GB News victimhood seeking and the EU

Whenever you see that Neil Oliver is trending on social media it’s like getting a phone call at two o’clock in the morning. You might not know what it is exactly, but you already know that it’s going to be nothing good. On Friday the bold Neil was all over Twitter, trying to stir up something to allow him to feel victimised before the start of his new show on the British version of Fox News. GB News, headed by that other full of himself Neil, the Andrew one, has been launched because, not satisfied with their possession of the majority of the print media, right wing Brexit supporting and anti-lockdown controversialists needed yet another platform from which to megaphone at us all about how terrible it is that they’re being silenced.

This time Unionism’s favourite walking advert for hair care products and dodgy takes on history was opining about how lockdown was the biggest mistake in the history of the world. Yes, worse than the Bengal and Irish famines, worse than the Holocaust, worse than the imperial dick waving that led to the First World War and the deaths of millions, worse than the Armenian Genocide, worse than the massacres of Native Americans and indigenous Australians, worse than the Holodomor and the gulags, worse than the Atlantic slave trade, worse than centuries of religious war and hatred, worse than colonialism and the Opium Wars, worse than China’s Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution. They are all but trifles compared to the suffering endured by poor Neil and Lawrence Fox because lockdown meant that they couldn’t go to the pub and couldn’t push a shopping trolley around Sainsbury’s without having to wear a facemask. They’re the real victims here, well, them and Tim Wetherspoons.

These are the kinds of truths we’d be missing out on without GB news and its tousle haired presenter. Who needs public health experts when you have “archeologist, television presenter and man guaranteed to make a million supporters of Scottish independence scoff simultaneously in derision” Neil Oliver? Personally I have a feeling that giving Neil Oliver a platform may be the biggest single mistake in world history, and while I am no historian, I suspect I may not be alone in that assessment. Neil’s expertise begins and ends with him asking the director to tell the camera operator to do the shot of him standing on a rock and looking windswept and interesting as his hair tousles in the breeze.

Meanwhile Gordon Brown, that other well known opponent of Scottish independence, and avid attention seeker has also been making his own desperate bid for relevance this week. Gordie told people in England that he won’t give up the campaign to get back into the EU, although he’s pretty determined to stop the campaign to rejoin the EU which has the best chance of success. Gordie’s declaration was met with enthusiastic approval from pro-EU campaigner in England who don’t have the same experience as people in Scotland do of hearing Gordie make promises about things that he thinks people want to hear and then buggering off when it comes to doing anything about it.

The uncomfortable truth for Gordie is that there is only one realistic and credible campaign to rejoin the EU anywhere in the UK and that’s a campaign that Gordie is implacably opposed to, to the extent of roping in members of the royal family to provide a touch of glamour that the shambling Gordie could never supply. This is of course the campaign for Scottish independence. It’s realistic in that Scotland is the only country in the UK where there is a large and substantial majority who are opposed to Brexit (greater even than the anti-Brexit majority in Northern Ireland). It’s also realistic because despite the fantasies of British nationalists who want to convince themselves that Spain would veto a Scottish application to join the EU, a claim that has been debunked more often than a Vow from Gordon Brown, the EU would welcome an application for membership from a Scotland which has consistently shown itself to be in tune with EU values and goals. On the other hand the EU would regard an application from the UK to rejoin with considerable distrust and suspicion. The UK spent its entire period of time as an EU member as a fully paid up member of the awkward squad, constantly demanding special treatment and privileges. Very like the complaints of a GB News presenter about lockdown, come to think of it.

Before considering an application to rejoin from the UK, the EU would want to know that the UK was going to be a constructive and cooperative partner, all the more so because the UK’s obstructionism and disregard for agreements reached during the Brexit negotiations mean that Westminster has burned through what little sympathy and patience that EU members had left.

At a very minimum the EU is going to want to know that the UK isn’t going to drag it through Brexit MK II shortly after rejoining, all the more so because it is highly unlikely that the EU would agree to the special treatment and opt-outs the UK enjoyed the first time round.

