The wake-up call

I crawled into bed at around 11 am on Friday, whereupon I passed out until 9pm and have spent the weekend ensuring that I wasn’t too far from a toilet. Mind you, being sick to my stomach is probably a fair reflection of how the wider independence movement has been feeling of late, so maybe I’m just channelling that energy.

I am, and I know I’m not alone in this, thoroughly scunnered with the entire Salmond-Sturgeon saga. I’m sick to the back teeth of those who are hell bent on adding fuel to the bonfire of the dispute without giving a moment’s consideration of the effects of their angry self-righteousness on Scotland’s prospects for independence. And most of all I’ve had enough of those who are determined to prioritise the pursuit of their own feuds and vendettas and have abandoned any meaningful efforts to make the argument for independence. There appear to be those who seem to believe that all we need to do is to replace the leadership of the SNP and Scotland will magically march towards independence. They are wrong, and we indulge them at our peril. Nicola Sturgeon has her shortcomings but The fact that they refuse to acknowledge is that it’s under the leadership of Nicola Sturgeon that support for independence has become the majority opinion in Scotland.

They forget that there remains a large number of people in Scotland who are sceptical or doubtful about independence and who still need to be persuaded. It is categorically not the case that everyone in Scotland already knows how vile the Tories are. We live in a country where the media is overwhelmingly controlled outwith Scotland and which bends over backwards to excuse the behaviour of the Conservatives and to trivialise and minimise their malign effects upon Scotland and upon the devolution settlement.

Even the Conservative use of Brexit to mount an all-out assault upon the foundations of the devolution settlement has been minimised by media commentators who collude with the Conservative to present it as little more than minor wrangling about food labelling. If that wasn’t enough we have to contend with media outlets which uncritically report Alister Jack’s Orwellian contention that the recen British government power grab of devolved competencies and to arrogate to itself powers over the allocation of funding intended for capital projects as “real devolution”. This is real devolution in the same way that allowing your dog to leave a crap on Alister Jack’s constituency office doorstep is showing a real concern for organic fertilisation in the Dumfries and Galloway region. The Tories leave a turd on the Scottish body politic, and insist that it’s a union benefit, an insistence in which they are joined by large sections of the Scottish media.

In the interests of full disclosure I should point out that when down in Galloway to do a talk back in the dim and distant past when we were allowed to travel and to socialise in groups, the late lamented Ginger decided to take an enormous dump on the doorstep of the local Conservative party office. I did clean it up – because I’m not a Tory but it did prove that Ginger was a dog with an instinctive sense of what was right and proper.

WE cannot  take independence support for granted.  Recent polls appear to show that there has been some slippage in support for independence. A poll carried out by Survation for the Sunday Mail this weekend puts support for independence on 50%, a drop of 2% compared to the previous poll from the same company. This ought to be wake up call for a yes movement and an SNP which has in recent months devoted far more time and energy to tearing lumps out of others on the same side. The correct response to this poll is not to embark upon another round of finger pointing and banging on interminably about independence supporters with whom you disagree on issues which are not themselves directly related to independence Rather it ought to be a salutary wake up call and a reminder that we cannot take majority support for independence for granted. It means getting real for independence and recognising that the Holyrood election is looming and it’s imperative that we win it handsomely. Everything else must wait.

Putting our energies and efforts into winning that election for the SNP and for pro-independence parties with a realistic chance of taking seats ust be the overriding priority for anyone who describes themselves as an independence supporter or campaigner – not pursuing one side or another in the Salmond-Sturgeon affair or bad mouthing pro–indy people or factions with whom you disagree about something other than independence, especially when those are issues which polling tells us only a small minority of the public actively care about.

If you are one of those people who take to social media to loudly proclaim that you won’t vote SNP but you will vote yes in a referendum because of one of these other issues. you are making it less likely that there will ever be another referendum. You can vote as you please but when you try to persuade other people not to vote SNP, or when you take to social media to spout hyperbolic guff like claiming that Nicola Sturgeon has done Scotland more harm than Margaret Thatcher, you are prejudicing the chances of independence for everyone and doing the Tories’ job for them.

This poll ought to remind all of us that we cannot stop making the case for independence or talking about and explaining the damage and harm that’s being done to Scotland by the parties of British nationalism. The British nationalist parties certainly haven’t let up, and now that the Labour party in Scotland has been comprehensively captured by the uber-unionist faction which Anas Sarwar represents, we can expect a renewed assault on independence from Labour to accompany the attack from the Tories. It is crucial that we maintain our focus on what is important – making arguments for independence, and highlighting the hypocrisies and failures of the British nationalist parties – and that is precisely what this blog is going to do.

So this is a reminder to use this space as a forum for making a positive case for independence, and for attacking Scotland’s real enemies – the forces of British nationalism and a Conservative dominated British state which has no place for Scottish political distinctiveness. That is – or ought to be – the priority for anyone who seeks Scottish independence.  If what you want to post here isn’t going to help to do those things, then go somewhere else, because you’re not helping the independence cause.

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147 comments on “The wake-up call

  1. bringiton says:

    Me too Paul.
    Well said and hope you are on the mend.

  2. It’s good to see you back Paul. People are crying out for clear words about the second vote in May. Too many options – all with strong arguments about how to support independence- are causing a lot of worry and confusion. I hope you feel better soon. The latest idea of unionjackery flags covering Inverness and Dingwall- apparently by order of Westminster union office- is truly horrific. We need you more than ever.

  3. aLurker says:

    Well said sir. 🙂

    Oh, and BTW, I see what looks like a copy&paste error where the article unexpectedly begins
    with a section

    body politic, and insist that it’s a union benefit, an insistence in which they are joined by large sections of the Scottish media.I crawled into bed at around 11 am on Friday, whereupon I passed out until 9pm and have spent the weekend ensuring that I wasn’t too far from a toilet. Mind you, being sick to my stomach is probably a fair reflection of how the wider independence movement has been feeling of late, so maybe I’m just channelling that energy.”

    that is then an integral part of the body of the text later on.


  4. diabloandco says:

    That sounds lie a man recovered – glad to hear it!

  5. Ewan Sinclair says:

    Thanks Paul, I always appreciate your clarity. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. yesindyref2 says:

    Well said.

    Nobody except the most extreme of Unionists should be enjoying this disgusting fandangle, nor looking forward with great hope and hilarity to this week as some are – except to see it all over and done with. I despise anybody who does enjoy all this, no exceptions..

  7. Dr Jim says:

    I think unfortunately that it’s British Nationalists in large part claiming to be SNP and Independence supporters who are waging this war using the Salmond case as their tool of righteousness and defence of democracy in order to deflect from the more important issues, many of which are not of our making in Scotland, and with the willing assistance of the right wing media are blinding Scotland to the real problem, it’s effective and easy to sew indecision and doubt and like a virus watch it spread, we’ve seen it before but this time there’s a lot of money fuelling it because there needs to be, Westminster is petrified of Nicola Sturgeon, they know she means it and the only way to combat her is discredit her sufficiently in peoples eyes and dent their trust in her

    The tactic of erosion of confidence is all a bit obvious but they’ve timed it well and have gotten the people on board to help that they wanted, there’s probably only one way the FM can deal with this bombardment, she might not like it but she’s going to have to put on her big boots and get crushing put this thing to bed and get on with being the FM

    • Golfnut says:

      I agree with your analysis DR Jim and I’ve said much the same as yourself on many of the FB pages. The Ipsos poll makes it obvious that this is a planned media, westminster instigated bourrach to undermine and reduce confidence in the FM and SG. The poll found that only 5 out of over 1 thousand people were considering switching there vote, less than 0.5%. The !liblabtory trolls are out in force pretending to be Indy supporters, not to mention 77 brigade. The tiny minority of those intending to vote for these pop up Indy parties are in full anti SNP mode despite saying they would never compete with the SNP. There true colours revealed. The problem with polls is that they tend to contain the truth somewhere in the stats. Voting intention for the SNP hasn’t fallen and that’s the important stay not the voting intentions for indy.

