Not feeling well

Hi everyone,

I’m really sorry but I’m not going to be able to get the blog done today and maybe tomorrow. Just after sitting down to start a piece this morning I developed a high temperature and a severely upset stomach. I had to get to bed whereupon I just passed out.

My other half Peter was diagnosed with viral gastro enteritis yesterday and now I seem to have picked it up too. I’m feeling very rough just now. Because Peter had a temperature the doctor wanted him to go for a covid test but thankfully it came back negative. He’s feeling a bit better today so hopefully I will get over this by the weekend, then I can get back to the blog.

Once again, sorry everyone.

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142 comments on “Not feeling well

  1. fionamacinnes says:

    Have a complete rest till you feel better – hope you both get over the bug.

  2. Aw poor you. A long time ago, my GP told me to drink lemonade or cola. Give it a wee stir to take some of the gas out, and then sip it. It should help settle your stomach. Stay warm. X

  3. JSM says:

    Paul, you don’t have to apologise for being ill. Please look after yourself and drink plenty of fluids. I hope you and Peter both recover very soon.

  4. P Harvey says:

    I’m sure I can speak for many of your followers Please take it easy Paul and look after yourself & yours

  5. Please take it easy, I’ve had that and it doesn’t do to fight it. We will need you in the months and years to come so preserve yourself! xxx

  6. marnie285 says:

    Hi Paul Sorry you’re not well, keep yourself safe and get well soon. Marnie (Leith SNP) ❤️

  7. Take it easy, both of you. There’s nothing really important happening today anyway.

    It’s probably the move which has weakened you both.
    Ca’ canny.

  8. Awww, so sorry. You’ve had it very rough. Hope you and Peter can rest up and just take care.

  9. Aileen Ford says:

    Aawww Paul, you & Peter are having a rotten time just now. Take care of yourselves. Don’t worry about the blog. We will all be here to read it, when you are better. Lots of sympathy & love Aileen x

  10. paulamrose says:

    Flipping heck rest up please pal – we need you both fit and well now no apologising and no worrying we’ll be here.

  11. strathedin says:

    *Sending powerful, positive healing vibes to your home! *

    *Bide safe… :-)*

  12. Michael M says:

    Sorry to hear that, Paul. Get well soon.

  13. Janice Gale says:

    Relax and get better.

  14. Ian Campbell says:

    Sorry to hear you’re both under the weather. Hear from you when when we hear from you.
    Take it easy 👍

  15. chocolass says:

    Big cyber hugs from Arran,Paul.
    Take it easy ,we’re all thinking of you and wish you a speedy recovery.

  16. James Ormiston says:

    Hope you feel better soon, take care both of you.

  17. mitch8061 says:

    Take care Paul, hope you and Peter feel better soon.  Pam MitchellPEO (Political Education Officer)Edinburgh Western SNP 

  18. Grace Chilles says:

    Look after yourself. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿❤️

    Sent from my iPad

  19. Marion Scott says:

    Hope you feel better soon. Take your time to recover properly.

  20. dorancaird says:

    Look after yourself. Hope you both recover soon.

  21. diabloandco says:

    Hope it’s a 48 hour thing and that you feel better very soon.

  22. grizebard says:

    Sorry about your indispositions, both of you. I can sympathise, our household here went through the same thing back a year ago. My take is to tuck up warm in bed, get as much sleep as possible, and let the temperature rip. Annie’s suggestion above makes a lot of sense – replace fluid and salts – though IIRC it was orange juice I took, but at a pinch even plain water with or without some sugar dissolved in it can help. Just start with a sip or two when you feel able. A boiled sweetie can also be good.

    The malady doesn’t seem to last too long, though, in a day or two you should be feeling a whole lot better.

  23. Arthur Thomson says:

    Forget everything except looking after yourselves. You matter to us.

  24. […] Wee Ginger Dug Not feeling well Hi everyone, I’m really sorry but I’m not going to be able to get the blog done […]

  25. Sooz says:

    Paul, just rest up. Do nothing. Sleep lots. You know the drill. Your health and wellbeing comes before everything else and you are precious to us. Hope it goes as soon as poss. xx

  26. Katie Nicol says:

    Wishing you both a speedy recovery. Take care and get well soon..

  27. Eilidh says:

    Sorry to hear you are ill. Look after yourselves both of you. I have had gastro enteritis before so know how horrible it is. Hope you feel better soon

  28. Legerwood says:

    Take care. Take plenty of fluids and, very important, take plenty of rest. This sort of thing can really take it out of you.

    Speedy recovery to both of you.

