows Scotland has the highest new infection rate in whole of Europe . . . . . . . Obviously suited her purposes on this occasion. . . . . First time since March 2020

  30. Dr Jim says:

    Nobody would let staff enter a care home with a gun because that would be madness yet they’re arguing over whether they should still let staff in with a disease capable of killing everyone in the place, that’s madness

    It’s everyone’s human right not to be vaccinated if they so choose, but then it’s the rest of society’s human right to protect themselves from illness and or death, so perhaps those who choose to work in the care or health system who choose not to be vaccinated might think about whether that’s the right job for them or does society change the rules and charge them with attempted murder for refusing the jag just like they would if they carried a gun into a care home and shot a few old folk

    Elderly folk in care homes had and have no choice but to sit and cross their fingers in the hope that no one came in their home and try to kill them, inadvertently or otherwise
    I don’t understand the public worry over folk losing their jobs on this, we’re seeing every day if a footballer catches Covid he’s out of the team till he’s clear or he’d infect everybody else, long term if they refused the jag they’ll lose their job, business will not put up with refusal to co operate

    Polio, Scarlet fever, Measles and others used to kill us, we killed them by vaccination yet now some of these diseases are making a comeback because some folk are invoking their “human rights” but
    it’s our human right not to die by something we can protect ourselves from and if some folk don’t want to help us protect ourselves then they’re the problem not the rest of us

    The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few when it comes to the worlds public health

  31. Petra says:

    That’ll do the trick. I’m throwing in the towel now 😀.

    ‘Michael Gove plans to scrap Evel in bid to stop Scottish independence.’

    ..”A Whitehall source commented: “Abolishing Evel would reaffirm the fundamental constitutional principle that we are one United Kingdom, with a sovereign parliament comprising members elected on a basis of equality, representing every community in the land, able to make laws for the whole kingdom.”..



    Gove isn’t doing too well this week. Having to scrap EVEL, blocking the FoI secret polling request overturned, Court case finding that he broke the law in relation to Covid contracts and now this. Time for him to resign 😎.

    ‘UK Parliament to investigate Michael Gove’s ‘Orwellian’ FOI unit.


  32. Petra says:

    ‘Dorothy Bain QC expected to be named Scotland’s new Lord Advocate.’



    Joanna Cherry:- ”If this is correct I will be delighted to see my dear friend & former boss in
    @copfs. Dorothy Bain QC as head of Scotland’s prosecution service. A woman of the highest integrity 👏👏” https://twitter.com/joannaccherry/status/1404851999745753094

    • Capella says:

      Also, if this is correct, another conspiracy theory bites the dust. The one where Nicola Sturgeon appoints Lady Dorrian to the post as a reward for services rendered.

      • Petra says:

        ”They’ll” no doubt find a link between Dorothy Bain and Nicola Sturgeon, Capella. The latter who seemingly has total control over Police Scotland, the Judiciary and the Crown Office in general.

  33. Petra says:

    ‘Kevin McKenna: How Gordon Brown is deliberately defaming the Yes movement.’

    ..”This is getting to be dangerous. It supports a notion about some of the more untethered individuals in his quack Unionist group, Scotland in Union; that they almost wish for their most febrile and apocalyptic pronouncements to come true so they can claim the credit for predicting it.”



    Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp:- ‘Botched Brexit provokes staffing crisis threat to Scottish industries.’


  34. Petra says:

    Does anyone know what going on with AUOB now.? Still living up to their name or not? Abiding by Council rules and regulations?



    Pat Kane:- ”Noted, how it lands just below the Scottish border. New connection between UK and Norway to be switched on this week, 1.4GW about 5% current UK demand at this moment. The intention is that it will “allow countries to trade clean energy”. Hydro from Norway, offshore wind from UK.” https://mobile.twitter.com/thoughtland/status/1404758456607911939

    • Bob Lamont says:

      I already made this point over on Indyref2 re “Noted, how it lands just below the Scottish border” –
      ALL of the EU interconnectors do, but since England is a net IMPorter of energy, where do you suppose the “offshore wind from UK” is coming from to EXPort, Scotland ?
      On top of the power transmission surcharge for north of the border south, and the undersea bypass cable they intend laying from Scotland to England, it all stinks.

    • Alex Clark says:

      AOUB still has Nicola Sturgeon in their sights, so I guess not. Those commenting take a different view though.


      • Petra says:

        Thanks for the link Alex.

        ”By refusing to set the date for IndyRef2 the FM is implying we are better together.”

        Guess I’ll be saving myself time, money and effort by not attending their marches in future.

