The two doors

We are now aproaching the final end of the Salmond saga which for over a year has obsessed the anti-independence media and that part of the ostensibly pro-independence blogosphere with a pathological hatred of Nicola Sturgeon. About which those of us who want to concentrate on making the case for Scottish independence can only say, “Thank all the gods.” This is a tale which has already consumed far too much oxygen. Although there is still one final report to reach its conclusion, that of James Hamilton QC, which is investigating whether the First Minister broke the ministerial code, most observers now believe that it is unlikely that the First Minister will be forced to resign just weeks before the most crucial Holyrood election since the establishment of the devolution settlement.

The committee report which was leaked to Sky news apparently fails to include the killer line that Nicola Sturgeon “knowingly” misled the Scottish Parliament, It is acting in the conscious knowledge that one is misleading parliament which makes misleading the Scottish Parliament a breach of the ministerial code and a resignation offence. Misleading Parliament per se is not a breach of the ministerial code and is not a resignation matter. We already knew that Nicola Sturgeon misled Parliament when she admitted to and apologised for forgetting what she described as a rushed encounter in a corridor.

Despite the best efforts of a committee whose opposition members had already convicted, hanged, drawn, and quartered the First Minister before she had uttered a word of her evidence, it is highly significant that the killer blow, “knowingly mislead” does not seem to feature in the Committee’s report. Rather the First minister’s political foes seek to damage her by other means, by leaking the draft of the report to sympathetic media outlets and generating headlines that scream that she misled Parliament, and by getting an, ahem, “whistleblower”, to provide Alex Salmond’s friend, the arch-brexiter Tory David Davis with documentation he could reveal in the House of Commons using Parliamentary privilege to avoid prosecution. Yet as the journalist Murray Foote has pointed out, it’s difficult for opposition members of the committee to be convincingly outraged at claims that Nicola Sturgeon broke the ministerial code when it seems that one or more of their number breached the code by leaking the report to the press before it was presented to Parliament. It exposes the naked political opportunism in which this entire saga is mired.

We have been witnessing the most sustained and desperate barrage against the SNP since that last final frantic week of the independence referendum campaign in 2014 when a single opinion poll gave the narrowest of leads to the yes camp. We have now had a long run of polls which put Yes in the lead, and the demographics of No support with only the oldest age cohort showing majority support against independence point to a future where support for an independent Scotland is only going to increase over time. While sections of the independence movement fixate on attacking other independence supporters, the Conservatives and their allies have not forgotten that this is probably their last chance to prevent independence. Scotland faces two doors, one leads to an SNP led pro-independence majority in the May election,keeping alive the dream of independence, the other leads to Conservative rule in Westminster and the effective neutering of a Scottish Parliament that we campaigned for for decades in the teeth of Conservative opposition. That’s it, that’s the choice, there are no other options available.

The Conservatives represent a very real danger to Scotland. Their corrupt authoritarian cronyism is the future that awaits us if we don’t keep alive the dream of independence. We ignore them at our peril. As Joanna Cherry points out in an article in The National today, the Conservatives’ attempts to curtail civil liberties should serve as a warning to us all. The Conservatives’ draconian Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill has received its second reading in the House of Commonsthis week. This is a bill which has the authoritarian fingers of Home Secretary Priti Patel all over it. Part three of the Bill contains enhanced police powers to deal with public order and wider offences and increases sentences for breaching conditions imposed on assemblies and processions by the police. Although justice is a devolved matter and this bill does not affect police powers in Scotland, the bill could have a significant impact on Scots who travel to England to take part in demonstrations there.

Alarmingly the bill grants hugely expanded powers to the police in England and Wales to stop protests which would cause “serious unease”, and creates criminal penalties for people causing “serious annoyance”. But causing annoyance is part of our freedom of speech. If you can prevent a protest for being annoying, you can potentially prevent any protest at all. Indeed you could argue that the entire point of a protest is to create annoyance. Otherwise you are left to ponder the philosophical question of whether a protest is still a protest when no one knows you’re there. This Conservative bill represents a far greater threat to civil liberties than the much criticised Scottish government’s hate speech bill and entirely lacks that bill’s safeguards and protections.

Although justice is currently devolved, we have already witnessed how the Tories are chipping away at the powers of Holyrood. If they believe that there is no longer the prospect of another independence referendum their attacks on the powers of the Scottish parliament will step up a gear. There is little that the Scottish Tories would like more than to curtail our right to march and rally in support of Scottish independence. Nothing would suit them better than a Scottish Parliament which had been de-fanged and was powerless to resist them, and a Scottish people whose civil liberties and rights of assembly had been reduced to the point where we were powerless to protest against them. That’s the future which awaits us if our neglect and distraction leads to us going through the wrong door in May. The slogan of the Scottish Greens in this election – vote as though your future depends on it – is not mere hyperbole. The whole of Scotland’s future depends on ensuring that we return an SNP led pro-independence majority to Holyrood in May. Let’s choose the right door.

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224 comments on “The two doors

  1. Hamish100 says:

    I forgot my wife’s birthday. I did this unknowingly. Guilty as charged

    The sun is shining. The dirt being thrown around may stick for some but if you want independence and most on here do will not give the unionists any credence.

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  3. James Mills says:

    This new Tory Police Bill should be applied to some of the Harassment Committee members who certainly have caused much annoyance . Lock them up !

    • P Harvey says:

      Bawris or Nicola
      Westminster or Holyrood
      Colony or Independence
      Their rule or Our ruler
      That’s the stark choice
      SNP 1 & 2 in May is the only logical choice
      Everything else can be sorted after the May election – by us, the Scottish people

      • thesnpleftme says:

        I will vote for Jenni Minto SNP in the Argyll and Bute constituency.
        I will vote ISP on the list.
        I want Independence and after Independence I want an alternative Party in Scotland. My support of the ISP is for the long term
        Political views will differ. It could be Women’s Rights, EU versus EFTA and many other issues.

        Not all Independence supporters have to follow one Party. The Greens. ISP and the SNP all have a place, a voice and a vote. It is Democracy.

        In the constituency I will vote for a person.
        On the list I will vote for a Party.

        A Party Vote is for a manifesto that aligns closest to your own views.

        People left Labour for the SNP.
        I left the SNP for the ISP.

        Unless people can do so we no longer have a democracy!

        • Me Bungo Pony says:

          How can the Independence for Scotland Party (ISP) be “for the long term”? Once Scotland is independent, the sole raison d’etre of the party vanishes. Will it just continue to exist for the sake of existing?

          Every vote lost by the SNP to an obscure pop-up party is sweet succour to unionists. Given the razors edge an SNP majority is teetering on, it might only take a few hundred votes squandered here and there on these vanity projects to deprive the country of the independence push it needs.

          • Well said Me Bungo Pony ,
            Why on earth anyone thinks ISP are a political party for the longterm evades me , they will be gone as you say once Scottish independence happens.

            If someone knows for sure that ISP will win the LIST seat in their constituency fair enough vote for them
            But surely its much easier to give both votes to SNP
            We dont need twenty seats more than the britnats
            We just need one seat more than them
            That one seat together with the greens will give us a big majority
            So both votes to SNP obviously gives us the beat chance of an SNP majority of one over the unionists

            • scotsmanic0803 says:

              The SNP are MEANT to disband after independence too. Or am I missing something her?

          • scotsmanic0803 says:

            ‘Once Scotland is independent, the sole raison d’etre of the party vanishes. Will it just continue to exist for the sake of existing?’ Is that the, eh…SNP you’re talking about here? Seriously.

            • Me Bungo Pony says:

              No Scotsmaniac0803 (are there 1802 other Scotsmaniacs out there). Where did you get that idea? The SNP may shed bodies to other right and left wing parties but it will continue on as a centrist “National Party”. It has a position on every function of government. The ISP on the other hand has only one policy …. independence. Once that is achieved, it becomes redundant.

        • Petra says:

          Do you know very much at all about individuals involved with the ISP, TSLM?

          • grizebard says:

            One such member is Julia Pannell, whose industrial output is no doubt very familiar to longstanding readers of the National. She has a guest article in the latest issue of iScot magazine, this one a familiar paean to constitutional wishful thinking that gloriously misses the obvious elephant in the room, namely the continuing reluctance of a sufficient proportion of the people of Scotland to underwrite the various fantastical nostrums she evidently believes could deliver us.

        • Alec Lomax says:

          The ISP will go the way of Rise after this election. Bet on it.

  4. Statgeek says:

    There’s a thought. Will people of England travel to Scotland to protest Westminster?

    Best stock up on banners and tents.

  5. A C Bruce says:

    The planned curtailment of civil liberties should send a chill down the spines of all in Scotland. It’s very scary stuff and will come our way should we remain part of the UK. Even scarier that, given the plans the Westminster government have towards us, polls aren’t showing 60%+ for independence since it’s our only escape route. Are people going to put up with this Westminster government for much longer?

    As for the Inquiry etc. Surely there can’t be much more to milk. Every sentence, phrase and utterance of everyone concerned has been pored over and commented on in minute detail. God save us from any more of it.

    • James Mills says:

      I am waiting impatiently for the Movie of the inquiry – with Samuel L Jackson playing Murdo , Tom Cruise playing Baillie and a tub of lard playing Margaret Mitchel !

      • weegingerdug says:

        I think Murdo should be played by Michael Crawford channelling Frank Spencer (showing my age there)

        • James Mills says:

          Paul , Frank was a poor soul who only wanted to do the right thing , whereas Samuel L. is a pure MotherF***** which is how I feel Murdo the Turdo should be portrayed .

          I would however not argue if Baillie ‘s stunt double was The Tub of Lard !

          • Me Bungo Pony says:

            Samuel L Jackson is far too cool to play Murdo Fraser. I was thinking more Adam Sandler. He’s a mother f*****r too, but of the irritating kind.

          • Me Bungo Pony says:

            Or Jean Claude van Damme if you insist on an action hero. He’s considered a bit of a self important d*ck that nobody seems to like. Perfect casting.

          • Eilidh says:

            Naw Jackie Baillie is a reborn Jabba The Hutt from Star Wars. Large,slimey and a complete crook

        • But who gets to play Maureen Watt? Michele Dotrice, or a cabbage?

  6. Skintybroko says:

    I can’t believe the hypocrisy of the Unionists, Bojo has lied to the queen and misled parliament several times yet not a word. I hope this backfires on them and we see a landslide for the SNP and independence follows

    • grizebard says:

      Indeed, but what we really need is for the SNP to go into attack mode shortly. Not over the Salmond Exploit, because that would just give the damn thing more oxygen, but over rank Tory hypocrisy, which is so thick now that you could pave roads with the stuff.

    • robert alexander harrison says:

      Oh i can thats typical of that English rule cult because thats all it is just like there masters the conservatives are basically a death cult humping the union jack now.

  7. Union Man says:

    ‘The whole of Scotland’s future depends on ensuring that we return an SNP led pro-independence majority to Holyrood in May. Let’s choose the right door.’

    Would that be enough to persuade the U.K. government to grant a section 30 order? We already have a pro-independence majority which failed to deliver another referendum. Why would it be any different this time around?

    If most Scots vote for unionist parties at the next election, then the British government will feel vindicated in declining a section 30 request, regardless of seats won by the SNP.

    I’m not saying it’s right – but that’s exactly what will happen.

