The strange case of the opinion poll that wasn’t

It seems that the anti-independence media is desperate for two things. Firstly after a long run of some two dozen opinion polls showing majority support for independence, it’s desperate for an opinion poll that unequivocally puts opposition to independence ahead by a clear margin. Secondly it is gagging for some evidence that all the incessant focus on the intricacies of the dispute between Nicola Sturgeon and her predecessor is having a negative impact on the electoral prospects of the SNP. After all the story represents all their SNPbad Christmases come at once, and if they can’t get this episode to gain traction and reduce the SNP’s vote share, it’s likely that nothing else will.

Trying to damage the SNP’s standing among its own supporters and fomenting division and disputes within the independence movement is the only card that the British nationalists and their allies have got left to play, after all, it’s not as if they have suddenly come up with a new and compelling positive case for the Union. There is certainly no improved devolution offer on the table which might attract the indy-curious who would be satisfied with some version of devo-max. Brexit hasn’t suddenly gone away, and although the vaccine roll-out is now well under way it remains a fact that the UK has fared worse in its handling of the epidemic than just about any other European state.

Although you’d be hard pressed to find any acknowledgement of it in our overwhelmingly anti-independence media, the Scottish government has performed rather better in its response to the pandemic than its Westminster counterpart. The prevalence rate of the virus is lower in Scotland, and despite lacking the full panoply of financial powers available to an independent state and hence forced to follow Westminster’s lead in some key respects, Scotland’s death rate is lower than that in Conservative controlled England.

So naturally the Scottish media has focused on the Salmond-Sturgeon dispute in the hope of getting some traction for the parties opposed to independence. That’s not to say that this should not be an important story, of course it’s going to be a big story, but even observers who have no sympathies with the independence cause have been struck by the double standards of the British media and its unwillingness to devote even a fraction of the same attention to the myriad scandals which envelop the Conservatives.

Speaking to the Herald newspaper recently, Alistair Campbell, the former spin doctor for Tony Blair, said that the saga had exposed the double standards of the British media, noting that it seemed “less well disposed to covering in quite such detail, and with quite such force, scandals involving the UK government in London”. He added that “[his] complaint with the BBC and other broadcasters is not that they are inherently biased, but that they are overly influenced by the agenda set by these politically motivated organisations posing as voices of the people”, and noted that “If the London media applied the same judgements and standards to Johnson and his team, as they did to Labour in power, or are doing to the SNP in Scotland now, I suspect he would have been so shredded he’d have gone back to writing columns for the Telegraph and Spectator by now.”

So you can imagine that the vultures of Scottish unionism might be desperate for some evidence that they were indeed pecking at the safely dead corpse of the SNP and the prospects for Scottish independence.

That can be the only explanation for the rush into print on Sunday morning of an opinion poll from ComRes purporting to show that opposition to independence had finally overtaken support for it among the Scottish public. British nationalists – the same people who have spent the last year asserting that opinion polls are meaningless because neither they nor their pals in the flute band had been asked, took to social media to crow about the first opinion poll in a year that put no in the lead. This poll was followed in rapid succession by another which apparently showed another lead for no.

But it soon transpired that all was not as it seemed. The figures from the Comres poll turned out to be unweighted figures, which to simplify somewhat means that they were figures which had not been put through the polling company’s normal statistical procedures to ensure that the poll represented a statistically balanced sample of the population which is likely to vote. In fact the raw numbers in this poll were identical to the those in another poll carried out by the same company in February , which after being processed for weighting had Yes ahead by 53% to 47% once undecideds were excluded.

None of this means that Yes must also be ahead on the weighted numbers in this new poll, but it does mean that we simply have no idea what the true picture might be. It is possible that there could be a Yes lead, or there could be a lead for no, or there could be a tie between the two. What we can be quite certain of is that the British nationalist crowing that it’s all over for the independence movement and the SNP was decidedly premature.

Meanwhile polling guru John Curtice tweeted that the true result of the Panelbase poll which had been reported as putting no on 51% in fact showed a dead heat with yes and no on 50% each.

Of course by the time this all came to light the false news that no was allegedly in the lead had already been widely reported, not least by the BBC. Yes, that BBC which tells us that it doesn’t report on single opinion polls, unless that is, it’s an opinion poll which apparently reinforces an anti-independence narrative. Then the BBC is extremely keen for Sarah Smith and Andrew Marr to tell us all about how the Salmond -Sturgeon story has broken the back of the SNP and the independence movement.

It ought to be clear to everyone by now that the BBC in Scotland is not a neutral and unbiased observer and reporter of the political facts in Scotland, it is an active participant in helping to shape and propagate an anti-independence narrative. You’d have looked in vain for any announcement from the BBC that the poll it had so gleefully reported on was inaccurate.

It was always obvious that the British nationalists would throw everything at us as they fought to get back on the front foot now that they can no longer lazily assume that they can count on a solid majority of opposition to independence. We should now realise just how dirty they are prepared to fight.

There won’t be a blog article tomorrow as I have a hospital appointment in Glasgow. This is the appointment I was supposed to have last week but which had to be cancelled because both me and my other half were unwell. The appointment has been rescheduled for tomorrow.