    • grizebard says:

      Hmmm, given the penal distance-related (from SE England) tariffs that the English Government proxy OFGEM has established, the Norwegians must be paying the UK for the electricity it kindly provides.

  35. Petra says:

    Brexit is going well, isn’t it? The BBC was reporting that over a million people have left the UK to return to the EU due to Brexit. Don’t worry though, Westminster will sign up Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis to pick fruit, drive trucks and work in the NHS, social care and hospitality industries.

    ‘UK driver shortage so bad, wholesalers want army trucks to deliver the goods.’

    ..”Chief executive of the Federation of Wholesale Distributors (FWD) James Bielby said the situation had become so extreme, with the shortage hitting 70,000, he recommended the government having army trucks on standby “to ensure… enough vehicles and drivers to distribute food”.”..



    ‘Crisis in the unpicked fruit fields shows Brexit is rotten.’


    • Statgeek says:

      “UK driver shortage so bad, wholesalers want army trucks to deliver the goods.”

      Sounds screwy. No shortage of driving licences (even HGV) and drivers out there. More likely “cheap UK driver shortage for minimum wage” for drivers that have to pass additional tests.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        It’s the pay and conditions which are the problem

      • Petra says:

        Add to that losing drivers that have returned to the EU following Brexit, truck drivers not being included on the UK Government’s list of skilled labour and Covid-19 holding up driver training over the last year.

        ‘Brexit: Fresh produce headed for UK being dumped amid ‘acute’ HGV driver shortage.’


        • Bob Lamont says:

          True “losing drivers that have returned to the EU following Brexit” Petra, but you miss the point.
          The low wage poor conditions culture the Tories created was only ever going to attract those for whom it was less financially suicidal, Poland, Romania, Hungary, etc., they could make a living on the meagre wages, and put money aside for the retirement bolthole.
          For UK drivers, they struggled to pay the mortgage and cope with those same diminishing returns, but consider what HMG did do to prepare for this entirely predictable mass departure of everyone from nurses to teachers to drivers ? Zilch, nada, diddly squat.
          One driver I know who was based out of London for 11 years moved to the suburbs of Brussels in July 2020, having finally had enough of the blatant racism and attitudes of superiority amplified since Brexit, and they are happy as Larry where they are, only a few hundred miles closer to “home”. Neither ever wants to set foot in England again.
          Ditto a neighbour who moved back from London after 20 years. They had always planned to “go home” and retire, Brexit brought that forward 20 years.
          England’s Tories wanted to “take back control”, they have it now, perhaps someone might suggest JRM do the Tesco run rather than fly to Dublin?

  36. Petra says:

    ‘New agriculture-specific visa established for UK and Australian workers.’

    ..”A new agriculture-specific visa will be established between Australia and the United Kingdom, allowing people to work on farms in either country.”..



    ”Unjust to say the least.”

    Professor Alex Mas:- ”Normally I would not be posting personal developments on this website, but in this case I have a pressing concern. My dad, Spanish economist Andreu Mas-Colell, is dealing with an incredibly difficult and unjust situation. In two weeks my parents home, his pension and his bank account may be seized by state authorities, without due process. This has to do with events in Catalonia over the last few years. That’s a lot to digest, so let me give some background. . ” https://mobile.twitter.com/AlexMasPton/status/1404438475408035845

  37. Petra says:

    OMG, time for Scots to get off of their knees and help us to get out of this bl**dy nightmare.

    Phantom Power:- ”The UK-Australia free trade deal means Scottish Farming [360,000 jobs] is now on borrowed time. #Scotland has a choice [caution: graphic].” https://mobile.twitter.com/PhantomPower14/status/1404882419799429120


    Emma Kennedy:- ”The animal welfare standards this govt have just agreed to.” https://mobile.twitter.com/EmmaKennedy/status/1404780192619433984

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Yep, it actually could not be much worse. Far as I heard as well, if it’s been written into this, the aussie farmers can take Scottish government to court if for any reason they are disadvantaged in any way, so it would mean if standards were kept higher and the aussie farmers lost out on business, off to court they go!

      Listen to this…worth your time, but it is long..was livestreamed last night. The timeline of the Delta variant is interesting, re the PM allowing it into the UK.

  38. Petra says:

    The journalists / MSM in Scotland are / is an absolute disgrace. Not fit for purpose, as we all well know. If you haven’t done so already please consider signing the petition.

    ‘Devolve legislative powers over broadcasting to the Scottish Parliament.’



    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.