    • grizebard says:

      Good try, but where have you been? We’re way past that hoary old “S30” ploy now. (Try the ISP. Not worth the bother? How true.) So very evidently are your pals in London, who’ve lately been straining every sinew of their digestive tracts trying in vain to bring down Nicola, and your wonderful stingy UKGov is spending a small fortune in building up a PR empire to try to win a referendum they know they can’t stop.

      • Union Man says:

        This is not my U.K. Government. I’m a Labour man. I dislike the Tories as much as you do.

        My support for the union is not absolute. I’m open to being convinced but I still see federalism as the best solution.

        Breaking up unions is a messy business and one I don’t wish to see, unless there are no alternatives left.

        • weegingerdug says:

          Federalism isn’t going to happen, there is no support for it in England.

        • James Mills says:

          Saying your ”a Labour man ” these days is the same as being a Tory . FFS look at your leaders in Westminster and Holy rood .

        • grizebard says:

          Then one can only conclude the obvious, that your sorry dependence on the Union will rob you of any hope of giving you the government that you wish for any time soon. I wonder how many more right-wing English Nationalist parliaments in London and how many more ermine-clad place(wo)men in The Great House of the People will it take before you finally wake up to reality?

          Thankfully the people of Scotland will conclude the obvious and (if necessary) leave you behind, a part of happily-discarded history.

        • grizebard says:

          In an online talk the other day, Prof Martin Keating (the Inst. for Constitutional Change fellow, not the indy activist of near-same name), dismissed the Labour Party’s offering of “federalism” (y’know, possibly the one that Broon {cough} “promised” we would have, oh, about 5 years ago now?) as (I paraphrase) undefined and unsustainable. Incredible, thus.

          I can’t decide whether you actually believe this fairytale or if it’s merely a convenient fig leaf for your party’s longstanding total lack of anything realistic to offer Scotland. (Y’know, a fig leaf of similar nature to the one that Labour “believes in nuclear disarmament” but only when everyone in the world, North Koreans and all, agrees to quit the drug.) Either way, unless Labour wakes up soon and changes tack dramatically, it’s electorally a dead man walking.

          It’s your call (but don’t wait too long about it)…

          • weegingerdug says:

            It wasProf. Michael Keating, the indy activist is called Martin.

            • grizebard says:

              Thanks for that helpful correction, Paul. Age is evidently beginning to tell…

            • grizebard says:

              Apologies also to the good Prof. This was a talk on the ongoing consequences of Brexit for Scotland, something that our visitor from Labour, given that party’s abject capitulation on the matter out of purely-English concerns, would evidently prefer we forget. Some chance.

              If anyone is interested, the talk was under the aegis of the University of Aberdeen, so will likely be available for viewing either via that institution’s website or perhaps via YouTube. In the inevitably-busy Q&A session at the end, when posited if Brexit would only really conclude on the separation of Scotland, Northern Ireland and England+Wales, in that typically academic way of his kind, having in his talk covered the difficulties thrown up by Brexit, he considered at some length the difficulties which a separation would entail, not least a hard border between an independent Scotland in the EU and E+W outside it as now.

              But he ended that particular question with a fascinating conclusion, observing that dissolution of the Union is “impossible” and the continuing Union “also impossible”, but that “one of these impossibilities must nevertheless break”.

              Let’s stick together to ensure that the one we want remains and the one we don’t need breaks.

            • You mean Prof Michael Keating, the Politics and Constitutional expert who is BBC Jockland’ s Go TO Guy when they want an item on why we scots cannot ‘legally’ separate from England? The man who holds Irish English and Canadian Passports?

              So he can flit in and out of Europe, and Canada at will, but the rest of us Jocks are under House Arrest , our country sealed off from the rest of the world, by force, by an English Homeland Security and their army of occupation?

              The Day of the Jackal?

              • grizebard says:

                Well, Jack, I have a suspicion that the “Constitutional Change-ists” (if I can call them that), are somewhat conflicted in a preference for a better UKUnion within a European one. And you know well that any overtly contrary view to a pro-UKanian one will not see a person appear on the BBC.

                However, you may at least be consoled with the thought that he evidently believes that BritLab’s position on the constitutional question is entirely untenable, and that between the opposing polarities something really will have to go “pop”.

        • Union Man ,
          I was a Labour man as well for decades but after the niners strike my eyes were opened , the next Labour govt did nothing to help all those miners who were treated so badly by thatcher.

          I have not seen a decent Labour politician for decades , at least some of them used to introduce some changes that helped working people and the unemployed but that was a long long time ago.
          The tories broke unions , introduced union rules and encouraged union leaders to behave like company chief executives , union leaders are closer to government than they are to workers now , Labour continued this theme.

          No point in Labour now they are just the same as the tories they support the same policies brexit austerity , nuclear weapons , privatisation of the NHS , where will it all end ?

          It ends now

          If you vote SNP
          Give SNP both votes
          We get a majority
          We have an independence referendum
          With a S30 would be agreeable so that we have an amicable separation
          But a S30 is not necessary
          Its only preferable

          Once Scotland is independent like all countries that in the past have become independent we will erase the old political partys Labour Tory Lib Dem
          They are all westminster political partys
          They wont be compatible with an independent Scottish government

          We will have new political partys
          Yes they will probably be left. , centre. , and right wing a mix just as society is a mix of political partys
          But what we wont have is another country,s government ruling over us
          What we wont have is a tory government that Scotland has not voted for during the last sixty years or so

          These are the reasons why Labour voters have moved to both votes SNP
          We can and will get what we vote for if we reject westminster governance

          • Me Bungo Pony says:

            I’m not convinced the old parties would disappear. In my opinion, it is more likely they would just drop the “Scottish” from their name (which, in reality, is not really there anyway) and absorb members/voters from a “National Party” that is either re-aligning itself politically or actively dissolving (most likely the former).

            The continued existence of a “National Party” could sound the death knell for whatever old party currently inhabits the ground it decides is for them. Again, in my opinion, that is most likely to be the LDs. The Tories will retain the mantle of “champions of the right” while Labour will become more socialist and less centrist. Which leaves the woolly, unreliable but essentially “centrist” LDs in the cross-hairs of an inevitably diminishing “National Party” looking for a home ground to validate its continuing existence. They may even, eventually, merge with them. Obviously the Greens will continue to dominate the “environmental” ground.

            As I say, all completely my own opinion backed up by no facts what-so-ever ☺.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      You make the fundamental mistake of presuming “to persuade the U.K. government” holds merit, why ?

      The “If most Scots vote for unionist parties at the next election” hasn’t happened in almost half a century, should it suddenly appear today?

      The “I’m not saying it’s right – but that’s exactly what will happen” demonstrates a remarkable foresight, or would that be Forsyth ?

      NO people in a majority in any country have ever been required to persuade any but the most deaf of their democratic aspirations, the UK government are reliant on wearing down the will of the people, but not this time.

  8. Hamish100 says:

    And if most Scots vote for independence parties. Westminster will also ignore however they may be obstructive but we will work our way through their anti democratic behaviours. They are no better than the Chinese or Russia or Saudi.

    • grizebard says:

      There comes a point when the neo-colonial hypocrisy becomes so tangible that people (here and also around the world) finally can’t fail to notice it, and react. That’s the tipping point. Up until now the BritNats have been running on pure bluff, but now they’re just running on the fumes.

      Scotland isn’t any old tinpot country. Our wishes still have heft, and the UKGov, for all its posturing, knows it well. We-the-people should quit cringing and hand-wringing, and recognise it also.

    • Union Man says:

      I’ve always said that Westminster should not block a second independence referendum, if the SNP were to win an outright majority.

      Having one more vote is probably the only way that Scotland will move on from this constitutional stalemate. I am keen to return to the politics of left/centre vs right and finally put Brexit and independence behind us.

      There is a wonderful interview on Independence Live (YouTube) with Andy Maciver, who is one of the more sensible and moderate Tories. He points to a push factor, rather than a pull factor within Scottish politics. It’s not the SNP who are winning the argument for independence, rather it’s the Tories who are pushing people away from supporting the union.

      A second referendum win for unionists, would all but end this constitutional debate. Of course, there will be a rump of hardcore nationalists who will never accept the result, but most soft YES/NO voters will move on with their lives.

      • grizebard says:

        How can we possibly “put Brexit behind us”, perchance? Its dire consequences will be with us ongoing into the future, including the loss of many people’s livelihoods in Scotland.

        And then there’s Northern Ireland…

        I rest my case. I just can’t help but wonder what alternate universe Union advocates like you inhabit.

        (But thanks anyway for confirming what particular electoral result you’ll be looking for.)

      • James Mills says:

        ”Rump of hardcore nationalists ”- how naive can you be ?

        Have you no eyes to see ? Look around you – look at what the Tories ( with the neutered Labour Party doing NOTHING ).
        We in Scotland have this opportunity to leave this disastrous Union .

        If you think that once the”constitutional issue” is out of the way then you will get back to left/right/centre politics then you are obviously a paid up member of the Fools R Us Party !

        There will be NO going back from this fascist lite state which Boris’s bunch of Tory gangsters are hellbent on creating .
        Brexit is here to stay , food banks are here to stay , nukes are here to stay , corruption at Westminster has always been here ….if that floats your boat you are welcome to it !

        • GEORGE E COLLIER says:

          well said james

        • grizebard says:

          Yes, “rump of hardcore nationalists” was quite an amusing conceit. These people really inhabit another world, one in which (among other absurdities) their exceptionalism flourishes and elections don’t exist!

          One that – alas for them, but happily for us – has a very limited lifespan left.

      • “I’ve always said that Westminster should not block a second independence referendum, if the SNP were to win an outright majority…”

        Why the caveat that it should be the SNP, alone, that has to secure a majority? Why is the support of the Greens not being considered? Is a majority, in parliament, supporting a proposal for Iref2 not good enough?

        • grizebard says:

          Yes, this is the free giveaway that the likes of the AfI and ISP and Uncle Alex Cobley and all would prefer us not to realise.

          • heilan' loon says:

            Sorry grizebard, but you are stating wrong about the ISP for sure, Collette advocates that all first votes must go to the SNP, that is needed to gain the constituency vote, and I have noticed you push this narrative time and time again with a bare-faced lie.
            The ISP know that for them to be in with any chance of a seat or two, is that the SNP need to win and win big, thereby making the second vote all but useless to them but ideal for another indy party to pick up.
            Now folk who will vote the ISP like myself, in the list vote, won’t support the SGP, mainly due to a couple of policies that the SGP are like for like with the SNP, that is the HCB, the self id GRA as it stands at the moment, because again, the isp isn’t against the GRA and it also states that in its policies, it just doesn’t support the way the SNP/SGP are wanting for it.
            Also in regards to rejoining the EU, the ISP would rather the electorate would have the choice, whether that be full membership, an EEA similar to Norway, customs agreements in place, slightly different to the Norwegian/Swiss/Faroes and Iceland EEA, or non membership, remember it was reckoned that maybe up to 35% of SNP members voted leave, I voted remain because I wanted that mandate that was supposed to have given us after the 2015 manifesto which stated that material difference, and I know others who did the same, all independence supporters, but not supporters of the EU or should I say full EU membership.
            Remember when it was said the SNP was made up from a broad church of society, it feels less and less like that every day

            • stewartb says:

              “Also in regards to rejoining the EU, the ISP would rather the electorate would have the choice,..”

              Now this is a ‘new one’ on me. Why on earth will the electorate NOT have a choice on EU/EFTA/none of the aforementioned options? Post independence, will we have a dictatorship, a one party state and no elections?

