Rebellious Scots to shush: Why Scotland needs another independence referendum

This is the first in a series of articles looking at the topics which will dominate the coming independence referendum campaign. These pieces are aimed at undecided voters and soft no voters. In this first piece I look at why Scotland is justified in seeking another independence referendum.

Scotland stands at a crossroads in its history. Soon, the people of Scotland will be asked to choose what sort of country they want this to be, even though the British government is doing its damnedest to try to prevent the Scottish people from asking themselves about Scotland’s future. This refusal by itself raises an important question, just what sort of union is it where one of the smaller partners is effectively blocked from even asking itself about its role within that union because a government elected by the largest partner says no.

The truth is that if a British Prime Minister that Scotland didn’t vote for imposes a veto on Scotland’s desire to ask itself an important question about Scotland, and vetoes Scotland from having a national conversation with itself, we are justified in asking whether there is any union left at all.

In 2014 Scotland had a vote on its place within the UK, and voted against independence. The rhetoric of some politicians at the time was that the referendum was a once in a generation opportunity, but the truth is that in a democracy no politician can bind the electorate in perpetuity. Voters have an absolute right to change their minds, especially if circumstances change. Circumstances have changed drastically since 2014 and that is why the voters of Scotland chose in the recent Scottish election to give a large majority to parties promising to hold another referendum within the five year term of this Holyrood parliament.

The 2014 vote was not a blank cheque to Westminster to do with Scotland what it pleased in perpetuity, it was conditional upon the promises and commitments that the anti-independence parties had made to Scotland in order to secure their desired result. One of the most important of those commitments was that the only way that Scotland could remain a part of the EU was by voting against independence. So Scotland voted against independence, and well, we are where we are. Scotland is being told by a Conservative government in Westminster that it must suck Brexit up, even though Scotland voted to remain a part of the EU by a considerably larger margin than it voted to remain a part of the UK.

The Tories call themselves the party of the union, but they act as the party of British centralism. That was fine for decades, because unionism in Scotland rested upon the comforting myth that Scotland was a voluntary equal partner in the United Kingdom. That was, and is, the defining belief of Scottish Unionism. Scotland, they tell everyone else and themselves, is not a colony. Scotland was an enthusiastic participant in the British Empire. Scotland, they assert, was never a possession of the Empire but rather a partner in doing the possessing.

Unfortunately, this is not the understanding of the union that is current amongst the Anglocentric British establishment which Boris Johnson’s government embodies. Their belief is that the UK is simply a euphemism for Greater England. Their UK consists of England and those lesser nations which have been compelled by one means or another to throw their lot in with England.

When there was an Empire to exploit, different Scottish and English understandings of the union were unquestioned and unexamined. After the dissolution of the Empire the disconnection could easily be ignored. For much of the 20th century there was no Scottish Parliament to articulate Scotland’s political sense of itself. Scotland, like England, alternated between voting Labour and voting Conservative. As recently as the 1950s Scotland was fertile territory for the Tories. The cracks only started to appear after the demand for Scottish self government arose in the latter part of the 20th century, and voting patterns in Scotland began to diverge from those in England. The cracks only grew wider after Tony Blair’s government introduced an assymetric form of devolution.

The cracks grew wider still during the independence referendum and its aftermath, when the parties forming the Better Together campaign turned their back on the Vow and complacently thought that the No vote meant a return to business as usual. Scotland was back in its box, and could be ignored once again. But the independence movement born during the referendum campaign ensured that the lid of the box was kept loose. Scotland was not going to return meekly to the union flag branded shortbread tin.

In order to keep Scotland tied to Westminster, we were told that it was only because of the UK that we were a part of the EU. The message that leaving the UK meant leaving the EU was central to the Better Together campaign. Scots were taught that their country was poor, semi-bankrupt, and dependent on the largesse of a kind and benevolent UK. But this only provoked an unexpected reaction in England, when England started to grow resentful at what it saw as Scottish privilege that English voters were being told they paid for, privileges which were being lavished on ungrateful Scots.

All this simmering discontent with the union metaphorically exploded with Brexit. The Conservatives brought about a referendum on EU membership in order to tackle internal Tory disputes between the Europhile and Europhobe wings of that party. After a defeat in the EU referendum which the then Prime Minister David Cameron had neither expected nor prepared for, his successors continued to treat Brexit as an internal matter for the Conservative party.

Despite the fact that the vote to leave won only a very narrow victory, Theresa May set out to placate the extreme europhobes on her back benches. She set out entirely unnecessary red lines, and the definitions of soft and hard Brexit were moved ever further in one direction, in the direction of right wing Brextremism and ever further away from what Scotland could accept. This was only exacerbated after Theresa May lost her majority in the General Election she had promised not to call. She continued as though nothing had changed. The only difference was that now she required the support of the DUP.

Heavily remain voting Scotland was ignored, along with all the other remain voters in the UK. The proposal from the Scottish Government for a differential treatment of Scotland along with Northern Ireland never even got a reply. The Conservatives had never been happy with devolution, and leapt upon Brexit as their opportunity to recentralise the UK. The Brexit vote gave them a convenient excuse to undermine the devolution settlement and grab devolved powers for Westminster, all the while mendaciously claiming that they were giving Holyrood more powers.

What really happened was this. When devolution was established, the new Scottish Parliament was given control of all powers of government except for those which were explicitly to be reserved to Westminster – such as broadcasting, international relations, defence, the social security system, most tax powers, the constitution, etc. All other powers were devolved. However as a part of the EU, a number of these functions were exercised by EU institutions. In essence, these powers were still Scotland’s, but they were being held in trust for Scotland by the EU. After Brexit, Westminster took it upon itself to decide unilaterally which of these powers it was keeping for itself, and which it would allow Holyrood to keep. And then David Mundell told us that we had no grounds for complaint because Holyrood was getting extra powers.

Thanks to the Tories and the consistent way in which they have placed the interests of their party before the interests of Scotland and before the interests of the UK, the devolution settlement has been undermined, and Scotland faced the prospect of crashing out of the EU without a deal, powerless to influence events. The threadbare deal which was eventually cobbled together was devised with no input from the Scottish government. It’s a deal which didn’t even pay lip service to taking Scottish interests into account.

As a direct result, the UK is under immense strain. On the one hand the Tories have created an England which is resentful of what it sees as Scottish privilege, and whose Brexit supporters would prefer to see Scotland go than to give up on Brexit. On the other hand the Tories have created a Scotland which is resentful because it has been wrenched out of the EU even though the Conservatives told Scotland that the only way to remain in the EU was to vote against independence.

On top of all this, Scotland is seeing its precious devolution settlement being unilaterally undermined and traduced by a Conservative government Scotland didn’t vote for, even though the entire point of devolution in the first place was to provide Scotland from the depredations of Conservative governments Scotland didn’t vote for ,such as the painful and bitter experience of the Thatcher era. Devolution is failing to protect Scotland. No one can still have confidence that the devolution settlement will be able to continue in its current form in a centralising post-Brexit Britain.

All this is the creation of the Conservative party. They did this. This is their doing. In pursuit of their own short term party interests the Tories dug into the very core of the union between Scotland and the rest of the UK and destroyed its foundations. The cracks are wide and growing ever wider. The chasm between the Scottish and English conceptions of what this so-called union means cannot be papered over with some union flag posters and a spot of rebranding. It won’t be bridged by blaming the SNP and the Scottish independence movement. The tensions that the Conservatives have selfishly created can only be resolved with a great democratic event – a second Scottish independence referendum.

