A vote of no-confidence in the Tories and their enablers

Yesterday it was going to be the Scottish Tories’ big day. It was going to be the day that Douglas Ross secured his position as the unchallenged leader of the Scottish Conservatives and Ruth Davidson triumphantly set out for the House of Lords with Nicola Sturgeon’s scalp under her belt, to be hailed as the saviour of the Union by her Conservative colleagues and ideally placed to slot into a ministerial position in Johnson’s cabinet.

But that’s not how it turned out. Although it was ostensibly a vote of no confidence in Nicola Sturgeon, it turned into a de facto vote of no confidence in the Scottish Conservatives, one which they lost badly as they were isolated and alone without the support of any of the other parties and finding themselves attacked and assailed by all sides in the parliamentary chamber. The Conservatives were exposed as grubby political opportunists. Their motion fell by 65 votes to 31 with 27 abstentions. Labour abstained.

Yet the fiercest criticism on a day which was supposed to see the decapitation of Nicola Sturgeon was instead levelled at the opposition members of the Holyrood committee who had cynically and shamefully leaked selective findings to a sympathetic press and in so doing had traduced the trust placed in them by parliament and the original complainers in the case, whose interests Jackie Baillie, Murdo Fraser, Alex Cole-Hamilton and Margaret Mitchell hypocritically claimed to have been standing up for. The leader of the Scottish Greens angrily demanded that whoever leaked the findings to the press be disavowed by their party and prevented from standing for reelection as they had proven that they are unfit to hold public office. The cameras cut to a sullen Jackie Baillie looking as though she was chewing her way through a jumbo sized packet of wasps.

The normally mild mannered and scrupulously polite John Swinney launched a ferocious attack on the Conservatives’ Adam Tomkins and Murdo Fraser because of their cynical bad faith and grubby politicking in the inquiry, hanging them out to dry with the evidence of their own Tweets. This was a vote of no-confidence in the Tories and their enablers, they lost badly.

Another loser this week was my resolution to steer clear of the toxic cesspit that is Twitter. Just like John Swinney I reached the limits of my patience.  On Monday I sent a Tweet after Nicola Sturgeon was cleared of breaching the ministerial code asking if we could all now please get back to campaigning for a strong pro-independence majority in May and making the case for independence. From behind his sock puppet account set up to get around his Twitter ban, Stuart Campbell told me with his usual grace and charm to get to fuck. Then he blocked me on Twitter, a block which I was happy to return in kind. Then after receiving a series of sniffy tweets from his supporters to tell me that my blog post yesterday wasn’t very conciliatory, I snapped back : Just a wee note to any of Stuart Campbell’s minions whining about my supposed lack of conciliation with their guru. Campbell’s fragile ego can’t cope with compromise and conciliation, so spare me your pearl clutching. I am past caring.

Perhaps it was ill-judged of me to send that tweet,and I apologise if anyone other than Stuart Campbell was upset by it, but I was angry and fed up. To tell the truth I am sick to the back teeth of the double standards employed by Campbell and his supporters. He can be as nasty and abrasive as he wants, but don’t dare respond to him or challenge him, because then it’s you who is in the wrong. His fragile and brittle ego rests upon his refusal to acknowledge that he has ever been wrong. He is remarkably quick to take offence, yet even quicker to resort to personal abuse and insult.

The thing about conciliation is that it is like the tango or making a baby, it takes two to do it. Stuart Campbell has demonstrated that he has no interest in conciliation. He wants supplicants, not anyone who might dare to challenge him. Stuart’s world is a simple black and white one. Yet the real world is complex and full of shades of grey.

Campbell has of course been quite spectacularly wrong. For months now he has been claiming that Nicola Sturgeon will be driven from office, and has been devoting his energies and time to trying to bring about her downfall without any apparent care about how this might impact upon prospects for independence. He has been asserting that she is behind a massive conspiracy in which she set out with malice aforethought and with the collusion of the police, the SNP, the Crown prosecution service, and a group of women whom he alleges to have maliciously invented a series of baseless lies, to send an innocent and saint-like Alex Salmond to prison.

Yet Nicola Sturgeon is still in office and the proof of the conspiracy always remains in a document which has yet to be made public. It’s in the nature of conspiracy theories that they cannot be disproved. Like the Second Coming, for true believers,vindication is always just over the horizon. We have had almost two years of investigations, committees, inquiries and reports, not to mention intense scrutiny from a media which is overwhelmingly hostile to the Scottish Government, despite all that and the best efforts of Campbell and his followers to dig up and propagate any dirt they can find, Nicola Sturgeon remains in post, vindicated by an impartial and independent investigation. Conclusive proof of the grand conspiracy remains as elusive as ever. It’s time to give it up. In FMQs today even Ruth Davidson in her last appearance in Holyrood recognised that the Salmond-Sturgeon saga had run out of political steam, choosing not to address the issue at all and instead attacking the Scottish Government on its record in educational standards.

However Stuart Campbell cannot admit that he was wrong or that he has lost, so in order to protect his fragile psyche from the devastating truth that he is as fallible as any other human, he has resorted to arguing that independence will never happen and that in any case independence isn’t worth having as long as Nicola Sturgeon remains the leader of the SNP. For that reason he is no longer a supporter of Scottish independence but is now actively campaigning to prevent it. My long standing policy of not using this blog as a platform from which to attack or criticise other independence supporters no longer applies to him. He has become a sad irrelevance, and an enemy of independence, and it’s all because of his vanity and ego. Having got that off my chest, I will now get back to ignoring him, and I suggest that is what everyone else does too. I will also get back to ignoring Twitter.

You don’t deal with a narcissist’s attention seeking by giving them the attention that they crave. There are far bigger and more important fish to fry. We have an election to win and an independence referendum campaign to fight. Those of us who are focused on winning this election and winning Scottish independence are no longer telling Nicola Sturgeon’s online critics to wheesht for indy. We are telling them that we are no longer listening to them. We have work to do, if you are not going to help win a pro-indy majority and a victory for independence in the referendum that lies ahead – then get out of our way.

This is your reminder that the purpose of this blog is to promote Scottish independence. If the comment you want to make will not assist with that goal then don’t post it. If you want to mouth off about how much you dislike the SNP leadership ,or about some other issue not directly related to Scottish independence – there are other forums where you can do that. You’re not welcome to do it here.

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329 comments on “A vote of no-confidence in the Tories and their enablers

  1. bringiton says:

    Well said Paul,I hope those who have lost their way return to the fold soon so that we can all get on with the main event,independence.

  2. We need to leave the negatives behind us and press on now to the election and independence. I hope it is all positive from now on- what we are looking forward to- for our young ones- with Scotland’s own government and her own voice.
    That’s when the 2014 campaign really took off- and the unionists were left behind- panicking. Let’s do that again!!

  3. Sharon C says:

    Absolutely, let’s get this party started! Both votes SNP

  4. Billy Watt says:

    I tend to treat Wings as I treat anyone else who doesn’t live or vote in Scotland, irrelevant

  5. Hamish100 says:

    No nuclear weapons
    Rejoin with other nations in a spirit of cooperation
    Tackle poverty without the restrictions of Tory and Lib Dem austerity
    Land reform
    Deal with Covid
    Care for the weak and infirm as part of a caring society
    Support our food and drinks industries
    Support our young people who are Scotland’s future
    Welcome people don’t condemn them
    All the other things a modern nation can do without being told no by Westminster

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  7. brobb says:

    Totally agree with what you’re saying here Paul, blocking & ignoring seems the only way to deal with anyone who can’t argue with civility or insist that they, and only they, are in the right. Anyone convinced things aren’t right has a right to try to persuade, influence and gather support for change and there is of course the option of campaigning to get elected and effect change if they can, but I expect most politicians at least would agree you need to woo rather than attack or alienate potential supporters. As you say we’ve much more important things to focus on now

  8. A C Bruce says:

    He’s not the only blogger to have behaved in this way. He became very bitter after the police took his computers, etc., when a woman complained he was harassing her online (but not charged, I understand) and never returned the equipment for many weeks. He became very bitter after that and, of course, losing his case to Kezia Dugdale didn’t help. It’s a pity because his blog was a very interesting read. Occasionally, reading it now really shocks me. Conspiracies galore.

    Strangely, they are mostly all men (sorry not meaning to disparage men in general, it’s just a fact), middle aged or older and all with axes to grind against the SNP with the occasional woman also with an axe to grind. It’s all very poisonous.

    I don’t see their behaviour stopping any time soon; best ignored.

    • Coinneach says:

      I agree that the tone of his blogs became increasingly hostile to the SNP and, as it’s the only practical, political route to independence, by extension to the wider independence movement (N.B. I’m not a member of SNP or any political party). As the tone became ever more acerbic, I began to suspect that he’d been “turned” by the British State, which is well practised in that dark art. I’ve long since ceased reading his blog as it offers little practical debate to advance the prospect of independence and instead promotes a dispiritingly negative view. Hopefully he can now be relegated to the role of fringe nutter.

    • grizebard says:

      Thinking about the SoB, I have traversed the whole spectrum, from long-term self-funding spook sleeper asset finally sprung when the Union cause looked particularly bleak, to a personally-frustrated individual who felt the SNP was gratuitously dissipating its limited energy in unproductive displacement activity instead of focussing on progressing its prime purpose. And in the latter case he wasn’t alone in thinking that, nor entirely unjustifiably.

      (The woman involved, BTW, wasn’t just anybody, but a journalist whom he disparaged online – backed with facts – for nothing more than shoddy reporting, and he wasn’t necessarily wrong either. Possibly a case of retaliation by proxy, that. Though one does wonder if his various public entanglements with female public figures hasn’t since festered into something rather rancid.)

      It’s all a pity how he’s turned. He’s no politician, that’s the heart of the matter. Scottish politics is a different – and currently very toxic – arena where alas he has totally lost his bearings, a metaphorical fish up a tree. His former forensic dissections of Unionist public dissimulations, though, were a real treat, and are much missed. I just wish he would now re-deploy his undoubted talents where they would do most good. This is a real test of character, but so far alas he doesn’t seem to be mastering it.

  9. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    And it continues….reasons for the VONC in Tories….as in another #Fail

    As today another Half a Story Tory Liam Kerr at FM’s questions tried (and failed) to blame the SNP for the closure (non re-opening) of the John Lewis store in Aberdeen because his version is that the SNP failed to reduce business rates….I say Half a story Tory as what Liam failed to mention was that the non reopening of the John Lewis Aberdeen store was but one of many John Lewis stores throughout the UKnotOK not re-opening……so Liam who is to blame for the John Lewis stores closing in England ?

    Just like yesterday…Tories prove yet again that they only have smears and lies to offer voters.

    Meanwhile yesterday Labour, courtesy of Anas, realised that the best tactic was NOT to support the Tories VONC as did the Lib Dems….which kind of leaves Jackie Baillie and Alex Cole Hamilton in the surreal position of stating as committee members they recommended via their report that Nicola should resign, but their respective parties, strangely not pandering to their same conclusion.

    Had the Green party stated that they WOULD have voted for the Tories VONC yesterday and also had there NOT been an up and coming election then both Labour and Lib Dems would have voted with the Tories VONC in Nicola Sturgeon…..but the independent inquiry finding Nicola did NOT breach the ministerial code well that burst their opportunistic political balloons ……….see as we all know it is all about playing politics….principles and seeking justice are never ever really regarded at all……indeed it always boils down to GET THE SNP. ( so that each of their Unionist parties can gain an undeserved political advantage).

    Douglas Ross and Ruth Davidson are both now seen for who they REALLY are and what they REALLY represent by some, who in the past, failed to recognise them for what and who they really were and what they really have always represented in the past, currently and in the future…..UKnotOK Tories…..through and through…..

    Both of them are Michael Gove’s little helpers and they both do the Union Unit’s dirty work for them when attacking the SNP in the Scottish parliament…..hinder Scots not help them is the Tory way.

    Hence why they are now both seen as #FailuresWhoWorkOnlyForTheToriesToUpholdTheUnion

  10. Margaret Noakes says:

    Glad I never read any of the Wings stuff.Have noticed over recent weeks so many negative opinions on Twitter.It was getting me down so I checked profile and unfollowed, muted or blocked.No time wasters now.Vote For the party which will get us independence and after that, all bets are off.Hope you have had your jag and physio is going well.x

  11. Alba woman says:

    Forwards to Indy ….Poor old S ….it’s really hard when your male ego is dented ….step back and reflect on the very useful work you did previously ….if you can accept that folk want Indy more than revenge then you would be forgiven and welcomed back to the fold …who knows anything can happen in this world.

    Nicola in great form at FMQ ….Saor Alba

  12. Sophie Grace Chappell says:

    Well said, Paul. Don’t let the Tinfoil Hat Party supporters bug you. They’re heading down the plughole of history at a rate of knots, and they know it, and it scares them.

    Time to put them behind us, and the first days of a new nation before us.

    Stay well!


  13. yesindyref2 says:

    There was an old man on the Border,
    Who lived in the utmost disorder;
    He danced with the cat,
    And made tea in his hat,
    Which vexed all the folks on the Border.

    There was an Old Person of Bath,
    Who chiefly subsisted on wrath;
    But to make it more nice
    He inserted some mice,
    Which refreshed that Old Person of Bath.

    There was an Old Man in a boat,
    Who said, ‘I’m afloat, I’m afloat!’
    When they said, ‘No! you ain’t!’
    He was ready to faint,
    That unhappy Old Man in a boat.

    You gorra laff.

  14. Kate Covey says:

    As Robert the Bruce said …’get oot ma way spider, a’ve got work tae dae’. (He did, really!)

  15. Mike Lothian says:

    Behind you 100% Paul, hope Stu gets out of our way if he isn’t going to join us

  16. Lizzie55 says:

    I don’t think Davidson cares any longer, I know how she feels. Having been an snp member and supporter all my adult life (I’m not young) I can no longer vote snp and that is deeply distressing. A report has said The Scottish Government was responsible for serious, substantial and completely avoidable errors. The same report said she broke the code and many more damaging statements. These statements were evidenced and agreed by the committee. Many people were let down from all sides of a complaint procedure. Evans should have been sacked along with others most of us know this to be the case. Even the Hamilton report had caveats that threw serious misgivings on the FM actions. Today in parliament the FM was asked why no one has been held responsible, she said she took complete responsibility and it was up to the people of Scotland in the election to vote to have confidence in her. Is it then the case if we want independence vote snp when it’s difficult to trust the leadership. This is not a wings influence, this is happening to many people who supported the snp.