As a very minimum the EU will want assurances that there is a substantial and significant majority of UK voters in favour of membership – much as currently exists in Scotland. 52% vs 48% just isn’t going to cut it. Considering the lamentable state of the media in the UK, that’s going to be an uphill struggle, one which is just about to get even more difficult with the imminent launch of the right wing pro-Brexit and avowedly British nationalist GB News, which will no doubt pump out a diet of victimhood seeking exceptionalism, telling its listeners that the UK is the victim of those vile Europeans.

If you do want to get back into the EU and have your rights as a European citizen restored, the quickest and most reliable way of doing so by far is to campaign for Scottish independence. Gordon Brown’s claims of campaigning to get the entire UK back into the EU have as much credibility as his Vow.


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79 comments on “GB News victimhood seeking and the EU

  1. Movy says:

    Spot on WGD.

    Broon makes himself even more ridiculous and disingenuous by, as a clear supporter of the EU, ignoring independence (which would most certainly lead to some arrangement with the EU pdq) while allowing the obvious damage Brexit is causing to continue unabated to the country in which he resides.

    Oliver is just a …. (insert your own word).

  2. Iain says:

    Given its name, I’m presuming GB News isn’t aiming itself at Northern Ireland. Odd…

    • jfngw says:

      Depends what you decide GB stands for, I can think of many acronyms (Giant Brillopad).

  3. Dr Jim says:

    I think the most important thing folk can take from the past and present behaviour of Gordon Brown Neil Oliver Andrew Neil and the UK government is they all tell lies, even when they’re found out and proven to have told lies they double down and not only deny it they tell even more lies to cover up the previous lies for which they’re found out and on it goes until the original lies become lost in the mists of history just like the BBCs Neil Olivers version of England’s rewritten Scottish history

    Is it any wonder the EU looks at the UK in wonder, a British Union that makes laws then immediately sets about breaking or reneging on those laws supported by those type of aforementioned liars

    It really isn’t acceptable to lie but the UK government and its supporters have over generations created a situation where it’s become so normalised in Englands governance to do it that it’s accepted by their controlled media and the world that when dealing with an English government they will automatically use lying as a politically legitimate tool

    How can lying and democracy ever be compatible, because their now are no repercussions for lying by politicians in the English parliament because they have ruled on themselves and found themselves to be immune from punishment how can any country of the UK trust a word these people ever say

    We can’t

  4. Capella says:

    The two Neils – the face of unionism.

    • jfngw says:

      Once you’ve caught the Oliver variant of the unionism virus I’m pretty sure their is no cure, descent into spouting embarrassing imagined grievances and admiration for disgraced historians is the final stages. Beyond that there is only the grovelling to be recognised in the honours list, that this hasn’t happened already must be causing great personal angst.

  5. James Mills says:

    Andrew Neil Oliver – is that a new hybrid organism developed to push Unionism ?

  6. UndeadShuan says:

    When ever i hear neil oliver or see him on tv, I’m imediately remined of

  7. bringiton says:

    What the London establishment don’t appear to realise is that their actions have made it clear,not just to the EU,but to the entire global community that they are not to be trusted and minus their gun boats will not be getting deals with other countries which are not on the other country’s terms.
    As far as Oliver and his “rights” b/s,the Westminster establishment are setting about destroying rights not protecting them.
    To be British is to be a subject of the British state with rights bestowed or withdrawn by the government of the day in London.
    Oliver clearly doesn’t like the idea of citizenship and a government constrained by a written constitution.
    Perhaps that is why he is so keen on history.

  8. r806416 says:

    Check out Broons appearance on R4 Politcal Thinking this week for disingenuous sophistry.

  9. Petra says:

    N O’s latest tweet. If he was made of chocolate he’d eat himself.


    Pleased to see that more and more fairly intelligent people don’t agree with Broon, Oliver and Neil 😀.

    ‘Scottish independence: Biggest teaching union backs calls for second referendum.’

  10. Petra says:

    ‘The Scottish neverendum referendum.’