              I suggest it is perfectly reasonable confidently to expect, following a decision for independence, all extant parties will offer the voters their party’s view on Scotland’s European future: they (and we the voters) will no doubt maintain or modify initial views in the light of the EU membership deal available after negotiation.

              And are you (or the ISP) suggesting – predicting – there will NOT then be a referendum on whether or not to take up EU membership?

              At least on this part of the case you’re making for supporting the ISP, are you sure you’re not offering us a ‘straw man’ – or is it more correctly a ‘hollow man’ – argument?

            • grizebard says:

              Excuse me, but on what grounds exactly do you accuse me of being a liar? (Not very comradely that, “comrade”) My point here was – and was directly confirmed by our Unionist visitor – that the only vote the BritNats bother with is the SNP one. You may not like it, but that’s the story “from the horse’s mouth”, as it were.

              As stewardb rightly observes, and to which there is nothing to add, what on earth are you on about regarding rejoining the EU? It’s become very clear of late though that the ISP is taking a very definite anti-EU line – unsurprising perhaps since some rabid zealots on the matter who often frequented the letters columns of The National ad nauseam are evidently among your ranks – and so there is a political undercurrent at work here even if operating under a “pro-indy” banner in supposed “assistance” of the SNP, which differs on that issue. But such a policy, from a radical-left stance, one guesses, is obviously not consonant with the clearly-declared wishes of the people of Scotland, and in point of fact is directly antagonistic to the justification the SNP can rightly claim for conducting a referendum.

              Promoting such an (unsurprising) policy is your perfect democratic right, of course, but the electoral consequence of it will ultimately offer you little comfort, I fully expect.

      • Stephen McKenzie says:

        Union Man: “A second referendum win for unionists, would all but end this constitutional debate. Of course, there will be a rump of hardcore nationalists who will never accept the result, but most soft YES/NO voters will move on with their lives”

        Says who?

        My children will certainly want a decent country to live in, I might not see it but hopefully they will.

      • Hamish100 says:

        Union man
        I refer to Ireland to show your hypothesis is nonsense just as silly as devolution would stop Independence supporters in their tracks.

        Union of what? Name only. The largest country on these islands dictates terms and conditions, ignores democratic mandates from the nations concerned saying only their views counts. Brexit as an example. No Tory majority since the 1950’s yet we have new nuclear weapons placed on the Clyde. Our lives are dictated by the Eton types, the unelected Lords and a monarchy racked with self importance.

      • Union Man

        I see what you are saying
        But we all know already that if we dont get scottish independence this time
        People will move on with their lives

        To be honest, thats not new , people have a living to make

        But we have a majority in every poll just now
        We have been ignored and wronged by westminster so often people are fed up with it
        Nicola Sturgeon has steadied the ship

        Now is the time for Labour voters to get on board

        You have nothing to lose

        If you vote Labour AGAIN you WILL get a tory government forever
        Labour are not going to get back in power in westminster anytime soon

        Fo a Labour like left of centre government your quickest route is Scottish independence
        A majority in Scotland have been left of centre all my life and im 64
        Vote SNP
        Get independence
        Get left of centre government in holyrood
        Its that straightforward

      • Statgeek says:

        When we voted for 56/59 MPs (95%) to Westminster, we were ignored.

        There is no union, other than on paper, and some Scots want to tear that piece of paper up. That’s what has Johnson et al worried. That we might actually do it.

    • Hamish100

      A S30 is preferable not just for Scotland
      But for England too
      We want amicable separation
      Thats what is best for Scotland and for England

      Westminster is uncooperative at present but that will change when change benefits them and it will inevitably benefit them when we discuss their water supply their electricity supply their fish supply and vegetables then moving on to the coastline of this island no single country can secure the coastline without cooperation from the rest.

      So many aspects of life require negotiation

      We are already seeing westminster negotiating with EU on northern ireland imports/exports
      They said they wouldnt negotiate
      It was bluff and bluster

      We will go through the same rigmarole

  9. bringiton says:

    Brexit is what has driven the majority of Scots to realise that Westminster no longer (if it ever did) looks after our interests.
    The Covid pandemic has simply reinforced that idea (PPI scandal etc).
    We should never accept that Westminster can determine whether we decide to hold an independence referendum or not.
    That is a matter for the people of Scotland alone and not governments in another country.
    The UK union is dead in all but name thanks to Tory arrogance and their sense of entitlement.
    We are not their possession to be disposed of at their whim but if we allow them to do so,they will.
    They also have their problems with NI where the DUP represent a threat to the Belfast Agreement which in turn would impact any trade deal with the USA.
    What a tangled web they weave and they are now going to have to do a lot of fancy dancing to get themselves out of this mess.

  10. Dr Jim says:

    If MPS representing English constituency’s turn up as they did in 2014 en masse for a protest march down Union Street in Glasgow are they then causing annoyance by the law they have passed upon the same behaviour in England (unlawful gathering) you might say

    The moderate Unionist is a much used expression for someone who says they are prepared to listen with an open mind then say No to whatever they listened to

    Federalism, another lovely expression used by Unionists for the last 100 years to promise that they’ll promise to be *moderate Unionists*………one day maybe if perhaps when the time is right and the sky is the correct colour and all of Scotland has been subdued to Westminster’s satisfaction they’ll think about not doing it because why bother since there’s no evidence anybody really wants it

    The concerted attack by all anti Independence factions upon FM Nicola Sturgeon is to their own stupidity more of a compliment than any condemnation of wrong doing, already trending right across Scotland is the phrase “We stand with Nicola”
    When the very core of corruption (Westminster) screams about honour and integrity it’s time to count your spoons

    The small and nasty place that the Internet is does not reflect society in general, right now the average Mr and Mrs Joe and Jean Scotland who don’t care about who said he said she said can see perfectly well what the opposition to Independence is saying and trying to do here, and this behaviour by those opposition who really haven’t studied human behaviour particularly well in these matters should consider when you attempt to cut the head off of the most popular female politician in Scotland and in the rest of the UKs history, if you get it wrong you create a heroin of gigantic proportions the moment you’re perceived as bullying in order to win

    The anti Nicola Sturgeon faction have almost as one successfully elevated Nicola Sturgeon to gigantic proportions in their over eager haste to bring her down, within two or three weeks Nicola Sturgeon and her SNP Avengers should be so unstoppable and inevitable even Thanos’s finger clicking bejeweled infinity stoned glove would be redundant

    I’ll make a prediction right now that James Hamilton QC will find no deliberate misleading on the part of the FM and from there the opposition might as well have stuck a Captain Marvel suit on Nicola Sturgeon as she gets ready to blast them back to where they came from

    Hate works really well if it’s used correctly but the world loves a heroin even more

  11. bringiton says:

    The Tudors were never the same after Elizabeth 1.

  12. Capella says:

    SNP have gained a seat from Labour in Baillieston by-election – from twitter.

    • grizebard says:

      Alas in Partick East & Kelvindale it was Labour who took the vacant seat from the Conservatives. The Tories had done their usual pro-Lab anti-SNP spoiler with a fair number of their transfers, but it was finally thanks (NB!) to the Green voters, who at the penultimate stage delivered only 49% of their transfers to their supposed “pro-indy pals” the previously front-running SNP and a dastardly 31% to Labour to give the latter the win. Even their 20% dead-end non-transfers would have been enough to keep the SNP ahead.

      SNP 1+2 in May. Here in Glasgow, of all places, even the Greens can’t be trusted to assist when needed, so why should we bother anywhere to reciprocate?

  13. Ken says:

    Johnston and Patel the two most abusive, obnoxious bullies on the planet. Lying and killing people to line their own pockets. They soon will be voted out.

    A great SNP victory will send the Tory parasites away to think again. Just a matter of time.

    All that matters is a massive SNP victory. To sent the unelected Tories back to where they have come. Sticking their noses in Scotland’s business trying to ruin the economy and killing people.

  14. This on the previous piece in reply to Tam The Bam’s nocturnal query:- “Where’s Jack Collatin?”
    I feel my response to Paul’s excellent ‘The Two Doors’ piece merits my reposting the earlier premature ejaculation comment.

    “Here I am, Tam. It is the final irony that I am suffering from a head cold, ‘run down’, as my Everlovin’ (our Walking talking Family Doctor) so accurately describes my streaming nose, and aching bones.
    Yesterday we had the unedifying spectacle of grown men prematurely ejaculating all over our TV screens, and their female colleagues wallowing in the sticky damp patch that is the ‘partisan leak’ from the ‘Salmond The Sex Pest and Best Pal Of David Davis’ Committee.
    Glen Campbell, Graham Stewart, Gary Robertson, Kirsteen Campbell, and the Linesman Dross, whom Kirsty Wark arranged to be on Newsnight, ejaculating like a man
    This morning, Graham Stewart was ejaculating prematurely during the 120 seconds on BBC Brexit, and Stephen Jardine is going to prematurely ejaculate about the partisan leak for an hour on BBC Scotland Mud Hut Radio from 9 today.
    ON Kirsty Wark’s Newsnight The Linesman Dross has reverted to the family man image with his poor infant son’s photie on display.

    Tam, you may recall the Tait and Lyle Sugar Boats discharging their cargo at James Watt Dock back in the day?
    Remember the sweet sickly choking smell of the molasses sludge in the cargo hold?
    That ‘s what Dross’ attempts at portraying himself as the ‘Family Man’ good guy tastes like, smells like.

    Let them have their fun, as long as we the licence payers don’t have to pay for the Kleenex.

    Next week, we campaign, like Bannockburn.”

    Sex Scandals? They can’t handle sex scandals. Next week, Tantric Jack will be back.

    Ross Thomson? Where is he now?
    More on him and many many others next week, everywhere, all day every day.
    And the link between Salmond and his Old Pal Davis from March 17 when Davis tossed the Scottish Govt Scotland in Europe Paper and proposals in the bin, and Davis appearing on his Old Pal Salmond the Sex Pest’s fringe nonsense in August. Are there e mails…did Salmond recommend binning Scotland in Europe?
    Is Salmond a Royalist Tartan Free Trade Keep the Pound Tory?

    Smear? You wouldn’t know smear if it hit you in the face, BBC Plantation Quay. BBC cocaine parties, Saville, …
    Be war-ned, we are coming after you all. Monica Lennon, Kezia Dugdale, name the Labour sex pest!!!
    See what I’m doing here, Alex Rowley?
    Cyril Smith and Ming’s eulogy at the Fat Man’s funeral?

  15. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    I hear Ruth Davidson is talking about integrity in that she states if Nicola Sturgeon had a shred of it she would resign……….oh dear of dear……….

    Integrity – “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles”.

    She has actually had the temerity to say this while Boris Johnson is the PM of the UKnotOK….a man who clearly lacks any integrity if his actions pre 2016 and post 2016 are anything to go by….indeed his choices for cabinet ministers are an example of a political rogues gallery who put personal interests and party before those, the electorate, they pretend to represent ……..and he is the leader of HER party and cabinet members are HER colleagues…of course she states this while caretaker leader of the Scottish Tories ( a plan hatched by HQ probably under Gove) just before she swans off to the HOL after previously standing down as Tory leader at Holyrood to spend ‘more time with her family’……a reason that could be categorised as ‘allegedly’… obviously not.

    I wonder where is the integrity of Douglas Ross in that he clearly misled the Scottish fisherman via unfulfilled Brexit promises he and his Tory colleagues made to them…..taking back control of our waters…….which translated as Tories agreeing at the last minute to a deal which amounted to the extinction and destruction of many Scottish fishing businesses………and indeed other businesses.