  8. jfngw says:

    I don’t see Anas Sarwar as a problem, he’s just keeps Labour in the uber unionist wing of Scottish politics, all fighting over 30% of the vote. It’s the other around 20% non ultra unionists that still vote BritNat we need to focus on.

    Until the Salmond affair is over we are going having to just put up with it, no matter What NS says on Wed there are bloggers that are just going to call her a liar, what’s more annoying is I used to donate to one of them.

    Fund this on twitter, it refers to Wales bu is equally relevant to Scotland.

    • John says:

      Yes, I remember discussing this with an English guy, a Londoner, years and years ago. Late ’80s. He completely agreed, but the opposite side of the coin – he felt (regretted) that the English didn’t have a strong sense of identity, unlike Wales and Scotland. Which is why the English always used to “wave their little union flags and sing god save the queen at football matches”.

      I suspect that he wouldn’t be happy with the rise of English nationalism we’re seeing now though, he was much more wanting a similar ‘feel’ for being English to what being Welsh or Scots meant. If that had been possible then, we’d probably be in a completely different situation now.

  9. Janice Gale says:

    Well said, a good analysis with intelligent advice. Hopefully Scotland will wake up to the ways of the southern beast and as another great blogger says “eyes on the prize”.

  10. There are a lot of people in Scotland and elsewhere who feel the same way.
    Tired of hearing the nonsense AS v NS

    Everything to do with Scotland being an independent country , the SNP , our languages our people our,parliament our place in this world , is denigrated by the british media and by the english mps in westminster and by labour lib dem and tory politicians in Scotland who treat us like worthless idiots

    Togetherness is here from now on lets do it
    Forget AS v NS ignore GRA and the union jackery nonsense they put on everything scottish

    Both votes for SNP secures the way forward
    a scottish independence referendum and independence for Scotland.

    Then we have a Scottish general election and choose a new government
    Thereafter we do what Scotland chooses
    Have a referendum on joining the EU
    Close our borders when necessary to stop covid being brought here from other countries
    Buy and distribute the vaccines ourselves
    Organise ferries from Scotland to Europe
    Organise flights from Scotland to USA and Canada all year round
    Organise flghts from Scotland to more than the five greek islands we get at present
    Etc etc etc

    So much to do and its all good

    • Dr Jim says:

      For a country and parliament of Tories who fought so desperately to convince England that it must control its borders against the threat of foreigners they appear quite relaxed about inviting in a deadly virus that can kill us, then when it gets here don’t seem particularly bothered about allowing it free rein to roam its way up to Scotland where we’re not *allowed* to control our borders at the risk of England’s retribution if we do

  11. andyfromdunning says:

    I have so far never posted any opinions about the Salmond Sturgeon fight. I will wait for the facts. If their had been wrong doing by anyone it must come out and they must suffer appropriately.

    I see the last six opinion polls have shown drops in Yes support.

    Like you Paul I continually try to calm people down and ask them to keep their eye on the main goal.

    As an example I strongly challenged an individual who was ranting about not voting SNP due to GRA. I tried to convince him that GRA if passed will be a law. All laws can be amended or repealed but if we lose independence what then. In the future the SNP will not be in power allowing other parties to amend GRA should it become law.

    I asked him also if he worked at GCHQ.

    I note a good few commenters on this blog support Nicola. Fair enough as she has been good but we must not assume she is innocent until this is all over. Personally I feel she had a good public image which helps the cause.

  12. James Mills says:

    ”Slippage ” in the Independence cause is certainly within the margin of error in all these polls .

    However , we have to remember that the campaign for the ”Union” has been non-stop for the last year while WE in the independence movement have been housebound with no campaigning, marches etc …

    Throughout the UK/Scottish media and at Westminster and Holyrood the unionists have been working night and day ( to quote Anal Sarwar – not a typo ! ) at undermining the Scottish Government’s response to Covid – the b*stards !
    Every day at her Covid updates Nicola Sturgeon has been assailed by the forces of the right -wing UK media , who see it more important to find a chink in the Scottish Government’s actions while completely ignoring the mayhem and open corruption of Boris’s Bungling B*stards down south .
    While Nicola Sturgeon has been religiously neutral in her coverage of the pandemic the UK media and UK Government ministers have politicised this at every opportunity and have the brass-neck to then accuse the SNP Government of this .

    The English newspaper headlines in Scotland ( Scottish editions ? Sh*te ! ) have 100% negative coverage of anything the Scottish Government has done during this pandemic , then praise Boris’s Bungling which has caused countless thousands of extra deaths , particularly in Care Homes .
    The same Covid actions implemented in Scotland and England are condemned in Scottish editions while lauded in their English editions .
    Hypocrisy ? No , the UK media in its normal state !

    The English NHS has suspended publishing certain stats as they expose the Tory Government’s incompetence and culpability . ( court cases later ? )

    The current Scottish witch-hunt , aided and abetted by people who should know better , which attempts to get rid of Nicola Sturgeon is the high point of the unionist hypocrisy .

    She is pursued for what amounts to getting a date wrong , while the flagrant criminal breeches of the law by Johnson and Hancock ( to name two ) , the open corruption in Covid contracts , the proroguing of Parliament , the Brexit lies shambles ( think N. Ireland ) , the undermining of the Devolution settlement … all this and more is IGNORED by a compliant and complicit media .

    And even in Scotland’s Parliament there are so many people’s representatives who are complicit in seeing their own country’s reputation trashed , and indeed , for purely party political advantage , it appears will support those who wish to see our Parliament dissolved . There are no words to describe such Toom Tabards . The word traitor is a strong one , but it is difficult not to see the behaviour of some of these MSPs as nothing less than traitorous .

    Once WE are allowed to campaign again , with a visible presence on the streets , with leafleting and marches , then we can judge how the polls are moving . AT this time we are being bombarded with UK propaganda while not a whisper is said about the merits of independence .

    We are seeing unlawful use of taxpayers ‘ monies being pissed away in Union Units , which are not fit for purpose , while our Governor General , Jackass , is about to plaster the country with flegs to promote the UK – that’l work !

    These are dangerous times for Scotland . The UK establishment is worried , despite their bluster . They will use every dirty trick in the book – and THEY wrote it – to prevent their preciousssss Union collapsing around them . Sadly , they are being supported by people and parties in Scotland who do not see , or ignore , the wider danger .
    This is not and should not be a party political issue . This is our country whether you are right or left , Labour or Tory , even the LibDems have their place .
    But if the powers that are gathering against us have their way we will be subject to another 300 years of being that ” verminous Scottish race ” .

    • deelsdugs says:

      James Mills, agreed. The press are like magpies (and yes magpies do chap at windaes), watching, waiting, lurking for that crumb to exploit and yet, their hypocrisy and bullying is being used in their own headlines that the FM hates the press…

      I have a uni presentation to deliver on ‘pretending to be politician’ and ‘what further powers is my aim for my small island’, well my small island is a country within an island that really needs its independence, preferably a republic, and to have unbiased press and broadcasting that promotes and works with the nation and its people, not against it.

      Ideas welcomed folks!

    • Nick Splinter Smith says:

      Well put….For what it’s worth, I’ll add that there is much more at stake. The British Empire, founded and staffed by the result of the 1707 union, was a world-beater(literally)….spawned other wannabe Imperialists from Europe and afar, France, Belgium, Germany, America, Russia and so forth, resulting in WW1(just when the home rule bill was waltzing it’s way through parliament – now we have a very popular movement+Covid, I ask you?!). The absolute END of that era is now on the doorstep, chappin’ – and all we have to do is open that 300-year-old door and step through into a different, and imo, better world. The coast would be cleared of so many gnarly historical issues e.g. as we see in the City of London PLC. Tory crony-ism, rabid Capitalism, etc The way would be clear for properly progressive fiscal policy centred on ‘Domestic Capital’ – a healthy, happy population with the finest Healthcare, Social Care, Education, Equality and Justice available in northern Europe and all riding on top of Universal Basic Income. With only 5.5/6 million souls living here, the sums are not as complicated as they are for our southern neighbours with 10x the population…but that’s their problem, not Scotlands’, however much they try to insinuate that it is somehow ‘Our’ fault, or our nature, that we are bitching so hard against them….Independence for Scotland is important for the rest of the world.