  29. tommccrory says:

    Get well soon Sir

  30. Alex Montrose says:

    Speedy recovery, thing are pretty quiet at the moment anyways.

  31. Bob Lamont says:

    No need for apologies whatsoever, the rest will do you both good, tempting though it is to observe shit happens, even in Ayrshire…
    I feel sorriest for the Tory, Bathistan and 77 agents chroniclers looking to swamp the place, they may have to spend their evening watching reruns of Nigel Mirage’s greatest hit…

  32. Skintybroko says:

    No need for an apology, hope you both gEt well soon.

  33. Jane says:

    No apology needed. Hope you’re both feeling better very soon.

  34. orcadia19 says:

    get well soon, hope you are feeling better already

  35. Mark Russell says:

    Good luck, Paul – look after yourselves. Perhaps time to look at new horizons – some things are more important that ideological and political causes. But take pride that your writings and wit provided much enjoyment and inspiration during a short time in Scottish history.

    In reality, any hopes of political independence ended when Covid appeared. We’re only a short journey down an existential threat to survival – the virus merely a catalyst – and the direction we need to focus is beyond politics. There’s a different tune; different words; different key – a very different focus.

    Not that you’ll be redundant! Get better, keep writing and polish that wit.

    You’ve just started…x

  36. Malcolm Pate says:

    Sorry to hear you are not well Paul. Take it easy and get well soon. Haste you back to full fitness.

  37. scotiahazel says:

    Sorry to hear both of you are unwell. Lots of fluids and rest for both of you. Your health is the most important thing you’ve got so you have to take care of it. We will all still be here when you recover.

  38. Janette Leck says:

    So sorry to hear that you’re both unwell 😢
    Take time to recover and come back to us when you feel well again xx 💞🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  39. Alex Clark says:

    Take it easy Paul, no one expects a post every day, that is crazy.

    When you have something to say that you think we will be interested in then you write it then. Get well soon.

  40. Alba woman says:

    So sorry to hear you are not that well. I find warm boiled water quite useful …comforting to the stomach. Just a wee setback..

  41. Interpolar says:

    Hang in there. We‘ll enjoy your blogs in due course, and all the more if everyone is well and settled. So take the necessary time to mend.

  42. Elmac says:

    Take care Paul and do what the doctors order. Gastro enteritis is nasty and, as someone said upstream, drink plenty of fluids to keep hydrated. Not sure if whisky or wine qualify!

  43. Mary Russell says:

    Limes squeezed and mixed with water. Lots of fluids. No food for as long as you can do without. Food only feeds the germ. Get well soon.

  44. Gordon Ross says:

    Drink loads and sleep loads nasty bug but sleeping means you miss nausea.

    Get well soon mate.

  45. andyfromdunning says:

    Oh dear, what a bummer.

    Plenty advice above. Take care Paul, Peter. No need to hit the keys for a while. Take a month off. By then the press will only be 25% about Eck and Nikla.

  46. Tam the Bam says:

    No wonder Paul…after 6 or so hours witnessing the Harassment Committee in action….I feel a bit unwell too.
    Never mind…Morton’s winning tomorrow!

  47. Clydebuilt says:

    Best wishes Paul. . . . .

  48. urapps says:

    get well soon

  49. Anne says:

    I’m sorry your both unwell. Take time to get better.
    You have had such a hard time lately. You are an amazing person.
    Hang in there and please know you are loved.
    Get well soon. xxx

  50. Old Pete says:

    Take care both of you and take it easy.

  51. Glasgow Gowan says:

    The best of health to all supporters of independence Paul

    Nicola must remain in excellent health and Covid free to be finally given the opportunity to tell the whole truth to the Salmond enquiry committee.

    The unionist majority committee was wrong to let Salmond appear before Nicola.

  52. Sarah Mackintosh says:

    Sorry you aren’t well, horrible having gastro enteritis. Get well soon, best wishes.

  53. Never mind us – you and Peter concentrate on getting well. Take care of yourselves.

  54. yesindyref2 says:

    Yes, plenty of water, bottled not tap. You might need to flush the tap water for some time if it’s been lying for a few weeks. Boil and let cool if no bottled. And when you’re able, disinfect everything.

    All the best. If it’s any consolation I fell flat on a step, heavy bruised my right foot, agony, ho humm can’t walk, hope nothing broke. Kids did an Amazon Prime trial walking stick to arrive later 🙂 It’s a surprise.

    Ah well, time to crawl off to bed (literally). This Independence thing is bringing me to my knees.

