Getting back on the horse

Well first things first. Despite the spin you’ll hear in the media from anti-independence parties and their supporters, the SNP won this election. It won decisively and handsomely. Scotland has chosen a majority Green and SNP pro-independence Parliament elected with an unambiguous mandate to deliver another independence referendum within the term of this new Parliament.

There’s now going to be a huge constitutional battle between the Scottish Parliament and the Conservative government over Scotland’s right to hold another independence referendum within the term of this Scottish parliament. As supporters of independence we now need to get behind our parliament in asserting the need for the democratic choices of the people of Scotland to be respected. We also need to recognise that this election has proven that a large number of people in this country have yet to be persuaded that independence is the way ahead. The task over the months and weeks ahead is to assert the democratic right of the people of Scotland to another referendum and to reach out to those still unsure and undecided and to persuade them of the need for independence.

The parties that got hammered in the Scottish elections are claiming that the party which beat them by 20% hasn’t got a mandate to implement its manifesto because it did not win an outright majority in an electoral system designed to make outright majorities next to impossible. Irrespective of what you think about independence, this is an extremely dangerous precedent for our democracy. It’s deeply misleading to present the possibility of an astonishingly rare outright majority within a proportional system by using the language and expectations of first past the post. Legitimacy in Holyrood comes from multiple parties coming together to form a majority. That’s how our electoral system is supposed to work, and between them the pro-independence SNP and Greens have achieved that majority. To deny their legitimacy to implement their mandate is to deny democracy itself. In 2015 David Cameron’s Conservatives won the UK election with a manifesto commitment to hold a Brexit Referendum. They went on to deliver on that pledge. They did so having won 36.9% of the vote. The SNP and the Greens stood on a platform of support for another referendum. They won. Labour, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems stood on a platform of opposition to another referendum. They lost.

I’ve had a few weeks to recover, rest and reflect. I’m slowly recovering, but the reality is that there’s a very high chance that I will be left with permanent or at least long term damage from the stroke. It’s highly likely that sensation and full movement will never return to my left hand side and I am unlikely ever to regain the dexterity I used to have in my dominant hand. Fatigue continues to be a serious problem. I have constant pain in my left leg ,arm and shoulder. Every day is a battle against debilitating exhaustion and I’ve had to learn the hard way what my new – and restricted – limits are. If I overdo things, as I did as this election campaign began, I hit a brick wall. So with all this in mind I’ve made some decisions about the future of this blog and my continuing involvement in the independence movement.

As regular readers of this blog know, I never bought into the narrative that Alba was pushing. However I am surprised by how poorly they performed. Many believed that the new party was merely a personal vehicle for Alex Salmond to get revenge on Nicola Sturgeon. Whether that was a fair assessment or not, it meant that Alba was always going to struggle to get SNP supporters on board. Its difficulties in establishing itself as a broad church indy party which could attract wide support were compounded by some of the party’s supporters who took to promoting homophobic and transphobic scare stories online. These two factors made Alba toxic in the eyes of many. I never expected the party to help win a supermajority, but I did think that it might pick up a seat or two.

We’ve now had two Scottish elections where a new pro-independence party has called on its supporters to vote tactically on the list. Rise in 2016 and now Alba. Both attempts failed to produce a single MSP. Perhaps now we can agree that tactical voting on the list is fraught with difficulty and more likely than not to fail. The only successful tactical voting in Scottish elections is that used by unionists in the first past the post system used in the constituencies and that only has success because the anti-independence vote is split between three main parties.

It should be clear by now that scaremongering about Scotland’s tiny minority of transgender people or making the outrageously homophobic claim that the leading gay rights organisation in the country is secretly campaigning to reduce the age of consent to ten and to legalise paedophilia are not vote winners in modern Scotland. That’s a testament to the maturity of the people of Scotland. Opposition to gender recognition is a topic which consumes and obsesses some people online – but it does not have the traction among the wider public that people in the so-called “gender critical” social media bubble think it does.

I’m glad that the bigoted scaremongering found no traction amongst the wider public, however the vast majority of ordinary Alba supporters are not bigots and were simply frustrated at what they felt was a lack of progress towards independence. Alba’s failure is not something to gloat about. We need to put the divisions behind us and unite around making the case for independence. The real battle we face is with Westminster, not with one another.

I’ll be honest, I came very close to packing it all in. I have been battling ill health, and battling British nationalists, that’s more than enough for anyone. For a long time I have been ploughing a lonely furrow as one of the few indy bloggers from 2014 who is still focused on supporting the largest pro-independence party ,on making the case for independence and on attacking the parties of British nationalism, and ultimately that is why I have decided to keep going.

Sadly I have no confidence that certain of Alba’s online supporters will cease their attacks on Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP. They will continue to undermine the Scottish government and the case for independence. The results of this election prove that there are still large numbers of people in Scotland who are unconvinced about independence. The reason the new Scottish Parliament contains a significant number of unionist MSPs is not – as certain Alba apologists claim, because of voting SNP 1 & 2, it’s because a significant number of people in Scotland voted for them. It really is that simple. Those people who still back anti-independence parties need to be wooed and persuaded. There needs to be a forum for those of us who seek to articulate arguments that can cut through to them.

Someone needs to make the arguments that will reassure and persuade the soft noes and undecideds – that was, and shall continue to be – the focus of this blog. I do not believe the conspiracy theorists who claim that Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t really want another referendum. There will be another referendum within the term of this new Parliament. The job of this blog is to help to ensure that we win independence at that referendum when it inevitably occurs. Nicola Sturgeon has already told the media that she will go ahead with legislation for a second referendum and Boris Johnson will have to go the Supreme Court if he wants to stop her.

However I cannot keep going as I did before. Instead of trying to blog every day, the frequency of new posts will have to be significantly reduced. In the months ahead I intend to aim for two posts per week instead of trying to post a new piece every day. That’s as much as my health will allow.

Even when covid restrictions are fully lifted, I will no longer be doing any public speaking events. There are two main reasons for this, firstly, I can’t drive any more, so getting to venues is now a lot harder. Equally my walking is still very restricted and I cannot stand for any length of time. Before I can drive again I need a specialised assessment which my occupational therapist has referred me for, although there is a long waiting list and it will be many months before I am seen and assessed. However more importantly I no longer have the strength or the stamina for standing in front of a crowd of people for an hour or more and effectively performing.

For some time I’ve been working on a series of pieces each of which tackle some of the main topics which are likely to be an issue in the independence campaign – issues like the border, currency, EU membership, and many others. Work on these was disrupted due to the stroke but over the coming weeks I’ll be revising them, bringing them up to date and publishing them on this blog.

Now let’s get back to the job of making the case for independence, of healing our movement and winning back Scotland’s rightful place among the independent nations of the world.

This is your reminder that the purpose of this blog is to promote Scottish independence. If the comment you want to make will not assist with that goal then don’t post it. If you want to mouth off about how much you dislike the SNP leadership ,or about some other issue not directly related to Scottish independence – there are other forums where you can do that. You’re not welcome to do it here.

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600 comments on “Getting back on the horse

  1. Marion Scott says:

    Great to see you back Paul. You have many grateful followers who depend on your ability to clearly state each step on our long and difficult journey to independence. Please look after your own health and be sure that you are much appreciated.

  2. Alistair Donaldson says:

    Welcome back and with a very level-headed appraisal of where we are now. I’m certain all the regular posters on your site will agree with your wish to take things a bit, no, a lot more easily than you had been doing. Much to do for believers in independence if we’re ever going to get over the line. Stay well Sir.

  3. bringiton says:

    Your health is paramount Paul and any contribution you can continue to make will be very gratefully received.

  4. welcome back Paul. we still need you going forward. perhaps some kind of support group might help you?

  5. jcowey says:

    Lovely to have you back, Paul. Look after yourself. If you can manage a couple of blogs a week, that would be great and I shall look forward to that. Make sure you get your priorities right.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Welcome back!

  7. Derek Loy says:

    Good to hear your wise words once more, good luck with your future recovery

  8. Mrs Sheryl Hepworth says:

    Paul you are a pleasure to read and Hope you are able to carry on though it be in reduced manner. Your thoughts and comments are always helpful, sensible and accurate and much appreciated by all of your followers. Take care, take your time and stay with us!! Love to you and Peter. X

  9. Iain says:

    As a stroke survivor I am very pleased to see you back. You need to gradualy get back to normal and exercise helps. But the main thing do things gradualy. This is a great day for Scotland and keep up the good work. We need you to get your nation free.

  10. Brian Powell says:

    If the pro-Indy combined vote doesn’t count then the combined ant-Indy vote can’t either.

    • Margaret Barrie says:

      Absolutely right.

    • Anne Martin says:

      If you discount the Greens, the SNP have a majority 64 to 57 over all the unionist parties together. Sound like a resounding win to me! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  11. Bob Hastings says:

    So glad you’re back and ready to carry on but please take care of your health above all. We all need your words of wisdom. Couldn’t agree more about the importance of concentrating our energies on persuading the undecided and soft no-voters rather than fighting amongst ourselves. My blog Indy Tales is an attempt to do that by using short stories and poetry. Please visit it and if you feel inspired, contribute a creation

  12. Legerwood says:

    Dear Paul,
    Great to hear from you again. Fully understand and support your decisions re this blog and the way forward. Your health and wellbeing comes first and does so too with those who support this blog and what it stands for.

    Take care.

  13. Yuki says:

    So glad you are back ! Hope you will recover perfectly soon. Take best care of yourself, Paul. Been missing your wise words and analysis.

  14. Old Pete says:

    Good to have you back, Ayrshire a Tory free result most excellent.

  15. Kester says:

    Although I thought you stepped back from blogging for all the right reasons, I missed your voice while you were resting and it’s lovely to have you back. Best wishes.

  16. grizebard says:

    Welcome back, Paul, your principled stance well vindicated by events.

    That there is a monumental struggle ahead cannot be in doubt, after seeing the Unionists desperately sharing-out their votes to try to stop the deluge. In effect there is but one Unionist Party now. They may have won some battles this time, but the war is far from over.

    And we can win it, not by trying to distort some election, but by persuading a majority of people in Scotland that they have nothing to fear from a brand new start.

  17. Molly McC says:

    Paul, thank you for making the decision to “come back”
    I know we have all missed you…but….your health and well being are the most important things here.
    Please take care of yourself and Peter will be there for you.

  18. Joyce says:

    Paul, what an absolutely joy to have you back. Missed you, your clear perception of what is going on and your analyses. Take care, your wellbeing must come first

  19. aken a leaf out of Paul’s book and retired from comments in the last few weeks. but here we are.

    firstly, i agree with Craig Murray, the failure of the Alba party to gather enough votes is largely due to the “nicola ate my hamster” brigade on WOS and their unhealthy obsession with CWDs.

    It was a miscalculation by Alex to allow WOS, ISP,Barrheadboy and grousebeater room at the Alba party launch. it merely allowed them to turn the purely arithmetic issue into a political issue which was at odds with the Alba partys aim which was Snp1 Alba2.

    On a brighter side, it now lets these wos trolls know they speak for no one, stu now reduced to graphics showing how popular he was once upon a time. his ticket is now stamped, he can hide behind crap shit graphics for only so long, eventually, he will need to crowd fund at which point i can forward him my world famous recipe for tattie soup.

    on a less dark side, unfortunately, we didnt take dunbarton, eastwood or west aberdeenshire but we did increase the constituency seats by 3. so not a disaster by any means, I think its the best constituency result ever.

    but there’s the rub. the snp need 3 list seats across the whole of scotland for a majority. But they wont get it. the bbc know this, prof curtice knows this, nicola knows this, everyone fuckin knows this. so why dont you and all the other the snp 1 and 2 proponents dont?

    its because the people on this site are as guilty as the trolls on wos for turning what was a question of simple arithmetic into a political arguement.

    dont believe me? well i’ll prove it. once we know the results, ill add the alba list votes to the snp list votes and redrive the calculation. i guarentee you, the alba votes will make no fucking difference .

    you get to own this fuckin goat rodeo as well

    • glasgow, 6 x unionist 1 x greens

      bravo snp1 &2

      • weegingerdug says:

        You do know that unionist MSPs only get elected because people keep voting for the unionist parties don’t you

        • its true, unionists are allowed and deserved a voice in a democracy, no question. but the unionist media strangle, disenfranchise and belittle us everyday. you know this is also true. btw, when the labour party disrespected list msp to the point that when they got wiped out most were not on the list.

          if you are trying to make me feel guilty that annie wells gets replaced by a yesser, you are defo barking up the wrong tree. im in nefife, we lost lost tories switched to libdem.

          we had an opportunity to relegate the unionists to the cheap seats up at the back.

          everyone fucked up


            • my name is cat, who is Jan? btw paul, the voting is over, your position is now being tested. having a stroke doesnt allow you to run away from the consequencence. own it

              • weegingerdug says:

                It’s a reference to a well known internet meme which expresses the view – “I hear you, you’re being predictable – I don’t agree with you but I’m not motivated enough to argue with you about it.” Considerably more succinct though.

          • I’d have voted on the list for an Independence Party that was focused on the job of achieving Independence through positive, balanced, factual campagning. Alba was not that, was very far from that, for three reasons imho:

            1) Alex Salmond. Fresh out of a legal attack against Nicola Sturgeon and her advisors. He lost. Barely days later he announces a new party, his triumphant return to politics? The endeavour was stained by accusation of his rampant ego from the start.

            2) The Transphobia. I now routinely block people on Twitter with Cherries on their profiles, and now anyone flying Alba flags in their profile pics. As WGD says above, Scotland’s voters are too mature to fall for that baseless, anti-human filth.

            3. a) The constant – and I mean relentless – attacks online by Alba supporters against the SNP and Sturgeon. You can’t have leafleting proclaiming support for the SNP but then have supporters, and even Salmond, taking potshots against them. The SNP support wasn’t blameless here but then they weren’t pretending to be your friend, as Alba was.

            3.b) Scotland’s natural second pro-Indy camp are the Greens, but Alba atacked them mercilessly as well. Alba proved it was just a nasty, vicious little crowd of spiteful egos.

            “Everyone fucked up”? No, my friend: ALBA fucked around and found out what that gets them: a very well deserved ‘nothing’. Give it a few months and no-one is going to remember what Alba was, just like Rise.

        • paul. pls dont block me. im not your enemy, i never have been.

      • all the constituency seats are in 62 snp they have won 1 snp list msp in highlands. total 63,

        so, as everyone with half a brain knows, the only region which will return any snp list msps is the south region, where the snp won 3 in 2016,

        ……… many will the snp win in the south region? 1……..2……..3…… if they win 2. a majority will happen

        • Anne Martin says:

          As I have said above, discounting the Greens the SNP have a majority of 64 to 57 over all the unionists together. That’s a pretty good result in my book.

      • Me Bungo Pony says:

        SC, had everyone who voted SNP in the constituencies also voted for them in the List vote, they would have had a comfortable majority. Had even the 2% who wasted their List vote on Alba voted SNP instead, they would have had every chance of squeezing out a couple more List MSPs and a slim majority.

        It was not “SNP 1 & 2” that cost the SNP it’s majority, it was not enough people voting for them on the Lists. Arguably, Alba cost them that majority, as predicted. It should also be pointed out that Alba getting seats in Holyrood would not, by definition, have increased the SNP’s majority. It should be further pointed out, there is still the biggest pro-Indy majority in Holyrood despite Alba’s thoroughly expected failure. So what is the problem?

        I have never denied the flawless arithmetic argument for the vote splitting argument. I have only pointed out the flawed assumption that hundreds of thousands of ordinary voters who do not frequent “pro-Alba blogger’s websites” would miraculously get behind it. It was never going to happen …. as events have proven.

        Now the election is over, and a sizable pro-Indy majority has been installed in Holyrood, it is time to consign the whole pop-up Indy party experiment to the dust bin of history, and concentrate on supporting the SNP-Green parties to get the referendum done and dusted in this Parliamentary term.

        • bungo, politically, we walk the same road, from wind turbines in fife to independence, we are one. but this isnt a question of politics, its simple arithmetic. Arguably, you dont get to stick yer hand up yer arsehole and pull out numbers that suit your polemic. numbers are numbers, not opinion. if everyone who voted Alba on the list had voted SNP instead, the result would have been the same. FACT.

          the situation we find ourselves in today is as much your fault, and everyone elses on this site as it is the shite hawks on wos. its called divide and conquer. the wos trolls choose the narrative that suits their polemic but so do you. even to the point of arguing 2 + 2 = 5 .

          today, the wos trolls lost, today you, dadsarmy, yesindyref2 and paul lost. today scotland lost. that isnt my fault. its yours. own it.

          so forgive me for not joining you, holding hands in a circle and singing kumbaya in an effort to contact the living, I remain the only commentator to be booted off both scot goes pop and wos, twice, for arguing the same point.

          I did not lose today. i have only ever argued for tactical voting in the pursuit of independence. i care not for the nicola and alex soap opera.

          in case you missed it, our real enemy, the unionists, are more than capable of tactical voting. check the results, you know, count the fuckin votes etc. numbers are numbers etc. then look in the fuckin mirror and ask yourself “WHY CANT WE” ?

          • Eilidh says:

            Tactical voting on the list is completely different from the constituencies as Paul has already pointed out. The reason we won a majority in 2011 is we just won enough constituency seats not too many or few which gave us the right mix to in the right places to win a fair amount of list seats. It was a bit of a fluke and that result will never be easily replicated particularly since the Unionists have discovered tactical voting in the constituencies.One of the graphs BBC showed last night was that across the country Snp list votes had fallen 2% and Alba won 2% which did not help as Alba won nothing. I do take anything the Beeb says with a pinch of salt though. I only vote for parties where I like their policies or candidates. Didn’t like those were on the list for Alba in my area and don’t agree with certain green policies that is why my 2nd vote went to Snp. After all it is my right to choose

          • Me Bungo Pony says:

            Only a tiny proportion of Unionists voted tactically in the constituencies but, because it was FPTP, it was enough to hold about 6 of their seats.

            Many times that number of pro-Indy voters (about 200k) did vote “tactically” by switching their List vote from SNP to another Party. It gained the Greens 2 List seats and lost the SNP …. 2 List seats.

            It was the gaining of 3 Constituency seats, despite the much smaller Unionist tactical voting operation, that has delivered the largest pro-Indy majority in Holyrood (in case you missed that).

            Move on SC.

            • Only a tiny proportion of Unionists voted tactically in the constituencies

              bollox, in ne fife, tory votes fell from 10,000 to 2,000, wullie rennie increased by 8,000, go figure

              • Me Bungo Pony says:

                Between 1.3m and 1.4m people voted for the three Unionist parties in the constituencies. Tactical voting on their part only happened in most of the marginal ones. About 30-40,000 votes (2-3%). More or less what Alba got on the Lists. Enough to hold 6 constituencies. Meanwhile, about 200,000 SNP Constituency voters voted “tactically” on the Lists …. to no effect (bar making 2 SNP List MSPs Green). As I continue to say, the arithmetic of the “cunning plan” is fantastic; its the implementation of it where it falls down.

            • Iain says:

              In fact, fairly large numbers of British nationalists voted tactically. NE Fife and Dumbarton are good examples but there are others where the vote share of the British nationalist most likely to beat the SNP candidate rose by a very similar percentage to the drop in vote share of the less likely candidate.

          • granda16 says:

            One of the reasons for us not being able to game the system, is because nobody wants to be associated with obnoxious pricks like you.

            “Vote my way, or you’re an idiot” isn’t THE most persuasive argument.

            I voted Alba, because I mistakenly thought Alex Salmond had enough “pulling power” to win a seat in my region of NE Scotland. I was wrong. That is the last time I will countenance anybody talking about “arithmetic”, especially if it is delivered in a sneering tone.

            Whether we like it or not, voters will NOT be herded like sheep. While it is undoubtedly true that “if 50% of SNP voters would give their regional vote to another Indy party, we could have a “super-majority” and call elections, it’s also true that if your aunt had testicles she’d be your uncle. Talking about ” what if” is living in cloud cuckoo land, and it CERTAINLY won’t happen when proponents use a sneering disdainful attitude.

            The really important point, however, is that we’ve elected the FOURTH SUCCESSIVE SNP government, which, after the setback of 2014, is a truly astonishing achievement. We have also, for the first time, achieved a list vote for Indy supporting parties of over 50%. That is a huge landmark.

            The struggle now, is to keep up the effort of persuading no voters that the “water is lovely and warm in the Yes pool” and we will win the referendum when it comes.

            All we as “grunts” can do, is keep using our “guild Scots tongues” to persuade our neighbours, with a smile in our voice. On that note, perhaps you should stay quiet? Because you are putting ME off Independence! Mebbes it’s best (for the sake of Indy) you DON’T use your particular Scots tongue…..

      • diabloandco says:

        Such a pity that no-one ,including the SNP don’t understand the d’hondt system – designed to stop the SNP .

        • diabloandco says:

          Sorry about the grammar , I have a teeny weeny window to post this and can only see the tops of the letters and not the entire comment.

        • Such a pity that no-one ,including the SNP don’t understand the d’hondt system – designed to stop the SNP .


          • Hamish100 says:

            It seems Alba didn’t understand the mindset of the Scottish public!

            Still FM on Marr was very good. Independence referendum this side of the wire.

            Will ALL Independence supporters gather together as in 2014?

            If ALBA, lanour supporters and some Lib Dem’s supporters couldn’t vote snp then they will vote for Independence in the Eu or EFTA. We will be welcomed.

            We are at base of over 50% not 40% we can do it.

    • grizebard says:

      Repeating essentially the same dull & angry message in another thread doesn’t make it any more convincing or right, y’know. It’s not our “fault” – in any way whatever – if the nag you chose to back has only three legs, and some of us had enough vision to notice and dare to mention it.

      The real thing isn’t the absence of a near-impossible and politically unnecessary “majority” for the SNP anyway, the Greens (whom you used to promote) more than making up the difference, and an independence referendum is now very much on the agenda, so why get so almighty hot-and-bothered anyway?

      • why get so almighty hot-and-bothered anyway?

        because the unionists can vote tactically and we cant. snp 1 and 2 won 2 list seat across the whole of scotland grizebard. 2, two, deu, zwie, why is that so difficult to understand? hell, you dont even need to take off both mittens to count that high?

        1 million snp list votes elected fukc all list msps.

        you can have your own opinions but not your own facts

        why is this so difficult to understand?

        • granda16 says:


          You are totally immersed in fantasyland, aren’t you? You are absolutely right about facts…….

          Fact: If a “pop-up” party was going to succeed in persuading SNP voters to vote for it, then ….. by some distance…… a party led by Alex Salmond had the greatest chance of success.

          Fact: For whatever reason …… (no doubt you’d say the stupidity of the electorate)….. Alex Salmond’s party failed – dismally – to gain a single seat.

          Fact: Alex Salmond’s failure in this election leaves us in the position of having only charmers like you trying to persuade??? SNP voters that their aunt has testicles.

          Fact: The challenge facing us now (as it has been right from the inception of the SNP) is to keep talking to our neighbours about independence being normal for a small country like Scotland.

          Fact: This challenge MIGHT be more successful if you were to watch from the sidelines, because …… bull? …… china shop?

        • grizebard says:

          The most fundamental fact of all, one that seems so difficult for you to understand, is that Alba failed to persuade the indy-supporting public and marshal sufficient votes, and it failed for perfectly predictable reasons that many of us signalled beforehand (which I’m not going to rehearse again now). Here in your very evident frustration you are furiously bitching at the messengers, and at some considerable length, but there’s a chiel that winna ding.

          You can put all the lipstick you want on a random pig, but that won’t make it fly.

          The moral: “L’unité fait la force”.

        • robert harrison says:

          Look at the facts of the election snp didnt lose a single 2016 seat they defended in the consistency vote and gauned 2 conservative seats of 2016 ayr and Edinburgh central plus the east Lothian seat from labour if it wasnt for tactical voting it would of been snp majority as baillie rennie cole Hamilton even ungrateful carlaw would be out and the list wouldn’t of made a difference in fact it hurt the lib dems as the greens took a seat of them and religated them to minority party status. ive got more toes one foot than there are lib dems in holyrood sc the English rule factions lost the msm can spin it whatever way suits there reality denying fantasies they lost on no to indyref2 and without them giving each other there votes in certain areas theyd of been slaughtered.

  20. Aileen Ford says:

    How lovely to hear from you again Paul. Any words of wisdom you can share are hugely appreciated. Put you health first & look after you & yours. As always you are right on point about the way forward. It is up to all of us now to put our case for independence in the best way that we can to convince the undecided & soft noes of the best way forward. All good things come to those who wait! Take care. Aileen

  21. Izzie says:

    Take care of yourself Paul.We need you for the fight ahead. I had a flying visit to WOS wish I hadn’t it’s full of vitriol not what we need.

  22. deelsdugs says:

    Great stuff Paul, always a joy. Was just thinking earlier on that you would blogging about the results, and there you are!
    A blog at a time will be a blog enough.
    Good wishes for rest and repair.

  23. Anne says:

    Lovely to read you again Paul.. It will be great to read your blogs whenever you write them, and I always value your view on events.
    But please look after yourself! Your health comes first. .

