Ramping it up to Desp-con 5

The Conservatives, and indeed the British establishment in general, are clearly at a loss for ideas when it comes to frustrating the growing demand in Scotland and Wales for independence and calls in Northern Ireland for a referendum on Irish reunification. That’s the only possible explanation for why they’ve ramped the hysterical unionism up to Desp-Con- 5. That’s how desperate the Conservatives have become. Over the weekend it came to light that the British Government’s big idea to frustrate Scottish independence is to instruct British government staff and UK diplomats to stop referring to the four nations of the UK and instead to refer to the UK as a single country. According to a report in the Sunday Times the idea came out of a meeting chaired by Boris Johnson which was looking at ways of strengthening links between Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

This is the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that gets you to the pinnacle of the British state. If no one ever mentions that Scotland exists then it can never become independent. This is the genius that an expensive Eton education gets you. It’s the political equivalent of sticking your head under the duvet when you hear a strange noise downstairs in the middle of the night and hoping that it might just go away. It’s like telling the EU and the rest of the world Scotland? Eh? What’s that? Sorry, you’ve got the wrong post-imperial construct mate. Nothing to see here except a single nation state.

It’s all a very far cry from the grandiose claims of the Better Together campaign back in 2014 when it told Scotland that being a part of the UK allowed Scotland to “punch above its weight” and achieve a global prominence that would otherwise be beyond us. Of course it was always a nonsense, being a part of the UK doesn’t make Scotland more prominent on the world stage, it makes Scotland invisible.

Anyone with a basic familiarity with another country knows that people abroad habitually refer to the UK as England and its inhabitants as English. In Spain, a person from the UK is usually referred to as inglés. In a recent news report on Sky news about the effect of the covid pandemic on tourism in the north of France, the reporter interviewed local business people who told her in French that they had relied upon tourists that the English language subtitles told us were British, but the word coming out of their mouths was clearly anglais. Now we discover that this isn’t simply a lack of awareness on the part of people in other countries, it’s also official British government policy. Perhaps they are hoping that people in Scotland will simply forget that Scotland is an ancient nation whose parliamentary union with England created the UK. It seems to be the closest thing that they have to a plan to bolster the UK and prevent independence.

There’s certainly nothing coming out of Downing Street that comes close to a plan for reforming the structures and institutions of the UK, despite the fact that it’s widespread alienation from those structures and policies in Scotland, and the other nations of the UK, which is driving support for independence. There isn’t going to be any such plan either, because that would mean surrendering the one thing that the Conservatives prize more than business opportunities for their friends and donors, and that’s the absolute and unchallenged power of the Conservative occupant of Downing Street.

Instead of meaningful reform what we get is denialism – the so-called muscular unionism which seeks to plaster union flags on everything and to assert that there’s a single British nation and implicitly deny the special status of Scotland within the Union which was the bedrock of traditional unionism. Or what we get are cosmetic exercises such as the plan for Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge to spend more time in Scotland telling us how much they love us. Because having an extremely wealthy and over-pampered pair of aristocrats patronising them is exactly what the average Scottish punter feels is missing from their life.

We learned this weekend that following their meeting with Gordie Broon, who must have told them that the “precious union” ™ was well and truly gubbed even with his latest attempt at Broontervening, the closest thing that the Royal family have got to normal humans Will-n-Kate are being “deployed” to save the union, as though they were combatants being sent on a military campaign to subdue the restless natives in a remote corner of the Empire. Which is exactly how Downing Street and the Royal Household see it.

What we can expect to see being deployed in this campaign include a wardrobe of extremely expensive designer frocks, a considerable quantity of kiltage, and several thousand megatons of radioactive BBC weapons grade sycophancy. They’re trashing the convention (which admittedly was only ever a pretence) that the royal family don’t meddle in democratic politics in the hope that they can prevent Scotland from voting to extricate itself from Brexit. I don’t seem to recall them going around the UK in 2016 on a pro-European charm offensive. Their silence then was deafening.

According to the Sunday Times the royals are taking action because they believe that the politicians are losing Scotland and the Windsors think that the union is theirs. It’s another tone deaf London and Anglo-centric view on how Scotland can be “managed”. Apparently what is needed in order to save the union and prevent Scottish independence is giving some posho unionists with titles and Highland estates more opportunities to dress up like Harry Lauder. Not so much “Stop Your Tickling Jock” as “Stop Your demands for an adult conversation about British constitutional politics Jock. ”

Most independence supporters see independence as the best route for long term improvements to Scotland’s democracy, economy, climate, and socialequality. This ploy is the antithesis to all of those things. It’s the very definition of elitist and out of touch. It would be harder to find a better way for the British state to show that it’ not listening and it doesn’t care.


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119 comments on “Ramping it up to Desp-con 5

  1. Catherine Sengupta says:

    The BBC weather forecast on Countryfile this evening waffled on about “the North” “the North East” and “the North West” while pointing at Scotland without ever saying “Scotland”.

  2. Capella says:

    I’m sure they’re a perfectly nice couple but how naive to imagine that a pair of visiting aristocrats will smile graciously at us and we will swoon into a codition of belief. The news from Westminster gets more unhinged by the day. We really are living in a different country.

    The convention that the monarch doesn’t get involved in politics is now consigned to the bin of false accounts of history.

    • iusedtobeenglish says:

      I should imagine they’ll “help out” for an hour or two pushing parcels about at a foodbank. Or, possibly, laugh at how terrible they are at cooking in a photo-op at a soup kitchen in Aberdeen.

      Of course, they’ll ‘dress down’ – her in an “affordable” frock that only costs about £250, or both in designer jeans and cashmere jumpers.

      I’m becoming increasingly cynical…

  3. bringiton says:

    The main thing that came out of indy ref1 was the admission by the then Tory administration that Scotland had the right to self determination.
    Of course,it has subsequently transpired that they only did so because they thought they would “win”.
    However,that genie is now out of the bottle and no amount of posturing and blustering from BoJo and friends can reverse that admission.
    They cannot just vanish Scotland,much though they would like to.
    The millions of Scottish diaspora,if nothing else,will not stand for that sort of fascism.

  4. Hamish100 says:

    I would hope the FM will make reference to this at FM question time. I think at times she can be too nice.

  5. Welsh_Sion says:

    It will be interesting how this plays in the forthcoming Euros – who will England be playing against exactly on Friday 18 June 2021? Hampden Park is the … erm … national ground of where?

    And then there’s my country. Are Gareth Bale and Co. to be known as ‘England C’? I don’t see *that* going down well with ‘the Red Wall’ …

    Tune in next year for the Three Nations rugby union championship, featuring France, Italy, England and some fringe components.