  55. ArtyHetty says:

    Get well soon both of you. There is no way readers would expect a return to daily articles, too much to ask of yourself as well. Take it easy, and worry not about writing until you feel much recovered.
    Plenty to keep us all occupied and discussing matters regards Scotland’s right to self determination, that’s for sure. 🙂

  56. Capella says:

    Whatever next! I have an early night and wake up to hear you’re both under the weather. IIRC GE is short lived. So I hope you are much better today.
    We will just talk amongst ourselves till you feel better. There’s plenty to say 🙂

  57. Tatu3 says:

    Sorry to hear you’re feeling a wee bitty unwell. Had a bout of gastroenteritis a couple of Christmases ago. Warm, flat Coca-Cola really does help. An old nurse in Tanzania gave me this good advice many years ago.

  58. Bob says:

    Get well soo, I know what that is like, not nice. Don’t worry about missing the Alex Salmond testimony as it is being comprehensively covered by other Independence Blogs and I look forward to reading your take on those proceedings when you are feeling better.

  59. Pogmothon says:

    Viral gastro enteritis


    1 No alcohol.
    (you’re dehydrated enough, and possibly hallucinogenic already)

    2 Do not take Iron Bru, Coca Cola, Lucozade etc, for at least 72 hours.
    (If/when you are leaking from every orifice. this is a natural reaction your body is trying to heal its
    self by removing the toxins).
    (Iron Bru & Coca Cola Lucozade will replace sugars and help solidify things).
    (Not what you want initially when it smells like a new baby’s nappy or you stop leaking you can
    start these drinks)

    3 Phone your local pharmacy explain the situation.
    (ask them to deliver enough oral re-hydration drinks for two people for 3 to 7 days).

    4 Contact the diagnosing physician explain the current situation to them.
    (ask if in their view it would be prudent to extend the antibiotic treatment to 2 patients).
    (If so could they please sent the appropriate prescription to the pharmacy you use above).
    (it doesn’t matter how good you feel after X days finish the dam course)

    5 Have food essentials delivered asap.
    (include dettol wipes and clean everything including yourselves.
    (Any and all part consumed food goes in sealed food waste bags to the outside bin).
    (from this point forward until complete recovery all food is new preparation or delivery)

    6 Use Covid guidance for any and all contacts outside of marital bubble.
    (if possible advise all contacts within the last 72 hours of the situation)

    7 Please accept my apologies for not reading of the current situation until not.

  60. Harry Andrews says:

    Sorry to hear this. Please look after yourselves.

    Harry Andrews Donna Weidenfeller 2/4 Howard St Edinburgh EH3 5JP T 0131 556 3946 M (H) 07887 535971 M (D) 07444 405197


  61. Arthur Thomson says:

    I hope you are feeling a wee bit better this morning lads.

  62. Petra says:

    Sorry to hear that you and Peter are suffering from viral gastro enteritis, Paul. Take care of yourselves and get back to us when you’re fully recovered from such a debilitating infection X

  63. Capella says:

    This will cheer you up. A poll with SNP on 70 seats (+7) from Britain Elects/New Statesman:

      • Capella says:

        Doesn’t that map look braw?. But what is wrong with Berwick?

        • Bob Lamont says:

          John Lamont ? Frankly I doubt he’ll survive the Brexit fallout despite the Statesman prediction, he only squeaked in by ca 5,000 on the Brexit scrum and it’s all gone to shit since…

      • grizebard says:

        Thanks for that. What I found particularly interesting was the “support for independence” graph, and how yes support dipped all the way through ’17-’19. Made me wonder what the people of Scotland were going through in that period, some kind of “futile decision” fatigue, a collective feeling of hopelessness and self-doubt after the right royal rogering we received from English Toryism and the accompanying barrage of “Scottish” media collaboration, perhaps?

        Whatever was happening then, clearly the nagging impatience many of us were beset with at the time was no reliable indication that imminent action on indyref was likely to be productive. We have to give due recognition of that plain fact. It’s clearly different now, thankfully. It seems that as so often before, it takes time and considerable inner reflection before Scotland is collectively prepared to take a big step. Now though we’re ready for the next one.

        • Capella says:

          It was a long slow slog through the BREXIT miasm with no guarantee that UK would actually finally leave until c June last year. One or two final turning points had to fall before minds were concentrated on the true horror of what awaits us in the ghastly union.

          The December 2020 election made it inevitable.

  64. Capella says:

    Nicola Sturgeon’s full reply to claim she broke ministerial code at Covid briefing

    Uncle Jim – Sillars – has accused Nicola Sturgeon of breaking the ministerial code by lodging a “sustained attack” on Alex Salmond during the Covid-19 conference. In The National:

    • grizebard says:

      Oh, more beating of the dead donkey by another of the usual suspects. You would think these sour old punch-drunks would take their own advice, and concentrate what remains of their waning energies on actually promoting what they claim to believe in: independence.