    ..”Could the EU referendum have been the poker that stirred the embers of Scottish nationalism? Being dragged out of the EU partnership with its vast trading markets, the student Erasmus programme, the right to travel and work, agricultural and food safety standards, and other benefits for Scotland, was akin to being a wee bairn in the midst of a bitter and hostile divorce. The 27 family members across the sea offered many opportunities but, against Scotty’s will, Mother England carried the day and retained custody.”..


    They must be joking!

    ”The UK Govt’s internal market bill threatens standards and conditions in Scotland.”

  11. Petra says:

    ‘Herald confirms its move to the right with Neil Oliver interview.’


    ‘Poll suggests Scotland’s biggest teacher union climbing out of Labour’s pocket?’

    ..”So around 75% of EIS reps, by implication agree that a second independence referendum should be held. This a big slap for Labour’s Anas Sarwar with his opposition to self-determination for Scots and further evidence that the EIS leadership, tied by loyalty to Labour, needs to go.”..

  12. Bob Lamont says:

    All fair points Paul but I suggest the target audience of “GB News” is England not Scotland, the Scots are nowhere near so gullible for this type of tat these days.

    All bar Oliver were intimately involved in the shenanigans of government spanning through 2007 when SNP suddenly became more than just an amusing aside on the news.

    When the BBC et al turned up the wick in the propaganda war from 2014, Gordie had already burned bridges (Now the “small print” of the Vow), Andrew Neil was recognised as an establishment mouthpiece, the array of devious craggy old deceivers and liars had finally lost credibility, and HMS Sarah Smith credibility was tanking like incontinent pigeon droppings..

    Then along came Borisdom with a fresh smirk at the propaganda helm, Mr Blowie, and the SoS for Mince Jack. Despite their utterly despicable propaganda campaign from 2020 onward it failed to dent rising indy support, the old guard were collapsing.

    Enter “old guard” Andrew Neil launching a “Fox News” clone armed with a fresh codpiece with Clairol in the name of Neil Oliver. AN is no fool, he knows the Scots won’t buy it, but England will, and the money will roll in from those who bankrolled Brexit, because Daily Mail editorials don’t last forever to stop the riots.

  13. Capella says:

    Believe in Scotland have a Facebook group.

    In this group, we discuss tactics, messages and styles the independence movement itself should adopt and how we can help undecided voters see the light.

    The group is highly moderated with no infighting, swearing or pointless negativity allowed. We focus on what an independent Scotland might look like, and how we can create a better, fairer, greener and more successful nation through independence.

    I’m tempted, even though I’ve never used Facebook being deeply suspicious. But BiS keep on providing great information with facts and figures on what Scotland is capable of.

  14. Capella says:

    Kevin Mckenna observes that there is a reason why Tories don’t want our Scottish Histpry taught in schools. Andrew Bowie is being economical with the truth as always.

    • Petra says:

      I’m not a great fan of Kevin McKenna, however this article is well worth a read.

      • Capella says:

        I know. He sits on the fence then jumps down on the unionist side, then climbs back up again. But this time he tells the truth because he identifies with the Irish experience.

  15. David Agnew says:

    All this effort to keep the worlds worst participation trophy. I’d ask how stupid are they, but then when you look at Brexit…you have your answer.

  16. Alex Clark says:

    GB news starts tonight at 8pm but what every true Brit will be waiting for is the launch of their breakfast channel from 6am to 9am, tomorrow morning they can tune in to… the “Great British Breakfast” show. How original lol

    • James Mills says:

      Sadly , being a lazy git I don’t rise until 10am so will miss this feast of ground-breaking turgid keech !

      • iusedtobeenglish says:

        There’s a 6am and a 9am?!

        Who knew…?

        Technically, I rise anytime after 6.30am, but I don’t actually wake up til c 10. So, theoretically, I could watch this.


  17. andyfromdunning says:

    History is interesting as it gives a view of the past from the perspective of the author in a similar way as a person may describe a hard game of footy where his/her team nearly won.

    Historians try to get a clear record of the past but it will differ from another historians view of the same period or event.