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  25. Ian Campbell says:

    Great to have you back. Good to know that you are listening to your body and reducing the time you devote to your calling. (As disappointing as this is to yourself and your fellow readers)! We shall look forward to your future blogs with the same commitment as you and i have for independence 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😃Ian and Nicola

    Sent from my iPhone


  26. Bill Hume says:

    Yee Haw……back in the saddle. Good for you.
    p.s. It doesn’t always piss down with rain/sleet/snow in Ayrshire. Hope to see you out and about when the weather improves.

  27. Janice Gale says:

    So glad to see this blog pop up in my inbox. Its always refreshing and straight to the point and it is encouraging when I’ve had too much of the oppositional media. Totally understand you must not overdo anything and 2 blogs a week will be great, thanks. I am glad you’ve kept the essence of you if not the energy and stamina. Its very good news today so as you rightly say its imperative the case is made clearly and positively for independence especially to the soft no’s. Really glad you’re back. Stay safe.

  28. Jane Russell says:

    Take care of yourself, Paul. You’re a talisman for many of us, and to read your posts is always a positive boost.

  29. Michael McCabe says:

    Nice to see you back Paul , your health has to be your first priority.

  30. Sal Newton says:

    Look after yourself Paul. Whatever you can do to help us gain independence will be a very welcome and constructive contribution.
    You have more than earned the right to look after yourself and your family first.

  31. Jimmy the Pict says:

    Glad you are on the mend.

    But as for the pro-independence majority and indyref2, I doubt I will be alive to see it if the past promises from NS are anything to go by.

    Brexit, let’s see how brexit turns out, out of EU, material change, oh no Pandemic.

    if we are incapable of running a referendum during a pandemic then we are not capable of running our country full stop as pandemics and bad stuff happens.

    Would really love to be proved wrong. How many mandates does it take to change a light bulb …

    • grizebard says:

      Whit? Just because she doesn’t share your impatience to have a referendum before people are ready? After you’ve just witnessed – if you’ve cared to – an almighty shuffle of votes to try to block her?

      I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Just take a deep breath and stay steady for now.

      • Golfnut says:

        I know you don’t do face book but I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear there are lots of these kind of vomments being posted. No celebration just playing the blame game.

  32. Corrie says:

    Welcome back, Dug!
    Seriously, please put yourself and your health first. If 2 blogs a week is too much, we’ll be happy with 2 a month.
    Having just gone through 14 months of long covid (and been put on a stroke recovery programme for the fatigue and brain fog) I can empathise in a way I couldn’t have before.
    Take your time, heal well. Xx

  33. Jim Terras says:

    Wahoo!! Glad to see you back hope your recovery is progressing take care.

    Yours aye


    Sent from my iPhone


  34. Anne Watt says:

    Welcome Paul. Great to see that you are back to blogging! Always something to look forward to. I hope you continue to gain strength and better health. When the time is right get another “Dug” They bring such joy and improve life so much.

  35. Ann McKelvie says:

    Welcome back Paul, please take it easy though.

    Let us know your thoughts and inspire us to out goal.

  36. gullaneno4 says:

    Welcome back Paul,
    I see they have spruced up most of the Maybole pubs in your honour.

  37. Andrew Comerford says:

    Welcome back.

  38. Margaret Lear says:

    Lovely to have you back. Two posts a week is more than plenty, we your readers will appreciate them all the more. All the very best and take it easy….we’ll all keep the fires burning that you’ve helped to ignite.

  39. CP says:

    A long time lurker and reader of your blog here, it’s great to see you back and look forward to reading future informative and thoughtful articles.
    Take it easy and don’t rush things, we need you.

  40. Alice says:

    Just great to read your excellent blog WGD…..think even one blog a week would be of great use to us all.

  41. i noticed yesindyref2 is keepiong a low profile, dads, you were wrong in 2016, you’re wrong today, own it

    • yesindyref2 says:

      I was completely right cat – Alba were doomed to fail. Here’s one metric I used on 31st March:

      to update the relevant part to today’s figure:

      “Alba 11,600 Followers – nominal votes at factor 4.0 – 46,400 votes – 5,800 per region [with a minmum of 12,000 needed per region]” – zero seats for Alba.

      and then the other metric based on Sturgeon being popular with 93% of SNP voters, with Salmond only 17%, so a maximum of 7% x percentage SNP vote = 3%.

      So a vote for Alba was very clearly hoinh to be a WASTED VOTE, and I predicted that back in March.

      In the event Alba got 2% of the vote, and mostly LESS than 5,800 per region.

      Sorry Cat, you appear to have missed the litter tray. Your party was doomed from the getgo.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Mmm, from the actual figures for Alba

        Region total votes 44,913 Region share 1.7%:

        So the funsize twitter metric (loosely based on the Greens) was surprisingly accurate.

        Greens Region total votes 220,324 Region share 8.1% twitter followers 63.7K * 4 = 250,000.

        Can I patent that and make loadsamoney as an election predictor?

      • i never miss the litter tray, and alba isnt my party. but you know that dads. i have only ever argued for tactical voting, something the unionists are capable of but you are not?

        the reason alba didnt win was because YOU didnt vote for them. so take yer shoes and socks off in an effort to count past 10, take yer head out of yer arse and stop quoting daily mail headlines to me. Alex Salmond did NOT eat yer fuckin hamster

        • Iain says:

          Tactical voting can work in the constituency vote. We’ve just seen that. In the regional vote it can only work if the voter is psychic and knows how everyone else is going to vote.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          cat, you need to stop with the tantrums and stamping your feet because you didn’t got your own way over the electorate of Scotland. And what a waste of toys, you could give them to charity instead of throwing them out of your pram! Pass the sanitiser, there’s a Covid crisis on.

          Tactical voting by a few activists is a total waste of time. I said that for 2016, I said it for 2021, and I still say it. Disagree all you want, but stamping your foot in a petulant tantrum won’t make me change my mind – nor persuade anyone of any merits to your point of view.

          Calm down, step back, get your head together.

      • Grouser says:

        A wasted vote is a vote that is not used. Anyone who casts a vote according to their conscience and reasoning is not wasting it; they are expressing their opinion.
        The question has to be asked about progress towards Independence since 2014. Where are the arguments to change the minds of soft no voters? The SNP has been and still is perfectly positioned to mount information campaigns to influence these voters. My complaint is that this has not happened. There is no SNP contribution to the development of a Constitution for an Independent Scotland; no discussions on what currency is to be used. These should be ongoing projects, but are not.
        All these things are being undertaken by groups outwith the SNP. There are three (I think) groups involved in trying to develop a discussion about a Constitution. There is at least one individual who is actively trying to raise awareness of currency at grassroots level. Believe in Scotland is developing discussion groups and materials for use by grassroots supporters, and actually taking the campaign to the streets in the form of Billboards. Indy Poster Boy has long had materials freely available for all to use.
        Please stop talking about ‘wasted votes’ and concentrate on getting the SNP to take up the issues we need to take the discussion to the streets.

  42. Fable says:

    Welcome back Paul…have missed you very much..but your health must come first.
    Please take care off yourself..but I’m already looking forward to your writings for the future x

  43. Iain says:

    As soon as we win independence we must get rid of the D’hont system and get a fair system for elections.

    • grizebard says:

      It’s properly the AMS system, d’Hondt is just the method used to do the calculations, other methods are available, but it does sound conveniently outlandish and foreign, doesn’t it?

      Oh, I have my own gripes about party lists, so I’m with you there, but you’re mistaken to call AMS “unfair”, since (unlike WM) it does attempt to reflect the distribution of actual votes.

      And that distribution is our current problem. We need to shake more people out of their instituonalised low self-esteem and knee-jerk fear of change and instead convince them that there’s nothing much to fear and very much to gain from managing all our own affairs. Just like everyone else round the world does as a matter of course.

  44. snp 1 and 2 plebs, pls remove your socks before you count above 10

    • weegingerdug says:

      Yawn… Maybe you ought to reflect more on why Alba did so poorly

      • alba did so poorly cos of the trolls on the wos site

      • yawn paul, i wanted a n indy majorit.y take care mon ami 🙂

      • snp 1 and 2 won 2 list msps, out fuckin standing. you didnt vote tactically cos alex salmond ate your hamster? have a fuckin coconut

        • Iain says:

          I’m not sure why you’re furious that pro-independence parties have 72 seats in Parliament while the British nationalists have 57.

        • Pogmothon says:

          Your startin’ to piss me the fuck off, with your constant fucking bitching, and use of foul fucking language, your beginning to sound like that naturalized union fucker that’s just had his fucking wings clipped. See constant use of “fuck” tends to eliminate it’s effectiveness.
          But you are entitled to your opinion, as is everyone else. What your are not entitled to, is to allocate any particular opinion or values to me for my use from that point forward.
          For the record I actually agree with you as regards the second vote. However AS would never get a vote from me, well maybe when hell freezes over and all molecular activity stops, but not before.
          In the past I have voted SNP / Green and that was my intention this time. but when I got into that booth and saw the peach slip, and realized how much obfuscation was going on it became SNP 1 & 2.
          And another thing it is my belief that no one should be elected more than twice from the list without contesting a seat. And candidates should be either constituency or list no transferals allowed. Aha! I digress back to your current huffing and puffing.
          Do be a good little pussy and jump back in your box with your isotope, have a think for a bit and come back with your sensible lucid head on.

        • weegingerdug says:

          Cat behave yourself.

          Maybe you’d help your cause with a lot less invective and a bit more reflection on why Alba was an unattractive option for the vast majority of pro-indy voters. All I am seeing from you right now is petulance.

    • Hamish100 says:

      South of Scotland SNP 1 & 2.
      Alba less votes than a game at Queens Park— well nearly! It didn’t have to be this way. Three new independence parties confused the message. The internal investigations definitely damaged the message.
      Well now we support the SNP and the Greens. We don’t get Independence by voting labour tories or Lib Dem’s.

    • grizebard says:

      I was expecting some sour-grape moan from the Albanistas, and you have certainly managed to oblige, in quantity and right on cue.

      Maybe you should now go on tour with a soap-box and lecture the poor ignorant people of Scotland for misunderstanding your message so badly.

      It’s beginning to remind me of Berthold Brecht’s jibe about the late-unlamented GDR after the 1953 revolt, that the regime had lost its confidence in the people and should appoint a new electorate.

    • Me Bungo Pony says:

      I’m not a “pleb” SC, I’m a realist. As I mentioned above, had all SNP constituency voters also voted SNP on the Lists, the SNP would have had a comfortable majority. SNP 1&2 would have done the job far more predictably than vote splitting.

      • sorry bungo, this simply isnt true, 2 +2 = 4, not 5

        • Me Bungo Pony says:

          My last post on this subject on this thread. It’s all moot now anyway. We have a pro-Indy majority in Holyrood and that is the main thing.

          Check out this site SC;

          If every voter who gave the SNP their Constituency vote had also given them their List vote, they would have won 7 List seats (assuming Alba on 0% and Green on 5% – i.e. no “tactical voting). They would have had a majority of 9. SNP 1&2 WOULD have worked a tonic.

          I’m not going to argue with you any more SC. All the evidence of the real world has been presented to you. It trumps the spreadsheet world of the “cunning plan”. If you don’t want to see that, I won’t spend any more time trying to persuade you. I don’t want to fall out with you. You were virtually the only friend I had during my torrid time on WoS. But I can’t agree with you here.

          • grizebard says:

            No surprise there maybe, but that’s my view also. And I’m a member of no party. (You even see the Unionists now trying hard to copy it on their side.)

            And given this opportunity, I would like to offer my appreciation for standing up so resolutely for great good sense amid the latterday lunacy of WaS long after the rest of us had given up.

          • i dont trust that site, it only uses %. once the actual figures are fully published, i will re run the figures with the alba numbers added to the snps and then again with the greens votes added to the snps and i will publish them here.

            we will see what the real world says

          • i was also with you in the wind farm debacle, bears usually shit in the woods, not on their own doorsteps, remember?

  45. Margaret Barrie says:

    An excellent piece, Paul. So sad that you are having such a debilitating battle in your fight back from your stroke. You have shown such grit and determination these past months, sadly not just on the health front, but you have had to suffer disgusting abuse from not only Unionists, but from some alleged Independistas.

    Glad you have decided to pare back on your blogs and to concentrate on your health, but your followers will always look forward to your wise words whenever they come.

    Good luck with your other projects and every good wish for a return to better health and an independent future.

  46. Sandra says:

    Welcome back Paul it was lovely seeing your name appearing again in my inbox and I look forward to once more reading your wise words each week.
    Living in Ayr I was very relieved to see the result yesterday, it was a long awaited happy day.
    Take care of yourself Paul and take it easy.

  47. Wee CB says:

    Paul, I’m delighted you’re back with us and I hope you regain as much health as you’re able to. I always enjoy what you write. Please only do what you can because you come first. I’m happy that my local constituency returned a SNP MSP and I feel hopeful this evening.

  48. ArtyHetty says:

    Great to see you back Paul.
    Just watching this, still broadcasting.

  49. south of scotland

    snp 1

  50. Bob Lamont says:

    Wondered if you might appear today Paul, lo and behold you did.
    Wise counsel even amid your own dramas and setbacks, but your recovery is more important than posts here, twice or even once a week would be fabulous, it more than offsets the relentless nonsense currently in circulation.

  51. Unionists do not want Scottish independence and rightly opted for tactical voting to increase their chances they are prepared to vote Labour or Lib Dem or Conservative any one of the three will do as long as it stops a Scottish independence supporting MSP being elected.

    Scottish independence supporters decided to ignore the opportunity to have many many more Scottish independence MSP,s in the Scottish parliament which they undoubtedly would have had if they had voted for ALBA in the regional LIST vote

    if SNP had told their supporters to vote ALBA or Greens in the regional LIST vote i think voters would have done so but they didnt
    ALBA told its supporters to vote SNP in the constituency vote and they did

    Opportunity knocked , Opportunity missed

    Thats politics

    In 7 out of 8 regions Scottish independence supporters voted SNP 1 and 2 and thereby gifted dozens of LIST seats to unionists MSP,s
    Now we will have to listen to these unionist LIST MSP,s all over again as they do all they can to undermine our country and its people.

    Oh well , could have been worse , has been worse , onwards and upwards

  52. P Harvey says:

    Paul , look after your health first. All else can wait

  53. Mistertaximan says:

    I agree with Craig Murray’s assessment of ALBA’s under performance to a degree, however I think there were two greater factors at play than just Wings and his abrasive style.

    Firstly, antagonism towards AS personally in the fall out of Salmondgate made SNP supporters unwilling to give his party their vote. The First Minister enjoys a high personal approval rating and inspires loyalty.

    Secondly, the (unionist) print media and broadcasters blackout of ALBA made it difficult for a new party to deliver its message. Of course that suited ALL the other parties just fine. A television debate appearance would have made a difference I think.

    I agree that the electoral system has delivered a large minority of unionist MSPs because 50% of the electorate vote for them. One might well argue that it is only fair that they have that representation. That is (partial) PR in action. However, I think you are being disingenuous suggesting that it’s that simple. ALBA’s message was arithmetically unarguable.

    SNP list votes that could have been transferred to ALBA or Green candidates would have reduced the number of unionists in Holyrood without reducing the number of SNP MSPs. Independence supporters refused to grasp that fact because St Nicola said SNP 1&2 in her lust for an unlikely SNP majority.

    We have seen how easily Unionists switch between Labour and Tory in the constituency vote in order to thwart the SNP candidate. That the independence movement were not as savvy on the list is perhaps a matter of regret.

    • weegingerdug says:

      voting tactically on the list is a very different game from voting tactically in the FPTP system used in the constituencies

      • A very different game but still a game that would be won

        • weegingerdug says:

          It’s the difference between playing draughts and playing 3D time travelling chess where you need to know in advance what move your opponent will make.

        • Me Bungo Pony says:

          Gaming FPTP only requires you to manipulate a small percentage of the vote in very few marginal seats. Gaming the Lists requires you to convince a significant proportion of the entire country.

          • Gaming the Lists requires you to convince a significant proportion of the entire country.

            so, you dont support tactical voting on the list cos you dont believe you can convince yourself to vote tactically on the list?

            out fuckin standing bungo. have a coconut

            • Me Bungo Pony says:

              The one thing you keep ignoring is the FACT only a few people are ever going to get on board with “the cunning plan”. Even if every contributor to this thread got on board with it, it would still not have been even remotely likely to have made a difference. The overwhelming majority of voters aren’t interested in it …. on either side.

              As I’ve now repeatedly said, God knows how many times, the arithmetic of your favoured plan was flawless, it’s the near impossibility of enacting it in the real world that lets it down.

              And the FACT remains, had the 200,000 people who voted SNP in the constituencies, but not on the Lists, actually stuck with the SNP for both, the SNP would have a majority today. They only needed one more MSP to get it and those 200k voters would have delivered 3-5 of them from the bottom of the Lists. Check the “electoral calculator” sites if you don’t believe me.

              • fact, if you wont support tactical voting then you are unlikely to vote tactically.

                what a pathetic argument

                1.2 million snp list votes elected 2 list msp. fact.

                if everyone who voted alba on the list voted snp on the list, the snp would have won fuck all more than they did.

                we are arguing arithmetic here bungo. 2 + 2 = 4 for both of us?

                why is this so difficult to understand?

                • Pogmothon says:

                  How is it you cannot understand Alba + AS was to toxic to too many people.
                  A far better out come would have been SNP + Green.
                  A formula which stood a much better chance of deigning unionists seats.
                  Yet was rarely promoted because so few gave logical consideration to AS’s toxicity which was clearly pointed out in many polls. (worse than Boris, who had the sense to stay away)
                  You are beginning to sound like someone with a desired result looking for a suitable formula to justify it.
                  Unfortunately your list vote formula fits the longer established experienced Green party, than the year old, four month promoted Alba.
                  And although Holyrood is designed for PR it seams that most people in Scotland and elsewhere view it the same way as Wastemonster.
                  In which case I would be happy to have a minority SNP government and a Green opposition. With the also ran’s restricted to the window area.

  54. Iain says:

    We win, freedom awaits.

  55. CageyBee says:

    Delighted to see you back blogging Paul you have been sorely missed but your number 1 priority is to continue to recover and we , well the majority of us anyway, are sending you love and best wishes for more progress on your recovery. Do what you can on your better days and be stoic about bad days. I have a chronic condition and I still have days when I can hardly get out of bed I am more accepting of these days than I was 15 years ago when I got this condition.

  56. Capella says:

    Brilliant! So glad you’re back. A couple of articles a week sounds absolutely right. Looking forward to reading them. Take care and keep safe.

  57. Old Pete says:

    64 SNP so the SNP actually gain an MSP overall 😊 ALBA zero, hee-haw, bugger all, nothing🤣
    Congratulations to Siobhan Brown and all the support in gaining the Ayr constituency from old John Scott.

  58. SNP 64 , opposition 65 but one will be chosen as presiding officer , will it be Mr Rennie or Mr Ross or Annie get your gun ?
    Anyway it will be with the agreement of the Scottish greens that policy is passed successfully .

    Would have been so much more doable with ALBA MSP,s but the opportunity is gone , mr mountain and co will be there once again telling us what do to.

    Moving on here,s hope for the future.

  59. mumsyhugs says:

    Thank goodness the voice of reason has returned and decided to stay X BUT you must take care and be guided by your energy both physical and mental. One or two articles is lovely – but only if you’re up to it!

  60. chocolass says:

    Was so excited to see you in my in box,Paul!
    It’s so good to have you back but please-pace yourself and don’t overdo it.

  61. Best wishes Paul. I think daily blogs would be hard for anyone . Giving yourself more time to put them together will have good results all round I am sure. I hope one day you will manage public speaking again. The vitriolic exchanges between ALBA and SNP supporters have been disheartening and I hope they are now over because Scotland must come first for us all. My refuges are the YES movement and Believe in Scotland – two positive wonderful- united groups for Scotland. Political parties are only part of the story. Bloggers in my opinion are very very important!!! xxx

  62. hbtw says:

    All the very best and I think you are wise to reduce your output. Whatever you do you have my full support

  63. So pleased to see you Paul. Twice a week, once a week, it’s all good, and fewer articles from you with your continued presence is just a bonus. You’re one of the few sensible voices these days, sorry you felt you were on your own, you’ve got so many folks behind you!

  64. yesindyref2 says:

    SNP 64 + Green 8 = 72 pro-Indy,

    Both very clearly have Indy Ref 2 in their manifestos.

    Anti-Indy 57, a Heinz variety.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Possibly more important than the size of the pro-indy majority in “Parliament”, is the turnout of near 64%, nearly 10 points higher than last time.

      Note also that Sturgeon spent more than half her time talking about Indy Ref 2, and how it would be vyer difficult for the UK Gov to resist the will of “Parliament” – a word she used many times, rather than “Government”.

      It set the battleground – one of her choosing.

    • Capella says:

      Minus one for Presiding Officer?

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Yeah, not sure about that. The Indy legislation would be certified by the PO, and it would perhaps be better if it was a Unionist who did it.

        But at least being 1 short the overall majority, the SNP having one less becuase of the PO would make no odds. 63 + 8 still equals 71 to 57.

        I’m going to be interested to see what Labour do the next few months, the pressure will be on them, and Sarwar isn’t a bad lad.

        • James Mills says:

          ”Sarwar isn’t a bad lad ” – just an unprincipled liar and red Tory who would keep his workers on slave wages if he could get away with it !
          Apart from that ..!

  65. Old Pete says:

    ALBA to keep going apparently ?

  66. bigjon999 says:

    Welcome back and more power to your elbow (and the other bits as well 🙂
    Look forward to your articles about independence issues… they will be worth waiting for I am sure.

  67. Alastair says:

    Great to see you back Paul! Take care. Stay safe.

  68. Colin mccartney says:

    Welcome back Paul, you have been sorely missed. even one blog a week will give me something to look forward too, so take care, keep getting better and we can then all enjoy better times.

  69. Macart says:

    You do what you can and you take your time. 🙂

    Also? Well said and welcome back.

  70. Hazel Smith says:

    Paul, so glad to see you back. Have missed you but understand your need to look after your health. We will all look forward to any amount of articles you produce. Good luck on a return to better health.💙🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  71. yesindyref2 says:

    Mmm, the SNP got more than twice as many seats as the nearest opposition party.

  72. In the constituency vote
    SNP got 62 seats
    Conservatives got 5 seats
    Labour got 2 seats
    Lib Dems got 4 seats
    So the people of Scotland voted 62 for and 11 against Scottish independence

    In the regional vote
    SNP got 2 LIST seats
    Labour , Conservative , Lib Dems , Greens split the other 54 LIST seats between them
    So the people of Scotland largely seen their regional votes discarded
    Just like last time

    So for all that messaging from the SNP saying vote SNP both votes we got two LIST MSP,s and gifted dozens to the unionists once again

    Next time if there is a next time we need a LIST seats only party that the greens and the SNP like
    Lets hope we have and win a Scottish independence referendum making it unnecessary

    • Calum says:

      If we are ever going to win independence , it will happen during this Parliament, in my humble opinion.

  73. Stephen McKenzie says:

    Great to see you back! But take it easy 🙂

  74. Golfnut says:

    Congrats to everyone involved in ensuring an SNP win, I personally hope they form a coalition government with the Greens, moving forward together as a majority Scottish Government. That was the goal, a majority Indy Parliament and thats been achieved, against all the odds I might had. Some would have you believe that we missed an opprtunity, we didn’t, we dodged a bullet. Had we allowed ourselves to be bullied into voting Alba on the premise that we would have achieved a super majority, had that pipedream been in the least achievable in the short time it was in the public domain, we would have allowed into the Scottish parliament an organisation as virulent and anti SNP as any of the unionist party’s. I have little doubt they would have opposed the election to FM of Nicola Sturgeon. We have all witnessed the vile and bitter campaign organised against Nicola Sturgeon over the last 2 yrs, so well done for resisting the corrosive and dishonest campaign to allow them into Holyrood.

  75. Patty Morton says:

    So glad to read you again. Fully understand and sympathise with your new set of struggles. Wishing you all the best, and whatever else, throw us a bone or two now and again. Fuerza!

  76. iusedtobeenglish says:

    So glad you’re feeling well enough to contribute again. I look forward to reading your work – but please take care.

    If there’s anything I can do to help, please contact me. I’m sure many will feel the same.

    When I heard the result for Ayr I thought “I bet Paul’s pleased”.

  77. grizebard says:

    The AMS electoral system is arranged to reflect the votes each party gets overall. It’s rank madness to think that there’s some tweak available that will magically conjure votes out of nowhere to gain an advantage. It’s a zero sum game. The only way you can prevail is to convert opposition votes into supporting votes. Unlike in the constituencies, you get nothing at all by shifting votes around in the list. I’m just relieved that the huge Unionist vote shifts in the constituencies only managed to preserve a few incumbents. If there was a single Unionist Party in play – which is the way it seems to be heading – the SNP would be back to needing far more from the lists again.

    We have to shake off all this useless magical thinking and concentrate on the basics: with more than 50% of the vote you just cannot be beaten. In an election and in a referendum. So if there’s any lesson to be learnt from this election, it’s that the SNP in and out of Parliament should get on the front foot now and pro-actively set out to promote the indy argument, not just sit passively by and “do good government” in the hope that’s enough, even in these difficult times. It’s necessary but not sufficient. But in that endeavour they deserve our unstinting support.

    Indyref2 starts now.

    • yesindyref2 says:


      I’ve been deleting election type bookmarks, and will soon be making new Indy ones.