In order to counter their own destruction of the foundations of the Union, the Conservative government has embarked upon what is in effect nothing more than an advertising campaign. It’s too little and too late. A cosmetic exercise by the Tories won’t succeed in propping up an edifice which they themselves have brought to the point of collapse. You don’t save a structurally unsound building with a lick of paint and some new union flag themed wallpaper. It’s too late to save the UK. The Tories have exposed its true nature. They are the unwitting midwives of Scottish independence. Because of the actions of the Conservatives themselves, there’s now far too many rebellious Scots to shush.

The UK that Scotland is a part of is not the UK that Scotland was told it could be a part of in 2014. That is why Scotland voted for a large majority of pro-independence MSPs in the recent election, elected with a mandate for another referendum during this Parliamentary term. Scotland has an absolute democratic right to ask itself in a referendum if it still wants to be a part of a UK which is fundamentally different from the UK we thought we were getting in 2014.


In the wake of recent events I am determined that this site will not become a home for bigots and conspiracy theorists. They will not be welcome here. Moderation is the most stressful part of running a blog, but this site is going to continue to make the positive case for independence. With this in mind as of today a new moderation policy is in force.

Anyone who attempts to use this site to post hatred, bigotry, or conspiracy theories will be banned. If you attempt to insult and abuse anyone you will be banned. This site has a zero-toleration policy for homophobia, transphobia, racism, and misogyny. Failure to respect this will result in a ban.

If you intend to spend the next four years undermining the SNP, the Scottish Government and the pro-independence parties that the great majority of independence supporters voted for, you can do so somewhere else, because you’re not going to do it here. The reminder that has regularly appeared on this site is not a serving suggestion. It will be rigorously enforced. If you don’t like this rule – there is a small x at the top right of your screen. Click it, close this page and go elsewhere.

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125 comments on “Rebellious Scots to shush: Why Scotland needs another independence referendum

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  2. Lorraine Bell says:

    As usual, Paul Clear and concise.

  3. Joyce says:

    Sadly, the ‘too poor to become independent’ message is still being spread in European newspapers and as I heard a political commentator remark on Dutch radio that Scotland does not have the resources to be independent because it still relies heavily on financial support from WM (the old story dragged up every time it suits WM and conservative groups) it makes it clear that also in Europe people need to learn the facts about Scotland.
    An even wider support for Independence might give a boost to the campaign.

    Personally, I hope to see an Independent Scotland back in the EU where Scotland belongs.

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, the “too poor” thing is a prime issue that needs to be seriously countered both at home and abroad, decisively and urgently.

      I was recently quoted an article by a friend in Belgium which contained such a reference, but it originated in an opinion obtained from somebody in Scotland. The rot begins here with Unionists embedded in “go to” positions like think tanks and academic institutions. The Scottish Establishment should be the backbone of support and instead – with notabe exceptions like Prof Tom Devine – it feels more like a pusillanimous self-serving drag on progress.

    • Joyce,there is considerable support in Europe for an independent Scotland to regain EU membership should it choose to do so.

  4. What a wonderful review of history Paul,Thankyou.It should be read by all people living in Scotland,as well as expat Scots

  5. Col says:

    Just to be clear, there is simply no way that Boris will grant an S30. Then we’re in court and it will take years to sort out. So if we want a Ref before 2026 the wheels need to be turning now. Otherwise Nicola or whoever will need a new mandate.

    • weegingerdug says:

      Just to be clear – you don’t have a crystal ball. Any hypothetical court case could be done in a matter of months.

    • Alex Clark says:

      “there is simply no way that Boris will grant an S30”

      Just to be clear, that’s your opinion, not a fact. Others think differently.

    • grizebard says:

      Try to get past your self-evident cringe. If it were true – which I seriously doubt – why would you even be bothering any more?

      (Unless you were deliberately trying to spread dismay and disillusion and thereby aid the enemies of independence, of course. The way things are developing, they need all the help they can get.)

    • James Mills says:

      Col , may I ask a favour ?
      Look into your obviously very accurate crystal ball and give me the numbers for the Lotto this week-end , the weather forecast for the next ten days ( I’m going away to the Isles for wee while ) and the location of Lord Lucan and Shergar .

      Many thanks !

      • yesindyref2 says:

        I’m going away to the Isles for wee while

        Check with Calmac, the Barra crossing for instance was cancelled for dirty weather, and it’s guy gusty here where I am, white water at times.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Col says: “Boris”

      I think that’s what is called a “tell”.

    • Jonathan Marshall says:

      Interest post as always Paul. I agree Col… England requires our resources and sadly there is no way Bojo and Co are going to make this easy… Oil is a good example…. The U.K. Requires around 1.2 million barrels/day Scottish waters still pump about 2/3s of it and that’s without those field annexed on the eve of devolution. They will refuse a Section 30 as long as possible even the full next 5yrs and then it will end up in court… I don’t profess to have a crystal ball so the time scale as to decisions by a court are out of my ability to predict, but I do predict they won’t make it easy. As to the SNPs strategy…I make no predictions but Nicola has been clear No referendum until Covid is over and then recovery. As to the time table for that I don’t want to make any predictions at all.

      • grizebard says:

        “Oh, we’re doomed, doomed I say.” Why do you miserabilists who believe so cravenly in a toothless threadbare stuffed lion even have an interest then?

        Whatever England’s interest may be, you don’t seem to have even a faint wisp of belief in the power of democracy, but you have an evident surfeit of belief in the power of despondency.

        Who ever wins by failing to believe in themselves?

        Oh, and a wee correction, since you over-egged the doom-and-gloom there. Nicola has been clear no referendum until the crisis is over – which is self-evidently unavoidable for everyone but the kamikazes – but has not said until after recovery, as you seem to be implying.

        The whole point you seem to have missed is that full recovery is only possible with full autonomy.

        • Jonathan Marshall says:

          No no I have plenty belief in democracy… however our Westminister overlords probably don’t…. As for doom and gloom nah not me I’m too much an optimist…. I do agree with your last point Independence is essential to Scotland’s future and success… But then I have never needed convincing of that. That said in 5yrs I will have no skin in the game as I head abroad for the third and final time to Asia so fingers crossed it happens sooner than that.

          • grizebard says:

            If you believe “our Westminster overlords” (as you put it, though I personally don’t rate these impostors nearly so highly) can trump us regardless, as you apparently do, then I would politely suggest you’re fooling yourself, both in regard to being an optimist and believing in democracy.

          • Pogmothon says:

            I recognize NO OVER LORDSHIP.

            England and westminster are foreign lands to me, I have sworn no allegiance or fealty.

            Get of your Efinn knees.

    • Statgeek says:

      What Boris does, doesn’t matter. Scotland hasn’t voted for his party to govern for over 60 years. He can practice the ‘self-determination’ he and his ilk preach when it comes to places like Gibraltar and the Falklands, if he has an ounce of sense.

  6. joannicdhomhnaill says:

    Air leth math, mar as àbhaist. Mòran taing!

    • Jen Daly says:

      aontú go hiomlán 👊✊✌💙💚💛❤💙

      • Just in case Andrew Bowie is reading this excellent opening shot across his bows, Joanni speaks for us all in our own Scots tongue: ‘Excellent as usual. Many thanks.’
        And while Pritti Patel proposes starving the Irish in to submission, Jen seconds Joanni’s comment in Irish: ‘Fully agree’.