    However none of this looking back needs to be accurate if you are a Unionist, you are allowed to omit key facts and people from the storyline, talk about Britannia’s glorious past without heed to its negative little twists and turns. This is all compounded when politico’s spout their new lie for today. If only they knew that they are publicly demeaning themselves. Liars all.

    I should in the interest of fairness here say that I have talked to a good few Scots who have no idea about our past and state ‘facts’ which are often wrong in some way. However I have never heard a Scot use the ability to distort history to show Englands political history as a benevolent force for fairness and good.

    Good article Paul.

  18. david stuart says:

    this new GB news channel is the best thing for future YES vote

    I couldn’t find when neil oliver program time , day is actually on

    everyone of them strong unionists in a ulster sence

  19. Hamish100 says:

    I notice the BBC website when reporting on the G7 keeps referring to England.

    This cannot be correct. Surely England doesn’t exist according to Johnson. When’s the footy on with the U.K.?

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      Just another thought – and maybe it’s just me.

      In all the photos we have seen so far of Wilfred Johnson, taken by his mum or by the Press where ‘he stole the show at the G7’ (boak) the only views I’ve seen are those from the rear. That is, I’ve yet to see a photo of the No.10 sprog’s face.

      Any one else find this odd?

      • iusedtobeenglish says:

        I’d noticed this too, W_S, so it’s not just you.

        I can think of 2 reasons for this:

        1 (Positive)
        They don’t want people to recognise him, to let the child to have some privacy.

        2 (Negative)
        He’s the spit of his dad…

        My reaction from the first time he was introduced to the world was “isn’t he a big lad?”

      • Legerwood says:

        Not really. I believe it is a privacy issue. All children are protected by it unless their parents give permission for their faces to be shown. For example, when filming outside a school they just show the legs of the pupils. If filming in a class then they have to get permission to show the children’s faces.

  20. “It’s the tourist season; why can’t we shoot them?’

    “It’s the tourist season; why don’t they just send down their money, and stay home?’

    These were the legends on two of the most popular T shirts in Newquay, Cornwall, oh, I’m going back 10 years maybe.

    I know Cornwall very well indeed, for reasons into which I choose not to go.

    Cornwall was chosen for this year’s G7 and Auld Nick himself ensured that the sun would shine on the richest most powerful Free Loaders in the world for a few days.
    Where to hold the summit itself? Why not, in Carbis Bay, where rich white folks go to retire.

    To rent a two bed roomed villa for ONE NIGHT in Carbis Bay will set you back £3500 at the end of June.
    A two bedroom terrace house with box room sized bedrooms would set you back between £850,000 and £1.2 million.
    I’ve just googled this.

    It is the whitest corner of England by a long (white) chalk.

    The Leaders came in their private jets, and helicopters, 5000 Police were ferried in, their was a destroyer in the harbour, and god knows how many armed navy air force and troops from seven nations billeted all over the place, and the good old BBC were in Falmouth, oohing and aahing about the backdrop of millionaire diesel guzzling power boats and yachts in the sun kis’t backdrop.

    The Queen, Charlie and his squeeze, Wills and partner, the Hello magazine sponsored future queen in waiting, too, and Boris Johnson’s new bride and their bairn were trotted out, and the fucking Red Arrows polluted the azure, the day before the Blessed Richard Attenborough turned up to Climate Change virtue signal this obscene show of wealth and British Build Back Better Fourth Reich Showmanship.

    Marr was in the Tait Gallery St Ives with Kuennsberg and a fat faced Sun Hack, whose name i ignore, explaining how well Johnson is doing.

    Martin Guissler followed and had a ‘live’ audition for a slot on his old mate Andrew Neil’s GB Channel.
    He had few ‘Yes Buts’ this time in his interview with Humza because he knows that his PM Boris is to announce a four week delay to the 21st June ‘Freedom Day’ in his true nation, England,, tomorrow.

    So it was softly softly with the Scottish Health Minister. He didn’t ask when he could look forward to a glass of wine indoors in a pub, although he wanted to know when Scotland’s Freedom Day would be; August? When? ‘Are we nearly there, daddy?’

