The Tories are wrecking devolution in order to increase inequality

A few days ago I blogged about how the Conservatives are using the so-called “levelling up” funding which is theoretically intended to boost education performance in poorer areas of England. However The Tories are using the money to give a funding boost to Conservative held constituencies in a bid to boost their own electoral chances. boosting the life chances of kids from poorer areas be damned. It now turns out that this Conservative government is doing exactly the same thing with the “Levelling up” funding for capital projects which was recently extended to Scotland and Wales in a blatant attempt to undermine the devolution settlement and by-pass the Scottish Parliament. Governor General Alister Jack even had the unmitigated gall to describe this naked power grab as “real devolution”.

And now to the complete surprise of absolutely no one at all, least of all to those Scottish Conservatives who are currently feigning outrage over the waste of public money on the botched investigation into Alex Salmond, it has come to light that the Conservatives are being even more blatantly partisan in how the UK Treasury allocates fund intended for capital projects.

According to an investigation carried out by the Guardian newspaper, there are 93 English districts which receive a share of the £4.8 billion funding. Of these 31 areas have been included amongst the recipients despite the fact that they are not ranked among the top third most deprived areas as assessed by average deprivation score. 26 out of these 31 areas are Conservative held constituencies four areas of England have been assessed by the UK Treasury as in the top tier of beneficiaries from the “levelling up funding” despite ranking according to average deprivation score as some of the least deprived areas of England. All of these districts are represented by Conservative MPs. They include the Yorkshire constituency of Richmond, which is ranked amongst the top fifth most prosperous areas in England and which is represented in the Westminster Parliament by a certain Rishi Sunak, who entirely coincidentally just happens to be the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the man who is in charge of the British Government Treasury entrusted with allocating funds which are ostensibly targeted at the poorest parts of the UK in order to help them make up the gap between them and more prosperous areas like Richmond.

The Tories are shamelessly abusing public money which is supposed to help districts with the greatest need in order to widen the gap between rich and poor which already blights the UK. That’s because the Conservative definition of the greatest need begins and ends with the greatest need of the Conservative party.

There are as yet no details of how the money is being spent in Scotland, but in Wales Plaid Cymru’s Saville Roberts has said she cannot understand why Gwynedd, in north-west Wales, and a part of her Dwyfor Meirionnydd constituency,has been assessed by the UK Treasury as an area in the lowest tier for help, even though the EU funding which this fund is supposed to replace had prioritised Gwynedd as being one of the least developed areas in Europe.

It’s a safe bet that the Tories will use this taxpayer money in order to boost their own electoral chances in Scotland. They don’t care if the gap between the richest and the poorest widens, despite the fact that the UK is already regarded as one of the most unequal states in Europe. According to figures from the OECD, at the UK has among the highest levels of income inequality in the European Union (as measured by the Gini coefficient), among developed nations, only the USA has greater income inequality. The top fifth of the UK population has 40% of the total income. the bottom fifth of the UK population must make do with just 8% of the income.

Wealth inequality in the UK is even more stark than income inequality. The Office of National Statistics found that in 2016 the richest 10% of households possess 44% of the wealth.Meanwhile the poorest 50% of households own just 9% of all wealth. Wealth is also very unevenly distributed geographically across the UK. The wealth of the median household in the South East of England is more than twice that of the median household in the North West of England.

Inequality is getting worse under the Conservatives. It’s going to get a whole lot worse before this sorry bunch of corrupt pork-barrel rollers are voted out of office by the people of England. And sadly there’s no certainty that’s going to happen even at the next Westminster General election four long years away. The most recent UK wide opinion poll of Westminster voting intention showed that the Conservatives have increased their lead over the Labour party by 4%. The next UK General election will be held after changes have been made to the boundaries and numbers of Commons constituencies. These changes will reduce the number of Scottish MPs by two, those of Wales by eight while England will gain ten MPs most of whom will represent new seats in the South East and South West of England, areas where the Conservatives traditionally do well. The changes will reduce the voices of Scotland and Wales in the Commons to the benefit of England and are expected to make it even harder for Labour to unseat the Tories and overtake them as the largest party. In the meantime the Conservatives will continue to wreck devolution in order to increase inequality and their own power.

The already faint hopes of the significant constitutional reform that is so desperately needed in the UK have now pretty much been extinguished, despite the impotent wittering from the Labour branch office in Scotland about proposals for federalism. That’s nothing more than a desperate attempt to forestall Scottish independence, but is without substance, meaning or any prospects at all of ever coming to fruition. The future of the UK for the next decade or more is an increasingly centralised and unequal state where power, wealth and influence are concentrated ever more in London and the South East of England and in the hands of the Conservatives and their allies. The Holyrood election in May is Scotland’s last chance to ensure that it has a way out.

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183 comments on “The Tories are wrecking devolution in order to increase inequality

  1. […] Wee Ginger Dug The Tories are wrecking devolution in order to increase inequality A few days ago I blogged about how the Conservatives are using the so-called […]

  2. bringiton says:

    In a banana republic,if you want to benefit from government expenditure,you have to bribe the appropriate government official.
    In Tory England,the equivalent is a “donation” to the Tory party.
    You have to spend a little in order to accumulate a lot.
    When you start to see rampant corruption on this scale,the end is nigh for the UK,certainly as having any reputation for fairness and the rule of law.
    The rule of law is now whatever the Tories say it is,which is fine if you are a Tory but if you live in a country which hasn’t elected a Tory government in many decades but is still subject to their iniquities,something has to give.

  3. Ken says:

    The Tories will be voted out. People will not stand for it. The increasing inequality.

    The Brexit costs are coming into play. Transports costs both way are becoming excessive. The red tape is mounting. Screeds of it. Longer more expensive routes have to be undertaken. The price of goods are going up.

    The EU are going to sue Westminster for breaking the agreement signed in December. It will take 3 years to resolve it. Did not take them long to break it.

    ‘Lord’ Frost’ the former demoted civil servant, pen pusher. He has been promoted above any capability. Making matters worse. He does not have the necessary qualities or negotiating skills. Promoted to the UK cabinet. Never have so many been promoted above their capabilities. A total muck up. Princess tu tu running the cabinet. Worried about badgers when people are starving.

    The Tories will kick the can down the road and then be voted out. Someone else will have to clear up their mess.

    The NHS needs £10Billion. The Tories have offered £4Billion. A cut in real terms. According to reports the budget does not add up.

    The failed banker Chancellor, from the £Billionaire family, has helped out the banks and corporates. The Tories can’t, count or read a balance sheet. Cut funding for essential services. Average incomes are falling. Inflation. A stealth tax.

    The Westminster mismanagement of the pandemic is taking affect and the Brexit mess and shambles is unfolding. How long can it go on?

    Scotland has an election coming up that could lead the way out of the Tory mess and shambles. Get out and vote for it.

    Vote SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence.

    • Alec Lomax says:

      The Red Wallers will stand for it.

    • gavinochiltree says:

      Boris to stand down in 2023, apparently, with a GE while the Tories are still popular in England. Sunak in charge. Another five years of a City feeding frenzy.
      Most of the press down south is Tory: now they control the BBC and soon Ofcom.
      If there is a “tin pot dictatorship” or a “failed State” or a “Banana republic”, it’s our big neighbour to the south.
      We have to be gone as soon as we can.

    • Ken, the tories will not be voted out, they will be in power for a long long time maybe permanently the disasters we have seen this last decade have shown you that there are so many people vote tory for things like leaving the EU , excluding foreigners , austerity

  4. Ken says:

    Downing Street £200,000 refurbishment. After Cameron’s spend. While renting out another house. 3 houses. The private plane etc. Introducing austerity. Beggars belief. Never trust a Tory. Misused and abuse of public funds.

    Johnston convicted of abusing public funding. Wasting public monies. £Billions. Lining their associates pockets for handouts and donations. Illegal lack of public scrutiny. Starving and killing people.

    Illegally funded by the Saudis for illegal weaponry. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. Trident. a total waste of monies. Iraq, Dunblane and Lockerbie kept secret for 100 years. Trying to ensure the culprits can never be held to account.

  5. grizebard says:

    Not only are the chances of an English-elected Labour government receding due to blatant pork-barrel politics and boundary changes, I was rather taken aback recently to get a missive from the Electoral Reform Society which stated IIRC that only a third of Labour MPs were in favour of electoral reform of Westminster. The additionally sad thing was that the writer apparently regarded that as progress!

    English Labour is not only politically incapable of winning in rotten Westminster, it is institutionally incapable of making any reform of its elections even if it were, so what chances it will even move a little finger to do anything to bring about the grandiose federal project offered by its most cynical or delusional (or both) promoters here? It is nothing more than a particularly devious trick to keep us tied to a corrupt system which is increasingly being deployed to undermine us and harm our well-being.

    There is no safe or happy future for us continuing to be tied to England, and the coming elections are the key to the door out of this grim prison. Let’s not waste this precious opportunity. We might not get another soon. The way things are going, maybe ever.

    • Opposition in Westminster has been rifled , their opposition and alternative views stolen and locked away in a vault marked “ antisemitism “ the biggest con to hit Westminster since WWII all the real Labour people were accused tried and ejected.
      New Labour is those tories who dont want to be known as tories they hide on the opposite benches red tie blue underwear.

  6. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    This comment below is from Clapper57

    Took me so long to write below comment it was added onto previous thread then when posted it I realised a NEW thread already posted today….must type quicker.