      And now for something completely different 🙂

    • So grizebard we had best campaign for the same electoral system as england then
      call it a tweak that will magically cunjure up votes if you want
      but i will just call it what it is ,
      If we had the same electoral system as england right now we would have a bigger majority than any of the westminster parties have ever had in the history of westminster

      , if england continue to oppose a Scottish independence referendum ,if we cannot carry on as we are in perpetuity with seats in the Scottish parliament given to the elections losers
      and with a population that never increases because england controls immigration we will have never have change

      You are all banking on Nicola Sturgeon persuading westminster and its leader and possibly its members that Scotland can have a Scottish independence referendum if it chooses to do so.
      Good luck with that
      I have my doubts
      England have never ever done business that way and do not look as if they are about to start

      Perhaps people who have always lived in Scotland have just gotten used to being downtrodden

      • grizebard says:

        Oh, don’t be silly. I haven’t said any such thing, But referendums are FPTP, in case you have missed that crucial fact.

        Haven’t noticed you admitting you got your crystal gazing about the Alba distraction completely, woefully, “wrong yet. (Surprised that you’ve even showed your face again here so soon, but we haven’t forgotten your many gaslighting “predictions”.) A little humble pie from you might have been a more appropriate response, but that’s not really your thing, is it…?

    • iusedtobeenglish says:

      “Indyref2 starts now.”

      I was thinking that myself – although I think I’d say “the SNP in and out of Parliament” AND THE ENTIRE YES MOVEMENT. Work with anyone who genuinely wants Independence. (Before anybody mentions Ali Baba, allowing your mouthpiece to tell Indy supporters to vote for any Unionist to keep NS out doesn’t, IMNSHO, convince me of their passion for Independence. YMMV)

      To me (especially now they’ve got another 5 years to the next election) the SNP needs to develop the idea of pro-Indy in SP meaning SNP+Green+anyone interested. Along the lines of:

      You don’t have to vote SNP to want Scotland to decide for itself. But if you want a real, Scotland-centric party to make those decisions, you need to vote YES first.

      I also think that this time the voters need to be informed. And that really does need to start NOW. Information’s a powerful tool – which is why I think they tried to stop the Covid briefings. Because NS told it all. What we want to do, what we’re doing, what we can’t do, why not. And, as she often said, it wasn’t politicising the situation to say “that’s reserved”, it was stating a fact.

      I’d like to see a regular (short!) public information spot where someone from SG updates us on what they’re doing – or not. Not just PM – Kate Forbes etc are also v good. But in simple terms – “Westminster makes that decision for everybody” is far easier for the layman than “That’s a reserved power”.

      When the campaign proper starts, I’d really like to see less ‘talking heads’. Not ‘this is why you should want Indy’, more explaining to someone like me how it’s going work. With a chance to ask all the questions that ordinary people might feel an ‘expert’ would find stupid. (Like him or loathe him, Gove had a point about being overfaced by experts. Me? I don’t care. If I want to know – or think somebody else may – I’ll ask).

      Maybe have non-politicians, although Mhairi Black would be good? Jamie Jauncey, Richard Murphy, Prof John Robertson and the like come to mind.

      And please, no mention of how stupid/treacherous etc people. Good governance, plus solid facts seems a better way to me.

  78. jennifer daly says:

    Go raibh maith agat/thank you & welcome back Paul. It’s so good tae hear yer voice figuratively 😍😎 I’m sorry about you progress health wise & guess you’re a Lefty like myself. I had a massive brain haemorrhage in 2003, when I was 34yr old, that went on to be a dense L hemisphere (stroke). All I can tell u my Indy brother is u & hubby stay strong. I still have a slight weakness & some L sided neuro pain but am a helluva lot better dan I was. I hear where you’re coming from & being a Scot, I’m Scots/Irish, 1 of yer biggest problem will be frustration at not healing quick enuf. Do what I did & get in touch with yer inner YODA!?! Stay safe Bro am still rattling the Rosaries for ye. Saorstát Éireann agus Saorstát Albanach 👊✊✌💙💚💛❤💙

  79. Ambrose Harper says:

    So glad to hear you will be continuing the blog Paul. We hope your health continues to improve. Look after yourself.

  80. Neil Logan says:

    Lovely to see you back Paul with another excellent blog. You were missed, but please don’t overdo it. Whatever you feel able to do will be a welcome bonus.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Here’s someone and his two MPs looking for a place to land

      • grizebard says:

        Yes, you can almost see all the Tory hot air holding them up! {laugh}

        Here’s one thing I never expected, no more Weary Willie making his panto appearances at FMQs (unless the cameras mayhap pan for old times’ sake to catch him gurning).

        As you said earlier, always look on the bright side! And this is definitely a mercy, albeit a small one.

        (Never mind, Willie, there’s only one way forward, and that’s down. Might as well join the Tories honestly and be done with it.)

  81. Dom says:

    Literally the first time I’ve commented on anything online but I just wanted to say thank you Paul.

    I’ve managed to convince a number of my sceptical friends and family of the benefits of independence and it’s been largely helped by your political analysis, your words.

    Please take care of yourself and only blog as often as your health will allow. You’ve already given me and I imagine many, many like me the foundation to argue for a better Scotland.

    Genuine thanks and take care man.

  82. Capella says:

    Sad that Andy Wightman didn’t get a seat. He was a good advocate for land reform. No doubt he will carry on working in the field.

    • grizebard says:

      True that. It’s hard in these polarised days for any independent to get a look in. I hope that is one thing among many that will change post-indy.

  83. Drew Anderson says:

    Welcome back Paul!

    I can claim to have missed you more than most; I’ve been stuck in moderation hell for weeks with my new email address.

    Look after yourself.

  84. Gariochquine says:

    Delighted to see you here again, but please take care and don’t overdo it. Best wishes for your recovery

  85. So glad to see your blog in my inbox, Paul. You are absolutely right to limit yourself to what your health can stand and we will look forward to your ‘pearls of wisdom’ as and when you are able to drop them. Thanks for this piece, too, which sorted a lot of things out for me. Being isolated over here in Canada it’s not always possible to really get to the bottom of what’s occurring at home and I have always relied on your blogs to keep me in the loop. Good luck going forward and remember to put your health first.

  86. cuckooshoe says:

    The BBC will now have to ditch the Lib-Dem ‘spokesperson’. With just 4 MSPs they are not classed as a party. How many deposits did they lose??

    For several hours this afternoon and evening Gary Robertson in his election spot gave the three unionist voices equal time with Keith Brown.

    Professor Sir John Curtice said the result mean’t the country was split down the middle’

    The BBC idea of split down the middle is 75% unionist, 25% independence representation..

    I hope the Scottish Greens insist on equal treatment from now on.

  87. yesindyref2 says:

    OK, here’s a thing. Alba may have upset undecideds and soft NOes, and may have lost the SNP one or two constituency seats. It’s possible they messed up the list vote a bit, who knows. Nett loss to the SNP up to say 5 seats, and the Greens maybe 3 seats.

    BUT, and here’s the big thing, I think they’re a big factor for the increased turnout. I think it could have been less than 50% this year, and even if the SNP got 100 seats the legitimacy of such a low turnout election could be questionned.

    Alba stirred up the Unionists to go out and vote, and also the SNP a\nd Green voters to go out. So perhaps they were on balance a good thing, as this election with a turnout of 63% or more, can not be questionned.

    Just a thought!

    • grizebard says:

      Hmmm, the big turnout is indeed A Very Good Thing, but I would be more convinced by your thought if Alba had done better. Just possibly they might have managed – but in a negative way – to alert the BritNats to the possibility of tactical voting in the FPTP, but I even doubt that because the Unionists were the original exponents of the tactic anyway. That’s how they displaced one Alex Salmond back in ’17, after all.

      No, I believe what has scared them most deeply was that wee wumman from Govanhill, because she was the only person who could – and would – launch the one thing they have been most dreading. (Hence all their “Boris says no” and other nonsenses.)

      After a year of diligent management during this crisis had rightly earned her a very high level of personal respect by demonstrating what heretofore has been sorely lacking: seriously competent native Scottish performance. That’s far more troubling to the BritNat negativists than anything than Alba could offer, and why they did their utmost to try to denigrate her in any specious way possible. She has been the target all along.

      It’s clear from their electoral response that the variegated Unionists really take the prospects of indyref2 seriously, so it’s high time that the Doubting Thomases on our side scented their fear and understand that it really is “game on” now.

    • utter havers, the alba party didnt stand candidates in any constituencies.

      this isnt the fuckin daily mail dads

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Try thinking before furballing, cat. It would make a change for you!

        Alba upset people with their talk of gaming the system, and that undoubtedly cost the SNP constituency votes – and added some to the strongest unionist party there.

  88. Petra says:

    Great to see you back Paul. Take care of yourself. Your health has to be your priority. Love and best wishes to you and Peter X

  89. Isobel Macrae-Wilson says:

    Just about to read this
    Missed your words & thoughts
    Welcome back
    Now, read!!!

  90. jfngw says:

    Did anyone count how many times the BBC coverage mentioned ‘the SNP not reaching a majority’, it was almost as if an edict had been handed down to repeat this ad-nauseam to drive home a message, they always forgot to mention the SNP have 7 seats more than the combined total of the Britnat parties. But as we are not allowed by ‘the Britnat rules’ to combine the SNP and Green’s as pro-indy votes in parliament then the same rules must presumably apply to the Britnat parties. this gives the SNP a majority of 33 over the nearest one of them.

    Anybody else having a good laugh at D.Ross trying to claim he won the election and stopped a indyref. No wonder he’s never made it as a referee, I would doubt his abilities as a linesman with this level of inability to understand the rules of the game..

  91. The Scottish Play says:

    Great to see you back WGD – this significant result was not achieved without your constant attention, eloquence and care (and much humour in the process) at every turn over many years – and plenty of time yet to see the desired end result realised.

    Of course on 28 March 2017, the Scottish Parliament voted 69 – 59 on Motion S5M-04710, in favour of holding a second referendum on Scottish independence.

    By convention – there are 12 Supreme Court Judges, 9 are from England and Wales, 2 from Scotland, and 1 from Northern Ireland

    I am sure, the next time there is such a vote in the Scottish Parliament, as there inevitably will be following this excellent result, with (again) the inevitable democratic majority in favour of Independence representing the democratic will of the People of Scotland, that if it ultimately goes to the Suprme Court for deliberation – that perhaps an element of ‘proportional representation’ may be required !? to adequately present the case Scotland will make …or perhaps, in the interests of fairness, on the next occasion, the Court may be constituted from 9 Judges from Scotland (o’ independent mind), 1 from England and Wales and 2 from N. Ireland.

  92. jfngw says:

    The media is using the constituency vote to show the indy parties didn’t reach 50% of the vote. They are of course ignoring the list vote (the one that is used to decide the proportionality) were the indy parties registered over 50% 0f the vote.

    • Statgeek says:

      If they keep saying “Only 64 seats”, respond with:

      64 beats 31


      72 beats 57

      or for that matter

      64 beats 57

      And if the new presiding officer is not SNP, 64 equals 64. 🙂

    • Golfnut says:

      Maybe just remind them that the constituency vote decides who you want to represent you, the regional ( list ) vote is for your government of choice. That vote being over 50% is significant, it’s that vote that represents the will of the people despite all the bollocks spin on wasted votes.

  93. dorancaird says:

    Thank you for all that you have done. You look after yourself now. We will win through in the end. I am sure. Take care of yourself. You will win through also. I had working experience with stroke patients. The human brain is an amazing piece of equipment and can find new ways round old tasks,but it’s tiring work. Early days still. God bless.

  94. Janet says:


    There. Enough said.

  95. Eilidh says:

    Really great to see you back Paul and with a fab post too. You have been missed but your health has to be your priority. Look after yourself. Whatever you post will be gratefully appreciated by all of us here I am sure

  96. astytaylor says:

    Lovely to see you back Paul.
    A blog or two a week in future would be wonderful, if you feel up to it.
    WGD has been a sane oasis of reason and insight for years now.
    We (your readers) appreciate all that you do. Your blog is a fantastic gathering place.
    We also need to raise our own game for the challenges ahead.
    I’m looking forward to getting back to Scotland and participating.
    Take care, and all the best.

  97. Interpolar says:

    When you were posting once a day, I used to wonder, “how on earth does he do it?” You are slowing down for all the right reasons. And as much as you reflect wisely on your health, your voice on Scotland’s present and future is one of reason and moderation. It will continue to carry weight. So thank you for all you’ve done, the sacrifices you’ve made, and for staying with the movement.

    Again, today, you have given us yet another hard-look, but fair assessment of the state of affairs. Even if just once a week, this is the kind of contribution and reality check that we Indy2 folk crucially need.

  98. Hi Paul. It is wonderful to hear that your blog will carry on. Even one article per week would be a blessing for us, so I hope you manage to share your passion for the cause on a regular basis.
    Would you consider teaming up with someone who might be able to speak your words in public? There must be someone out there who could express your clarity of vision on the road ahead? You could be the scriptwriter for someone you trust and that person (or persons) could go around the country to try and persuade the people who still feel unsure about what is best for Scotland.
    This election does indeed prove that many people still need to be convinced, however, we only need to solidify the minds of those who aren’t sure. There are quite a few of them out there, (as you know) and your words and wisdom, expressed in the right way, would surely help people to realise the importance of an independent future for Scotland.
    Sorry your recovery is so painful, exhausting and difficult, Paul. I hope you make some progress over the coming months.
    Take care and all the best.

  99. malkymcblain says:

    Thanks for your efforts Paul.

    Well done Scotland in returning a pro independence parliament to Holyrood. Thank you Scotland for the massive turnout you’ve made an old bastard: (see link below for context) a very happy O.B.

    Onwards and upwards 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  100. Tatu3 says:

    Great to see you back Paul. You were sorely missed. Even if you post once a week that would be brilliant. Take care of yourself

  101. Colin Alexander says:

    SNP 1 and 2 a success?

    1,094,374 SNP List votes got 2 MSPs. The SNP have gone from 4 List MSPs to just 2.

    The SNP also failed to obtain a majority, as the voting system is designed to do.

    That is NOT a successful strategy.

    • P Harvey says:


      You claim

      , as the voting system is designed to do.

      The voting system is designed to stop any single party winning an overall majority – and Independence parties did win a majority

    • yesindyref2 says:

      So tell me Wormtongue, how would voting Alba in the List have increased the number of SNP MSPs?

      Pro-Indy MSPs already have a majority – 72 to 57. And than goodness that is without any Alba MSPs including the self-admitted misbehaver.

      Suck it up, buttercup.

    • grizebard says:

      Your insidious attempts to oppose the SNP at every turn are getting more obvious with each outing. This latest deviationalist wheeze went into the dustbin of history just like all your other malign misdirections.


  102. Robert Moffat says:

    It’s good to have you back. I always look forward to your pieces here and in the National. Yours is a reasoned, intelligent, informed voice among all the noise, and above all sane!
    Take care, take things easy, look after yourself.

  103. Derek Henry says:

    ” We’ve now had two Scottish elections where a new pro-independence party win the election ”

    Let’s rephrase that with the truth

    We’ve now had two Scottish elections where a new pro-Brussels to run Scotland party win the election.

    Brussels will set the budgets and thus determine how Scotland will use their skills and real resources. So not independence at all.

    There’s not a thing you can do about it. You are going to get mugged and you can’t even see it.

    Welcome to the world of fiscal surveillance.

    Scottish voters are now pro austerity as long as Brussels do it.

    The Brexiverse when the right acted like the left and left turned into the liberal elite – The Tories stole left wing clothes spend, spend, spend, spend whilst the left hugged and kissed Brussels austerity.

    See North East of England for details or just keep burying your heads in the sand and stick yer arse in the air.

    The working-class revolt against Labour nails it.

  104. Derek Henry says:

    The real issue is Indy think Tanks think they have more power than they actually have. Wings thought they could convince voters to vote for Alba – See the power they have is not what they think.

    Bella, Common weal are the same they all have very little power. They can easily be ignored by the real power brokers.

    So even if you do see the real dangers of EU membership there isn’t a god damn thing you can do about it. It is delusional to believe otherwise.

    The only thing that stops fiscal surveillance from being implemented by Brussels in Scotland now is if we lose the next referendum.

    If you want fiscal surveillance implemented in Scotland by Brussels then you are insane. Mad as a box of frogs.

    Realise Andrew Wilson and Nicola Sturgeon holds all the power.

  105. Skintybroko says:

    Great to see you back Paul, missed your analysis and wit but your health must come first – take care of yourself and we will all enjoy your posts whenever they come through.

    Fantastic win for pro-independence parties inspite of a biased media – just think where we would be if they started telling the truth!!

    Time for Nicola and co to start calling out the media at every opportunity and highlighting the stench of corruption coming from Westminster.

    Oh to have opposition parties that actually cared about Scotland rather than being lackies of their Westminster counterparts – devolution should always have been about doing what’s best for your Country no what’s best for the Union. Something completely alien to the Unionists

  106. Doug Porteous says:

    Paul welcome back you’ve been missed, but please take it easy. Your health is really important.

  107. jfngw says:

    I have been told the Tories are now celebrating 48 in a row, that’s 48 consecutive defeats in Scottish elections, I wasn’t even 1 year old the last time they won here. But even with this record they believe they should still lord it over Scotland, they are like that failed football super league believing they should always be in the game, never relegated, no matter what the results.

    As a touchstone it is even longer ago than the England world cup win, but they never like to mention that event.

  108. Derek Henry says:

    The simple truth is fiscal surveillance implemented by Brussels WILL be implemented in Scotland if we win independence under the Greens and the SNP and Alba.

    You can lie about it you can try and fudge it but that is the truth. This blog is supposed to be about telling the truth.

    Snap out of this delusion. Stop trying to deny it. Right now Fiscal surveillance cannot be stopped if we win independence.

    Who’s going to stop it ?

  109. Jonathan Marshall says:

    Great to have you back….definitely prioritize your health…. but the Indy blog scene was so much poorer without you. Agree with your view on ALBA as I joined them… I don’t think it will just go away and I will continue to support and vote for them on the LIst., as I reckon that in 5 yrs we will be having similar discussions in terms of rights to hold a referendum and Independence. My feeling is the UK gov will just keep stalling and then tie it up in the courts (I hope I am wrong) Hopefully and given everything Nicola has indicated the SNP will implement an ambitious and radical recovery plan that demonstrates what a fully Independant Scotland could do if it had all its powers so at the next election even more people support the idea of Independance.

  110. Derek Henry says:

    Stop chasing Squirrels.

    Drop the EGO. The battle of look it’s a man, now it’s a women , no it’s transgender is over.

    It finished months ago but you can’t let it go. Drop it like a load of bricks and move on.

    How you stop fiscal surveillance from being implemented in Scotland by Brussels. Is the most important issue of our times. Most important issue for the last 100 years.

    So what are your plans to stop fiscal surveillance ?

    Do you have anything concrete ?

    Or is it stand with your fingers crossed behind your back ?

    The only way to stop it right now today is to lose another referendum vote. That is simply unacceptable.

    • weegingerdug says:

      absolutely no idea what you are wittering on about and frankly I don’t care

      • iusedtobeenglish says:

        Thank goodness for that. I thought it was just me being a thickie.

        OTOH, I’d also just wondered if fiscal surveillance (who he?) was taking over from transgender issues as the next ‘drone’ and he very kindly tells me it is. So I’m getting more politically aware. 😀

        It must be difficult to moderate posts like that. Ban the boredom, or keep the amusement value of other posters’ responses…

    • Terence Callachan says:

      Fiscal reporting is voluntary if you are in a union that is voluntary such as the EU.
      The EU had not existed for 100 years.
      Fiscal surveillance is a term that is only used by those who do not want accountability they want the dependability of a healthy workforce but do not want to contribute to the costs required.
      Be not afraid of unions you can leave .

      The most important issue at present is ensuring our right to leave the other union , the UK.

  111. P Harvey says:


    So ‘Fiscal surveillance’ by Westminster is ok then?

  112. Derek Henry says:

    If Scotland’s name ever appears on this.

    It is simple you have betrayed the people of Scotland and not given them independence at all.

    You can lie about it and fudge it but that’s the truth.

    • Eilidh says:

      Repeating the same mince will not convince anyone. You don’t like the EU we get it. Many Scots however do and want to rejoin as per how Scotland voted in Eu Ref 2016. We will see if that continues but remember it is the electorates opinion that matters not just yours

    • Alec Lomax says:

      A Brexiter. Bless.

      • grizebard says:

        Oh, he has graced us with his presence sporadically before. Another soorprune come to moan that the people of Scotland don’t agree with him.

    • jfngw says:

      No country is completely independent, once you sign a trade deal (even the WTO one) you are limiting your independence, once you borrow you are under financial surveillance from the lenders. What you are proposing looks like North Korea to me, isolated and alone in the world, freedom but limited by parochialism.

    • Terence Callachan says:

      Derek , you dont want Scotland in the EU , fair enough , i respect that view but there is no fiscal surveillance by the EU , there is fiscal reporting to the EU by its members .

      The EU is successful in my opinion it has brought peace in our lifetime , previous generations could never have peace for fifty years the way we have .

    • Pogmothon says:

      I believe perhaps the fiscal surveillance may actually refer to the tax laws which enable the tracing of the last 25 years of tax avoidance. And the persecution and collection of all the missing payments.
      Which europe have recently enacted and a rejoining Scotland will be expected to comply with.
      You can bet your bottom $ that all the tax avioders and dark money will line up with the unionists. This maybe the opening shots trying to find traction.

  113. Legerwood says:

    Interesting article in the Times detailing the results of a YouGov poll which shows the confidence people have in the SNP in government.

  114. boskie says:

    Good to have you back in the saddle and get some sensible comments again
    I am not sure if this has been asked already but did I hear correctly yesterday when Adam Boulton from Sky news was interviewing Angus Robertson he interrupted him at one point and asked “and if they send the troops in” to which Angus replied EXCUSE ME, to which Boulton changed tact.
    I have tried finding the interview but no luck so far

  115. Petra says:

    Tom French:- ”Final Scottish constituency results:

    🥇 SNP win 62 of 73 seats (85%)
    🥇 Only party to gain seats (+3) & vote share (+1.5%)
    🥇 Most votes ever in a Scottish Parliament election
    🥇 Highest vote share of any UK party in 50+ years
    🥇 Highest share of seats of any UK party in history.”


    Mikko Karna:- ”Congratulation @theSNP @NicolaSturgeon for your huge victory in #Scotland elections! I am confident, you will vote for independence soon after pandemic is over. In the meantime, I will launch an initiative to Nordic Council: we will ask Scotland to join council as an observer.”

  116. Hamish100 says:

    Some above say the SNP did not understand d’homdt.

    It seems Alba didn’t understand the mindset of the Scottish public!

    Still FM on Marr was very good. Independence referendum this side of the wire.

    Will ALL Independence supporters gather together as in 2014?

    If ALBA, lanour supporters and some Lib Dem’s supporters couldn’t vote snp then they will vote for Independence in the Eu or EFTA. We will be welcomed.

    We are at base of over 50% not 40% we can do it.

  117. Old Pete says:

    So happy to see Lorna Slater Green co-leader elected, very good speaker and she always hits the mark. Well done to the Greens. Think the LibDums or Red Tories should put forward the PO for Parliament.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Indeed Lorna Slater looks like a good asset to Holyrood

    • Petra says:

      Yeah Lorna Slater’s a great catch for the Greens however time will tell if she will wield the power that the Greens have even more so than Patrick Harvie when it comes to making demands of Nicola Sturgeon.


      I watched some of the interviews being carried out by Martin Geissler on the Sunday Show this morning. Keith Brown could hardly get a word in edgeways with Geissler cutting him short and shouting over him whilst Gove was allowed to sit back and spew his usual guff, uninterrupted, such as in relation to the SNP failure to close the attainment gap. Is there no attainment gap in England, by the way? Gove also saying that they won’t being taking the Supreme Court route in relation to an Indyref.

      • Hamish100 says:

        I would need to listen again re Gove but I am sure the inference was that the U.K.( English) govt won’t take Nicola Sturgeon to court. Is that the same thing as taking the SOttish Government to court?
        Bottom line is you can’t trust Gove or Johnson. If either of them said said they were liars I wouldn’t believe them!

      • Golfnut says:

        50+% vote for indy in the regional vote made that a dead end move.

      • grizebard says:

        Well, Gove is no fool. He must realise that an attempt to use the courts – not least the Blair creation – would backfire both legally, since no UK court would countermand a clear political mandate on the whim of the UKGov, and also politically, not least given the shoogly status of the SC in Scotland.

        We don’t know what they are planning, but a part of it must be to do whatever they can to undermine the authority of Holyrood and the SG using the new Brexit laws. But according to Mundell sr, it is to “appeal less to the head and more to the heart”. (A notion incidentally to which I have never subscribed, since both tell me independence makes perfect sense.)

        So it will be more Union Rag flying then. Good luck with that, BoJo believers and your failing Red Tory collaborators.

        • iusedtobeenglish says:

          “But according to Mundell sr, it is to “appeal less to the head and more to the heart”. (A notion incidentally to which I have never subscribed, since both tell me independence makes perfect sense.)”