  39. Capella says:

    Signed the petition. Only 1,500 signatures o far. so needs circulated far and wide.
    But hey – Kaye Adams has discovered Travelling Tabby after 15 months of darkness. Pity it was only because Scotland has the highest infection rate in Europe (must fact check that).

    Also, Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp has an article on the Australia trade deal and its likely impact on Scottish farmers. GMK is providing analysis on current politics on his Business for Scotland site.

    • ArtyHetty says:

      Not sure the numbers mean Scotland has highest in Europe at all…but they are not great. I think we all know who is to blame, and how much Scotland is totally scuppered by the EngGovs’ deliberate incompetence. Scotland is at the mercy of the far right wing EngGov, and the BritNats don’t usually show any mercy towards their perceived enemies.
      Here is Indy car Gordon Ross.

  40. Petra says:

    It’s all just one big laugh, guffaw, for LBJ 🤬.

    ‘UK has highest rate of Covid cases in Europe, Starmer reveals – Video.’



    Nicola Sturgeon must be totally scunnered with this. At the end of her rope 🙄 .

    ‘FMQ’s 15/06/21 at 15:10:50 pm.’

    Nicola Sturgeon’s response to a question from Glasgow Cathcart James Dornan SNP MSP.

    She said: “There is no doubt, I don’t think I’m the only person that will say this. The lack of very robust border controls in recent months has, I think has been a factor in the situation that we’re dealing with right now and that is deeply frustrating we are where we are.

    So we have to all of us take a responsibility for navigating our way through this, but if we cast our minds back to mid February the Scottish Government decided to insist on mandatory managed quarantine for all direct arrivals into Scotland, regardless of what country they came from, that would have included India. At that time despite our pleading the UK government only insisted on managed quarantine for red listed countries. It took until the latter part of April to put India on the red list. I said many times people have helped me see it that, that left us with a serious vulnerability of people coming into the UK to English airports and travelling to Scotland, and therefore not being caught by our managed quarantine arrangement.

    We pleaded with the UK Government to put common provisions in place across the UK but we also pleaded with them, to introduce a situation where people coming into an English airport but intending to go to Scotland would be made to quarantine at the point of arrival. Michael Gove, I think wrote to the transport Secretary back in February, refusing point blank to do that. They wouldn’t and I’m quoting legally treat people differently in England based on their final destination within the UK.

    I do have a deep frustration about this, but we are where we are and we have to deal with this, but there is no doubt at all that too lax border controls around the whole of the UK have played a part in where we are right now.”


  41. Petra says:

    ‘Philip Rycroft: Union is ‘not sustainable’ if 50 per cent of Scots want out.’

    ..At the same (Lords’ Constitution Committee) session, Ciaran Martin, former constitution director in the Cabinet Office, commented that the Tory government’s line that “now is not the time” for a second independence referendum cannot hold, adding that ministers need to set out “if not this, what?”..



    ‘Boris Johnson told he’s ‘talking tripe’ about Australian trade deal.’

    ..”He (Ian Blackford) stated: “Can the Prime Minister confirm that from day one of this deal 35,000 tonnes of Australian beef and 25,000 tonnes Australian lamb will be free to flood the UK market tariff free? Australia’s economy will benefit to the tune of 1.3 billion dollars a year, the UK Government’s own assessment is the Australian deal is worth just and I quote 0.02% of GDP. You would need 200 Australian deals to come close to mitigating the cost of Brexit.”..


  42. stewartb says:

    What’s Kenny MacAskill MP up to now? This is from the Hansard record of his contribution in the HoC today:

    “Kenny MacAskill (East Lothian) (Alba): A new Lord Advocate has taken up position, but the structural flaws in the office remain. In no other legal jurisdiction in the UK, or indeed in the western world, is the Government’s senior legal adviser simultaneously the country’s chief prosecutor; yet the role is enshrined in the Scotland Act 1998. Will the Prime Minister commit to changes so that that historical anachronism can be changed and a separation of powers achieved?

    “The Prime Minister: First, I congratulate the hon. Gentleman on the outstanding success of his party in the recent elections. I will study the anomaly that he raises and revert to him as soon as possible.”

    In seeking today to obtain a commitment for reform from the UK PM, Mr MacAskill is in effect seeking to circumvent the commitment already made by the elected government of Scotland to “consult on whether the dual functions of the Law Officers, as head of the independent prosecution service and principle legal advisers to the Scottish Government should be separated.”

    Who needs or wants the Scottish Government, the Holyrood Parliament and stakeholders in civic society in Scotland to come to a considered view on this matter? Not this Alba Party MP it seems.