    Then Guissler excelled himself: he is a shoo in for the GB TV Scotland Correspondent Job.
    He sat and let Alister Jack speak the most arrogant fascist nonsense uninterrupted for five or six minutes.
    Jack revealed that he is part of the secret team negotiating the Australia Deal, but that it was secret, hush hush He assured Geissler that there would be no chlorinated chicken, no steroid beef, no flooding the market, and ahem, no quotas, and we would sell lots of salmon, and we’d make trillions when we negotiated a deal with Malaysia and all those Far East countries….
    No reaction to this piffle from Martin. Good boy; fetch!

    The Norn Irn spat was brushed over, and Guissler wished Jack success in sorting it all out.

    What a wee toady, and obliging sounding board Guissler is.

    There was so much political meat into which Martin could have sunk his teeth. But that’s not his job.

    He is Union Jack Wallpaper; a backdrop for yet more Brit Nat fascist Scotland the Colony propaganda to be spouted by the latest High Commissioner for Scotland.

    Although, he did close the wee show by crying ‘Come on Scotland!’ though, but, mind.

    At this time of year, the poor, the workers, the Great Unwashed of Cornwall are holding down two or three low paid zero hours jobs, just to make ends meet, washing dishes, cutting and bunching flowers, waiting tables, and some tourist shop work.

    In the cold harsh winter, they will not be retiring behind the doors of million pound houses.

    They’ll be signing on and living on scraps from the Duke of Cornwall’s table.

    But let’s not let truth surface when the BBC and the MSM have built such a fairy tale land of wonder for 72 hours.

    Guissler mentioned the letter penned by leading Scottish business and farming factions absolutely condemning the Australia Deal.

    The dead eyed Jack poohed it, and Guissler stayed silent, and let him continue to ramble on about the battle with Johnny Furriner over the Great British Sausage.

    ‘Come on, Scotland’, Guissler?

    Aye, that’ll be shinin’ bright.

    When the last helicopter takes off from the roof…

    • Welsh_Siôn says:

      “C’mon, Hrvatska!”, eh Jack? 😉

    • bringiton says:

      I suspect that Cornwall was chosen so that Johnson could show off his new found environmental credentials (Eden Project) to gain purchase with Biden.
      For sure,they weren’t going to hold it in Cumbria where they are looking to dump more nuclear waste and open a new coal mine,or even worse,in Scotland where his nonsense of Ein Reich wouldn’t have lasted 2 seconds.
      Judging by Biden’s reaction,he wasn’t fooled and apparently has told Johnson to get real with NI or else.

  21. Bill McDermott says:

    I just wonder how the likes of Andrew Neil and Nigel Lawson, both Brexiteers, have the gall to live in France for most of the year.

  22. Dr Jim says:

    Scotland is lost to the Union because we don’t and wont vote Tory ever again, we don’t and wont vote Labour ever again, we never ever did vote Liberal Democrat so that’s never going to happen anytime, so what’s left for the Tories in England to control? nothing! because even folk who might dislike the SNP for whatever reason would still rather vote SNP than Tory Labour and Lib Dem so are never going to switch back to the first lot that caused all the problems in the first place because nobody in Scotland is just that daft

    So what does the Union do when the overall volume of Scotlands votes are telling England to bugger off and don’t annoy us, it’s not like the offer of a new hat or a personality makeover is going to make any difference now, they broke every promise, they’ve been a rotten spouse and they’re hanging around our house still behaving badly when the marriage is over and even the weans don’t want to see them, and if this was a shared house we’d be calling in Police Scotland to chuck them out for domestic and mental abuse and betting our money away at the Brexit bookies ruining our credit at the bank because all the prices have gone up 20% in the shops and life is costing us more over their bad behaviour and neglect

    All that’s left for the Union now is for them to talk amongst themselves like drunk pals in a pub moaning about their spouses and how it’s all not their fault that nobody wants them anymore

    Gordon Brown, the Royals, Boris Johnson, Andrew Neil, they’re all just dumped drunks leaning on the bar in the Union pub bitching to each other

    Soon be time for the anger, and once they’ve done that then they’ll be gone

    Watch out Wales you’re next very soon, expect flowers

  23. Capella says:

    Interesting piece by Stuart Cosgrove in The National about the relevance of politics in sport and the daft efforts of dullards to deny it.