        Excellent start to your series of discussion papers on the road to self determination, Paul.
        I’m kinda tied up at the moment but will return later applying the Dirk Gently holistic method of describing the events of the past few days, which are of course interconnected and designed to reconstitute Empire 2, and destroy Scottish links and commerce with Europe.

        Liz Truss is ‘sprinting’ towards a Tariff zero deal with Australia and New Zealand, our NFU leaders are on Sally Magnusson’s wee Great British Jock Show moaning that Boris Johnson lied to them and that we scots will be fed cheap frozen Antipodean bully beef and lamb, Brazilian steroid chops, and Malaysian chlorinated chicken, as our Scots agriculture goes the way of our Fishing, down the Brexit toilet, and England ‘punishes Ireland which exports 71% of its beef to England, and England invokes their UKIM powers by refusing to even ‘consult’ or inform our Scottish Government on anything now, from dawn Raids by the ‘Border Force’, or 20,000 travellers from India flooding in to these isles unchecked.
        Last night on Newsnicht, Kirsty Wark followed up on Panorama’s ‘shock, horror’ piece exposing Martin Bashir as a charlatan and a forger…..

        Much hand wringing and the promise that the new arch Right Wing Chairman was a new broom, and from now on whistle blowers won’t be side lined or sacked as appears to be the case over the Bashir scandal.
        Bashir was allowed to resign last week from his role as BBC Head of Religion and ethics last week, a post which he has apparently held under Tony Hall since 2016.
        Shades of Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, and the gang od perverts shielded by the Beeb for decades.
        Whisle blowers get sacked and black listed. You heard it first on Newsnicht?.


        In true Dirk Gently fashion, I am drawn to the conclusion that BBC Jockland has been similarly run by Dark Brit Oligarchy Forces.

        Last Night, when the daily update seems to indicate that Scotland is beating Covid, Sally Magnusson fronted 12 minutes of Panic in the Streets features on the Indian variant; Glasgow’s flare up seeping in to Renfrewshire, but, their roving reported from a beach in Moray, a Butcher’s Apron fluttering in the background, the good news that it was all under control Up There in Linesman Dross’ neck of the woods; oh, and 20 patients may have been moved illegally from hospitals top care homes in April and May in 2020.

        Then buried in the middle of this dross, 30 seconds of Liz Truss ‘sprinting’ towards Empire 2, the destruction of Scottish agriculture, with the reporter summarising that there was always going to be winners and losers post Brexit, the corollary being that Scottish agriculture was going to be a loser..ho hum..
        But we’ll be getting cheap Australian plonk, so bang goes minimum pricing of alcohol, and we are faced with boat loads of Australian frozen food containers heading to our shores as we host Cop26…

        Are there no whistle blowers in Plantation Quay, freed now by the Queen of Hearts scandal to come clean, and condemn BBC Scotland for the English Establishment propaganda Stockade it surely has become?

        We are a militarily conquered colony of England.
        We have nothing with which to fight back but our sovereign right to self determination, and a vast array of indestructible weapons, the pens of excellent scribes like Paul.

        The pen is mightier than the sword.
        Cardinal Richelieu?

        • The Gillies says:

          My , my sentiments exactly! I now more or less ignore BBC reporting. To think that 60 years ago I( had total faith in what was broadcast by that mighty source! EH no longer!

        • Peter E Smith says:

          Spot on Jack. Control of the meedja is so important. It’s going to take money. The National is not enough and neither is a few online Indy news and chat shows. White van man and Flo the Pensioner will only tuck into line and give us their vote when they hear the message on TV and radio and see it in print that independence is not a thing to be frightened of. Absent that, some serious and passionate leadership would undoubtedly help our cause. Nicola is not that type of leader, safe hands as she has. Where are the loud and clear rebuttals from the SNP of the currency, border, deficit, pensions, currency flight and other scare stories ?
          Mightily and militarily conquered we may be but mindfully and militantly we can win.

          Great summary, Paul.

  7. Petra says:

    Brilliant article Paul which will most definitely prove to be helpful when it comes to influencing undecided / soft no voters.

    Someone else attempting to simplify the whole issue too.

    ”Bernard Ponsonby on the Scottish referendum mandate.”


    ”In tonight’s Ponsonby’s Perspective, STV’s special correspondent Bernard considers whether there is a mandate for the SNP government to pursue #IndyRef2.”

    • ArtyHetty says:

      It is an excellent summary of the situation right now and how we got here.

      If it were up to me I would get a leaflet out now just outlining which powers are reserved to Westminster, and which powers Scotland has, ie devolution light. Post them to every house in Scotland, would cost a bit I know.

      Then a leaflet out about GERS and how that little scam was conjured to keep Scotland portrayed as very very poor. (The opposite being the case). Then a leaflet about the actual economy of Scotland.

      Or has all that been done and hasn’t worked? I have had friends in England telling me the ‘SNP are throwing people out of Scotland with their immigration policy!’ Petitions sent to me to sign, ‘to stop the Scottish MOD killing marine animals’!!

      People in Scotland don’t all know who controls what either. SNP need to inform people about devolution and the limited powers even before the EngGovs’ power grab.

      Gordon Ross here, give his channel a ‘like’ folks…

      • Petra says:

        Great point ArtyHetty. Reserved versus devolved? Who knows? Few Scots.

        ArtyHetty one of the most frustrating things for me in going from door to door / phoning is hearing people blaming Nicola Sturgeon for everything from their mortgage rate to the colour of their bleeding toilet roll.

        The Scots (MOST of them) have been brainwashed to the point that they know he-bloody-haw about who controls what and that includes Holyrood versus the Scottish Councils. Let’s make this, therefore, the number ONE site known to enlighten people. Get the facts right out there.

        At one point in time, before the pandemic, the SNP were planning to send out a most informative Indy leaflet to EVERY household in Scotland. I’m sure that will happen in time. The greedy conman from Bath had also promised to send out one million WeeBlueBooks2 with money donated by people like me. And by the way if he spends my (our) money ruining our chances of getting our Independence he’ll be up against a legal shit creek.

        • Tatu3 says:

          Donate to Believe In Scotland. They are giving free books with donations which can then be handed out to help convert. Also they want to use some of the money for billboards around Scotland telling the truth of things. A good cause

        • Pogmothon says:

          (From the original agreement)

          1. Financial and Economics, including
          a. Monetary policy. (So you robbing us is a cost we have to carry)
          b. Currency. (Soon to be not worth the paper/plastic it’s printed on)
          c. Debt management. (SCOTLAND DOESN’T HAVE ANY)

          2. Employment law. (Soon to be non-existent ergo NO cost)

          3. Foreign Affairs (There’s no way, that or the offspring cost that much! Oh! Not that kind of

          4. Defence. (Ah! The old colonial gun boat diplomacy is alive and well)
          (Another ‘Yangtze incident’ on the horizon. Re-named ‘Faslane F**k Up’ or ‘Coulport

          5. The Welfare state.
          a. The majority of cash benefits (What F’ing benefits, ripped to shreds in the last 20

          6. Immigration. (Currently not allowed ergo no cost)

          7. Drugs. (As with all the rest we can sort this ourselves, if you’ll just get out of the way)

          8. Betting,
          a. Gaming. (Nice increasing profits in a depression)
          b. Lotteries. (The plebs finance all the grants that are ex-government Double profit)

          9. The Civil Service. (All those shiny new “Hubs” & personnel need paying for somehow)

          10. Abortion. (AH! YES THE COST REDUCING RAPE CLAUSE)

          11. Broadcasting (The Plebs pay for Directly with a nice profit on the side)

          12. Agriculture and Fisheries (50% already sold off to Europe) (I worked for the DAFS once
          upon a time)

  8. Bob Lamont says:

    An excellent introduction which will a surely drag few more out of their col-de-sac notions into the open. 😉

  9. Bob Agassi says:

    Home Rule for Scotland goes back way beyond the fifties we probably would have got some form of home rule if it wasn’t for the Great War. Here’s a couple of links to Govt of Scotland Acts debates in the commons from 1920 and 1924. Quite a long read but very interesting…

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Indeed, I was reading a few pieces from prior to the time of Keir Hardie on that very subject, this for instance and it goes WAY further back than that.