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92 comments on “The strange case of the opinion poll that wasn’t

  1. Hamish100 says:

    Thanks for this.

    It indicates to me that the unionists are seeing May result as a potential disaster for them. So any underhand tactic is ok. The bbc who don’t won’t comment on polls ( except yesterday) should explain why they quoted 2 polls as gospel. Fake news passed at truth. So much for their Charter.

    It suggests to me collusion.

    For those wishing to raise the FM issue again and agai, let the two enquiries do their work and report. Then comment.

    For anyone interested we have an election to win. Do any of us wish a Tory/labour/Lib dem coalition in power.

    Our people and our country deserves better.

  2. bringiton says:

    Despite the reputation that the British establishment has for secrecy,stealth and duplicity,these blatant propaganda exercises are completely transparent to many Scots.
    Fool me once……..

  3. Capella says:

    Happy Women’s Day everyone 🙂

    Well the rogue poll turns out to show YES is ahead by exactly the same margin as the February poll. The SoS article is a lie, Sarah Smith tells lies and this morning Prof John Curtice on RScotland reinforced the lie by failing to point out that the ComRes poll was false. Further, he went along with the narrative that support for the SNP and independence is dropping. So that’s his credibility in tatters as only yesterday he was tweeting the truth.

  4. Capella says:

    James Kelly has the numbers in his latest article “Matchetgate”:

    So as you can see, there’s no automatic significance to the unweighted numbers showing a small No lead – it has already happened this year, and is perfectly consistent with the possibility of a Yes lead on the headline numbers. And yet, last night, Scotland on Sunday published the unweighted numbers from a new ComRes poll and presented them as if they were headline numbers. They tried to make out that the No lead was a significant departure from previous polling and had been caused by the Sturgeon-Salmond controversy, when in fact the numbers were literally identical to the February poll that had Yes ahead by 53% to 47% once undecideds were excluded.

  5. James Mills says:

    Lies , damned lies and a Sarah Smith report on BBC Scotland shire !

  6. fionamacinnes says:

    Yes the dirty tricks book is open wide. Make no mistake the useful idiots will be encouraged, Hornets nests will be poked, banana skins laid everywhere. Beware they are desperate to provoke conflict and slink away as if their hands are dirt free.History tells us how they work.

  7. It is time people deprived the BBC of funding. They are biased and therefore in breach of their charter, so why should you pay for a licence!

    If people want to cancel their tv licence, but are unsure or scared about doing it, watch this video, the guy has dozens of them, and also visit his website:

    Hit the BBC where it hurts, in their pocket.

  8. Ken says:

    BBC cost £5Billion from taxation. For nonsense. People do not watch. It just makes them upset.

    People get their information from other less biased sources and the internet. More reliable. The corruption called out. Exchanging views and information.

  9. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    The desperate resorting to desperate measures……again.

    Aug 2019: “The BBC told us they don’t report on individual polls in isolation, and instead wait for patterns to emerge in polling and report on that instead in accordance with their guidelines.


    March 2021….The BBC reported on an isolated poll showing NO ahead (i.e. fake skewed poll) without waiting for a pattern to emerge in favour of an increase in NO vote (NOT) but still chose to report on that against the accordance of their own guidelines……

    Surprise surprise….once again the BBC Unionist messenger was Sarah Smith……..happy to enable the BBC to breach their own….Lol…..guidelines…………BBC be like “These are our guidelines…..if you do not like them well we have others”…….

    Meanwhile they, the BBC, are busy obsessing and desperate for the public to join the hate Fest against Meghan while hoping that they, the public, also forget about Prince Andrew………….the non sweating pizza lover……..also known as the white son of the white Queen and protected by the white Royal correspondents…….much circling of wagons in the white firm……meanwhile people queuing up at foodbanks is just so passé…… must think of one’s Queen.

    I believe the BBC want us YES types to all move on from Sarah Smith’s bogus report (another one) on the Andrew Marr show yesterday and get with THEIR program of setting the agenda that will distract us minions and deflect our attention away from fake news in order to generate sympathy and support for those who deserve….. no such entitlement…… .and they expect us to pay for it too……while naively expecting us Scots to be content with NOT getting the true ” news where you are ” i.e. being given their heavily edited and redacted versions of the truth…. slanted obvs heavily on the side of the Union and those political parties who support it………….

    Which reminds me of those who carp from the sidelines……a la Rennie…..

    Wee Willie Rennie is so obsessed with wanting to know what is impacting people’s mental health he should look no further than the fake outpourings of a media not fit for purpose which is now, and to be honest, has always systematically destroyed any hope of truth ever being reported , any sense of decency being applied, taking any responsibility in their promoting fake news and basically their widespread negligence in holding to account those truly responsible while blaming those who are not.

    So Willie this impacts on MY mental health and like others I am left feeling depressed, despondent and a sense of hopelessness at all of the corruption and duplicity….. which let’s be honest the Unionist parties and politicians like Willie are happy to endorse because they, the BBC, are on HIS side…….so IMO Willie really needs to get onto another bandwagon ……perhaps he should get onboard the Prince Andrew issue though that may be awkward in the context of Liberal MP Cyril Smith and the allegedly hard of hearing David Steel……victims of paedophilia suffer mental health issues Willie so……..perhaps Mental Health and it’s funding is not THE best bandwagon for you to carp from the sidelines about….too close to home…

    In planet media …..heavily promoted by Unionist politicians……it’s the following messages….