          In 2014, I was a soft No. Sorry. I know better now… Mundell’s appeals wouldn’t have worked then let alone now. My heart has always said YES, it was my head that couldn’t see how we were going to support it. In fact, if my head had been appealed to MORE, I’d’ve been a YES then.

          And if we’d stayed inn the EU.
          And , well, The Vow…

    • grizebard says:

      No, we need a capable and trustworthy PO for what lies ahead, not another Mackintosh clone.

      Someone from the Greens, perhaps? They haven’t yet had a turn.

  118. Petra says:

    Tricia Marwick:- ”This means that the Lib Dem’s will not be represented on the Scottish Parliament Bureau and will not get an automatic question at FMQs.”


    Phantom Power:- ”One man [Boris Johnson] cannot trump the will of an entire electorate – he cannot simply overturn the Scottish people’s decision or pretend it didn’t happen.”

    • Alex Montrose says:

      well I’ll miss wearie Wullie’s gurnin at FMQ, and that’s cause the LibsDems lost their list seat in the NE region, enough Indy supporter there voted SNP 1 Green 2 and elected Maggie Chapman a Green list MSP.
      If only more had voted for the Greens on the list.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Well that’ll teach the Lib Dems for throwing their votes behind the Tories in Aberdeen to be part of the one party Union party

  119. Bob Lamont says:

    Strange seeing the cuckoos here this early, 1, 2 then 3…

  120. Cathy says:

    It’s great to see you back and look forward to all your future blogs and the special pieces you’ll be writing. Absolutely right that you prioritise your health!

  121. Macart says:

    Mmmm,… I doubt that the letter sent to the FM by Mr Johnson has much to do with yer ordinary summit of devolved leaders or heartfelt congrats on your electoral success. It certainly won’t be conciliatory in any way, shape or form. Not entirely certain he’s the type donchaknow. 🙄

    • jfngw says:

      It’s not the least bit conciliatory, it’s a half hearted congratulation followed by a screed which amounts to no more than ‘know you place’ and ‘fall in line with what we want’ cloaked in the veil of ‘unity’.

      It’s a Boris Johnson version of the vow telling us how many more powers he is going to strip from Holyrood but this time he assures us they will keep their word.

  122. Cameron Edwards says:

    Paul – great to see you back.

    Cut down on the posts! Besides, they are worth the wait.

  123. Petra says:

    Andrew Wilson:- ”Elections fact for today: In 2015 David Cameron’s Conservatives won the UK election with a manifesto commitment to hold a Brexit Referendum. They went onto deliver on that pledge. They did so having won 36.9% of the vote.”


    ‘Scotland’s Future, Scotland’s Choice.’

  124. exile says:

    Paul, it’s great to see you back! I will value whatever posts you write. But please always put your health first. Best regards to you and Peter.

  125. Iain says:

    Absolutely great to have you back, Paul. You’ve been missed.

  126. Petra says:

    Paul Keller:- ”There is a display of EU flags with 2 flags on each pole in front of the train-station in Leeuwarden. Was curious how they have adapted to the fact that post #brexit there is an uneven number of EU members. They simply replaced the UK flag with the Scottish flag.👏👏👏.”


    ‘80% so far is not ’emphatic’ Naga?’

  127. Petra says:

    ‘Ruth Wishart: Tactical voting can’t hide Unionist drubbing.’


    ‘Brexit: A grand illusion, Barnier spills the beans.’

  128. Petra says:

    ‘Nicola Sturgeon ‘wouldn’t rule out’ bringing indyref2 forward by spring 2022.’


    ‘Wee Ginger Dug: Scotland has again been failed by the London-based media.’

    ..”To put this election into context, if this was a first-past-the-post election, then the SNP have achieved a crushing and overwhelming victory – far greater than the landslide won by Tony Blair in 1997; far greater than anything ever achieved by the Conservatives under Margaret Thatcher. Winning 80% of constituencies declared by yesterday afternoon is the equivalent, for argument’s sake, of taking 520 out of 650 seats at Westminster – a majority of more than 400. This is the London media’s knife-edge Scottish election.”..

    • Terence Callachan says:

      Watched this interview Marr interviewed N .Sturgeon at the end , i thought Nicola was very weak allowed Marr to say once independent Scotland would use the pound for years and England would therefore control interest rates in Scotland , she did not disagree then he said people in Scotland would be worse off by £1500 a year average and all she said in reply is we will do things differently spend differently , she accepted GERS as valid she accepted the Scotland Act para which says the union is a reserved matter honestly no bite from her , very disappointing i hope independence supporters do not watch it , after an uplifting election result this interview was sickeing.

  129. Hamish100 says:

    For another pro Independence Party to move forward then Scotia, Alba and the others would have to come together.

    Based on my understanding of them they are pro efta but not Eu,
    They have issues over gender legislation

    If they want to advance and I can’t at this stage see how, Alex Salmond would need to stand down and proper structures and the removal of picking ex snp or I have a grievance candidates would need to occur.
    Who funds the new party? Either that they dissolve.

    For the SNP and Greens I would suggest they demand the NI conditions of trade for starters. Powers residing at the EU should be moved to Scotland as a minimum and not kept at Westminster. Another Brexit lie.

    When they are told, NO, NO, No we shall see more of the doubters moving to Yes.

    • grizebard says:

      What we got today on the media was what we always expected – “no SNP majority” English-style, and it took Jeane Freeman to point out that there is an enhanced majority for independence with the help of the Greens. So there’s absolutely no place for any tiddler on the sides, they are no more than a distraction for us and a complete, utter irrelevance to the wider public.

      We have to stay focussed and united because that is the only way we can garner the necessary increased public support. This time we have even seen that beginning to happen with our opponents, rallying to each other’s aid to deny the symbolic headline they always greatly feared.

  130. Alan Howard Baxter says:

    Good to see you back Paul. Take your time, don’t over stress, prepare for the battle ahead. If we think the last few weeks have been ugly, they will seem like a period of peace, calm, conciliation and cooperation compared with what is coming. The Daily Express has already fired the first salvo with their Sunday Headline. “Say Goodbye to IRef2 Nicola”…..

    We need your writings to offer sanity, perspective, opinion and above all a sanctuary from the maelstrom to come. So, please heed the advice from wiser contributors than me!

  131. Capella says:

    Listened to the radio Scotland post mortem. Heard Martin Geissler ask Keith Brown a question then shout down and talk over his answer. In fact he also answered himself!

    Does anyone else find the BBC attempt at analysing politics profoundly depressing? Is it the mind-set? I know I detest Tories but they can’t ALL be Tories surely?

    May have to move on for the sake of my mental health. Cant imagine what another two years of listening to this utter bilge will be like. They say the Tories will “love bomb” Scotland and throw lots of money at us to buy compliance. Soft NOs will accept it. Really?

    We are going to be focusing on recovery for the next 100 days – Keith Brown managed to squeeze this into the barrage of sound from MG. I may have to switch the radio off and rely on the internet for my information for there sure is none on the BBC.
    Looking forward to Paul’s two articles, the National, Talking Up Scotland and a few other sources of news for the next 100 days. 😬

    • jfngw says:

      I would keep away from the Bishop of Bath & Wells, the Grandee of Catalonia, the Che Guevara of Dublin and deep thought sites/twitter if I were you, they are raging.

      • Capella says:

        I’ve avoided those sites for months. Bitter and twisted about covers it IMO. I do get retweets into my timeline which gives me the flavour of the state of mind prevailing. I also watched a couple of clips of Alex Salmond addressing the troops after the election. How they can expect anyone to vote for them after the sneery attacks they fling about daily is a mystery.
        “Vote for Us We hate You All You Poor Deluded Gits” isn’t the most attractive election strap line. Time they gt some PR advice.

    • bringiton says:

      Apparently,Johnson has said that the money previously earmarked for “levelling up” (i.e.North of England) is to be diverted to the NHS instead.
      With their phoney austerity agenda,they will have limited action for spending.

    • grizebard says:

      The problem is, there are still many people whose only source is this reality-denying drivel. Mind you, I heard Mundell sr. on the R4 news today, and I can’t understand how anyone with half a brain wouldn’t realise the man is an outrageous dissembling fake democrat, one of a modern parcel of self-serving rogues who have no authority here except what they scrape from constantly demeaning their own country, only being kept in place by their masters in another country.

      Saintly Sarwar is little better, he is just cleverer at hiding his self-imposed abject servitude under the guise of exceptionalist high-mindedness.

      All of which only serves to remind us that we have to be in this for the long run, since whoever persists, prevails.

  132. Julie Govan says:

    Always great to read some common sense on a Sunday morning. What makes it better is that you’re acknowledgement of your health issues is the biggest step to your recovery. Once it’s safe enough for everyone and we’re on our road trips once more we may pop in for a cuppa but I promise to bring cake 🎂.
    Stay safe, well and true to the cause.
    (Indy Girls)

  133. Petra says:

    ‘Scotland has voted for indyref2, Nicola Sturgeon tells UK Government.’


    ‘Michael Gove dodges questions on possibility of blocking Scottish independence referendum legislation in courts. – video’

  134. Dr Jim says:

    Michael Gove brought his own personal kicking can with him to Scotland in an attempt to impress upon Scotland that Westminster has *heard* us but doesn’t agree with what they heard, y’see in Westminster land when they dedicate their entire election to *stop Indyref2* they didn’t mean it, they meant all the other things they’ll now say to quash the notion that they lost the election by repeating Anas Sarwars words like yes yes yes we heard all that but we know that’s not what people really want they want something entirely different and we’ll keep reframing that until the BBC Sky and all the other broadcasters fall into line behind our new story

    What I think the people of Scotland feel is important is the free spaghetti hoops and Weetabix that the Westminster government is going to give all Scotland’s children, we’ve just done it in Hartlepool where we gave that town another half a dozen more food banks, so you see how well the UK with its broad shoulders can work if you vote Tory

    Meanwhile the kicking can is disappearing over the horizon into even deeper grass as we speak

    Sky news presented a piece accompanied by some graphics where they proved the Independence is not the will of the Scottish people because people apparently lent their vote to the SNP for some other reasons other than what the SNP asked them to, which we all know is Independence

    The graphics were presented yes as a victory for the SNP then the presenter blatantly lied direct to camera and the viewers by saying that the SNP only reached those numbers with the help of the Greens *and a couple of other parties*

    Now we know they’re mostly talking to England with this alteration of the facts but it matters because it shows clearly how they intend to reframe once again Nicola Sturgeon as the sole Individual in Scotland who’s obsession it all is and like the bloggers we’ve had to tolerate over the last couple of years they intend to target the FM as the *baddie* the *evil* that has mislead and connived probably with the EU to rip Scotland out of the terrific UK to satisfy her malign intentions
    thus dooming Scotland to a life of poverty and horror

    Even if you’re not an Independence supporter or are unsure ask yourself one question why would any politician anywhere on planet earth want to doom their own prospects of ever being elected again by deliberately and obviously making the people who voted for them poorer

    The only people who have ever done this disappear very quickly like Farage Trump and very soon Johnson because their money making scam job has earned them enough and they don’t and never have cared about the actual people

    Nicola Sturgeon wants to be the FM or PM or whichever title we decide in an Independent Scotland, it’s not in her interests to get this wrong

  135. Robert Oliphant says:

    For those who keep on bleating SNP 1+2, wasted second vote.
    It was only wasted because not all SNP voters didn’t do it!

    If you gross up all the regions so that SNP got their 47.7% constituency share,
    they would have gained another FIVE seats on the list,
    2 in Lothian and 1 each in Highlands & Isles, Mid & Fife and West

    OK that would have been at the expense of the Greens,
    but if we’d been sitting here today with SNP on 69 seats,
    then we’re in a whole different ball game!

    There was a lot of talk before the election that you needed a crystal ball to game the system,
    well I think this just disproves it!

    Basically SNP 2 was only really wasted in Central & Glasgow,
    but it didn’t take a genius to work out that was likely to be the case,
    and even in Central where I live and I did go both SNP,
    there is enough Unionist presence here that tactical voting could have won them a constituency seat which would have freed up a list one and SNP 2 would have hoovered that up if share at 47.7%

    Still reality is we’re either talking about 64 v 57 or 72 v 57,
    either way SNP is in the majority!

  136. Capella says:

    The Tory plan was spelt out in The Times some months ago. Delay, deny delude ad infinitum (BJ loves Latin). We could add defraud.
    I’m certain Nicola is well aware of the enemy’s wily ways. She has a timetable and the train is now pulling out of the station. All aboard.

  137. Alastair Bryan says:

    Great to have you back Paul . I missed your daily blog and your common sense . Hope your health improves.

  138. Petra says:

    ‘Serious questions for the Electoral Commission tonight as inexplicable ruling appears to have robbed the Greens (and thus the pro-independence camp) of two seats they should have won.’

    ..”It’s been brought to my attention that in both regions, a fringe party called “Independent Green Voice” won a strangely respectable vote share – it was 0.7% in Glasgow and 0.5% in the south.”..

    • Jim says:

      Both my wife and I almost put a cross in the wrong Green vote box. The fact it was higher up on the list ballot paper didn’t help either. I’m quite sure a lot of people were duped by this.

    • Alex Montrose says:

      Independent Green Voice won over 2000 votes in the NE list, I’ve no idea if that affected the result, but it seems a very high number for a fringe party.

      • Jim says:

        2210 votes in Glasgow Alex. Scottish Greens were 36100.
        Thankfully my wife and I spotted the difference in time before putting the X in the box.
        I think The Electoral Commission has a case to answer to.

  139. How nice to see you back Paul.I wish that you enjoy better health and that you enjoy life.I appreciate everything that you do to promote independence for Scotland,and I am sure that inspite of limitations imposed by your health,that your future contribution will be informative and that it will boost the moral of those who seek independence.

    I can understand the impatience of people who think that Nicola Sturgeon is being too cautious.I often feel that way myself.I want independence like yesterday,but in my more realistic moments I can recognise that her approach is more likely to gain support among those who are currently sceptical about independence.Of course there are differences of opinion about the best way to achieve independence,that need not be a problem.What is a problem is when we turn on each other.The abuse received by you,and the demonisation of Alec Salmond is intolerable.He may not be perfect but his past contribution helped us to get to where we are today.While I was nervous about the effect of Alba on the election result,I do understand why many of their members feel the way that they do.

  140. Petra says:

    Watch Martin Geissler interview Keith Brown SNP in comparison to Tory Gove. Disgraceful.


  141. andrewgscott says:

    Let me add my best wishes to you as many, many others have already.

  142. Pat Hackett says:

    A very good blog which clarifies the job to be done in getting more people to support independence. It also quite rightly dismisses conspiracy theories.
    We have elected our MSPs and as Nicola Sturgeon says regardless of Party these MSPs will democratically decide in Parliament the timing of indeyref2.
    I am glad that I worked hard at persuading independence voters to vote SNP 1 and Greens 2 and as entirely expected the small percentage of greens 2 votes sid get us over the line.
    Whether or not one agrees with tactical voting one cannot however deny the mathematics that a green 2 vote would count much more than an SNP 2 vote in maximising the independence seats and the unquestionable consequence of minimising the Unionists seats in every region.

  143. Dr Jim says:

    The wasted vote stuff that the armchair pundits keep banging on about is a myth, there are no wasted votes because if anyone looks at what the media are saying right now is they are doing what every Westminster government does when there are Scottish elections, *they count the votes*
    If you have enough seats they move on to amount of votes cast for each individual party and that’s how Westminster judges what their next move will be

    The opposition knows perfectly well how Scotlands voting system works and they also know most voters don’t know that

    Every election is Scotland is a referendum no matter what any political party says and this vote was no different hence the constant repeating of *the votes are split 50/50* but Westminster counts all the votes so nobody should think votes are wasted in Scotland

    Already Gove is repeating the line that not all SNP votes were cast for Independence even though the SNP clearly stated they were, and they can’t have it both ways because the Tories based their campaign on the same premise *vote Tory for no Indyref* and they lost, again hence the change of narrative by Gove onto pandemic, economic, recovery, NHS and his uncle Tom’s sore feet which are all much more important to us Jockists than the thing we voted for

    Take a look at what the Union parties did each with the other when they planned to support each other sometimes to their own detriment as supposed different parties, they’re not different, they’re one party and the worst culprit of them all is Anas Sarwar pretending to be Mr healer of the future and friend to all as his party supported the Tories just as they handed their votes to him

    Look at the Lib Dems prepared to lose a seat in Aberdeen so the Tories could win when they hardly have any in the first place, or the Tories who handed Labours Jackie Baillie enough votes to keep out the SNP, and on it goes

    The unionist parties are one entity placed in Scotland to make sure Scotland remains under the control of England, there is and never has been a United Kingdom, there’s only the English Mafia and its Lieutenants

    • grizebard says:

      All that.

      Greasy Gove and the “disappearing mandate” really takes the cake though. Before, the Tories tried to claim the SNP and Greens had no mandate because it wasn’t explicit enough in their manifestos, now that it was explicit in both, it somehow doesn’t matter because “voters didn’t really mean it”. It’s not what they say when they win in England with considerably less votes to their credit, somehow that’s “the people have spoken”.

      This sort of apparently-effortless mandate-denying gaslighting is fundamentally corrosive to democracy, but no-one in the media seems to give a toot, just relays it all on, unremarked.

    • Drew Anderson says:

      It wouldn’t matter what the outcome was, other sets of goalposts (and positions to set them) would’ve been found; it’s what they do.

      The result could’ve been better, or a whole lot worse. I’d have bitten your arm off, to be where we are, if you’d asked me, on 19th September 2014.

      Onwards and upwards citizens!

  144. A very good blog which clarifies the job to be done in getting more people to support independence. It also quite rightly dismisses conspiracy theories.
    We have elected our MSPs and as Nicola Sturgeon says regardless of Party these MSPs will democratically decide in Parliament the timing of indeyref2.
    I am glad that I worked hard at persuading independence voters to vote SNP 1 and Greens 2 and as entirely expected the small percentage of greens 2 votes sid get us over the line.
    Whether or not one agrees with tactical voting one cannot however deny the mathematics that a green 2 vote would count much more than an SNP 2 vote in maximising the independence seats and the unquestionable consequence of minimising the Unionists seats in every region.

  145. Mark Russell says:

    Good to see you back in the saddle, Paul and I hope you continue to make a good recovery from the stroke in the future.

    As far as an independent Scotland is concerned – “so near and yet so far” – springs to mind this morning, particularly in light of the election result.

    Independence from Westminster and possibly even the EU – would have been worthwhile political and economic objectives for so many reasons prior to the pandemic – now it is an irrelevance.

    We all struggle to comprehend the magnitude of the problem that confronts humanity presently. The cataclysmic impact of Covid on our health and infrastructure is only now becoming apparent – and given the infection dynamics now occurring in India, Brazil and elsewhere – it is set to become much, much worse.

    On current trajectory, the last wave of the Covid is predicted for May 2033 – twelve years from now – but that’s only a statistical analysis with incalculable variables. When the rest of the world follows India and Brazil’s pandemic features with virulence, pathogenicity and deaths, it may be rather less.

    Which would be good in one way – as those who do survive will have to focus their energy on preparing for the climate/pollution disaster they inherit – just as much as ‘rebuilding society’ whatever that may mean.

    What was needed last January was a global solution – but first we had to acknowledge that our way of life was broken and an entirely new approach to living on this planet had to be found – and quickly.

    We are about to discover the consequences of that failure.

    I would have agreed with Derek Henry that in other circumstances, a fully independent Scotland with its own currency offers the best opportunity – with an enlightened leadership and population that understands how money could actually work for the benefit of all and good.

    So near and yet so far.

    In the immediate future, a different kind of economics will apply – those governing basic survival on a very local scale. Food, clean water, shelter and safety. Something we never thought could happen here – or any other prosperous nation – and in that we are woefully unprepared.

    The global ‘solution’ is, of course, for everyone to act in unity – such an easy thing to say or write, but clearly impossible up until now. Perhaps when we are truly humbled and broken, we will realise that we are one and all or none at all – and then we can make some progress.

    Lastly, I don’t envy anyone in public life presently – not least Nicola Sturgeon who has matured into a respected global politician and communicator, much like her predecessor – and who stands on the threshold of achieving a lifetime ambition. She’s had to adapt to the demands of the pandemic already – and will have to do so again, without respite, in a rapidly changing and very challenging global landscape.

    Good luck to her and everyone else.

    Remember Argentina; the victory lap at Hampden and the crowds from Glasgow to Prestwick as Ally and the boys headed off to bring our World Cup back home?

    I remember being gutted as a 17 year old, but it couldn’t have been anything like that of the manager or the team.

    But this isn’t football. It’s bigger – although we thought it was the same in 1978.

    It’s life or death.

    If these blogs are influential – and perhaps they are – then maybe cut her some slack and leave her to concentrate on what’s before us all. And most of all, go easy on yourselves and each other – whatever views you once held.

    Times are a changin’.

    • Golfnut says:

      So near and yet so far, not sure your post is appropriate here. Just for clarity are you advocating that it’s pointless Scotland pursuing independence because of impending climatic disaster and covid. Surely it’s patently obvious that Scotland, an asset and natural resource rich country , would be better placed to deal with any economic downturn, climate changes and further escalating covid outbreaks, as an Independent country.

      • Mark Russell says:

        It’s certainly blessed with a temperate climate and you can grow spuds unlike many places on earth.

        Sorry, I don’t understand the logic in your final sentence. It isn’t an economic downturn, but global economic collapse. It isn’t just climate change – it’s pollution and toxic waste. And we’ve only just begun the Covid journey. How does being an independent country but attached by a land border to a recently divorced partner help in these circumstances?

        Isn’t that a bit like your missus catching a deadly virus on the same day you get divorced – but you still have to share the same house, bed and living arrangements together?

        Good luck with that one too. If I were you, I’d be on the course 24/7.

        • grizebard says:

          You can conjure up as many global crises as you care, and propose, just like Sarwar, that the Augean Stables must first be cleansed before we can possibly contemplate independence, but you are wasting your time. (Indeed, we’ve been over this with you before.) Golfnut though is in very good company (FM included) in correctly recognising what you sadly seem unable to comprehend, that it’s only by gaining independence that we can more effectively tackle these difficulties, no longer chained to the conflicting, stifling and gloriously inappropriate policies of the most retrograde Tory UKGov in years.

          We have to start somewhere, and the sooner we get going the better. I would have thought that obvious enough. Your high-minded attempts at deflection may be considerably more subtle than most, but that’s fundamentally still what they are. As evidenced by the plain fact that the Scottish Greens themselves don’t agree with you.

        • Terence Callachan says:

          Mark , when you get divorced the idea is that you DO NOT continue to share the same bed and house , an advantage if you want to avoid the deadly virus your partner just caught.

          Most countries in the world are attached to other countries by a land border and do in fact manage to individually handle their own affairs and their own money.

          Mark , when you are with someone who mistreats you takes all your money spends some of it and gives you a bit a back telling what you are NOT allowed to spend it on , its time to pack your bags and leave and when they lock the door and tell you that you cant leave its time to take decisive action and forcefully leave.
          DO NOT just sit back and say oh well thats it , i can never leave , if you do , the mistreatment will increase.

    • Arthur Thomson says:

      Well, you are a cheery soul for sure Mark.

      I can’t imagine that there is a right thinking supporter of independence who imagines it is all going to go like clockwork from here. Times are indeed changing, always were and always will. The trick is to embrace change, meet it with eyes and mind open and adapt to achieve your goal.

      Happy days.

      • Mark Russell says:

        I’m not sure anyone will want to embrace the changes that are coming our way – but for sure, eyes will be opened.

        Sorry, Arthur, for being a doomsayer – it’s really not in my nature, but as much as I’ve tried, I’ve never mastered cognitive dissonance either.

        Take care.

    • jfngw says:

      I think Senna the Soothsayer was more optimistic.

      • Mark Russell says:

        Probably – but I’m happy and content with my lot. Then again, I’m old and had my time and in that I’m also selfish for it’s the children that will bear the real brunt of our stupidity.

        I spent 40 years advising people what to do with their feet and legs. Quitting smoking when the circulation had collapsed was a familiar theme. Few managed it – and even those who did never regained full health or mobility afterwards. Understanding human nature was the key to our success as a species – and despite all our technology, science and knowledge – we still know diddly squat about each other or ourselves. Despite the self obsession.

        I always thought humanity was like a powerful 12 cylinder sports car – only someone had mixed up a few of the spark-plug leads and it wasn’t firing properly. I’m beginning to realise that it was a clapped out old banger all along and is heading for the scrapyard now without doubt.

        But we had a few good trips nonetheless.

  146. David Agnew says:

    the amount of goal post shifting that is going to happen now to prevent a 2nd indy ref will be jaw dropping. Remember if they were so confident, they’d go for it themselves. They won’t because they know they’d lose this time round. They’re not fighting this dirty to keep giving a subsidy junkie free money. They’re not threatening the implementation of removal of consent from the Scots for the fun of it. They’re doing it because they can’t afford to lose Scotland. They’re the ones who are scared.

    The interesting development for me was to see Unionist politics in Scotland blur the lines between Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem parties. You couldn’t fit a playing card between them, they are now so closely aligned. It is also giving the impression that their opposition to one another is pure theatre. Not a word of truth in them anymore. They may as well call themselves the Greater Conservative party in Scotland.

    • grizebard says:

      Well said.

      One consequence of this growing Unionist alignment appears to be the virtual demise of the LibDems, all but collapsed due to their craven capitulation to the Tories in recent years, and now on life support from their former sworn enemies.