    It’s a real problem and blaming the people with legitimate concerns is not helping.

    • weegingerdug says:

      We know you’re unhappy, you’ve said so often enough. But that’s missing the point. The point is what do you propose we do in May then? Your options are a majority pro-indy govt with Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister or we all bow down before our Westminster overlords. That’s it. That’s your choice. So what’s it to be?

      • Lizzie55 says:

        I can’t in all good conscious vote for a party that has such dreadful leadership. I had hoped they would have got there act together and cleaned up, but they haven’t. At the moment I just won’t vote. I’m not keen on bowing down to the Holyrood overlords either who going on past performance won’t get independence done. It’s pretty miserable but here we are.

        • weegingerdug says:

          Well bowing down before your Westminster overlords it is then.

        • Catherine Sengupta says:

          Seriously? Think about the future generations. They need and deserve an independent Scotland. Let’s not make the mistake of biting of the nose to spite the face. We absolutely need the SNP to get us to indepence and then vote for any party you want once it all settles down. There will be plenty to choose from.

        • Petra says:

          Lizzie are you going to give up on independence because of A leader? Leaders come and go, as we all know, however this could be our last chance to get our independence. Additionally with independence we can all focus on ensuring that the ScotGov cleans up its act, where necessary, as it will be within slapping distance. The bottom line is that there is NO other political party capable of getting us out of this horrendous Union and without outlining the h*ll that’s in store for us just imagine Davidson, Ross, Leonard, Sarwar or Rennie having ruled the roost in Scotland over the last year or so. How many more people would have died in Scotland? It doesn’t even bear thinking about.

          • ArtyHetty says:

            It’s all part of the scatter and sow the seeds of doubt far and wide and hope that a few will germinate enough to lose the SNP as many votes as possible. I smell something unpleasant, pooooh!

        • endrickwater says:

          By not voting, even more in sorrow than anger, you take yourself right out of the conversation. That’s a pity. There’s another way of looking at this. I wish I could find the link, and I think it was from the February BBC QT in Dundee, where Val McDermid made a relevant point (I paraphrase): if you hate the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon, the best thing to do is vote SNP and make independence possible. (She said it better, of course.) The other option, of course, is to get involved and be the leadership you feel is lacking.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          Mmm Lizzie, must be time for another blast of this:

          • yesindyref2 says:

            Mmm, where are they all now …

          • James Kelly in brown corduroy jacket looking like a right haddie.
            Dozens of camera crews and the Death March of the Feckless Forty.
            God, that was a tonic.
            If they try it this time, there will be 100,000 AUOB here to greet them.Likewise if Darling or Brown try to hold a ‘closed door’ rally, we’ll be there.
            I’d love to see the expenses claims for this embarrassing nonsense.
            Lots of pot bellied grey haired men and their female ‘assistants’, I note.
            Now, of whom do they remind me ?
            Back later to discuss 4 jobs Freeloader The Linesman Dross.

          • Terence Callachan says:

            Im there right behind him , he was absolutely fantastic i hope he comes out on his trike on independence day

        • If you want indy but don’t want to vote SNP then what’s stopping you voting Green 1&2 or Green 1 & AFI/Other(not SNP)2?

        • Hamish100 says:

          Lizzie55 don’t you realise you won’t get independence done by your attitude.
          Obviously not as important to you as the rest of us.

        • Fable says:

          But if you don’t like them when we get independence you can vote them out..really you can..but you have to vote for independence first and foremost.

        • Terence Callachan says:

          Lizzie55 dont do what Labour did , abstain .
          If you do not vote you are in effect voting against Scottish Independence which is not what you want is it so vote SNP in may give them both votes in the knowledge that it is Scotland and Scotlands future you are voting for both of which will be around much much longer than NS.

          After Scottish independence NS will be gone , replaced with a young forward thinker from the next generation

          We need your vote Lizzie55

        • Miss Ann Morrison says:

          Dreadful leadership? Mistakes were made and have been acknowledged and assurances given that steps will be taken to ensure those mistakes won’t happen again. it is perhaps worth bearing in mind that the mistakes were made while endeavouring to give the women raising issues of sexual harassment due support. After a year of leading Scotland through a global pandemic in a manner that has received widespread respect across the world and dealing with the distasteful dirty politics from Ruth Davidson and her gang, I’m amazed that NS is still standing! However, independence is not about individual politicians or indeed political parties. Let’s achieve it first and foremost, then, when you vote, SNP or otherwise, you will have a fighting chance of getting what you voted for, always assuming that you don’t want Tories………….

        • malkymcblain says:

          Could the Lizzie be short for Elizabeth the monarch lady and the 55 be reference to the recent achievement of a certain football club? Just a thought.

        • Calum says:

          Then you are not an independence supporter, whatever you may say .There is NO middle ground.

    • grizebard says:

      After everything that has transpired this week, not least the abject failure of the Tories’ desperate flailing attempts at political assassination, and their consequent humiliation, the very fact that someone can still expend the effort to write this kind of thing and apparently mean it, sadly reminds me of a saying I have:

      “For every situation there is an idiot”

      • Dave tewart says:

        The hypocracy of yesterday is summed up by this and many other incidents

        Liz Smith was criticised in 2018 by Holyrood’s standards committee for forwarding a confidential dossier on allegations of bullying at George Watson’s College to the school. Smith, who was a governor of the school at the time, forwarded an e-mail about bullying allegations to the chairman of the board of governors at the school and to its principal. The documents detailed specific allegations about the treatment of their child. Parents claimed Smith had disclosed information to others to which she had privileged access as an MSP

        Can only agree with your comment on the Baillie and Cole Hamilton position, nutters.
        What about the TWO independent members, Ballantyne and Wrightman!!!!, who were LISTERS appointed to the parliament by political parties that they no longer support.

        When we are independent we need to sort this.

      • JoMax says:

        Aye. It didn’t take long for someone to pop in and start with the negative stuff …. again. I’m always slightly suspicious. And .. “I dont’ think Davidson cares any more. I know how she feels”, right at the very start of the first of the two posts gives it away. Excuse me while I go and have a good laugh. “Davidson cares… ” ?????

        • Alba Laddie says:

          Davidson cares about Davidson, naebody else.

          Doubtless there’ll be some nauseating paeans to her on BBC shortbread (from whence she came) tonight for me to grind my teeth to one last time, but after that, I hope she doesn’t let the door bang her arse on the way oot.

    • P Harvey says:


      Vote SNP 1 & 2 to get independence
      Or, we might as well shut up shop and continue to be a colony of engerland
      Not a difficult choice for a lifelong supporter
      You can then vote for the government you want, at a later date

    • Aye right, so which are you; Unionist concern troll or Unionist dupe?

      Either way, this post does the Unionists’ dirty work. There’s nothing in it that tells me that independence is your top priority.

      So save us your lifelong, but disillusioned with the SNP guff; you can’t prove it here, I can’t disprove it either. I can only go by what you’ve written & I don’t see how you can support indy by not voting and talking down the only party capable of delivering it.

    • Alan Howard Baxter says:

      Hi Lizzie. I can’t begin to tell you how sorry I am to hear your reluctance to vote in the GE. I am english born from Norwich but was moved by my family when I was three weeks old and have been moving ever since – 28 times in total. I have also lived abroad for a few years. On returning from a spell in Cairo I was fortunate enough to be offered employment in this wonderful country. That was over ten years ago now. I consider it a privilege to be here.

      In parallel with my wandering lifestyle I have had an interest in Politics. The story of the day while in Egypt was the westminster MPs expenses scandal – just another example of how low the political classes had sunk. On arrival in Scotland, I was struck by the refreshing honesty of Holyrood and the SNP in particular. Naturally I joined up and looked forward to IR1. I saw it as a new opportunity to being part of the creation (however small a part that maybe) of a fairer society. I don’t mind admitting that I was in tears after the result of IR1.

      Since then, I have continued to enjoy the benefits of living under an SNP Government and more recently under our current leader. Despite what you think of her I can assure you that she is the best leader I have had the pleasure of being associated with – however slightly, (Michael Foot would run her a close second).

      The point I’m coming to is please do not throw away the time and subscription fee paid to the SNP that you have committed in search of Independence. We are close now than ever. If you have turned your back on the prospect of Independence then so be it. Enjoy the rest of your natural under a tory dominated political sewer.

      But, (I’ve said this before to a a similar minded person on this board) I would, if I could, get down on my knees and beg you to change your mind. Having invested so much, surely it is worth you voting 1&2 for the only party who can deliver your dream. Once Independence is delivered you can then vote for the party that reflects your beliefs and values more closely – maybe even start a party of your own.

      Please, Please, Please reconsider. If not for yourself then for our Children & Grandchildren. Thankyou!

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      ” I don’t think Davidson cares any longer, I know how she feels”

      Hi Lizzie, “cares any longer”….assumption being that she ever cared….which going by her past and present record is questionable. Her number one remit has been always one goal…. and that was and is to bring down the SNP and to stop independence…..

      She has NO legitimate right or credence to act as grand inquisitor and self ordained witch finder General ( or rather Tank Commander) in all of this…especially when she is more than well aware of the very things she has the audacity to accuse the FM of are the very things that have been implemented by her party colleagues at WM…actions both she and DRoss have happy to turn a blind eye to while wasting the public’s time in their HQ instructed task of deflecting attention from from all of the cr*p the Tory UKnotOK party at WM are implementing by focusing public attention upon the FM and the SNP…..they ignore actions such as Tory ministers breaking ministerial codes and the head Tory a La Tory PM misleading parliament on numerous occasions….with no consequences or inquiries holding all or any of them to account.

      She and Douglas Ross were oh so quick to pre-empt by crying for a VONC in the FM even BEFORE the FM gave her (8hrs of) evidence to the committee, the Committee at Holyrood releasing their final findings/report and the Independent inquiry’s findings , while certain MSP’s who were on the committee tweeted various shocking tittle tattle inquiry related tweets while the inquiry was still ongoing…..and also these same committee members appearances on numerous TV programmes discussing the inquiry……but mainly because both Douglas and RUTH saw a political opportunity to bring down the FM, the SNP and stop independence…

      If , Lizzie , you know how she feels then you must see and know something that most people fail to see or know….mainly because caring is not a quality many associate with Ruth Rape Clause Davidson…..soon to be Baroness so obvs she never cared less …..a gong for allegiance to the Union and from the boss who formerly she allegedly did not like and believed incompetent but now by some miracle ( the power of the Union uber alles) follows his orders and policies and his Tory vision for a Tory Brexit UKnotOK….a born again BoJo-ite as well as a born again Brexiteer…some journey the (couldn’t) CAREless Ruth has been on.

      If you feel you have legitimate concerns on this then that is your right as all are entitled to have their own opinion as are others to disagree with that opinion….but the bottom line for me is that an independent inquiry found that she, the FM, did NOT breach the ministerial code while a majority of a committee of members, for clearly partisan reasons, found the opposite….I say partisan as some of their tweets during the Inquiry, their comments on various TV programme before the inquiry was finalised and indeed before their final report was released ……and not forgetting the fact that one of these committee members leaked to the press before the final report was officially released…. verifies my believing their judgement was greatly politically impaired because of their own respective political opportunism….plus I believe Tory HQ promised all Tories, of all colours , a really really BIG Easter Egg if they succeeded in bringing her down.

      Bringing down the FM is a Unionist dream as they see that as THE first step to destroying the SNP but more importantly independence being stopped……..at least the FM has admitted errors were made……Boris Johnson on the other hand continues to make errors (serious ones) and many many errors BTW but somehow that is brushed aside and thus appears acceptable and as per is unchallenged with no damaging political impact felt… as he is seen as a cheeky chap with messed up hair….. as in he is good at playing the fool to avoid scrutiny and criticism….the real truth is much darker.

      Sorry Lizzie but my political mantra is…..SNP 1 & 2 if I want to keep the Unionists from destroying both Scotland as a country and any chance of it getting free from the likes of politicians like Ruth, DRoss and all of those Unionist politicians at WM….and Holyrood.

      Have a nice evening

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        @ Me @ 4.46pm

        “actions both she and DRoss *have* happy to turn a blind eye to ”

        *were* instead of *have*.

    • Clive Scott says:

      Nobody is blaming anyone with legitimate concerns. Nicola is a brilliant leader. Blame is being laid at the door of those who indulge in Unionist conspiracy theories and who put their own absurd minority interests ahead of achieving an independent Scotland.

      • malkymcblain says:

        Posted up thread.

        Could the Lizzie be short for Elizabeth the monarch lady and the 55 be reference to the recent achievement of a certain football club? Just a thought.

  17. grizebard says:

    It takes quite something to get our genial host so antagonised, and yet it is not without good reason. In the upcoming election, you’re either for independence or you’re not, and the only practical way on hand to move matters forward is to vote SNP (+Green, if preference dictates). Anything else is fair game in a democracy but to all practical purposes futile – as events will surely soon reveal – but an outright attempt to suppress the SNP vote is sabotage, pure and simple, and puts any such proponent completely beyond the pale. Such angry servants of reaction will reap the ignominy and obscurity they richly deserve.

    • james says:

      there are more then 2 choices here in fact… it seems some are busy selling the idea there are only 2 valid choices…. i find this in itself very interesting and telling…

      • grizebard says:

        No sh*t, Sherlock. There are more than two choices, of course there are. There are plenty for BritNat parties, and there are some for a gallimaufry of competing total no-hopers as well. As you will undoubtedly discover in 6 weeks’ time. (This is reality here, not some computer game.) Maybe then you will grace us with your return presence and admit it, at least if you have sufficient character. See you…?

  18. georgeaberhonddu says:

    All I can say is ‘A Brilliant piece of journalism’.

  19. Old Pete says:

    Great comment Paul and 100% true.

  20. Bob Lamont says:

    I stumbled across your tweet and wondered what had incited it, no need to apologise to any for having had enough of the negativity.