      • Petra says:

        Thanks Bob A and Bob L for the historical links. It would seem that we’ve been fighting for our Independence since it was foisted on us by 106 unelected Scotsmen in 1707. Three hundred and fourteen years ago and yet we’ve got people bleating on about Nicola Sturgeon being unable to achieve it in seven.


        Busting another Douglas Ross / Anas Sarwar myth.

        ‘Child poverty throughout much of England TWICE that in Scotland.’

        ..”Of the UK nations, Wales has the highest rate of children living in poverty (31 per cent), followed by England (30 per cent), with Scotland and Northern Ireland equal on 24 per cent.”

        • ArtyHetty says:

          I read ‘The Flag in the Wind’ by Dr. John MacCormick, some time back it’s really interesting and of course tells of the plebiscite held I think in the 1950’s(?) where TWO million Scots voted for home rule. It was ignored of course by the Brutish state. Keir Hardie’s ‘lectures and letters’ is a book worth reading as well…it’s excellent.

          • Petra says:

            Thanks for the info ArtyHetty. It would be great if we had a link / section on here to cover books worth reading. Any idea anyone of how to do that?

            • Alex Clark says:

              Adding an Off Topic page?

              • Petra says:

                Great idea Alex. It would be an excellent resource for us, even more so for undecided / soft no voters, but can we do that or will Paul have to deal with this himself (hate to bother him).

                I’m also over the moon tonight knowing that Paul has moved right into (severe) campaigning mode now by authoring a series of articles looking at the topics which will dominate the coming independence referendum campaign. And then of course at some point in time, in conjunction with what Paul is doing now, we will ALL be in a position to have face to face interactions with many people and that’s where I for one, of MANY Scots, seem to make a positive difference. Not bumming 😀 and being humble enough to acknowledge that info from Paul’s site helps me to influence others.

                Maybe we could also have a myth busting data led off topic page too? Opinions on that one?

                Let’s make this the number ONE Scottish ”go to” site for all genuine supporters of independence and the site that the ”undecided” will visit to acquire valid information (backed up with references) to help them to make one of the most serious decision in their lifetime.

          • Legerwood says:

            I think it is the Scottish Covenant in the early 1950s that you are referring to. This was a petition to get a Scottish Assembly signed by 2 million Scots rather than a vote.

            Labour, who were in power at the time, put the kibosh on it.

          • The Gillies says:

            Sir Alex Home promised the Scots ” Something better” Aye right!!!!

  10. yesindyref2 says:


    OK. take paint for instance. You search for paint and click on a website, and after a few seconds wonder what on earth is going on. Then you realise it’s sorted in “most popular”.

    Oh right, tell you what, let’s not bother using white paint, lets’s get some sky blue pink IT’S THE MOST POPULAR. 6 inch nails? no, use panel pins instead THEY’RE THE MOST POPULAR.

    Ho hum.

  11. yesindyref2 says:

    Prorogation court cases timetable.

    1. 28 August 2019, the Parliament of the United Kingdom prorogued from between 9 and 12 September 2019 until the State Opening of Parliament on 14 October 2019.

    2. Joanna Cherryand Jolyon Maugham QC, made an application for judicial review to the Outer House of the Court of Session, the hearing was expedited to [3rd] September..

    3. 4 September, Doherty ruled matter was non-justiciable; case immediately appealed to the Inner House of the Court of Session.

    4. On 11 September, the three-judge appellate panel at the Court of Session unanimously found the prorogation was unlawful.

    5. The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom began a three-day hearing to consider the appeals for both the London and Edinburgh cases on 17 September 2019

    6. On 24 September, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the prorogation was both justiciable and unlawful, and therefore null and of no effect.

    All in less than 4 weeks.

    Yes, court cases can move very quickly when needed, including 3 levels of court.

  12. Alex Clark says:

    Try getting an answer from a Tory on another referendum, they won’t answer.

    • Alex Clark says:

      You only need watch less than 5 minutes before you will have your answer.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      After abusing his Dad by lying over him selling his business to spin Brexit as a plus, he abuses his mum to flog his obfuscation over Indy. What a repulsive weasel Gove really is..
      Watching Ridge trying to nail slime to the wall was never going to succeed, I gave up at 10 minutes..

      • Petra says:

        I gave up as well Bob after I heard the manipulative, wee liar mention his mother and her concern for her grandchildren. If he’s talking about his children don’t they live in Kensington, England, not Scotland?

    • Dr Jim says:

      Translations: We must not be sucked into an argument over what the people of Scotland voted for
      Education: England has the worst attainment gap in the UK @55%
      Pandemic: Scotland has a lower % of deaths per head of the population than England
      UK government position on Scotland: Shut up and stop talking about it

    • yesindyref2 says:

      The UK Gov sets a very low bar on integrity and honesty, but Gove is able to limbo dance under it.

    • I lasted 14 minutes into this farce of an ‘interview’. Ridge asked the questions, three times he denied Scotland’s right, but allowed this vacuous man, with the most ridiculous fake bools in the mooth English accent to chunter on about nothing other than Spin Doctor meaningless soundbites.
      Not on ‘Yes But’, not one searching supplemental to the utter vacuous nonsense this odious little man was spouting.

      Is he still working with Arlene Foster?

      Nicola is working with Boris is improving the Health Service. What utter tommy rot od course. I doubt that Ridge has any medium level never mind low level knowledge of the scottish parliament powers..
      She just got Gove to repeat to reassure John Bull viewers..the Jocks are in their box, they are our conquered colony…good old England has them by the balls…Job done, Sophy.

  13. jfngw says:

    As the Tories now want to prefix everything with the ‘Great British’ or is it ‘Grate British’, we need to highlight how Scotland’s money is being usurped in the Great British Corruption that is Westminster.

    An interesting one that dawned on me was watching a documentary about the building of a new encasement for Chernobyl, it was a massive project involving a complex casing and remote controlled machinery to dismantle the core. Well worth watching if you are interested in the technicalities.

    The cost of this project was said to be just over £2bn, I compared that to the £37bn for the Westminster track and trace, one was a success the other has been deemed to be pretty much a failure (unless you are on the receiving end of the £37bn that is).

    Even if the GERS allocation is lower or even zero it is pointless the money from our taxes will still be spent on it. It’s a bit like me buying a car using my wife’s bank account but telling her I have not allocated any of the spending to her.

    • iusedtobeenglish says:

      Just a thought
      I hope we’re not paying back any of that £37bn for track and trace. It was neither on or for Scotland

      • jfngw says:

        How would you know?

        As I would tell my wife, marriage is a union, it’s not your money it’s our money. Then remind her that if it wasn’t for me she would need to buy the car herself, then point out the benefit, if convenient to me I would give her a lift somewhere.