    • shemorvena says:

      Well said

    • Well put, James.
      This, from JFK.

      “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

      We are at the end of our tether.
      Glenn Campbell lurking ith shadows on the outer wall of Holyrood slavering exstatically in anticipation of the Fall of Sturgeon was a pathetic sight.
      They are terrified. They’ve tried their worst, but it has merely galvanised support for independence.

  13. And now it happens just like we all knew it would.

    Nicola Sturgeon brow beaten because she decided that to be safe and put people in quarantine on arriving in Scotland on flights from overseas .
    She tried to persuade England to do the same.
    England refused
    Flights into Scotland from England controlled by england

    Boris Johnston sneers at the suggestion that if England allows people to fly into English airports from overseas without quarantine they could get around and bypass Scotlands quarantine efforts by flying into Scotland from those English airports
    Guess what ? Exactly that has happened

    A few people came to Scotland at the start of this month to work
    Flew brazil to london touching down in paris first
    On arrival in london they got a different flight to aberdeen
    They have covid the more virulent brazilian covid which apparently spreads quicker more easily

    They did quarantine themselves for ten days then got ill and tested
    Scottish NHS are now trying to trace the people they have come into contact with to get them tested too and to try and stop the spread

    Just like Nicola Sturgeon said and just like we all knew would happen the idiocy of Boris Johnson refusing to cooperate with necessary and essential quarantine has brought a new dangerous variant of covid19 to Scotland this is what happens when another country controls governance of your country they can make stupid decisions you dont agree with and put your people your family and friends lives at risk

    • Jonathan Marshall says:

      Totally agree with that comment… but the Scottish Government shouldn’t go down the British line of fleecing travelers… rather they should offer a fair rate to quarantine. That also helps people choose to obey the rules rather than try to get around them. After testing it cost about £2000 for an individual to stay for 10 days in a hotel… at that price, I fancy a few of Bojos friends must have their fingers in the pie.

  14. Maggie Noakes says:

    Seconded 100%.

  15. Capella says:

    All this was meant to happen last year. High placed unionists were whispering “She’ll be gone by April” and it was the AS nonsense that was to be the cause. Well, COVID intervened and the FM’s status and popularity have helped push support for the SNP and Independence well over the finishing line. Yes there is a bit of flatlining atm, but after Wednesday we should be better placed to park this tedious nonsense and get on with campaigning. My Branch certainly is.

    We all know now who the enemies of independence are. Some of them are masquerading as pro indy bloggers, some were posing as pro indy journalists. We have never been fooled by Westminster unionist politicians. The gloves are off.

  16. Ken says:

    Everyone is sick and tired of the ridiculous ‘Inquiry’. What a load of absolute nonsense. Just beyond belief. Another waste of time and money which could be better spent.

    There are people dying and in poverty This farce just goes on and one. A prima donna elite more worried about their egos than helping other people. Get over it with for goodness sake.

    Get back to the real world and reality. That is why they were elected. Everyone has an opinion. Just get over it. Move on. There are far more important matters which need to be attended.

    The unelected culprits will be held to account at the Court of public opinion. Even though their names do not come out. There is a person in prison for months for a deleted tweet. That is just too harsh. Offensive.

    • andyfromdunning says:

      I agree with your sentiments Ken but you have ignored some proven facts. This inquiry has to happen in my opinion as so many people at the top of the SNP, Judiciary and Civil Service are implicated and must be found innocent or guilty.

      As an example in Salmond’s civil case the plug was pulled by the Scottish Government because some documents were requested. Why, if their is nothing to hide.

      I am not an SNP member and have no specific ‘love’ for Alex or Nicola. I do respect them both.

      • Bob says:

        As do i and would want to be clear the increase in polls for Independence have been shown to come mainly from Brexit happening and not from the actions of any one person. As it should be.

      • grizebard says:

        There are no “proven facts” besides the court judgements, all this other stuff involving the institutions you mention is little more than baseless innuendo and conspiracy theory picked up and promoted way beyond reality by BritNats because they have nothing better to offer. Nothing. If the raw politics underneath offends your sensibilities, well, it’s a rough old trade at times, so either accept it for the imperfect beast it is, or occupy yourself with something more pleasing and productive instead.

        As Paul rightly says, just let this damn thing go. There’s an election coming up. It’s win or bust. The BritNats know it. It’s high time we all did too.

  17. I wish this thing were properly described. That would go a long way to keeping a lid on the sectarianism Scots seem to find any excuse for expressing. It is NOT the Salmond/Sturgeon affair. It is a parliamentary inquiry into why the Scottish government drew up legislation with such haste that it would never pass legal scrutiny, and that was indeed withdrawn in the light of a judicial review. One of the people called to give evidence to this inquiry claims that documents that support his case are being withheld by the government, and it seems quite clear that there are indeed documents being withheld. We need to see these and listen to the man’s evidence. Otherwise nothing is going to change. Until this process plays itself out, we are going to have to put up with lots of bullshit from very many directions. In the meantime, the committee of inquiry continues and until such time as it reports, then nobody should say anything. Not that what I have to say will make any difference to the knuckledraggers and populists.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Not really, it’s not an inquiry into the legislation, there wasn’t any, it was a process drawn up on which Salmond launched a judicial review on the fairness applied to him, and it’s the handling UNDER the process which is being investigated – or should be.

      To consider and report on the actions of the First Minister, Scottish Government officials and special advisers in dealing with complaints about Alex Salmond, former First Minister, considered under the Scottish Government’s “Handling of harassment complaints involving current or former ministers” procedure and actions in relation to the Scottish Ministerial Code.

        • yesindyref2 says:

          You’re welcome. Like you I like to see the truth, and people having different opinions about that rather than different “truths” to start with. When Salmond launched his crowdfund, I read the article in the National, thought he was unfairly treated by it and stuck in my ten quid, one of the first as it happens. It didn’t mean I thought he was innocent, nor that I was taking an early side – except for fairness, justice and truth.

          I do have a bias now, a little against Salmond, but I do try to fight it as he did do so much for Independence, getting a hugely successful minority government leading to even non-indy people voting SNP in 2011 to give an overall majority. Then carefully threading his way through Cameron’s attempts to steal the Ref for Westminster rather than Holyrood, and of course his winning double act with Sturgeon v Moore (a decent guy) leading to the S30, and Edinburgh Agreement.

          We have a lot to thank both Salmond and Sturgeon for. Indy is mainstream.

    • Iain Barker says:

      Total transparency would have been great from the first and is it too much to ask for. It seems that it is so far. I hope Swinney doesn’t lose his job because he is covering for others who don’t deserve such in my opinion.

  18. Clydebuilt says:

    I’ve got a sneaking suspiscion that the vast majority of people who post that

    1. They will never vote SNP
    2. Seek to Persuade others not to vote for the party.

    Never voted for the party in the first place.

  19. Hamish100 says:

    Nor want an election ever to test the will of the people

  20. P Harvey says:

    Well said Paul but take it easy on the work front
    We must all keep focussed on the Independence goal – and not allow others to deviate us from that . Whatever they say or do!

  21. Cam says:

    So glad you’re better, and back! YES to this, 100%

    I’m so tired of so-called Indy folk engaged in little more idiotic self-harm. And the unionist trolls are taking FULL advantage, as a visit to WoS demonstrates.

    • jfngw says:

      There may even be a couple on this thread, giving the impression of support but posting inaccurate information to the detriment of the SNP.

  22. JSM says:

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a now 60+ Female and commented:
    Here, here.

  23. Isobel Macrae-Wilson says:

    Hi Paul, Great to hear you are recovering.
    I was asked on a poll, if people, and I assume it was a UK-wide poll, I hope so!, anyway, asked if NS was a good leader and trusted in Covid management. Big percentage positive. So far so good, then asked if people thought she was a liar: and/or untrustworthy. Very alarmingly the tide turned to high levels of answers of yes to these questions.
    We all need to be far more careful about promoting indy, and the SNP for the upcoming election. The vile spoutings of the deranged keyboard warriors, sitting in the dark in their mammy’s backroom eating pot noodle and drinking heavy out a can make me afeared for the future, my grandchildren’s future, the future of our wonderful nation, and the future of the environment.
    I can only hope their knuckles drag so much on the pavements (collecting aforementioned “food & drink”) causes so much pain they cannot type! Fat hope!!
    Great to hear you, Paul, I had what you had many years back and it still makes me go cold, the thought that if I could not have to go to the loo for 20 minutes and more then I would be on the mend!