    None have come out of this establishment conspiracy smelling of roses, but whatever faults have been attributed to AS or NS coming out of this, it is as nothing to the stench arising from the CPS, Pacific Quay, Whitehall and the Tory Party in Scotland in particular.
    That bloggers and their followers have also been convinced their tribe is the one true tribe should not really be a surprise, the London establishment wrote the book on destabilising democracies, this time it was Scotland in the frame.

    Patrick Harvie and John Swinney’s speeches excoriated what currently passes for “due process” in Holyrood, powerful yet fundamentally honest.
    What I found most odd was the cameras cameoing Baillie, Cole-Scuttle, and MMitchell… It was then I wondered whether Turdo had bunged them a brown envelope or his minders had arranged to point blame away from their absent man.

    The toll this fiasco has taken on the entire SG and the FM in particular I cannot comprehend, but no matter what spin HMS Sarah Smith or David Davis now attempt to put on it on behalf of their Tory “Union”, the clock is ticking on this foul monstrosity and will not be going “Cuckoo” at the appointed hour, but “Up Yours”.
    Scotland has had enough of this…

  21. George Falconer says:

    Absolutely. The man is a legend in his own lunchtime. I’m angry with myself I didn’t see that sooner. I’ll ignore him completely, let him fester in his own bile along with his wee group of acolytes.

  22. Arthur Thomson says:

    I fail to understand what genuine reason there could possibly be, for anyone who has read this post, to then write that they are not going to support the election of pro indy MSP’s because they have decided that the SNP is bad. WTF.

    But YES we must move on. The failure of the Brits to destroy the leader of the SNP, of which party I am a member, is a massive gain. There will be people in Scotland who have seen through the infamy of the Brits and they will be leaning towards supporting us. In my opinion, even more important, they have seen that Nicola Sturgeon is strong enough to front up the full Brit onslaught and see them off. Fear has been a major limiting factor in enabling less courageous Scots to throw off the cringe. Nicola has shown that she has no such fear and can lead them safely to a better life.

    A very big own goal by the Brits has been their decisions on defence. In whatever ways are open to us we need to challenge their lunacy. Nicola has again shown that the machismo of stale old men and reckless young men is just Trumpian front and withers when it is challenged honestly. We don’t want or need nuclear weapons and Scots need to open their eyes to the true cost, both in terms of the threat to the safety of their family and also the waste of money that should be enhancing their quality of life.

    There is more, much much more. If we can get the message out we are going to win handsomely. If not, our progress is going to be delayed.

  23. Dr Jim says:

    Donald Campbell eh Stuart Trump, or whatever he’s calling himself now is calling for the burning down of our parliament, he thinks he’s using clever cartoon style language as he does it but his ego like the real Donald Trump has been busted and what’s worse respected commentators are telling him so, now the doubling down on the bad behaviour continues with this latest veiled incitement directed at those who may not have level heads in the hope that they carry out what he would no doubt later deny all knowledge of

    This is badness of the highest level exactly in the same way Trump had his followers march with malice revolution style on the seats of government in America, we’ve seen this tactic many times before splitting countries and people by attempting to bypass democracy and replacing it with the tyranny that those who engage in this madness use to accuse others of

    Disagreement is allowed, incitement to violence isn’t unless you’re unfortunate enough to live under an actual military controlled junta where you’re fighting for your life, Scotland isn’t one of those places

  24. Skintybroko says:

    Well said Paul, I was an avid reader and supporter of Wings back in the day, saddened to see the complete about face of the man and his supporters now a complete irrelevance to our future. Keep up the good work it’s always a pleasure to read your blog as you always bring us back down to earth.

    I hear so many people saying they won’t vote SNP because they don’t like their stance on Education or GRA – I can only respond in the same way you did to Lizzie as that is the only alternative.

  25. JockG says:

    Another great post Paul. We must all focus on independence. That’s the goal. Sowing discord and divide and rule only helps the unionist side

  26. Margaret Barrie says:

    Paul, An excellent article as always, with which I agree 100%. I have my own suspicions about Mr S Campbell and he, and some of his vicious followers, hold no credibility with me as committed Scottish Independence supporters. They do and have done nothing but create division and hate. We do not need or want any of that.

    Keep strong, Paul.

  27. Alex Clark says:

    If people have chosen not to support Independence because of the SNP leadership then that is their right. It’s a shame they feel that way but the way I see it is that their support for Independence in the first place was built on sand and was never truly on a strong foundation.

    Mibbees Aye Mibbees Naw?

    Who cares? I doubt that their support will be missed and I view them now as ex-Independence supporters whose preference is that Scotland remains under blue Tory rule or red Tory rule rather than we be in charge of her own affairs through the MSP’s we elect.

    That’s fair enough but don’t expect me to come around to their point of view. I’ll be sticking with the SNP and Nicola Surgeon as the way for Scotland to regain her Independence, in fact, it’s the only way. The constantly moaning lot who have rejected any notion of Independence under an SNP leadership can go and vote for the Tories for all I care. We don’t need them or their votes.

    • grizebard says:

      Well, these unfamiliar pop-ups are free to claim they were independence supporters, but given their self-evident lack of appreciation of everything the SG has achieved – ongoing pro-indy polls for the first time ever, and such – we are equally free to doubt them…

  28. Me Bungo Pony says:

    Jason Mccann (of Random Public Journal) has an article up which calls for reconciliation between the antagonists within the Indy movement, and in which he states he is unblocking everyone. However, he rather compromises it by titling it “Follow the Leader” and comparing those who continue to support the SNP as army ants blindly following Sturgeon in a death spiral. It was further compromised when I tried to post on it but am apparently still blocked. For the record, this is what was blocked;

    “I would have more faith in the sentiment behind this article if I believed the bulk of those responding to it had any interest in conciliation. There appears to be no appetite for it though (Nazi comparisons are not helpful) and it is this that threatens independence, not those who continue to support the SNP as the only political means of achieving independence.

    If there is to be true reconciliation, then it requires those on all sides to be open to listening to (not necessarily agreeing with) the other point of view. At the moment, there is too much them and us on internet sites. You are only allowed to post on a blog if what you have to say conforms to the zeitgeist on that blog. Today, I was told by one poster on Yours for Scotland that he was sorry to see me posting there again and thought I had found my natural home on Wee Ginger Dug. The blogger himself then deleted a post because it questioned his assertions (something he does a lot). If we are all to be corralled in distinct little silos and only allowed to communicate with those who already agree with us, there is no hope of any reconciliation. Bloggers have to decide whether they want to facilitate debate on their sites or just have a self-validating, mutual support group”.

    Not everyone is going to agree with my solution, especially if it unleashes trolls on otherwise troll-free sites, but it is hardly worthy of blocking. The fact it was calls into question the veracity of the article author’s claims.

    • Alex Clark says:

      The posts below the line typically take their cue from the article above the line. That’s where the reconciliation needs to take place and as this article says:

      “The thing about conciliation is that it is like the tango or making a baby, it takes two to do it.”

      The same applies not just to bloggers but also to politicians and the wider Yes groups.

    • the only solution bungo is to relentlessly troll all the sites 🙂

  29. weegingerdug says:

    Calling for reconciliation and then describing those of us who still support the SNP as army ants locked in a death spiral seems somewhat disingenuous, to put it kindly.

    • grizebard says:

      I think it’s based on the notion that now that Nicola has gloriously triumphed, the only way the Nic-deniers can rescue their waning influence is to claim “kumbaya”…
      …but only under their gracious tutelage, of course. For such people, independence was always and only a means of control of agenda, an extreme minority trying to insert themselves into positions of influence they didn’t actually possess or merit. And having been thwarted both at present and in prospect, they are now jumping ship.

      So much for putting independence first. Fair-weather “friends” indeed.

  30. Bill McDermott says:

    I have to say that I mulled over the possibility of voting for Andy Wightman on the list after voting for Kate Forbes in my constituency, but Andy’s part in the Harassment Committee outcome after the James Hamilton verdict now means I will go for the safe option of SNP 1&2.

    • raineach says:

      and good prospect of a list seat for SNP in that region

      • heilan' loon says:

        If that is the case, I hope the lad from the Northern Isles challenges Emma Roddick if he fails to get elected up north, the list should be a fall back on any candidate selected for the constituency vote first then other candidates second.

  31. Tollcross says:

    I’ll be voting SNP in May, as I have at every election in the past (nearly) fifty years, but this time I’ll be holding my nose. Lord Pentland said that the actions of the SG had been tainted by obvious malice; if not one civil servant is going to be disciplined, that taint will linger. And the SG seems to have been less than candid in its dealings with the Fabiani committee; dumping shedloads of useless documents on them while withholding potentially important ones, witnesses having to return to the committee to “amend” their statements. This is not “work(ing) as if you live in the early days of a better nation”.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Lord Cullen of Pentland stood for the Tories and lost against Jim Murphy in Eastwood for the 1997 general election. He was also Vice-President of the Edinburgh South Conservative Association from 1997 until 2008.

      I’m not all that surprised then to find he has been critical of the SNP government, are you?

      • Tollcross says:

        So because he’s a Tory, he’s incapable of objective, evidence-based judgement in his day job? Behave yourself.

        • Alex Clark says:

          I never said anything like that. I said I’m not all that surprised to find that he has been critical of an SNP government. Don’t put words in my mouth, behave yourself.

          • Tollcross says:

            I referred to Pentland’s damning judgement on the SG. You immediately cited his Tory links. What would be the point of you doing so, in that context, if it wasn’t to cast doubt on the validity of the judgement? I don’t think it helps our cause to shrug off any and every criticism of SG as inspired by party feeling.

            • Alex Clark says:

              I expect Tories to be critical of the Scottish government, it comes with the job and so I’m not surpsied to find that another one is. My point is that you did not make clear who Lord Pentland as you called him is or even under what authority he has formed this “damming judgement”.

              Please provide a link so that I and others who read this blog may read this “damming judgement” for ourselves, so far it is only you that is going on about it.

              Mind open your gub when you hold your nose in the voting booth as you vote for SNP.

              Most posting here have no need to hold their noses when they vote for the SNP in May, it seems that the ones who claim they will be doing so have all supported the SNP for “fifty years” but this time they will need to hold their nose. In your case, because Lord Pentland has criticised the SNP.
              Hahaha oh, ma sides 🙂

              • weegingerdug says:

                I don’t care if people hold their noses or not, I just want a strong pro-indy majority in Holyrood or all is lost.

                • Alex Clark says:

                  So do I.

                  Tollcross though is holding his nose, he claims because a Tory Lord has criticised the SNP. That’s why I laugh if that’s all it takes to make him hold his nose after claiming to have supported them in every election for 50 years.

                  • Tollcross says:

                    So come on, spit it out, Alex. Are you saying, as you seem to imply, that Cullen/Pentland is incapable of objective, non-partisan professional judgement when it comes to the SG, because of his personal beliefs? If so, you’d be good company for Johnson and his cronies who are planning to “rein in” the English judiciary on exactly the same grounds. And by the way, any time you’re in Govan or Larkhall or Hamilton, I’ll be happy to show you round the doors I’ve chapped for the SNP. But of course, it’s easy to cast doubts on other people’s good faith.

                    • Alex Clark says:

                      This is the last time I will reply to you Trollcross and the third time I have had to tell you that I said I was not surprised that a Tory Lord would be critical of an SNP government, no more and no less. I implied nothing other than that factual statement.

                      You have no need of showing me around Govan, I lived there,

            • Alex Clark says:

              His name is Cullen, Pentland is a place near Edinburgh.

        • grizebard says:

          There used to be a time when such expectation was commonplace. Things changed after the SNP became the governing party, that’s when the politicisation-of-everything began and it wasn’t the SNP’s doing.

          If there were even one Scottish Tory of standing who was prepared to call out the ongoing shenangans down south for what they obviously are, and OTOH offer due recognition for our government here where it was obviously well-merited, we might have a better expectation of them. But to a man and woman they have all – even those who, like Baroness Placemat, once opposed the known liar and charlatan who now occupies Downing St. – at best maintained a cowardly and shameful silence, all for the sake of their precious Union.

          That’s where we are, and why our mistrust – be it ever such a pity – is thus hardly surprising.

          • Alex Clark says:

            Exactly, the Tories being totally unable to see the hypocrisy is hunting down the FM with claims of breaking the Ministerial Code and insisting on her resignation is in stark contrast with the fact that the Prime Minister and numerous colleagues in his cabinet have all broken the Ministerial Code with nary a slap on the wrist.

            We need no “damming judgement” from a Tory Lord to be able to make our minds up about what is right and wrong with governance here in Scotland. We need no lessons from them.

      • Statgeek says:

        Given his presiding over Piper Alpha and Dunblane enquiries, I’m not exactly filled with confidence of Cullen.

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, that elusive perfection, the lack of it grates with all of us in one way or another at the moment (most of us not into parliamentary minutiae, mind you), but as you rightly seem to recognise, it’s either imperfection or nothing.

      Hard choice that, eh…?

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Lord Paul Benedict Cullen Pentland (QC, PC, former Solicitor General for Scotland, Senator of the College of Justice and former Chairman of the Scottish Law Commission) would be struck off were “dumping shedloads of useless documents on them while withholding potentially important ones” (I presume a direct quote from m’lud) not preferable to a fundamental breach of Client privilege preserved under Scots Law, and which exclusion may only be released on explicit mutual agreement between the QC and client…
      But don’t allow facts to get in your way…

      • Tollcross says:

        The words you quote are my own. Why on earth would Cullen be passing comment on the Fabiani inquiry? But don’t let ludicrous improbabilities get in your way.

  32. Col says:

    I’m getting confused about timing of indyref2, is it in the first half or the second. The Sky guy seemed to suggest it would be the 2nd half and the Skye guy didn’t correct him? I just hope it doesn’t slip into the 2nd leg.

    • Alex Clark says:

      First half of the new parliament depending on the status of the pandemic and it being safe to do so.

      • col says:

        That’s great, I guess Ian Blackford just forgot to correct the Sky interviewer who suggested it would be in the 2nd half of the parliament.

        • Petra says:

          And Mr Campbell has managed to make a meal of that too, Col, with his latest article. Called scraping the bottom of the barrel. Pathetic 🙄. How the mighty fall, eh?