      This is all now about establishing a dominant narrative in the public mind about what just happened. The Tories in particular are trying to re-play ’16/’17 and gaslight a win for them out of nowhere. Unlike last time, though, it’s all looking a bit desperate and threadbare now. They are playing fast-and-loose with the fine line between political posturing and democracy-denial, and could easily overplay that to their ultimate disadvantage.

      • Dr Jim says:

        The Lib Dems by their own actions on behalf the Union party have relegated themselves to the end seat next to the dustbins in Holyrood, now they’ve conceded the right to even question the FM on behalf of their supporters and members, Willie Rennie had better put himself forward for the Presiding officer job before his party members wake up and realise he dumped his own party in exchange for what? the Ermine or the Knighthood?

  147. Capella says:

    The SNP winning 62 seats on the constituency in Scotland is the equivalent of a Westminster party winning 552 seats across the UK.

    Boris Johnson’s mandate to Get Brexit Done during a pandemic was 365 seats.

    – Cameron (2015) 330
    – Blair (1997) 418
    – Thatcher (1983) 397

  148. Kenny Martin says:

    So, so glad you have returned. A shining light in the darkness.

  149. Arthur Thomson says:

    It’s brilliant to have you back Paul. You are a STAR of the indy movement. You are a shining light that we can rely on not being dimmed by the lure of personal advancement. You have humility, the pre requisite of a good leader, along with your insight and humour.

    I need to comment about that “nice laddie” Anas Sanwar. He is a twenty one carat Labour spiv. He lies without hesitation and he is in politics only for the benefit of himself. Fortunately, Nicola can see right through him and he is destined to leave politics through the same door as the Labour spivs who she dispatched over the past seven years. Sarwar has zero redeeming features and will always oppose independence – his ambitions lie in Westminster, probably the House of Loafers.

    I was initially disappointed that we didn’t get more support in the election but a reality check later I acknowledged that, all things considered, it was a brilliant result. We have rock solid support from half the population as a base from which to build for the referendum. We are winning and we have the leader we need to achieve our goal.

  150. yesindyref2 says:

    Conservatives General Election 2019: 43.6%
    SNP Holyrood Constituency 2021: 47.7%

    The SNP win, Boris Johnson and his party have no mandate for Brexit.


  151. Alex Clark says:

    Glad to have you back writing articles again, two a week is plenty. Quality rather than quantity is what counts and there is plenty of that.

  152. Capella says:

    OT but cheering – spectacular version of the Marche des soldats de Robert de Bruce,
    or Scots Wha Hae to us. Filmed in a beautiful French cathedral in Occitan.

    • Thanks for this, Capella. Until my voice broke, I sang in the school choir, and remember belting out ‘Scots Wha Hae’ with bursting pride.
      You took me back.

      I also know France well, and the sublime footage of the cathedral at Occitan reminds us all that an English Parliament has placed Scotland under Priti Patel Homeland Security House Arrest, behind an Iron Curtain, with Europe’s 27 borders closed to us….

      Over the past 4 days Campbell Geissler and the Plantation Motley Crew have blustered out hysterically about a border between England and Scotland…as if we shouldn’t worry about being shut off from Europe, but embrace colony status as England’s militarily occupied Golden Cash Cow instead.
      When you watch these Brit Jocks close up, you begin to wonder if they really are brainwashed from birth.

      I am a European, not a captured prisoner of England.

      What is left for us to do?

      • Capella says:

        It is a beautiful setting and I was struck by the date, 8th May 2020. I wonder if it was to commemorate the Declaration of Arbroath. Our French friends have not forgotten us.

  153. Good to have you back, Paul, but ca’ canny.

    We are where we, on the brink of Independence, with not a little contribution from you, in your incredible body of writing, and your tireless tour of Scotland spreading the word with Calum and the National team.

    Your health has suffered, of that, there is little doubt.
    But the ducks are now in a row.

    From Thursday to Sunday, the Jock Media have gathered, the propaganda wing of Better Together, churning out the Greatest Hits from Project Fear One, and declaring to the watching millions, printing reams of column inches for the tens of thousands left still actually buying Dead Tree Scrolls, and BBC Radio Jordanhill quoting English Blahs , telling us all that Johnson would say no, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

    The message being that you are a militarily conquered colony of England, and you will remain that way, by force if necessary.

    We are a colony of England, and there is no route to self determination, ever.

    Gary Robertson interviewed Ciaran Martin, ex Head of GCHQ and MI 6 spook, who chillingly announced that, even if Scotland won a court battle to hold Indyref 2, England would just change the law, prohibiting Scotland, and Wales for that matter, from holding a plebiscite, or ‘dissolving’ the union.

    BBC had the massed Brit Nat ranks on show. Campbell, Magnusson, Geissler, Robertson, among them, churning out the usual dross, for DAYS on end. Campbell and Geissler co hosted Saturday and looked like two bald men fighting over a comb.

    Ian Murray, Christine Jardine, Jardine on top this time, continued their Unionist Love In, and today we had Gove on Marr’s and Geissler’s Better Together updates, and Sarwar allowed to spout uninterrupted meaningless drivel on both progs about ‘Labour’ being back on the pitch, on a journey, with a mountain to climb..the learnt by heart crap written by his SPAD, the junk which he has been spinning out for several weeks now.

    Speaking of meaningless drivel, Geissler actually laughed in Gove’s face..this popinjay again churning out sound bites fed to him by Baroness Davidson.
    TEAM UK..what a fucking joke.

    They tried their best.
    Salmond is finished.
    Davidson is off to the Lairds…Murdo Fraser was again rejected at the ballot box but still gets a Golden List Ticket for the Holyrood Gravy Train.

    Our FM and her tremendous team can now get back to doing ‘the day job’; taking Scotland forward and ‘dissolving’ this Union that is not a Union.

    I noted her clever use of words ‘forced by law’, when Marr tried to create a non existent cul-de-sac..if England says No, that’s the end of the matter.
    Her delay between ‘forced’ and ‘by law’ was not missed by Marr.

    Nicola looked very determined and steely when she observed that if England blocked the referendum as illegal despite the democratic will of the Scottish people, then, it meant that England would be in a very dark place.

    I could go on, but it has all been covered here, and before.

    Murray and Jardine are tired old placemats, who seemed more concerned about scots who don’t want independence, than the 62% who voted Remain…

    We’ll not miss these Hangers On in Independent Scotland, that’s for sure.
    I’m making home made Maris Piper chips tonight, just because I can.
    WE are on the way now, Duggers.

    • grizebard says:

      Cheers Jack.

      If some random ex-spook thinks that the UK can be held together despite the will of the people of Scotland by Boris behaving like Lukashenko of Belarus they must be really panicking now.

      • grizebard, you realise that our names have been taken down in a little GCHQ book just for tying GCHQ?
        There may be a loud knock at the door in the middle of the night you know.

    • Duggers, the chips were magnificent, between two thick slices of lavishly butteref dripping bread washed down with mugs of stewed tea.
      This is how I hope heaven is like.

  154. yesindyref2 says:

    Anyways, it’s good to see Scot Goes Pop back in the saddle.

    Whatever happened the last few weeks, with people actually using our own free will and vote to do what we wanted to do, it’s now all together for YES and Indy Ref 2.

    Won’t be long now.

  155. Petra says:

    ‘A Case Study in the Metaphysics of the Unionist ‘Mandate’.’


    ‘Scottish Elections 2021:- The Results’ – DR CRAIG DALZELL

  156. jfngw says:

    I see Michael Gove wants us to be part of ‘Team England’, he called it ‘Team UK’ but how can that be when every choice we have made since 2015 has been ignored, overruled, powers removed and democracy denied by the will of MP’s elected in England.

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, I think we have to use that “England” framing at every possible opportunity from now on.

      (We oldies used to complain whenever they used “England” incorrectly instead of “Britain” or “UK”. How times have changed!)

      • I am aware that Paul cautions against referring to ‘England’ when we mean the WM Government, which is England’s Parliament really, because there are an estimated 350,000 English born who have had the great good sense to come here to settle work and retire, and bring up their children in God’s Little Acre. Indeed many post on here.
        There is no hint of Anglophobia on this site, but, we are now facing a peculiar form of exceptionalism, and frankly nasty xenophobia, from our neighbour to the South, which I have no doubt fired the Brexit debacle.
        Johnson and the English ministers dared not come North during the SG because quite rightly they knew that it would demonstrate for many that we are a colony of England, and that ‘England knows best’ when it comes to running Colony One, Jockland.
        Remember Osborne, Balls, Alexander, and Lord Darling of Flipper coming North to ‘forbid’ us using the £ in 2014?

        We are treated as a captured colony by ‘England’; fact.
        It is with this mental set that Gove, Uncle Tam extraordinaire, comes North, afforded wall to wall coverage in the News channels and Dead Tree Scrolls, to lecture us all on democracy and force us to join his ridiculous ‘Team UK (England.)

        well, I for one have had enough.
        I have no doubt at all that there are tens of thousands of Incomers who are here to enjoy Gove’s ‘best of both worlds’. No tuition fees, free prescriptions, no road tolls, a National Health service, better schools, but vote Brit and would vote No in Indyref 2.
        A fine balancing act? Not really. Many are happy for a ‘parish council’ run by Nats, but still under the English yolk.
        This cannot be sustained any longer. We are ‘dissolving their Union’.
        I shall use ‘the English’ from now on in, to emphasise the colonial exploitation of Scotland.

        • grizebard says:

          I agree we have to be careful about usage, since these days I syspect there are many in England who have beome sympathetic to our situation and for honourable reasons. I believe – as I suspect you and others here agree – it should solely be in the context of governance (“English government”, since they don’t in the least represent us) and formal association (“Team England” not “Team GB” in these enforced sporting contexts where our presence is merely token and we know who always calls the shots).

          Actually, I would aim to reclaim the term “British” as a purely geographic term and not a false political one, and I firmly believe that post-independence will bring genuine friendship between ourselves and the English, since it will then be based on the soundest of foundations: equal autonomy, true equality and mutual respect.

        • jfngw says:

          I used England quite deliberately, as there is no MP from Scotland holding a role of any significance in the Johnson government, the Scottish Secretary is not significant, if he didn’t exist I doubt anyone would notice. I didn’t say the people were English but the cabinet, apart from meaningless Jack, all represent constituencies in England, that makes Johnson’s government Team England to my mind.

  157. Sean says:

    Charles Stewart Parnell
    “No man has a right to fix the boundary to the march of a nation. No man has a right to say to his country thus far shalt thou go and no further. We have never attempted to fix the ne plus ultra to the progress of Ireland’s nationhood and we never shall.”

  158. Rab1942 says:

    Freedom for Scotland? The fight for independence (interesting wee documentary from Weltspiegel, German television channel (in Engish):

    • grizebard says:

      An interesting example of “seein’ oorsels as ithers see us”. Observing those two reactionary superannuated dinosaurs in Aberdeen only emphasises just how closely aligned Labour, Tory and BritNat vested interests are there. And they are not unique, merely the most unrepentantly up-front example. Zombies for Bitter Together.

      Wake up, remaining Labour supporters! You are being sold down the river by a party whose fundamental purpose is to serve others, not you. You’re just their useful cannon fodder, as you always have been. Patients of a quack who just wants to milk your illness, never make you well.

      • Tam the Bam says:

        You nailed it Grize……estimations range between 40 /60% of SLAB voters are in favour of Indy…why?.. because at long last they are beginning to realise that the ONLY pragmatic way back for Labour in Scotland is Independence.
        The Labour party in an Independent Scotland would be almost ‘reborn’…many of them realise this truth already…others remain to be convinced . I just wonder how much longer Anas is going to continue pedalling his current mantra before the penny drops.

      • Petra says:

        Who knows grizebard Labour supporters who voted for Sarwar et al in this election may go on to vote for independence ultimately in a referendum.That applies to some Libdems too.

  159. ScotsCanuck says:

    …. Great to have you back Big Man …. just ‘ca canny untill your recouperation is well down the road …. I’ll enjoy reading your political analysis when you post … welcome back !!! …. you were aye missed.

  160. Captain Banana Hands says:

    Welcome back!

  161. Valkyrie says:

    Welcome back Paul!
    With all the crap flying around at the moment (especially the amount of it specifically aimed at you), you’d have been totally justified in packing it in. Glad to see you back though.

    As for the constant ad nauseum harping on about the vote count above…
    Who cares? The election is over. It’s yesterday’s news. Chip wrapping! If you want to constantly ramble about the math, do it in your head not on your keyboard.
    The rest of us have an independence campaign to plan for, you’re welcome to contribute to that!

  162. yesindyref2 says:

    Lorna Slater is going to be a ferociously great addition to Holyrood, and can take the load off Sturgeon a bit. Harvie was good, but Slater is a lioness. Won’t be long before Ross never attends Holyrood but sulks off in Westminster doing his multiple job stint.

    The referee is a muppet!

    • jfngw says:

      I will be referring to him as three jobs D.Ross from now on. You have promoted him, he hasn’t reached the owning a whistle level yet, he is merely a flag boy.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Now who’s going to deputise for the leader of the deputies when the deputy is at the footy, it couldn’t possibly be Jackson Carlaw again, well he was the deputy for the leader till the leader got a baby then she came back and deputised for the Westminster deputy who’s now the leader of all the deputies while the actual blameless leader is in the House of Lords being deputy Baroness

      Or something

  163. jfngw says:

    Murdo Fraser now inferring it is Westminster elections which are the constitutional ones, he hasn’t really thought this through as 81% of Scotland’s MP’s are from the SNP. No matter which parliament he turns to he will find a pro-indy majority of Scottish politicians. If only they had stayed in the EU then he could have claimed Scottish indy MEP’s were not the majority.

    Murdo Fraser the 55 year old election winning virgin, forever the bridesmaid from the wedding list.

    • Terence Callachan says:

      But in the marr interview nicola admitted the union is a reserved matter all she repeatedly said is that she hopes that westminster do not deny scotland the democratic right to decide its future i expected her to say scotland will take its right to democratically decide its own future and if it decides in favour of independence the Westminster government act called the scotland act will no longer be relevant because it is a british act and scotland will have dissolved the union rendering westminster acts of parliament powerless in scotland.

      • grizebard says:

        You’re not reading between the lines, Terence. Braveheart is just a film, this is politics. And in a divided country. There are people to persuade without scaring the horses. The standoff will come soon enough, dinna fret.

  164. Ian McGeechan says:

    2 articles a week is plenty and if you think 1 a week is what you can manage, that too is fine.
    Your views are always well thought out and fair to everyone.
    Hope you’re able to drive again soon.
    Ian McGeechan

  165. Terence Callachan says:

    Listening to Nicola on marr she is pinning her hopes on westminster adhering to democratic values agreeing to a scottish independence referendum and agreeing to respect its result , frankly im shocked , we have seen repeatedly that westminster does not always respect democracy Nicola appears frightened to say that Scotland will just declare independence if a majority of people in a Scottish independence referendum vote for independence.
    Nicola appears frightened also to say that Scotland will use its own currency right away if it has to.

    We are past the time for softly softly talking when day in day out for years we have had to listen to hostile threats ,Nicola does not appear to have the bottle for it.

    • grizebard says:

      Sorry Terence, but you’re on the wrong site for this old moan here. We’ve heard it all too often already, and we’re bored by it. We’ve had a very good win (even if you have not) and indyref2 is now just a matter of time. Try to up your game accordingly and start to think positive for a change.

      • We ? Do you mean you ?
        Sorry you are bored grizebard
        Your writings are not always electric grizebard
        Indyref2 a matter of time i agree but so is everything , what worries me is that it could be 2023 or later

        P.S. i am always happy , i cant remember the last day when i was not happy ,
        I want indyref next year at the latest , im not convinced it will be

        When you have been a Scottish independence supporter as long as me and an SNP voter as long as me , since the early seventies 1974 i voted for gordon wilson as did my parents , you get a feel for highs and lows and in my opinion Nicola is not saying the right things , i appreciate covid is still her top priority but we did not vote her and SNP back primarily for covid management we voted them in for Scottish independence and in my view now is the time to lead with scottish independence whilst managing covid and not the other way around.

        I do think she is fab but im disappointed in her presentation of Scottish independence its almost as if she does not believe it will happen unless boris says YES

        • Alex Clark says:

          Away and get a blog of your own where you will be welcome to moan in every post. You are never happy, you’re always moaning and especially about the SNP.

          If Independence is truly your goal then the way you carry on makes you out as an idiot, a complete fool who doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about.

          We will only achieve Independence when the people of Scotland are ready for it and ready to say they want Independence, you are exactly the type of person they will run a mile from with your twisting the arm up the back tactics and forcing Independence down their throats.

          Away and find another blog more suited to your view of how Independence will be won, this blog is not it. Oh, and you are a bore, so are your posts which you just keep repeating over and over, that’s the definition of a bore.

        • grizebard says:

          Your moaning is hard to ignore, try as you might to gaslight it away. And we – and I do mean we – are not at all interested in your protestations of allegiance dating back to Noah’s Ark, we’re interested in what you can say here and now to further what you still claim to believe in.

          I kindly refer you back to the house rules, since you seem to have quite forgotten them. Not least regarding the purpose of this site. Which certainly does not encompass continuing to denigrate our FM-elect.

          Oh, and some suitable humble pie from you for all the other egregious gaslighting you have perpetrated upon us recently, that is also becoming overdue.

        • cuckooshoe says:

          In my late teens, I was briefly a member of the SNP and recall helping deliver leaflets in my constituency.

          It was the same year I left school on the Friday and started work on the Monday.
          Looking back to that year just now, it turns out..

          Margo Macdonald won the by-election in my constituency!

    • Drew Anderson says:

      Nicola Sturgeon is winning the argument where it matters; getting the message across to the soft noes and undecideds. They’re the ones that will decide the outcome; not you, not me and certainly not the Alba frothers you’ve been talking up recently Terence.

      Your tub thumping and occasional anti English polemics are not, never have been the answer, so give a rest.

  166. Hamish100 says:

    Now we have a minimum of 50% of the adult population voting for Independence parties, who is bankrolling all the unionist papers trying for the other 50% and declining vote?

  167. Tam the Bam says:

    Good to see you ‘back on the horse’ Paul…..we’re heading for the winners enclosure!

  168. Alex Clark says:

    There is now a pro-Independence majority of 15 in Holyrood, which’s important to ensure that a Referendum Bill can be passed that either obtains Royal assent and paves the way to a legal 2nd referendum or it is challenged by Westminster as being outwith the competence of the Scottish Parliament.

    No one can possibly know the direction this will take now, not Nicola sturgeon or Boris Johnson.

    So that will be the next step but we will have to wait as quite rightly the Scottish government’s most important job right now is to lead Scotland out of the Covid pandemic and that is what the people of Scotland also say is their priority. It happens to be mine too and it should be for most of us.

    With a majority of 15 in Holyrood will that be enough to get these laws through?

    Of course it will be, the size of the majority matters little, what really matters is what you do now to advance the cause of Independence. It doesn’t matter the vehicle we use that takes us there, only that we all get on board, and hopefully, in time we all will before we face the polls again in another referendum.

    • Tam the Bam says:

      Gove’s in town Alex….apparently in Scotland for 2/3 days .
      I have no doubt he is here to ‘love bomb’ local councils (circumventing Holyrood in the process) and give them all a personally signed butchers apron from the incumbent narcissist @ No 10.

  169. Hamish100 says:

    Interesting times.

    Maybe our consultation referendum ( Brexit was this) should be a bit different.

    Should the Scots Parliament have responsibility for all laws?
    or, Do you wish to return all powers pertaining to Scotland to Holyrood? Or how’s about,
    Do you wish to dissolve the Union with England?
    Should England stop telling Scotland what it can’t do?

    I’m sure there are more.

  170. Capella says:

    Brown’s new campaign to save the union. Seriously. 😂 ://

  171. davidconnelly7 says:

    Well said Paul, i am pleased you can continue in a limited way. However, you contribution will still be immense.
    Good luck for the future

  172. Hamish100 says:

    BBC R4- Johnson has invited leaders of the 3 devolved countries to discuss covid restrictions. Scotland is not devolved. I assume England is just eh, England or is it UK?

  173. John Silver says:

    Best wishes Paul. Keep up the good work….but at your own pace.

  174. jrtomlin says:

    Welcome back, Paul. You are absolutely right to set a pace that does not harm your health. Two blog articles a week will be great, especially on issues that need to be addressed.

    I think that Alex Salmond’s absolutely vicious attack on John Nicholson shows that they are not going to start playing nice. But the best reaction is to ignore them and concentrate on countering their toxic presence with positive arguments.

    Take care of yourself!

  175. barpe says:

    Great to have you back, and in Tory-free constituency to boot!
    So sorry to hear you will be unable to travel around as before, but you are still, for me, a leading player in this Indy movement.
    Stay healthy and don’t overdo it, we are surely on the way now.

  176. Golfnut says:

    Peston’s take on Johnson’s refusal.

  177. Golfnut says:

    Good advice from ‘ itisfor truth ‘

    Sorry that was supposed to be a short link.

  178. Petra says:

    That’ll be the same “Team UK” that excluded Scotland & Wales from having any say in Brexit.

    Bill Cruickshank:- ”Johnson’s letter to @NicolaSturgeon talk about patronising & condescending? If I was Nicola I would tell him to stick it where the sun don’t shine!”..


    Alan Smith:- “Forget about love bombing, how about some basic respect?”@NicolaSturgeon will speak with @BorisJohnson later after @theSNP‘s victory in the Holyrood election. The PM’s expected to go on a Scottish charm offensive in response to calls for another independence referendum.”

  179. Petra says:

    Michael Gove tries to spin his way out of the consequences of ScotTories campaigning against independence and getting clobbered.

    Phantom Power:- ”Mr Black Magic Michael Gove tries to spin his way out of the consequences of
    @ScotTories campaigning against independence and getting clobbered #BBCSundayShow.”


    ”Ridge keeps asking Gove about Scottish Independence. Gove keeps ignoring the question #skynews. The only reason the Tories are scared of #indyref2 is that Scotland will leave the UK and join the EU exposing the disaster that is #Brexit even more #Marr.”

  180. Petra says:

    #Marr skewers Michael Gove on Scottish Independence. Watch Gove repeatedly reach for his glass of water in panic. Is this Marr’s best interview? #indyref2.”


    Carles Puigdemont:- ”Congratulations to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon @NicolaSturgeon and the Scottish National Party @theSNP! The election results give a pro-independence majority with a clear mandate for a second referendum. All our support from Catalonia!”

  181. Petra says:

    Lesley Riddoch:- ”Sturgeon wins a resounding victory — and a mandate for indyref2 “No one saw the SNP’s success coming back in 2011, so there was none of the tactical voting amongst Unionists then that has been rife in 2021.“



  182. Petra says:

    Ian Dunt:- ‘Supporters of the Union must accept Sturgeon’s referendum mandate.’


    ‘Nicola Sturgeon sets stage for next chapter of Scottish independence fight.’

    • Och,Petra,

      thanks for these two articles, both of which begin with tons of words and paragraphs about Nikla, and Scotland, along the lines of ‘damned by faint praise’.

      While reading both, i was waiting for the ‘but’, the sting in the tail, the patronising ‘proof’ that wee Scotland, unlike Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Sweden, the Netherlands, and so on, could not strike out on its own into the Big Bad World, and that England wouldn’t let us anyway, because the SNP didn’t win an outright majority, because of clever tactical voting by the Brit Yoons.

      It was General McArthur, I think, who observed, ‘everything before ‘but’ is bull shit’.

      Ian Dunt’s piece,in particular, is the usual ‘Yes But’ crap which Campbell Geissler and their pet ‘professors’ were touting for four days from Thursday to Sunday, and the Goebbels’ stunt of bringing Gove North and parading him through every tv and radio station, and in the Dead Tree Scrolls, is just the start.

      Geissler and Campbell in particular were visibly angry whilst they shouted over pro Independence politicians and supporters.

      There would be a border with England!!!

      60% trade!!!

      …and so on, the whinge, the dirge, of bought and paid for agents of a foreign government, England.

      I can state with certainty that not one of these sad Fifth Columnists railed against the 27 borders that a right wing English Nationalist government imposed on the land of their birth, Scotland, whose citizens did not vote for the Blue Tories, also voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU.

      The Dark Clouds are gathering.
      We are in for the fight of our lives.

      That we just roll over and accept that we are a militarily occupied colony of England, and that we are held in check by force, militarily, financially, or by key English appointments to our Universities, Finance Houses, and land ownership, will no longer hold Scotland fast as the Golden Cow Money Machine.

      WE are too clever, we Scots, to fall for this ‘gaslighting’ as Ciaran Martin, former Head Spook at GCHQ and MI6 frankly admitted.

      We are big enough, clever enough, and wealthy enough, to tread a democratic path to Self Determination.

      Thursday’s vote was the first peaceful internationally recognised step to Independence.

      Nothing can stop the people of Scotland from achieving their goal now.

      Gove is a cartoon cut out, who was savaged by Marr because Marr, good Unionist Uncle Tam that he is, knew that Gove was coming across as the balloon he surely is, and making a right Eton mess of defending their ‘precious’ Union.