  24. Tatu3 says:

    What’s with this ” we must not assume she is innocent” business? Unlike you, andyfromdunning, I, and hopefully the vast majority of people, assume someone to be innocent until proven otherwise.

    • andyfromdunning says:

      I agree, I did not intend to imply she was or is. I simply believe that this show and its acrimonious effects will not go away until the answers are found out.

      I am a 100% yesser and have voted for the SNP from 2007. I can say that so far I have converted 29 people to vote Yes since 2014 plus tried to influence as many as possible on street stall etc. I am on the steering group of my local Yes group. I tell you this to show I am on the Yes and SNP side.

      You are to sensitive to my comments. Apologies if you pick out an unintended meaning.

  25. Alistair Donaldson says:

    Good to see your writings again and hope you continue to make a full recovery from your recent problems.

    I am not swayed by this NS / AS kerfuffle and will most certainly be voting SNP 1 and 2 in May, having quite recently rejoined the party.

    Regarding my votes – this morning I received a letter from the party advising that I should consider a postal vote on this occasion. I prefer to vote in person but wonder why postal voting is being pushed at this time. Any thoughts?

    • raineach says:

      it’s in case of a covid issue – if you test positive you wouldn’t be able to vote in person, ie not at all

    • raineach says:

      It’s because of Covid. Were you to test positive the week before the election you would not be able to vote in person. in other words you would not be able to vote

      • Alistair Donaldson says:

        Thank you raineach. I was thinking perhaps in case we were all banned from appearing in person, doh! I expect I’ll have had my second vaccination by then but it is still worth further thought. I think we’re going to need all our votes to be certain.

  26. fionamacinnes says:

    Thankyou Paul.
    It will help if all of us refuse to provide oxygen where it is fanning flames.
    we can all aspire for a better country, better behaviours, better institutions, – if there have been mistakes we will learn, not suffocate in ever decreasing circles of blame and revenge.That is the point of us governing ourselves – to do it better.
    like today – if ever an argument was needed for full and unilateral control of Scotland’s borders in the name of public health protection, we are instead like sitting ducks at the behest of johnson’s UK policy which has enabled the Brazillian covid variant right into the North East of Scotland.

    • They’ve also done a deal to import Brazilian steroid beef into the UK, and 500,000 GP patients in the SE of England are now patients or should that now be ‘end users of a US Private Health Company.
      As we gear up for the campaign, Scotland’s Brexit UKIM Power Grab and the graft corruption and greed of the Jock Brit Nat imperial functionaries should be laid bare, loudly publicly and over the real media, the blogosphere.
      How’s the seed potato industry going down in B-Lister Union jack’s neck of the woods?
      We rip their lungs out.
      We convince waverers by broadcasting the truth, and attack the liars.
      It is war, not playground banter.
      I suggest that every pensioner in Scotland receives a leaflet setting out the pension rates in the 27 countries in Europe, comparing with the WM starvation pittance, with a pledge to level up rates to a EU average might be a start.

  27. Ulfisch says:

    Why is no one stating the blindingly obvious: this is a carbon copy of the Cambridge Analytica vs Clinton campaign.

  28. Joe McDonagh says:

    Well said sir.

  29. duncanio says:


    I don’t believe that I have ever posted anything on here that you or other posters have taken issue with or found offensive.

    However, I must confess that I have found some of the FM’s recent pronouncements and behaviour deeply disturbing. I’ll say no more.

    From what you’ve said that view (mine) is most probably not welcome on your blog so, given this and, I will take my leave.

    I have always respected your efforts regarding Scotland’s Cause and I wish you all the best.

  30. robert harrison says:

    They are desperate cornered animals this is why we got to be extra vigilant against the English rule brigade and there lackeys here in Scotland they will use any dirty tactic they can they know if they dont they will lose for sure as theyve nothing postive to say about this English dictatorship imposed on Scotland or what they’d do in this situation.

  31. Old Pete says:

    Hello and goodbye duncanio, maybe ” Shite over Scotland” will be more to your taste.
    Good article Paul, glad you are feeling a bit better.

    • andyfromdunning says:

      Your attitude is wrong. Duncanio is entitled to have a view different from you. Can I suggest the tone of your statement is inflammatory which Paul is trying to stop. This blog would be dull if it was all love all things SNP no matter what the party proposes.

      • Old Pete says:

        Have you seen the garbage that the “Bathman” is pumping out these days Andy. I’m fed up reading all the innuendo from his acolytes and have no doubt they were one.
        SNP 1 and 2, possibly Green 2 if you must. We need to win as big as possible, not voting OR voting any other way is simply supporting the enemies of Scottish independence.
        FM will put this nonsense to bed on Wednesday then full throttle towards victory and the “dream will never die ” of Scottish Independence.

  32. Macart says:

    That was very well said Paul.

  33. I couldn’t agree more with the sentiments expressed in your piece, Paul. ALL that matters is Independence. These ridiculous squabbles can be resolved when that has been achieved. I might add that regarding Nicola and her “shortcomings”, outside of Britain she is VERY highly regarded and people suffering the pandemic in other countries, like Canada where I reside, heartily wish that they had a leader of her calibre rather than what we have actually got!

    Glad you are feeling better now.

  34. yesindyref2 says:

    Oh well, one of these little details in articles you don’t cop on to at first:

    It comes as the party launched its digital weekend of action urging activists to share a digital leaflet with 20 other people – potentially reaching 2.5 million voters.

    Now, if that’s talking about SNP members and you divide 2.5 million by 20, it would seem you get the SNP membership numbers – same number as expected. Simple maths, not dodgy stuff claiming the SNP are losing 80,000 members every week!

    • Capella says:

      With the aid of a calculator I make that 125,000 members. They’ve gained 5,000 over the past 5 years. Great 🙂

      • raineach says:

        membership of my branch has been fairly stable for a couple of years now and I’ve heard nothing different across Edinburgh, so the ‘leaving in droves’ stuff is just nonsense

    • Alex Clark says:

      Well spotted and implies around 125,000 members.

  35. exile says:

    Paul, I’m glad you’re on the mend. Thank you for this article, with which I agree wholeheartedly.

  36. Malcolm Pate says:

    Interesting comments and we are getting nearer to Election time.
    My opinion for what it’s worth is that these Unionists the Jackie Baillie and crew are not going to end this inquiry soon as they will keep it going right up to End of April and keep on stirring it. I dont know how to end it but we need some cool heads to come up with answers.
    Let’s encourage all our friends and families to get the Independence message out for victory in May.

  37. Bob Lamont says:

    Well said Paul…

    MSM do what they’ve consistently done on Scottish affairs, lie with aplomb, what target they have among Scots voters is secondary to reinforcing the “subsidy sponger” story embedded with so many English voters. That’s what makes HMS Sarah Smith’s job so difficult, nobody believes a word they say after their incontinent pigeons saga and the awful Kirsty Wark re-trial….

    Yet what I find striking is the variety of polarised opinions which are resolute that A, B, C etc is the main issue, and echoes of Brexit… ?
    In the Brexit campaign (as we now know) they used targeted messaging via social media etc in conjunction with MSM messaging to convey a reason for everyone to agree something had to be done, each with their own particular “hobby-horse” such as the fishing industry now facing ruin but at least they know they know now they are not selling “happy British fish”, wha, guffaw, wha.

    A few have cited GRA, currently shelved as it is in WM, others the conspiracy of a “tin-pot dictatorship, but it begs the question why at this particular time it is such a big issue in Scotland ?

    I’m in no doubt whatsoever that insidious games are being played here with people’s sense of reality – When the very real possibility of Independence is staring us in the face and we debate a shelved GRA, a failed SG process which an Enquiry is examining, what’s next ? The Weather ?