  33. The Gillies says:

    SNP or Johnston’s puppets no contest , Vote SNP twice

  34. dorancaird says:

    Thank you Paul. Always a ray of light. I used to read and support Wings. Long, long ago. I feel he is in deep pockets nowadays,but who could prove that? Hope you keep making progress. You have been astonishing to date. Some aspects can take longer. God bless

    • weegingerdug says:

      Thank you. This past year has been very challenging, to put it mildly. But I feel heartened that we’re now going in the right direction as a movement. On a personal level my recovery continues slowly but steadily. As far as the blog is concerned I feel that I have been ploughing a lonely furrow. But this past week I feel vindicated and more confident that we will get the right result in May. I hope that once a referendum starts to hove into view that minds will be concentrated and we’ll all start to pull together.

  35. Legerwood says:

    Looks like AS is going to keep the pot boiling on this. Statement in The Herald

  36. Alex Clark says:

    Alex Salmond has said he accepts the results of both inquiries and intends to move on.

    Well done Alex.

    He also said that he will be taking the Scottish government to court in pursuit over the conduct of Leslie Evans and will be asking the police to investigate the leak of the complaints against him.

  37. Skintybroko says:

    Salmond going back to court – this has all the hallmarks of a never ending string of he said she said. Just tired of it now as it will go on well past the election. The media will make sure Nicola is the main focus of their ire despite the case being made against Evans – yet again no real winners just gets the opposition off the hook

    • weegingerdug says:

      The case won’t be heard until after the election and will be sub judice before it, so hopefully aside from the rants of the usual online suspects we won’t hear much more about it until after the election is done and dusted.

      • Legerwood says:

        I wish I shared your confidence Paul. The fact that it is sub-judice does not bar the newspapers and opposition mentioning that there is a case, and the complaint to the police. It also gives them the excuse to keep referring, however obliquely, to the Committee report and tying case and report into a narrative of
        sleaze/incompetence/corruption/internecine conflict against the SG/SNP.

        You could probably sit down and write the headlines now and all while an election is taking place.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Looks to me like he has shifted his attention from the First Minister and switched it to where it should have been aimed in the first place and that is the leadership of the civil service in Scotland.

      Letting go completely was never going to prove possible.

    • col says:

      Yes, it would have been better to get everything released up front thus avoiding this scenario.

  38. andyfromdunning says:

    Well done Paul. I agree with both parts of your article above.
    It is sad about Wings. He was a key player on the Indy web and then he blew it. No Wee Blue Book this time. We are moving on to victory and he is champing at his bit, wearing his teeth down for what. What? That is what he should be asking himself ‘what the **** am I doing’.

  39. Bill McDermott says:

    To put your minds at rest of how the Scottish Government has dealing with the processing of legislation for Indyref 2. I came across this on Newsnet;


    • UncleBob says:

      A great read. Thanks for the link. I’ve fair cheered up.

    • Statgeek says:

      Nice article. Faved for future reference. 😉

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Yes, very good article, one thing wrong, the PO can’t stop a Bill going for Royal Assent, and his / her opinion can just be ignored – same as it was for the EU Continuity (Scotland) Bill, which was judged legal at point of passing, bar one small section extending minister’s prerogative. The UK Gov then has 28 days to object to Royal Assent.

      This point made by him also made by Aidan O’Neill to Keatings: “ It’s the Parliament itself which conveys the power and standing, not the governing party or coalition” last January, and perhaps the more elections take place, the less the chance of the UK Gov overthrowing any legislation made by the ScotParl (as opposed to ScotGov). Who knows? I think there have also been some formative court cases but mum’s the word 🙂

  40. Petra says:

    Another great article Paul. The Tories really scored an own goal this week, didn’t they 😀, and in the process, due to the airtime that they’ve been afforded (thanks BBC, STV, Sky etc), have shown the Scots in general that they’re a bunch of nasty, corrupt, immoral, hypocritical shysters.

    Another nasty, corrupt, immoral, hypocritical shyster, of a blog owner, supports the Tories or rather Westminster now, in particular in his desideratum to savage our chances of achieving independence: His SOLE, long term aim. His abhorrent and bizarre behaviour isn’t influenced by a hatred of Nicola Sturgeon and / or ScotGov policies at all. If Joanna Cherry had been the leader she’d be getting the same treatment. If Nicola Sturgeon had resigned yesterday he’d continue to trash the new leader and the SNP in general. You can see that he’s been preparing the way for such an eventuality by attacking any potential leader such as John Swinney, Humza Yousaf and so on.

    Being a typical narcissist he can’t bear to be proven wrong or to lose any member of his narcissistic supply (admirers) and as he’s in the process of experiencing both he’s lashing out now and using graphics and a video to covertly whip up hatred and exhort violence. Dr Jim is spot on when he says, ”now the doubling down on the bad behaviour continues with this latest veiled incitement directed at those who may not have level heads in the hope that they carry out what he would no doubt later deny all knowledge of.”

    He’s one bitter, more so extremely dangerous, man and I just hope that the powers that be are keeping a close eye on him, along with more and more people seeing him for what he truly is. No friend of the independence movement.

    • Legerwood says:

      Would she, JC, be getting the same treatment as Ms Sturgeon? I though she was one of the ones he rated because of her apparent/alleged support for AS

      • Petra says:

        It would look bad if he condemned ALL SNP politicians Legerwood and he well knows that she wouldn’t have replaced Nicola Sturgeon anyway. I doubt he even gives a damn about AS either. As I’ve said previously use the starting point as scuppering independence and work backwards using all that you can (GRA, HCB, Salmond affair etc, etc) to influence people to achieve the ultimate aim.

        • Legerwood says:

          I have stayed away from the site since it became clear I was about to be banned. All I know of what is going on over there are the bits and pieces that I pick up here.

          Even before I left I could see the way it was going.

          • Petra says:

            ”Even before I left I could see the way it was going.”

            Me too and I think that’s why he got rid of me. I reckon he thought that when I was banned from his site I’d just disappear into the ether, but when I started posting more often on here he arrived to give me dogs abuse. Typical narcissistic behaviour 🙄.

  41. Arthur Thomson says:

    I have gone out of my way not to be too disparaging of those who have turned out to be Brit agents. I have tried very hard not to cut to the chase and call them out as degenerates but rather just accept that they are in the pay of my opponents and entirely entitled to be so, if they are comfortable with traumatising, maiming and killing children the world over. But I have heard enough of their attempts at deceit. I could write their miserabilist comments for them if I was of a mind to. As I have said before, I don’t need to analyse the contents of their verbal bowel movements, I recognise crap from a distance and my mum was at pains to explain to me why it was best just flushed down the toilet.

    So, in the interests of conciliation, I invite these people to put forward some positive suggestions as to how we skewer their employers. I promise that I will give genuine consideration to their ideas and be supportive of them if they are designed to increase support for Scottish independence. I will wait patiently but I won’t hold my breath – just my nose as someone has commented above.

    Alternatively, my cryptic message to them is a simple GTF.

  42. Jane Russell says:

    In the past I financially supported Wings and also Craig Murray (because I had admired his stand against his political masters when he was in the Middle East). Their intransigence in recent months, and a certain self-pitying tone to their writing, has made me rethink, and I’ve stopped the payments.
    I don’t need to read their bilious output – I can buy the Daily Express more cheaply!

    • Petra says:

      Me too Jane (financially supported and admired) and I’m banned from both sites now. And when you read someone describe himself as a potential political prisoner, if he should be sent to prison in Scotland, it just reeks of grotesque hypocrisy from someone who had first hand knowledge of the hell that many political prisoners had / have to endure. It’s just another wee (self-pitying) ploy being used to attack his adversaries, the SNP, the political party that he was telling everyone to vote for (SNP x 2) up until last week. It’s high time that these so-called pro-independence con artists stopped trying to dupe people, in the process filling their coffers, and called it a day.

  43. Old Pete says:

    Just wish Alex Salmond would give it a bye, will it ever end ?

    • grizebard says:

      His suffering is obviously far,far more traumatic and deserving of redress than anything he visited upon those female colleagues. And he evidently can still call upon huge pots of money to exercise his rights.

      But what recourse do those traduced women have, eh? Especially now that they can no longer be exploited for political gain.

    • jfngw says:

      I’m not sure this will turn out well for Mr Salmond even if he obtains a few heads. Most people just remember the not guilty verdict of the criminal case, this is going to allow the media to regurgitate all the issues of the employment investigation which never came to any completion. Once the public think about what was admitted by a FM on women employed in his Scotgov support positions, they may re-evaluate the man.

      A lot depends on the outcome of the election, a SNP majority will make the media move on looking for other headlines as they cannot bring the SNP down in the short term. A parliament with the SNP relying on other parties could make them hold back on Mr Salmond as it could be more advantageous to them.

    • Eilidh says:

      Me too. He is doing a fine impersonation of a stuck record now and I won’t be donating any money towards his legal fees if he does sue Scottish Govt.Jabba Baillie and Turdo Murdo were on Misreporting Scotland tonight pontificating that Leslie Evans should resign. Maybe she should but those two clowns should too as I simply do not believe that they were totally innocent of the committee leaking info to the press

  44. dakk says:

    Wings has been a british asset for at least a couple years now.

    Very few facts, with regular use of britnat newspaper stories to promote their lies.

    Out of the same mould as many turncoats in Scotland’s history sad to say.

    Neo gallowayans might be too kind a description for them.

  45. grannyedevane says:

    waiting on my ban from wings sad as back in the day none better for a free Scotland .

  46. Hamish100 says:

    Oh dear here comes the mind games. Scotland to fly the butchers apron


    • jfngw says:

      Oooh! Does that include the BBC because the confirmation it was a government asset would clear things up, stop all the claims of being unbiased.

      Doesn’t worry me, I just see it as a flag of occupation. Maybe we should be like the state and all have the Saltire on our house or in the garden.

    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      Hamish 100: It seems that it is “new guidance” and applies to UK Government Buildings. So I would guess that’s mainly in England?.

      I know that the Herald says its to be flown in Scotland, but then it’s the Herald.

    • UncleBob says:

      Flame throwers are what we need. Burn every one that you see. Be careful not to hurt anything else mind!

    • The butcher’s apron is Johnson’s Fourth Reich Swastika.
      It is exactly the same tactic used by Hitler.
      They think that we’re a colony; Will The Windsor mob revert to their pre 1917 Hanovarian name now.
      Will Auld Charlie be crowned Kaiser Karl Saxe-Goberg and Gothe I?

      They have lost the plot.
      Do they really believe that by plastering this disgusting symbol of oppression and global genocide will force us to ‘bow down before our Imperial Masters?’
      You can’t buy food in any Brit Based supermarket in Scotland that does not have the English Imperial emblem daubed on every carton, packaging and jar.
      The might of the English Oligarchy is being thrown at us.
      It is a symbol of violence, thuggery, and colonial suppression for most of us now.
      Watch any of the war movies; check out the swastika emblazoned on buildinghs, troop carriers, and concentration camps.
      I bet that Priti Patel will have plenty of Jacks flying over her refugee concentration camp Devil’s Island.
      Perhaps it will use the camps Idi Amin herded her mum and dad into before he expelled Asians from Uganda.

      If I have to crawl on my hands and knees to the polling booth…
      We have won already.
      Anyone who wants to leave independent Scotland, give me a phone. I’ll drive you to the border free, gratis, and for nothing
      We are taking our country back.

  47. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    All government buildings in England, Wales and Scotland will fly the Union flag every day, following new guidance from the culture department…..as in lack of culture Dept….also known as another propaganda arm of UKnotOK Tory Govt.

    So basically if they cannot convince us all to believe that we are British and should be beholden to a British Tory Govt.(Britain, as in like Narnia , without the entry via a wardrobe but with the Goat man character i.e. Boris) .

    So unable to use convincing pro Union arguments on what one would assume would be already clearly evident …… then they just choose to force it upon us whether it is wanted or not…via …a FLAG……..like a bully stamping his authority for no other reason than he feels he can….cause he thinks he is bigger (but not really) and holds all the power (which he has abused)….so who is going to stop him !

    As a political strategy just before the crucial Scottish elections I see this as weak and futile tactic…

    One – I tend to look straight ahead when I walk past buildings….as opposed to checking out what flag is flying above them….who gives a you know what….until we are independent that is.

    Two- if I do catch that particular flag flying it actually incites negative connotations as opposed to what the naïve strategists within the Tory party assume it will incite.

    Three – As to it supposedly signifying it’s presence as promoting the power of the Union ….well that also does not connect or compute in my brain as when I see that flag flying above a building…..it evokes feelings of anger and resentment that make me even MORE determined for Scotland to get independence….and thus free itself from Union Jackerry Bwitain.

    Fourth – I just know all of the above sentiments about that flag are felt by thousands of other Scots….though the ‘Proud Scots But’ disagree…I am told….as in BritNat Trolls just love a flag….as seen enough of them waving one…wrong one….but it will float their boat while it will give the rest of us , yet another, sinking feeling…..though once independent we will rise again…as will our TRUE flag……….that represents OUR country….as opposed to another country’s flag being imposed upon us…..bit like everything else they impose upon us…..is it not !

    Will no one think of Ian Murray….he disnae like flags….allegedly.

    • Macart says:

      They haven’t thought that one through. Sshhhhh! 😉

    • stewartb says:

      I see on flags they’re making a ‘concession’! The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport’s press release on the matter is notable.

      Source: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/union-flag-to-be-flown-on-uk-government-buildings-every-day

      Local Government Secretary Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP is quoted stating this about the Union flag: “Our nation’s flag is a symbol of liberty, unity and freedom that creates a shared sense of civic pride. People rightly expect to see the Union Flag flying high on civic and Government buildings up and down the country, as a sign of our local and national identity.”

      But then we have this:

      “Where organisations have two flag poles, they can fly the Union flag alongside another flag. This will allow organisations to highlight their local identity alongside their national identities, for example by flying a Middlesex county flag alongside the Union flag in London, or the Saltire alongside the Union flag in Scotland.”

      The Saltire highlighting our ‘local identity’ just like the good folk of Middlesex flying their county flag!

      • Tatu3 says:

        It also said “The guidance released by the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport department says the Union flag should be flown every day – except on those occasions where another flag is being flown.”
        This means, I think, that if a saltire, say, was to be flown everyday, then the UJ wouldn’t need to be?