      Geissler, possibly fatigue allowing his Brit Nat facade to slip during his ‘interview’ with the Harbinger of Blue Tory gloom, laughed in Gove’s face several times, before summarily cutting the piece short.
      Thankfully this man came across as a gibbering idiot on so many levels.
      I’d imagine that there we a few viewers who vote Blue tory but back Sarwar were having ‘buyer’s regret’ watching this seriously flawed ex Scot.

      England is in a very dark place now.

      Johnson isa bout to lift Covid restrictions and the beaches will fill up, Soho bars will be crammed with drunk revellers, and nail bars and hairdressers will make a lot of money, as Sunak declares ”boom!’ and building back better, while the virus re-establishes itself in their Green and Unpleasant land, ‘fuck’ lockdown, let the bodies pile high,

      It is terrific that Paul is back in the saddle.
      We need a mounted cavalry over the coming months writing and persuading, that’s for sure.

  183. Petra says:

    Richard Murphy:- ‘Out of the political confusion of this week the new is waiting to be born.’

    ..”My suspicion is that much is dying. The UK is, for a start. Brexit is history. We all now know that. But its legacy is that the UK is dying. Without a common membership of a common union it has nothing left in common to hold it together. Scotland has just realised that first.”..


    Alex Massie:- ‘Scots, not Boris Johnson, are blocking IndyRef2.’

    • I have no doubt that Alex Massie clacked off this piece of pusillanimous sophistry long before a vote was cast.
      It is more of the same; now is not the time, half of scotland says No, and 60% don’t wanta referendum any time soon…he slotted the latest results into his piece to meett his dealine, and long before the final landslide numbers were reached.
      It is the same ‘gaslighting’ of the Brits..he gets paid vey well by his English Masters for this treasonous waffle for sure.
      He has a background of middle class privately educated elitism..why would he care what happens to Hoi Polloi?

      The road is full of potholes like Massie.

  184. Capella says:

    Radio Scotland interviewed a legal person from GCal on whether the Scottish Government can go ahead with a referendum without a S 30 order.
    Michael Gove has said that the UK Government will not take the SG to court.
    But he (the legal person) pointed out that, in the devolved government, unlike Westminster, anyone can take the Scottish Government to court. The Named Persons Bill fell because the SG lost a court case against it.
    So it looks like Westminster will be relying on some anti-indy group to take the Government to court.

    • Petra says:

      I noticed that one of the interviewers managed to get that point across yesterday, Capella. Marr or Geissler?

    • Eilidh says:

      Not sure how that would work. If I remember correctly part of the case against Martin Keating questioning the legality of a Scottish Indy Ref held without a S30 order is that he was not the correct person to instigate that case. Named persons legislation was not a constitutional question as well

      • Capella says:

        Good point. Apparently, the Lord Advocate has to OK a bill is within the competence of the SG. Perhaps he stayed out of the Martin Keating case so as to keep his powder dry.

  185. Petra says:

    Richard Walker:- ‘Gove: ‘We won’t go to court to seek a block on indyref2.’


    Dick Winchester:- ”For all those who are still claiming currency is an obstacle to Scottish independence. Ignore them.”

  186. Capella says:

    Oh dear – switched over to R4 (I know I’m not taking my own advice) and Jim Naughtie is in Glasgow where, it seems, all our young people are unionists and Tories or Labour. Now Sarah Smith is interviewing DRoss and pparently Gordon Brown was on earlier.

    Campaign’s fair taken off, 😂

  187. Petra says:

    Joao kay:- ”From Spain an excellent, in depth article from El País calling the SNP an unstoppable force towards Scotland’s Independence & explaining in detail the great achievement of their record number of votes & majority with the Greens. #Indyref2 #Democracy.”


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site covering comments about the election from a number of countries.

    • Again, Petra, my eternal thanks to you and Anne for getting this stuff out there.
      Sophy Ridge of SKY enjoyed skewering that idiot Gove, who repeatedly demonstrated to her English viewers that Boris Johnson and the English government will defy democracy and treat Scotland as England always has, as a conquered Golden Cow colony of England, whose resources will continue to be plundered by Imperial England. I make no apology for my language.
      It is clear to all, including English citizens, that they have a right wing fascist electoral dictatorship, intent on crushing Scotland.

      Marr’s Sunday programme is beamed to English viewers….there is no hiding for the fascists now.
      Three times Gove refused to answer Ridge’s question.
      And the cock crowed, to go all biblical about it.
      He won’t be back Up Here again.

  188. Petra says:

    George Kerevan:- ”Nicola Sturgeon’s critics must eat their words – she’s a political titan.’—political-titan/?c=f87siv


    ‘Alex Salmond’s return to Holyrood would have been a gift for Unionists.’

  189. Petra says:

    ‘Douglas Ross calls for Lord Advocate to block Scottish referendum bill.’


    ‘Greens say confusion over ‘fascist front’ may have cost them seats.’

  190. Statgeek says:

    It seems the Financial Times is the only honest news source:

    “Final election results announced on Saturday underscored the SNP’s political dominance in Scotland. The party took an unprecedented 62 of the parliament’s 73 first-past-the-post constituency seats, with a 48 per cent share of the vote that was greater than the Scottish Conservatives and Scottish Labour combined.”

    “The remaining 53 seats at Holyrood are decided by proportionally representative regional list voting, a system that makes it very difficult for a single party to win a majority outright.”

    • ’62 of the parliament’s 73 first past the post constituency seats’.
      If Murray Jardine and Dross base their authority on the FPTP system which the BBC felt was sufficient justification to invite them on to their four day SNP Bad Special, and remember Murray is the sole Red Tory MP of 59 Scots at WM, Jardine is one of 4 Lib Dem Brits, and Dross, one of six Blue Tories, allowed front and centre coverage, and hours of Brit Nat lies and threats to their country, Scotland.

      62 out of 71…a landslide…an earthquake which shakes the Brit Establishment to its very core.
      I am known for the value Iplace on interpreting language and words used by the Brits.
      The Financial Times quite rightly refers to Holyrood as our ‘government’, not the gaslighted ‘Scottish Administration’ which Dross, ‘back on the pitch on a journey a mountain to climb’ Sarwar, and Rennie (he’ll be don’t laugh) tried to peddle in the past few weeks.
      Such a weighty tome as the FT realises that there is a Scottish ‘government’; result.

      • wm says:

        Jack, it is me again, 62 out of 73 first pass post constituency seats (the WM way) is 85% of the seats which means that if we had their system the SNP would have 110 seats out of 129. Do you think it would make any difference to their excuses that now is not the time. I have a birthday next May (2022 if I am still here) guess what present I want, bring it on.

        • wm, you old cart horse, thee and me will be around for many years to come.
          Signed Two Jags Jack.
          Was out on one of my rare sorties for bread and milk. Mairi Stuart on BBC Jockland radio let her petticoat slip.
          She ‘accused’ Nicola Sturgeon of ‘adding fuel to the fire’ by committing to her manifesto pledge and plan for a referendum in the first half of the Parliament, Covid permitting.

          ‘Adding fuel’ to Mhairi Stuart’s Brit Nat fire?
          How very dare Sturgeon enact democracy.

          Language is very important when we are dealing with the Brit Nats.
          Stuart’s ‘slash and burn’ scorched Earth is a democrat’s keeping election pledges.
          Stay safe. wm

    • grizebard says:

      “… a 48 per cent share of the vote that was greater than the Scottish Conservatives and Scottish Labour combined”. There it is in a nutshell. I’ve been banging on that with 50% of the vote you can’t be beat in any (respectable) electoral system, and that’s the gold standard, but this is an extremely impressive and close next best. Local variations combined with tactical voting can sometimes counter the overall trend in FPTP, and that has saved the neck of a few political wastes-of-space this time, and likely deprived the SNP of gaining just a little bit more of the “supermajority” it has regularly obtained from the constituencies for several years now. But by any standard this is an impressive win by the SNP, as the FT at least is able to publicly recognise, but the Unionist parties for sure also do in private for all the gaslighting they try out loud.

      I’m just glad I’m not Wee Willie Rennie. He must be gurning full time now. Under his “leadership”, the FibDems have shrivelled morally and electorally to nothing more than a mere adjunct of the Tory Party.

  191. Alex Clark says:

    Regarding who can challenge the competence of a Bill passed by the Scottish parliament are described below.

    2.99 Section 32 of the Scotland Act 1998 provides that a Bill, once passed, may be submitted for Royal Assent (see paragraphs 2.116-2.118 below) by the Presiding Officer after the expiry of a four-week period. During that period, the Bill is subject to legal challenge by the Advocate General for Scotland, the Lord Advocate or the Attorney General under section 32A or 33, and may also be subject to an order made by the Secretary of State under section 35. The Presiding Officer may, however, submit the Bill for Royal Assent after less than four weeks if notified by all three law officers (under section 32A(3) or 33(3)) and the Secretary of State (under section 35(4)) that they do not intend to exercise those powers.

    It was the SoS for Scotland that has recently challenged the legality of the Children’s Rights Bill.

    As far as a challenge being made to a Bill by an individual or another interested party, I believe that this is only possible after the Bill has received Royal Assent and became an Act incorporated in Scottish Law.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Yup, that’s right.

    • Capella says:

      So, if Gove is telling the truth 😂😂😂 the Attorney General, the Advocate General and the SOS are not going to challenge a Referendum Bill.
      That’ll be why DRoss is demanding today that the Lord Advocate rule it incompetent.

      But, after it is passed, some dark money funded group can challenge it in the Scottish Courts.
      But if none of the legal authorities challenged it earlier surely a
      mad group led by Hugh Pennington won’t succeed?

      • Alex Clark says:

        Just them muddying the waters again and spreading confusion, I think you’re right about Dross wanting someone else to do Westminsters dirty work for them.

        • Capella says:

          IIRC the Lord Advocate says that holding a referendum is within the Sottish Government’s competence. However, changing the constitution is reserved. So we can ask people but not implement the result (according to the Scotland Act 1998).

          But do we accept that the Scotland Act 1998 supercedes the Treaty of Union?

          • Golfnut says:

            The Crown and Constitution are reserved to the union Parliament via the Treaty of Union. Treaty/ Contract law trumps domestic law which is what the Scotland Act is, domestic law. The problem is that the Constitution isn’t actually a constitution, at least not the kind that could be dropped on a judge’s desk, indeed, would even be recognised by a court. What we have is 2 separate( separate in law via the Treaty and Acts of Union) bodies of law, one Scots the other English. Both meet roughly in the middle when westminster passes legislation using English law, the legislation must have amendments included in the Act to make it compatible with Scots law otherwise it can’t become law in Scotland. Paul can give you a very good example of when westminster failed to include the ammendments.
            Where this is getting really interesting is the threat to use the Supreme court, which can only make judgements pertaining to Scotland using Scots law, not as supposed UK law, which doesn’t exist.
            The law lords eventually found that the Scots parliament was competent ‘re the Continuity bill but delayed their judgement long enough to allow westminster to amend legislation( and they claim to be non political ) which made the the Scots Parliament incompetent before it could be signed off by the queen. One other thing to keep in mind is that the Scottish Parliament rejected the Withdrawal bill including the amendment’s.
            We’ve a fair wee bit to go before the shit hits the fan over this, but what it will boil down to, is where in law sovereignty sits.

  192. Rebecca Hislop says:

    Great to see you back Paul. It’s so good to have a pro Indy blogger who isn’t anti SNP As ever this is an excellent article. I do hope that your health improves. Keep going!

  193. Alex Clark says:

    Capella, here is some more info which is part of the Presiding Officer’s (Ken McIntosh) statement on the Legislative Competence of the EU Continuity Scotland Bill.

    The question of whether or not a provision is within legislative competence can only be determined by the courts and the ultimate authority on the matter is the United Kingdom Supreme Court.

    The Scotland Act provides a mechanism which allows the UK and Scottish Law Officers to refer a Bill to the Supreme Court for such a determination within the period of four weeks after a Bill has been passed by the Parliament.

    In addition, the validity of Acts which have received Royal Assent can be challenged by individuals with a relevant interest under various court procedures.

    Here is a link to the pdf containing the full statement

    • Capella says:

      Thx – we’re all going to be constitutional experts by the end of the week 🙂

    • Dr Jim says:

      In some ways what this suggests is that a Gina Miller type figure could put forward a challenge and be heard, but I kinda doubt it would because any court that dared to accept such a challenge and then upheld a judgement in favour of such a complainant would be opening up the biggest constitutional morass ever and would be legally stating that one individual from whatever country could overturn the will of a nation and it’s elected parliament

      The law democracy and all of the people in the civilised world’s lives and liberties would cease to have meaning

      • Alex Clark says:

        I think he is saying exactly that, but a challenge from an individual can only come about after a Bill has received Royal Assent and become an Act that is a law.

        Challenging the legality of a law that Westminster allowed to receive Royal Assent without challenge when they had the opportunity to do so looks unlikely to me and I’d think it then becomes much more difficult for any Individual to win in the Supreme Court.

        The obvious conclusion has to be that since Westminster did not challenge the Bill on the grounds of it being outside the Scottish Parliament’s competence when they had the chance to do so implies that they accept the competency of the Bill and none of their law officers had any objections to the Bill.

        If they want this Bill not to become law then they will have to challenge the Scottish parliament themselves and can’t just leave it for some lackey of theirs to do so because it suits them

        • grizebard says:

          I think this is a lose-lose situation for the English Government. Which is why they were busting a gut not to have to face this dilemma at all by bringing Nicola down beforehand. That having badly failed, they are having to find more insidious ways like bypassing Holyrood, starving the SG of cash to give Saint Sarwar more heat for BritLab’s mitigation hell, and spending more directly on useful idiots like Aberdeen’s little Bitter Together collaborationist enclave.

          Oh, all that and waving lots of Union Rags.

  194. dakk says:

    Good to see you back Paul.

    Quality over quantity is the thing.

  195. Dr Jim says:

    The Union doesn’t seem to have noticed that half the population of Scotland doesn’t even know or care who Gordon Brown was or is, all the younger folks in Scotland will be looking at is some old duffer threatening us in a sleekit passive aggressive way, so his nonsense about pensions won’t work on them because most of them are too young to care about pensions because they know every other civilised country can pay for them so he’s talking crap, and they’re not stupid enough to fall for his *no more organ transplants* or *no more blood transfusions* garbage, in fact most of them will be pretty insulted by his clunking behaviour

    I was bemused this morning however when the BBC dug up a man who said he voted Labour but wants a referendum on Independence, why did he vote Labour then? kinda taking loyalty to the most ridiculous levels there, if you want something then you’re supposed to vote for the political party offering that and not because my granddad and my Dad and his granddad before him voted for a union parasite party so I have to do the same, weird

    • iusedtobeenglish says:

      “so his nonsense about pensions won’t work on them because most of them are too young to care about pensions because they know every other civilised country can pay for them so he’s talking crap,”

      Or are like my daughter (just over 30) who, in the darker moments of her anxiety/depression, says my generation’ll be working till we drop. Pensions will go out of the window with this lot. Also jobs, chance to buy a home, escape from rip-off rents, not being able to afford to start a family etc. And it’s even worse for the next generation of school-leavers.

      ‘They’ seem to forget that not all younger voters/upcoming voters are drooling for the next new phone and waiting in queues for the pubs to open. And I think that’s especially true of Scotland. Possibly not as much the case in England though.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Of course if Tory Brexit Englands governments of whichever stripe are allowed to have their way (which I’ve no doubt they will) pensions will be available to buy in the same way as health insurance will be bought from those nice American chaps with the giant companies who will cover every eventuality until it happens then they wont’ cover anybody because endless clauses too minute for anyone to read will come into play or the type of illness suffered is not specified in every last detail, or like American company *Great Northern Insurance* will simply declare bankruptcy if found guilty and reappear the next day as something entirely different with almost the exact same name

    • grizebard says:

      Pension scare stories are the bread-and-butter of keeping the no-tending oldies onboard the BritNat bus. It’s all utter bollocks, but it’s just another part of the incremental gains they need to keep us from crossing over the winning line.

      A credible counter is simply to offer a “pensions guarantee” that is strictly unnecessary but avoids any detailed explanations (bearing in mind the old political adage that if you have to explain your position in detail, you’ve already lost the argument). Make the guarantee +5% which is easy to fund and offers a bit of a cherry on top. Job done (as much as can be done there, anyway).

  196. gullaneno4 says:

    The last time Gordon Brown promised us anything was The Vow.
    That ended well for him.
    Blown out of the water when Cameron introduced the English Parliament @ Westminster two days after the results of the 2014 referendum.

    Never trust a Tory [or Gordon Brown]

  197. Hamish100 says:

    Dr Jim, the 16yr old from Gourock says she wanted Independence. U.K. voted Labour as they wanted teachers to be vaccinated. Not recognising that labour accepted they were not going to win the election but hoped to beat the tories. In the end many labour voted Tory anyway.
    Still G Brown in the National “ launching a new campaign to save the Union after Scots elected a pro-independence majority to Holyrood.

    The former Labour prime minister declared that the think tank he set up, Our Scottish Future, will become a “campaigning movement” to make the “positive, progressive and patriotic case for Scotland in Britain”.

    I hope he is asked will you challenge the democratic parliamentary process in a court of law? Another question, why did you lie and fail to deliver “the Vow”. Brown wouldn’t be doing this without the support of the libdems , labour and tories. I wonder how many secret meetings and calls have taken place? Another question.

    I do think we are over 50% by a few % points. Just like the 16yr old or the other person not voting SNP or Green they will vote for Scotland governing itself.

    The demographics are in our favour as well as the wider public mindset.

    • iusedtobeenglish says:

      It’d also be useful to have answers to:

      “So this is a cross-party initiative to see how the union can be changed to protect the powers Scotland has and give them further, protected powers is it?”
      “Do you actually have any authority to take action on any of your promises? Because you didn’t when you produced ‘The Vow’. Even with all 3 WM leaders signing it”

    • David Agnew says:

      He can’t make a positive, progressive and patriotic case for Scotland in Britain. Better together was their positive case. Built on three pillars that were:
      Scotland needs the UK to be represented in Europe.
      Scotland needs the broad shoulders of the UK to manage the economy.
      Only the union can protect the NHS.
      Boris Johnson and Brexit drove a wrecking ball through all three. Unionists are now a hostage to the fortunes and whims of a crooked band of spivs. These spivs are implementing voter suppression, attacking the judiciary and implementing aggressive policing. Yet it is these very same spivs, Gordon Brown needs to rely on to save his precious wee union. Unionists need to seriously contemplate that leaving the fate of their union in the hands of Boris Johnson and the tory party, was in anyway a wise move.
      Like the farmers and fishermen of the UK, they too will soon know what it feels like to be the dumbest fuckers in the room.

  198. Dr Jim says:

    If Scotland had its own media would they be swarming all over England asking the people of that country why they think Scotland’s political future was anything to do with them, then presenting that on our TVs as evidence that England believes they own the colony of Scotland

    When you come to reverse the position as to any of England’s decisions nobody ever asks the people of Scotland if we like it or not, we’re just expected to be stuck or go along with whatever the so called *British* people decide then the word *country* is included, the message being that Scotland isn’t a country

    My guess is that Wales is probably in the same boat

    Talk about gas lighting????

    • grizebard says:

      If Scotland had its own non-partisan media, they would additionally be asking Federal Broon how he has the gross effrontery to come out batting for his precious Union again when he has never apologised for the industrial-scale lies he told the last time.

      If we had a CNN, his mendacious villainy would have been efficiently dissected and exposed a political lifetime ago.

      The only mercy is that if the BritNats truly believe that El Gordo is their “secret weapon” to keep us in the Union, we’re going to be laughing (scornfully) all the way to victory.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Boris Johnson has revealed his secret weapon in his fight to continue to own Scotland and it’s a 95 year old benefit recipient from England commonly known as Elizabeth Windsor which we understand is an alias and the correct name is Elizabeth Sax Coburg Gotha, later being crowned the Queen of England

        The Queens speech is to be Boris Johnson’s delivery method for his plan to prevent Scotland’s democracy taking place, I am given to understand an impassioned plea to Scotland to remain subjects of Englands will accompanied by a passive aggressive threat if Scotland does not decide to undertake this veiled edict

        Here’s hoping the people of Scotland recognise the threat when they hear it and process that information accordingly

        • See my post at 9.00 pm belwo, Dr Jim.
          How any Labour supporter can now stick with Sarwar the millionaire dentist by not considering self determination for Scotland beats me.
          You are backing a man who advocates that we Scots allow another country to run our affairs?

          • ‘belwo’?
            Time for a cuppa and for some bubble gum TV.

          • grizebard says:

            (I presume that in your last para there, Jack, you are addressing your proverbial residual Labourite and not our own dear – and clearly onside – Dr.J?)

            • Indeed, grizebard.

              It’s been chucking it down most of the day. I have plants to bed, hanging baskets to hang, but am stuck indoors..hence the clack clack clacking on here.
              Fatigue has caught up with me following the three day election.
              A binge of Yes Prime Minister might be the ticket.
              Je te demande pardon, Dr Jim.

            • Woody Wood says:

              This blog is like an open window in a room full of farts.
              Post what you can when you can it will always be welcomed and you don’t owe anybody anything. Good luck with the recovery ma ha.

  199. The Gillies says:

    We need more people like you Paul. I know all about fatigue and lack of energy and movement after illness . But you have to keep plugging away. Glad you are back .

  200. JMD says:

    Grizebard 1.56

    Grizebard 1.56
    I take your point about Brown etc if they think that he’s still somehow “revered” here just shows their arrogance and stupidity. What I take issue with your portayal of CNN as some sort of fewarles and without favour provider of facts and truth. That notion is absurd I’m afaraid, CNN is as thoroughly biased as the “Scottish” media, just in different ways and toward diffwerent ends.

    • grizebard says:

      I don’t know what wider point you may be hinting at, but I’m just making the simple observation that anyone who witnessed the way CNN through the last several years has unstintingly challenged and exposed the lies emanating from their own country’s shameless right wing and their populist Trump government, and compared it with the pusillanimous echoing and amplifying of Tory dross that the BBC serves us up with instead, could hardly fail to observe the stark difference. If we had a broadcaster with even half the same ability and willingness to confront the BritNat propaganda here, we would be in a far better position now. Probably even independent already. That’s all I’m sayin’. Life’s too short to expand this any wider. Maybe after we’ve got ourselves where we need be first…? {grin}

    • Dr Jim says:

      What an absolute arrogant twit who doesn’t understand that politics isn’t what’s written down somewhere it’s about what isn’t written down and the perceptions and determination of the people involved

      It’s like saying Muhammad Ali couldn’t beat George Foreman because he was too strong and too big, but he did

      • grizebard says:

        Actually I thought a lot of what he wrote makes sense, but the one indigestible bit that got me was:

        If it [the SG] does [bring in a referendum bill], it is likely that the court will strike it down on the grounds that the Scotland Act clearly states that the union between Scotland and England is a matter reserved to Westminster.

        I believe this is nonsense, pure undigested BritNat bluff for the benefit of the Graun’s readership, since the Supreme Court itself has already clearly intimated that the only possible solution to the constitutional question is a political one, not a legalistic one.

        The English Government can’t without capital-C Consequences deploy the sleekit notion that it can change the legal rules of the game any old how whenever it looks like losing the political argument, simply in order to brute force the SC and the SG to bend to its imperious will. As you say, that is real-life political dynamite, and if the English Government tries to do the high-wire act that Keating shallowly seems to think is so easy-peasy, they are very likely to bring the whole Establishment house down upon the whole lot of them, Supreme Court, Westminster, their democratic pretensions and all.

        • Golfnut says:

          There was also another article, New Statesman I think, which assumed they would be keeping the oil due to a change in the maritime boundries, all above above board and legal, the implication was it was passed by Parliament. We know that’s not true of course, the deed was done in council and kept secret, so not above board and very dubious regards it’s legal standing. The FM of course has set the cat a!omg the pigeons so to speak by almost casually referring to the Dissolution of the union which kills stone dead any notion of them dictating terms.

      • That would be Professor ‘Three Passports’ Michael Keating, whose patronising tosh in the Guardian is merely Massie’s garbage reheated.
        He holds British Irish and Canadian citizenships.
        Problem solved..we scots can get 3 Passports?

        It is with a sense of great wonder in this individual that our Elite, whether academic, professional, titled, political, or through filthy richness, and their compliant lackies in broadcasting and journalism, genuinely believe in their considerable influence, that their intellect and position trumps all, even electoral results, which threaten their top tier status in their self promoting hierarchy, which survives despite our efforts to be governed democratically.

        Thursday’s vote was Oi Polloi speaking, yet none of those who hold this country fast as a colony of England, and who are richly rewarded, like Professor Keating, for doing so by reminding us all where the real power lies, in those with money, control of the means of production, agriculture, finance, ownership of the land itself, the heads of our higher education establishments, those who perpetuate a feudal system in the shape of Royalty, an ancient nobility, and, yes, the established churches, who are the most conservative and oppressive institutions in the land, none of them believe in democracy.

        They are members of an oligarchy, and at times like this, when the people speak, Keating and Massie see themselves as the buffer, driving the barbarian from the door.
        You and I, are the barbarians, Duggers.

        We are not in their cosy little club.

        We merely empty their bins, nurse them when they are unwell, and fetch another bottle of Nuit St George to their table, there’s a good chap.

        They are in a blind panic. There is a real danger that we shall take our country back, and drive the fat lazy Fifth Column from their well paid little Brit Nat sinecures.