    Let’s get Indy done, anything else can wait..

    • Legerwood says:

      Not only do they debate a ‘shelved GRA’ but they don’t even acknowledge that there is already a GRA act in place and it has been in operation for 15 years. Instead they constantly give the totally misleading impression that GRA is solely a Scottish/Gov policy dreamed up out of the blue. When in fact it is reform of an existing Act which was recommended by a House of Commons Committee.

    • Alec Lomax says:

      Last night I listened to a recording on a blog yesterday by a self-proclaimed Independence supporter. He was talking to a prominent woman from the Yes movement. Two thirds of the content of the discussion was about bad Nicola and good Alex.The other third was about the GRA, which they both oppose. I’m beginning to wonder what planet thees people are on. The UK has a covid death toll of 120,000. Then there’s the economic and social disaster that is Brexit, not to mention the coming election, one of the most cruciial in this country’s history yet the most important matters to this pair is the Salmoind inquiry and GRA !

  38. jfngw says:

    Is the rumour true that when Boris Johnson heard there was a ‘Brazilian Variant’ he became a wee bit excited.

  39. Movy says:

    Great to have you back Paul.
    I so agree with you.
    I am sick to the back teeth of the Salmond affair but nothing will stop me from voting for indy.
    But the SNP must get their act together and move it on.
    May is their last chance..

  40. maolbeatha says:

    Is that not what we do?
    We take on foes bigger then us and go down with “valiant effort” or when all the stars align to grant us victory. we then turn on ourselves to make sure we don’t, you know, actually win!.

    Culloden repeated ad infinItum! Confused marching through the night then taking on Cumberlands army with a fair amount of Scots in their ranks and getting hammered.
    Mind you that’s after getting as far as Derby with the English king about to run and then we turn on ourselves and turn back.
    We cant have us all working together and actually achieve our goal now can we!!

    Are we in Derby now? Metaphorically speaking.

    Still that is ancient history and all that. Mind you learning from history is the only way to have any hope of predicting the future, at least to some probability.

    The NS vs AS vs LE etc ( and whomever else is supposedly mixed up in this, whatever the hell it is) is about the worst thing that could have happened, well maybe not THE worst thing but it has happened at about the worst time.

    The timing easily feeds conspiracy theories and god knows we have enough of them.
    I hope that NS is not involved in some conspiracy to nail AS, I still haven’t heard a motive that seems plausible.
    I hope some of the most potent bloggers we have haven’t let personal grievances and prejudices cloud their judgement. We ALL have prejudices.

    I hope AS is fairly treated as he was found not guilty of all charges.
    Well you know how much practical use hope is.

    Some seem to proclaim that we should be a pure as the driven snow and hold a moral code no man since Jesus could live up to, anything less than this means the end of the movement until we reach this standard!
    Grow up ffs. Rationalising much?

    Fight clean if you can fight dirty if you have to. Just fight and win.
    There are no saints here.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have read both sides and become convinced by both sides as I read them, so much so that my head hurts to the point at which I would say “just shut the F@@K up and get on with what you are meant to be doing!”
    People hold grudges, they pet them, tend to them, feed them until they can be unleashed when they make the most mischief.
    Personal short term points with no thought on the greater goal, as long as I score MY points. Justified in a hundred different ways.

    There are many of NS policies that I disagree with, I have had my fill of political correctness, snowflakes and compelled speech. Politeness causes me to say nothing but there comes a point when people say what they really think.
    Being offended is not a method to justifiably stifle free speech.
    I do not agree with what you are saying but I defend your right to say it.
    You may not like what I may say but that does not give you justification to try and stop me saying it.
    The SNP’s stated aim aligns with my desired outcome.

    AS was not as popular as NS with such a broad range of people. He was kind of marmite in that way. I liked his gallus manner, others saw him as smug.
    But NS wouldn’t be where she, or the party is, without AS. Both have been vital to the goal.

    NS has broader appeal and it shows in the numbers.
    AS was more bold. He was reckless opponents cry!
    NS is more cautious. She will never go for indy opponents cry!

    What is the truth of it all?
    I don’t know, How could anyone know what is in a mans heart?

    Having so much pent up energy with no focus is dangerous, It needs a focus and then all that energy looking for release, and spilling out all over the place, becomes directed at one enemy, one goal, one purpose.
    The devil makes work for idle hands, Tongues and Keyboards too it seems.

    This has caused quite a split in the movement. People are becoming entrenched, have become?, in their camps. Reason is put down by visceral drivers.
    How do we cure that?

    If I were Johnson et all I would be loving this, stoking it, adding fuel to the fires, looking to capitalise on it in any way I could. I cannot fault the actions of he and his acolytes,

    We need a point of focus. A clearly named indy ref 2 date would do nicely.
    We need to heal the rifts. A not guilty verdict for NS and a public reconciliation between NS and AS would do. Oh and firing Leslie Evans couldn’t hurt either. Too petty? I am only human!

    Any chance of either of those things happening? I have no way of knowing.
    Maybe there is some point to hope after all?

  41. Statgeek says:

    “You can vote as you please but when you try to persuade other people not to vote SNP”

    Back in 2013, as a fairly undecided (soft Aye in the heart), I started seeing what all the fuss of Twitter was. I had never bothered with it previously. I came across some likeable personalities here and there, and given that I was looking for Indyref opinions, there was a bit of a difference of opinion.

    Over time, I came to the conclusion that Indy was the way forward. Well when this one (previously neutral sound) guy heard that, he was telling me that a vote for Indy was a vote for disaster for everyone and their dog, and it would be the end of days, and the NATs would ruin everything.

    Later on, I discovered he was some sort of European travelling photographer, who relied relied on a lot of business South of the border, and HE needed the union.

    One example of dozens of people since then that tell of doom and gloom, but have yet to declare their own personal interest in the union, but cannot make the case outside of that personal interest. I would have a lot more respect for an individual, if they said “I’m well off, and the union is good for me, so I’m voting Naw.” That’s honest and fair.

    The reason I tell this story is that some of the Salmond/Sturgeon crowd are starting to sound like this guy. I’ll be closing my ears to all, and listening very carefully to what the media don’t ask the unionist politicians, and what good things they don’t report on.

    I’ll be SNP 1, and will see how the lie of the land looks on the run up to decide vote 2. If Constituency polling for SNP drops, it makes sense to vote SNP 2 for extra list votes. But it’s a regional decision, and simple seat calcs won’t make much difference for 95% of voters.

  42. BBC interviewing people in heathrow airport who are complaining that they have had to wait for up to seven hours to get through border control on arriving at heathrow airport.

    One said she had to go to vienna for an operation on her leg , wait , dont they do operations on legs in england ?
    Another said they went to germany to visit their parents who live there , hang on , so i have gone through christmas and new year not seeing my family son ,daughter in law , grandchildren, they live just ten miles away but could just as well be a thousand miles away we are in lockdown no visiting allowed but here we have a person taking risks travelling overseas and putting other people at risk and then they travel back to england when its known that england has the highest covid deaths rate per million innthe whole world.

    Give me strength

    These people are selfish , blind to the common good , there are lots like them
    The three brazil variant infected people in Aberdeen who travelled from Brazil to Heathrow via paris then got a separate flight from Heathrow to Aberdeen and now find that they have got covid19 and its the brazil variant that they have got so they have selfishly brought a killer infection across the world ,WHY ? They came here to work !! Really ? Really ? This is crazy who is their employer in Aberdeen , how dare they do this bringing workers from across the world at this time knowing full well that Boris Johnston has enabled a living disaster allowing people to bypass Scottish governments quarantine measures by flying into England and then getting a separate flight to Scotland no questions asked .
    Ridiculous , crazy , people involved deserve punishment for risking the lives of unsuspecting
    others ,you can be sure these three did not travel to Scotland wearing a t-shirt saying
    “ just flew into scotland from brazil”

    People they mixed with , travelled with , passers bye will have been put at risk .

    • Alex Clark says:

      You are aware that there are Aberdeen based companies who own ships that work all around the world in the Offshore industry and many of the employees on these ships are from Aberdeen?