      • iusedtobeenglish says:

        Thoughts on looking at the press release:

        1) Pirates of the Caribbean – “We look on them as… guidelines…”
        2) It doesn’t actually mention the size of the flags. So, if forced to fly 2 flags, the UF could be a tiny little one and the Saltire a regular size.
        3) The SCOTTISH NHS needs a new flag – urgently. (Subliminal linking of UF and NHS?!) It could be awarded in appreciation of services during the pandemic. How fortunate it’s blue and white already – the addition of a St Andrew’s cross would be very tasteful don’t you think?
        4) If it’s ever made compulsory to fly the thing (or possibly even if not) I feel a parade, stopping in front of such public buildings and showing due respect by raising one’s straightened right arm to 45 degrees and shouting “Sieg Heil” would be appropriate.

  48. Capella says:

    I noticed some disagreeable tweets about you on twitter. I still follow a few people I should unfollow as I like to know what fresh nonsense WoS is promoting. But it’s not good for your mental health to be at the receiving end of such openly malicious messages.

    Nicola Sturgeon must have great courage to carry on regardless of the venom that comes her way. We are now in election mode and can expect an endless stream of hate filled unionist bile. Put on you emotional life jackets as Janey Godley says.

    Keep safe and carry on.

    • weegingerdug says:

      Yeah it’s not good for anyone’s mental health, so I steer clear. They are just bitter and nasty individuals who are lashing out because they have lost. The hate comes with the territory when you burst their wee bubble. But I am made of sterner stuff and am not about to be deterred by some gobby wee arseholes mouthing off behind the safety of a keyboard.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        I don’t do twitter, but on forums there’s some surprising ones.

      • Capella says:

        If you weren’t in the front line you wouldn’t be a target. So thanks for keeping the flame alive.

        The only way out of this ghastly union is to keep the prize in front of the public. We don’t have the media and, during a pandemic, we don’t have the streets. So I for one am grateful that you keep posting inspirational articles online which stimulate positive discussion.

        Only six more weeks till election day. 🙂

  49. Ken says:

    It will backfire more people will vote for Independence. Another own goal. How nonsensical are these people. People laugh at them.

  50. orcadia19 says:

    sorry guys, I am not in love with Nicola, I want independence but not at the cost of a morally corrupt country so I will wait until next time and hope that our morally corrupt FM and friends have been removed

    • Old Pete says:

      Guess you never truly wanted Independence unless it was your type and only your type of Independence. So in the end you never actually wanted Scottish Independence and the chance to get the government WE vote for.

      Saor Alba

    • Lairtin Dubs says:

      stay within the morally corrupt uk then
      what makes you think we will get a better chance

    • Alex Clark says:

      Why post here then? Attention seeker LOL

      • J Galt says:

        Alex, would it no get a wee bit boring for you all if one or two of us didn’t put our heids above the parapet now and again!?

    • Alex Clark says:

      There are few more “morally corrupt” governments right now than that in the UK. I think you may be a little confused as to what Independence actually means.

    • weegingerdug says:

      There won’t be a next time So thanks to you we’ll be under the thumb of the morally corrupt Tories that we are unable to get rid of – as opposed to a Scottish government we can get rid of. I really don’t like to be rude to people who post here, but you are nothing more than a useful idiot who is playing right into the Conservatives’ hands

      • Alex Clark says:

        That’s the most important point.

        There WONT be “a next time” if we fail to win a majority in May as there will be ne referendum bill passed without that majority in place. Will it be possible to get that majority in 5 years time?

        NOW IS THE TIME!

    • JoMax says:

      I wasn’t in love, as you put it, with Alex Salmond in 2014, but I voted for my country anyway. It wasn’t AS I was voting for.

    • Petra says:

      Ok don’t vote orcadia19 😀.

    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      orcadia19: Oh that’s a shame. Maybe you could hook up with Lizzie55 she was also very distraught.

      All we need is a Blake7 telling us their woes..

    • Tam the Bam says:

      Keyboard operating instructions for Orcadia 19:

      You’ll find the Caps Lock key on the left.
      The ‘full stop’ punctuation mark should be on the bottom row of keys to the right.

      You’re welcome.

    • grizebard says:

      Oh, another replicant with no imagination. Where are the wee green men from Planet Zog or whatever? This trope was always unbelievable, but now it’s getting wearying.

    • Geejay says:

      “morally corrupt FM” you say. Ok, where’s the equivalent of the Peter Oborne book “(on Boris Johnson) itemising her many lies from when she first started out? Has she lied to the Queen? Has she acted illegally? Has she handed contracts to her cronies? Has she promoted “herd immunity” and suggested we ignore the pandemic? Has she overpromised and underdelivered on her response to the pandemic? Does she make racist and xenophobic remarks as a matter of course? Has she made stupid remarks about a dual-nationality citizen which helped a hostile power stick that person in prison on trumped-up charges? Has she passed laws restricting the rights of citizens to protest? Has she created a hostile environment for refugees? Has she acted to destroy, jobs, livelihoods, wealth, make travel more difficult by leaving our near neighbours with the worst deal in history? Does she refuse to admit to making mistakes and to apologise?

      I could go on. These, and many others, are all documented transgressions of Johnson and his cabal of fellow criminals who will destroy civil liberties as the move towards a fully fascist state (see Richard Murphy TRUK) and will attack devolution and emasculate the Scottish Parliament. If you have documented evidence of a “morally corrupt FM” lets have it with full references to where that evidence can be found.

    • So who, pray tell, are you hoping will appear on the horizon to lead you to your utopian, I want indy, but only if it’s purer than pure indy?

      I’m not insulted that you Unionist concern trolls or Unionist dupes , whichever type you are, are trying it on. I am, however, mightily offended that you think we’re stupid enough to fall for this guff.

    • Dr Jim says:

      You must be a psychic lawyer who knows more than everyone else or just another reader of fantastical winged fiction for the hard of thinking, and nobody who actually wants Independence begins with sentences like “I am not in love with Nicola”

    • Alec Lomax says:

      Another I-want-indy-but.

      • Tam the Bam says:

        …or “I’m a proud Scot….BUT!

      • James Mills says:

        At least he spared us the ” and have been an SNP member for 650 years and was knocking on doors with William Wallace at every election ”.

        • Tam the Bam says:

          You canny count James……I love your comment though…lol

        • Petra says:

          James you forget to mention … and I’ve just torn up my membership card given to me by no other than Bonnie Prince Charlie.

          • Tam the Bam says:

            Stop it Petra!…lol

          • Tam the Bam says:

            Would that be the self-titled ‘Bonnie Prince Bob’ apparently standing against Angus Robertson in Edinburgh?…(oh dear god….i’ve just seen his video).

  51. Ken says:

    The Tories are not getting a popular Press. DR and Davidson ridiculed on the front page. Caricature. Not going too well for them. Certainly not as expected. Johnston ridiculed or criticised every day.

    Some supporting Nicola. After all the harassment.

    People on the spectrum. Can be quite obsessive, until attention is diverted. Black and white. They are also good at poker. They need help. Have a little patience. Best to be left alone. Meltdowns.

  52. Ken says:

    Better to vote for Independence and to get the Gov the majority want. Then not to be part of the process. Get the vote and use it.

  53. Arthur Thomson says:

    Don’t be sorry we’ll just put you down as a no. Goodbye.

    • Alex Clark says:

      I’ll second that, goodbye to all those who no longer support Independence. You are now batting for the Unionist side, I hope you all now feel so much Better Together.

      If you change your mind though then we will still be here and welcome you back with pleasure. It’s not about the SNP is it? It’s about Independence and the power to govern ourselves.

    • grizebard says:

      They were always a no. This is well beyond stupidity and wilful “cutting off nose to spite face”, and well into full-on pretend.

  54. Tam the Bam says:

    Jeanne Freeman has offered NHS SCOTLAND STAFF a 4% wage increase backdated to 1st December 2020 in recognition of their exceptional efforts during the pandemic.
    Union is still to respond.

    *Match that Bojo/Matt Hancock……stick yer 1% !!!

    • Tam the Bam says:

      … and its just made the 10 o’clock BBC NATIONAL News.
      Well done Jeanne.

      • Petra says:

        Well done Jeane right enough. May also encourage even more ENHS staff to head north. On the other hand BoJo will be so bealing he’ll make a point of cutting our sweety money again.

        ‘NHS staff in Scotland to be offered at least 4 per cent pay rise.’

        ..Among those included in Agenda for Change are nurses, paramedics and allied health professionals, as well as domestic, healthcare support staff, porters and other frontline health workers.”..


        • Tam the Bam says:

          Well one thing you can be assured of Petra….tomorrow’s press/broadcast media are going to be asking:

          “How come Scotland offers THEIR NHS people a better deal than you are offering us!

          Watch this space!

  55. grizebard says:

    Isn’t it odd – as Paul’s article says, yesterday the Tories were trounced in the VONC, humiliated, their electoral strategy in ruins and with nothing else to offer, and we here, who (as is our way) might be expecting to celebrate a very satisfying wee triumph as prelude to a critical election election, are instead having to field a bombardment of “SNP-leavers” full of doom and woe.

    A coincidence? I hardly think so.

  56. Haggis Trap says:

    Nice to see someone taking a stand against Wings Over Bath : at best he is yesterdays man

  57. Arthur Thomson says:

    So the Brits are going to fly their scabby flag over Scotland to remind us of, their words, ” …… the ties that bind us”. Can you actually believe that?

    Political prisoners. A daily reminder of being in bondage. Will the tories be wearing arm bands with a rose emblazened on them? Are Scots to wear alternative arm bands? Different colours depending on our status?

    Have the Brits gone mad? Do they really imagine that this is a smart move or do we have a mole in their government who is deliberately working to undermine them?

    But not in Northern Ireland, where at least half the people despise their rag. Oh, and they express their disdain in non peaceful ways. There is a message in there somewhere.

    But no, the Scots have a thousand years of history and a civilised culture. We will look, shake our heads and determine that their flags will soon be removed – permanently. Yet another Brit kamikaze squad has embarked in an attack on Scotland. Once again it will be shot down in flames and the world will see them for the neo fascists they are.

    What doe Murray Douglas Murray think of this I wonder? (Not really).

    • iusedtobeenglish says:

      “Are Scots to wear alternative arm bands? Different colours depending on our status?”

      Of course not, Arthur.
      They’ll have Saltires sewn on to their clothes. (Although I think, personally, they should keep the yellow theme of yesteryear and have a red lion rampant on a yellow background. The royalists should be pleased, surely?)

  58. Terence Callachan says:

    Orcadia 19 people in government dont last long.Scottish independence will be forever.
    Vote for Scotland vote for Scotlands future .

    I value the work done by WOS over the last decade , WOS was the best investigative journalism available for exposure of Westminster ills and lies.
    I hope SC finds a way to get back on track fighting for Scottish Independence he is an expert i regard him and his work highly but its so sad the way things have gone.

    Alex Salmond is a hero figure to me ,so too is Nicola Sturgeon , the memories i have are precious of how he battled with the best that westminster threw at him and more often than not he won.
    I hope one day something causes the documents he claims will support his view to become available .

    Meantime both votes SNP is my intention i could risk the 2nd vote on the greens and hope to assist another LIST win in indy,s favour but if that didnt work i know that fewer overall votes for SNP would be pounced on by the britnat media so i dont intend to give them that opportunity.
    Both my votes will go to SNP even though i forego a chance to increase the indy LIST

  59. Macart says:

    Something the political class and assorted meeja punditry should perhaps be made aware of. The problem (for them) is that with political awareness comes the realisation that the public have power over their own future.

    They don’t require political personality shows. They don’t require soundbite culture or photo ops. They want the freedom to choose their own priorities. They want a roof over their heads and the means to provide a crust. They want to feel safe and appreciated. They want to know that when they fall down a safe and caring pair of hands will help them get back up.

    That’s pretty much it.

    The folk playing political twister in the midst of a global pandemic made a horrendous and crass error of judgement. People are grieving. They are scared. They are going to be living with the fallout from austerity, brexit and covid for a long time.

    Just so the policy gonks know? People are becoming more aware by the day, that you rely on them a lot more than they rely on you.

  60. Tam the Bam says:

    ‘Debate Night’ … BBC SCOTLAND Ch9 … 10-30pm

    For those interested.

  61. Dr Jim says:

    I’ve been a member of the SNP longer than Alex Salmond, the Independence movement didn’t begin with Alex Salmond, he did a good thing once then he did a bad thing and now he’s gone, the end
    Nicola Sturgeon has the job now and has probably put in more hours in the last year than any politician on the planet, I don’t need to love her, I don’t know her well enough to know that and it’s just silly opposition folk who come up with this rubbish, but I’d vote for Nicola Sturgeon 100 times out of 100 for her work ethic and effort and I never could have said that about any politician ever because they never worked as hard as she does to earn the amount of respect I have for her

    Although if I was 60 years younger I’d be chasing wee Kate Forbes round the playground in a game of Tig

  62. Derek says:

    Twitter needs a smartphone and constant attention, I think. I’m still on an old mobile – a dumbphone, if you like – so I’ve never even bothered trying to go there. My work rules that phones must be on silent, too. And relax….!

  63. yesindyref2 says:

    It’s a thing really. People have come out on different sides to this FM / former FM issue, and people do feel deeply about it. They’re lashing out, because beliefs are being challenged. There is some, quite a lot perhaps, agent provocateuring going on, fakers – fake indy supporters – and even provocation by unionist agitators. There’s also malicious fake news from people doing it just for kicks, with no interest in Indy or the Union.

    But people I “knew” online back in Indy Ref 1, and have even met in person, and since then on other issues and other forums, really are genuine Indy supporters, but have very different takes on this from each other. And I have a different take too. But it is genuine, and after all, we’re not all the same. Dolly the clone was a sheep!

    People are going to go too far, but all it needs when two people on the same YES side confront each other, is for one person NOT to retaliate – just one person of the two – and no damage to relations need happen. We all need to “suck it up” at times, rather than push back with: “No, YOU are the ar5e”.

    And yeah, easier said than done.

    Now, about that complete and utter ar5ehole Murdo Fraser …

    • Tam the Bam says:

      Sorry Indy ref2…your intentions are good but ‘the dark side’ are even darker now.
      So much so to the extent that even if Alec Salmond confronted them they would probably ignore him.