    But all this writing out of the Celts for the sake of the one nation state of the Disunited Kingdumb surely also points to the demise of England, too, does it not?

  6. Alex Clark says:

    I’m curious in finding out just how big this “Union Unit” that is operating out of No 10 actually is. I’m curious as to who the geniuses are that are running it and being giving the power to put their ideas into action.

    I’m really curious because I want to know who the idiots are that are working for Westminster and at the same time helping Scotland win her Independence.

  7. Petra says:

    ‘Five things you need to know about Westminster’s failing Union unit (Feb 21).’

    ..”The subject of an independent Scotland’s finances seems to be a hot topic in the Gove household. His wife, Daily Mail columnist Sarah Vine, recently appeared to lend support a particularly mad plan to cut Scotland’s income. Harriet Sergeant, a research fellow at conservative think tank Centre for Policy Studies. posted on Twitter: “To gave [sic] Scotland a taste of independence why not suspend the Barnett formula now. Then let the Scots vote in a year’s time. That way they can see how SNP largess depends on English money.” Ms Vine retweeted the post with a single word comment: ‘’Indeed’’. So now you know what we are up against.”


  8. JoMax says:

    One would have thought that by now one would have realised that traipsing around one’s colonies in a Royal boat/train/plane and having lots of weans waving great british flags, actually did nothing to persuade one’s colonies to remain in the benevolent arms of Westminster nor even to return to the fold from whence they had already removed themselves.

    • Welsh_Sion says:

      “Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results”.

      (Mis)attributed to Albert Einstein, but the meaning is clear.

  9. James Mills says:

    What the ungrateful Scots need is a proper dose of realism .
    Give them Independence and they’ll soon realise that it is not all it’s cracked up to be .

    First they’ll have to find a Royal Family of their own – We (England ) won’t be sharing ours anymore with those ingrates .
    And we will have sole use of the new , World beating Royal Yacht drumming up business for us in Mustique , Monaco and other places that offer free holidays to the PM and his missus .

    Next they will need a Government – Westminster won’t be doing all the fetching and carrying for the Jocks anymore . Let’s see how they like them apples when Boris and Michael and Jacob aren’t making decisions for them !

    And they won’t have access to the House of Lords .
    And we will be keeping Baroness Mone and Baroness Rape Clause and Lord Foulkes and all the other great patriots who have achieved so much but were ridiculed and reviled for bettering themselves at the expense of their country .

    Then they will need an army to defend themselves from the Russians and the North Koreans and the Aliens etc… Our brave boys in the British Army will not be deployed to save a defenceless Scotland .
    And we’ll have our Nuclear subs back too ! Plus all of our 47 admirals and our six ships will be serving the UK and not the Scots and will be deployed where WE wish them to be or wherever Joe Biden says .

    No more relying on the proud British Passport . Let’s see how they like racing through the EU member’s channel with all those foreigners instead of queuing with the plucky UK masses , joking and smiling and reminiscing about the Blitz .

    As for their economy , try selling your Oil and gas , and your Whisky and your boundless Renewable Energy and your Video Game Technology or your Bio-Tech or your Fish and Farming products without a large Union Flag on them !
    Ha ! Without the Union Flag they will have no access to all the great markets that the UK has opened up since Brexit – Albania , Chad , Isle of Wight , Hartlepool …

    Yes , Scottish Independence is going to open a lot of eyes as to how much the Scots needed the UK and how much the UK needed Scotland .

    • Margaret Barrie says:


    • Seon Caimbeul says:

      That’s spot on. Frighteningly accurate. English voters don’t care what happens, don’t mind how bad Bawjaws and his pals are at governing. They seem even to like the idea that he is useless. It is a strange experience speaking to English Labour supporters whose belief in the sanctity of the UK is so profound that they vote Tory to protect themselves against the influence of ‘foreigners’. Its like some sort of religious belief. And they call us ‘nationalists’. . .

  10. Well put, James. I’m enjoying reading Paul’s excellent pieces and Duggers’ comments.
    We have been ‘the devolved administrations’ for several months now..check out BBC Plantation Stockade, especially live from David porter on his bookshelf.
    McAskill invokes Maxton and quotes his old pal Henry McLeish as support, in peddling Home Rule, including FFA and eventual evolution of defence and foreign policy, when England sees fit to let us go.

    What fecking planet are these old fogies on?

    Trying to sell out Irish citizens by forcing ‘Home Rule’ on them went well in Over There in the first quarter of the 20th Century didn’t it?

    The reason that the Young Saxe Coburg heir and his squeeze are spending their summer hols in Balmoral, with Auld Liz holed up in Windsor Castle until the pestilence and urban riots subside, is that the Elite Holiday Company, Posh Hols In Jockland, has revealed that HRH would forfeit her deposit if she cancelled her summer break at this late stage.

    Why we are fed all this summer garbage by the Dead Tree Scrolls beats me.

    Hence my relative silence on such palpable propaganda mush.

    If McAskill wants to be taken seriously, he must resign, and stand before the electorate as an ALBA zealot….
    But then he would need to be a man of principle to do that.
    Home Rule for Scotland…Christos on a bike!

  11. Pogmothon says:

    Ok boil the kettle noo, stop the presses, sit doon, an hang on, there will shortly be another broontervention on bbc breakfast, help ma boab.

    Alternatively we could all just keep getting on with real life on the road to independence.

  12. Janice Gale says:

    The death of an empire always happens at home! If the royals had done anything to look real in this day of eager neo liberalism they might have stood a chance but no, aloof and “other” as usual girded by Charles’ extreme self centred self protecting preciousness and interference in the treasury, they have exposed themselves. The plebs have seen through the reality of the firm although perhaps not enough of them yet!

  13. Capella says:

  14. Petra says:

    Good for you Mark. Tell it as it is 😀.

    LBC:- “The UK Government continues to steal power and steal money away from Wales”, First Minister Mark Drakeford tells LBC, citing Whitehall’s actions yesterday.” https://mobile.twitter.com/LBC/status/1400757134011289600


    ‘Indyref2 not a discouragement to foreign investors as Scotland surges 18% ahead of UK.’


    • Statgeek says:

      Most interesting that the British business section of the BBC pushes it way down the page, while older stories stay more prominent, and less important ones are not pushed down.

      British, my eye. English Broadcasting Corporation. Anyway, archived before it disappears.


  15. Petra says:

    ‘UK spent more than £8000 every minute on nuclear weapons in 2020, report says.’