        That’s GERS, a Salvador Dali version of financial accounting.

  14. Dr Jim says:

    Mark Carney governor of the Bank of England said Scotland’s assets are “worth north of £1trillion sterling”…… so reason number one right there

    The rest of the reasons are easily answered when you just keep referring to reason one

    • iusedtobeenglish says:

      This should go on the first of Believe in Scotland’s Billboards!

      Or, better yet, a bus! A ‘Believe Bus’
      Like the Brexit Bus, but honest…

      The Bank of England says Scotland’s assets are worth over ONE TRILLION POUNDS
      Let SCOTLAND decide how to use them instead

      SELF-DETERMINATION – the right for SCOTS to decide how to support their own

  15. Petra says:

    I’m not an aggressive person by nature but by God I’d love to wipe the smirk right off that cocaine lovers face. The Tories held the EU referendum in 2016 following winning the 2015 UK election on 37% of the vote. The SNP won with 47% on the constituency vote two weeks ago and yet Gove is using the pandemic to avoid answering the Indyref2 question. They, the SNP, canny dae it, as there’s a pandemic on the go and yet the pandemic didn’t make one whit of a difference to them going ahead with Brexit.

    Maybe that’s why they’ve botched up every solitary aspect of this pandemic from day one. Hoping that this pandemic will drag on forever? Being facetious of course.

    ”Susanna Reid – The govt now seem to be sending everybody on a guilt trip, saying you shouldn’t consider going on holiday. Prof John Ashton – The govt is now getting cold feet about its policy… & it’s now outsourcing its responsibility for what happens next.”

    • Legerwood says:

      You may find this article from the Telegraph interesting.

      It is about the UK Gov’s use of ‘fear’. The ‘nudge’ theory also raises its head. I first heard about that and the UK Gov’s use of it early on in the pandemic.

      • Alex Clark says:

        Very interesting article but I find it maybe 7 years out of date, as far as the majority in Scotland are concerned. Up here, they’re been well sussed.

  16. James Mills says:

    Off Topic ( slightly ) – Gove and Fraser Nelson ( the two that spring to mind ) – where in Scotland do they speak with those sorts of accents ?

    Apologies to anyone /area where this IS their native accent but I am inclined to believe that NO ONE , even in Gordon Brown’s North Britain , speaks like these two .

    Maybe it is a forerunner of the soon to be compulsory Great British Accent which , like BBC English /Received Pronunciation , will be required for the ‘top jobs’ in the Great British Establishment , like chairing the Great British Railways or being front of the queue at Westminster for the Great British Ripoff !

    • Alex Clark says:

      In the public school system where they all learn to sing the same tune in the same language.

    • iusedtobeenglish says:

      I’m very careful about commenting on accents as a result of 2 incidents years ago when I first moved up here.

      1) I said to a girl I was on a course with “You’re from Edinburgh, aren’t you?”
      “Yes,” she said, “how did you know?”
      Pleased that I was getting my ear in, I replied “I could tell by your accent”.
      The temperature dropped so low that frost began to form. “I”, she said icily. “do NOT have an accent”.

      2) I was telling a friend from Penicuik about this. He laughed and asked how I knew it was Edinburgh. “Because it was like yours”.
      “I don’t have an Edinburgh accent”.
      “What do you have then?”

      So I give up. I tend not to comment on any Scot’s accent – except my friends who deliberately speak Doric. (Which has many words similar to the Lancastrian dialect, so I often disappoint them by having a rough Idea what they’re saying!)

      I gather that Gove and Nelson are Scotland’s answer to Lloyd Grosman? They sound like they’re trying to be posh English and failing. They aren’t trying to be really posh Scots, because I know what that sounds like and it isn’t like them.

  17. Capella says:

    Seems like Tom Harris has been doing the rounds today.
    Tom Harris was on Reporting Scotland tonight attacking the Scottish Govt. Last time he was on he said all non-reserved powers would automatically return to Holyrood if the UK left the EU. He singled out fishing & agriculture. Yep, fishing & agriculture.

  18. Gfaetheblock says:

    As a soft no, this is nothing new and nothing convincing. Two refs held, the democratic principle is that the results are respected. Read meat for the loyal, but hardly a new arguement.

    • Petra says:

      So what will convince you to vote for Independence, Gfaetheblock?

      • Gfaetheblock says:

        An credible and peer reviewed explanation of costs of transition, what the currency position would be (and it’s impacts) and scenario planning of what this would mean to all sectors of society would be a minimum for me.

        This was poorly explained and not credible in 2014 and Brexit makes it more complex now.

        • Bob Lamont says:

          “As a soft no” ? 🤣

          • Gfaetheblock says:

            What do you think a soft no is?

            • Bob Lamont says:

              Bluntly everybody else who might be swayed ? You are nowhere near being a “Soft No” if you demand absolute proof via clear and thorough analysis from SNP with every box ticked to satisfy your requirements…
              Others who WERE soft NO listened to Craig Dalzell, Mark Blyth, Richard Murphy, Tim Rideout and a hundred others’ arguments, but curiously not you.
              Odd don’t you think for a “Soft No” ?

              • iusedtobeenglish says:

                Absolutely correct, Bob.

                I was a soft no. I was pointed to these people and sites such as Business for Scotland, Scottish Reserve Bank etc.

                I read, I listened, I’m now a YES. Still got a load of questions but WM’s preventing all FOUR Nations from gaining self-determination.

                So this so-called union’s only not dead because the ME hasn’t declared it.

                • Gfaetheblock says:

                  So you are not soft no, you are a yes.

                  Tim rideout thinking seems to me as somewhat bonkers, the growth commission was the best pro indy prospectus that I had read, but that seems to be discarded.

                  • iusedtobeenglish says:

                    “So you are not soft no, you are a yes.”

                    I am now! That was rather my point.

                    I – obviously mistakenly – thought that you’d want to hear from an example of someone who wasn’t a hardened unionist, had since read more about a viable alternative future and become convinced that they’d been wrong in 2014…

                    If you’ve read the same things I have and come to different conclusions, that’s your inalienable right. Though your argument seems to be “I’ll only be convinced by people who won’t vote yes. Although I’ll concede that some of them aren’t bonkers, because they think of things with which I might agree somewhat.”

                    Not wishing to be rude, but it seems to me that you’re the one who isn’t a soft no, not me. Which I believe someone further up the comments said. (You note, however, that I make judgements on what I see myself.)

                    My judgement of their view is swayed from a soft ‘are you perhaps being a little harsh?’ to a hard @actually, no, you’re not’ by their logic and what I see before me. So, although the typing keeps my fingers supple, I think I’ll disengage from future discussion.

              • Gfaetheblock says:

                These are all niche online references. Do you think they are reaching most soft nos?

            • grizebard says:

              A “soft no” is someone who is open to persuasion. You don’t qualify. You are merely another professional doubter who is not in the least interested in being convinced, only here to play your silly mind games – as if you had nothing better to do with your time – and sow discontent and doubt, with a little aside of snide. You wouldn’t publicly admit to being convinced that independence is a benefit to Scotland if you were shown the proof in a sworn statement by every economist on the planet.

    • grizebard says:

      As the FibDem poor imitation of CoCo on here, I suppose it would be too much to expect you ever to admit that the dire consequences of the election for your party’s hardline “no, never” stance were quite sufficient on their own to merit a revaluation. A “soft no”? I find it hard to credit that there are any of those left among your attenuated little band of fellow-believers, since all that seems to remain are milquetoast Tory fellow-travellers.