    “Never let truth get in the way of a good story”….Mark Twain

    “A lie can travel around the world and back again while the truth is lacing up its boots” …Mark Twain.

    For sure.

    Have a good day everyone…….truth will out…..eventually for a majority ( the REAL majority) of Scots.

  10. Capella says:

    Good article from Mike Small in Bella Caledonia. Asks why George Square was chosen by Rangers fans for their “celebrations”and concludes it was a show of force.

    Other questions not answered – why do Rangers fans fly the Confederate flag (while being rabidly unionst) and why do they have “55” on their flags?

    • Dr Jim says:

      The George Square assembly had nothing whatsoever to do with football it was a political stance
      There was however a difficulty for Police Scotland outside Ibrox because many of the *faithful* had brought along their children as human shields to prevent the Police taking any stronger action
      This was organised and planned for two reasons, one for the pretence of celebration and 2 to cover up the political insurrection

      Mob Rule, and if a plan to thwart this from happening again is not brought forward they’ll do it again only bigger, and they’ll do it right outside Celtic’s park and draw those people into God knows what

    • benmadigan says:

      In the USA the confederate flag is associated with white supremacy. It was displayed during the 6th Jan attack on Capital Hill, washington.

      55 refers to Rangers 55th league win, which has just happened

      • malkymcblain says:

        And the 45 group of Rangers supporters are the 45% estimated by opinion poll who want to see an independent Scotland. Rangers fans for yes.


        The lot in George Square probably had a good number of yessers amongst them but the Neanderthals don’t know it.

        • Nonsense, malky.
          They were exclusively the Billy Boy thugs…you know that of course..
          They only time that they utter Yes is to the offer of another bottle of Buckfast.
          How is it on the other side of the world, where you probably fled to escape this madhouse?
          Antipodeanally yours, Jack The Remainer.
          We Yessers are a better class of hooligan, loosening the tops of the salt in Yoon canteens and such.
          I know you meant to make light of this, but you don’t live 3 miles from Slave Owners George Sq.

          • malkymcblain says:

            Jack it’s 6.35 on Wednesday morning and I’m sitting with ma first cup of 3 bag strong tea and thinking about going to work. I go through my usual ritual of catching up with what the duggers are saying at home and Lo and behold a comment addressed to me from yersel! I suppose that’s me telt…again!

            As some have said up thread that the celebrations were a carefully organised anti Indy plot with children used as human shields made me think surely the buckfast billy boys are not that clever and organised to turn a celebration into a political statement.

            Ma body may be in the antipodes but ma heids in Scotland. The body, if it lasts, will be in slavers square (Soon to be renamed independence square) on Independence Day this year. Well that’s ma dream but I don’t have a vote so I’m relying on those that do to make it happen.

            Respect to you sir.

      • Capella says:

        Thx Ben – I suspected that but couldn’t find any confirmation.

    • Terence Callachan says:

      Interesting points by bella caledonia
      Personally i say now is not the time
      Really i do , now is not the time to deal with this
      This issue is something for independent scotland to deal with i say that because there is british media interference in all this , the british nationalists want it to continue they make profit from it.
      Once Scotland is independent the Scottish government will sort it out good and proper and there will be no control from England .

      George square ? Let them have it , its named after a british nationalist
      We will change the name of george square once scotland is independent anyway

      If we need a meeting point for the next indyref it should be in Edinburgh not Glasgow
      Edinburgh is our capital city
      We outnumber the british nationalists , as a minority they will be nowhere to be seen when we win the next scottish independence referendum

  11. Old Pete says:

    Good comments again Paul.
    Onwards and upwards, vote SNP 1 and 2 or possibly Green 2 depending on the situation and who is their top choice on the list.
    In South Scotland I will vote SNP 1 and 2 as southern Scotland has a large anti-Scotland Unionist contingent, so we are likely to get some list SMP’s.
    Hopefully Siobhain Brown will defeat John Scott, but it’s not going to be easy as Unionist supporters of all colours mainly vote for him. Leaflets to finally be handed out soon.
    Soar Alba

  12. Statgeek says:

    A quick glance at BBC’s ‘Haver Yer Shite’ in the Scottish Politics section tells you all you need to know about the BBC’s audience these days. It tends to be 10:1 Tory/Unionist to SNP/Indy. Most of the latter don’t even post there, and many of the former don’t even live in Scotland.