    ‘Anger as Unionists reject push for Holyrood to take control of employment law.’

    ..”However, Labour accused her (Shona Robison) of picking a “predictable political fight”, Tory leader Douglas Ross said she should be “embarrassed” and Willie Rennie of the LibDems called her move “pathetically predictable”…


  16. Petra says:

    ‘Court urged not to hand Craig Murray ‘deliberate death sentence’ of jail time.’



    ‘An Open Letter to Lady Dorrian.’


  17. Petra says:

    ‘Kirsty Strickland: How turning to the royals could backfire for the Union.’



    ‘Police Scotland officers (over 400) depart to support Devon and Cornwall during the G7 Conference.’


  18. Petra says:

    Reporting Scotland, this morning, highlighting that the Army will be deployed to help with the vaccine rollout. NO mention that over 400 Scottish cops are being sent to help out in England.

    Covid in Scotland: Army to help vaccine roll-out in variant response.’

    ..”NHS Lothian has said it would ensure the number of vaccines administered in the area could be scaled up in line with national guidance. The health board has recently apologised to patients who had to wait in long queues to receive their vaccines.”..



    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.


  19. Robert Hughes says:

    Lets try again . Simple question ……what are the SNPG doing about this latest assault on the very idea of distinct NATIONS within the ” United ” Queendom ?

    • Dr Jim says:

      What are the Welsh government doing, what are the Northern Irish doing, what is the great Alex Independence within the federal devo max Salmond doing?

      Nobody is doing anything because it’s gum flapping by Boris Johnson, y,know like you’re doing

      • Robert Hughes says:

        Ah ! fine , nothing to worry about then , just Bumbling Boris ” gum flapping ” , Odd thing is though , BB seems to be succeeding ie becoming Tory leader , Brexit , G.E , even managing to snatch victory — at least in ” populist ” perception , where it matters – from defeat re Corona . If he keeps flapping and bumbling at this rate he may also succeed in steamrolling Scotland into oblivion

        • Carol says:

          Or as they did in Canada in the 1950’s they could take indigenous children away from their parents and put them in a residential school to be abused in order to remove any “Scottishness”.

  20. andygm1 says:

    Presumably Scotland is now a cis-country.

  21. robert alexander harrison says:

    Its actions like this is why i dont trust Englanders one bit

    • iusedtobeenglish says:

      “Its actions like this is why i dont trust Englanders one bit”


      Please note the username 😀

      PS: An ex of mine used to say “I really used to hate bigots, till I realised that made me one…” Not that I’m suggesting you are one by any means – your quote just reminded me.

  22. Dr Jim says:

    How do they intend to save a Union that they deny exists, how does Gordon Brown frame his save the Union campaign when his Prime Minister tells him stop referring to it as a Union, how do the Royals pretend they didn’t lie over their meeting with Gordon Brown to save the Union that doesn’t exist

    Unfortunately for England Scotland exists, we know it exists because we live here, we know they’d rather not acknowledge Scotland as a country and we also know nothing has changed in that regard it’s just that their politicians are having to say it out loud now

    We have their right wing newspapers hammering away every day with nonsense after nonsense, most recent are the supposed *no go* areas for white people in Glasgow that the Daily Mail came up with as a hopeful way of stimulating some racism

    The more they ignore Scotland, the more they disparage Scotland, the more they denigrate Scotland the faster they fall down the rabbit hole of their own making, let’s make sure that nobody in Scotland throws them a rope

    The UK of England deserves everything that’s coming to it, and they can thank Boris Johnson, Priti Patel, Jacob Reese Mogg, Gordon Brown, Theresa May, Margaret Thatcher and all the way back as far as history shows demonstrates that England is a dictatorial Imperialist country with no moral or ethical fibre to it and no one can deny it because the people of that country keep voting for that very behaviour so hell mend them and damn them to their fate and Scotland can get on with working to be a normal country like everybody else in the world

    Remember folks, Scottish white people were at one time transported to the other colonies as slaves too, Tory MP Lucy Frazer even made a happy speech about it in the House of Commons as a future idea, it’s what they really think of us, we’ve always been an inconvenient disobedient race of Scots who just refuse to kneel low enough or tug our forelocks hard enough or just don’t speak their language well enough, let’s do them a favour and tell them to F**K off far enough

  23. James Mills says:

    Given this new found interpretation of the ‘ four nations ‘and there NOW being only ONE country ( the UK ) :

    No more EVEL voting at Westminster as this is clearly , by their own actions , now redundant .

    And no longer will the Queen be referred to as ‘The Queen of England ‘ but Lizzie is now the Queen of the UK .

    No more England Football , Rugby , Cricket teams …no more separate teams in the Commonwealth games .

    No more English Channel

    No more Church of England / Scotland .

    Some things to be welcomed ?

    No more Reporting Scotland

    No more Gers ( the statistical lies )

    No more Scottish cringe ?

  24. Welsh_Sion says:

    Whatever happened to ‘the awesome foursome’?

    • Dr Jim says:

      We’re a onesy now, sorry, they’re a onesy and we’re where we always were they just never used to say it out loud

  25. Capella says:

    It increasingly reminds me of SS GB – an occupied country festooned with hostile flags. Occasionally a dignitary from the Greater Reich will visit in his limousine just to remind the peasants who’s in charge. Anschluss means “a political or economic union” (Collins Dictionary) after all.

    The North symbolised escape from repression in Len Deighton’s imagination.

  26. Dr Jim says:

    Better start checking your National newspaper suppliers again, the Yoons must be in panic mode, they’re hiding them under the other papers again, I guess todays headlines were a hit

  27. jfngw says:

    It’s starting to sound a bit ominous, One People, One nation, One Leader, The man in the expensively decorated high castle.

    But Johnson is a narcissistic British nationalist and has surrounded himself with those of the same ilk. In Scotland the Tories have installed a me too man, someone that will obey orders without hesitation, who will lie without flinching, will back a policy in Westminster whilst opposing the same policy at Holyrood.

    Escape cannot come soon enough, looks like we may need to start decorating our houses with Saltires as a antidote to British Union Flagellation (being beaten into submission by a flag).

  28. Welsh_Sion says:

    British Union Flagellation (being beaten into submission by a flag).


    Echoes of another BUF, from the 30’s, eh jfngw? Also known as ‘Moseley’s Mob’. The parallels between that decade and the 2020’s are uncanny (and decidedly unnerving, too)

    • Dr Jim says:

      Been saying it for years, the mob in 1930s Germany didn’t come up with this stuff first they learned it from English Imperialism and just copied the formula

  29. Christopher Rosindale says:

    “The politicians are losing Scotland.”