    Also an update to list ” Boris misled parliament over Covid contracts”….OMG this just getter better and better for Douglas and Ruth………should have kept their gobs shut eh ?….Lol

    Below is my comment from previous thread :

    So this week in the Land of Tory W/E 5/3/2021

    The BBC decide the Royal family are THE go to (trivial) story ……meanwhile elsewhere in real life people see everything is going tits up courtesy of UK Govt……but the BBC need us all to get with THEIR program…….save the Queen and destroy the one who stole Harry away from the “Firm”.

    However also this week on planet ToryUK-Earth :

    COVID death toll up to 124,025
    9.9% drop in GDP
    £37bn bill for Test & Trace
    £100k+ spent decorating a flat a la Boris and Carrie
    £3.50 a week pay rise for nurses
    £370k of public money for alleged bullying by Patel
    1 breach of international law (not only one BTW as done before I believe by UK )
    Budget – majority of Tory and marginal seats benefit from levelling up fund ( One being Rishi Sunak’s constituency which is not a deprived area so not sure what is being levelled up here…more Tory votes for Rishi maybe)
    13% poll lead for the Tories …….have the English not heard about federalism…..seems not…just for viewers in Scotland……for ….reasons.

    Plus BEFORE this week these things happened :

    “The Secretary of State acted unlawfully by failing to comply with the Transparency Policy” [Justice Chamberlain]. …… Douglas and Ruth think that’s a resigning matter…after all do they both not stand on a high moral platform that threatens to teeter a wee bit ……while in their glass house with bricks in their hands…rubber bricks BTW as seems to be bouncing off their chosen target ..but you know Matt Hancock is in THEIR club so an exception must be applied and rules ignored don’t you know … bricks will ever be thrown in his direction with Ruth and Douglas shoring up the rear…..ooh missus……mind you acting unlawfully over dubious Covid contracts in the middle of a a pandemic is okay with Douglas and Ruth….but talking about independence in the middle of a pandemic deserves for you to be thrown out of a parliament, out of the UK, fired into space on a one way ticket to oblivion ……seemingly……. a La Tory playbook of (skewed) Ethics….to be adopted only by non Tory people obvs.

    PLUS…. Shellfish fiasco and George Eustice’s selective memory syndrome……

    Yon Tory minister (ex UKIP) George Eustice well remember when he tried to rewrite history with Shellfish exports……did he do this while helping organise a nativity trail with yon Tory Fisheries minister (female) who prioritised her private life over government business…..TBF was only actually business dealing with fishermen plebs so not a priority…..mind you heard the nativity trail went down a storm and so a win win as she kept her Govt. job AND made a success of the Nativity trail ….so all is very right with HER world ….while ours and the fishermen’s world is going tits up.

    Apparently George’s version of reality (fantasy) is different from our version of reality (Truth).

    See the UK knew perfectly well what the rules for third countries were.

    DEFRA was well aware of the rules. They helped write them to protect EU fishing industry from outside (3rd country) dumping. There was no rule change. Ministers chose to ignore the warning from civil service about this and NI. Did UK expect EU to highlight all the rules

    Eustice wrote to the EU about ‘surprise’ over shellfish. EU wrote back showing him his own letter to stakeholders on Dec 10 detailing the position – the one he was claiming surprised him

    Eustice says the UK’s live shellfish exports to the EU have “been in place for many years” and the new rules – live shellfish caught in most waters barred EU entry – are of “grave concern” to businesses The UK has high standards and EU customers trust its business, he argues

    Eustice accuses the EU of changing its position on shellfish, citing advice the UK received in September That’s it’s “unexpected and difficult news for an industry that relies on trade between the UK & EU” Reminder: EU says rules apply to all 3rd countries, have done for years .

    See the above a lot of it is OLD news and NOT BTW an exhaustive list of the catastrophic mess and mistakes the Tories have made in WM Government but seems a good time to revisit …….mind you did you know that ‘Whataboutery’ is the new go to (hijacked) word used by Unionists and Tories when their double standards are exposed as hypocritical when they try to demonise the SNP as the most corrupt party in UK ……mind you that’s just like the time that the word ‘democracy’ was hijacked to excuse Brexit and was the go to word for many a Remainer Labour MP as well as Tory Brexit MP’s and other dubious faux politicians a La Farage……cheeks…same…a*se.

    Poor Douglas Ross he thinks he is being so politically savvy and once again HQ drag him by the lugs back to yon place where the truth goes to die…….and where lies live ( like Bwitish fish) happily ever after…or so they think…….with some credit to also to be given to the so called official opposition (LOL) who are currently incognito ………

    One step forward (Douglas thinks) and three steps backward ( we all know)……..Douglas is a Stepford politician like his other Scottish Tory MP colleagues….. they do not make the rules but simply obey them……….HQ says jump and they say say how high ?……innit.

    My work here is done……….Lol….or is it ?

  7. Bob Lamont says:

    Yes indeed Paul, either Scots call a halt to this Tory travesty by going hell for leather for Indy or it’s back to bit parts in a remake of the Duchy of Grand Fenwick with the occasional public flogging of non-natives to London to keep the Sun readership sated..
    Unlike some I have no faith in England’s populace rising up and objecting, the diet of nonsense they have been fed led to Brexit, the manipulators are on a roll with a entranced audience, as JC quoted (no the Collatin one) the nation which lost it’s head…

  8. jfngw says:

    As you read this:

    Court Order handed down in last hour shows Boris Johnson misled Parliament over Covid contracts.

    There of course will be no inquiry, it will be forgotten by the media by tomorrow in the same way the Hancock verdict was. As some in Scotland demand absolute purity in government (that’s pretty much impossible), the Tories just meander along doing what they do.

  9. yesindyref2 says:

    This is kind of covered in the draft SNP manifesto introduction, the first part “We pledge to Protect Scotland’s Parliament and honour the will of the Scottish People” with the only copy I’ve seen so far on Wings – or grousebeater, though Petra did copy it on the previous thread. That is to protect the devo settlement and appeal to devolutionists. It’s the second interests most of us “Hold a referendum on Scotland’s Future”.

    But SGP has a reasonable article about it

    I totally disagree with his comment about “plan C” though. That would be kind of like saying “I’m pleading innocent when I go to court, if I lose I’ll appeal, and if I lose again then I’ll go back and plead insanity”. Right, you shouldn’t even publicly address the possibility of losing. It’s also semi-legalise for obvious reasons, half manifesto, half court submission.

    Surprised to see such little interest in it though, in theory this is what most people want, the most important event so far in 2021, and as Blackford says, Indy Ref 2 is still possible in 2021 though some big mouths and little brains think it isn’t.

  10. Ken says:

    The shellfish catastrophe fell into the guidelines for transporting animals? The Tories left them out of the negotiations. They cannot be transported under guidelines for transporting animals. They were left out of the negotiations.

    The EU is now suing the Westminster Gov. It will take three years. Westminster have reneged on the trade Agreement signed in December. They have delayed implementing it because there are problems of supermarket supplies reaching NI destination. So much for the fail safe border problems, Easily overcome? Not fit for purpose.

    The supermarkets have depots in IR they are having to use to supply NI. How that works out with tariffs etc. The goods end up more costly. Goods in UK branded stores are more expensive in the IR.

    Although the cost of living in IR is on the whole
    less expensive. Depending on the Euro/£ exchange. Near parity at present. NI is totally subsidised. Bungs are not even improving the problems increasingly developing.

    ‘Lord’ Frost is frozen out. The useless demoted civil servant. Johnston promoted as chief negotiator, with absolutely no experience or negotiating skills. Another muck up. Beyond belief.

    Westminster in trouble about the lack of NHS funding and the staff remuneration. Row now on going.

  11. neilanderson3 says:

    It would appear that the English enjoy their inequality, at both the top end and the bottom. Otherwise, they’d vote for something other than the Tories. You can fool some of the people some of the time, and so on.

  12. And today we had the Graham Stewart Linesman Dross show. Not the Covid Briefing, with Anas the Millionaire closing the farce.

    Apparently Nikla has had ‘U turns’ under pressure from the Linesman on easing the lock down.

    Nothing to do with the science, or Professor Stephen Reicher St Andrew’s Uni and Sage committee member’s observation that unlike England Government treating the public like children needing ‘treats’ like Christmas, Sturgeon and the Scottish Government are treating Scots as adults and partners in coming out of this terrible plague.

    When Dross was asked about the 1% for English nurses, and what he would recommend for Scots nurses, Stewart allowed this awful wee man, who dangles his child in front of the camera at every opportunity, while he is directly responsible for 320,000 children in Scotland starving and freezing because of UCS ‘austerity’ cuts by his blessed WM pals, to mumble about an independent review pay body still to report in England…well we know that Sunak has declared 1% in the budget> This was in no doubt as the disgraceful pittance was dissected by Kirsty Wark last night on Newsnight, Graham Stewart knew this, but failed to challenge Droos, so yet again this wee cosy chat was the usual meaningless drivel, pre-planned by this hopeless little chancer and BBC Plantation Quay.

    Anas the Millionaire bemoaned the fact that the 400,000 jags a week promised by Sturgeon had not been reached, while acknowledging that there was a dip in supply, but that despite this there must be 400,000 jags a week, and it’s all that Sturgeon’s fault. And test and trace, test and trace!
    What a pointless little waste of air time.

    When the last helicopter leaves the roof of Plantation Quay, with desperate stragglers clinging to the runners, I’ll dance a jig.

    The English Fascist Oligarchy are proceeding unhindered.

    The ‘loyalists’ have daubed Michael Gove’s name and address and the warning, No border on a harbour wall in Larne.
    Watch them jump through hoops to accommodate the Norn Irn psychos. The GFA will be shredded, and the EU and US will tell England to take their baubles elsewhere to flog.
    Get Brexit done?
    England is well and truly done, the oven ready carcass, ready for the gathering hyenas.