      We also have many Scottish owned ships crewed by people from overseas who service the North Sea oil platforms and do construction work. If we don’t let them in, them the rigs will need to be shutdown. I doubt that’s a good idea.

      • Golfnut says:

        Crews are tested Alex though probably not as often as they should be.

        • Pogmothon says:

          Ok Alex and Golfnut a little more sense and thought thank you both.
          Some info for the rest of us.
          Scots work in the oil industry all over the world as do other nationals.
          Generally there are 4 ways from Scotland to Brasil and back Edinburgh to Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt or London any of the first 3 can also involve a change of plane in england (usually london).
          All of this international travel can I am sure now a days be made in a covid compliant manner. Travelling from your rig or ship to the heliport and from the heliport to Rio de Janerio international airport is usually completed in your own crew bubble.
          The problem IMO is Macae heliport getting from the helicopter to the crew bus is like going through a tube train station pre-covid.
          At this point everyone of the crew is 16hrs or less from a Scottish destination.
          Remember these people have been away from home and family for 4, 6, 8 or possibly 12 weeks they were clear of any infection for all of that time right up to when they started to travel.
          In short what started as a possibly crew change of 20 people would have possibly 12 leaving Brasil, out of that 8 to 10 arriving in Europe, from that 5 to 7 arriving in the whole UK with 3 to 4 in Scotland. As a result of this scenario it is possible that all of the Brasilian strain lately in the UK came from a single contact in Macae.
          So before anyone else starts pillorying the individuals involved as, “Careless, evil bas**^ds” you need to understand the possible vectors for this contamination.
          And people who have spent a considerable length working abroad covid free did not grab some of it and jump on a plane out of spite.

  43. SNP both votes from me

  44. JMD says:

    There’s an item about halfway down the homepage saying that support for independence has dropped below a majority level citing the SNP AS/NS row as why. Also another item from G. Galloway who says that we’re all absolutely hooked on it and can’t get enough reporting about it. I didn’t bother actually reading either article

    I don’t know if that’s factually true about a drop in support to below majority level but while RT isn’t institutionally biased against Scottish independence it has become obvious to me over the last few years that they hardly understand sweet fa about it (most of their uk reporters are home counties types typically ignorant of such matters) and seem to have a habit of just copying stuff from “other sources” when they don’t have a proper handle on it themselves.

    Anyway personally I couldn’t care less about the AS/NS thing one way or another, seems rather obvious to me that we have far more important things to deal with right now and I wish someone with the right kind of influence would make that very clear to all concerned. If this bullshit is spreading on to the RT homepage then there’s already a big problem with it.

  45. Golfnut says:

    One issue that’s conveniently forgotten regarding the process ( there were 9 drafts )which was put in place by Leslie Evans and signed off by the First Minister, is that the FM was barred from any involvement in whether action should be initiated against former Ministers. She was absolutely correct to accept such a condition, imagine the furore if she had been asked to sanction action against say a former Libdem or Labour Minister. Nicola only has the authority to act against current and former Ministers from her own administration. AS predates Nicola’s administration, she could not and did not interfere in the process initiated against AS. When she found out is irrelvant, because she could have done nothing to either expedite the process or stop it. The buck stops with Leslie Evans.

  46. Malcolm H says:

    Are we sure that the latest poll showing a drop in SNP inculded the 16 to 18 year olds? Some polls don’t.

    • Malcolm H says:

      Goodness me; dyslexic fingers!

    • Capella says:

      Scot Goes Pop is always worth checking after a poll because James Kelly goes through the data sets for any hints about the outcomes. But this time he doesn’t mention whether 16 – 8 year olds were included. That probably means they were.

      However, the poll was a Survation poll for the Daily Mail so the questions may well have been slanted to provoke a poor SNP response.

      As ever, I think it’s likely that Survation are slightly underestimating the SNP on the list vote and slightly overestimating the Greens, simply because of the way the question was asked…

      Talking of questions, looking through the list of supplementary questions in the tables, it’s not hard to see what agenda the Record/Mail were pushing and what results they were hoping to be able to report

  47. Alba Laddie says:

    It’s only the terminally gullible who’ll be swayed NOT to vote SNP in the forthcoming election by the white noise of the Alex Salmond/Nicola Sturgeon who said what to whom faraggo. It’s a damp squib to this disinterested onlooker, and while it’s damaging short term, it’s close enough yet far enough away from May 4th not to be too damaging, as long as the rammying stops once Nicola Sturgeon deals with the political eunuchs such as Cole Hamilton, Bailie and Turdo next week. It’s coming soon for a’ that folks, so KEEP THE HEID.

    • Clydebuilt says:

      Aye But . . . . What percentage are these “terminally gullible” . . . .we are playing with fine margins here . . . . . A wee chip here a wee chip there . . . . . It all adds up . . . That’s there strategy

      A one party state
      The GRA reform
      Scotland isn’t ready to be independent. etc,

      Whatever your possible concern. . . . They have a lie to bolster your doubt.

      This is why discipline is so important. The Yoons hate the discipline the SNP have possessed over the years.

      This is where false flag posters come in, tearing up their SNP membership claiming the parties leadership don’t want Independence.

      • Alba Laddie says:

        So that’s where a calm head like Mike Russell takes a lead who can eviscerate any hysterical Yoon with one of his eloquent acidic put-downs. I’d like to see him front and centre after NS clears her name next week (as i’m confident she will).

        This “show trial” as the MSM likes to paint it, isn’t cutting through in my humble opinion, and SNP just have to hold their nerve instead of as Paul puts it succinctly stop rammying with each other.

        • Clydebuilt says:

          Mike Russell. . . . One of our best, standing down at this election. As is Jeane Freeman, Apart from Philipa Whitford I don’t see equally capable replacements.
          MR and JF are MSP’s with Philipa based at Westminster, she can’t step up.

  48. Arthur Thomson says:

    First and foremost Paul, thank you for your post but I hope you aren’t pushing yourself too hard. We all want you fit and well.

    With regard to some of the comments above, I am livid at the innuendo regarding the FM and the Holy Wullie criticisms of the SNP by people who aren’t members of the Party. What a joke – Brexit revisited. “I don’t want to be in the organisation or pay the subs but I have a right to determine how it functions.” Aye right.

    Nicola Sturgeon has done more to further independence than any other leader in my lifetime – and I have been an SNP member since 1964. She is also the most astute leader in that time. I say that as a continuing SNP member.

    But the fact that she is a woman is too much for some people. More than that, the fact that most of her detractors generally have the testicles but she has the balls is just too much for them to cope with.

    She has given short shrift to anyone who has challenged, by word or action, her vision of how independence will be achieved. That is exactly what is needed in a leader but it isn’t popular with those who think they are owed something, people for whom the opportunity to work for their country’s independence isn’t enough. And so they parade their sense of superiority and mutter dark words about this woman of “doubtful virtue”. They damn her with faint praise and behave like the juveniles (or worse) they are.

    Get off Nicola’s back and give her the unequivocal support she needs. The Salmond pantomime that the Brits have engineered will never go away because the Brits will not allow it to and neither will the fifth column – some of whom come here to spread their poison.

    BUT it doesn’t matter a damn provided that we treat it with the utter contempt it deserves and get solidly behind the SNP. I am absolutely confident that that is what those of us who genuinely want independence are going to do. Anyone who is spreading doubt at this time is working for the Brits, knowingly or foolishly. Don’t give them the benefit of the doubt – they are working for the other side whatever their claims to the contrary.

  49. Jayne Calderwood says:

    Totally agree with you. I am so sick of all the bickering.

  50. epicyclo says:

    The real enemy are those who are trying to keep radio silence about the NS/AS scandal.

    Do you really think that the BritNat media are going to use this to slaughter us in the polls come the election?

    That is why we are making noise about it now. We need the SNP to clean house urgently if we are to have any hope.

    If we don’t go in to the election with clean hands, then “we’re doomed”.

    We need to make sure every person possible gets to the polling station and votes for independence. Right now there’s people I know talking about abstaining. If you know anyone like that, don’t let them waste their vote, I suspect we’ll need every last one of them.

    • weegingerdug says:

      No – The real enemy are the Tories and their british nationalist allies – referring to other independence supporters as “the real enemy” is part of the problem not the solution.