      Another 30-year stretch in HMP Britannica in order to sufficiently purify our thinking? No chance!

      • ArtyHetty says:

        Aye and well-done The Brits’ Trina horse the ‘National’ with their pile on as well…it’s like some sort of dystopian nightmare, can’t imagine what’s it’s like to be NS right now. Nerves of steel would b essential to say the least.

    • Bob Agassi says:

      Steven Seagull was right about this old fraud, Seagull was vilified on WoS at the time when he outed Sillars as Brit deep state, me included, but he was spot on with this.

  65. Lynn Fraser says:

    You both need to rest and relax and enjoy your new home for a while. Moving is stressful, especially on top of stroke recovery. We will all be here when you come back. Lynn

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

  66. mr charles m m mair says:

    You take care man.

  67. Gregory R Nunn says:

    Get well soon.

  68. Glasgow Gowan says:

    Paul get better before Wednesday at the latest.

    Nicola has not broken any code.

    Leslie Evans has not broken any code. Nicola wouldn’t have renewed her contract and given her a pay rise if she had.

    Nicola tell the whole truth and expose everyone trying to destroy you.

    • Petra says:

      ”Leslie Evans has not broken any code. Nicola wouldn’t have renewed her contract and given her a pay rise if she had.”

      I think that was a myth that was being bandied around elsewhere. I read that the Head of the Civil Service in London made that decision, Glasgow Govan.

  69. grizebard says:

    (Not taking the bait. Mr. Pish. Find other entertainment elsewhere, please.)

  70. Bob Agassi says:

    I’ll cut you a bit of slack since you’re pished but in the words of a well known American and oft repeated –
    It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt

  71. P Harvey says:

    Pushed done to excuse stupidity
    You are clearly an RSole!

  72. grizebard says:

    O/T but somewhat related, and on a positive note, for those who are interested. For the whole of February so far, the number of people hospitalised with Covid has decreased at the steady average rate of ~40 per day without slackening, and has not only bettered the pre-Christmas dip, it has also now gone below the 900 mark for the first time since 22.Oct. last (but this time going down not up).

    No doubt that at some point the current significant decline might begin to slow somewhat, but provided we all keep supporting our good governance, we will continue to keep winning.

    Blessings to all – high and low, in big ways and in small ways – who are helping make this happen!

  73. Molly McC says:

    Paul stay put! Bed rest and as was said elsewhere below the line…deliveries from the pharmacy etc.
    Get well….that’s all that matters
    Hugs 🤗❤️

  74. Capella says:

    Paul Hutcheon in the Daily Record:
    Former political heavyweight Alex Salmond failed to deliver knockout blow

    One of his most telling comments was overtly political: “The move to independence, which I have sought all my political life, and continue to seek, must be accompanied by institutions whose leadership is strong and robust and capable of protecting each and every citizen from arbitrary authority.”

    Or, “What we need is a strong leader”. Oh dear. He’s in great danger of becoming Trumpean.

    • They’re peddling the nonsense that Salmond ‘gave evidence under oath’.
      No he didn’t. He made statements, assertions, opinion, that,in his view, etc.
      He studiously avoiced perjuring himself by not answerring direct questions as to fact.
      Donald Trump with a jock accent.
      To quote Joyce, Salmond gave a ‘masterclass’ in saying nothing, screaming everything.
      He was ‘like the cat, sitting beyond the dog’s jump’.
      Salmond knew how far he could go without perjuring himself.

      There was no ‘evidence’; only a sad bitter old man playing out the agenda of his erstwhile sworn enemies.

      It is beginning to wither and die the ignominious death this tawdry little sex scandal episode warrants.
      He’ll get a book deal out of it, serialised in the Spectator.

  75. Capella says:

    Dani Garavelli in The Scotsman:
    Insight: The Alex Salmond inquiry and unpicking a tangle of disinformation

    Quite a detailed report e.g.

    Giving evidence to the committee, Salmond also engaged in some mental gymnastics. In his opening statement, he told members the legislation which prevented him from handing over evidence disclosed to him in his criminal trial – S162 of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010 – was never intended to be used to obstruct a parliamentary inquiry. He knew this for sure because the legislation was passed by his own government. Later, SNP committee member Alasdair Allan pointed out the original Bill *would* have allowed disclosure to a third party if the court agreed, but that this provision was later removed (as a result of amendments introduced by the then Justice Secretary MacAskill).