    • grizebard says:

      But, but, but, but… it was supposed to be an “oven-ready” deal, wasn’t it…?

      With no oven in sight, the chickens seem to have come home and started roosting rather than roasting!

      • It looks like it won’t be a Biden US chlorinated chicken, anyway, grizebard.

        My Everlovin’, who is a Belfast lass, hears that there is now a six year waiting list at the Mater Hospital for hip replacements.
        What happened to the £1 billion that Arlene and Sammy got from May to but their loyalty?
        Any word on the Cash For Ash enquiry where Arlene’s chicken farmer pals hoovered up £2 in public money for every £1 spent in building furnaces, to the tune of I believe £500 million?
        £1.5 billion would have bought a lot of hips and knees.

        The Union is falling apart.

  13. Golfnut says:

    Flying high truthless and Gorgeous circle Edinburgh trailing a banner. ‘ Sturgeon Resign ‘.

    • Hamish100 says:

      Reminds me how happy the last 2 Americans were out of Saigon, Vietnam when they jumped in a helicopter. Shortly after the colonialist powers were gone.
      The bravado smiles soon became scowls.

    • jfngw says:

      Is he showing her his snaps, ‘Here’s one of me and Saddam Hussein, lovely man, as indefatigable in death as he was in life, Of course this was in my pre-hat days. Do you want to see the one with me and Rula Lenska, she had me eating out of her hand’.

    • Mr Galloway desperately trying to make his way back into Westminster politics but they wont have him hes a man of no ideas , just a big ego and a big mouth.

    • Eilidh says:

      So there were two large balloons seen flying over Edinburgh tonight.Both of them are certainly full of hot air. I hope they remembered the sick bags

  14. Statgeek says:

    Paying for the next election up front. Corruption in plain sight, and legal, because Tories’ game; Tories’ rules.

    Play their game and never win. Play your own game and they can’t make the rules.

  15. Jonathan Marshall says:

    George is looking for a seat in the Big Castle now…. by the looks of the company he keeps.

  16. Jonathan Marshall says:

    I understand the argument Paul, but the Conservatives are wrecking the devolution settlement to erode support for Independence… they figure if they can buy enough support from all the soft ‘Noers’ and ‘Yesers’ then they can win. With the Yes family all bickering and trying to figure out a plan A or B and C or whatever… They just continue to tell their story for Scotland and it’s done.

    • grizebard says:

      I think the point is we don’t need all these “Alphabet Plans” and all such diversionary squirrelling. There is already a plan, it’s being pursued in a timely fashion, and it doesn’t need to be broadcast in advance to Uncle Stu Cobley, UKGov and all.

      Oh, and there’s a election to be won. That’s more than enough to demand our full attention for now.

      • jfngw says:

        Absolutely true, we need to stop getting dragged into these plan x,y,z options, we were drawn down this rabbit hole in 2014 regarding currency and wasted countless energy spouting letters at people. You only need one plan, within it there are contingencies to accommodate variations in outcome, just like any project.

      • jfngw says:

        Just add, my plan is simple, Plan I (Independence):

        1.Have the people of Scotland support it
        2.Implement it
        3.Tell Westminster to F.O.

      • Statgeek says:

        Westminster’s plan ‘A’ was always gash, and they never had a plan ‘B’. People seem to ignore that though.

        • grizebard says:

          Indeed. I always thought their “Plan B” (unlabelled) was “The Trial of Nicola”, and that balloon has now spectacularly deflated for the very last time. Then there’s “Plan C”, the legal challenge they will have to mount, then there’s “Plan D”, which is to try to poison-pill the resulting referendum (y’know, the one to which their reputedly infallible “Plan A” of “just say no” was supposed to prevent) with diversionary “devo-max” third-choices, then during the purdah period, there’s…

        • Golfnut says:

          And absolutely nobody has asked Johnson what his plan is post Scottish Independence, will the pound be worth anything if jockistania don’t use sterling, what about oil, gas and electricity. What about trident, where will it go( answers on a post card please )what will England be called. What if Scotland wants all its money back, well?what’s your plan.

    • Och, now that you’ve made that clear, there’s no point.

  17. Dr Jim says:

    If the opposition, and I mean outside and inside thought preventing Independence would be as easy as last time they wouldn’t have slung millions at the internet long before a campaign even got underway, the attacks on the SNP and FM have been continuous right through the pandemic even to using the Pandemic as a cover for their nefarious doings right down to changing the Tory manager in Scotland because he had zero ratings and replacing him with the previous one who couldn’t be held accountable because she was off to the House of Lords because the Tories had to pretend they were rewarding her for her wonderfulness so place another guy who nobody knows DRoss in fake charge who is also unaccountable because he’s not even in the Scottish parliament for the FM to challenge

    Then you have the red Tories once again replacing their place man with the same place man as the last one except he’s ethnic so maybe that’ll garner some sympathy votes but they hadn’t thought that through either because the only racist types in Scotland tend to be Unionists so it’s likely that lot won’t vote for him either

    It’s all lose lose for all three colours of Tories at the moment the worst of whom could be the Wee Willie Rennies who are already last place in our parliament because if he keeps up his attacks in the same vein as the other two Tory parties he’s got nowhere to go but the car park, the folk in Orkney and Shetland might be a wee bit loyal because they don’t like making definite choices such as admitting to being Tories and they won’t vote Labour, are going to be forced into taking the only side that can save them from obliteration the SNP

    I can foresee major changes at this election for Scotland’s future and all sides of the internal and external opposition aren’t going to like it one bit, all the way down in Wales Labour FM Mark Drakeford can see it and if he’s admitting it, it’s over for the Empire and Princess Nicola didn’t even have to send for the Jedi

    Shame though, I’ve been polishing up my light sabre for ages

    • Eilidh says:

      Keep your light sabre handy Dr Jim and make sure the batteries are well charged but remember the Force is with us and Scotland will be an Independent country yet 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿😀

  18. Glasgow Gowan says:

    Never trust the Tories. Trust the SNP. There will be an SNP landslide.

    Tory vote of no confidence will fail. The Greens will support Nicola.

    The Lord Advocate and Leslie Evans are Tories. They misled Nicola. Nicola is too honest. They must resign.

    • grizebard says:

      Oh, here we are again. It just doesn’t help to play the BritNat finger-pointing blame game, which is specifically intended (among other things) to destroy people’s confidence in our ability to govern ourselves. There is an enquiry ongoing, fatally compromised by the usual suspects as it undoubtedly has become, but we should await its conclusions and desist from rushing to ape the enemies of independence with prejudiced remarks.

      Why keep this anti-independence pot boiling? Please, let it be.

    • scrandoonyeah says:

      Maybe I will go up in a plane and unfurl a banner saying:
      It winsae me, it wisnae me. Love Nicola

      • grizebard says:

        Oh, back from Wingnutland again. {sigh} (Getting a bit soorprune over there these days, eh, since the balloon signally failed to rise?)

        • scrandoonyeah says:

          Just for your information I have not looked at ‘wingnutland’s’ blog for over three years. I never was a fan and never will be. Don’t like the man or his language even if others have and still do.

          • Clydebuilt says:

            Not true

          • grizebard says:

            Oh, I see, you’re one of the actual Unionists, then. Fair enough. You have a voice too, it’s just a pity it’s always so negative and snidy, but that’s where you all are. (And it’s your time you’re wasting.)

      • Hamish100 says:

        Will take a few weeks of pre-planning, CAA permission and convince others (police) in terms of COVID-19 lockdown rules to prove that it was essential work.

        It does not meets the criteria.

        For the silly stunt yesterday just as Johnson is proven to mislead Westminster-again it shows how poor the tories are at organising anything.

        They should have stuck with a tank.

    • I agree Glasgow Gowan

  19. James Mills says:

    Chicago in the Thirties , with Mr Capone running the rackets , was less criminal than the present administration in Downing Street .
    Just when you think they cannot skim any more from the Public Purse – they DO !

    PPE that doesn’t work , or arrived late and was 5 times the price it should have been , ordered from specialist suppliers like a confectioner in N. Ireland and Baroness Mone of failed Bra business ( ”T*Ts UP );

    Test and Trace ( which should be renamed – Hope and Pray ) run by a Tory MP’s wife who had a suitably classical name which penetrated the dullard Johnson’s blonde noggin for a fleeting moment sufficient for him to put her in charge of p*shing away £35 billion of taxpayers’ hard earned ;

    Matt Hancock ( so well named – were his parents prescient ? ) found guilty by a court of breaking the law umpteen times – but he was in a hurry he said , so that was alright ;

    Leading the world in vaccinations – although the costs are astronomical for some , way over the market price ;

    Paying off senior Civil servants who have been constructively dismissed to save a known bully and Minister who was sacked by a previous PM for breaking the Ministerial Code ;

    Breaking the EU Treaty that was only agreed only two months ago – and blaming the EU ;

    Praising our ”wonderful” NHS for over a year during a Pandemic – then effectively giving them a pay cut ;

    PM advisor NOT influencing Government contracts for his friends by NOT influencing people who were terrified of him – we are told – BY HIM ;

    Numerous highly paid appointments made without advertising posts as required by the Governments own regulations ;

    Money p*shed away on a Union Unit that doesn’t do what it says on the tin ;

    Redecoration , now , for Downing Street . Hopefully this will include a new freezer for No.10 suitable for Boris Johnson to escape to if any serious questions are asked of his Government, though this will likely NOT be from the British Press nor the BBC !