      Sad…I know.

  64. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    Okay just to lighten the mood (or not) here’s a wee Joke…..I say joke I really mean an insult to our intelligence………….

    Nick ‘He never answered’ Robinson of the BBC tweeted this :

    “The BBC is working with many other news providers to combat disinformation which creates dangerous divisions & costs lives”…….

    Personally I did not realise the BBC were working with Pravda…..you learn something new everyday…….mind you going by Sarah Smith’s recent news reports I thought she was working with Hello magazine…..due to the gossip like tone of her pieces to camera.

    Surprised Twitter did not highlight a warning that his tweet may include misinformation…….but no…it was left to other twitter users to highlight that fact to Nick…….

    The BBC where truth goes to die…….and where lies go to be given life.

  65. James Mills says:

    Bless me Father for I have sinned : –

    I am NOT in love with Nicola Sturgeon but WILL vote for her and the SNP ,

    I have NOT been a member of the SNP for 50+years and therefore don’t feel that I have to resign because of reasons ,
    I am NOT holding my nose when voting for Independence /SNP 1 & 2 ,

    I am NOT sad that Davidson does not care any longer and has given up to dedicate her life to caring for geriatrics in a metropolitan Care Home,

    I am NOT sad that Lizzie55 shares Davidson’s point of view because I don’t know Lizzie55 but suspect she is closer to 77 Brigade ,

    I don’t think Alex Salmond has recovered from the shock of seeing someone who was not Alex Salmond getting Scotland to the brink of Independence ,

    I DON’T think that voting for an obscure Indy party which has fewer members than Murdo Fraser has brain cells is going to win us an election ,

    I DO think that something is rotten at the heart of the Scottish Parliament- The List System which affords numerous numpties the opportunity to sit on committees and expose their numptiness to the world and embarrass the rest of us .

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Well said James….I may even use all that in my next confession….. 😉

      What penance I will have to pay ……is between me and the one who hears it……dependent on his political persuasion I may be given only two Our fathers and one Hail Mary….or could be in the church all night praying….Heaven forbid.


      • Tam the Bam says:

        It was always my understanding that Heaven NEVER forbode…..maybe thats why I’m of no recognised faith (except mine)….and a Greenock Morton Supporter.

        MON EH’ TON!

    • Tam the Bam says:

      Time to lighten up:

      JAMES MILLS @ 12-14am

      “Bless me Father for I have sinned”……..

      Well…its not your fault you come from Paisley James……lol

  66. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    As if by magical coincidence as connected to my above comment re Nick ‘He never answered’ Robinson….. I came across another BBC employee namely James Cook tweeting the following :

    ” BREAKING NHS staff in Scotland such as nurses, paramedics and porters but not doctors are being offered a four per cent pay rise”

    Only for his tweet to be called out as a false assertion by a DOCTOR who tweeted in response :

    “As an NHS Doctor in Scotland can you direct me to where I can make a formal complain about this deeply misleading assertion?

    These pay negotiations did not include physicians and specialists, ours are separate.

    The implication that we’ve been rebuffed is a shameful disgrace”


    See… as I said above ” The BBC where truth goes to die…….and where lies go to be given life”

    I once again rest my case…….

    • Petra says:

      People like Cook, Robinson, Smith, etc, seem to forget that they are reporting on many people’s lived experience. There’s over 140,000 NHS staff in Scotland plus patients, their family and friends so multiply that figure by at least 10. The continual lying is going to be their downfall in line with Tory hypocrisy. The ordinary non-political Scots ain’t daft much as they like to think we are. More so try to brainwash into thinking so.

    • Statgeek says:

      In addition, GPs have always had a separate pay scheme. Anyone reporting on NHS pay award should know this, but I suppose, when you whittle the tv reporters to one area of a country down to 3-4, and when much of their reporting is political, we can’t expect them to step out of their political bubble.

      Which makes it all the more enjoyable when they get things wrong. 😀

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Not “should”, they “DO” know this, James (I’ve seen the emails) Cook has previous, the BBC in Scotland has become a public gameshow, “spot the distortion”.

        As (Petra ?) said somewhere on this thread, these propagandists presume the entire populace is oblivious to facts on education or health or whatever despite at least half the population being either directly or via family members engaged in these activities.

  67. Tam the Bam says:

    Just thought I would throw this out there:

    After Alec Salmond’s statement..which was issued approx 5pm…I expected the main broadcast channels to go ‘apeshit’ on hearing this’

    Apparently not.

    Sure…STV ran with it as their headline news.
    …so did BBC Misreporting Scotland.

    The national channels (you know…the channels that broadcast BRIT news)…strangely..were silent….not a cheep.
    I watched Ch4 News no mention.
    I watched ITV NEWS…no mention.
    So far as I know BBC1 didnt mention it either.
    Why could that be since STV ran with it as their headline.
    Could it be that they perceive Alec Salmonds statement as ‘sour grapes’…or that they have decided ………..its over.

    I go with the latter…tho I know the opponents of SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE wont.

  68. Isobel Macrae-Wilson says:

    in these past confusing and dark days, you have been a light Paul, I have admired your ability to rise above, and ignore the petulant, vile taunts against the independence movement, been dignified,
    but I did cheer, whoop even at your blog. given that most sensible souls have been told they are the big c-word or told to eff off, the remnants in the Bath cesspit will all just clap each other and descend further into the swamp.
    most importantly Paul is your physical and mental well-being. & I guess that is what we all wish for you
    take care

    • Petra says:

      Well said Isobel we can’t thank Paul enough for all of his hard work, the abuse that he’s had to put up with and even more so the dreadful year that he’s had to endure. So yes a great big thank you and more than anything look after yourself X

  69. Tam the Bam says:

    Hey Isobel

    You know me but obviously not going to disclose online.

    Hope you and ‘Da doo ron ron da doo ron ron’ ….are well.

    Tam xxx

  70. yesindyref2 says:

    Tucked away yesterday, an interesting development for “competence” watchers in terms of Holyrood’s Bill ability. From a P&J journo’s tweet.

    UK Government says two Scottish Government Bills might be beyond Holyrood’s competence. Law officers are looking at incorporation of UN child rights and local self-government bills. Could end up in Supreme Court.

    Mostly cross-party support for both, though the dreaded “Scottish” TGories doing their usual sit up and beg for BoJo and Bobbin’ Jack. Comments from my usual source, and worth reading down there’s a few tweets from her:

    and some interesting substance here:


    Things are hotting up beneath the surface – could there be a pre-election eruption?

  71. yesindyref2 says:

    Jings, really sorry about that, forgot to take off the https bit.

  72. Tam the Bam says:


    A matter of hours ago a news item popped up on my browser newsline:-

    Westminster may strike down 2 Scot bills….

    …and a picture of Jumpin Jack to go along with.

    *Refers to a post from Lindsay Bruce on Newsnet yesterday..also Business for Scotland (I think)……its distinctly concerning and just illustrates the absolute necessity for a pro-indy majority in May.

  73. astytaylor says:

    You are the best political commentator on the Scottish scene, Paul,
    And I agree that minds will be concentrated as the election draws closer.
    Thank you for your work, and take care,

  74. Margo says:

    I cannot put into words of the disappointed I feel with your innability to see the truth about Nicola Sturgeon and the rot within the SNP, and I say this as someone who has contributed to you in the past. You’re no different to the blinded unionists that you’ve criticising over the years. I can’t work out if your hatred of Stu Campbell is because you’re jealous of his journalistic ability and popularity, or if it’s because your income depends on being the SNP’s mouthpiece! I have been an independence supporter most of my life, but I would rather put independence on hold until the corruption is cleared out of the SNP than vote for a party that is no different from the unionist parties.

    • weegingerdug says:

      Perhaps it’s just because unlike you I haven’t fallen for the self-interested lies and hysteria of your hero in Bath who has successfully persuaded you and people like you to do the job of the unionists for them. Don’t come onto my site and impugn my integrity just because I disagree with you. You can dress it up in faux politeness if you like but you are still pig-ignorant. Keep your money.

      • weegingerdug says:

        Margo’s comment is simply a more politely phrased example of the bile I am getting from Campbell’s camp followers. There has been far worse which was immediately trashed and the person blocked. They seem unable to grasp the simple concept that anyone might have principled reasons for disagreeing with their hero. It has to be because you’ve been bought off or you’re jealous and as emotionally immature as Campbell is. This is what happens when you buy into conspiracy theories.

        • Petra says:

          You’re a REAL threat to the BritNats, Paul, who’ve got SO much to lose. That’s why you are receiving such ”bile.” Don’t let them get you down X

        • robert alexander harrison says:

          This is what happens to desperate people when backed into a corner alex salmond is now supposed to be going after lesie evans now his failed scheme against his former deputy burned in parliment just because she has done better than he did as frist minister. If that was my student id be proud that they took everything i taught them and surpassed me but no not big eck and stu Campbell and his lot are so up there own backside as well they cant see they are helping the English rule brigade no matter how much its obvious and you point it out paul.

        • grizebard says:

          It’s unleashed something all right, but it has little to do with independence (if it ever did). Though in some cases it does, but only in the sense of inciting confusion and destabilisation with the very evident intention of thwarting the advance towards independence this coming May.

          Keep on keeping on, Paul, you are a much-needed voice of sanity with eyes very much on the prize.

    • P Harvey says:


      Your logic in delaying independence is deeply flawed
      As is, your poor judgment of character
      Perhaps you would rather to continue suffering under Westminster rule
      But most Scots do not
      Your attack on Paul is ridiculous and unwarranted
      Take your bile elsewhere

    • James Mills says:

      Oh Dear ! I will wait FOREVER for Independence until there is not a speck of ”corruption ” in this rotten SNP shower !

      I don’t mind being vilified ,treated with contempt , pissed upon , sh*t on , laughed at , called all the verminous names under the Sun , robbed on an annual basis , used as a depository for all the UK nukes with a big target painted on Scotland , be the butt of jokes , misrepresented to the world as a pauper and and a parasite at the same time .

      So , Margo , tell me where to sign up for this totally abject surrender to the Unionist cause .

      Do I have to appear in person on bended knee in Bath ? Or do I simply send a blank cheque with the deeds of my house included ?

      Yours grovellingly a former SNP supporter who , like you , thinks that Nicola Sturgeon is the Devil incarnate and that Scotland can only be saved if the entire population moves to Bath and votes LibDem forever more ! That’ll teach her !

    • Alec Lomax says:

      An ‘I want Indy-but’ opines. They prefer Johnson being in charge if they are honest.

  75. Tatu3 says:

    Haven’t read WoS or Craig Murray for over a year now. It was the “we know something, but can’t tell you” from both of them. Just like the bullies in the school playground.
    My life has been the better without them.
    Always enjoy your posts Paul, and most of the comments below. Thanks

    • robert alexander harrison says:

      Oh your not missing anything with wos just more snp bashing like the msm does and stu Campbell and his sycophantic fans cant even see they are no different than the pro conservative media with there snpbaddey addiction.

  76. Capella says:

    The ‘Butcher’s Apron’ “must always be flown in the superior position”: https://gov.uk/guidance/designated-days-for-union-flag-flying Now if that doesn’t officially make Scotland a colony, I don’t know what does? https://twitter.com/BjCruickshank/status/1374836107842572293?s=20

    • barpe says:

      I hope this hideous decree by Westmonster becomes the opening line by every SNP candidate (and others, as well!!) in the forthcoming election.
      It’s ‘campaign gold’, surely?
      Maybe we can flood our towns with Saltires to make a point!

  77. Capella says:

    Aileen McHarg video on the power of the Scottish Government to enact the two bills which Union Jack is threatening to strike down. 25 mins

    Professor Aileen McHarg examines the questions around legislative competence highlighted by the UNCRC Bill, with a focus on the question of whether the Scottish Parliament can bind itself and its successors.

  78. Alex Montrose says:

    Meanwhile, over at Scott goes Plop, James Kelly is advocating the return to active politics of a Mr Alex Salmond in the upcoming election, has he been drinking to much Red Bull.

    • barpe says:

      You must have read a different article to me!!

      I cannot see where he “advocates” any such thing – maybe you could enlighten me as to where you got that impression.

      • Alex Montrose says:

        lots of articles, to much Red Bull.

        “I think he would need to get actively involved himself to have a telling impact”

        “I’ve said that I would back an Alex Salmond list party”

        “I would get behind an Alex Salmond-led list party”

        • barpe says:

          “Even if he isn’t a candidate himself, he could conceivably wield some influence by making an endorsement – although personally I doubt whether that would be enough to make any small party a serious contender for seats. ”

          Hardly a ringing advocacy!!

          But we all see things differently I suppose.

        • grizebard says:

          Yes, it’s very clear from several articles that he was hoping Salmond would front one of the pop-ups that he has consistently claimed (with good reason) will achieve zit in May. Not exactly coherent. I have the impression it’s all fuelled by his evident dislike of some of the recent inner goings-on of the SNP, concern over which seems to be generally bound up for some reason with support for AS.

          After Salmond made no comment on such a prospect the other day, JK seems to have rowed back a little since, but only to avoid being made to look foolish, I imagine.

          Given that JK still seems at daggers drawn with the SoB over list tactics, it’s odd, very odd.

  79. Ken says:

    The Greens opposed the Queensferry bridge, opposed the AWPR, opposed every reasonable development in Scotland. Opposed sports development,. Cycle routes lying empty. Costing £Billions. Congestion and ruining the economy and people’s lives. Unsafe roads needing improvement. Causing dead road accidents. The Greens opposed. . Costing even more human suffering and costs to the community,

    They would have Scotland a 2nd rate country going back to the horse and cart. They have opposed every reasonable development in Scotland Expanding airports (International). Bringing in Chinese students etc, The trams debacle. Totally mismanaged.

    Alex Salmond has to stand up to them with majority support. There is no surprise at the Report conclusion. A total load of cheap publicity seeking nonsense. The FM on 2nd rate roads.

    Alex Salmond and the majority also supported the Oil industry until renewable energy took over. The Greens would have shut it down without any alternative, Costing £Billions of lose and poverty.