  76. Ken says:

    Alex will have to move on. There are plenty of opportunities open for him. If he needs funds. Just set up a fund raiser.

    The allegations are in the open now. Everyone knows what went on, The lies being told etc. Who the criminal culprits are. In the Court of public opinion they will be held to account. Get the ‘Inquiry’ over and done. Everyone is sick fed up of it. Everyone has an opinion on it.

    There are far more important matters to worry about. People are dying in a pandemic.Brexit ruining the economy. The Tory corruption and mismanagement.

  77. Alex Clark says:

    A Survation poll for the Sunday Mail has just ended the winning streak of 21 straight polls for Yes. This latest poll has No on 44% and Yes on 43% with undecided removed Yes and No are tied on 50% each.

  78. Clydebuilt says:

    Just heard Andrew Tickell on Radio Scotland . . . .

    1. The evidence of a conspiracy that AS says his solicitors have can’t be handed over due to legislation passed when he was FM
    2. Was very surprised that his solicitors didn’t appeal Lady Dorian’s decision not to allow this evidence / information to be used in his defence. . .
    3. Also thought that if there was evidence of a political conspiracy against AS that Lady Dorian would have allowed it to be used.

    This ain’t over yet.

    • Golfnut says:

      AS said during the hearing that there was no evidence that Nicola was involved in a conspiracy, since AS is fully aware of the evidence blocked by the court he’s actually telling us that there is no evidence which implicates Nicola Sturgeon. How difficult is that for people tonunderstand. However it would appear that he believes that contained within the blocked evidence which would confirm there was indeed a conspiracy and that can only point to one person. If this evidence is released all this bourach may well backfire spectacularly on HM gov.

    • grizebard says:

      It strikes me that Salmond might well prefer that his “evidence” isn’t ever released because it allows him to keep on insinuating that he has “the dope” when in fact he has FA. I fully expect that when Nicola says her piece this coming week it will be far more direct and free from his diversions and slippery evasions.

      James Kelly @ SGP seems to keep on hoping that Salmond will return to the political fray by latching on to the likes of the AfI or standing as an independent. “Beware of what you wish for” might be the relevant response, since he may create a distractional media frenzy but fizzle at the polls since people here don’t need a neo-Trump trying to rescue a soiled reputation. (For JK as with others this seems to be all packaged up with dissatisfaction at the various displacement activity stuff still foolishly going on within the SNP.)

  79. Arthur Thomson says:

    An interesting tweet from Nicola to the new pretendy leader of the pretendy Scottish Labour Party.

    A warm welcome to the fray and a reassurance that when she kicks his arse it won’t be personal.

    That’s known as diplomacy.

  80. Eilidh says:

    As I only saw last 1.5 hours of AS testimony on Friday I decided to watch it on iPlayer last night. Guess what no sign of it there. Only programme on IPlayer re any of the Committee hearings was one with the current FMs husband. How strange!!!
    Anyway watched over 2.5 hours of it on YouTube last night (with the aid of chocolate ice cream). Alex Cole Hamilton was totally embarrassing and an obvious idiot.
    I too was struck by how often AS did not answer the question and went off on a tangent. However I was utterly shocked that up until 2017 the only policy in place that dealt with complaints of harrassnent was the Fairness at Work policy which was brought in when he was FM but that was only for complaints re Civil Servants and did not include Ministers or Mps.From what he said AS also seemed to have serious problems re making any complaints policy retrospective. He kept saying Fairness at Work was a good policy but how can that be if it did not include complaints against MSPs etc.There is no doubt Linda Evans and her minions totally botched the formulation of the new policy. Deliberately -possibly so. Did Linda Evans and other senior civil servants attempt to fit up AS-maybe.If they did they certainly made a complete mess of it. However I do not believe that Nicola,her husband or the Crown Office were involved in a plot against him but out of fairness will watch the rest of his testimony in next couple of days

    • Calum says:

      If what AS said is true, there is evidence that Peter Murrell was involved . A text he sent indicates this. I can’t remember the exact wording but AS quoted it on Friday.
      Regardless of the rights and wrongs in all of this, I have never been comfortable with the fact that the CEO of the SNP is married to the leader.
      Anyway, SNP 1&2 , if you want independence.

    • stewartb says:

      ‘Linda Evans’ ? – described in one online source in the following terms: “has personified beauty and grace to American television viewers for over five decades, from her role as Audra Barkley, a daughter of the Old West on The Big Valley (1965) (1965-1969 on ABC) to the glamorous Krystle Carrington on Dynasty (1981)”!!!