    I don’t watch football but even I can listen to Stu and Tam on Saturday lunchtime, R Scotland, bantering with “The Professor” Jason Leitch and asking readers questions about Covid.
    I’m guessing tomorrow will be even quieter online as Scotland play for the first time n decades?

  24. Petra says:

    Hahaha. ”How much more of this?”

    ”PM accidentally gives interview to non-lackey…”


    ‘Study reveals scale of anti-SNP tactical voting at Holyrood election.’

    • Compare this with Martin Guissler’s ‘interview’ with Alister Jack.

      Somehow Martin fogot to ask about our Fishing industry, the seed potato industry, and the complete shambles of Brexit in his cosy wee chat with Jack.

      More than his ephemeral little stint at BBC Jockland’s worth, asking awkward questions to get at the truth, I fear.
      ‘How much more of this’ BBC Jockland, will we have to put up with?

  25. Petra says:

    Mair guff from Broon.

    ‘Gordon Brown claims indy debate could spark ’50 years Scotland-England conflict’.’


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

    • grizebard says:

      If Broon thinks England dislikes Scotland that much – since we certainly don’t feel that way about our neighbours, we just want to get England off our collective neck and let us breathe again – it says a lot about what he really thinks the current domineering relationship within this toxic Union is all about. He is a man down on his bended knees, and it has nothing whatever to do with BLM and presumably rather more to do with a deep-seated sense of personal inadequacy and servility.

  26. Wee CB says:

    Every time I see or hear Neil Oliver mentioned I just think no good can come of it whatsoever. I used to watch his spurious programmes until his out of order remarks about independence supporters during the 2014 independence referendum. The final straw was his commentary on the Highland Clearances. I found out during the 90s that I had distant family that were forced to to go New Zealand from Caithness. It made me more personal. What’s worse is that there’s still folk taken in by his total guff.

  27. Alex Clark says:

    Here is the first appearance of the flowing locks on GB News. I don’t think he’ll last.

    • Capella says:

      He’s all heart, isn’t he. Even if i did have a TV licence I wouldn’t waste my time on this idiot. Mind you, there are bound to be some comedy gold clips getting uploaded soon 🙂

    • Petra says:

      “King of Scotland, Stirling 🙄.” Pass me a sick bag please.

    • grizebard says:

      Maybe Flowing Locks should have a confab with the like of fellow proud Unionist Effie Deans, self-reinvented unitary statists who now prefer to deny that Scotland even exists. That might give the self-confessed dual personality rather more problems than a wee moan about a few indy supporters preferring to make “British” a geographic rather than a political description. (Not least since the latter is an insidious empty fiction.)

      • iusedtobeenglish says:

        Surely it is a geographic rather than a political description.

        Notwithstanding who said it, and now that I’ve stopped feeling nauseated, I think this is an angle to watch, actually.

        I forget who it was (some unionist) who recently said they needed to battle for the hearts. It was an emotional battle. And this is the way they’ll try to win. Against all factual warnings of harm, it’s the way Brexit was won. Find out what people want, their hopes, their fears. Then exploit them ruthlessly. So I think it needs serious consideration.

        Gove’s already started. Mendaciously using his father against Brexit, this time it’s his mother, terrified she won’t be able to see her grandchildren post-Indy.

        If my son held the 2nd most powerful position in WM and he helped create a situation where this could happen, believe me, I wouldn’t be the one who was terrified! But not everybody thinks like that.

        Efforts need to be made now to ensure that people are aware that there’s a lot of conflation going on. For instance:

        – Oliver could still identify as Scottish and British without being in the UK. The island of Ireland knows and does already.
        – The Union of Crowns would remain intact unless separately dissolved. (Arguments about that are for later, I feel)
        – “The Border” has a country on either side of it. Scotland has no intention of making trouble, so who will?
        – Even if there’s a Hard Border when/if we rejoin the EU, that doesn’t mean RoI/NI. It could mean Norway/Sweden.