    Not an inaccurate observation, as Johnson, Gove, Patel, Rees-Mogg, the bulk of the Conservative Party and its policies, especially Brexit, are the main reasons why support for Independence is rising and former Unionists like myself are turning against the Union……

    • Dr Jim says:

      If the so called Union had been run by representatives of all four countries of the British isles on a voluntary basis in the first place instead of a mini British Roman Empire approach things might’ve been very different today, but it’s too late now

  30. James Mills says:

    Supermarket ( Lidl , not the worst ) today :

    Strawberries in a Union Jack punnet , from Angus , UK !

    • It is everywhere like a cancer eating in to Scotland.
      I refuse to buy product with the butcher’s apron stamped on its packaging.
      It is deliberate, and evilly sinister.

      To gain the cooperation of every supermarket, food producer, and even florists to stamp Boris’ red white and blue swastika on everything we buy demonstrates the mighty dark forces of the fascist regime gathering against us which we must fight at every opportunity.
      Prices have risen since Brexit by 25-49% for everything we buy post Brexit,and you can’t buy a bag of spuds which is not emblazoned with the Jack.

      There must have been a closed door meeting, at which the Powerful met and agreed to swamp our land with the Fourth Reich’s flags and bunting.

      It must be costing supermarkets a fortune in lost revenue too.
      Food is left rotting and wilting on the shelves.

      They are willing to throw tens of billions at the fight to destroy Scotland.

      It won’t work of course.

      A piper with a Butcher’s Apron fluttering from his shoulder to commemorate the slaughter of 20,000 young people as Montgomery’s cannon fodder is the last straw.
      What was the man thinking when he agreed to pose with this symbol of tyranny and genocide?
      I’d sooner eat grass than a chicken packed in a butcher’s apron. I’d suggest that I’m not alone.
      Come independence we shall remember.

  31. Petra says:

    The bottom line is that BoJo, et al, has never ever liked the Scots far less those who want independence.

    ‘5 terrible quotes about Scotland that Boris Johnson really won’t want you to read during his visit.’

    ..”The Labour machine will try, at some point in the next few years, to insert Gordon Brown. That would be utterly outrageous, not just because he is a gloomadon-popping, interfering, high-taxing complicator of life, but mainly because he is a Scot, and government by a Scot is just not conceivable in the current constitutional context.”..


  32. Hamish100 says:

    Still The National is being flooded by the recent Scottish Election result deniers.
    As one states “ This should ensure that ALBA membership continues to rise, at the expense of Sturgeon’s pro-unionist ‘snp’.
    There is now ONLY ONE pro-indy Party.

    Maybe an article on how people self delusion. Whether you are happy or not with the parliamentary results it can it is not only reasonable but factual that the SNP and the other pro Independence Party The Greens won.

    For a party to be built on ex snp MP’s , MSP’s , rejects ex trotskies and the like I suspect they ultimate goal of negotiation with the U.K. for devo plus might be a disappointment as they are told no. What will the 20 odd potential councillors, MP’s ( scared to resign their posts) do then?

    Declare UDI?

    • Dr Jim says:

      Salmond says he’s going to *unleash* a plan on Westminster

      Probably to get the devo max federal home rule he tried to get in 2014, at last thank goodness all that’s been exposed, I was fed up getting rows for saying it

  33. WT says:

    Hi all. Thanks for taking time to reply to my posts on the other thread . To grizebard in particular I would like to add that yes, on reflection, I do recognise that my appeal for unity or “mutual tolerance” could be construed as provocative, but I can assure you this was not my intent. To others on here I would also like to make it clear that it was certainly not my intention to offend, my attempts at gaining more unity amongst the YES campaigners is purely to try to reinject the positivity into the movement. Positivity is one of the key weapons we can add to our armoury. That is what we need for the fight ahead. Well, I think so anyway.

    With regard to my statement “I know a lot of people who just do not have that long…we have to get out of this union…fast” this is not an Alba impatience thing as some thought (I vote SNP), I say this because I work with the elderly and I do know people who are worried they might not be around to see it.

    I know the movement is a mix of left, right and centre and that have disagreements on the timing etc. on having a referendum. I do not know who is right or wrong on these things but what I feel sure of is that we are a stronger movement if we push ahead together.

    • Capella says:

      Quite so WT. Pushing ahead together will happen when a referendum campaign starts. The spirit of 2014 was generated through participation in a campaign with one goal – independence, That will happen again whenever the next referendum date is announced.

      I have no doubt that there is a unity of purpose across the political spectrum. In spite of what the unionists believe, there are many on the left and right who support independence. An article by Rory Scothorne says of the Scottish Parliament:

      The ashes of the Scottish mineworkers’ leader and Communist Mick McGahey, one of the leading advocates of that parliament, are buried in the building’s foundations.


      Those champing at the bit to get the campaign started will have an opportunity to honour all of the fallen heroes who never lived to see the day. As Martin Luther King said in his last speech

      I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the Promised Land.

  34. Derek says:

    The closest thing that they have to a normal human is probably the one that’s escaped to the U.S..

  35. Dr Jim says:

    Notice that no TV news thus far has commented or reported on Boris Johnsons decree that there is to be no mention of Scotland as a country

  36. Hamish100 says:

    Isn’t the story in the times regarding the royals and Gordon Brown ( ex bbc journalist) with one of the authors the same as the exbbc head of news in Scotland ?


  37. Eilidh says:

    Just seen the end of a documentary on Channel 4 about football and gambling presented by guess who bloody Ruth Davidson that’s who. How many jobs has that horrible woman now got. The content would have been interesting to me normally due to work I do but I couldn’t concentrate on it because it was her as after hearing all the crap she has spouted in recent years it is impossible to take her remotely seriously as a journalist and she is still scowling too

    • Welsh_Sion says:

      Another woman to love to hate – Laura the K:


      BBC Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg under fire for use of ‘welching’ in article

      07 Jun 2021 3 minutes Read

      • Dr Jim says:

        The history of words has always got to come from somewhere but I confess I never heard of this before and certainly never attributed it to the country of Wales, I suppose I thought of some man called Welch who never fulfilled a debt in the same way as there once was a man called Boycott

        • Welsh_Sion says:

          ‘Wales’ and ‘Welsh’ themselves are loaded terms in that they derive from Anglo-Saxon as ‘(the country of) foreigners/slaves or Romanised ones’ as any good dictionary will tell you.

          ‘Cymru’ is ‘the land of the compatriots (the Cymry)’ (combrogi), later Latinised to ‘Cambria’.