  20. There is trouble brewing in Northern Ireland too , its not being reported by british media but in Ireland they are nervous , the DUP and others have said they will not allow goods coming from Scotland England Wales to be checked when they arrive in Northern Ireland.
    The Brexit treaty says they have to be checked just like any goods entering the EU from anywhere else.
    Northern Ireland is to still be treated as part of the EU under the brexit treaty so that the good friday agreement can continue to help avoid the civil war troubles of the past.
    DUP and others who do not want reunification of Ireland are now saying they will not adhere to the good friday agreement all because they want to be treated the same as Scotland England Wales by the EU in other words they dont want to continue being treated as part of the EU.
    There is no way out of this trouble.
    I think we will see violent incidents at ports in Northern Ireland
    Will it escalate ? It might well , if it does it will be bad.

  21. Look at this by SNP Students


    Have they forgotten that this is the K Dugdale who told labour voters to vote tory to keep SNP out

    • James Mills says:

      Maybe they got the date wrong – it was meant to be 1st April !

    • gullaneno4 says:

      I have thought for a while that Kez will jump ship to the SNP.
      You could see how uncomfortable she was with Labour policies.

    • Dr Jim says:

      I think one reason is just a giant nose rub for a certain website

    • Capella says:

      Terence: KD is not the leader of the Labour party now. She’s Director of the John Smith Institute for somethiing, she may well be interested in Democracy with a big D and she has a relationship with an SNP MSP.
      Besides it’ll wind up You Know Who.

      They’re students. 🙂

      • Clydebuilt says:

        Capella. . . . Did you see the people who turned up for the openning of the J S Centre . . . . A who’s who of UKania . . . No thank you , Proud Scots

        KD’s onto a steady wage tgere . . . No reason to jump ship back into the unreliable employment of politics

      • I know KD is no longer leader of the labour party in scotland but anyone thinking she wants anything other than complete destruction of SNP is fooling themselves.
        Whoever arranged for KD to do this talk to SNP students is doing it in the hope KD will persuade students to not vote SNP.
        KD is only doing this talk to SNP students because its an opportunity to persuade them to not vote SNP

        Yes KD works for the John Smith Institute which actively tries its best to prevent Scottish Independence and sees SNP as its prime target
        John Smith hated SNP
        Sarah Smith hates SNP

        2+2 really does make 4 whether you are a man or a woman

  22. Ken says:

    Organisations invite lots of people. Many of whom they do not agree. It is common practice. ‘To tell them off’. Ie Have an exchange of views. It might not go well.

    The DUP are suing Westminster. Foster is suing Johnston. Once allies have now fallen out.

    The EU are suing Westminster. It will take 3years.

    Johnston might be out before the refurbishment is finished. Who wants the poison chalice. The Tories had to get rid of Thatcher for closer ties with Europe. To help the British economy.

    Scotland can vote them out and vote for Independence. For better ties with Europe/world.

  23. gullaneno4 says:

    Re the English chancellor’s deprived council funding process.
    I know Richmond North Yorks very well.
    It is about as far removed from being deprived as Accrington Stanley are from winning the Premier League.
    Guess who is the MP for Richmond. It’s Rikki
    Never trust a Tory.

  24. Ken says:

    The No 9 refurbishment is costing £2.4million to accommodate press conferences. What a gigantic waste. Just go outside. How many premises are available in the Mall. Thousands at a cost of £2Billion++ bureaucracy.

    Scotland has to pay for it.

  25. Mike Lothian says:

    So glad you’ve highlighted this sorry state of affairs

    Unlike Stu who’s commited to undermine the SNP and Nicola in particular at every turn

    He’s now giving advice to the Unionist parties – total bellend

    • raineach says:

      Salmond took his advice – and see what happened to him

      • grizebard says:

        I’m not actually sure who’s pulling whose strings here. But the result is indisputably dismal whichever way round.

    • When wings over scotland was raided by the CID a couple of years ago and all computers etc were impounded and taken away it struck me at the time that if there was anything on them that was illegal or incriminating or that the owner would not want anyone else to see ,particularly wrongdoings , the CID would be in the position of either arresting those concerned and charging them or making a deal.

      I wonder what kind of deal could be made ?
      Of course a deal could see a complete turnaround of past behaviour and practices ensue ?

      Have we seen a complete turnaround ?

      • It’s not a lecture Terence, it’s a panel debate; non-partisan. It only took a few clicks to establish that, you could’ve saved yourself a bout of apoplexy.

        Unless, of course, you believe that debate shouldn’t be open?

        • Terence Callachan says:

          Not to people like KD
          We in Scotland at every opportunity get one SNP panel member and several unionists making up the rest Labour Tory Lib Dem STV BBC SKY all the newspapers all the radio stations are in on it so is the john smith institute so is Kezia Dugdale so Drew the answer to your question is fight fire with fire
          The debate should be open but not to someone who told Labour voters to vote tory when she was the leader of the labour party in scotland

  26. bringiton says:

    As far as NI goes,the only solution to the issues was the Belfast Agreement which was underpinned by EU law.
    When the Brexiteers decided to part company with the European courts,they effectively undermined that treaty.
    They have re-opened a can of worms to which they have no working solution.
    Add to that a USA which is hostile to their actions and has stated No GFA then No trade deal.
    They (Tories) have a lot of dancing to do.

  27. Capella says:

    The BBC finally tells the truth about the government “debt”, as Richard Murphy has explained many times. It isn’t.

    Which means that all this piffle about austerity and how we can’t afford to pay NHS workers more than 1% but we can afford to give Dido Harding £35 BILLION (how is it even possible to spend that on a Track and Trace service which doesn’t) is simply thieving on a titanic scale.. Lies and mendacity.

    • Alex Clark says:

      The total cost of furlough to date is £56 Billion.

      There are currently more than 5 million receiving 80% of their salary up to £2500 for an individual.
      It was previously 100% of their salary and more people were claiming it during the first lockdown.

      How is it possible that Test and Trace can cost £36 Billion but you can actually pay millions of individuals for almost a year for only 50% more? It just doesn’t sound plausible.

      • Petra says:

        Michael Stewart:- ”England’s failed Test and Trace program gets more money than the whole Scottish Government budget. Just think about that.

        £37b 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Test and Trace
        £34b 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 whole Scottish Budget.”

        • Ken says:

          Scotland raises £66Billion+++

          Westminster Illegally spends it on wasteful projects, Scotland has to pay the debt. Loses £Billions to Westminster corruption.

          Illegal wars, redundant weaponry, tax evasion and financial fraud. Brexit and pandemic total mismanagement.

        • Petra says:

          Sue Wilson:- ”Seems the £22 billion wasn’t quite enough. They’ve just increased the budget by another £15 billion. So that’s where the NHS pay rises went to. I’m sure nurses & doctors won’t mind in the least, with the clapping to keep them warm.”

      • Ken says:

        Scotland could easily have afforded £5Billion to cover furlough

        UK raises £600Billion+++ a year on average.

        Westminster Test and Trace was just a complete waste. A complete waste of time and monies

        @Panorama. Appallingly bad managed.

  28. Another American import: pork barrel politics. Billy Bunter and his execrable Tory chums are shameless.

    • James Mills says:

      ..and yet , the Tories are way ahead in the polls ( in England ) despite being more corrupt AND incompetent than Blackadder and Baldrick !
      What will it take for some voters in England to see what is going on in their own backyard ?

      Thankfully , our Independence lifeboat is ready to be launched , leaving the sinking rUK to its own dismal future !

  29. Petra says:

    Well here we go! An example in Scotland, Paul.

    Kate Forbes MSP:- ”Everybody in the Highlands knows how vital EU Structural Funds have been, and yet we are marked as low priority for levelling up funds by the Tory Gov using suspiciously unpublished methodology. Déjà vu

    • jfngw says:

      Why would we expect anything else from the Tories, they believe in bribery, they have no qualms with corruption as long as they hold a parliamentary majority. From the sword of truth to the brown envelopes, from the payment of professional women to the House of Lords, from the feathering of your friends with government money to lying to parliament about it. They never change.

      We have a way out if we are brave enough to take it. It’s now either Scotland the Brave or Scotland the Bravado, we need to choose in May.

  30. Petra says:

    ‘#ResignBoris: Unionist stunt backfires as court order confirms Boris Johnson misled MPs.’

    …”A grand total of three digital billboard were unveiled today on sites in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen bearing the words: #ResignSturgeon and the logos of Scotland Matters, @themajorityscot and UK Union Voice.”..

    ..”A banner repeating the resignation call was also towed behind an aeroplane flying over the Scottish parliament, Edinburgh and Glasgow.However, Business for Scotland is not convinced that even combined these ultra-unionist Conservative front organisations have the financial muscle to book even a handful of billboards for this stunt. We would encourage journalists to ask who actually booked the campaign. Was it booked by these organisation in Scotland or from London? Is it really being paid for by Downing Street?”..


    ‘Sturgeon, Salmond and women in politics – it’s still a jungle out there.’

    ..”Sturgeon, judged to be fighting for her political life, gave evidence for a total of eight hours, amongst frantic media interest. This was a longer performance in front of a committee of inquiry than Tony Blair’s at the Chilcot Inquiry on the Iraq War, or President Trump’s evidence on the Insurrection on Capitol Hill in January. Indeed, there’s been no similar inquiry, or media interest, into Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s lawbreaking in failing to publish billions of pounds worth of government contracts. Yet.”..

  31. Petra says:

    An insight into how DRoss would prioritise his day job if he was to become leader in Scotland. Smacks of the Third Reich don’t you think?