      Having watched just about all of Mr Salmond’s evidence session on TV, I for one will admit that a closer READING of the official transcript will be required before I can be certain of all the key implications. Forming an impression is not enough, assessing demeanour is not enough: close analysis of what was said in response to the more probing questions is now necessary IMHO.

      Not all MSPs’ demonstrated their ability to frame questions never mind probing questions. I would commend Andy Wightman among others for his contribution.

      Indeed a careful reading of the transcript will be required just to fathom what on earth Mr Cole-Hamilton was asking! And, hard as it may be to believe, he was far, far from the worst. Tory MSP Margaret Mitchell turned the asking of questions in convoluted, imprecise and leading ways into an art form! And yet she is apparently legally trained!

      • ArtyHetty says:

        The legally trained know how to frame questions, in a ‘convoluted imprecise and leading’ manner, when required.

      • Eilidh says:

        Linda Evans 😁😁😁 that’s a classic typho from me. I must be feeling nostalgic for dresses with big shoulder pads or something. obviously I meant Lesley Evans

    • Capella says:

      Alex Salmnd claimed that the Fairness at Work procedure he brought in was robust and adequate. Dani Garavelli makes an interesting point about it:

      What committee members skirted around – but held back from exploring – was that, under that supposedly robust harassment procedure, one civil servant who told her line manager about an incident with Salmond was later left alone with the First Minister so he could apologise to her. And that this woman became one of the two complainers under the Scottish government’s new process.

      • Petra says:

        Looks as though the Fairness at Work procedure wasn’t robust or adequate at all Capella, as per Alex, and required to be changed.

      • Bob says:

        Dani Garavelli eh, it must be true.

        • Jonathan Marshall says:

          Absolutely I can believe individuals are quoting her… But I guess that’s the perfect example of how Westminister divides and rules when they have managed to get the two factions within the Yes family quoting the ‘enemy’ to support their views.

        • Capella says:

          I heard that before from another source so it is most likely true. Do you have evidence that it isn’t?

          However, one of the consequences of the Trumpean “get Sturgeon” campaign, apparently orchestrated by Alex Salmond (but more likely originating from MI5), is that I’ve reassessed journalists and bloggers on both sides of the argument.

          I’m only interested in reliable evidence and reliable witnesses. Not spin. I found Alex Salmond’s performance at the committee disingenuous. Alasdair Allen and Andy Wightman nailed him on several points and he was clearly furious with both. Witness his snide comment “Congratulations on your research Mr Allan.”

          The triumphalism of some of his supporters is totally unfounded.

  81. Ken says:

    Heavy going. Nearly losing the will to live. Thank goodness for the jab getting to everyone. Most people have too much going on to be bothered by all the rest of this stuff and nonsense. Everyone has an opinion.

  82. Dr Jim says:

    Today in America Donald Trump is at last to give his evidence by public speech on how Joe Biden controlled the law and the judges and the police and the media to deprive him of his rightful place as the leader of his party and President of his country

    Eh I forgot who I was talking about there, oh yeah Trump

  83. Marie Gray says:

    So sorry to be hear that you’re unwell. I hope you & Peter make s full & speedy recovery.

  84. Sophie Grace Chappell says:

    Get well soon, Paul!

  85. Petra says:

    The union flag in Scotland should be stuck on every piece of government spending’ ‘We love bomb them or we go to war with them.’


    ‘Andrew Tickell: Understanding the legalities behind the Holyrood Committee.’

    ..”If this evidence disclosed clear evidence of a conspiracy on the part of one or more of the complainers, this is a difficult decision to understand. Scottish judges are not in the habit of preventing people on trial for serious offences from leading evidence which proves the allegations against them were confected or falsified.

    But even stranger, in this context, is the failure to appeal against the decision to exclude this evidence from the criminal trial. Under section 74 of the 1995 Act, Alex Salmond had every right to instruct his lawyers to challenge Lady Dorrian’s decision. He did not do so.

    If you had evidence in your possession which clearly established a conspiracy to make false allegations against you, why would you accept the judge’s exclusion of this evidence? If this evidence is compelling, I cannot understand why Lady ­Dorrian’s exclusion wasn’t vigorously challenged – but it was not, despite the fact that Mr Salmond’s liberty depended on the outcome of the criminal case.

    But because no appeal was taken, this evidence wasn’t explored at trial, and because it wasn’t explored at trial, the ordinary application of section 162 means this evidence cannot now be used for any other purpose. Whatever you made of the evidence we heard – and did not hear this week – that’s the legal context. Judge for yourselves.”

  86. Alex Clark says:

    A little light relief.

    A Welsh Labour MP has been ridiculed after labelling Scotland a “one-party state”.