    The good news is that an awful lot of them are retired, so it would seem the demographics are in Indy’s favour, but we knew that anyway. 😉

  13. Dr Jim says:

    If only people would realise that the BBC is in fact the fourth Unionist Political party, it’s just that they don’t stand for Parliament so are unaccountable to the electorate, the BBC would argue that they represent the voices of the people but of course they don’t because you can’t delete the BBC from your televisual device it’s there whether you like it or not, then the law as it stands says you’re forced to pay a fee to be subjected to something you have no choice in the purchase of

    The television licence is of course a lie in that respect, the truth is it’s a tax on owning a television in the same way as a dog licence or and other kind of tax on any goods you might *choose* to buy, but no one chooses to buy the BBC in the British Isles

    One could argue that newspapers can be rejected if you don’t like them but those are private commercial businesses over which you still have a choice to read or not to read *at the moment*

    The BBC from memory is rated at around 28th in the World for accuracy of news, that in itself should concern us all but here’s the rub it doesn’t concern whichever government sits in control in Westminster because they collect the tax from its existence and not the BBC, The BBC must go to whoever that UK government is and ask for funding from the taxation raised with the BBC name stuck on it

    I have no doubt to this day that many millions of people throughout the UK believe they are buying a licence to watch the BBC but they are not and no government in Westminster will ever tell them any differently and leave themselves open and expose their own massive fraud on what amounts to around 65 million people

    In the UK we have governments who have deliberately and with malice aforethought polluted our atmosphere for profit and are now charging us the people taxation *they say* to put right what they did wrong so conning millions of people out of cash by pretending it’s to pay for a service to us is of no consequence to them

    You know what to do, just do it, will the BBC survive without government taxation? of course it will, it’ll just declare the advertising revenue it already gets from the product placement they receive from every company who already advertises with them then they’ll do what every other broadcaster does and attract more advertisers, but crucially what they won’t have to do is Kow Tow to any British government for cash and thereby be automatic mouthpieces for that government, they may in the future pick a political side as they do now but you won’t have to pay for their choice anymore

    You’ll be able to switch it over or off without charge

  14. Best of luck with your appointment tomorrow, Paul. Hope all the news is good.

  15. yesindyref2 says:

    An interesting article (with a download I haven’t read yet) from David Torrance who used to do the regular slot on a Monday on the Herald and then moved to the HoC Library. He has actually done some other interesting papers there.

    Note this from his twitter, and she refers to the article as worth reading on her twitter, but her help with comments doesn’t mean of course she agrees with the whole article / paper.

    Thanks to @AileenMcHarg who made lots of useful comments on an earlier draf

    • yesindyref2 says:

      That paper’s OK, concentrating on the Scotland Act not surprisingly, and with one or two omissions in its consideration of O’Neill and Lady C. I’d say a faint whiff of unsurprising bias, perhaps also institutional rather than deliberate, but then I’ve got more than a faint whiff of unsurprising bias the other way myself.

      Righty, time to go for a shower 🙂

  16. Stiubhart says:

    BBC Radio Station based in Scotland
    Drive time John Beat-it. Reads out text ” i live in a small village where no one is following the Crappy (covid) rules . . . Blah blah. . .
    John Beat-it apollogies that one slipped through.

    or was it a case of he couldn’t resist describing the. Scottish Gov’s Covid rules thus.

  17. Stiubhart says:

    Paul P L E A S E DO NOT POST THAT LAST COMMENT its got my email address as a username , . . . Sorry

  18. I posted this over on Bella, Mike Small’s excellent take on the evil that stalks our land.

    “Och, Alastair, the media could hardly ignore it, but as usual, omitted the evil behind this abhorrent display of violent power.
    For example, the opening questions at Swinney’s Covid briefings to day were from the STV and BBC hacks, who both referred to this disgrace as ‘Celebrations’ of Rangers ‘fans’.
    Douglas Ross dangling his infant son to the world to show what a lovely family man he is, unless you’re the third and subsequent child in a family receiving UCS, or unless you can prove you were raped to Baroness Davidson’s satisfaction, whom the Red Blue and Yellow Tories expect to beg for food in the street presumably, also talked of a ‘small minority’ of ‘fans’ celebrating in Glasgow (and Shankhill Road Belfast) while the ‘vast majority’ stayed at home.
    We get this ‘small minority’ ‘vast majority’ every time Rangers and Celtic psychopaths, and there are tens of thousands of them, go on their latest OBFA Free rampages.
    Gary Robertson even tried to blame the police for not stemming the flow of thousands of evil men and women, drunk, violent and destroying property, terrifying our citizens, and waving fascist banners and emblems as they reduced our city to a lawless hell.

    Willie Rennie and Alyson Johnstone tried to make political capital out of this evil cancer by demanding that our police officers should be vaccinated as a priority; so their solution to this anarchy is to make sure the polis don’t get Covid?
    Spoken by two fools who have never experienced this evil Rangers Celtic mob of thugs and hooligans.
    No sign of Steven Gerrard or the ‘Board’ on the telly today condemning their ‘small minority’?

    I am sick fed up of the Jock Brit Establishment using the low life blackshirts as an ominous threat to Scotland’s destiny. A government of the People, by the people, voted in by the people, and accountable to the people of Scotland.
    To run a Scottish Cup competition this year would be madness.

    There are tens of thousands of evil psychopaths in Scotland who rally around a common cause; death to the Papes/ Orangemen.

    There are quite simply tens of thousands of criminally insane nutters supporting these teams.
    Spare me the nonsense that both clubs are doing what they can to stamp it out. Are they feck.