      Frankly, I don’t believe you’re in the least open to persuasion. For you it’s just another pretendy little game to help pass the time and amuse yourself by trying to gaslight genuine “soft no” readers.

      • iusedtobeenglish says:

        “Frankly, I don’t believe you’re in the least open to persuasion. For you it’s just another pretendy little game to help pass the time and amuse yourself by trying to gaslight genuine “soft no” readers.”

        I don’t really know anything about Gfae, so I don’t know if (s)he’s gaslighting or not. But, casting that consideration aside, there’s a kernel of knowledge in there. I suspect there may be many out there who are open to persuasion who would find such information helpful.

        eg I was definitely a heart said “YES”, head said “but how would it be paid for?” Currency is a good case in point. A breezy “Oh, we’ll use the £” wasn’t enough for the unpersuaded last time. And I don’t think it will be this time either.

        This series sounds like a really good idea. Facts by daylight, not gaslight.

        • grizebard says:

          Oh, we do know about him. He has form.

          As to the “head” bit, what I find hard to understand is why anyone, just by making simple comparisons across even other small European countries, would believe we couldn’t afford it? Yet people did, as you attest. The only country in the world that is apparently cursed by having plentiful natural resources that many others would give their back teeth for!

          This despite the fact that in the second TV debate in 2014, Alistair Darling, under pressure, was forced to admit – whispering the truth through visibly gritted teeth – that Scotland would be perfectly able to stand on its own two feet economically. Then switched to emotive arguments instead. Did you possibly miss that admission? Many evidently did.

          It was only too easy for too many to succumb to tabloidesque distractions such as the “pound” question, which admittedly was mishandled, but was simply an attempt to convince people – rightly – that the financial transition could be made smooth. (Far smoother than the internal decimal conversion actually, but when people are insecure, they are very vulnerable to manipulation.)

          It’s a sign of how institutionalised many people here have become, how badly they have succumbed to Jockholm Syndrome. We are not being baled out by England, since WW2 we have provided net overall gain to the UK Exchequer.

          Just use that head of yours: why do you think English Governments of every political stripe have clung on to us so tenaciously, to the extent of suppressing the facts, dissimulating and outright lying, striving to prevent us achieving any significant measure of autonomy, all that hard effort if we were such an almighty financial burden to them? They are afraid of us. They are afraid of losing their cash cow and convenient playground, and they are afraid of losing control over us such that too many begin to realise we can – and must – break out from this insidious dependency culture they have perpetrated upon us.

          It’s not really a question of “head over heart”. If we become sufficiently self-aware, both of them forcefully urge us that it’s high time to bail. The big question, given the great predominance of BritNat media control, is “simply” how can we reach more people to free them from their own self-imposed mental shackles, and see the wonderful truth that awaits them?

          • iusedtobeenglish says:

            I did miss the Darling admission, yes. In fact I seem to have missed that whole debate.

            “It’s a sign of how institutionalised many people here have become, how badly they have succumbed to Jockholm Syndrome.”

            Conditioning, grizebard. Jockholm Syndrome – what a great term! And it’s very hard to break.

            It’s arguably too early to campaign, but can it ever be too early to rebuild the confidence of the people of Scotland in themselves? It’s not even political. Independence apart, surely it’s essential to Covid recovery, mental health etc.

            We already have a Visit Scotland to sell the country to tourists. Selling Scotland obviously needs to start with its internal market! So maybe positive marketing techniques? Not dissing anyone else, just what Scotland could be. With Believe in Scotland in one corner?

            How about:
            A whole series of pictures of brilliant things about Scotland with the heading “O wad some Pow’r the giftie gie us; To see oursels as ithers see us!”

            Or maybe a series of what Scottish ingenuity has given to the world and is still giving? eg 2 pictures captioned 1928 Logie Baird (TV) – 2021 and we’re still doing it (Comms satellite).

            How to get the message out? I think Led by Donkeys have a good technique, and I see Believe in Scotland seem to be moving in that direction. Get the facts out there by projecting them on walls, billboards, sides of vans. Maybe with website addresses on to learn more, including a page of blogs like this, local action groups etc.

            Short, sharp messages. Brexit wasn’t won by them saying they had a 600+ page document (essential though it is) They knew most voters weren’t interested in reading it. Which is just as well for them, because there wasn’t one!

            Picture of The Vow captioned “Promised 2014 – we’re still waiting”. Or “because that went so well last time”

            IN – burning grouse moors
            OUT – the Greens could provide a picture of their vision

            FOR NOW – Oil platform
            FOR THE FUTURE – Wind farm/tidal/hydro etc (Orkney, Easter Ross etc). Tailored to what would be there.

            FOR NOW – Bank of England
            FOR THE FUTURE – Scottish Reserve Bank

            I’m wittering. But would that sort of thing work?

        • Gfaetheblock says:

          I (he) is not trying to gaslight, I just enjoy the constitutional debate. I am not Brit nat, but have been called a unionist as I voted no at the indyref. I believe Scotland could be independent, but want an honest discussion of what the transition would cost. There are many like me and we hold the balance of power. This does seem to annoy some commenters. The EU really makes it harder, indy in EU was so much an easier sell to the middle than indy out of EU but we may or may not rejoin the EU. Answer that well and and we move away from 50/50 polling.

  19. Hamish100 says:

    I think the bbc role in setting up interviews is there for all to see.

    Interesting to see Jim Sillars with Tom Harris. So Harris where are all the powers returned to Scotland?

    A lackey is synonymous with the term Labour.

  20. Alex Clark says:

    I can barely believe what I’m watching on the BBC newspaper review, every paper going BIG on the BBC lyng about the Bashir interview of Princess Diana.

    This is an absolute gift for supporters of Independence and another own goal by the Tories.


    Hahaha what a shock for Unionists to find out that the BBC lie, that’ll hurt and hurt a lot LOL.

    • Dr Jim says:

      I think the shock to their system is that the BBC have been found out to be blatant liars and they can’t gloss over it with their usual garbage spin because it would mean insulting the Royals, and the people (in England) like the Royals more than the BBC so they’re gubbed

      How will they try to insist that BBC Scotland are truthier than the rest of the BBC when it’s all the same people and controlled by appointees of and for the English government
      Maybe some more folk in Scotland will begin to wake up that every time the BBC even mention Scottish Independence they do it under an English government’s instructions

      They covered up Jimmy Saville for Thatchers regime

    • Petra says:

      I don’t know about that Alex. They lied and covered up for Jimmy Savile and where did that get us? I’ll just stick with Janey Godley 😀. She probably influences more Scots than the BBC ever did. Maybe the polling clots, Campbell and Kelly, could establish that one way or another?

      ”That’s the cabinet ready, am looking forward to a bevvy with the lassies.”

  21. Alex Clark says:

    The Tories are trying to cow and damage the reputation of the BBC for their own ends and in the process proving the point that the BBC are liars and cannot be trusted to bring honest reporting to the Independence debate.

    They have cooked their own goose and you have to wonder if there is actually anyone in charge of this strategy and if they know what they are doing LOL

  22. Hamish100 says:

    As they lied and protected Saville the molester.
    Same tactics. What about the programme by Wark, Smith after the Salmond trial.

    Are there any “ be true to themselves journalists” at Pacific Quay willing to speak up?