    It was pointed out to Chris Bryant, who represents the constituency of the Rhondda in Westminster, that the Labour Party has been in government in Cardiff Bay for 22 years straight, and it has won every general election in Wales since 1918.

    Unionists don’t do irony.

  87. Petra says:

    ‘Michael Russell: MSPs should be well aware of dangers of politicising legal advice.’


    ‘Alex Salmond: Nicola Sturgeon didn’t cover anything up.’

  88. Ken says:

    Election May 2021.

    Not 2016. Things have moved on. Brexit mess. Pandemic etc. Westminster corruption and lies. Poor governance. People dying.

    Another IndyRef on the horizon. Looking forward not backward.

    • grizebard says:

      Well said. An end to all this counterproductive manoevering, please.

      “Eyes on the ball” and all that.

      • Ken says:

        Get that ridiculous ‘Inquiry’, over. Just another total waste of time, space and public money, Another unionist disgrace. They have caused enough trouble. They will get no sympathy at the Ballot Box. Mucking up people’s lives. Just an embarrassment. Get them voted out. Cringe worthy.

  89. Petra says:

    ”The whole “one party state” slur against the SNP is ridiculous but maybe it is because they are the only major party actually headquartered, funded and run from Scotland?”


    ”Alex Salmond did not criticise Scottish institutions themselves and at no point stated or hinted that Scotland wasn’t ready for independence but don’t let that stop you saying otherwise, Nick Eardley.”

  90. Petra says:

    Ballot Box Scotland:- ”Right, gags aside, I am going to add “Elections Website Nerd” to the chorus of Academics and Journalists just sighing, heavily, at the “Scotland is a One Party State” chat. Guys, come the flip on. This is our minority-government led parliament, and our total local councillors.”


    ”Evidence emerges that not only did the minister for farming – George Eustice – already know last year that the UK shellfish industry would collapse outside the EU…but the rest of UK govt knew this months ago and settled around a lie to hide this fact. Thread.”

  91. Petra says:

    We know how you feel 🙄.

    Jen Robinson:- ”Remarkable footage from protests in #WestPapua this week demanding self-determination and the referendum they are entitled to under international law – and have long been denied.”


    ”NHS GP practice operator with 500,000 patients passes into hands of US health insurer.”

  92. Petra says:


    ”Three cases of a Covid-19 ‘variant of concern’ first identified in Brazil, have been identified in Scotland, officials have confirmed. Following their return to north east Scotland from Brazil, via Paris and London, three Scottish residents entered self-isolation and then subsequently tested positive for coronavirus, it has been confirmed. These individuals then self-isolated for the required period of 10 days.”..


    Check out Ann’s latest links on the Indyref2 site.

  93. Clydebuilt says:

    Call Kaye is discussing As Vs The FM shenanigans Get on the phone txt 80295. Don’t let the yoons take over.

  94. Capella says:

    Happy St David’s Day everyone. Wish Welsh Sion would check in so we know he’s OK.
    Here’s Dunvant Male Choir – the oldest continuous Welsh choir to cheer you all up:

  95. Ken says:

    To help abused women. Change the Law. Give women who co habit, the majority (equal rights – 1/3?). They have to raise a claim and fight through Courts. It costs £thousands. They cannot afford it. There is no legal aid. It has to be paid back in any case. They can lose their house/home on legal expenses. They have changed the Law in England on the legal aid position.

    Women have to stay in abusive, unhealthy vile situations because they do not have equal rights within the Law. They have nowhere to go,

    There have been consultations going on for years. Still nothing has been done. It has not been changed. It is 2021 not the 1950’s.

    Letting agencies (solicitors) illegally demand 6 months + deposit up front rent. Even from women with excellent credit ratings and funds.

    Change the Law to give women equal rights.

    ‘Feminists’ abusing other women.

    • Eilidh says:

      As an Advice Worker I would be interested to know where your info re Letting Agents/ Solicitors demanding 6 months rent plus deposit came from. In Scotland the legal requirment is one months rent as deposit plus first months rent no matter what someone’s sexuality or cohabitation arrangements are. If
      anyone is demanding 6 months rent they should be reported to the local council landlord Registration team

  96. Petra says:

    Yeah Happy St David’s Day to our Welsh friends, in particular Welsh Sion. Give us a wave WS or if anyone has his email address could they contact him to see if he’s alright. Thanks.

    ‘Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau – Welsh National Anthem.’

  97. Ken says:

    ‘One Party state’. D’Hond’t was introduced by unionists precisely so no one party could not get a majority. So the 3rd unionists (Westminster) could always be in control. They are so pathetic with poor policies. The electorate has broken the system to vote them out. Such is their low appeal.