    The Greens are a complete and utter disgrace. So is the report. The monies that they have wasted could have funded education, SNHS and essential services, Never trust a Green, They are as bad as the Tories for wasting public money,

    The Committee was complete and utter nonsense. Any ‘offence’ the person has had has been more than compensated. The years of headlines, Committee and £Millions cost, Has been more than compensation. Endless lying muck raking. Upsetting people. Trying to muck up the Gov and the economy. It has more than compensated any lying ‘offence’.

    Evans and Wolfe will soon be gone. After the diabolical muck up,

  80. Ken says:

    Alex Salmond was innocent. Found not guilty of any criminal offence. The charges were a trumped up load of lying rubbish. He was cleared by a predominately woman jury, a woman judge. Credible women witnesses. Whose names are known.

    The charges and everything else are trying to be kept secret. People lied to vetting committees. They lied in Court. It is a complete and utter disgrace.

    Alex Salmond can sue who he wants to and can return to politics if he wants. He did more for Scotland than anyone and has a large following. Two wrongs do not make it right. It just makes it wrong. He is an innocent man.

    Both Alex and Nicola were not guilty of any offence. The carry on is a total disgrace. People are being killed and this circus is taking place. Get it over with for goodness sake.

  81. Ken says:

    The Greens actions trying to add two hours of travel to people’s working day. Is an offence against people’e human rights, Wasting £Billions of public monies which could be better spent on essential services is an offence of people’s human rights. The Green’s offend people’s human rights trying to make people’s lives harder. People are being killed.

    Who would vote Green. Offending people’s human rights, the economy and the community, Never trust a Green.

    • Alex Montrose says:

      I’ll be voting Green on the list in the NE Region, hopefully to increase the Indy majority, get a referendum and win Independence. The first election after Indy is when to judge who to vote for, but we have to get there first.

      Independence or bust.

  82. Ken says:

    The Committee was totally prejudiced. It was a total disgrace. Another waste of time and monies. A complete waste of space. Forgone conclusion. More leaks than a sieve because of unionists and others.

  83. gullaneno4 says:

    Lots of love being shown to Jean Freeman on Twitter.
    Sad we are losing her
    But have a well deserved rest/retirement..

  84. Ken says:

    The Committee was prejudiced. Form the start. More leaks than a sieve. A complete and utter disgrace, The Report is a total load of rubbish. Just causing more trouble. People are dying. This circus is going on.

  85. Hamish100 says:

    Ken – you do come over a bit bitter be it Salmond’s treatment ( not his with the women which he acknowledged) and now the Greens.
    Obviously we can post most things here subject to Paul’s oversight but I do think we need to move on literally and concentrate on getting the snp and Independence parties ( that can win seats) elected.

  86. yesindyref2 says:

    A vote for the Conservatives and Moray Ross is a vote for BoJo’s Glove Puppet Party – or Guppy for short. Something fishy going on there.

    • Malcolm H says:

      Not Kenny Everitt’s 10 ton guppy and Captain Kremmen! Christ that was a lot of years ago!!

    • I’m afraid that you won’t be able to vote for the Linesman Dross, aka Murray Ross, aka Douglas Murray, aka, Dougie Four Jobs, Yesindyref2.
      As Ian Blackwood pointed out to The Poundstreched Mophead at PMQ, Ross is not standing in any constituency contest. He’s down on the famous ToryBoy List, automatically becoming an MSP, like Adam Tomkins, Murdo Leaker Fraser and Miles Briggs, and Anie Wells and and and …beffore him.
      The Jock Hacks have kept it quiet, but Ross Douglas has no intention of resigning as a WM MP, so lovely jubbly.
      He’ll be raking it in as MP, MSP, ‘Leader of the Branch Office, and running the line at footie matches for the SFA.
      It is small wonder that he cafrries a photie of his boy about with him.
      He’s never home.
      Of course Ross’ ‘ascendency’ has been plotted as far back of summer ’19 when Johnson was elected Blue Tory Head Boy by 11,000 silver haired well of Tory ‘members’.
      Baroness Rape Clause resigned as Branch Manager to spend more time with her money..sorry family, and to avoid Johnson driving her home from an all night party.
      Carjack Lawson was shovelled in as First Sub, and in March ’20, beat Michelle (The Poor should not be allowed to breed) Ballantyne in the Branch Manager contest, when 2/3rds of the 5000 or son active Tories Up Here swept him to power.
      Meanwhile Baroness Rape Clause had become a bit fed up being at home with the family, and was given her First of Many Brown envelopes, a £2000 a day sideline working for a lobbying firm.
      Which was a bit awkward, as she was still trousering £1200 a week as an MSP; eventually she was forced to hand back her bung; but not to worry, the Golden Seat on the HoL Gravy Train was in the offing, as Carjack Lawson was making a right coo’s erse of being Blue Tory Manager in public, every week, at Holyrood.
      Meanwhile, Moray Ross was resigning from whatever important job he had in Johnson’s Mob, in principle, because of the Cummings Blind Spot, to concentrate on just two jobs, running the line for the SFA at 800 squidlies a pop, Getting Brexit Done and destroying the Scots Fishing Industry, and, popping in every now and again, to visit his wife and son, which is not really a ‘job’.
      In the height of the pandemic Johnson rewarded Rape Clause with the ultimate Money Machine…a lifetime of luxury and wealth in London.

      Barely a month passed before Carjack Lawson ‘resigned’ as Head Lad, in July ’20, Baroness Rape Clause stepped in as First Sub, then, miraculously Douglas Murray sorry Moray Dross, sorry, Dross, was ‘elected’ leader, but Rape Clause would stay on as Holyrood Mouth until March ’21.

      All this was unfolding in our so called democracy.

      Davidson will no doubt be appointed Vicereine of the Scottish Colony, and Carjack Lawson will retire to spend more time looking for the lost paintings.
      Meanwhile, we are expected to tolerate this loittle squirt being paid our tax dollars for doing the impossible…4 jobs in the 24 hour span he occupies with the rest of us poor mortals.
      I’m sure that Glenn and Sarah and Andrew will pull him up for the fact that he can’t even be bothered putting himself before the Scottish Public up in Moray, and contest a Holyrood seat, rather than just swan in to Edinburgh, open another salary account at his bank, and have the nerve that he is there because of the democratic will of the Scottish People.
      If I were 30 years younger.

      In May it all ends for the corrupt Brit and their Jock Hacks…

      There is no way back for their precious Union, one way or another.

      • Sorry, I clacked this off in stream of consciousness mode; that and my customary rage at these grubby little carpetbaggers explains the many typos..The dates on here are approximate, but generally the time frame is accurate. This stitch up has been years in the making with May ’21 in mind.
        You may recall Carjack,Moray Ross, and B Lister Jack posing with Johnson at the Campbell’s Soup Factory in July ’20.
        I’d imagine that this was the moment that Carjack realised he was for the chop…
        Douglas Murray can sit with his feet up from now until September…

  87. Ken says:



  88. Alex Clark says:

    This threat by the UK government to refer two Scottish Parliament bills to the Supreme Court as posted earlier by yesindyref2 looks a little sinister coming to me.

    Challenging the legislative competence of the Scottish Parliament has only ever happened on one other occasion, the court ruled in favour of the UK government but only because they had time to change UK law and the Continuity Bill had actually been within the competence of the Scottish Parliament when originally passed.

    Now of course the UK government know what Plan B of the Scottish government is if they continue to refuse a Section 30 order and that is to pass the referendum bill anyway and have the UK government challange the legal competence of that bill in the Supreme court.

    I can’t help but feel suspicious that these potential challenges to Holyrood’s competence and any future challenge to the Referendum Bill are not entirely separate issues and is part of the UK strategy to prevent a referendum.

  89. Isobel M Macrae- Wilson says:

    Da doo ron ron da doo ron ron says hello Tam, as do I xx Lol

  90. JoMax says:

    I see yet another poster upthread is throwing the ‘Nicola Sturgeon is corrupt’ meme around. Can we please have some actual details of this corruption. The word ‘corruption’ is very loaded and open to all sorts of interpretation and misinterpretation, not to mention being used as a tool to destroy a person’s reputation for devious ends, but is being used by bloggers with issues and copied by people who pop in and out of here. If true, then we need to know. The country needs to know.

    Or are they afraid of the consequences of making actual allegations? Am I missing something? Is it something to do with Alex Salmond? Talk about ‘deep state’ ….. It seems to be operating right here under our noses.

  91. Petra says:

    The wee insignificant lackey 😀.

    Michael Russell:- ”The Scots Tory leader is of such marginal significance that the U.K. Prime Minister – also the U.K. Leader of Ross’s party – forgets his name.” https://mobile.twitter.com/Feorlean/status/1374708157478539266


    ‘Craig Murray formally told he’s being held in contempt of court over Salmond trial reports.’

    ..”Dorrian told him the court had concluded that his blog articles and tweets in January, and articles on March 11, 18, 19 and April 3, along with a tweet on April 2, “must be considered to constitute contempt of court, relating to material capable of identifying four different complainers”.”..



    I see that his site is out of action:-

    ”Maintenance mode

    Temporary Blog Closure

    March 24, 2021 in Uncategorized by craig

    In view of our understanding that the High Court has found some articles on this blog to be in contempt of court, and in view of the fact that the Crown Office had sought to censor such a large range of articles, this blog has no choice but to go dark from 15.00 today until some time after tomorrow’s court hearing, when it will be specified to us precisely how much of the truth we have to expunge before we can bring the blog back up.

    This is a dark day for the entire team here. We will be looking to appeal this to the Supreme Court and if required (though we very much doubt it will be) to the European Court of Human Rights.”

  92. Petra says:

    Boris Johnson plus his Cabinet members 🙄😀.

    ”If Conservatives care about the ministerial code, at least 11 cabinet members should resign.”



    ‘MPs demand probe into Boris Johnson ‘breach of ministerial code’ over Covid contracts.’


  93. Petra says:

    ‘PM lying video.’

    ‘Boris Johnson So Unhinged Even House Speaker Has To Rein Him In!’



    Another lie.

    Philippa Whitford:- ”Nearly choked when I hear Johnson claim that! As well as halving violent crime here, Police Scotland’s #ViolenceReduction Unit have been helping London to set up a similar project to tackle shocking level of knife crime & save young lives.” https://mobile.twitter.com/Dr_PhilippaW/status/1374799148495552518

  94. Petra says:

    ‘Another unionist independence ‘poll’ caught publishing fake news.’

    ..”Hanbury Strategy was co-founded by Paul Stephenson, who worked alongside Boris Johnson’s former chief adviser Dominic Cummings on the 2016 Vote Leave campaign. The firm was at the centre of controversy last year when it was given two government contracts without competitive tenders.”..



    ‘LATEST: Stunning 12 point lead for Yes in large-scale poll.’


  95. Petra says:

    How bad is that? 😀

    David Bol:- SNP candidate for Dumbarton @ToniGiugliano has accused Jackie Baillie of “a cynical attempt to deceive voters” after an election leaflet fails to mention she is a Labour candidate.” https://mobile.twitter.com/mrdavidbol/status/1374713086389723137


    We’ve still got oil?

    ‘UK Government criticised over plans to drill more North Sea oil and gas.’


  96. GhavGrim says:

    Nicola has 100% confidence in the Permanent Secretary Leslie Evans.
    The Permanent Secretary who the committee unanimously agreed was at fault personally, every bit as much as the general corporate failing.
    But 100%, nonetheless. Not even 90%.
    Having been completely open and honest with the committee and sharing every piece of evidence to enable them to find out why so much public money was wasted and why the complainers were let down so badly, the findings of the report haven’t shaken Nicola’s confidence in Leslie Evans by even 1%.
    Leslie Evans isn’t responsible. Neither is Nicola. No one is in charge. No one gets admonished. No one takes responsibility.
    I want independence. But I’m concerned.

    • grizebard says:

      I suggest being more concerned about how a government for which we didn’t vote can dominate our affairs, steal our resources and indulge itself in far worse dodgy practices without anyone apparently raising a peep. We have a crucial election coming up that has the prospect of finally doing something about that obscenity, yet here we are beset by purity trolls moaning on and on about an issue that our own decent government has freely admitted it didn’t get entirely right, even while it was manifestly trying to do the right thing. So please forgive my exasperation, but you need a big reality check.

  97. Petra says:

    Oh dearie me, I wonder who that could apply to? 😀

    ‘In context: Defamation and Malicious Publication (Scotland) Bill.’

    ”The Defamation and Malicious Publication (Scotland) Bill was passed by MSPs on 2 March. The purpose of the bill was to simplify and modernise defamation law to ensure it is “fit for the 21st century” and one of the key aims was to provide greater protection for freedom of expression while still allowing people to defend their reputation

    What is defamation?

    Defamation involves making public claims about a person or an organisation that could harm their reputation. The bill sets out clearly for the first time a definition of defamation in Scots law.”..



    ‘Out of the blue: Is blue carbon the next frontier for climate change mitigation in Scotland?’


  98. Petra says:

    ‘Union Jacks being placed indoors in politicians’ offices is a constitutional distress signal.’



    ‘Leslie Riddoch:- Farewell Ruth, and hello to epic change facing Scottish Tories.’


  99. Petra says:

    ‘Nicola Sturgeon vows to hold indyref2 ‘if Scotland votes for it’.’

    ”Nicola Sturgeon has said there will be a second independence referendum if Scots vote for one at the elections in six weeks.”…



    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.


  100. Dr Jim says:

    Had Scotland been Independent 50 years ago we wouldn’t have had to borrow 1 penny to deal with Covid 19 just like Norway
    Aberdeen would’ve been like Houston in America swimming in oil money, instead we have a bunch of wee tight Arsed Tories in their own local council denying we ever had any or it was the wrong type of oil
    I expect to see Sit Ian Wood imminently appearing on our screens to inform us of the unviability of Scotland while England’s Bollox Johnson gets his Black and Decker out again to drill even more holes to get out the rest of the oil that *isn’t there* Aye right

    Priti Patel hasn’t yet selected which Scottish Island she’s going to set up *camps* to contain the *illegal* immigrants and asylum seekers yet now that her Ascension Island idea’s been shelved
    I wonder what’s wrong with The Isle of Wight or Jersey or Guernsey, or would those folk be offended by camps full of *illegals* cluttering up their Islands

    I’m sure “Work will set them free*

    • I’m sure “Work will set them free*

      Stuffing envelopes with election bumph for Moray Ross, Douglas Murray, and Dross the Flag man?