    • Channel 4 has morphed in to the ‘Provisional’ Wing of the BBC Bounce Back Great Britain.

      I have already commented on Davidson’s Surge for Brown Envelope Cash jobs since her elevation in an earlier piece.
      She is now teamed up with Broon, according to Distorting Scotland, to challenge the English Junta’s cut in Foreign Aid…she is being rebranded as Baroness Do Gooder over the summer.

      She’ll be reading the eulogy when Old Attenborough pops his clogs, no doubt.

      Come the Revolution.

  38. Wee CB says:

    The thought of William and Kate being sent up here to win Scottish favour gave me flashbacks to the third year of my degree and the module Representations of Scotland I studied as an option. Let’s trot out the Noble Savage trope for the Royals again, get William to stick a kilt on and give Kate a tartan bunnet. Get someone to pipe them off the train, let them shake a few hands and then retreat. There you go – we LOVE Scotland! We met and graduated here! What larks! Love us, don’t leave us!

    I used to sit up the back of the lecture theatre with my fellow vile separatist student mate and go all Flower of Scotland at it all. I remember we used to go and chat to the folks doing the vigil for the Scottish parliament up Calton Hill. That was in the mid 90s. Incidentally, my degree was partly media based and we were explicitly told by an editor for a well known Scottish broadsheet who came to speak to us that it was best to be seen to be politically neutral if we wanted a career in journalism. That didn’t happen for me due to poor mental health but that’s clearly total baws anyway. I was young, impressionable and under the illusion that I would get the job of my dreams so I let my student SNP membership lapse and figured that I would still vote how I damn well liked in the voting booths. I joined up again after 19 September 2014. No rest until YES.

  39. Arthur Thomson says:

    Support for Scotland’s independence is increasing inexorably. Ordinary people have their eyes opened by an event or events that have meaning in their life. Once their eyes are opened they see all the other evidence that supports their new understanding. It is a new dawn for them, an awareness that they have previously been conned and that the deception was deliberate. All the new cunning stunts of the Brits just reinforce their perfidy.

    So, keep it up Doris. Keep up your cynical attempts at pulling the wool over the eyes of the Scottish natives. They are not going to be impressed by your pathetically insulting behaviour.

    On the issue of a divided Yes movement – it is just so much tripe. Scotland’s independence won’t turn on there being a notional singular Yes movement but a singular, widely supported objective. In any social enterprise there is a vociferous minority who are full of wind and an over inflated sense of self importance. The majority of Scots (from wherever they originate) that we need to force through our independence, will KNOW that they are pursuing a serious undertaking and won’t be inclined to put their faith in peripheral parties. They will give their support to the political party that they calculate is responsible enough to safely bring home independence. That party is the SNP, hopefully working in unison with the Green Party. The only potentially positive role of fringe parties will be to generate added interest. The Brits, of course, hope that they will do some damage to the cause of independence and that is why they are actively encouraging them. Fat chance.

    • douglasclark says:

      I dunno whether this is right or not, but I was fairly well motivated (re-motivated?) in my commitment to independence by attending a few marches. Back then, a couple of years ago, meeting and talking to folk from all over the country that shared my families commitment to walk through a downpour in Edinburgh, meant a lot to me. And possibly to them too.

      This, for us, was not a party issue. It was people coming together with a shared objective. I seem to recall that opinion polls in the immediate aftermath of that summer (pshaw!) of citizen action saw an up-tick in the ‘Yes’ vote.

      I expect that when normality resumes similar, or larger, marches will encourage doubting Thomas’s that, hey! I am not alone in thinking we can make a fist of this.

      What we need to do, IMHO, is to normalise independence.


      • grizebard says:

        Yes, you’re right, the marches were joyous, great fun (the only slightly jarring note being the few vocal timewarp leftards chanting “Tories out” – out from where, exactly?). It’s no bad thing to occasionally share the company of like-minded folk. But for me though what was more important was the impression that the marches hopefully made on passers-by who otherwise had been totally isolated from “the times that were a-changing” by their usual media sources. There must have been quite a few onlookers previously unaware of the strength of support for independence whose eyes were opened by the long files of happy people going by, and hopefully among them some who, like you on the march, were energised by it. On the other hand, some people are deterred by exuberant flag-waving, finding it too emotive and reminiscent of the nasty kind of nationalism.

        I’m not sure though about your assertion of an “up tick” being caused by the marches. The big surge came during the Covid pandemic, and clearly because of the FM’s handling of it. The first occasion when everyone’s wellbeing was on the line and our own government was in the full public eye, not hidden away as per usual by the media. No wonder the enemies of independence were desperate to get her off-air by fair means or foul (mostly the latter).

        What we lack most of all, and always have, is exposure of our point of view to the largely unaware. I’m not sure that future marches are really the answer to that, no matter how pleasant – regardless of the weather! – the experience may be for the marchers themselves. As part of the zeitgeist, maybe, but there needs to me more besides. I like the idea of billboards – electronic or otherwise – as one potential way of escaping the BritNat media stranglehold, especially for those who are not regularly online.

        • douglasclark says:

          Thanks for your kind reply. My message, if it could be expressed thus, is merely that a large body of folk like that are quite likely to be energised enough to unify and feel less alone. I quite agree with you about the tactics you outline, though I was referring to a period well before Covid, if I recall correctly.

          Thanks again for engaging with me.

    • iusedtobeenglish says:

      “On the issue of a divided Yes movement – it is just so much tripe.”
      Although I agree with much of what you say, I have a different point of view on this – possibly because I have no party political affiliations. Apologies if I’m misinterpreting you.

      I think more emphasis should be placed on the fact that the YES Movement is not homogeneous, not less. Most – probably all – soft Noes are not going to be members of the SNP, and many will have been influenced by the propaganda images of foaming Bravehearts.

      Surely differences of opinion are good and should be declared to be such. So YES, there are differences and new groups are forming. It’s a good thing. This is what happens in a healthy democracy – and it will continue to happen after the Independence. There’ll be no one party government of yes-(wo)men telling everybody else what to do whether they like it or not. That’s what we’re trying to get away from. (Naming no names and definitely not pointing south).

      “They will give their support to the political party that they calculate is responsible enough to safely bring home independence.”
      Now that the election’s won and there’s a pro-Independence majority in the SP, I’m not sure that people will support a political party. Unless they’re already pro-Indy, and they’re not the people who need persuading/enlightening.

      The YES Movement, IMHO, has got to be very visibly above party politics and NOT associated with one party (or possibly 2, if you count the Greens).