    Where is the integrity of a UKnotOK PM appointing a Tory donor as BBC Director General and a Tory donor as a BBC Chairman……as opposed to appointing a politically neutral ‘best man for the job’ in these positions…..” the one who controls the media controls the masses”……and that is where we are at in Brexit Tory UKnotOK…..

    So we need no lectures from Ruth Davidson on integrity because integrity, is for the Tories , an alien concept that they are not just deficient in but oblivious to it’s existence…….they tend to favour the opposite in applying deceit, dishonesty, corruption, dishonour and disgrace in their undeserved role as UKnotOK governement.

    The media however are reticent in applying the same scrutiny and ‘standards’ to the Tories which they apply to the Scottish government instead they deploy a continuous strategic and effective biased political operation of omission and misinformation…thus giving those voters who do not use social media a false perception of Scottish and UKnotOK politics by only highlighting negative stories on the SNP while omitting the many negative stories about the Tories……the misinformation is usually used in the context of “some critics say” with no substantive evidence offered or indeed information on who these critics are ……..or when we are led to believe a story is less credible by using the words ‘ so called’……such as ‘so called power grab’ thus somehow undermining the fact that it is indeed a reality and thus they classify it as merely a subjective opinion of the Scottish Government.

    The Unionists and the media are overplaying all of this (they cannae help themselves) and I honestly suspect that a lot Scots will see it for what it is………….a clear witch hunt with the ultimate goal to stop Scottish independence

    However if some Scots and others who live in Scotland do not realise by now that there is a clear and aggressive coordinated stitch up being orchestrated by the Tories and their little helpers the media … prevent another Indy Ref…..then the Scots and those who currently live in Scotland deserve to continue to be treated with disdain, disregard and frankly lose the rights and freedom they have enjoyed under the SNP Scottish government.

    I left the SNP last year as a member….and now after all of this cr*p ,and all the rest, including the illegal leak last night and the predictable response/reaction from the media….I will now be rejoining the SNP….and in May I will vote SNP 1 and 2…..and will campaign and vote for independence when it comes…..because cheats and liars should never ever win if there is any “integrity” applied by the voters in choosing the best party to elect to represent them……and we can define the Tories and Unionist media as….. cheats and liars …….indeed it’s thanks to them that my gut reaction and honest decision is to fight back by using my integrity in rejoining the party that the Unionists, both political and media, are trying to destroy and my resolve is stronger in helping my party of choice help Scotland to get free from them all.

    SNP 1 & 2

    Another rant in the bag……………

    • Dr Jim says:

      Indeed Clapper, this new found moral indignation by the London parties who serve the Westminster Union by saying how sad it is that yes their own politicians are morally bankrupt but oh the horror of such a thing permeating the good people of Scotland’s parliament leaves them aghast is just projectile vomiting of fake conscience of the most embarrassing kind

      DRoss so called leader of the Conservatives in Scotland who has no seat in the Scottish parliament so cannot be ousted by the voters from his non existent seat with his total expertise in milking cows and refereeing football matches to soon to be Baroness Ruth Davidson of the infamous rape clause, total expertise a junior reporter for the BBC and loser of every election since joining the Tories in the Scottish parliament so neither of these two outraged Unionists are subject to the will of the Scottish people and possible removal in the forthcoming election
      Then we move on to the Dentist shop owning millionaire that is Anas Sarwar who doesn’t want to say too much because he IS answerable to the electorate, so what does Anas do? he gets his boss Sir Kier Starmer from the Westminster parliament to do his talking for him on how outraged he is on behalf of bestest chum Anas who’s name he has written on a piece of paper (just in case he says it wrong) and his fellow Scots in this awful one party state that isn’t

      Leave us not forget Patrick Harvie and our Green buddies the opportunists and coat tail Klingons when they need the SNP but given the slightest whiff of blood would stick a big green jaggy nettle in the SNP’s eye in order to win second place to the Tories in our parliament if they could
      If I hear that little squirt talk about holding power to account, working with the SNP to make the government bolder or his classic hit of pushing the government beyond its comfort zone I may vomit on him, with his pathetic snipes and snide remarks about the SNP not doing enough but at least he’s working hard to make sure on our behalf that they do please look at me I’m relevant

      Aye let’s fix Scottish politics alright by getting rid of half the useless articles warming their Arses on our furniture in our parliament pretending to be politicians by trying to copy the head girl the FM then doing her down at the first opportunity

      Let’s just pause and pick a winner from any of these parties to fulfill the role of FM, right I’ve paused and thought deeply for two seconds and NAW *thurs naebdy*

      • Not-My-Real-Name says:

        Hi Dr Jim…glad you called me Clapper(57) ….which would love to use on here but cannot as I did something which prevented me from using my old email and user name …..a technical mistake but not this site’s fault…..anyhoo long story cut short ….so now I have use name Not-My-Real-Name on here to comment…..however can still use old name on WOS Off Topic…if I wish …..some good people on there who like to banter….miss them and the banter via Off Topic.

        Have a good evening

        • Dr Jim says:

          I’m afraid I’m not welcome there as I have been pronounced as not me but Nicola Sturgeon in disguise, ergo the devil and might use my powers to persuade folk towards Independence and that doesn’t fit in with the current agenda for the next crowd funding arrangements for the hard done by author who is currently in receipt of Michael Gove’s gracious thanks

          • Not-My-Real-Name says:

            Yep shame about that…..lots of new names on MT never seen them before when ‘independence’ was main focus of site……I have not been on MT for a long time…preferred more laid back OT which was less aggressive and more talking about music/musical links, having a laugh , thought provoking observations on life in general etc etc

            The banter and good people on OT kept me sane.

            Have a good evening Dr Jim

        • ArtyHetty says:

          ‘Banter’, = talk trivia, make jokes, etc etc, that’s great. Expensive ‘banter’ endorsed by the Tories, lovely jubbly.

    • Ace, NMRM.
      Let us not forget that The Linesman Dross is 100% behind Boris Johnson, the serial womaniser, and father of many by different women, who, reportedly was having an affair with his preesnt squeeze, now First Lady at No 10, when he was still married to his previous wife, and this unfortunate lady was also pregnant with a spawn of Johnson.
      Integrity? Don’t make me laugh.
      I think Dross’ minister should have a word with him on the steps of his local kirk on Sunday morning.

      Never mind, as long as David Duguid’s Brexit ‘teething problems’ are only struggling to get his favourite pasta shapes.
      Who gives a crap (carp?) about Canadian Salmon and Newfoundland pollock flooding the market in Elgin Huntly and Keith.
      That’s Liz Truss New Global Britain world Trade Deals for you.
      By the Chief, am I up for the fight, and ‘fight’ it is.
      I’ll know we’re making a dent when the Dead Tree Scroll Hacks starts rifling through my wheelie bins.

  16. Alba woman says:

    Rape clause Davidson lifted not a finger to stop women being put through disgusting interviews in order to get support for their child . Rape clause , along with Boris 125,000 and counting ,deaths , Johnston, have moved beyond the pale and are persona non grata in a society striving to have any sense of decency ie Scotland

    # Stand with Nicola …..SNP 1& 2

  17. Capella says:

    Nick Eardley on twitter:
    Scottish Tories say they’ll try and force a no confidence vote in
    @NicolaSturgeon on Wednesday – the day Holyrood breaks up for the election – if she’s doesn’t resign (which it’s clear she won’t based on committee conclusions)

    What are they like!? 😂

  18. Capella says:

    Small northern country pop. 5 million named the happiest place in the world for the fourth year running.

    For the fourth year running, Finland has come out on top in the annual list powered by data from the Gallup World Poll, with Iceland, Denmark, Switzerland, and the Netherlands following in second, third, fourth and fifth position respectively.
    While the United States moved up from 18th to 14th place and the United Kingdom dropped from 13th to 18th, Australia held its 12th place position.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Possibly due to Finland being led by women and being closer to the real sanity clause (old Marx Bros joke), the UQ is led by old men who epitomise the need for an insanity clause ?

  19. Dr Jim says:

    It seems the world over when women get in charge men go crazy trying to tear them down or kill them or imprison them

  20. I’m under the weather at the mo, but starting next week I intend to provide briefing documents on a range of issues Exposing Sarwar, Rennie, and TBA Tory leader, for the Brit Nat England first merchants they are.
    This is a SCE but with UK wide issues, as it is the forerunner to Indyref 2 which is inevitable now.

    Bowie Duguid and Ross in the NE, Lamont down in the Borders, Jack and Mundell (rememeber that wee squirt?) down in Dumfries and Galloway are legitimate targets, as are Iain Murray Union Jack Man, and Jardine Liar Carmichael and the other Lid Dem Brit whose name escapes me.
    Brexit is our battering ram. Fishing, agriculture, Freedom of Movement, the Power Grab, UKIP, Brazil Steroid Beef, Malaysian chickens, lamb hauled half way across the world form New Zealand and Australia on the eve of Cop 26 in Glasgow, The New Austerity freeze where Carers get a rise of pence while inflation tops 2% and we are held prisoner in Scotland by a former refugee from Idi Amin’s Uganda,

    Trident, Baroness Rape Clause and the Golden Gravy Train ticket, ex Tory convicted sex offender still on Aberdeen Council, and so on and so on…
    Glenn Campbell, Islay Boy wetting his pants droning on and on about Nikla must resign while the trawlers on his own isle lie idle, his former neighbours ruined by Brexit, one of the many punishments bestowed on us by his English Masters…
    No more Mr Nice Guy from me.

    • grizebard says:

      Hope you get back to firing on all cylinders again soon, Jack. But if you dare to persist in mentioning “Brexit” as promised – bless! – you’ll no doubt get twitted by the “don’t mention it” Labourites and the “but, but, but, we’re rather fond of it” ISP, as we’ve seen today. And never mind the biggest constitutional outrage to be perpetrated upon us in modern times, which has already sunk HMS Federalist before it’s even been built and which will fully justify the now-inevitable referendum to be underwritten by the people of Scotland in just a few weeks’ time.

  21. barpe says:

    Well, I’m certainly looking forward to your posts, next week, Jack.
    More power to yer elbow!

  22. Capella says:

    Statement from the four SNP members of the Harassment committee complaining that the opposition inserted an accusation in to the report at the last minute which is not supported by the evidence.
    Trouble ‘t mill.

    • grizebard says:

      It looks as if any authority it may have possessed at the outset has been totally squandered by a bunch of judgementally-incontinent frightened tinkerers with a bad case of election fever.

      One hopes that in 7 weeks’ time they will be cured of their ailment and find something more personally productive to do with their lives than be members of our Parliament, which with matters soon at hand, will be in need of a full complement of grown-ups.

      • Capella says:

        Not sure about the mechanics of it but perhaps the SNP members should submit a minority report That’s what happens when other committees are stuck with irreconcilable views of the evidence.

        • grizebard says:

          Yes, that would seen to be the only option. I’m surprised and disappointed though that Andy Wightman chose to support this dastardly and predictably-lopsided BritNat manoevre, which merely tarnishes his own good reputation by association.

    • Golfnut says:

      Thanks for the info and link which I have shared on FB.

    • Petra says:

      Thanks for that link Capella.

      The following is Nicola Sturgeon’s response.

      ”The full statement from Nicola Sturgeon’s spokesperson.”

  23. Mary Murray says:

    I am very worried that if we do not get our independence, we face a terrible time in this country, I grew up in Ireland in the time of the troubles and Priti Patel’s bill has all the hallmarks of what was imposed on people in Northern Ireland at the time. We MUST get our independence and get away from the lunacy of Westminster.