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Good comment Dr Jim.

      Yesterday a Lord in the HOL stated this :

      “A Lord says sell-by dates are “far too cautious” He then said ….

      “I remember once eating a biscuit which was 20 years old and it was perfectly edible”

      However someone in his position has choices as to what food he does and does not eat….choices via privilege and money…..unlike those who have to go to foodbanks….indeed some may even have had NO choice but to eat food out with it’s sell by date….

      At over £300 a day plus expenses I assume the eating of the 20 year old biscuit, by this Lord, was a mistake and not a regular occurrence….if indeed it ever even happened at all….

      No need to guess what his regular diet usually consists of ……sure Fortnum & Mason will have him as an account holder or if he slums it by shopping at Waitrose , courtesy of his Mrs Mop getting him in some essentials, like some foie gras and bottles of Dom Perignon as a light snack and aperitif (he looked like he needed a (new) pair o teeth)…….however on the plus side he did NOT resort to saying…… ” Let them eat cake”……..past it’s sell by date to stop waste.

      Note the debate was on Food waste…..the Lord was Lord Palmer, a hereditary peer, whose family founded biscuit factory Huntley & Palmers…….food waste IS a BIG issue yes….but then so is money wasted an issue….as in via the continued existence of the HOL and the money wasted in their collective expense courtesy of the tax payers…..and when one considers the HOL were reported to have racked up a bill of 1.7 million pounds in 5 years on alcohol and that their catering at the HOL is subsidised it’s a bit RICH that this Lord thinks us minions should listen to him on this matter……..note the other Lords in the house laughed at his comment on him allegedly eating a 20 year old biscuit and it being ‘perfectly edible’……such a laugh when some of the peasants are starving….is it not.

      This is the HOL where Ruth Davidson is going………how well she will fit in.

    • Malcolm H says:

      Gruinard Island perhaps or is it safe now?

  101. Ken says:

    200 knife deaths in London S/E a year. An increase because of austerity. Support services and welfare cuts, Met police out of control. Riots and protest has started in the South. It is not safe to walk some streets.

    Johnston should put that in order instead of interfering where he is not wanted or voted.

    Evans is being sued and will be gone soon. Wolfe destroying the justice system. Another Westminster plant. Wasting £Millions. In biased prosecutions of no substance.

    Facebook etc illegally selling people’s details to corrupt Polling companies. To illegally target.

    The Tories associates wealth and privilege corruptly buying elections. So they can manipulate the results. Swinging elections totally illegally.

    Gerrymandering. Against the data protection Act, the Representation of the people’s Act and electoral rules and regulations. Getting fined. Censored and fined many times. A paltry fine.

    Hedge funds are funding the Tories and Brexiteers to make killing in the stock market. Illegally manipulation the results.

    £Billions are being lost to the public purse because of the manipulation of the results. The total lack of accountable democracy. Killing people. Cambridge Analytica etc. Cummings and the cronies. Most of them should be in jail.

    Clegg (the Vow) now paid £Millions as Facebook representative in Europe. Tax evading. Total illegal manipulation.

    Clegg elected to protect education. Cut it £6Billion a year. From 2015 to 2020. £30Billion.

  102. robert alexander harrison says:

    Oh that was satisfying to wacth on the Scottish parliment website jackie baillie was trying to hide the embarrassment on her face and alex cole Hamilton and whats her name on the conservatives they acted like theyd just crapped there pants and was trying to hide it swinney he gave them both barrels of retallion on the conservatives with his closing statement and praised nicola so much she burst into tears hope we do the same on may 6th at the ballot box a total wipeout of all English rule factions in holyrood would be the best thing Scotland could do.

  103. Ken says:

    Patel will not get away with it. Challenged in Courts. Patel the proven bully. Swearing and shouting at Civil Servants. Some resigned costing. £Millions. The airports queues getting longer. Exports lost. Shortages and prices going up.

    The illegal wars caused the migration into Europe. The Tories totally renege of any responsibility. More illegality and criminality. Brexit ruining the economy. A pandemic totally mismanaged. Killing people.

    Patel should resign. Broke the Ministerial Code. Supported by Johnston breaking the Ministerial Code. Time and time again The adjudicator resigned. The Cabinet have not updated their outside interests for over a year. Breaking the Ministerial Code.

  104. Our Covid Heroes to be awarded a 4% Pay Rise!!!!!!!
    Surely this is the Headline screaming from the front page of every Jock Dead Tree Scroll today?
    Is it feck.
    Their Union is dead.
    There is no way back.
    It is about to get very nasty indeed.

    • Golfnut says:

      It looks like Johnson is having to rethink the 1% payrise for nurses in England because of the award in Scotland. Perhaps another uturn forced on the UK gov by the SG. No wonder they hate the SNP.

  105. Legerwood says:

    It appears that Douglas Ross is going to go for the double – MP and MSP – if report in the Herald online is accurate.

    Who’d a thunk it?

  106. Alex Clark says:

    So now we know where all the Union flegs are coming from, the “Dunlop Review” was published yesterday. In the “Communications” section we have this:

    The UK Government’s activities in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland should be clearly marked with UK Government branding. The role of the UK Government should be properly acknowledged. This principle is essential for transparency and democratic accountability. It is particularly important that signage, promotional material and media communications in any project include specific recognition of UK Government funding.


    • stewartb says:

      This is becoming relentless. Noticed that the Tory think tank ‘Onward’ has just published a report entitled ‘State of the Union’.

      Source: https://www.ukonward.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/stateoftheunion-5.pdf

      This report seems to be offering up the re-establishment of a ‘sense of Britishness’ as the cure to the UK’s constitutional ills. It states:

      “The Union will be secured when national identities can be genuinely reconciled with a broader, complementary British identity. ..”.

      GENUINELY reconciled?!!!

      • jfngw says:

        They can stick their Britishness(Englishness in reality) as far up their union jack(sie) as it will go.

      • grizebard says:

        They fatuously wish the ends without any notion of how to provide the means. Without having any notion or intention, even, of providing the necessary means. The Union is dying because of its own inherent scleroticism, and sticking a few Union Rags on the patient won’t effect a cure. By reminding us of our enforced thraldom, it will only hasten the inevitable. We don’t believe in Union magic any more.

      • Golfnut says:

        All hope of reconciliation was killed and buried on the 19th of September 2014 when Cameron unleashed English nationalism.

    • Statgeek says:

      A union flag on every food bank, and closed business due to Brexit then.

  107. jfngw says:

    After we thought the Labour leader name game was over up comes Boris Johnson and opens a whole new era of opportunity with Murray Ross, at last something we can appreciate and join in on from Johnson.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Isn’t Murray Ross the MP for Douglas in the Isle of Scotsman where they’re going to locate the new brown and black slave people from immigrant land in Bongo Bongo so they can help them towards a newer brighter tomorrow

      • Iain says:

        I thought that was Fingers Thomson, MP for Ross, political titan and rising star of the Conservative Party. Or is that Maurice Golden?

      • jfngw says:

        He’s totally confusing I think it’s Douglas Murray Ross from the Gordon constituency. If you name you child after parliamentary constituencies is it the parents fault for causing this level of misunderstanding for your party leader.

        Now I’m going to get him confused with Ian Union Murray.

  108. Eilidh says:

    I see we have had 3 pretendy Wendy’s on here since yesterday who say they can’ vote Snp any more because of corruption in the party but magically cannot provide any proof of corruption when asked. What a surprise
    As for Stu Campbell I discovered his site a few weeks before the Indy Ref and thought some of the articles were interesting. I had never read blogs before.At first I really thought he was a clergyman and thought wow someone like that supporting Scottish Independence. How naive was I. Within a couple of weeks I figured that the Rev title was a joke and after a couple of months through a mention or link on WOS I found the Wee Ginger Dug blog and I have been here most days ever since.
    To be honest I became suspicious of Mr Campbell when I discovered quite early on he had not actually lived in Scotland for many years. Some of his graphs were good though. However I really did not like his often aggressive and arrogant tone so my interest in his blog wained. For the past couple of years it has been evident he is a nothing more than a nasty misogynist erse and a narcissistic twerp. I have not been on his site for a year and I will not be back. It is bizarre how many people continue to be fooled by him. I won’t be bullied by Stu or his obnoxious acolytes re the Snp or Indy. Thank heavens Paul has used this blog to promote a positive message re Indy. It is a light shining in the darkness in a sea of lies and hatred. Paul’s articles were always a lot funnier than the rest of Indy bloggers anyway

    • JoMax says:

      I gave up and glad I did the day he told the poster (Nana) to f*** off for posting too many links in one post (I think it was). Some of you will remember a totally inoffensive and dedicated lady.

      Not a good look on a public forum.

      • Legerwood says:

        I remember that. By that point Nana’s links were the only reason I visited the site.

      • grizebard says:

        As you say. Both she and her hubby are decent indy supporters. Maybe the SoB just didn’t like all that diversion elsewhere. He evidently likes to keep all the diversion to himself. And to what end, we must now wonder? (If we don’t have anything better to do, that is.)

        • Petra says:

          I’ve thought about Nana off and on and wondered how she and her husband are getting on. She worked her backside off for the independence movement, moved to the Indyref2 site, left and was replaced by Ann. I remember making a list of people who would be deliberately scunnered / drummed off of that site, via the boss’s machinations, with Robert Peffers and Nana topping the bill. Sure enough both were gone in the blink of an eye. I see that Nana seems to be well and has left a message of support on the WoS site today in support of Mr Campbell.

    • Dr Jim says:

      The clue should be in what he lists his occupation as, which is on his dentist’s record as “Subversive”

      At one time he was very proud to show that on his Twitter account before he was banned for hate speech

    • Alec Lomax says:

      Diddums is currently upset with Paul over in the other place.

      • jfngw says:

        He has no qualms with launching withering attacks on people but becomes very precious when he receives even the mildest criticise. He seems to believe he can use any language he likes whilst defaming people but you must show him pure respect, something not right there.

        This is a man that goes on about a referendum fund but blew a fortune of donations on a vanity case he was never likely to win. Even if he had won the compensation would have probably been at the same level as the Duke brothers ‘Trading Places’ bet (I think it was $1).

  109. jfngw says:

    Is D.Ross running for a constituency seat or is he being the linesman again by just being on the list?

    Seems to be a Tory thing, being put in position by the party and not the voters. How can you possibly lead a party without putting yourself forward for personal selection, to save any embarrassment I suspect when rejected on a very personal level by the public.

    • barpe says:

      But think of the fun that will be had in Holyrood at his expense if he’s not ‘elected’ – I’m quite hoping that may happen (although I would prefer to not see Dross at all).
      But if even Bojo cannot get his name right, how can he expect to get a seat?

    • Dr Jim says:

      Shows how much lack of confidence he has when he hangs on to one job while applying for another that he insists he can win but obviously doesn’t really think so

      • Statgeek says:

        I would chuckle if the Scottish Parliament insisted he either resign as an MP or as a referee first, as three jobs is far too much.

    • grizebard says:

      The Tories are the most obvious offenders, but it goes a lot deeper than that. The whole AMS electoral system that we were bequeathed by the late unlamented LibLab coalition is an utter bodge, its two-vote nonsense being the most salient feature, but the party list being the most insidious. Where a party can muster sufficient support to gain seats, but not enough to win most constituencies, as typically do the Tories, in effect its the Tory Party who decides who your MSP will be, not you. That’s manifestly wrong.

      We have to demcratically accept that any party – even one with which many of us fundamentally disagree – that has sufficient electoral support should rightly be able to occupy seats in Parliament in proportion to that support, but every single one of those MSPs should be chosen by the voters, not “parachuted in” by obnoxious party fiat.

      • jfngw says:

        The list selection process needs improved but I suspect all the parties like it how it is, it gives them control of who is elected from the list. I don’t expect it to change, political parties only like so much democracy.

  110. Golfnut says:

    For those who haven’t had the opportunity to read Alex Salmond’s recent statement regards further court action. Some interesting points.
    1) he clearly blames Evans for the whole debacle and intends to pursue her through the court.
    2) he intends to involve Police Scotland in unmasking whoever leaked details of the complaints to the Daily record.
    3) he reiterated that he did not call for the resignation of Nicola Sturgeon.


    Strangely he’s not going after the media.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      To quote a favoured scribe from my youth, “Never put all your begs in one asket…”
      Step by step..

    • Petra says:

      His statement is interesting Alex in particular as I’m sure that he scrutinised every word before it went to press. His comments about Leslie Evans in conjunction with his comment about Nicola Sturgeon, which he didn’t need to mention at all, makes it clear that he’s blaming Evans, only, for the fiasco. Nicola may have angered him for not intervening, but she isn’t part of the ”conspiracy” cabal that others made her out to be. That’s how I see it anyway.

  111. Ken says:

    The SNP youth who support Self ID. Got him suspended from Twitter.

    Their pals self ID.

    On the spectrum. Obsessive. Without more positive diversion. Black and white. No grey. Good at poker.

  112. Ken says:

    D’Hondt. 1sr preference votes go on the bin to let 3rd rate losers in. A quota.

    Introduced so the SNP could not get a majority. By unionists without a mandate. So Westminster could keep control of Holyrood.

    The Tories (Thatcher) prevented Devolution for twenty years. Labour only introduced or they would have been throw out of the EU. Labour illegal warmongers ruined the Europe economy.

    • grizebard says:

      Oh dear, is there no confusion to which you are not a party? There is no “1st preference” votes with AMS (its proper name). Everyone gets a list vote, the numbers get added up and used to top-up the constituency seats proportionally. There is no preference transfer, you either get the party for which you voted or you don’t.

      You do though inadvertently illustrate the unfortunate consequences for having an entirely different electoral system for every single kind of election we have.

      Oh, and you can lust after a return of unmitigated FPTP as much as you like, it’s never going to happen, so you might as well save your breath, and spare the rest of us the repetitous moans.

  113. Ken says:

    Rev title was introduced so it came first up on the list. Google. Easier to distinguish from others. Not so difficult to find.

    Anyone can use the title,

  114. Gail Porte says:

    I only ever read one Wings article a couple of years ago and there was something about it I didn’t trust so never went there again. Seems my Spidey sense was right.

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