      Many soft Noes/undecideds will actively want to know that people like them think Independence is essential too. Show them that Pensioners/Youth/Labour/English/New Scots/Tories (yes, even some of them! 🙂 ) etc see the benefits of Independence. It isn’t as if the various representative groups aren’t out there already, just waiting to be gathered together and mobilised.

      Let’s get a ‘think tank’ together, called something like “Our Future in Our Hands”.

      I admit, I was a Heart YES/Head No in 2014, so personally, I’d prefer it if these farcical ‘Recovery Meetings’ could be used to construct a different, EU style union. Dissolve the old one and create a new one with equal input from all 4 countries – yes, WM, COUNTRIES :p One designed so that all 4 are autonomous but united for trade and big projects of benefit to the whole archipelago. With a Common Travel Area etc. I feel it’d be the best way forward for recovery – and no need for anybody to lose face or back down.

      But I’ve never seen a winged pig, and puce isn’t my colour so I shan’t hold my breath.

  40. douglasclark says:

    Just to add. I am so pleased that our good host appears to be in fine fettle. He certainly has ‘a way with words’ that is quite remarkable.

  41. Luigi says:

    There certainly has been a concerted effort to make Scotland as a nation disappear from hearts and minds. Take Scottish football games for example. Whether it’s the excuse of money, broadcasting rules etc is it not rather strange that Scotland is the only country where one cannot watch their national team play on terrestrial TV? If course we can watch the UK oops I mean England games regularly. Yep Scotland had ceased to exist in unionist hearts and minds. Oops Scotland has qualified for the European championship – let’s see how they deal with that. Of course they will be hoping for our usual early exit. If only… the dream shall never die!

    • Tam the Bam says:

      Sadly…the reason Scotland games are not broadcast on terrestrial tv is indeed down to money.
      My understanding is the SFA have a deal with SKY for the majority of games involving the national team.
      EURO ’21 games however will be ‘free to view.’

  42. Petra says:

    ”Prof Linda Colley on how Scottish independence could trigger a constitutional renewal across the rest of the UK [via Talking Politics].” https://mobile.twitter.com/PhantomPower14/status/1401532332817924096


    ‘The Minister of Chaos: Boris Johnson knows exactly what he’s doing.’

    ..”He is the first British leader I’ve seen who genuinely appears to be having a good time.”


  43. Petra says:

    Philippa Whitford:- ”The Health Observatory is part of #PublicHealthScotland not about selling data to commercial companies!” https://mobile.twitter.com/Dr_PhilippaW/status/1401665870561153025


    Jo Maugham:- ”Yesterday Government placed an attack piece in the Mail on Sunday specifically and explicitly targeting me. Here is our response.” https://mobile.twitter.com/JolyonMaugham/status/1401854880336289793

  44. Petra says:

    ”I saved Willie McRae from a fire before he died – but police never spoke to me.’

    ..”As Gallagher approached the flat door, he was passed by a man in a boiler suit carrying a briefcase, who he assumed was a neighbour.”..



    Oh right, we’re moving on now to post Independence.

    ‘Scottish Tory councillor calls for Scotland to be partitioned after Yes vote.’


  45. Petra says:

    Gordon Brown ‘buried strength of independence support’ in post-election poll.’



    ‘Kilts and Populist Royalism.


  46. Petra says:

    ‘Boris Johnson ignoring instructions to tighten anti-corruption laws, Council of Europe says.’



    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.


  47. jfngw says:

    I see the Tories are back to gerrymandering the election again. This gives England 10 more seats. Scotland & Wales 10 less. They claim it is about electoral fairness, if you believe that then you truly are zipped up the back. It would have given them an even greater majority with a minority of the votes in 2019, there is no such thing as fairness in a system which can result in a majority with as little as 37% of the votes (2015). These changes should only be happening with an overhaul of the FPTP system.

    Obviously this could be all academic to Scotland if we can escape before 2024, I still live in hope, that’s assuming I make it to 2024.

    • grizebard says:

      Well, it is a kind of fairness, I suppose, though only in the sense that by giving everyone a more even distribution of votes it merely reinforces England’s voting power over everyone else in their UK. All the more bitter because under England’s mis-management, Scotland’s population has seen a relative decline as its more adventurous and ambitious sons and daughters have sought their advancement elsewhere. (With what effect this centuries-long genetic selection process has had on we who have remained we cannot tell.)

      If there was a genuine desire for fairness on the part of the unitary-statists, it would be to introduce electoral reform for WM. But diddling a few numbers here or there to make the situation even less fair in reality is the very summit of their shallow aspirations. It can’t be said often enough: the only way things can ever become fair for us is to quit it. And ironically that rupture might be the one thing that could trigger the very changes that are needed. English supporters of electoral reform please note.

    • Welsh_Sion says:


      England gains 10 MPs in boundary review – while eight constituencies in Wales are set to face axe

      08 Jun 2021 2 minutes Read

      England – +10
      Scotland – -2
      Wales – -8
      NI No change

      • Hamish100 says:

        Hi WS

        I suppose we can help England out by having no MP’s by being Independent. Wouldn’t that make them happy?

        No. Because they want to control other nations even like Ireland.

  48. Dr Jim says:

    NHS England is due for a new CEO and you’d think the normal processes for that would be followed, but are they? tipped for the position is Baroness Harding, yep that’s the one, Dido Harding of the completely failed track and trace system in England that barely exists

    Yet another political appointment to critical and influential public positions, the Tories are filling up public positions with Tory politicians just like they did in 1930s Germany

    Matt Hancock at the dispatch box in an answer to Phillipa Whitford, (which was no answer to her question), reiterated his claim that the NHS is one UK institution that the Scottish government only manages

    They’re moving their pawns and galloping their knights right behind them for their takeover and no legalities are going to stop them, they’re trying to strip us out using their new invented version of the law

    • Petra says:

      Can you imagine what this would be like right now if we were relying on Scottish Labour politicians to fight Scotland’s corner at Westminster? Thank God we’ve got someone like Philippa Whitford on our side standing up to ignorant, arrogant runts like Matt Hancock. Add to that list of adjectives downright dangerous.

      Philippa Whitford versus Matt Hancock on the SNHS.



      ‘National Health Service (Scotland) Act 1947.’


      • bringiton says:

        Nothing matters when you have an 80 seat majority at Westminster.
        You can do and say what you like as a government minister and no one will bring you to book.

      • This fool of a man was allowed to stand at the Despatch Box today and declare that tyhere was no such thing as a ‘Scottish’ Health Service, that it was a ‘British’ National Health service…until Dr Whitford put him right.
        These are the men and women who are running England now.
        Lambs led by Donkeys.