    Better to get in first before the consultation can take place: better to press on the floor of another parliament, the House of Commons, for a Tory government’s ‘commitment’ now to introduce a reform on Scotland’s behalf?

    If you can’t win a seat – can’t gain influence – in Scotland’s Parliament there is always a Tory PM in Westminster that an Alba Party MP can ask to act in the way he wishes, and by asking for this now of a government in another parliament pointedly ignoring the planned Scottish Government consultation.

    • Alex Clark says:

      I watched him ask the question live today and it is the first time I’ve ever seen him talk at Westminster. I didn’t catch his whole question at the time but did note the Johnson response as to the performance of his party at the Scottish election. Looks like he was paying attention then.

      I’ve no idea why he would raise this question with a Tory government and appear to give them an opportunity to interfere with Scottish government business, yes, the role of the Lord Advocate in the Scottish government is written into the Scotland Act so is not within the current powers of the Scottish government to change.

      However, before you ask any Westminster government to change anything it is right to first consult and seek opinions throughout Scotland, not least from the legal profession in Scotland. MacAskill is jumping the gun and undermining the Scottish Governments planned consultation but no doubt that he will have his reasons.

  43. James Mills says:

    Talking of” structural flaws ” , perhaps Mr MacAskill would like to address the ”structural flaw ” in a person being elected for a particular political party then unilaterally declaring himself a member of a completely different party BUT not being an ” Honourable Member ” and resigning and letting the voters decide if they wish him to remain as their representative .

    Over to you Honourable Member !

    • ArtyHetty says:

      The fact that Johnson congratulated the guy and his Alba party tells us all we need to know? MacAskill is not to be trusted imo. Disgraceful, he should have resigned and gone through a democratic process to be elected MP for the Alba party.
      I bet he ends up a lord…

  44. Hamish100 says:

    .. and a federalist to boot. Who would have thought. Is this what the 1.5% voted for?

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Erm… Alba were created in order to ensure a ‘super majority for independence’ is what I heard. Seems that MacAskill and Salmond are not singing from the same hymn sheet, methinks …

  45. welshsion says:

    It was mentioned previously that Cymru has no Devo maxers.

    Seemed we commented too soon. These are the latest ideas being offered by First Minister Drakeford. (Well .. he is ‘Welsh’ Labour, y’know ..)


    • Petra says:

      Great to see the Welsh team beat Turkey, WS. What a game 👍. Fingers (everything) crossed for Scotland v England. Ever the optimist 😀.

  46. Dr Jim says:

    Just when you think the media couldn’t get any more stupid up pops Scotland tonight’s Rona Dougall interviewing the newly elected newly appointed drugs minister SNP MSP Angela Constance with this question “If you fail to get drugs deaths down will you resign?” maybe give the woman a chance to get started before demanding resignations

    Or how about the absolutely appalling disastrous news that’ll no doubt cause the entire planet to implode that the SNP Scottish government missed their climate change target by 3 and a half percent, if they had surpassed the target by 3 and a half percent they be saying the Scottish government just scraped by on their target

    Or asking Andrew Tickell the law lecturer whether the new lady lord advocate will rule that the Scottish parliament has the legal authority to proceed with an Independence referendum or not, surely if he knew what she was going to do then he’d be in the job or at least he’d be in the daily newspapers predicting the future for a living and not law lecturing

  47. Petra says:

    ‘World…err…beating…umm trade…uhh…trade…err…thingwy.’

    ..”It also indicates the UK has no problem accepting the secret courts that will force the UK government to pay compensation should any UK laws affect the profits of an American company.

    So for around 50p per head per year we are ditching the high quality food and animal welfare standards that we have become accustomed to as part of the EU. The British who were traditionally so fond of animals now seem happy to throw them to the wolves of profit. Whilst farmers in Australia rub their hands in glee.”..



    Ian Blackford:- ”🚨 The UK government’s own assessment says the Australia deal is worth just 0.02% of GDP.

    🤦‍♂️ You would need 200 Australian deals to come close to mitigating the cost of Brexit.

    🚜 These are peoples livelihoods at stake, they deserve honest answers from the UK government.”https://mobile.twitter.com/theSNP/status/1405149561857925125

  48. Petra says:

    Who cares?

    ‘Stark contrast’ in attitude to EU may lead to UK-Scotland conflict, report says.’



    ‘Only independence can stop UK trade deals which sacrifice Scottish industries.’


  49. Golfnut says:

    Artic!e .com the Times. Head line states that the new Advocate General is ‘ expected ‘ to support the SG holding a referendum while the article itself implied it wouldn’t be legal. Eh!