  24. Dr Jim says:

    I’ve trawled the world wide web again and it looks like I was right Nicola Sturgeon is ascending to an even higher plane, in Scotland alone people are joining the party in their droves, by the time we get to a referendum half the voters will be members of the SNP

    The reaction to this is quite astonishing, Scotland has figured it out and has seen right through it

    Go Scotland

  25. Ken says:

    The unionists clap trap. The dirty liars. How could Nicola know Alex Salmond was behaving badly pre 2017 When he wasn’t.

    The women accusers lied. That was show up in Court, He was declared innocent on the trumped up ‘charges’. He was innocent of any bad behaviour at Edinburgh Airport. It was total lies. Sky News lies. Another bunch of liars.

    Now the committee members have lied. The committee members are lying – accusing Nicola of lying about something that never happened. Another attempted stitch up.

    A complete and utter farce. A total waste of time and money by lying unionists. An imposed Lord Advocate that does not know the Law. Wastes £Millions of public monies. A malicious Permanent Secretary liar working for the Westminster Gov.

    The only ones who are not lying are Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond. The rest are a contrived unionists side show for everyone to see. Killing people with impunity. They need to be investigated. The Courts are holding them to account. That need an Inquiry.

    The Westminster lying killing machine. Unelected unionists sticking their nose in Scotland. Cutting off their nose to spite their face, No one will vote for their Parties. The more they try to interfere, the more it puts people off. 3rd rate losers.

    Westminster unionist parasites. A complete dangerous embarrassment. They do not know the meaning of the truth, honesty or integrity. Killing people worldwide and ruining the economy. Vote them out.

    The whole unionist interfering corruption and corroboration resulted in the malicious set up.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Ken I’m afraid Alex Salmond was never declared innocent, he was found not guilty on the amount of evidence that was allowed to be presented because of the civil service mistake, this is a very far cry from being innocent or the judge would not have caveated his remarks with the words inappropriate behaviour towards women, he was who he was but is not that now sadly, and more evidence has come to light that is making things even worse for him regarding his commitment to Independence

  26. Old Pete says:

    Lord Haw Haw from Bath must be gutted, things just ain’t going to plan. No need for his blog once we get Independence and his gravy train from his enfeebled supporters will stop. No wonder he is working with the Unionist fanatics, after all he has so much to lose if Scotland regains its Independence.

    Infiltrate, disrupt and destroy the UK way to control native population’s in its colonies throughout history. Not surprisingly they continue to try it on us.

    SNP 1 and 2 in Southern Scotland, onwards and upwards to Scottish Independence.

  27. Old Pete says:

    Sorry Ken but if Mr. Salmond had been a “better man” in his workplace then none of this farcical situation would be happening.
    I thought Mr. Salmond was a great patriot, sadly after his attempt to destroy the FM and the party he claims he loved he has lost all the respect I had for him.

    In southern Scotland it has to be SNP 1 and 2.

  28. Ken says:

    The women were lying about him as show up in Court. A complete pack of lies. If they had not lied none of it would have happened. The only ones who did not lie were Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon.

    All the rest of them lied. The civil service the Police, the prosecution, without a scrape of evidence. A pack of concocted lies. Nicola did what she could and stayed out of it but did not realise she was dealing with a pack of lies.

    The Committee has now lied. How could she had know Alex Salmond was behaving badly when he wasn’t. It is beyond ridiculous, The airport ‘incident’ was lies. It was proved in Court. Sky TV lied. A total pack of liars.

    Alex Salmond was/is a good guy, better than everyone else. He promoted women. Supported gender lists. Some of the women who lied about him. He gave them some of the best jobs in Scotland, privileges above the rest, that is what he got back. They lied about him.

    He has been in public life for years without any blemish or complaint. He respected women. The way he has been treated is appalling. Totally inappropriate.

    Alex Salmond could not walk down the street without being accosted by people. Hugging, kissing him, taking selfies. Wanting his in for cups of tea. Putting it on Twitter/Instagram. There was absolutely nothing sexual about it. Was he being sexually assaulted. No.

    He did more for Scotland than anyone. It was SNP women who defended him. They acted as defence witnesses without any anonymity. They gave their names and their testimony but you never hear anything about them. It does not suit the narrative. They told the truth. You could not get a better man than Alex Salmond. The way he has been slandered is an absolute disgrace.

    Alex Salmond could be a demanding task master but that happens in many high powered, stressful environment. More likely to be at election times when people get anxious.

    There should have been less drink on the job but there were dinners involved. It still is not criminal conduct. There was an incident an pd an apologised was given. It has been taken totally out of context. There was never any question it was sexual.

    There was nothing sexual in it. Nothing that could warrant being dragged through Courts falsely accused. The imposed Lord Advocate does not know the Law wasting £Million of public monies. In various prosecutions. Found to be unlawful. It is just an absolute scandal.

    The Police knew it would not stand up in Court. No realistic evidence, They still took it forward. Plastering it on thick trying to get a conviction. It was thrown out of Court.

    Nicola stood back to from the investigation to let it take it’s course. Following the Ministerial Code as she is expected to do, How was she to know the women were lying and a proper investigation was not being undertaken by a bunch of hypocritical liars. Damned if she did. Damned if she did not. The SNP/Scotland has never had a better leader.

    It will always be SNP/SNP. If people have any sense. Not be deterred by much of the nonsense.

    • P Harvey says:

      Sadly Ken , Alex has clearly proved to be “ .. or a better man”
      I am disappointed about that
      But FURIOUS about his behaviour in undermining Independence
      He is a lost cause
      Focus on the prize

    • grizebard says:

      Oh, Ken, really. Salmond’s own advocate freely volunteered his workplace misbehaviour in court, he simply claimed it wasn’t criminal. Which is how the trial left it. (The advocate then got in hot water himself for being overheard to say that he regarded his client as a “sex pest and bully”. Which is way more credible than your absurd whitewash attempts.) Salmond has since done his damnedest to bring down the government you supposedly support. How can you then still think the man walks on water? It defies credibility. So please, just give all the swoony hero worship a rest and let’s all move on.

    • Calm down Ken.

      Whilst not amounting to criminality, AS has admitted that he behaved inappropriately.

      Acquitted or not, no amount of turd polishing can excuse bevvy induced touchy feely stuff in this day & age. He didn’t express a lot of contrition either.

      Anyone excusing such behaviour, because he’s innocent in the eyes of the law, needs to have a word with themselves.

      For anyone out there still carrying a torch for Alex Salmond, why hasn’t your hero restated his support for independence? Is his ego and/or desire for revenge more important than our collective futures?

      If we don’t hear something soon, he can sod off & join Boris in his ditch for me.

  29. malkymcblain says:

    Salmond the former hero of Scots independence and now after his statement that Scotland will be a failed state if it becomes independent is just another narcissistic man who cares more for the sound of his own voice than anything else. Add him to the list of narcissistic male political figures of the past and present. I’ll start the list and invite you to add to it.

    Donald Trump
    Boris Johnson
    George Galloway
    Tony Abbott
    Tony Blair
    Gordon Brown
    Adolf Hitler
    George W Bush jnr
    The ‘Reverend’ Stuart Campbell
    Margaret Thatcher (yes I know she was a woman but..)

    • Golfnut says:

      If my memory serves me correctly, Alex Salmond was initially speaking about how Scotland was badly served by the people in some of Scotland’s institutions, an opinion I happen to share. It was a warning that we needed to clean house of some of the place persons, mostly unionists, embedded within these institutions. We need look no further than the Scottish parliament and the civil service for proof of that.

  30. malkymcblain says:

    List continues

    I forgot Pol Pot

  31. Gordon says:

    He did not say that. That is another lie. Another Press lie.

    He did not do it. Stop lying

    People were touching him. Everywhere he went. He promoted women. He was not touching anyone.

    The women lied. Passing someone in a lobby. Is not ‘sexual aggression’. It is passing someone in a lobby. As witnessed by another person. A lawyer who does not mind their name being out in the open.

    One of the women is an open fantasist. The others lied. No wonder they did not want to go to Court with the lies. It is a complete and utter disgrace. That someone was treated like that.

    See the transcript of the trial for a list of liars. How dare anyone make a list with Hitler comparing it to Alex Salmond. He did more for Scotland than anyone. He should get an apology and compensation.

    Nicola is the best leader the SNP/Scotland has ever had. The Committee is now lying. How could she have know about Alex Salmond doing anything wrong when he did not do it. There was an incident in 2013. The only one. It was apologised. It was not sexual but consensual. The person was lying. There was no crime. It was resolved.

    • malkymcblain says:

      Gordon I was referring to male politicians who are or were narcissistic. However I take your point about having Salmond and hitler on the same list. I know that Salmond isn’t a psychopathic dictator and mass murderer but in my view he is a narcissist. I should have written it better. I expect criticism.

    • Tatu3 says:

      Ken/Gordon. Do you have children? Do you have a daughter? Would you like her to work for a man who thinks it is OK, as the boss, to be a bit handsy, touchy-feely with her?
      In the 21st century this should never be allowed to happen. NO man has the right to touch a girl/woman in the workplace.
      There are too many men in positions of power who treat women like possessions/dirt/there for their pleasure.
      I once believed in Alex Salmond, I gave money to his crowd fund. More fool me.
      From a Newsnet.Scot article “Salmond was a hero to all of us back in the day, although we were aware of some less attractive personality traits. These tended not to be on the radar of the general public ”

      • Hamish100 says:

        If only Salmond had went home to his wife and invited the celebrity to dine in his own home rather than the state residence.
        If he had held tight after the court cases and promoted independence even without mentioning the snp then he may have had a way back. Unfortunately wings of Sc host appeared on his RT tv programme and they chose another path. MacCaskill MP, and co stirred the pot.
        Their plans have backfired unless their plan was always to get of the FM and ensure independence parties don’t win seats. I can’t believe that of the former.

        • Clydebuilt says:

          It’s looking more like “Their plan was always to get the FM” with every passing day IMHO.
          It’s getting to the point that AS is contacting the media to keep the pressure up on Nicola Sturgeon. Did independence ever mean anything to him?

          • David Davis , Andrew Neil and Fraser Nelson are Salmond the Sex Pest’s Pals.
            Ergo, Andrew bNeil, David Davis and Fraser Nelson are Neil Findlay’s ‘pals’. Some kind of socialist the Former Obesity Czar has turned out to be,

            He’ll be lobbying Baroness Rape Clause touting for business when he steps down from Holyrood and opens his Lobbying business.
            ‘Round and ’round the garden the rugged rascal ran….

  32. Ken says:

    He is not. He was stitched up. If people cannot see that. He just went about Gov. business. Doing the best he could, He did it because he believed Scotland could be better and could do better than under a lying, cheating, abusive Westminster Gov. That is a given. In every way.

    The way he has been portrayed is a complete fabrication. It is lies.

    Just as Nicola is now being portrayed. A complete fabrication. The Committee is a total farce. A total waste of time and monies from start to finish.

    It total interference by Westminster unionists M15. More fool anyone who believes or falls for it.

    Anyone who falls for that nonsense. More fool them. Alex Salmond did not do the things he is accused of. All he ever tried to do was the best for Scotland all his life.

    Alex Salmond found the McCrone Report. He stood against the Iraqi war. He laid the foundations for a just and fair Gov. For Scotland to be a better place. It is. Especially compared to before. The unionists lies. They tried to keep secret under the Official Secrets Act. Thatcher’s lies have come out. He went against the tide to do it.