    ”Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross has just said he deeply regrets the way this offensive comment was interpreted. What is it about Tories refusing to apologise? It wasn’t “the way it was interpreted,” it was the fact he said it!”


    Hahaha 😀.

    Richard Lochhead MSP:- ”The results of a poll conducted by Tory Leader Douglas Ross’ local newspapers in Moray just in. 8888 votes cast & 80% of his constituents said he was wrong to table a vote of no confidence in the First Minister. He’s been humiliated by his own constituents & is so out of touch.”

  32. Petra says:

    Whilst some so-called pro-independence bloggers focus their energies in trying to destroy our chances of us getting independence, others like Paul are constructively working their backsides off for us 😀 .

    ‘Scottish Government events in Brussels: 2021.’


    Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp-:”Believe in Scotland. We’ve launched our Gallery 🎉. All of our billboard images from our recent campaign are here. The galleries will be updated regularly and new images will be added every week as well as instant response and debunking images when appropriate.”

  33. Petra says:

    ‘Susan McKay: DUP believes chaos is best plan.’

    ..”As the Proud Boys are to Trump, so the loyalist paramilitaries are to the Democratic Unionist Party. They are what you are left with when democracy lets you down.

    “We will fight guerrilla warfare against this, until the big battle opportunity comes,” the DUP MP for East Antrim, Sammy Wilson, declared last weekend in respect of the Northern Ireland protocol. His comments followed a meeting between First Minister and DUP leader Arlene Foster and a group that included retired former paramilitary leaders. Deputy leader Nigel Dodd was there as well. The meeting was held because it was important that “all communities have a voice”.”..

    ..”The First Minister cannot explain why she initially said that it was her responsibility to implement the protocol to the Brexit deal, and even suggested it might present NI with opportunities, but is now claiming that it is a disaster and has to be removed.”..


    HaHa 😀.

    Janey Godley:- “Bad timing.”

  34. Petra says:

    Check out Professor John Robertson’s site ‘Talking up Scotland.’


    And Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

    • jfngw says:

      Willie Rennie can stop a SNP majority!!!!

      Now I’m just thinking ‘Little Willy – The Sweet’:
      ‘Little Willy Willy won’t, Willy won’t, Willy Won’t, Little Willy Willy won’t, go home.

      Sorry, at least I didn’t post a link (it always ends up embedded when try it).

  35. Petra says:

    Time for Johnson to resign.

    ‘Millions of pounds swiped from England’s poorest schools in fresh ‘political’ funding switch.’


    Time for Smith to resign.

    ‘BBC flooded with complaints about Sarah Smith’s Alex Salmond report.’

  36. Capella says:

    Richard Murphy on the derisory offer of 1% to the NHS staff. Is this Boris Johnstone’s Orgreave moment? Has he decided to break the NHS:

    • Golfnut says:

      If your aim is to privatise the NHS, then your best buddies in corporate health care providers will expect you to keep the salaries as low as possible. TUPE is still in place, so T’s & C’s would transfer to who ever takes over.

      • jfngw says:

        TUPE is practically worthless, your pension is often still screwed, redundancy deals are lost. It has been used by employers like the BBC to offload staff and avoid the redundancy payments as these are rarely built into your contract. Many of the transferred staff are the first to be made redundant as that was the plan in the first place, get rid of staff at minimum cost. It also only gives you the same conditions at transfer, there is no long term guarantee.

      • Eilidh says:

        TUPE really only protects you on the day of transfer. I have been in 2 jobs that were subject to TUPE transfer and within months of the transfer there was a restructure and my posts disappeared. When NHS cleaning contracts were privatised in the past standards got worse so did wages. As long as the Tories are in power in England NHS privatisation will continue to happen

        • Golfnut says:

          Exactly, though my point was obviously poorly made, the lower the pay and conditions are at point of transfer the better, but your right it’s downhill from there.

    • Clydebuilt says:

      Chomsky said that to privatise a public utility, first you underfund it so that it fails. . . Then you send in the private companies to take it over.

  37. Jacqueline Irvine says:

    Willie Rennie can stop a SNP majority!!!

    Is that not breaking the ministerial code willy. (Lying to the public) LOL.

    • grizebard says:

      Let’s recall for a moment that in forming the first minority SNP government, the FibDems were invited to participate as they had eagerly done previously with Labour ever since Parliament was re-convened, but they fastidiously turned the offer down flat. Even though that was the way the system was always designed to work, though its (Lib-Lab) architects had always imagined that Labour would be top dog (and the Fibbers its waggy tail).

      They thought then that by their doctrinaire intransigence they would soon bring that administration down, yet to their evident horror and frustration the next election brought in a majority SNP government instead.

      And so it soon will be again, Willie. Your party consigned itself to history when it walked away from responsibility back then, and under your uninspiring and unimaginative non-leadership it has only kept digging away at its own political grave ever since.

  38. Alba Laddie says:

    I never went outside to clap once for the NHS on a Thursday night (my wife did, her choice).

    I know that sounds churlish but bear with me: I didn’t and never wanted to be finding common cause with Johnson clapping like a demented seal, nor could I have done so without pointing out to my Tory-supporting neighbours their lack of understanding of the word “irony”.

    The derisory pay offer to NHS staff, justified by the odious Nadine Dorries on TV this week that “all other public sector staff are experiencing a pay freeze”, sums up the mindset of your common-or-garden Tory, and nae amount of hand clapping butters any parsnips, and I remain incredulous that people fall for this BS.

    (Nor will I join in any state-ordained recreational grieving if Phil the Greek happens to pass in the next wee while, thanks very much.)

    My fervent hope in an independent Scotland is that ALL jobs are valued and everyone earns a liveable wage for an honest day’s work.

    Leave the bread and circus act to the Tories and their toadies and enablers in the media.

  39. Old Pete says:

    Notice from my weekly visit to the “Bathman’s” former Independence supporting blog that he openly is supporting the Labour branch office leader against the FM. The “Bathman’s” blog has been openly supporting the enemies of Scottish Independence and sadly his fanatical followers have followed suit. Weird how easily the dark side can cultivate hate within its core followers ?

    • Stephen McKenzie says:

      Old Pete: I would not bother going there, even once a week, it will do you no good.

      If that’s their path forward, then they are welcome to it.

    • Petra says:

      ”Weird how easily the dark side can cultivate hate within its core followers?”

      It’s more than likely that the vast majority of people visiting that site NOW were filled with hatred towards the SNP and the idea of Independence in the first place, Old Pete. A case of like attracting like. That Law of Attraction will also account for the rise in (BritNat) visits to blawhard’s site also. There’s still a few decent, genuine independence supporters posting on there and I’m just wondering how far he’ll have to go before the penny drops for them.

    • Capella says:

      I think they’re mostly depressives who get a boost of adrenalin from reading that sort of vitriol. A bit like the Daily Mail readership, I imagine. Except for the trolls, of course.
      I don’t read it myself but get retweets from the fans which give me a good idea of what wares are on sale.

      • Petra says:

        And if you don’t suffer from depression, Capella, one visit to that site would leave you feeling practically suicidal. How anyone thinks that Campbell will influence those sitting on the fence to vote for independence is anyone’s guess 😳. That of course is not HIS agenda, IMO. More so not the “WE” that he refers to now and again. As he walks for hours on end and gambles all through the night, as he says (fly, lazy bastward), “someone” else is firing out one article after another now. That “who” is anyone’s guess, but hey just as he has his wee “sources” others will have their wee “sources” too and will be investigating him too right now and all will be revealed eventually in particular who has been financing him. Rest assured.

    • Clydebuilt says:

      So the yoons have decided to talk up Sarwar. . . .

  40. Dr Jim says:

    Labour’s Anas Sarwar says they’ll build back better, when they ruled Scotland like a one party state for the Tories for fifty years why did they not think of that then, does that mean they thought those were the good times?

    Liberal Dumbpocrat Willie Rennie will steer the country safely through the Pandemic now that it’s almost over he says, he’s like the guy who begins the marathon dodges round a corner get’s a taxi and jumps over the line at the end waving his arms breathlessly
    Willie Rennie can’t even beat the Greens and their only policy is vote for us we push the SNP to be bolder, oh and eh some green stuff and we don’t like Donald Trump

    Tory milkmaid DRoss’s numbers don’t look good do they, his policy is don’t give Scotland’s parliament any of its own money and stick Union jacks on more stuff that’s already pissed off most of the people of Scotland, Yep that’ll be a winner

    I’m aiming to get Scotland back into Europe as fast as we possibly can, see that’s what you call policy from eh what’s her name? oh it’s on the tip of everybody’s tongue, ooft, not so loud

  41. James Mills says:

    Hot off the Press :

    The 1% pay rise for NHS staff has been retracted .

    Instead Boris Johnson , after much arm twisting and threats of resignation from Matt Hancock has agreed that there will be TWO nights of hand-clapping for the brave NHS workers , with the possibility , if the Chancellor agrees , that a third night may be added as long as it does not adversely affect inflation .

    The PM also stated that as a tribute to the selfless work of the NHS during the pandemic , as part of the £2.5 million refurbishment of Downing Street , a mural depicting Boris and his current squeeze standing clapping outside No.10 will be the centre piece of the redecoration .

    A fee of around £50 million has been awarded to the daughter of a Tory donor for the work which , due to the short timescale , was not put out to tender . She will begin the work as soon as she has finished her GCSE’s this Summer .