    • James Mills says:

      ”The real enemy …”
      The real enemy is anyone who thinks that an argument between NP two politicians is more important that severing links with the most grotesque , corrupt UK Government since …ever !

      Wake up , Scotland and see what this mob are doing to us , Scots ( and the poor English and Welsh ). At least the GFA gives the Irish a way out .

      Any complaint people have with the way the Scottish Government is being run pales into insignificance when compared to Boris’s Bungling B*stards down in Westminster .

      If you want another 300 years of being ridiculed/patronised / demonised / ripped-off then by all means give us your excuses about how voting SNP 1 and 2 would somehow be at odds with your lifelong battle with GRA or whatever else is currently getting up your nose – and then f*ck off back to WoS , or the 77th Brigade canteen , or whichever Unionist Unit you escaped from .

      • James Mills says:

        NP – should read SNP ! Too angry at times to rite properley ! LoL !

      • Clydebuilt says:

        If you want another 300 years of being ridiculed/patronised / demonised / ripped-off then by all means give us your excuses about how voting SNP 1 and 2 would somehow be at odds with your lifelong battle with GRA or whatever else is currently getting up your nose – and then f*ck off back to WoS , or the 77th Brigade canteen , or whichever Unionist Unit you escaped from .


      • Fable says:

        Well said

    • Dr Jim says:

      Real Independence supporters wouldn’t be trying to prevent Independence using silly excuses about this law or that FM, laws come and go, are made and unmade, the other excuse about the FM is based on the notion that whoever is FM (Nicola Sturgeon at present) is immortal and will live forever so an entire country full of people should doom themselves to being governed like a colony of England until the end of time, it’s a lie and a pretty daft lie, and hopefully enough people will see through it quickly enough

      The next FM could have bad hair spots and walk funny, would they use that as an excuse, of course they would, that’s how ridiculous this excuse for an argument is

      When Scotland is Independent we get to govern and vote people in or out and because it’s us who’s deciding and not Westminster who’s imposing people upon us we rise or fall on our own decisions, at the moment Westminster is paying out a lot of money to keep imposing themselves upon us by sewing discontent and the of misinformation of doubt

      All we have to do is trust ourselves and not listen to this manufactured distraction from the end purpose

    • Statgeek says:

      “The Real Enemy”

      How about reversing it. Who are “your real friends”?

      The people that tell Scots they can’t? The people that tell Scots they’re too wee/poor? The people that ally themselves said people?

      I’ll keep on keeping on. The ‘real enemy’ is anyone voting to undermine Indy, regardless of their political leanings.

    • I curse the system that made many of my fellow Scots victims.
      Half a million Scots in Brit Nat engineered poverty just to be in their feckin’ Union?

      This anonymous post by an obvious Brit Nat agitator ‘epicyclo’ typifies the evil that stalks our land.

      I curse the Uncle Tams who through human greed and cruelty act as functionaries of the imperial British State, who would consign our land to eternal subjugation and exploitation by the English Oligarcy.
      May cannot come quickly enough.
      SNP 1 & 2.

      When Willie Rennie, Baroness Davidson, or will it be the Linesman Dross leading the charge, and Anas The millionaire dentist,, flood our eager airwaves and Dead Tree Scroll columns with lies about the state of Scotland and how the UK Chancellor gave us billions of pounds of free money, they know that they are betraying ttheir country, in attempt to con us into believing that we are somehow an inferior race, a backward Third World failure, who should go down on our knees and thank the Almighty that we are carried on England’s broad shoulders.

      This must be the most strenuous campaign ever; we take no prisoners.

      Every breath they take, every move they make, we’ll be watching them.

  51. Tam the Bam says:

    Sorry mate… looks like you took the wrong turning for Bath.

  52. Tam the Bam says:

    Beat me to it Paul.

  53. Petra says:

    Talking sense as usual Paul however will the key toxic players, who are absolutely manic in their attempts to not just undermine Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP but totally decimate them and our chances of us getting our freedom, give up on Wednesday? No way, imo, this will go on until May 5th and continue until a referendum is held that is if we get the majority that we need to hold a referendum at all. If there are people out there that have a gripe about the GRA, HCB, or whatever, put it on the backburner until we get our independence and more than anything do NOT support the BritNat agents who are doing their utmost to gaslight people.

    And please listen to Paul’s advice when he says, ”It is crucial that we maintain our focus on what is important – making arguments for independence, and highlighting the hypocrisies and failures of the British nationalist parties – and that is precisely what this blog is going to do.” Too bad that other so-called Independence sites aren’t following suit and have no intention of doing so no matter who is, or becomes, the leader of the SNP.

  54. Hamish100 says:

    It’s quite simple,

    you vote SNP 1 & 2 or SNP 1 & Greens 2 if you are inclined.
    Get a postal vote. If you feel you are I’ll at the time and need to isolate you can still vote.

    We win the election and we move onto the next stage.

    SNP after the end of this week move onto electoral footing and let’s attack the tories record, labour and Lib Dem’s lies.

    The truth: the best people to govern Scotland are the people of Scotland.

    • grizebard says:

      That last sentence of yours, there it is in a nutshell. It’s sometimes the simplest of truths said simply that cuts through to the essential. Well said. All the rest is just a means to that fundamental end (like {ahem} winning elections!) or harmful diversionary froth.

  55. ScotsCanuck says:

    welcome back, Paul (i’m a wee bit back o’ your time zone) …. the words you write are SO true … whatever the “Rights or Wrongs of Sturgeon v Salmond” … our OBJECTIVE is still IDEPENDENCE …. we cannot blow this opportunity …. the May Election MUST return an SNP/Green Pro Independence Mandate … the alternative is oblivion for Scotland, we stand on the edge of the abyss & thus we must vote for the future …. failure so to do will consign our Country & People to the dumpster of history.
    I do understand the story lines of Machiavellian plots within the SNP Hierarchy against Alex Salmond …. but there must still be good people in the Party (and the greater Indy movement) … who say “our purpose is Independence for Scotland …. pure & simple !!!”

  56. ArtyHetty says:

    Great article, some great comments as well.
    Probably repeating myself, but I have started watching Indy car Gordon Ross’s YouTube channel news, ‘Scotland at 7’, title, Broadcasting Scotland. Really worth a watch, interesting guests on, give the channel a like, they get about 45 likes daily, per programme and it should be many more.
    Subscribed for a fiver a month, but it’s not obligatory. They need funds of course though, to keep going. Another deserving independence platform.

  57. Dr Jim says:

    Watching Piers Morgan this morning exonerating himself and the British English media from all blame and connection to Princess Diana’s death now working on the same thing in regards to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry should remind us of how the people of Scotland have always been treated in the exact same way, if you refuse to fit in with the way England dictates how you should be or exist England turns it’s full bigotry racism and superiority upon you, then when they’ve done their harm deny all knowledge and involvement because it was all your own fault you’re not one of them, and if you’re not one of them then you should leave *their country*

    Every time I see England at this I’m reminded of Donald Trump’s redneck Americans, if you’re not of us then you’re not a patriotic American, they like wars and wrapping themselves up in power flags as well

    • Jonathan Marshall says:

      No different from Biden, Dr Jim… he is now dropping bombs on Syria to the cheer of the MSN is the USA.

  58. […] latest refreshing words of reason and good sense in his blog article “The wake-up call” I can only comment that I wholeheartedly […]

  59. Hamish100 says:

    Didn’t see the programme but can imagine how Morgan shape shifts into different characters to suit the ruling mob at The Palace and Downing Street. When Trump is in the ascension he was over him like a rash ( metaphor), Capt Sir Tom…. full on promotion.
    The Mail, express Sun quoting the palace today attacking Prince Harry not to give an interview because his grandpappy is in hospital (interview already done) and shows the collusion between papers and wider news media. Have to say, I thought the duke of E had died when on the news last night Witchell ( that bloody man according to Duck of rothesy) was already sitting in the news room waiting to be interviewed ahead of things like COVID-19 , flying to Aberdeen from Brazil via France and England. Scottish governments fault it seems.