    He is not as it is being portrayed. He was betrayed by people he supported.

    Neither is Nicola. If is a unionist attempt to try and muck up the Scottish Gov. To try and muck up Independence support. By the lying MSM. People should not fall for it. People are not falling for it. They are giving more support. Seeing through it. The Committee have just lied. A total farce. Liars always get found out.

    It is not an either or. They both did the right thing as they saw fit. They tried to make the best of it. It is outside forces in Westminster and their cronies who are trying to destroy democracy and the economy in Scotland. The voters will not let them. No matter how they try to bring Scotland down. The electorate is more savvy.

  33. Golfnut says:

    A wee song to start the day. Sorry if you don’t do FB.

  34. Ken says:

    He did not touchy feel anyone. He is just not like that. Keeping his distance. That was decided in Court. Read the transcript. That was lies. Women testified to that. Women called out the (women) liars. A female jury. A female judge.

    The complainants lied. They were not even in the building when claims were made. Passing someone in a lobby. ‘With sexual aggression’. A total load of utter nonsense.

    There was a credible woman witness who testified to that not happening. The Police had to lay it on thick to try and get a conviction. They knew it would not stand up in Court. They said so.

    The complainant women did not even want to go to Court. They said so. No wonder. Being called out for a pack of lies. The witnesses did not demand anonymity. Nothing is heard about them.

    People threw themselves at Alex Salmond. People witnessed that all the time. The lies that have been told.

    There were (women) witnesses who testified these things did not happen. They were there. Are they lying? They where there. They have no axe to grind,

    Nicola and Alex Salmond were always hugging etc. They worked together for years. There was never anything sexual in it. Plenty of people cuddle each other. Not sexual. Young people do it all the time. Cuddling others. Many work places have social events. Dinners etc. It is commonplace. Gregarious.

    He could have been a task master. Quite demanding work wise especially at election or stressful times. Every four or five years. Trying to get things done. These were some of the best jobs in Scotland. Privileged. Well paid.

    Lesley Evans who has now wasted £Millions of taxpayers monies. She is paid more than the FM. Swanning about trying to rival her. Trying to cause as much trouble as possible.

    The imposed Lord Advocate has wasted £Millions of taxpayers monies. Making false prosecutions. They are the culprits in all of this. Westminster appointees. That is where their loyalties lie. To their paymasters. They are trying to ruin Devolution/Independence.

    • Why are you choosing this particular hill to die upon Ken?

      It’s not about the specifics of the court case; it’s about his behaviour in general, which he’s admitted left something to be desired.

      It’s the 21st century, women in particular, but also men have the right to go to work, without their personal space (and often worse) being violated; end of fucking story.

    • grizebard says:

      The more you say on this, the less credible you become. (Recall the old saying on that subject.) Stop digging, please. It’s becoming embarrassing, and we would rather not watch.

  35. Capella says:

    Dani Garavelli attempts to enlighten the denizens of London in their Review of Books. A failed attempt IMO. Perhaps she is intentionally obscure. Or maybe the task is too big for a mere article in a magazine. The dark forces at the heart of the Salmond affair remain hidden.

    One thing is clear to me – we absolutely must remove ourselves from the corrupting influence of Westminster and take charge of our own affairs. And we must do that urgently.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Dani Garavelli is as much a Yes supporter as Alex Massie is a neutral.

      • Capella says:

        I agree but it’s as well to keep an eye on these foot soldiers for the union. I have friends in London, some of them read the LRB. Expect incoming queries soon. 🙂

    • Like many women, Garavelli finds herself sleeping on the damp patch of the ‘partisan leak’.

      From her ‘Yes supporter’ in the Marriot Hotel slurping curry and booze with, presumably Mags Curran, Professor Two Jobs WATP Adam Tomkins, and an assortment of Kevin McKenna’s ex mates in his fictional Honourable Old Labour Party, to her closing observation that we are heading for a hung Parliament, and that Sturgeon is under daily pressure from Garavelli, and her prematurely ejaculating middle aged male colleagues, (the Salmond the Sex Pest’s cheer leaders, who think it’s ok to touch up junior colleagues in the work place, ply them with drink, who laughed at and took their smutty lead from the antics of the Lads in ‘Friends’, ‘Men Behaving Badly’, and had a subscription to ‘Loaded’ magazines, and see nothing wrong in Salmond’s Booze nights in Bute house where one of their hack mates got blind drunk, passed out senseless and naked on the floor) over the failure of the vaccination roll out, and that the SNP is exhausted and riven in two, Garavelli merely regurgitates the same old same old crap, for an English audience.

      I have news for you, Gravelli. The AUOB drives the Independence Movement; not the SNP.

      In a few weeks time, over two million Scots will vote Yes/Yes , no matter how much shit Garavelli and her Jock Brits fling at Sturgeon, a woman, in the middle aged Dirty Old Man world of Hack invention.
      This incredible woman, and the best politician Scotland has ever had, refused to cover up for a quite frankly sinister man.
      I don’t give a crap when and what she knew.

      It has back fired badly for the Brits, and I now include Salmond, Grouse Beater, Peter Bell, Stuart Campbell, and the rest of the middle aged old men on the ether in this.
      Scotland is not a mere plaything for their seriously bloated egos.
      In May, when the real poll is taken, where will they run and hide?

      They have got the mood of Scotland so badly wrong.
      Easy money right enough. Just cut and paste weeks of durge, and kerching!
      Sturgeon Must Resign!

      That’ll do nicely, Ms Garavelli.

      There will be a reckoning.

      • Capella says:

        Well said Patricia (Jack) Collatin. You have a way with words which captures the zeitgeist precisely.

        • grizebard says:

          Whit? I thought there were two of them. {laugh}

        • Oops, both a/cs register as options on WGD now for some reason. I am in deep doodoohs if She Who Lights Up My Life twigs…
          Oh look, a squirrel.
          For the absence of any doubt, Sherlock Holmes regularly ‘ejaculated’ when undertaking social intercourse about a case with Dr Watson.

          I am Scotland; I am millions.

          I don’t give a damn when Nikla knew.

          SNP 1 SNP 2

          • Capella says:

            You *SHOULD* be able to delete the username you don’t want by right clicking in it when it appears in the drop down list.

      • Tatu3 says:

        Well said Mrs Collatin! 🙂.

    • grizebard says:

      I’ve just been reading over that report, and it’s curious. On the surface it presents itself as reasonably even-handed, but one detects a pervasive undercurrent of dislike (or even a gloating in error?). There are some tell-tale omissions, eg. it carefully omits to say that it was Nicola Sturgeon herself who submitted her behaviour for scrutiny over a potential breach of the Ministerial Code, one that she seems very confident will clear her of any such. The most negative possible light is placed on everything, irrespective of self-evident good or bad motive, which in respect of Nicola herself reminds me of the old saying “never let a good deed go unpunished”. Even Garavelli’s coverage of the women concerned comes over as superficial and insincere.

      Garavelli a self-declared “yes” supporter? Friends like these? It hardly seems credible. (The impression given is more like a frustrated Labourite motivated by jealousy and ambition.) Maybe she’s just pandering Davidson-like to a presumed southern readership, or looking for personal advancement down there, but if you wanted to harm the high credibility of governance in Scotland that has been hard-won over the last plague year, this piece of insidious mud-slinging is exactly what you would write.

      • Part of the propaganda war on Scotland
        Paid unionist insiders claiming to support Scottish Independence who then agree with every aspect of criticism from westminster and its helpers

      • Capella says:

        The title is a bit of a giveaway ‘The SNP’s Mess’ 😐

    • Tam the Bam says:

      Dani is of the opinion she has ‘killed two birds with one stone.
      She was an all too willing participant in the ‘Wark job against Alec Salmond….and now she says WHAT?…re the FM?…..come on Miss Garavelli…..go public…..’my scribos are not tainted by political bias’

  36. Capella says:

    HA ha ha ! BBC has ordered Huw Edwards to remove his tweet with the Welsh flag as background. Employees have obviously been told to show union jacks only.
    For full effect:

    • Dr Jim says:

      At first glance we laugh but It’s much more sinister than that though Capella when you think about it, it’s not a crime to display a Welsh flag but the BBC under orders from Westminster have just made it unacceptable for a man from Wales to show the flag of that country

      If you have to order unity it’s not unity, it’s dictat and we’ve seen that before

      • grizebard says:

        You are of course right. This increasing insistence, though, on suppressing any expression of identity other than the “official” one is an implicit admission of weakness. There was a time when the Union was able to handle such things with equanimity, revel in the variety even at times, but the days of such self-confidence are long gone. Unlike some, I have never believed that its dissolution was inevitable, this is coming about because it is institutionally fossilised and in its senescence is increasingly unable to adapt to historical necessity. And visibly so.

        Adapt or die. The Union has chosen the latter, perishing by the hand of its own desperate last defenders. It’s just a question of time. Out of simple kindness, better to get it over as quickly and painlessly as possible.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      I have the box set of The Story of Wales, and according to the narrator Huw Edwards, the whole universe let alone the world, revolved around Wales. Such passion he told that story with, you can’t doubt where he’s from, and where his heart is.

      Then I also have the box set of A History of Scotland narrated by Neil Oliver. It’s interesting but biassed the other way and totally without passion.

  37. Ken says:

    Westminster protocol rebounding. People are making a fool of it. The unionists making a fool of themselves. Another own goal. Ill thought out. Killing people then sticking up a flag annoying people. Offending half the world. Some people never learn.

  38. Ken says:

    Garavelli just tries to make money out of printing nonsense. Giving names away. The complains will be judged at the court of public opinion and be called out. Another own goal.

  39. Ken says:

    Some people have a axe to grind because Nicola chose others. A few years ago.

    It just makes it look like they are bullying her. The SNP membership has increased because of it. Voters in Scotland have seen through it. They will vote SNP/SNP.

    Alex Salmond wanted none of it. It was brought to him. By Evans and Wolfe. Appointed by Westminster unionists. Troublemakers.

    The ‘Inquiry’, is just a farce. More leaks than a sieve. Breaking the code of conduct. Total hypocrites.

  40. Dr Jim says:

    You’ve got to get a grip here Ken this banshee screaming defence of Alex Salmond is the very thing that the Tories Wings and his cronies are exploiting in their attempts to use against Nicola Sturgeon

    If you accept a Judge’s not guilty verdict then you must accept that same Judge’s summation on the former FMs character on the basis that either both are lies or both are true in the light of *available* evidence

    • Dr Jim
      Do not make the mistake of thinking its either or
      Thats exactly what the unionist plan is
      To make you believe that either AS or NS is guilty
      Neither are guilty
      AS proven in a court of law as not guilty
      NS found guilty by unionists on a committee of getting a date wrong

  41. Capella says:

    STV’s political editor says the ‘Salmond Committee’ report is political.

    • Petra says:

      And it’s not just celebrities that support Nicola Sturgeon, she’s held in high regard by many international leaders too, who must be following this farce (when did you know / why did you not intervene) with great interest. Individuals like Priti Patel get promoted to one of the top posts in the land following being caught out holding unauthorised meetings with the Israelis and can breach the Ministerial Code and walk away with no repercussions. Just fork out tax-payers money to ensure that she isn’t questioned for 8 hours on end, aye right, and shut the situation down. Maybe we should just follow suit and offer AS some dough to shut him down?

      ..”In March 2021, the British Government and Rutnam reached a settlement. Rutnam received payment of £340,000 with a further £30,000 in costs. This arrangement meant that Patel would no longer be called to give evidence before a public tribunal which was due to be held in September 2021. Following the settlement a Home Office spokesman said that liability had not been accepted.”..