        Johnson is in Cornwall tomorrow having to face up to the fact that he didn’t ‘Get Brexit Done’, to be told by the New Prez that there is no US Trade Deal in the pipeline, and that the US now backs the EU in insisting that the Serial Seed Spreader stick to the deal he signed, despite Ian Paisley Jnr on Newsnight tonight threatening a summer of violent ‘protest’ if there is a border down the Irish Sea.
        The sooner we are out of the UK the better, if you ask me..he utters above his breath.

        Where was 4 Jobs Ross today? Westminster? Holyrood? SFA HQ receiving physio? Preparing the Jock Branch tea accounts for audit?
        Where is B-Lister Jack hiding?
        Where is Sarwar The Capitalist Socialist hiding. It’s days since he brought up the air vents in QEUH.

        It’s surely time for a headline from Yesterday’s Man Rennie.
        ‘Mental Health’!

        By the Chief, the Brit Nats have scraped the barrel with this lot.

        I wonder what the ‘British Health Service ‘ nurses in Southern Britain think of nurses in Northern Britain being awarded a 4% raise while they are insulted by a 1% offer?

        Matt Hancock survives because he is just the right level of idiot they need in the job when it comes to blaming one of their number for England’s Covid scandals.

  49. Dr Jim says:

    Apparently Alex Salmond’s federal home rule devo max within the UK party are *demanding* Nicola Sturgeon gets Independence now or they’ll *unleash* demands on Westminster to make them give Scotland Independence right after they’ve demanded some devo max home rule

  50. Welsh_Sion says:

    Completely off topic.

    Received my 2nd anti-Covid jab (AstraZeneca) today.

    With grateful thanks to all the medical staff who are doing their darnedest to look after us (with otherwise little reward or recognition) and the volunteers (even less) manning the vaccine centres.

    • James Mills says:

      Now if they were British military personnel they would be getting highly praised for their sterling efforts .

      God knows the 67 extra British military helpers in Scotland have made life SO much easier for the 5500+ inoculators working for the Scottish NHS .
      ( We keep being reminded that these military in Scotland are British – which other country would we expect them to come from ? )

      • James, how true. They are of course referred to as British ‘Armed Forces’ riding to the rescue to ensure that Scotland’s obviously inferior vaccine Programme is given an essential ‘injection’ of ‘Britishness’; and who better to ‘get the job done’ than ‘armed forces’.

        It is all about to go Fourth Wave wrong Down in Britland, with the anticipated heat wave ideal for fighting in the streets. What can a poor boy do? to quote the Strolling Bones.

  51. Petra says:

    ”Surprise, surprise – Proposed electoral map boundary changes will benefit the Tories. – video.’ https://mobile.twitter.com/Haggis_UK/status/1402214271652712450


    Richard Murphy:- ‘One day this nightmare will end. I have no idea when that day will be.’


  52. Petra says:

    ”Mulesing?” Horrific 🙄.

    ‘RSPCA Australia warns Brits about low standards and corrects Minister’s claims they are world beating.’



    ‘Plan to build UK trade ship will break WTO agreement, warn experts.’


  53. Petra says:

    That’s us, Scotland, slowly but surely disappearing into the ether now 😀.

    ‘Tories wipe indyref from history in England-centric ‘Life in the UK’ guide.



    ‘Lesley Riddoch: The implications of partitioning Scotland after Yes vote.’


  54. Petra says:

    ‘NHS Scotland Accident and Emergency departments even faster than NHS England.’

    ..”The gap is probably even greater because BBC Scotland has accused NHS England of fiddling the figures by selection of which departments are included and NHS England starts the clock again after patients are admitted while NHS Scotland counts from arrival in A&E.”..



    Dr Philippa Whitford:- ”Among Matt Hancock‘s usual patronising response, most concerning is his claim there’s only one UK NHS! Is he just ignorant NHS Scotland separate legal entity since 1948, or does UK Gov plan to use #UKIMAct for #PowerGrab on #NHSScotland.” https://mobile.twitter.com/Dr_PhilippaW/status/1402234565926789123

    • “Is he just ignorant NHS Scotland separate legal entity since 1948, or does UK Gov plan to use #UKIMAct for #PowerGrab on #NHSScotland.”

      Over my dead body !

      Which it probably will be.

      Where are the billboards in Soft No pensioner areas warning them that their NHS is about to be privatised?

      £12,000 for ne w hip/
      Inhalers costing £350 a puff?

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Jack, I recall Whitford at some point commenting on posters she had seen in an English Clinic or Ward which was effectively “buy one, get the other free” on hip replacements. She was furious but no evidence of it appeared. I’m inclined to believe Phiilipa’s account as accurate, it only serves to demonstrate how ruthless these barstewards are that they removed the evidence, didn’t happen, nothing to see here, move along now…
        Hancock is a used car salesman put in charge of the National Health who needs RADA to perfect his meagre skills…

  55. Petra says:

    ‘Judge slams Michael Gove’s office as openDemocracy wins transparency court case.’



    Scroll down to see the video.

    Carole Cadwalladr :-”This is WILD. I’ve never seen this clip before. Watch Dido Harding – revealed today as potential new head of NHS – chat to Cambridge Analytica’s Alexander Nix about the great potential of data exploitation 😱😱😱 #NHSDataGrab”.. https://twitter.com/carolecadwalla

  56. Hamish100 says:

    Oh dear.
    All the travel agents up in arms. I’m on a cruise liner and I demand with the other 1000 visitors to drop off in Greenock. I demand access. I demand to go to Portugal, to Spain etc.

    I know there are rules but we should be allowed to break to break them because we are special.

    Who would be the government.

  57. Petra says:

    The Royals worried about losing Scotland? Looks as though Willie Windsor and wife will have their work cut out for them hanging onto England.

    Politics for All:- ”Oxford University’s Magdalen college has voted to remove a portrait of the Queen from a common room because she ‘represents recent colonial history’. ”https://mobile.twitter.com/PoliticsForAlI/status/1402303448524148737


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.


  58. Pogmothon says:

    SO !!!
    According to the weather report I have observed this morning on beakfest(sic) from Stranraer toDurness and Rockall to Aviemore no longer exists as part of Scotland and has become the “north and west”.
    An important question here is, what would the sanctions be for diverting form the tele-prompter ????