        They’ll be sent out in their droves over the next year or so, on the telly, on steam radio, columnists in the Dead Tree Scrolls, fighting the good fight for the belted earls, the filthy rich, and disgusting human beings like Boris Johnson.

        And by Christos, they’ll be handsomely rewarded.

        We are up against the most frightening Iron Heel Oligarchy in the history of the world.
        But we shall win the day.,

      • Legerwood says:

        Dr Jim,
        Thought you would like it 🙂

  201. Dr Jim says:

    The Scottish government don’t have the powers to grant broadcasting licences, nor does the Welsh government so all broadcasters within Scotland must be licenced by the English government and answerable to them

  202. Hamish100 says:

    The problem the unionists have is the snp won, the Greens did well. Their basic problem is to argue against democracy. Even Trump thought he could fix it.

    Still I had to smile at this quote from another site “ ALBA voters do not owe the SNP anything at all. The SNP owes ALBA voters two constituency seats.” So there!

    I feel happier this week than last. We will work through this.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Yeah but Murdo Fraser said, yet in Tory Murdo Fraser’s own constituency this is now the seventh time they have voted against him yet he is returning to the Scottish parliament as their representative when they clearly don’t want him

      Maybe the Salmond party should just join the Tories, nobody wanted them and they don’t respect democracy and blame the SNP as well

      Salmond still refuses to accept that the voters are the judge and jury in elections and they found him guilty

      • Hamish100 says:

        Still I saw (Dame) sorry Baroness Clark of Kilwinning Katy Clark of labour been interviewed at Holyrood. another left winger who likes a bauble. I was surprised as she was resoundingly defeated by Kenneth Gibson of the SNP.
        I think this whole aspect should be changed during independence.
        If the list votes represented the populace will as a whole then they could be a 2nd chamber. Problem with this system is we would have 3 snp in the second chamber. Still we can change the system on Independence.

        • grizebard says:

          The problem with AMS is that it inherently creates two classes of parliamentarian. That is inherent in its construction, since it tries to crudely bodge a fairer result onto a bonkers unreconstructed FPTP election. And while that abomination lasts, ordinary people will stick like clams to perceiving it in their fusty old ways, which gives the media a very easy time indeed with nonsense like “no overall majority” and “hung parliament”.

          Consequently, the “unelected” appellation will always linger when parliamentarians are elected from party lists, because the choice of representative is effectively made either by the party faithful alone, or even worse, is fixed-up by a handful of uber-privileged in proverbial “smoked-filled” rooms.

          But as you say, all of that can (and must) wait.

          • Statgeek says:

            “Consequently, the “unelected” appellation will always linger when parliamentarians are elected from party lists, because the choice of representative is effectively made either by the party faithful alone, or even worse, is fixed-up by a handful of uber-privileged in proverbial “smoked-filled” rooms.”

            Indeed. FPTP too is a selection of listed candidates. People sometimes forget that, and forget that regardless of the system, party management will always ensure themselves a place first. It’s the way of things.

  203. andyfromdunning says:

    Reading all the comments above I am dismayed that a few of us use aggressive language to attack a different view point. In addition to this some posts are contentious without another having a go.

    Paul had been asking all of us and the Twitter bammers to stop this, it does not help. On street stalls before Covid this blog was one I gave to people asking them to read it over time in order for them to learn. Regrettably I can no longer do this due to some of us having lack of control of emotions.

    Yes disagree, but do so constructively with a counter point. Not what I see happening above. No wonder soft No’s wonder.

    • grizebard says:

      So much sensitivity from an Alba supporter, it’s impressive. (You surely haven’t been back on WaS for a while, then.) But I can understand that you’re smarting right now.

    • Dr Jim says:

      This site is a model of reason compared to others, there’s not even the employment of passive aggressiveness by regulars in an attempt to illicit unpleasantness

  204. Alex Clark says:

    Open Democracy reveals the extent of “dark money” being spent on facebook ads encouraging tactical voting for Unionist parties in the election. It also exposes how the Greens may have been denied an addition two seats by a far right party using the name Independent GREEN Voice that may have duped voters.

    Another website, run by former Brexit Party MEP Brian Monteith – who was also behind Capitalist Worker – bought more Facebook ads in the final week of campaigning than the SNP.

    Monteith’s Think Scotland, which does not reveal the sources of its funding, spent £12,600 pounds on Facebook ads in the week to 6 May. The SNP, by contrast, spent less than £10,000.

    • Petra says:

      Thanks for the link Alex. A REAL eyeopener. And thank goodness there are still some decent journalists around like Peter Geoghegan and Mary Fitzgerald.

      ‘Jeffrey Donaldson sued us. Here’s why we’re going public.’

      ..”Jeffrey Donaldson is pitching himself as the ‘moderate’ candidate in a race that will have a major bearing on politics in Northern Ireland, and beyond. So today, we are doing something that doesn’t always come naturally to journalists. We’re speaking up about how he tried to silence us.”..

  205. chocolass says:

    Very depressed reading up about the Greens (and the independence cause ) being done out of 2 msps.
    Surely they can appeal?

  206. chocolass says:

    And don’t get me started on Gordon Brown!

  207. Alex Clark says:

    So no sooner has Dame Ruth Davidson left Holyrood for the House of Lords than she gets her nose in the lucrative trough. She has bagged herself a gig economy job working 30 days a year for a salary of £85,000 with Royal London Insurance.

    That job will be overshadowed and amount to small beer once the Executive Director roles and other offers start to roll in. Nice work if you can get it.

  208. Dr Jim says:

    Murdo Fraser on newsnight complaining about the SNP again when he himself has been rejected by his own constituents in 7 elections but his party the Tories have imposed him on those voters who rejected him yet again, Unionists don’t do democracy

    • grizebard says:

      The more we stretch them, the more their essential anti-democratic nature becomes apparent for all who care to see. Which is more and more people as time passes.

      The truth is, all the BritNat shills, whether dimwit DRoss or “Mr. Nice Guy” Sarwar, are propped-up by vested interests elsewhere. Despite that, Rennie is now effectively as much of a “goner” with his “wee three” companions as Salmond is a failed “comer” with nothing.

      So it’s “one down, one to go” really, then it’s all over bar the shouting. Faltering in England, slipping further in Scotland, how can NorthBritLab manage to keep already-flagging party morale going – whoever is {ahem} “leader” du jour – without any real hope to offer its remaining dedicated followers? Near half of them already in passive disagreement, and depending on Tory voters to retain even what little they have – how shameful is that?

      The Tories are always going to be Unionism’s “last man standing” (or is that “dead man walking”?), but on their own they’re nothing.

      History awaits them all.

  209. Alex Clark says:

    Alex Salmond has suggested the UK Government is “currently considering” whether to use a “pop-up organisation” to mount a legal challenge to indyref2, in a bid to make it seem like normal Scots were contesting the plans.

    The Alba Party leader told BBC Good Morning Ulster he believes the Cabinet Office is investigating whether to “challenge directly” or to use “some shadow organisation” so it can “claim it was Scottish citizens who were challenging, not the UK Government”.

    I’m absolutely certain that Westminster have been considering it but it doesn’t change the fact that a “pop-up organisation” can only make a legal challenge after the Bill has gained Royal Assent and become law. Westminster can’t then argue that this law was outwith the legal competence of the Scottish Parliament if they have failed to challenge it themselves before it obtained Royal Assent.

    I suspect we will be hearing a lot more of this tosh in the weeks to come.

  210. Golfnut says:

    A prime example of the bbc manipulating the news and public perception.

  211. Statgeek says:

    Some data and eye candy on the election:

    Other bits n bobs:

    Greens: 12 seats, 5 deposits lost, Min: 2.61%, Med: 5.38%, Ave 7.65%, Max: 25.18%

    The lowest percentage that secured a seat was Edinburgh Central (SNP gain from Con) with 39.02% of the vote.

    The highest five percentages that missed out on a seat:
    Ayr : SNP gain : Con VI – 43.08%
    Banffshire & Buchan Coast : SNP Hold : Con VI – 42.89%
    Dumbarton : Lab Hold : SNP VI – 42.49%
    Shetland : Lib Hold : SNP VI – 41.88%
    Perthshire South and Kinross-shire : SNP Hold : Con VI – 41.25%

    Labour’s highest % win was Dumbarton with 46.35% of the vote. This is also the 5th most marginal majority. The top five most marginal seats now:

    Ayr : SNP : 170 (gained)
    Banffshire & Buchan Coast : SNP : 772 (held)
    Shetland : Lib : 806 (held)
    East Lothian : SNP : 1,179 (gained)
    Dumbarton : Labour : 1,483 (held)

  212. yesindyref2 says:

    Here’s another one from Aileen McHarg, she says good summary from Stephen Tierney:

    and this is who he is

    There’s as many views as there are constitutional experts, only a court can decide, though curiously the court may well examine their opinions. Seems to me though he got this wrong “In the lead up to the 2014 referendum the Scottish Government accepted that it required an Order in Council to transfer temporary competence to hold the referendum under section 30 of the 1998 Act.” as they did no such thing. Taking the S30 didn’t mean they recognised any need for it.

    In fact some have argued that sets a precedent, and some have argued it doesn’t.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      And an interesting article at the time (Nov 2012)

      and here’s Aidan O’Neill’s advice to Martin Keatings. I think the discussion of Parliaments in terms of democracy wasn’t used in the case, and it seems to me more interesting than the Scotland Act approach.

      Every pundit is concentrating on the Scotland Act and “reserved matters”. I’m not convinced that’s actually relevant, ultimately. But hey, what do I know?

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Cameron’s insistence on the S30 will have originated from legal advisers as much to muddy the waters over “precedent”, promoting the S30 issue as “rock solid” via the media ever since is usually a sure sign of diversion, and the Tories do love playing “Look, a squirreI”.

      Your second point “Every pundit is concentrating on the Scotland Act and “reserved matters” ” further underlines this point, a desire to avoid any reference to the legal status on which all of this is founded.
      As yourself I’ve no legal insight, but it strikes me as distinctly odd that a Parliament of a nation of people who signed up to a Treaty cannot equally annul it, thereby all that was built on it ceases to be binding, hence the constitutional limitations on Holyrood.

      As to the referendum itself that they are at such pains to promote as illegal – a referendum is an advisory poll to gauge public opinion, it has no legal effect thereby cannot be illegal – what Parliament decides to do on foot of the results may take legal effect and it is only here where constitutional affairs may be broached.
      The Tories (et al) are desperate to prevent that referendum ever taking place since they fear not only the result, but that the rest of the world sees it too, leaving THEM to solve the constitutional question which then arises.
      DRoss et al’s word salad of “wildcat”, “illegal”, etc attributed to a referendum is complete piffle.

      • Golfnut says:

        There’s no doubt now which route Nicola is using to take us out of this union, a set ear plugs might be a good investment as the noise levell rises.

    • Alex Clark says:

      This is a good article by the Daily Record from early 2012 where Michael Moore SoS for Scotland was trying to persuade Alex Salmond to accept Westminster’s offer of a Section 30 order and Alex Salmond was insisting that the Scottish Parliament had the legal right to hold a referendum on Independence without any need of a Section 30 order.

      Mr Salmond said there was “plenty of legal authority” to support Scottish Government proposals to stage its own ballot.
      The Scottish Secretary refused to say today if the UK Government would mount a legal challenge to any referendum staged by the SNP administration, but he said that the Nationalists’ plans “run the risk somewhere along the line of legal challenges”.

      It all sounds very familiar and nothing has really changed 9 years later.

  213. John McLeod says:

    Its great to have you back Paul. Just knowing that your take on things will be available, even occasionally, makes a difference. Like many other independence supporters I have been reading your blog for many years. I trust what you have to say, and look to you as a source of wisdom and sanity in what is often a confusing and polarised on-line media.

  214. Petra says:

    ”Being reported tonight 3 unofficial investigations are being looked into electoral fraud into west Aberdeenshire. The reports coming through holiday home owners from other parts of the UK managed to vote illegally.”


    Philip Sim:- ”One outcome of Friday/Saturday counting: we now have Spreadsheet Sunday! Here are the most marginal seats at Holyrood before and after the election – 2016 results on left, 2021 on right. 16 single-digit majorities both before and after, and ten are the very same seats…”

    • Statgeek says:

      Well I could have spammed the forum with all sorts of charts, stats and screenshots of spreadsheets, but chose not to out of deference to the fact that most folk can’t be bothered with them.

      Then you spam the place with multiple posts, and link to the BBReee.

      F**k sake.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Why that ill-tempered rant, “spam” ?, ffs…
        If you have no interest, do as I do with Colin Alexander, scroll on by…
        What Petra copies over from what was Nana’s links (kept alive thanks to the largely overlooked work of Ann over on indyref2), it happens to be of no interest to me either as I read them every day where they come from.
        “Spam” they most certainly are not unless you’re Hugh Pennington 🤔🤣

        • Statgeek says:

          We spend so much of our time moaning about wanting a Scottish media, but we hit the BBC sources… It was ill-tempered. Posting Beeb sources when it’s available from Wikipedia seems like a waste of a better resource in favour of a worse one.


      • Petra says:

        If you don’t like what I post on here Statgeek then just scroll on by. If Paul doesn’t like what I’m doing he’ll let me know as it’s his site in case you hadn’t noticed. I have in fact contacted him in the past to ask if he was happy about me doing this and he said yes.

  215. Petra says:

    Ian Dunt:- ‘Unconscionably stupid to block Indyref2’.’


    Phantom Power:- ”That’s Scotland’s election result null and void – Gordon Brown’s done a dodgy poll. Brown: Works for investment bank. No executive power to demand anything. Scottish Labour dropped seats share. UK Labour vote disintegrating. Your promises are worthless – see The Vow/Home Rule.”

  216. Petra says:

    Phantom Power:- ”Japan broadcasting the Scottish election results and prospects for independence #Scotland.’


    ‘Irish Times. Tory dominance is likely to hasten break-up of the union.’

  217. Petra says:

    ‘Scottish independence will impact the UK’s global role.’


    Phantom Power:- ”Douglas Ross – jack of all trades, master of none £££ @ScotTories.”

  218. Petra says:

    ‘Haste Ye Back! How Scotland could return to the EU. A newly independent nation would face significant hurdles on the road to Brussels but none looks insurmountable.’


    Anthony Salamone:- ”Joint with the ‘Spanish veto’, the budget deficit is the most overemphasised and misinterpreted aspect of Scotland joining the EU under independence. Short version: No, Scotland’s notional budget deficit does not put EU membership in doubt. A thread.”

  219. Petra says:

    ‘Over but not done.’


    ‘Ruth Davidson in for £85,000 payday as she joins Royal London board as non-executive director.’

  220. Petra says:

    ‘England needs a smooth border more than we do.’


    ian Dunt:- ”Clear pattern across the bills in the Queen’s Speech. Voter suppression through pointless ID scheme, reform of judicial review, continuation of policing bill to silence protests. They all expand the power of the Conservative government and undermine that which might challenge it.”

  221. Petra says:

    ‘Wee Ginger Dug: Despite Tory absurdity, indyref2 ball is in Scotland’s court.’


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

    • raineach says:

      He brought this upon himself by not respecting the rules not to identify the witnesses

      • Dr Jim says:

        You don’t get to play maverick with the law, they don’t like it and they don’t like dangerous precedents, even Boris Johnson found that out and only his position rescued him

      • Stuart MacKay says:

        What about all the others who allowed jigsaw identification to take place? In many cases the process was much quicker and easier. Why no prosecutions there? or is justice only being meted out to opponents of the government?

  222. Hamish100 says:

    Not a fan of the individual but I do think other journalists including bbc produced information which allowed jigsaw descriptions should you wish to identify people.

    In that respect Mr Murray has been harshly treated.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      The difference it seems to me, is that Murray claimed inside knowledge that Salmond had given him, wrote up that article Yes Minister, but clearly putting “First Minister” in it to make the context certain, refused to remove the article when asked, and then tried to claim he was innocent because others were just as guilty. Perhaps he could have been given community service, rather than jail, and perhaps his appeal should be on the basis of that, rather than continuing to maintain relative innocence. My guess is he’s not an easy client to be the Advocate for, as he still thinks he did nothing wrong, as do those who are still egging him on from the comfort of their own keyboards. Even his crowdfunder for his own trial included releasing papers for Salmond’s benefit to be used in his own trial. And his tone even now on twitter shows contempt for the court. He is his own worst enemy.

  223. Jacksg says:

    There is a Scot Govt briefing by the FM at 12.15pm. Not sure if the BBC are broadcasting it but you can watch it on the SG Twitter page.

  224. Jacksg says:

    That should be the SG COVID-19 briefing. 😀

  225. Dr Jim says:

    God help us, Boris Johnson even got the poor old Queen to repeat his *levelling up* slogan
    I’ve not any time for Royalty but this poor old lady really shouldn’t be doing this anymore when it’s perfectly obvious she couldn’t be more disinterested and also extremely tired, watching that exhibition was like a visit to a zoo and feeling sorry for the animals contained there

  226. Jacksg says:

    I saw that Jim. Not a forward-thinking modern government. More like some old Pathe news report from the 1950s minus the fashion. I am no Royalist but poor old Lizzie. leave the woman in piece.

  227. Dr Jim says:

    So the new line on Scottish Independence seems to be that only one third of Scottish voters want it now and one third of voters want the Union and one third don’t care, this is according to an English political analyst who can’t or doesn’t want to count, because if 50% of the voting population said YES to Independence that isn’t one third, but 49% of the voting public said NO to Independence leaving only those who didn’t vote at all being counted by Westminster as NO voters because they didn’t vote at all, which is unfortunately for England’s battle of the rewriting of events absolute garbage even on George Galloways stilts

    In every election not everyone chooses to take part that is their right in a democracy, what you cannot do with these non votes is count them as one thing or the other, they don’t exist, they are a dead parrot

    The English political analyst went on to talk about Alex Salmond as did Fraser Nelson of the Andrew Neil Union party, and what they’re now suggesting is that if Scotland wanted Independence so badly they would have voted for Alex Salmond to get it, well here we go again delving into the minds of Scottish voters with England logic that no matter what the people of Scotland personally thought of Alex Salmond they would have voted for him anyway because that’s what people in England do, made obvious by Boris Johnson’s lack of popularity but England’s desire to rid themselves of Nasty Furriners and EU dictators (in their minds) to achieve an end

    Insulting or what? These dire and ridiculous methods to convince themselves and others by twisting and convoluting words and numbers to brainwash the middle ground of floating or couldn’t care less voters is propaganda of the most obvious and offensive type, it’s demeaning and insulting to people’s intelligence in Scotland using the same style of trickery employed by the anti SNP Nicola Sturgeon blogging idiots, just on a much grander scale because more people listen to what they think is official rather than dispirit Internet gangs of scribbling malcontents with personal agendas

    When English government’s engage in this behaviour they know that immediately their toadies in the right wing press and media which (don’t be fooled, is all of them) will pick that up and amplify it for them

    Already this week we have seen the BBC altering newspaper headlines before placing them on their website
    By the end of this week be assured that Independence will be guaranteed to be off the table for another generation because Nicola Sturgeon is nothing but bluff as she really doesn’t want it and neither does the rest of Scotland or we would have voted for the previous guy who lost and not the new woman who’s winning

    Now where have we seen this kind of rhetoric *hammered* at us for the last two years and how did Alex Salmond fare in the election? nowhere!

    See the similarity in the stop Nicola Sturgeon parties, I say similarity but they’re exactly the same, one saying he supports Independence and the other, the UK, saying they’re against Independence

    We live in nasty times and must tolerate nasty people but we mustn’t be fooled by any of them

    • Capella says:

      I think the stilts belong to Jim Sillars But I know what you mean. We don’t want independence and that’s why we voted in droves for parties which propose it.


  228. Hamish100 says:

    Interesting that the bbc talked to labour and tories after the FM speaking on the covid news. Interesting that the Greens were ignored.
    Is this it bbc scotchland 2 unionist parties commenting only?

    Then the BBC big boys and girls news. Time to discuss Mr Murray’s conviction and Alex Salmond.
    Then the news Scotland to level 2. Moray to remain in level 3. U.K. together on foreign travel.
    No mention of the islands moving to level 1. That would be too much like good news

    News management all around.

    • cuckooshoe says:

      A fall at the first hurdle by the state broadcaster. Two is better than three. The BBC would have had the Lib-Dems on had they achieved five wins in the election.

  229. Hamish100 says:

    Pixywine who likes to peek on this site.
    Your comments are a disgrace. I hope your moderator removes them from his site.

    • Dr Jim says:

      A dim inishing rabble Hamish, oh but don’t tell them who I really am, humour appears to upset them

      • Hamish100 says:

        Dr Jim. Maybe they know you are the FM! Just as they knew about the FM conspiracies, supermajorities, 6-10% support and the rest. It’s been a hard week for those that have woken up.

  230. Capella says:

    I’m surprised Craig Murray got a custodial sentence at all. I thought a hefty fine would be the result. But he has 3 weeks to appeal and so things may change soon. I hope so. Much as I agree that he is his worst enemy, I think an 8 month jail sentence is OTT.
    Here is the court statement explaining the decision:

    • Dr Jim says:

      The law requires some visible attempt at remorse to apply leniency, they got the opposite which leaves them with little choice but to punish rather than admonish

      • raineach says:

        His constant use of ‘read between the lines as I’m not allowed to say this…’ did not impress the court. that’s in the earlier decision
        read from para 69 onwards. I reckoned he would get 6, and i doubt appealing is going to help him much

        • Petra says:

          “Musing and speculation” just about sums it up, as does section 66 on page 33. Over and above being obsessed with “informing the public” of the identities of complainers he did his utmost to influence his readership to believe that the FM of Scotland was part of a female cabal to get someone jailed based on his “musings and speculation.” The latter issue ultimately quashed by AS himself. He, CM, thinks that he’s invincible, is above the law and to some extent on occasion won’t be responsible for his actions at all which should lead to him seriously considering a change of employment.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Basically what that says is he knew he was doing wrong, and when told he was doing wrong he continued to do wrong. I did try a couple of times on his blogs to tell him to think of his family and listen to his solicitor. But the majority of the assholes who post there were egging him on with total disregard for him and his family, while facing no risk of their own. I despise them but feel sorry for him. He was easily led.

      • raineach says:

        Yes, I read your comments and at least you know that you tried

        • yesindyref2 says:

          It’s very sad. But I couldn’t say any more than that as it wouldn’t be good for his trial or sentencing – and it was very clear from long ago that the prosecution were reading comments below the line, as well as the article. Still can’t say anything, really!

          • Petra says:

            You don’t have to say anything. Anyone who followed his blogs could see what was going on including you trying to help him out …. to no avail 🙄. I of course couldn’t say anything at all because I’m banned.

  231. Capella says:

    Elsewhere, while bloggers denounce Stalinist Nicola, Boris Johnston passes draconian laws in England to outlaw protest and restrict the right to vote. Peter Stefanovic explains (as usual – are there any journalists left in England besides Peter and George Monbiot?).

  232. Dave Carr says:

    Take it easy Paul, but always remember that you have great literary gifts and are inspirational to our movement .
    And like him or loath him, it would be nice to hear you say a word or two on the great miscarriage of justice being perpetrated on Craig Murray .

  233. ArtyHetty says:

    Craig Murray sentence is all Nicola’s fault, the BritNats comments on his blog are so incredibly anti SNP. The Scottish legal system is apparently not fit for purpose and well maybe it should be scrapped for the much better English system. The freedom for all BritNat fighters, seem to think the Scottish system is so SNP controlled it’s really bad and rotten.

    If the BritNats had won the election might the courts have shown leniency? Watch the headlines when the BritNat media choose to report it, activist locked up by Scottish government! That is, Nicola Sturgeon!

    • Dr Jim says:

      She controls the vertical she controls the horizontal and all things in between

      Seems like only five minutes ago all of these same people were complaining the Scottish government had not enough power now all of a sudden with nothing changing she has the power of Greyskull

      Losing has really twisted these folks melons if they weren’t twisted enough before

      • jfngw says:

        I’m impressed managing to fit references to ‘The Outer Limits’ and ‘Skeletor’ in a single post.

        As for the madness, most of these people have moved beyond the tin foil hat, they have gone full straw man, unable to muster a full brain between them.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Best comment from elsewhere about this, well, anything basically, was this:

      This is a Black Psycho Op by a rogue element of Intelligence.

      I’m going to steal that one some time.

  234. jfngw says:

    Remember the old mantra that the EU would encourage countries to repeat referendums until they got the result they wanted.

    Unlike Scotland, there even when you win an election you will be told you actually lost it by the losing parties and the media will report it as so. The party which has lost every election since 1959 will then tell you ‘you have no mandate’ and will try and overrule your elected government,

    UK democracy in action!

    • Dr Jim says:

      Countries all over the world have referendums on all sorts of things all the time and strangely nobody is terrified of them because they see it as democracy in action where everybody gets to say their piece and vote on whatever the propositions are

      In these UK English controlled Islands of ours we’re told we must be afraid, very afraid of such *threats* as referendums because therein lies a terror and horrors so evil they can barely be named

      Unless of course it’s an English referendum then that all sounds lovely

      Remember David Cameron when he said “I’m going to *offer* the people of the UK a referendum on the EU” with a smiley face and a cheery tone of voice

      Now we know he could have been saying *Be happy rejoice, for you are about to die by the hand of the children of Thanos*

  235. Old Pete says:

    Boris and his right wing English government voted in to power by stupid English fools ” get Brexit done” .
    The quicker we escape this looney UK the better. I still can’t understand why so many poorer, disabled, or immigrants would ever vote for a government which treats them like shit, but they do ?
    Craig Murray’s sentence is an absolute travesty.
    Anyone seen how the “Shite over Scotland” brigade are coping with this, bet you it’s bad no doubt.
    Nice day Paul, hope you are enjoying the late afternoon sunshine in South Ayrshire.