    • Petra says:

      Oh well clapping didn’t work for the Tories, sad to say for them 🙄. Nor banging on drums, pots or clacking maracas. What now for the Tories? Advocate stamping our feet in unison along with clapping (saves on your fuel bill), hound their Union leaders out or just starve and freeze English nurses into total submission? How long will it take for over 50 million English people to move their friggin erses and face up to these fascists like the best part of 5 million Scots? I just don’t get it. What’s wrong with the ordinary people living south of the wall?

  42. yesindyref2 says:

    I’m guessing this is behind the strange article in The National and on its front page – the one which made me wonder if it was hacked. Hollie Cameron was a signator of this open letter, and like Bella it seems, I too keep an open mind on it..

    She may well get in on the List depending on how high up the Labour list she is.

    Please, be polite if you’re commenting there, I’ll probably be up late unfortunately as I was working, and will be resting my foot. She might not be an independence ally, who knows, but that lot on the letter do support an Indy Ref being held, and Labour in Holyrood (same as LibDems and of course Greens) are supporting the SNP against the power grabs. Remember also maybe 30% of Labour voters support Independence, and some of the CLP must also.

    Adversaries can be allies on some fronts. We need to be prepared to reach out.

    • Dr Jim says:

      Unionist parties no matter what they say are under the instructions of their bosses at Westminster who will always find a way to agree with the Tories !!*for the benefit of the Union*!!

      • yesindyref2 says:

        There seem to be some who want to change, and some who don’t. Dugdale wanted change but wasn’t allowed to and gave up. Lennon wanted change but was beat by Sarwar, with 57.6% of the vote to her 42.4%. I know some of the “no change” people. Completely decent people except they hate loathe and detest the SNP.

        Times are changing though, Ross was left high and dry with his attempt at a VONC on Sturgeon, it seems even the actual Scottish Tory MSPs weren’t asked, and Labour and LibDems (who support the SG on trying to stop the power grab) didn’t back Ross at all. Labour do have it all to play for, and could take back a lot of Tory votes.

    • Petra says:

      Looking good.

      • yesindyref2 says:

        Yes, it’s certainly interesting. I think it’s the best way for Labour to survive, and maybe even take back votes from the Tories. How sad! Really Labour should have an open policy on Indy Ref 2, like Dugdale tried to get in place. Their membership seems to be against it though, old guard and bitter about being beat by the SNP 🙂

        • grizebard says:

          Whatever the sincerity of these “radical democrats”, the name of the game is not to “take back votes from the Tories” (how could that possibly happen, if they are truly pro-IR2?), but rather to keep morale up and prevent any further slippage of votes to the SNP. The more that happens, the more ossified the remnant gets.

          (Not to forget, in some places, it’s even the reverse, Labour get tactical votes from Tories to keep the SNP out. But that will only continue if the party still looks able to mount a serious challenge to the SNP. And if the Tories themselves slump, where do their votes go?)

          It’s also one thing to want a referendum and quite another to want independence.

          • Pogmothon says:

            Admirable as some of these “radical democrats” words are. Just like “the Vow” that they all signed up to, they are still just words. IMO the Scottish people should look at this with the “once bitten, twice shy” attitude. in other words until we see iron clad commitment and deeds to match Lab will not be receiving a share of the SNP vote. Because at present that’s all this appears to be an attempt to split the SNP vote in favor of the union

  43. Capella says:

    If Labour appear to be supporting an Indyref2 then it’s most likely a ploy to stem the flow of former Labour voters to the SNP. They only have to keep it up till May 6th when they hope to prevent an SNP landslide.

    If WoS is supporting Anas Sarwar, in spite of the previous vendetta against Labour under Kezia Dugdale (for defending herself in court), that also looks like a ploy to prevent an SNP landslide because the vendetta is now against Nicola Sturgeon.

    Lies and mendacity.

  44. Old Pete says:

    Latest polls suggest support for Independence has fell below 50%. I wonder what has caused this support to fall ?

    • Capella says:

      The poll has not been weighted for previous voting record so the figure is a provisional one, rushed out probably to bring comfort to the afflicted.

      The ant-SNP faction are delighted of course and crowing that this poll comes after Nicola Sturgeon’s appearance at the Holyrood enquiry. This is a common logical fallacy called “post hoc ergo procter hoc” meaning it happened after some event therefore it was caused by that event. Polling was on 3rd – 5th March. Nicola appeared on 3rd March, the day when thousands of people joined the SNP.

      By that logic, the poll also came AFTER Alex Salmond’s appearance and AFTER Anas Sarwar became Labour leader and AFTER I went for a walk in the woods. Any of those events may have been the cause.

      The Scotsman’s Euan McColm and Colin Matchett are now the gurus of the alt right who hang on their every word.

    • Bob Lamont says:

      That’s what you’re supposed to think – From James Kelly “In other words this is not a standard poll, and we have absolutely no idea whether a poll conducted in the normal way would show a Yes lead or a No lead. Which begs the obvious question: why on earth has this poll been published? ”

      • Alex Clark says:

        There have been two polls released today, the second from Panelbase for the Times gives No a lead of 51% to 49%

        I don’t attach that much importance to polls that show Yes in the lead and I feel the same about polls giving No a lead.

        We need to focus just now on winning a majority in the elections in May and then when a referendum bill is passed with the question and the date I’ll start thinking more about how the polling is going then,

    • Statgeek says:

      Ignore that poll. The research was done during the media rammy on Salmond & Sturgeon, and the weightings are wrong.

      Let’s see the next 3-5 polls since the thing went off the boil.

      • Statgeek says:

        Forgot to add. Take all the Indy polling leads in context. Indyref 2 is not what’s being voted for in May.

        When Indyref2 gets going, we;ll be starting from minimum polling levels of +/- 5% of 50%, which is way above where Aye started in the last campaign.

        Let the unionist crow about that little gem, while Indy folk get motivated.

  45. Alex Clark says:

    If anyone is “crowing” that the Independence side has lost its lead in the polls over the Unionists then that by definition does not make them anti-SNP but in fact anti-Independence supporters of the Union.

  46. Clydebuilt says:

    Labour making noises about an Indyref is not going to take back any votes from the Tories. Labour voters that went to the Tories did so to save the Union.

    If Labour moves towards an Indyref, this will take votes from the SNP

    • Capella says:

      Precisely, and it will have a “use by” date. Pre 6th May ii will “yes we support the right of the Scottish people to choose. we are the party of devolution, freedom, democracy and cupcakes.”

      After May 6th it’ll be “But not NOW”.

      • Clydebuilt says:

        Spot on Capella . . . . . Just had a look at WoS. Every comment appears to have been put up by a UK propagandist.

        • Capella says:

          They’re not well people. Despicable trolls mostly IMO and depressives. I would rather frequent Daily Mail online than that relentlessly negative source. At least the DM has celebrity gossip, Meghan and Harry, fashion and daytime TV schedules 😂

  47. Ken says:

    One poll does not a summer make or up the intake. 50% before any campaigning. In a pandemic raging.

    IndyRef1 was at 27%, it went to 45% In a relatively short time, There is £600,000 funding already being devoted to it. Before any legitimate campaigning is started.

    First an election to be concluded with high polling rating. One campaign at a time. It is a successful strategy. Just persuade one other person. That will do it.

    Vote SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence.

  48. Ken says:

    Labour can never support an IndyRef. Their paymasters in London will not let them. They will just slide away out of significance They already have in Scotland. The decline will continue.

    Get Labour out of the way. Take the fight to the Tories. The SNP will win. Then on to Independence. A clear strategy. One campaign at a time. Just get one other to campaign and vote for Independence.

  49. Ken says:

    One poll is insignificant. 50% before the campaign has even started.

    IndyRef1 was at 27%. It went to 45% in a relatively short time. Everything is in play going as planned. An important election coming up. One campaign at a time. A successful strategy,

  50. Capella says:

    Simon Jenkins wrote an insightful piece in the Guardian on Friday. He argues that Independence is inevitable and the only thing left for Boris to do is to negotiate reasonably.

    What drew this to my attention was a tweet quoting one small unattributed passage in an otherwise positive analysis:

    Sturgeon herself is known to be nervous of the economic implications of a total break with London, and has reservations over extreme nationalism

    This was then retweeted by anti-Sturgeon twitterati, posing as independence supporters, with derogatory remarks such as “See – she’s a manager not a leader” “Sturgeon must resign” etc.
    So I Googled it and found the source. It’s worth reading for the positive approach.

    This illustrates the utterly mendacious tactics of these alt right trolls.
    Lies and mendacity.

    • Statgeek says:

      “Unpopular lockdown was devolved to Edinburgh, nice recovery is centralised to London.”

      The same old crap. Devolution was allowed as a way to play politics. They just never planned on Scots actually noticing.

  51. Hamish100 says:

    Postal votes will likely be submitted by voters by the end of April.
    Time is short, covid will prevent the door to door drop offs ( which the snp are good at) or unless this changes.
    Time is of the essence. Vote snp not for the party but for our right to be heard in a new Independence referendum this year.