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Simply the Union Unit stirring it again, the ‘expected’ as unexpected as Monty Python’s Spanish Inquisition.

    • Capella says:

      It’s a National article. Not The Times BTW.

    • Alex Clark says:

      The Times made the same claim yesterday in another article.

      Legal sources said that Dorothy Bain QC would be “likely to give a referendum bill the green light” once she was installed as the Scottish government’s senior legal adviser. Her appointment is expected to be voted through at Holyrood tomorrow after her nomination is confirmed.


  50. Petra says:

    Phantom Power:- ”£30m #Brexit border control post at Cairnryan confirmed with customs and passport checks at Larne. @scottories promised this would never happen. Resignations from Douglas Ross and Alister Jack, please.” https://mobile.twitter.com/PhantomPower14/status/1405314798263361538


    Michael McCormack (acting Australian PM) – The big winners, in the UK-Australian trade deal, are Australian producers, Australian farmers, indeed Australia full stop… I’m not worried about the Welsh, Scottish & NI beef producers… I want what’s best for Australian producers.” https://mobile.twitter.com/Haggis_UK/status/1405159835340005379

  51. Petra says:

    As we face a third wave of coronavirus, with all that entails, due to buffoons in London …

    ‘France to lift curfew early and end face mask rule for outdoors.’

    ..”He said the Covid-19 epidemic in France has evolved in a positive way that allowed for restrictions and mask rules to be eased. “We have not had such a low level of viral circulation since last August. This improvement concerns the whole territory,” he said.



    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.


  52. Dr Jim says:

    It doesn’t seem to matter what Boris Johnson says or does the media in England keep defending him, even the latest Dominic Cummings revelations accompanied by proof of his behaviour are defended as the PM being under strain at the time so it’s no wonder he used the kind of language he did or what he said about who

    It’s as though the media look at the polls and decide the English electorate want what they want so the media just reflect that instead of telling the truth, whereas in Scotland it makes no difference what the FM or SNP say or do or how the polls look the media paint everything the Scottish government say or do as bad

    Nicola Sturgeon could cure cancer tomorrow and the media would complain she was putting doctors out of work

  53. stewartb says:

    Re the UK-Australia trade deal, much has been made in the media here of a period of 15 years before tariff-free and quota-free trade in meat will be possible. An article appeared yesterday on the BBC News website entitled ‘Australia trade deal will not hit UK farmers, says Liz Truss’ . It stated: “Under the deal with Australia, the government says farmers will be protected by a cap on tariff-free imports FOR 15 years, using tariff rate quotas and other safeguards.” (my emphasis)

    However, as can be seen below the details are being reported rather differently by the National Farmers’ Federation in Australia!

    Source: https://nff.org.au/media-release/uk-australia-trade-agreement-a-new-beginning/

    ” .. will guarantee tariff-free, quota-free access to the UK market for all agricultural products, after phase in periods of UP TO 15 years.”

    “National Farmers’ Federation, President Fiona Simson said this was a significant leap forward in Australia’s market access and should be a new beginning in a relationship between two countries with a long history.”

    “We applaud Trade Minister Dan Tehan and our negotiating team on an improved set of market access outcomes. The UK deal will create new opportunities for Australian farmers as we work towards growing industry output to $100 billion by 2030,” Ms Simson said.

    “Specific outcomes relevant to agriculture include:

    Beef tariffs will be eliminated AFTER 10 YEAR. During the transition period, Australia will have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to a duty-free quota of 35,000 tonnes, RISING IN EQUAL INSTALMENTS to 110,000 tonnes in year 10 years.

    Sheep meat tariffs will be eliminated AFTER 10 YEARS. During the transition period, Australia will have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to a duty-free quota of 25,000 tonnes, RISING IN EQUAL INSTALMENTS to 75,000 tonnes in year 10 years.

    Sugar tariffs will be eliminated OVER EIGTH YEARS. During the transition period, Australia will have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to a duty-free quota of 80,000 tonnes, rising by 20,000 tonnes each year.

    Dairy tariffs will be eliminated OVER FIVE YEARS. During the transition period, Australia will have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to a duty-free quota for cheese of 24,000 tonnes, rising in equal instalments to 48,000 tonnes in year five.”

    What did the BBC tell us? – “the government says farmers will be protected by a cap on tariff-free imports FOR 15 years”

  54. Dr Jim says:

    I see the Orange Lodge are allowed to march again this summer to demonstrate how much they hate Catholics again, apparently they’ve to wear masks, so maybe those white ones with the pointy hats on

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