  42. anna says:

    once again the fromt pages on the newpaper stands are almost united in the “sturgeon must go” stance

    I am surprised that they haven’t started chanting ‘lock her up’ yet

    motes and beams come to mind

    having said this the comments in the Guardian website under today’s cartoon are highly supportive of the FM, and one of the comments that was a ‘pick’ supported independence – quite a departure for the ultra unionist Guardian

  43. Rab1942 says:

    Worth a look (if you haven’t already seen it):

  44. Hamish100 says:

    Rab. Thanks for this.

  45. jfngw says:

    Keir Starmer less than a month ago said calling for Tory ministers to resign is not what the public want to see, this after they had been found guilty of numerous rule breaking. He then calls for Nicola Sturgeon to resign based on a leak.

    This is the state of the Labour party, no more than Tory lapdogs, you can guarantee all these Britnat parties will try and dislodge NS whilst ignoring the multitude of scandal at Westminster. Of course they don’t want to open the can of worms down there, they hope someday it will be their noses in the trough of corruption.

    It is now more important than ever that both your votes go to SNP, when you can’t trust someone like Mr Wightman to remain impartial then you can’t risk splitting your vote. Better a SNP majority of few MSP rather than relying on the vagaries of any other party.

    • Calum says:

      Keir Starmer and Boris Johnson, like all British Nationalists, are anti-Scottish racists, pure and simple

  46. Petra says:

    The wee Tory hypocrite.

    Phantom Power:- ”Douglas Ross hasn’t handled this inquiry too well – comes across as desperate politicking rather than patiently following procedure. Then there’s the hypocrisy – here he gets caught in the Priti Patel dilemma.”


    Michael Dougan, Professor of European Law:- ”Without expressing any view on the substance of ongoing events in Scotland, it is nevertheless worth saying: Those Tory politicians demanding that, if Sturgeon lied to parliament or public, then she must resign from office, are guilty of the most grotesque hypocrisy imaginable.”

    • grizebard says:

      A good man, Prof Dougan, and cheering that people like him are willing to make their influential voices heard about the rank Brit Lab-Tory hypocrisy goin’ around. Hopefully over the next few weeks there will be a popular backlash at this dirty business by political parties and their media buddies which have nothing to offer but obfuscation, distortion and desperate attempts at character assassination.

  47. Petra says:

    Well said Patrick Harvie.

    Paul Hutcheon:- ”Green co-convener Patrick Harvie very critical of the Holyrood Inquiry. Don’t expect his party to support a motion of no confidence in the First Minister.”


    And …

    Prof Tanja Bueltmann:- ”If you’re so rattled by people wanting a different future for Scotland that you’re choosing to undermine a confidential committee process at the expense of trust in systems… It’s disgraceful, putting party politics before all else. But it’s also an own goal. Here’s why:”

    • grizebard says:

      I see someone on that Twitter feed now boasting about a {cough} “Labour surge in Partick East & Kelvindale”, which is something of a brass neck tagged onto a piece about Patrick Harvey, since if a bunch of Green voters hadn’t given their next preference to Labour instead of the SNP, the “surge” wouldn’t have happened and the SNP would have stayed ahead. But in May these “surgists” will still be voting Green, so that’s not going to get Labour very far.

  48. Petra says:


    ‘Democracy: Is Political leafleting now banned as well?’

    ..”After the Minister’s guidance was published, two independent councillors in Ashfield were fined for delivering what police described as “political canvassing material”. This week, a Welsh Assembly Member was visited at home by South Wales Police and cautioned for political leafleting.” ..


    ‘The great Brexit bodge job.’

    ..”The consequences of that bodge job are becoming more and more evident with every day that passes. But just as their lies, ignorance and incompetence brought us to this situation so do the Brexiters now seek to address it with more lies, ignorance and incompetence. Almost everything that is happening now was warned of. The Brexiters were told over and over again what the consequences would be for trade, for Northern Ireland, for international relations. Every single time they did not just ignore the warnings but ridiculed them, and traduced those who gave them as misguided at best and treacherous at worst. Now everything that they promised is coming unstitched but there is no contrition, and not even any recognition. Just more lies, and new lies about the lies they told before. No amount of grandstanding about Global Britain can conceal the squalid mess Johnson and his cronies have made back at home.”

  49. Petra says:

    The latest news from Professor John Robertson at Talking up Scotland.

    And Ann on the Indyref2 site.

  50. Petra says:

    Should lying, conniving Johnson resign?

    ‘Boris Johnson’s government ‘breaks ministerial code’ over ministers’ earnings.’


    ‘Monty Python legend Eric Idle backs Scottish independence in anti-Tory tweets.’

  51. Petra says:

    ‘SNP welcome membership boost as 12,500 people sign up to party in March.’


    ‘Backlash as Keir Starmer calls for Nicola Sturgeon to resign over Alex Salmond inquiry.’

    ..Twitter users said Starmer was being hypocritical, with many saying he has not asked Boris Johnson or Priti Patel to resign.”..

  52. Dr Jim says:

    Folk are still joining the SNP and they’re not stopping

    • malkymcblain says:

      I remember the final of the rugby World Cup in Australia back in 2003. The crowd at the Sydney Olympic stadium included a young prince harry attired In an England jersey. Go figure that one out the son of the Prince of Wales wearing an England shirt! I think the Taffs must be well scunnered that one of the heirs of the Principality of their nation identifies with England over the nation his father is the nominal head of state.

      On another note Wales related. Where has Welsh Sion gone? I miss the updates of what is happening in Wales and their increasing Yes Cymru campaign. Do you have an email address for him Paul?

    • iusedtobeenglish says:

      Can’t help but remember what happened with Labour in England in their efforts to undermine that party.

      Is it 100% certain that these are REAL ‘converts’? (I hope so)

  53. Alex Clark says:

    It’s looking very much like this attempted smear, once again attacking Nicola Sturgeon by the harassment committee has backfired big time on them. Same goes for the David Davis stunt using Westminster parliamentary privilege to launch an attack on the SNP and the First Minister with “evidence” that had already been seen and dismissed by the committee. Quite pathetic really.

    The whole thing is unraveling for them and falling apart fast, They went too far and the Scottish people can see this for what it clearly is, a stitch-up. Westminster attacks on Nicola Sturgeon with the sole purpose of undermining support for Independence. Attacks that have no evidence behind them whatsoever. this is a “conspiracy” by the LIb/Lab/Tory Unionists on the committee aimed at keeping Scotland in this corrupt Union.

    The Scottish people have not fallen for it and the Unionist parties will find that out in May.

  54. Terence Callachan says:

    Sports news on tv
    Scotland rugby team relegated to third UK team mentioned today
    They could not lead with england because england lost today to ireland

    So they led with Wales who narrowly lost to France
    Then we got england losing to Ireland
    And lastly we got Scotlands WIN against italy

    Can you imagine if England had won today and were the only UK team to win but were then third in line for a mention after the others losing

    No of course you cant

    They wanted to talk about england first today but couldnt because they lost so they hid it behind wales
    Of course if england had won today we would have got player interviews and recaps of great tries scored and probably clips of previous wins
    But england lost today so we did not get that

    But hang on with Scotland winning we got player interviews and recaps of great tries scored and clips of previous wins didnt we ?
    No dont be silly

    ONLY england get that
    Scotlands too wee too poor too stupid

  55. Terence Callachan says:

    TV trying hard not to put Scotland on the sports news first
    They should have led with Scotland win then Wales nearly won then england thrashed

    But they had to find a way not to
    England cant be last and Scotland first
    So they put Wales on first even though they didnt win either and they put scotland on last
    Its was the only combination that allowed england to avoid being last and avoid Scotland being first

    • Terence Callachan says:

      See what Scottish independence causes ? Its great isnt it
      We see through them every time now

  56. malkymcblain says:

    I remember the final of the rugby World Cup in Australia back in 2003. The crowd at the Sydney Olympic stadium included a young prince harry attired In an England jersey. Go figure that one out the son of the Prince of Wales wearing an England shirt! I think the Taffs must be well scunnered that one of the heirs of the Principality of their nation identifies with England over the nation his father is the nominal head of state.

    On another note Wales related. Where has Welsh Sion gone? I miss the updates of what is happening in Wales and their increasing Yes Cymru campaign. Do you have an email address for him Paul?

  57. James Mills says:

    Paper headline ”Scottish Health minister , Jeanne freeman , forced to deny that Sturgeon will resign ! ” One of many such twisted views .

    Jeanne freeman was ASKED by a weasel from the unionist media – ”Will the FM resign ?”
    Of course she bloody won’t ! says Jeanne.
    So the media have a Headline blah , blah ,blah.

    I never buy a newspaper but their headlines on the racks in the shops are clearly ALL anti-SNP/Sturgeon.
    There is clear collusion among these media groups as to what line they are taking with Scotland (although they are all English papers – Why does any Scot buy this garbage ? )

    This is the concerted front they took AGAINST Alex Salmond last year – now he is the poster boy for the English media because they have another more dangerous opponent to dethrone , Nicola Sturgeon !
    What pisses me off is that the newspapers sales have fallen through the floor yet the TV companies insist on , nightly , telling us ‘What the Papers Say’ . So the ever shrinking market for newspapers is allowed to set the news for the TV companies .

    I also get pissed off by The National at times attempting to balance its reporting on the Scottish political scene – No unionist paper even makes a pretence of this so why should The National bother !

    • Statgeek says:

      Can honestly say I have never bought a paper regularly, other than a local one once a week for the jobs section, back in the 90s. They’re all dross. They were 20-30 years ago, and they are today. All but a few of them have 50% of their web requests as ads, trackers, social media twaddle. Virtual dross. Nothing changes.

      What Scotland needs is 2-3 other news sites, but unfortunately, their inability to generate profit means they are funded by ads or by millionaires (who don’t tend to want Scotland to be Indy).

      It’s a shite state of affairs, to quote a famous movie.

    • Golfnut says:

      I personally believe Nicola was always the target, Salmond was the collateral damage in the get Nicola campaign which makes Evans roll in this affair rather central. I think this is going to backfire big time on the union.

  58. Dr Jim says:

    I think the Tory strategists attempt at creating a contest between Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon hoped it would lead to the splitting of allegiances thereby splitting the YES vote and diluting support for Independence by attrition and so forked out the cash to those who they believed could influence that outcome but they didn’t take into account the fact that Scots really aren’t the stupid the Tories love to advertise us as, the Tories believed their own rhetoric and convinced themselves it would work and now that they’ve started it just keep doubling down unable to reverse themselves

    What they don’t get is there is no contest between the two, Nicola Sturgeon’s in the job, she’s the FM and she gets the support because she’s the one who can deliver Independence, not Alex Salmond, and the other reason Scotland is backing her is human nature, we don’t like bullies and devious bastirts so we get behind her even stronger, as we say in Glasgow they’re ontae plums

    • Bob Lamont says:


    • Clydebuilt says:

      In yesterday’s National Kathleen Nutt tried to paint a picture where tge party were split basically 50 / 50. I don’t believe that is the case. . . . The membership want independence.

      • raineach says:

        seems to me the storm is being brought about by the rev, the ambassador and salmond, none of whom are snp members

  59. gullaneno4 says:

    Does anyone know the current membership numbers of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist party.
    Seems impossible to find out.