    Like millions of my fellow Scots citizens, I would not shed a tear if they shut Ibrox and Parkhead for good.
    And I love football with a passion..
    Gary Robertson couldn’t find even one snap of the carnage in the BBC archives.
    The police could have done more, he argued.
    BBC Plantation Quay….cover up the Mighty Gers ‘small minority’ for the good of the Union?
    On the plus side…I’d imagine that many waverers will vote Yes next time.

    I doubt that Steven Gerrard will hang about now.
    Who could blame him?

  19. Hamish100 says:

    So many children there. The next generation. Apparently some said to prevent the Police taken more formalised action.
    Personally the Police could have ring fence the city centre, key streets, Cathedral st, sub way station, Queen st. Ask people walking through why they were not in covid lockdown. No good excuse fine them send them back.
    No more Right wing numpties and drunks should be allowed to do this again.

    The old firm match this weekend should be cancelled forthwith. No revenue from the tele. No more premier matches. League is won. League games from the lower divisions should be allowed to play. Why should they be punished for the bigger clubs supporters.Won’t happen though.
    SFA are the old firm. It’s a cartel.

  20. Arthur Thomson says:

    I was interested to observe that the usual desire of the Brits – to put the butchers apron up front and central on all things – was decidedly muted when they showed film of the Rangers supporters. They attempted to avoid showing them but it was impossible to obscure them all. But they have sullied their rag. The public will have seen the truth subliminally. These Rangers supporters equals Brits equals some very unpleasant, neanderthal people.

  21. Tam the Bam says:

    CH 4 NEWS must have heard you Arthur…lots of butcher’s aprons on display and a slam-dunk condemnation from John Swinney aired without edit .

  22. Alba woman says:

    These are potentially very violent people whose identity is shaped by a historical hatred of other folk who are not caught up with notions of protestant ascendancy. Looking at the truly disgusting state of George Square after the ‘ Celebrations’ makes me fearful what could happen when these people’s identity is threatened by independence.

    Positively, it is a huge warning to the police and authorities as to what future strategies and resources will be needed to deal speedily with this threat.

  23. Capella says:

    So I Googled the “55” on the Rangers flags to discover that it means this is the 55th cup tie they have won. But how can that be? The Rangers who are owe HMRC millions can not be the Rangers who are playing today – debt free. Can they?

    Still no wiser about the confederate flag. It seems to have been adopted all over the world and be mainly a symbol of rebellion. BBC illustrates it with a kilted piper in Santa Barbara d’Oeste in Brazil.

    Saw on twitter that Johann Lamont is standing against Humza Yousaf in the Glasgow constituency where Ibrox is situated. HY lives in Dundee and is said to be not very popular in his own constituency. Could it be possible that the Tories (Murdo Fraser and Adam Tomkins) are tweeting encouragement to the Queen’s Eleven to stir up trouble for the Justice Minister?

    Surely political games are beneath them. Not.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Johann Lamont stood against Humza Yousaf at the last election for Glashow Pollock in 2016 too, he got 54.8% of the vote and she got 31.6%.

      I doubt he has much to worry about this time around either, even if he is said to be “not very popular in his own constituency”. I guess it depends on who are the ones saying that.

      • Capella says:

        It was a tweet – can’t remember who from. 😐

      • Hamish100 says:

        Personally if you stand in Pollok ( no C) then you shouldn’t live in Dundee. I believe local MSP’s should live in their constituency. Same for councillors and MP’s. During the previous hustings for MSP’s and the most recent one too there were too many travelling salesmen and women telling us how they would just love to represent their area…. ( oh it’s Monday I must be in Ayrshire!)

  24. Terence Callachan says:

    Personally i say now is not the time
    Really i do , now is not the time to deal with this
    This issue is something for independent scotland to deal with i say that because there is british media interference in all this , the british nationalists want it to continue they make profit from it.
    Once Scotland is independent the Scottish government will sort it out good and proper and there will be no control from England .

    George square ? Let them have it , its named after a british nationalist
    We will change the name of george square once scotland is independent anyway

    If we need a meeting point for the next indyref it should be in Edinburgh not Glasgow
    Edinburgh is our capital city
    We outnumber the british nationalists , as a minority they will be nowhere to be seen when we win the next scottish independence referendum

  25. Dr Jim says:

    There’ll not be much to worry about in Scotland after tomorrow when the Harry and Meghan thing has hit the British establishment between the eyes, it’ll be all hands to the Royal Union pumps to attack that particular couple and Scotland will be forgotten for weeks as the grimp and mire envelops England

    Peace at last for us, for a while anyway

    I’m not watching it btw because I already know most of what’s going to be said and it’s hilariously lovely

    • grizebard says:

      Ah, so the media have now dropped the politically-sterile “AS vs NS” to turn their attentions instead to the emotionally-ripe (and till-ringing) H+M vs ‘The Firm’.

      The BritNat hyenas now in self-destruct mode. How richly ironic, eh..?

    • Petra says:

      I did watch it and it was interesting to hear what Harry had to say, blurted out, when asked why the royal family didn’t protect his wife from the media. He claims, that he is “acutely aware of how scared the royals are of the tabloids turning on them as it could be disastrous for the monarchy.”