  52. Dr Jim says:

    Labour love saying they’re the party of devolution when it’s in no way true now as it was then
    The people who accuse the SNP of being the *management* party are really describing what Labour were and are, and make no mistake always will be if they ever get the chance

    Every single person over 50 in Scotland should remember what the Labour party are about, they’re not going to change because they can’t until they’re forced to change then they’ll claim they were the party of Independence when that happens or if Boris Johnson inflicts something else on Scotland Labour will claim to be the mitigators of the Tory party’s attacks on Scotland

    It’s all too easy to not know or forget that Scotland is still paying for the debt that Gordon Brown racked up when he was in charge of keeping Scotland’s wealth out of Scotland’s hands, £30.000 quid for a lavvie pan in a school and we’re still paying private companies interest on that original £15 quid lavvie

    We’ll refurbish Scotland’s hospitals Labour said, then they sent in the painters with pale green paint handed out the brown envelopes filled with the rest of the unspent cash and sodded off to places like Cuba on cultural missions, or how about a certain Labour FM who just returned ££Millions to Westminster because the excuse was they couldn’t find anything to spend it on

    We’ll change, we’ve changed, we’ve listened to the people, I’m 72 years of age and grew up when Scotland wasn’t much better than the black hole of Calcutta and you know what I’m still waiting for the Labour party to change if just for the LOLS, remember the last Labour government in Scotland?
    they built 6 council houses, six, 6,

    If you’re a young person in Scotland and think the Labour party sounds interesting exciting and inviting I suggest you take a long look at the Labour party’s record in government in it’s entire history and you’ll find they’re not

    Lord Jack McConnell was wearing Armani suits silk shirts and ties long before he became a house of Lords sponger, he used to be a Scottish sponger just like Anas Sarwar, line all the previous Labour leaders up in a row and they every one have the same thing in common, advancement to the house of Lords on the back of loyalty to the Tories and the rest of their lives spent in the comfort of knowing the Tories will always reward those who serve them in keeping their colonies intact

    If you think Nicola Sturgeon is anything like these people why didn’t she just join the Labour party 30 years ago and be sitting comfortably beside Jack McConnell Annabelle Goldie right now, Donald Dewar died and Henry McLeish blew it or they’d be sitting there too, I could list the rest of the so called Scottish politicians but we’d run out of Internet listing them

    All hail the achievements of soon to be Baroness Ruth Davidson, so far *no surrender* has been it

  53. Old Pete says:

    As expected DRoss on TV calling the SNP crooked. I am worried this will be there battle cry throughout the campaign and it is apparently working with soft yes supporters, the people we need to solidify as Independence supporters.
    All the dirty government from Westminster not to the fore, unable to campaign in person something the SNP have been good at and usual blanket anti SNP coverage in the media. All these and a few other reasons I fear that the usual disrupt, attack and defeat tactics by the UK establishment are working against us once more. How do we persuade voters if we can’t get a chance to put the positive case for Independence in person which is by far the best card we have ?
    The Alex Salmond fiasco which don’t forget was caused by inappropriate behavior in the work place by Alex, has caused all the trouble to our cause. It’s hard to combat this barrage of hate against the SNP, the FM and Independence when the bias against us is overwhelming.
    Still onwards and upwards, hopefully towards Independence eventually.

    • Martin Geissler is in line for a gong surely.

      8 minutes of The linesman Dross, a free PPB with Geissler feeding him with SNP Bad Sturgeon must resign crap, then a quick review of the ‘Sunday Papers’, with Geissler telling 5.4 million Scots that the FM is not trusted, and The Gers knuckledraggers amassing outside Ibrox are very naughty boys indeed.
      The vast majority of Scots don’t even buy these papers, Martin, yet, they are the main source of BBC Radio Jockland’s research.
      Scotland, the only country in the developed world which has steam radio as their main broadcasting outlet.
      We are out of patience. The time has come.

      I note that they have ditched the ‘UK’ map showing Kent 10 times the size of Scotland, and that David Clegg, remember him and the ‘leaked’ Salmond Sex Scandal Papers, will be on BBC Radio Jordanhill for a further 1 1/2 hours, of relentless SNP Bad, Sturgeon the antichrist lies and distortion, repeating this Brit Nat evil perversion of truth.
      Most of the 5.4 million potential audience in Scotland don’t read the Telegraph, or the Times, but that doesn’t stop Geissler, reading out this Brit Nat Propaganda; classic Goebbels’ strength Big Brother suppression of News, Truth, and counterpoint to the mood of the People of Scotland.
      There’s surely an OBE in it, Martin.
      At least that odious wee man Dross didn’t dangle his infant son to the camera this time.
      BBC Jockland, I relish the day when they convert Plantation Quay into riverside flats.

      BBC Scotland, my arse.
      Sorry for the language, but I despair for Truth and balance in this evil little Fifth Column Foutrth Estate cancerous growth.

  54. Capella says:

    Conor Matchett admits that the “snap” poll from SavantaComRes not weighted for turnout so not comparable to other polls. Says the rise in NO is attributed to Salmond Inquiry.

    But John Curtice says there is no connection with Salmond Inquiry.

    Oh dear – who is right?
    Very useful analysis. Thanks. But why does
    SavantaComRes allow the same result to be published in two such different ways just weeks apart giving rise to misleading headlines? Is it the choice of the papers who buy the polls?
    Asks Ciaran Martin (former Constitution Director, Cabinet Office UK) – see thread below John Curtice.

    • jfngw says:

      It gives the BritNat press and the BBC the headlines they want to lead with. I can’t remember the BBC mentioning one of the 22 previous polls but I believe they have covered this one, even when it is not correctly weighted. Need we say more?

      Plus it gives the WoS crowd and his venomous ISP supporting followers something to crow about. They relish the fact independence support is dropping, in fact they are working harder than the Tories to achieve it. WoS already onto a panelbase poll, declaring he was correct all along (such infallibility, the pontiff of Bath).

  55. James Mills says:

    DRoss calling the SNP ”crooked ” ? Ha! Ha !

    While many people ( most ? ) have a low opinion of politicians of whatever stripe , I am sure that this present crop of criminals in Downing Street are in a league of their own .

    They are largely protected by our ”free press ” who refuse ( because of their ownership ) to call out their blatant corruption which has been off-the-scale since Johnson was voted in to power by , it would appear , the stupidest voters in Europe .
    Anyone with a couple of brain cells in working order can see what they are , and those who defend them are even more culpable .

    They are hell-bent on destroying all opposition to their Tory gangster policy of transferring money from the public purse to the private ( Tory ) pocket , aided by a compliant and complicit print media and with the BBC in full propaganda mode .

    Yes , we have a mountain to climb in Scotland as we are faced with the massed ranks of the British Unionists , who control the media and the public purse while we are constrained by the Lockdown measures , unable to properly campaign .

    But despite their full-frontal assault for the last year on Nicola Sturgeon , the SNP , the Scottish NHS and recently , in the Salmondgate fiasco , all our Scottish Institutions – despite their best efforts , Scotland in the main sees through their propaganda !

    We will get our Independence – it is now inevitable ( and N.Ireland and Wales too ! ) . This is the last desperate struggle of a failed colonial power in its death-throes . A sinking ship – with all the rats scurrying around biting the ankles of anyone within reach .

    And the best they can offer as opposition in Scotland is DRoss , Sarwar and Wee Willie Winkie !

    Enough said !

    • Ken says:

      The Press is not free. It is controlled by Westminster. The Westminster Press Office phones the Editors every morning to make sure that have support. Or they lose their press licence to publish. They control the BBC. Cost £5Billion. Westminster controls the licences of all the other channels.

      They are threatened with all types of action. Losing their jobs, Including ‘D’ notices not to publish. They are kept secret. Westminster keeps it corruption secret under the Official Secrets Act. So they cannot be held to account. Leveson not implemented.

  56. So Tom Arthur, SNP MSP, thinks the vote in May will decide whether we can have IndyRef2:

    Well, that’s all fine and dandy insofar as it goes. However, I fear the SNP may be boxing itself into a corner (deliberately?) if their SP2021 manifesto speaks only of IndyRef2 as the means towards independence.

    Will an SNP Holyrood majority sway Bojo to finally relent and agree to S30? I hope it does but I have my doubts. So why is the SNP placing all its eggs in the IndyRef2 basket? Consider the situation after the SNP secure a Holyrood majority and asks for The Clown in #10 to agree to IndyRef2 and he replies, “Eh – nah!”

    What then Nicola?

    Almost certainly, there will then come the clammer for the SNP to hold a plebiscite vote (perhaps through a snap Scottish election which can be orchestrated). What will Nicola’s response be to such a demand? “Unfortunately, we can’t hold a plebiscite vote because we didn’t include that option in our SP2021 manifesto. We only said we’d hold a referendum.”

    The point is – the SNP need to get really serious about indy. SP2021 shouldn’t be all about holding ‘IndyRef2’. Their manifesto should say only that they “…will give the people of Scotland a vote on their constitutional future at the earliest opportunity and certainly before the end of this Parliament.”

    Such a statement covers all bases. It’s not prescriptive and keeps open the door for either a referendum or a plebiscite vote. The SNP need to get wiser here and stop boxing themselves (and us) into a corner. IMHO.

    • jfngw says:

      If the SNP don’t get a majority then we are getting nothing, no referendum or anything else.

      What are you going to do if you make it a plebiscite, gain a majority of seats but still fall short of 50% of the vote. You can’t demand another referendum after you have just used the election as one.

      You can only campaign on one issue because if you include anything else it will be used to negate the vote. What policies do you implement once elected if you are in control but the only policy you had didn’t reach the threshold. I see the demand always for a plebiscite but I don’t see any answers to the hard questions if it doesn’t work.

      • Methinks you need to read my post again.

        • jfngw says:

          You don’t need to put a plebiscite in the manifesto, it’s not a policy, it’s a decision to end the parliament any party can make at any time if their main policy is blocked. They of course can’t directly end the parliament directly but it would end.

          Sorry if you feel I went over the top but I’m fed up reading about a plebiscite with no contingency plans if it fails. Red Mist descended.

      • douglasclark says:

        It seems remarkably unlikely that a combined SNP and Green candidacy would not win a majority in Hollyrood.