    No, I didn’t think so. That’s why they are seen with contempt.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Sorry Hamish, my post was in the scribbling before yours came up *snap*

    • Golfnut says:

      My first thought when seeing this was, what are they trying to hide? The bbc is the official state broadcaster, the conduit for all propaganda. Why are they sacrificing what remains of the much vaunted, but unwarranted, bbc credibility. I have little doubt that the hatchet job on Diana was state sponsored on behalf of the royals, so who gave the heads up on this and why now?

  23. Alice says:

    They need somewhere to park their vile nuclear weapons……I can’t understand why some folk in Scotland don’t mind this abomination being visited upon their children and grandchildren.

    It will be the best party ever when we finally get rid of these terrible weapons. I have booked in advance!

  24. Melb Don says:

    I am at a loss to understand why SGP has become anti SNP. James is now on a relentless attack of everything that the SNP stands for. Such a pity as I did enjoy reading his blog and his use of his analytical knowledge. Perhaps he should use this on an analysis of his writings. Why is he not using his skills to attack the opinion pieces within the print media which have become so biased that one does not need a Doctorate in English Literature to find the anti and bad SNP political communication that is being disseminated. Sorry if this is off topic.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Difficult for some folk to come back from supporting the wrong thing even though they thought it was for the right reasons only to be proved totally wrong about what they were told
      Quite a few were taken in by the blustering rhetoric and didn’t see it for what it was so they feel a bit raw and silly about it instead of just admitting they were conned then move on

    • grizebard says:

      We might have expected that the result of the election would have caused him to deploy his own analytical skills and recalibrate, recognise that what people need right now is not obsessive-compulsion over process minutiae but rather for us all to get “back to basics” and address the real issues of concern to potential converts, just as Paul is thankfully now undertaking.

    • Alex Clark says:

      The ego has landed.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Beyond the individual positions taken, I honestly believe James is no less a victim as AS or NS or the countless others who’ve been “polarised”, and broadly, duped.

      When you stand back and consider the rumours and conspiracy theories which have been swirling only over the last few years, it has all the hallmarks of the good old divide and conquer technique which has destabilised countries across the globe.

      The Cambridge Analytica interview where destabilising entire countries was boasted about, serves to remind us State actors no longer enjoy a monopoly…

      • Golfnut says:

        I agree, the mob on the streets of Glasgow didn’t just happen.

      • Capella says:

        Cambridge Analytica used Facebook to flood the internet with tailored adverts and videos for Vote Leave. Only people psychologically profiled to accept the message got those adverts. The rest of us had no idea what was being circulated.

        I don’t do Facebook but even if I did I wouldn’t get the same advert as someone who e.g. hates immigrants. Remember Farage’s billboards of hordes of foreigners flooding into Blighty.

        Some people tweeted videos of the sort of advert the Westminster Government sends out to target Facebook audiences. I remember they build and maintain all out lighthouses. Where would we be without Westminster keeping us safe patrolling the high seas? Etc.

        Mass hysteria which pops up out of nowhere is most likely the result of these sly internet campaigns which target only sub sections of the population.

        • Pogmothon says:

          The Northern Lighthouse Board are responsible for the installations around the Scottish coast. (head office in the building with the lighthouse above the door in 84 George street, Edinburgh
          Whilst Trinity House takes care of the instalations around the english and welsh coasts (Trinity House, Tower Hill, London EC3N 4DH)

  25. Capella says:

    No need for comment. another Govian promise:

    • You may also recall David Duguid assuring Gordon (‘Shedload of new powers coming back to Scotland from the EU’ ) that the only problem about leaving the EU was that there might be a temporary restriction in the shape of pasta shells we can buy during ‘teething problems’. brewer nodded in agreement.
      Where are they this morning?
      Bowie Duguid and Dross?
      Where is gentleman farmer Jack, Mundell and Lamont, whose border rural and fishing communities need reassuring about fishing beef sheep?
      They’re nowhere to be seen of course.

      The Daily Ranger online doesn’t even mention Truss Australia or beef and sheep.
      Lots of fitba’ stories gory violent crime and bums and tits pics of course.

      While England continues unrelented in its attempts to destroy Scotland and its parliament, Covid is not mentioned as a break on flooding Scotland with poisonous meat and cheap Australian ‘Buckfast’.

      In a way, today Paul has contributed to kick starting the campaign today….

      • malkymcblain says:

        There’s a great range of Aussie plonk available…stuff that makes the buckie look like a fine table wine Jack.

        • I’m sure there is, malky.
          But I don’t see the logic of popping out to an off sales 12,000 miles away to buy a bottle of rot gut makes any sense at all.
          The Brazilian steroid steaks will be handy right enough.
          The parents of 3 or more children on Universal Credit can Brazilian beef past its sell by date to re-sole the shoes of their children whom Douglas Ross and the Tories have rendered poor, starving and barefoot.

          The English Oligarchy are determined to turn Scotland into one big grouse moor, with lots of jobs for servants, beaters, and stable boys.

          The time is now, Malky, before they rip the heart out of Scotland’s economy.

          • malkymcblain says:

            Not just Brazilian beef down here we can select from hormone raised or the expensive organic labeled stuff in the supermarket or butchers! Have you seen how the Aussies export live sheep for mutton not wool to the Middle East or beef on the hoof to south east Asia. It’s barbaric.

            Don’t watch this if you are squeamish and don’t let any children see it.

            • Bob Lamont says:

              Aye but to be fair Malky, that’s because of Middle East “Halal” etc requirements they arrive on the hoof, the UK trade deal would be slaughtered before shipping.
              I can see the advantage tor Oz exports in this latest Liz Truss “Brexit Success”, but NIL for home producers.
              For those just getting by on small hill farms Brexit has been a disaster, this could be the final nail in the coffin, which makes Jack’s point the only valid explanation.

  26. Alex Clark says:

    Nicola Sturgeon will give a Covid update at 12:15 today.

  27. Jacksg says:

    I have just been watching and she was cut off mid-question to go to the studio and Douglas Ross WTF

  28. Hamish100 says:

    I’m I right in saying that this is the 2nd or 3rd briefing in a row where the Green Party has been ignored by the BBC.

    Labour and Tories only allowed to spout their stuff from a Public broadcast ? BBC impartiality.

    Over to an interview with Princess Diana…..

  29. Dr Jim says:

    Ah the BBC eh?
    Let’s go over to the First Minister’s non political Covid briefing where she does not discuss anything other than public health, now let’s cut away from the FM as she’s asked questions by journalists on the subject of public health in the public interest and go back to the studio where we’ll get political reaction to the FMs briefing from two of the leaders of England’s Tory parties in Scotland so that the last thing you’ll see and hear on your TV screens is them

    Now if you questioned the BBCs reasons for this they’d no doubt claim that they were being balanced and fair in their coverage to all political parties, except the Covid briefing is not political and the other political parties have no authority in the handling of the pandemic so if the BBC were really claiming balance they would have asked more public health questions of the experts who know what they’re talking about and not a couple of political chumps who don’t

    This notion by the BBC that the public are thick and don’t know what they’re up to by continuously sticking the faces of England’s representatives in Scotland on the TV to remind us who’s in charge is pathetic and obvious because if they really were serious about equal representation they missed out two party leaders, the funny man of Holyrood Tory Lib Dem Willie Rennie and Patrick Harvie of the Greens, of course they miss out Willie Rennie because he’s a Twonk with one foot out the door of Holyrood and Patrick Harvie who is on the wrong side of BBC England politics and might say something positive about the FM and we can’t have that can we

    But really there was no need to have any of them at all was there

    • Capella says:

      RScotland does listen to a few press questions before moving on but mercifully doesn’t have DRoss on to talk nonsense. Their correspondent summarises what we’ve just heard.
      One journalist – I forget who – in a very tetchy voice, demanded to know why NS hadn’t given a briefing last Friday!
      I don’t know how NS manages to stay civil.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Jack Foster – Global – Now where do the political questions arise at FMCU again ?
        It’s pretty damned clear that the political aspects of these Covid times rest firmly with the media (Tory), rebalanced by yet more (Tory) points courtesy of HMS Sarah Smooth in their Unionist defensive best…
        Just watched this latest Update and came away informed, the only thing BBC in Scotland and DRoss offer is proof that cystitis is a HUGE problem…

  30. Jacksg says:

    I nearly choked on my beans on toast at lunchtime.