  236. Platinum says:

    Goan… Defending women’s right is not hyperbolic transphobia about a tiny minority vulnerable population.

    If *some* men are allowed to enter into women’s spaces purely on their own say-so, (which is what the scientifically unfalsifiable statement of ‘gender identity’ is), then it follows, that there is no logical reason to keep *any* men out. And women need to keep men out for our privacy, dignity and safety. We will not compromise on this, ever.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Tis but a scratch…

    • grizebard says:

      I fear you have strayed onto the wrong website to bring up that non-trivial topic here. (I refer you to the house rules about purpose.) There is however a specialist site which will happily cater for your every last concern on that issue.

  237. Dr Jim says:

    I was thinking if Bollox Johnson and his cronies using their pork barrel politics on Scotland to buy support by bypassing Holyrood and individually passing cash handouts to Tory councils as he’s doing in England, there must be a way legally for the Scottish government to then reduce the amount Holyrood gives to those councils from their budget by the same amount as they receive from the English Reich and enriching the rest of the councils with the difference so that all are treated fairly

    Another way perhaps to block Johnsons games might be to withdraw the power of planning permission from councils and bring it back to Holyrood so that no sneaky Tory monkey business can be used to build or fabricate useless union flag stamped glorified monoliths to themselves

    In England they can get away with whatever they like because there’s no devolution, but there must be lots of things our government can do to thwart their doings, plus it would upset them mightily and that’s always a bonus

  238. I want a Scottish independence referendum date announced within the next three months and will be disappointed if SNP do not do that.
    We dont need to wait and see if covid worsens again or if some other disaster arrises .

    I want the indyref to be this year or next , no later and will be disappointed if its to be later than that.
    We voted for one and can have one quickly if hollyrood chooses to .

    I am shocked that Craig Murray has had an eight month prison sentence for doing less than our newspapers have done to reveal names in the Alex Salmond case i really hope he appeals and wins his case .
    This is a truly despicable shocking and unlawful decision playing politics with a persons life we see Mr Assange being treated with this similar contempt too.

    I want improved gender recognition rules i believe its terrible that people object , i believe self I.D. is perfectly logical ,why should someone else be given the power to decide my gender ? lets face it there are so many people who just do not take the time to read about how so many many people are having their lives made so difficult by trying to adhere to a gender that does not complement their body and mind , it would be so easy to help them and at the same time have special rules that deal with sport and competition and medical examination , changing rooms etc where there is a will there is a way , being fair to everyone is very possible.

    • grizebard says:

      Prepare to be disappointed then, Terence. {sigh} It doesn’t work like that. If you keep erecting premature random targets for yourself, you’re in for a lot of it in the next while. And disappointment is no way to keep morale up and win converts.

      As for all the other running bunnies, I’m no for chasing any. Time’s too precious.

    • Legerwood says:

      The Gender Recognition Act 2004 already has a section in it dealing with participation in sport. The Equalities Act 2010 has a section in it dealing with access to toilets. It may be that these should be revisited but these situations are covered although perhaps not to everyone’s satisfaction.

    • Drew Anderson says:

      It’s not up to the SNP Terence. In case you hadn’t noticed, they only have 64 seats out of 129, which is as close to “just under half” as it’s possible to be; but it’s still under half.

      Now maybe if the SNP list vote was closer to the constituency vote than it was, they’d have got over the line. But unfortunately, there were a number of individuals taken in by the notion of gaming the system.

    • P Harvey says:

      Terence you are deluded
      Independence will happen
      But not on your timesct

  239. Nicola Sturgeon will not do anything about the internal market act and its plan for westminster to dish out money directly to Scottish councils bypassing Scottish government in the process .
    Nicola wont hold a Scottish independence referendum without westminsters agreement because she says to do so would break the law , a law made by westminster ,so there is no way she is going to break another law allowing westminster to make these direct payments.

    I think , i hope , Nicola Sturgeon has a plan of action something in mind that leads to. Scottish independence referendum this year , if not this year then next year at the latest otherwise i am going to lose faith , it is seven years since the last one and we the people of Scotland have shown in elections since then that we want another referendum now .Not 2025 or 2026 .

    • grizebard says:

      Stuck record. Yawn.

    • Eilidh says:

      Terence do tell me by what mechanism is NS supposed to stop Wastemonster spending money in Scotland and giving it directly to councils. If the Scottish government have the money in their budget they can spend it on anything that is within their powers. NS is a very good politician and head of a government that has restricted powers. She is not a bloody superhero. I really think it is time you got over the fact your hero didn’t get back into the Scottish Parliament because you are beginning to sound like a lost boy from the Bathistan oracle

      • iusedtobeenglish says:

        Could she/ScotGov detail where *they’ve chosen* to spend money, pointing out that the tory WM govt has decided to finance tory-voting constituencies directly?

        Or would that risk playing into the divide & rule ethos?

  240. Petra says:

    ‘It’s not enough to vote for an independence referendum, you need to campaign for it.’

    …”On 30 March 1989, 58 of Scotland’s then 72 MPs gathered at the General Assembly Hall of the Church of Scotland, along with church leaders, local government and trade union representatives, and signed ‘the Claim of Right’. “We, gathered as the Scottish Constitutional Convention,” it said, “do hereby acknowledge the sovereign right of the Scottish people to determine the form of government best suited to their needs.” All but one Scottish Labour MP signed, as did every Scottish Liberal Democrat MP.”..

    ..”If the referendum for which Scottish voters granted a mandate last week takes place, it will not be because of passive observers flicking between news channels and social media accounts. It will be because enough Scottish voters have, as they did in 2014, become activists and organisers, built connections around the world, looked the wrath of the British state in the eye and responded with the steady smile of those who know that democracy is on their side. And that it’s time.”


    ‘UK taking ‘green’ advice from energy giant suing Dutch for phasing out coal.’

    ”New British foreign investment council also includes banks with billions invested in fossil fuels, a weapons manufacturer and a Tory donor.”

  241. Dr Jim says:

    Today a Royal correspondent made a slip of the tongue when on Sky news then covered it up immediately by skirting over what he accidentally blurted out

    As we know the Houses of Parliament are in desperate need of refurbishment and have been for some time and it has been discussed at the highest level where those institutions should go while work over many years takes place to renew those buildings

    Various locations and sites have been suggested and all have been rejected bar one, that one is currently occupied by Her Majesty the Queen of England and that is why now has not yet been the time to house the government of the UK because the current occupant is still alive

    The perfect new home for the party that intends to rule over everything by removing authority from everybody else, bit by bit by bit

    It’s happening again, don’t believe me? there are always men like this, they never go away

  242. Hamish100 says:

    I’m definitely of another generation.

    How can you be writing another article on trans? The contributors also throw in a bit of sexism, mysoginist and homophobia.

    In this crazy world they then gloat over the Greens losing out over 2 seats due to similar names on the ballot paper by a far right group. Are they angry over that from a democratic perspective, pro independence? Of course not , they gloat. Even Craig Murray is dropped. He has hard more of a favourable hearing here.

    Who needs friends like this?

    Still nearly a week since the election. Independence is our goal.

    • Dr Jim says:

      This far right group is headed up by Alistair McConnachie a well known British Nationalist and Holocaust denier who is well kent by AUOB marchers for Independence as *Manky Jaikit*

      The only thing green about this guy would be his love for Nuclear fallout slime

      There’s more to come on this and other money that funded the Unionist campaign on Twitter and facebook advising people how to vote tactically, which is not illegal but not declaring where the funding came from is

      Apparently there were holidaying non residents in Aberdeen who received voting papers from Aberdeen city council as well

      Investigations are now underway, we shall see how far this goes

  243. Petra says:

    ‘There will be an independence referendum.’


    If only it was as easy as that to get rid of them 😀.

    Ross Colquhoun:- ”The World is watching, Scotland. “Scotland voted, by Marie Morelle, member of the Cartooning for Peace association. Drawing published today on the front page of Le Monde.”

  244. Petra says:

    ‘The world’s eyes are on Scotland.’


    Joanna Cherry:- ”I’m proud to have shaped @theSNPpolicy so that @scotgov will legislate to hold #indyref2 with or without a section 30 order but @BorisJohnson should recognise the result of the #ScottishElections2021 & ensure it’s held on an agreed basis. #QueensSpeech.”

  245. Petra says:

    Mark McGeoghegan:- ”So, under normal circumstances we’d have seen three resignations by now: Douglas Ross, Willie Rennie, and Anas Sarwar. We haven’t, and I find that interesting. Ross first. Arguably, he had the worst campaign of the three… (1/11)”


    Channel 4:- “Are you really saying if the SNP had won one more seat, you’d be fine with referendum going ahead?” @krishgm asks Scottish Conservatives’ leader Douglas Ross if he would have backed an independence referendum if the SNP had won an outright majority.”

  246. Petra says:

    ‘The Scottish Parliamentary Elections and the “Second Referendum” Debate.’

    ..”Moves are afoot which seek to reform how the UK is governed, in particular the ‘shared rule’ dimension. For example, a review headed by Lord Dunlop on the Union and an ongoing inquiry by the House of Lords Constitution Committee on the Future Governance of the UK, the latter following upon earlier reports by that Committee on the Union and devolution and on Intergovernmental Relations, from which a number of recommendations have gone unimplemented.”..

    ..”The legal issue could however be resolved before too long. The SNP administration is likely to bring forward a bill within months rather than years. If, as seems inevitable, this is challenged before the courts, the question of the Scottish Parliament’s competence to hold such a referendum without Westminster’s consent may well be settled within the next year.”..


    ‘Forcing people to starve because they were late to a Job Centre did not appear in a Tory manifesto.’

  247. The 120 seconds of Scotland is Shite on the English BBC Brexit’s Good and Building Back Better 3 1/4 hours today included the usual dig at Devolved Scotland.
    The Brit Nat leaders of Unison surveyed 500 nurses, and ‘found’ that over half considered quitting in the last year, and ‘two thirds’ , and this is where they don’t even edit their Brit Nat propaganda any more, felt UNDER worked, and under paid.
    This Scotland’s Health service is crap item was wedged in hurriedly to counter George ‘Useless’ Eustace admitting ‘live’ that English doctors nurses and medical staff were bound to receive a pay cut, in the form of a measly 1% raise in salary which falls well below inflation.
    A dam Fleming (you don’t get more Uncle Tam Brit Nat than Fleming) failed to tell the viewers in England that Scots NHS staff are to receive a 4% raise, on top of the £500 Covid payment,

    Of course his colleague in Glasgow, Graham Stewart, repeated the farcical statement that nurses in Scotland are underworked and underpaid at 8.30 am …
    They are dim bone headed talking propaganda machines now.
    If I were in Unison, I’d demand my fees back. They are using members’ money to lie and damn our NHS>

    UNISON declares that our nurses are underworked?

    More haste, less speed, Yoons.

    • bringiton says:

      Can’t help but think that the pathetic 1% pay rise for NHS staff in England is an attempt to keep costs down for future private companies.

      • It is classic Thatcher privatisation, bringiton.
        Fatten up the product they are selling off by slimming down running costs and staff wages and conditions.
        There are already 500,000 GP patients in SE England in the hands of Big US Private Medicine.
        We are not indulging in hyperbole when we assert constantly that England is in the grip of a fascist xenophobic corrupt regime, and Sarwar, Dross, and Rennie, are their willing functionaries Up Here.
        The dam is about to burst.
        It’s time for ‘Scottish’ Labour to sign up to Self Determination.
        Dross is on CH4 boasting of his success, on the back of Labour voters conned in to ‘holding their nos’ and voting Blue Tory.
        How much are Scottish Socialists going to put up with. 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, of an English Far Right Government destroying Scotland.

        Something is going to break soon, with or without Socialists in scotland actively taking part.
        Sarwar is an insult to working folk.
        He is a classic Tory, FGS.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Aye Jack, John Robertson nailed that this morning, tearing this shabby piece a new one, with a bottom line of 0.44% or less than 1 in 200 CONSIDERED quitting.

      To what extent the Union colluded to misinform versus what HMS Sarah Smith did with it is open to debate.

      • They are twa fleas aff the same putrid Brit Nat Dug, Bob.
        The ‘Unions’ are run by Brits, who use their members’ subscriptions to attack Scotland, on behalf , yet statistically 50% plus of their members support Self Determination.of their English Head High Yins.
        I’d resign from any Union that mounts these Scotland is Shite Put Up Jobs.
        Larry Flanigan is the classic Brit plant.

        They take their members for mugs.
        They are as much part of the Brit Establishment as the belted earls with their grouse moors.
        Oops, I used my Everlovin’s a/c by mistake. Mum’s the word.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Jack, as you know, Unison regularly publish the results of such surveys in Scotland and they always receive around 500 responses. There are in excess of 62,000 Nursing and Midwifery staff working in Scotland, so the 500 that respond to these regular surveys is a very small sample indeed.

      Only Unison members would have been asked to take part, of course, I’ve no idea how many Labour supporting shop stewards Unison have among the nursing membership but they claim to “have a rep in every workplace” so I wouldn’t be that surprised if I was to find out that it was in the region of the same number who regularly take part in these surveys.

      • Alex, as if on cue, the Herald Britland’s On Line Headline is the SQA disaster facing poor pupils this year, with a barrage of BTL Swinney and SNP bashing posts, inspired by no doubt Flanagan and the EIS Brit Nat shop stewards.
        They don’t give a crap about Scotland.
        They are quite happy that we are a colony of England.
        Six figure salaries, a company car, and an index linked pension and lump sum based on that six figure salary buys a lot of collaborationism.
        I have teachers as neighbours. They voted SNP1 and 2.

        • Petra says:

          Every solitary teacher in my family voted SNP1 / 2 also, as did a 17 year old who is still at school. First time voter 😀.

  248. Petra says:

    George Monbiot:- ”When I ask myself what trajectory this country is on, the most likely answer seems to be Orbán’s Hungary. How much in this thread sounds familiar? 1. The ruling class, wallowing in corruption, enjoys total impunity. Meanwhile, peaceful protest and other freedoms are criminalised.”


    ‘Scottish independence: Tories admit there’s an indyref2 mandate, says ex spin chief.’

  249. Petra says:

    ‘BBC accused of ‘blatant bias’ against Scottish independence after Radio 4 report.’


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  250. Bill Boggia says:

    Glad you are back and posting again 🙂

  251. Dr Jim says:

    Douglas Ross Anas Sarwar and Willie Rennie presented manifestos on the basis that they’d implement those manifestos if each of them won the election, but they didn’t try to win the election did they because not one of them stood for a constituency seat so they risked nothing to win nothing, isn’t that lying to their constituents who they asked to vote for them to win, and that shows how disingenuous they are, because one minute they claim to be three different parties (each of which lost the election heavily) the next minute they claim that collectively they could only equal the seats of the SNP and that declares them the winners, y’see if that’s the claim they’re sticking by they can’t then discount the voters of the Green party by the same logic who took the Independence vote over the line to win the election

    Douglas Ross Anas Sarwar and Willie Rennie are not only liars they should all three resign and go into the movable goalpost manufacturing business

    The BBC and other broadcasters will not point these things out to the public because they’re all anti Scottish Independence, but we must, and we must do it as often as we can and perhaps by volume of complaint against the English owned broadcasters in Scotland we can expose to those folk in the public who don’t know these things exactly how the political parties of England are one and the same when it comes to Scotland and you couldn’t fit a keycard between them

    If you vote Liberal Democrat, you’re just voting Tory, if you’re voting Labour the same thing applies
    there’s no difference, it’s all anti Scotland no matter what they call themselves

    One of the parties in the election who asked for the Scottish people’s votes to stop the SNP were called the *Family party* those guys are an almost anonymous group of Tories from Essex led by a person from Essex and for all anybody knows he’s never even been to Scotland in his life or even ever intends to, and probably couldn’t pick it out on a map

    All of these people represent one party, *The England party* and not to stop the SNP, Oh No! they’re here to *Stop Scotland*

    One thing that happened during the election was that the SNP stood in the constituency seats and risked all to put themselves forward to legitimately win the vote, no tactical shenanigans, no jiggery pokery, no weasel words, they asked the public to vote SNP 1 & 2 and they won the right to implement their manifesto to govern, that means they won the right to implement *everything* contained in their manifesto not just what suits the England parties who didn’t win anything and lied to their voters in the process, those parties cannot now have the right to claim the SNP can implement only the stuff they approve of, because they bloody well lost and lost bloody massively

    • Capella says:

      Anas Sarwar stood in Glasgow Southside but was beaten by Nicola Sturgeon 19,736 votes (down 1.2%) to Anas Sarwar’s 10,279 votes (up 8.4% proving that there are indeed some Tory voters in Glasgow.

      • Dr Jim says:

        Anas Sarwar’s Daddy and friends made a massive effort by phone and text from another country to individually canvass Glasgow’s ethnic voters to back him and some did because they work for the Sarwar family

        I think if we can criticise Russia or Iran or England for interfering in other country’s elections we can criticise India or Pakistan equally

  252. Hamish100 says:

    There was always Tory voters in Glasgow. Some are labour millionaires who believe to get elected you had to have a red rosette. Now they are just more interchangeable.

  253. Capella says:

    OT completely but cheering – Richard Burton talking about his father, a Welsh miner, and the skill used to extract coal. Great 2 min clip of that voice again.

  254. Capella says:

    Douglas Fraser mourns the closure of McVities, another iconic Scottish brand, sold to England, bought by Turkey and now closing the Scottish factory.

  255. Johnson at PMQ today announcing an enquiry into Covid but not starting until August 2022, qhich means it won’t report back for another 3 or 4 years yet.
    He pledged that the ‘devolved administration’, as part of Team IK’s handling of the virus would be consulted.
    So there we are, and the Speaker didn’t pull him Up; we no longer have a Scottish Government, we have a ‘devolved administration’, Johnson sending all traces of 22 years of a Scottish Government down his own personal 1984 memory hole.
    David Porter on BBC Jockland radio repeated the phrase ‘devolved administration’, colluding with London’s Ingsoc attack on Scotland, its government, and its people.

    Oh, Mr Porter, we have a Scottish Government Up Here.

    Something’s going to burst.
    How any right minded human being can look to Johnson as their leader and saviour beats the heck out of me.

  256. And there was Graham Stewart at the Lunchtime desk, not informing, entertaining or educating us Northern Brits.

    Surely this would have been sensational headline news:-

    “Covid Update

    Scottish numbers: 11 May 2021
    238* new cases of COVID-19 reported
    15,532* new tests for COVID-19 that reported results
    1.7%* of these were positive
    0* new reported death(s) of people who have tested positive
    6 people were in intensive care yesterday with recently confirmed COVID-19
    70 people were in hospital yesterday with recently confirmed COVID-19
    2,928,963** people have received the first dose of the Covid vaccination and 1,506,613** have received their second dose.”
    BY any standards, these stats are tremendous good news, but didn’t even warrant a mention on Plantation Quay.

    Not a mention on BBC Plantation Quay. Good news Scotland? Not on the Boris Broadcasting Corruption.

    They dropped the 3/4 Nurses ‘underworked and underpaid’ Unison survey, from the bulletin, because truth will out.

    Despite the Firebrand Brit Unison shop stewards recommending rejection of the 4% increase, 84% agreed to the raise, that’s about 52,000 bodies, as opposed to 66% of the 500 ‘polled’, that’s give or take 340 poor souls, whom Unison dragooned into reporting that they were threatening resignation or feeling ‘under’ worked and under paid.

    So nurses, ambulancemen, doctors, and such were sitting twiddling their thumbs during the greatest medical crisis to hit Scotland ever, under-worked?

    Of course Unison knew that the 4% award had been accepted, and so did Graham Stewart…but that doesn’t stop them and the Ministry of Truth.

    What a grimy wee channel this is.
    Shame on you, Graham.

  257. James Mills says:

    Covid Enquiry –

    No doubt chaired by a Peer of the realm with myriad connections via school ( Eton ? ) , family , business etc… to Bojo The Clown ( pat. pending ) and other public-spirited Tory types .

    Report will be delayed , just like the Russia Report into interference in UK politics ( aka donations to the Tories ) in 2019 , as there will be a General Election in 2023/4 which Bojo The Clown will win – then ignore the enquiry report even though it will put all the blame for deaths on the Scottish Government for moving the elderly into Care Homes – despite a plethora of warnings from Anus Sarwar !

    In the 2023/4 GE there will be new boundary changes to suit the Tories , new rules on voting to suit the Tories , new ballot papers sponsored by Tory donors and all Postal votes will be under the supervision of Baroness /Col. Davidson , who will forego one of her many selfless money-making enterprises to offer her services for the Public Good .

    In the GE , Scottish voters will need to produce a photo ID card which can obtained free of charge ( £50 post and packaging ) from the Department for the Union , Whitehall , London .

    No complex form filling is required for this document – simply name and address , plus a signed declaration that the bearer will uphold the principles laid down for voting by the Union Minister , Rt.hon. Michael Gove .
    The main principle is the Methuselah Clause which states that no Scottish referendum on Independence may be held within a generation of the previous one , which for the purposes of this declaration is that used in Genesis 5 : 21-27 – approx 969 years ( not including Bank Holidays ).

  258. Petra says:

    Thanks for the Covid figures Jack and once again the content of your post overall just highlights how the BritNat media are using a number of propaganda strategies to gaslight the Scots into believing that we are too wee, poor and stupid. Terrible to think that this has been going on for decades now: Cherry-picking data, lying by omission and just downright lying through their teeth on a daily basis. One just wonders what the selection criteria consists of (not really) for such people to get a job in the first place and what actually occurs during their in-service training sessions. Brainstorming and coming up with another brilliant way of making us us all feel like sh*t? All vying to be the top dog …. more so snake or rat. Hand up, look at me, look at me, ain’t I just a clever wee man / woman / Westminster lackey. One thing for sure is that they’ll all be out on their erses when we get our independence and that can’t come soon enough now.

  259. Lynn Fraser says:

    Sadly I am going to unsubscribe. I along with your friend Emily Bryce and others you know from here are ALBA party members now. The toxic nature of the SNP is what left 5000 plus people to move to Alba.

    We are not homophobes, transphobes, or anything else we are being branded. There is no shame in an independence party pushing to keep unionists out of Holyrood. I personally have suffered abuse a plenty in the SNP which lead to a formal complaint, unanswered. My branch housed the fella charged with sending threatening messages to Joanna Cherry, which SNP lied about. Unfortunately it was also the branch which housed the infamous @ mammothwhale who bullied and harrassed a young woman on twitter to her emotional and financial detriment. He continues to defame me personally and my husband along with the full branch with the standard you are transphobes and bullies.

    When a party acts in the way it has towards elected reps like Joanna Cherry and with its complete failure to act on my complaint along with hundreds of others, its time to go.

    My hubby and I hosted the National roadshow in Bannockburn which you attended with Richard Walker. We remain committed supporters of scottish independence. I would hope you can find space to stop targetting Alba party members in the way you have been. We campaigned for SNP on the constituency ballot, I have no doubt that our leafletting played its part in the higher turnout.

    SNP are the political means to indy, most of the toxity you read about is fact and has substance to it. 5000 plus people turning their backs on SNP some of whom have 40 yrs plus membership does not happen because all is tickety boo.

    Try looking at things minus the rose coloured specs please.

    Regards Lynn.

    Get Outlook for Android


    • grizebard says:

      You’ve failed to get support from the people of Scotland, that’s your fundamental problem, and for very good and obvious reasons that we here were simply trying to warn you about, even though you wouldn’t listen. Trying to blame the likes of Paul for Alba’s failure (predictably like RISE before) is simply ducking the issue, “shooting the messenger”. Continuing to cover your eyes and plug your ears isn’t going to get you anywhere, and it isn’t any help to the rest of us either, unfortunately.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Yeah but you felt compelled to spread your anti SNP rhetoric on this site by claiming your Salmond party is all sorts of good when the tactics they employed were every bit as devious and disingenuous as the Unionists and that Alex Salmonds motives are benign when most folk know they’re not

      Scotland didn’t agree with you and they don’t agree with allowing Alex Salmond anywhere near politics again, he’s more toxic than Boris Johnson and you have to go some to be thought of as worse than him

  260. Capella says:

    Hearing that WoS has imploded but hopes the Murrells will be arrested and sniping at Paul as he goes. Seems to have taken bizarrity to a new level. I can’t bring myself to read it.
    So sad.

    • Dr Jim says:

      As the guys in white coats arrive and the straight jacket is tightened around this nut job he’s still heard screaming it’s everybody else wot dun it, infamy infamy, they’ve got it infamy
      The clown even wanted to go round to this site authors house and duff up a guy who’s just had a stroke, and he still claims he’s the good guy

      Of course all of that was a direct signal to the rest of his nutjob followers to wing their way over to Wee Ginger Dug and abuse the rest of us, it’s how he operates

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