        And so on. I do what I can, when I can. But I’m only one person.

        • grizebard says:

          You are right, of course, “Project Fear” will be rolled out again, because it’s all they have left. Last time, while we were being fed this nonsense of “the heart says “yes” but the head says “no”, we also had Magrit Curran almost weeping crocodile tears on TV about how her family was going to be torn asunder by The Border. Which was not only an insult to all of the many of us within the whole current UK who have family across many existing borders (some recently {ahem} “enhanced”) without having any difficulty whatever in loving each other, it also carries this implicit threat that the English Government will seek to punish us for the sin of wanting to be different. Almost as if they would enjoy it doing just that, and not thinking what message these chancers really are sending, that this same English Government to which we are currently chained actively dislikes us enough to be perfectly willing to hurt us if it could.

          All this emotive stuff isn’t exactly coherent, but then if it isn’t exposed for the mind-gaming that it truly is, for enough people it might just be enough.

          The real antidotes are self-confidence and humour. Then naturally follows contempt for the split-personality perfidy.

          • iusedtobeenglish says:


            I was heart said YES, head said Noer in 2014.

            But mine was more, Heart agreed Scotland had a right to make its own decisions – of which it had been robbed by WM since the Treaty was signed.

            Head was convinced by propaganda that we couldn’t afford it – and AS just seemed to keep smiling beatifically and saying “Of course we’ll keep the £”, which didn’t seem a good idea, and “Oil”. And, of course, there was the EU thing and The Vow…

            Surely there can’t be many people left (in Scotland) who can’t see that WM attribute to the EU the motives WM would have if the situations were reversed.

            I think there’ll be a different, sneakier, Project Fear this time. And I’d not be surprised if it was Remain-based Vote Leave stuff. Snakes are slithery…

            • grizebard says:

              There’s no doubt that the economic issue was at the forefront last time, though if more people had seen through the – NB: emotive – cloud of The Fear, they would have noticed Alistair Darling in the 2nd TV debate being forced – through clenched teeth – to admit that an independent Scotland would be economically viable. As he well knew.

              So if anything it was the other way round, it was the heart rather than the head that let too many people down. Which was, after all, the whole thrust of Project Fear. The {ahem} “facts” were just a spurious means of stoking the required uncertainty. But the truth will out. As Andrew Wilson said recently, Scotland would be the wealthiest nation ever to become independent. The real facts speak for themselves.

              Having now failed to bluff their way out of making everything just go away, Unionism will assuredly try that again, of course. They have nothing else, after all.

          • Welsh_Siôn says:

            He obviously can’t distinguish between the British Isles, the UK, GB and of course, England). You’d think these sort of things would be basic to a historian turned Current Affair journo. But, no.

    • grizebard says:

      Y’know, when he started off with his “silent voices not being heard” thing, for an infinitesimal moment I thought we were going to get a surprisingly unexpected insight into the fact that half of Scotland – the indy half – doesn’t get any representation worth a damn in the local print and broadcast media, but that brief flaring of hope was quickly eclipsed by the cold realisation that he was actually referring to assorted ultra-exceptionalist members of the BritNat community complaining that their near exclusive representation in the media was actually insufficient!

      Which does rather reveal the degree to which these people really do feel the pressure of public opinion out there “in the wild” quietly but inexorably shifting against them. Whatever the BBC may try to tell them. Even they don’t believe their propaganda any more.

  28. Tam the Bam says:

    Ok here’s my take on the G7.
    Far from taking the first non-Zoom opportunity to ‘get real’ with leaders….Johnson always..ALWAYS saw this as nothing more than a huge opperchancity to flag-wave…show off aircraft-carriers….and The Red Arrows…..oh and Cornish sea-food (which I know to be excellent ).
    Does he take these leaders for fools?…does he think he can give an airshow and everyone will go …oooohh….aaahhhh……and then let sausages cease to be a deal breaker?
    I suspect his PR team probably did….but they forgot who they were PR’ing for.