      Well we knew that they are all in cahoots with each other and so do millions of others now 😀.

      ‘Prince Harry Says the Royal Family Is “Scared” of the British Tabloids.’

  26. James Mills says:

    Do you think the Glasgow Police will ”escort” an AUOB march through the city to George Square if we just all turn up in Kelvin Way ?
    It worked for the rampaging hordes from Ibrox , why not for a civilised , non-violent group who have NEVER caused a moment’s grief during their numerous previous marches .

    We promise to take away our litter and will not p*ss on any statues nor smash up the memorial benches . We could even wear masks but can’t promise that there will be a plethora of Union Flegs on display – will that disqualify us ?

  27. Arthur Thomson says:

    It’s a bit unkind of me really, to be enjoying the distress that the Brits are experiencing with the criticism of their happy and glorious.

    I really shouldn’t. But I can’t help myself.

    I wish I could guffaw like the criminal elite at Westminster because that would surely make my disrespect acceptable. But I can’t. I wish I could just look down my nose at their infantile, make believe, dressing up culture, like one of the insufferable no mark snobs of Eton. But I can’t.

    I can only shake my head, laugh aloud, think “hell mend ye” and enjoy the show – along with the rest of the civilised and adult world.

  28. Pogmothon says:

    So the National today carries a substantial piece on Ofcom rejecting claims of BBC bias.
    A pertinent statement from which is……..

    “Ofcom also concluded that BBC One Scotland’s coverage of the briefings provided sufficient “contextualisation” for them to be broadcast without any concern of bias”.

    As it has now been officially accepted and declared publicly that NO bias or overt Political point scoring exists in the covid briefings. It in fact highlights their impartiality and promotion of westminster and the other two devolved parliaments in an equal and honest way.

    In light of this, what is the BBC’s continued justification for broadcasting “the Coronavirus Breifing Reaction”, without ever having given the opposition parties at westminster, Cardiff or Belfast an equivalent opportunity. Which in it’s self demonstrates the non political status of the briefings.

    In this newly confirmed official position the BBC will of course immediately stop this platform for politicization of a health advise broadcast………AYE RIGHT…….

  29. Capella says:

    Proof that a polling company deliberately altered data to pretend that NO led the Indy debate. Business For Scotland:

    • Bob Lamont says:

      Key here is “Savanta ComRes, who carried out the poll for the Scotsman organisation”, they did the poll according to specific Client instruction, both were completely aware of the constraints prior to publication.
      In short the guilty party here is Scotsman not Savanta, and no matter what weasel words were incorporated in the article by Conor Matchett, the intent of both he and his Employer was to deceive.

      • Capella says:


        Mr MacIntyre-Kemp also said the raw polling data throws up as many questions as it answers. ”The first thing that jumped off the page at me was that Savanta ComRes interviewed 1,015 people but the independence question – although labelled “BASE: All respondents” – only has a base of 845 respondents. That’s not far off what I’d expect if they had actually applied a ‘likelihood to vote’ filter. If they didn’t, as they now claim, the base number should be far higher.

        ”Looking back at their previous poll last month they applied an intention to vote and that left them with 885 from their original 1,002 respondents in that poll. At that point, they had pretty much the same result as the poll published yesterday – Yes 43, No 46, DK 11. Then they applied their turnout weight/ model and that turned it into a Yes lead at 53%

        ”I can’t prove that they did ask the question and just left it out of the data they published but it looks highly suspicious. As a result we will be writing to the British Polling Council and asking them to investigate if Savanta ComRes has just published incomplete data that contradicts their statement that they did not ask the question, which in turn contradicts the earlier statement that suggested they did ask for intention to vote but just didn’t have time to apply the weighting.”

      • Statgeek says:

        Surely Savanta ComRes should distance themselves from The Scotsman hereafter?

        Doubt they will though.

  30. Capella says:

    Irish Unity posts a clip of Martina Anderson, Sinn Fein MP, asked if they will take their seats in Westminster. No. Nay. Never.

  31. Capella says:

    • Ken says:

      Westminster austerity. Increased poverty.

      Poverty (child) levels will start to go down as soon as the £10 payments start going out to lower income households. Mainly women and children. Now. Still more to be done.

      Giving co habiting women equal rights. The majority, It will stop abuse and poverty. Instead of having to fight through Courts for (1/3?). It costs £thousands. There is little legal aid. It has to be paid back in any case.

      Their rights are being abuse and increasing poverty.

      Change the Law.

      Consultations have been going on for years. Still nothing has been done. They have to stay in abuse, unhealthy unsafe places with their children. They cannot get away. They can lose their house. Their home. Until the Law is changed.

      Change the Law. To equal rights.

      Married women have equal rights to a half.

  32. Ken says:

    The pollsters. A £multimillion industry. The piper pays the tune. That is how they often get it wrong in tight outcomes. Used to influence the vote. Brexit polling. Illegal fraudulent. Used to influence the outcome. In the purdah period.