    There I was listening to the briefing eating my lunch and then pops up daft arse Douglas Ross a man who can barely string a sentence together and couldn’t find his arse with both hands and a fecking torch! I was livid.

    Managed to go online to SNP Twitter and see the rest. I think Nicola knew this would happen as she posted earlier that she was doing a briefing and asked us all to tune in.

    We are constantly being asked. What kind of country do you want to live in NOT one where our head of government needs to post on Twitter that she is giving a public health briefing during a bloody health pandemic!

    • Dr Jim says:

      Then when she does post on Twitter about what’s happening all the Rangers football club doctors medical experts and world renowned scientists feel compelled to instruct her that she’s wrong because they had a meeting in George Square and discussed it

      After all they arra peepul

    • On i Player just watched Andrew Kerr’s wee free slot for Douglas 3 jobs Ross and Anas Isolation Sarwar to give ‘political reaction’ to the FM’s briefing, a vital Public Health broadcast which both the Fraudulent BBC (we can now state this) TV and Radio cut short, so that we we were subjected to the Brit Nat view of the pandemic, and what Ross and Sarwar, without the access our duly elected Scottish Government has to medical and nationwide expertise and data, thinks should happen next….

      A load of vacuous soundbites, almost the same drivel word from word from the two minority parties, with Kerr feeding the same lines to each, with the same pointless ‘what ‘we’ need to do’ answers.

      Hot news, Dross and Sarwar, you are not in don’t get to do anything..just like you have done nothing for the People of scotland for the past 14 years.

      Then Linsey Bews summariied the vital information which we the licence payer had missed, but should have been hearing first hand from our FM, with Bews chipping in that ‘more testing’, as Douglas Ross and Anas Sarwar were calling for earlier was somehow discussed elsewhere..

      Now that we know for sure how corrupt the BBC is, it comes as no surprise that Kerr and Bews can get away with this affront to Scottish democracy.

      We had an election last week. NS is the FM, not Three Jobs Dross or Millionaire Socialist Anas Sarwar.

      There is no need to foist them upon viewers by cutting short a vital public health broadcast, to no purpose, other than to have their faces fill our screens.

      As I say, I’m busy right now, hence my barely coherent posts earlier.

      But this needs addressing.

      The BBC in Jockland are misusing my licence fee, to attempt to usurp the authority of our elected government and Health professionals.

      As I often pine, oh for the day when we witness the Last Helicopter taking off from the roof of Plantation Quay, and Scotland is rid of this truly sinister little organisation for ever.

      Off now, before I blow my remaining gasket.

      Andrew Kerr should play back that 15 minutes of garbage which he just foisted on viewers…
      Is this what he does for a living?
      Ragin’ but strangely is a good way.

      • jfngw says:

        It’s futile getting annoyed by BBC Scotland journalists, there are only two times:

        The ones that are happy with their lot and will just stick to the agenda to keep their job.

        The ambitious ones that will go above the call of duty in the hope they are spotted by the big boys in London.

        They all know as far as a career BBC Scotland is considered a backwater within the broadcast community, in London an inconvenience foisted upon them by the regulators. London HQ sees all broadcast centres outside there and Manchester (and their not that keen on Manchester at heart) as toytown centres, as long as they stay on message they aren’t really interested in the output.

      • ArtyHetty says:

        Yep, the last helicopter would be a sight to see for sure. The BBC are gas lighting the people of Scotland, they have been doing it for years. Attempting to silence the actual democratically elected party in government in Scotland, while giving the losers a platform to spout their faux outrage and lies.
        Thankfully we have the internet now, alternative media.
        I’ll be watching Scotland at 7 later, (Broadcasting Scotland) on youtube. I can never understand why more don’t watch or ‘like’, in Scotland, though it’s popularity is growing by the day!

        The Brit state knew what they were doing when they made sure to keep broadcasting a reserved power to the London government.

        • Can anyone imagine BBC London breaking away from Johnson’s briefing and letting Starmer and Davey mouth off about England’s Covid response.
          Of course not.Yet the arrogant sods at BBC Jockland defy democracy and rather than inform and educate, they hand my tv over to two also ran nobodies who contributed nothing to the effort to beat this virus.
          I have nothing by disdain and disgust as far as BBC Jockland and their gang of Brits is concerned.

          • iusedtobeenglish says:

            “Can anyone imagine BBC London breaking away from Johnson’s briefing and letting Starmer and Davey mouth off about England’s Covid response.”

            Now that I would tune in for!

            But, Seriously? No. Nevr going to happen.

            • grizebard says:

              There goes the BBC double standards for anyone to see who cares to look and think.

              No different from the tabloid north/south “split personalities”, where we’re always in a desperate pickle thanks to “Sturgin” and they are “keeping calm and carrying on”, largely in defiance of the facts they make sure to suppress.

  31. Statgeek says:

    It’s the BBC Olds. No news. Nothing new. The old formula. Silence the nats, and let the yoons talk. Such is their huge confidence in their union and its inherent sure-fire success, that they need to load the news in these ways.

    Over to our royal correspondent, who is checking their sources like never before.

  32. Capella says:

    Independence Live are fundraising to keep afloat this year and also asking for feedback on what people want them to do. The interview (posted on the last thread) between Ruth Watson and Eddi Reader – which I do recommend – was from their election results broadasst. They could certainly do with better sound equipment but they are pretty professional.

    Every person who donates to our crowdfunded will be sent a short questionnaire to help us prioritise our plans for 2021.

    We are already at 50% of our target and as soon as we reach our goal we really can get going for the summer.

    Kevin and the Indy Live Team

    As ArtyHetty says above, these independent broadcasters need our support and produce some excellent content.

  33. JMD says:

    Excellent article WGD, any switherers with at least half a functioning brain who happened to come across it would be switching to firm Yes .

  34. Dr Jim says:

    I do find it amusing how the BBC reports on themselves as though it’s not themselves it’s somebody else

    • Capella says:

      “We asked to speak to someone from the BBC but no-one was available”, said the BBC presenter.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      You find the same when they do a “What the papers say” pastiche – The story THEY started, which the press now carry, THEY highlight as the BIG story of the moment which they hope the public are concerned about, repeat the lie often enough until it embeds.

      You could see the same circular amplification technique deployed over the QEUH and Care-Home “scandals”, the vast majority of the public saw them for what they were, Shit->Fan->SNP propaganda campaigns, and despite Sarwar banging on about them ever since, the public continue the “Did ye, Aye” response.

      Pacific Quay has provided John Robertson with a regular stream of such presentations to debunk, with observations on framing and techniques deployed featuring regularly in BTL comment.
      The problem for the BBC in Scotland is knowing it has utterly destroyed it’s credibility yet cannot change the routine.

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