    Well if its ok for Wastemonster tae flag-wave……..
    @COP26 I want to see at least 3 massed pipes and drums for leaders arrivals….and thats just for starters!

    • Petra says:

      The Westminster Tory “users” don’t get it. Can’t relate to anyone outwith their own nasty, self-centred circle and can’t see that their mindset and subsequent actions could potentially lead to England imploding in the very near future.

    • iusedtobeenglish says:

      “Well if its ok for Wastemonster tae flag-wave……..
      @COP26 I want to see at least 3 massed pipes and drums for leaders arrivals….and thats just for starters!”

      May I add a few things to your list?

      Since we’ve been told to fly (and, indeed, project images of) the fleg on WM buildings, let’s do so. Plus:
      – Do the same with the Saltire on all ‘Scottish’ admin buildings
      – Likewise universities, cultural buildings and other landmarks. It’d look good on the armadillo, but I’ve reservations about the Kelvingrove – how would the blue look projected onto the red sandstone?
      – Do the same for all COP26 countries’ Embassies.
      – Fly all their flags in the streets (especially on routes they’re likely to take), outside any buildings they’re using or staying in etc.

      After all, it’s only fair…

  29. Petra says:

    Alex Taylor:- ”So I just subtitled exactly, word for word, what Macron said about sovereignty and Johnson – and not the mangled version you might get in the UK media (or from certain UK politicians) 😀.”


    George Kerevan:- ”It’s astounding what the UK gives people knighthoods for.”

  30. Petra says:

    Dr Rachel Clarke:- ”Knowing that Michael Gove plans to “re-engineer the whole NHS” really does make my blood run cold. (1/4)”


    Professor Michael Dougan:- ”One last thought from me today (violin is infinitely more enjoyable than Brexit). Johnson & Co’s belief that any form of internal trade barrier is incompatible with the existence of sovereignty and territorial integrity must come as a shock to dozens of states around the world…”

  31. Petra says:

    ‘This is why a single, unifying vision for independence is unrealistic.’

    ..”But how could a party led by the most unpopular politician in Scotland – according to at least one poll – and which scraped through the last Holyrood election with less than 1.7% of the regional vote, seriously believe it has the public support to lead an already buoyant Yes movement to victory?”..


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  32. UndeadShuan says:

    The guardians review of GB news is comedy gold.

    “First up was Neil Oliver, former BBC archaeology presenter turned GB News current affairs presenter, whom Neil introduced as the King of Scotland. An ill-omened title, given that the last title holder was Idi Amin. ”

  33. Capella says:

    Andrew Neil lives in France AFAIK. That’s how “great” he thinks Britain really is.

    • Dr Jim says:

      I understand Andrew Neil also has or used to have an apartment in Trump Towers to be close to one of his his best buds Donald, another dangerous right wing zoomer

  34. Capella says:

    From the Couldn’t Make It Up Dept. – Carol Monaghan SNP MP tweets:

    Raab accuses EU of offensive behaviour over NI.
    But minutes from EU/UK Joint Committee on 17 Dec 2020 show that Gove specifically agreed a ban on British sausages going to NI.
    Now Gove and Johnson complain that EU wants them to stick to their agreement.

    She includes a link to the Gov papers recording this agreement.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      And from Petra’s post 5 up, what Macron actually said… It is Raab, Johnson, et al who are being offensive…

      • Capella says:

        What they fail to grasp is that we have the internet now…and some of us speak Foreign.

        • Bob Lamont says:

          Agreed, but what I meant was media response and reaction worldwide.
          Shutting out foreign journalists, wilfully misinterpreting what was said, feigning offence, having their media friends amplify it…. It is not just those who deplore Brexit in England and beyond seeing Johnson and Raab strut their arrogance, it is on worldwide display through G7.
          Global Britain today is “The Mouse that Roared”

  35. Abdn Alba says:

    It’s irrelevant, not only because i’d struggle to find the channel but just having GB in the title told me everything i wanted to know.

  36. Old Pete says:

    The new GB channel is absolutely crap in every way, technically and content.

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