    Electorate derails sold illegally to target and influence the vote. Facebook makes monies by selling people’s details. Illegally. Cambridge Analytica. The polling companies make monies and influence by illegal data gathering.

    A mass £multimillion industry to influence the result. By politicians and their associates making monies out of it. Wasting public monies.

    Against the data protection laws and the Representation of the people’s act. People and conglomerates buying an election/referendum and making monies out of it. Hedge funds, political parties and their associates. Acting fraudulently and illegally.

    The Polling industry have been censored and fined many times. The governance of the association criticised but still they get away with it.

    Better consulting the bookies for accurate data.

    The BBC tried to stop the Covid briefing. There was such an outcry and protest. They could not. People power and influence won the day. They had to continue. So many people are interested. It saves people’s lives.

  33. Alba woman says:

    I hope you are pleased with your appointment outcomes.

  34. Arthur Thomson says:

    I hope all is good with you Paul. You are needed.

    I wonder if the dissection of Megan Markle is raising some serious doubts about how Nicola Sturgeon has been treated? I think it is very likely.

    Every day a new British scandal. What’s not to like.

  35. Tam the Bam says:

    Greens announce they will NOT support a VONC on The Deputy FM tomorrow.

    • Dr Jim says:

      It won’t stop the Tories doing it for the publicity though, and gives the BBC the opportunity to cover the proceedings to keep the anti SNP campaign going, got to keep the bad on the Telly

      • Tam the Bam says:

        Indeed…in fact it was announced on Misreporting Scotland (lunchtime bulletin).

    • Capella says:

      Saved their election prospects for another day. 🙂

      • Capella says:

        The Greens I mean. No hope for the Tories any day of the week. The only thing worse that a lost VONC is a failed attempt at a VONC.

  36. Dr Jim says:

    Irrespective of the result of the May election Boris Johnson will take Scotland to court to prevent Independence says FlunkyTory of State Alister Jack

    You’d think Northern Ireland never happened eh, why can’t England ever grow up and stand on its own two feet like adults instead of stealing from other folks cookie jars

    • Ken says:

      Scotland can take the Tories to Court. DUP taking Westminster to Court. EU talking Westminster to Court. Tories breaking the Law at every opportunity. Court orders against them all the time.

      Breaking Scottish, UK and International Law and being sued. The Tories total corruption, abuse of power and public monies.

  37. Capella says:

    I’ll let this embed for the LOLs 😂

    • Capella says:

      Wonder if Ruth Davidson will accuse Nicola of a “dereliction of duty” after the statement at 2.20;

    • Tam the Bam says:

      lol…….Nicola has just ‘torn them off a stripe’ !!!!

    • JoMax says:

      And here was me thinking that fitba was about passing the ball when, in fact, it’s all about passing the buck. But, of course, passing the buck is what the unionists do all the time and they have the nerve to do it while waving their wee union flags all over the place.

  38. Ken says:

    The Tories are saying the pupils are not back at school. The younger ones are back. The rest are back next week.

    Rangers should pay a penalty for the illegal behaviour. Other people do.

    An ease in restrictions. Limited meetings outside from Friday. Infections and deaths down. Limited Religious meetings from 25th March.

  39. Capella says:

    Well RD wisely agreed with NS that the football fans were irresponsible. Good to see that her lieutenants Tomkins and Fraser are on KP for talking out of turn.

    No sign of a VONC against John Swinney. Climb down? Tactical retreat?

    • Dr Jim says:

      Probably tomorrow so they can all get a shot at FMQs on Thursday

      • Capella says:

        You are right Dr Jim. Glen Campbell tweeting that the vote will be at 8.00pm on Wednesday. Greens will not support it.

        • grizebard says:

          Might be an opportunity in that case for Labour and the FibDums to be smart, abstain and leave the Tories isolated – I was going to write “high and dry”, but “low and useless” might be more appropriate – but could either possibly resist their usual kneejerk temptation to try to damage the SNP whatever the cost? (Being seen as ingraciously futile as the Tories and reminding everyone they’re still the Bitter Together Pals.)

          • Capella says:

            I doubt that Anas Sarwar and Willie Rennie would have the sense. They seem dedicated to wrapping themselves in Union Jacks, even though both parties have been promising “Home Rule” for over 100 years. So much for principle.

    • grizebard says:

      Well, The Baroness at least is politically astute enough to realise what others apparently don’t, that people seen on TV running around with Union Jacks and smashing things up (why that?) isn’t good for the reputation of the club in particular and Unionism in general.

      • James Mills says:

        ”Smashing things up ! ” – it’s what they do when ”celebrating ” , or as in Manchester , when NOT celebrating !

        • grizebard says:

          You’re telling me. Once, a long time ago, I found myself on King St. Aberdeen just as the fans were streaming out of Pittodrie, and one of them put out a window en passant, just for fun. Lose or win, no diff. So it’s hardly new, it’s the reason why they’re loved and admired wherever they go.

          It’s just that these days, those among them with servile admiration for the red-white-blue rag (among other rags) have taken this to another level, driven on by a sinking feeling that politically they are slowly but surely becoming surplus-to-requirements in modern Scotland. What ordinary supporters think about this I have no idea, but it’s all getting uncomfortably like Trumpism. (Please note the genuine parallelism here, Federal Broon.)