    How low can the unionist parties go in lies and duplicity? Breaking the Law, International and otherwise with impunity. Killing people with their bad lying policies. Illegal wars, illegal weapons, poverty and wasteful projects. Their appalling cohesive behaviour. The Courts have to interject to censor their law breaking.

    The British failed state of illegal immunity. Maliciously canvassing against the citizens they are supposed to represent. Lying cheating and misappropriating public funds. Telling any lies to get power. Then reneging.

  98. Eilidh says:

    So now they are out to get John Swinney. if the Greens vote for this they will do a lot of damage to themselves weeks before an election. No sign of this story in The National it is just full of clickbait stories from people like Henry McLeish. My subscription to the paper may not have a long term future

    BBC News – No-confidence vote looming over Salmond legal advice

    • Golfnut says:

      If I remember correctly there is no requirement for the legal advice to be published by the government.and for good reason. Does the westminster government publish its legal advice. Another manufactured SNP baad story.

    • Clydebuilt says:

      Eilidh . . . Let the National know what you’re thinking . . .

    • Legerwood says:

      I saw this about the ‘No confidence vote’s yesterday. My first thought: timed to put more pressure on FM ahead of her appearance before the committee.

      No doubt she has spent the weekend wisely preparing and today Ms Freeman will lead the briefing giving her more time and removing herself from any non-Covid questions thrown at her by journalists determined to trip her up.

      I hope the committee members get up early on Wednesday because they are going to need there with, such as they have any, about them.

  99. Alex Clark says:

    Golfnut is correct with regard to legal advice received by government Ministers, the Ministerial Code actually forbids publishing or even acknowledging that you have received legal advice except in very exceptional circumstances and only then with the full consent of the law officers.
    Westminster never publish legal advice either and this is also referred to in the Scottish Ministerial Code.

  100. Alex Clark says:

    Here is the relevant section of the code relating to disclosure of legal advice.

    Disclosure of the Existence, Source or Content of Legal Advice

    2.38 Ministers may acknowledge publicly that they have received legal advice on a particular topic, but must not divulge either who provided the advice or its contents (whether it is from the Law Officers or from anyone else). This applies to all forms of legal advice, including advice on a particular subject or advice associated with clearance of a document.

    2.39 This approach is required in order to take account of the public interest in maintaining:

    (a) The right to confidentiality of communications between legal advisers and their clients (sometimes referred to as legal professional privilege);

    (b) The Law Officer Convention that the Scottish Government, like the UK Government, does not, other than in exceptional circumstances, disclose the fact that legal advice has or has not been given to the Government by or sought from the Law Officers, or the content of any such advice.

    2.40 If, in exceptional circumstances, Ministers feel that the balance of public interest lies in disclosing either the source or the contents of legal advice on a particular matter, the Law Officers must be consulted and their prior consent obtained. Such consent will only be granted where there are compelling reasons for disclosure in the particular circumstances.

    2.41 The provision in paragraph 2.38 preventing Ministers from divulging whether or not Law Officers provided legal advice does not apply in relation to Bills introduced in the Parliament because it is acknowledged publicly that the Law Officers advise on the legislative competence of Government Bills (see paragraph 3.4 below). Views given by the Law Officers in their Ministerial capacity, as opposed to legal advice provided by them in their capacity as legal advisers, are also not covered by the provision in paragraph 2.38.

    • Capella says:

      thx Alex – that’s good to know. So the Tories are demanding John Swinney break the ministerial code. Utter hypocrites.

    • yesindyref2 says:

      Yes, it’s an interesting one.

      But I think Swinney was right to resist release of the legal advice, in terms of 2.38 of the Ministerial Code. But with a third request from Parliament, because of 2.30, he will be right to release it in terms of 2.40 of the Code – as long as it is safe to do so, and perhaps with any redactions neccessary.

      This is Government v Parliament, and it’s a fine line, because Government does need to function without unneccessary restrictions. But on the other hand, Government functions only at the allowance of Parliament, which is the ultimate authority, and what is actually voted in by the Electorate – us.

      In a way, it’s now “Move along, nothing to see here”, as presuming Swinney does release without further impediment, democracy has been done, within safety limits, and the Law.

      And apart from inserting the words “except as in 2.40 below” into 2.38, I think Parliament is the place to resolve any discrepancies between parts of the Ministerial Code, as long as both Parliament and Government act maturely and within the spirit of the underlying Democracy.

  101. Ross Anderson says:

    Hi, great blog, keep up the good work.


    Scottish Skier

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