    • cuckooshoe says:

      Change the record. The Tory flyer that came through my letter box recently, specifically said the only way to stop a referendum was stop the SNP getting a majority. They have conceded.

      • Which is actually the Tories lying (who knew?).

        Stopping the SNP getting majority won’t necessarily stop a referendum. Provided there is a majority in Holyrood that votes through a referendum, that’s all that matters. If that were the case then everything the WM Parliament voted through during the LebDem coalition doesn’t count. Which is just nonsense. But heh – that’s yer Scots Tories for yeh.

        • Ken says:

          Different voting system

          Holyrood D’Hond’t. Precisely introduced so no Party could get a majority. SNP high support broke the system. The electorate do not understand it. No wonder. Dilute and cancel out their own voting preference. To favour unionists.

          Ist preference votes go in the bin to let 3rd raters in. Imposed on the electorate without a mandate. Devolution implementation controlled by unionists.

          Referendum 1 person one vote. One/two questions.

          FPTP Scotland would be Independent.

        • jfngw says:

          True, but if we can’t obtain more than 50% in the election (combined vote), then what is the likelihood any party would risk it. The Tories took revenge last time with EVEL, I feel they will go full steam if we lose again.

    • jfngw says:

      I’m going to add more to this plebiscite suggestion.

      Which vote do we use, the constituency or the list, or do we combine them. Why would the Greens want to take part in it as it guarantees they would lose a wedge of seats. You can’t just say we add the Green’s to the SNP as they are going to have other policies, they ain’t going to just mirror the SNP. The unionist will claim it is the list that is relevant as it is the one we are less likely to achieve over 50% on, it is pretty hard going to achieve this on a vote with probably 8 -10 parties in contention.

      This idea of using May as a plebiscite has more holes in it than a Swiss cheese. If the courts rule a referendum outwith Holyrood powers then it may be the only option, but not yet.

      • Capella says:

        Except that The Times spelt out Tory policy. Point 5 IIRC is to refuse a S30 and hope the independence movement fight amongst themselves about tactics. QED

        Divide and Rule Britannia.

        • jfngw says:

          We can’t argue amongst ourselves if the SNP have majority. I feel it would need Westminster to take the case to court to stop democracy effectively (that’s the reason I didn’t support the Keating case, make them prove we are not sovereign).

          If they do take court action and win then we are in a whole new ball park, I don’t think we can define that yet, it would need all the independence parties working together in concerted action. Could we achieve this, watching the behaviour or these new fringe parties presently doesn’t fill me with great confidence, they seem more engaged with who they hate rather achieving anything positive.

          • Ken says:

            The electorate has changed. Been increased to include those who previously did not have a vote.

          • Capella says:

            I meant arguing about whether the May 6th election should be an election or plebiscite. About tactics v strategy.
            The vote is in 8 weeks time 🙂

            • jfngw says:

              Yeh, sorry misunderstood. Personally, as you have probably gather, I think using May as a plebiscite is bad tactics. I don’t really care what the Tory line is, obviously the higher the SNP vote the harder it is for them to ignore it, hovering around 50% will fill them with the confidence to hold their ground though.

      • grizebard says:

        I think you are misunderstanding PC‘s point here. There is no way that this coming May will be a plebiscite election, what he is arguing (I believe) is that the manifesto for the coming election should be so worded as to allow for that contingency at some time thereafter. This would be the “nuclear option” in the event that the planned referendum was otherwise blocked.

        There is another general misunderstanding about a mid-term plebiscite election. Whatever the other parties chose to do, the SNP (and the Greens, if co-operating) would stand on a single-point manifesto: independence. Nothing else. Given our wierd electoral system (NB: AMS – Ken), the only problem would be to pre-determine what a majority consisted of (eg. all votes, just list votes, or whatever).

  57. Golfnut says:

    Unfortunately the SNP has it’s fair share of diddies, that’s Tom Arthur’s ‘ once in a generation ‘ moment, it’s probably meant with the best of intentions, to make sure they get the vote out, but your right, it’ll be latched onto by the brits.

  58. Capella says:

    Tom Arthur is only spelling out the actualitie. I know the anti-SNP brigade hate him because he supports Nicola Sturgeon – by their tweets shall ye know them.

  59. Not-My-Real-Name says:

    The below comment is by Clapper57 :

    News you are NOT getting repeatedly rammed down your throats where YOU are ….thanks BBC Rep Scotland…..and others.

    Over 900 Million of our money has been given to companies who have donated £8.2million to the Conservative party.

    UK Statistics Authority rebukes Gove over Brexit figures. Cabinet office used unverifiable figures to rebut a road haulage association survey showing export volumes dropped by 68%.

    Farmers Weekly reports that Defra Gov UK has confirmed that farm payments will be reduced by up to 25% next year for farmers in England…..Farmers Weekly also state that they KNEW this day was coming……obvs they are more savvy than the fishermen on reality and Tories….mind you how many farmers, like the fisherman, vote Tory and voted for Brexit.

    Recent Tory Costs:

    New Briefing Room – £2.6 mil
    Unusable Face Masks – £50 mil
    Test and Trace – £37 BILLION
    Priti Patel Settlement – £370,000
    Plane Makeover – £900,000
    HS2 – £100 BILLION
    Failed Satellite Op – $500 Mil
    Brexit – £200 BILLION

    Turns out the magic money tree IS real….it’s called the Bank of England.

    But…..when the political narrative is controlled by a complicit media Scots are forced to look over here NOT over there……you know I for one am confused why Andrew Neil’s new news channel GB News is necessary……because we already have GB News and have had it for years courtesy of all the mainstream media, with the exception of one newspaper in Scotland, so the new GB News is obviously merely an extension of what currently exists……..for Scots it will NOT really be seen as an extreme right wing version of the news because we already are subjected to the current version being pumped out by existing channels……… Scots it will just be another channel stating Scotland is too wee, too poor and too stupid to get independence…..par for the course.

    The three wise monkeys strategy really really should be deployed by Scots in Scotland whenever THEY tell us THEIR version of the news and THEIR biased and uninformed opinions…….there is a list of people Scots should ignore…..I think most people on here know who they are…..they are often invited on TV news channels to review newspapers , are guests on dubious extreme radio stations, are guests on political programmes and have opinion columns in Tory or Labour newspapers.

    Just wait unlit Olivia Utley is on the newspaper review again….she will be telling us all that DRoss is ‘winning’ in Scotland for the Tories……and well look how…..ahem impartial she is…..NOT.

    Have a good day everyone.

  60. Tam the Bam says:

    From a post (1 hour ago) taken from Prof. John Curtice’s Tweet thread (see Capella’s link @ 11-36 am above) ;-

    Com Res Poll (after weighting)….YES -47% NO-42% …including D/K’s.
    YES -53% NO-47% …excluding D/K’s.

    • Alex Clark says:

      Sorry Tam for repeating your post, I had missed it.

    • jfngw says:

      Sounds like BBC Sarah Smith should just start all her contributions with an apology, saves time in the long run. To think this corporation made such a noise about fake news, when in fact the whole news output pretty much falls under this remit.

  61. Dr Jim says:

    The anti FM SNP mob are making the whole thing a fake competition between Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon as if removing Nicola Sturgeon will mean truth and justice will be served and the former FM can waft back into the party and save the day that they helped to destroy

    They’re liars nitwits or just completely deluded

    First if they were genuine and stopped for a moment to consider that the parliamentary party in Holyrood want nothing to do with Alex Salmond because they *know* what everybody else suspects to be true, not only do they *know* but most of the MPs at Westminster *know* it too

    If they were genuine supporters of Independence they would know the only reason the political opposition want Salmond returned is to destroy him with that information all over again, so for them it’s two for the price of one and the Union wins, the press must be salivating at the thought of it

    I expect like every good bad TV reality show this will end with the big reveal and I reckon I know which woman I’d put my money on

    • barpe says:

      In my opinion, Dr Jim,, Alex Salmond was a great leader of our movement and, thus, I cannot understand why he has chosen to try and destroy the quest for Indy.

      He may well feel personally aggrieved, but has accepted his personal behaviour towards work colleagues (when in office) was not exactly white as white. He will never be able to return to front-line politics because the press would never let it go – and neither would a great number of women (that particular support was always key) – so what is his motive?

      Like you, I now have much more faith in Nicola being able to take us over the Indy line.

  62. Alex Clark says:

    So the Savanta/Comres poll that the Scotsman are running with today as we all know was not weighted for turnout. However, Prof Curtice has said that the unweighted results from this poll are exactly the same as the unweighted result from their Feb 11 poll.

    The weighted result from that poll was 53% Yes 47% No they are really scraping the bottom of the barrel with this rubish now just to try and imply that the Nicola Sturgeon evidence session resulted in a loss of support. Might be a few embarrassed “crows” around now.

  63. Petra says:

    ‘Ruth Wishart: The independence movement is at a crossroads. We must seize the moment.’

    ..”The hostility of those purporting to be independence supporters is something else again. It’s not just that the level of vitriol poured over the current First Minister is both vicious and sustained, but that there seems no recognition that they are actively helping to burn down the house they long claimed they wanted to build.”..


    ‘Scottish Greens may back no confidence vote in John Swinney this week.’

  64. Petra says:

    ”Unreliable Anti-Scottish Independence Poll now RETRACTED.”

    ”Politics is such a dirty business. Unreliable Anti-Scottish Independence Poll now retracted. Not before #SaraSmith shouts out the misinformation on #Marr Remember @AndrewMarr9
    & that ridiculous 3 week stat on Scotland & pandemic. Very Fox News. Lost all credibility.”


    ‘UK Government burning money to salvage Union, new figures reveal.’

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