          Wiser heads in the Unionist camp might well worry, though, because it exposes more of BritNat reality than they might wish. They mostly managed to hide away their dark side last time, next time they might not be so lucky.

    • jfngw says:

      I see Rangers have written a letter blaming everyone else for the behaviour of their fans, the Scotgov, the police they are all to blame for the destruction at George Square, as a club they have behaved impeccably if you believe their self publicity. You can always guarantee football clubs will never stand up and accept their responsibility, watched all of them down the years with the same attitude.

      If they can’t control their fans then there is a case the sport should be halted till Covid s totally under control, it seems the only safe route for the majority of the populace.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        Whilst I agree Rangers could have better emphasised the “go home” message I fear we ignore those who wanted to stir the mob.
        Although probably most were Scots and joyous Rangers supporters, somebody was herding cats into George Sq, and I doubt many were fans of Buckfast despite the media photo-ops.
        Much of this stinks of a manky orange jaiket…

        • What a strange use of the word ‘joyous’ to describe a rampaging drunken mob of violent psychopaths.
          Their are clever men behind this ‘show of strength’, the age old WATP violent underbelly of the Old Regime.
          Shut down Rangers and Celtic for the rest of the season, and give 5.4 million Scots peace.
          Imagine what the watching world are thinking about Glasgow this morning?
          Would you attend a Climate Change Conference in this violent lawless backwater?
          Yet the media refer to this anarchy as ‘fans’, ‘celebrating’?
          The scum of Scotland.
          Close them down.

          • Not-My-Real-Name says:

            Yes and when Hibs beat Rangers in the cup final in 2016 I remember how vocal Rangers Football club were……..Rangers FC condemned the…disgraceful behaviour….of the Hibs fans.

            The Scottish Football Association asked Sheriff Principal Edward Bowen to investigate May’s pitch invasion…..and…..according to the report during the match, the report said sections of fans in the section housing Rangers supporters had “merited greater police attention” than that containing Hibs supporters, due to “the discharge of pyrotechnics and the singing of sectarian songs”……..Rangers claimed there were “a number of factual inaccuracies and contradictions” in the report.

            Do as we say NOT as we do……….again…’s the Yoon fan club modus operandi.

  40. Capella says:

    OT – big victory in the English courts as Fair Play For Women win their case for a Judicial Review of the ONS change to the Census which allows anyone to decide which “sex” they are. Judge rules that interim Guidance must stipulate Birth Certificate or GRC.

    ONS have played an underhand game in issuing misleading guidance and allowing 3 million to complete the Census in advance. Census day in England and Wales is 21st March.

    In Scotland Census has been postponed until 2022 but be certain that the same battle will be fought here.

    Apos – not intending to divert the thread – just an update.

    • Ken says:

      Some people identify as Jedi. People will have no problem self IDing Some do not even fill in the census properly. Who is going to check ‘millions’ census?

      The suffragettes did not fill the census in as a protest.

      • grizebard says:

        You’re totally missing the point. To plan for resources needed going forward, governments have to have true population stats, not something based on people’s arbitrary notions. From that POV, it’s obviously not the same issue as anyone’s fantasies about secondary matters such as faith. (No government needs to provide places of worship, duh.)

  41. Capella says:

    This clip is probably from 2014 but worth recirculating IMO. David McWilliams, Irish economist from Trinity College Dublin, insists that Scotland could certainly thrive as an independent country.
    We’re soon going to need lots of these clips circulating.

    • grizebard says:

      Yes, good point. Expressions of faith in us from authoritative neutrals are worth their weight in gold, because they instill the self-confidence that the waverers too often instinctively lack. They also cut right through the high-volume “information noise” on the economic front that the likes of the BBC specialise in, and which – as intended – merely serve to confuse and ultimately deter.

      The common plaint “we need more information” is misleading – what people really are asking for is reassurance from those they can trust and believe in. So the more of the above we get, the better. We really could do with more of the same from local experts too, just “telling it straight”, but too often they remain sitting on the fence and their voices are silent.

      It’s not even as if making the case should be that hard. (Even Darling Alistair last time was eventually forced to admit we could succeed, even if he did so through clenched teeth.) Any European country of the size we are, with the resources we have, would give thanks to high heaven to have that much good fortune, and so damn well should we.

  42. A taxi driver told me that Steven Gerrard is to be offered the post of Assistant coach under Klopp’s mentorship for a year starting immediately with a view to the Anfield legend taking over in season ’22-23.

  43. Capella says:

    Another poll with misleading figures. This time from Britain Elects (John Curtice). He tweeted the wrong numbers which show NO in the lead with 51% and YES 49%. James Kelly has the data sets and shows that it is 50/50.

    What is wrong with them? Panic? Desperation? Or just a natural tendency to lie?

  44. Dr Jim says:

    Prince Philip must be lying in his hospital bed panicking over every medic he sees with a syringe right now, the Brits need a big distraction

    • grizebard says:

      I think you actually mean every unaccompanied unfamiliar person wearing medic garb and mask…

      (…meanwhile, back at the ranch…)

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