  59. Bob Lamont says:

    An interesting read on what purports to be sage analysis https://talkingupscotlandtwo.com/2021/06/09/uk-research-group-accuses-only-scots-of-believing-in-a-myth/
    Pigeon-holing London style…

    • Capella says:

      Wow – that report is one major Hydrichite level of propaganda. I suppose they’re right in a way. If you remove all the evidence to the contrary then your totally unfounded hypothesis is proved to be correct.

  60. Dr Jim says:

    Northern Ireland protocols

    Boris Johnson: “Nobody realised the EU would implement the rules we signed up to”

    England voted for this stupidity and the stupidity of the idiot they still want as Prime Minister

    Are we getting it yet Scotland?

    • grizebard says:

      Well, we should be. It’s becoming the theatre of the absurd. There was a parade of fools on the English Home Service on the 1pm news today complaining that the EU was simply being unreasonable in expecting them to abide by the letter of the hard Brexit agreement they had willingly signed, despite being warned about the likely consequences.

      Their totem is “freedom to make our own laws”, a consideration they don’t seem at all willing to concede to we here in Scotland, by the way. And underlying it – as the EU well know – is a plan to import food from elsewhere in the world produced to lower standards and foist it on us. Oh, and to hell with the food sector in high-reputation places like Scotland, that’s disposable.

      The BoZo regime is doing to the rest of the productive economy in Scotland what the Thatcher lot did to mining and heavy industry. We need out before they succeed.

  61. Capella says:

    Good speech from Natalie Don new MSP for Renfrewshire North and West. End child poverty through independence. https://twitter.com/theSNP/status/1402320328374865921?s=20

  62. Welsh_Sion says:

    Won’t stop me from being a Member of both parties though. Constructive criticism is good in any case.

    The SNP is more ‘brutal’ than Plaid Cymru, top academic suggests

    09 Jun 2021 3 minutes Read


    • Capella says:

      So the fact that the Welsh language has survived so well has undermined Plaid Cymru? I don’t see the connection. Ireland revived its Celtic language and culture in parallel with the political liberation movement. Colonisers everywhere undermine the native language and culture. In Scotland they were spectacularly successful. I think there must be other explanations for PC’s relative lack of success, though the tide certainly seems to be turning.

      • James Mills says:

        The report did mention that the Welsh Labour Party was seen as more Welsh and therefore more independent than has been the case with the Labour Branch Office in Scotland .

        And the list of ”big hitters” running the Scottish Branch recently may have contributed to their rapid decline –

        Gray ( 50 shades of banal ),
        Lamont ( not Norman ! ) ,
        Murphy ( The Egg Man ),
        Dugdale ( I’m a Loser , Get Me out of Here ! ),
        Leonard ( Move along folks , nothing to see here ! ) ,
        Sarwar ( part-time dentist and full-time ambulance chaser ).

        • Capella says:

          So true – Carwyn Jones and Mark Drakeford certainly seem better informed on the constitution than any Scot Lab lackey. 😂😂😂

        • grizebard says:

          Absolutely. With getting on for half of their own remaining supporters now in favour of independence, the NorthBritLab leadership are hollowing out their own future. They can play musical chairs as often as they like, every year even if they wish, but as long as persist in their obstinate refusal to recognise political reality, they are merely hastening their own demise, and that of their entire party with them.

          How long can they stay in-lockstep bosom buddies with the Tories and remain credible? Look at what has already happened to the LibDems.

      • Welsh_Sion says:

        You can see how it’s meant.

        Cymraeg (my mother tongue) has traditionally been the most important badge of ‘Welshness’ and ‘apartness’ within this Disunited Kingdumb for us for centuries. We were annexed (not co-opted as a seemingly equal partner into a union) by England, much earlier and much more comprehensively than Scotland. No national institutions existed nor was the Church a national church (but that of the annexing country), the legal system was completely set aside, and the language itself degraded, losing any status in business, commerce or law.

        The language therefore (which post 1911 became a minority language in its own country) became the talisman for Welshpeople to rally around as their national identifier. This concentration on language – perhaps at the expense of some hard-nosed politicking – tended to ensure that Plaid Cymru was (and in some places, is still) seen as ‘the language party’. Scotland doesn’t have this language ‘problem’ so much, not least because the numbers of Welsh language speakers is much higher than Scottish Gaelic. Ireland, too, probably took a few wrong turnings vis-avis the national language there in its fight for independence. True, it’s the first official language under the constitution and has special status within the EU, but in reality outside the Gaeltacht (and even there by today) it tends to be in retreat. At least it’s in no way country-wide, unlike Cymraeg.

        Now, if you are naturally fearful of bilingualism and multilingualism or you’re happy to speak the majority language and look down on others who speak some sort of gibberish, rubbish, unnatural language, (the default position of the unionist parties for centuries, until fairly recently and still promoted by our enemies) then those trying to safeguard, use, obtain rights for the minority language speakers, will remain a small group with little power. (Cf. the term for Plaid Cymru in the 1920s to 1960s, ‘y blaid fach’ – ‘the small party’.)

        Fortunately, there is a general consensus of being pro-Cymraeg amongst the majority of people and most of our politicians by today. But, again, this may prove difficult for Plaid Cymru to wrestle with. Where once they were (the sole) champions of the language and Welsh culture, the others now have embraced this concept (to a lesser or greater extent). Consequently, Plaid Cymru is crowded out by others of a similar (usually, left wing) disposition to themselves. Adam Price really needs to think deeply about what Plaid Cymru is for. There are other smaller nationalist parties out there – but these, at present are indeed very, very small. Further, food for thought for Adam is the growth of ‘Welsh’ Labour supporters (40%+) who are said to support indy, as well as the growth of the non-party political Yes Cymru.

        • Welsh_Sion says:

          The above was meant as a reply to @capella. And I do know she is as much a supporter of Welsh Indy as I am of Scottish Indy! 🙂

    • Dr Jim says:

      Maybe once Wales realises that Labour Tory and Liberal Democrats in Wales aren’t Welsh political parties but branch offices of the Westminster parties even though they have representatives who are Welsh within their ranks

  63. Capella says:

    Stephen Kerr: “Tell me one example of
    voting for a free trade deal with anybody.”

    : “The EU.”

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Aye, Fairlie gubbed, Mr unelected Kerr…
      It is not the list system such as dictates Holyrood’s representation which irks, intended at least to ensure politically balanced representation, but unelected muppets such as Turdo, DRoss or Kerr being placed there for no other purpose than to disrupt, in Turdo’s case for more than 20 years.
      Impressive footwork from Jim Fairlie, ready access to such a large plate as could accommodate Kerr’s abundantly verbal arse whilst accommodating the other end was remarkable.

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