    I then realised that he wasn’t. No union flag waving in the corner at half mast, not rebellious Scots to crush theme tune, no black ties and of course if I was watching a Scottish football match ( remember them on stv and bbc Scotland ) it would have been cut off for the announcement. Cue someone at Buckie palace gates looking at a bit of paper.

    In fact let’s just cancel the Scottish election, didn’t the tories ask that after Princess Diana’s death who suffered under the Tory press barons hands.

    We will be to upset to cast our vote correctly in May,

    Thanks dr Jim— got me all going there and when I woke up I was feeling grand too!

  60. Ken says:

    The privileged family are a diversion and distraction.

    Morning TV is a diversion and distraction

  61. Petra says:

    Some good news for the BBC to report on today 😉.

    Mark McLaughlin:- ”The drop in Scottish hospital cases is now off the chart. Down a whopping 61 to 837 – one of the biggest overnight drops of the second wave. Forecasters did not expect cases to be this low until the end of March. The NHS battle against Covid is now a month ahead of schedule.”


    ”I discovered today that English registered political parties who have a Scottish branch can do this, but Scottish registered political parties can’t do the same to English parties. Basically, Scotland’s arms held behind it’s back, so England can punch with impunity.”

  62. Petra says:

    Better Together.

    ”Faslane to dump up to 50 times more radioactive waste in the Clyde.”


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  63. Ken says:

    ‘The Crown’ viewing might take them down. Leveson not implemented. Press corruption.

    The Scottish Gov cannot chose their officials freely. A list of 3rd raters with an allegiance to Westminster. Unequal and unfair. Illegal. Against the Representation of the People’s Act. Against the equal opportunities and employment Act. No taxation without representation.

    The Tories would not get a motion through the Scottish Parliament. They want to destroy it. Hypocrites, time and monies wasters.

  64. Petra says:

    Goodness, gracious me. The Tories are popular 😀.

    ‘George Galloway to vote Tory to try and stop Scottish independence.’


    ‘Anas Sarwar accused of jumping into bed with the Tories to create Unionist pact.’

    • Dr Jim says:

      If you look on James Dornan MSP twitter account you’ll find a picture of George Galloway campaigning with Nicola Sturgeon when she was young and Pat Kane of Hue and Cry in support of Scottish Independence around 30 years ago

      Probably before his principles had a monetary value

  65. Eilidh says:

    Great article Paul and good to see you back. I enjoyed your article in The National as well much more than Michael Fry’s. Sadly I am beginning to think the paper is turning into a clickbait haven. I see the BBC were getting in early with their propaganda re a letter released today about Scottish Government legal advice. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether I am living in modern day Scotland or an episode of the Expanse ( a dystopian Sci-fi show I have watched a lot of recently) I am uttetly sick of all the bickering within supporters of Indy Despite the FM and the party having their faults I will be giving both votes in May to the only party that has a chance of getting us Independence the Snp

  66. Capella says:

    A twitter thread from Richard Murphy on the national debt and how it doesn’t really exist. Useful to know for when they tell us Scotland will have a massive deficit or debt.

    Also useful to know those thieving, lying Tories (Blue and Red but mostly Blue) use austerity to keep us all poor and starve children. It serves no other practical function.

  67. Alba woman says:

    You are some man Paul ….back in action!

    I like Maya Angelou’s poetic words from ‘Still I Rise’…

    You may write me down in history with your bitter, twisted lies, You May trod me in the very dirt But still, like dust, I’ll rise.’

    Saor Alba

  68. Pogmothon says:

    Herllooo Peeps,

    Has anyone else noticed?

    But if we and the rest of the world listen to the wastemonster “Scotland has been Sectioned”.

    We used to be “To Wee, To Pair, To Daft”

    Well now were no even getting’ the pocket money they used ti gee us oot o’ the unopened pye-packet they took aff o’ us.

    Now their gooney tell us what wur pocket money’s ti be spent on. Incase we try tae spend it on stuff we think is important. An no the stuff they say is that important ye huvty rapp it up in a flag.

    Only a Country that’s been Sectioned would hav tae explain in fine detail what money they will use and how you will spend it before ye get tae live on your ayn.

    Only a Country that’s been Sectioned would have tae explain in fine detail how you will stay safe and protected without their legal guardians overseeing their well being.

    Any other Country could just simply say “what we do with our economy, what money we use, How we stay safe and propected” has nothing what so ever to do with you.

    Now are there two “Gees or is it two Effs” in Bugger Off”

    • Arthur Thomson says:

      Agreed. And it is our role to say that far and wide.

      The role of the FM is to use much more diplomatic and conciliatory language in order to bring the soft no’s onside.

      • Jonathan Marshall says:

        Disagree with that, maybe more time should be spent talking to the 15% that didn’t vote especially those who are disenfranchised and at present have no stake in society… if they all voted Yes we would win handsomely. In 2014. my view is if they voted No then they probably had vested interest to do so… as many of the EU nationals that lived here did. Unless they are directly affected by Westminister’s decisions. most are still most likely to vote No again… Although in the case of Britex now many of those you describe as soft No voters are directly affected by decisions made elsewhere so may vote Yes with no prompting from us. In the run-up to the 2014 election, one of my roles was working as a mentor to disadvantaged young people it shocked me, that over 70% of them were not going to vote in the election as they didn’t think anything would change. That’s where the YES family should be concentrating our efforts in every place people in Scotland have no hope.

    • Jonathan Marshall says:

      Follow the money…the projects that they choose to plaster Union Flags on all over Scotland, proving what they are spending money on us will be paid for by money that we already send them as tax take… it definitely won’t be extra spending or extra money if there is such a thing…although it will probably be sold as such for the gullible. So I guess we’re not poor small or too poor… but perhaps we are the other too part.

  69. jfngw says:

    It’s an interesting alliance now reading the coverage of the Lord advocate, we have an independence wing believing they can win independence by removing NS and the unionist believing they can stop independence and destroy Holyrood by removing NS. They can’t both be correct.

    Reminds me of the old song lyrics:

    A man hears what he wants to hear
    And disregards the rest.

  70. Dr Jim says:

    Well we’ve got the EIS teachers Union complaining about the FM, we’ve got the BMA complaining about the FM, Tories Labour Lib Dems all complaining about her, the press and TV media 24×7 insisting the FMs bad, pretend Independence Internet Websites scribbling half a dozen wee diatribes a day on how awful Nicola Sturgeon and her government is

    Anyone would think there’s an election coming up that could decide the future of Scotland

    What was that? Labour joins forces with the Tories? Oh I’m so terribly awfully shocked taken aback and surprised at this revelation that the Labour party are Tories

    How will we ever recover from these blows to our Independence dreams which are now bound to lie in tatters

    Kwasi Kwarteng Tory MP and business minister in Boris Johnsons cabal states that Independence is a matter for the people of Scotland not Boris Johnson

  71. Deborah Shearer says:

    I agree completely with blog, and I have to say, I no longer care at all who did what or said what to whom. The Salmond vs Sturgeon needs to stop, all it is doing is handing ammunition to the unionists. We should be focusing on getting independence, and anything else is a side show.

  72. astytaylor says:

    Scunnered is a great word, Paul.

  73. grizebard says:

    Profoundly mistaken, and you have your own negativist blog to say it in anyway (as you do ad nauseam), so why sneak this into an older thread here now? You certainly can’t be mistaken for a ray of sunshine, and at this most critical time forbye. You’ve very evidently lost your way, and I’m sad for you.

  74. Bob Lamont says:

    #WheeshtForIndy mob ?
    Idiocy ?
    Who created “wheesht for indy” ? I could almost guarantee it did NOT originate from Indy supporters…
    There’s probably more idiots than your cerebrally endowed self perhaps ?

    • weegingerdug says:

      Peter Bell had already been banned from this blog for being a rude pompous windbag. His new log in has now been banned too.

      • Bob Lamont says:

        You already had enough shit to deal with 🤣

      • Alex Clark says:

        He wasn’t of much use to increasing support for Independence anyway since he made up his mind that it should be him who should choose the date for a second referendum.

        If we had listened to him blowing his trumpet we would have lost.

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