    • James Mills says:

      Well , not to be too morbid , but Boris’ Bungling Bastards’ response to Covid has reduced their numbers significantly in care Homes !

  60. Alba woman says:

    Looks like part of the strategy is to hang on to their core vote and the soft no voters……maybe aye …maybe smoke without fire brigade

    I’m sticking with Nicola!

  61. Old Pete says:

    If Mr. Salmond had been “a better man” as his QC said, then none of this would have happened.
    Mr. Salmond has gone from hero to zero in my household since all this started, working hand in glove with the Spectator, Andrew Neil, David Davis and the like just how desperate he has become.
    This is all the Blue, Red and Gold Tories have, no policies just get Nicola and keep throwing dirt at her and the SNP up till the vote in May, the compliant media and hate fest blogs like the “Bathman’s” will attempt to support them as much as they can.
    The SNP need to win as big as they can to enable the Independence movement to keep on the front foot. In southern Scotland it has to be SNP 1 and 2.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Agreed Pete: I always apply the Judge Judy principle of law when she says “But for your actions* it’s only telly law for entertainment but she still was a judge so not employed just as an entertainer

      Judge Lady Dorrian was on Sky moments ago describing how cases of sexual misconduct need to be altered in the way courts deal with these things possibly even to trying these cases with no jury, my guess is there’s a very good reason for this very quick examination of the way the legal system works in these cases leading to so many non convictions

      Jeanne Freeman was on Sky and she seems confident that all will be well regarding the FM and reiterated the ridiculousness of the committee behaviour, I do wish that woman wasn’t retiring she’s not only great at her job but such a powerful positive figure that it’s very seldom journalists even attempts to mess with her, she’ll be a loss

      • James Mills says:

        Jeanne Freeman would have been a terrific leader- she is intelligent and street smart and knows how to put the boot in when necessary .
        Remember her putting Andrew J’abba’ Neil in his place a few years back – gave him his head in his hands , as they say !
        A GREAT loss to the Government !

      • grizebard says:

        Jeane will indeed be a huge loss to the political scene in general and the SG in particular. You don’t mess with Jeane. The SNP could do with a boatload of representatives of her calibre (not least on the BritNat-run telly). I remember seeing and hearing her for the first time at a pre-referendum public meeting, when she was in Women for Indy (and not even a member of the SNP then, I think), and she was outstanding, not only very well-informed but – most importantly – also inspirational: independence is scary but also exciting, full of promise of better to come. I have long thought she would make a great “front(wo)man” for the next indy campaign, and now she won’t have a ministerial position to hold her back, but maybe though these days she just wants a personal life back again (and if so I could hardly blame her).

  62. Old Pete says:

    “Just show” my kindle is in shock 😊

  63. JoMax says:

    I haven’t watched Marr for a long time but happened to look in today. He had as a guest Mairead McGuiness (Ireland), the EU Commissioner for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union. He was desperate to make it look as though the EU was not playing fair with the UK (the AstraZeneca vaccine, Northern Ireland, the City of London), but he was dealing with a lady who knew her stuff, was not going to go down the road of blaming one side or the other, believed in finding workable solutions that, once signed up to, each side would respect (including Boris Johnson’s UK which, as she pointed out, chose to leave the Single Market and must bear some of the consequences), and obviously did not suffer fools gladly, so that he could not get a word in despite trying to interject on numerous occasions. That’s how to deal with these journalists. Get your point over in a way that tells the public you know what you’re talking about. Make sure the public understands the reality and don’t allow ‘the UK is always right’ brigade to get the upper hand. Wish we had her on our side. She and Nicola Sturgeon would make a great team.

    • And his mate Macwhirter is in the Herald going on about the EU shooting itself in the foot over the vaccine stooshie.
      That way they avoid talking about the destruction of Scotland and the tyranny of Brexit.
      It is a poisonous nexus of Jock Hacks working for their Brit Nat Oligarchy, feeding the lines that they are commanded to take through every media outlet.
      Today all Blahs are full of Middle Aged Men demanding Sturgeon’s Head.
      We are living in the darkest times…

      • Dr Jim says:

        Aye Jack, we probably should thank them all for going far too far with their pitchforks and torches though improving the sales of the National and the 12.500 + and climbing new members of the SNP into the bargain, I just had a look at the gigantic piles of Express and Mail papers spread all over the newsstand at Asda displaying various headlines describing *Die Sturgeon Die* style headlines but not a National newspaper to be seen, and I checked underneath as I always do but they were gone

        I caught ex loser FM Henry McLiesh on the wireless sounding confident that the FM will not be resigning but at the same time saying how rotten and tired the SNP are and won’t win a majority in May, quite a lot of projection there from the man with a fence post stuck in his bahookey for the last 17 years given he was the man who told Alex Salmond back then if Labour didn’t buck up he’d be joining the SNP, and folk talk about career politicians when you’ve got guys like this who think political principles are like footballers changing teams

        Politics have gone oot the windae altogether now, it’s all just a desperate hate fest of invention by the all colour Tories

        • grizebard says:

          It was always thus, it’s just been “turned up to 11” now because of their panic, and because they themselves have nothing positive to offer, their trail through politics littered with cast-off broken promises. The plan now, it seems, is “scorched earth”, to bring all politics into such disrepute that people give up hope of finding anyone admirable to believe in or anything better to hope for. Reduce everything to the foetid swamp in which they wallow. Then as the election results come in, they’ll wring their hands on telly, cry their crocodile tears and bemoan the “terrible state of democracy”.

          As for poor Henry, I once had some hope for him, but he’s turned out to be The Man Who Could Never Decide. These days he’s trying to hide behind the (near-transparent) Federalism Fairy (which after all is only a figment of his old boss’s warped imagination). Projection indeed. Like the rest of the Labour old guard, he’s scared rigid of another referendum because, whichever side prevails, it will prove the final death knell of hollowed-out BritLab’s Northern Twig (not Branch).

  64. Capella says:

    Yanis Varoufakis is struggling to see what crime Nicola has committed. Does anyone here know?

    • grizebard says:

      Her “crime” is to achieve, by example of sound and open leadership, majority support from a perennially-sceptical Scottish public for independence.


  65. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    I see poundshop Farage wannabe George Galloway has done a video supporting Scottish Gamekeepers….while attacking the Green party…I say supporting Scottish Gamekeepers but actually mean supporting entitled land owners as in the Eton educated types or from some other elite educational establishments………as in types who are the opposite of Socialists…just like George… in him being the opposite of a socialist.

    Those arrogant wealthy Tory types who think that the little people, as in the workers , are there to serve them….. so that they, as Tories, and their Tory chums can hunt and shoot indiscriminately with no penalties imposed …….sustain their privilege and sustain their class system.

    That should be a good policy for George to sell to all of the ‘workers’ in George’s Britain for his ‘other’ party the “Workers party of Britain”………as in those workers being telt by George to serve their betters….works for George as lines his pockets and also lines the pockets of the elites he currently serves……workers ?….. not so much.

    So a win win for George and for his well off ‘new’ chums ….though these elites may be currently pseudo chums with George……once George cannot fulfil (any of) his empty promises he will be dropped and filed under….. useless….a description many decent people correctly and currently hold on George….among other less complimentary descriptions of his ever evolving character….where he is ably proving just how absorbed he is with his own self interest to the point of embarrassment …while simultaneously failing those ‘workers’ he supposedly pretends to want to represent in his ‘other’ party set up in England with ‘branch offices’ apparently in Scotland and Wales….. all planned strategically obvs in his quest for undeserved attention and money……he missed a trick he should have called his party ‘George’s party’…..anyone is invited if they help him get what HE wants…..with the proviso that as a member you will most definitely NOT get what YOU want….indeed you will get the opposite of whatever George promises…..par for the course with anything he touches.

    City boy George….five minutes living in the country….gets his ‘inside’ information on ‘outside’ country life from a Tory land owner who has aligned himself with George’s party to try to ensure the Tories gain something from the Scottish elections…….so obvious that it is laughable…… not surprising that George has sunk to the depths of trawling the gutter for support to get on what he will see as a small gravy train a la Holyrood…….. that will, George hopes, help him to get his ultimate desire of boarding the big WM gravy train….to serve no one , especially ‘workers’, but as per……… only actually serve himself.

    George should next do a video on pond life……..reasons being obvious.

  66. Petra says:

    The whole carry-on is absolutely ludicrous, Capella, as being pointed out by people like Peter Stefanovic and Yanis Varoufakis and one can only hope that the ordinary Scots can see right through this fiasco. Meanwhile the crew in London breach the Ministerial Code on a daily basis and in fact have been doing so for decades now not just since the AS affair and the NS witch-hunt, as per Seth Thévoz writing on OpenDemocracy.

    ‘Boris Johnson government in ‘scandalous’ breach of Ministerial Code.’

    ”Boris Johnson government in ‘scandalous’ breach of Ministerial Code. “Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross has repeatedly called for the resignation of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon over unrelated allegations she may have broken the Ministerial Code. However, these calls were made before it emerged that the entire UK government is in breach of its own code””

    • Not-My-Real-Name says:

      Hi Petra hope you are well…..

      Well we all know who is being protected and who is being targeted……..playing politics is the Tory way….just ask Keir Starmer the Tories unofficial spokesperson.

      Same old same…..

      However this is NOT going unnoticed outside Scotland….and Ruth Davidson is finally being recognised for who she really is and what she actually represents…..and no new orchestrated fictional media puff piece can save her now……just shows you how astute a lot of Scots were and are….but some of our friends in England are catching on as to who the REAL Ruth Davidson is…..

      Douglas Ross #fail in charisma, policies and honesty…….Douglas, we are all meant to believe, is apparently oblivious to the mounting corruption and failures of his own party yet we are all meant to also believe he , as self appointed moral crusader , can see clearly all that is wrong and bad with the SNP…..

      In the real world it’s called deliberately turning a blind eye to your own ‘short comings’ … the Tories do constantly…while desperate to have us all focus on others…. via constructing a campaign of lies and misinformation ……all created to diminish support for those you target while trying to increase your own undeserved support.. pretty much they can do this forever……because they, the Tories, are so confident in being aided and supported by their pals…..the Tory donating media barons.

      Personally they are being so blatant in are the media…that I think it will backfire…..but then they are so desperate and once more on the back foot that playing dirty is for them an expected and anticipated modus operandi……..welcome to Tory Brexit UKnotOK……if you remain within it worth noting that if you (choose) to lie down with (these) dogs you will wake up with fleas…..I personally prefer to stay clean in an independent Scotland…..not a rash decision BTW…..Lol

      Have a good day/evening Petra

  67. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    I see Gillian McKeith has come out in support for the anti lockdown protest in London yesterday…remember her ?….no me neither….until I saw her tweet on someone else’s timeline….

    I think she would be better to focus on her day job…which I believe is to study other people’s J*bbies…….for no other reason than it got her oan telly…..which as a subject matter stinks as much as her warped opinion………not so much “you are what you eat ” but more “you are what you bleat”….as in “when someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time”…..

    Another NON proud Scot aka Tory aided by other HQ Unionist parties……it’s enough to make you want to stage a fake faint in exasperation at the number of non entities clambering to be noticed and relevant via spouting controversial statements to pander to the low lives that seem to inhabit a rapidly disintegrating Tory ruled UKnotOK…….aka England.

    Oh where do I sign up to remain part of this fantasy nay Utopia called Great Bwitain with such high values and law abiding decent citizens that hold us Scots in such high regard and treat us with such respect and who value our precious input into…THEIR country………said no one but those post lobotomy.

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